Top 46 Games Similar to Spacey Bouncy

Tap Tap Reborn 2: Popular Songs Rhythm Game
Tap Tap Reborn 2: Popular Songs Rhythm Game is the best ofrhythmgame. To be more specific that will redefine the way youenjoymusic by offering an immersive music experience by allowingyou toliterally touch the beats.In this evolution, our tap gamewilloffer you the popular songs with various genres from pop song,EDM,Trap as well as Rock which make you feel crazy with thisrhythmgame every time you turn it on in your phone. Turn onmaximumvolume or use headphone for the best experience with yourmostfavorite popular song and enjoy the beat fever with this taptapgame.--------- How to play ----------Really simple, but not easyatall: Tap the ball as it reaches scoring areas. You score bygettingas much combo as possible with Perfect tap accuracy.Toenhance themusic experience with the tap music game online, you canturn onslake and slash in option. Let’s Slash when you see the ballwiththe arrow come to the drop bar. Shake your phone when you seethe“shake” signal.--------- Unique features ---------_MultiplayerMode: create your own room and wait another player tojoin the roomand play the online battle with them._ Our songcollections comefrom different genres and are updated every week._“Shake” bar:will appear when the beat drops! You need to physicallyshake yourphone in order to score and keep the combo._ “Slash”: abeat-ballwith an arrow to any particular direction on drop bar. Toscore,player need to swipe the “Slash” ball into the samedirectionshowed on it.---------- What’s to expect -----------_ Aritmo gamewith stunning visual from a legendary game-playingnostalgic stylewith full of rhythm._ Conquer all the quests andachievements tobecome a real music hero or a tap hero by tap, earneasy Ruby todiscover hundreds of Premium Songs._ Challenge yourfriends showoff your skill. Play, practice your fingers like youare trying toplay a stepmania by your foots! Don't worry if youlose, becauseyou can Revenge them anytime by just one click. _Enjoy tap heromoment after completing the hardest mode and checkyour ranking _Amazing sound quality and perfect timing beats shallgive you anamazing juego de ritmo experience that you cannotbelieve suchthing exist on a mobile game. Are you ready to tap andbecome thenext tap hero, or rhythm game incarnate? Try this now forFREE!P/S:We are adding more songs and always look for ways toimprove thegames. Please leave us feedback if any. Thankyou!Privacy Policy: to findus:Facebook: are a music producer and would like tospread your music to theworld, please feel free to email us. As astartup, we would love topromote indie music as well.Permission:In order to provide thepersonalized and optimized experience, wewould request “Location”and “Storage” permission when you downloadthis game.
Tap Tap Reborn: Best of Indie Music
Tap Tap Reborn: Best of Rhythm is a beat tapping game thatwillredefine the way you enjoy music by offering an immersivemusicexperience by allowing you to literally touch thebeats.----------How to play ----------Playing this is simple, butit is not easy atall - just feel the beats with your fingers: tapthe ball as itpasses scoring areas. The higher combo you reach, thegreater yourscore will be.Turn on maximum volume or use headphonefor the bestexperience as the songs are all about EDM and Rock. Youcan eventry this awesome music game with your rock band orchallenge yourfriends directly and beat them.---------- What’s toexpect----------- Have you ever dream to be a music star? Areyoubuilding a band in your own garage? Then this should beyourbeginning: be on top of the leaderboard and show the worldyouramazing sense of music.- Stunning visual and alegendarygame-playing style.- Song list of different genres arechosen andupdated every week.- Conquer all the quests andachievements todiscover more songs and become a real hero of yourband.- Challengeyour friends to see who is the boss! Don't worry ifyou lose,because you can Revenge them anytime by just one click. -Amazingsound quality and perfect timing beats shall give you awhole newlevel of playing a rhythm game on mobile.- Tap Tap Reborn:Best ofRhythm offers an Online Battle Mode, in which you cancompete withreal players around the world. This feature has madeour game evenmore addictive.Are you ready to tap and become thenext musichero?Try this now for free!P/S: We are adding more songsand alwayslook for ways to improve the games. Please leave usfeedback ifany. Thank you!If you are a music producer and wouldlike to spreadyour music to the world, please feel free to shoot usan email, youknow where to find it.Privacy Policy:
Full of Music 1 ( MP3 Rhythm Game )
[ to previous purchasers ]Previous version of this game(FullofMusic) is suspended by a policy issue.For user already purchased,apromotion code will be served.Please make a inquiry onGooglePaymentspage( master of rhythm game!You can play with your own MP3files.-Please compare with other auto music note generation games!You canfeel a electrifying by distinctive analysis andsynchronizationalgorithm.- Concentrate to game playing on simple& clear userinterface.- Support various speed and difficulty.- Compete with thescores of other players around the world.*Recommend to play musicwith proper beats.
Tap-Tap Dance
Play the song, tap and dance, become a music star! Rock ordisco,guitar or piano - you got it all here!Tap-Tap Dance will giveyouand your kids countless hours of fun. Tailored to delight allmusiclovers, the game delivers a solid dose of good mood.Feel thebeatand match the rhythm by tapping the colored buttons. If theperfecttiming is reached - you get rewarded with “Perfect” mark andgainmore points. Take the challenge and dance until the musictrackfinish! Make sure your score is good enough to move to thenextlevel. The more you advance through the game the fasteryourreactions should be.Test your reflexes!Hit the tones at therighttime to get the highest score! Become the ultimate hero ofTap-TapDance!Tap-Tap Dance is the second of many more games, partofWaphoo’s Kids Edutainment MMO Platform.
Music Hero - Rhythm Beat Tap 2.1
Music Hero is the most rockin' and the only music rhythm gamethatyou can play with your own music! Get ready to feel the rhythmasyou tap tap your cell phone screen now!Are you ready to rockandrevenge? Tap your way through the songs with this easy tolearnrhythm game. You can play with the preload songs or yourlocalmusic files by your favorite artists. Music Hero includes abrandnew visual experience with beautiful lighting effectsandanimations.How to Play:- Tap the discs when passing the bar atthebottom to score points for accuracy and timingGameFeatures:-Support local MP3 music files- Simple, Standard andExpertdifficulty levels- Visually striking user interfaceNotes: 1.Theembedded guitar music comes from permissions is needed to help set your own musicasringtone.
BEAT MP3 - Rhythm Game
★★★ Next generation auto music analysis rhythm game BEATMP3!★★★Including MP3 file, moreover whole of extension of musicfilecan be supported.You can enjoyed this awesome rhythm game withyourOWN music library in your mobile devicesHit the notes atthecorrect time to get the highest score then share your scorewithyour friendsFeature of BEAT MP3.- This game includesexclusivemusic analysis system, makes perfect beat timing lookslike whichsong writers made it. - It also has random beat systemwhich makesdifferent kind of game even with the same song.- You canenjoy thegame without loading after 1st precision song analysis.-It’s cozy,fantastic graphic and effect, especially fever mode willmake youimmersed in this game. - It adds more exciting system withrandombonus event.- Auto accumulated system with 10 coins per30minutes.Various options.- 3 different lines ( 4,5,6 lines)- 9stepsspeed ( 1x to 5x with 0.5 step)- 4 steps mode(Easy,Normal,Hard,Crazy)- Beat sound on/off function- Randombeaton/off function( everytime you’ll se different note even withsamesong)- Support fourdifferentlanguage(Korean,Japanese,English,Chinese)Provides guitar,drum, andmusic games.ver 1.1.61.Fever button bug fixedVer 1.1.51.Missjudgment fixed. Touch a blank area not miss 2. It judgesbecamemore details.3. Changed the color of long note&slidenote.Ver1.1.0Updates1. Enlarge the touch area2. Add buttons FEVER3.bugcorrection which terminates the game while running.
Color Jump - Tap Tap!
■ How to PlayA Terrible disintegrator has chasing you.Flee tojumpto the pillar of the same color as fast as possible.Challengethebest record through the accurate and rapid decision.
Beat Hopper: Dance on Piano Magic Music Tiles 3
Hot UpdateLet's hop! You can now upload your own songs to play.WithBeat Hopper: Dance on Piano Magic Music Tiles 3, you canplayvarious type of music, from beautiful Piano, Guitar songs tohardrock, metal rock and EDM masterpieces.Bounce off the magicmusictiles, listen to the beat, and make as many hops as you can inthismind-blowing music game now for Free!Hit Music + Ball Game +MagicPiano Tiles = AwesomenessThis game will create the wholenewexperience for music game lover.Be prepared to catch the magicbeatnow! How to play Beat Hopper: Dancing Piano Ball on Music Tiles31.Listen to the magic beat and use your musical reflexes to dragtheball left or right to guide the ball from tiles to tiles. Inshort,make the ball jump! Try not to fall off the magic musictiles.Donot Tap! This is not a Tap Tap game.2. Just follow therhythm anddon’t miss any tiles to bounce the ball! Make insanecombos andbeat your friend's scores!Game features- Auto generatedcontent:upload your favorite songs to bounce with music- One-touchcontrolwith simple operations- Breathtaking 3D ambient and effects-30+absolutely beautiful and fun songs- 20+ Different backgroundstotruly bring you new experience every plays!- 10+ sky ballstochoose- Simple graphics, easy to play and everybody getsplayingtheir favorite piano, EDM, pop, rock! - High quality soundmakesyou feel like being in a concert. - Breath-taking rhythmwillchallenge your hand’s speed limit! - Collect different skinsforyour dancing balls and make them look even cooler. - Beat yourowntop score and dare your best friend for a challenge.- Topchallengemode gives you thrill and risk! - Share your record withyourfriends, and compare with world-wide players on the rankinglist! -Save your progress via Facebook account and share theprogress indifferent devices. Let’s roll the sky ball and enjoy theamazingmusical journey in every dance. This is truly one of thebestarcade bouncing ball games with great music to challengeyourfriends.Beat Hopper: Dancing Piano Ball on Music Tiles 3 istotallyFree! Try it Now!Support:Are you having problems with BeatHopper?Send email to
Tap Tap Money - Treasure Adventure
Stretch your fingers because this tap game will make yourfingerstingle! It’s up to you to turn all that black money intopiles ofcash. Shape your mafia conglomerate by buying and upgradingyourbusinesses. Are you ready to take over the city and becomefilthyrich? Tap away in New Gang City! Don’t wait any longer anddownloadthis game! Tap yourself to riches! Recruit many mafiamembers tohelp you with your businesses. Set out your mafiasoldiers to takeover all the businesses in the city. Take controlof the city’seconomy while you expand your businesses. Tapping hasnever everfelt so powerful before. How to wash your black moneylike a boss:- Earn money even when you’re offline- Many greatbuildings to takeover- Let your mafia members run the streets,collect them all-Build & Upgrade businesses for maximumearnings- Get BonusDrops- Become richer and richer & unlockmore businesses Leadmafia gangs to take over the city. Wash yourblack money and builda mafia empire. Come and join this mafiaadventure. Cash is waitingto be collected!DOWNLOAD NOW!
tap tap dash 2018
tap tap dash2018 is very simple and addictive game of the year.itsvery chalanging and fun just have to guide thecharacterto left / right to avoid obstacles and complete the level.thisgame is initially loaded with 50 fun packed whatsyouwaiting for, download it now on playstore.
tap tap tap
Hey girls, hey boys, you can dance (if you want to) but just dowhatI tell you: tap tap tap!Tap and swipe and drag and drop andget thehighest score in this musical action game by Bart Bonte/bontegames.The game supports all Android screen sizes (phonesandtablets) tap tap tap!
Tap Tap Color
Tap Tap ColorHelp your character in this colorful journey.Taptheright color to move on platforms!Collect coins and points tounlocknew Characters
Tap Tap Ants Free -Ant Smasher
Over 15 MILLION DOWNLOADS and still counting!!! Top 10 iPhone&iPad games in 100+ countries!Tap Tap Ants is world’s #1viraltapping game ever!*** ACHIEVEMENT ***# National MobileApplicationAward 2014 (Entertainment) - Tap TapAnts:Battlefield.***REVIEW***+ "This game looks fun and addictivewithits graphics and music. It should definitely be a goodchallengeand I can handle it. At least, I think I can. Virtualants, prepareyourselves and bring it on. If you feel up to smashingsome antsand exacting revenge, Tap Tap Ants is definitely a game tocheckout." – By "Squashing Ants on 'Tap TapAnts' andwill improve your reflex speed for sure." – Bywww.ismashphone.comAcrazy ant’s army is approaching so quickly tofill their appetiteand spoil your delicious meals like donuts,cookies, fruits! Don’tlet them take away your food. The hungryants, attack continuously,survive ALAP!Tap to squeeze the ants’army and kill the monsterants for bonus scores.Reveal your tappingreflex through a warbetween you and ants colony!*** Features ***-TAP and KILL crazyants!- Addictive Gameplay- Eye Catching Graphics-ChangeableBackgrounds- Realistic Music to REV your Soul -Mouth-wateringfoods- 3 Different Modes: TIME, SURVIVAL, KIDS-SPECIAL Mode: UFOHaving any problems or suggestion? We would reallylove to hearyour opinion! You can reach us atcontact@riseuplabs.comOR*Followus on Twitter : @RiseUpLabs*Like uson Facebook :*Follow us onGoogle+ :*Watch us on YouTube:*Visit our Website:
Tap Tap Beat - the most addictive music game
Guide the Unicorn through the path! Listen carefully to thebeat,and play to the music or you'll fall off.Will you reach theend ofthe road?! And what about your friends, will they beatyou?Who willbe the best Unicorn rider?*Play on epic music*Evolveyour Unicorn!Watch it upgrade with awesome skins and armors*Try tobeat yourfriends score*Get daily gifts and rewards*Enjoy hundredsof levelsof increasing difficulty*Discover our magical universes:SkyHighand SpaceOperaReady to play the best game for Android? Timeto seethem Unicorns dancing!
Tip Tap Soccer
The most addictive soccer game of all time! Grow your ownsoccerclub into the best in the world!Tap, tap, tap to encouragefansinto your stadium. Earn money by investing in merchandise,clubtours and tasty food. Boost your profits with lucrative TVdealsand attract the interest of mega investors.Spend your millionsonbuilding bigger stadiums to attract thousands of fans!Downloadnowand become the next Tip Tap Soccer tycoon!
Tap Tap Jump
Tap Tap Jump is an insanely challenging and addicting game! TaptoJump and Dash through the obstacles to survive. Test your witsandsee how long you can Jump and Dash to last thisImpossiblechallenge. Compete with friends to see who can get thehighestscore in Tap Tap Jump!GeekSPOT challenge you to see how longyoucan last in Tap Tap Jump
Cute Yellow Friend Theme
yellow cute minion theme is ready for your android phone!Applycartoon android yellow cute minion theme, and enjoy thousandsoffree themes and wallpapers! yellow cute minion theme givesyouyellow cute minion live wallpapers with yellow backgroundanddespicable yellow cute minion home screen. yellow cuteminionprovides yellow despicable icon pack .This beautiful yellowcuteminion theme is specially made for guys who love yellow andcartoonandroid. yellow cute minion theme is a perfect theme with HDlivewallpaper and brings you a despicable experience. Make yourdevicedespicable and cartoon android with customized app icon pack,lockscreen themes, organized folders, sliding screen effects,HDwallpapers and widgets. You will love this cartoon androidyellowcute minion theme to customize your android home screen. Nomatteryou like yellow HD live wallpaper or cartoon android mobilephone,you will love this yellow theme with despicabledecoration.Beautify your android home screen with this yellow cuteminiontheme now! yellow cute minion theme is available on mostandroidphones.Features1、yellow cute minion theme lock screen withyellowcartoon android HD live wallpaper.2、yellow cartoon androidiconpacks decorate your home screen.3、yellow cute minion theme HDlivewallpaper with yellow style gives you a visual experienceyou'venever seen before.4、yellow cute minion theme providesadvancedsecurity system and lock screen themes. Your android systemwill beprotected, safe, secure, fast and convenient, with lesspowerconsumption.5、yellow skin with cartoon android icon makes youfeeldespicable.6、3D dynamic launcher makes your android phonecartoonandroid style.7、DIY HD wallpaper in the best theme centerand turnsyour creative ideas into unique themes right on yourphone! yellowcute minion theme - How to apply?yellow cute miniontheme isspecially designed for Launcher. Install our launcher firstandapply it successfully. yellow cute minion theme does notsupportany other Launcher app. yellow cute minion theme withyellowdespicable HD live wallpaper is free now! yellow cute minionthemewill let you enjoy a faster and smoother mobileoperatingexperience. yellow cute minion theme has yellow balloonandwallpaper, with the cartoon android icon pack style. Afterapplyyellow cute minion theme successfully, you can also onlychange thebackground wallpaper and lock screen wallpaper whilekeeping theyellow cartoon android icon the same. If you do not likethisyellow cute minion theme, you can also uninstall it anytime,youcan always find your favorite themes on 3D Launcher.There arepink,red, yellow, lovely and romantic themes for cute girls; Blue,grayand black theme for business, tech and auto & vehiclefans;Colorful themes for cartoon and movie addicts; Abstract themesandlive wallpapers for art fans; Cute pets & animals foranimallovers; Football and basketball celebrities for sportsfans;Greenery themes for those who love nature; And the starrynighttheme for those who love stars. During holidays, you can findourbeautiful festive themes when it's time to celebrate. Therearealso 3D themes, live wallpapers and other fashion elementstoredefine your vision. yellow cute minion theme is made forlauncherto customize your mobile phone with yellow cute miniontheme livewallpaper and cartoon android lock menu. Anything youlike can beput into your home screen!
Tap Tap
Tap Tap is very simple yet enjoyable puzzle game Just tap orlongpress to move the hand to solve the levelenjoy
Tik Tik - Tap Tap Balls
By playing this game you can improve the sensitivity of youreyesand your brain effectively .This Game constantly increasesyourperformance:✓ Strengthen your memory✓ Improve yourattention✓Increase your intelligence✓ Make faster decisionsWithGoogle GameService you can track your progress and compare yourselfwithfriends.
Tap Tap Puzzle
Tap Tap Puzzle is a game designed to challenge your imaginationandintelligence. With each level getting more and more difficult,youwill have to use your wits and experience you gained playingthegame to advance to the next level.This is a fun game you canplayto pass time if you are on a bus, on your way to school orcollegeor you are at home and you just want to relax.
Free Music Game - TAPSONIC
30 million+ downloaded music game TAPSONIC is coming to yourcountrywith shiny new design and brand new songs.Free Music Game'TAPSONIC' Features✔️Addicted gameplay - Score points by tappingthescreen as the bars and lines appear. Different lines meanadifferent method of rhythm. Tap once on single bars, tap andholddown on long notes, and swipe left or right for sliding notes.Itwill be so much fun!✔️Challenge various difficulties- Isbasiclevel too easy for you? You can change the game speed, thenumberof lines, difficulties and more!- 3 Different lines: 4, 5, 6Lines-3 Difficulties: Basic, Pro, Legend- 4 Game speeds: x1, 2, 3,4-Random beat on/off, Mirror on/off, Fade In, Fade out andBlinkingoptions.✔️ FREE to play with awesome songs- Play free musicgameTap Sonic with 6 pre-installed songs and more than 40 songsonTAPSONIC music store. You can unlock new songs by watching someadsor buy them through in-app purchases. Ads will not appearforin-app purchased songs.✔️ Climb the ranks, compete with others-Canyou be the king of the leaderboard? check your StatsandLeaderboards ranking on Rank menu. compete against playersfromaround the globe and place on the worldwide ranking!✔️ Recordyourgameplay, share with friends!- Now you can record your gameplays.Tap the record button from difficulty selection menu beforethegame starts.✔️Manage your phone’s storage- Don’t you haveenoughstorage space on your phone? Delete downloaded tapsonic songsyoudon’t usually play.Tap sonic is designed for Android Jellybean4.1and above.We’re always trying to improve your experience. Ifyouenjoy Tap sonic, please taking a few seconds to review ourapp.SongcreditsALL RIGHTS OF NEOWIZ Corp TO THE RECORDED WORKRESERVED.Unless Otherwise authorized, the duplication, rental,loan,exchange or use of this video game for publicperformance,broadcasting and online distribution to the public areprohibited.©2017 NEOWIZ Corp ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. NEOWIZ, TAP SONICaretrademarks of NEOWIZ Corp.
Tap-tap-click!It is a game that allows you to improve theclickspeed, especially for your PVP games.Compare your results withallplayers
Tap! Tap! Find - Quickfinder
Rock your fingers! Find quickly, click quicklyClick upperobjectsaccording to target columns belowComparing to traditionalobjectfinding games, this game emphasizes on the rhythm andpleasant ofclick and there are various modes to choose from, suchas: fullmode, time bomb mode, seckill mode, 50 secs mode, 30 secsmode,defense mode, etc. Every mode requires quick response to gainhighscores. If you are looking for a challenge, welcome and tryyourrhythm sensation and speed of findingobjects!Challengemaster-hands around the worldProve you are therocking fingers withhigh scores!
Rooms of Doom - Minion Madness
The most exciting collection of mini games known to Man! Craftedbythe evil scientist Dr. Doom:Welcome to my LAB! In my quest totakeover the world, I am working to create the perfect minion! SoonDr.Doom will be name feared by ALL! MUWAHAHAHA!No idea istoofarfetched for me. I zapped a Bee and Bear together tocreateBumbleBear, a rabbit and turtle to make Turbit.Help mediscoverwhich minion combination is the most powerful by runningthemthrough my Rooms of Doom. A combination of mini games.In myRoomsyou will: - Mix bees with bears, and TVs with snails tocreatecrazy hybrid minions! - Test them in the ever-changing Room'sofDoom to see how long they last! - Upgrade minions for extrascorebonuses and awesome skins! - Unlock Rare and Epic minions withroomcrushing skills! - Discover more rooms to further put yourminion'sskills to the test!Please note: Rooms of Doom is completelyfree toplay but offers some game items for purchase with real money
Minion Rush: Despicable Me Official Game
OVER 850 MILLION PLAYERS GLOBALLY!Race with the Minions in the award-winning, fan-favoriterunner,Minion Rush!Run as fast as you can while jumping, dodging, rolling andknockingMinions off the track in despicably action-packedlevels.Rush to collect Bananas and play exciting Special Missionstoincrease your score as you enjoy unexpected Minion moments.ALL THE FUN OF THE DESPICABLE ME MOVIES IN THE OFFICIAL GAME!• Race as DAVE, CARL OR JERRY -- and straight out of theDespicableMe 3 movie, MEL!• Wear incredibly UNIQUE COSTUMES, such as Lucy, the Surfer ortheNinja Minion.• Speed through ICONIC LOCATIONS inspired by the DespicableMemovies, like Bratt's Lair, the Anti-Villain League andancientEgyptian temples in The Pyramids.• Power up your Minions by riding the FLUFFY UNICORN orGRU'SROCKET.• Play SPECIAL MISSIONS to discover new content and new Costumesineach update!______________________________________________You can download and play this game for free. Please beinformedthat it also allows you to play using virtual currency,which canbe acquired as you progress through the game, watchingcertainadvertisements, or by paying with real money. Purchases ofvirtualcurrency using real money are performed using a credit card,orother form of payment associated with your account, andareactivated when you input your Google Play account password,withoutthe need to re-enter your credit card number or PIN.In-app purchases can be restricted by adjusting theauthenticationsettings within your Play Store settings (Google PlayStore Home> Settings > Require authentication for purchases)andsetting up a password for each purchase / Every 30 minutesorNever.Disabling password protection may result in unauthorizedpurchases.We strongly encourage you to keep password protectionturned on ifyou have children or if others could have access toyourdevice.This game contains advertising for Gameloft’s products or somethirdparties which will redirect you to a third-party site. Youcandisable your device’s ad identifier being used forinterest-basedadvertising in the settings menu of your device.This option can befound in the Settings app > Accounts(Personal) > Google >Ads (Settings and Privacy) > Opt outof interest-based ads.Certain aspects of this game will require the player to connecttothe Internet.______________________________________________Find out more about the game on the official site--http://www.minionrush.comFollow us on Facebook at andonInstagram out our videos and game trailerson our official site at out the new blog at't forget to follow us on social media:Facebook: Policy: of Use: License Agreement:
Tap Tap Drift
Tap Tap Drift - Earn points and competeGames to test speedandreflexes.With stunning 3D images and effects.
TapTap Jam
Don't let the banned cars continue on the lanes and help thealiensto reduce the traffic.★ Use your skills to remove the bannedcarsfrom the lanes.★ Receive Achievements and share.★ Challengeyourfriends and show how fast you are.★ 3 game modes: Arcade, Zenandthe impossible Frenzy!★ HD Graphics.★ Amazing soundtrack.★Supportsmost Android devices.Internet connection is not required toplay.
Castle Doombad Free-to-Slay
Castle Doombad is now a FREE game!“Nails everything I could wantina 'defense' title…simply a blast to play." 5/5 Stars–TouchArcade*"One of the best games I've played on the mobileplatform -- fullstop." 9.5/10 -Destructoid *Dr. Lord Evilstein haskidnapped aprincess, and now his evil lair is crawling withdo-gooders. Inthis reverse spin on tower defense it’s your job todefend yourhome turf from heroes trying to save the day. View yourdomain froma side-view perspective, placing traps and unleashminions on yourunwitting foes to protect the fortress. Touch anddrag up and downon the tower to navigate floors. Across threechapters and 45levels you’ll outwit intruders that attempt toinvade your castlefrom all sides—ladders allowing them entrance onhigher floors,underground drills to start on dungeon floors closerto your fairmaiden. Keep the princess safely in your clutches andsend thoseheroes cryin’ back to momma. From Adult Swim Games andGrumpyfaceStudios! FURIOUSLY FIENDISH FEATURES: • Touch and drag ortap toplace traps and minions in your castle and navigate floorswithease • 45 maniacally challenging levels spread acrossthreechapters • Upgradeable Traps & Minions to overpower yourmoststubborn of intruders • Ward Off Knights, Archers, Superheroesandmore • Combine & stack Traps for maximum effect •UnlockableExtremely Difficult Endless Mode For Extreme Challenge •20achievements to gather • Compete with your friends onleaderboardsWe'll even throw in a Flying Monkey, no extra chargeCheck out morefrom Adult Swim Games at* Reviewsbased on thepaid edition of Castle Doombad. Game content isunchanged in "Freeto Slay" edition.The Terms of Use for this appincludes arbitrationfor disputes –see
UM Tap-Tap
What is UM Tap-Tap and What does it Do?UM Tap Tap is asocialutility that enables you to trade your money on FOREX throughCopyTRADE. Share Business Contacts. Learn on from the WealthAcademyand so much more.Copy Trade1. Download UM Tap-Tap - Click ontheMoney Bag icon at the top centre ofyour screen2. Add YourSponsor3.Deposit Funds and Wait for Confirmation4. Watch DailyGrowth5.Withdraw Initial Investment in 12 MonthsExchangingcontactinformation1. Swipe through cards to find potentialbusinesspartners2. Send a person a Super-Like Message3. Exchangebusinesscards by using QR-code4. Expand your business opportunitiesbyhaving your own personal contactbook within the app5.Calling,emailing or messaging are easily facilitated to any contact
Tap Tap Rush : Flippy Dash
Tap hard To flip dash in new arcade game "Tap Tap Rush :FlippyDash". tap to flip sides and try not to lose your focus andyourcool in this new arcade game!Tap hard and tap fast tosurvive.Itmay look easy but it's harder than you think.You willunderstandwhen you play this in new arcade gameThe grid backgroundisflashing all the time in different colors and the gamekeepsgetting harder and faster!Stay focused and sharp and Tap hardandtap fast See How far can you go in this new arcade game? TheStartis easy but to make good score and enjoy the game you shouldlearnhow to became a master quickly because the game difficultychangesfrom beginner to expert in just 4 seconds.* Insanelyaddictive butvery hard game-play! Its addictive only if you canlast a fewseconds in this game.Don't say we didn't warn you *TapTap Rush :Flippy Dash will test your tapping skills.Tap fast andtap hard asyou can. How to Play Tap Tap Rush : Flippy Dash-Simplytap screento flip side up or down.-The rules are simple: touch ortap on thescreen to change the side and avoid the obstacles!-Tap atthe righttime to flip positions and get the highest score.-Just taptap tap.That shouldn't be too hard, right?-Your only job is totapDashthrough the levels and avoid obstacles to make highscoresand topthe leaderboard.Be sure to challenge your friends to playand beathigh scores to see who can get the furthest in this newarcadegame.Good luck!Tap Tap Rush : Flippy Dash Features:-Freetoplay.-Free flip game.-Free game to play withoutwifi.-Bettergraphics and effects than any other arcade game!-Easycontrols andgame play!-Give your fingers a fast paced thrill.Keepyour fingersclose to your mobile screen and tap hard-Brand-new anda differentgame play;-Multi color changing scheme instead of blackandwhite.-Try it out, enjoy the hardness of the game, trainyourfingers to be faster, and see if you can beat yourfriends!-Enjoybeautiful art-Keep tapping until you get the highscore.-A superfun and highly addictive game suited for arcadefanatics andhardcore mobile gamers.-So if you think you have whatit takes thenplay and prove it.WARNING: This game is very addictiveand verychallenging If you get frustrated very soon don't blame thegameimprove your skill.
JUST *TAP* *TAP* AND KEEP IT UP!Kickerinho needs your help tobecomebest juggler in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro! Willyou helphim fulfill this dream?• Get additcted with simple yetchallengingjuggling gameplay• Choose from over hundred of footballT-Shirts.Barcelona or Madrid? We have'em. Wanna wear a suitinstead? We'vegot you covered.• Unlock dozens of football tricks:juggle withfoot, stall the ball on your head, show who's thejuggling master!•Be immersed by beautiful graphics and smoothanimation.Remember:juggling is a skill that is improved byrepetition. The more you dothe better you will get. WARNING: gameis highly addictive and maycause “let me try!” requests frompeople around you! Please note:Kickerinho is optimized for iPhone4s/ iPad 2/ iPod Touch 5th genand up.
Illumination Stickers
Bring characters from Illumination’s Despicable Me, Minions,TheSecret Life of Pets, Sing, and Dr. Seuss' The Grinch toyourMessages.
Minimon: Adventure of Minions
Join thousands of players in this unique RPG, collect funandoriginal monsters and lead your team to victory! Battle throughanepic Campaign, and prove your strength in PvP fights! Warning:thefollowing features might cause a mild addiction to thismagicalworld!= STORY DRIVEN ACTION RPG =Join Enkobo on his quest tosummonthe mythical monster. During your journey you will encountermanycute Cyclops-like creatures called “minions”. Recruitthesemythical creatures to join your team and fight your waythroughthrilling battles and epic World Boss Fights!Scavenge loot,equipnew items and collect minions to summon the Mythical Minion.=STRATEGIC BATTLE SYSTEM =Awaken your minions in battle tounleashtheir full potentialEvery minion has 4+ skills and their ownuniquetalent treeCustomize your team to get an edge on yourcompetition!= 50+ UNIQUE MINIONS =Collect, upgrade and nurture yourminions andbecome master of the elementsCreate a team of Tanks,All-rounds,Specialists and DPSPlay to Win! = INTENSE WORLD-WIDE PVPBATTLES=Join the biggest arena battles for eternal glory and reachthe topof the leaderboardsReceive glorious rewards forparticipating inweekly eventsAwaken your minions to 5+ stars! =COLLECT MYTHICALITEMS =Empower your minions with mythicalitemsCollect DragonRings, Moonstones, Demon Skulls andSunstonesDisenchant items toreceive powerful magicka! = PARTICIPATEIN MASSIVE GUILD CLASHES=Discuss your strategy in the guild chatand defeat the legendarymonstersCollect buffs and raid theOutlandsA great socialexperience! Are you ready for an epic roleplaying adventure? FROMGAMERS, BY GAMERS, FOR GAMERSWe arepassionate about role playinggames. We support our community withreal time customer support in6 different languages (German, French,Italian, Russian, Spanishand English).If you have any questions,feedback or simply want tostay up-to date with Minimon writeusat: careaboutproviding the best and most epic gaming experience!Additionally, anetwork connection is required to enjoy Minimon.
Mixee Labs
Welcome to Mixee Labs, the place where science meetsadventure!Mixpowerful ESSENCES to create your own MIXEES and run tocollectCoins, Treasures, Keys... WHAT IS AN ESSENCE?? It is asubstancewith special attributes. When you mix two Essences you'llcreateyour MIXEE.WHAT IS A MIXEE?It is a minion, unique and withspecialfeatures and movement controls.Every Mixee gets oneattribute fromeach Essence mixed.Discover them all in this crazyadventure!Youwill find all kinds of minions! Cute minions, Weird,Awesome,Creepy, Funny minions... The imagination is the limit!Enjoy thistwo different sections in the gameTHE ALCHEMY-Buyessences.-Mixthem to create your Mixee minionsIn the alchemy faseyou will haveto choose wisely whis essence to mix to have the bestMixees.THERUNNER-Pick the Mixee minion you like the most-Run, Jump,Fly,Throw... your Mixee minion as far as you can-CollectCoins,Treasures, Keys, Stars...The Runner map will change everyrun, andtraps and obstacles will be placed in differentpositions.Featuring-Essences with attributes [e.g. Unicorn head:Fantasy,cute, rainbow]-Unique Mixee minions with exclusivemovements andcontrols. -Tricky traps and obstacles: [Walls,Spikes,Bombs...]-Needed collectable items [Coins, Keys, Stars...]
Yellow Craft
Enjoy from this fun crafting game today! Free of charge.Endlessenvironment, where you can place the building blockswherever youchoose – just build and shape as far as yourimaginationgoes.Develop your creativity and let your imaginationrun free inthis 3d trains. Get creative worlds – where you don'tneed tocollect the blocks which are necessary for yoursurvival.This appis suitable for all ages, addictive andentertaining. Thank youvery much.
Music Madman - Beat Moster
Music madman is a music-themed beats jumping game, 10levels,progressive, exciting.Play is very simple:* Click onthecorresponding color block control game characters jump ahead*Clickon the wrong color block, the protagonist crushing, endingthegameEveryone jumped up with the rhythm of it!
Tap Tap
DOTS! is a game of skill where you have to tap on the DOTS! asfastas you can to score points. How long will you survive?✔ A gametoplay when you are bored and want to have a good time atschool,university, office etc..✔ Play with your friends and see whois thefastest✔ Easy to play: tap all the DOTS! with the same coloras theindicator shows.Play DOTS! and show you are the fastestperson inthe world!!DANGER!!! It's addictive!!★★★★★Love DOTS!?Don't forgetto +1 and 5 stars!★★★★★Please send us reviews andimprovementsuggestions
Mini Wallpapers
Premium wallpapers and backgrounds is a collection of the bestrealcute Despicables Me 3 Wallpaper mini wallpapers your smartphoneortablet. Allchibi mini Despicables Me 3 Movie wallpapers havebeenpersonally selected so you have you favorite anime characterinyour smartphone.Wallpapers Kawaii despicable me 4 WallpaperMinions. wallpaper is supported on most humanoid devices, togetherwithSamsung Galaxy J7, Samsung S7 Edge, Huawei Mate eight, HuaweiHonorand lots of additional. Install the minions wallpaper for a HDhomescreen and to form your phone look cool! Features:- MiniWallpaper-Mini Wallpapers- Mini Wallpaper HDAmazing Felonious Gruwallpaperhas dreamy fantastic wallpapers and dynamic cool liveeffects. wehave a tendency to want you'll fancy thisDave the Minionfree LiveWallpaper on your phone.All the gesture effects mightoffer youAssociate in Nursing dynamic cool screen that you simplypapyruscan fancy.Customize itinerant with dreamy fantastic high3Dtechnology.Get this basement the game Live Wallpaper Dr.Nefariopixel or Theme unengaged to beautify your phone. Bob theMinionlive wallpaper to individualise humanoid screen withdynamicSuperhero Minions cool feelings. If you're keen onelegantcolourful, please get this basement the game LiveWallpapercurrently.On the wild Stuart the Minion Wallpaper Agnesbackground,your Samsung or Huawei phone are going to be shining andgood.Timthe Minion and wild running Jerry the Minion effects toform yourphone special.You can realize additional HD Stuart coolall Minionswallpapers as you want.What you'll be able to fancy inminion davewallpaper wallpaper:Kevin The Minion wallpaper might befound tomeet your beautify desires.More Despicable 3 wallpaper coolLivewallpaper ar prepared for you.Supports completely differentmobilephones of every kind and types to satisfy your want forwildrunning live wallpaper.Daily updates with new live wallpapersforadditional news.
Pix Fish
Tap, little fish! Tap! Tap! I mean..Swim!!Help the fish to dodgeallobstacles and check how far you can go!The more obstacles youdodgethe more fish you have to choose!The higher you score themoreplaces you can swim!The more you play the more fun it is!Swimlittleplayer! Swim! Swim!Like usonFacebook:
Princess Cat Nom Nom Evolution
Grow your own Princess Cat Nom Nom fat and it will be thecutestfast food-eating cat in the world !---In this game you haveto feedyour fat cat with fish, pizza, burger, donuts and muchmore!Cat NomNom, is the star in this game and is really reallyhungry andgreedy, feed him, grow him, expand him.• FEED YOURPRINCESS CAT NOMNOM! Take good care of your adorable fatty cat.•BORN MINIONS TOHELP YOU OUT! For the first time ever, a cat canborn up to 100minions! • FUN TO WATCH! See your minionfishing, backing,cooking! • QUICK FINGERS NEEDED ! You needquick fingers tocoordinate a lot of minion helpers to feed thegreedy cat faster•PLAY A GREAT CARD GAME TO GET INGAME BOOST! Needa boost, try yourluck and choose one of 8 different cardboost! • EXPLORE 7UPGRADEABLE HOUSES! Upgrade your minions,houses and food.•ACHIEVEMENTS! Complete quests to get a powerfulgem boost.We loveclicker and idle games the way you do! If you haveany questions,found a bug or you have new upgrade ideas, get intouch with us! Weappreciate your help a lot and donate it with a10$ ingame code forfree! We take your feedback very seriously.To get in touchwith us, please send us an email or visitourwebsite:support@evolutiongames.iowww.evolutiongames.ioAnd now..ENJOY FEEDING THE FAT PRINCESS CAT NOM NOM !
Tap! Tap! Tap!
- Single Player- Two Player- 5 Game Modes- 10 Com Levels- Lightonyour device- Auto Clear CacheTap 20: Tap your side 20times,whoever taps faster and reaches 20 first wins!To 10: Tap yourside,you get a point and your opponent loses one, sounds funright,Whoever reaches 10 first, wins!From 10: You get 10pointsinitially, Each tap will give you a point and reduces onefrom youropponent. Make your opponents score Zero, you win!.TapUnlimited:Tap till you Die ;p.
The Troopers: minions in arms
The great time killer with addictive gameplay.☆Lightheartedstrategy with tactical battles. Nice and easy to play!☆A littlebit of humor mixed with strategic battles.☆ A differentkind ofhumorous war game which doesn't take itself tooseriously!☆Handcrafted music and good graphics.☆ Funny and crazycombatdudes.Draft, train and rank up your ragtag band offame-addictedsoldiers!Build a collection of do-or-die minions.Collect all 90tiny, perky and angry army dudes. Deck out your toughguys with thefull range of elite equipment. Build your own hugecollection ofcrazy weapons and gear!Heal and revive angry scoutsand agile spieson the battlefield. Use expendable badges and medalsto upgradehothead troopers and deck piercing Snipers on base.Themoretroopers you draft and blend, the more combat crews youcancommand. Build 'em up now!Overturn the global order in anepiccontest contra creepy V Inc. in a crazy backstory!Boardyoursoldiers on a military copter and get into action. Explore mapsandcombat V Inc. troops and show them who's the boss. Travelthroughhot jungles and mountain blizzards to seek and destroyelitebosses.Go into combat on beautiful battlefields and reach theVInc. secret shelter for the final epic contest with an enemyprimeminion.Lay the military smackdown on your fiends in PvPmode!Chargeinto face to face combat with your friends to blitz yourroad tovictory in battlefield arenas!Bazooka contra shotgun, armyknife vsninja katana, automatics contra bombs in an epic smackdownin theBronze, Silver and Gold arenas.There can be only onecommander! Allthe rest are just creepy expendables.Launch a banzaicharge withall your elite soldiers in raids!Charge big maps withyour wholecollection. Blend your combat crews and throw thetroopers intodo-or-die raid missions.No place for goldbrickers!Shout "banzai"and commit the expendable reserve to action.We ain'tmaking nogoddamn cornflakes here!== Connect ==Join the TheTrooperscommunity and stay tuned onFacebook: are happy toanswer allyour questions at
Tap Tap Plane
Plane of legend had a train of legend.He loved that train, andtheywent everywhere together, laughing and playing all throughouttheirtiny world.Then, one day, raven of legend swooped down andstolethe train of legend.This made plane of legend very sad, buthedecided that he would be brave....The legend of the plane oflegendjust started here.
Yellow Cartoon Keyboard Theme (FREE)
Lampoon yellow cartoon Keyboard Theme is a latest andstylishanimated cartoon 3D Keyboard Theme with all cute littleyellowcartoon, dreamy yellow cartoon, girlish yellow cartoon,funnycartoon, reverie cute little cartoon emojis with trendy andstylishkeyboard. are you that cute, animated person or that amazingonewho wants to explore and experiment with your default 3DKeyboardTheme with world famous and cutest yellow cartoon KeyboardThemethen download happy and stylish lampoon yellow cartoonKeyboardTheme with glitter lampoon yellow puppet cartoontrendymessenger.🌟Features of lampoon yellow cartoon KeyboardTheme🌟Ponyglitter dreamy yellow cartoon Keyboard Theme isaccessible onFacebook, Facebook messenger, watsapp, watsappmessenger, snap chatand Instagram, instagram messenger andinstagram keyboard, roseBlush messenger.Accessibility- silly cuteyellow cartoon 3DKeyboard Theme can be accessed on all social mediaapps. MoreSpace - playful cute animated puppet Keyboard Theme onlycovers 2MBspace of your phone and keep your android mobile safefromvirus.Compatibility - skimpy puppet cartoon Keyboard Themeiscompatible with all android mobile phones and mobile phoneslikeSamsung, HTC, lg, motorola, vivo, xiaomi, sony mobilecommunicationand do not hang your phone. Battery Friendly -animated cartoon,skimpy puppets, hugging yellow cartoon toyKeyboard Theme isbattery friendly Keyboard Theme.Replace defaultkeyboard - snuggleyellow toys Keyboard Theme replaces your defaultkeyboard withexciting bright trendy and stylish keyboard.Good News- and theamazing news is you can also share petty parasite slavecartoontheme launcher animated Keyboard Theme on facebook,facebookmessenger, watsapp, instagram, snapchat, snapchatmessenger.Background and High Definition Keyboard Theme- This neondandleparasite yellow banana Keyboard Theme has cute little miniyellowcartoons in background so change background picture if youwish tohave dreamy, reverie, pink, rose, blush live wallpaper. 2Dcutelittle yellow banana cartoon animated Keyboard Theme is aHighdefinition Keyboard Theme and when it is used, it makesyourandroid phone very easy and feasible for typing withinstagramemoji keyboard.3D Effects 🌍-If you are fed up of allthose tech,galaxy, technology, and fidget spinner space KeyboardThemes and ifyou are looking for something amazing with puppet,skimpy,parasite, slave, cartoon, comic strip, caricature, satire,lampoontheme then download cute yellow banana cartoon KeyboardTheme with3D animations and graphic effects.Availability- you cansimplydownload amazingly animated snuggle and hugging lampoonKeyboardTheme from anywhere as it is available on google playstore, amazonplay store, mobile 9, Mobango, 9 apps, get jar,smartican and allother Mobile apps.Smooth Typing Experience-playsounds ofalphabets and auto correct spellings while typing withpettylampoon yellow cartoon Keyboard Theme launcher tema withtrendyyellow cartoon banana Keyboard Theme.Make Your typingexperiencemore comfortable with yellow banana cartoon trendyKeyboard Theme& Keyboard. talk in different and suitablelanguages with yourfriends with the help of yellow cartoon andbanana lampoon KeyboardTheme (FREE).Customized Keyboard Theme-silly and playful yellowcartoon 3D Keyboard Theme with glitter andglow is a customizeKeyboard Theme and you can apply and removetrendy and stylishyellow, flappy, luminous yellow cartoon KeyboardTheme whenever youwant to. To download Customized 3D Lampoon yellowcartoon tema(FREE).download Flourescent luminous yellow bananacartoonKeyboard Theme.apply lampoon puppet yellow cartoon 3DKeyboardTheme.Keep yellow banana cartoon Keyboard Theme for 24hours tounlock 3D effects.Share review and ratings, as reviewsmatter themost.😊
Music Heroes: New Rhythm game
A fun guitar style game will test your skills to play the guitarandfollow the rhythm of the music. Do you love your stored songs,noproblem, you can play them and enjoy hours of fun.Get ready tofeelthe rhythm as you tap tap your cell phone screennow!Features:• 3difficult levels• Cool graphics and effects!•Better controls andgameplay!