Top 45 Games Similar to Advancing Heroes

Ultimate Ninja Blazing
NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja Blazing – Join the battle withyourfavorite NARUTO characters, fighting in Shinobi FormationBattlesacross the story of the renowned anime!Fight hordes ofenemies andcomplete missions using the all-new Shinobi FormationBattle system:a strategic RPG fighting system that unleashesexhilaratingcombination attacks with your allies. Master teamfield skills,discover new ninjutsu and become the next Hokage inthe first-everUltimate Ninja mobile game!NARUTO SHIPPUDEN:Ultimate Ninja BlazingFeatures:Battle Enemies with Your NinjaDream Team! • Control over100 NARUTO heroes, each with their ownunique attacks and tactics•Fight enemies using ninjutsu, powerfulspecial techniques andcombination attacks• Unleash ninjutsuabilities for powerfuloffensive strikes, defensive abilities thatcan stop enemy movement,and moreMission Mode Based On the OriginalAnime Storyline! •Mission Mode allows you to relive the experienceof the NARUTOstory• Battle through stories from the originalseriesNinja Skillsand Powerful Attacks!• Fighting skills includeclose-ranged andcombination attacks for massive damage• NinjaField Skills can turnthe tide of battle in your favor• Fightingclosely with your teamallows for great opportunity, but also greatriskFight Ninjas fromAround the World in Online MultiplayerGames!• Battle against otherninjas in multiplayer mode• Jointogether and take on missions withup to 3 other ninjasNew Games inMonthly Phantom Castle Events! •Compete against other ninjas forthe most points and aim for the topin a special mode that can onlybe accessed during special events•Battle against a multitude ofenemies that await you as you climbthe Phantom CastleJoin thebattle with your favorite NARUTOcharacters! Download NARUTOSHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja Blazing nowand become thenextHokage!SUPPORT: Inc.Website: orinstalling this app, you agree to the BANDAI NAMCOEntertainmentTerms of Service.TermsofService: some items available for in-app purchase that canenhancegameplay and speed up your progress. In-app purchases canbedisabled in your devicesettings,see details.-----------------------------------©2002MASASHIKISHIMOTO/2007 SHIPPUDEN All Rights Reserved.© GREE, Inc.©2016BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.This application isdistributedunder the official rights from the license holder.
PPSSPP - PSP emulator
Play PSP games on your Android device, at high definition withextrafeatures!PPSSPP is the original and best PSP emulator forAndroid.It runs a lot of games, but depending on the power of yourdeviceall may not run at full speed. No games are included withthisdownload. Use your own real PSP games and turn them into .ISOor.CSO files, or simply play free homebrew games, which areavailableonline. Put those in /PSP/GAME on your SD card / USBstorage.This isthe free version. If you want to support futuredevelopment, pleasedownload PPSSPP Gold instead.See for moreinformation, and see the forums forgame compatibility information.
A brand-new chapter in the Dragon Ball Z saga has arrived!Nowyoucan experience all the nonstop action in the palm ofyourhand!◎Explore the World of Dragon Ball!◎Face off againstformidableadversaries from the anime series! Explore your favoriteareas in awhole new way with unique board-game-style gameplay!Utilizevarious items and power-ups to strengthen your team andsteelyourself for the battles ahead!◎Intense Over-the-TopAction!◎Simplytap the Ki Spheres on the screen to engage insupersonic combat!The fighting is so extreme your screen won't beable to handle it!Awaken the true potential of your favorite DragonBall charactersand make them stronger than ever before! You’venever experiencedDragon Ball like this!◎Assemble Your Very OwnDream Team!◎ Createyour own team from a wide variety of Dragon Ballcharacters! Youcan even group together certain characters toactivate powerfulLink Skills! Only Dokkan Battle gives you thefreedom to buildvirtually any team you want! Take your trustyfighters to thebattlefield and rise to the top!◎Time is of theEssence!◎ The storybegins when Trunks’ Time Machine crash-lands ona planet where theDragon Ball timeline has been thrown into chaos!Who could bebehind this sinister turn of events? Work together withTrunks toget to the bottom of this mystery, battling legions offamiliarfoes along the way. The very fate of the Dragon Balluniverse restson your shoulders!Get pumped--the world of "DragonBall Z DokkanBattle"awaitsyou!SUPPORT: Inc.Website: orinstalling this app, you agree to the BANDAI NAMCOEntertainmentTerms of Service.TermsofService: some items available for in-app purchase that canenhancegameplay and speed up your progress. In-app purchases canbedisabled in your devicesettings,see details.©BIRD STUDIO / SHUEISHA, TOEI ANIMATION©BANDAINAMCOEntertainment Inc.
Tsuna Runner
Play with you favorite manga characters sawada tsunayoshi!Fromanime Hitman Reborn. We would like to challenge you to makehighscore.Tsuna Runner is a game about Sawada Tsunayoshi. He istrainedby infant tutor reborn. for to be the tenth generation Bossof theVongola Famiglia, the most prominent Mafia in the world. hedidn'twant to be the boss of the mafia group. but he always Beingchasedfrom mafia and varia group, and was helped by a Hitmanreborn.!!!HOW TO PLAY !!!Help him to run, jump, dodge and survivalfromenemies. Your goal is to run and survive as long aspossible.PressJUMP to Jump over the gap and Dodge Enemiesattack.Press Attack toAttack enemies and Block Attack.Collectingflame for using boxweapon & box support.Collecting box weaponfor attack withdying will flames.Collecting box support for supportand Increasethe ability of the character.When the full sp. You canuse Crazymode. *** in crazy mode you will most strong andpowerful.if youcollect box Vongola X . you can use Hyper Dying Willmode. *** inHyper Dying Will mode you can fly by hold JumpButton.!!! FEATURE!!!- Easy to Play. Run and jump and dodgeenemies.- Level &Upgrade status system.- 18 Type of BoxWeapon.- 4 Arcobalenocharacters from anime hitman reborn.- Xanxusleader of the mafiagroup Varia.- Hyper Dying Will mode & CrazymodeHave enjoy& fun playing.
Stick of Titan
I want to defeat more... Parody mini games.If you have a questionorrequest, please check theFAQfirst. you havebettertranslation, please tell me fromthiswebpage! Could you help metranslation?Italian: is reset after interrupt, please try to update "GooglePlayDeveloper Services"fromhere. S6 edge (SCV31)Not supporteddevices:Galaxy J1GalaxyJ5OnePlus3 / 3TMoto G (5th Gen)Web versionfor PC / iOS /Android:Materiallist:
Narutimates: Ultimate Ninja 1.0.2
NTT Group
Narutimate features asimilargameplayexperience to Ultimate NinjaThe simple goal is to fight the opposing character and towinbyreducing their health to zero. There are specialtechniquesandjutsus that can be used. Some characters feature theabilitytoactivate special mode by inflicting the specialtechniqueswhichenhances their status and gives them new abilities.Italsofeatures several items, like shuriken and kunai.The game also uses support characters such as Naruto:supportbeingIruka, or Sasuke's support being Kakashi Hatake. Thegamefeaturesan arcade style story mode. Although the gamelooselycovers theevents in the original manga from the Introductionarc upto theInvasion. Each stories consist of up to six battlesdividedbydialogues in a manga style display, one of many homagestoitssource material.Narutimate features a similar gameplay experience toUltimateNinja,featuring many of the same gameplay elements andgeography.The gamereplaces the arcade-style story mode from theoriginalgame with anRPG story mode
Genki Heroes
"The story begins in an abyssal fantasy world. The evil demonlordis finally defeated after a gruelsome battle with the heroes!Justwhen they were celebrating, a mysterious figure casted a spellandthe heroes' abilities were gone. The heroes felt a disturbanceinthe world once again. They embark on their journey to defendtheworld once more!Game Speciality:Venture in "GenkiHeroes"astonishingly vibrant fantasy battlegrounds. Embark onjourney todefeat the evil lord !1) Job Classes: 4 Basic Job classes;Swordman,Assasin,Gunslinger & Diviner. Every job has itperks.2) PvP Battles: 1v1 Battle. There are also features likeMulti TeamPvP, 2v2 Team Battle and Chaotic Battle.3) AdventurousMissions:Interesting and diverse missions structure. Monsters droploots inthe mission. Players are able to choose different set ofskillscombo and item combination during the game.There are manymoreinteresting content such as PVP Arena, Mystery Realmchallenge,Trial Dungeon, Boss Dungeon, Enhancing Equipment, DrawingHeroes,Character and Heroes training, Pet system, marriage systemandetc.Come join us now in Genki Heroes!
Brave the virtual world with the heroes of Sword Art Online inoneof Japan’s most popular anime role playing games, thebrand-newaction RPG, SWORD ART ONLINE;Memory Defrag! In SWORDARTONLINE:Memory Defrag, players will join Kirito, Asuna, Leafa,andother fan favorite characters from the original manga and hitanimeseries from Japan. Take on the role of legendary heroes inthisunique action role playing game as you unleash a flurry ofskillsto vanquish a formidable army of enemies on the dangerousvirtualfrontier!Master a variety of play styles, weapons, andskills suchas Dual-wielding, one-handed swords, guns, bows, ormagic to takeon every kind of monster imaginable! Features:-Experience theoriginal Japanese anime story and an all-new originalstorylinejust for the game!- Play with all your favorite characterslikeKirito, Asuna, Leafa, and more from the manga and animeseries!-Join parties with friends and other players to take downmassiveboss monsters in multiplayer mode!- Free to play and funforeveryone!SUPPORT: Inc.Website: orinstalling this app, you agree to the BANDAI NAMCOEntertainmentTerms of Service.TermsofService: some items available for in-app purchase that canenhancegameplay and speed up your progress. In-app purchases canbedisabled in your devicesettings,see details.This application is distributed under theofficialrights from the license holder.©REKI KAWAHARA/PUBLISHED BYKADOKAWACORPORATION/SAO MOVIE Project©BANDAI NAMCO EntertainmentInc.Developed by GREE, Inc.
Super Anime Rumble
***Don't forget to rate and share, it really helps. Thanksforplaying!***An epic fast-paced, action packed, addictivegamefeaturing your favorite anime heroes! Go super saiyan to fightyourenemies with your fist of fury. The more you play, the morehitsyou get to buy new heroes! More characters coming soon!How toplay:swipe up, right, down, left to punch!Features:-Power upandtransform!-Game services to compete with your friends-Shareyourscores with your friends via Twitter or Facebook
BLEACH Brave Souls
EXCITING 3D ACTION3D graphics and simple controls makeforfree-flowing and fast-paced hack-and-slash action.EPICSPECIALMOVESUnleash each Bleach character's unique special moves tocarveyour way to victory. Special moves are fully voiced by theoriginalJapanese anime voice actors.THREE'S COMPANYCombine yourfavoritecharacters into teams of three. You can even makecombinations ofcharacters you would never see in the originalstory. Thepossibilities are almost limitless!RELIVE THE BLEACHSTORYFollowthe Bleach story from the moment Rukia and Ichigo firstmeet.Develop your characters as you complete quests thatrecreatepivotal scenes from the story.BATTLE OTHER PLAYERSCompetein weeklyleagues. Pit your best warriors against other players'teams andvie for the top spot.DEVELOP YOUR CHARACTERSBrave Soulsfeatures ahighly flexible character improvement system that allowsyou tocreate exactly the warriors and the team you want. Enterbattle andearn experience to level up characters and improve theirbasestats, Ascend them to increase their max level, train them ontheSoul Tree to further improve specific stats, or linkcharacterstogether to provide additional support. The choiceisyours!OfficialSite 4.0 or laterThe following permissions are necessary toplaythis game.Storage AccessPermission:READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGEPermission:WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGENecessaryfor the game to be able to storegame data in an external location.These permissions only apply toAndroid versions earlier than 6.For Android 6 or later, you canstill play the game even if youdecline these permissions. Identity(find accounts on thisdevice)Permission: GET_ACCOUNTSNecessary toreceive pushnotifications.Camera/Microphone AccessPermission:CAMERA /RECORD_AUDIONecessary for using the videorecordingfunction.-----------------------------------------------------©TiteKubo/Shueisha, TV TOKYO, dentsu, Pierrot
Epic Heroes War: Gods Battle
Epic Heroes War is a real-time strategy game, onlineside-scrollerdefense combines RPG. Build up a powerful army andslaughter enemyhordes in quests and battles with other players!Keyfeatures:★ Anunique game, not duplicated with other games on theStore★ Lot ofheroes with unique skills★ Lot of campaign levels,Online PvP,Domination, Challenge, Heaven & Hell map ...★ LocalBosses★World Bosses★ Boss party★ Guild★ Arena★ Real-time strategyPvP 1VS1battle.
Aurcus Online MMORPG
◇◆Super exhilarating action with aerial combos! Online RPG (MMORPG)for smartphones "Aurcus Online"◆◇Action RPG you can enjoyOnline onyour smart device is right here!◆Simple yet deep combatsystemSimpletap to release Skill plus the non-targeting systembrings freedom tocombats.Combine the easy-to-control strikes andvarious Skills tofinish the enemies in aerial combos!Experiencethe stimulationtaking full control of your character, and theexciting realisticaction combats!◆Enjoy the PvP (Player VS Player)with yourfriendsArena feature where you fight against one anotherisavailable.It sure will be exciting to battle with the characteryouhave trained!Communicating with your friends using the ChatorEmotion feature will make the tactics even wider!◆Worldofadventure with infinite possibilityNew fields, jobs, etc. willbeadded from updates. The world of adventure will expand, andwillnot end!───────────[Story]Levaria, the land protected bythespirits.Countries have fought with swords and magic for hundredsofyears for their order and independence.A few years ago, theadventof the Dark Force brought further chaos to the world.Nationswereperished overnight and many towns were invaded.Not onlymonstersgetting wild in various places but also the ancient beastis aboutto awake by the dark power of death.To cope with the DarkForce,the alliance of the countries was inevitable.However, thecommonenemy was not enough to wash away the grudges from thepast.TheGalleria Kingdom proposed the founding of cooperativeorganization,and the conclusion of "Blood Oath".That is an ancientspell thatcannot be discarded even by the destruction of theworld.Thus, inthe midst of the emergence of the Dark Force and thediscord of thecountries,a stateless organization- Sword of Aurcuswas born.Peoplestart to gather to join the organization.And you arejust one ofthem right now...───────────[To Start the Game]Pleasereadcarefully and agree to "Terms of Use", "Terms of Use Violation"and"Privacy Policy" on the RPG "Aurcus Online" official website,thenplease tap on the "Free App Download" banner to downloadtheapplication.───────────[Notes]Please contact us via Contact intheofficial website (see below) for requests or reportofissues.*We prioritize onreportsthat came via Contact.*Please note that you cannot play thegamewithout SD card, or with the card with insufficientspace.*Largeamount of data will be downloaded on the initial bootup. Pleaseboot in the stable connectionenvironment.───────────AurcusOnline
Bug Heroes 2
Foursaken Media
Every day while you're gone, an epic battleofswords, guns, and armor rages on your counters, on your floors,andin your yard... Enter the world of the Bug Heroes!From the creators of Monster Adventures and Heroes &Castlescomes a new adventure, blending fast paced action, strategy,anddefensive gameplay!Master 25 unique heroes - from a hook wielding Waterbug pirate,toan old and wise Aphid sensei, a champion Bumblebee boxer, agrenadelaunching Worm, a poison obsessed Stinkbug, and tons more!Chooseand customize your squad of two, then seamlessly switchbetweenthem while unleashing a variety of powerful abilities onyourenemies. Scavenge for food and junk, fortify your base,buildturrets, level up your heroes, equip weapons and armor,andsurvive!----------------------------FEATURES• MOBA-like competitive & cooperative multiplayer• Tons of single player content, including missions, anendlessmode, and a base vs base skirmish mode• 25 unique heroes to master - form your team of two• Innovative squad based gameplay - control twoheroessimultaneously• Level up your Bug Heroes, increase their skills, and buyweapons,armor, and gear• Scavenge for food, then defend your Food Stash with turretsandupgrades• Complete missions, earn stars, and unlock a host ofpowerfulupgrades• Master both melee and ranged combat. Slice your enemieswithswords, swat bugs off of ledges, blast them from long rangewithguns and magic, and more• Tactical gameplay - use cover to defeat your enemies• Over 75 varied enemy types to battle• Sync across devices with cloud save----------------------------Questions or comments? Follow us on Twitter @FoursakenMedia, orlikeus on Facebook!
Super Ninja: Hero Fight 1.0.2
The player controls one of thecharacterswithinthe Naruto: anime and manga. The simple goal is tofight theopposingcharacter and to win by reducing their health tozero.Along with thevarious weapons available to the charactersalsohave their variousspecial abilities taken straight fromtheseries.To use these attacks, however, the player must havetherequiredchakra as indicated by the "chakra bars" located undertheplayershealth. Using the technique drains the chakra bar whichcanberegained through various methods, includingspecial,characterspecific methods for some characters. Thesespecialtechniques arenot performed in real-time, however;oncesuccessfully executed, acinematic takes place, where theplayereither has to fill a bar toa specific level or hitbuttonsillustrated in the corner of thescreen faster than theiropponentto assure the attack is at itsfull strength.The first two games of the Ultimate Ninja series letplayersexecutethree different secret technique attacks usingthreedifferentChakra levels two different signature techniques, andawide varietyof kicks and punches. However, in UltimateNinja,players are onlyallowed to use one secret techniqueattack,besides the otherattacks and techniques.The game features an arcade style story mode. Althoughthegameloosely covers the events in the original mangafromtheIntroduction arc, the game's twelve stories are meant todepicttheevents from different characters' perspectives and astheresultsome of them deviates from the original source
Anime War 2.0.4
Same Gameplay style as Battle Of Ninja, butnewcharacters, new awesome skills. Now, you can not only play asninjafrom konoha to become hokage and fighting again akatsukigroup, butalso can play as famous characters from another greatmanga like DBZwith strongest Super Saiyan such as GoZ, VegeZ ....You will havechance to use cool skills like Blast, Kamehameha,Bigbang Attack,Dragon Recall …. beside old skills like rasegan,sharingan,rinnengan and chidori. Game has designed as shadowstyle. The coolsaiyan transform effect and many bosses what youwill love the wayto fight if you love drgon ball z.Let play this game, transformed into best ninja and dragonsaiyanheroes!!!How to play:- Tap left / right to attack. You only can attack enemies inarange.- Try to use ultimate Jutsu and skills to kill all enemiesandcollect coins to unlock new heroes.If you like this, please comment and review to show your opinionssothat we can make better games.For any contribution, please feel free to contact us viaemail:popcorn.hunva@gmail.comLike our fanpage to get more information and tips aboutgameplay: fun!!
Fantasy Fighter
Take on criminals and monsters, bringorderback into the night and cleanse the city of all evil!2015’s most popular action game– Fantasy Fighter! Discoverstunning2D graphics, simple side-scrolling interface andeasy-to-learncontrols, as well as a wide range of skills you canmix fordevastating combos. An unprecedented combat experience!● Simple one-touch controls ●No complicated button combinations: all the power is inyourfinger!● Smooth fighting action ●Perform endless combinations of moves and perfect your ownbestcombo - you won’t be able to put it down!● Strong community ●Play with both your WeChat & Facebook friends and make themyourbest allies!● Wide selection of customizable characters ●Ranged attack or physical magic, cute or heroic?Diversepersonalities to match your own. Choose your favorite!● Multiple fashion styles ●Explore a large collection of fashion outfits andexclusivecharacter titles. Get a dazzling new look as well asvaluableadditional attributes! Build your personal style in theworld ofFantasy Fighter.● Copious activities with rich rewards ●Challenging adventures and exciting daily missions - plenty ofstufffor you to enjoy as you level up including free diamonds,equipmentand more!Official website: Fan Page: Service
Dragon Z Super Saiyan Blue Warriors 1.3.0
Ah Man! Finally the best Dragon Super fanmadegame based on the Legend of Saiyan Heroes Saga is rebornforandroid gamer freaks. Help these Warriors to fight againstthewaves of enemies from fantasy world (exclusive from Z GT Kai).Be aMan and unleash the full power of the mighty warrior in thegalaxyto attack and destroy your opponents at Ultra Sonic Speed.Theultimate destiny of these fighters lies in your hands.Features--A perfect DB style fast battle system true to the manga.-Play as Goku and prince Vegeta along withtheirtransformations.-Beautiful eye catching and stunning graphics diminishingthebarrier between game and animation.-A large variety of moves for both characters.-Ground shaking Land and Space (Air) battle system.-Superb game play mechanics.-Kill different type of enemies and win the challenge.-Create your impact among Heroes in the Leader board and betheking.Gauges/Meters-There are 3 colored gauges that appears on top of Player-Green Gauge- HealthPurple Gauge- EnergyYellow Gauge- Ki BlastControls-Y- Sparking (Refills the yellow gauge. However, it consumesthepurple gauge.)X- Power Ball (Consumes some yellow gauge for eachPowerBall.)A- Fighting (Just hold the button to keep fighting with PunchandKick.)B- Main Technique (Needs full yellow gauge and if it's emptythenyou need to refill it with sparking.)T- Transmission (After entering transmission mode usethedirectional buttons to move at hyper sonic speed anywhere.Howeverfor each time execution, it consumes some purplegauge.)E- Evolution/Transform (Once the Transformation/Burst gauge ontheright side of the screen is full, you can transform intoSuperSaiyan Blue for a limited amount of time. Fight with enemiestohold SSJ form for longer duration.)Note- In future other Warriors like Trunks Gohan Piccolo andfusionslike Vegito and Gogeta from the popular anime series maygetfeatured in upcoming games as playable characters so don't beangryor punch yourself or decide to take revenge by postingattackcomments on this game please.Do not forget that my application Dragon Z Super Saiyan Blue isatotally free one and it's ultimate fate depends on youdearpeople!!! Please share it to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,Tumblrat once!
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Join your friends in a brand new 5v5 MOBA showdown againstrealhuman opponents, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Choose yourfavoriteheroes and build the perfect team with yourcomrades-in-arms!10-second matchmaking, 10-minute battles. Laning,jungling, towerrushing, team battles, all the fun of PC MOBAs andaction games inthe palm of your hand! Feed your eSportsspirit!Mobile Legends:Bang Bang, 2017’s brand new mobile eSportsmasterpiece. Shatteryour opponents with the touch of your fingerand claim the crown ofstrongest Challenger!Your phone thirsts forbattle!Features: 1.Classic MOBA Maps, 5v5 Battles Real-time 5v5battles against realopponents. Fight over 3 lanes to take theenemy’s tower. 4 jungleareas. 18 defense towers. 2 Wild Bosses.Complete reproductions ofclassic MOBA maps. Full-on 5v5, Human vs.Human battles. Atriumphant return to genuine MOBA gameplay.2. Winwith Teamwork& Strategy Block damage, control the enemy, andheal teammates!Choose from Tanks, Mages, Marksmen, Assassins,Supports, etc. toanchor your team or be match MVP! New heroes areconstantly beingreleased!3. Fair Fights, Carry Your Team to VictoryJust likeclassic MOBAs, there is no hero training or paying forstats.Winners and losers are decided based on skill and ability onthisfair and balanced platform for competitive gaming. Play to Win,notPay to Win.4. Simple Controls, Easy to Master With avirtualjoystick on the left and skill buttons on the right, 2fingers areall you need to become a master! Autolock and targetsifting allowyou to last hit to your heart’s content. Never miss!And aconvenient tap-to-equip system lets you focus on the thrillofbattle!5. 10 Second Matchmaking, 10 Minute Matches Matchmakingonlytakes 10 seconds, and battles last 10 minutes, glossing overthequiet early-game leveling up and jumping right intointensebattles. Less boring waiting and repetitive farming, andmorethrilling action and fist-pumping victories. At any place, atanymoment, just pick up your phone, fire up the game, andimmerseyourself in heart-pounding MOBA competition.6. Smart OfflineAIAssistance In most MOBAs, a dropped connection means hangingyourteam out to dry, but with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’spowerfulreconnection system, if you get dropped, you can be back inthebattle in seconds. And while you’re offline, your character willbecontrolled by our AI system to avoid a 5-on-4situation.PLEASENOTE! Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is free to downloadand play,however some game items can also be purchased for realmoney. Ifyou do not want to use this feature, please set uppasswordprotection for purchases in the settings of your GooglePlay Storeapp. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy,you mustbe at least 12 years of age to play or download MobileLegends:Bang Bang.Contact Us You can get customer serviceassistance viathe [Contact Us] button in the game to help you withany problemsyou may encounter while playing. You can also find uson thefollowing platforms. We welcome all of your Mobile Legends:BangBang thoughts and suggestions:Customer ServiceEmail:MobileLegendsGame@gmail.comFacebook:
Great Ninja Clash
In a region where ninjas were the largest existing strength,clansclashed to decide who was the best. You're a ninja, help yourclanin this clash to decide who is the strongest! - Tenplayablecharacter - Six upgrades available - Beautiful 3D graphics-Collect coins and souls to unlock new characters and developments-Various visual effects - Various special to use - Playing witharecord of system deaths Download now and live the experienceofbeing a shinobi ninja and battle in a war for the survival ofyourclan! Call your friends and compete to see who can kill thelargestnumber of Ninjas in this addictive game.*Speak toAlado*Ideas,compliments, complaints and reporting bugs? Send anemail tocontactalado@gmail.comJoin us on Facebook Clash by Alado 2015
Titan Attack: Wall Defense FPS C20
Titan Attack: Wall Defense FPS fun 3Dfirstperson shooter challenge with classic pixel graphics thatcreates avivid world full of foes and obstacles. Challenge yourselfagainsthordes of diabolical titan enemies and be the ultimatewarrior. Usethe hook to navigate around the titans and strike fromabove.***THE CHALLENGE HAS JUST BEGUN***Once upon a time, an entire generation of warriors were raisedbymonsters. But outsiders burned the doorways and the worldcontinuedas if they never existed. Alone, but not helpless, thewarriorsspent centuries honing their skills, waiting for the daywhen themortal hold on their otherworldly cell would weaken enoughto freetheir numbers...His eyes darted around, searching, prying, straining to see anyformof movement. His heart raced and his temples throbbed. Therewas nolight. Not anymore. They were here. The stories toldthroughnightmares were real. There was no light to save him thistime.This time, the monsters would win. After all... Even shadowsbetrayyou when it gets dark. It was up to him. These monsters-theTitans- were raging a war mere mortals could never fathom towin,unless... unless they could cooperate with the darkness andtriumphover the metamorphic heights of these otherworldlygiants.***PLAY TO THE EXTREME***Practice your target shooting skills and blast through worlds asyoutake out opponents and win awesome rewards. Collect dailypower-upsand prizes such as endless sprint and double damage willbe yours toutilize until you die. Looking for somethinglonger-lasting? Run asuccessful course in the first level againstthe clock and a givennumber of enemies and earn permanent weaponsor body armor. Vastlandscapes are yours to explore and dominate.Customize controls inthe settings screen and play to a difficultylevel that suits yourskill level. Six un-lockable levels in themission select screenmust be conquered to achieve your totalvictory. Play it like youmean it!Game Levels:-Castle Garden-Village-Rustic TownGame Enemies:-Titans and humansGame Features:-Hook Shot - navigate through air, climb tall buildings-Run, Jump, Aim-Melee And Firearm Weapon Variety-HP And Ammo Hidden Perks-Map Overview Of Oncoming Enemies-Power-Ups Refresh Daily
Sword of Fantasy—เกมแง่ญี่ปุ่น
*ก่อนหน้าดาวน์โหลดกรุณาลบแพทเก่าในเครื่องของท่าน==========================แนะนำเกมSwordofFantasy—เกม3Dแง่ญี่ปุ่นเป็นเกมARPGแอคชั่นข้ามมิติสร้างแบบUnity3Dโดยเจาะเรื่องอนิเมญี่ปุ่นภาพกราฟิคที่สวยงามคมชัดการออกแบบตัวละครอย่างประณีตการจัดรูปแบบกองทัพที่ปรับเปลี่ยนได้ตามต้องการโหมดการต่อสู้หลากหลายที่บุกทะลวงดั้งเดิมก่อตั้งพันธมิตรในตำนานของคุณเองรอคอยคำบัญชาจากคุณต่อสู้เคียงบ่าเคียงไหล่ไปพร้อมกันดาบพลังเวทการต่อสู้ไม่มีหยุดนี่แหละคือเวทีของคุณเริ่มผจญภัยพร้อมกันในโลกแห่งSAได้แล้ววันนี้ลักษณะพิเศษของเกม※ฮีโร่แอ๊บแบ๊วมากกว่า30ตัวพร้อมกองทัพที่จัดตั้งได้ในหลากหลายรูปแบบ※เอฟเฟคพิเศษที่งดงามพลังเวทมหัศจรรย์มากมายพร้อมสีสันที่งดงามตระการตา※ด่านวิธีเล่นหลากหลาย การผจญภัยมากมายรอคุณอยู่※ศึกPVPที่รุนแรงเลือดร้อน แย่งชิงอันดับที่หนึ่งในโลก※ลานประลองส่งเกวียณพันธมิตรเจดีย์ร้อยชั้นสงครามแร่ธาตุทั้งหมดนี่คือเวทีของคุณ※เรื่องราวสมบูรณ์ตามการ์ตูน หมดสิ้นเกมธรรมดาร้ายเนื้อหา※ดำเนินการประณีต ให้มือและสมองไม่หยุดยังเพิ่มระบบแตกดาวฮีโร่5ดาวอัพเลเวลดาวสีน้ำเงินได้เพิ่มความสามารถมากมายเพิ่มไอเทมใหม่ยาน้ำวิญญาณใช้ในระบบแตกดาวยาน้ำวิญญาณทั่วไปแลกได้ที่ร้านอารีน่าเพิ่มระบบ :การแข่งขันแย่งชิง ต่อสู้10V10ไม่หยุดยังเพิ่มฮีโร่ใหม่ :หัวหน้าอัศวิน นักโกหก ซิเบ นักดาบโมฆะเพิ่มBonesฮีโร่ใหม่เพิ่มระบบแชทข้ามเซิร์ฟ เพิ่มไอเทมใหม่เกล็ดหิมะรางวัลฮีโร่ลงชื่อกลายเป็นเมาส์ซิสเตอร์คอมมูนิตี้ของเกมหน้าแรกเว็บ:*PreviousDownloadSimplyremove the old patch on your machine.==========================Featured gamesSword of Fantasy- terms Japanese 3D games. ThegameARPGactioncross-dimensional model created by Unity3DpenetratetheJapaneseanime. Graphic images of beautifulcrispcharacterdesignelaborate. Formatting army adjustments asneeded.BattleModebreakthrough traditional variety. Founding partnerinyourownlegend. Await your command to fight shoulder toshoulderwiththemagic sword fighting does not stop. This is yourforumStarttheadventure with World SA has today.Special features of the game※ hero aegyo more than 30 characters. With theestablishmentoftheArmy in a variety of formats.※ special effects spectacular. Prana many wondersAvailablecolorsarespectacular※ How many checkpoints Many adventures await.※ impetuous, intense PVP battles Wrest first placeintheworld.※ tournament sent Qiang at an affiliate. Pagoda ofclassWarmineralAll this is your arena※ complete comic story Plain bad end game content※ delicate operation Keep hands and brains do not stop there.Add a star system Hero 5 star level up a blue star.AddslotsofcapabilitiesAdd New Item potion spirit. The star systemGeneralmedicinesoulsredeemed at the Arena.System: the competition. 10V10 fight incontinenceAdd new heroes Head Knight Bay City's fabled swordsman void.Bones add new heroesAdd the chat server. Add New Item snowflakes.Hero Award signed a mouse Sisters.Community GamesPage: http: // https: //
Hero Legend Shadow Stickman
A very Big Bang indeed !Two bubble universes touched, and anewuniverse was born. the world begins to shake,agreat blazing light shows forth, and lots of strangemonstersappears, reaching out and out until...YOU need to gatherthegreatest Super Hero bros from all corner of the universetofight.Feature:◇Amazing graphics◇Special powers foreachcharacter◇Collect your favorite characters ( Ahri,LichKing,Windrunner,Po)◇Assemble your team◇Multiple game mode(arcade /challenge)
Titan Attack: End of the World C20
Titan Attack: End of the World is afreefast-paced 3D FPS pixel defense game that captures theexcitingfeeling of fighting in a classic, retro battle setting.There aremany unique features appointed to this combat game,includingamazing power-ups, cool modern weapons and intuitive touchscreencontrols that make manipulating your character easy.***GAME PLAY STORY***Part of an extremist doomsday cult that submerged themselves deepinthe underground for centuries in preparation for the end times,youare one of the decedents of this group. As you emerge fromyourunderground compounds for the first time in centuries, you findtheplanet overpopulated and teeming with titans. These brutalgiantshave killed off every last human, and upon your arrival, anext ofmad titans descends upon your group, annihilating them in amatterof seconds. You were the only to survive, crushed beneath apile ofyour fallen comrades. When you finally emerge, your bloodboils inanger for the crimes of these monsters against yourbrethren andyou promise revenge.Titan Attack: End of the World features an amazing varietyoflandscapes to explore and dominate. Travel across a forestarena,refuge village, and ruined city streets as you extractyourrevenge, only to discover that an elite and highly dangerousbandof magic wielders are the ones actually controlling the titans.Notonly this, you discover there are some humans actually left,butthese poor souls are also mere puppets of these spell casters.Younow must set your sights on their destruction.***THE FIGHT IN ON***Indulge in epic FPS shooter action and familiarize yourself withhowit feels to pull the trigger and send enemy foes to the bellyof theunderworld as you can set your targets on. This cool gamefeaturesmany awesome advantages and perks. Some you are rewardedwith from asimple enough task as watching a brief video ad, othersyou'll haveto really work for. This game boasts an ultrachallenging integratedtimer, and from the moment you start thefirst level, a timer willbegin counting down what time you have tokill every last enemy andearn a powerful permanent weapon. Theaforementioned video ads willearn you such perks as power-ups andammo, so be sure to opt inwhenever you get the chance. Enjoy mapstyle level select screen. Atthe beginning of each level, prepareto receive your mission whichincludes the number of enemies youmust eliminate to proceed. Goodluck! You're going to needit...Levels:Forest ArenaRefuge VillageRuined city streetEnemies:TitansHumansMagic WieldersFeatures:Addictive and mesmerizing mapsEfficient weapon controls and movementFight your way against dozens of foesThink strategicallyPower-upsHeated gun battles and ruthless snipersPixel style defense gameMission instructionsMap style level select
Superheroes Vs Villains 3 - Free Fighting Game
Be a superhero or legendary villain, KO your opponents, enjoythisfree fighting game, fight to conquer the world, on thebattlefieldyou will demonstrate with powerful combos andacrobatics, use yourpowers to defeat your enemies remember that thesurvival of yoursuperhero is in your fists, you always wanted to bethe bestfighter, the survival of the species, be a legend.Get tobeateveryone with the styles of wrestling, mma, kung fu,wrestling,ninja, boxing and more types of martial arts like streetfighting,the important thing is to fight to win and be No. 1, leteveryoneKO with your super powers Be the best superhero!Enjoy themost epicbattles and show your friends who is the only winner inthe bestsuperhero fighting game.Superheroes Vs Villains 3 - FreeFightingGame. Don't wait any longer to fight, use the final strokesand winthe fights with KO, execute the best flying kicks, punchesandpunches and use super strength, elasticity, be a beast of chaosandfight to get new heroes in this amazing fighting game whereyou'llfind more than 76 different superheroes! All these powersarewaiting for you. Unload now! Superheroes Vs Villains 3 -FreeFighting Game, enjoy this survival game of the human speciesthatis in your hands, impart justice.Characteristics:3D GraphicsYou'llsee your real superheroes!Collect and update 76 superheroestofight in all your battles. Fight to win!Unbelievable combos.Don'tlet anyone block you, use the best keys!Quick fightmode,face-to-face in Arcade mode, survival mode, multiple gamemodes foryou!Combat in 10 dynamic and different scenarios Wineverythingeverywhere!Play from any device with your saved gameDon't everlose your fights!World Chart To compete againstfriends!Vibratewith their original soundtrack and exciting HDsoundtrack You'llhear their punches and kicks!This fighting gamefeatures manysuperheroes and villains waiting for you to pick themin battlesagainst other heroes, play in team mode and compete to bethe bestgroup of superhero friends, create your own league and dojusticeagainst enemies. Show that you can defeat and survive thebiggestenemies with incredible combinations, you have to be thebestsuperhero, this are not comic books, where you will have tobesmart and know when to defend and attack your opponent.If youlikefighting games, download now "Superheroes Vs Villains 3 -FreeFighting Game" and choose your superhero and conquer the world,thesurvival of the species depends on you, use different powersandcombos, that do not find your weak point, recharge your energyandgive the best punch, so you will end up with your rival in asuperKO. Be the champion street fighter! If you choose to beasuperhero, defeat the villains and save the world, if you choosetobe a villain and fight with superheroes to conquer the world,it'sall yours!SignificantThe content of this game is creativityofSuperheroes Vs Villanos 3 - Free Fighting Games of thecompanyAltivasoft and recognizes not to have registered rightsoftrademarks like marvel, universe dc or othersNo multiplayer,youcan't play onlineThe game is not pay play is a freewrestlinggameThey are not real or known superheroes, they aredesigned onlyfor the game of Superheroes Vs Villains 3 -Superheroes Vs Villains3 - Free Fighting Game reiterates that theyare fictionalcharacters You know it, let everyone KO with yourincrediblesuperpowers and enjoy this superhero game you've alwaysdreamed ofbeing, the best Superheroes Vs Villains 3 -Free FightingGame. Whatwill be your power? Whatever it is... the survival of thespeciesis in your hands, fight to win.
Zombie Shooter Defense - Shoot & Kill Zombies
You are humanities last hope against zombie domination. You areatrained zombie killer! Use all your specialized skills tosurvivethe onslaught of enemy zombies and avenge other fallenheroes. Getready to utilize stockpiles of powerful weapons,supercharge themwith upgrades and build up your defenses. Surviveat any cost, killzombies, and save the world. Simple!Tsunami ofzombies havedestroyed the planet, and zombie anarchy has takenover. Your taskis to defend against zombies and survive, you arethe last hero.You have to use your zombie shooting skills, zombiesurvivalskills, and become a ruthless zombie destroyer. Every cityisfilled with a swamp of bloody zombies, so the battle willbeintense as you defend against these scary monsters. Use yourkillerguns (machine gun, bazooka, grenade, shot gun, sniper gun,lasergun, flame thrower and more) to annihilate these killerzombies.You will have your zombie defense wall, guns, and somezombiekilling surprises along the way to help you. We are with you,showthe world why you are the last hero and best zombieshooter.★Zombie Shooter Defense - Features ★✔️ 3 Thrilling GameModes✔️ 5Urban Area Backgrounds✔️ 3 Powerful Heroes to KillZombies✔️ Tonsof Deadly Zombies ✔️ Destructive Killer BOSSZombies✔️ ExplosiveWeapons & Guns✔️ 100+ Challenging Levels✔️Regular Updates toZombie Shooter DefenseStop waiting and startdownloading the besttower defense game today. While you wait forthe zombie game todownload, remind yourself that you were born todo this my HERO.Whether you like defense shooting games or simplylove to shootzombies for fun, you will love being the Last Hero.Strategic towerdefense shooting games have never been this fun andaddicting!Victory & glory awaits you my Hero! Download ZombieShooterDefense today!
Shin Budokai: 2: Another Road 4
The events of Shin Budokai - Another Roadtakeplace several years after Future Trunks defeated theFutureAndroids and Future Cell in his timeline.For the Z Fighters, it takes place at least two years afterthedefeat of Kid Buu (who was defeated in Age 774), after theeventsof Shin Budokai in Age 776with no conflicts in-between, as the Earth was said to have beenatpeace since the events of Shin Budokai - Another Road.And thus the future world's battle with Majin Buu draws toaclose.Future Trunks and his allies use their remaining wish withtheDragon Balls to undo the damage done by the attackers.With the destruction and death fixed, the cities overflowedwithpeople. With Future Babidi's ambitions crushed and FutureBuudefeated,the Earth's future world is peaceful once more. However, Gokuandthe other visitors from the past have not yet returnedhome.Krillin wants to see his daughter Marron again, however, as it isalarger Time Machine, it is not charged up yet.While the DBZ Fighters have some time to kill, and FutureGohanwants to train with Goku. Since the World Martial ArtsTournamentgot canceled,Future Bulma suggests they ask Future Mr. Satan to arrangeanexhibition match for them, which motivates Vegeta.He asks Trunks to call Future Mr. Satan right now, and wants tohavesome matches and fight Goku.Future Mr. Satan hears all about it and tells is going to helpthemout. Goku says it looks like this is going to be fun,but first he is kinda hungry and asks Future Bulma if they cangetsomething to eat. Future Bulma says they do not have a choiceandtells Vegeta to eat as well.Vegeta obeys, embarrassed by Future Bulma's authority, hethenproposes Goku an eating contest. Future has again survivedadifficult future,and Future Bulma and the others once again live in peace.Download Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai 2 - Another Road now!
Popular 2D VS fighting game "THE KING OF FIGHTERS-A 2012" returnsasa free app to celebrate KOF 20th Anniversary!■NEW CHARACTERS,NEWTEAMSIn addition to the characters from he previousinstallment, the4 new “ART OF FIGHTING”, “PSYCHO SOLDIER”, “KIM”,and “IKARI” teams(12 new characters), join the cast of "KOF-A”!!You can now createyour favorite team from this formidable rosterof 32 fighters!■ASINGLE-PLAYER MODE RICH IN CONTENT6 game modesare available forthousands of hours of enjoyment even when playingalone: “SINGLEBATTLE” for 1-on-1 fights, “TEAM BATTLE” for classicKOF 3-on-3gameplay, “ENDLESS” Mode to defeat as many opponents aspossiblewith one character, "CHALLENGE" Mode to clear trials byfulfillingrequirements, the newly introduced "TIME ATTACK" Mode tocompete forthe best clear times by winning 10 matches, and“TRAINING” Mode toget accustomed to the Virtual Pad-based controlsand practice yourcombos.■SIMPLE COMMANDSThe Virtual Pad recreatesperfectlyreproduces KOF’s smooth controls. Even novice players infightinggames will be able to release various Special Moves, SuperSpecialMoves, NEOMAX Super Special Moves, and other complex movesin onetouch. With the Simple Commands, you can easily perform manyof thegame's fancy combos!!*Please refer to "TUTORIAL" Mode foranexplanation of these commands.■ADDITION OF TONS OF NEWTRADINGCARDS, ILLUSTRATIONS, AND OTHER EXTRA CONTENTPlenty of newTradingCards (that can be acquired by using points earned duringgameplay)along with new Illustrations (which can be viewed at anytime byfulfilling certain conditions) have been added to thislatestrelease! Moreover, "KOF-A 2012(F)" includes rough sketchesandillustrations that can only be seen here, which fans cannotaffordto miss!©SNK PLAYMORE CORPORATION ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Attack on Despair stickman
Despair come in human form ...!!?Stand up lonely alone despairofmany! [Game Description] Stick fighting a huge despairenclosedspace. The game is clear that defeat the despair of all.There is apoint to be a weakness in the enemy respectively. It ispossible todefeat the attack on contact there. Controls: Lower leftportion ofthe screen move the Stick control area is a player! Rightbottom ofthe screen jump area, jump by tapping this area! Rise bypressingand holding the jump area during the jump! I falls risingenergy isexhausted. Energy accumulates over time! Dash candouble-tap thejump area and more! However requires a certain amountof energy.Zoom out from the camera with a tap in the upper rightpart of thescreen! Let Susumeyo advantageously the fight by takinga widefield of view in aerial combat with the mighty enemy![Others] Inaddition, the character can be reinforced with a pointwhich isobtained by defeating the enemy. Let's strengthen in thebeginningbecause there 50P The first game when youplay!Strengthening itemsas follows · Jump: jump power up · Dash:Dash speed up · E-power:force rise up · Consumption: consumption ofenergy is reduced ·Recovery: resilience-up of energy It will becomemore and moredifficult with each passing stage. Please do your bestwith the aimof all the stages clear. [Remarks] • In order toperform thedisplay and optimization of advertising, and thenconnect it to thenetwork.
Power Level Warrior
From the maker of Legends Within comes Power Level Warrior.Fightyour way trough challenges! Collect power balls and anddragoncrystals and buy new locations. Customize your character andunlocksuper transformations which will further increase your powerlevel.Have a ball while playing and training your dragonwarrior!NEWGAMEThe Final PowerLevelWarrior moves to masterEnergy blasts and wavesStunningcellshaded anime graphicsCharacter stat customization7transformationsto unlock8 locations to unlock156 challenges tocomplete
Narutimate Heroes 2 1.0.2
Narutimate Heroes is more of anactiongamewhereas Naru Portable was more story oriented.The game features a unique battle system with specialattacksandvarious techniques that can be used. It also featuresseveralitems,like kunai and shuriken. There are many multi-layeredstagesfromaround the Naru universeThe game also features 20 characters and severalnewfeatures,such as a three-on-three fighting system,wirelesstwo-playerbattles, and "hidden" team skills.The simple goal is to fight the opposing character and towinbyreducing their health to zero. Along with thevariousweaponsavailable to the characters also have theirvariousspecialabilities taken straight from the series. To usetheseattacks,however, the player must have the required chakraasindicated bythe "chakra bars" located under the playershealth.Using thetechnique drains the chakra bar which can beregainedthroughvarious methods, including special, characterspecificmethods forsome characters.Some characters feature the ability to activate specialmodebyinflicting the special techniques which enhances theirstatusandgives them new abilities. It also features severalitems,likeshuriken and kunai.Utimate Ninja Heroes 2 features a similar gameplayexperiencetoUtimate Ninja, featuring many of the same gameplayelementsandgeography. The game replaces the arcade-style story modefromtheoriginal game with an RP-esque story mode that looselycoverstheevents up to episode 96 in the anime as well as a fillerarcmadeup for the game involving a special seal.
Anime Craft 1
AnimeCraft1 is a game with anime fight style ( fight between anime)that you can fight with your favorite characters in a world ofAnime!The new action game with the anime theme AnimeCraft is ananimegame where you fight in an amazing 3D world!In this game youhavethe choice between five characters from different anime andcanfight them .While playing you can choose between HISTORYMODEtorelease new characters or play in VSMODE ( VERSUS MODE) withthecharacters already released !- This game is done by onesingledeveloper!
Sword of Chaos
Sword of Chaos, one of the most cutting-edge Mobile ActionMMORPGever produced.Sword of Chaos combines the elements offatalattraction and chaotic violence into a unique andastonishingvisual feast. Immerse yourself in a world of violenceand unleashyour inner wildness. Sensing, Tasting, Hacking, SlashingandFighting dominate your every move, as you fight to destroy allthatstands before you!Now why won't we go taste it,mortals!Features:-Guide your adventurer through 20 challengingfloors- Learn magicskills to defeat armies of fierce creatures- Dobattle withcentaurs, werewolves, centurions, goatmen and more-Variedgameplays including tower defence, world bosses and arenas-Buildyour own Guild and join with friends to battle playersacrossservers and worldwide- Take part in massive 20 vs 20 PvPbattles-Send live messages to your teammates to co-ordinate yourattacks-Customize your adventurer with 68 sets of cool outfits tomix andmatch====FacebookFanpage:
Clash of Samurai 1.0
A samurai Clash has happened and your ninja enemy has been tryingtostop your mission to save the King Bleach and bring him back totheSoul Society of Shinigami.In order to win the clash, you willhaveto use all powers that you have learned from bleach anime tobypassall kinds of ninjas attacks.You should have the brave souleof aShinigami to fight the wild army of birds and squirrels.Timetoprepare your samurai sword and get your arrow ready as you willbepart of a deadly ninja vs samurai clash!Game futures :- Fastandsmooth game play- Martial art moves and attacks- Experience oneonone ninja vs samurai combat- Addictive andchallengingexperienceHow to play :- Tap 1 time on the screen tojump obstaclesand attacks- Long Tap to do a high jump- Tap 2 timesto do a jumpafter a jump and save your self from getting down ofthe roof- Tocollecte powers wait for the ninja star to get closerto you andtap to collect it.- You can do the same to collecte theflying birdor the running squirrel.- Be careful of other mysteriousattacks
Superhot Shooter 3D
…you don’t know, who you are, and what is going on here.Thesestrange red faceless human-like creatures just trying to killyou!But you have one advantage: time moves only when you’re moving!So,use your shooting and fighting skills, to break free fromthisstrange place and destroy all crystalline creatures! Stop timetoavoid bullets, control it’s trajectories to get in target andhavefun with Superhot Shooter 3D game!Use yourtime-controllingabilities wisely. If you make just a little move orshooting, thetime immediately speeds up so be very careful – enemybullets andblades can find when you’re not prepared for that! Earnpoints tobuy new weapons, raise up your accuracy or unlock newlocations.Trytwo different game modes – single mode and endlessmode! Shoot outall your enemies in the single mode, or survive aslong as you canat endless mode! Do your best to get the highestresults and feelvery hot with Superhot Shooter 3D!Superhot Shooter3D features:•Control the flow of time with your own actions• Avoidbullets andblades of your enemies and shoot back!• Enjoy easy andintuitivecontrols• Try different weapons and choose the mosteffective towin• Try two different modes – kill mercilessly orsurvive as longas you canUse all your skills, try differentweapons, explore hugelevels and complete deadly missions! CheckSuperhot Shooter 3D –first person shooter with time-controlfeatures!
I'm crazy about that amazing story, human being fight againstmanygiants, and I made this to play:1. Attack on giants !Thereare three kind of enemies. yellow one can defeat, but red one( maybe woman type ! ) can not. Tap their "heads" and character dosomewire action attack. Attack to giants possible from on theground orwall.2. Get on the wall. When you are on the ground, tapupper sideof grey wall and character move to it with wire action.To "off thewall", attack to giants (after wire attack, you alwaysstand on theground) or tap the upper side of wall again. You candrop down fromwall.3. Run. when you are on the ground or wall, youcan move rightor left by arrow icon.4. Crash it at once ! You candefeat coupleof giants at once, by get some giants head on the wireaction railway and you'll get some life bonus and giants invasionbardecrease.5. End of game. When character's life is zero orgiantsinvasion bar reach 100, game is over.And that's all aboutthisapp... All right, just keep on fighting against many giantsuntilyour battery is dead !music by "maou-damashii"sound effectby"koukaon-labo", "panic pumpkin"Thank you.This wire action appisonly for android recommend smartphones.
Titan Brawl
3.2.1 - Battle! Titan Brawl is your MOBA on the go. Pushyourstrategic skills to the limit and unleash your combat furyin3-minute action-packed battles!Intense 3 minute brawls,awesomecollectable Champions, single player and PvP battles!Whetheryou're a master of MOBA gaming or a total newbie, TitanBrawl willgrab you from your first fight! Assemble a team ofintergalacticbrawlers from ex-military mercs to ancient gods, andlevel-up tobuild the ultimate combat crew. Use your strategy skillsagainstthe clock to crush your opponents and climb the league.Activateunique Special Moves to take out your enemies’ towers anddestroytheir Totem!Features:- Compete with other players inreal-time! -Collect and upgrade awesome Champions & Titans!-Build anultimate Team!- Connect with friends… and CRUSH them!-Climb theranks to write your legend!- Form a Clan and show yourleadershipskills!- Complete all 30 fights in Campaign mode!Reviews: “Thesereal-time battles allow players to challenge yourfriends orstrangers from around the globe in a bite-sized portion,perfectfor playing on the go!” - Pocket Gamer“The 3- minute limitpushesplayers to unleash their capacity for resistance andstrategicthinking- Titan Brawl is filled with action in everyscene!” - QCGame Private “If you ever played a MOBA game and feltlike a totalnoob that could never master the genre, Titan Brawl isthe gamethat will give you your confidence back” - Novogamer “Thegamesqueezes the map into two parallel lanes and the match timeinto 3minutes, perfect for mobile.” - KoplayerTitan Brawl is freetoplay. However, it contains items that can be purchased forrealmoney. You can disable In-App purchases in the "ParentalControls"menu on your device.Requires an Internet connection.
Guns X Zombies
update to 2.3For your archive safety,do not to uninstallthegame.Please update with google play!1:Add Manually Aiming,settingin Pause's UI interface2:ui Tips of weapon attacksrange3:More FreeGem4:More free tactics props5:bug fixes6:addSupplementary bulletbuttons7:add GOOGLE account ,cloud save8:Levelof difficultyadjustmentThis is a real 3D third-people shooting gamein whichyou’ll face the continuous attack from the zombies.Keyfeatures:-3D TPS-More than 120 stages-15 guns-Kill morezombies,global player rankings-Giant and mad zombieboss-InterestingquestsNow, upgrading your fighting skills andweapons to kill morezombies and enter the global ranking. You havea lot of guns, suchas AK-47, Barrett M82, Rocket Launcher, Rifflesand even SamuraiSword. They are your best friends, they will helpyou to save thehuman race.There is no fear ,counterattack zombiesattack!Flexiblerunning, the rational use of the gun, you're a realzombiekiller!For a better gaming experience,we RecommendedPhoneconfiguration least run in Cup 1GHz Ram: 1GB ormore,thanks:)We arehappy to see your feeding back!Welcome to ourFacebook and leave comments.
Brave Frontier
Spring is finally here! Join us and head on over to theBraveBlossom Festival 2018, packed with an assortment of newandexciting events cooked up just for you! Hold on to your basketsandget ready for spectacular units, dangerous dungeons, andwonderfulrewards.Hundreds Of Heroes. Millions Of Players. Be ALegendNow!Rise up to the challenge and take on the role ofpowerfulSummoners in this addictive, free-to-play classic JRPGhittitle!Summon more than 400 legendary heroes, mighty demigodsandmajestic beasts and lead your squads to strategic victoriesagainstthe Four Fallen Gods as you venture through the mythicallands ofGrand Gaia and beyond!FEATURESSUMMON, COLLECT & EVOLVE* Summonand expand your collection of Units, from Divine EmperorstoInferno Goddesses * Leverage on your Units’ ElementalStrengths& Leader Skills and form strategic squads for thedifferentgame modes and enemies* Fuse / evolve your Units to theirhigherforms to strengthen them / unlock new skills* Craft powerfulitemsand Spheres to boost your Units’ powers in battle* Meet andrecruitfan favorite characters from other popular gametitlesCLASSIC JRPGWITH MODERN FREE-TO-PLAY GAMEPLAY *Strategy-oriented Turn-basedBattle System with Auto-Battle option *Engage in intenselyanimated battles with / against a captivatingcast of beautifullypixel-crafted characters that are inspired byJapanese manga art *Unleash devastating combos using the IntuitiveTap and Swipe CombatMechanics* Fill up your Units’ skill gauge tolaunch their uniqueoffensive / defensive Brave Bursts* Upgrade yourTown to unlock newcrafting options and craft powerfulitemsCOMPETITIVE AND REWARDINGNEW CHALLENGES* Put your skills tothe test and face-off Epicbosses at PVE Trials, Raids, FrontierHunter as well as Quests atthe Vortex Dungeons * Compete in the PVPArena & Colosseum anddominate the Leaderboard Rankings* Pityour best Brave Frontiersquad against other online players in PVPArena & Colosseum anddominate the Leaderboard Rankings* Gather/ enjoy the spoils ofyour adventure / battles and lay claim tospecial Heroes and rareitems!RICH AND EXPANSIVE CONTENT * ExploreGrand Gaia and discovernew worlds through more than 500story-driven missions* Uncovercompelling story arcs and legendarysagas of heroes and gods. Theplot is thickening as their fates areintertwined! PLAY WITHFRIENDS* Join forces with fellow Summonersfor co-op game modes, tofarm rare materials to craft powerful itemsand spheres* Connectwith millions of players across the globe formore reinforcementoptions and Honor Points* Form / join guild andforge strongcamaraderie with fellow Summoners. Contribute to theGuild to helpbring it to greater heights to obtain Guild-exclusiverewards,heroes and skills * Participate in Guild Raids and fightfor honorand glory to be the Top Ranking Guilds* Discuss strategieswithparticipating Guild members real-time during Guild RaidsusingGuild ChatWill you rise to the challenge and go down in GrandGaiahistory as a legend? Join forces with millions of Summoners onyourmost epic journey yet!NOTICE: Brave Frontier is completely freetoplay. However, some in-game items can also be bought forrealmoney. SUPPORTHaving technical trouble adventuring in GrandGaia?We’re glad to help! Visit and contact us at oursite: TERMSOFSERVICE WEBSITE Twitter:@bravefrontierglIMPORTANT NOTICE** Device with a minimum of 1GBRAMis recommended. Performance is not guaranteed on devices withlessthan 1GB RAM.** 2.5 GB free space in phone internal memoryisrecommended to install the game with all of thedownloadablecontents.** Contact us on forfurther help ontechnical issue.
Super Heroes War
Super Heroes War is more than a street fighting game or mma,fightto be the heroe of the world.If you like super heroesgames,download the best super heroes free fights in yourmobile.Trainyour iron fist and your kick boxing, because you willhave to be atrue superhero if you want to save the galaxy.Witnessthe bestsuperhero fighter, experience battles of heroes andvillains. Leavewwe, martial arts and boxing games and mma aside,these superheroes need your help to save the world and stop theforces ofevil.Become a fighter in this super heroes free gameplaying itsdifferent game modes with its own uniquecharacteristics, nothingto do with mma or street fights✦ AdventureMode: Witness the storyof your superhero. Each tale is a quickfight where you can earnrewards to evolve your heroes. ✦ Arcade:Prove you have the ironfist fighting in the deadliest streetfights.✦ Ranking: Fightonline against real players in thetournament called “Heroes ofStorm Rage”Professor Stranger hassummoned you to become one of theguardians of the Galaxy of theEndless and defend the universeagainst the forces of evil.You canrecruit different heroes tofight in this super heroes game, some ofthem were raised in thetoughest street fights, and others areboxing fighters.✦ Toru: Isthe ninja of fire, pupil of Master Nebulaas Kyffu. He used to be aninja street fighter and his iron fist islethal. He comes fromNaruto, Tokushima, Japan,✦ Kyffu: He is thelast living being ofPlanet Goku, he’s gota n overwhelming power,even greater thanMaster Nebula. ✦ Master Nebula: He has wanderedthrough themultiverses for thousands of yeras looking for wisdomand he hasbecome a martial arts master. ✦ Manolo: The earthmightiest hero.He always sabe the princess when is needed andfights against theenemies of the guardians of the Galaxy of theEndless.✦ Anna: Shelost her sister Elsa long ago, and she has beenlooking for he ronevery planet of the Galaxy. Her heart stopped andgot frozen theday her sister was gone.✦ King Crush: King of theplanet of theturtles and a lover of Candy, Crush is an unstoppablebeast ofdestruction.✦ Iron M4x: Johnny Tank is a worldwide knowndoctor. Hebuilt an iron armor to asist and heal warriors in combat.He isquite a joker.✦ Domino: She was part of the Superhero FightersCluband a real Street fighter, she was the first woman to win the“IronMan Fist”.You will enjoy this super heroes free fightinggame.Street fights becomes galactic in this superheroesimulator.Enjoyamazing 3d graphics with the best superhero freefightinggame.********************************* not miss allthe news and upcoming releases on ourwebsite:http://www.aristokraken.comReleaseTheKraken!!!*********************************
Heroes Arena
Lag Free Global 5v5 mobile game. Fast, Fair and Fun! FightforGlory! HEROES ARENA is the newest and best globalmultiplayeronline battle arena game designed specifically formobile, focusedon fair eSports, fun and lag-free! Enjoy massive PVPaction with1v1, 3v3, 5v5 and other multiplayer battle modes for youto join inas players battle to climb rankings to earn glory andawesomeprizes! Choose your favorite hero, team up and communicatewithyour friends for epic partnerships, battle acrossbeautifullyrendered maps through hordes of minions, monsters andguardianturrets to destroy the enemy’s generator and obtainvictory!Download and join HEROES ARENA, Fair eSports!Game Features1. FASTAND FAIR ESPORT: - Lightning quick matchmaking with lowqueue timesand fair gameplay with the emphasis on fast-paced fun. -Never payto win, it’s all about Play to Win!2. CLASSIC MOBADESIGNED FORMOBILE: - Classic MOBA experience with globalmultiplayer gameplaywith players in your region automaticallyjoining your team. -Simple controls and user interface gets moremoba battle action onyour screen yet gives you full control of yourhero. - Advancedcontrols such as preset before battles your FastBuy equipment,Leader Abilities, Runes and more to give your hero aneven morecompetitive advantage against the other team. - No need toreturnto base to purchase equipment, buy it on the fly right inthemiddle of combat and surprise your enemy with increased power!-Fast and quick auto-translated communication preset noticesletsyour team collaborate and strategize without needing topausebattles to type! - Auto-recorded and saved battles lets youfocusfirst on fighting and then reviewing and sharing your epicwinswith others across your favorite streaming channels.3. ALLNEWHEROES, ALL NEW ACTION: - Heroes Arena launches with 20gorgeouslydesigned unique heroes with epic special ability andultimateability animations. - Five Hero Special Abilities includinga HeroUltimate as well as three Leader Abilities. - Play acrosssixdistinct hero classes such as Assassin, Mage, Marksman,Support,Tank and Warrior! - Check out the multiple skins too togive yourhero a unique look and edge against the competition. -Monthlyreleases of new heroes and skins will be coming.4. 24/7CUSTOMERSUPPORT: - Got a problem? We’ve got your back! Reach out toourcustomer support team anytime by sending us a message in-game.Youcan also reach us via email at - Got a suggestionorfeedback? We’d love to hear it! Send your comments to us viaemailat vip@ucool.comNOTICE: Heroes Arena is a completelyfree-to-playgame, however there are some game items that can alsobe purchasedfor real money. If you don’t want to use this feature,pleasedisable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. Alsounder ourTerms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least13 yearsof age to play or download Heroes Arena.
BlazBlue RR - Real Action Game
!!!!! Recommended Android version: Android 5.0 orabove!!!!!“BlazBlue RR - Real Action Game” is a revolutionary2Dside-scrolling fighting game on mobile platform. With itsexquisite2D graphics, orthodox fighting experience and charactervoicescontributed by famous Japanese voice actors, this game istruly awork of art and will leave players awestruck. Anotherremarkablefeature of the game is its unique control system, stylishyet easyto master, this brand new touch-and-swipe control systemwillsurely bring the ultimate fighting game experience totheplayers.-BlazBlue Revolution ReburningFeatures-[Officiallylicensed. Authorized Blazblue]The only Blazblueaction mobile gameauthorized by Arc System Works, supervised byToshimichi Mori, theproducer of the original series, perfectlyrestored the classiccharacters and moves of the original series,recurred the story ofthe TV anime, and included all the memorabledialogs.[Battle on thefingertips]We abandoned the inhuman virtualbuttons, and created aunique tap-and-slide control mode (we have apatent for this), allthe moves will be performed with yourfingertips, and give you arefreshing experience just like playingthe arcade fighting game.All skills have no cool down time, whenperformed properly, you canachieve unlimited combos![Extremelygorgeous graphics]The mostgorgeous 2D graphics, and the mostauthentic Japanese graphicstyle, based on thousands of beautifuloriginal artworks. The mostsophisticated battle effects and movepresentation, perfectlyrestored the fighting style of Blazblue,give you the finestfighting experience![A-list voice actors andepic music]TomokazuSugita、Yuuichi Nakamura、Aoi Yuuki、TetsuyaKakihara、Akira Ishida ...dozens of Japanese A-list voice actorsjoined us in this game, andthe game music was composed by Japanesemaster musician DaisukeIshiwatari, wake up your ears and listen tothe sound of thebattle![Unlock heroes and deepen theirbonds]Popular charactersfrom the Blazblue series will emerge oneafter another, players canunlock them by collecting special items.Each hero has a uniquefighting style, which will bring youdifferent combat experiences,the restraints among characters arecrucial to the battles, unlockmore heroes and let the power ofbonds help you to overcome thedifficulties![PVE and PVP, variousgameplays]BlazBlue RevolutionReburning has various gameplays, bothPVE and PVP, player caneither select story mode to challengestrongholds of higherdifficulty, experience the grand storyline ofthe series, orcompete against other players in competitive mode,WIFI battle isalso available, you can fight against your friendsface toface![Contact us]Customerserviceemail:globalservice_en@91act.comOfficialwebsite:http://91act.comOfficialfacebookpage: TwitterPage:
Anime Girl Run - Yandere Survival - Manga Love
Best Japanese anime game of recent times! Kawaiimangacharacters!Our kawaii anime super-hero has to escape fromheryandere enemies to stay alive in this manga action fight. Helphersurvive this epic kogal adventure!• Escape from youryandereclassmates in a funny anime race• Choose between differentkogalcharacters in kawaii school uniforms• This game is set inJapan,with unique settings and anime manga characters• 3D yandereescapefor children and adults of all ages• Win the fight in thisrace forour anime manga hero survival• Kawaii escape andstrategygameDownload this anime kogal escape game and help our heroto winthe battle against her yandere schoolmates. Do not stoprunning!Byinstalling this app you agree to the following privacypolicies:
Anime Girl Wallpapers HD
This Anime Girl Wallpapers HD pack contains high quality FullHDwallpapers. All the wallpapers are available in theperfectresolution for almost every device out there.You can easychangewallpaper lock screen everytime and everyday.With:+ Doubletap onscreen to lock your phone.+ Swipe Bottom to Top to openQuickUtinities: Wifi, Ring, Mobile Network and orther setting...+SwipeTop to Bottom to open Detail Notification: Unread message andMisscall.+ Long click on screen to Open Quick app.
Hasbro Inc.
BEYBLADE BURST is taking the world bystorm!Create, customize and battle your BEYBLADE BURST tops intheBEYBLADE BURST App. Compete to win matches and unlockvirtualpieces! BEYBLADE BURST brings the excitement and energy ofBEYBLADEto your own personal device!NEW MULTIPLAYER ONLINE PLAY & BEYMASTER FEATURES!*•BATTLE FRIENDS: Battle head-to-head against friends onlineandchallenge others worldwide! •LEVEL UP TO BEYMASTER: Earn achievements to level up as aBlader—from Rookie to an ultimate BEYMASTER!•LEADERBOARDS: See who is the top Blader among your friends inthefriends leaderboardFRIEND LEADERBOARD•PERSONALIZED PROFILES: Select a player icon and color fromagallery of options. Choose a continental team badgeforbattle!•ENHANCED TOP SELECTION: Redesigned BEYBLADE BURST topselectionscreen allows you to easily see and filter yourcollection•RESTORE PROGRESS: Retrieve lost progress through arestorecodeBEYBLADE BURST:- Battle your BEYBLADE BURST tops in the app withexcitingpowers- Customize your BEYBLADE BURST tops in the app with differentpartsand colors- Battle and you can unlock virtual pieces for your BEYBLADEBURSTtops- Compete in head-to-head battles online against otherplayers(internet connection required)USEFUL TIPS:This app requires access to your device’s camera to scan the codeonyour BEYBLADE BURST products. Visit your device's privacysettingsto enable the camera.*Features such as multiplayer online, friends leaderboardandprogress restore require an internet connectionSupported Devices- Android 4.4+- Samsung Galaxy S4+- Samsung Galaxy Note 3+