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Mills – play for free 2.6.20
LITE Games
The Mills board game by LITE Games: play the popular game Millwithonline multiplayer options for free on Android devices. Millsis ahugely popular game throughout the world, characterized by thefactit is so easy to learn – and it’s even older than chess.Nowadaysthe game that's also well known as Nine Men's Morris, TheMillGame, or Cowboy Checkers is a national pastime in manycountries.The aim of the game is to hit as many enemy stones aspossible byforming so-called Mills (3 stones in a row). However,you can alsoblock your opponent by cleverly moving your own stonesaround,rendering them unable to make a move. If you think thatyou're amaster of strategy: try to win against the strongestplayers of theLITE Games community. 😉 Features ◎ Completely freeand in English🇺🇸 🇬🇧 ◎ Unlock amazing achievements 🏆 ◎ Climb to thetop of theonline highscore leaderboard 🔝 ◎ 👤 Single player andmultiplayer 👥◎ Can be played online and offline 🆚 ◎ Customizablerules to suityour individual needs ☑️ The mobile Mills board gameis offered inhigh quality localization in the following languages:English,French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch,Swedish,Turkish, Russian, Polish, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.Mills is areal classic travel game and offers a strategic challengeforbeginners as well as experienced veterans. By downloadingthisgame, you are agreeing to our Terms andConditions( Join in and get yourself atop spotin the Mills player community 10 best players will beproudly displayed each week on here to find out about ourother free Android games: Or give us your Appfeedback [email protected] Thanks for playing!
Checkers 1.51.1
Dear Player, Do you remember this board game from yourchildhood?Checkers - traditional and inspiring game gives you a lotof funwith challenging computer or playing with other person onmode 2players offline. Relax with yor family or friends andplayCheckers. Share the game with children and show them thebestentertainment from your schoolyears. Are youaboard-game-enthusiast? Would you like to create or think overastrategy to win? Checkers will help you to learn andpracticelogical thinking. You can change settings and choose yourown rulesi.e. to capture backwards or to choose mandatory capture.Andwhat's more, you can get this app and play for free. Checkersisthe classic board game but in this app you can find featureswhichmake the game even more exciting. Different levels ofdifficultyLet's start from the easiest level and check if you candefeat thecomputer. The more experienced you are, the more likelyto win withthe expert. Take up the challenge and go through all 4levels!Different rules There is no one and only way to playCheckers.Everyone has various habits and usually prefers to playexactly thesame way as in the past, that is why decide on yourfavouriterules: 🇺🇸 American Checkers (English Draughts) – capturingismandatory but the pieces cannot capture backwards. TheQueendoesn't have long moves but only one step. The queen hasability tomove and capture backwards. 🌍 International Checkers -capturing ismandatory and all the pieces can capture backwards.Also the queenmoves differently, it has long moves – it means thatthe queen canmove any distance diagonally if the square is notblocked. 🇪🇸Spanish Checkers (Damas) – these rules are based ontheinternational but the piece cannot capture backwards; 🇹🇷 orTurkishCheckers (Dama) – dark as well as light squares of the boardareused. Pieces start on the second and third rows, do notmovediagonally but forward and sideways. The way that queens movearesimilar to the chess queen. Have you found the best rules foryou?If not, choose your own rules. It's really easy, justenterSettings (upper right corner) and choose the options thatyouprefer. I wish you had a good game! Best regards, Łukasz Oktaba-author
Family's Game Travel Pack Lite 1.973
Come and enjoy our exclusive collection of more than 40traditionalboard games ! Discover a large game set: ★ Strategy:Chess,Draughts, Checkers, Backgammon, Reversi, Nine Men'sMorris,Neutron, Alquerque, Bagh Bandi, Bagh Chal, Tic Tac Toe,ConnectFour ★ Family classics: Domino, Mexican Train, Ludo, Game ofGoose,Snakes'n Ladder, Memory, Animal War, Dots'n Boxes,Battleships★ Cards: Crazy Eights, Nain Jaune, Russian Bank, NordicRussianBank, King's Corner ★ Solitaires: Peg Solitaire, Mastermind,Mahjong Solitaire, Shisen-Sho, Sudoku, Minesweeper, 40Thieves,Klondike, FreeCell, Spider, Golf, Pyramid, Poker Squares,The KingPile, 4 Aces ★ Wooden games: Air Hockey, Passe Trappe★ Dice games:Yatzy, Shut the Box, 421 All these games are packedtogether in asmall application, offering robot players, local andonlineleaderboard. Up to 6 players can play together around asingledevice. Note : This application is the lite, free todownloadversion. It is supported by advertisements. The fullversion comeswith no advertisement and exclusive goodies.Authorizations : Thisapplication requires internet access todisplay advertisements andoffer optional online leaderboards. Italso needs Wifi &Bluetooth authorizations to handle playingbetween multipledevices. These features can be disabled in theapplicationsettings. We collect anonymous usage statistics usingGoogleAnalytics to make the game better and more enjoyable.Pleaseconsult our pivacy policy for more informations.
Checkers 1.0.18
Magma Mobile
Addictive Hours ahead of you!Checkers is a simple butchallengingboard game involving strategy and played by two playerson a 6x6,8x8 or 10x10 board game. Thanks to this Android version,you cantake this classic version of Checkers with you on the goOneplayerhas dark pieces, and one player has light pieces. They taketurnsmoving their pieces. Players move their pieces diagonally fromonesquare to another square. When a player jumps over theiropponent's(the other player's) piece, he takes that piece from theboard. Bydefault a potential piece will have to be taken but youcan setcustom rules and disable this rule.The player's goal is totake allthe pieces of its opponent.With this version of Checkers(alsoknown as Draughts) , you can play with a friend who sits nexttoyou or play against your phone. We have included variousoptionswhich will let you create custom rules accross differentboardgamesThe artificial intelligence embedded in the game allowsaplayer to play a very easy mode but also much harderandchallenging modes.Will you be able to beat the most difficultleveldesigned ?Checkers is a Free game which includes a lot ofexcitingfeatures, including:* Great Checkers graphics* Configurableplayernames and score tracking thanks to Scoreloop* Ability tochoosefrom a wide variety of Checkers boards* SupportsCheckersInternational Rules and US Rules* Outstanding Magma MobileAIengine* Play with Friends or against or Magma MobileArtificialIntelligence Engine* Undo function * Option to set upCheckerscustom rules* App2SD. Checkers can be moved to your SD card
Sholo Guti 16 Beads 1.0
Sholo Guti is a Checker game like Chess played between 2players.Sholo Guti game is famous in Bangladesh , India, Pakistan,Myanmar, Saudi Arab and Nepal and other east asian regions. ThisindianBoardgame also called as bagh-bakri (tiger-goat) or baghchal-crossover game of tiger trap, Bara Tehn or barah goti game. Thisisone of the smartest strategic board game of childhood played bytwopersons Local people of indian and other asian countriespassestheir leisure game time by playing sholo guti 16 beads gameor bhagbakri game. Locals also called as desi game of 2 playersplayedwith stones. In old times, players draw the cort of thisboardgameon the ground and uses stones as pawns and player usedstones crossas pawns for tiger trap. One has to make strategic planand applyin the shologuti game 16beadsPlay sholo guti game to yourandroidmobile application.Rules of the shologuti Game 16 beadsThisgame isplayed between 2 person. Each having 16 Pawns / 16 guti.Thesepawns can move one step forward on the valid positions of thecort.If a player can cross a pawn of the other side then the playerwillachieve 1 point. In this way whoever create stategic planning&manages to achieve 16 points / 16 bit / 16 guti / 16 beadswill bethe winner. Main idea is to win 16beads game and take careof baghchal.Key Feature of top-rated Sholo guti game -** Simple UIandattractive design** Singleplayer with AI (Easy to Hard) - playwithComputer** Smooth animations** 2 player game**Counter-clockwiseturn rotation like in real game play** MultiPlayer sholo gutigame** Play totally offline** Extreme UserFriendly for bagh chal /tiger trap tricks** Bots with improvedArtificial intelligence AI**Play sholo guti offline as singleplayer strategy board game**Perfect family board games a kind ofsmart strategy boardgame**Good game for kids to learn sholo gutistrategy** Best indian boardgame and true family boardgame** Stonescrossover game** Play shologuti online multiplayer game (realtimemulti-player)Sholo guti gameis also popular as bhag bakrigame,tigers vs goats, sholo goti,goat game, 16 soldiers (sri lanka), goats and tigers or stonescrossover game. This is highly popularindian game for locals andquite popular in Bangladesh and eastasian countries. People calledthis game as bhag bakri game becausethey treated 16 bit as goatand tiger. We will soon add sholo gutionline game feature.Challenge your friends family, practice beststrategy boardgame andhave fun!Download sholo guti 16 beads gamefor your phone today andhave endless hours of fun. This is the bestsholo gutti game, dontwait more for board games download just getfree sholo guti gamenow for your android phone.Be the smart player,make your strategicplan and play sholo guti 16 beads as localcheckers as sholo gotiis a checker type game like Chess family.This is quite popular inbangladesh and india . Sholo goti game isgame for intelligentpeople as player has to make stategic planningand apply strategyto win against opponent. Game also famous astigers vs goats orgoats and tigers game, people play sholo gutigame with stonescross over like pawn in chess and apply strategictricks as chesstricksPlease don't forget to Rate and Review Shologuti multiplayerwith AI integrated, enjoy and beat opponent bycrossing over withsmart strategy tricks. Enjoy playing cards withus. Hope you likethis sholog guti version of goat games as newstrategy boardgameplaying in familyThank you for playing as newhigh rated games ofstrategy boardgame, this is top popular crossingover game ofabstract strategy. Its a mind game, enjoy and play thisstrategygame as a leisure game and its quite popular desi indianboardgameNote - online playing have some technical issue, sorryforinconvenient.
Chinese Checkers 1.0.1
Chinese Checkers (US and Canadian spelling) or Chinese chequers(UKspelling) is a strategy board game of German origin(named"Sternhalma") which can be played by two, three, four, orsixpeople, playing individually or with partners.The game is amodernand simplified variation of the American game Halma.Theobjectiveis to be first to race all of one's pieces acrossthehexagram-shaped board into "home"—the corner of the staroppositeone's starting corner—using single-step moves or moves thatjumpover other pieces. The remaining players continue the gametoestablish second-, third-, fourth-, fifth-, andlast-placefinishers.[4] The rules are simple, so even youngchildren canplay.Features:Enhanced A.I.Change the roles for eachplayer ingameVarious chess styleFast-paced or Super ChineseCheckersincluded
Brwanjeya - Mills Games Online 1.0.16
Pixel Group
Get fully addicted and wildly entertained with the best boardgameversion of the match 3 multiplayer mills game. Just like NineMen’sMorris, Brwanjeya will enable you the same features, but in agreatgaming environment, available to play in multiplayer, singleplayeror 2 players on same device. Amazing match 3 puzzle game thatwilltrain your brain and make you smile and entertain if you playitwith your friends or family!HOW TO PLAYPlayers compete to stayonthe game board by swapping black and white pieces on the boardtomake a match of three points on the same straight line. It’sachallenging game that motivates you to compete withyourcompetitors.CONCETRATION AND FOCUS ARE KEYOne moment ofneglectingyour move and you can lose the game. Take on this amazingadventurealone or play with friends to see who can get the topscore! Justremember, each move matters!BASED ON THE POPULARBOARDGAMEBrwanjeya is based on the popular board game Nine Men'sMorris.It is something similar to a mills game or morabaraba game.Becausethe game is based on Nine Men's Morris, you can play NineMen'sMorris against computer and see how much you are good in thisgame.We know that Nine Men's Morris is one of the most popularboardgames worldwide.We hope you are enjoying the game as much aswe doand welcome any kind of feedback.BRWANJEYA FEATURES:*Motivatesyour intelligence. * Helps you to enjoy your time. *Connects youwith people around you to play together* Easy to learnattractiveto be played* Simple Design.* Nine Men's Morris style.Allrightsreserved © pixelgroup 2017
Checkers 2 1.0.4
Magma Mobile
A premium checkers game coming to you with beautiful HDdesigns.Also known as Draughts, Checkers 2 will give you theopportunity toplay against your close friends or against yourphone. When playingagainst your phone, you will be able to measureyourself againstvarious levels of articifical intelligenceCheckersis a simple butchallenging board game involving strategy and playedby two playerson a 6x6, 8x8 or 10x10 board game. You can now haveyour Checkersgame on the go.One player has dark pieces, and oneplayer has lightpieces. They take turns moving their pieces.Players move theirpieces diagonally from one square to anothersquare. When a playerjumps over their opponent's (the otherplayer's) piece, he takesthat piece from the board. By default apotential piece will haveto be taken but you can set custom rulesand disable this rule.Theplayer's goal is to take all the pieces ofits opponent.Checkers 2is a Free game which includes a lot ofexciting features,including:* Great HD graphics* Ability to choosefrom a widevariety of Checkers boards* Supports CheckersInternational Rulesand US Rules* Advanced Magma Mobile AI engine*Undo function * SaveFeature * Option to set up Checkers customrules* Tablet Ready
Checkers Mobile 2.6.6
G Soft Team
Play a captivating game of Checkers. Move your pieces diagonallytounoccupied squares. If the adjacent square has an opponent'spiece,and the next square on the diagonal is vacant, you cancapture youropponent's piece and move to the empty square. Chainyour jumps tomove faster and try denying your opponent that chance.A simple andfun game to play! Try it now!★ ★ ★ FEATURES ★ ★ ★ ✓Advanced AIopponent✓ Easy to play and simple to use✓ Designed forboth Tabletsand Phones✓ Beautiful and simple graphics★ ★ ★ TIPS ★ ★★ ✓ Youplay with the red pieces and the AI plays with the whitepieces.✓Tap on a piece to select it and then tap the square whereyou wantto place it.✓ When a piece reaches the top row it becomes aking.Kings can also be moved backwards and capture backwards.✓Theplayer without any pieces remaining or the one that cannotmovebecause he has no available moves will lose the game.★ SupportandFeedbackIf you have any technical problems please email usdirectlyat [email protected] Please, don’t leave supportproblems inour comments – we don’t check those regularly and itwill takelonger to fix any issues that you might encounter. Thankyou foryour understanding!Already a fan of Checkers Mobile? Like usonFacebook or follow us on Twitter for thelatestnews: least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who hasplayedCheckers Mobile!
Nine Men's Morris 1.31
Enjoy nine men's morris with many friends over the whole world.Havea good time. [How to play] Place alternately nine stones whereyouwant them. All nine stones placed to move to the next blockbyselecting one. If the stone can move in any three blocks. Whenhisthree stones in one line connecting the other can eliminateonestone. When the other side of the stone more than twowins.SPRINGMARU
Align it - Mills, Nine Men's Morris, Morabaraba 🎯 3.1.15
Align it based on world famous twelve men's morris orMorabarabagame and Nine men's morris game.Our free Align it Boardgameoffers:✓ single player game (play with CPU) 🚴🏼✓ 2 playersgame(multiplayer) 🚴🏼 🚴🏼✓ easy, medium and hard mode in singleplayergame 🏅✓ play online(multiplayer)✓ play viabluetooth(multiplayer) ✓chating option in online mode 💬 💬 💬✓leaderboard in online mode 🏆 🏆🏆✓ game statistics✓ 2 games (ninemen's morris and morabaraba or 12men's morris ) in single playermode with easy medium and hardmode.Enjoy Twelve Men's Morris (Morabaraba game ) and 9 MensMorris Board game with precise controlsand fluent graphics. Alignit Board game is a traditional two-playerstrategy board game fortwo players. The game is similar to 12 MensMorris or Morabarabagame, a variation on 9 Mens Morris or CowboyCheckers game or millgame .It is also known as Mmele game aTraditional game playedthroughout Southern Africa 🇿🇦 🇿🇦 🇿🇦 . It isknow by a differentname in the different regions. Align it is agreat way to pass yourfree time. In this variant of 12 Men's Morrisgame you can playwith your opponents from all over the world inonline mode.Thismill game shows ranking between friends and globalranking inleader board. In this variant of Morabaraba game you canplay manylevels with increased difficulty level in easy, medium andhardmode respectively. We launched 9 men's morris game a variantofHungarian 🇭🇺 🇭🇺 🇭🇺 game Malom in single player mode witheasy,medium and hard difficulty levels in latest update.Now youcanenjoy nine men's morris as well as 12 men's morris variantsinsingle game. Nine Men's Morris is a strategy board game fortwoplayers dating at least to the Roman Empire. The game is alsoknownas Nine Man Morris, Mill, Mills, The Mill Game, Merels,Merrills,Merelles, Marelles, Morelles and Ninepenny Marl inEnglish. Thegame has also been called Cowboy Checkers andDoublemill game. Sostart playing Align it game on your Androiddevice for free.Get theAlign it now and let the fun begins!. We areconstantly workinghard to improve this game so please share yourfeedback [email protected] to improve this game and keepPlaying Align it.Keywords: tic tac toe , Twelve Men's Morris , NineMen's Morris ,Doublemill , Mill , Mills , Mills Game , Merels ,Merrills ,Merelles , Marelles , Morelles . Ninepenny Marl , CowboyCheckers ,Mlabalaba , Mmela , Muravava , Malom , Umlabalaba ,Mororova ,Tsoro Yemutwelve , Achi, Shisimia , Shax , Djelga , Naoguti ,Sujjua , Tule Paid , Tapatan , Gurgaldaj , mancala , 9 kati ,3Men's Morris , 9 goti , 3 Stone, 12 mens morris , 9 mens morris,mlin , mlyn , млин , mъlinъ , molīna , molīnus , mulin , mola,milestone , Malom game , Mühle , Mmele , Mmele game, Mhele , دوزنهمهره ای انلاین , Double mill , Match 3 bead , 9 bead , 12 bead,Sholo Guti , 16 bead
Dr. Gomoku 1.56
SUD Inc.
You can enjoy real-time online Gomoku over the world. Gomoku isanabstract strategy board game. Also called Gobang or Five in aRow,it is traditionally played with Go pieces (black and whitestones)on a go board. however, because once placed, pieces are notmovedor removed from the board, gomoku may also be played as apaper andpencil game. This game is known in several countriesunderdifferent names. Black plays first, and players alternateinplacing a stone of their color on an empty intersection. Thewinneris the first player to get an unbroken row of fivestoneshorizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Dr. Gomoku followstheofficial Renju rule. SUD Inc.
Dots and Boxes - Classic Strategy Board Games 2.30
Link the dots, close more squares than your opponent and be firstinthe Global High-Score, among thousands of players worldwide.Fromthe creators of Four In A Row, another classic! Have yourskillschanged since you were in school? ^__^Challenge a friendnext to youor find an opponent online. Or try to beat one of ourwell-trainedvirtual players ;) DOTS AND BOXES - CLASSIC BOARDGAMES iscompletely Free. If you love games like Chess, Checkers,Backgammonand other challenging pastimes of strategy andintelligence, youwill love Dots and Boxes. Play ‘solo’ or againsta real opponentusing either our local or online multiplayer mode;play with afriend on the same device or find an opponent fromanywhere in theworld. DOTS AND BOXES - CLASSIC BOARD GAMES willchallenge youaccording to your abilities, with 3 difficultylevels, and it’s easyto get: tap on the dots to draw lines andclose squares. You’re thewinner if you got more squares than youropponent when there's nomore lines to trace.Can you think of abetter brain training?Keyfeatures: - Choose between 3 modes ofdifficulty- Play against realhumans online (multiplayer)!-Challenge your friends on the samedevice (2 players mode)- Climbthe high score- Collect Game Centerachievements- Enjoy hours offun with colourful themes- Easy to get,hard to master- Fun for allagesStart closing your boxes now!Free!Thanks for playing!FOLLOWUSFacebook/[email protected]
The Mill - Classic Board Games 2.10
Welcome to the best Mill (Nine Men’s Morris) game on theStore!MakeMills by aligning 3 pieces, every Mill you make allowsyou toremove one of your opponent's pieces. The classic Nine Men’sMorrisis a strategy board game, commonly found on the back of aCheckers/ Draughts board, that is as easy to get as Tic Tac Toe,but ashard to master as Chess. Excellent for testing your skillsorteaching strategy to kids. It is also known as Malom or Merels(orMerrills).Challenge friends on the same device or try to beatoneof our well-trained virtual players in the single player mode,with3 difficulties to play.A true classic! DOWNLOAD The MIll NOW,FREEand start climbing the High-Score!Key features: - Classicdesign ofa true Nine Men's Morris- Choose between 3 modes ofdifficulty-Multiplayer challenge against real humans! - Climb theGlobal HighScore- Loads of achievements- Kids [email protected]ook/outofthebit
Chess Free 1.15.3028.0
Chess is a free board game for 2 players. Playing on a squareboardwhich made of 64 smaller squares and eight squares on eachside.Player starts with sixteen pieces: eight pawns, two knights,twobishops, two rooks, one queen and one king. The goal of the gameisfor each player to try and checkmate the king of theopponent.Checkmate is a threat (check) to the opposing king. Touchthescreen, move and drop the pieces, checkmate, win!This chessgamehas powerful chess AI engine, super chess tutor, amusingchallengemode, increase your ranking and become a master ofchess.Features:-6 difficulty levels (Practice -> Expert), easierfor thebeginners, become a chess pro in this top free chess app!-Endingstages and ending challenges: the free chess board gameappprovides different unique play modes, allows you tochoosedifferent chess programs, develop your skills from 0 tochessmaster.- Chess tutor, learn chess and strategy, improve yourchessskill also help you avoid simple mistakes- Intelligenthintsanalyze every move- Update the endgame of chess everyday-Dailychallenge- Various 3D themes for free- Free chess app for kidsandadults- Design for both tablet and mobile Your like strategygameand learn chess? Download the top free chess game app now!Enjoyyour chess time.
Checkers - Classic Board Games 2.31
Looking for a great free Checkers game? Look no further! Get itnowand start playing this classic game straightaway. You will notbeable to put it down! Challenge a friend on your phone or tabletorrelax playing on your own and try to beat our well-trainedvirtualplayers. You set the rules: personalise your game or chooseamongthe official rules of the main CheckersFederations(International/French, Italian, English, Spanish). Whyare youstill reading this? Get the game now, free, and judge foryourself.;)
Chess Online - Play Chess Live 2.3.0
Chess Online offers unlimited online rooms for chess playersfromall over the world to enjoin the favourite classic boardgame.Connect with checkers from various skill levels amateur,expert,master, grandmaster from multiple mobile platform from smartphonesor tablets, you can play the game online with friends inbothportrait or landscape mode. Make more fun by bettingmoney,challenging your friends to upgrade your level and meetcheckers inhigher skills. You also can join other rooms to watchthe realtimepgn battle to learn the gambit, every moves of chessmenfrom othercheckers,grandmaster.____________________________________DownloadChessOnline to play one of the most popular strategy board gamesin theworld. Everything is free and there is no ads in game. Ifyou loseall money, you can receive daily support or buy money fromthe shopto continue toplay.____________________________________Features:★Play withoutsigning in or with google account to be ranked.★ Randommatchingwith checkers in a particular chosen rank or all ranks.★Find anexisting room by room id to meet your friends or family.★Watchwhichever pgn chess battle realtime with checkers from allover theworld. You can also track the history pgn gambit of everychessmento see the beauty in every moves, every sacrifices ofgrandmasterand understand the pgn gambit.★ Create chess room withmoney betand game time and max players that you want to challengeyourfriends.★ Chat with your opponent in the live battle.★ Supportallcurrent rules of chess game: castling, enpassant, pawnpromotion.★Various timer control for rapidplay, blitz, bullet.★Play againstyourself with clock to analyse your gambit, chessmenmoves andimprove your strategy, training yourself.
Dr. Chess 1.43
SUD Inc.
Dr. Chess You can enjoy real-time online Chess all over theworld.Chess is a two-player strategy board game played on achessboard, acheckered gameboard with 64 squares arranged in aneight-by-eightgrid. It is one of the world's most popular games,played bymillions of people worldwide in homes, parks, clubs,online, bycorrespondence, and in tournaments. Each player beginsthe gamewith 16 pieces: one king, one queen, two rooks, twoknights, twobishops, and eight pawns. Each of the six piece typesmovesdifferently. Pieces are used to attack and capture theopponent'spieces, with the objective to 'checkmate' the opponent'sking byplacing it under an inescapable threat of capture. Inaddition tocheckmate, the game can be won by the voluntaryresignation of theopponent, which typically occurs when too muchmaterial is lost, orif checkmate appears unavoidable. SUD Inc.
Italian Dama - Online 10.3.0
Italian Dama (also known as Draughts or Checkers) is a variantofthe Draughts game family played mainly in Italy andNorthernAfrica. The board game does not need specialrepresentation, aswell as, for example, the backgammon, chess orcards game. Checkersis a challenging board game that can train yourlogic and strategicskills. Challenge your strategic skills withthis relaxing game.Features: * On-line multiplayer with chat, ELO,invitations * Oneor Two player mode * Undo move * Ability tocompose own draughtsposition * Ability to save games and continuelater * Parentalcontrol * Attractive classic wooden interface *Auto-save *Statistics * Sounds The game rules: * White always movesfirst. *Men move one square diagonally forward. Should they reachthe filefarthest from the player to which they belong, they becomekings. *Kings can move forward or back one square, again onlydiagonally. *Capturing is mandatory. * The huffing rule was removedfrom theofficial rules. * Men may only capture diagonally forward,and cancapture a maximum of three pieces in a row. * Kings move, aswellas capture, backwards; also, they are immune to men. They canonlybe captured by other kings. * A player wins when he hassucceededin capturing all of his opponent's pieces, or if hisopponentresigns. * A draw occurs when neither player cantheoretically takean opposing piece.
Checkers 4.1.0
Hello Players, I created my Checkers app as example of goodcheckersfor me and posted it on store as free board game for you.I hope youenjoy it and get a lot pleasure from playing. :)Features: - supportten different rules of checkers - seven levelsof difficulty - twoplayers mode - game assistant (Helper) - fivethemes (dark, light,gold, art and black) - realistic graphics -sound effects - somehelp about rules - small size Rules: - EnglishCheckers also calledAmerican Checkers - Russian Draughts -Brazilian Checkers -International Checkers - Spanish Checkers -Italian Checkers - ThaiCheckers also called Makhos - TurkishCheckers - Czech Checkers -Pool Checkers You can help me expandand do it better. If you havesome comments and suggestions thencan write it here. I will readyour reviews and go ahead! ThankYou, Alex F.
Go Free 2.22
★ Top Developer (awarded 2013 / 2015) ★Google Play'sstrongestGo/Baduk program! To coincide with the AlphaGo - Sedolmatch, AIFactory has released a substantially updated product. Thisnewversion has been 3 years in preparation and improves the topplaystrength by 10 grades from 8 kyu to 3 dan. This is based on thenewAya program, which was the winner of the KGS World ComputerGoChampionship November 2014 and EGC Computer Go Tournament 2015.Itis consequently a substantially bigger program, but offersmuchmore.With its rich strategy and simple rules, the ancient gameofGo (Wei-chi/Baduk) is widely regarded as the ultimatethinkinggame. This product will allow you to learn and master thisgame!-Full 9x9, 13x13 games (19x19 limited to 180 moves. Paidversionallows whole game)- 10 Difficulty levels from 18 Kyu to 3Dan- AyaGo Engine (International Gold Medallist)- 2 Player Hotseat-GoRules, Handicaps. Chinese and Japanese rules supported.- Hints at1Dan level to help you develop.- Help includes a walk-throughandlinks to teaching resources.- Designed for both TabletandPhoneThis free version is supported by 3rd party ads. Ads mayuseinternet connectivity, and therefore subsequent data chargesmayapply. The photos/media/files permission is required to allowthegame to save game data to external storage, and is sometimesusedto cache ads.
Chezz: Play Chess without turns 1.9.1
Play chess in an all-new way! Chezz breaks the rules to createthefastest, most frantic new way to play the classic board game.Playfree chess onlineChallenge yourself in a game that lets youmoveall the pieces at the same time. Fight online PVP battles inrealtime with other players, or solve hundreds of levels inadventuremode. Pieces change on each game board and can beupgraded. Fastlike checkers, intense like chess. Play the ultimateboard toaction game conversion. Become the ultimate king or queenand jointhe Chezz revolution today!Chezz Features:Chess Tacticsmeet ActionGameplay in a fun chess new game* Queens, Kings, and allpiecesmove at the same time* Upgrade your army for fastermovement*Checkers speed with chess moves! Matches can end in 30seconds orless!* Board game strategy with unique twists acrosshundreds oflevelsKing Yourself in Single Player Adventure Mode* Canyou beatevery level to be king or queen of the city?* Upgradequeens,knights, and your entire army to increase speed andmovement*Customize pieces with unique skins and colors* Unlockachievements& rewardsChallenge other players* Real chessonlinemultiplayer* PVP combat with both players movingpiecessimultaneously* Chess becomes a frantic, 1-on-1 army battle*Playmultiplayer chess with friendsNew Challenges and New ways toplay *Traps to avoid on the battlefield* King protect and other newgamemodes* Board setup changes with every level
Dr. Reversi 1.66
SUD Inc.
A minute to learn, a lifetime to master! Reversi (also knownasOthello) is a simple but very challenging board gameinvolvingstrategy for all ages. The player's goal is to have amajority oftheir colored pieces showing at the end of the game,turning overas many of their opponent's pieces as possible. Let'splay Dr.Reversi! SUD Inc.
Checkers 1.136
It is a Checkers game also known as (Draughts, Dama ,Damas,Warcaby, Dame, Шашки etc) all over the world. The game isdesignedto be one of the best. You can play Checkers underdifferent rules:- American USA Checkers - Spanish Damas -International Draughts -German Checkers - Brazilian Damas - RussianDraughts (Шашки) -Italian Dama - Canadian Checkers - Customizedrules Two Players(Multiplayer): - Hot seat - Bluetooth - LAN -Online The BestFeatures in our checkers game: - custom board sizes- 6x6, 8x8,10x10, 12x12, 14x14 - small size < 4MB - DailyChallenges -Beautiful graphics - Undo and Redo - Levels ofDifficulty vs AI -Rush mode (5,6,7,8) sec - Statistics I hope youenjoy it and get alot pleasure from playing. :) Thank you BP
Othello - Official Board Game for Free 4.3.3
LITE Games
Play the official LITE Games version of strategy board gamesOthellowith offline and online multiplayer mode now for free onyourAndroid smartphone and tablet.👉 Features 👈⚫️ Completely freeand inEnglish 🇺🇸 ⚪️ Unlock amazing achievements 🏆⚫️ Climb to thetop ofthe online highscore leaderboard 🔝⚪️ 👤 Single player andmultiplayer👥⚫️ Can be played online and offline 🆚⚪️ Customizablerules to suityour individual needs ☑️Othello (also named Reversi)is one of themost favorite strategy board games for two players.The goal is tohave the majority of disks reversed to display yourown color at theend of the game 😉 This well known classic holds upto his originalclaim on mobile devices:“A MINUTE TO LEARN… ALIFETIME TOMASTER™” and as such this free app offers something foreveryone.With the right strategy, tactics and observation skillsyou willeventually find yourself amongst the top players of theLITE Gamescommunity and earn yourself a spot in the globalleaderboards. Canyou make it?Play the official Othello™ game nowfor free!Theofficial Othello™ board game is offered in highquality localizationin the following languages: English, German,Spanish, French,Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish,Russian, Turkish,Chinese, Korean, Thai and Indonesian.The game isperfect for fans ofiTurnStones, Checkers, Backgammon, Solitaire orMills and offers astrategic challenge for beginners as well asexperienced veterans😎Join in and get yourself a top spot in ourplayer community 10 bestplayers will beproudly displayed each weekon©Othello,Co.andMegaHouse.You can find our general terms and conditionshere: our privacy policyhere:http://privacy.lite.gamesVisit us for more free Androidsmartphoneand tablet games: https://www.lite.gamesOr give us yourappfeedback here: [email protected] for playing!
RISK: Global Domination
SMG Studio
NOW WITH FULL ONLINE MULTIPLAYER AND MATCHMAKING! Everybody wantstorule the world! Now you can, with a new way to play the classicgameof RISK. Take the battle online with Global Domination mode(must beaged over 13). Defend your territories, draft troops, andlaunchattacks for the ultimate conquest against friends, family,and foes.Try the game for free or unlock premium for unlimitedmobile play!NEW GLOBAL DOMINATION MODE • Join or host battlesagainst newopponents online • Use Automatch mode to be pitted upagainstplayers of similar rank online • Climb leaderboards &rank up toGrandmaster • Additional achievements to earn FEATURES •Multiplegame modes available: Global Domination online, PlayFriends online,Single Player, and Pass & Play • Up to 6players/AIs can battlefor world domination • 4 difficulty settingsfor rookies andveterans • Authentic rules – it’s the RISK you knowand love •Easily add friends and send challenges • Guided tutorialmode andin-game help • Critical game stats and achievements •Multiple maps*and beautiful graphics • Fun animated avatars • Sendsecret allianceor coordinated attack requests to your fellowgenerals • Send emojisto express your wrath or glee as you conqueryour opponents *extramaps and player avatars available for anadditionalcost*********************************************************************Theapp will request the following permissions on Android 6.0+:RequestMessage: Allow ​*RISK*​ to access your contacts? Purpose:requiredif you want to sign in with Facebook or Google PlayRequest Message:Allow ​*RISK*​ to access photos, media and fileson your device?Purpose: to store your player avatarimage*********************************************************************RISKis a trademark of Hasbro. © 2016 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.
Checkers Free 2.171
★ Top Developer (awarded 2013/2015) ★ Checkers Free from AIFactoryprovides the best place to play Checkers on Android,supportingclassic opening play and game review. Slick polishedgraphics,multiple boards/pieces, full options and play/undo/reviewsupportmakes this the way to play Checkers on Android. Testedagainst andeasily beats all the top rival Checkers programs!Featuring: ★NEW!!! BETA Support for on-line play via Google PlayGames! ★ NEW!!Reports the Checkers opening line you are using ★12difficultylevels, from Beginner to Expert ★ 2 player hot-seat ★ 6CheckersPiece Sets and 7 Boards! ★ User stats against each level ★Undo& Hints ★ Designed for both Tablet and Phone ★ Supportsbothnon-compulsory captures (popular rules) and compulsorycaptures(official US/English rules) This free version is supportedby 3rdparty ads. Ads may use internet connectivity, andthereforesubsequent data charges may apply. Thephotos/media/filespermission is required to allow the game to savegame data toexternal storage, and is sometimes used to cache ads.Checkers (AKADraughts) is one of the world's most popular boardgames. Theearliest records of this game date back to the Egyptians3500 yearsago. In more recent times this has been most favoured bythe USAand Scotland, the two countries to provide the most Worldchampionsin this game. In England and Scotland this classic boardgame isknown as English Draughts. This implementation has beendesigned toprovide a strong engine, even if only running on amobile phone.Unlike many commercial Checkers programs, it correctlyplays thecommon 2K v K, essential for quality checkers/draughtsplay.
Russian Checkers 1.8
Traditional Russian Checkers with official rules * Improved AI *6levels of difficulty * 18 megabytes of endgame tablebases withupto 5 pieces * Player and computer can offer a draw * Forced drawinthree position repetition and in other situations according totherules * All games with computer are stored automatically,it'spossible to load and view them later * Leaderboards for allplayers* Two-player mode * The game supports more than 10 languages*Several board skins: wood, marble and leather * Moves selectionispossible by touching and dragging * Sounds are available and canbeturned off * Additional useful settings: possiblemovehighlighting, quick move selection, disable screen dimming ordenyscreen auto-rotation
Checkers Free 1.42
*** Featured in the Google "Nexus 7: Camping" TVcommercialThebest-selling mobile checkers application of all-timeis nowavailable for Android. Checkers (also known as Draughts) hasbeenaround for centuries, but it has never looked this good inapackage this small. Take a great-looking game of checkers withyouwherever you go with Checkers Free.Intuitive touch controls makeiteasy to play checkers on your phone, just tap a piece and thentapwhere you want it to go. If you accidentally hit the wrong spot,anundo button lets you take back your move and try again.CheckersFree supports both 1 player and 2 player gameplay, so youcan playagainst friends or test your skills against a challengingcomputeropponent. Checkers Free includes a host of excitingfeatures,including: * Great graphics and awesome sound effects*Configurable player names and score tracking * OutstandingAIengine provided by renowned AI researcher Martin Fierz *Fullyconfigurable 1 player difficulty level * Undo function *Option toenable / disable forced captures * Automatic save when youexit theapp or receive a phone call Checkers Free currently playsaccordingto American Checkers / English Draughts rules. CheckersFree issupported by unobtrusive banner advertising.With millionsofdownloads across Android and iOS, Checkers Free is one of themostpopular mobile applications of all time. Download CheckersFreetoday and find out why!
Checkers free : Draughts game 1.0
checkers free is best strategy board game. Play draughts themostpopular board gamesnew Checker (also known as Draughts game)isbest strategy game like chess or chess family game. FreeCheckersgame is played on a standard 64 square board. Only the 32darkcolored squares are used in play. Checker game has 2 darkpieces,one player has dark pieces, and one player has lightpieces.Checkers game starts with 12 pieces, or checkers, placed inthethree rows closest to him or her. Checkers app is available onplaystore as free app. Playdraught. "Checkers" is the Americanenglishname. In British English, English-speaking nations, the gameisdraughts, so keep play draught game.Best draft board game-Checkers. Draughts (British English) or checkers (AmericanEnglish)is a group of strategy board games for two players whichinvolvediagonal moves of uniform game pieces and mandatory capturesbyjumping over opponent pieces. Play and learn checkers, goodgamefor kids to learn new strategy (brain game) Differentcheckervariation is available like chinese checkers, turkishcheckers orclassic checkers but our game play follows is mostcommon checkersknown.Best strategy boardgame our NEW Checkers islive. Checkersgame objective is to capture all of your opponent’scheckers orposition your pieces so that your opponent has noavailable moves.Checkers free is one of the most popular boardgamein mobile of alltimes in board games, download the best freecheckers and find outwhy. Its best checkers game for kids to learnand understand thelogics. This is one of the best strategyboardgameCheckers Movement- Basic movement is to move a checker onespace diagonally forward.You can not move a checker backwards untilit becomes a draft Kingor queen. Draft kings or queen can move anydistance diagonally ifthe square is not blocked.Classic newCheckers game feature app:-**2 player checkers games** Playcheckers with CPU AI with easy,medium and hard checker ** Simpleand best board game designs**small size game** Designed for bothTablet and Phone** Undofunction ** Intuitive touch controls make iteasy to play** Draftboard game ** Play & Learn Checkers - goodgame for kids tolearn checkers ** Best board game for kids to learnstrategy**checkers 2 players game** Best boardgame of checkers 2018**instant chess like checkers 2 players** checkers 4 kids tolearncheckers rulesCheckers Free currently plays according toAmericanCheckers or English Draughts rules. In few countries,checker gamealso popular as draughts game under free board games. Iam veryexcited to improve my checkers game, feel free to write gamereviewfor both play checkers with AI and game for 2 players. Don'twaitjust download checkers strategic mind game and playdraughts.Instant chess play option from checkers. Best & newcheckersgame along with maker of chess from MGGAMES. Checkers rulesaremajorly follow American checkers, also known as BritishDraughts(KX), and soon will add some variations like Pro Checkers,Anti-Checkers , Sparse Checkers, turkish checkers, CrowdedCheckers, and Mule Checkers. Easy mode of checkers version is bestcheckers4 kids. Kids can enjoy and learn checkers , quite rulesofchedssdraughts game. Make plan with your strategic mind andimproveyour brain power, as this is one of the best space strategygamewith less size game.Play checkers 2018 draughts game/ Bestcheckersfree!!
Dama - Online 10.3.0
Turkish Draughts (also known as Dama or Damasi) is a variantofcheckers played in Turkey. The board game does not needspecialrepresentation, as well as, for example, the backgammon,chess orcards game. Checkers is a challenging board game that cantrainyour logic and strategic skills. Challenge your strategicskillswith this relaxing game. Features: * On-line multiplayer withchat,ELO, invitations * One or Two player mode * Bluetooth * Undomove *Ability to compose own draughts position * Ability to savegamesand continue later * Parental control * Attractive classicwoodeninterface * Auto-save * Statistics * Sounds The game rules: *On an8×8 board, 16 men are lined up on each side, in two rows,skippingthe back row. * Men can move forward or sideways onesquare,capturing by means of a jump, but they cannot movebackwards. Whena man reaches the back row, it is promoted to a kingat the end ofthe move. Kings may move any number of squaresforwards, backwardsor sideways, capturing by jumping over any pieceand landing on anysquare within permissible path beyond thecaptured piece. * Piecesare removed immediately after being jumped.If a jump is possible,it must be done. If several ways of jumpingare possible, the onethat captures the most pieces must be chosen.No difference betweenking and man is made during capture; eachcounts as one piece. Ifthere is more than one way to capture themaximally possible numberof pieces, the player may choose which totake. * The game endswhen a player has no legal move, eitherbecause all his pieces arecaptured or he is completely blocked. Theopponent wins the game. *Unlike other draughts variants, sinceenemy pieces are removedimmediately after being jumped, as piecesare captured and removedfrom the board, it is possible to cross thesame square more thanonce in the same capturing sequence. * Withina multi-capture,turning 180 degrees between two captures is notallowed.
Family's Game Travel Pack 1.973
Come and enjoy our exclusive collection of more than 40traditionalboard games ! ★ Strategy: Chess, Draughts, Checkers,ChineseCheckers, Backgammon, Reversi, Nine Men's Morris,Alquerque,Neutron, Bagh Bandi, Bagh Chal, Tic Tac Toe, Connect Four★ Familyclassics: Domino, Mexican Train, Ludo, Game of Goose,Snakes'nLadder, Memory, Animal War, Dots'n Boxes, Battleships★ Cards:Crazy Eights, Nain Jaune, Russian Bank, Nordic RussianBank, King'sCorner ★ Solitaires: Peg Solitaire, Master mind,Mahjong Solitaire,Shisen-Sho, Sudoku, Minesweeper, 40 Thieves,Klondike, FreeCell,Spider, Golf, Pyramid, Poker Squares, The KingPile, 4 Aces★ Wooden games: Air Hockey, Passe Trappe ★ Dice games:Yatzy, Shutthe Box, 421 All these games are packed together in asmallapplication, offering robot players, local and onlineleaderboard.Up to 6 players can play together around a singledevice.Authorizations : This application requires internet acces toofferoptional online leaderboards. It also needs Wifi &Bluetoothauthorizations to handle playing between multiple devices.Thesefeatures can be disabled in the application settings. Wecollectanonymous usage statistics using Google Analytics to makethe gamebetter and more enjoyable. Please consult our privacypolicy formore informations.
Spanish checkers 1.0.7
Spanish draughts is a variant of the draughts family. It isatwo-handed game played on a board consisting of sixty-foursquares,thirty-two white and thirty-two black. There aretwenty-fourpieces: twelve white and twelve black. The board isplaced so thatthe rightmost square on both sides of the board isblack.The goal -to destroy all opponent's checkers or "lock" them(ie. e. make itimpossible to move).From features of application:-Saving games inthe database- Wide choice of boards and figures-Several levels ofdifficulty.
Russian checkers - Shashki 9.12.0
Russian checkers, also known as Shashki, Шашки, Russian draughts,isvery popular logic game in Russia and in all formerSovietrepublics. Russian Checkers is a challenging board game thatcantrain your logic and strategic skills. The applicationcontainspowerful algorithm of game and friendly classicinterface.Challenge your strategic skills with this relaxing game.Now youcan enjoy the game of checker anywhere you may be, directlyfromyour smart phone. Features: * Online - ELO, onlinegamesstatistics, leaderboards, achievements, chat * One or Twoplayermode - test your skills against the computer or challenge afriend* Ability to compose own game position * Ability to savegames andcontinue later * Game openings * Statistics * Auto-save*Attractive classic wooden interface * Several different boards*Undo move * Advanced AI engine * Sounds Game rules: * The gameisplayed on a 8×8 board with alternating dark and light squares.*Each player starts with 12 pieces on the three rows closesttotheir own side. The row closest to each player is calledthe"crownhead" or "kings row". The player with white piecesmovesfirst. * Men move forward diagonally to an adjacentunoccupiedsquare. * If a player's piece moves into the kings row ontheopposing player's side of the board, that piece to be"crowned",becoming a "king" and gaining the ability to move back orforwardand choose on which free square at this diagonal to stop. *If aman becames king it can continue a capture, it jumps backwardsas aking. The player can choose where to land after the capture.*Capturing is mandatory and cannot be passed up to makeanon-jumping move. When there is more than one way for a playertocapture, one may choose which sequence to make. Player mustmakeall the captures in that chosen sequence. A captured piece islefton the board until all captures in a sequence have been madebutcannot be jumped again (Turkish capturing rules). * A playerwithno valid move remaining loses. This is the case if theplayereither has no pieces left or if a player's pieces areobstructedfrom making a legal move by the pieces of the opponent. Agame is adraw if neither opponent has the possibility to win thegame. Thegame is considered a draw when the same position repeatsitself forthe third time, with the same player having the move eachtime. Ifone player proposes a draw and his opponent accepts theoffer. If aplayer has three kings in the game against a singleenemy king andhis 15th move cannot capture enemy king.
Sengoku Shogi 1.2.0
It's a board game where sengoku warlords battle inshogi'sboard.Enjoy authentic real time battle with rules that motifofShogi and easy operation.- Game introduction andruleexplanationEach piece is placed on the board (7 × 7) with aturn of10 turns, The one with more positions takes the win.Thebattle willstart when the opponent and the position overlap afterinstallingthe unit.By defeating the opponent in the battle, it willbe theoccupation of the position.- What you need tobecomestrongStep1:Win the "battle" and league upStep2:Know unitskillswith "deck"Step3:Increase unit status with"Upgrade"Step4:Acquirematerial with "Event"Step5:Improve the unit'sreality with"evolution"- Recommended for this person!Those who likewarriors'warlords of history and warring StatesThose who like boardgames orturn-based battleThose who like full-fledged strategicgames
Brazilian Dama - Online 9.15.0
Brazilian Damas (also known as Draughts or Checkers) is a variantofthe Draughts game family played mainly in Brazil. The boardgamedoes not need special representation, as well as, for example,thebackgammon, chess or cards game. Checkers is a challengingboardgame that can train your logic and strategic skills. Challengeyourstrategic skills with this relaxing game. Features: *Onlinemultiplayer with chat, ELO, invitations * One or Two playermode *Bluetooth * Undo move * Ability to compose own draughtsposition *Ability to save games and continue later * Ability toanalyse savedgames * Parental control * Attractive classic woodeninterface *Auto-save * Statistics * Sounds The game rules: * Theplayer withthe light pieces makes the first move. * Pieces cancapturebackward and forward. * The long-range moving andcapturingcapability of kings, and the requirement that the maximumnumber ofmen be captured. * Capturing is mandatory. * A piece iscrowned ifit stops on the far edge of the board at the end of itsturn. *Crowned pieces can move freely multiple steps. * A playerwith novalid move remaining loses. * A game is a draw if neitheropponenthas the possibility to win the game. * The game isconsidered adraw when the same position repeats itself for thethird with thesame player having the move each time.
Checkers Free - Board Game 5.0.1
Roghan Games
The Checkers game is one of the classic board games that was partofmany people's childhoods. Our Checkers game is designed topleaseour players and provide a pleasurable gaming experience.FEATURES ✔Application size has been optimized and reduced ✔ Youcan playCheckers 2 players mode ✔ No internet connection required✔ 4 Boardand pieces themes ✔ Simple and beautiful graphics ✔Realistic soundeffects ✔ Customizable rules ✔ Single andMultiplayer CheckersSUPPORTED LANGUAGES 🇺🇸 English 🇧🇷 Portuguese🇪🇸 Spanish RULES Thereare several strands regarding the CheckersGame rules, you canchoose each aspect of the rules. With our game,you can play thefollowing variations: ✔ American Checkers (EnglishDrafts) -Capturing is required, but the pieces can not be capturedbackwards.The king can not make long moves. The king can captureor movebackwards. ✔ International Checkers - Capturing ismandatory, andpieces can capture backwards. The king can movethrough severalsquares, including backwards. ✔ Spanish Checkers -The rules aresimilar to those of the international, but can notcapturebackwards. ✔ Brazilian Checkers - Capturing is mandatory.The kingcan move through several squares. Our Checkers is free andis anexcellent hobby to exercise your brain. If you like boardgames likedominoes or chess, you'll love playing Checkers. We areconstantlyimproving the game, any suggestion or comment leave us areview,which we will answer you. ❤
Picaria 1.0
Picaria is a two-player abstract strategy game that was playedbythe Native Americans ( Zuni Native American Indians or thePuebloIndians of the American Southwest) since a long time. It isrelatedto tic-tac-toe, but more related to Nine Holes, Three Men'sMorris,Teen Patthar, Tapatan, Achi, Tant Fant, and Shisima, becausepiecescan be moved to create a three-in-a-row pattern. This is alsoagreat game to learn applied math concepts of predictivebehaviorsof game theory, geometry and permutations &combinations.Aim ofthe playerPicaria is essentially an alignmentgame where eachplayer strategically moves her pieces to beat theopponent. Thegoal is to create a three-in-a-row of one's pieceseitherhorizontally, vertically, or diagonally.Rules and GameplayTheboardis empty in the beginning. Each player has three pieces. Oneplaysthe blue pieces, and the other plays the green pieces.Dropphase:Each player drops one piece per turn on any vacant space ontheboard except the center (central intersection point).Playersalternate their turns. Pieces cannot move until all threepieces ofa player have been dropped.Move phase: After each player'sthreepieces have been dropped on the board, each piece can moveonespace at a time following the pattern on the board including tothecenter. Only one piece can be moved per turn.Players cancreatethree-in-a-row pattern at either the drop phase or movephase, andwin the game.LevelsThere are multiple levels of Picaria.The firstlevel is simpler and the difficulty level increases withlevels.There are two versions of the game - one with 9 spacesorintersection points, and the second uses 13 spaces orintersectionpoints. The rules are the same for both theversions.ScoringYouearn points for every move and the quicker youmove, the morepoints you collect. Also, there is a timer thatcalculates the timeit takes for you to win against computer.Enjoythe game !Rate usand please leave comments.
Align It 2-HD Nine Men's Morris, Morabaraba, mills 1.1.13
With around million users, Align It - Board Game already enjoyedbymany players around the world!. Now get more of the exhilaratingHDGraphics, UX, exciting Levels and Jumping mode in Align It2!Alignit based on world famous Twelve Men's Morris or Morabarabagame andNine Men's Morris game.Our free Align it Board gameoffers:★ singleplayer game (play with CPU) 🚴🏼★ 2 players game(multiplayer) 🚴🏼 🚴🏼★easy, medium and hard mode in single playergame 🏅★ playonline(multiplayer)★ play via bluetooth(multiplayer) ★chatingoption in online mode 💬 💬 💬★ leaderboard in online mode 🏆 🏆🏆★ gamestatistics★ 2 games (nine men's morris and morabaraba or 12men'smorris ) iwith easy medium and hard modes.Enjoy Twelve Men'sMorris( Morabaraba game ) and 9 Mens Morris Board game withprecisecontrols and fluent graphics. Align it Board game is atraditionaltwo-player strategy board game for two players. The gameis similarto 12 Mens Morris or Morabaraba game, a variation on 9Mens Morrisor Cowboy Checkers game or mill game .It is also knownas Mmelegame a Traditional game played throughout Southern Africa🇿🇦 🇿🇦 🇿🇦. It is know by a different name in the different regions.Align itis a great way to pass your free time. In this variant of12 Men'sMorris game you can play with your opponents from all overtheworld in online mode.This mill game shows ranking betweenfriendsand global ranking in leader board. In this variant ofMorabarabagame you can play many levels with increased difficultylevel ineasy, medium and hard mode respectively. 9 men's morrisgame is avariant of Hungarian 🇭🇺 🇭🇺 🇭🇺 game Malom in singleplayer.Now youcan enjoy nine men's morris as well as 12 men'smorris variants insingle game. Nine Men's Morris is a strategyboard game for twoplayers dating at least to the Roman Empire. Thegame is also knownas Nine Man Morris, Mill, Mills, The Mill Game,Merels, Merrills,Merelles, Marelles, Morelles and Ninepenny Marl inEnglish. Thegame has also been called Cowboy Checkers andDoublemill game. Sostart playing Align It HD Morris game on yourAndroid device forfree.Get the Align it now and let the funbegins!. We areconstantly working hard to improve this game soplease share yourfeedback at [email protected] to improve thisgame and keepPlaying Align it .Become a fan of Align ItonFacebook: tictactoe , Twelve Men's Morris , Nine Men's Morris , Doublemill ,Mill ,Mills , Mills Game , Merels , Merrills , Merelles , Marelles,Morelles . Ninepenny Marl , Cowboy Checkers , Mlabalaba , Mmela,Muravava , Malom , Umlabalaba , Mororova , Tsoro Yemutwelve ,Achi,Shisimia , Shax , Djelga , Nao guti , Sujjua , Tule Paid ,Tapatan, Gurgaldaj , mancala , 9 kati , 3 Men's Morris , 9 goti , 3Stone,12 mens morris , 9 mens morris , mlin , mlyn , млин , mъlinъ,molīna , molīnus , mulin , mola , milestone , Malom game , Mühle,Mmele , Mmele game, Mhele , دوز نه مهره ای انلاین , Double mill,Match 3 bead , 9 bead , 12 bead , Sholo Guti , 16 bead
Checkers Multiplayer 1.0.13
Roghan Games
Checkers is a classic game played by 2 players. The goal istoeliminate all the pieces of your opponent.Board consists of64houses alternately black and white. Each team has 12pieces.Playversus Computer or challenge your friends to find who isthe bestin Checkers
Checkers 2.0.0
AOA Inc.
Checkers by AOA Inc famous as Draughts is a board game withallcheckers variations:American checkers, Spanish checkers,turkishcheckers, ghanaian checkers...In AOA Studio we develop allour appsand games with passion. to provide you with the bestexperiencepossible.Damas and Draughts supports both 1 player and 2playergame play, so you can play checkers against friends or testyourskills against a challenging computer opponent.Damas andDraughtsfeatures:->1 player or 2 player game play- >5 levelsof thedifficulty- >Different rules to choose from:International,Spanish, English checkers and more ...- >3 gameboard types10x10 8x8 6x6.- >ability to undo wrong move->option toenable or disable forced captures- >quick responsetime->animated moves- >easy to use interface design->auto-savewhen exit or phone ringInstruction to Star play:Intuitive touchcontrols make it easy to play checkers on yourphone, just tap apiece and then tap where you want it to go. If youaccidentally hitthe wrong spot, The undo button lets you take backyour move andtry again.
CrazyPoly - Business Dice Game 2.3.0
Build your monopoly, earn an income and bankruptopponents!CrazyPoly is free turn based economic strategy game thatallows youto buy business properties, build levels, collect rent,playcasino, rob bank and so much more. The main objective is simple-bankrupt opponents! The key to be rich is to buy properties ofthesame color to create monopoly and build more levels toincreaserent. Enjoy the game in two amazing themes: juicy Classicand oldWestern. You can play offline with smart robots (easy,medium andhard difficulty) and with a friends (on the same device).Onlineplay is coming soon. Your business awaits you in CrazyPoly!Play& Enjoy!
Chinese Chess, Xiangqi
Xiangqi (Chinese: 象棋; pinyin: xiàngqí),alsocalled Chinese chess, is a strategy board game for two players.Itis one of the most popular board games in China, and is in thesamefamily as Western (or international) chess, chaturanga,shogi,Indian chess and janggi.The game represents a battle between two armies, with the objectofcapturing the enemy's general (king). Distinctive featuresofxiangqi include the cannon (pao), which must jump to capture;arule prohibiting the generals from facing each otherdirectly;areas on the board called the river and palace, whichrestrict themovement of some pieces (but enhance that of others);and placementof the pieces on the intersections of the board lines,rather thanwithin the squares. -- From wikipedia.Enjoy yourself !
Chinese Chess 4.0.0
Sagil Studio
The best chinese chess board game. Feature: - Single player:3level( easy, medium, hard) - Multi Player: Play with yourfriendvia Bluetooth
GOdroid 1.3.9
Strategic board game.Play the ancient game Go (Weiqi, Igo,Baduk)against your computer.User interface for GNU Go (v3.8included).GNUGo is an AI engine that plays Go at about 8 to 12kyustrength.Features:- play against human or computer opponent-choosefrom one of ten AI strengths - different board sizes-adjustablehandicap and Komi- Japanese and Chinese scoring rules-one-touchboard zoom- support of move variations- unlimitedundo/redo ofmoves- highlighting of last three moves- visualizationof opponentsfinal territory - auto save/load current game-save/load games (sgfformat)- share current game (eg. via emailattachment, googleDrive, Bluetooth)- open external .sgf files with3rd party apps(eg. from email attachment, file manager/SD card,Internetbrowser)- (English) description of game rules can be foundin 'Menu-> Info -> Game rules'
Checkers Online Elite
*** Over 10 million downloads! People can't be wrong aboutourCheckers! *** Checkers board game (draughts, dame, damas –onvarious languages) is well-known ancient game, that stillverypopular over the world for its simple rules and addictivegameplay,which hide deep tactics and variability. Play CheckersOnline – aspecial mode where you can compete with other players.Gain newlevels and ranks, climb up in leaderboards (daily, weeklyandglobal) or play in special Tournaments with awards. Use yourawardsto obtain and customize design of your Checkers pieces.CheckersOnline mode is completely free. It uses «energy» which canbeobtained in many ways: as daily rewards, defeating youropponentsor wining in the tournaments. Game also can be playedoffline whereyou have plenty of game modes to choose from. Forexample,English/American Checkers, Russian, International orBrazil. And wehave some special guest here for you. It's calledRandom Checkersand it's completely fun and addictive. Let therandom generatordecides how many pieces will be on board, wherethey will be placedand what rules of movement will be applied. Alsoyou can disableforce jump option via Settings. Game features: ★Online Checkersmode with leaderboards, levels, ranks, customizationand ELO-rating☆ User profile with detailed statistics, where youcan change younickname and upload avatar ★ Search opponent withdesired gamelevel or play with friends via private room or ID ☆Onlinetournaments with cups and awards ★ Chat in online mode ☆ 14gametypes: English/American Draughts, International (Checkers10x10),Russian, American Pool, Giveaway Checkers, Diagonal, Thai,Turkish,Italian, Sparse, Self-Eaters, Brazilian, Blind and RandomCheckers(10x10 random placed pieces with changing movement rules).★ 4difficulty levels ☆ Excellent graphics ★ 2D and 3Dperspectivemodes ☆ Unlimited undo function ★ Play with friend via"Hot-seat"mode ☆ Over 100 designs for checkers pieces, includingflags ofcountries
checkers 2017 🎮 3.8.7
Checker is The best board game that has no special requirementsforthe presentation of how the game of chess, backgammon orcards.Since the known ancient worldcheckers is a simple butchallengingboard game involving strategy and played by twoplayersCheckerslandOnline is a free program for playing more than30 kinds of checkerswith other people over the Internet.It isplayable using manydifferent rule sets:- English Checkers(Draughts)- AmericanCheckers - International Checkers (Polishdraughts)- Pool Checkers-Russian Checkers (shashki)- CzechCheckers- Custom Checkers Rules-Brazilian checkers- Czech checkers-Italian checkers- Russiandraughts- Spanish checkers- Portuguesecheckers- Thai checkers-Turkish checkers- support nine differentrules of checkers
Chess Game Free 1.6
Chess strategy and improving your Chess skill! Face thechallenge,become the best chess player. This Chess Game is apowerful andattractive that will enjoy everybody. Everyone can workout in thisgame to the top level and improve their chess skill bychallengingthe Artificial Intelligence in the mode where Human vsComputer.Simple Navigation Hints. Use suggested moves. PreferableSettingsIt is an absolutely FREE chess game. * Special Thanksjcarolus allthe chess engine credits goes to him and check thisgame *License::-
Checkers Online 2.0
Checkers - a board game that does not need specialrepresentation,as well as, for example, the game of chess,backgammon or cards.Known since ancient times, it allows you tohave a great timeanywhere, anytime, for now, just phone or tabletto compete againstthe computer, a friend or random opponents. Keyfeatures: + Game aswith computer and with real people - on onephone, online or viaBluetooth. + Large selection of game modes -russian checkers,international, british and others, including thegame by theirrules, plus a giveaway. + When you play online, youcan select theflag of your country and see the name, profile photoand statisticsopponent, chat (with emoji) during the game. + Has agloballeaderboard in ELO, as well as the statistics of your games,bothonline and with your computer. + For the better to learn toplayhas an editor position, as well as the history of youronlinegaming on the moves together with the history of chat. +Largeselection of pieces, boards, and backgrounds, plus anon-intrusivevoice gameplay. + Standard features such as how tocancel moves,save the game, highlighting the possible moves,multiple difficultylevels. Unique (not yet copied) function toautomate routine andincrease usability:+ Automatic move, when oneoption.+ Repeat yoursuccessful moves by database (database iscreated and updated basedon your games won).+ Turn in one touch(enough to break fingers!)free cells, if there is one option.+Automatic selection of figure,when one option.+ As well as otherthings that distinguish the gamefrom the competition, howeverbetter try it for yourself and vote.