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Don't Give Up Quotes 4.0.0
Nerd Pig
This is a collection of Don't Give Up Quotes. Everyone has adreamof doing something great. We try to do our best to accomplishitbut sometimes we fail. This is normal thing. It will happentoeveryone. The importance thing is that you should not giveup.Every time you fail, you just fight back until you accomplishit.This App will provide you the great encouraging quotesforeveryone. You will learn from these quotes. There will be moreandmore as we will timely update this App. There are manygreatfeatures in this App. Let me summarize them for you. - Quoteswillbe added timely and we expect this app will be the libraryforlearning quotes soon! - Clean user interface and easy to use App-You can switch between image quotes view and text quotes view.Sowe leave it to you to choose the one you like the most! - Youcansave quotes as your favorites for later use. - You can shareyourquote to your friend easily via social media or email ormessaging.- You can edit image quotes. - Great support! We are allwelcome toany kind of feedback and bug report because we would liketo makethis App greater and greater. without feedback from you, itis veryhard to make this app great. As we mention in the lastpoint,please feel free to let me know your feedback or issue, wewillwork on that as soon as possible. Enjoy Never Give Up Quotes!
Best Quotes and Status 2.4
85000+ Statuses & Quotes !100+ Categories !Works offline -Nointernet required !Easy to Copy and Share !Save quotes asImage& Share !Like quotes - Make your own collection of LikedQuotes!Don't wait - Hit the Install button and thank us later:)Tags:best quotes and status, quotes and status, status andquotes,quotes for whatsapp, quotes for instagram, motivationalquotes,love quotes, friendship quotes, sad quotes, best status andquotes.
Trust & Cheating Quotes Images 2.5
The collection of Best famous quotes saying proverbs picturesandlife lessons images about Trust and Cheating Relationship suchasLove, Friendship and marriages etc. Only those who trust, canfindlove and happiness. And only those who love, can be betrayed.Donot run in lack of words for expressing your feelings sorrowandloneliness. It takes just a single tap to share these messagesandquotations as photo in WhatsApp and any type of socialmediawebsite such as facebook twitter tumblr etc.
Vault - Hide Picture & Video 1.1.6
★Vault (Hide Pictures & Videos) is an improved gallery andphonelocking app for Android. ★★Secure, Protect & Hideyourinformation, like Documents, Passwords, Gallery & more!★ANTIHACK FEATURES - Many different ways to lock and secure -Monitorwho tried to hack into your phone!★Cloud backup - Alwayskeep yourdata safe on the phone as well as on the Cloud.★Notes,To-do list,Voice Memos, Gallery Lock, Advanced Data Security &more!Vault(Hide Pictures & Videos) is an upgraded photo andvideo lockingapp for Android. Protect your personal photos, videosand morewithout any hassle! It further lets you Protect yourbankingdetails, ATM pin number, driving license, ID cards, creditcarddetails and more in Wallets. Vault (Hide Pictures &Videos)comes with Gallery Lock, which encrypts your photos andvideos. Youcan also protect audios, documents, wallet cards, notesand othertypes of data on your Android phone. Lock documents, Apps,Gallery,Social Media and a lot more via Vault (Hide Pictures&Videos).Above all, you have the option to upload lockedandencrypted data to your Dropbox account. This app is the Swissarmyknife for smart phone data privacy. App Lock:App lock istheperfect smart lock app for your smartphone. It prevents otherusersfrom accessing certain apps on your device. This improvedLockerhides and password-protects your sensitive apps on yourAndroidphone.Gallery Lock: Gallery lock is Vault’s (Hide Pictures&Videos) newest feature. With Gallery Lock’s secure gallery,you cannow view photos and videos in the Gallery Lock option. The‘hidegallery’ feature makes Gallery Lock even better.ProtectsyourPhotos and Videos: Vault (Hide Pictures & Videos) allowsyou toPhoto Lock and Video Lock your stuff. Create new albumsandorganize your photos and videos at your convenience. You canshootpictures or make videos directly within the app aswell.SafeguardConfidential Documents: Vault (Hide Pictures &Videos) protectsthe confidentiality of your secret documents. Youcan downloaddocuments from the Private Browser or import them fromyour phoneand SD card.Social Media: With Vault’s secure interface,you don’thave to worry about others accessing your socialnetworkingaccounts.SocialPlatformsFacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedInTumblrSecureWalletCards:With this application, you can easily secure allyoursensitive cards such as credit cards, ATM cards, drivinglicense,ID cards and other types of card details.Secret Notes andTo-doLists: Write secret notes and to-do lists with the option toattachphotos and audio recordings. Categorize them foreasymanagement.Cloud Backup: You don’t have to worry about losingyoursensitive data as you can now easily and conveniently backupallyour locked files to your Dropbox.Data Recovery: Easilyretrieveyour forgotten PIN, Pattern or password throughemailrecovery.Three login Types: Access Vault (Hide Pictures&Videos) as per your Convenience. You can either set up astrongpassword, a unique PIN or a complex pattern as yourprimarysecurity lock.Panic Switch: Switch to another applicationwith justa shake, flick or placing the palm of your hand on thescreen.Panic Switch keeps you safe against snoopers.Decoy Mode(Fakelogin): Set up a fake account with fake data to createtheimpression that you have nothing to hide. Stealth Mode (Hideicon):Launch the app in complete privacy and secrecy. Apart fromthis,the hiding app function allows the app or the ‘Launch icon’toimmediately disappear from the list of working apps once youhavestopped using it.Hack Attempt Monitoring: If an unauthorizedpersontries to access your app with invalid credentials, thehack-attemptoption captures the image of the culprit.
control screen rotation 2.1.1
Control your screen orientation very easily from yourdevicenotification bar.Prevent screen auto rotation and choose thescreenorientation that you want with anyapplicationAvailableorientations:LandscapeReverselandscapeSensorlandscapePortraitRevers portraitSensorportraitSensor orientation(auto rotation)PLEASE NOTICE THAT:Somescreen orientations may notavailable in some devices
Phone Finder 1.0
Don't remember where you kept your phone? If you are this kindofthe person who leaves the phone lying in any corner of yourhouseand can´t find it, this is the app for you. Install ourappactivates Phone Finder Service and finds your phone withdoubleclap. If you are fed up with wasting lots of your time infindingyour phone, with “Phone Finder" you can find your phone inno time.The phone will detects sound of clapping and run loud alarmand theflash light will turn, so you could easily findmobilephone.Features:- Find phone with double clap.- Select alerttype:siren, flashlight or both.- Set time period forservice.-Professional, free and easy to use.Download "Phone finder"aprofessional tool which helps you finding lost phone. Justclapyour hands and listen where your phone is.
AppLock - Best App Lock 1.2.1
AppLock is a privacy protector app for Android. It can keepyourphone safe from annoying snoopers and prying eyes.Features:AppLock protects your privacy with your own AppLockpattern: ★ Locksocial apps - Protect apps such as Facebook,WhatsApp, Messenger,Vine, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WeChat. Noone can peep at yourprivate chat any more. ★ Lock system settings –Prevent malicioususe of your settings such as Contacts, SMS,Gallery, Videos, Emailand etc. ★ Lock your privacy - AppLock canlock any third-partyapps, including Youtube, games, gallery(Gallery Vault), videos,photos, files and etc. AppLock hides thedraw path to make patterninvisible, securing your password to thegreatest extent. AppLockgenerates dynamically colorful lock screenaccording to theprincipal hues of the app being protected. AppLockis a small butpowerfull protection toolkit: ★ small APK package forfasterinstallation and update. ★ easy to operate with One-TaptoEnable/Disable locking service. AppLock provides the mutilockoptions. You can select a suitable mode for you. ★ Lock yourapp atthe device screen off ★ Lock your app after exiting the appfor 30secs or 2 mins ★ Lock your app after you minimize itimmediatelyAppLock provides the uninstall protection which preventsavoidingthe uninstallation of the protected apps by others. AppLockisfree, which provides you with the ultimate simplicity anduserexperience. How to use: ★ Start app, set the password andtheanswer of Security Question. ★ Select the app you want to lockinAppLock's app list. ★ Enter the password to unlock the appyourchoosing locked when you start that. ★ If you forgot thepassword,it is convenient for you to reset new password byanswering thesecurity question you set before. Note: For android5.0+, pleaseallow Applock to use usage access permission. You canfirst findAppLock and then allow usage access. If AppLock do notwork, pleasemake sure you enable floating window on your androiddevices (i.e.HuaWei/XiaoMi/Vivo/MIUI/ Yureka) . Try followingmethods: Entersettings--app application, find AppLock and enablethe floatingwindow for our AppLock.
Bible Quotes Wallpapers 1.4
Collection of Great Inspirational Bible Quotes Wallpapers andHomescreens Use app without internet connection - SetFavoriteInspirational Bible Quotes Wallpapers in your device homescreen -Share Inspirational Bible Quotes wallpapers on socialnetworks andyour friends and family - Save Inspirational BibleQuotes wallpaperinto your device locale storage(SD Card) - Pinch tozoom-in andzoom-out images - Supports all screen resolutions anddevices
Dog Whistle - High Frequency Tone Dog Trainer 2.2
Dog Whistle is a free application that helps you to trainyourdog.Dog whistles emit sounds in the high frequency range.Humanscan only hear up to 20 kHz, but dogs have much betterhearing.Since dog whistles are silent to humans, but loud to dogs,they areperfect for training dogs. This Dog Whistle app can emithighfrequency sounds anywhere in the range from 100 to 22,000 Hz.DogWhistle can be used to train your dog, stop your dog frombarking,and teach your dog tricks.Remember, just because you can'thear it,doesn't mean your dog can't. Please use thisapplicationresponsibly.
Kannada Status-ಕನ್ನಡ ಹೊಸ ಸ್ಟೇಟಸ್ 1.3
This application contain new Kannada quotes, jokes, lovequotes,life quotes.
Easy Touch 1.4.5
- Notice: Some new advance function such as CaptureScreenshot,Power popup...only support high software version 5.0 andup. Ifyour phone dose not supported please do not give bad review.Thankfor your support - Easy Touch for Android You can useEasyTouch tocontrol your device. Easy Touch is also an ideal app toprotect thephysical buttons for Android device! -This app uses theDeviceAdministrator permission. -This app uses Accessibilityservices :to force stop app drawing battery, back function, showpopupshutdown function. - Easy Touch with many function ✔Screenshot,screen capture (OS 5.0 or above) ✔ Home button ✔ Backbutton ✔ Lockscreen ✔ Open recent task ✔ Go to all settings veryquick with atouch ✔ Clear ram, boost speed, one touch boost ✔Airplane mode ✔Open Notification ✔ Power popup ✔ Volume up &down ✔ Location(GPS) ✔ Flashlight ✔ Wi-Fi ✔ Bluetooth ✔ Brightness✔ Ringer mode(normal, vibrate, silent) ✔ Screen rotation ✔ Datausage ✔ Open allapplication on your device - Opition ✔ You canchange icon of EasyTouch with many pretty icons with many colors ✔Funny with morethemes. You can change colour or theme from yourgallery. -Feedback ✔ If Easy Touch is useful with you, please giveus a nicereview and 5 Stars Thank you very much!
Saregama Classical 1.3.9
Subscribe to the Saregama Classical App, the one stopdestinationfor Indian Classical music with 10,000 musiccompositions featuring400 artistes, 50 editor’s choice channels and14instruments.Activate your free trial from your firstregistereddeviceThis app features:50 Curated Editor's ChoiceStations:-Listed basis artistes and instruments- Enjoy uniquecommentary bymusicologists, aficionados and specialists. Includesanecdotes,information on Raagas, and biographical bites- Getinformation onRaaga and Taala of the currently playing songRichContent:-Carnatic Artistes include: M.S. Subbulakshmi, Dr.M.Balamuralikrishna, Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer, Lalgudi G.Jayaraman,T.M. Krishna, M.S. Gopalakrishnan, U. Srinivas, and manymore-Hindustani artistes include: Pt. Ravi Shankar, UstadBismillahKhan, Ustad Amir Khan, , Pt. Jasraj, Pt HariprasadChaurasia, Pt.Bhimsen Joshi, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Ustad ZakirHussain, RahulSharma, and many more- Instrumental Radio Stationsinclude: Violin,Veena, Mandolin, Mridangam, Tabla, Guitar, Sarangi,Flute,Nadaswaram, Sitar and Shehnai- Raagas library include:Bhairavi,Marwa, Indira Kalyan, Megh Malhar, Jog, Pilu, Darbari,Hamsadhwani,Dhanyasi, Mohanam and many more- Songs in Tamil,Telugu, Kannada,MalayalamFilm Music:- Listen to Bollywood and Tamilfilm songsbased on raagas- Each song is complemented by acommentary thatdescribes how the raaga has been used in thatspecificsongClassical Studio:- Watch videos of Indian classicalmaestrosdeliver soulful musicOther Features:- Link up to 4 mobiledevicesto a single subscription account- Use our Offline featureandlisten to your favourite songs without being connected totheinternet- Tune into the ‘What’s new section to listen to thenewesttracks added on the app- Listen to the songs recommended byoureditor under the Specials section of the app- Value formoneysubscription plans available in monthly, semi-annual orannualoptionsRemember! Your subscription automatically renews attheprevailing subscription rates for Google Play & PayTMaccountusers.If you have paid through Google Wallet, go tosubscriptionlist in your Google Play account, to turn off autorenewal.If youhave paid through PayTM, go to ‘My Account’ under themain menu ofthe app & tap Cancel Subscription.No cancellationof thecurrent subscription is allowed during activesubscriptionperiod.Subscribe to Saregama Classical for as low asRs. 99 for amonth, Rs. 199 for 3 months, Rs. 495 for 6 months andRs. 890 for ayear (within India). If you are from US, plans startfrom $2.99 fora month. Please goto for moreinformation.Allcontent available on this application is legitimateand owned bypublisher, Saregama India Ltd.- For Android: 4.4 andaboveLoveSaregama Classical?- Like us Follow us Please help us improveyourexperience by emailing to [email protected]’tforget to rate the app and also write a review
Diary Book - Journal With Lock, Photos, Cloud Sync 2.1.3
Lucidify Labs
Diary Book is bundled with numerous essential featureswhichsimplifies the process of writing diary. One app to manageyourdiary entries. You can take notes, write journal, writestories,your personal diary entries, all secured with lock. Itcomes withbackup and restore so that you never lose the diaryentries byaccident. Diary Book comes with: ★ In built app lock:Pattern, pinand password ★ Cloud Sync with Google Drive ★ Option toattachphotos to diary ★ Rich text options, including Bold,Italic,Strike, Highlight, Font Color, Font size, Font style etc. ★Abilityto undo and redo in the text editor ★ Option to hide the appscreenwhen minimised ★ Daily reminder for writing diary ★ Save thediaryentry as text/PDF ★ Colourful themes ★ Auto night mode ★ Texttospeech ★ Auto lock when the app is minimised ★ Simple and easytouse interface. Diary Book is carefully crafted to simplifytheprocess of writing journal entries. The app can be lockedwithpattern, pin or password. Fingerprint unlock option isincludedtoo. It is very useful if you are trying to learn LucidDreaming.With over 60,000 users Diary Book is one of the most lovedapps forwriting diary. Start using Diary Book today! Visit us- Write us on [email protected] us on facebook - Followus ontwitter - Share the appwithyour friends and family. Have a great time using the Diary Book:)
Androbench (Storage Benchmark) 5.0.1
AndroBench is a benchmark application which measures thestorageperformance of your Android devices. AndroBench provides twokindsof benchmarks: Micro and SQLite. With the Micro benchmark, youcanquickly compare the base performance of your storage devicewiththose of other devices. The SQLite benchmark tests theperformanceof insert, update, and delete queries on a databasetable thatmimics the one used in a messaging app. To obtain correctresults,please minimize background activities while you runAndroBench.AndroBench is available for free and without anyadvertisement, andthus feel free to use it.
Parental Control Light 34.93
Parental Control | Content Filter | URL Blocker | App Manager |TimeManager NetSpark Mobile is the most complete parentalcontrolssolution on the market, offering you all these features inone app!THE NETSPARK MOBILE PARENTAL CONTROLS APP IS A PAID APPWITH A7-DAY FREE-TRIAL PERIOD. YOU WILL BE ASKED TO PRE-AUTHORIZEPAYMENTFOR THE ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION AS PART OF THE INSTALLATIONPROCESS.THE PAYMENT WILL BE PROCESSED AT THE END OF THE 7-DAY FREETRIAL IFNO ACTION IS TAKEN TO CANCEL THE SUBSCRIPTION. CANCELYOURSUBSCRIPTION DURING THE FREE-TRIAL TO AVOIDCHARGES.PRE-AUTHORIZATION WITH GOOGLE WALLET MUST BE CANCELLED INYOURGOOGLE WALLET ACCOUNT. DO NOT JUST UNINSTALL THE APP. PLEASE DONOTLEAVE BAD RATINGS/FEEDBACK BECAUSE YOU MISSED TO THE ABOVEMESSAGENetSpark Mobile Parental Controls app provides you with themostpowerful content filtering protection available for yoursmartphoneor tablet. NetSpark Mobile uses cutting edge dynamiccontentfiltering technologies to offer the most complete protectionon themarket, while maintaining your access to the web contentthatmatters to you and your family. Protect your kids online!InstallParental Controls by NetSpark Mobile today! Features oftheNetSpark MobileParental Control app - - Get safe, filteredInternetfor your child with any of our preset or custom definedprotectionprofiles - Configure the protection profiles for, andmanage, eachdevice individually according to your needs as a parentand withoutworrying about slowed browsing speeds or poor deviceperformance -Protection against harmful text, image, and videocontent withreal-time inspection and filtering - Set daily andweekly limitsfor the amount of time your child can spend surfingthe Internet orusing apps offline - Limit the types of apps thatcan be installedon your child’s device by category - Manage accessto alreadyinstalled apps as well as new apps - Create customexceptions forwhich apps and websites are approved for your childto access - Getalerts on new installs, unapproved install attempts,contentblocking and more - Get instant updates on the protecteddevice,even when changes in the protection profile are maderemotely fromthe web admin portal - Manage multiple accounts fromthe parent’sdevice or remotely online (each device requires aseparate license)- Make changes to your managed devices easily withour userfriendly local and online interfaces, available in bothEnglish andHebrew
Wedding Photo Frames New 1.0.7
Weddings are more important because.. they celebrate lifeandpossibility !!! Wedding is not a word it's a celebration oflife.Most important and most turning point in our life isWEDDING.Everyone wants to celebrate this day specially. For all theweddingcouples or couples who are going to be one, this is anamazingframe for all of you. WEDDING PHOTO FRAMES is an interestingapp.Celebrate your day with these amazing frames. WEDDING PHOTOFRAMEScontains different frames which look more enigmatic andbeautifulto your images. You can share your feeling to our betterhalfthrough these frames. Celebrate your day with these WEDDINGPHOTOFRAMES and surprise your better half with your image andyourmessage on it. FEATURES OF THIS APP:****************************Enigmatic wedding frames *High qualityand picturesque images *youcan Flip, Rotate your image set to frame*You can use Zoom in andZoom out option HOW TO USE: ****************Install WEDDING DAYPHOTO FRAMES from play store *Choose Camera orGallery option*Choose your best image from your smart phone *Selectsuitableframe from the available frames *Set your image to Frame*ChooseSave option *Saved image will appear on your gallery or Filefolder*Share your image with friends and family My love for you isajourney .. Starting at forever and ending at never !!!*****HAPPYWEDDING****** Thank You. App Celebration Feel free tocontact usfor any issues or suggestion by e-mail:[email protected]
Időkép 3.4.10
Időkép Kft.
Időkép's official Android app and widget. - live weather mapsforHungary - high resolution radar - storm alerts - webcams-lightning map If you'd like to know what weather should youexpectwhen you get home, or to the beach - anywhere in Hungary, youneedto search no more. This app will provide you with preciceseweatherforecasts, display weather conditions on the country's map,now ina more comfortable way. Using this app you'll be able toshareweather condition and events, upload weather related photoseasily.Be the first to report about the most interestingweatherphenomenas.
Fengo 2.5
Fengo Is All About New Generation Social media Platform.FengoIsWorld's Biggest Community To Share Photos And Videos By PeopleFromAll Over World In A Matter Of Seconds.With Our Free ToDownloadApp, You Can Connect To Million Of People From All OverTheWorld.Also There Will Be Options Of Video Calling, Chat,Wallet,Lock Screen, Shopping And Many More To Come In near Future.
MyHRMS 3.6
All employees of SBI can access HRMS application throughtheirmobile device. They can apply 4in1 reimbursement request,Applyleave and Tour, Approve Leave and Tour and view their salaryslip.
Full of Music 1 ( MP3 Rhythm Game ) 1.9.5
[ to previous purchasers ]Previous version of this game(FullofMusic) is suspended by a policy issue.For user already purchased,apromotion code will be served.Please make a inquiry onGooglePaymentspage( master of rhythm game!You can play with your own MP3files.-Please compare with other auto music note generation games!You canfeel a electrifying by distinctive analysis andsynchronizationalgorithm.- Concentrate to game playing on simple& clear userinterface.- Support various speed and difficulty.- Compete with thescores of other players around the world.*Recommend to play musicwith proper beats.
Exotic Flowers 1.3
Majority Apps
Exotic Flowers is the best collection of images in HD quality.Setyour homescreen with the Exotic Flowers images and make yourdeviceor tablet more interesting. Every images is great andperfect!
Internet Banking-All Banks 1.2
We bought Net banking app having details of private andnationalbanks in IndiaUsers could access the Official websites ofalllisted banks with the help of this app.Check Balance and doonlinetransactions for all banks in one appKey Banks-AllahabadBankInternet Banking ServiceAndhra Bank Internet BankingBank ofBarodaInternet Banking ServiceBank of India Internet BankingCanaraBankInternet BankingCentral Bank of India InternetBankingCorporationBank Internet BankingIDBI Bank InternetBankingIndian Bank InternetBankingIndian Overseas Bank InternetBanking ServicePunjab NationalBank Internet BankingState Bank ofIndia Internet BankingState Bankof Patiala Internet BankingStateBank of Travancore InternetBanking ServiceUnion Bank of IndiaInternet BankingUnited Bank ofIndia Internet BankingVijaya BankInternet BankingIndusInd BankInternet BankingUCO Bank InternetBankingOriental Bank of CommerceInternet Banking ServiceKotakMahindra Bank InternetBankingKarnataka Bank Internet BankingServiceHDFC Bank InternetBankingYes Bank Internet BankingCiti BankInternet BankingBank ofMaharastra Internet BankingFederal BankInternet BankingServiceHSBC Bank Internet BankingStandard charteredBank InternetBanking ServiceOther Banks
TV Rehberim 1.2
YZ Yazılım
Yayın akışlarını mobil cihazınızdan anlık olarak takipedin.Followinstant streaming broadcasts from your mobile device.
BM Online OEC Verification 1.0.1
This FREE MOBILE APP can be used to verify the authenticityandvalidity of a OECUse this APP by entering the OEC numberorscanning QR Code.
AppLock – Privacy Guard & AppLocker 2.18.30
AppLock, best privacy guard, app protector and applocker, is asmartapp lock app!AppLock, powerful, fast and safe lock!AppLocklock themost private apps, gallery, messages and any apps with PINlock andpattern lock, giving your phone all-around privacyprotection withsafest & fastest applock app password lock.AppLock, your bestapplock and gallery lock app for android device,lock Facebook,WhatsApp, Gallery, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat,Contacts, SMS,Gmail, Settings, and any apps you want to lock, hideand encryptprivate & sensitive photos and videos with passwordlock andpattern lock with free app lock for apps. With applockprivacyprotection, your phone privacy is well-protected, no onecan snooparound your private apps, gallery, and messages, mess upyour phonesettings. AppLock, a must-have privacy guard&applocker!AppLock-Privacy Guard &AppLockerHighlights:►AppLock:-Lock social apps: AppLock can lockWhatsApp,Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Line, Wechat andMessenger.No one can peep at your private chat anymore!-Lockshopping apps:AppLock can lock Amazon, eBay, Farfetch,Net-A-Porter, and games.Prevent kids from buying unnecessaryitems!-Lock work related apps:Protect your important files andinformation safe!-Lock Android payapps: AppLock can Google Wallets,PayPal, Amazon Payments, andAndroid Pay. No one can buy anythingwithout your permission!-Lockphone settings: AppLock can locksystem settings like Wi-Fi,Bluetooth, and Data. No more worry aboutphone settings got messedup by children!-Lock Play Store: AppLockcan lock Google PlayStore. Prevent children from buying unnecessaryapps andgames!►Gallery Lock: Lock gallery. Hide and encrypt privatephotosand sensitive videos behind PIN & pattern lock. No moreworryabout privacy got peeped by intruders!►Password & PatternLock:AppLock lock most private apps, hide sensitive photos &videosvia PIN lock and pattern lock. Choose your favorite way toprotectprivacy security. Password lock has random keyboard. Muchsafer tokeep privacy security safe. No more worry about people peepyourpasscode. Pattern lock is much easier and faster to unlockapps.Hide draw pattern and make draw path invisible.Ensuresecurity!AppLock-Privacy Guard & AppLocker MainFeatures:-Lockapps with password, pattern-Lock private social apps-Lock systemsettings to prevent a mess by kids-Hide and lockprivate photos& videos-Lock Play Store to prevent childrenbuying apps &games-Lock game apps to keep kids from addicted togames-Lock theapplication by positionAppLock use AccessibilityServices to savemore battery power! Please enable it!AppLock, bestprivacy guard,app protector and applocker, is a smart app lockapp!AppLock,powerful, fast and safe lock!AppLock lock the mostprivate apps,gallery, messages and any apps with PIN lock andpattern lock,giving your phone all-around privacy protection withsafest &fastest applock app password lock. AppLock, your bestapplock andgallery lock app for android device, lock Facebook,WhatsApp,Gallery, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, Contacts, SMS,Gmail,Settings, and any apps you want to lock, hide and encryptprivate& sensitive photos and videos with password lock andpatternlock with free app lock for apps. With applock privacyprotection,your phone privacy is well-protected, no one can snooparound yourprivate apps, gallery, and messages, mess up your phonesettings.AppLock, a must-have privacy guard & applocker!Feelfree tocontact us via: [email protected]
Aaykar Setu 1.0.5
Aaykar Setu – It’s a free mobile application. It provides linkagetovarious services of the Income-tax Department through asinglewindow. The Utilities of Aaykar Setu are:• Ask IT – ACHATBOTprovides answer to the queries raised by taxpayers inno-time.• TPSVertical - The taxpayer can locate the nearby TPSoffices• TaxTools – Provides quick tax calculation like HRA etc. •Live Chat -Taxpayers can ask their queries from tax experts on livechat.• TRPat your doorstep – You can locate your nearest TRP injust aclick.• Pay taxes online• Apply for PAN online• Tax Gyaan – Agameto enable the users to learn about Income Tax by just playingagame. It’s a Multiple Choice Question based game toprovideknowledge to the users. The game is divided into 4 levelsBeginner,Normal, Hard, and Difficult.• And many more.....
Focus N Filter 1.8
Have you ever thought of editing your pic with Your Namepaint.FEATURES: * Enter your name * Select font style * Add ColorstoText. * Add Colors to Background. * Share image and ShareimageFocus And Filters Focus n filters handwriting text tosignaturefocus handwriting focus N filters focus and filters focusn filtersignature maker signature insta insta focus filterFocusnfiltersFocus_n_filters focus.n.filter Focus._n._filterFocus_n_filter211Focus_n.filters focus.n.filters Focus_n_filter___Focus_n_filters2focus K&N filter Focus.n.filters__Focus_nfilters FingertipartFingertip Art Rate Us if You Like it.Thank You. Icon made Image made
Logo Quiz 2019 - Fun Quizzes 7.4
Logo Games
Logo Quiz 2019 - Fun Quizzes will provide you and your friendswithhours of fun and entertainment. Logo Quiz contains 1000 logosin asmall size app! Get it today! Guess the brands with themostexciting Logo Quiz game ever! Logo Quiz 2019 - Fun Quizzes isnowavailable for Android! Thanks to our loyal mobile users foryourcontinued support!Logo Quiz 2019 - Fun Quizzes is a completelyfreegame where you need to guess the names of logos frompopularcompanies.In this logo trivia game, you will come acrosseverybrand category that you know and love, including cars,fashion,apps, restaurants, movie industry, games industry, and manymore.Guess the companies from all over the world, including theUS,Canada, UK, Australia, and lots of others. We will bringbackmemories with several fun retro logos and older company symbolsaswell.Earn coins for each correct answer and then use your coinstobuy letters and hints.Logos have become a part of our lives.Weseem them on TV, on the street, on the subway, and in theshoppingmall. How many logo brands are you subconsciouslyretaining? Nowyou’ll find out! Work with your friends to find theanswers for thebrands that you just can’t think of the name of.Withbeautifullyrendered logos and cool animations, Logo Quiz 2019 - FunQuizzes isa pleasure to behold and fun to play. LogoQuiz is broughtto youexclusively by Logo Games. New logos coming soon. Checkforupdates!Enjoy the game!
My Mate Nate Official App 1.09
Neo J
Hi! I’m My Mate Nate and welcome to the official My MateNateApp!With this app you’ll be able to watch all of my videos 1hourbefore anyone else. I have developed this app specifically fortheMy Mate Nate family. You guys deserve it!!There is so much moretoMy Mate Nate than just my daily videos. With this app you’llbeable to not only watch all of my crazy videos, but you’ll getaglimpse into My Mate Nate’s life, see how I got to where Iamtoday, get a Behind the Scenes look into all that I do in mylife,how to buy merchandise, and check out my personal freelanceworkthat I do around the world!!
Guess the Food, Multiple Choice Game 1.3.2
Trivia Box
Play Guess the Food! Popular food brands from all over theworldwith the largest collection of over 7500 brands to solve.Guess theFood progress is synced with Facebook and Google Plus, soyou canplay on all of your different devices and compete with yourfriendsfor the highest score! Guess the Food Features: ★ Multiplechoiceoptions for every food brand ★ More than 7500 brandsorganized inover 400 levels and 25 countries! ★ Helpful clues!Hints areawarded to help you figure out the answer! ★ New DailyChallenge tosolve every day for extra hints! ★ Log in with Facebookor GooglePlus to sync your score and compete with your friends! ★Ask yourFacebook friends for help when stuck! ★ Scoreboard whereyou cancompare your ranking with friends. ★ Progress is syncedwithFacebook and Google Plus, so you can play on all of yourdifferentdevices. ★ High-quality graphics. ★ Timely updates: newpacks areadded frequently. All food brands shown or represented inthis gameare copyright and/or trademark of their respectivecorporations.The use of low-resolution images in this trivia appfor use ofidentification in an informational context qualifies asfair useunder copyright law.
Unbelievable Worlds 1.1
Jazzy Worlds
Knowledge is powerful. and when it comes about small andunknownthings it becomes more important. Knowledge is mostimportant thingin current fast and progressive world. If you haveenough knowledgethen you can conquer the world. Are you searchingfor UnbelievableWorlds? science facts? Cool facts? Or justinteresting facts abouteverything? Then you are in right place. Wepresent to you our newapplication named "Unbelievable Worlds" withcurrently more than10,000+ facts images/Pictures with adding newUnbelievable facts ondaily basis. In the app, we serve to youmesmerizing and wonderfulUnbelievable facts from all over the worldand covering almost allthings. This app will be knowledge boosterfor you. You can thenshow off to your friends and relatives aboutthese unknown facts.You will learn about interesting informationabout the whole worldfrom our android application. UnbelievableWorlds has more than10,000+ Unbelievable facts about animals, life,coffee, love,history, bees, people, science, Health, History,People Facts,Places Facts, Weird Facts, countries, music,companies, geography,social security, immigration, space, cities,nature, politics, cat,dog, food, Technology, human body, AnimalWorld, Geographic,history, Weird Fact, Other and even psychologyfacts that you neverknow. More to come as we constantly verify andupload amazing factspictures. Every fact you see is verified andapproved by ourresearch team. All facts about life are 100% checkedand verified!Features of our app: - 10,000+ Real UnbelievableWorld's factsPicture. - Daily update new facts & unknown thingsin Picture -High performance and less memory consumption app - Youcan downloadand save to make collection of it in your local storage- You cansee saved list of your favorite Facts Picture. You canalso manageyour saved list by deleting it - You can see Pictures asthumbnailsand sliders both as per your preferences - You can shareyourfavourite Unbelievable World's fact Picture on Facebook,Twitter,Whats app, Google+, Hangout, Quora, Pinterest, LinkedIn andmanymore social platforms. - Easy to handle UI - 100% freeapplicationDisclaimer: All logos/images/names are copyright oftheirperspective owners. All images in the app are available onpublicdomains. This image is not endorsed by any of theperspectiveowners, and the images are used simply for aestheticpurposes. Nocopyright infringement is intended, and any request toremove oneof the images/logos/names will be honored. You will besurely lovewith this app.
MHW Search Armor Sets 1.2.0
Monster Hunter World You can easily find various custom armorbychoosing the skill you want.
Cars Clock Wallpaper 1.19
Beautiful Cars Clock Wallpaper app that displays time, date,year,day.Change your Android device with a nice clock design,downloada beautiful wallpaper from 17 backgroundsIt is easy to set,go toSettings > Display > Wallpaper > Live Wallpaper >CarsClock Wallpaper. You should set a background if you want anicerstyle.Select from 30 HD cars WallpaperIt’s fullycustomizable:-Font color- Stroke color and width- Shadow color,offset and blurradius- Color tansparency- Time format (AM/PM)-Device rotation-Full color picker- Background picture- Each itemcan becustomizabled- Great battery performance
Stylish Text Creator 1.7
Sevenza Apps
Stylish Text Creator is a new text styling and decoration tooltorestyle the normal text into Stylish Text. The text can bebothstylize and decorated in order to look cool. The text canbedecorated with more than 80 styles including the piratesstyle,sword style, bar code style, signal style and lots more. TheTextStyler contains 15 unique text styling to make your text looksascool as you. The App is compatible with almost allpopularmessenger apps. Therefore, you can use the text generated intheapp as your status in whats App or post a status updateinFacebook. There are endless possibilities with this stylishtextcreator tool. The app is currently free and contains no ads.Forhelping us mantaining and updating this app at a regularbasis,kindly buy the donate versionat Helping us downloading the donate version of the app, wewillmake the app most suitable for you all. Thanks in advance.PleaseProvide Ratings, Feedback and Recommend our app if you likedit.Bugs / Error Reporting : For any bugs or error reporting,simplymail us at [email protected] . Website :
Milli Naghmay Pakistan Independence Day Songs Mp3 1.1
This is a most admirable and Offline playing application fornationlovers on Pakistan Independence. The Pakistani milli naghmayapp iscomposed to show regard for country on all national eventslike aPakistan Independence Day. This package offers you allNationalsongs for Jashan e Azadi and national events in audio mp3version.Audio will play your favorite singer choice.Choose yourfavoritesong and being considering the worth of country some songsaretruly dedicated to Pakistan to arouse the sentiments ofemotionalpublic. Mili naghmas are the proud part of this countrywhichrefreshes the faithfuness and loyalty for Pakistan that’s whyeveryimportant national day is furnished with relevant trackstocelebrate it grandly. Every celebration seems deficient withoutthetinge of national songs. Enjoy without internet nationalsongscollection of your favorite singers and leave the headacheofsearching work. The national songs bar contains Jashne azadisongs,Pak Army songs, defence day track, Independence Day melodies,PAFand Navy songs in voices of classy singers. The app possessaudiofile of mili naghmas. It gives you content list of varioussongswith title marking. Explore the national songs collection andplayworld's best songs with audio mp3. The app is offline audioplayerthat gives you relaxation of network connection. The songsarerelish with back to back images slides. Push play andenjoyemotional tracks regarding Pakistan.Features- Audio mp3nationalsongs- Collection of emotional tracks- All songs for dayPakistanDefence day, Independence Day, Army etc.- Offline audioplayer-Content list of your favorite singers- Content list forNaghmasHowto PlayConnect to internet for downloading and thenenjoycompletely offline working- Open the app and choose yourfavoritesong.- Click on any song and play it, it will give yououtstandingaudio and images vision
Miranda Sings vs Haters 1.1
A HIDDEN OBJECT GAME FEATURING MIRANDA SINGS!Evil haterz havehiddenMiranda’s favorite things! Cheer her up by spotting thehiddenobjects in time and making sure her show goes on. Battlehaterz in50 levels of madness. Unlock Miranda Puzzle levels anddiscover allof Miranda’s moods. Top the leaderboard and proveyou’re a trueMirfanda!Download Miranda Sings Vs Haters @Games2Winfrom the GooglePlay Store now to enter her crazy colorfulworld!Miranda Sings vsHaters Features: - 50 CRAZY HIDDEN OBJECTLEVELS- 15 SUPER MIRANDAPUZZLE LEVELS- TRUE MIRFANDA LEADERBOARD-QUIRKY MIRANDAEXPRESSIONSPlease note that we use Advertising IDfor serving betterads and improving the product throughAnalyticsAboutGames2win:Games2win – Based in Mumbai and SanFrancisco is agigantic casual games business, operating across aglobal footprint,leveraging its own & partner IP to create anentertaining gamingexperience.The Company has clocked 73 milliongame downloads acrossthe all platforms all via viral installs.Some of its games –Parking Frenzy, Star Fashion Designer, FabTattoo Artist &Fashion Diva have topped the global appcharts.VISIT US: LIKE US: FOLLOWUS: Contact [email protected] for any problems you may havewithMiranda Sings vs Haters.PrivacyPolicy:
Calcular Combustível
Efetue o calculo de quanto é o consumo médio do seu veiculo,quantoira gastar para percorrer uma determinada distancia, quantoslitrosirá abastecer com um determinado valor e a diferença deÁlcool xGasolina. Os cálculos são para simples conferência. Casogoste, nospague um café baixando a versão semanúncios..: much is the average consumption of your vehicle, howmuch willspend to travel a certain distance, how many liters willsupply witha certain amount and the difference of Alcohol xGasoline.Calculations are for simple conferencing. If you like,pay us acoffee by downloading the version without ads..:
Love Letters 1.2
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Do you want to dedicate a love letter to your lover, but you donotknow what to write? You found the indicated app, download itforfree and you will see The best love letters to dedicate tothatspecial person. Stop stressing trying to think what to write,theseletters are ready to be dedicated, to fall in love more andmore toyour couple Download the best love letters for free here!
Wrestling Quiz 1.0.1
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★ BEST WRESTLING QUIZ ★Are you a real fan of pro Wrestling andWWE?Do you think you know all the facts about wrestlers andchampionslike John Cena or The Rock?Our Wrestling Quiz will let youtestyour knowledge! Prepare for a revolution in your knowledge!Getinthe ring, install our awesome Trivia app, read the questionsandtry to answer them! How much do you know about WWE?Don't forgettoshare the results with your friends to see who's thebiggestwrestling fan!Download our Quiz now and show us what you'vegot!See you there!*Unofficial Application - this application is notanofficial application of WWE and it is not in any way relatedtoWorld Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.
Dope Wallpapers 1.3
Dope Wallpapers app contains many picture of Dope Wallpapers foryouphone! Features of Dope Wallpapers : - Contain 100+ highqualitypictures - New Dope Wallpapers - Fantasy Dope Wallpapers -Set asWallpaper or Lock Screen - Share and Save NOTE: If you likethe app,do not forget to press +1 button, leave a comment andqualify ★★★★★us positively, thanks.