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com.ulink.agrostar 4.12.1
What’s in the AgroStar Agri-Doctor App for Indian Kisan? 1️⃣KrishiCharcha (किसान चर्चा) 2️⃣ Weather Forecast for your farm(मौसम) 3️⃣Crop Info (फसल जानकारी) (GJ, MH, RJ) 4️⃣ AgroStarAgri-Shop (कृषीशॉपिंग) (GJ, MH, RJ) Why download the AgroStarAgri-Doctor App forfarmers? ✅ Biggest & most loved onlinefarmer community inIndia ✅ Available in 11 Regional languages:Hindi, Gujarati,Marathi, English. Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam,Kannada, Punjabi, Oriyaand Bangla coming soon!! ✅ Small size: 4.3MB only ✅ Works offlineand in 2G & 3G: All app pages visitedwill be available inoffline mode. The app is specially designed forrural India- verylittle internet data used! ✅ Krishi Gyaan (कृषीज्ञान): AgroStar’s‘Agronomy Centre of Excellence’ (ACE) is a teamof expertagri-doctors who help farmers with farming advice, tips,andsolutions. ACE has helped thousands of Indian farmers getbetteryield and better crop management. In AgroStar App’s ‘KrishiGyaan’section, farmers get best agriculture tips & detailedcropgrowing knowledge not only created by ACE but also fromexpertsources like Agro-won, The Economic Times and severalwell-knownexternal agriculture experts. Features of the‘AgroStarAgri-Doctor’ App 1️⃣ Krishi Charcha (किसान चर्चा) FarmersacrossIndia are now discussing their farming questions withAgroStarAgri-Doctor and fellow farmers! Farmers now post theiragriproblems with pictures, videos & text in their locallanguages.All farmers have now come together to help each otherprogress andwin making AgroStar Agri-Doctor App the biggest andmost lovedonline farmer group in India! 2️⃣ Weather Forecast (मौसम)Farmerscan get accurate weather information for today and the next14 daysfor their exact village location. Weather updates includerainfall,temperature & humidity. In case of severe weather,farmers willalso get alerts to help take preventive action &protect theircrops. Brought to you in association with theworld-renownedweather service provider- Accuweather. 3️⃣ Crop Info(फसल जानकारी)(GJ, MH, RJ) Get expert information about 50+ cropsincludingvegetables, horticulture, floriculture, fodder, cash,oilseed,spices, and pulses. Identify most crop diseases &cropnutrition issues and get to know their symptoms & how tosolvethem using products from more than 150+ quality agriculturebrandslike Bayer, DOW, Dhanuka, Indofil, Ajeet, MAHYCO, Rasi,KisanKraft, Pioneer, Monsanto, Ankur, Honda, TATA Rallis, Kaveri,UPL,Mahindra, John Deere, Kubota, VST, Lemken, JainIrrigation,Rivulis, etc. Mandi prices for crops coming later intheapplication. 4️⃣ Agriculture Shop (कृषी शॉपिंग) (GJ, MH,RJ)Farmers can purchase all products needed for farming fromtheAgroStar Agri-Doctor App. Seeds, fungicides,weedicides,pesticides, bio and organic crop protection, cropnutritionproducts and farm implements like pumps, tractors,sprayers,tarpaulin sheets and mulching sheets are all now at thefingertipsof farmers in this app. Buddhimaan Aur Balwaan! JaiKisan!
Professional World Farmer 1.6
EXPERIENCE THE REAL FARMER LIFE!Ever dreamt about having yourownprofessional farm? Harvesting your own crops which you alsoplantedyourself? Driving in your countryside tractor? Now it is thetimeto live that dream! Become a real farming expert in thisamazingfarming simulation game. No virtual farming simulator hasever beenso realistic!RUN YOUR VERY OWN FARM!Use your cultivator toplow theground before you plant any seeds. Complete thechallengingcountryside tractor driving levels to earn money. Investthat moneyin a better countryside tractor to keep up with thecompetition.CRUISE THROUGH THE 3D COUNTRYSIDE!This amazing farmingsimulationgame has an open 3D countryside map. You have to drive asa realfarming expert across the 3D countryside to your land whereyouhave to plow the ground. Don’t wait any longer with playingouramazing farming simulation game!✔ Real world and realcountrysidetractor driving simulation sounds✔ Ground breakingfarming tractorsimulation physics✔ Adrenaline-filled virtualfarming simulatorexcitement✔ Detailed and unique challenges for areal farmingexpert like you✔ Experience cutting edge 3D open worldgraphics✔Stunning countryside tractor driving dynamics ✔ Realtractorsimulator game features✔ More virtual farming simulatorgames willfollow shortly We hope you will enjoy our farmingsimulation gameand don’t forget to rate us on Google Play!
You are running a farm? You’re searching for or you want to sellatractor, used agricultural machines, animals, feed oraccessories?Or you want to be always up to date about agricultureand browseclassifieds for the best deals and offers? Then you areexactlyright here! 🚜 Find the perfect equipment for your farm inmore than25,000 classified ads and 65,000 offers in our second-handmarketwith the marketplace App. ✔ Tractors ✔Tractorequipment ✔ Harvesting technology supplies ✔ Cropprotectionproducts ✔ Commercial vehicles ✔ Forestry and woodtechnology ✔Flea market ✔ Direct marketing ✔ etc. The App to thefamous onlinemarketplace for agriculture Our App offers the entirerange of thecorresponding website, THE onlinemarketplace foragriculture. The App helps you tosearch specificallyfor classified ads, offers and deals in yourlocal community(between 0 and 500 km). Contact the advertiserdirectly through theApp and avoid unnecessary transportation bybuying in your ownregion. Direct, easy & quick private adsInterested parties areable to browse through our ads or to directlysearch for youroffer. If somebody shows particular interest theycan open thedetailpage of the private ad to get more informationregarding theoffer. Buyer and seller can contact each otherdirectly via theApp. Our App promises benefits both for buyers andsellers. Searchfor & find great deals and offers You aresearching for quite aspecial machine? No problem, select thefitting offer from thecomprehensive range of our used machinerydealers and get moreinformation directly in our marketplace. OurApp provides you withan exceptionally clever search engine for usedmachines. Browsethrough categories or optimize your results withvarious searchcriteria like brand, price, PS / kW, year ofconstruction,operating hours, tyres, working width etc. Second-handmachinesnear you and abroad Find offers from Austria, Germany,Hungary,Slovenia, Italy or Switzerland. Once you have discoveredyourdesired offer you can view the exact location of theofferedmachine on the map or contact the seller right away. Theonlinemarketplace regarding your farm The simple and clear userinterfaceof our App enables you to find the best offers, machines,tractorsand vehicles always and everywhere. is thebest placeto search purposefully for agricultural technology, usedmachinery,agricultural machines and farm supplies. We providecountlesscategories such as tractors, tractor equipment, cropcultivation,trailers, construction machinery, commercial vehicles,flea marketand many more. Everything related to your farm Findeverything foryour farm with ► Used machines ►Classifieds ► Wageemployment ads ► Videos about agriculturaltechnology, cropcultivation, horses, pigs etc. ► Agricultural news► Photocompetitions ► Live videos Those who haven’t found what theyaresearching for are looking in the wrong place! Simply App and benefit from our comprehensive range!
US Agriculture Farming 3D Simulator 1.0
IBM Games
Being an American Tractor Real Farming Game is so much fun.Thismarvelous Farming Expert Evolution Game 3D gives you anawesomeopportunity to wind up noticeably a collector andappreciategathering USA Farm Corn Harvesting Simulator. In thisCountry FarmExtreme Story Game & Big Farm Tractor's Machineryyou need toplay as a cultivator and a collector. Here isopportunity toexperience your fantasy of utilizing seedinghardware, developwheat and gather crops. US Agriculture Farming 3DSimulator Enjoythe best event of Christmas Farming Simulator Giftand drivingfarming tractor transport 3D games with our tractorharvestingvillage farm driving. This is best farm game based on thecargotransport tractor city driving and villages with tractorfarminganimals city transport. Drive your cargo tractor villagedrivesimulation on the real farm fields and enjoy the agricultureinyour village.Now try this real plow farming tractor drivingtoenjoy the heavy tractor harvesting driving 3D andcountrysideenvironment with this tractor farm village lifesimulation. Thefarming is the real hobby of most of the people withnature’s,Enjoy heavy Tractor Farming Santa Simulator duty toexperience thetractor farming with this farm tractor drivingvillage transport.This is the real tractor harvester city transportgame based on thetractor farming and farm simulation with real plowtractor drivingsimulation the goods and farm harvest in tractorreal sandexcavator driving. Enjoy the best of crazy tractor farmingcitydriving 3D games and tractor village crop harvesting driving3dgames in this Tractor Christmas Farming Simulator and Life OfFarmAgriculture Simulator This is offroad cargo tractortransportsimulation game in which you real off-road cargo tractordriver 3Dgames and drives cargo tractor hill crane games in cityand villageenviornments for cargo. With this Indian Farming HeavyTractor 3DSimulator offroad cargo farming tractor transport driver,you needto perform a modern tractor cargo driver 3d. In the newcityharvest cargo tractor transport you need to be real tractordrivertransport cargo duty to complete the real farming taskslikecultivation, harvesting animals cargo wheat cargo. Unlikeanotherhill mountain, cargo tractor drives 3D and hill climb farmheavytractor driving, tractor village driving will give the realtractorurban cargo transporter 2017 simulation game with RealFarming Day:Crop Simulator 18. Future of Modern Tractor Cargo: PlowFarming 3Dtractor transport simulator gives you best farmingvillage lifeexperience and you will be working like a tractor cityharvesttransport 3D. You will be playing different tractorsimulationgames like farming tractor city transport 2017 anddriving thosetractors in like offroad hillside tractor cargotransporter. Farmcargo tractor driving hill simulation and in thismountain tractorwood cargo hill transport, you will be masteringthis real farmingtractor cargo drive simulator 3D. In this cargotractor,realtractor farming city cargo simulator grows farm freshfoods forcity people.Drive heavy tractor city transport duty yourcultivatedcrops to city market to support the country's economy andto gainprofit for you and real plow tractor driving simulation.Enjoytractor driving in this tractor driver transport cargoduty.Cultivate different crops including rice, wheat, corn andalsomountain tractor wood cargo hill transport is available nowRealFarm Life In New York. Game Features: Complete FarmingProcessesAll Type of Machinery Like Tractor, Combine Harvester,Sprayer,Plow, Cultivator Misery of RICE & CROPS Spray machineused forspray in liquid Crop Rotation, Shifting CiltivationPlantationFarming & Dairy Farming Misery Of Wheat Tractordriving plowthe crops Driving tractor animal transport Countrysidetractorfarming crops and cargo transport Tractor harvester driving3dsimulator realistic environment and good control
AN EXCEPTIONALLY FRESH FARMING SIM GAME: Are you being fed upwiththe monotonous and artificial city life? We are presentingarealistic farming simulator in the form of this tractor game.Justdive into agriculture world featuring the beautiful farms&modern farming machines. You are great admirer of pure rurallifewho loves tractor farming 2019. But due to city’s bustle youcan’tfind time for your hobby. The Rural Tractor Threshers game forfansof village farm game 2019. Don’t go for other ordinary farmsimgames. Cultivate wheat, corn and many more crops in yourvillagefarm. Unlike other tractor cargo games, this tractorthreshermachine game presents you the stunning farm model. Bereaper inthis crop harvest driving game. HIGHLIGHTED MODES: • FarmGuide Inthis mode you will have complete guidance pertaining tofarmingtasks. From driving tractor sim to harvesting challenges,you willbe helped to complete the levels successfully. • FarmingSimulationTrails In this mode, your 3d farming skills will betested. Youwill be given the multiple farm machines and you need toselect itas per the requirement. Select your vehicle to attach withthetractor otherwise you will lose the task. Tractor Farming DutygameDistinguishing Features: 1. Advanced farming vehicles(thresher) todrive as distinct from farm games 2. New farming taskslikethresher operations and ……. 3. Step by step learning ofcropsfarming processes 4. A complete farm game with cargotransportchallenges 5. Adjustable color painting of tractor; makeunlimitedcolors and shades of your choice START YOUR AGRIBUSINESSNOW: Makethrashing and farming memorable with thresher machinegame. Weassure you that you haven’t seen adventurous tractordrivingbefore. Drive fantastic tractor simulator over largefarmland. Getmesmerized with tractor farming simulator and lorrydriving all inone farm game. Play this Village Tractor Threshergame to cultivateand harvest in countryside farming fields. This isreal farminggame in which farmer drives his tractor across thevillage &takes farm cargo to market. So produce moreagriculture crops &earn more money. Make your more exiting withharvester thrashersimulator. Have best of rural town farming andcargo games.Addictive Game play of Tractor Thresher Sim: ThisTractor ThresherSim 19 is most remarkable farm game. You are aboutto unveil theadvanced farming and transport challenge with the realvillageranch house. Just pull off the entire trailer simulatorandcomplete farming tractor simulator 2019 Game. So select yourbesttractor and ready for thrashing journey. You can select modewhichwill directs you to farm. Cultivation and farming procedure:Ploughthe seeds in your farming land. Water them in regularintervals.You will be fascinated with the thresher simulator whichis used toseparate the seeds. You will witness real threshingmachine soundsas you are present in this best tractor farminggames. Preventyoung seedlings from insects. You have sprayer forsprayingpesticides. Take harvester and harvest crops. Load thecrops introlley to derivation twisty mountain roads. Any damage tothe farmcargo will lead to level termination. In this threshertractor2019, if your tractor simulator gets exhausted don’t worry!A newfarm tractor with high power engine will reach to take youtodestination. What are you waiting for! Just hurl intotractorfarmer 2019 game now! Don’t forget to give yourvaluablesuggestions and comments.
Big Farming Tractor Drive 3D-18 1.7
Tractor Drive 3d games-offroad farming drive- FarmingFactoryTransport Driving Welcome to cargo duty driver of realtractorfarming simulator 3d game. Where you can manage farmfields.Harvest crops with modern cultivator and tractor harvester.Inrural tractor farming game 3d drive you have to drive tractor 18tomove goods from one field to another. Try all villagefarmtransport in modern rural tractor driving. Big farmingsimulator2017. You have Offroad tractor farm simulator, tractorsimulatordrive cargo tractor drive 3d, tractor driving games, cargotractortractor puller, tractor cargo pull, tractor pull challengezigzagwheeler heavy tractor, heavy duty tractor pull machinetractortruck trally, truck trailer, offroad farm sim 2018, realfarmertractor, agriculture career tractor wheel balance trickybumpytractor roads, harvesting season, farmer experience, tractorcargosimulation 2018, hill tractor drive, pro farming tractor,tractorsimulation 2018 farming mania, farming game 2018, off roadvillagetractor sim, turbo speed tractors all this is available foryou.Farmhouse manager needs powerful tractor, farm transport driverwhocan perform the duty of driver . Who do his duty on time bydrivingtractor and farm cultivator. You have seen many othertractorfarming drive. Farming games but in ultimate farming tractordrivegame you will see and test the driving of new farm transport.Forall this you have to download this rural tractor simulator.Farmvillage people are more competent & healthy because theydriverural farm tractor 3d simulator. In the early morning to maketheirFarmhouse land better and able for seed farming. Enjoy thefarmtractor driving in crazy tractor drive 3d simulator. Offroadfarming game. Feel the natural creations at morning by havingcoolbreeze. Tractor drive 2017 have smooth and fantastic controlwithfresh air. In the morning giving you a pleasant feeling ofrealworld. Enjoy every part of addictive tractor farmingsimulator2017: farm games. Seed farming tractor drive challengeyour duty isto be a farm driver. Start tractor then attach acultivator formaking farmhouse land level. After making land properthen do seedfarming for village farmers. Water plant and then atthe endharvest crops with modern farm crusher. Try alsoharvestersimulator 2017. Rural farm tractor is filled with crazyfarm foryou to check every aspect of rural farming fields. In everylevelfarmer will give you different task of rural tractor drivinggame.Complete every interesting mission of modern farmer games.tractordrive. Be the best tractor parking driver. In the fieldsparkingsimulator of crazy tractor farming mania. Pro farmingtractorsimulation 3d every level is different from previous level.Youwill see a lot of changes in real tractor farming 2017.Improveskills of driving combine harvester for cutting crops ofvillager’sfields. Make their rural crops better by having goodagriculturefarming. So be modern farming driver and do all thosenecessarytask of farming simulator games. In new village farmingtransporttractor simulator. Take tittle of best modern farmer inthe world.Do seed farming with our modern tractor farmingsimulator. Farmdrive 3d get highest price quality goods in yourfarmhouse land.Features: • Perform farmer duty • Harvest and seedcrops • Tractordrive • Land cultivator drive • Real tractor drivingcontrol •Tractor trailer simulator
Virtual Farmer Tractor: Modern Farm Animals Game 1.0.2
Become a Local Farm Manager in countryside farming fieldsbycultivating & harvesting crops in this Farmer Sim 17!PlayVirtual Farmer Tractor: Modern Farm Animals Game toperformagriculture activities along with farming goods &farminganimal transport to city.Virtual Farming simulation hastaken astep forward with amazing usa farming vehicles drive.Experiencereal farming sim 2018 with fastest farming tractors andfarmmachinery. In this virtual farming sim, showoff extremetruckdriving skills & use advanced farming machinerylikeharvesters, hydraulic cargo transporters etc. Thisextremecombination of traditional farming & will revolutionizefarmsim 2018. Use barren land with modern technology & makeitplough-able in unique farming simulator 2017. Become a realfarmerby taking control of green farm, off the city in betweenfairymeadows of virtual farming tractor game. Run tractorengine,farming silage transporter, drag horrow, farming graincart,conveyor belt to perform rural farming, irrigationprocess,cultivation, farm sprayer & harvesting cropsfarmingmissions.Plough crops of big farm & grow crops byfeeding withfresh water & pest control fertilizers in realfarming game.Become real farmer, drive farming tractor trolley fullof cargoluggage including cultivators, farm mowers & modernharvestertools from city to village farm. Use proper farmingtechniques toobtain high yield in virtual farmer 2018 game. Takebest out ofyour agricultural career by cultivating mud farm,experience realfarming life in little farmer simulation 17 byriding on modernharvesters and farming tractors. In this animalfarming simulator17, transport farm animal like cow, goats,buffalos, horses etcfrom ranch to urban city. Perform modern farmergame activities,grow crops in best possible farming way & sowseeds just afterploughing with heavy tractors in large farmingfields.Transportcrops to city market with heavy tractor driving& farmingtractor trolley ride in real farm simulator game 2018.Farmingtractor trolleys are best way to transport crops afterperformingcultivation, crop harvesting in big farm game. Use siloto storecrops before selling. This little farming game is composedofvirtual farming missions with various limitations in eachmission.Complete all modern farming master simulator missions bydrivingcombine harvester machine, farming silage trailer &realtractor thresher. Prepare barren land for sowing, sow seeds,watercrop fields, harvest crops, transport to community market&sell feedstock for purchasing little farming machines. Alsobringfarming fertilizers & pesticides sprays for saving cropsfrominsects in little farm simulator. Become real farmer byplayingepic tractor farming simulator 2018 & write your ownfarm storyby performing plowing, irrigation & harvestingactivities onfarming tractors and harvesters.Safeguard farm cattle& performanimal farming activities like milking along withharvester tractorsupply missions. As a real farm animal transportertruck driver,showoff precision driving skills while transportingfarming animalsfrom rural ranch to big city. Drive farming tractorin newesttractor mania game & enjoy little farm life byfulfillingmodern farmer duty. In Virtual Farmer Tractor Modern FarmAnimalsGame, drive farming tractor in village farm to obtain bettercropsfields with accurate water feeding to young farming cropsincountryside farming game. Enjoy village life in virtualfarmingsimulator game while aggregating your barren land for bestpossiblefarming.Big Farming Game 2018 Features:Little farm lifeexperiencewith futuristic farming techniques.Intuitive controls ofheavytractors, classic farming harvesters &watersprinklers.Excellent graphics and close to nature realisticfarminggame.Download Virtual Farmer Tractor: Modern Farm AnimalsGameright now & enjoy futuristic farming life with heavyfarmingvehicles
Real Tractor Farmer 2018: Farming Games 1.03
Real Tractor Farmer 2018: Farming GamesCultivate, harvest dothereal village farming for freeDo you want your own US farm whereyoucan pursue your tractor farming skills? Zact technologyproudlypresents yet another exciting farm simulator game featuringtheheavy tractor simulator 2018 on Google plat store.If you wanttoexperience some real twist from the hustle and bustle of bestrurallife and want a refreshing start to your farming passion, thenthistractor cargo sim, which is double tire tractors based on therealagriculture life. America has been injecting unabated effortstorenew the farming techniques. In this tractor gameagriculturesector is under light.One of the best tractor games andfarmergames, this harvester tractor simulator is all about excitingtouralong the real village farm. Now amplify your farmer passionandU.S farm 3d mania with this tractor simulator. Keep exploringthereal us farming with this heavy tractor simulator games. Trythisdouble tire tractor simulator. Have the real fun in thefarmsimulator in hot locations off Road Mountains. Try Americantractorwith heavy cargo load now.Unlike from heavy tractor gamesand farmsimulation games, this heavy cargo tractor farming gametakes youto the exotic rural locations of whereas cities where youcan growstrawberries and other vegetables in US farmalong withfarminggames 3d. The heavy tractor simulator is a driving transportgamewhere the rural life is waiting for you. Leave the robotic lifeofthe city for a while and avail this chance to get close tothenature. Enjoy the cargo tractor driving game now to getstimulatingspirit of tractor driving in the farms of harvester.Your Americantractor is here for you to drive in this cargotransport game.Drive the most realistic tractor driving in thiscrop harvestergame. HOW TO PLAY:Cultivate the rice seeds in thefarm. Be carefulwhile driving the heavy tractor driving simulatorin this Ruralfarming tractor sim: farmer game. Your farming land isnowavailable and is highly appropriate to grow the crops. Theseasonis suitable for US farming. Now use the seeder for sprinkleseeds.The young plants and seedlings require the water. Water thefarmplants in this double tire tractor farming 3d game. The youngcropsare vulnerable to the pest and fungus attacks. So hurry upinspraying the pesticides with sprayer in tractor trolleysimulator.• Enjoy Harvesting Season In Heavy US Tractor HarvesterGame:Asharvesting is celebrated as festival in America so be a partofthis festivity as real harvester 2018.Harvest the crops andgatherthem to ground which will be taken to market in cargotransporttrailer game. • Transport The Cargo And Harvested CropsToMarket:The reward of a farmer is his healthy crops whichhedelivers to market. This tractor simulation game provides therealtrailer simulator plus the tractor trolley simulator totransportfarm harvest to market to earn revenue in real farminggames&tractor games. Download now new farming cargo tractorgame andenjoy harvester transport challenge.Real Tractor Farmer2018:Farming Game Features:1. Realistic farms with us tractortrolleydriving simulator2. Thrilling cargo transport challengeswith cargotractor simulator3. Amazing visual and sound effects intractorparking games4. Smooth controls with hydraulic brakes intrailersimulator 3d game5. Modern farm machineryBy playing thisgame youagree to our privacypolicy We encourage you tohelpus improve this tractor game by giving your impressive andqualityfeedback.
Primitive Farming Machine - Harvesting Rice 1
Ashal Games
Download village modern farm and get ready for theharvestingfarmland challenge! In this your goal is to do plouging,seedingand watering for the rice crop. As you move towards thechallenginglevels of farm construct simulator it will increase withmore funand addiction. Be an active member of fun farming game andtake thefeel of super farming. The fun of tractor driving willnever be thesame when you play this additive harvest crops createdby AshalGames. Here in this cropping farm you will enjoy therealisticgraphics that will give you the feel that you are workinglike areal farmer. Great environment of design and craft will giveyou abeautiful feel while working in the village modern farm.Smoothsteering controls, and heavy machinery handling are theawesomefeatures of primitive harvesting that make it perfect foryou. Justdownload this super farming and enjoy planting, thresherandplowing on green farms. In this 3d farm you have to harvestricethrough different machinery and perform farming activities.Allprocesses of farming in harvesting farmland are dividedintodifferent levels. The first task which is assigned to youintractor cargo transport is to plow the area for the rice crop.Thefield is ready for seeding in fun farming game. Now you have todoseeding with the help of sack in countryside farming. In thislevelyou have to do watering in the field as you have to sow seeds.Youhave to do watering the area by walking around the fieldincropping farm. At the moment you have to plow the area withhorsein village farming. There is a large field and you have tomove inthe field with the help of bull cart. Once you are done withtheploughing now you have to do watering in that field with thehelpof cattle pump in super farming. This task all about thepicking ofthe plants from the small field in farms frenzy. You haveto walkin the field and pick the crop and put them in the smallsack inprimitive harvesting. There is a tractor you have to drivethattractor towards the shop in old harvester in primitivesurvivor.Here in this level you have to drive the harvester throughthefields and cutting up the plants into little bundles andleavingthem behind in big farm. Use thresher to excavate the ricearoundthe field in sowing. Take the trolley to the city which isfilledwith the rice and sell their and earn money with cropproduction.This game is all about the threshing and planting in oldfarmingand has fun! Primitive Farming Machine: Harvesting RiceFeatures:★Play our farm games free for FREE on any Android device★Buckle upyour seat belt and take control of awesome combineharvester★High-quality 3D graphics★ Many hours of free fun of oldfarming★Awesome environments of primitive plowing★ Enjoy awesomegamedesign, created by a team of top game designer.★ Enjoysuperimmersive environment and realistic sound effects.★ Finishalllevels, with different objectives and challengesDownloadvillagemodern farm and enjoy the FREE thrill everything will showyou aperfect mega gamer of this forage plow farming.Do not forgettorate us or give us feedback! 1.6.0
Being the most popular parallel driving application forPrecisionAgriculture, it can save money by just installing - noneed foradditional expensive equipment. Measure the size of yourfarm,field or grassland easily and hassle-free, even in poorconditionsor low visibility. Save field data, borders and guidancelines,mark obstacles and create a database of your requirement.WithField Navigator Steering Assistance driving to parallel tracksismuch easier, reducing the workload, size of untreated areasandavoiding overlaps. Field Navigator includes the use of StraightABparallel lines while navigating in the field. This app isperfectfor large and small farm owners, practitioners, learnersandprofessionals of Precision Agriculture. ❖ RECOMMENDATIONSIfbuilt-in GPS receiver is not accurate enough, the connectionofexternal Bluetooth GPS receiver is advised, specificallyGARMINGLO, which gives the accuracy of 0.3 m – tried and testedbyourselves. * The app perfectly works with a GARMIN GLO andGARMINGLO 2 external GPS antennas. ❖ FEATURES ➜ Navigate inparallellines while driving in the field ➜ Navigate and createtracks onGoogle Maps in satellite view ➜ Create fields database byusing GPSor manually ➜ Measure field area and perimeter by usingGPS ormanually by selecting points on the map ➜ Import field datain*.shp / *.kml formats ➜ Export field data in *.kml format ➜Sharefield data ❖ SOON: ➜ AB Curve ➜ Headland ➜ Obstacle positions➜Farming activities database ➜ Driving assistance in 3D modewithoutmaps ➜ Night mode for farming at night time ❖ HOW TO USE: 1.Tostart parallel driving you have to create a field(irregularhexagon icon at top right corner) 2. Choose implementwidth andparallel navigation lines creating mode 3. Click "Start"andfurther steps will be displayed on the top navigation panel ❖Weare also recommending our other app: ➜ GPS Fields Area Farming meanings: RTK, GPS, GLONAS, GARMIN,externalgps receiver, parallel driving, automatic steering,SECTION-ControlBOX and ISOBUS machine control, farming app, fields,field note,farmers, farmer union, ministry of agriculture, cropprotectionproducts, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides,insecticides,tractor, steering tractor, steering harvester,guidance, autoguidance in the field, variable fertilizing rate,variable sprayingrate, seeding rate. Field Navigator paralleldriving useful toolwhile harvesting cereal, grain, maize, corn,wheat, soybean,barley, cotton and other agricultural cultures infarm fields. Goodfor farm contractors, tractor rent companies whois working withjohn deere, new holland, case, class, agco, laverda,waderstad,simba, krone, kuhn, amazone, kverneland, hardi and otherfarmingequipment. driving Trajectory, field boundaries,Autosteering,Guidance, Accuracy, Seeding, Planting, Spraying,Spreading, CropSensing, Harvest, Grassfield, Farm, Measuring,Perimeter, AreaMeasuring.
🚜 Farm Simulator: Hay Tycoon grow and sell crops 1.65
Farming is nothing like in garden! Buy a plantation, cultivateandharvest crops with tractor, harvester and other farming machinesina full-scale farm simulator! Do all that a farmer does -buyresources, drive awesome farming machines, harvest and sellcrops.Running a farming business is fun and interesting in ournewagriculture farm simulator - American Farming Simulator!Featuresof Farm Simulator: VARIETY OF CULTURES Cultivate andharvestvarious crops on your plantation AGRICULTURE ECONOMY Sellcrops tobuy more resources and better farming machines for yourfarmFARMING MACHINES Use and maintain specialized farm machines inthesimulator, from tractor to harvester CULTIVATION ANDHARVESTPerform all kind of field works on your plantation - plow,seed,water and harvest OPEN FARMING REGION Freely explore vastfarmingregion, find land for plantation, farming machines dealersand moreWORKERS FOR HIRE Hire workers to do farm works on yourplantation.All out farming! Realistic farming is your s toexperience in ornew farm simulator! Complete full agriculture cyclein yourplantation - cultivate soil, seed crops and harvest. And doit withcool farming machines from tractor to harvester. Ready forfieldwork? Then try American Farming Simulator - a new farmingsimulatorand run a prosperous farm! Trading the goods! Agricultureandfarming demand a lot of resources - fertilizers,seeds,watervarious machines like tractor or harvester the spread themandcultivate plantation soil. The more crops you grow at yourfarm,the more you can harvest and sell to buy better farm machinesandgrow even more crops in farming simulator! Mind your business!Runand expand your agriculture business the way you want inthefarming simulator! Each new plantation or machines in signofsuccessful farming, so figure our which crops to grow andharvest,what farm resources to buy, which machines to maintain. Allyouhave from a seed bag to tractor and harvester can be usedforprosperous farming on your plantation! Work on your farm - usecoolfarming machines, cultivate and harvest crops on yourplantation inAmerican Farming Simulator!
Real Farming Simulator Game 1.5
Novatech Inc.
Real Farming is not an easy task its great job if you performthisjob with sincerity than you will enjoy and it will be a greatfun.Peoples living in rural areas mostly perform farming asprofessionthey produced natural food like contribute in the economyof theircountry. They usually grow different type of crops likecorn crop,sugarcane, wheat. Now its best time for you learnt realplowfarming by farming simulator game: real tractor farming inthisseason and start harvest your crops. Be careful about allthemachinery and driving because rural areas roads are alwaysveryrough and bumpy. This real tractor farming simulation 3Dgameprovides you a great chance to become harvester and cultivatecropscell them into different markets for money. Before cell thoseintothe market you will have to run through complete processgrowingyour crops cultivate the grass land, plant seeds, wateringtheplants, spraying the pesticides and threashuring the crops andallthe remaining works required before cell them into the marketandearn revenue. You are also necessary to transfer themtomarketplace. Every stage of farming simulator havedifferentmission, so you will have to complete all the missions tocultivateand grow the crops. Become a real farmer and control yourgrowingfield in this off road sim farming game. In this tractorfarmingsimulator not only drive tractor you will use for theharvester aswell combined. Now it’s time to become actual farmerthrough thisoff road tractor farming sim 2017 experience craneshugeconstruction material, heavy tractors and harvesters. Butbecareful about your all assets these are very costly. Off roadSimFarming Game 2017 adventure is a new concept where you willfeelreal farmer and tractor driver Features of the RealFarmingSimulator Game New high quality 3D graphics and realisticusercontrol Get an amazing experience of real farmer Drivetractorcombined with the harvester Take cares of your machinery,crops andcell them into market for profit Enjoy all the stages ofhavingreal farming and complete the mission Control everything atyourown farm and cultivate the crops Become the real farmer andfarmingtractor driver manage everything at your own field and growthefield for high yield and cell those into the market forhighprofit. We hope will like this farming simulator game: realtractorfarming and rate it high on the Google play store. Don’tforget tovisit our more games.
Tractor Farming & Tractor Trolley Cargo Driver 3D 1.1
Be ready to enjoy the heavy duty farming tractor 2018 in thefarmvillage and enjoy the farming agriculture in your village. Getthechance to drive the off road tractor driving and get the realjoyof tractor driving 2018.This farming simulation game isextremelynear to the reality of farming & farm cargo transport.Life ina village or life on a farm is less busy than an urban life.Urbanpeople like to spend more time of their life on a farm. Sit inyourModern Farm Tractor and tighten your seat belts it's the timetotravel on stunning roads, that have breathless sights takingpartin Tractor Trolley Driver Simulator.If you ever needed todrivethis tractor transport vehicles with giant and large sizedwheelsthat involves an enormous heart to drive, then you'repreciselydoing right to play this game. Tractor is the foremostcomponent offarming even in this modern era. Farming is incompletewithoutcargo tractors which help transport farming goods from oneplace toother.Plow farming by playing this harvester game andgrowdifferent crops and sale them to big city market. Becomesuperharvester farmer in farming game world.You can grow fieldseasilywith help of new real tractor farming and harvesting machinestoearn live hood. Plow, spray, water and harvest your crop forbetterhealth of fields and drive a big real tractor, realharvesting andreal big machinery. Remember this real tractorfarming game 2018requires a professional harvester skills so if youthink that youcan complete this farming challenge then downloadthis new harvestfarming simulator game and enjoy harvestertractorfarming.Cultivated crops when harvested are loaded fromvariousfarming fields and action villages on Heavy TractorTrolleys.Thislatest Tractor trolley Simulator is equipped withcharming 3Dgraphics and a variety of locations to drive on whilechallengingyour tractor trolley driving skills. Usually tractorsare used toharvest crops but in this game you will drive the bigmachinery toperform transportation duty. Farmers deliver the cargousinganimals like cow, goats, donkeys, horses and buffalo but thistimethe trolley is attached with modern tractors to do thiscargotransporter job.Enjoy the Tractor Trolley Cargo & Farmingas apro driver of tractor trolley games. Features: -Realisticcultivated lush green farms ready to be harvested - Go outin thefield and load your tractor trolley with wood logs -Drivecarefully to deliver farming goods to nearby city market -Advancedengine physics and easy controls - Supply cement to othercustomers- Transport rice to customers - Supply wooden logs to thefactory -Deliver crops and grain to silos - Realistic easy gameplay mode. -Best transport farming tractor simulator controls. -Variety oftransport simulator tractors. - Amazing HD graphicseffects with 3Danimations. - Outstanding and friendly GUI. - Freeto play.
Tractor Farming 3D Simulator 1.2
Farm housing and tractor farming is very unique where you canenjoythe life of US farmer as well as you can enjoy the life ofavirtual farmer. Take part in the livestock farming and enjoythenew techniques of modern farm.Tractor Farming 3D Simulator isachance to become crazy modern farmer. Immerse into a hugeopenworld of your modern farmland and cultivate or harvestmultipletypes of crops such as sugar beet, potatoes, wheat, canola,corn,rice, cotton and sunflower. Watch out your livestock such ascows,goats, sheep, ostriches and pigs. Cultivate and reap to sellyourdairy and farming products into the dynamic market. Plowthefields, seed the fields, water the fields and harvest thecrop& fruit of the cultivation process. Specially designedforformers who are interested in tractor driving andtransportingdifferent kinds of cargo towards their farms, thisTractor Farming3D Simulator will make you crazy. Become a tractordriver andcomplete the mission of delivering different kinds ofluggage tothe farmers in the fields.Harvest crops and have a propergrip onthe farming machines. In this game you are going to enjoytherealistic 3D graphics and smooth controls of thevehicles.TractorFarming 3D Simulator is the real modern simulatorgame in 3denvironment where tractor driving and working in thefields willmake you thrilled. The fun of riding and testing of yourdrivingskills in this Tractor Farming 3D Simulator is the basictheme ofthe simulation game. Drive tractor and trolley along withotherfarming tools in offroad city areas. Sowing and harvestingcropsand enjoying this multi level farming game will make you feelavillage life. Drive Australian tractor in this farmingsimulatordrive 3D game and be able to drive euro tractor, PKtractor, andIndian tractor after completing all the levels.In thisforage plowfarming you have to play as a professional farmer. Buyseeds fromshop, drive tractor trolley and go to a shop for thepurchase intractor farming.The farming profession is widely likedand widelyadopted profession in villages and plain areas. Multiplemachinerysuch as harvesters, tractor, trolley, sprayer etc are usedin thefarming profession. You will have a tractor trolley full ofcargoluggage including cultivators and other harvester tools whichareused for farming in the fields. Start your farming drive fromthevillage and go to the farms to help the farmers working inthefarms. Drive plowing machine from that area where all themachinesare placed for the countryside farming. Also drive theplowingmachine to field to fulfill your harvesting dreams.It is agamewhich has thrilling missions and fun farming game. Expertvillagefarmer has easy and smooth controls of the machinery youjust needto use in the world of Euro farm.Tractor Farming 3DSimulator: Areal Tractor Drive and Farming environment cargotransport drivinggame is the best drive game available to drive andplay simulationgame 2017. Become a tractor driver and drive atractor on theoffroad environment. Use modern technology of drivingin TractorFarming 3D Simulator game 2017. Heavy Tractor cargo anddriversimulator is a free game that will make you feel yourself inrealfarming and drive tractor. Drive and transport different kindsofcargo tractors in this simulation tractor drive transportgame.About Us: We welcome feedback and comments. Please reviewandcomment so that we can make games better for ourvaluableplayers.
AgriMedia Video App : Kisan Mitra in Agriculture
Digital Agri Media is Gujarat's & India’s mosttrustedorganization for Indian agriculture especially forfarmingcommunity i.e. Kisan, Khedut, Pashu palak, Gramvasi. This isa truee-Agriculture app of India for kheti, bagayat, pashupalan andruraldevelopment. We have developed AgriMedia video app to provideaudiovideo education about Agri, this is best distancelearningextension education for agricultural revolution in India.We aretrying to make our traditional agri more powerful, commercialandprofessional. We have produced complete scientific cropcultivationprocess video from land preparation to harvesting whichis a valueaddition for Farmers. Our videos are in both Gujarati andHindiLanguage. Our aim is to provide video based Agri educationandInformation to Farmers in the field for their better incomeandlife too. AgriMedia app covers scientific information likeAgri,Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Agro-Forestry, Poultry,Dairyfarming, apiculture, sericulture, Agri engineering,co-operation,Rural development, Entomology, Extension,Microbiology, PlantPathology, Soil Science & Agril. Chemistry,Economics,Agronomy, Genetics & Plant Breeding, Crop Physiology,FoodScience & Nutrition, Farm Technology,Floriculture,Olericulture, Plantation Crops, Pomology, Meditionaland aromaticcrops, Soil & Water Conservation, Process &FoodEngineering, Post Harvest Technology, Agril. Marketing&Cooperation, Plant Biotechnology, Forestry, EnvironmentalScience,Agro Business, Seed, Fertilizer, Plant protection,Pesticide, Valueedition, Sajeev kheti / Organic farming, Agri GyanVigyan etc. •AgriMedia has launched new concept of Video educationfor serviceof farming community/khedut. krushi, Krishi, Bagayat,Khetiwadi,Fisheries, Rural Development, animal husbandry, Poultry&Agribusiness activities and marketing of agri produce.Ourscientific videos are area and crop specific oilseedcrops(Groundnut, Sesame, castor, mustard), Cereal crops (Paddy,Wheat,Jowar, Bajari, Maize), Cash crops ( Cotton, Sugarcane), Pulsecrops(Tuver, Gram, Green Gram, soyabean), Fruit crops (Banana,Pomegranate, Papaya, lemon, coconut, sapota, Guva),Vegetable crops(Potato, onion, Garlic, Tomato, Brinjal, Chilly,Lady finger,Cabbage, Cauliflower, Guard), Flowers (Rose, Marygold), Spices andcondiments (Cumin, Fennel, Isabgul, coriander,dilseed, turmeric,ginger), meditational plant (Anola), and variousagri activitieslike Green house (Rose, Jarbera, cucumber, simlamirch, tomato),net house, mulching, IPM, INM, IWM, IDM, IRM,irrigation management(Drip, Sprinkler, Rain gun), pashupalan(Gircow, Buffalo, poultry,emu), Dairy, Dry farming, Gobar gas,biofertilizer, oilpalm, sag,nilgiri implements, Precision Farming,Agricultural Machinery, AgriBusiness/IT services, Tractor, SeedsManufacturers, 
AgroChemicals/Pesticides/Insecticides,Biotechnology/Tissue culture,Nursery Industry, Magazines, Agriportals, Organic food, Sky solaryojna, Government schemes etcContent Outlook of AgriMedia videoapp A : Video section : Audiovisual : scientific cultivation ofcrops and scientific care ofanimals 1 Krushi video 2 Bagayat video3 Pashupalan video 4 Agriengineering video 5 Rural development /cooperation video 6 Research& Technology 7 Success story offarmers B : Write up and photoinformation section 8 Annadata :Samasya ane Samadhan (Problem &solution) 9 Krushi Samachar -AgriNews 10 e- Pustakalay - Digitallibrary 11 Mahatvapurn website- Important Websites 12 Kharid Vechan(Buy and Sale) C : Commercialsection 13 Kisan Mall 14 Ad Box :Product 15 Adbox : Video Farmersare facing problems hence ourobjective is solving queries ofKhetiwadi & khedut @ earliest.Kisan can send their images ofdiseased or pest infected crop andAgriMedia Team & Agri Expertprovides better solution withscientific recommendations given byagri universities and researchinstitutions, ikhedut, Atma, KVK,FTC, NGO, ICAR, IARI, GOG, GOI.
Tractor Farm Simulator 3D Pro 1.0
Wallfish Inc.
Agriculture is the foundation of manufacture and commerce. Inthistechnological era only 2 out of 100 Americans are farmerbyprofession. In that little percentage, there is farmer namedJhonwho is also changing his profession and become a part of farmvilletropic escape. Being a successful farmer today requiresknowledgeof advanced technology and operation of many trucks andmachineslike farm tractor machines, heavy cargo truck driving, eurofarmtractor etc. He is selling his farm and you got a chance to buyitsfarm and fulfill your dream of becoming a successful farmer.Theworld needs educated farmer like you who knows the importanceofnutritious, organically grown food. This farm tractor simulatorislike farming simulation 17 in which you have to maintain andbuildyour own farm with the help of farm tractors andseedlingharvesters and cultivating. Buy his farm and also make yourownfarm in that area to full enjoy the farm life adventures.Farmtruckgives you best farming experience and you will be working likeareal farmer of this technological era. You will bedrivingdifferent trucks like harvesting cargo tractor, hill farmtrucktractor and parking those tractors in like a pro farmtractordriver 3D parking. Tractor parking is skillful task and inthisfarm tractor simulator you will be mastering this parkingskill. Inthis farm quest grow farm fresh foods for your country.Drive heavytractor & cargo your cultivated crops to city marketto supportthe country's economy and to gain profit for you &your family.Enjoy fs tractor driving in this farming simulator2017. Cultivatedifferent crops including rice, wheat, corn &also forage plowseason is available. Start your agriculture carrierin countrysidewith beautiful farm and enjoy farming sim withdifferent farmingtractors and machines.Farm tractor adventure is anew concept whereyou will feel like a real virtual farmer. Usemodern machinery toexperience the life of a farmer. In this gameyou are growing thecrops, Ploughing the field, spraying thepesticides, watering thefields and all the work required for thefarming and you can do allthis work with the help of modernmachines like tractors, combines,plows, harvesters, seeders,trailers etc. You are also required tosell your farm animals innearby market to make some money. Itstime to start youragricultural carrier with the help of thisrealistic game. Takecontrol of your farm and its field and fulfillyour harvestingdreams.★★★ Features ★★★◆ Challenging andoutstanding environmentwith 3D graphics.◆ New highly detailed 3Dgraphics and a slick userinterface.◆ Plant wheat, canola or cornand sell it in a citymarket.◆ Take good care of your animals andsell them to market toearn profit. ◆ Enjoy all stages of having afarm ◆ Get out in thefield and harvest your crops ◆ Realistictractor farming simulator ◆Manage everything at your own farm ◆Drive tractors and acombineVisit Our Website At: UsOnFacebook: OnG+: us onTwitter: app might containvirtual itemsto purchase or advertisements which may lead you tothird partyapplications or websites.Your Feedbacks and ratings arevaluablefor us to keep Wallfish Inc. busy in creating more fun inthe gamesto entertain you, your family and your friends. In case ifyou findany bug that needed to be addressed just send us an email,we willimprove it and reply to your email as soon as possible.
Farm Life 9.0
Farm Life is a game that simulate tasks of farmers who work on abigfarm. With farm Life, Players are transformed into farmersdoeverything from planting and tending crops untilharvest,hand-picking and buy breeding animals and care untilmaturity;experienced simultaneously, manually what makes thefoodmanufacturing and food from agricultural products harvested intheanimal feed crops. This brings the extremely interestingandattractive experiences. Are you ready to play and build theirownfarm in this game? Farm Life game has wonderful graphicsinterfaceglitter, nice photos of the countryside and rural softsounds thatmakes up a great farm atmosphere. *****Features + Thiskind of gamehas been playing by over 100 million people all aroundthe world! +Build the farm of your dreams with a plenty ofbuildings anddecorations + Plant, harvest and produce over 100+unique products!+ Produce fresh foods and farm fresh goods + Takecare of yourlovely animals and raise chickens, cows, and pigs.....Download andplay now please.
Flying Drone Farming Air Plane Flight Simulator 18 1.3
This virtual farm truck driving season, we bring you expertfarmersim along with futuristic technology of airplane andhelicopterflight simulator 2018. Play Flying Drone Farming AirPlane FlightSimulator 18 and enter into new era of village farmer’slife inreal farming games. Operate remote control helicopter andfly droneto spray pesticides and water fields with air plane flightcontrolin real farming tractor sim. Forage plow with automated eurofarmtruck, spray pesticides with uav drone or flying helicopter&watering fields with rc airplane pilot. All of those modernfarmschool features along with air plane flight simulator await inthemost expert farmer simulator 2018. Flying drone farming gamesalongwith pilot airplane flight simulator games is a real farminginvillage concept that uses uav drones to observe and growmultiplecrops. Be an expert farmer in royal farms tractor towinggames 2018and grow multiple crops in your happy farm field; WheatCrop, RiceCrop, Canola, Corn. Drive upgraded farming vehicles likerc farmtractor transporter, euro truck simulator games andmodernharvester to complete different processes of growing crops.Realfarming simulator game is a unique concept to drive automatedfarmtruck for ploughing and harvesting crops while using rchelicopter,flying drone or air plane flight simulator. Fromautomated plantingto harvesting crops with real time monitoring,uav drones playsvital role in future farming simulator games. Startfarmer’svillage life and experience remote control modern farminginvillage with flight pilot plane activities. Drive real farmtractorsimulator and attach plougher for plowing euro farming land.Attachplanter with heavy duty tractor pull and drive towards theweedfarm land to plant wheat seeds. Operate rc helicopter towardsthecultivated land and spray pesticides over the seeds. Aftersprayingpesticides, you get to drive flight pilot plane forwateringfields. When wheat crop is ready for harvesting, drivemodernharvester truck simulator or farm tractor trolley alongwithautomated controls and harvest grown crops. Start working atyourown village farmland and work as an expert farmer toexperiencevirtual farming simulator. Cultivate land with royal farmtruckdriving and grow crops with flying drone &helicoptersimulator. Agricultural drones are high-tech systems thatcan doeuro farming activities and livestock that a village farmercan’t.For these purposes, rc drones flight in agriculture are a bigboonto village farmers. Carrying the potential ofcompletelytransforming real farming games and agricultural careerwith rcdevices (fly drones & modern farm town trucks).Farmlandexamination, applying fertilizers & pesticides,watering fieldswith rc airplanes and tracking weather for promptfarm management.Perform euro farming activities and managelivestock to produce ahappy farm school in real tractor simulator2018. Flying DroneFarming Air Plane Flight Simulator 18 GameFeatures: Virtualfarming levels to complete in awesome open worldAutomatedvehicles: farm truck, heavy tractors, rc drone, airplanepilot,helicopter Harvest multiple crops: Wheat Crop, Rice Crop,Canola,Corn Spray pesticides & watering fields with flyinghelicopter& rc plane Realistic open world village life and bigcityenvironment Immersive sounds & smooth controls fortractorfarming & harvester Download Flying Drone Farming AirPlaneFlight Simulator 18 and have a unique experience to managefarmlandwith remote control flying drones just like an expertfarmer.
Farm Exploration : Build Village Harvest Simulator 1.1
OneTen Games
Play as the farmer in this newest and most awesome farm buildandenjoy forage, plow and harvesting. The new feature ofFarmExploration : Build Village Harvest Simulator is that you havetobuild a farm house as well. Our realistic Townville game willgiveyou a real experience of being a farmer. Village building isfreeto play so you can start playing this awesome village farmrightaway. Have you ever dreamed of being the farmer whosuccessfullymanages his field? If you do, you should try to playbuild avillage. The process consists of plowing, seeding,spraying,watering, and harvesting crops and vegetable in this farmsim.There are various vehicles in this farm island games. You havetodrive and operate, such as plowing machine, farmtractors,harvester, and more. There are so many things to enjoy Infarmingsimulator. OneTen Games believe that our players will trulyenjoyour farm simulator game and learning about the process at thesametime in this tropical island games. Being the member oftownbuilding you know very well that farming is very much importantinthe developments of any country. You love your country verymuchand you want to do something extraordinary. So be active asyourfortune is giving an opportunity to do something extraordinaryforyour homeland in this builder story. One of the hard objectivesofit is to build the farm house and we know that in farm villageyouhave worked on the crops. So be careful while working on it.Animportant duty is on your shoulder. Being the part of thepigfarming games we trust on you. Just download this my littlefarmerplough fields and make these beautiful sites for everyone.Thestory of this my big little farmer revolves around to seedingandbuilding farm house. There are many beautiful sites on thehillyarea of your homeland which have been waiting for you.Whileworking and playing this my little farmies you can easily haveaninsight to see them. You are going to tiny simulation for allotherpeople so that they can see them and enjoy. Your work was verymuchgreat when you were the part of the tiny simulation. Now yourdutyis started in the virtual pet games. Farm Exploration :BuildVillage Harvest Simulator Features:★Various FarmExpertmissions★Smooth controls★High-quality 3D graphics★ Many hoursoffree fun of Farm simulator★Awesome environments ★Differentvehiclesto master★Universal & free game for you★High qualitysoundeffects for farm harvest spring season Download FarmExploration :Build Village Harvest Simulator and enjoy!. It is moreinterestingand more colorful which has crane digger for you. Easygameoperation will enable you to calmly face the challengesandcomplete levels of off road crane. Everything will show youaperfect mega gamer of new all city construction games2017.Download this designer games created by OneTen Games and spendfunworth time while playing it. It publishes free to play gamesforall platforms.Do not forget to rate and give feedback!
Harvest Country Side Village Farm: Offline Farming 1.5
Enjoy the world of cultivation, farming and cattle raising,inHarvest Country Side Village Farm - Farmer Game. It is anOfflinegame where you have to work as farmer in village game whowork onlittle farm & farmland. Do everything from harvest,farming inyour lush big farmland family farm, cultivate and harvestthe freshcrops like wheat, corn, coffee, tomato, kiwi &strawberry invillage. Raise cute frenzy animals like chickens,goats and cows,do farming, harvest diverse fresh crops in villagebig farm game tomake your Harvest Country Side Village Farm game asuccess! Unleashyour green side in Harvest Country Side VillageFarm game where funnever ends, work as a farmer in village, doharvest, farming, raisepoultry animals, manage dairy farms animalsor livestock likegoats, chickens, and cows in offline game. HarvestCountry SideVillage Farm game is a virtual farming simulator game,in which youwill be experienced from a farmer, a chef moreover abusinessman.Take care of your little big farmland, do farming,harvest crops inhappy farmer game to produce the healthiest &fresh foodingredients decorate your own farmland in Harvest CountrySideVillage Farm game. Raise cute adorable frenzy animals likegoats,chickens and cows in happy village & farm games. Sellyourproduce via delivery truck, fulfill orders and expand yourfarmingland in this farming game. Enjoy country life, become ahappyfarmer, work day & night to harvest, cultivate & dofarmingin your little farm games. Raise frenzy adorable animalslikechickens, goats and cows. Pick your favorite fruits andvegetablesfrom the list, plant & harvest their seeds infarmland, carefor them with water, fertilizer, reap your harvest& managedairy farms. You can use your crops harvest in barn byfarmer tomake butter, bake a fresh cake, and learn all kinds ofotherrecipes. Share the fresh food with your customers and theywillgive you money and stars. Earn enough money and you'll be abletobuild processing plants that can turn your raw goods intoexcitingnew products. As you proceed through different levels inthis freefarm game you can upgrade various parts of your big farm,from thewarehouse where you can store goods, to the processingplants thatproduce the goods in free farm games. Soon you’ll beproducing vastquantities of products and turning over a huge profitfromprocessing plants. There is also your delivery system, atransporttruck which will help you sell your fresh produce fromfarming andvillage game land to the customers in big city and alsotoneighboring towns and other village. Not to mention that therearehundreds of shiny new items to decorate your farming game.Ifyou’re tired of other top farm games that require being onlinetoplay, we are the perfect option for you since it is anofflinegame! Play offline farm game without internet connection!Neverlose your farmer game progress opportunities because of nothavingWi-Fi nearby!Features:- Offline Farm Game.- Enjoy garden Farmlife,grow your big farm and harvest your produce in farmer game.-Takecare of your garden farm to produce the most healthyfoodingredients.- Upgrade the warehouse, processing plants,farmlandetc.- Raise adorable animals and manage dairy farms oranimal farmvillage in offline game.- Buy the decorative objects inthe storeto make your farmland beautiful & attractive.
com.gramgames.farmest 2.8.1
Welcome to the world of Merge Farm! the newest farming andmergegame from Gram Games. Merge Farm! isn’t your average farminggame.Use merging mechanics to achieve your task to grow your farm,andharvest delicious fruits and veggies. Plant tons of cropsacrossyour farm and merge those crops to grow bigger plants thatproducemore fruit and veggies! Take your massive harvest and sellthem togrow your farm even further! What are you waiting for, let’sstartmerging your farm! Merge Farm! Features: Plant & MergeCrops: •Plant crops of varying types on your field, as theybecomeavailable. • Merge similar crops, and they will grow orupgrade,providing a larger harvest. • The bigger your plants, themorefruit and vegetables they will produce. Manage Your Farm •Farmingis endless, which means you’ll need to manage your farmdaily. •Choose where to plant crops, place animals, and more. •Decorate byplacing garden gnomes, tractors and more around thefarm. HarvestLike a Farmer • As all good farmers know, it takestime for cropsto produce delicious fruit. • You can harvest cropswhenever, butkeep an eye out for the orders from your travelingmerchant at thetop of the screen. • Fill those orders to makemoney, buy morecrops and grow your farm. Think you can merge andharvest crops tobuild up your farm? Keep merging your crops todiscover new formsand upgrades, and see how great your farm cangrow. Download MergeFarm! today and start farming! Use of thisapplication is governedby Zynga’s Terms of Service,
Big Machines Simulator: Farming - run a huge farm! 1.0
Leave your little garden and start farming big. Cultivateandharvest crops on your plantation with cool machines in ourfarmingsimulator. Try huge truck fleet - each vehicle has uniquefunctionsin our farming simulator. From plow tractor to variousharvestmachines - drive it all on your plantation and run aprosperousfarm!Big Machines Simulator: Farmingfeatures:FARMINGECONOMYHarvest and sell crops at your plantation tobuy trucks,fertilizers and land MULTIPLE CULTURESCarefully choosewhich cropsto grow on your plantation to run farm wellBIG TRUCKFLEETDrivevarious machinery - from tractor and fertilizer tocombine andharvester REALISTIC CULTIVATIONDo all the field works onyourplantation, from plowing to harvestFull scaledfarm!Vastplantation, huge trucks and lots of work - experiencefarming onbigger scale in our farm simulator! Plow miles of farmland,harvest tons of crops, earn lots of money and buy hugemachines.Play Big Machines Simulator: Farming and think big - hugefarm andmachines are waiting!Realistic economy!Start with asingleplantation, buy and deliver fertilizers, water and machinesto growand harvest crops. The more harvest you sell, the moremachines andfarm land you can buy. Each new flourishing plantationand farmmachine is a step to success in our farmingsimulator!Farming yourway!Operate in a big open-world farmingregion. Drive around andfind machines markets, fertilizer shops,farm land to buy. Completesimulator tutorial, play with combine,tractor and other vehiclesin our farming simulator and run yourplantation as you please!Trydriving powerful farm machines and workon huge plantation in BigMachines Simulator: Farming! 1.3
Start Your Agricultural Passion with Tractor In thisfarmingsimulator start your agricultural passion of farming andharvestingwith your heavy duty new tractors. Not just a simulatorgame butmost addictive among other farming games with real farmingandharvesting experience. A fruitful opportunity of tractor drivingtobecome a cargo transporter. This free game is a new farmsimulatoramong the family of farming games 2019. Enjoy therealistic farmingand harvesting levels in addictive and realisticvillageenvironment. Simulate the cool games experience withnewtransporting missions. In 3d games feel the fun ofharvesterdriving and operate the modern farming machinery. A greatfun isstill waiting for you to grow crops, cultivate and harvestthemwith combine harvester. Tractor is an important vehicle forfarmingthat’s why you would be able to drive heavy tractor in thisGame.Let’s test your driving skills in one of the best tractor gameonfarming among tractor games 2019. Farming Game Features:Extremenatural and rural farm environment ever Tunnels and bridgesaddtwist in tractor driving 3D game graphics and advanceuserinterface Multiple charming tasks besides farming Offlinegamedownload for free Drive top 3d tractors Plough, Cultivate&Harvest: Your Personal Farm Farming and harvesting withtractor aretwo both most important passions among farmers and thosewho lovefarming games 2019 and want to experience village farming.As inthis new free game you are going to experience both modernfarmingand village farming, also get a chance to grow your ownfarmfreely. In driving games, tractor driving is a little bittoughtask but its more interesting than other games. Learn how todo funin farming and how to convert it into a business. Become arichfarmer you are going to use heavy tractors and newcombineharvesters. Once you got the basic skills in tractor drivingyoucan transport your own animals in the farm. Growing of farmsfreelyand then transporting the wheat, cotton and vegetables to thecityon your personal heavy-duty tractor would be a great life eventinany farmer’s life. So, start your own modern tractor and enjoythecool weather with great farming games. Grow Farms &Experiencethe Role of Farmer Are you a farm games lover? Andlooking for afree farming simulator in 2019? If yes then newfarming games ismight be perfect one with said features. Hugeopportunity toexperience the true farm & farmer life don’t missthiswonderful game download. Plough the fields with yourlovelytractor, cultivate and harvest with full zeal & zest.Thisfarming game is about realistic farming techniques. Learn therulesof Farming with Tractor and feel the offroad tractordrivingexperience. Join the game of world class farmers for free.Sharethis best farm game among your friends and grab thehighestposition in the off-road tractor driving.
Farming 3D: Tractor Driving 2.2
Jansen Games
Welcome to Farming 3D: Tractor Driving!In this TractorDrivingedition of Farming 3D you will learn how to drive thetractor, andhow to buy tractor attachments from a 'salesman'. Firstyou have towalk to your tractor, after that you need to attach thetrailer.When you have succesfully attached the trailer, you have todriveyour tractor into the loading place, until it turns green.When theloading place is green, you have to leave your tractor andwalk tothe salesman to negotiate for a good price! After that youhave topark your tractor! In this game you are as farmerresponsible forbuying good tractor attachments, these attachmentsare veryimportant for a farm. This Tractor Driving edition ofFarming 3D isspecial made for people who like driving around withbig machinery,or for people who like farming.-- Farming 3D: TractorDrivingfeatures --* Realistic animated people* Realisticenvironment* Coolsounds* on-screen vehicle controls* Google PlayGames(leaderboards, achievements)* Realistic vehicles* 15addictivelevelsWhen you enjoyed this Tractor Driving edition ofFarming 3D,support us by following us onTwitter:
Super Village Farmer's Vintage Farming 1.1.2
Freeze Games
In this village farmer's Tractor Driving game edition ofvintageFarming pro you will learn how to play the bull carts, andhow tobuy crops to grow in a farm from a 'salesman of the bank ofthetown. you have to do vintage farming this time for this purposeyouhave bull carts, horse carts, Use them as your personalassistantto traditional style farming. First you have to walk toyourtractor, or bulls, or horse carts after that you need to attachtherealistic traditional trailer. After successfully attachedthetraditional trailer, you have to drive your farm tractormachinesinto the village farm, sow seeds in the garden of yourvillage,then Take bull carts with you and start harvesting of yourowngarden, then plough to grow green fields then continuevintagevillage farming until it turns green. When the classicloadingfarming place is lush green, you as a builder and craftperson youhave to cut the green crops as village farmer's duty isto do allalone cultivation is the best part of production, the eraoffarming machines like tractor, Puller,Trailer,Loader Trucks isnew,we are taking you to to old times farming you areperforminghunting, fishing and also was the hand harvester,Nowleave yourtractor behind do hand harvesting then go to the salesmanof thevillage bank to negotiate for your crops price! After thatyou haveto park your bulls and horses! In this game you are as avillagefarmer responsible for crops, seeds buying & goodTraditionalEquipments. This Super Village Farmer's Vintage Farmingis a gameto let you experienced the things of farming you neverexperiencebefore with lots of vintage fun. In Super VillageFarmer's VintageFarming game you have to work as super farmer ingreen fields. Youhave to grow green fields like wheat ,rice, crops& Gram Etc.You as a super farmer have to look after Villagegreen fields bysow Seeds in limited time Otherwise you will loseyour farmingexperience. Super Village Farmer's Vintage Farming gameFeatures: -Play our super farm simulation anywhere and anytime . -Growvegetables & crops in realistic way -Ride on Animals LikeHorseBull carts as a superhero farmer. - Super Awesome 3Ddesign,environment of village. - Easy understanding of game. -Addictivegameplay of village farmer's vintage life. - Endless fun!Living ina super village is always full of excitement,
Village Farm Tractor Drive Sim 1.7
iPlay Studio
Experience Heavy farm tractor driving and prepare for the hayday.As a farm tractor drivermake your land ready for differentcrops.wheat, seed crops, sprinkle water with water sprayer etcStartyouragricultural career by cultivating crops in your lands!EnjoynewVillage Farm Tractor Drive Simulator and have fun usingfarmingvehicles.This is the most real farm game of 2015. Experiencethelife of Farmer with this awesome new Farming Simulator.Havefunusing farming vehicles and become a professional farmer!Downloadnow Village Farm Tractor Drive Simulator!Features:- HeavyVehiclesand Machinery- Farm tractors, water sprayer, harvesters,seeders,combines, plows, trailers etc)- Grow different plants- Sellcropsfor money- Steering Wheel, Buttons or Tilting controlsBecome arealfarmer by playing this amazing Village Farm TractorDriveSimulator.
Forage Plow Farming Harvester 3: Fields Simulator 1.4
Sablo Games
Forage Plow Farming Harvester 3: Fields Simulator is a newconceptpresented by Sablo Games where you will feel like a realvirtualfarmer. Here in this Forage Plow Farming Harvester 3:FieldsSimulator game you will start your agricultural career andwill endas a great farmer. You can take control of your farm andits fieldsto fulfill your harvesting dreams in this farm simulatorcropsharvesting game. This heavy duty tractor driving game has lotsofacres fertile land and animals like cow buffalo chickens goatsetc.It also has machinery like farming trucks, harvester,cropchoppers, trolley and sprayer. Use this modern machineryandexperience the life of a farmer in this plow farmingharvestergame. The story of this big farm combine harvester tractorsim gamerevolves around a farmer who is a farming planner who hasto workon their fields to grow crops and vegetables. And alsosupplyfarming items related vegetables or wheat to citizens inthistractor cargo real farming game. Being the player of thisfarmsimulator 3d game you have to plowing, seeding, and wateringandharvest their fields and store it to storage place. Theenvironmentof this Forage Plow Farming Harvester 3: FieldsSimulator game isfull of woods. You have to use the cutter machinesto cut the woodson that area. Then make the animal farmhouse foranimals in ruralfarmers3d sim game. The next level of this heavyduty real cropsharvesting game is to use harvester to harvest thewheat crop. Thenext assigned task of this combine farmersharvesting game is touse treasures to make wheat. Plow the field inthis round offarming level and do plantation to grow trees. As youknow thattrees plays an important role for us. Start seeding forthe newcrop in this land prepared for the farming fields. Then youneed totransport the milk to citizens in this plow farmingharvestingsimulator game. The next level is watering the seeds andto savethem they need a sprinkle of spray. Keep doing your duty asafarmer in this rural land farms game and enjoy! Machinery youwilluse in this Advance Forage Plowing game.➢ Wood Cutter➢ ForkLifter➢Harvester➢ Plowing machine➢ Loader➢ Seeding machine➢ Spraymachine➢Watering machineFeatures of this Forage Plow FarmingHarvester 3:Fields Simulator:➢ Play our farm games free for FREE onany Androiddevice➢ Buckle up your seat belt and take control ofawesomeharvester➢ High-quality 3D graphics➢ Many hours of free funofplaying this cargo tractor driving game➢ Awesome villagefarmingenvironments ➢ Enjoy awesome game design, created by a teamof topgame designer.➢ Enjoy super immersive environment andrealisticsound effects.➢ Finish all levels, with differentobjectives andchallenges Download this orage Plow Farming Harvester3: FieldsSimulator game created by Sablo Games and plough your farmland andenjoy a life of farmer! Be a great real former withwheatcultivators in this animal’s forage plow farming game. Rateourgame and give feedback as your comments are valuable for us.
Farmer Sim 2015 1.8.1
Ovidiu Pop
Farmer Sim 2015 is the latest farming simulator that will allowyouto become a real farmer! Start your agricultural careerbycultivating crops in your lands! You can plow, sow andharvestusing lots of different machineries! Sell your harvest formoney totake control of new tractors and combines! Enjoy the newfarmingsimulator playing in an open-world career mode! Have funusingfarming vehicles and become a professional farmer! DownloadnowFarmer Sim 2015!Features:- Realistic Vehicles andMachineries(tractors, combines, plows, harvesters, seeders,trailers...)- EasyTutorial- Grow different plants- Buy animals andmanage them-Purchase new fields- Open-World career mode- Sell cropsfor money-USA and European maps- Auto driving feature- Day-NightCycle-Steering Wheel, Buttons or Tilting controls- Challenge yourfriendsby sharing online your statistics and achievements!Become arealfarmer by playing this amazing farming simulator!
Drive Farming Tractor Cargo Simulator 🚜 1.1
FARM TRACTOR Multi CARGO DRIVING Farm Tractor Multi Cargo Drivingisrealistic and exciting driving experience. Drive off-roadtractorcargo to explore the hilly environment and test yourmountaindriving skills. Driving on hills, mountains and steeppaths is areal driving challenge in off-road tractor cargo driversimulator.Operate trailer tractor to transport people and cargoluggage andbecome a real gigantic tractor transporter. ExtremeHill Climbdriving is the ultimate driving duty to transport cargothrough therugged terrains, mountains, and hills. Your transportertractorfarmer might be carrying dangerous cargo so drivecarefully. Pathsare difficult to drive on you can drive carefullyyour tractor falldown the mountain but you can handle this jobwith your perfectdriving skills. Mountain tractor chained drivingwith cargotransport is an awesome concept for everyone to play in2017.Cultivating Tractor Driver Farm Silage Cargo Transporter 2017isthat the most up to date cultivating test system diversion foryouto possess an open door driving cultivating tractor in roughterraincity ranges. Find following tractor, cultivating tractorvoyagingwas you never attempt such fun. you would perhaps havecontendedsome of the inverse Farm Classic Tractor Simulator pullParkingrelated with the tractor cultivating driving and thatinclude slopestations stop overcome turns slope climb transportobligation and acouple of cool car chasings. An objective basedtractor cargo farmergame where you have to handle your big tractorwith trailer. Attachthe trailer to your heavy tractor and drivethrough hills. You willdrive the heavy transport tractor farmer inextreme hill chaineddriving conditions to your right destination.Off-road terrain,hills, forests, mountains, extreme twists anddifferent weatherconditions will show your driving skills! Driveyour transporttractor carefully and try not to damage cargo. Haveyou ever triedto drive huge transport tractor with the trailer?Try it now byplaying Off-road Cargo Tractor chained driverSimulator game!TRACTOR CARGO DRIVING GAME PLAY Drive TractorFarmer Cargo andtransport cargo to the destination on hilly areas.Drive through themountains and hills with high speed butcarefully. Land slidingcould block your path anytime. Yourultimate tractor drivingchallenge begins as an off-road cargotractor transporter drivingjob. Drive the ultimate off-road hillclimber chained truck carryingcargo. This tractor farming game isnot easy like other simulationgame you have to control tractor andtrolley and drive carefully onthe difficult path. This is farmingare where farmer growsvegetables, wheat, and so many things andthey deliver these allthings to market for sale and store theirhouses. You have to pickthese things and deliver it to their rightdestination. Start yourdrive to transport farm to their houses.Show your skills as theextreme tractor to drive heavy dutytransporter tractor carryingcargo like wheat, cotton, vegetablesand transport people as well.Be careful on dangerous twists andturns and deliver cargo safely.Controls: Tilt Button SteeringFeatures: Realistic 3D Farm. Advancedvehicle and cargo physicsEasy driving controls simulator. Differentcamera views Drive Overthe Mountains Hills and Off-road Real-timeFarmer ExperienceRealistic Stunning Snow Environments ThrillingDriving ExperienceRealistic 3D Farm. Advanced vehicle and cargophysics Easy drivingcontrols simulator. Different camera viewsDrive Over the MountainsHills and Off-road Real-time FarmerExperience
Farming Simulator Game 2018 – Real Tractor Drive 1.4
This farming game is fully offroad driving. The only trackthatleads to the village is very dangerous off road track.Amateurdriver cannot show skillful tractor games driving on theoffroaddangerous track. The farmers are farming crops, raisingvegetablesand fruits in this farmer town game.Farming SimulatorGame 2018 –Real Tractor Drive is a 3D entertainment game. In modern&technology century many people don`t know the method offarmingbecause of living in cities with their busy fast life butthey wantto know and enjoy the real farming life. For those kind ofpersonsFarming Simulator Game 2018 – Real Tractor Drive is perfectgame.In this farming simulator game you have to play as acultivator anda harvester. In Farming Simulator Game 2018 you willdrive modernmachinery to experience the life of a farmer. Grow yourcrops andsell them to the market for money. These farmers also needtosupply these farm crops and raw food to the market in thisTractortransport simulator and farming cargo game. There is noexperttractor trolley games driver that can supply food to themarket inthis farmer crops town game. The villagers have hired youastractor driver cargo supplier.Get ready to work infield.Everything you do on your farm has consequences. Consideryourcrops like the ingredients in a recipe; the quality of yoursoil,your seeds, and your planting practices will determine theoverallstrength of the final product — the crops you are growing.Onceyou've tested and amended your soil, it's time to get it readyforplanting. Plow the field, then spraying thepesticides,cultivating, watering and harvesting the fields and allthe rest ofthe work required for the farming. Cultivate crops onyour ownland. Sow the crops using seeding machineries. Harvest yourcropand enjoy this Simulation game. Enjoy this realisticharvestingmachine game and cultivating excitement. Plough your farmland, usegrain seeding plough planter tool to aggregate your land.Be a partof agricultural life working in this driving game.Farmhousing isvery unique to enjoy the life of US farmer as well aslife of avirtual farmer. Take part in the livestock farming andenjoy thenew techniques of modern farm.New farm is at your palm youjustneed to harvest crops and have a proper grip on thefarmingmachines. In this game you are going to enjoy the realistic3Dgraphics and smooth controls of the vehicles. In realisticfarm,multiple types of machinery is given for you. In this forageplowfarming you have to play as a professional farmer. You have todofarming in into different levels. Buy seeds from shop,drivetractor trolley and go to a shop for the purchase in thistractorfarming simulator. In next level of harvester simulator youhave todrive plowing machine from that area where all the machinesareplaced for the countryside farming. Drive the plowing machinetofields to fulfill your harvesting dreams. Also do plowingfullfield using machinery in fun farming game.You will have atractor,trailer, trolley and farming machinery for mission of fieldfarminggames. The crops and farm fresh products need to deliver tothemarket on time in this farming game free. You have to taketheresponsibility in this transporting cargo game.ABOUT US:We,TycoonGames Studios, provide entertainment with responsibilitytomaintain quality. We always welcome feedback and comments. Youarerequested to review and comment so that we can make gamesbetterfor our valuable players.Please remain intact for updates.Formoreinformation, 1.1.7
Agriculture is the main source of economy in the most countriesofthe World. People love farming and build featured farmhousesforthis purpose. There are a lot of things in farming andagricultureincluding Tractor simulation. It is difficult to fulfillthefarming desire and drive the Tractor in the fields. So weareproviding a platform for Tractor Simulator lovers and Farmerstoenjoy the real-time Tractor simulation virtually. All thefeaturesand the agriculture processes are extreme real that playerfeelshimself/herself in a real Agricultural farm. A completevirtualFarm Simulator to play and enjoy the tractor driving in thefieldsis designed for the Farmers and simulation players both aswell.Game Play As a farmer, the player will be standing nearthetractor. Tractor Trolley has a Main role-play in the farmingandagriculture. Driving a heavy tractor is an ultimate funitself.Move farmer as 3rd person, and get in the Tractor. Switch onthetractor and drive the tractor to the agricultural equipment,asuitable and desired farming tool. The main Process is dividedintotwo parts: • Cultivation • Harvesting 1. Cultivation Itcontainsall processes before the crop is reaped, tools and machinesare:Plough - Ploughing the farmland Rotavator – preparing land fornextcrop. It is used for breaking up or tilling the soil. SeedDriller- A seed drill is a sowing device that sows the seed in thesoil atproper depth and distance. Then it covers them with soil.Itprotects the seeds from birds and saves time and labor. Whenplantsgrow enough to be appearing, urea and water required forthegrowth. Spray Machine – Is used to spray the required andnecessaryanti germs medicines in liquid form to save the crops fromharmfulinsects. 2. Harvesting Best harvesting machine is availabletoefficiently harvest a variety of grain crops. This machinedoescombine three separate harvesting operations into a singleprocess:• Reaping – cuts the crops • Threshing - Separates grainsfrom cornor other crops • Winnowing – To blow of air through grainsin orderto remove the chaff. In Simple, Harvester cuts the cropsandcollects, gathers a crop as a harvest. For its combiningOperation,It’s also called Combine Harvester or Combine in short.Attach theappropriate tools one by one in the game to complete alltasks inorder. If you pick the wrong tool, a notice will pop up.Cultivateand harvest the crops in different areas of thecountryside andexplore new farmlands. An old and classic Villageenvironment givesan extra edge of excitement in the role play of afarmer.Simulation Simulations games are fun itself, but when itcomes totractor simulation, the thrill is at its peak. Drive aheavytractor in the mountain hilly area is an extreme drivingchallenge.Driving, attach tools, detach them, to plough/plow in thefields,all are much realistic to enjoy the real farming andLandCultivation. Play and enjoy the virtual farming withtractorsimulation. Corps takes time to grow, so to give the naturallook,real-time day and night effect is added in the Game play.ControlsControls are as realistic as in real time scenarioAccelerate,Brakes, Attach, detach Buttons for Tractorsfunctionality FeaturesReal tractor simulation controls Completefarming tricks inwell-designed environment Graphics are up to themark RealisticEngine Sounds for Engine Start, accelerate, brakesEffects of dustand smoke are real as tractor moves off-road trackand in the fieldStart the tractor and move toward the fields,market is waiting forthe Supply.
Silage Transporter Farmer Sim 1.0
You are on your farm, get a chance to buy its farm and fulfillyourdream of becoming a successful farmer. The world needseducatedfarmer like you who knows the importance ofnutritious,cultivation, crops growth, pesticides and harvesting.This SilageTransporter Tractor Farm Simulator is the best farmingsimulationof 2017 in which you have to maintain and build your ownfarm withthe help of farm tractors and seedling harvesters andcultivating.Buy his farm and also make your own farm in that areato full enjoythe farm life adventures. Cultivate land, grow maizecrops and cutyour crops for further processing. Farm truck givesyou bestfarming experience and you will be working like a realfarmer ofthis technological era. You will be driving long anddifferenttruck like harvesting cargo tractor; hill farm trucktractor andparking those tractors in like a pro farm tractor driver3Dparking. Tractor parking is skillful task and in this farmtractorsimulator you will be mastering this parking skill. In thisfarmquest grow farm fresh foods for your country. Silage is thebestfeed for animals. Shortage of feed is covered with silage andithelps to increase production especially milk giving animals.Cutyour field crops and load in trolley to transport forsilageprocessing. Silage processing machine will crush plants. Nowit canbe fed fresh to animals or maybe stored by making silagebales.Transport silage to feed your own farm animals. There aremanycattle farms around you, transport silage to these cattle farmstoearn money. Download FREE and enjoy farming simulator, farmtractorparking & live like a Farm truck driver.
American Farmer : Best Farming & Harvesting Sim 1.1
The early bird catches the worm, and the early farmer sowsthecrop!Agriculture is one of the biggest industries in theUnitedStates, feeding millions of Americans daily. Start yourcareer as aproud American farmer and cultivate the best farm in theworld! Thegame provides realistic farming and harvestingexperience. Utilizevarious awesome farming tools like the plow,hoe, seed drill,tractor, and truck: sow the seeds, and then harvestwhen the cropis ready! Grow various crops like Barley, Wheat, andCanola. Ridearound your farm to water, spray, and take care of yourrows.Choose different seeds, tools, and fertilizers from your shed;anddifferent colorful trucks to drive from your garage! The processoffarming is demanding and tough, but with a little patienceanddetermination, your seeds will grow! After you’re doneharvesting,head over to the market and sell your crops. Bargain andmake aprofit. In the end, feed your town or city, and do it alloveragain from sunrise to sundown! Use the profit to purchase morelandto become the wealthiest farmer in town! Get ready to embarkonthis rural adventure. Remember...nature dictates you sow whatyoureap!American Farmer: Best Farming & HarvestingSimFeatures:•Easy and smooth game play.•Realistic 3D Farming andRuralenvironment!•Multiple cool farming tools to use:Tractor,Harvester, Seed Drill and Sprayer•Grow Wheat, Barley andCanola atyour farm & sell to meet your daily needs.•Spread andHarvestthe crops with realistic farming tools.•Store the endproducts instorage tower.•Use the cash to buy better tools toimprove youryield, and purchase more land.About Tap2PlayTap2Play,LLC is awholly owned subsidiary of Tapinator, Inc.Tapinator(Ticker: TAPM)develops and publishes games on mobile platforms. TheCompany’sportfolio includes over 300 mobile gaming titlesthat,collectively, have achieved over 400 million playerdownloads.Tapinator is headquartered in New York. For more info,
Farming Simulator Drive 3D 1.5
Gamers Trend
Welcome to Farming simulator drive 3D game. This game isespeciallydesigned for those formers who are interested in tractordrivingand transporting different kinds of cargo towards theirfarms. Inthis game you will be a tractor driver and your missionwill todeliver different kinds of luggage to the farmers in thefields.Peoples living in the villages like fields farmingsimulation andwant to adopt this farming passion. They like sowingcrops andharvesting crops. They prefer village life over city lifeor urbanlife. Urban peoples also like to live in farms in paradise.Theyreally want to have their own farms in the villages so thattheycould enjoy in fields in their part time. Urban peoples spendverybusy life but peoples living in the villages don't care aboutthetime they have very much extra time to perform differentextraactivities they really enjoy their life as it should to belived.Sowing and harvesting crops from start to end is verymuchinteresting period they enjoy it and even don't like to live inthecity.You will drive Australian tractor in this formingsimulatordrive 3D game and will be able to drive euro tractor, PKtractor,Indian tractor after completing all the levels. Live infarms andenjoy farms paradise. Peoples living in village are expertinmanaging farms and fields. You will also become expert farmmanagerby playing this game. You will have a tractor trolley fullof cargoluggage including cultivators, form mowers and otherharvestertools which are used for farming in the fields. Start yourfarmingdrive from the village and go to the farms to help thefarmersworking in the farms. This farming simulator drive 3d gameis oneof the best tractor farming games. You will drive 8x8 tractorandenjoy its driving offroad mud roads. Different farms likehensfarm, rabbits farm and other animals farm to enjoy. Smoothandrealistic tractor controls has been designed to give you realtimetractor driving experience. You will drive tractor indifferentchallenging environment in this game. You will also findothertractor trolleys transporting animals like cow, buffalos,horsesetc... You have to avoid hitting your tractor trolley toothervehicles in the way and follow the map to find the destinationtocomplete each mission successfully. Features of FarmingSimulatorDrive 3D Game:  Forming tractor to transport cargoluggage to thefarms  mud road circles with crops around it  3Dfarms andvillage environment  unique and realistic Farmingsimulator drive3D game graphics  Smooth and realistic tractortrolley controls Different challenging tractor driving mission tocomplete  Cropssowing and crops harvesting included  It will giveyou real timeFarming and tractor driving experience  Its free toplay and enjoyfarming Just install this tractor farming simulatordrive 3d gameinto your device and enjoy its features. Give youreffectivefeedback after playing this game.
Real Tractor Farming Sim 2017 1.1
Zygon Games
Farming is lot of fun. People living near countryside mostlyrelatedto farming profession. Farmers of India are the bestfarmers as theyare very hard working and passionate about theirwork. John lovesfarming so he came to India to learn farming. Hecame to a famousfarmer to learn the art of farming. This wholefamily is wellreputed farmers. This farmer has lots of acresfertile land andanimals like cow buffalo chickens goats etc. Healso has machinerylike farming trucks, harvester, crop choppers,trolley andsprayer.They are farmers who produced pure natural foodandcontributed in the economy of his country. They usually growrice,wheat and corn crops. Now he is learning forage plow farmingfromtraditional Indian farmers. Its forage plow farming season soitsperfect time to harvest your crops. They also had a smallmarketafter crossing the river. This realistic 3D graphics game isbasedon John's life. This awesome farming simulator game providesyou agreat chance to become a harvester and enjoy harvestingfarmsimulator game. Now enjoy the real Indian farmingsimulator2017.Grow new crops and sell them to a market for money.But beforethis you will have to go through the complete process ofgrowingthe crops. Plow the field, then spraying the pesticides ,wateringthe fields and all the rest of the work required for thefarming.You are also required to transport the animals to the citymarketto sell them and earn profit. Drive your machinery carefullyascountryside roads are very bumpy. Now its time to become avirtualfarmer. Bored with driving little crane or hugeconstructioncranes, than its time to try farm tractor driving andparking.Farming Simulator adventure is a new concept where you willfeellike a real virtual farmer. Use modern machinery to becomeasuccessful farmer.How to Play Tractor Farming 17:First of allvisityour farm so that you can harvest crops and manage your ownfarm.Then choose the fertile land plough it and make path for seedwiththe help of drill machine which you would attach with yourtractor,transfer the animals from village to city for sale. Aftersellingthe animals come back to give water to your crops, sprayyourfields to kill insects which can damage your crop, waitforsometime when wheat fully grow again. Harvest them andtransportthem to warehouse on your transport tractor. Take crops tothe cityto sell them for handsome amount of moneyReal TractorFarmingSimulator 2017 Features:- New highly detailed 3D graphicsand aslick user interface.- Take good care of your animals and sellthemto market to earn profit. - Amazing farmer experience inthisharvesting simulator.- Manage your farm and harvest your crops-Realistic tractor farming simulator- Drive tractors and acombineharvester
Virtual Farmer Simulator 2018 1.2
Sablo Games
This is one of the best game from the free farming games.Farmhousing is very unique and free to download here you can enjoythelife of Us farmer as well as you can enjoy the life of avirtualfarmer. Take part in the livestock farming and enjoy thenewtechniques of modern farm. New farm is at your palm you justneedto harvest crops and have a proper grip on the farmingmachines. Inthis game you are going to enjoy the realistic3d-graphics andsmooth controls of the vehicles. Here in realisticfarm thedifferent types of machinery is given for you just use themandfulfil the assigned task within the given time period. Inthisforage plow farming you have to play as a professional farmer.Allprocess of farming in this farming skills are dividedintodifferent levels. The first level of plow farming is to buyseedsfrom shop. You have to drive tractor trolley and go to a shopforthe purchase in tractor farming. In this level ofharvestersimulator you have to drive plowing machine from that areawhereall the machines are placed for the countryside farming. Firstyouneed to drive the plowing machine to field to fulfillyourharvesting dreams. Then do plowing full field using machineryinfun farming game. This is the right time to do seeding in thefieldin amazing farming. As you are new to this field that’s whyeachand every details is given for your reference in americanfarming.Once you are done with seeding now it’s the time to dowatering inthe field in farming simulator game. In this level ofmodern farmeryou have to transport animals in your shed from thevillage.Animals are hungry this is the right time to feed toanimals intractor thresher. There is need of spray in the fields,in thislevel of farm spray do spray on fields. Take the milk fromtheanimals in this level of farm housing. Eggs are placed in theshedyou need to sell them in the market for money in freefarminggames. Pick the eggs and sell in the market and enjoy theride ofthe truck in green farms. Crops are ready now be ready toharvestthe fields in seeders.And enjoy the ripe season! Forage isreadyyou have to store them in the store. Here in this level ofplowsyou have to use the fork lifter. In combine harvester you aregoingto enjoy the full life of a farm you just need to use thefarmingtechniques. Virtual Farmer Simulator 2018 Features:★ChallengingMission of realistic farming★ Enjoy modern farming fun★Realisticenvironment of modern farmer★ Smooth controls of tractorfarmingsim★ Amazing 3D Graphics What you are waiting for? If youarewaiting for a game which has thrilling missions and funfarminggame then this realistic farmer game is best for you.Expertvillage farmer has easy and smooth controls of the machineryyoujust need to use in the world of euro farm and have funwhileplaying with the help of Russian tractor. Enjoy this perfectmegagamer and win the title of master farmer. As you know thatSabloGames is always in the procedure to provide you the perfectideasin perfect way and this tractor farming sim is the bestcreation.Download it and enjoy the life of pure farming! Do notforget torate us or give us feedback!
Bull Farming 1.4
Bull farming or Farming Bull is one the best and latestfarminggames of 2017. This bull farming game has an updatesandtraditional bull farming simulator. We know that bull is usedforfarming, but today we used tractor or latest farming machineryforfarming or harvest. So we develop bull farming for old tasteortraditional taste. It has the strength of a machine and canworktwenty times more than an average farmer. Discover the artoffarming with a Bull. Enjoy farming on the land and bullsimulatorin this farming game. Download bull farming today growcrops onyour land!The sun is up and the clock is ticking. The rawfarm landwaits for you to farm it up with the help of your bull.First youneed to dig the surface with an earth claw so you canbreak hardrocks and make space for farming crops. Then you need touse thissurface smoother and smooth the surface of the land. Onceyousmooth the surface, the crops can grow easily. Then you needtowater the surface and use water sprayer attached to the bull.Runthe bull along every corner of the field to water the wholefield.The crops should grow now.Once the crops have grown enough,drivethe harvester in the field and harvest the crops. Collectthegrains from the harvester and drop them into the cart.Nowcarefully drive the cart to its destination. Farming is a veryhardline of work. It needs immense amount of hard work and ahugeamount of tolerance. You need to carefully plow the field anddonot rush on the land. If you do not complete your missions ontimeyour level will fail. Take notice of the time clock andcarefullygo through the process of farming. You must be experiencerealisticbull farming simulator game.
Tractor Driver Transport 2017 1.5
Tractor Driver Transport 2017 is a lot of great and big funfarmingreal tractor game. As a farmer, you can manage your own farmandharvest crops.In this Real tractor driver transport 2017 gameyoustart to make the farmer land ready and with the cultivationyoucan everything related to farming. In this tractor driver game,youhave to do everything a big farmer a basic and real needs to doforhis heavy machinery as a harvest so use cultivation, watertheplants, plant seeds, harvest farmer crops and sell it.Completeharvester Tractor levels to unlock some new farmer groundon farmdrive tractor games and you can enhance tractor farmingskills.Tractor Driver Transport 2017 is the great and amazing farmgamewhere you can drive many types heavy engine harvester,Sprayplants, Indian tractor, Russian Holland, PK Tractor in yourfarmingfields and favorite crops. Enjoy real fun from heavy dutytractorsimulator game and prove that you are the expert farmer andexpertgrand Tractor driver.This is a real farming and 3D tractordrivinggame .If you have no experience about the heavy tractor, orbigharvesting machine to cultivate then this farm tractor drivinggameis only special for you.Have you ever tried to drive a tractorinpresent era when scientist has made great inventions inlatestmachinery? In present time tractor are rare in city so manyof youdidn't know that how to drive a tractor and how to controlthis bigmachinery in farming simulation games. In actual tractorare usedin fields for farming purpose but Game Sim Studios decidedto bringtwist in farming simulation concept with tractor you havetoperform transportation duty this time to show your tractordrivingskills, that you are expert driver who know that how tocontrolheavy machinery and can park in rush. Perform your drivingdutiesto earn and make delivery to different points. This tractordrivertransport 2017 is best tractor driver game. Many peopledepend onfarming, agriculture sector so in this game we introducedthegreatest and latest method of farming and enhance drivingTractorparking skills.This Tractor drive Mania game gives you theuniqueand amazing concepts about harvesting of crops,agriculturecultivating and extreme farming.Farming is a means oflivelihoodfor the people living countryside adopting farmingprofession.Farmers have acres of fertile land and animals like cow,buffalo,chickens, goats etc and machinery like tractors, extremefarmingsimulation trucks, harvester, water supplier, cropchoppers,trolley and sprayer and growing rice, wheat, corn cropsand cottonfields. Tractor Driver Transport 2017 is a new conceptwhere youwill feel like a real virtual farmer. Use modern machinerytobecome a successful farmer. Field Plowing, pesticide sprayingintothe fields, watering the fields, growing the wheat, cotton andricecrops and other farming activities are part of thisfarmingsimulation game, Tractor Driver Transport 2017. 3DFarmingsimulator 2018 game contains highly detailed 3D graphics,mindblowing and nice effects user interface of sound to make thistopfarming game among the real tractor game. ABOUT US: We, GameSimStudios, provide entertainment with responsibility tomaintainquality. We always welcome feedback and comments. You arerequestedto review and comment so that we can make games better forourvaluable players.Please remain intact for updates. Formoreinformation,
Happy Farm Life 9.0
Happy Farm Life is a game that simulate tasks of farmers who workona big farm. With Happy farm Life, Players are transformedintofarmers do everything from planting and tending cropsuntilharvest, hand-picking and buy breeding animals and careuntilmaturity; experienced simultaneously, manually what makes thefoodmanufacturing and food from agricultural products harvested intheanimal feed crops. This brings the extremely interestingandattractive experiences. Are you ready to play and build theirownfarm in this game? Happy Farm Life game has nice graphicsinterfaceglitter, photos close affinity with the countryside andruralsaturated soft sounds that makes up a great farm atmosphere.Thesehas really curious, excited, excited with every player in thegame.Download and play for enjoy
Village Farm Simulator 2018 - Farming Games Free 1.2
Temok Studios
Fan of real farming games? We bring you an innovative concept ofthefarming bull simulator in this finest of growing crops games.Livethe life of a conventional bull farmer and enjoy thereal-timeexperience of how bull farming used to be done in olddays. So areyou ready for this wonderful cow farming simulator? Itis reallyfun to maneuver farming bull around fields and for sure itiscompletely a different challenge than driving a tractor. Ithasbeen given a theme of real farm adventure game environment anditis equipped with various tools and machinery for improvedexposureof farm games. Additionally, there are several breeds ofpets kepton farm including horses, cows and hens. 🐂Village FarmSimulator2018 - Farming Games Free is the most realistic farmergame withthe extraordinary detail of farming activities. Feel likeanagriculturist of medieval times; live farmer’s life in apeacefulvillage surrounded by lush green fields and beautifulflower beds.Plough and cultivate fields without thresher &farming tractor.Choose seeds of farmer crops out of three plants;corn, canola& wheat. Sell the crop and invest money to buy cowsandchickens. Take a break from a real harvester simulator job andgofor hunting birds & ducks at the pond. 🐂Now it's time tobecomea virtual farmer. Bored with driving little crane orhugeconstruction cranes, then it's time to try tractor simulatorgames.This game is the ultimate Village Farm Simulator 2018 -FarmingGames Free 2018 and will let you enjoy all the aspects ofhavingyour own farm. Farm tractor machines will help you farmfaster.Heavy tractor games for free for kids will suit all yourneeds.tractor simulator games are the best type of farm. Veryaccuratetractor harvesting farm. Do amazing tricks as a hill farmtrucktractor pro. Fun and enthralling tractor transport andfarminggames for free. Tractor farm and excavator sim will blowyour mind.Indeed one of the best Village Farm Simulator 2018 -Farming Game.Village Farm Simulator 2018 - Farming Games FreeFeatures: 🐂 Newfarmer game is embellished with true villageenvironment in farmfields 🐂 Exciting farm game levels with farmingchallenges 🐂Awesome farming machines to select for agriculture inreal tractorsim 🐂 Most realistic tractor driver farming simulatorto drive intractor game 🐂 Fascinating 3d graphics & gameenvironment infarm games 🐂 Smooth steering plus brakes andaccelerator buttons
Blocky Farm: Field Worker SIM 1.5
Blocky Farm: Field Worker SIM is the blocky farming simulatorwhereyou can manage your own farm and harvest your freshly growncrops!Do your dare to make your hands dirty in this real fieldworkerSIM?! Show us that you have what it takes to manage your veryownfarm!In this game you will start to make the ground ready andwiththe cultivator, you can achieve this. But you need to do itbeforeyou run out of fuel otherwise you have to pay for a refill ofyourgas and that will give you less revenue of your barn! This gameisthe ultimate tractor parker simulator and will let you enjoyallthe aspects of having your own farm. In this fantastic blockyfarmSIM you have to do everything a farmer needs to do for hisharvestso use the cultivator, plant seeds, water the plant, harvestyourcrops and sell it. When you have sold your harvest you unlocksomenew ground what needs your real tractor parker farmingskills.Invest your well-earned money in epic new tractors! Everystage offarming is a mission, so you can do a lot of majestic fieldworkingsim stages. Not only will you drive in your tractor you willusefor the harvest a combine. Key Features:✔ Play afantasticcultivator farmer simulator!✔ Enjoy all stages of havingyour veryown barn! ✔ Get out in the field and manage your crops! ✔Realistictractor farming simulator!✔ Manage everything at your ownfantasticbarn! ✔ More angry dinosaur games and US army securitydrone gamescoming soon!Become a real tractor farmer and manage yourfields inthis real freshly grown crops harvester simulator. Can yousellyour crops for the top prize or will you get nothing?
Tractor Driver Agri Farm 1.0
Tractor Farming Crop Harvest Driving Game 2018 Bestdrivingadventure in the tractor driver, while you transport goods,deliverstock and provide food to the citizens. Agri farm simulationis thebest heavy tractor job. Heavy duty tasks like pulling thetons ofloads of trolley with the tractor. Take as extra, harvesterjob inthe tractor driver game to top all the farmers in growth&productivity of your food. Heavy duty of goods transport tothegrain market across city maps in the challenging driving task,andnot every driver is up to take it. Glimpse of cityscapes fromthefarm area deceives the distance that tractor driver will havetocover to fulfill the farm transporting chores. Elitedriving,handling and controlling on the most rough roads while youaretransporting the goods. Legendary farming competitions are on,sobe prepared to show your skills as the tractor driver.Ignitetheengine and take the tractor to the plow and otheragriculturemachines. Drive on muddy farm roads and slippery paths,reachdestination in time. Clear up the head for the real tractordrivingfull of challenges. Best game experience is for winners,bringmaximum stars to the board, do the maximum transport taskstoachieve it. Thrilling simulation for you to get worked on, handsonsteering wheel and eyes on the road will make it possible.Collecthay and grass to feed animal, make shelter out timber, rawwoodfreshly cut from old trees. Trim the plants at the boundaryhurdlesand spikes to make proper farm appearance. All farmranchmanagement in the tractor driver agri farm are purelyrelatable tospending a weekend at a farm. Put the farming boots andignite theimmense horse powered tractor trolley. Get in line tobecome thebest tractor farmer in the whole country. Compete withneighboringfarmers in yields and animals. Bring heavy tractor tofields, plowthe fields, get fields ready for cultivation and makethe best outof the farming adventure. Farming of wheat cotton, riceand othermajor crops in the huge farm. Give a Booster to yourAgriculturecareer with building storage units all over the farm.Make themaccessible by building little streets and carving paths toreachout with tractor trolley so you could deliver the finalproducts tothe storage units.Real virtual farmer opportunity here.Fromwatering the fields and spraying the pesticides with tractor,takethe farming to the next level. Fulfill your harvesting dreamsandmake money by selling your farm animals. Successful farmercareeris opportunity here. Educated farmers are blessing toconsumers asthey increase productivity. Farm tractors and seedlingharvestersconvert the money spent into revenue. Now is the chanceto growdifferent plants. Manage the newly purchased animals in theopenfields and natural environment. With the combination offarmingforage plow harvester and wheat farming tractor, agriculturehasbecome easy thanbefore.
Tractor Farming Simulator 2018: Real Farm Games 4.0
Desire PK
Welcome to tractor farming simulator 2018: real farm games inwhichyou will start your realistic agricultural career on smartmobileand tablet! Organize your farm and its fields to fulfillyourharvesting dreams as a real farmer tractor simulator games.Inthisnew farm drive tractor games 2017 you have to drive yourheavytractor farming in the farms filed to do harvest crops. Inthistractor driving games 2018 you will perform duty as afarmertractor driver who have to drive different heavy tractor todocombine or harvester in the village farm filed. Farmertractordriving simulator 2018 give you complete experience of howfarmerlive there and do extreme hard farming driving in the fieldstogrow the crops for whole country. Real farming driving games2018are not as simple as you have to do in other parkingtractortrolley game 2018. Tractor farming simulation is not an easyworkyou have to wake up early in the morning and bring the grainsfromthe market on the cargo farm truck vehicle. After bring seedstothe field farmers drive their heavy machines to start diggingthefield for harvesting. In real indian tractor farming games 2018youwill drive all the modern and advance farming vehicles of newyear2018 models which include traditional seed drills andtwo-wheeledtractor in this most wanted farming harvester simulator2018.Inindian tractor farming games 2018: harvester driver has tomaintainquality of their farming machines so they can perform bestduringfarming harvester simulation 2018. This realistic farmingtractor2018 drive 3d better than other farming multiplayer games2018because in multiplayer games 2018 player get bore by doingsamething again and again. In real farming tractor sim 2018:tractortrolley game you can play this marvelous game in farmingofflinegames mode and enjoy the realistic village environmentduringfarming tractor harvester driving in the farm simulator2018.Heavytractor simulator 2017: farming sim free game give you somuch funto being a farmer. This awesome farming simulation game2018provides you a great chance to become a harvester andenjoyharvesting farm simulator game 2018. In real farming simulatoryouhave to play as a cultivator and a harvester. Here is chancetolive your dream of using seeding machineries, cultivate wheatandharvest crops in the village. In this amazing real farmertractorgames 2018 3d: farming expert you have beat your opponentfarmersand become the farming master in your huge village. You willalsodo adventure sport of tractor pulling in your rural town.Mosttractor games 2017 are simple and boring but in this realtractorgames 2018 you have to manage your complete farmingsimulation 2018and earn money by selling grain seeds on yourtwo-wheeled tractors.Farming tractor simulator is more entertainingand realistic thenother farming truck games 2018 due to its highquality graphics andrealistic farmer life story. In tractor drivingsimulation game2018: harvesting challenge you will first time havemulti controlsoption as compare to other old farming tractor games2017. In thisnew farmer tractor games 2018 you are the harvestermanager howhave to control everything during farming with tractorsimulator2018. Its your duty to manage and modify all the farmsvehicles andharvest as much crops as you can from one farmfield.tractor farmsimulator 2018: real farm tractor features:- getamazing farmerexperience in this harvesting simulator 2018.- be areal farmtractor driver with wheat cultivators- real equipment forplow,fertilize, seeding, cultivators process- highly detailedrealistic3d farming environment- make money by selling grass orchaff at thebiogas plant- drive tractors and a combine harvester2018- manageyour farm and harvest your cropsDonwload tractorfarming simulator2018: real farm games now and have a lot of fun bydriving farmingtractor 2018.
Tiny Farmer Family : Building Tycoon & Farming Sim 1.1
Sablo Games
Farm sim the most unique game which is FREE to download. Enjoytodrive and build with full of fun. Fulfill the driving maniawithfarming simulator. Take your cap and sit behind thegiganticmachinery to build the builder story. If you love farmvillage thisis perfect for you. Enjoy the ultimate pig farminggames where youare given the chance to prove your strategy of mylittle farmer youare on the mission to reach the title of my biglittle farmer. Doit in the best possible way and enjoy this tinysimulation createdby Sablo GamesBeing the player of this games yourrole is like afarmer who has to build his house, growcrops/vegetables to survivein a jungle. The story of this littlefarm revolves around thestone age where a person is stuck in thejungle with his family.Here in this tropical island games he needsto get survival of hisand his family. For this purpose he has towork hard. If he doesnot work the beast of the jungle will eat hisfamily. Now the firststep of this tiny simulator is to need shelterfor his and hisanimals. Being the player of this town tycoon youhave to constructherd for animals. You have to pick wood fences andplace them onthe marked area. The next step of this virtual petgame is to makeroof of your herd. You have to pick wood pieces andplace them onthe marked place to make roof of the house in thisfarm Expert. Youneed to drive animal van from city to village inthis farm harvestspring season. Now the second step is to dosomething for hunger inthis city construction game 2017. You haveto plow the field. Thefirst step of ploughing is seeding thenwatering in this farminggames. Before you did watering, you have toconstruct a tube wellin this building tycoon games. You have digmarked area 2 timeswith the help of excavator. You need to justpick bricks with thehelp of mobile crane and make the walls fortube well in thisexploration games. The next level is to dowatering in your fieldin this construction world. In this citybuilder vehicles nextlevel is harvesting. Then you need to pick haybales with the helpmobile crane and put them into thrasher. Youhave to drive thrasherwhich automatically take out seeds from haybales and fill theminto the 3 boxes. The next work which isassigned to you is toconstruct barn to store your food. Then thenext task is to makethe house for yourself here you need to followall the constructionsteps which you followed previously in thisconstruction simulatorgames. Plow another food for your animals andyourself and so on.Be the active member of this town building gamesand have a lot offun. Tiny Farmer Family : Building Tycoon &Farming SimFeatures★ Challenging Mission of game★ Enjoy Farm simfun★Realistic environment of construction builder story★Smoothcontrols of construction vehicles★ Many hours of free fun★Amazing3D Graphics What you are waiting for? Download Tiny FarmerFamily :Building Tycoon & Farming Sim and enjoy the FREE thrillofbuilding sit. It is more interesting and more colorful whichisholding building construction games for you. Easy gameoperationwill enable you to calmly face the challenges and completelevelsof building simulator. Everything will show you a perfectmegagamer in this digging machine. Download this virtual petgamecreated by Sablo Games Do not forget to rate us or giveusfeedback!
Real Tractor Farming Simulator 2018 1.2
Zygon Games
Farming is lot of fun. People living near countryside mostlyrelatedto farming profession. Farmers of US are the best farmersas theyare very hard working, passionate about their work and knowthemodern technology of the farming. John loves farming so he cametoUS to learn farming. He came to a famous farmer to learn the artoffarming. This whole family is well reputed farmers. This farmerhaslots of acres fertile land and animals like cow buffalochickensgoats etc. He also has machinery like farming trucks,harvester,crop choppers, trolley and sprayer. So this is the bestplace forJohn to master knowledge of farming and become the bestfarmingexpert. American farmers who produced pure natural food andfreshfruits and contributed in the economy of their country. Theyusuallygrow rice, wheat, corn crops, cotton and sun flower fields.Now heis learning forage plow farming from traditional Indianfarmers. Itsforage plow farming season so its perfect time toharvest yourcrops. They also had a small market after crossing theriver. Thisrealistic 3D graphics game is based on John's life.This awesomefarming simulator game provides you a great chance tobecome aharvester driver and enjoy harvesting farm simulator game.Now enjoythe real heavy tractor farming simulator 2018.Grow newcrops andsell grains & crops to a market for money. But beforethis youwill have to go through the complete process of growingthe crops.Plow the field, then spraying the pesticides , wateringthe fieldsand all the rest of the work required for the farming.You are alsorequired to transport the animals to the city marketto sell themand earn profit. Drive your machinery carefully ascountryside roadsare very bumpy. So this game is depicts thecomplete picture of thefarm life. You will also drive heavytractor trolley for cargoanimals and crops. Now its time to becomea virtual American farmer.Enjoy farm tractor driving and parkingin this master of all farmingsim game. Farming Simulator adventureis a new concept where youwill feel like a real virtual farmer.Use modern machinery to becomea successful farmer.How to PlayTractor Farming 17:First of allvisit your farm so that you canharvest crops and manage your ownfarm. Then choose the fertileland plough it and make path for seedwith the help of drillmachine which you would attach with yourtractor, transfer theanimals from village to city for sale. Afterselling the animalscome back to give water to your crops, sprayyour fields to killinsects which can damage your crop, wait forsometime when wheatfully grow again. Harvest them and transportthem to warehouse onyour transport tractor. Find a used tractor andother farmingvehicles, plant seedlings first and reap them later,take care ofyour livestock, and trade goods at the local market.This is thebest open world farm game ever on mobile totallyfree.Real TractorFarming Simulator 2017 Features:- New highlydetailed 3D graphicsand a slick user interface.- Best open worldfarming simulator everon mobile or tablet - totally free.- Amazingfarmer experience inthis harvesting simulator.- Dozens of realistictractors, trucksand other farming vehicles to use- A store to buythe necessarymaterials and machines- Drive tractors and a combineharvesterperform heavy tractor cargo
Tractor Driving Plow Farming Simulator Game 1.0.5
Farming simulation game is lot of fun. Do you love tractordrivinggames? If your answer is yes now this Tractor Driving Real3D FarmSimulator Games 2018 best for you to transport farming cargoandfarm animals to other farm as a best farmer and expertdriver.American farming super tractor cargo truck attached withtrolleydrive on rural mud road improve tractor driving uniqueskills andhelp the market farmer by transportation farming cargolike hey,wooden logs, milk and other food items to rural area ontime, veryhard driving 3D game improve your transporter duty onimpossibleheavy mountains hill valley. David love farming and arealharvester farmer hero there is a duty to transport farmingcargocollect from farm house and supply to city market whole familyiswell reputed with farming profession. Heavy Cargo Tractor iswelldesigned and powerful beam engine car can bear heavy load.First ofall attach trolley with heavy duty cargo tractor enjoy thenewcargo tractor simulator game as a pro driver. Grow your owncropson specific area with heavy machinery robotic engine useforcultivate the field in farming 3D simulation 2018 game. Farmerdutyto load the ready crops on tractor like wheat, rice,sugarcane,corn cops, haystack and cotton field all good sell inmarket andearn money. Farm animals & cattle transport is themajor partof the game multiple animals transport to farm house andveterinary3D hospital. Hard Grip on steering and fasten your seatbelt yourjob is transport farm animals like, cows, goats, hens,horses,sheep’s, buffalo's from livestock to destination points,someanimals grazing around the farm so make sure avoid hittingfarmanimals. Tractor driving cargo transport rural farmingbestsimulation game. Real 3D farming environment new-genfarminganimals and heavy duty tractor with trolley well designedforfarmer and farming 3D game lovers. So it’s time to becomeexpertdriver big machinery drive to perform transportation dutycarefullydriving on village bumpy roads, up and down tracks full oftrashand mud roads. Hill tractor drive 3D interesting simulatorgame todrive and park both fun in this game. New tractor cargo gameisfree and easy to play with full of fun and excitementfarmingbackground sounds is very catchy and attractive. Farmerdelivercargo to one farm to other and super market for earnmoney,agriculture and small business is the backbone of moderneconomyfarmer produced real natural foods and vegetable theycontribute inthe economy of his country. Delivery cargo andmachinery carefullyto countryside and rugged terrain roads. Withinextreme conditionout of gas or fuel. Gas station or pump servicesavailable in ruralarea in this environment you will find gasstation petrol pump orservices station. Are you ready for ruraladventure in farminggame? Heavy Tractor Cargo Driving: RuralFarming Sim 2018 is giftfor you. Heavy tractor transport heavycargo log, oil barrel, milkdrum to city super market or shoppingmall. Tractor mania drivingsimulator give to your user friendlyinterface easy control andanimated animals. Hook your tractor toload trolley or sled andgive it a pull driving. Challengingenvironment stunning graphicscrazy zigzag off-road is a full ofadventure. So ready fortransporter by playing Tractor Driving Real3D Farm Simulator Games2018! It’s time to start your career inTractor Driving Real 3DFarm Simulator Games 2018 Top Features ofTractor Driving Real 3DFarm Simulator Games 2018 - Highly detailedfarming environment -Multi direction camera - Beautiful scenicviews - Smooth and easycontrols - Offline game play - Realisticuphill mountain Sceneries- Free to play this game - Outstanding andfriendly GUI. -Real-time Farmer Experience - Enjoy all stages ofhaving a farm Wehope you will like our Tractor Driving Real 3D FarmSimulator Games2018 and don’t forget to rate us on Google Play!Thanks
Real Farming Tractor Sim 2016 1.9
Farming Sim adventure is a new concept where you will feel likeareal virtual farmer. Use modern machinery to experience the lifeofa farmer. Grow your crops and sell them to the market formoney.But before this you will have to go through the completeprocess ofgrowing the crops. Ploughing the field, then sprayingthepesticides , watering the fields and all the rest of theworkrequired for the farming. Do you know that how people harvestinancient time? They face many difficulties during such processwhenthere was no development in technology. Man had to workseveraldays in fields. But now a days this concept has been fullychanged.We can do this work in some hours without any hurdle withthe helpof modern machinery. Get ready to work in field. Pick upyourdevice install this farming 3d sim adventure and enjoy it.Thewheat crop is ready to harvest with the help of harvestermachine.Then choose the fertile land plough it and make path forseed withthe help of drill machine attach with your tractor,transfer theanimals from village to city for sale. After sellingthe animalscome back to give water to your crops, spray your fieldsto killinsects which can damage your crop, wait for sometime whenwheatfully grow again. Harvest them and transport them to warehouseonyour transport tractor. Take crops to the city to sell themforhandsome amount of moneyRemember! if the fuel of tractor ranoutbefore the completion of your level then your level will failandyou have to try again.Your Feedbacks and ratings are valuableforus to keep ourselves busy in creating more fun in the gamestoentertain you, your family and your friends. In case if youfindany bug that needed to be addressed just send us an email, wewillimprove it and reply to your email as soon as possible.
Farming Harvester Simulator 2017 1.0
Welcome to the tractor farming simulator 17 game 3d containingFoodtrucks simulation, harvester simulator, crop choppers,trolley,sprayer with new skills you did not know. Experience how arealfarmer lives and works around very big countryside farm if youareinterested to know about real farming exhilarating. When yougetfarmers life experience you will come to know who producedpurenatural healthy food and contributed in the economy ofcountry.Harvest the crops with giant harvester and transport it tothemarket along the lake side and feel real farm drive or Foodtrucksimulation . You can grow field barley, plant, grow, harvestandsell, raise cows, sheep and buffalo and learn tobecomeself-sufficient in this tractor farming simulation 2017 3dgamewhere you can show off your driving, parking andAgriculturefarming , harvester simulator skills.Dare yourself tobecome askill driver of huge agriculture farming tractor. Ploughthe fieldsand spray pesticides, watering them and complete all thetasks ofgrowing crops. This farm tractor simulator game gives youtheultimate farming and food truck simulation experience. Unlocknewadvance and better farming experience machines when youcompletetask the challenging levels in this tractor farmingsimulator andharvester simulator. Enjoy realistic tractoradventures of 2017 inconstruction simulator game. The best truckdrive and craneoperator dual in one simulator game 3d.this jobneeds versatilityto operate advance complex vehicles and quickresponse time.Fertileyour land by ploughing it with drill machineattached to your farmtractor and enjoy the tractor farmingsimulator adventures. Harvestwheat crops and transport them to yourwarehouse storage on yourfood truck simulator. Operate lifter craneand demolish plough ingrinder attached with crusher crane. Now it’stime to become avirtual tractor farm simulator driver, Get readyfor the bestamazing tractor farming simulation game and traditionalof yourlife experience. Use modern and best advance machinerytoexperience the life of a former. Download now this ultimatetractorfarming simulation and harvester simulator and enjoy of realfarmertractor farming simulation gameplay.
Farm Sim 2018: Modern Farming Master Simulator 3D 1.2
Farm Sim 2018: Modern Farming Master Simulator 3D is here!BecomeaLocal Farm Manager by Cultivate & Harvest Crops in thisFarmerSim 17!!Farming simulation has taken a step forward with thisbrandnew concept of real farming Sim game of 2018. In this farmingSimconcept, you have to make use of a combination ofadvancedmachinery like harvesters, hydraulic cargo transportersetc. andalso the traditional farming instruments like cowharvesters andbuffalo pulled water sprinkler. This extremecombination oftraditional farming and modern technologies willrevolutionize thefarming simulation games. Now you can make use ofyour barren landwith modern technology and make it plough-able.Become a realfarmer by taking control of your green farm, off thecity inbetween the fairy meadows.Plough a variety of crops indifferentportions of your farm and grow them by feeding with freshwater andpest control fertilizers. Take a good care of your largefarm anduse proper farming techniques to obtain a high yield. Takethe bestout of your agricultural career by cultivating your mudfarm andtake your agricultural career to the peaks which you nevertouchedbefore with the use of modern harvesters and tractors. Thenewharvest time tracker helps you to perfectly time the growingperiodof the harvested crops. Grow your sim farm in the bestpossible wayand make sure you sow seeds just after buffaloploughing of yourrough land. You can also make use of heavytractors for ploughingthe large fields. Transport the ready cropsto city market with thehelp of heavy tractors and tractor trolleys.Tractor trolleys arethe best way to transport a bulk quantity ofready crops in lesstime. Community market is the place where youearn money by sellingyour fresh crops. This challenging andexciting farming game iscomposed of farming missions with variouslimitations in eachmission. You have to complete various farmingmissions in the givescapacity and machinery. You have to prepareyour barren land forsowing, sow seeds, water your crop fields,harvest the ready crops,transport to community market, and sell thefeedstock. Youragricultural career is successful or not depends onhow muchfeedstock you prepare in the specific time allotted to you.Becomea modern farmer of this era by playing this farmingsimulator.Makeuse of different field patterns to obtain bettercrops fields andalso vary your water feeding to young crops. Grainseeds need aspecific time to grow, so do not rush. When you seesmall plantsemerging out of grain seeds, then do the watering andalsodistribute fertilizer grains to the large farms to save themfrompests and insects. Enjoy village life in this farmingsimulationgame while aggregating your barren land at the same time.Uselittle cranes to load heavy duty tractor trolleys with thereadyfeedstock. Sell your ready crops to earn as much as you canand bethe most successful farmer sim in the town. Farm Sim 2018:ModernFarming Master Simulator 3D Features:- Village lifeexperience withmodern farming techniques- Slick user interface toenjoy thisrealistic farming simulation game- Intuitive controls ofheavytractors, harvesters, and water sprinklers- Excitingfarmingmissions- Variety of seed grains to grown differentfields-Advanced threshers and cargo transporters- Off roadvillageenvironment- Excellent graphics and close to naturerealisticfarming