Top 48 Apps Similar to FOTOS TUMBLR

Timbloader for Tumblr
With Timbloader, you can download everything on your Tumblreasier.DISCLAIMER: This app is not an official app. Just a tool foruserssave their media. All logos and trademarks displayed on thisappare property of Tumblr. Now support download: - Highestresolutionof photos - Videos - Audios Easy to use : 1- Open theofficialapplication 2- Click on the share/send button below themediacontent (photo/video/audio) 3- Choose Timbloader in the list4-Wait for information are loaded, click on Download button.***HOMEPAGE***:
Tumblr, Inc.
Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, andbondover the stuff you love. Whether it’s fandoms orphilosophy,fashion or felines, Tumblr is where your interestsconnect you withyour people. EXPRESS YOURSELF — Post photos, GIFs,text, videos,live videos, audio, anything. — Make your own GIFs.Cover them instickers and text, if you like. BE YOURSELF — Lookhowever youwant. Customize your Tumblr’s colors, fonts, layout,everything. —Follow whatever topics you’re interested in. Find newones youdidn’t even know existed. CONNECT WITH YOUR PEOPLE — Joinmillionsof people in millions of communities across millions of#tags. —See something you love? Reblog it to your Tumblr and startaconversation. — Start a private conversation with your friendsinmessaging. — Or just follow, if you’re feeling shy. No bigdeal.Live streaming of sporting events on Tumblr in the UnitedStatesfeatures Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software whichwillallow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’sTVRatings. Please see formoreinformation. US users may also visit Settings in the app to optoutof Nielsen measurement.
Open as App 1.53
Turn your spreadsheet into an App makesappcreation easy: You can instantly turn existing spreadsheetsintoprofessional apps. • Calculations, lists, maps/POI,dashboards,forms • No programming skills required • Professionalapp design •Professional functionality, e.g. search, filter, sort,group,charts • Online/offline available • Data input within theapp(Cloud connection) Start now and create your first app! Takeanexisting file, e.g. an address list or an offer calculation,andturn it into a user-friendly app for your clients, co-workersandpartners. This is how it works: (1) Open the App (2) Upload spreadsheet, query file or csvfile.(3) Choose your app type: e.g. calculations (with chart),list(with map), form or dashboard. (4) Edit design and structureofyour app. (5) Create your app. The spreadsheet in thebackgroundremains connected as data source. You will receive a linkto yourapp via email after registering your email/password.Spreadsheetand app will be synchronized and are always up to you can share your apps within closed usergroupsor publicly and you can manage your apps/user groups. Getmoreinformation on
Gif Me! Camera Pro 1.74
Gif Me! is the best way to create and share short video inanimatedGIF. It's easy: capture a small moment with your built incamera,and share it on social networks. You can apply an imagefilter too.★★ Features ★★* Capture 14s* Real time color filters*Send byemail* Share on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram,Whatsapp* Youcan remove watermark in settings* Stop motion or videomode* Youcan create stop motion, time lapse, or wiggle gifs* GIFmaker - GIFeditor - Video To GIFYou like Gif Me!? Please give us 5stars! Yourfeedback is very important to our work. Help us toimprove Gif Me!by sending your bugs or requests [email protected]:
Tumbletail for Tumblr 1.2.4
Features: * Thumbnail display like Mega-Editor. * Easy ReblogorLike. * Tag search. * Display other user's likes if available.*Follow or Unfollow. * Multi-account. * Passcode lock. * Saveanyphotos to Dropbox or Google Drive.
10th Planet Warmups 4.2
Warmups quick reference guide V.3
ספר רכב ניסן טראנו 4
ori lazar
ספר רכב לניסן טראנו לשימוש קהילת טראנו ישראל Nissan Motorschoolsfor community use Taranto Taranto Israel
Taymako 1.6
Namou Niger
Taymako est une application qui vous permet d'apportervotrecontribution dans la réalisation d'activités pérennesetrégulières. Vous pourriez ainsi aider des orphelins, des maladesetdes personnes en difficulté.Taymako is an application thatallowsyou to make your contribution in achieving sustainable andregularactivities. You could help the orphans, the sick and thosein need.
Défi ATP EPS 1.41.003
Cette application vous permettra de gérer une situation de défiATPavec jusqu'à 35 joueurs. Plusieurs modes possiblespourl'attribution des points lors des défis. Possibilité desauvegarderles groupes et les défis pour les réutiliser une autrefois.Explications : Le classementestautomatiquement mis à jour ce qui permet de connaitre en directlaplace de chaque joueur, le nombre de points marqués,encaissés,nombre de matchs gagnés, perdus.. This application allowsyou tomanage a situation ATP Challenge up to 35 players. Severalpossiblemethods for awarding points at the challenges. Ability tosavegroups and challenges for reuse again.Explanation: The ranking is updatedautomaticallyallowing know live instead of each player, the numberof pointsscored, collected, number of matches won, lost ..
onsee frontliner connected 1.27
Frontliner performance system forConnectedIndonesiaFrontlinersystem performance for ConnectedIndonesia
Resistor calculator 2.0.4
It allows you to calculate the resistor value by entering thecolorcode of resistor to 4 - 5 - 6 rings
Sonali Life App 1.1
Dragon IT
Sonali Life Mobile Application is a tool for policy holdersofSonali Life Insurance Company Ltd., Dhaka, Bangladesh. Everypolicyholder of Sonali Life Insurance Company can use thisapplication toknow their policy details along with their personaldetails, aswell as receive receipt and other certifications throughthisplatform. This application can also be used to make paymentsforpremiums.
Esta aplicacion ayuda a los socios de Grupo Omari a optimizarsusventas, pago de comisiones y contacto consupervisoresThisapplication helps partners Omari Group to optimizeits sales,commission payments and contact with supervisors
Save Your Heart - Lite 2.2
L'applicazione, realizzata per l'Associazione Amici del Cuore-Gubbio (PG) dagli alunni della classe 4° B dell'IndirizzoTecnicoEconomico articolazione Sistemi Informativi Aziendalia.s.2016/2017 dell'Istituto "Cassata - Gattapone" di Gubbio sottolaguida dei Proff. Roberto Rossi e Giuseppe Labita, permettelalocalizzazione dei defibrillatori presenti sul territoriodelComune di Gubbio (PG).E' possibile, tramitel'applicazione:-Visualizzare l'elenco dei defibrillatoridisponibili sul territorioe avvalersi di Google Maps per avereindicazioni per raggiungerel'indirizzo desiderato;- Cercare ildefibrillatore più vicino allapropria posizione, e avvalersi diGoogle Maps per avere indicazioniper raggiungere l'indirizzodesiderato;- Impostare fino a trecontatti ai quali, in caso diemergenza, inviare un SMS contenenteuna richiesta d'aiutocomprendente l'indirizzo in cui ci si trovaal momento dell'invio;-Far partire una chiamata al 118;-Visualizzare i siti istituzionalidella Associazione Amici delCuore - Gubbio e dell'Istituto "Cassata- Gattapone" di Gubbio(PG).N.B. L'applicazione è di pura utilitàinformativa e didattica.SI DECLINA OGNI RESPONSABILITA' PEREVENTUALI MALFUNZIONAMENTI E/OINFORMAZIONI ERRATE O MANCANTI.Theapplication, created by theFriends of the Heart - Gubbio (PG) bythe pupils of 4th class Bdell'Indirizzo Technical EconomicInformation Systems articulationa.s. 2016/2017 Institute "Cassata -Gattapone" Gubbio under thesupervision of Profs. Roberto Rossi andGiuseppe Labita, allows thelocation of defibrillators on theterritory of Gubbio (PG).And'possible, through the application:-View the list ofdefibrillators available in the area and use GoogleMaps to getdirections to the desired address;- Look for thedefibrillator nearyour position, and use Google Maps to getdirections to the desiredaddress;- Set up to three contacts towhich, in an emergency, senda text message containing a request forhelp including the addresswhere you are at the time of;- Far From acall to 118;- Show theinstitutional sites of the Association ofFriends of the Heart -Gubbio and the Institute "Cassata -Gattapone" Gubbio (PG).N.B. Theapplication is purely informationaluse and teaching. WE SHALL HAVENO RESPONSIBILITY 'FOR ANY FAULTSAND / OR INCORRECT INFORMATION ORMISSING.
Wallpaper Tumblr 3.0
wallpaper tumblrtumblr wallpaper
OrientationEPS Essai 5.04.002
La version complète ici: et téléphones!Fini le suivi des élèves encoursed'orientation sur papier, avec des calculs interminables surlesdifférents parcours. Avec OrientationEPS gérez jusqu'à 35groupesou élèves avec 15 parcours différents.Avant la coursepréparervotre liste de nom (soit dans l'application, soit dans unfichierexcel au format .csv avec dans la première colonne, un nomdeparticipant par ligne)Au crours de la course, vous pouvezrajouterdes participants, en retirer...Cette liste peut êtreutilisée dansDéfi ATP EPS Au départ d'un parcours le groupe cliquesur son nompuis sélectionne le parcours qu'il réalise.Au retour legroupevalide son arrivée en cliquant sur son nom et sur arrivée,ilconnait immédiatement son temps mais aussi son classementparrapport aux autres groupes qui ont réalisé ce parcours.Touslesgroupes sont répertoriées sur la page de résultats pour voirledétail de chaque parcours mais aussi le total ainsi que letempsmoyen par parcours.Pendant la course l'enseignant peut savoirquelparcours réalise chaque groupe, depuis combien de temps, lenombrede parcours réalisés.Un élève se trompe? corriger sontemps,supprimer le... dans l'onglet erreur.En fin de séancesauvegardertous les résultats dans un fichier .csv, avecpossibilité decontinuer la course lors d'une prochaine leçon.Jesuis ouvert pourtoutes pistes d'amélioration!The fullversionhere: and phones!No more tracking of students in orienteeringonpaper, with endless calculations on differentcourses.WithOrientationEPS manage up to 35 groups or students with15 differentcourses.Before the race prepare your list of names(either in theapplication or in an excel .csv format in the firstcolumn, one perline participant's name)In crours of the race, youcan addparticipants, remove ...This list can be used in EPSATPChallengeAt the start of a journey the group click on its nameandthen selects the route he realizes.In return the groupvalidateshis arrival by clicking on its name and on arrival heimmediatelyknows his time but also its ranking compared to othergroups thathave made this journey.All groups are listed on theresults page tosee the details of each course but also the totaland the averagetime per course.During the race the teacher can knowwhich pathmakes each group, how long, the number of completedcourses.Astudent is wrong? correct time, remove the ... wrongtab.Late inthe session save all results to a .csv file, with thepossibilityto continue the race in a future lesson.I am open toallsuggestions for improvement!
This application is created with app-inventor and itincludesalmostall contact details in CUG Directory of KSEB. Withthisapplicationwe can search a contact with name or a contact withitsnumber andmake call. Also there is available email contactsbywhich we candirectly open the gmail application with thecontactmail. we canalso share the selected contact as sms ,whatsapp andgmail etc withothers
Timbload - Tumblr and Twitter videos downloader 1.37.3
Worry about your favorite videos & photos in Twitter /Instagram/ Tumblr/ Facebook / Vk will be deleted ⁉️ InstallTimbload now todownload these videos & photos from Twitter /Instagram /Tumblr/ Facebook / Vk to your phone 📱❗❗❗ 💪 Feature : ⇨🌟 Downloadtwitter videos 🎬 ✔️ ⇨ 🌟 Download Vk videos 🎬 ✔️ ⇨ 🌟DownloadFacebook videos 🎬 ✔️ ⇨ 🌟 Download Videos, Audio, Photosand Gifsfrom Tumblr 🖼️ 🎧 🎬 ✔️ ⇨ 🌟 Download all videos and photosfromInstagram 🖼️ 🎧 🎬 ✔️ ⇨ 🌟 Share the downloaded file 📲 ⇨ 🌟 Sharetheblog post's original link 🔗 ⇨ 🌟 Review the original blog post👁️‍🗨️⇨ 🌟 Manage the media file that has been downloaded ✔️ 👍 Easyuse : 📌Option 1: 1.Open official Tumblr / Instagram / Twitterapplication2.Tab the post's share button which you want todownload 3.ChooseTimbload from the app list 4.Click the downloadbutton once themedia is loaded 📌 Option 2: You can also copy yourfavorite blogposts url ,and then paste to Timbload's input box anddownload. ⚠️Warnning : - This application is not aTumblr/Instagram/Twitterofficial application - Any unauthorizedactivity (re-uploading ordownloading of content) or infringementof intellectual propertyshall be the sole responsibility of theuser
Electrical Reference Guide 4.5
This application is to be used as a reference guide forelectricalprojects, an engineer or licensed electrician shall beconsultedprior to any installation. The app is designed to assistthe userwith typical electrical calculations and provide referencetables.
Annayya_TDS CHAtds
After trying from one-year time, I built an APP. This is myfirstAndroid App created, developed and maintained with thegreatsupport of my team member Mr Karthik and Mrs Anjali. Manythanks toboth.This App provides all product’s TDS (Technical DataSheets) ofARDEX ENDURA India Pvt Ltd. You can read the TDS,download to yourphone and can send the link via mail, WhatsApp andnormal SMS toanyone.
RBApp 1.5
Derek Tsang
RBApp is a radiobiology calculator that automatically calculatesBED(biologically effective dose) and EQD2 (equivalent dose in 2Gyfractions). RBApp allows quick access toradiobiologicalcalculations, right on your phone!RBApp stands forRadioBiologyApplication. RBApp may be useful for learners inradiationoncology, including medical students, residents,physicists,therapists, and oncologists.RBApp does not requirenetwork accessfor regular use. However, the program may requestnetworkpermissions because there are web links in the program.Ifyou finda bug, please don't leave negative comments, but e-mail usinstead.We will try our best to fix it! Thanks.
Rover遙控器 2.0
This APP controlls an arduino-based hardware viabluetooth.Thecontrol methods are: Button - direction and speedcontrol,Speechcontrol, Orientation sensor control, Canvas control,Linefollowingsettings control.. This APP controlls an hardwareviabluetootharduino-based The control methods are:Button -directionand speedcontrol,Speech control,Orientationsensorcontrol,Canvascontrol,Line following settings control.
Radio Videochat 1.0
https://www.radiovideochat.itCopyright©2018 Copyright © 2018
Motivator 7.5
With a new look , the Motivator, useful tool to always keep onhandthe mission data. Usable by anyone traveling on missionandperceives more allowance . Calculates the real-time gain andallowsyou to share with friends the remaining days to return.
Pace Calculator [Pace+] 3.6
Pace+, the calculator and converter for runnersincludes:-Calculator for time, speed / pace and distance;-Converter betweenpace and speed;- Time predictor for future racesbased on distancesyou have run;- Calculator for heart rate zones;-Calculator forburned calories;- BMI calculator;- Coopertesttables;- Trainingpace advisor for e.g. "easy run", "tempo run" and"speed form";-Converter for "km / miles", "pace / speed" or"Celsius /Fahrenheit";- Split times calculator.- "Shoe LacingTechniques"Noadds, No in-app purchases and No permissionsrequired!Note: thisapp is not a "gps tracker" and is made by arunner (i'm not aprogrammer), for runners.Please, send me yourfeedback forimproving the app or rate the app if you like it.
Bilal Gümüs
Eine Islam-App mit dem Grundgedanken des mobilen Lernens.Dawah,Aqidah und Fiqh Unterricht, Islamische Filme, Hörbüchermitislamischen Themen uvm.Besuch Islam-App with the basicideaof ​​mobile learning. Dawah, Aqeedah and Fiqh classes,Islamicmovies, audio books with Islamic themes and much more.Visitus
Mernet İnternet Hizmetleri Online İşlemler 1.2
Mernet İnternet Hizmetleri Online İşlemlerMernetInternetServicesOnline Transactions
Saint Charbel Paolo.Lawo
Paolo 23
This app includes a Daily Prayer and a 9 Day Novena toSaintcharbel.
Radio Carina Potenza 1.6.5
Emme Due Srl
Scarica subito l'applicazione di Radio Carina sul tuo AndroidPhone!Da oggi l’offerta completa e gratuita di Radio Carina chepotraiutilizzare ovunque ed avere sempre con te musica,informazione edintrattenimento. Download the app now Radio Carinaon your AndroidPhone! From today the complete offer and Free RadioCarina that youcan use everywhere and always have with you music,information andentertainment.
Sales Representative
The application is aimed to the representative, commercialagent,promoter and similar. The application's purpose is tosimplify andfacilitate the user in customer management, and trackvisits tocustomers as well as offering a number of tools to theanalysis ofthe work. Some of the main features: - Import / Exportand pricelists management - Import / Export and customersmanagement -Ability to geo-locate the customer or to navigate it(requiresGoogle Maps and Google Navigator) - Managing customervisits -Placing an order and the order report generation in PDFformat. -Sharing of the order and customer card - Ability toenterappointments in your Google calendar. - Statistical analysisofvisits and orders (via charts) - Function Agenda for quickviewingof visits with ability to enable multiple filters and viewthestatus of these (open / closed, expired, etc. ..) - Possibilityofcustomization (language, currency, purpose of visit ...) -Abilityto add images from this visit (disputes, showrooms, etc ..)-Ability to export the visits data in XML format compatible withthelayout of different management (eg. Danea Easy Fatt) -Possibilityto make a backup of data Lingue: Italiano, Français,English,Español.
Palanpur Diary 10.10.09
Palanpur Diary application consists of handy, useful, emergency,andimportant phone numbers. The features directory includesthefollowing useful phone numbers with click to call facility:Emergency Helpline Ambulances Doctor - Physicians Doctor-Orthopedicians Doctor - Gynaecologists Doctor -PaediatriciansDoctor - Sonography & X-ray Doctor - SurgeonsDoctor -Dermatologists Doctor - ENT Surgeons Doctor - DentistsDoctor -Psychiatrists Doctor - Ophthalmologists Doctor - FamilyPhysiciansDoctor - Physiotherapists Trust Hospitals Blood BanksLaboratoriesGovernment Offices Transports Courier Services AngadiyaBanks &Call Centers of Banks Travels Vehicle DealersAgricultural Hotels /Restaurants / Party Plots Books/Magazines/NewsPapers Entertainment/ Halls Gas Agencies Stores Jiv daya - SevaEducational InstitutesWater Tankers Architects & EngineersChartered AccountantsSurveyors Workmen - TV Mechanics Workmen -AC/Washing MachineMechanics Workmen - Electricians Workmen -Painters Workmen - ROWater System Service Workmen - ComputerMechanics Workmen -Electronic Weight Scale Mechanics Workmen -Revolving ChairRepairing Workmen - Plumbers Workmen - CarpentersWeather updatesand APMC rates are also shared via the app! Pleaseupdate the appregularly. PLEASE SUPPORT THE MISSION - RATE THEAPPLICATION ANDWRITE REVIEWS. THANKS. Key words : list of doctorsin deesabanaskantha vidyamandirierp vidyamandir saintpaul'sschool,palanpur silverbells school QuestPlus hungerskeyechallanbanaskantha police palanpuronline
Maps Coordinates 2.4.0
Find the latitude & longitude of any location on GoogleMaps™,and start Sygic Navigation immediately! All you have to doislaunch the official Google Maps™ app, go to the desiredlocation,click "Share" and select "Get Coordinates"! This app isintendedfor those who need to find the coordinates of a location ona mapin order to use them on their cars' GPS systems sincesearchqueries on these devices need to be fully accurate in orderto getany results. MGRS support introduced in v1.0.8 makes the appusefulfor NATO soldiers as well. © 2015 Google Inc, used withpermission.Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks ofGoogle Inc.
LaosOil 2.0
ລາຄານ້ຳມັນລາວຫຼ້າສຸດ ກະຊວງອຸດສາຫະກຳ ແລະ ການຄ້າ ແຫ່ງ ສປປລາວOilprices, the latest Ministry of Industry and Trade of Laos
Tigo Self Care 12.0
Tigo Ghana
This is the official Tigo Self Care app for easy access toTigoservices.This app helps Tigo Ghana subscribers performservicetasks easily. No need to memorize short codes for balancecheck,recharging, Tigo Cash, etc.Features:BalancerechargeDatapackagesTigo Cash services Send Cash Buy airtime (Tigoand othernetworks) Withdraw Payment Check accountAccess tocurrentsubscriptionsCustomer care center locations
Amdaz Bayan Rai 1.0
Bayan Rai is an Hausa Musical Album App, release by one oftheArewaBest Artiste known as ABDALLAH AMDAZ. The Album containmorethan 12tracks which will enable you to even without data anditcontain theArtiste social media handles.
Preces 1.7
Oración el latín en la que se alaba, agradece y pide a DiosPadre,por Jesucristo en el Espíritu Santo, por las necesidadespersonalesy de los demás.Los fieles de la Prelatura del Opus Dei larezantodos los días.La aplicación lleva la oración en latín,sutraducción y un audio para rezarla.Latin prayer in whichhepraises, thanks and ask God the Father, through Jesus Christ intheHoly Spirit, personal needs and others.The faithful ofthePrelature of Opus Dei pray every day.The application takestheprayer in Latin, translation and audio to recite.
URIapp 2,0
Aplicación para el apoyo al médico en el diagnóstico ytratamientodela infección de vías urinarias no complicadaadquirida enlacomunidad en mujeres no gestantes. Lostratamientosantibióticospropuestos se fundamentan en laepidemiología ypatrones deresistencia de Colombia.Application tosupport thephysician in thediagnosis and treatment of infectionofuncomplicated urinary tractinfections acquired in the communityinnon-pregnant women.Antibiotic treatments proposed are basedonepidemiology andresistance patterns of Colombia.
KEY PRO REBT Sections Calcula.
This active application all options REBT PRO calculationsections.PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS: STEP 1: Install "REBTCalculateSections" (Important: no free version, the Pro key doesnot work)STEP 2: Now install the PRO KEY to unlock all the newfeatures.STEP 3: Restart your device after installation, do notremove thefree app.
Dowear 4.1.3
‘Dowear’ is an awesome application based on locationservices.Combined with powerful cloud server and wearable device,‘Dowear’provide you the following functions: 1. PositioningService:GPS+WIFI+LBS+G-sensor multiple positioning method allow youtotrack the path and moving direction of correspondingwearabledevice user. 2. Voice message: Use ‘WeVoice’ function tosend voicemessage with corresponding wearable device user. 3.Multimediacontent: According to different kinds of user, differentmultimediacontent will be provide. 4. Others: Alarm, silence mode,wearabledevice SIM card balance checking etc.
El Digital de Albacete 2.0.6
Aplicación del diario El Digital de Albacete. Todas las noticiasdeAlbacete y provincia, incluyendo secciones de local,provincia,Castilla-La Mancha, deportes, toros y entrevistas.TheDigital DiaryApplication of Albacete. All the news from Albaceteprovince,including sections of the local province, Castilla-LaMancha,sports, bulls and interviews.
Sonali Life - Agents 1.1
Dragon IT
Sonali Life - Agents Mobile Application is a tool forAgentsofSonali Life Insurance Company Ltd., Dhaka, Bangladesh.AllAgentsof Sonali Life Insurance Company can use this applicationtogetupdated with a lot of details and informatione.g.PolicyInformation, Premium Collections, Commissions,AgentRanking,Business Persistency, Target & Achievement,Company,Team &Branch Wise Information, Due, Lapse, Claims,Maturity AndProvidentfund Information, etc.
AnthroCal 1.4
Aditya Nagori
AnthroCal is a child growth assessment app which calculatestheZ-scores for child growth parameters which includesweight-for-age,Height-for-age, BMI-for-age, Weight-for-length,Headcircumference-for-age, arm circumference-for-age,tricepsskinfold-for-age and subscapular skinfold-for-age. Wehaveincorporated the WHO growth charts 2007 for 0-5 and 5-18yearschildren in the single app along with revised IAP growthcharts2015 (Khadilkar et al) for Indian Children. This combinationmakesAnthroCal a 3 in 1 app for child growth assessment. Cliniciansandparents can use AnthroCal app for the child growthassessment.Clinicians while being in clinic can save time asAnthroCalpresents an integrated solution, switching between theapps toassess the results is time consuming. AnthroCal also savetheresults and at the same time have the feature to share theresults,therefore the parents could send the summaries to thedoctor forfurther evaluation. We have introduced plotting featurewhich willenable users to graphically compare z-scores on standardgrowthcharts.
DRMC Academic Calendar 2018 4.0
Dhaka Residential Model College Academic Calendar 2018 Appscreatebyme for help our teachers, guardian, officers and stuffuses.Ouracademic calendar hard copy not taken in hand any place,thisapphelp us to carry "DRMC Academic Calendar 2018" any placeanytime.
Tech Service Manager Plus 2.03
This application is useful to help technicians in the managementoftechnical sevices. The application is directed to the technicianorsales-technician and is intended to help the user in themanagementof assistances, inspections, maintenance, installation ortechnicalassistance for a particular product. It is possible, usinggooglemaps and google navigatornavigator to geolocalize customersandplan the route. During the assistance, you can enter a lot ofdata(specifying whether it is inspection, maintenance,technicalsupport or maintenance ...), insert parts and attachphotos. Clientmaster data is stored on the device from theapplication itself, sowill not be mixed up customers to thecontacts on the phone. Youcan attach a list of spare parts and loadthem in the confirmationreport directly from this. You can create aconfirmation report ofthe assistance to be signed and signed by thecustomer; you cansave the confirmation report signed only through ascreen-shot(volume down and power button simultaneously for 1second, or powerbutton and Home button depending on the deviceused). The agendafunction displays the work carried out and plannedby applyingvarious filters display. You can manage rates indifferent ways:time-based tariff rate km, flat rate, fixed rate,etc .. The plusversion allows you to:   - Send a summary ofthe interventionby email through G-Mail   - Back up your dataon the device,and restore backups (excluding photos).   -Create the servicereports in PDF format (requires Adobe Reader andan internetconnection), then you can sign directly with AdobeReader and saveto your device. - Sharing confirmation report in PDF  -Insert the interventions planned in your Google calendar  -Read the barcode of the product for which the intervention(youmust install the free Barcode Scanner)   - Customize thetypesof assistance.   - Select the spare parts (orservices)directly from a price list imported.   - Import thecustomermaster data directly from a file in csv or google drive. -Exportinterventions in XML format compatible with many managerial(egDanea Easyfatt).
Mariners Club Thrissur mct
Anoop Mohan
Mariners Club Thrissur is an association of Merchant navyOfficersinMid Kerala Districts. Their welfare, Careerdevelopment,Safety,Training, Services to society, Association withShippingindustryin various fields etc. are the mainobjectives.Merchantnavyofficers are unsung heroes the worldEconomy, 85% of whicharehandled by Merchant ships. We work to givethem the rightfulplacein this society.Install this app and knowmore about MarinersClubThrissur
Marathi Christian Song Book App 2
This a new version of the same app Marathi Christian Song Book.Ihad to upload new App but has more songs, than previous app.
Contravenciones Ecuador 1.3.3
Andrés Vega
baja de puntos y multas de con valores reales de cada una delascontravenciones de transito del EcuadorLow points and fineswithreal values ​​of each traffic contraventions of Ecuador