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Clue 2.3.2
Clue is the classic mystery game! Now you can play thebelovedHasbro family board game on the go. WHO, with WHAT weaponandWHERE? Download the official app and crack the case! JoinMissScarlet, Colonel Mustard, Mrs Peacock, Mr Green, Dr OrchidandProfessor Plum on a night of murder and mystery in TudorMansion.Mr. Boddy has been murdered! But who did it? With whatweapon? Inwhich room? Roll the die to move around the mansion andaskquestions: “I suggest it was Miss Scarlet, with the Rope, intheStudy!” Use the innovative logic-assisted virtual Clue Sheettotake notes and eliminate red herrings. Make brilliantdeductionsand solve the crime first!
CLUE Bingo!
Uncover clues and solve the mystery of who-done-it as youexplorehidden corners and secret rooms in CLUE Bingo! With everygame youunlock rewards that lead to new rooms to investigate!Exploreiconic rooms like the Hall, or the Conservatory! Play withyourfriends and use unique boosts for awesome effects like freedaubs,extra coins and more! Play with more cards than any otherBingogame, using smooth controls to easily switch between them,daubnumbers, and call Bingo the second you have it! • EXPLOREclassicrooms like the Library, the Kitchen, and the Cellar! •COMPETE withfriends in tournaments to see who can get the mostBingos! • WINusing unique multi-level boosts to gain an explosionof free daubs,reveal upcoming numbers and add bonus spaces to yourcards! •COLLECT Clue Envelopes for great rewards such as coins,extraboosts, tickets and more! • COMPLETE fun, CLUE themedCollectionsin every room to get more tickets and play even more! •PLAY withmore cards than any other Bingo game for extra challenge,up to 8cards! The best looking, smoothest Bingo experienceavailable onyour Android device. Please note that CLUE Bingo isfree to play,but you can purchase in-app items with real money. Todisable thisfeature, go to the Google Play app on your device, tapthe Menubutton, select Settings > Use password to restrictpurchases.Then follow the directions to complete setup. Inaddition, CLUEBingo may link to social media services, such asFacebook, andStorm8 will have access to your information throughsuch services.Storm8 Studios is the #1 Mobile Social Game Developeron Android.Use of this application is governed by the Storm8Studios Terms ofService. Collection and use of data are subject toStorm8 StudiosPrivacy Policy. Both policies are availableat CLUE and allrelatedcharacters are trademarks of Hasbro and used withpermissions ©2015 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. The game is intendedfor an adultaudience. The game does not offer "real money gambling"or anopportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or successatsocial casino gaming does not imply future success at "realmoneygambling." Follow Storm8 Studios!
League of Quiz Trivia 1.8.4
League of Quiz is a free trivia quiz game with multiple gamemodesand tournaments. Challenge your friends in board trivialpursuitgames or in duels competing in the ELO League. Also you canplayfriendly games or in one player mode with rankings. ◆ BoardgameYou can play board games like classic Trivial Pursuit withfriendsor random players around the world. ◆ Challenges Challengeyouropponents in a quick duel game. Answer an amount of questionsthatwill be equal for both players where the winner will be theonethat guesses more right. Also available themed challenges. ◆ELOLeague Beat your opponents playing board games and challengestocompete in the competitive league ELO. At the end of eachseasonthey will be distributed to the three most highly rated intheleague trophy to prove who is the best player. ◆ One player Youcanplay in one player mode in any category and get ranked foreachcategory. Climb the ranking and get your deserved reward! ◆PrivateTournaments As if that were not enough, you can createandconfigure your own quiz trivia tournaments and invite who youwant.These tournaments also have their reward as a trophy!◆Multilanguaje: * English (UK and USA) * Spanish (Spain and Latin)*Italian * German * French * Portuguese ◆ And much more! -+100,000questions - Chat - Customize your profile with awesomeavatars andwallpapers. - Contributes to the game by sending yourquestions andvaluing the community. The questions are then checkedforcorrectness and quality.
Trivial Quiz - The Pursuit of Knowledge 1.4.3
TRIVIAL is a trivia game divided into several categoriestochallenge your knowledge!How to play:• Start a new game •Selectyour favorite category • Answer the 7 questions in theshortesttime You can choose from the following categories:•Geography(Countries, capitals, flags...)• Entertainment (Movies,music,artists...)• History• Art and Literature (Books,paintings...)•Science and Nature• Sport (Football, boardgames...)Want more thanone category? No problem! You can choose therandom mode so yourgame has a bit of everything ;)Trivial Quiz -The Pursuit ofKnowledge shows a set of statistics for you to stayon track ofyour performance in the game and always try to improveyourmaximum!
Pictionary™ 1.42.1
QUICK SKETCHES, HILARIOUS GUESSES! The classic game of drawingandguessing has gone mobile! Leave your notepad and pencil athome,because this is one canvas you can take on the go. Challengeyourfriends directly from your phone or use your tablet to createworksof art to share with the world. With multiple game modes tochoosefrom, how you play is up to you! Looking for a change ofpace? Putdown your digital paint brush and head over to the ThinkFast modeto guess tons of great drawings. But you better be quick,becausethis is a race against the clock! Pictionary will take youbeyondthe average drawing experience. Select from various tools,eachadding its own special mark. Upgrade those tools and enhanceyourart. Choose from thousands of fun words to draw. Earn chestsfilledwith prizes. Join our social community and discover yourfriend’shidden artistic talents! So what are you waiting for?Doodle yourway to the top of the charts in the family game you’veknown andloved for years. Grab that virtual crayon and fill yourlife withcolor. Highlights 🎁 Prize chests full of exciting gifts!💬Thousands of fun words to draw 🎮 Multiple game modes to choosefrom👀 Fun animations and loveable characters
Trivia Crack 2.97.1
★★★★★ Take a crack at Google Play’s most downloaded triviagame!Step up your quiz game answering fun general trivia questions!Lovegames with friends? Challenge friends and family to funtriviaquestions! Prove you are the smartest not only by answeringtrivialquestions, but by suggesting multiple-choice questions inthis quizapp. Show the world how clever you are while you learn newfun andinteresting facts with the world’s best trivia app. Be thestar ofthe best game for quizzes! Test your knowledge in sixdifferentcategories led by exciting characters. Spin Willy theWheel and letfate decide where to start your quiz question games. •Can’t getenough trivia for road trips? Tito will share hisworld-classGeography knowledge for all your road trip trivia needs.Can youguess which country has a city called Batman? • Albert isthe go toguy when it comes to Science. If you love good triviaquestions, hecan quiz you on math, chemistry, physics and eventechnology! •Hector will defend your honour through the ages. Makeyour mark inHistory by overthrowing your opponents in a duel. • Areyou MVPtrivia sports material? Bonzo can keep you in shape fortheupcoming seasons with Sports trivia! • Can you tell thedifferencebetween a Van Gogh and a Monet? Let Tina test yourknowledge ofArt. • Spoiler alert! Pop will keep you up to date withfun triviaquestions on anything Entertainment related. Prove yourknowledgeof the latest pop trivia across TV shows, videogames,movies andmusic. Know any interesting facts? Show other users whatyou’remade of by creating trivia questions with answers. Speakmultiplelanguages? Prove your linguistic skills and make thecontent inyour language even richer by translating. Want fewer easytriviaquestions and more challenging questions? You’re the boss!Decideand improve what makes it into the game by rating questionsmade byother users. New to the game? 1. Spin the wheel: We’ll quizyou onone of our six categories. Answer correctly so you don't missyourturn! 2. Fill the Crown gauge: Get a character by landing thewheelon the Crown section, or answer three questions correctly.3.Collect the characters: Win them by answering threequestionscorrectly or challenging your opponent to a duel to snatchone oftheirs! Get all six characters to win the match! Otherfeatures! •Need more trivia today? Visit Trivia Rush to place yourbet andplay with your opponent in a real-time, daily triviaquestionschallenge. But stick around, there’s Tournaments everyweek! • PlaySingle Player Mode to answer questions non-stop andbeat yourhigh-score. No turns, no waits, enjoy trivia of the day atyour ownpace! • Win our biggest rewards ever with Missions! • Go onaTreasure Hunt! Collect answers to progress through the map anddigup amazing prizes! Spectacular social extras: • Check yourquizgames ranking and see if you can get more correct answers thanyourfriends or see who’s the real family trivia head of thehouse!Trivia Crack is fun for all ages, with great trivia questionsforadults and fun trivia questions for kids! • Share yourprogressthrough social networks. • Chat with friends, family orrandomopponents. • Collect fun character cards and win rewards.Gain anextra edge with Power Ups • Use Bombs to remove twoincorrectanswers. • Don’t think you’ll get the question right thefirst timearound? Don’t worry, use Double chance to get another go.• Trivialpursuit questions too difficult? Use Skip to go to thenext one.Download the most popular game for trivia now! Have anyquestionsor concerns? Check our Supportpage! Wantthefull trivia 360 degree experience? Follow us on: -Facebook: - Twitter:@triviacrack -Instagram: -YouTube: -Google+:
Trivia Quiz
4Enjoy Game
Choose the correct answer from 4 possibleones.All questions fall into 6 categories: Entertainment, Sport,Science,Geography, History and Art. The Fortune’s wheel choosesfrom whichcategory the question will be. Which category isyourfavourite?Tonns of questions are waiting for you. But you will have only30seconds to answer correctly.You will compete with players from all over the world. Youshouldanswer the questions better than other fans, to take thefirstplace in the world and your country leaderboards. Inviteyourfriends to make the competition more exciting.Do not forget to enter the game once a day, because you have only48hours to answer the questions if it is your turn.
Quiz: Logo game 7.3
Do you like logo quiz, trivia games? Do you think you knowcompaniesfrom all over the world? Quiz: Logo game is just for you!Find outjust how much do you know! * guess 2625 brands from allover theworld * all American brands. Also Canadian and many more *specialAmerican levels * complete 86 engaging unique levels *withincreasing difficulty as you play along * retro level - testyourknowledge of past company images * collect 44 achievementsinGoogle Play Games * compete with your friends and players fromallover the world on two unique leaderboards * use 6 cool uniquehintsto complete levels * keep a track of your stats and progress*complete picture appears when you guess the logo * and all ofthatabsolutely free Updates with more levels and hundreds ofbrandscoming soon. In this trivia game you may find every brandcategoryyou love including cars, fashion, movies and games. In thislogoquiz you can guess companies from all over the world as well asallAmerican companies. Can you guess every brand you hold dear?Ascompanies change their labels, here you can come back toseveralretro images from the past. Enjoy our awesome retro leveland testyour insight into past company symbols. In our logo gameyou willfind many more brands and hints not available in othergames. Allfree. All logos shown or represented in this game arecopyrightand/or trademark of their respective corporations. The useof lowresolution images in this trivia app for use ofidentification in ainformational context qualify as fair use undercopyright law.
Trivia Crack (No Ads) 2.97.1
Get our Google Play Cyber Week: 66% Off! Have fun challengingyourfriends and enemies in the hottest trivia game! Let ourfriendlyspinner wheel, Willy, select which questions you’ll answerfrom sixdifferent categories. Be the first to get the six crowns towin,but watch out for the rematch! Reasons you should be playingTriviaCrack right this second: - Hundreds of thousands ofexcitingquestions - You can create your own questions in theFactory - Over20 game languages - Chat with your opponents -Collectable cardcollection Need more? No problem: - Prove how smartyou are - Learnsomething new while having fun - Make your motherproud So what areyou waiting for? Let’s go! Download the game!Warning: this gamemay cause an excess of fun. Please consult aprofessional if younotice your knowledge growing at an unusualrate. for more information. Questions?Concerns? Findthe solution to all your problems Be asocial being, follow us!: -Facebook: - Twitter:@triviacrack -Instagram: -YouTube: -Google+:
TRIVIA 360 1.9.8
TRIVIA 360 is a free quiz game you can play on your android. Itisan easy to play trivia app but at the same time it is anexcellentbrain game. Try the game and you will be able to give yourbrain animmaculate boost by addictive thinking and IQ challenge!How toplay the trivia game Post download you can play the braingame witha variety of trivia puzzles. The quizzes are set indifferentcategories such as Classic 4-answers questions,true/falsequestions, flag quiz, landmark riddles and more. Simplytry thequestions from your selected mode and check how many rightanswersyou can hit! App’s Feature: • User friendly interface, •Playerscan access leaderboard and check how other online playersareperforming in this trivia game, • The quizzes are set indifferentcategories such as Classic 4-answers questions,true/falsequestions, flag quiz, landmark riddles and more. Downloadthe appTRIVIA 360 and start enjoying the brainstorming session atrandom.You will get to spend quality time on your android for sure.
Trivia Questions and Answers
Cadev Games
Trivia Questions and Answers is a gameofquestions classified in 6 subjects: Geography,Entertainment,History, Art and Literature, Science and Nature,Sport and leisure.Each question has four answers and only one ofthem iscorrect.The operation of this Trivia is very simple:1- Select a category or all 6 categories.2- Answer 10 questions of Trivial. The more accurate andfasteranswer questions more points you have!You can see your progress and compare your results with yourfriendswith rankings and achievements. To access them you mustberegistered to Google+ and have Internet access.In rankings you will see your puntuations and all playerspoints.What is your best position?When you play you can also unlock achievements. There aremanydifferent achievements.The more you play, the more chances youhaveto unlock achievements!
80's Quiz Game 3.2.4
Goxal Studios
Miss the 80's? Then you'll love this game! Over 550 levelsofcelebrities, movies, TV shows, artists, fashion, pop cultureandmuch more. Relive some of the best moments of the 80s!• SIMPLEANDADDICTIVE TRIVIA •The best quiz on the 80s a click away. Over550pictures including Arcade Games, Rock Stars, Actors, TVShows,Collectibles, Movies, Fashion and much more! How many canyouanswer?• INSTANT FUN •Free. No registrations or complicatedrules.Just install and enjoy.• CONTINUOUS UPDATES •Updatedregularly withnew levels! Download and have fun!
Mysterium: A Psychic Clue Game 2.3.5
Asmodee Digital
The official adaptation of the famous board gameMysterium!Mysteriumis a cooperative deduction game set in the1920s in which a ghostguides a group of psychics to uncover amurderer, as well as theweapon and location of the murder, usingonly visual clues. Chooseyour way to play: take on the role of theghost who gives othersclues, or as one of the psychics trying todecipher the abstract"Vision Cards".In this mobile version, youwill find:• A Pass &Play mode• A faithful adaptation of theoriginal game with gorgeousgraphics• A game variant with orwithout clairvoyancy• Additionalcases and dream cards fromexpansions in the in-game shop• A storymode to discover thebackground of each psychic• Solo play with AIpartners• Multiplayersupport up to 7 players using online(cross-platform: tablet /mobile / computer)• WorldwideLeaderboardsLanguages available:English, French, Italian, German,Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian.Tofind more information about AsmodeeDigital, please go to anissue? Looking forsupport? Please contact usat can follow usonFacebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube!Facebook:
Cluedo Notepad 7.4
Stop wasting paper when you play Cluedo with this new app createdtoplay the game quickly and simplest. Furthermore, it's anAds-freeapp!Versions available:- Cluedo 2012 - Cluedo 2015 -Cluedo 2016 -Cluedo: Los Simpson - Cluedo: Los Simpson SecondEdition- Cluedo:Star Wars - Cluedo: Harry Potter- Cluedo: HarryPotter 2016- Cluedo:The Big Bang Theory- Cluedo: Game Of ThronesMeereen- Cluedo: GameOf Thrones The Red Keep- Detective 3DAlso,it's possible to addcustom names to play any Cluedo version, orcreate your own customgame.Available in the next languajes:-English (UK) [default]-English (USA)- Spanish- French- German-Italian- PortugueseFrom 2 to6 players.
Cluedo logs pro (Free version) 1.4.1
You can keep records of you favorite board game direct inphoneinstead of paper. There are 60+ types of the game supported +youcan add Your Own games.Localization: English, French,German,Italian, Norwegian, Slovak, Sweden, Ukrainian, Polish,Russian,DutchThis version of logs tracking has key features:-improvedperformance- new design- new filters in logs- a lotofopportunities to grow
iM Detective Lite 1.2.3
From a classic board game, to an excited Android game, weproudlyinvite you to join the reveal of mysterious murder case iniMDetective game!-A peaceful park turns into a horribleincidentplace that just happened overnight.-There is a mysterymurder casethat a murderer has hidden all evidences in order toconceal thetruth. People who were in the incidence that night, havebecome thesuspects and been wanted to arrest. Thus, to purge and toprovethat they are the guiltless ones, they have to find the truthofthe incidence.Once they know that someone in their team isamurderer and no one also can be trusted, they have to find outthetruth and the exact murderer before it is too late! And YOU aretheone of suspects in this park!In order to reveal the incidentcaseand to stay alive, you have to; Inspect: Every places in theparkthat possibly happened the incidence. Guess: Use yourdetectiveinstinct to guess the incidence from the clues you get tofind outmore evidences. Charge: When you find out who is themurderer, whatis the weapon and where is the place that had beeninvolved in thismurder case, you have to accuse and arrest themurderer in order toend the game and become the winner of thisgame. Main features:-Funand exited in revealing a mystery murdercase, either single playeror multiple players. Single player: playwith AI that can be chosenfrom a beginner to an expert levels.Multiplayer: join toinvestigate, outsmart with your friends or yourteam members in theiM Detective game.-Various playing platforms:you can play withyour friends who use iOS phones as well as friendswho join the iMDetective game via Facebook without anyrestrictions.-Rankingsystem: to reduce the advantages between abeginner and anexcellent players-Unlock-able items: trophies andspecial outfitsare available for player's prize. -3D view camera:you can feellike you play on the actual board. -Ability card:special abilitiesto make the game more fun and exited!-The 3various playing modes:there are “show”, “center” and “deal” modes,so players will havedifferent experiences from the game.-Tutorial:explain how to playthe game step by step that is easy tounderstand, so player caneasily learn from the tutorial.***In theLite version, player canplay an easy level only and create a gamethat contains the weaponcards, character cards and location cardsnot more than 4 cards.***
One Clue 1.10
CAN YOU RECOGNIZE A WORD GIVEN A LETTER AND CLUE?One Clue isthebest word puzzle game on Google Play! We show you 1 letter andaninteresting clue and it's up to you to unscramble 1 word. Therearehints at your disposal that will help you if you ever getstumped.We're created hundreds of word puzzles for you to show yourwordrecognition skills.Get One Clue today and play a super funwordpuzzle game today!★ INSTANT FUN ★ Free to play anytimeandanywhere★ HIGHLY ADDICTIVE ★ Pure, simple, addictive fun!★REVIEWS★ "12 out of 10 stars!""If you love crosswords and wordsearchpuzzles, you'll love this!
Eureka Quiz Game Free - Knowledge is Power 1.15
Features overview • 5.000+ trivia questions spread over 5 levelsofdifficulty • 16 categories of knowledge including, history,sports,geography, technology and many more • 3 hints • Worldleaderboard •Achievements • Offline playable Frequent updates withnew questionsand categories (latest update of the questionsdatabase December2016) Knowledge is power. Test your generalKnowledge! Eureka QuizGame is a multiple choice social quiz. Youcan compare yourknowledge with the rest of the world! From thecreators of yourfavorite games, “Get Rich”, “Quiz of Knowledge” and“EducationalHangman” see our latest game: Eureka Quiz Game! EurekaQuiz Game isthe ultimate trivia quiz because it contains more than5.000questions that are developed by our team of educators. Therearequestions about Geography, Sports, mythology, celebrities andsoon. There are questions for everyone! If you like quiz games,youwill love Eureka Quiz Game! The rules are simple: You havetoselect 6 categories of questions. If you choose the Quick Gamemode6 question categories are selected for you automatically. Thenyouhave to answer 5 questions per category, from an easy one toareally difficult one. The faster you answer the question themorepoints you get. If your answer is not correct, the categoryislocked. If you are not sure about the answer you can use any ofthe3 hints that are available: •Change Question: When you usethishint, a new question is loaded •Help from Archimedes: If it isadifficult question you can ask Archimedes to help you. •50%:Withthis hint, two wrong options are removed from the possibleanswers.The Eureka Quiz game offers: ✓ Over 5000 multiple choicequestionsin English ✓ High scores ✓ Online Score ✓ Beautifulgraphics ✓ Verysmall size, just 6Mb ✓ Supports all mobile andtablet PCs withandroid operating system. ✓ It is absolutely free!The questionsbelong to 16 categories and are updated on a weeklybasis. Thecategories are as follows: • History • Geography •Theater • Music• Science • Religion • Arts • Space • Sports • WorldMythology •Science • Arts • Technology • Animals • Politics •Language Unlikemany other trivia games Eureka Quiz Game is playableofflineanytime. Take it with you in the car, on the metro or play aquickgame while you are waiting for the bus. If you want to compareyourknowledge to that of other players, submit your high score toouronline list. Improve your knowledge and track your progressbyunlocking the in game achievements! It is absolutely free anditwill always be free. Every player can add questions bysimplysubmitting them via an in game submitter. After beingreviewed theyare going to be added to the database. Please send usany commentsyou have. Please help us make Eureka Quiz Game, thebest free(forever) trivia quiz in the world! Thank you! Have funand improveyour knowledge!
Word Search Free 2.0.025
MetaFun Games
Word Search Free is a classical crossword trivia game whichyoudesire! Tons of funny categories training your brain, itmainlyconsist of Food, Fruit, Animal, Art, Sport, Car, Life,Nature,Music and so on. There are mixed words on the screen, pleasefindthe hidden words which are all possible words on the list. Justuseyour finger, slide the letter go up, down, left, rightordiagonally in any of the four directions. They are must be inastraight line, no turn or loop.FEATURES● Suit for all age●Simpleinterface, easy to operate● 26+ unique categories withunlimitedpuzzle combinations● Dozens of words quiz updatefrequencyLike us:
Period Tracker Clue: Period & Ovulation Tracker 5.4.0
BioWink GmbH
Clue is a period tracker and ovulation app that uses scienceanddata to help you discover the unique patterns in yourmenstrualcycle. Use Clue to remind you about your period, PMS,ovulation andfertility. Clue is rated as the top free periodtracker app by thejournal Obstetrics & Gynecology, apublication of the AmericanCollege of Obstetricians andGynecologists (ACOG). Use Clue to: +Track when your next period iscoming. + Get calendar remindersbefore your next period, PMS andovulation. + Track sex, pain,moods, cervical fluid, and more. + Logyour birth control, or planfor pregnancy. Clue also includes: + Theguarantee of no flowers,butterflies, euphemisms or pink - ever. +In-depth informationabout the menstrual cycle, complete withmedical and scientificreferences. + Dozens of ways to track yourhealth, includingperiod, PMS, birth control, ovulation, cramps,emotions, skin,hair, sleep, exercise, and more. + Analysis of yourcurrent andpast menstrual cycles, along with an overall average, toeasilyobserve trends. + The fastest data entry of any periodtracker. +An algorithm that learns from the data YOU input. Themore you useit, the smarter it gets. Please note: Clue – PeriodTracker is nota contraceptive. **Please say hello** We love hearingfrom Clueusers. Send your feedback, questions and [email protected] **Want more Clue?** Ourblog: Twitter:
Bingo Party - Free Bingo Games 2.1.5
Join Bingo Party to play Bingo with friends and millions ofplayersaround the world. Play in 30+ bingo rooms anytime, anywhere!BingoParty is the #1 Classic & Special Bingo Game with 8CARDVERSION! Wanna get more bingos? Wanna be more fun? Just playBingoTour! Game Features: # Realtime multiplayer! Play with morethan10,000 players at a time! # Join elite to play up to 8 cards!#Over 30 bingo rooms! We will be rolling out more rooms! #500Tickets & 30 power-ups to start off. Each day you haveanother150+ tickets to continue the bingo tour. Don't miss it! #Yourdaily bonus will increase by your level up! # Complete kindsofpuzzles to get BIG BONUS! # 7 types of power-ups - Help yougetmore bingos! # Daily Tournament - Complete other players towinbig! # Achievement - Over 200 achievements to challenge.Completeto win! If you love bingos and want to try a new one, BingoPartyis a good choice. Just have a rest out from other bingo games,wewill not let you down! If you love bingos and want to try anewone, Bingo Party is the best choice. Come experience thefantasticNEW BINGO game, we will not let you down! Don't Wait anddownloadnow, a new Bingo World is waiting for you! Practice orsuccess atsocial casino gaming does not imply future success atreal moneygambling. • The games do not offer "real money gambling"or anopportunity to win real money orprizes.***********************************************************************Havequestions or suggestions about Bingo Party - Crazy Bingo Tour?Emailyour questions to [email protected] It will requestREAD_PHONE_STATEpermission in the first time you install the gamefor generating theaccount, sorry for the trouble. Thank you forplaying and have awonderful bingo trip!
Mahjong 1.5.3179
Poker Power
Play the #1 Free 💛Mahjong Solitaire game on Android GooglePlay!  🎈Mahjong Solitaire🎈 is a free solitaire matching gamethatmatches all pairs of Mahjong tiles and clean all mahjong tilecardsfrom the board. Mahjong Solitaire is also one of the mostpopularboard games on Android and google play games store. Thisfree boardgames is also known as Shanghai Mahjong, Taipei Mahjong,MaJong,Top Mahjong and Mahjong Trails. Match all Mahjongg tiles ofthesame figure and remove them all from the board. Find yourmajongtreasure and clean all mahjong tiles in this amazing freeboardgame! How to Play   The goal of mahjong match game is tomatchall pairs of tiles, remove all the mahjong tiles from theboard.The stage is complete once you remove all pairs of tiles.MahjongSolitaire Solitaire Features   ⭐ Unlimited Undo andunlimitedplaytime ⭐ Over 800 Mahjong tiles free boards ⭐ 4different tablesfor the board ⭐ Unique designed set of beautifulMahjong tiles ⭐Easy to play mahjong mechanic and hint system ⭐Stunning graphicsand unique mahjong gameplay ⭐ Available to play onmobile andtablet devices ⭐ No WIFI? No problem! Mahjong Solitaireisavailable online and offline ⭐ Optimized for Android &Googleplay games ⭐ A classic puzzle game perfect for everyday 🎁AGIFT FORBRAIN GAMES LOVER   If you love puzzle, strategy,memory,board and brain training challenges games like crossword,chess,Sudoku, Jigsaw, Classic Solitaire, Word Search, SpiderandPatience, you’ll love Mah-jong! Challenge your brain bystrategyand logic with this amazing brain puzzle game, develop yourmindand patience and strategy skills. Download the best freeMahjongmatching game in Android and google play game store now!Notes:This free mahjong games contains ads 💙Like us on Facebook:
One Clue Crossword 3.2
Exercise your brain every day with picture crosswords! * Nowwithover 800 puzzles * ONE CLUE CROSSWORD is a new kind ofcrosswordpuzzle. Instead of a list of written clues, each puzzleincludes asingle picture. Every word in each puzzle can be deducedfrom thepicture. In some of the puzzles you'll just need to saywhat yousee - but in others you'll need to think a little morelaterally.It's easy to play, but with 100s of unique puzzles, youmight findit hard to put down! FEATURES A whole new way to playcrosswords730+ puzzles over 46 chapters (with more to come) 230+all-newbonus puzzles to discover as you play NEW - 'Mix-Up'mode!End-of-chapter Guardian Puzzles will test your word skillsHundredsof beautiful photos - people, places, animals and more Useinstanthints to remove unused letters or reveal the next letter ina clueSUPPORT Please select the HELP option from the Options menu(thegear icon in the bottom left of the game screen) if yourequireassistance. If you still have questions about the game orrequireassistance, please email: [email protected] One ClueCrosswordis free to play, but contains optional paid items tounlock puzzlesmore quickly. You can disable in-app purchasefunctionality in yourdevice's settings if you do not want to usethis feature.
Atriviate (Online Trivia) 6.0.1
We have a lot of game modes: - A board where you canansweringquestions and winning star of all categories to win youropponents(for 2-6 players) to trivial style. - Make tic tac toeagainst youropponent answering questions. First wins! - Play achallenge modegame and answering 20 questions. Win one more hit.Factoryquestions. Here you can ask your own questions and put themin thegame Want to be aware of the latest news?facebook: web: www.atriviate.comkeywords:trivial pursuit trivia quiz multiplayer triviados friendscrackjeopardy quizup mico academy
Trivial Quiz English 2.1
Cadev Games
This Trivial is very simple:1- Select a game mode: · A category:AllTrivial questions are of the same category, you have 45 secondstoanswer each question. · All categories: questions arefromdifferent categories, you have 45 seconds to answer eachquestionTrivial. · Training mode: questions are fromdifferentcategories, there is no time limit to answer eachquestion.2-Answer to 10 Trivial questions. If you hit and if youanswerfaster, you win more points!Trivial categories are: Science&Nature, Sports & Leisure, History, Geography,Entertainment,Arts & Literature.You can see your progress andcompare yourresults with your friends with rankings andachievements. To accessthem you must be registered to Google+ andhave Internet access.Inrankings you will see your puntuations andall players points. Whatis your best position?When you play you canalso unlockachievements. There are many different achievements.Themore youplay, the more chances you have to unlock achievements!
Quisr | 1-2 Player Quiz 6.4.2
★ Winner of the Mobile App Award 2012★ 2nd place in the "BestAppEver Award" for Trivia Games 2011 -★ Features★▷Captivating Singleplayer mode▷ Worldwide highscore▷ Hall offame▷Multiplayer mode with 2 Players on one device▷ 2 gamemodes(Classic / Multiple Choice)▷ 4500+ questions (challenging)▷Singleand multiple correct answers▷ Permanent question update▷Sharequestions with other Users★ Pro - Features ★▷ Playable inenglish,german, spanish & french▷ Multiplayer with up to 4Players onone device▷ Players can join active multiplayer games▷Choosebetween 8 different Categories▷ Create your own Quiz▷NoAdvertisements★ Singleplayer ★The Singleplayer mode challengesyouthrough a unique mix of knowledge, speed and tactics. Answerthequestions as fast as possible and gain combos throughmultiplecorrect answers in a row. Use Jokers in critical situationsandlevel up to maximize your score to become the QuisrMaster ofthemonth!★ Joker ★▷ Freeze - Stop the countdown for a short time▷Kick- Remove up to 2 wrong answers from the screen▷ Skip - Go tothenext question without losing your combo ★ myQuisr ★▷ Look atyourProfile▷ Look at the Highscores▷ Create your own Quiz▷ Helpwidenthe question pool by sharing brilliant questions▷ Keep ahighstandard by approving or declining shared questions aftercheckingtheir spelling & correctness▷ Use myQuisr also in yourBrowser!(doesn't work with IE)★ GameModeClassic - Multiplayer ★Score points by pressing your Buzzer,whenthe answer displayed is matching the question. Try to befasterthan your competitors and get even more points if a questionhasmultiple correct answers, indicated by the amount of bars inthemiddle of the splitting strip.★ Game Mode Multiple Choice-Multiplayer ★Press your Buzzer, when you think you know theanswerto the question displayed. Score points by selecting thecorrectanswer/s before the time runs out. If you are wrong allotherplayers will score points instead of you.★ Language selection★Whatcould be better to learn a different language other thanplaying aQuiz game with it? That´s right - nothing :) Just selectone of theavailable languages in the Quisr settings and get startedstraightaway!★ Categories ★history, geography, sports & games,art& literature, science & technology, biology,entertainmentand miscellaneous★ Why Quisr ★Quisr is the new way ofplaying Quizgames. It offers a captivating singleplayer mode with aworld widehighscore, a multiplayer mode with up to 4 players on onedeviceand the possibility to share questions or create your ownQuiz gamevia myQuisr. That is the reason why other Quiz gameslikeMillionaire, Trivial Pursuit, Trivia Burst, Trivial Droid,Whobecomes rich or National Flag Quiz do not have theQuisrexperience. Designed like a board game, it also works well asatablet game and gives you a nice start for every gaming nightwithyour friends! So what are you waiting for? Start yourreactor,check your reflexes and become the next Quizmaster! :)★Just incase: quiz qiz quiesr quizr qizr qisr quiser buz buzzbuzzerquizzer quisser quisr★ Additional Links & Games ★▷ UsemyQuisrin your Browser! (doesn't workwithIE)▷ Become a FanonFacebook!!/Quisr▷ Categories...KABOOM!★Please email us ([email protected]) if you have anyquestions orissues - we will solve them together! :)
Draw Something Classic 2.400.029
Draw Something is the “World’s Most Popular Drawing Game”. Havefunwith your friends and family exchanging doodle art. Sketchaperfect work of art and participate in our contests. Pick upyourbrush and start painting now. Highlights: • You don't needartisticskills to have fun with this game. Doodles, stick figuresand senseof humor are welcome. • Enjoy the addictive turn baseddrawing gamein Draw & Guess mode. Sketch and show yourcreativity withcolors. • Guess what other artists have drawn inGuess Somethingmode. • Loads of new and updated words to draw! FromScience to PopCulture, we’ve got you covered. • Make new friendsthrough art.Challenge friends for a quick match or partner up withnew ones! •Practice drawing and unlock color packs. We’ve got allthe colorsof the rainbow and then some for the best sketching andpaintingexperience! • Get featured on our Facebook page if yourpainting isawesome. • Earn badges and unlock achievements for thewords youdraw. Links: us on social media forupdates, features, competitions andmuch more! - Facebook: -Twitter:@WeDrawSomething Collection and use of personal data aresubject toZynga's Privacy Policy(
Roar! AR Boardgame hybrid game 1.7.7
Catch the monsters set loose in the city before its pranks wreckit!And remember, the SOUNDS are your only CLUE! ► IMPORTANT: Thisis abig game and therefore it requires a device with at listAndroid 4.0or later, dual-core processor and 1 GB of internalmemory to worksmoothly. The app is NOT a standalone product - itrequires a Roar!Catch the monster boardgame. ◄ “Roar! Catch themonster” is the veryfirst fully hybrid game that integratesAugmented Reality and aboardgame into one fantastic piece of fun.A hidden monster movesover the colorful city with a digital pawn,trying to escape thevigiliant scientists on their quest to catchhim. And while theelusive monster hides between the buildings,scientists have tolisten to all the sounds of the city to trytheir best inpinpointing his location. Before it is too late, thatis! ▪ USE THEPOWER ▪ Each and every character in the game, be itmonster orscientist have its own special power that aid you ineither eludingthe chase or pinpointing the monster with ease. Usethem wisely! Awell used special power add tactical depth to thegameplay and allowplayers to strategize their moves. ▪ LISTENCLOSELY ▪ Whenever themonster sneak around the city the scientisthave to bend their earto listen to the clues! Was is theroadworks, or maybe just trafficoutside the parking lot? Don’t getfooled! Monsters have their wayto mix up the clues with theircharmingly noisy behaviours. ▪ RISETHE CHALLENGE ▪ The gamepossess two boards of different difficulty!Pick one that suitsyour thirst for challenge, be it easy and cleanlooking or busy andbustling with details. Progress in the game byunlocking missionsthat gets more and more challenging. Life of amonster on the runis not easy.------------------------------------------------------Visit ourofficial site at Follow us onTwitter at or like us on Facebookat
Clue Word 2.0.3
Clue Word, a new addition to the Sunday puzzle genre. For loversofcrosswords, anagrams, word search and word games.Clue Word isablend of crosswords and anagrams. There are 8 clues for 8wordswhich can be solved using letters in a given bank.Clue Word isfun,challenging and easy to learn! Give it a go.Ideal for peoplewholove word games, students wanting to improve their languageskills,and teachers!--- HOW TO PLAY --- * Use the 8 clues to solvethe 8answers. * Solve any answer in any order. * No time limit.---DAILYPUZZLES --- A new puzzle every day! --- CREATE & SHAREYOURPUZZLES --- Game includes a puzzle maker! Make your own puzzlesandshare your creativity with family and friends. --- DOWNLOADPUZZLES--- Download puzzles your friends create
8 Words Apart 1.1.25
Guess the 8 words hidden in every image by putting their piecesbacktogether ! A brand new letter and trivia game by the creatorsof « 1Pic 8 Words » The rules are simple: 1 Pic and a board oftwenty orso pieces of words all mixed up. Guess the 8 wordsenclosed in eachpicture by putting their pieces back together.Have fun with morethan 100 pictures to unlock !
Arrow Crossword 1.1.8
Havos Ltd
Arrow crosswords are similar to normal crosswords, but the cluesareintegrated into the grid.Advantages of arrow crosswordsare:•Immediately see the clue for a given grid position• No needtodisplay a separate clue list, giving more room to display thegrid•Much easier to scan the crossword at a glance• Larger numberofcrossovers, more reward for finding the answers• Most populartypeof crossword in many countriesThey are also known as Arrowords,andas Scandinavian crosswords.Other Features:• You can zoom in&out of the grid, and move around, making it possible to playlargergrids even on smaller screens• Each new grid isgeneratedon-the-fly by the app, meaning unlimited games to play•Many 1000'sof clues, both straight and general knowledge• Veryconfigurablegame generator, allowing you to specify the grid size,grid type,clue types and the difficulty of clues/answers• Choosebetween USor UK English spellings• General knowledge questionstailored toyour country (e.g. US, UK, Australia, Canada, etc.)•Allows you togenerate crosswords tailored to your ability,nationality anddevice size• Ability to save and reload games, soseveral games canbe played at the same time• Numerous aids in caseyou get stuck,e.g. validate word/letter, reveal word and even abuilt-incrossword solver to show potential matches• Can alsogenerate gridsusing the more traditional British style grid. Inaddition thereare Compact style grids, an unusual but very usefulformat,especially for small screens• Possible to play with yourchoice ofEnglish, French, German and Dutch clues and answers
Mobile Trivia 1.2.0
Ideal for entertaining while you exercise the brain.Testyourknowledge in the following categories:• Arts &Literature•Science & Nature• Sports & Leisure•Entertainment•Geography• HistoryFurthermore Trivia Mobile to changethe languageof the questions at any time so you can practiceThere'sno excusefor hours of fun!
MEGA QUIZ GAMING 2K19 - Guess the game Trivia 6.0
Enjoy Mega quiz gaming! Guess all the game quiz levels with over600video games that has been a trending in this decade! Completethisvideo game trivia where you must guess the game characters,weapons,items... all compiled in this quiz app game for free. Alsothis gamedoesn't take up space or need wifi. Beat another playersbyanswering as fast as possible all the gaming questions and jointheleaderboard with other 100 real-gamers and show the world youarethe best gamer ever! ♦ Are you an authentic Gamer? Checkthisfeatures! ♦ 🎮 Discover more than 600 video games of thisdecade. ⚔Guess the weapon, enemies, places, bosses... Up to 19categories! 👾Nothing retro. All the games are from this last years.🏆 Globalranking with the Top100 gamers in the world. 🔓 Unlockeablelevels.💡 Hint system if you get stuck at any level. 🚫 No ads popingup. 👥Share your achievements or ask your friends by Twitter,Facebook orany of your social networks! ❤ Enjoy it! In this triviaapp youwont find any video game before 2010 and its updated withthe newuncoming releases of 2019. The main purpose of#MegaQuizGaming isto show the people the great variety of videogames that surroundus in a funny way. In #MegaQuizGaming, greattitles are mixed withother independent titles, creating a listwhere players candistance themselves from their usual titles anddiscover newprojects.
CluedUpp Manhunt 2.0
CluedUpp host murder-mystery manhunt events all over the UK&Ireland. Using our award-winning app, teams hunt all overtheirchosen city, finding virtual witnesses, eliminating suspectsandbringing the killer to justice.This is just like reallifeCluedo!To find a Manhunt event near you,
Pictionary™ (Ad free) 1.41.1
Quick Sketches, Hilarious Guesses! The classic drawing game comestolife on your mobile phone. Two exciting game modes let youchoosebetween drawing colorful masterpieces or racing against theclock-and your opponent- in a guessing challenge where winnertakes all!The best-selling board game has been reborn as a digitaland dynamicexperience. Take turns painting and guessing thousandsof words fromvarious categories. Create impromptu works of art tochallenge yourfriends. How would you draw ‘cool as a cucumber’?How would youdoodle ‘dignity’? You don’t have to be a professionalartist toenjoy the game. Use your wits to get your point acrossand earnprize chests. Upgrade your paintbrush and add new colorsto yourpalette. Feed your creativity! Highlights - Two distinct,engaginggame modes - Thousands of words in various languages -Prize chestsfull of exciting gifts! - Visually stunning interface,funanimations, and loveable characters - Upgraded tools and newcolorsaround every corner - A twist on the classic look andgameplay youknow and love
Great Quiz (Trivia game) 3.2.2
"The Great Quiz" is a multiplechoice trivia quiz where you havetoanswer questions . This game will test your trivial knowledgeandeducation.Including seven different topics and a lot ofquestions,this game promises you to learn while relaxing !You canfind over4,000 interesting questions in more than 7topics:-Geography(Countries, Relgions and rivers)-History (Dates,Famouscharacters)-Music( Artists, songs)-Sciences(inventions,Discoveries)-Literature (authors, books)-VariousTwodifferent waysto do it :A Junior mode, which lets you train anddiscover thegame, answering questions about the topic of yourchoice.Afull-interactive Challenge Mode is also available : youwill testyour skills through twenty different levels with a minimumofcorrect answers and limited time. Take care of your livesnumbersymbolized by small hearts, decreasing when you don't achievealevel !Improve your score and try to graduate, otherwisetheteacher will blame you !You'll enjoy funny sounds and musicduringplay time, that you can disable in settings screen.In thisnewversion of the application, you have achievements and youcanmeasure your score compared to other users r !!!!A full versionofthe game , give you access to normal and all questions.Butbeware,the level is raised this year!Will you measure up?Everyplayer canadd questions by submitting them.Share your score onFacebook andcompare it to your friend's !If you liked it, feel freeto write acomment and rate the app on the Android Market !
Hangtime: Trivia Game Shows! 1.4.3
Kiswe Mobile
Have fun playing with friends in the most awesome socialgamingcommunity in the land, everyone can win! 🎉. Enjoy triviagames,quizzes, game shows, and more. Win and take home cash,prizes, andcool experiences! Why you should be playing trivia onHangtimeTODAY: • Variety of game shows with new episodes every day•Everyone has the chance to win cash or prizes in every game •Liveanimated pre- and post-shows with special guests Stillneedconvincing? • Level up for special powers and achievements •Playwith friends in a private hang to increase your chances ofwinningreal money • Earn freebies by inviting your friends 🔥 Thinkyouhave what it takes? 🔥
Quetzal (Draw,Mimic & Taboo) 1.1.3226
Quetzal is a board game in which you draw, mimic but mostly,youlaugh!Quetzal is inspired by board games like Pictionary andVisualGame, or the mostrecent "Draw Something", appropriatelyrevised.More than 4500 words to draw and to mimic and more than 900Taboowords, costantly updated!***NEW***Now you can play Quetzal intheTaboo way! You can play it everywhere: you only need Quetzalandthe Taboo mode (disclaimer: also imagination couldbeneeded).************Compared to these games, however, youdon'thave to worry about cards, boards and stopwatches, or to takenoteof the scores: Quetzal does everything!In order to play, youneedonly Quetzal, paper, pens and a few friends.Create 2 to 4 teamsandtry to make your teammates guess the words that Quetzalwillgenerate,accumulating points in different game modes.Thebasicversion of Quetzal contains more than 750 words to draw andmimicand to play in Taboo mode, divided into 5 categories:✪Items✪Animals✪ Actions✪ Jobs✪ AbstractsYou can, however, expandyourcollection of words by downloading add-on packages, suchlikeCharacters or Proverbs, or the expansions of the basepackages.Thisfree version of Quetzal contains third partiesadvertisements. Ifyou liked the game, leave your rating and maybesend us some ideasor some comments.Havefun:)-------------------------------------------------Follow usonFacebook:,pictionary, draw, mime, mimic, taboo, draw something,board game,boardgame, pencil, pen, paper,sheet,friends-------------------------------------------------Quetzal's"Taboomode" is not associated with Hasbro's Taboo / Tabou / Tabù /Tabuu /Tabo products, registered trademarks.
New YAHTZEE® With Buddies Dice Game 5.13.0
Roll dice & play New YAHTZEE® With Buddies! It’s a funboardgame classic with a reinvented look. Play dice with friends inthisnew multiplayer dice game. Challenge friends to play thisfamilygame for hours of endless fun! Yahtzee, the #1 dice game,isreimagined in the brand New YAHTZEE® With Buddies! Puzzle gamefan?Then you’ll love this new multiplayer dice game! Don’t have acluewhat YAHTZEE® is? Download now and you’ll soon find out!Yatzee,yahsee, yatze, yatzy, or whatever words you choose, there’sonlyone Yahtzee! Give it a roll and find out why millions haveplayedthis classic family game for over 50 years! Classic & FunBoardGame on the Go Play the #1 dice game officially licensed byHasbroat home or on the go. Social game meets dice challenge: Rolldiceagainst other players in epic gameplay. Play dice with friends:Youcan even chat while you play! Now that’s a social game!NewMultiplayer Dice Game Multiplayer challenges with FacebookfriendsAND current Dice with Buddies™ opponents. Fun, even bettergame& epic gameplay – you’ll be rolling in no time! Puzzlegamesyour thing? Then you’ll love this fun board game! Play DicewithFriends - Roll for Bonus Rolls Win Bonus Rolls, Custom Dice,prizesand rewards! Defeat new Dice Masters daily to score. Rolldice inepic battles that put you head to head against skilledDiceMasters! Multiplayer matchup winners crowned in fun battles –proveyou’re the best dice roller among all your friends! SocialGame:New YAHTZEE® With Buddies Play dice and test your game skills.Noneed to puzzle over the rules, you’ll be playing in no time!BonusRolls, Custom Dice and amazing prizes are yours to score. Rolldicewith flair! Personalize your Yahtzee experience by winningCustomDice and vanity frames! Whether you’re a wiz at words or astrategyenthusiast, there’s just no escaping the fun you’ll haveplayingNew YAHTZEE® With Buddies! Want us to clue you in on whyit’s sogreat? It’s just SO addictive! Download New YAHTZEE® WithBuddiesand experience the world’s best family game and fun boardgameclassic come to life! You’ll be lost for words! Playthismultiplayer game with friends, challenge daily Dice Masters orDicewith Buddies™ players to keep the action rolling!Experiencethrilling gameplay and hours of addictive fun! The clueis in thename: yatzy, yahtzee, yatzee, or yachty, there’s only oneauthenticYahtzee! Pick up your shaker, roll dice and prepare toshout“YAHTZEE”! The HASBRO GAMING and YAHTZEE names and logosaretrademarks of Hasbro. © 2018 Hasbro, Pawtucket, RI 02861-1059USA.All Rights Reserved. TM & ® denote U.S. Trademarks.
Anime Manga Crossword : Otaku Quiz 1.2
Lazy Games
Are you an Otaku? Test your anime and manga quiz forcebydistinguishing the picture of a character, places, stories,coversand more in a cool crossword style!Introduce this animeamusementand you will approach a lot of levels,persistentlyrefreshed.Distinctive otaku quiz like Characters andimageincidental data, and substantially more fascinating ones.Thisotakuquiz had anime and manga test with 500+ question and 200+animecharacters incorporates 30 distinct challenges and agenuinecrossword gameplay, including a no-nonsense mode on the offchancethat you have an inclination that you know them all! thisotakuQuiz comes is a test to challenge your insight in the mangaworld.Complete no less than 7 questions in each level to openthefollowing otaku crossword. Features : ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 500+animequestions ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Crossword manga quiz⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 200+characterquiz ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Coins to help you solve the trivia game⭐ ⭐⭐ ⭐ ⭐Imitation for every characters, including Goku, LightYagami,Edward Elric, Natsu Dragneel & more What is yourfavorite ?Play and find him now
Before or After? 3.0.512
The Quiz that everyone's talking aboutNow more than 10millionplayed games - and right now for FREE!Play the officialBefore orAfter game - On toplists all over the world! Now alsowith:-Levelbased gamemode.-Category based levels-Time limitedlevelsTryhow high level you can reach, or how high you can reach ontheleaderboard!Did Snapchat come...Before orAfter...Facebook?DidFacebook come...Before or After...iPhone 4?DidiPhone 4 come..Before or After...Obama became President? getit... :-) Howmany questions in a row can you achieve?Do you likequiz, triviagames? Then you will love Before or After!It is reallyeasy toplay. Simply decide if the next statement comes...BeforeorAfter... the previous statement. Did the next statement occur onahigher or lower year?Only drag the statement to Before orAfter.Themain objective in Before or After is to get the most rightin a rowand beat your highscore.= WHY YOU’LL LOVE BEFORE OR AFTER=* FREEto play!* Simple to understand and play* Quick gameplay *Addictivegameplay* Online high score leaderboards* Challenge yourfriends.Who is the most educated? Duel with your friends and climbin thecharts* High quality pics quiz for all ages* Trivia withquestionsthat can be both easy and difficult* Higher or lowerquestions,from presidents and disasters to social media andgadgets*Thousands of statements, endless number of combinations*Timelineof great historical events such as innovations, presidents,kings,social media, disasters, tragedies, games, music, apps,movies,actors, artists aso...* If you dont know the answer,simplyguessBoth hi and low historical events in this trivia gamewhichwill give you a lot of fun!Put your self to the test and reachthetop of the leaderboard.Having any problems? Any suggestions?Wewould love to hear from you! You can reach [email protected] Before or After!
Loco - Live Trivia Game Show 3.1.0
Download this KBC style game now and tune in to compete in aliveinteractive quiz with crores of other players and earn moneyonyour phone right away. Give right answers win big cash prizeseveryday💸💰 Loco is the first ever interactive game show quiz inIndiathat will pay you every time you win! Compete against croresofusers in every game. Feel the rush of playing real-time as youraceto the right answers in under 10 seconds.⌛ ✅Easy to play,Answer 10questions and earn Paytm cash. Here is how: ⬇️DownloadLoco - LiveTrivia Game Show app. ✍️Signup using your Paytm numberor simplyuse Truecaller for easy signup. ⏰Enter your username, turnon gamereminders & get ready for an exciting game. 🙋‍♀️Oncegamestarts, the host asks you ten easy questions. If you answer allofthem correctly you WIN Paytm cash. 👨‍👧If you answer wrong,don’tworry. You can always use your coins to get back. Referyourfriends & family and earn more coins. Get all your freeonlinemoney income right here! People earn up to Rs.100000everyday!🤑Bigger games with Bigger Payout: We keep adding surprisegameswhere we give away cash as high as Rs.6,00,000. Stay tunedforthese! Earn for all your knowledge. No other live quiz game willbethis fun, play this paytm game today! 👯Add your Friends onLoco& see their Score: Add friends & accept requestsfromfriends on Loco and see how many answers & games theywon.What’s better? We also give you coins for every friend youmake.Challenge them against your streak and show them who the realQuizhero is!! Be the smart one, play and win paytm cash!! Playotherfun games on Loco: ⚡️ Speed Loco 10 questions, one right aftertheother! This game is all about thinking and acting quick. Answerallthe questions right and win lots of money! 💯Loco Percent Playitsafe! Don’t know the accurate answer to a question but haveanoverall guess? Then you’ve come to the right place. Everyquestionin this game asks you for an approximate percentage tothings. Sodon’t worry about not knowing which side to lean on, justplay itsafe and stay in between! 🛍 🛒 Loco Bazaar Guess the price,win theprize! It’s as simple as that. The game revolves around thepricetags of everyday things. If you’re a big shopping person, thenthisgame is for you! 🔑Want hints to the answers? #LocoLaddooAfterevery game the host gives you a hint to a question for thenextquiz. We also keep sharing hints with the hashtag #locoladdooonfacebook, instagram, twitter - follow us for [email protected], so this money game gets easier to win🏆 🌐Playinmultiple languages: Don’t want to play in english? That’s okay.Wesupport Hindi, Marathi,Tamil, Telugu & Bengali too.Otherlanguages to be launched real soon! This paytm cash gamewillalways be available in your language, for you. 📖Still wonderingwhyLoco is AMAZING? 1.🏦Winning money has never been this funandexhilarating! Play and earn, get started. 2.😃Loco weavestogetherthe interactivity of mobile, the rush of gaming, theengagement oflive video and the allure of real cash into oneexplosive package.3. ⏱️All timings are in IST (Indian StandardTime). If you are alover of anything live, trivia games or KBCstyle entertainmentthen this app is for you. Online quiz contestand earn money, bothyour favourite things put together is LOCO! 4.📒The triviaquestions topics covered are general knowledge, currentevents, GK,technology, cricket, food, sports, religion, politics,music,Bollywood, Hollywood and history. 5. ✍️ Even if you arepreparingfor any exams like UPSC, IAS, Civil Service, IBS, CAT,GATE, SSCCGL or any other government exams, this app is going tohelp you 6.🤩PLAY for fun, play for entertainment & play to fillyour PAYTMcash wallets. Come online and earn your money right way!YOU play,WE pay!
JusPlay - Live Trivia Show 1.15
JusPlay is live trivia show app with the added thrill of realtimeinteraction and daily cash prize. A host will pose 11questionsincrementally, where you will have a window of 10 secondsto answereach question. You have to give correct answer in order toattemptnext question or you can use two lifelines per show.We havetwotype of lifelines are Normal & Premium lifelines. Lifelinescanbe used to avoid elimination due to wrong answer.Note: Noneoflifeline can be used at first & last question. After givingallcorrect answers, you will win or share the prize money.Youcanredeem prize money into Indian walletLet your brain playtriviawith JusPlay!!! JusPlay is not Just Play or JustPlay but wearemaking sure that you play, win and have fun. JusPlay ismostpopular and trending quiz showRefer all your friends toextralives. Trivia questions will cover topics around Technology,Food,Sports, Religion, Culture, Politics, Music, Mollywood,Hollywood,History, Geography etc.This app is helpful to check yourknowledgeand preparation for competitive exams like UPSC, IAS,CivilServices, CAT, GATE, SSC etc. as well.
Video GK quiz with cash prizes- Mob Show 1.1.41
Mob Show app
Mob Show is inactive now. No live quizzes running ontheapp.----------------------------------------------------🤩Playthehighest rated video quiz game show! 🤩Mob Show is a LIVE quizgameshow where you play against others for real cash prizes. It isfreeto signup and free to play with prize money of INR 50,000 upforgrabs every day. Quizzes at 7.30 PM and 9.30 PM IST everyday.Answer the 10 questions right and share or take home theprize.Signup with a referral code to get a free lifeline which willhelp youcorrect an answer automatically. Use 'facebook' as referralcode tosign up.-------The more questions you get right, the closeryou areto winning the prize. The player with the highest score winstheprize. In case of a tie, all winners share the cashprizeequally.Get a lifeline by sharing the app with your friends.Yourlifeline is used correct a wrong answer. There are triviaquizshows every day at 5 PM, 8 PM, and 9.30 PM IST. Check the appforlatest timings.This is like playing KBC on your phone every dayandwinning! All timings are in Indian Standard Time. This app isforlovers of KBC, HQ trivia, Quiz Up, Trivia Crack, KaunBanegaCrorepati & Jeopardy. The quiz topics covered aregeneralknowledge, sports, bollywood, hollywood, comics, mythology,movies,music, & history.GK and trivia questions also helpaspirants ofUPSC, IAS, Civil Service, IBS, CAT, GATE, SSC CGL andbankingexams.
HQ Trivia 1.23.1
HQ is the live trivia game show with cash prizes. Every day at9pmEST. Weekdays at 3pm EST.
100 PICS Quiz - guess the picture trivia games
The world's most popular guess the picture trivia game ● Over10,000pictures to guess ● Play over 100 quiz topics ● New gamepackcategories added all the time DOWNLOAD NOW ● Starts easy ...getshard! ● Simply identify each picture ● Use less clues = Winmorecoins! ● Use coins for hints and to get more quiz packs NEWFUN QUIZPACKS ADDED EVERY WEEK FREE PACK EVERY DAY! ● Get a Freepack everyday when you come back and play the app! PERFECT FOR THEWHOLEFAMILY ● Perfect word games for kids, adults, boys, girls,toddlers,mums, dads, grannies and grandads ● Practice spellingcommon wordsin easy packs like ‘A is for…’ ● Family friendly,funny word andphoto puzzles; guess the Animals, Games, Sweets,Fairytales, Pets,Emojis and more. OUTSTANDING FOR LOGO LOVERS ●Love to ‘name thatLogo?’ We have tonnes of Logo quiz packs, withone included forFREE! ● Loads more Guess the logo based packs suchas Food,Holidays, Bands, Brands, Candy, TV Show and Movies,Gameshows, andFrench! OUR EMOJIS WILL MAKE YOU :) ● Do you loveemoji basedquizzes? We have 100’s of them! ● Guess the Emoji packs1-5, Movieand Christmas themed Emojis! ’TIS THE SEASON PACKS Getin the moodfor quizzing all year round with our special Seasonalsets - ●Christmas, Christmas Emoji, Star Santa ● Winter, Spring,Summer,Fall/Autumn ● Halloween, Thanksgiving CAN YOU GUESS WHO FORTV,MOVIES & CELEBS ● If you’re a Star spotter you will lovethecelebrity picture quizzes. ● The app even comes complete withaMovies Stars photo pack! ● Many more pictures available;Movies,Movie Heroes, Movie Villains, Movie Sets and Quotes, TVStars,Actresses, Actors, Oscar winners, Celeb Facebook profiles andSoapStars (UK). DELICIOUS BRAIN-FOOD FOR FOODIES ● There areenoughtasty trivia quizzes to make your mouth water with TasteTest, FoodLogos, Bake Off, Desserts, Candy, Cooking, Candy andFruit andVeg... ** Try not to dribble on your phone! ** BRUSH UP ONYOURGENERAL KNOWLEDGE EGGHEADS ● If you’re a word game pro, you’llfind100 PICS a real challenge ● Awesome History facts set has100pictures from 100 years of history! ● Trivia fan? Trythefollowing:- Science, Flags, News Headlines, Plants, School, InTheCar, Texting, States, Countries, Speak American. ● WhatCountrypacks like USA, UK, Italy, Australia, France and more SOUNDSGOODFOR SONG & MUSIC FANS ● Love music? Discover ourmagicalMusical packs. ● Guess the Music Stars, Band Logos,Instruments,Album Covers, Song, Song Puzzles (Emoji). FOOTBALL FUNTHAT KICKSOTHER APPS INTO TOUCH ● Back of the net for Footballfans! We have100s of quizzes for you ● Many other football-basedgames onPlayers (Legends), Football Club logos, Footy Phrases. TOPWORD APPFOR NOSTALGIA ● If you love looking back then look nofurther… ●Lots of throwback teasers based on the 70s, 80s, 90s,00s, RetroLogos, Classic Television, History, News Headlines,Shadows, RetroToys, Halloween & Christmas. ● Also check outclassic Toys andGadgets packs for vintage fans and fans of vintage!● Also play ourquizzes of the year packs; 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016NEW FROMPoptacular ● 100 PICS Quiz is the number 1 global hitpicturetrivia app ● The ultimate free-to-play word trivia game appsforkids and adults! ● We will remove any cheat or answer sites orappspublishing our answers or photos ● POP Apps 2016
94% - Quiz, Trivia & Logic 2.1.8
If I say "Something you eat with your hands," what comes tomindfirst? Hamburger? Corn on the cob? Ribs? In 94%, the object ofthegame is simple: find 94% of the given answers! Try the thirdappfrom Scimob, the creaters of 94 Seconds and 94 Degrees withmorethan 25 million players worldwide! Examples of questions: Thefirstthing you do in the morning Something you don't have time todoAnimals hatched from an egg Something that is often out oforderDownload 94% today to discover hundreds of questions basedonwords, expressions and images!