Top 46 Games Similar to Clue Cards

Clue 2.1.0
Clue is the classic mystery game!Now you can play the beloved Hasbro family board game onthego.WHO, with WHAT weapon and WHERE? Download the official app andcrackthe case!Join Miss Scarlet, Colonel Mustard, Mrs Peacock, Mr Green, DrOrchidand Professor Plum on a night of murder and mystery inTudorMansion.Mr. Boddy has been murdered! But who did it? With what weapon?Inwhich room?Roll the die to move around the mansion and ask questions:“Isuggest it was Miss Scarlet, with the Rope, in the Study!”Use the innovative logic-assisted virtual Clue Sheet to takenotesand eliminate red herrings.Make brilliant deductions and solve the crime first!
League of Quiz Trivia 1.5.1
League of Quiz is a free trivia quiz gamewithmultiple game modes and tournaments. Challenge your friendsinboard trivial pursuit games or in duels competing in theELOLeague. Also you can play friendly games or in one player modewithrankings.◆ Board gameYou can play board games like classic Trivial Pursuit withfriendsor random players around the world.◆ ChallengesChallenge your opponents in a quick duel game. Answer an amountofquestions that will be equal for both players where the winnerwillbe the one that guesses more right. Also availablethemedchallenges.◆ ELO LeagueBeat your opponents playing board games and challenges to competeinthe competitive league ELO. At the end of each season they willbedistributed to the three most highly rated in the league trophytoprove who is the best player.◆ One playerYou can play in one player mode in any category and get rankedforeach category. Climb the ranking and get yourdeservedreward!◆ Private TournamentsAs if that were not enough, you can create and configure yourownquiz trivia tournaments and invite who you want. Thesetournamentsalso have their reward as a trophy!◆ Multilanguaje:* English (UK and USA)* Spanish (Spain and Latin)* Italian* German* French* Portuguese◆ And much more!- +100,000 questions- Chat- Customize your profile with awesome avatars and wallpapers.- Contributes to the game by sending your questions and valuingthecommunity. The questions are then checked for correctnessandquality.
Pictionary™ 1.28.1
Get Ready for the Holidays with GooglePlay’sFestive Updates!QUICK SKETCHES, HILARIOUS GUESSES!The classic game of drawing and guessing has gone mobile! Leaveyournotepad and pencil at home, because this is one canvas you cantakeon the go.Challenge your friends directly from your phone or use yourtabletto create works of art to share with the world. With multiplegamemodes to choose from, how you play is up to you!Looking for a change of pace? Put down your digital paint brushandhead over to the Think Fast mode to guess tons of greatdrawings.But you better be quick, because this is a race againsttheclock!Pictionary will take you beyond the average drawingexperience.Select from various tools, each adding its own specialmark.Upgrade those tools and enhance your art. Choose fromthousands offun words to draw. Earn chests filled with prizes. Joinour socialcommunity and discover your friend’s hidden artistictalents!So what are you waiting for? Doodle your way to the top ofthecharts in the family game you’ve known and loved for years.Grabthat virtual crayon and fill your life with color.Highlights- Prize chests full of exciting gifts!- Thousands of fun words to draw- Multiple game modes to choose from- Fun animations and loveable characters
Bingo Party - Free Bingo Games 2.0.1
Get Ready for the Holidays withGooglePlay’s Festive UpdatesBingo Party is the #1 Classic & Special Bingo Game with 8CARDVERSION! Wanna get more bingos? Wanna be more fun? Just playBingoTour!Game Features:# Realtime multiplayer! Play with more than 10,000 players atatime!# Join elite to play up to 8 cards!# Over 30 bingo rooms! We will be rolling out more rooms!# 500 Tickets & 30 powerups to start off. Each day youhaveanother 150+ tickets to continue the bingo trip. Don'tmissit!# Your daily bonus will increase by your level up!# Complete kinds of puzzles to get BIG BONUS!# 7 types of power-ups - Help you get more bingos!# Daily Tournament - Complete other players to win big!# Achievement - Over 200 achievements to challenge. Completetowin!If you love bingo and want to try a new one, Bingo Party is agoodchoice. Just have a rest out from other bingo games, we willnotlet you down!If you love bingo and want to try a new one, Bingo Party is thebestchoice. Come experience the fantastic NEW BINGO game, we willnotlet you down!Don't Wait and download now, a new Bingo World is waitingforyou!Practice or success at social casino gaming does not implyfuturesuccess at real money gambling.• The games do not offer "real money gambling" or an opportunitytowin real money or prizes.***********************************************************************Have questions or suggestions about Bingo Party - CrazyBingoTour?Email your questions to bingo@avid.lyIt will request READ_PHONE_STATE permission in the first timeyouinstall the game for generating the account, sorry forthetrouble.Thank you for playing and have a wonderful bingo trip!
Trivia Crack
★★★★★ Take a crack at Google Play’smostdownloaded trivia game!Step up your quiz game answering fun general knowledgetriviaquestions!Love games with friends? Challenge friends and family to funtriviaquestions! Prove you are the smartest one not only byansweringtrivial questions, but by suggestingmultiple-choicequestions.Show the world how clever you are while you learn newandinteresting facts with the world’s best trivia app. Be the starofthese quizzes!Test your knowledge in six different categories ledbyexciting characters. Spin Willy the Wheel and let fate decidewhereto start your quiz question game.• Can’t get enough trivia for road trips? Tito will show youtheways of the world through Geography and sharehisworld-class knowledge. Can you guess which country has acitycalled Batman? Did you know that the unicorn is Scotland’snationalanimal?• Albert is the go to guy when it comes to Science. Ifyoulove good trivia questions, he can quiz you on math,chemistry,physics and even technology!• Hector will defend your honour through the ages and makesureyou’re aware of all major historic events. Make your markinHistory by overthrowing your opponents in a duel.• Are you MVP material? Bonzo can keep you in shape for theupcomingseasons with sport trivia.• Can you tell the difference between a Van Gogh and a Monet?LetTina test your knowledge of Art.• Spoiler alert! Pop will keep you up to date with funtriviaquestions on anything Entertainment related. Proveyourknowledge of the latest TV shows, videogames, moviesandmusic.Have we mentioned that you are in charge ofthecontent?• Know any interesting facts? Show other users what you’re madeofby creating questions. Make this game even better byintroducingnew and exciting content.• Speak multiple languages? Prove your linguistic skills andmakethe content in your language even richer by translating.• You’re the boss! Decide and improve what makes it into the gamebyrating questions made by other users.New to the game?1. Spin the wheel: We’ll quiz you on one of our sixcategories.Answer correctly so you don't miss your turn!2. Fill the Crown gauge: Get a character by landing the wheel ontheCrown section, or answer three questions correctly.3. Collect the characters: Win them by answering threequestionscorrectly or challenging your opponent to a duel to snatchone oftheirs! Get all six characters to win the match!Other features!• Visit Trivia Rush to place your bet and play withyouropponent in a real-time, trivia question of the day challenge.Butstick around, there’s Tournaments every week!• Play Single Player Mode to answer questions non-stopandbeat your high-score. No turns, no waits, enjoy trivia of thedayat your own pace!• Win our biggest rewards ever with Missions!• Go on a Treasure Hunt! Collect answers to progressthroughthe map and dig up amazing prizes!Spectacular social extras:• Check your quiz games ranking and see if you can get morecorrectanswers than your friends• Share your progress through social networks.• Chat with friends, family or random opponents.• Collect fun character cards and win rewards.Gain an extra edge with Power Ups• Use Bombs to remove two incorrect answers.• Don’t think you’ll get the question right the first timearound?Don’t worry, use Double chance to get anothergo.• Quizzes & questions too difficult? Use Skip to gotothe next one.Have any questions or concerns? Check our Support page!’t miss a beat! Follow us on:- Facebook: Twitter: @triviacrack- Instagram: YouTube: Google+:
Mysterium: A Psychic Clue Game 2.3.5
Asmodee Digital
The official adaptation of the famousboardgame Mysterium!Mysterium is a cooperative deduction game set in the 1920s inwhicha ghost guides a group of psychics to uncover a murderer, aswellas the weapon and location of the murder, using only visualclues.Choose your way to play: take on the role of the ghost whogivesothers clues, or as one of the psychics trying to deciphertheabstract "Vision Cards".In this mobile version, you will find:• A Pass & Play mode• A faithful adaptation of the original game withgorgeousgraphics• A game variant with or without clairvoyancy• Additional cases and dream cards from expansions in thein-gameshop• A story mode to discover the background of each psychic• Solo play with AI partners• Multiplayer support up to 7 players using online(cross-platform:tablet / mobile / computer)• Worldwide LeaderboardsLanguages available: English, French, Italian, German,Spanish,Russian, Ukrainian.To find more information about Asmodee Digital, please goto an issue? Looking for support? Please contact usat can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram andYouTube!Facebook: Tube:
TRIVIA 360 1.8.5
TRIVIA 360 is a free quiz game you can playonyour android. It is an easy to play trivia app but at the sametimeit is an excellent brain game. Try the game and you will beable togive your brain an immaculate boost by addictive thinkingand IQchallenge!How to play the trivia gamePost download you can play the brain game with a variety oftriviapuzzles. The quizzes are set in different categories suchasClassic 4-answers questions, true/false questions, flagquiz,landmark riddles and more.Simply try the questions from your selected mode and check howmanyright answers you can hit!App’s Feature:• User friendly interface,• Players can access leaderboard and check how other onlineplayersare performing in this trivia game,• The quizzes are set in different categories such asClassic4-answers questions, true/false questions, flag quiz,landmarkriddles and more.Download the app TRIVIA 360 and start enjoying thebrainstormingsession at random. You will get to spend quality timeon yourandroid for sure.
Trivial Quiz - The Pursuit of Knowledge 1.4.2
TRIVIAL is a trivia game divided intoseveralcategories to challenge your knowledge!How to play:• Start a new game• Select your favorite category• Answer the 7 questions in the shortest timeYou can choose from the following categories:• Geography (Countries, capitals, flags...)• Entertainment (Movies, music, artists...)• History• Art and Literature (Books, paintings...)• Science and Nature• Sport (Football, board games...)Want more than one category? No problem! You can choose therandommode so your game has a bit of everything ;)Trivial Quiz - The Pursuit of Knowledge shows a set ofstatisticsfor you to stay on track of your performance in the gameand alwaystry to improve your maximum!
CLUE Bingo!
Uncover clues and solve the mysteryofwho-done-it as you explore hidden corners and secret rooms inCLUEBingo! With every game you unlock rewards that lead to newrooms toinvestigate! Explore iconic rooms like the Hall, ortheConservatory! Play with your friends and use unique boostsforawesome effects like free daubs, extra coins and more! Playwithmore cards than any other Bingo game, using smooth controlstoeasily switch between them, daub numbers, and call Bingo thesecondyou have it!• EXPLORE classic rooms like the Library, the Kitchen, andtheCellar!• COMPETE with friends in tournaments to see who can get themostBingos!• WIN using unique multi-level boosts to gain an explosion offreedaubs, reveal upcoming numbers and add bonus spaces toyourcards!• COLLECT Clue Envelopes for great rewards such as coins,extraboosts, tickets and more!• COMPLETE fun, CLUE themed Collections in every room to getmoretickets and play even more!• PLAY with more cards than any other Bingo game forextrachallenge, up to 8 cards!The best looking, smoothest Bingo experience available onyourAndroid device.Please note that CLUE Bingo is free to play, but you canpurchasein-app items with real money. To disable this feature, goto theGoogle Play app on your device, tap the Menu button,selectSettings > Use password to restrict purchases. Then followthedirections to complete setup. In addition, CLUE Bingo may linktosocial media services, such as Facebook, and Storm8 willhaveaccess to your information through such services.Storm8 Studios is the #1 Mobile Social Game DeveloperonAndroid.Use of this application is governed by the Storm8 Studios TermsofService. Collection and use of data are subject to Storm8StudiosPrivacy Policy. Both policies are availableat and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro andusedwith permissions © 2015 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.The game is intended for an adult audience. The game does notoffer"real money gambling" or an opportunity to win real moneyorprizes. Practice or success at social casino gaming does notimplyfuture success at "real money gambling."Follow Storm8 Studios!
Trivia Questions and Answers
Cadev Games
Trivia Questions and Answers is a gameofquestions classified in 6 subjects: Geography,Entertainment,History, Art and Literature, Science and Nature,Sport and leisure.Each question has four answers and only one ofthem iscorrect.The operation of this Trivia is very simple:1- Select a category or all 6 categories.2- Answer 10 questions of Trivial. The more accurate andfasteranswer questions more points you have!You can see your progress and compare your results with yourfriendswith rankings and achievements. To access them you mustberegistered to Google+ and have Internet access.In rankings you will see your puntuations and all playerspoints.What is your best position?When you play you can also unlock achievements. There aremanydifferent achievements.The more you play, the more chances youhaveto unlock achievements!
Cluedo Notepad 7.4
JT Developer
Stop wasting paper when you play Cluedowiththis new app created to play the game quickly andsimplest.Furthermore, it's an Ads-free app!Versions available:- Cluedo 2012- Cluedo 2015- Cluedo 2016- Cluedo: Los Simpson- Cluedo: Los Simpson Second Edition- Cluedo: Star Wars- Cluedo: Harry Potter- Cluedo: Harry Potter 2016- Cluedo: The Big Bang Theory- Cluedo: Game Of Thrones Meereen- Cluedo: Game Of Thrones The Red Keep- Detective 3DAlso, it's possible to add custom names to play any Cluedoversion,or create your own custom game.Available in the next languajes:- English (UK) [default]- English (USA)- Spanish- French- German- Italian- PortugueseFrom 2 to 6 players.
Hasbro Inc.
NEW LOW PRICE! Get MONOPOLY HERE & NOWfora new everyday low price! Upgrade now & you can traveltheglobe and collect those stamps anytime you want for less!The NEW MONOPOLY HERE & NOW app takes the newest version oftheboard game outside the box. Download the game app and watch astheanimated, 3D board and game pieces come to life as you playyourway around the world. Gather your family or friends and getreadyfor this globetrotting variation on a classic board game.Downloadthe MONOPOLY HERE & NOW app today and try it for free!Pay onceto unlock unlimited play!A NEW WAY TO PLAY MONOPOLY• Fill your passport to win by collecting property stamps.• Travel the globe, visiting some of the world’s most iconiccitiesand landmarks.• Select your choice of tokens, buy cities and stockpileyourmoney.• Watch your animated game piece bounce from Easter Island totheEiffel Tower.PLAY THE MONOPOLY HERE & NOW APP WHEREVER YOU GO!• Take on the computer in single player mode!• Link your device with a friend’s device to play on the go• Grab a group of friends and play on the TV (Chromecastdevicerequired)PLAY ON THE BIG SCREEN WITH CHROMECAST• Connect to your TV with a Chromecast device and use your tabletorsmartphone to control the action!• Chromecast device & internet connection required for PlayonTV mode.• Each player must have the MONOPOLY HERE & NOW app installedontheir device.You can read our privacy policy at is a trademark of Google Inc.HERE & NOW, the MONOPOLY name and logo, the distinctivedesignof the game board, the four corner squares, the MR. MONOPOLYnameand character, as well as each of the distinctive elements ofboardand playing pieces are trademarks of Hasbro for itspropertytrading game and game equipment. © 1936, 2015 Hasbro. AllRightsReserved.
Trivia Crack (Ad free)
Have fun challenging your friends andenemiesin the hottest trivia game!Let our friendly spinner wheel, Willy, select which questionsyou’llanswer from six different categories. Be the first to getthe sixcrowns to win, but watch out for the rematch!Reasons you should be playing Trivia Crack right this second:- Hundreds of thousands of exciting questions- You can create your own questions in the Factory- Over 20 game languages- Chat with your opponents- Collectable card collectionNeed more? No problem:- Prove how smart you are- Learn something new while having fun- Make your mother proudSo what are you waiting for? Let’s go! Download the game!Warning: this game may cause an excess of fun. Please consultaprofessional if you notice your knowledge growing at anunusualrate.Visit for more information.Questions? Concerns? Find the solution to all your a social being, follow us!:- Facebook: Twitter: @triviacrack- Instagram: YouTube: Google+:
Trivia Quiz
4Enjoy Game
Choose the correct answer from 4 possibleones.All questions fall into 6 categories: Entertainment, Sport,Science,Geography, History and Art. The Fortune’s wheel choosesfrom whichcategory the question will be. Which category isyourfavourite?Tonns of questions are waiting for you. But you will have only30seconds to answer correctly.You will compete with players from all over the world. Youshouldanswer the questions better than other fans, to take thefirstplace in the world and your country leaderboards. Inviteyourfriends to make the competition more exciting.Do not forget to enter the game once a day, because you have only48hours to answer the questions if it is your turn.
Quiz: Logo game 5.2.1
Do you like logo quiz, trivia games? Doyouthink you know companies from all over the world? Quiz: Logogameis just for you! Find out just how much do you know!* guess 2625 brands from all over the world* all American brands. Also Canadian and many more* special American levels* complete 86 engaging unique levels* with increasing difficulty as you play along* retro level - test your knowledge of past company images* collect 44 achievements in Google Play Games* compete with your friends and players from all over the worldontwo unique leaderboards* use 6 cool unique hints to complete levels* keep a track of your stats and progress* complete picture appears when you guess the logo* and all of that absolutely freeUpdates with more levels and hundreds of brands coming soon.In this trivia game you may find every brand category youloveincluding cars, fashion, movies and games. In this logo quizyoucan guess companies from all over the world as well as allAmericancompanies. Can you guess every brand you hold dear?As companies change their labels, here you can come back toseveralretro images from the past. Enjoy our awesome retro leveland testyour insight into past company symbols.In our logo game you will find many more brands and hintsnotavailable in other games. All free.All logos shown or represented in this game are copyrightand/ortrademark of their respective corporations. The use oflowresolution images in this trivia app for use of identificationin ainformational context qualify as fair use undercopyrightlaw.
Cluedo logs pro (Free version) 1.0.17
You can keep records of you favorite boardgamedirect in phone instead of paper. There are 60+ types of thegamesupported.Localization:English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Slovak,Sweden,Ukrainian, Polish, Russian, DutchThis version of logs tracking has key features:- improved performance- new design- new filters in logs- a lot of opportunities to grow
Trivia Questions and Answers Kids
Cadev Games
Trivia Questions and Answers Kids is a gameofquestions classified in 6 subjects: Geography,Entertainment,History, Art and Literature, Science and Nature,Sport and leisure.Each question has four answers and only one ofthem iscorrect.This trivial junior is a game with easy questions for thewholefamily, from children to elders.The operation of this Trivia Kids is very simple:1- Select a category or all 6 categories.2- Answer 10 questions of Trivial Kids. The more accurate andfasteranswer questions more points you have!You can see your progress and compare your results with yourfriendswith rankings and achievements. To access them you mustberegistered to Google+ and have Internet access.In rankings you will see your punctuations and all playerspoints.What is your best position?When you play you can also unlock achievements. There aremanydifferent achievements. The more you play, the more chancesyouhave to unlock achievements!
Football Quiz 1.0.6
The ultimate football quiz 2017 ishere!Will you know the answers to all football triviaquestions?Football Quiz is a free sports trivia quiz app with themostinteresting sports quiz questions and answers and funfacts.Download now and complete all the football triviaquestions beforesomeone else does!How much do you really know about the most importantsecondarything in the world? Play this football player quiz andanswerthe best football quiz questions about the Champions League,WorldCup, Euro Cup, Copa America, Premier League, Bundesliga,Primeraand much more!Only 3% of users can complete this free football quizwithquestions and answers? Are you one of them? Do you know whowasZlatan's football idol? Which player appeared in morePremierLeague games than Manchester City? How much time didLewandowskineed to score 5 goals? Do you think you know the answerto thesefootball questions? Download Football Quiz 2017 and testyourknowledge with football questions and answers!🏆 FOOTBALL QUIZ – SPORTS TRIVIA QUESTIONS ANDANSWERSFEATURES 🏆⚽ FOOTBALL QUIZ IN 14 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES: Arabic,Bulgarian,Chinese, Croatian, English, French, German, Italian,Polish,Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish and Thai⚽ HINTS - if you get stuck on a certain question, hint can beofhelp OR you can⚽ SKIP A QUESTION, lose one life and move to the nextfootballquestion⚽ HEARTS are your lives, each incorrect answer is oneheartless⚽ ASK A FRIEND for help if you run out of all hints⚽ CERTIFICATE - you get it once you answer all football triviaquizquestionsFun sports quizzes and sports trivia questions in general are aniceway to have a good time and learn something new about footballorother sports, depending on the type of sports quiz questionsyou'reanswering. With so many sports trivia questions and answers+ funfacts for each one of them, this Football quiz 2017 is amust-haveamong the sports quiz apps. With a possibility to answerquicksports quiz questions in all the languages you know, thisFootballquiz is more interesting than ever! So get Football Quizgame andenjoy learning new stuff through quick sports triviaquestions andanswers!🏆 LEGAL INFO 🏆Images used in Football Quiz - Trivia Questions and Answers gameareunder Public Domain or Creative Commons License. For moreinfo,please visit the About App section within the appitself.Football Quiz - Trivia Questions and Answers game is anintellectualproperty of Quizzes by Peaksel.
Spot it - A card game to challenge your friends 1.5.1
Gotta match 'em all!The game officially transposed from Spot It!, thefamoussymbol-matching card game. In Spot It! Duel, match symbols tobuildcombos with the help of your Dobble friends and his powers.Gothrough short, intense games against other players to earn themostpoints and get to the top of the leaderboards! Play withfriends,family and other players worldwide in multiplayer orSpecialEvents!PLEASE NOTE! Spot It! Duel is free to download and play;however,some game items can also be purchased for real money. Ifyou don'twant to use this feature, please disable in-app purchasesin yourdevice's settings. You must be at least 13 years of age toplay ordownload Spot It! Duel under our Terms of Service andPrivacyPolicy.A network connection is required for play.GAMEPLAY: A FANTASTIC FRENZYThe game's principle is easy to understand. Each player has adiscfilled with symbols. Your goal is to match similar symbolsbetweendiscs to make them disappear and score points. But hurry,youropponent can also match symbols on your disc and ruin yourflow!Choose the symbols you're matching wisely and you'll buildupcombos, granting you even more points. Find the rightbalancebetween strategy and speed and reach record breakingscores!WORLDWIDE ARENADuel your friends or battle against players worldwide! Withthemultiplayer game mode, you can select any opponent andchallengethem to a duel! A Dobble trained and customized by youropponentwill fight back until the best player comes out ahead! Gototougher and tougher arenas filled with more ferociousadversariesas your reflexes and skill increase and you climb theworldwideleaderboard claiming greater rewards. Special events withuniquerules and rewards will give you opportunities forvariedplay!BUILD A LARGE COLLECTION OF DOBBLE CHARACTERS TO HELP YOU ONYOURWAY!You can get your hands on Dobble characters with unique skillstosharpen your strategy and change up your game style!SHARPEN YOUR REFLEXES IN CHALLENGE MODERe-discover the classic Spot it! sensation in Challenge Mode!Trainyour Dobbles and get special rewards as you master new ruleswithincreasing levels of difficulty.FEATURES• Quick-paced, addictive gameplay inspired by the original SpotIt!card game• Duel players from around the world• Unlock rewards and collect Dobble characters and upgradetheirmultiple powers• Construct the ultimate collection of Dobble characters todefeatopponents• Progress through multiple arenas all the way to the top• Participate in special events offering original gameplayandduels. Win to unlock rewards!• Re-discover the classic Spot it! game in Challenge Mode!To find more information about Asmodee, please goto: an issue? Looking for support? Please contactus: can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram andYouTube!Facebook: tube: available: English, French, German, Dutch,Italian,Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian)
BGC: 2-4 players Party Game 1.6.3
A fascinating collection of mini-games forupto 4 players. Play with friends at a party, pass the time onatrip, defeat schoolmates during recess or entertain children.Youcan train with bots before a battle or fight online.Turn-basedgames for a relaxed atmosphere or arcades and action forafast-paced match. The games involve attention, reaction,reasoningand accuracy. Simple and understandable rules. Good luckinvictory!Features:★ Multiplayer with up to 4 players on a single device★ Simple controls★ Funny Party Games★ Arcade, Action, Turn-Based Games★ Online multiplayer"Battle Games Collection" is a unique app that will help you haveagreat time with your friends or family!
Cluedo logs pro 1.3.28
Boco solutions
You can keep records of you favorite boardgamedirect in phone instead of paper. There are 60+ types of thegamesupported.Localization:English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Slovak,Sweden,Ukrainian, Polish, Russian, DutchThis version of logs tracking has key features:- improved performance- new design- new filters in logs- a lot of opportunities to grow
iM Detective Lite
From a classic board game, to anexcitedAndroid game, we proudly invite you to join the revealofmysterious murder case in iM Detective game!-A peaceful park turns into a horrible incident place thatjusthappened overnight.-There is a mystery murder case that a murderer has hiddenallevidences in order to conceal the truth. People who were intheincidence that night, have become the suspects and been wantedtoarrest. Thus, to purge and to prove that they are theguiltlessones, they have to find the truth of the incidence.Once they know that someone in their team is a murderer and noonealso can be trusted, they have to find out the truth and theexactmurderer before it is too late! And YOU are the one ofsuspects inthis park!In order to reveal the incident case and to stay alive, youhaveto;Inspect: Every places in the park that possibly happenedtheincidence.Guess: Use your detective instinct to guess the incidence fromtheclues you get to find out more evidences.Charge: When you find out who is the murderer, what is theweaponand where is the place that had been involved in this murdercase,you have to accuse and arrest the murderer in order to end thegameand become the winner of this game.Main features:-Fun and exited in revealing a mystery murder case, eithersingleplayer or multiple players.Single player: play with AI that can be chosen from a beginner toanexpert levels.Multiplayer: join to investigate, outsmart with your friends oryourteam members in the iM Detective game.-Various playing platforms: you can play with your friends whouseiOS phones as well as friends who join the iM Detective gameviaFacebook without any restrictions.-Ranking system: to reduce the advantages between a beginner andanexcellent players-Unlock-able items: trophies and special outfits are availableforplayer's prize.-3D view camera: you can feel like you play on theactualboard.-Ability card: special abilities to make the game more funandexited!-The 3 various playing modes: there are “show”, “center” and“deal”modes, so players will have different experiences fromthegame.-Tutorial: explain how to play the game step by step that is easytounderstand, so player can easily learn from the tutorial.***In the Lite version, player can play an easy level onlyandcreate a game that contains the weapon cards, character cardsandlocation cards not more than 4 cards.***
Quisr | 1-2 Player Quiz 6.4.2
★ Winner of the Mobile App Award 2012★ 2nd place in the "Best App Ever Award" for Trivia Games★ Features ★▷ Captivating Singleplayer mode▷ Worldwide highscore▷ Hall of fame▷ Multiplayer mode with 2 Players on one device▷ 2 game modes (Classic / Multiple Choice)▷ 4500+ questions (challenging)▷ Single and multiple correct answers▷ Permanent question update▷ Share questions with other Users★ Pro - Features ★▷ Playable in english, german, spanish & french▷ Multiplayer with up to 4 Players on one device▷ Players can join active multiplayer games▷ Choose between 8 different Categories▷ Create your own Quiz▷ No Advertisements★ Singleplayer ★The Singleplayer mode challenges you through a unique mixofknowledge, speed and tactics. Answer the questions as fastaspossible and gain combos through multiple correct answers in arow.Use Jokers in critical situations and level up to maximizeyourscore to become the QuisrMaster of the month!★ Joker ★▷ Freeze - Stop the countdown for a short time▷ Kick - Remove up to 2 wrong answers from the screen▷ Skip - Go to the next question without losing your combo★ myQuisr ★▷ Look at your Profile▷ Look at the Highscores▷ Create your own Quiz▷ Help widen the question pool by sharing brilliant questions▷ Keep a high standard by approving or declining sharedquestionsafter checking their spelling & correctness▷ Use myQuisr also in your Browser! (doesn't work with IE)★ Game Mode Classic - Multiplayer ★Score points by pressing your Buzzer, when the answer displayedismatching the question. Try to be faster than your competitorsandget even more points if a question has multiple correctanswers,indicated by the amount of bars in the middle of thesplittingstrip.★ Game Mode Multiple Choice - Multiplayer ★Press your Buzzer, when you think you know the answer tothequestion displayed. Score points by selecting the correctanswer/sbefore the time runs out. If you are wrong all otherplayers willscore points instead of you.★ Language selection ★What could be better to learn a different language otherthanplaying a Quiz game with it? That´s right - nothing :) Justselectone of the available languages in the Quisr settings andgetstarted straight away!★ Categories ★history, geography, sports & games, art &literature,science & technology, biology, entertainmentandmiscellaneous★ Why Quisr ★Quisr is the new way of playing Quiz games. It offers acaptivatingsingleplayer mode with a world wide highscore, amultiplayer modewith up to 4 players on one device and thepossibility to sharequestions or create your own Quiz game viamyQuisr. That is thereason why other Quiz games like Millionaire,Trivial Pursuit,Trivia Burst, Trivial Droid, Who becomes rich orNational Flag Quizdo not have the Quisr experience. Designed like aboard game, italso works well as a tablet game and gives you a nicestart forevery gaming night with your friends! So what are youwaiting for?Start your reactor, check your reflexes and become thenextQuizmaster! :)★ Just in case: quiz qiz quiesr quizr qizr qisr quiser buzbuzzbuzzer quizzer quisser quisr★ Additional Links & Games ★▷ Use myQuisr in your Browser! (doesn't work with IE)▷ Become a Fan on Facebook!!/Quisr▷ Categories... KABOOM!★ Please email us ( if you have any questionsorissues - we will solve them together! :)
Atriviate (Online Trivia)
We have a lot of game modes:- A board where you can answering questions and winning star ofallcategories to win your opponents (for 2-6 players) totrivialstyle.- Make tic tac toe against your opponent answering questions.Firstwins!- Play a challenge mode game and answering 20 questions. Winonemore hit.Factory questions. Here you can ask your own questions and putthemin the gameWant to be aware of the latest news?facebook: trivial pursuit trivia quiz multiplayer triviadosfriendsQuizClash crack jeopardy quizup mico academy
Mucho Party 1.4.8
Free download on Google Play. A singlein-apppurchase unlocks all the game content.Welcome to the Mucho Party! With family, at home, traveling,withfriends or even at work, this is the ideal application fortwopeople (or solo) to play one of the 5/42 multiplayer games onthesame screen.First of all, the game will ask you to take a selfie thatwillbecome a clock, tomato, apple, telephone, teapot orlemonavatar!Then a minigame allows you to test your skills in order tobalancethe games according to different players' levels. Whetheryou're akid or a grown-up, an experienced or casual player,everyone canplay together and have fun!The 5/42 multiplayer games bring together the best of arcadegames,each one more original than the last and with great replayvalue.Try running and car races, zany soccer, ick-ack-ock, andaBreakout-style game, as well as tango, fishing, pretzel sortingandmany more surprises!No fewer than 6 game modes to choose from:- Mosaic: choose any game from the 5/42- Random: let destiny pick your game- Duel: fight to be the first player to win five games. Thelosergets to pick which game you play next.- TicTacToe: get a row of three victories on the game grid- HotSeat: whoever wins gets to play again and everyone takesturnschallenging the champion- League: everybody plays against each other in one home andoneaway game. Up to 8 players!For all the games and game modes, 3 computer-controlled players(AI)with easy, medium and hard levels provide training orthepossibility to earn the 50 Google Play games achievements.Mucho Party is a one-of-a-kind application that guaranteesgoodclean fun with your entourage!Buying the game also means you are supporting the independentGlobZstudio, which is run by a small team of gaming enthusiasts,andwill help us provide you with regular free updates inthefuture!
Draw Something Classic 2.400.008
Draw Something is the “World’s MostPopularDrawing Game”. Have fun with your friends and familyexchangingdoodle art. Sketch a perfect work of art and participatein ourcontests. Pick up your brush and start painting now.Highlights:• You don't need artistic skills to have fun with thisgame.Doodles, stick figures and sense of humor are welcome.• Enjoy the addictive turn based drawing game in Draw &Guessmode. Sketch and show your creativity with colors.• Guess what other artists have drawn in Guess Somethingmode.• Loads of new and updated words to draw! From Science toPopCulture, we’ve got you covered.• Make new friends through art. Challenge friends for a quickmatchor partner up with new ones!• Practice drawing and unlock color packs. We’ve got all thecolorsof the rainbow and then some for the best sketching andpaintingexperience!• Get featured on our Facebook page if your paintingisawesome.• Earn badges and unlock achievements for the words you draw.Links: us on social media for updates, features, competitionsandmuch more!- Facebook: Twitter: @WeDrawSomethingCollection and use of personal data are subject to Zynga'sPrivacyPolicy (
Trivial Quiz English 2.1
Cadev Games
This Trivial is very simple:1- Select a game mode:· A category: All Trivial questions are of the same category,youhave 45 seconds to answer each question. · All categories: questions are from different categories,youhave 45 seconds to answer each question Trivial. · Training mode: questions are from differentcategories,there is no time limit to answer each question.2- Answer to 10 Trivial questions. If you hit and if youanswerfaster, you win more points!Trivial categories are: Science & Nature, Sports &Leisure,History, Geography, Entertainment, Arts &Literature.You can see your progress and compare your results with yourfriendswith rankings and achievements. To access them you mustberegistered to Google+ and have Internet access.In rankings you will see your puntuations and all playerspoints.What is your best position?When you play you can also unlock achievements. There aremanydifferent achievements.The more you play, the more chances youhaveto unlock achievements!
Four In A Row - Classic Board Games
Connect 4 pieces of your colour in alinebefore your opponent. The popular game is now in your handseverytime you can spare a moment for a challenge or a bit ofrelax.Excellent for testing your skills or teaching strategy tokids.Play multiplayer with a friend or try to beat ourwell-trainedvirtual players and see your improvements game bygame.A classic! Start playing now for free! :)Follow us:TWITTER @outofthebitFACEBOOK/outofthebit
Quizit - Trivia Français 5.6.1
Développez votre culture générale touslesjours avec ce quiz incroyable ! Jouez entre amis, en familleoutout simplement seul et amusez-vous tout en apprenant denouvelleschoses sur le monde qui vous entoure !Il y a régulièrement de nouvelles questions, de nouvellesfonctionset des surprises pour vous ! Continuez à jouer à Quizitetlaissez-nous vous surprendre !Les règles ? Tout d'abord, vous sélectionnez votrecatégoriepréférée. Ensuite, vous jouez une série de 10questions.À quelle vitesse faut-il répondre aux questions ? Plusvousrépondrez vite à chaque question, plus vous obtiendrez depoints!Vous pouvez également jouer en multijoueur contre vos amis oucontred'autres joueurs Quizit. :)Amusez-vous bien !Develop yourgeneralknowledge every day with this incredible quiz! Play withfriends,family or just alone and have fun while learning new thingsaboutthe world around you!There are regular new issues, new features and surprises foryou!Keep playing to Quizit and let us surprise you!The rules ? First, you select your favorite category. Then youplaya series of 10 questions.How fast should we answer questions? The faster you answereachquestion, the more points you get!You can also play multiplayer against friends or againstotherplayers Quizit. :)Have fun !
Classic Ludo Board Star 2018 1.1.2
Games Club
Classic Ludo Board Star 2018 4 Playergame(Ludo) is most trending and popular simulation game atworldwide.Play with friend 2 player, 3 players and 4 players. Playwithsystem is very interesting and challenging game. Great funandunique animated characters game eliminate opponent piece withpunchanimation and move your piece with walking animation. EverypersonWant to play Classic Ludo Board Star 2018, so we presentedthe newstar 3D ludo game for user free new simulation game2018.Classic Ludo Board Star 2018 is challenging game which hasdifferentmodes and very mode has different environment. This LudoDice King2018 also goes by many different names in the world,butmost popularname is ludo in the Asia.Real ludo simulator game is very simple & easy to play,becausethis game has same rules everywhere. If you are gettingbored&you want to spend your time than Classic Ludo Board Star2018 gameis best way to enjoy and spend your time. Tab on thedevice forrole on your turn and play the 4 player game. New starludo game isdeveloped according to the classic rules of ludo as weplay in ourchildhood. Play your turn wisely because this game isverytechnical and require skills.Classic Ludo Board Star 2018 is a huge animated game inmanycountries.You Can Play the loopy star game alone and if you donothave partner play real 3D ludo game so you can play withAutoPartners. Auto partner will be opponent player for theuser.You need to beat the A.P to win battle. New star classic ludobringan opportunity is that you can play blue star of queen gamewithFriends or family on single device.Stars blue game play with 4,3 and 2 player. Every player decidesthecolor and every player has a 4 piece in the home same color.Therows are arranged in a cross pattern. The first player throwsthedice, so start the new Classic Ludo Board Star 2018 game.Every player throws the dice in an own turn. When show thesixbringing the piece in the game and go step by step.If your piece reach at same area and there is already piece ofotherplayer, this piece is out of circle and You reached the allpiece atthe home but other player piece in the circle. You wonthematch.
Werewolf 2.3.4
If you want to play the party gameWerewolf(also known as Mafia), but all you are missing is a set ofcardsand you don't feel like using pen and paper, this app is foryou.Simply configure how many players are participating, whichrolesyou would like to use (e.g. how many werewolves etc.) and offyougo. You will then be able to hand around your device andeachplayer can tap to see their role.More than 30 roles available!- Werewolf- Villager- Seer- Doctor- Hunter- Witch- Priest- Drunk- Cupid- Bodyguard- Aura seer- Seer apprentice- Junior werewolf- Amulet of protection holder- Sect leader- Leprous human-Lycan- Doppelganger- Idiot- Lone wolf- Grumpy grandma- Mayor- Tough guy- Handsome prince- Harlot- Mad scientist- Mason- Little girl- Sorcerer- Gunner- Serial killer
Board Games 2.19
With BOARD GAMES you can enjoy all-timegameswithin your android, with an accurate design andplayability.Current boards available:-Backgammon-Parchis-Parchis for 3-Snakes and Ladders-Goose's GameMore games coming soon!!!There are many of options:-Different AI levels (none tricks)-Different variants-Three different ways to select pieces-Board zoom and auto zoom-Different playing speeds for pieces and dice-Landscape mode-...Permissions are used for add platforms, application doesn't useanypersonal information. If you prefer to doesn't have ads we haveapro version without ads and with some more surprises.Do you want 'Board Games' in your language? you can contributetotranslate it or correct current translations, it will beveryappreciated:, notify bugs, error translations, ideas...to
Roar! AR Boardgame hybrid game 1.7.6
Catch the monsters set loose in the citybeforeits pranks wreck it!And remember, the SOUNDS are your only CLUE!► IMPORTANT: This is a big game and therefore it requires adevicewith at list Android 4.0 or later, dual-core processor and 1GB ofinternal memory to work smoothly. The app is NOT astandaloneproduct - it requires a Roar! Catch the monsterboardgame. ◄“Roar! Catch the monster” is the very first fully hybrid gamethatintegrates Augmented Reality and a boardgame into onefantasticpiece of fun. A hidden monster moves over the colorfulcity with adigital pawn, trying to escape the vigiliant scientistson theirquest to catch him. And while the elusive monster hidesbetween thebuildings, scientists have to listen to all the soundsof the cityto try their best in pinpointing his location. Before itis toolate, that is!▪ USE THE POWER ▪Each and every character in the game, be it monster orscientisthave its own special power that aid you in either eludingthe chaseor pinpointing the monster with ease.Use them wisely! A well used special power add tactical depth tothegameplay and allow players to strategize their moves.▪ LISTEN CLOSELY ▪Whenever the monster sneak around the city the scientist havetobend their ear to listen to the clues! Was is the roadworks,ormaybe just traffic outside the parking lot?Don’t get fooled! Monsters have their way to mix up the clueswiththeir charmingly noisy behaviours.▪ RISE THE CHALLENGE ▪The game possess two boards of different difficulty! Pick onethatsuits your thirst for challenge, be it easy and clean lookingorbusy and bustling with details.Progress in the game by unlocking missions that gets more andmorechallenging. Life of a monster on the run is not easy.------------------------------------------------------Visit our official site at http://roarthegame.comFollow us on Twitter at or like usonFacebook at
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Freebloks 3D 1.0.5
This is the Android version of Freebloks3D,an implementation of the famous board game Blokus. Try toplaceas many tiles on the board as possible, keeping in mind onlytwosimple rules: your tiles must touch a corner of one ofyourpreviously placed tiles, but they must not share an edge. Canyouplay more tiles than your opponents?RULES:Each player has 21 tiles: 12 tiles with 5 squares, 5 tiles with4squares, 2 tiles with 3 squares, 1 tile with 2 squares and 1tilewith 1 square.Players take turns in placing one tile onto the 20x20 board.Thefirst tile for each player has to be placed in their corner oftheboard. Each following tile has to touch a corner of one ofyourprevious tiles, but it must never share an edge. It may shareedgeswith the opponents' tiles though.If a player has no more possible move, they have to pass. Thegameis over when no player can place a tile.For each player, the squares of all their tiles on the boardareadded up. Finishing a game with all stones placed on theboardgives a 15 points bonus. If the monomino is placed last, youwillget a 20 points bonus. The player with the most pointswins.HOW TO PLAY:•  Swipe the list of available tiles with your finger.•  Select and drag a tile onto the board.•  Rotate the stone using one of the 4 handles.•  To flip a stone, slide your finger from one handle towardtheopposing handle.•  Place the tile in the desired position. The tile willappeargreen if the position is valid, and red otherwise. Possiblecornersare highlighted on the board for convenience.•  Tap the tile in a valid position to place it.•  You can rotate the board at any time to see theopponents'tiles.Quit the app at any time, your current game will be savedandrestored on next start.FEATURES:•  Supports 2-player modes, with 2 colors (Original and BlokusDuo),4 colors (2 each).•  Customizable board sizes other than 20x20.•  Play against the computer or humans on the same device.•  Play online against your friends•  Hint and undo options•  Leaderboards and Achievements (Google+ login required)•  Looks great on tablets, too!The game is network-compatible with Freebloks 3D for WindowsandLinux: DONATE:Freebloks 3D is absolutely free, open sourceandwithout advertisement! ALWAYS! But things for free canstillhave a value. If yoy like to pay for Freebloks, pleaseconsiderbuying Freebloks VIP: complete source code is available onGitHub: you have any idea, feature request or wish, simply drop meanemail: apps@saschahlusiak.deTRANSLATIONS: if you would like to contribute andtranslateFreebloks into your language, please send me an email.:-)
Trivial Warfare - Pub Trivia 2.0.4
This is the most convenient way toaccessTrivial Warfare on your phone. With this app you arealwaysconnected to the latest episodes and the show. You can alsostaryour favorite episodes and save them to a list so you caneasilyenjoy them over and over! This app is complete access toTrivialWarfare and if you're a fan of the show you won't want tobewithout it!This app contains the following additional features:* Streaming access to play episodes from anywhere* Always updated with the latest episodes- and an archivedbackcatalog* Playback resume (when interrupted by a call orotherdistraction)* Quick access to all the contact methods for the show likecall,email, web, Facebook, and TwitterThank you for purchasing this app and supporting the show!
Who Lurks 4.0
Hybrid Humans
CNET - "A good meatspace party game is hardtofind...but Who Lurks ticks all the right boxes. It's kind oflikeClue mixed with John Carpenter's "The Thing"."Pocket Tactics - "It's clear that there's more to the game thanthetraitor mechanism"—Who Lurks is a local party game involving deception. Whereplayersassume the role of crew members on the AE Hybridspaceship.Play as a human protecting the crew, or stay undercover as analiensaboteur set on eradicating all human life. Each player takesturnsperforming tasks to conceal or reveal the alienlifeform.Discover, deceive, or die in this intensely fun party game!KEY FEATURES:- Experience this thrilling and familiar party board game style inadigital format.- Practice your poker face with local multiplayer and 3-6 ofyourclosest friends.- Play with a single device in pass-and-play mode.- Perfect the use of your Alien Abilities and disrupt thehumanplayers.- Enjoy a fast-paced single-player mode and unlockmorecontent.
- Colorblind mode across the full game. Because weloveinclusivity.—We would love to know what you think of the game, so please leaveusyour review. We're working to make this a better gamingexperiencefor you.Follow and reach us onWebsite: http://WhoLurks.comTwitter:
MEGA QUIZ GAMING 2K18 - Guess the game Trivia
Enjoy Mega quiz gaming! Guess over 420videogames that has been a trending in this decade! Complete thisvideogame trivia identifying all the characters, weaponsanditems.In this quiz app you wont find any video game before 2010 anditsupdated with the new uncoming releases of 2018.Beat another players by answering as fast as possible allthequestions and join the leaderboard with other100real-gamers.Now you can show the world you are the best gamer ever!♦ Are you an authentic Gamer? Check this features! ♦• Discover more than 420 video games of this decade.• Up to 14 categories: Main characters, weapons, logos,enemies,places, bosses...• All the games are from this last years. Nothing retro.• Global ranking with the Top100 gamers in the world.• Unlockeable levels.• Hint system if you get stuck at any level.• There are few ads (Just one ad every 6 minutes)• Share your achievements or ask your friends by Twitter,Facebookor any of your social networks!• Enjoy it!The main purpose of #MegaQuizGaming is to show the people thegreatvariety of video games that surround us in a funny way.In#MegaQuizGaming, great titles are mixed with otherindependenttitles, creating a list where players can distancethemselves fromtheir usual titles and discover new projects.
Lotto Scratch – Las Vegas LV2
No.1 Free lottery scratch tickets app byLasVegas casino.Tons of scratch offs you can scratching.Include:Crossword scratch ticket, Mahjong scratch-offs, Blackjackscratcher,Super Slots and 777, Cashword, 10X scratch off, WildCherryscratchcard, Gold Rush scratchcard, 3X big cash lottoscratch cardsand more.If you like instant lottery(instant games), you’ll definitelylikethis scratch-its game.More update lottery tickets:1. Crossword2. Loteria3. Pinball4. BlackJack 215. Bingo6. Hold'em Pokerand more other lottery scratch cards like Homerun scratch-off,BonusHearts, Mother's Day scratchies, and Dragon Boat Festivellotteryticket...etc.More scratchers will be release soon. Try your luck today withBunnyScratch!!Only for entertainment purpose and could not win real moneyfromthis game.
Perk Pop Quiz! 4.3.1
Earn real CASH prizes for playing triviawithPerk Pop Quiz!The more answers you get correct, the more Points you earn.Pointscan then be exchanged for cash on your Perk Plastik DiscoverCard,or real gift cards from, Starbucks, Nike,GameStop,Target, +100's more!*** PERK POP QUIZ IS COMPLETELY FREE & DOES NOT REQUIREANYIN-APP PURCHASES!Choose from 400+ Categories Including:• Picture games like Cartoon Characters, Album Covers, NamethePokémon, and Name the Show.• Popular shows like Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, WalkingDead,& More!• Movie Quotes & Match the Song Lyrics.• Word Scramble, Vocabulary, & Spelling.• Science, Math, Anatomy, & State Capitals.• Disney, Star Wars, & Harry Potter.... And many more added every day!CASH PRIZES DAILY!Automatically be entered to win daily cash prizes up to $50 justforplaying challenges & getting high scores!CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS!Earn more points when you when you beat your friends playingfuntrivia games.ABOUT PERKPerk is the #1 mobile rewards program. Over $1 million inrewardsgiven out each month!Website: Pop Quiz! is supported in part byadvertisers: note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietarymeasurementsoftware which will allow you to contribute to marketresearch,like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. for more information. You mayalsovisit Settings in the app to opt out of Nielsenmeasurement.
Psych! Outwit Your Friends 9.2.51
From the creators of "Heads Up!” comes“PSYCH!”– an exciting new party game to play with yourfriends!Choose from a variety of fun categories in which each playermakesup fake answers to real trivia questions. Can you choosetheoutrageous real answer among your friends’ fakes? Get pointsforguessing the right answer, and for each other player youPSYCH!into choosing yours."PSYCH!" is the perfect app for game night, road trips, orevenwaiting in line. So grab your phones, gather ‘round, and getreadyfor a gaming experience unlike anything you’veevertried! 
Quetzal (Draw,Mimic & Taboo) 1.1.3226
Quetzal is a board game in which youdraw,mimic but mostly, you laugh!Quetzal is inspired by board games like Pictionary and VisualGame,or the mostrecent "Draw Something", appropriately revised.More than 4500 words to draw and to mimic and more than 900Taboowords, costantly updated!***NEW***Now you can play Quetzal in the Taboo way!You can play it everywhere: you only need Quetzal and the Taboomode(disclaimer: also imagination could be needed).************Compared to these games, however, you don't have to worryaboutcards, boards andstopwatches, or to take note of the scores: Quetzaldoeseverything!In order to play, you need only Quetzal, paper, pens and afewfriends.Create 2 to 4 teams and try to make your teammates guess thewordsthat Quetzal will generate,accumulating points in different game modes.The basic version of Quetzal contains more than 750 words todrawand mimic and to play in Taboo mode, divided into5categories:✪ Items✪ Animals✪ Actions✪ Jobs✪ AbstractsYou can, however, expand your collection of words bydownloadingadd-on packages, such like Characters or Proverbs, ortheexpansions of the base packages.This free version of Quetzal contains thirdpartiesadvertisements.If you liked the game, leave your rating and maybe send ussomeideas or some comments.Have fun :)-------------------------------------------------Follow us onFacebook: us on Twitter: quetzal, pictionary, draw, mime, mimic, taboo, drawsomething,board game, boardgame, pencil, pen, paper, sheet,friends-------------------------------------------------Quetzal's "Taboo mode" is not associated with Hasbro's Taboo /Tabou/ Tabù / Tabuu / Tabo products, registered trademarks.
Parcheesi Classic 1.1
Parcheesi Classic is on of the bestboardgameParcheesi classic, or Parchis classic is a board with played onaboard with a shape of a cross Around which are placed boxes4groups of 4 pieces of a different color are used for eachofthem.In Parcheesi Classic each of the four players uses the groupofcoins of one of the colors, but one can also play games with just2players.In Parcheesi Classic there are also four spaces outside thecourseof the race and each of the respective color of each group ofroomsor houses where each player keeps the pieces that are notyetincorporated into the game.Goal of the game:In Parcheesi Classic, or Parchis classic board game the winnerwillbe the one who manages to introduce before each of his coinsintothe respective final box.Players roll the die in turn.In Parcheesi classic, usually, we draw lots with the die to findoutwho will be the first to start playing.In Parcheesi classic board game ,from the one starting the turnwillmove from one to the other from right to left.In Parcheesi Classic you can have 2 different boards to choosefrom,classic wood board, and plain white.Note we are trying to produce online version of this gameverysoon
Gomoku Free - Gobang 1.2.4
Simple but profound classic board game!You can also play with Renju rules!-How to play-Rules are simple! Vertical stones of their own color, horizontal,isa five-aligned After wins in one of the diagonal.-Method of operation-Tap to select the trout, you can put yourself in the stone andpressthe start button.■ CPU level is 9 stage, PvP also possibleLet's free to choose the CPU of strength to suit yourability.Since the level of a plurality of stages are prepared you canenjoyfrom beginner to advanced!Of course, you can also compete with your friends intheinterpersonal function.■ Renju rulesIn addition to simple Gomoku, you can also select Renjurules.In Renju rules black, thirty-three does not put in whiteboth.It will also become lined six or more, the Kinte.■ Other Features"I waited" feature, KOs record, first move iron randomsettings,etc.
QUIZ REWARDS: Trivia Game, Free Gift Cards Voucher 3.2.5
🏆 PLAY TRIVIA & EARN LOYALTY REWARDSPOINTS🏆QUIZ REWARDS is a free quiz game you can play on android.Loyalplayers who play long enough earn loyalty points to redeem forrealrewards such as Gift Cards from Amazon, Google Play and more.QUIZREWARDS is an easy to play trivia app where you canparticipateevery day and win - if you are smart enough!▶ HOW TO PLAY THE TRIVIA GAMEIn a trivia game you answer quiz questions from over 16differentcategories such as history, science, sports, movies, TVseries,geography, cars, general knowledge and more. To win a triviagameyou need to get the most points. Answer 12 trivia questionscorrect- as fast as you can - to get as many points as possible.When thequiz tournament ends, if your points result was highenough, youare among the winners. All player who participate alsoearn loyaltypoints called “Coins”! The longer you play, the moreloyalty pointsyou collect, which you can redeem for realrewards.▶ FREE REWARDS FOR LOYAL PLAYERSRedeem your loyalty points “Coins” for free gift cards andvouchers!It’s that easy to earn rewards just by training yourgeneralknowledge and having fun, similar to win the famous“Millionaire”TV-SHOW. It’s quick & easy! Choose from freeRewards Cards,Coupons, Discounts & new Reward Giveaways. Ourmost popularoptions are Gift Cards for Netflix, Spotify, GooglePlay, Steam,Visa, Walmart, Starbucks & League ofLegends.▶ CHALLENGE FRIENDSChallenge friends! The winner of the quiz game wins hisopponents’Loyalty Reward Points “Coins”! This mode is an excellentbraingame. Try the game and you will be able to give your brainanimmaculate boost by addictive thinking and IQ challenge! Showyourfriend who knows more about Technology, Animals,Politics,Language, World Mythology, Science or Arts.▶ THE NEW TRIVIA APP 2017Test your knowledge in over 45.000 question with the freeversionfor all total trivia cracks! Our trivia quizzes are setindifferent categories such as Classic 4-answersquestions,true/false questions, trivia puzzles, flag quiz andlandmarkriddles.▶ NEW APP FEATURES✔️16 total trivia categories✔️Trivia quizzes in categories such as Classic true/falsequestions,iq test, flag quiz or landmark riddles.✔️Grammar “Quis”: Is Trvia, Triva, Quz or Qiz correct?✔️A survey opinion rewards feature to earn vouchersviasurveys!✔️For hindi, spanish, french, german, chinese, portuguese&japanese users.Web:* is not a sponsor of this promotion. Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc.