Top 49 Games Similar to Soccer scores

Naimar 10 Goal Shooter Soccer Striker Penalty Kick 1.0.1
Soccer is the most famous game in the world and sometimes bringsthebest in people! That is the reason why we made the bestfootballgame! Enjoy the feeling of winning a match with the bestnumber 10:Naimar!Practice your penalty kick, discover your skillsas astriker, become the best shooter in the world and make peoplescreamgoal in every penalty kick! Play as if you were Naimar! Thebestnumber 10 football striker!Try different tournaments inthiselectrifying soccer game with different levels. Be the bestgoalshooter practising your penalty kick like Naimar 10! Try tomake asmany goals as you can and score the best soccer goals! Lookfor newways to play the world's favorite sport! You must adjusteachpenalty kick to perfection in this challenging goal shootergame!-Help Naimar 10 to become the best football striker!- Wineverysoccer match by improving your penalty kick!- Intuitive gamerules:This goal shooter game includes a tutorial mode- Share yourscoresof this soccer game with your friends!Your challenge is toscore asmany goals as you can: Shoot and play in this soccer basedonlinegame!
Football Real Strikes - World Soccer Champion 2.2
Welcome to football real strikes shoot-out world soccerchampionshipfun game. Shoot perfect kicks and score goals inpenalty kickshoot-outs. Explore soccer football real strikes. Playwith world’smost amazing leagues. Football Real Strikes WorldSoccer Champion isan amazing 3D game with an abundance ofbeautiful free kicks andtwisted goal shots. Try to strike everyball that goes into thenet.Take on different teams at free-kickface-offs and make yourselfan amazing football real strike player.Flick & shoot targetswith fast-paced soccer balls. Battle thetime and score flick strikepoints in world hero soccer starfootball strike champion. Beat thestriker and goalkeeper withinstant flick shooting with one-on-onefree kick modes. Enjoy Freekicks, penalties, dribbling withultimate champion team. Make yourpowerful final kick no team orgoalie will can stop you to be afootball hero! Test your aim tostrike the perfect penalty shot.Wait for the referee whistle. Showyour shoot-out skills. Beat thegoalkeeper with dodging footballstrikes towards the goal. Enjoythe tense moments of amazing worldsoccer strike championcompetition with penalty shots. Play againstthe best soccer teamsand football players. Seamless special shots,shoot with specialeffects. Fool & dodge your opponents. Makethundering footballstrikes while controlling the ball and becomethe champion.Let theplay-offs begin with the final kick of thisamazing championshipcup. Like a pro football hero, pass or flicksoccer ball to yourmain striker for the perfect kick. Be your ownsoccer footballmanager, improve your strike skills as a footballhero player.Experience the feeling of a manager of a top starfootballer. Joinsoccer league career to be the real super starhero. Shoot goal onpenalty and free kicks. Be a star hero scoreplayer of the worldsoccer champion league. Join pro euro league andplay real footballchampion’s cup. Dodge opponent goalkeeper. Strikeultimate footballwith free kick shoot. Get penalty and free kickswith flick strikesoccer friendly match. Refine your perfect kick inpractice arena,take on the world league in matches and tournamentsto be asuccessful kick striker. Play with one finger and makeimpressivekicks and saves. Drag goalkeeper on right spot to savethe goalpost. Play amazing games like free-kicks, face-off’s andshine as arising star for the world soccer champions. Use powerfulkick tomake perfect goal. As a pro beach football strike soccerplayer,dodge super goalkeeper in this powerful strike game. Shootaccurateperfect kick to become a real football hero of legendleague. Playdifferent champion leagues and tournament and win freekickchampionship cup in real trick strikes. Enjoy real free kicksoccerstar champions league an amazing and stunning footballsimulator.So get ready & wait for whistle blows off for kickoff, dodgeand flick soccer ball into the opponents goal. Thebest soccerstrike game for the real football champions.FootballReal Strikes -World Soccer Champion• Take Perfect Kick Shot WithFlick OfFinger.• Make Amazing Goal Saves At Goalpost.• Play VariousFreeKick Modes.• Extreme Competitions.• Real Extreme Game.•EnjoyDribble And Thrilling Shooting.• Flick & Shoot PenaltyKicks.•Stunning 3D Graphics.• Clear Interface And Controls.
Soccer Champions 2018 Final Game 2.3
Bulky Sports
Like Soccer Games? Soccer Champions 18 is 11 player realfootball& soccer matches game. Make your dream team and be aworldchampion of pro soccer leagues 2018 by playing thisfootballsimulation game. Select favorite superstar players tocreate yourown dream soccer team. Choose your team formation andtake on anyteam who stands in your way as you rise throughdifferent leaguematches to upgrade team level and earn points tounlock the worldcup matches. Soccer Champions 18 Final GameFeatures * Create,customize and control your ultimate dream soccerteam* Play worldCup, knockout, story and league modes,.* Googleplay leaderboards& achievements to review top rankings ofchampions.* Quick& Smarter moves of your player and opponentson the soccerground.* Latest visual effects and cut scenes morelike livefootball match experience.Soccer Champions 18 - Final gameGameControls* Pass button" for pass and tackle, * Kick button"forshoot the football. * Sprint button" to make the player movefast *Direction Key" to control the movement of the player.Testyourkick, dribble, pass, shoot skills in different game modes. InStoryMode lead your player squad to all 30 levels to completethecareer. In Knockout mode defeat all clubs to be a legend. Inworldcup mode play with the best teams of the world and be achampion ofchampions. Feel of realistic football stadiumenvironment duringfootball match and feel the heat of free kickpenalty moments. LoveSoccer Games? Make your dream team and bechampions of pro footballleaguesLet’s Be Social WithUS: Soccer Games then install that free game, make your dreamteamand be champions of pro football leagues.
Digital Soccer 1.6.0
Digital Dash
Real soccer kicks, one of the best soccer games 2019. Playdigitalsoccer now. One of the best soccer games 2019 from thedevelopersof Football Craft. If you got tired from uncontrollablefree kickgames Digital Soccer 2019 is the game that you are lookingfor.Digital Soccer 2019 offers you realistic soccer simulationphysicsand soccer ball kick system. Prepare your soccer player andgetready for the battle with world best soccer teams from 20majorleagues on best of soccer games 2019. Love soccer ? Try ourrealsoccer kicks. Practice with free kick, random shoots and hittargetmodes. Challenge with tournament, real-time multiplayerandsurvival modes. Try best of soccer games 2019. Enjoy best 3dsoccerfree kick game with stunning graphics. Download one of thebestsoccer games 2019 today. FEATURES - Full control over thesoccerball - Real-time Multiplayer games with friends - Realchallengefor world best goal - Online replay system - 6 Differentgame modes- 183 Unique soccer world cup tournament stages - Abilitytocustomize and develop your soccer player - Online leaderboardsand20+ achievements - Super slow motion effects - Top of soccergames2019 - Real soccer kicks and real soccer ball movement. TIPSFORDIGITAL SOCCER 2019 - More curved goals gets more points. -Goalgets more points which is near crossbar. - Goal distance,remainingtime and opponent goalkeeper skills adds more points foryour goal.FOLLOW DIGITAL SOCCER 2019 ** Digital Soccer 2019 willbeupdated regularly with your suggestions. Don't forget to leaveareview with your feedback.
Shoot Goal - Beach Soccer Game 1.2.7
Bambo Sports
Play a soccer match at the beach under the sun. Shoot balls tothegoal avoiding the goalkeeper or the obstacles. Multiply yourscorepassing the ball through the rings or hitting the poles. Inthevery first levels the goalkeeper is a noob but as you passlevelsit will get harder to score goals. Be ready to challengeyourselfagainst other player in the tournament and you will get acupfragment. When you complete the cup you will start the secondroadto another soccer cup. Play in career mode, in which you willhaveto win the beach soccer championship, with over 150 levelsthatwill force you to show that you are the best soccer player, andthebest in free kicks and penalties. In this soccer game, youalsohave a new soccer mode of challenges, in which you mustcompletesome soccer challenges and get the victory to get a greatreward,show that you are capable of achieving them and become thebestsoccer player of history! In this soccer game: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Showyourskills shooting goals from the penalty point. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Avoidtheplayers wall to score like the best football players in theworld.★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Compete in the beach soccer league and get all thecupfragments. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Take down all the boxes in a funny gamemode.★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Enhance your player skills like ball effect, poweroraccuracy. Shoot Goal Beach Soccer 2018 is the best beachsoccergame! This game is completely free but you can make somepurchasesto level up your player skills or game assets. 2018 BamboStudio
Soccer League Hero 2017 Stars 2.0.1
Bulky Sports
Let’s manage your soccer team to play the world best SoccerLeagueHero 2017 Stars football game as pro club manager, whileplayingreal 3d football match on mobile device is an amazing fun in2017era. Crowed is shouting & soccer lover from around theworld iswaiting for your club team battle against world footballchampionteam. It’s not only game but an addictive & adventurefun, gamewill engaged you for many hours as you are playing inground withyour team players & part of your favorite soccerclub team. Soget ready & wait for whistle blows off for kickoff, dodge andflick football throw in the opponent team goal. Bethe best soccerteam manager to build the best team & superstarsoccer playerof the world. For winner’s gameplay is very simplejust run faster,passing the football to team player & take aimto shoot &goal. You can also control every player of your teamthrough theeasy joystick controls. As a country club manager youwill trainbest soccer players & increase their ability to winthe worldleague tournament matches. Soccer League Hero 2017 Starsis thebest free kick shoot soccer game on store. As a pro soccermanagerlet’s manage your dream soccer team and be a world soccerchampionof football leagues 2017 by playing this footballsimulation game.Select your world best heroes team formation andchallenge to anyteam who stands in your way as you rise throughdifferent leaguematches to upgrading team level and earn points tounlock the worldcup matches. Build the best squad in the world andlead them allthe way to win the soccer league championship orfootball world cuptournament. Soccer league heroes is the latestmobile footballsimulation game featuring with simple controls,smooth animationsand crazy actions. Soccer League Hero 2017 Starsis the best mobilefootball soccer simulation game, smooth controls,realisticanimations and ultimate actions. Adventure of footballpassing,sprint and skill of moving around opponents, take aim,shoot andgoal. This game offers realistic football experience tosoccer gamelovers. Realistic passes, powerful shots in thisfootball game willadd an amazing soccer gameplay experience.Getyour favorite soccerteam players and win against the world footballchampion teams byplaying this football simulation game. Test yourskills whileplaying against top soccer team players &experienced teammanagers around the world. Unite your soccer teamheroes with thespirit of, as they are best football clubs stars.World soccersuperstars is easy & fun to play. In realcompetition style,challenge your opponents from all over the world.Contest indifferent soccer matches, from different countries to bea soccerlegend player and take the world cup to your home countryclub.Playing Soccer League Hero 2017 Stars more exciting &latestmobile soccer game. Build and manage your football team andkeepstriking back for soccer world cup competition. Become arealsoccer star with your favorite top hero soccer players. Feelofrealistic football stadium environment during football matchandfeel the heat of free kick penalty moments. Soccer League Hero2017Stars Game Features: • Create, customize and control yoursoccerteam• Play as soccer league champion team football player•Selectyour favorite country, player skin, Player Uniform &shoes.•Google play leaderboards & achievements to reviewtoprankings.• Realistic graphics and sound effect will enhancethegameplay experience• Quick & Smarter moves of your playerandopponents on the soccer ground.• Latest visual effects andcutscenes more like TV football match experience.• Realisticsoccerplayer stunts & actions during adventures footballgameplay. Sowhat are you waiting for? Let’s download and enjoy theworldfootball game play experience in Soccer League Hero 2017 Starsfreegame
Roll Ball Soccer – Rolling Soccer Ball Puzzle 1.0.1
IDC Games
Love roll ball puzzles? Love soccer? Play Roll Ball Soccer andstartrolling the soccer ball in the soccer field!You are afootballplayer and you have to score a goal in the soccer field.Slide thesoccer field blocks with your finger and find the pathfor thefootball ball to reach the goal. Once the path is created,thesoccer ball will start rolling.The soccer game has started… settherolling soccer ball in motion!Roll Ball Soccer is an addictiveandentertaining brain excercise for kids and players of allages.Simple but challenging, it’s a great relaxing game thatwillprovide tons of fun.Roll Ball Soccer has everything you loveofroll ball games, and much more!:- Puzzle game. The soccer fieldisformed by blocks.- Slide game. A simple control based onslidingyour finger.- Unblock game If you don’t change the fieldblocks ofplace, you will never find the path to the goal.- Hiddenobjectgame. You have to find and create the right path amongst thesoccerfields.- Maze game. The ball is trapped; find the way toescape andscore a goal in the football field!- Physics game. Solvethe physicproblems to complete the levels.- Brain excercise game.Train yourbrain and practice your visual and spatial abilities.-Family game.Fun and problem solving exercises for children-kids andplayers ofall ages.- Soccer game. The aim is to strike a goal atthe footballfield by moving the football fields.Will you be thenext puzzleRonaldo or Messi? Download Roll Ball Soccer and get thesoccer ballRolling to score a goal!FEATURES *********- Tons ofaddictivepuzzles to solve for hours of fun- Good graphics, goodfun- Simpleto understand - A relaxing game and stress reliever tounwind- Notime limits- No wi-fi required- Restart button- Freehints to helpin case you can’t find the path- Optimized for bothphone andtabletHOW TO PLAY *********- Slide your finger to move theblocksof soccer fields- Create a path to score a goal- Once thepath iscreated, the soccer ball will start rolling towards thegoal.- Eachlevel has 3 cups to collect. It’s not necessary tocollect any cupto complete a level- Each level can be morechallenging by tryingto collect as many football cups as possibleon the path to thegoalAre you ready to roll the ball on the soccerfield? DownloadRoll Ball Soccer now and try this challengingrolling soccerballgame!------------------------------------------------------Webpage: youhaveany suggestions or comments? Contact [email protected],we’dlove to hear about it!Do you have any other [email protected] and the Roll Ball SoccerSupport Teamwill take care of it!
Vending Machine Soccer Ball 1.2
Chief Gamer
Learn how to use a vending machine! In Vending Machine SoccerBallyou will be learning how to use a vending-machine!Findyourfavourite ball in the machine and insert the amount of coinsneededfor the soccer ball, press the button and your soccer ballwillfall down the machine. Grab it and it’s all yours now! Fun topasstime! Vending Machine Games are fun and easy to play, and it’sagreat game to pass time when you are waiting for something.Alsoeasy to play for young and old. If you love vending machinegamesthen search no longer and download this fun time-passer!SoccerBall Games Features :- Buy all the soccer balls you want -Unlocklots of machine skins- Learn how the machine works- Themachinestand in a big soccer stadium- Don’t forget to rate and giveoursimulator feedback ~Have Fun! - ChiefGamer
Top Stars: Football Match! - Strategy Soccer Cards 1.42.08
Go beat all football clubs and become one of the cardtournamentchampions! Train your team, win a world tournament, a cupor anational league and climb to the top as an online soccer star!Be atop coach, master your deck and assemble powerful combos inthiscard game of strategy while experiencing PvP combat. Buildyourdeck to maximize the power of your amazing players in ordertoscore goals! Create your competition deck with the bestsoccerstars and improve their stats in this multiplayer onlinegame. Ifyou like head to head games, you will love Top Stars. Inthis topfootball strategy game, you can choose your favorite soccerstarsto beat the football cards of your opponents. Choose yourmatchstrategy and decide which soccer cards you will start with. Tobeat the top of the temple of football, Top Stars will guide youbyits unique match strategy configuration of soccer cards. • Findoutwho is the best player by building your top football team!Createyour own lineup or formation and see who is the goal hero inthisstrategy simulator. If you want to be a Top Stars champion,youwill need to pay attention to your striker's attack anddefensepoints to take down the goalkeeper and win the clash. • Useskillcards to give your squad the competitive edge and help defeatyourivals. Collect cards to build your battle deck and fightotherduelists online to see who is a real winner! Transfer andexchangefootballers until you get the perfect collection, find yourbestcompanion! • Competitive real-time PvP combat! League,tournamentor head to head! Begin in the lowest football arena andplay toreach the highest division and the best stadiums. • Makeyour wayto a big league and turn into a Top Stars legend! Challengeyourfriends with the best multiplayer cards battle game and facetopplayers from the best leagues. Aim for the goal and shoot!•Assemble powerful decks and dominate your rivals! Thestrategicgameplay makes you decide which card comes out next! Duelagainstthe greatest football champions in different leagues! • Win,craft,or collect powerful cards! Achieve and combine all the soccerstarslegends for your strategy deck with differents skills andstats.Use their special effects in the best moment!. • You willgetincredible free gifts and rewards witch each victory. Openpacksand boxes or earn more cash to get the best soccer card stars.Keepupgrading your players speed, kick or shot levels to makethemstronger after the battle! This football strategy game is thebestchoice to get a unbeatable formation with the amazing soccerstarson football cards. Enjoy this card strategy game that bringsyouthe best experience of a football match in real time.Startdeveloping your cards club and get to the mayor leagues bywinningall the matches in this amazing sports simulator. Buildyourultimate Deck and aim for the top! Download the game NOW andstartyour journey to become the best tactics player on the field inTopStars! From The Bench brought you other amazing top freestrategygames such as NBA General Manager 2018 or PRO SoccerManager 2018.To play this application you will need internetconnection. Thisapplication offers integrated purchases. You candeactivate them inyour device settings. This application needs youto accept the"Privacy Policy" and the "Legal Notice". It containsadvertisementsof "From The Bench, SL" and of their partners,includesadvertisements inside the game, reunites data throughanalysistechnology and the delivery of third party advertisementsincludingthe location based in the network and GPS. It alsocontains directlinks to social networks for those older than 13years of age aswell as direct links to the Internet. "Like" thegame:
Guess Footballer Quiz 1.4
OG Games
Guess a football player - quiz game for fans of the mostpopularsport. You have to guess the player, imprinted on thepictures.What would you complicate the task, the player's image isshownpiecemeal. Guess the name of football, then make a word out ofthegiven block letters. Tips in the game - to open a letter orhidethe extra letters. Football Quiz - a game for real fansandconnoisseurs of the sport. If it is difficult - play withyourfamily or with friends, to join hands in solving a footballplayer!Features: - 5 levels of difficulty and 125 pictures - 2 tips-Classic quiz Good game!
Egypt Soccer 2018- لعبة كرة القدم مصرية 2.2
New game with all egyptian teams. 4 GameMode avaible: - PlayervsCPU Mode: Player can choose his team and the CPU's team. -Player1vs Player2: 2Players can play against each other.-Tournament Mode:1 Player can play a tournament against CPU.-League Mode: 1 Playercan play 17 games of the league agaisnt allthe egyptian teams. Theteams are : Al Ahly , Al Ismaily , ElZamalek , El Masry Club ,Smouha , El Entag Al harby El Mokawloon ElArab , Enppi , Tala'eaEl Gaish , Petrojet , El Dakhleya ,Alassiouty Sport , MisrAlmaqasa , Wady Degla , Al Ettehad AlSakandary , Tanta , El RajaMatrouh , Al Nasr SC
Head Soccer LaLiga 2019 - Best Soccer Games 5.1.1
⚽HEAD SOCCER LA LIGA 2019 - Soccer Games ⚽ is the officialfreesports game for Spanish League Soccer for 2018-2019 season!Chooseyour favourite soccer teams among the official LaLigateams,unleash your powerful shots and take your football team tothe topof the soccer world rankings! ¡Score thousand of goals usingthebig head of your footballer and become the ultimate championandthe hero of your soccer team! Download one of the best soccergamesfor free and enjoy playing soccer with all the soccer clubsandsuperstars from LaLiga! Start as a newbie and level up throughallcategories: rookie, professional, champion, all-star… andfinallyreach the top of the world and be a soccer legend in soccergames.Impress the FIFA and the fans by scoring incredible goals inthebest official soccer stadiums: Bernabéu, Camp Nou, Calderón, …Whatis your favourite soccer team? Select a soccer team from thedreamleague and play as a mini footballer with a bobblehead.Goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, … only Head Soccer LaLiga2019- Soccer Games has all the official soccer players fromLaLiga!Join millions of players in this exciting soccer games andenjoyplaying with all your favourite footballers: Messi,Griezmann,… Nowyou just need to choose your big-headed soccerplayer, get out onthe field, show off your skills and wintournaments in-game! Onlythe best players are able to take on thissoccer challenge! Showoff your ball skills and beat each round asthough it were a final!Try to survive in the most astonishingsoccer matches jumping ashigh as you can, kicking stronger andsprinting faster than allyour rivals within the game. Score amazinggoals in every clash andwin all the cups, leagues and tournaments.Download Head SoccerLaLiga 2019 - Soccer Games League now, the bestsport games offootball teams ! == GAME FEATURES== OFFICIAL LICENSESFROM LALIGA⚽Play football in real stadiums with all your idols. Theonly sportsgame with the original soccer clubs and players from theSpanishLeague Soccer for 2018-2019 season! TRAIN AND IMPROVE⚽Evolve yoursoccer players and their skills: SPEED to move quicklydown thefield, SHOT to make it unstoppable, JUMP to leap higher ineachattack and defense, SPRINT to overtake your rivals, POWER UPtoreduce the time between special shots… Level up and be theultimatescore hero! AMAZING SPECIAL SHOTS⚽ Defeat all the opponentsusingthe shocking special kicks: Dragon Ball, Orange Machine,FallingStar… And more! Each with stunning light and soundeffects!Ultimate extreme football! DIVISIONS⚽ Create your playerandcompete. Choose from three categories within the game:bronze,silver, and gold. Win games to reach the Gold category andbeatother players in the ranking. Victories will earn you rewardsthatyou can use to level up your player. GAME MODES⚽ Try the CUP,wherechampions are remembered! Go down in history through all oftherounds and enjoy playing in the Final Cup! Start a FRIENDLYmatchand play soccer games against any club you want! Consistencyis keyto success in the LEAGUE! You must face off against all oftheteams and gain points from each match to be ranked at the topofthe table by the end of the season. BEAT YOUR FRIENDS⚽ Syncyourprogress with Google Play Games and Facebook. How many goalscouldyou score? Even Luis Figo has fun playing Head Soccer LaLiga-Soccer Games, check itout: Play in the DreamLeague,reach the Gold Division. Enjoy playing Head Soccer LaLiga2019 -Soccer Games ! This app uses Wi-fi or mobile data (ifavailable) todownload game content and advertising. You can disablemobile datausage on this game from within Settings/Mobile Data.Visit us at:http://laliga.es
Soccer Hit - International Cup Russia 2018 2.0.2
Football world championships are around the corner! Be prepared-kick off the ball in Soccer Hit!Play in friendly or in worldcupmode! Now ready for Russia 2018 emotions and matches!Play soccerina brand new way - have fun with fast arcade gameplay,simplecontrols and unique art style. Tap and swipe to aim, pass theballbetween players - be precise! Tap as fast as you can todefend.Takepart in Euro, Asia, America, Africa and Oceania Cup -win all thetrophies!Ideal for taking break in Euro cup 2016 or CopaAmerica,predicting results and winning the cup!features:- onetouchcontrols- 200+ national teams (from all continents)- 3 gamemodes(quick match, career - tower of fame, cups)- 7 different cupstoplay (euro, north america, africa, asia, etc)- 12+ trophiestoachieve- cards with funny gifts and specials- different pitchesandweather conditions- no offsides- no red cards- extra timeandpenalties included- goal replay sharing (turn it off onolderdevices for better performance)Remember - in Soccer Hit thereareno offsides and red cards - purearcade-football-soccerexperience.IMPORTANT: If you facing someperformance issues (onolder devices) disable "RECORD REPLAYS"option. Use it only whenyou want to share some awesome videos ofyour goals!
⚽ Puppet Soccer Zoo - Football ❤ 0.0.62
⚽ FUNNIEST FOOTBALL 2018 ⚽Shoot, kick and score goals in themostaddicting pocket puppet football game!Do you have what it takestobecome the Legend? Train your skills, practice free kicks,improvedefense one-on-one and offense tactics with no offsidehere.Features:⚽ 100+ cartoon big head puppet animals⚽ Special powerupsin game – chewing gum, ice, slime, gypsum, super kick power,megaspring or speed🏆 Climb the league season 2017/2018withachievements, champions cup and highscores⚽ Train yourplayersone-on-one, improve their quality power, speed andheaderkeepie-uppie⚽ Heal your injured players and change yourtactics⚽Perfect physics, advanced collision model for ball and madgoals⚽Upgrade your stadium to get more money for victory⚽ Big head2 headfun 2-player mode – multiplayer in developmentForget thepuppeteerpolitics, this game is for kids and family friendly andwe’re justhere to have a great game of football! That’s what PuppetSoccerZoo 2017/2018 is all about…Pick your favorite pocketpuppetfootballer and score as many goals as you can! Pass likecerberushalilovic, seal dribble and tiki-taka, rabona shoot styleand foul.Play in single player campaign one-on-one or team up witha friendfor the awesome 2-player mode. Watch great mexican wavespushingyour hydra obi mikel animal to the egde of his limits.Unlockbonusballs to spread slime, ice and gum onto the pitch, makingplaytricky for your opponent marioneta and lots more fun for you!Not abig fan of cerberus halilovic from noxgames or minotaurfeghouli?Don’t worry—your soccer success unlocks new stars andskills:you’ll soon be able to pick your perfect hand puppet player!Youcan even shoot ice cubes to your opponent.Change the controlinputto suit your beaver shakiri style to give your marionetaplayersthe best chance for victory. Practice awesome tiki-takatricks& best physics kicks overtime to make yourself amarionettemaster of the one-on-one football federation 2017. Watchmexicanwave and be the 12th man of your team. Play striker beavershakiri,goalkeeper, defense, wide winger minotaur feghouli andmidfielderall at the same time…Game tips and strategies for yourbestfootball experience:⚽ Focus on defense goalie tactics⚽Takeadvantage of frozen champions hydra obi mikel⚽ Run backwardswhilekicking to volley with indirect free kick to top cornerTrytoremember all the legendary zoo players like playmakercerberushalilovic, minotaur feghouli or hydra obi mikel. Be thebest handpuppeteer midfielder. Can you perform tricks liketiki-taka orrabona as midfielder beaver shakiri.Let us know if youwish any newpocket puppet in review or visit NOXGAMES or ourFacebook. We mightadd pigskin ball and minotaur feghouli tricks toamuse you.Newdesign of silver pigskin shields against negativeeffects. New zoogame obstacles added cerberus halilovic, protectingagainst wingerhydra obi mikel and midfielder beaver shakiri.Don'tforget to tryhand puppet vs pocket puppet split-screen multiplayerfor familyand kids!Created by NOXGAMES 2016 - 2018
Air Soccer Ball ⚽ 🇺🇸 2.7
aoujapps pro
"Air Soccer Ball is one of the most addictive games and soccergamesfree for kids and adults, easy to play and hard to master,this gameis a mixed from air hockey and soccer". Challengeyourself in 1player mode and try to defeat your opponent beforethe end of time,remember this game is not like any other airhockey games whosegames end when scoring a certain number ofgoals, you can alsochallenge your friend in 2 players mode and tryto inflict a severedefeat on him. National teams of United States,England, Australia,Canada, Nigeria, Ghana, Belgium, Brazil, Chile,Colombia, CostaRica, Croatia, Danemark, Egypt, France, Germany,Irak, Iran, Italy,Japan, Argentina, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands,Panama, Peru,Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Senegal,Serbia, Slovakia,Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden,Switzerland, Tunisia, Uruguayat your service. How to play AirSoccer Ball: It's like air hockeygames, easy to play and hard tomaster, Try arcade table soccer thatalways will be in your pocketand kick the ball with fingers, becareful you will take a yellowcard if you keep the ball in yourarea more than 10 seconds.FEATURES: ★ 1 or 2 player mode. ★ Smoothand responsive game play(based on air hockey). ★ Amazing graphics.★ Real power of eachteam ★ World cup Russia 2018 tournament. ★ 4selectable balls(world cup soccer ball, euro cup ball, classicball, classic ballmix color). ★ 3 table soccer. ★ Amazing soccernet. ★ selectabletimes from 90 to 150 seconds. ★ day, afternoon andnight glowhockey soccer themes to play in. ★ Amazing sound effects.Now youcan achieve better experience in airhockey game onsmartphones withnot large screen. Don't forget to leave us ratingand review to letus know what you think about Air Soccer Ball. Havea good colorsoccer game! Enjoy!! Visit our Facebook fan pageat: used: • Stadium Soccer Crowd Short Cheer by: • soccer knee 02 byvolivieri( •Refereewhistle blow, gymnasium bySpliceSound(
Winner Soccer Evolution 1.7.9
Winner’s Soccer Evolution is a real 3D competitive football game.Itincludes the teams and the latest football players’ data of2014World Cup. There are various modes for you to select, such asCup,League Match and Friendly Match. It has up to 126 teams and2600players. Smooth actions and playback function let you feel likeyouactually in the game. 1.Game Modes This game has variousmodes,including Cup (World Cup, Club Cup), League Match (PremierLeague,Lega Serie A, La Liga and CSL), Friendly Match andPenaltyShootout. It also has a training mode for you to trainskills ofyour team, dividing into Primary, Medium and Advanced.FriendlyMatch Mode: You can select 2 teams from 62 club teams tocompete orshoot penalty. Cup Mode: You can select your favoriteteam from 64national teams to participate the World Cup. LeagueMode, You canselect one team from Britain, Italy, Spain or China tocompete forchampionship. Training Mode: You can select a team toperfect itsoperation skills. 2. Various Operation Skills This gameprovidestwo kinds of operation modes. You can choose the mostsuitable one.(You can change mode in Options under Menu or tapbutton || toactivate Menu in game.) You can read Control Method inHelp ofOptions under Menu. The operation adopts an internationalpopularway, setting 5 pass ball keys: Short Pass /Press andLongPass/Slide Tackle, Shoot, Through Pass/GK Rush Out, LongthroughPass and Special Dribble /Focus Change. Short Pass: It isshortpass in offense. Let controller press opponent dribbler indefense.Long Pass: Press Power Accumulate and pass the ball to amate ofappropriate distance after release. Let controller slidetacklewhen defend. Shoot: Make different shooting actions accordingtoPower Accumulate and the distance between player and ball.SpecialDribble: Including many special dribble actions: Marsilleroulette,Step over, Step over and Pull back. Automatic combinationskills:Through Pass: Pass ball to catcher according to PowerAccumulate.Long through Pass: Pass ball to catcher with Long Passaccording toPower Accumulate. Sprint: Rapid dribble, fasten speedof dribblebut worsen control of ball. Drive ball out: Stop ball faraway frombody and facilitate dribble starting acceleration. Dribblewith fardistance: Double click in front when fast dribble candribblefarther and facilitate fast run. Fake Shoot and Fake Longpass:Pressing Short Pass when (or after) Shoot or Power Accumulatewillcancel shoot or long pass. They are used to dribble pastopponentDefenders or GK. One-Two pass: Two players cooperate todribblepast opponent Defenders. Lob shoot: Press Special Dribble toshoot.Control tracks of ball: Press direction keys to control theflyingarc of ball.
King Of Soccer : Football run
"I never die!" (2017, A lonely one man developer)This is Realone!Wanna be the King of soccer?Wanna be a legendary dribbler?Likefamous soccer players?Your dream will come true!Runthroughdefenders! It's like dancing!Earn Coins and getbettersports-wears. You'll get stronger!This is not a simple'runnergame'This is 'Football Dribble runner game'!Don't letdefenders hityour ball! The ball is only for you!Be a legendarystriker.If youtrained enough, nobody can stop your fantasticdribble.*Carriermode : Dribble through hundreds of defenders. Itwould be gettingtough. But you'll get stronger too!*Endless mode :How manydefenders can you beat? Challenge! *Super-Slow mode : Doyou likeslow motion? It's truly a super power! Be a super hero anddominateenemies!* Each character has their own stories. If youclear allstages of career mode, you can watch their stories!
Football Wallpaper 1.4
Football Wallpaper is an application that contains a collectionofimages of the most Player football.Also The applicationalsocontains a collection of pictures of the best players in theworldLike Messi And ronaldo And Neymar 4K (HD) And LockScreen.ListFootball Players :Gerard Piqué WallpaperAngel DiMariaWallpaperBorussia Mönchengladbach WallpaperKylianMbappéWallpaperPhilippe WallpaperMarco Asensio WallpaperMilanACWallpaperFC Bayern München WallpaperAtletico deMadridWallpaperFenerbahce SK WallpaperKarim BenzemaWallpaperRiccardoMontolivo WallpaperCiro Immobile LazioWallpaperEverton FCWallpaperThibaut Courtois WallpaperDaniel AlvesWallpaperSamirHandanovic WallpaperCeltic FC GlasgowWallpaperEdinson CavaniWallpaperFC Shakhtar Donetsk WallpaperZlatanIbrahimovicWallpaperLiverpool FC WallpaperDavid Luiz WallpaperTimoWerner RBLeipzig WallpaperCesc Fàbregas WallpaperRaheemSterlingWallpaperThomas Müller WallpaperOlympique deMarseilleWallpaperAntoine Griezmann WallpaperSporting BragaWallpaperfondecran Wallpaper foot football stadium wallpaper ArjenRobbenWallpaperOusmane Dembélé WallpaperRadja NainggolanWallpaperAndresIniesta WallpaperJean Michaël Seri WallpaperountryPointsWallpaperTottenham Hotspur FC WallpaperFernandoTorresWallpaperfootball Wallpaper backgroundFCBarcelonaWallpaperfootball wallpapersAS Roma WallpaperLeroySanéWallpaperMarco Reus WallpaperDimitri Payet Wallpaper SSLazioWallpaperAndrea Belotti WallpaperLeonardo BonucciWallpaperSergioBusquets WallpaperChelsea FC WallpaperMatsHummelsWallpaperValencia CF WallpaperOlympiakos Pireus FCWallpaperRSCAnderlecht WallpaperDavid de Gea WallpaperN'GoloKantéWallpaperfree football Wallpaper backgroundCristianoRonaldoWallpaperSergio Agüero WallpaperFrancesco TottiWallpaperMarioBalotelli WallpaperAthletic Club Bilbao WallpaperSaulNiguezWallpaperAlvaro Morata WallpaperMario MandzukicWallpaperCSKAMoskva WallpaperMesut Ozil WallpaperarsenalWallpaperFiorentina ACWallpaperDele Alli Tottenham HotspurWallpaperReal Madrid CFWallpaperPaul Pogba WallpaperHugo LlorisTottenham HotspurWallpaperBV Borussia Dortmund WallpaperLukaszPiszczekWallpaperRobert Lewandowski WallpaperManchester UnitedWallpaperSSCNapoli WallpaperLeon Goretzka WallpaperDavid SilvaWallpaperLionelMessi WallpaperFC Juventus WallpaperArsenal FCWallpaperHarry KaneWallpaperVillarreal CF WallpaperRadamel FalcaoWallpaperBesiktas JKWallpaperSergio Ramos WallpaperTimo HornWallpaperwallpaperfootballIsco Francisco Alarcon WallpaperMarcoVerrattiWallpaperClaudio Marchisio WallpaperMarcelo da SilvaWallpaperPSVEindhoven WallpaperKevin De Bruyne WallpaperSadioManéWallpaperSandro Wagner Hoffenheim WallpaperfootballwallpapershdManchester City WallpaperFC Porto WallpaperMarekHamsikWallpaperDries Mertens Wallpaperjeux de footToniKroosWallpaperThiago AlcântaraMiralem Pjanic WallpaperLuisSuarezWallpaperDavid Alaba WallpaperSL Benfica WallpaperMauroIcardiWallpaperAS Monaco Wallpaperresultat footAjaxAmsterdamWallpaperLuka Modric WallpaperMohamed Salah WallpaperParisSaintGermain WallpaperAlessandro Florenzi WallpaperTSV Bayer04Leverkusen WallpaperGareth Bale WallpaperJamesRodriguezWallpaperIvan Rakitic WallpaperAlexis SanchezWallpaperNeymar dasilva Wallpaperwallpaper footRomelu LukakuWallpaperPaulo DybalaWallpaperFC Schalke 04 WallpaperTottenhamHotspur WallpaperJanOblak Wallpapersports wallpapersMario GotzeWallpaperGianluigiDonnarumma WallpaperGianluigi BuffonWallpaperNaby Keita RB LeipzigWallpaperChristian EriksenWallpaperSporting Club PortugalWallpaperThomas LemarWallpaperstadium wallpaperEden HazardWallpaperSevilla CF Wallpaper
Shoot 2 Goal: World League 2018 Soccer Game 2.1.9
Bambo Studio
The best soccer players in the world can compete with their teamsinthis world league championship. Choose your forward andstartscoring goals to reach the final. The best free kicks witheffectand spectacular penalties. Front against goalkeeper. The bestWorldSoccer League game. You will have situations of shoot freekicksand penalties , in which you have to score the decisive goalwilldecide if your team is the champion of the soccer tournament.Bethe soccer hero and win the cup, the public will cheer you upifyou play soccer well and score lot of goals. Start now to playthissoccer game and show that nobody plays likeyou.CHARACTERISTICS*More than 150 levels, in which you will have toprove that you arethe best soccer hero.* Get the soccerachievements, score goals andget to the top.* New graphic engine.*Control the ball with themost impressive effects, the ball willmake the trajectory thatyour finger makes.If you like soccer games,this is your game!〰️ 〰️〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️〰️Bambo Studio 2018 - Thebest free soccer games for Mobile 🌐👍Facebook:🐦 Twitter:@bambostu
Pelé: Soccer Legend 1.4.1
Cosi Games
The official soccer game featuring greatest footballerPELÉPelé:Soccer Legend is a new soccer experience with streamlinedgesturecontrols, featuring the legend himself! Follow in Pelé’sfootstepsin career mode and work your way from the backstreets ofBrazil allthe way up to become world championKey Features: - Freeto Play! -150+ challenging levels - Online Multiplayer game mode.Competeagainst other players around the world- Over 1000 goalsandchallenges to complete from the backstreets to the bigleagues-Customize your player with unique uniforms, hats, hairstyles, andmore! - Use special power-ups to defy physics and takedown anyopponent in your path- Exclusive free kicks win in gameprizes
Real Madrid Fantasy Manager'18- Real football live 8.20.022
The new edition of the free football live game from REALMADRIDFANTASY MANAGER 2018 will bring the real footballmanagerexperience by being the club manager of REAL MADRID. Time togetincredible players in your top 11: CR7, Sergio Ramos,Kroos,Benzemá, etc as well as other forwards, midfielders,defenders andgoalkeepers around the world. POWER UPS and BRING NEWHEAT to the2k18 REAL MADRID football. Lead your football dreamsquad and crushthe pitch like never before! Be a UNDEFEATABLE TEAM!DOWNLOAD NOWone of the most fantastic FREE FOOTBALL GAMES!RealMadrid FantasyManager 2018 promises to bring you one of the bestmatches from thevery first moment. With Real Madrid official, youcan compete inhead 2 head or all football tournaments. Are you UPfor the topLEAGUE of real football manager 2k18 from Real MadridFantasyManager, one of the best football games?- From football liveto topleague: be a club manager with your football dream squad withallfootball stars like CR7, Sergio Ramos , Krooz, Benzemá, etc withalot of astonishing matches. You can train them to befootballstars. All can be found in Official Real Madrid 2018 –FANTASYMANAGER!- TOP 2K18 FOOTBALL– POWER UPS: The main competitioninReal Madrid Fantasy Manager is the league or footballmanagertournaments, where you defeat your opponents to reach thetopdivisions with your dream squad. Either you or your opponentswillbe defeated! The most fantastic mobile game for realfootballmanager 2k18.- PLAY AGAINST YOUR FRIENDS AND THOUSANDS OFUSERS:One of the best free football games ever! Experience thefeeling ofa manager of a top star football – Real Madrid FANTASYMANAGER 2018– new Football Live. Go beat them by your talent ofcoaching a teamof top 11 with all football stars, enhance them tohigh-rankedmatches in 2k18 football tournaments. - PLAYERS’ VALUE:The core ofthe official Real Madrid Fantasy Manager 2018 is theplayer´s valuewhich differs from other free football manager games.The higherthe value of your top 11, more chances you have to beatyouropponents. Be a talented club manager! Hurl down your opponentsbybeing the best club manager with the most valuable players –yourtop 11. To be able to play this application, you will needinternetconnection. This application offers in-app purchases whichyou candisable in your device settings.By using this application:Youaccept the "Privacy Policy" and the "Legal Notice". Itcontainsadvertisements of "From The Bench, S.L." and theirpartners,including advertisements within the game. It also collectsdatathrough analysis technology and delivers third partyadvertisementsincluding network and GPS locations. The app containsdirect linksto social networks for those above the age of 13 andalso directlinks to the internet.The data provided by you to FROMTHE BENCH,SL may be disclosed to Real Madrid, C.F., with corporateaddress atConcha Espina nº 1, 28036 Madrid, and will beincorporated to anautomated database under its responsibility. Thepurpose for whichthe data will be processed by Real Madrid C.F.include statisticalactivities, sending through ordinary orelectronic means commercialinformation about products or servicesmarketed currently or in thefuture by Real Madrid C.F., informationabout events, promotions,news and novelties of Real Madrid C.F.,invitation to prize drawsand information about benefits offered byReal Madrid C.F. You willbe able to exercise your rights of access,rectification,cancellation and opposition in the terms andconditions establishedunder applicable legislation, in person or inwriting at theaforementioned address or via e-mailatoposició[email protected] Y TERMS OF Check out ourforums at tomeet other playersand be up to date on all news about the game.
Guess The Soccer Player. Football Quiz 2018 2.1.17
Qindo Apps
"Guess The Soccer Player" (or Guess The Football Player By Club)isa new quiz checks your knowledge of player's career. Sinceitsfirst official club to the present. There are more than150players! Your task is to try to guess what kind offootballer(soccer player) here is hidden. Do you think it is easyto handle?Let's try. Including all summer transfers for season2017/18.
Guess The Soccer Player FIFA 18 Trivia Quiz Free 3.1.6z
Guess The Soccer Player FIFA 18 Trivia QuizAre you a Soccerfanatic?Prove your ability to guess the football player withthisgame!Challenge yourself to guess the names of famousplayersTestyour knowledge about Football Players and see whetheryou knoweverything about FIFA football player 2018.Guess The SoccerPlayer/ Guess The Football Player is a new quiz checks yourknowledge ofplayer's career. Since its first official club to thepresent.There are more than 100 players! Your task is to try toguess whatkind of footballer (soccer player) here is hidden. Youhave toanswer the question to pass each level by locating rightletters atthe available space which is football player's name. Canyou guessall football player's name within this football quiz?? Doyou thinkit is easy to handle? Let's try.- Simple, Instant Fun!-100+Puzzles- Free Reveals after each level.- Some Easy Levels,OtherVery Hard- High Challenge- Share your friends withFacebook,Twitter & InstagramExperience the greatest FootballTrivia QuizGame
Football wallpaper HD 1.1
I'm sorry if I did not put pictures of your team and yourfavoriteplayer just contact me or write a comment and yourapplication willbe processed immediately,Thanks in advance. wantcool footballwallpaper? find out a amazing football wallpapers hdstadiumwallpaper and soccer ball, get now free football wallpapersandbackground.+1000 HD Wallpapers of best players and thegreatestfootballers players in worldFootball HD Wallpaper is an appforsoccer fans. Awesome "football Wallpaper" +1000 Photos ForanySmartphone,can easily fill you with adorable feelings of loveAndhappiness. best players Wallpaper image quality is alsoavailablein HD and 4k. So it is perfect to add the impression thatyou arereally an soccer Wallpaper fans.Category :- live sportswallpapers-Football HD Wallpapers Lock Screen Wallpaper- FootballHDWallpapers- Football 2017 - Football 2018- Live Wallpaper oftopbest players- Football HD 4K Wallpapers- top bestplayersWallpaper- Football Players HD Wallpapers - Teams LogoWallpaperHD- Football Strike- Football Wallpaper Wallpaper-FootballWallpaper Wallpaper 2017- Football Wallpaper Wallpaper2018-Football Wallpaper walpaper 2018 Hd- Football Wallpaper 2017Hd-Football Wallpaper Wallpaper 3D- Football Wallpaper Wallpaper4K-Football Wallpaper Wallpaper App- Football Wallpaper WallpaperHd-Football Clubs Logo- winner football- League the football-teamsnational Wallpaper 2018- Teams World cup 2018- World Cup2018-world Cup jeux- Wallpaper sport- Wallpaper sport HD-Wallpapersport 4k- Wallpaper football hd- Wallpaper football-Wallpaperfootball HD 4k - Lionel Messi Wallpaper- cristiano ronaldolivewallpapers - Cristiano Ronaldo Wallpaper - AntoineGriezmannWallpaper - Sergio Ramos Wallpaper - james rodriguezwallpapers -Andres Iniesta Wallpaper - Isco Francisco AlarconWallpaper -Zlatan Ibrahimovic Wallpaper - Sergio Agüero - EdenHazard- PaulPogba - Harry Kane - Philippe Coutinho - Alexis Sanchez- Kevin DeBruyne - David de Gea - Robert Lewandowski - Marco Reus-ManuelNeuer - Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang - gareth bale livewallpaper -Mario Gotze- arjen robben wallpaper - Mats Hummels-Thomas Müller -Francesco Totti - Gianluigi Buffon - Paulo Dybala-Mauro Icardi -Leonardo Bonucci - Daniele De Rossi- GiorgioChiellini - Neymar dasilva - Edinson Cavani - Kylian Mbappé - MarcoVerratti - RadamelFalcao - Nabil Fekir- Dimitri Payet- Luis Suarez-Karim Benzema -Gerard Piqué- Fernando Torres - Luka Modric - ToniKroos- IvanRakitic - Saul Niguez- Marco Asensio- Mesut ozil livewallpaper -Romelu Lukaku - David Silva - Alvaro Morata- footballbackground-free football background- fond ecran foot- jeux de foot-resultatfoot- fond d ecran football- fond ecran football- fond decran defoot- fond ecran joueur de foot- Dele Alli- N'Golo Kanté --Memphis Depay - David Luiz - Hugo Lloris - Sadio Mané -RaheemSterling- christian Eriksen - cesc Fàbregas- thiago Alcântara-Timo Werner- Claudio Marchisio - Radja Nainggolan - Marek Hamsik-Mario Mandzukic - Ciro Immobile - football wallpapers-footballwallpapers hd- sports wallpapers- football stadiumwallpaper-stadium wallpaper- soccer ball- football background- freefootballbackground- fond ecran foot- jeux de foot- resultat foot-fond decran football- soccer ball wallpaper- famous soccerplayerwallpapers- soccer wallpapersDISCLAIMER:This app is madebyFootball HD Wallpapers 2017, and it is unofficial. The contentinthis app is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored,orspecifically approved by any company. All copyright andtrademarksare owned by their respective owners. The images inthisapplication are collected from around the web, if we are inbreachof copyright, please let us know and it will be removed assoon aspossible.
Soccer Star 2019 Top Leagues · MLS Soccer Games 1.7.0
Genera Games
It’s the last match of the League and you are in a drawn. It’syourturn to choose the destiny of your soccer team. Fit your boots,runfor the ball, make a powerful kick and… GOAL! Will you triumphas asoccer player and become the real score hero of your club? Willyoube the football legend of this season? Enjoy the best freesoccergame. Download now Soccer Star 2019 Top Leagues for mobileortablet FOR FREE! GAME FEATURES LEAGUES AND DIVISIONS Play inthemost important soccer competitions in the world: League,Cup,League, Champions League… and lead your team to the top oftheworldwide football. Could you win the trophies of allthechampionships? CONTRACTS AND SPONSORS Shine like a star andthebest sponsors will offer you succulents contracts, and willprinttheir brands in your football boots and your soccer kits.MANAGERAND SOCIAL Jump into the stadium and lead your soccer teamlike areal football manager. LEVEL UP SKILLS Free kick, penaltyshootout,assist the striker. Compete hard to reach glory with thebestfootball manager game. Free and easy to play soccer game: flicktoshoot, flick to assist. Just one finger, go for the world cup!Fromthe creator of Soccer Star World Legend, here comes SoccerStar2019 TOP LEAGUES, the ultimate new soccer experience. Beginyoursoccer career from the bottom. Compete with the best soccerteamsand against worldwide known football players. Do you dare tofaceCristiano or Messi? Improve your technique, shot andprecision.That’s the only way to become a soccer player. Play inthe soccerchampionships: League, Cup, League, Champions League… Andlead yoursoccer team to the top. Will you accept the FIF WorldCupchallenge? Live like the soccer star. Soccer Star 2018 TopLeaguesis the ultimate soccer simulator. Nobody will stop yourkicks. Turnyourself into a soccer legend. World cup 2019 season hasstartedand your time has come. Become a Soccer Star!
Tiki Taka Soccer
Panic Barn
Welcome to Tiki Taka Soccer. True touchscreen soccer. Createyoursoccer team and lead them to European club soccer glory. Createateam, hire staff, choose your formation and buy the bestplayers.Lead them into battle on the soccer pitch. Experienceeveryexciting moment the beautiful game can provide.The firstsoccergame with a control system designed perfectly fortouchscreencontrol. Use the super fun controls to create magicalgoals andflowing moves. It's total touchscreen soccer.Keep yourteam fit andfocused, earn enough money to improve your squad andperhaps oneday you can dominate the top leagues of European clubsoccer.Hugely enjoyable to pick up and play a quick match or falldeepinto the Tiki Taka Soccer world and play season after season inavariety of European leagues.Beautifully designed controls,endlessfootball entertainment, navigate your team throughincredibleincidents, and the highs and lows of club football.KEYFEATURESFreeto play! Thousands of hours of fun at yourfingertips!Superaddictive soccer action. Arguably the best soccergame availablefor your phone/tablet!Create your dream soccer teamand lead themto the top of European club soccer!Experience thehighs and lows ofthe soccer world, relegation, promotion and gloryare yours for thetaking!Hire trainers, accountants and fitnesscoaches to take yourteam to the next level!Buy the best players inthe world anddominate the soccer world!Incredibly easy to pick upand play buttough to master!Total touchscreen soccer!
Head Soccer Heroes 2018 - Football Game 1.5.7
Become a legend of La Liga and lead your team to victory withHeadSoccer Heroes! Live the intensity and the emotion of footballandcreate your own epic team using the players from the Paninicardpacks. Prepare your strategy with the puzzles, level up andimproveyour characters, and score astonishing goals in this gamethatcombines puzzles and RPG set in La Liga with the collaborationofPanini!Connect defensive and offensive gems to carry out thebestplay, score goals and have fun with this impressive puzzleandfootball game of La Liga with wonderful graphics. Kick offyourcareer as a professional football player and turn into a star!Yourmoves on the board have an impact on the playing field andthenumber of goals you score. Play as forward, midfielder, ordefensein the most comprehensive football RPG.Train hard to improveyourskills and abilities and there won't be a goalie able to stopyourpowerful shots! Hire new players for your team and useyourteammates' special powers to tilt the balance in yourfavor.Improve your players' abilities to win games and reach thepeak ofinternational football! Who will be the best defense,forward orgoalie? Who will have the most powerful shot, thequickest dribble,the best technique? You choose who deserves aplace in your lineup.In this La Liga football and puzzle game youare both the playerand the trainer!Play different seasons and cupsto complete yourcareer as a professional player. Overcome all thechallenges,obtain rewards for each mission and gain experience tolevel up andimprove your abilities. Take part in weekly events tobeat playerslike Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi. Win points in theevents playinggames against other players from around the world.Win the gamesand qualify for the next round. You will have specialrewards, andeven obtain players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi,Piqué, Griezmannand many more!Defeat your opponents and get playersfrom otherteams to join yours in order to be the very best. You canbecomethe most powerful football team of all time! Join 3 gems toscoregoals, win championships, gain fame, dominate the playingfield andyour fans will follow you to the end!GAME FEATURESAMAZINGGRAPHICS*Incredible graphics for La Liga fans!* Play with playerssuch asCristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Griezmann, Neymar, Suarez, Bale,Benzema,and many more!* Spectacular animations and special powersfor yourfavorite players!TRAIN AND IMPROVE YOUR ABILITIES* Trainandimprove your team throughout the game to obtain the bestlineup!*Unlock incredible powers and special abilities for yourplayers.*Gain experience to level up your players and improvetheirqualities and special attacks.COLLECTIBLE CARD SYSTEM* Getcardpacks based on Panini, open them and discover hundreds ofdifferentplayers. Can you collect them all?* Modify your initiallineup withcharismatic characters, each with his own specialabilities andcharacteristics.* Goalies, defenses, midfielders andforwards. Allthey need is a great leader to become masterscorers!TWO GAMEMODES: OFFLINE AND ONLINE* Play football offline inthe CampaignMode: from humble beginnings to international footballsuperstar.*Challenge players from all over the world in the EventMode andreach the top of the ranking.* Special tournaments,championshipsand cups with incredible rewards.FOOTBALL MEETS MATCH3* Watch yourmoves on the board and observe the effect they have onthe game.*Defend the rival attack, steal the ball, dribble theopponent, passto a teammate and score fantasy goals!* A combo offootball andmatch 3 the likes of which have never beenseen.DOWNLOAD NOW ANDSTART PLAYING THIS FOOTBALL RPG GAME!
MM Livescore 3.4
1 - Lite version2 - Require only small data connection3 - Fastandreliable data4 - Easier and better than other livescore apps1-Lite version2 - Require only small data connection3 - Fastandreliable data4 - Easier and better than other livescore apps
Football Wallpapers 1.0
if you love ( football ) you will find in this app(footballwallpaper) background you want are in high quality 4k hdfor yourmobile.This is an application that contains many picturesof thebest players in the world,Like (Messi, Ronado, NeymarandMessi..)List Player Football:Timo Horn WallpaperThiagoAlcântaraAngel Di Maria WallpaperFernando Torres WallpaperFCSchalke 04WallpaperSergio Agüero WallpaperAlexis SanchezWallpaperThomasMüller WallpaperDavid Alaba WallpaperDavid deGeaWallpaperOlympique de Marseille Wallpaperstadium wallpaperASMonacoFC WallpaperBorussia Mönchengladbach WallpaperParisSaint-GermainWallpaperPierre Emerick Aubameyang WallpaperKevin DeBruyneWallpaperFC Porto WallpaperMats Hummels Wallpaperfootballstadiumwallpaper Dele Alli Tottenham Hotspur WallpaperMesutOzilWallpaperarsenal WallpaperManchester CityWallpaperEvertonWallpaperLiverpool WallpaperBayerLeverkusenWallpaperfootballwallpapersClaudio MarchisioWallpaperLionel Messi WallpaperDanieleDe Rossi WallpaperMohamedSalah WallpaperA.S. Roma WallpaperChelseaWallpaperRomelu LukakuWallpaperLeroy Sané WallpaperwallpaperfootChristian EriksenWallpaperTottenham Hotspur WallpaperIvanRakitic WallpaperMarekHamsik WallpaperManuel Neuer WallpaperMarcoReus WallpaperZlatanIbrahimovic WallpaperAndrea BelottiWallpaperDavid SilvaWallpaperGiorgio Chiellini WallpaperMarcelo daSilva WallpaperPauloDybala WallpaperSaul Niguez WallpaperLukaModric WallpaperFrancescoTotti WallpaperNabil Fekir WallpaperDries Mertens WallpaperPhilippeWallpaperSergio BusquetsWallpaperNaby Keita RB LeipzigWallpaperTottenham WallpaperDavidLuiz WallpaperA.C. MilanWallpaperN'Golo Kanté WallpaperSevilla FCWallpaperRadja NainggolanWallpaperPSV Eindhoven WallpaperCiroImmobile Lazio WallpaperAlvaroMorata WallpaperFC Bayern MunichWallpaperEdinson CavaniWallpaperNeymar da silva WallpaperJamesRodriguez WallpaperJeanMichaël Seri WallpaperAndres IniestaWallpaperRiccardo MontolivoWallpaperJan Oblak WallpaperfootballWallpaper background ArsenalWallpaperThibaut CourtoisWallpaperMario Gotze WallpaperDaniel AlvesWallpaperGianluigiBuffon WallpaperAlessandro FlorenziWallpaperMiralem PjanicWallpaperLeonardo Bonucci WallpaperwallpaperfootballBoca JuniorsWallpapersports wallpapersHugo Lloris TottenhamHotspurWallpaperAntoine Griezmann WallpaperThomas LemarWallpaperFCBarcelona WallpaperVfL WolfsburgW allpaperfootballwallpapershdresultat foot Dimitri Payet Wallpaper MarioMandzukicWallpaperIsco Francisco Alarcon WallpaperThe CelticFootball ClubWallpaperEden Hazard Wallpaperfond ecran Wallpaperfoot GerardPiqué WallpaperS.S.C. Napoli WallpaperMauro IcardiWallpaperLuisSuarez WallpaperCeltic Wallpaperjeux de footToniKroosWallpaperHarry Kane WallpaperCesc Fàbregas WallpaperTimoWerner RBLeipzig WallpaperCristiano RonaldoWallpaperGalatasarayWallpaperGareth Bale WallpaperValencia CFWallpaperMarco AsensioWallpaperS.L. Benfica WallpaperReal MadridWallpaperRadamel FalcaoWallpaperLeon Goretzka WallpaperManchesterUnited WallpaperBorussiaDortmund WallpaperArjen RobbenWallpaperLukasz PiszczekWallpaperKarim BenzemaWallpaperOlympiqueLyonnaisWallpaperLeicester City WallpaperMarcoVerrattiWallpaperSergio Ramos WallpaperJuventus WallpaperSadioManéWallpaperRobert Lewandowski WallpaperRaheem SterlingWallpaperS.S.Lazio WallpaperAtlético Madrid WallpaperMarioBalotelliWallpaperSamir Handanovic WallpaperOusmaneDembéléWallpaperGianluigi Donnarumma WallpaperInter MilanWallpaperSandroWagner Hoffenheim WallpaperChelsea WallpaperKylianMbappéWallpaperAFC Ajax Wallpaperfree football WallpaperbackgroundPaulPogba Wallpaper
Juventus Fantasy Manager 2018 - EU champion league 8.20.021
Wanna collect all the best football players and crash the pitchinthis new football league 2k18? Juventus Fantasy Manager 2018ishere to present the most breathtaking match ever. Move yourfingersand get it NOW FOR FREE! This is a manager football gameofJuventus football club for all Italian FOOTBALL ADDICTS. Beatthechallenge, claim the prize with your invincible achievementsandmake the best strategic alignment with high-rankedfootballplayers. No pain, MUCH to GAIN! Create a mobile footballlegend andbe a soccer star! Exclusivity characteristics: -UNDEFEATABLE team:line-up your invincible team with best realfootball players. Equipyour team with the most talentedfootballers, dribble pastdefenders and beat the outsmart opponentsby flick shot. Here comesa world of soccer star 2018! Go get: PauloDybala, GianluigiBuffon, Gonzalo Higuaín, or Tomás Rincón, andother fantasticplayers! - Get the BEST FOOTBALLERS: Be thecleverest coach and getthe best footballers, evolve, improve theirlevels, make themstronger in each real football battle. Unlock newlevels and moveon high-ranked match to get a big win. Team up andget ready for anunbelievable prize!- DEFEAT the greatest rivals –PVP footballgame: Experience in such a live football game inJuventus FantasyManager, you get the real feeling in this uniquelive match bydribbling the ball through other forceful opponents.Line-up yourteam for the breathtaking match, break the net andscore a GOAL!2018 PREMIER LEAGUE! - Fight to rise to HIGH-RANKEDfootballmatches: Equip your football players and conquer thetournamentwith tactical strategies to climb to higher divisions inthispremier league - DIFFERENT team combinations: Make thebestalignment of your team player to get all the invincible playersandbecome UNDEFEATABLE. The higher you go, the more chances youhavethe best footballers from 2018 Juventus Fantasy Manager-EVOLVEyour players´ characteristics and skills: Break the net byforcefulflick shot! WIN BIG GAME and claim your PRIZE-WINNING infootballleague 2k18. You never know what you will get for yourdreamfootball squad. Now or never: PREMIER LEAGUE! - INCREDIBLEREWARDS:Score fantastic goals with flick shots, score, conquer thefootballchampionship by being the most talented coach ever. Herecome yourdream football league 2k18 and thousands of rewards. NewJUVENTUSFANTASY MANAGER! Overcome the challenge, conquer the pitchandscore the most breathtaking goal ever. Become new footballlegendand lead your real football squad to win the footballleague2k18!Download JUVENTUS FANTASY MANAGER 2018 for free and leadyourfavourite team.To be able to play this application, you willneedinternet connection. This application offers in-app purchaseswhichyou can disable in your device settings.By using thisapplication,you accept the "Privacy Policy" and the "Legal Notice".It containsadvertisements of "From The Bench, S.L." and theirpartners,including advertisements within the game. It also collectsdatathrough analysis technology and delivers third partyadvertisementsincluding network and GPS locations. The app containsdirect linksto social networks for those above the age of 13 andalso directlinks to POLICY YTERMS OF FORUMS:Check out ourforums at to meetother playersand be up to date on all news about the game.
Football Wallpapers 1.2
Football Wallpaper is an application that contains a collectionofimages of the most Player football.Also The applicationalsocontains a collection of pictures of the best players in theworldLike Messi And ronaldo And Neymar 4K (HD) And LockScreen.ListFootball Players :Gerard Piqué WallpaperAngel DiMariaWallpaperBorussia Mönchengladbach WallpaperKylianMbappéWallpaperPhilippe WallpaperMarco Asensio WallpaperMilanACWallpaperFC Bayern München WallpaperAtletico deMadridWallpaperFenerbahce SK WallpaperKarim BenzemaWallpaperRiccardoMontolivo WallpaperCiro Immobile LazioWallpaperEverton FCWallpaperThibaut Courtois WallpaperDaniel AlvesWallpaperSamirHandanovic WallpaperCeltic FC GlasgowWallpaperEdinson CavaniWallpaperFC Shakhtar Donetsk WallpaperZlatanIbrahimovicWallpaperLiverpool FC WallpaperDavid Luiz WallpaperTimoWerner RBLeipzig WallpaperCesc Fàbregas WallpaperRaheemSterlingWallpaperThomas Müller WallpaperOlympique deMarseilleWallpaperAntoine Griezmann WallpaperSporting BragaWallpaperfondecran Wallpaper foot football stadium wallpaper ArjenRobbenWallpaperOusmane Dembélé WallpaperRadja NainggolanWallpaperAndresIniesta WallpaperJean Michaël Seri WallpaperountryPointsWallpaperTottenham Hotspur FC WallpaperFernandoTorresWallpaperfootball Wallpaper backgroundFCBarcelonaWallpaperfootball wallpapersAS Roma WallpaperLeroySanéWallpaperMarco Reus WallpaperDimitri Payet Wallpaper SSLazioWallpaperAndrea Belotti WallpaperLeonardo BonucciWallpaperSergioBusquets WallpaperChelsea FC WallpaperMatsHummelsWallpaperValencia CF WallpaperOlympiakos Pireus FCWallpaperRSCAnderlecht WallpaperDavid de Gea WallpaperN'GoloKantéWallpaperfree football Wallpaper backgroundCristianoRonaldoWallpaperSergio Agüero WallpaperFrancesco TottiWallpaperMarioBalotelli WallpaperAthletic Club Bilbao WallpaperSaulNiguezWallpaperAlvaro Morata WallpaperMario MandzukicWallpaperCSKAMoskva WallpaperMesut Ozil WallpaperarsenalWallpaperFiorentina ACWallpaperDele Alli Tottenham HotspurWallpaperReal Madrid CFWallpaperPaul Pogba WallpaperHugo LlorisTottenham HotspurWallpaperBV Borussia Dortmund WallpaperLukaszPiszczekWallpaperRobert Lewandowski WallpaperManchester UnitedWallpaperSSCNapoli WallpaperLeon Goretzka WallpaperDavid SilvaWallpaperLionelMessi WallpaperFC Juventus WallpaperArsenal FCWallpaperHarry KaneWallpaperVillarreal CF WallpaperRadamel FalcaoWallpaperBesiktas JKWallpaperSergio Ramos WallpaperTimo HornWallpaperwallpaperfootballIsco Francisco Alarcon WallpaperMarcoVerrattiWallpaperClaudio Marchisio WallpaperMarcelo da SilvaWallpaperPSVEindhoven WallpaperKevin De Bruyne WallpaperSadioManéWallpaperSandro Wagner Hoffenheim WallpaperfootballwallpapershdManchester City WallpaperFC Porto WallpaperMarekHamsikWallpaperDries Mertens Wallpaperjeux de footToniKroosWallpaperThiago AlcântaraMiralem Pjanic WallpaperLuisSuarezWallpaperDavid Alaba WallpaperSL Benfica WallpaperMauroIcardiWallpaperAS Monaco Wallpaperresultat footAjaxAmsterdamWallpaperLuka Modric WallpaperMohamed Salah WallpaperParisSaintGermain WallpaperAlessandro Florenzi WallpaperTSV Bayer04Leverkusen WallpaperGareth Bale WallpaperJamesRodriguezWallpaperIvan Rakitic WallpaperAlexis SanchezWallpaperNeymar dasilva Wallpaperwallpaper footRomelu LukakuWallpaperPaulo DybalaWallpaperFC Schalke 04 WallpaperTottenhamHotspur WallpaperJanOblak Wallpapersports wallpapersMario GotzeWallpaperGianluigiDonnarumma WallpaperGianluigi BuffonWallpaperNaby Keita RB LeipzigWallpaperChristian EriksenWallpaperSporting Club PortugalWallpaperThomas LemarWallpaperstadium wallpaperEden HazardWallpaperSevilla CF Wallpaper
FreeKick Soccer 2018 2.1.5
Install the game and get a high-quality 3d graphics andrealisticanimations of professional soccer.Take your favorite teamfrom thelist of real top national teams participants of the mainfootballevent in Russia, go through the whole tournament, from thegroupstage, playoff matches and win the final - make your team aSoccerChampion 2018.The game has several gameplay modes:- FreeKick-Dribbling- Combined- Arcade tasks with soccer targetshootingGameModes:- Single Player- Multiplayer- Online MultiplayerCup- NEW:Career mode with challenging taskPlayer Customizer - youcan createyour own character.Download and play - it has never beenso easy tobe on a huge stadium and score a goal that will decidethe fate ofyour national team.Enjoy a realistic soccer game, simpleandintuitive controls, exciting game mechanics, created with thehelpof professional soccer players.Your progress is displayed intheonline rankings: - ratings of the soccer national teams -ratingsof the players personally themselves.Each 2 weeks the ratingisrefreshing so you have the opportunity to re-come to the top oftheHall of Fame!* The game is created to unite soccer fans aroundtheworld.You personally can watch the progress of friends andenemiesfrom around the world.* Finally, real animation and realmovementsof professional soccer players are used in thegame.Professionalsoccer players constantly help us to be better.That's why you canfind professional soccer movements in ouranimations!* RealconfrontationIn our game are the best teams on theplanet.Incredible scenarios of confrontation, of which we couldonlydream!* The controls that you have been waiting Master ourcontrolsafter the tutorial! We're serious. It will only take you acoupleof minutes. You run your finger across the screen - you makeashot, you move the goalkeeper - you save the ball.*Improvedgraphics and detailingMake sure of it by yourself. Gameprocess isnice and the device works fine* Free travel to the maintournamentof the year!Today you can install and play FreeKickSoccer 2018absolutely for free. The game also has purchases, butthey areoptional.Install our soccer freekick game, win and becomethe WorldChampion!
Cristiano Ronaldo: Kick'n'Run 3D Football Game 1.0.34
How would you like to be in the shoes of Cristiano Ronaldo – oneofthe world’s top football players? See how it feels to Kick, RunandScore like CR7 in this unique 3D arcade runner! Put on yourNikeboots and surf through traffic in the streets of Paris, strivetoget the highest scores in intense competitive football gamesandyou might even find yourself competing against none other thanthereal Cristiano Ronaldo!1V1 REAL-TIME FOOTBALL GAMESGo head toheadagainst real players from all over the world in 1v1onlinemultiplayer football games for great prizes! Score the mostpoints,climb the ladder of the competitive leaderboards and becometheultimate football star by sharpening your running andshootingabilities like CR7! COMPETITIVE ONLINE MULTIPLAYERTOURNAMENTSTeamup with your friends from anywhere in the world tocompete withrival strikers and become the leading dream team intheever-exciting online multiplayer tournaments. Prove yourselfinbeing the most valuable star striker in your team and make anamefor yourself amongst fellow football legends by perfectingyourkick and scoring the most points.GET INTO THE RIGHTPOSITIONSWhileit’s fun to be a team player in a dream team full ofstars, anyreal striker knows that when it comes to scoring thatwinning goal,it’s all about his own ability to perform the perfectkick. Takecharge like Cristiano Ronaldo and surf through theendless streetsof Paris, while making sure you’re positioningyourself in theright spot to unleash that killer strike!AVOID RIVALDEFENDERS Inorder to score points and beat your opponents you mustuse yourhead to avoid tricky tackles from rival defenders andbecome anunstoppable runner. Be quick and decisive to run anddribble pastyour opponents, while keeping your eyes on the goal toprepare theperfect kick – just like Cristiano Ronaldo. TAKEADVANTAGE OFSPECIAL POWER-UPSKick and smash through obstacles andgather loadsof points with the help of special items that can bepicked upalong the way. This will help you earn new Nike gear,advance inthe online multiplayer leaderboards and, ultimately,achieveworldwide recognition as a football star.LOOK GOOD ON THEFOOTBALLFIELD If you’re a real fan of Cristiano Ronaldo, you knowthat helikes to look good in any occasion, not less so when runningandshowing off his skills as a star striker on the pitch. There isanawesome selection of Nike original football apparel and bootstochoose from, so you’ll look as sharp as the man himself!Asalways,we’d love to hear your feedback so make sure to review andrate ourapp – this way we know how to constantly improve yourexperience!
Hoshi Eleven - Top Soccer RPG Football Game 2018 1.0.2
Genera Games
Become a world soccer legend and lead your team to victorywithHoshi Eleven Top Soccer RPG! Live the intensity and excitementofsoccer as you create your own epic team using lots of playersfromthe booster packs. Strategize through the puzzle board, levelupand evolve your characters, and score amazing goals inthismanga-styled match 3 role playing game!Play soccer and makehistoryin the best puzzle manga game!Match defensive and offensivegems tomake the best play, score goals and have fun with thisawesomesoccer puzzle game with amazing manga graphics. Launchyourprofessional soccer career and become a star! Your moves ontheboard impact the results of the match on the field and thenumberof goals you score. Play as a striker, midfielder, ordefender inthe most complete rpg soccer game ever!Train hard toimprove yourskills and abilities and no goalkeeper will be able tostop yourpowerful shot! Recruit new top players for your roster anduse yourteammates’ special powers to tip the scales in your favor.Evolvethe skills of the team to win and reach the top oftheinternational soccer scene! Who will be the best defender,striker,or goal scorer? Who will shoot the hardest, dribble thefastest,and have the best technique? You choose who gets a spot inthestarting lineup. In this manga puzzle soccer game you are boththeplayer and the coach!Live an epic adventure following yoursensei’sadvice to defeat your opponents, convince them to join yourteam,and avenge your father’s death. Together you can becomethegreatest soccer team of all time! Match 3 gems to score goals,winchampionships, achieve fame, rule the pitch, and your fanswillfollow you to the end!Play various seasons, weekly tournamentsandcups to complete your professional soccer career.Overcomechallenges, get rewards from every quest and earnexperience tolevel up and evolve your skills. Will you be able torank among thetop players?== GAME FEATURES ==MANGA AND ANIME STYLEGRAPHICS*Amazing manga graphics for manga and anime fans!* Rememberclassicslike Captain Tsubasa, Oliver and Benji, Flash Kicker,InazumaEleven, and Hungry Heart: Wild Striker!* Spectacularplaysanimations and special powers from your favouriteanimeseries!TRAIN AND IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS* Train and evolve yourteamthroughout the game to be the best squad ever!* Unlockincredibleand unique powers, skills, and abilities for eachteammate!* Gainexperience to level up your players and improvetheir magicskills.TRADING CARD SYSTEM* Get booster packs, open themanddiscover tons of different players. Can you collect all ofthem?*Form your starting lineup with charismatic characters, eachwithspecial abilities and characteristics.* Goalies,defenders,midfielders and strikers… All they need is a great teamleader tobecome score heroes!TWO GAME MODES: OFFLINE AND ONLINE*Play socceroffline in the Campaign Mode: from humble beginnings toworldsoccer star!* Challenge players from around the world in theEventMode and reach the top of the rankings!* Specialtournaments,championships, and cups with awesome rewards!MIX OFMANGA, MATCH 3AND SOCCER* Watch your moves on the board and see theeffect theyhave on the game!* Defend the attack, steal the ball,dribble theopponent, pass to a mate and score fantasy goals!* Anever beforeseen combo of manga, match 3, and soccer!Check out theexcitingmanga soccer trailer for thegame: NOW ANDSTARTPLAYING THIS AWESOME RPG SOCCER GAME!VISITUS:
Soccer Heroes 2018 - RPG Football Stars Game Free 2.1.2
Genera Games
Welcome to the best RPG soccer game! Become a football heroplayingwith the best soccer stars in world! Go! Download now thebestsoccer game! It’s FREE!Play with Messi, Ronaldo or Neymarandbecome a world soccer star and lead your team to victory withwithSoccer Heroes RPG. Take it up the middle, pass, dribble, shootand…GOAL! Experience REAL SOCCER as you create your own footballteamsigning new players. Choose your move in the soccer field,level upand evolve your players, and score amazing goals inthismanga-styled soccer game!Are you a soccer lover? Do you likeOliver& Benji? This is your game! Play online &offline!Stopdreaming! score your first goal in Soccer Heroes,download the appnow FOR FREE!Soccer Heroes emulates the classicsport of soccer ina new and original way. It’s based on cut scenesin which you seethe player crossing the field, and you decide ifyou want to pass,dribble, or take a shot on goal. Your moves impactthe results ofthe match on the field and the number of goals youscore. Play as astriker, midfielder, or defender in the mostcomplete rpg soccergame ever!Train hard to improve your skills andabilities and nogoalkeeper will be able to stop your powerful shot!Recruit new topplayers for your roster and use your teammates’special powers totip the scales in your favor. Evolve the skills ofthe team to winand reach the top of the international soccer scene!Who will bethe best defender, striker, or goal scorer? Who willshoot thehardest, dribble the fastest, and have the best technique?Youchoose who gets a spot in the starting lineup. In this animesoccergame you are both the player and the coach!Play variousseasons,tournaments and cups to complete your professional soccercareer.Overcome challenges, get rewards from every match andearnexperience to level up and evolve your skills. Will you be abletorank among the top players in Versus Mode?Score goals and havefunwith this awesome soccer game with amazing manga graphics,inspiredin great sagas like Oliver and Benji/Supercampeones orInazumaEleven (Super Onze). Launch your professional soccer careerandbecome a star with the best football game ever!FEATURES:MANGA&ANIME STYLE GRAPHICS-Amazing cartoon graphics for manga andanimefans!-Remember classics like Oliver and Benji, FlashKicker,Inazuma Eleven (Super Onze), and Hungry Heart:WildStriker!-Spectacular plays animations and special powers fromyourfavourite anime series!TRAIN & IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS-Trainandevolve your team throughout the game to be the bestsquadever!-Unlock incredible and unique powers, skills, andabilitiesfor each teammate!-Gain experience to level up yourplayers andimprove their magic skills.SOCCER MANAGER-Buy and sellplayers toimprove your squad. Can you collect all of them?-Improveyourplayers by earning experience match by match and getrewards!-Formyour starting lineup with charismatic characters, eachwith specialabilities and skills.-Goalies, defenders, midfieldersand strikers…All they need is a great team leader to become scoreheroes!2 GAMEMODES: OFFLINE & ONLINE-Play soccer offline in theStory Mode:from humble beginnings to a world soccer star!-Challengeplayersfrom around the world in the Online Mode and reach the topof therankings!-Special tournaments, championships, and cups withawesomerewards!MIX OF ANIME, STRATEGY & SOCCER-Choose wiselyyour nextmoves and see the effect they have on the game: Pass,dribble,shoot, score goals, hold your position, tackle and block ortrapshots on goal!-Defend the attack, steal the ball, dribbletheopponent, pass to a mate and score fantasy goals!-A neverbeforeseen combo of anime, strategy and soccer!Check out theexcitingmanga soccer trailer NOW &STARTPLAYING THIS AWESOME RPG SOCCERGAME!VISITUS:
Flick Soccer Summer Cup 2017 1.3
Football World Championship is an event that always goes downinhistory. Playing Flick Shot Soccer Summer Cup 2017,youautomatically become a part of the World Championship!Do youwantto feel in place of your idols? To score a decisivegoals?Choosingthe national team, you have to play for the forwardand thegoalkeeper, to reach victory and get such a desired Cup.Inthegame, everything was envisaged so that the player becameinvolvedin such an amazing competition. We worked on game models,appliedhuman animations of professional football players, anddesigned alarge-scale stadium. All this is done so that the playerfeels thedrive, as if he is running on a real lawn, when millionsarewatching his actions.Flick Shot Soccer Summer Cup 2017 - anamazing3D game with an abundance of beautiful free kicks andtwisted goalshots. Try to block every ball that goes into thenet.Frequentupdates with innovations and improvements will not letget youbored.The game works offline, which means that you havetheopportunity to play, practice and improve your skillsanywhere,anytime!Features Flick Shot Soccer Summer Cup 2017:-Lowrequirements for mobile devices- The most realisticanimationsamong all 3D football penalty simulators- Stadium filledwith fans-Ability to play for your favorite team- Intuitiveoperation- Highdetailed game scene- The increasing complexity ofthe opponent'sgame- Frequent updatesInstall and play! Bring yournational teamgreat victory!
Soccer Leagues Pro 2018: Stars Football World Cup 1.3
Bulky Sports
Now it’s time to build the world best soccer team to acceptthechallenge of 2018 soccer league championship. Select top superstarplayers to build your very own world football team. Challengethepro soccer rivals of the world champion league. Play head toheadagainst your opponents to score the goals. The opponentteamplayers will shoot the ball, dribble, and kick the penaltiesonlyto win. Compete with different football teams & perfectyourkick & shoot skills to win 2018 football world cup. Boostyourattacking skills to face the team challenges. Contest indifferentsoccer matches with different countries to be a legendplayer andtake the world cup to your home country club. SoccerLeagues Pro2018 & Stars Football World Cup game is here, andit’s betterthan ever. Now let’s fight against world soccer rivalsin thissoccer game to excite the football team lovers as the bestteamcaptain ever. Become the legend top scorer of theleaguechampionship in this thrilling & adventurer worldfootballtournament. Lead your soccer team players to the victorystand inthis professional soccer league 2018 & stars footballworld cup3d game. Select your world best soccer players teamformation andchallenge to any team who stands in your way as yourise throughdifferent league matches to upgrading team level andearn points tounlock the world cup matches. Build the best squad inthe world andlead them all the way to win the Soccer Leaguechampionship orfootball world cup tournament. Soccer League starsis the latestmobile football simulation game featuring with simplecontrols,smooth animations and crazy actions. Soccer Leagues Pro2018 &Stars Football World Cup is the best free kick shootfootball 3dgame on store. Test your abilities while playing againsttop soccerteam players & experienced team managers around theworld.Unite your football team stars with the spirit of, as theyarefinest football club’s stars. Be the best soccer team managertobuild the best team & top football players of the world.Forwinner’s gameplay is very simple just run faster, passingthefootball to team player & take aim to shoot & goal. Youcanalso control every player of your team through the easyjoystickcontrols. As a country club captain, you will train bestsoccerplayers & increase their ability to win the worldleaguetournament matches.Soccer Leagues Pro 2018 & StarsFootballWorld Cup is the best mobile football soccer simulationgame,smooth controls, realistic animations and ultimateactions.Adventure of football passing, sprint and skill of movingaroundopponents, take aim, shoot and goal. Realistic passes,powerfulshots in this football game will add an amazing footballgameplayexperience. Get your favorite soccer team players and winagainstthe world football champion teams by playing thisfootballsimulation game. Playing professional soccer league pro2018 &stars football world cup more exciting & latestmobile soccer3d game. Build and manage your football team and keepstriking backfor soccer world cup competition. Become a real soccerstar withyour favorite top hero football players. Feel of genuinefootballground environment during football match and feel the heatof freekick penalty moments. Soccer Leagues Pro 2018: StarsFootball WorldCup Game Features: • Play as pro soccer leaguechampion teamfootball player.• Realistic soccer pro player stunts& actionsduring football gameplay.• Create, customize andcontrol your prosoccer team.• Quick & smarter moves of yourplayer andopponents on the soccer stadium.• Select your favoritecountry,player skin, player uniform & shoes.• Latest visualeffects andcut scenes more like television football match.• Googleplayachievements & leaderboards to review top rankings.•Realisticgraphics and sound effect will enhance the gameplayexperience.
Iuvemtus Soccer Football Team: Turin Goal Shooting 1.0.2
Play Italian football with your favourite team! Enjoy themostbeautiful team sport with Turin soccer players:ForzaIuvemtus!Start shooting penalty kicks with the bestItalianfootball team ever! Slide your finger to score a goal andsucceedbeating all your rivals! Make your Turin fans shout yourname whilepractising your shooting skills and become the bestplayer in ourleaderboards! Do you want to try playing with the mostfamousfootball team in Turin?- Beat all your soccer rivals bywinning thepenalty championship! Help the Iuvemtus football team toscore asmany goals as possible!- The more you practise, the betteryou willbe shooting goals! This funny game is all about improvingyourshooting skills!- Become the best Iuvemtus player of alltimes!-Amazing realistic graphics and different goal shootingangles!-Very intuitive to play: A game tutorial is included!- Sharethescores of this football game with your friends on Facebook!Everygoal you score will lead you to a higher position inourleaderboard!- These soccer games are appropriate for childrenandadults of all agesAre you ready for a goal shooting challengewithour Iuvemtus soccer team? Try it now for free!
4 Pics 1 Footballer [OLD] 3.18.7z
★ 4 IMAGES 1 CALCULATOR ★Try guessing all levels.Have fun with200levels with players up to the 2017/2018 season.★ HOW TO PLAY★Lookat the 4 images and try to guess the footballer.★ DO NOT WAITTOEXTEND THE LEVEL ★Ask your friends for help or use coins togethelp with.All these types of modes are described within thegame.★ATTENTION ★Initially, the game has 48 levels. To have theotherlevels available, you must be able to access the phone gallerysoyou can download the images of the various levels★ SUPPORT ★Ifthegame you like or have tips for new improvements leave a revieworyour opinion.Also, if you have any questions or questions,pleasecheck the mail below in the appropriate box.
⚽ Puppet Soccer Champions – League ❤️🏆 2.0.11
Have you got the Golden Boot? Skills and speed? Lace up yoursockpuppet boots and pull your shirt on: this game was made foryou.So, enjoy it. Forget the politics and the posturing—we’re justhereto have a great game of football! That’s what PuppetSoccerChampions 2014/2015 is all about. Soccer FEATURES: ⚽ Morethan 90cartoon sock puppet ⚽ Over 30 football puppet team ⚽ Silkyskilfulgameplay ⚽ Big head fun in 2-player mode ⚽ Splitscreenmultiplayerfor two players on a single device ⚽ Climb the leagueseason2017/2018 ⚽ Smooth physics for ball and mad goals Pick yourteam,play as your favorite sock puppet and score as many goals asyoucan! Pass, shoot, dribble, foul - it’s all here. The game isfullof twists. Play in single player mode or team up with a friendforthe awesome 2-player mode – you can play with your friend. Whowillbe better and give better place of the charts? Game iscompletelycustomizable – 4 different control options to make surethe userexperience is the best. Destroy your opponent with precisekicks.Change your team tactics from defense style to winger oroffensivestrategy and all at the same time. The goals will increasetheirsize to speed up the match progress in the overtime. Open newareaand with increased stats you can get new player. Who will beyoursock puppet? It is only your choice who will be in the bestteam.Rise the leagues and open new cards. Practice free kicks andscoreand defeat your enemy. In the game are bonuses – chewing gum,ice,gypsum to making it hard to play. You can use it on enemy.Competein daily, weekly and monthly tournaments for free diamondsand getfree cards in shop every 8 hours from special sale offer.Let usknow if you wish any new sock puppet soccer or visitNOXGAMESwebsite or facebook. Created by NOXGAMES 2014 - 2018
⚽ Puppet Football Fighters - Steampunk Soccer 🏆 0.0.72
⚽ FUNNIEST FOOTBALL FIGHTS in Multiplayer SteampunkArena⚽Shoot,kick, score and defeat your opponent in the mostaddicting pocketpuppet football fighting game!Can you beat all thearena fingerpuppet and become legend? Destroy other marionetaplayers with freekicks, upgrade your team and collect all thecards. Puppet FootballFighters Features:⚽ 100+ mad big head puppetcharacters⚽ Specialpower ups in game – chewing gum, ice, slime,gypsum, super kickpower, mega spring or speed🏆 Arena and leagueseason 2017/2018 withachievements, champions cup and highscores⚽Train your players,improve their power, health, speed andgoalkeeper abilities likehipster halilovic⚽ Attack with kicks, healyour injured players andrevive dead bluehair borja tactics⚽ Realsimulation of perfectphysics, special collision model for ball andawesome goals⚽Upgrade your team, players and open free chests withgreat dailyrewards⚽ Defeat real people in leaderboards in big head2 head funmodeFighting finger puppet could be for kids but it takessomeskill to learn all the puppeteer tricks. Choose yourfavouritefinger puppet team and destroy your enemies. Pass likebluehairborja, kick like plague doctor zizou and foul. Climb theleaguesand unlock amazing new marioneta cards. Start mexican wavesand seeyour welder nolito on the top of the charts.Special ingamebonusesare new chapter - use ice and gum on the other steampunkmarioneta,making it hard to play. There are lots of these gametwists. Pickour own squad of cards – do you want bluehair borjafrom noxgamesor plague doctor zizou? You will get new players withincreasedstatistics when you progress to new arena. It is yourchoice whowill be in your perfect pocket puppet team. Game isfullycustomizable – 4 different control schemes to make sure theuserexperience is the best. Practice free kicks in bestphysicssimulation. When you reach the overtime, the goals willincreasetheir size to speed up the match progress. Play offensivestrategylike hipster halilovic, defense style or wide winger plaguedoctorzizou and midfielder all at the same time…Strategy tips forbetterfinger puppet performance:⚽ Stay before the goal and waitforchance to score⚽ Hit the power ups and freeze the opponentpuppetwelder nolito⚽ Forward and backward run can alter the freekickheightCollect all the epic and legendary finger puppet playerslikebluehair borja, plague doctor zizou or welder nolito. Pick thethebest big head team. Avoid getting hit in your big head by theballlike hipster halilovic.We are happy to see your feedback inreviewand we can add new steampunk marioneta players. Formoreinformation visit our website NOXGAMES or our Facebook.Collectspecial silver shields to get protection against negativepowerups. Watch out for obstacles in advanced arenas. Wiselyusedefensive welder nolito and midfielder hipster halilovic.CreatedbyNOXPLAY 2017 - 2018
Liverpool FC Fantasy Manager18 8.20.021
Wanna collect all the best football players and crash the pitchinthis new football league 2k18? Liverpool FC Fantasy Manager 2018ishere to present the most breathtaking match ever. Move yourfingersand get it NOW FOR FREE! This is a manager football gameofOfficial Liverpool FC football club for all EnglishFOOTBALLADDICTS. Beat the challenge, claim the prize with yourinvincibleachievements and make the best strategic alignment withhigh-rankedfootball players. No pain, MUCH to GAIN! Create a mobilefootballlegend and be a soccer star! Here comes Premier League!Exclusivitycharacteristics: - UNDEFEATABLE team: line-up yourinvincible teamwith best real football players. Equip your teamwith the mosttalented footballers, dribble past defenders and beatthe outsmartopponents by flick shot. Here comes a world of soccerstar 2018! Goget: Jordan Henderson, Salah, Van Dijk, Emre Can,Roberto Firmino!-Get the BEST FOOTBALLERS: Be the cleverest coachand get the bestfootballers, evolve, improve their levels, makethem stronger ineach real football battle. Unlock new levels andmove onhigh-ranked match to get a big win. Team up and get readyfor anunbelievable prize!- DEFEAT the greatest rivals – PVPfootballgame: Experience in such a live football game in OfficialLiverpoolFC Fantasy Manager, you get the real feeling in thisunique livematch by dribbling the ball through other forcefulopponents.Line-up your team for the breathtaking match, break thenet andscore a GOAL! 2018 PREMIER LEAGUE! - Fight to rise toHIGH-RANKEDfootball matches: Equip your football players andconquer thetournament with tactical strategies to climb to higherdivisions inthis premier league - DIFFERENT team combinations: Makethe bestalignment of your team player to get all the invincibleplayers andbecome UNDEFEATABLE. The higher you go, the more chancesyou havethe best footballers from 2018 Liverpool FC FantasyManager- EVOLVEyour players´ characteristics and skills: Break thenet by forcefulflick shot! WIN BIG GAME and claim yourPRIZE-WINNING in footballleague 2k18. You never know what you willget for your dreamfootball squad. Now or never: PREMIER LEAGUE! -INCREDIBLE REWARDS:Score fantastic goals with flick shots, score,conquer the footballchampionship by being the most talented coachever. Here come yourdream football league 2k18 and thousands ofrewards. New LiverpoolFC FANTASY MANAGER! Overcome the challenge,conquer the pitch andscore the most breathtaking goal ever. Becomenew football legendand lead your real football squad to win thefootball league2k18!Download Liverpool FC FANTASY MANAGER 2018 forfree and leadyour favourite team.To be able to play thisapplication, you willneed internet connection. This applicationoffers in-app purchaseswhich you can disable in your devicesettings.By using thisapplication, you accept the "Privacy Policy"and the "LegalNotice". It contains advertisements of "From TheBench, S.L." andtheir partners, including advertisements within thegame. It alsocollects data through analysis technology and deliversthird partyadvertisements including network and GPS locations. Theappcontains direct links to social networks for those above the ageof13 and also direct links to POLICY YTERMS OF FORUMS:Check out ourforums at to meetother playersand be up to date on all news about the game.
Football Wallpaper 1.2
Football Wallpaper is an application that contains a collectionofimages of the most Player football.Also The applicationalsocontains a collection of pictures of the best players in theworldLike Messi And ronaldo And Neymar 4K (HD) And Lock Screen.►ListFootball Players :Gianluigi Buffon WallpaperSergioRamosWallpaperNeymar da silva WallpaperLiverpool FC WallpaperCelticFCGlasgow WallpaperJan Oblak Wallpaperresultat footEvertonFCWallpaperSporting Club PortugalWallpaperfootballwallpapersFernando Torres WallpaperPhilippeWallpaperwallpaperfootFC Bayern München WallpaperKarim BenzemaWallpaperParis SaintGermain Wallpaperwallpaper footballFiorentinaAC WallpaperTimo HornWallpaperAngel Di Maria WallpaperSS LazioWallpaperAndrea BelottiWallpaperDavid Alaba WallpaperIsco FranciscoAlarconWallpaperManchester United WallpaperCiro ImmobileLazioWallpaperTottenham Hotspur FC WallpaperZlatanIbrahimovicWallpaperThomas Lemar WallpaperGerard PiquéWallpaperSamirHandanovic WallpaperHugo Lloris Tottenham HotspurWallpaperDavid deGea WallpaperAlessandro Florenzi WallpaperRomeluLukakuWallpaperMario Mandzukic WallpaperMauro IcardiWallpaperountryPoints WallpaperPSV Eindhoven WallpaperSergioBusquetsWallpaperCesc Fàbregas WallpaperRadamel Falcao WallpaperASMonacoWallpaperFC Juventus WallpaperFC ShakhtarDonetskWallpaperOlympiakos Pireus FC WallpaperRobertLewandowskiWallpaperLuis Suarez WallpaperClaudio MarchisioWallpaperfootballwallpapers hdMario Balotelli WallpaperReal MadridCFWallpaperGianluigi Donnarumma WallpaperPaulo DybalaWallpaperAlvaroMorata WallpaperAndres Iniesta WallpaperMatsHummelsWallpaperMarcelo da Silva WallpaperMarco AsensioWallpaperMarcoReus WallpaperRSC Anderlecht WallpaperMiralemPjanicWallpaperAlexis Sanchez WallpaperTSV Bayer 04LeverkusenWallpaperMarco Verratti WallpaperFrancesco TottiWallpaperDimitriPayet Wallpaper fond ecran Wallpaper foot FCBarcelonaWallpaperJames Rodriguez WallpaperDaniel AlvesWallpaperNaby KeitaRB Leipzig WallpaperLeroy Sané Wallpaperfreefootball WallpaperbackgroundRaheem Sterling WallpaperLukaszPiszczek WallpaperJeanMichaël Seri Wallpaperfootball WallpaperbackgroundLionel MessiWallpaperMilan AC WallpaperLeon GoretzkaWallpaperRiccardoMontolivo WallpaperToni Kroos WallpaperChelsea FCWallpaperjeux defootOusmane Dembélé WallpaperThibaut CourtoisWallpaperThiagoAlcântarafootball stadium wallpaper Atletico deMadridWallpaperValencia CF WallpaperAthletic Club BilbaoWallpaperThomasMüller WallpaperMario Gotze WallpaperN'Golo KantéWallpaperSaulNiguez WallpaperAjax Amsterdam WallpaperChristianEriksenWallpaperBesiktas JK WallpaperManchester CityWallpaperFenerbahceSK Wallpaperstadium wallpaperMarek HamsikWallpaperDries MertensWallpaperGareth Bale WallpaperHarry KaneWallpaperAntoine GriezmannWallpaperVillarreal CF WallpaperMesutOzil WallpaperarsenalWallpaperArjen Robben WallpaperFC PortoWallpaperDavid SilvaWallpaperLeonardo Bonucci WallpaperSandroWagner HoffenheimWallpaperRadja Nainggolan WallpaperTottenhamHotspur WallpaperASRoma WallpaperBorussia MönchengladbachWallpaperBV BorussiaDortmund WallpaperArsenal FC WallpaperSSCNapoli WallpaperDele AlliTottenham Hotspur WallpaperLuka ModricWallpaperMohamed SalahWallpaperSporting Braga WallpaperEden HazardWallpaperCSKA MoskvaWallpaperCristiano Ronaldo WallpaperOlympiquede MarseilleWallpaperTimo Werner RB Leipzig WallpaperEdinson CavaniWallpaperSLBenfica Wallpapersports wallpapersFC Schalke 04WallpaperSadio ManéWallpaperIvan Rakitic WallpaperSergio AgüeroWallpaperPaul PogbaWallpaperDavid Luiz WallpaperKevin De BruyneWallpaperKylian MbappéWallpaperSevilla CF Wallpaper
Guess the 👕 Football Shirt quiz 2018 - all clubs 3.01
This is a football shirt trivia game and guess the footballerjerseyquiz by seeing club’s home shirt. If you like footballshirts, thissoccer quiz trivia game is going to blow your mindwith itsversatility and challenging moments.😎380+ FOOTBALLSHIRTS:-)We havegathered 380+ football shirts with the club’sdetail profile andWikipedia links. This is the first footballshirt trivia game whichcontains enormous educative info aboutfootball jersey and clubswhich you have never experienced. As alover of football / footballshirts, we are dedicating our game forfree.😍LOVELY GAMEPLAY –CHALLENGING QUESTIONSIn thisultra-entertaining guess the footballshirt trivia you will seeeach football clubs jersey in a nicemanner. Easy to recognize, ifyou know the football club or you’veseen this shirt, you are sureto guess the soccer club’s name. Thissoccer quiz features worldfamous football clubs jersey that areactively playing in variousleagues.😃DETAILED INFO ABOUT EACH SHIRT– LEARN ABOUT THEMThebeauty of this football trivia quiz is thatwhen you guess thefootball shirt you will also get detailed bio andinformation aboutthis club’s achievements, trophies and much more.In that way,besides playing a great guess the football shirt quiz,you willalso enhance your knowledge about football. 🙂GUESS THEFOOTBALLSHIRt QUIZ FEATURES:★ 380+ football shirts with theirdetailprofile and many more to come.★ 14 letters to choose thecorrectanswer, show info 1, show info 2, remove unnecessaryletters, showsingle letter, show correct answer, ask and share withfriends onFacebook.★ Beautiful animation and sound effects.★ TwoGoogleleaderboards with ranking based on solved shirts andearnedpoints.★ 21 achievements and great rewards.★ Inviting friendsandfamily to play. ★ Complete statistics with performanceevaluationon football shirtss.★ Huge free coins and special giftsondifferent occasions.★ Top international clubs jerseys andpromisingnewbies. Leagues covered:Argentine Primera División,Belgian FirstDivision A, Brazilian Campeonato Brasileiro Série A,ChileanPrimera División, Chinese Super League, Colombian Primera A,DutchEredivisie, Ecuadorian Serie A, EFL Championship, EnglishPremierleague, French Ligue 1, French Ligue 2, german bundesliga,germanbundesliga 2, Italian Serie A, Italian Serie B, MajorLeagueSoccer, Paraguay Primera División, Persian Gulf ProLeague,Portuguese Primeira Liga, Russian Premier League, La LigaBBVA,Spanish Segunda, Ukrainian Premier League, UruguayanPrimeraDivisión.Do you feel like can guess all football shirts inthissoccer quiz football trivia?So, why are you waiting for!Startplaying the first football shirts trivia game. Download thissoccertrivia game for FREEGet our other games:⚽️Guess the footballclub:😵Guess the footballerface:
Pro 11 - Soccer Manager Game 1.0.42
Do you have what it takes to make your dreams come true and becomeatop ranked football manager in one of the best free toplaymultiplayer football manager simulators of 2018?In Pro 11 youcancoach your favorite club (like Madrid, Juve or Barcelona)anddominate the best national leagues and the legendaryChampionsLeague!It’s up to you to create the line-up, manageexchanges,conduct training sessions, negotiate sponsorship dealsand muchmore.Beat your rivals in Pro 11’s massivemultiplayerstructureCompete against friends and other real-lifeopponents andkick-off live matches when YOU want to. Join forceswith fans ofyour favorite team to create a stronger community andearn morerewards.Immerse yourself in captivating visualsWith 3Dmotioncaptured football player movement, you get a high-qualitygraphics,highlight and gameplay experience throughout your entiremanagercareer.Administrate all aspects of your Pro 11 club toensure awinning strategyTake your fantasy team to glory bycontrolling allfeatures of your football club, including:★Collecting the besteleven players from the top football leagues,such as the PremierLeague, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 or MLS★Exploring your youthall-stars for the next Ronaldo or Messi★Improving player skills bytraining in minigames★ Trading, buyingand selling players byscouting the transfer market★ Negotiating thebest possiblesponsorship contracts to establish a stable economy★Takingadvantage of advanced formation options to create themosteffective tactics★ Investing in better upgrades for yourstadium toboost fan experiencesJoin managers worldwide in Pro 11now tobecome a true leader of your professional football squad.Everygoal counts!
FreeKick Soccer World 2018 1.7.7
If you are looking for realistic soccer penalties withsportsrealistic physics, Freekick Soccer World 2018 is definitelyforyou. The game has several game modes and a completely newcareermode, with many levels and different soccer exercises. 4gamemodes: - World 2018: National Soccer Teams Championship 2018-Career Mode: levels with interesting soccer exercises.-Multiplayer Online Mode: play online against real opponents-Online Cup: Online Cup against real people An abundance ofgameplaymodes: - Penalties - Dribbling - Combined tasks - Arcadetasks withsoccer target shooting Improved game mechanics andcontrols,optimized graphics and an expanded game movements set -all inorder to get a wonderful gaming experience and not bedistracted bythe details. Download Freekick World 2018 now!
Car Soccer World Championship 1.6
Changing from a football player to the car player!! Itsoundsstrange but interesting . What would it like if the car isused toplay football? The only rule is control the car to hit theballuntil it gets in to the goal as the level set . As in eachlevelincreases the point such as in the first level only passed byonescore point , and increasing to 2, 3 accordingly . It mightsoundsvery easy . What level do you think you will be ? Just touchthescreen to control the car for using the joystick . Try to testyourlimit skill here . This game is a free simulator 3D game 2016whichgirls , boys both kids and adults can play on tablets andmobilesfor time killing or during the free time by switching thecars onthe road to be in the xtreme football games . This footballgameoffers a realistic physics system with a large stadium yard inthisleague , awesome music and sound effects . The cars used inthegame are race rocket cars which you can just driving , parking,crash or drift back and forth . You will be the hero driver ofthered racing team to race , duel , fight with the yellowcompetitorteam to see who the best team in the Ultimate WorldFootball Cup .Follow your dreams and become a shining star in thisfield . ★★★HOW TO PLAY ★★★ - Control the characters throughsmartphones andtablets by touching the screen. - Hit the ball tothe goal of rivalteam to get the point in each level ★★★ APP GAMEFEATURES ★★★ - Carmotion through physic rules - Huge stadium in thebackground -Awesome music and sound affects - Beautiful scenes andeffects
Soccer Drills - Free Soccer Game 2.0.16
Playing soccer game has never been more exciting than in thenewSoccer Drills! Soccer Drills is a mini soccer game withsimplesoccer physics. It is really a great choice and fun to playforarcade soccer lover who loves to dribble with balls. Feel likeasoccer star in your soccer mania! Challenge your friend &ruintheir scores with your juggling and dribbling skills. Show themyouare the soccer hero and what it means to be in the World Cup! Soifyou want to be the soccer hero then you have to download andplaythis ultimate football game and dribble as much as you can! Youcanalso customize your Soccer Balls by collecting the coins andunlocknew style soccer balls! You can also unlock differentbeautifulsoccer worlds with coin! KEY FEATURES: • Amazing soccerballphysics • Play offline • Single tap to play • Experiencebeautifulgraphics • Challenge your friends & knock them downwith yourhigh score and become the winner • Customize & manageyoursoccer balls • Amazing atmosphere with beautiful stadiumsPlayensedeveloped Tapong, Penalty Shootout VS Goalkeeper, Escape,JumpStart - Helix Jump, Dunk Stroke, Kuboid, Bridge Cross,Switch,Twisty Rush - Sloper Sky Ball Rolling Race, Gift, CricketPracticefollowed by Soccer Drills! Enjoy "Soccer Drills" while youcommute,on a date, in the bus or subway, waiting at the bank and soon.Anytime, anywhere you can play Soccer Drills!!