Top 49 Games Similar to Touch Balloons

xxxxxxxxxxx 8.0
This app is no longer available!Please download our other appwiththe same featuresApp: Bollywoodlove - NewsThis app is nolongeravailable!Please download our other app with the samefeaturesApp:Bollywood Love - News
Let's App Maker & Creator : Prime App Builder 1.0.6
APP CREATOR, MAKER & BUILDER 2018 : CREATE YOUR OWN APP&MAKE EASY Mobile App Development with DIY APP BUILDER.AREYOULOOKING TO MAKE AN FREE APP FOR YOUR BUSINESS ? HOW TO MAKEFREEANDROID APP IN 3 MINUTES ? YOUR WISH IS OVER WITH “PRIMEAPPBUILDER”. APP Maker, Builder & Creator 2018 presents the#1android app development tool. It is the world's fastest growingDIYmobile app building platform for business. Create your ownandroidapplication for free in minutes! Design apps easily thatdoesn'tneeded any programming and is designed for the palm of hand.Nocoding skills or technical knowledge needed. Easy way to useappbuilder and create powerful app design that will look andfeelbeautifully like a native app.Create your own mobile app with3easy steps : (A) Scratch (B) Design (C) Build.##### APPFEATURES#####DIY App Maker 2018Attractive material userinterfaceCustomizeapp pages anytime anywhereEasy Android AppDevelopmentInstant apppublicationNo Coding skill neededGive instantupdates to yourcustomersPublishing to app store platforms (GooglePlay)Design appseasilyCreate app with 3 easy steps : Scratch,Design &BuildConnect your Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to yourappSendpush notifications to your usersFlexible chat included#ENJOYFREEDIY APP MAKING SERVICE WITH PLAY STORE PUBLISHINGFEATURE=>############ HOW TO USE ################# STEP1#####*Download Prime App Builder from belowlink.*FollowourYoutube video for making an FREEapp. STEP 2#####*After creating an app, at the end of Build phase, you willget FREELIFETIME App building services added to your app. You've(i)Publisher-id (ii) App-link (which is nothing but Liet's AppTool).* Download your new created app & Login with appropriate(i)Publisher-id (generated by PRIME BUILDER) #####* Share your new created app with your friends andcustomersto improve customer satisfaction as well as enduserengagement.Thank you for your attention to application youcancomment and encouraged the developers With 5 star★★★★★rating.###### DON"T NEED ######Learn Android Development,Androidlearning for beginners , Learn Android Programming ,Tutorials forAndroid:Examples ,Android Studio, ProgrammingKnowledge,No CodingKnowledge, Android Development Tutorial ,Android Programming,Android Studio Tutorial , Android appdevelopment tutorial,Android programming tutorials , Learn androidprogramming step bystep , Android app development tutorial usingAndroid studio ,Android mobile app development tutorial , Learnandroid appdevelopment step by step , Android development online ,Androidprograming tutorial ###### DO NEED ######App BuilderAppMaker AppCreator App generator Create an app Make your own appAppdevelopment Android app maker Website builder Online appmakerIphone app builder Create my own app Best app creator Easyappmaker Artificial intelligence in AppDevelopmentArtificialintelligence programming Artificialintelligence projects
Green Light Toucher Pro Theme 1.0
Here comes an alternative choice of the sector theme‘GreenLight’Green Light Light Toucher Theme, designed by GO DevTeam, whobrings you GO Launcher Super theme. Combine thepracticability ofColorbar theme with fascinating sector looking.Green Light,specially designed for Toucher!#Features-Time-Calender/Events-Contacts / Recent calls-New message /Recentmessage-Favorite App Lists-Weather-System SwitchesAnd wesincerelyhope you join Toucher translation project, helping ustranslateToucher into your language.Check Touchertranslationproject: LightToucher Theme in this way:1. Check System settings -Security -Device administrators, make sure 'Green Light' is NOTenabled2.Uninstall in 'System settings - Apps - Green Light,clickuninstall'Any further questions please let me know.Lookingforwardto your feedback!
Java Editor 1.0.216
Java Editor is a very simple Java editor, it can color thesyntaxnodes : nodes, attributes, properties, events,supportautocompletion and search and replace. Opens the defaultfiles withthe extensions : jav, java.
C Programming 3.0
Akshay Bhange
#1 Application for CProgramming.------------------------PLEASENOTE------------------------Insteadof giving us a lower rating,please mail us your queries, issues orsuggestions. I will be happyto solve them for you :)You cannot runor execute programs withthis app. The output is already tested anddisplayed for yourreference. Thank Youforunderstanding.-----------------------------------Features :★Chapter wise complete C Tutorials★ C programs with commentsforbetter understanding (100+ programs)★ Output for each program★Categorized Questions and answers ★ Important Exam Questions★Verysimple User Interface★ One click share (TutorialsandPrograms)-----------------------------------This C Programmingappenables you to carry basic C programming notes in your android.Itcontains about 90+ C Programs, and many FAQ's. This app has averysimple user interface and the contents can be easily understoodbythe users. This will definitely help u for preparingforinterviews, tests and in many more waysWherever and wheneveryourequire any information about C you are just a clickaway.....Allthe best.....
RPG Character Generator 1.7
AC Arcana
This app gives you unique and creative ideas for fun charactersforyour next DnD or Pathfinder Campaign!Having a hard time comingupwith ideas for characters for you Dungeons &Dragons,Pathfinder, Cypher, or other tabletop RPG Game? This handyrandomgenerator provides a bunch of ideas for interesting, dynamic,andwell developed character personalities, abilities, andtraits.Alsogreat for writers and writers' block!Get the premium noadversionat
NSDL 2.0.0
Share your experience with us atmobilea[email protected] investment holdings in NSDLD-mat account.For onlineregistration, follow simple steps afterdownloading App. If you arealready a User of IDeAS or SPEEDe systemof NSDL, the samecredentials (i.e. User ID and Password) willwork.Requirement :Android OS version 4.0 or higher.
PDF Creator
DBD Soft
Create PDF files on your device offline, no internet connectionoruploads required. Convert images to PDF. Write rich text, orcopyand paste text from anywhere and paste it into the app. Addimages,position, resize or rotate them as needed. Share and sendimagesand text from other applications to PDF Creator to add it tothecurrent or a new PDF file. The files can then be printed,open,shared or deleted from the app.
El-Moasser Digestive System 3D
The best way to develop yourchild'sskills.#El-Moasser#Activities#المعاصر#كتب
El-Moasser Science 2prep . T2 1.0.1
The best way to develop your child's skills.
El Risitas Soundboard 1.0
El bañador La chanclaYatangakiEl CocineroISSOU !ElbañadorthechanclaYatangakiEl CocineroISSOU!
MyLottoPicks 1.5
This App is a Random number generator. It is a universal picker;itadapts to any lottery configuration. You may pick your numbersandsave them until you place your bets. If you allow your phoneTTS(Text to speech) function, your picks will be also given inyourown phone language setup. I hope that you will enjoy pickingyournumbers with this app and Good Luck.
Mobile COGO 1.1
This app calculates coordinates, distances and bearings forsettingout of buildings, kerb lines etc.Useful for CivilEngineering andsite based work when away from a computer with Excelor expensivesoftware.Functions:FIND WCB & DISTANCE:Calculatethe wholecircle bearing (the clockwise angle from North to agivendirection) by entering the coordinates (Easting and Northing)oftwo known points. The WCB will be given in the direction of Point1towards Point 2. The distance in metres is alsodisplayed.CO-ORDFROM WCB:Enter the coordinates of a known point andthe bearing anddistance from this to the point you wish tocalculate.CO-ORD FROMREF LINE:Enter two coordinated points (Eastingand Northing) alonga desired line and input the distance along theline from point 1to the point you want to calculate. Perpendicularoffsets from thisline can also be computed. Positive values offsetto the RHS of theline in the direction of Point 1 -> Point 2,negative values forLHS of line.Keywords: WCB, bearing and distance,3D Coordinates,Offsets, Grid Convert, Cogo, co-ord, Easting,Northing, Global,Local Grid, National, Civil Engineering,Construction Site,SettingOut, Calculator, Calc, Total Station, EDM,Geodesic coordinates
Pace Calculator [Pace+] 3.6
Pace+, the calculator and converter for runnersincludes:-Calculator for time, speed / pace and distance;-Converter betweenpace and speed;- Time predictor for future racesbased on distancesyou have run;- Calculator for heart rate zones;-Calculator forburned calories;- BMI calculator;- Coopertesttables;- Trainingpace advisor for e.g. "easy run", "tempo run" and"speed form";-Converter for "km / miles", "pace / speed" or"Celsius /Fahrenheit";- Split times calculator.- "Shoe LacingTechniques"Noadds, No in-app purchases and No permissionsrequired!Note: thisapp is not a "gps tracker" and is made by arunner (i'm not aprogrammer), for runners.Please, send me yourfeedback forimproving the app or rate the app if you like it.
CanarioDT 1.0
Aplicativo com cantos de canário daterra(canariodaterra):-Carretilha-Estalo-Estalo Canto Longo-EstalocomCarretilha-Metralha 2 Notas-Retinido-Paulistinha-Mateiro-CantodaFêmeaApplication to land canarycorners(canariodaterra):-Carretilha-Estalo-Estalo Long CornerReelwith-Estalo-Metralha 2 Notes-Retinido-Paulistinha-Mateiro-Singfemale
Radio ULTRA 1.0
UltraNET Ltd
Listen to the greatest Bulgarian folk and pop-folk tracks withhitRadio ULTRA!v1.0: This is the initial release of ourradiostreaming app for Android. You are able to select from twostreambit rates:- 128 kbps (*recommended*)- 48 kbps (suitable forlowbandwidth consumption but at the cost of quality)* The appwillremember your choice and will start streaming in your preferredbitrate right away on the next launch!
DomicilAPP 1.989
DomicilAPP es una plataforma de compras de productos yserviciosColombianos, donde podrás adquirir alimentos, artículos deaseo,medicamentos, papelería, comidas, bebidas y agendar citasdeservicios de estética y belleza. Adicional, cuenta con sistemadeSubastas, un sistema de inversión de ideas de negocio y unsistemade control para donadores de sangre.El sistema DomicilAPPsecompone por 6 subsistemas:* DomicilAPP* iMENU* El Salon*Subasta*La idea* Blood TypeEsta desarrollado principalmente paratiendas ymercados pequeños, medianos y grandes, restaurantes,hotel, bar,PUB, salones de estética y belleza, que a través del usodeconexión Wifi o datos, realiza pedidos sin necesidad de salir delavivienda. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Elsubsistema DomicilAPP consta de 3 aplicaciones: *DomicilAPP(Cliente)* DomicilAPP Administrador* DomicilAPPEditorContiene unabase de datos que almacena hasta 3.220 artículoseditables de lacanasta básica familiar. Alimentos, Artículos deaseo y personal,salud, educación y ocio.El cliente podrá solicitarhasta un máximode 40 artículos por domicilio.- - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - El subsistema iMENU, se desarrollópara disminuirlos factores críticos presentes en los restaurantes.Este sistemaayuda a generar nuevos clientes, implementa un controlde tiempoque advierte a los empleados de la cocina la duración delospedidos, mejora la atención al público, genera comandasdigitalesque envía la información directamente a la cocina ylacaja/facturación, sistema de interaccióncliente/establecimientocon el fin de ampliar el mercado local.Adicional, el sistema esutilizado por clientes directamente en lasviviendas con el fin derealizar domicilios.El subsistema iMENUconsta de 5 aplicaciones:*DomicilAPP (Cliente)* iMENU Mesero* iMENUCocina* iMENU Caja* iMENUEditorContiene una base de datos quealmacena hasta 55 platos, 20bebidas, 30 mesas y 7 meseros. Elestablecimiento podrá editartodos los artículos y la informaciónbásica.- - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Elsubsistema El Salon, se desarrollópara agendar citas a domicilio deestética y belleza.El subsistemaEl Salon consta de 3 aplicaciones:*DomicilAPP (Cliente)* El SalonAdministrador* El SalonEditorContiene una base de datos quealmacena hasta 70 servicios. Elestablecimiento podrá editar todoslos artículos y la informaciónbásica.DomicilAPP is a shoppingplatform of products and servicesColombianos, where you can buyfood, toiletries, medicines,stationery, food, drinks and serviceschedule appointments andaesthetic beauty. Additional, it featuresauction system, a systemof investment business ideas and a controlsystem for blooddonors.The DomicilAPP system consists of sixsubsystems:*DomicilAPP* imenu* The Salon* Auction* The idea* BloodTypeThisdeveloped mainly for shops and small, medium and largemarkets,restaurants, hotel, bar, pub, beauty salons and beauty,through theuse of Wi-Fi or data connection, place orders withoutleaving thehouse.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- -TheDomicilAPP subsystem consists of 3 applications:*DomicilAPP(Client)* DomicilAPP Manager* DomicilAPP EditorItcontains adatabase that stores up to 3,220 items editable basicfoodbasket.Food, toiletries and personal health, educationandleisure.The customer may request up to 40 items per household.-- -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -The imenusubsystemwas developed to reduce the critical factors inrestaurants. Thissystem helps to generate new customers, implementsa control whilecautioning employees Kitchen duration of orders,improve customerservice, generating you command digital sendinginformationdirectly to the kitchen and box / billing, system client/establishment interaction in order to expand the localmarket.Further, the system is used by customers directly in housinginorder to make homes.The imenu subsystem consists of5applications:* DomicilAPP (Client)* Imenu Mesero* ImenuKitchen*Imenu Box* Imenu EditorIt contains a database that storesup to 55plates, 20 drinks, 30 tables and 7 waiters.Theestablishment canedit all items and basic information.- - - - - - -- - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - -The Salon subsystem wasdeveloped toschedule appointments at home aesthetics and beauty.TheSalonsubsystem consists of 3 applications:* DomicilAPP (Client)*TheSalon Manager* The Salon EditorIt contains a database thatstoresup to 70 services.The establishment can edit all items andbasicinformation.
ConcreteCal 1.0
Calcuation of volumn of total concrete for Cube unitCalcuationmixerof concrete for Buckets and Cube unit
Tikkun HaKlali - Easy & Simple 2.9
Tikkun HaKlali: Tikkun HaKlali consists of the following tenPsalmssaid in this order: 16, 32, 41, 42, 59, 77, 90, 105, 137, and150.Each recital is preceded by a paragraph expressing one's desiretobind himself to the tzadikim of all generations, especiallyRebbeNachman, and several verses which are customarily recitedbeforeany saying of Psalms. The recital of the ten Psalms isfollowed bya prayer composed by Reb Noson, the Rebbe's foremostdisciple,asking God for forgiveness from sin. Rebbe Nachman furthertaughtthat the Tikkun HaKlali can rectify all spiritual andphysicalflaws or maladies. He stated, "There are places that are sofineand narrow that no remedy has the power to penetrate themexceptthrough the General Remedy, which injects healing into eventhenarrowest, finest places. First it is necessary to applytheGeneral Remedy, and through this all the individual flawswillautomatically be rectified."[9] For this reason, manyBresloverHasidim recite the Tikkun HaKlali every day. Women alsorecite itas a general rectification for sin.[10] Its recital isacornerstone of any visit to the Rebbe's grave, as per hispromise.Tikkun HaKlali.
BeeFiles 2.2
This is an application that is designed so that in no time andwithsimple and easy gestures you can quickly recordusefulinformationresulting from the discrete control of each cell.In theapplicationit is possible to recordgeneral information such ascellpopulation, amount of spawn, honey and pollen quantityandinformation on thequeen, the new queen making, diseases thatarelikely to arise,treatments that have been applied and a hostofother useful informationstored on the device where theapplicationis loaded (android mobile usedor android tablets).Theapplicationallows the export of files to the computer, so thatyoukeeprecorded annual historical inspection stored data, to whichyoucanrefer whenever needed to compare thecapacity of the apiaryofevery year.One of the main advantages of this application isthatit does not require expensivedevices to work, (enough tobesupported by operatingandroid), and can recognize NFCcircuitry,which enables the beekeeper to mark the cell in additiontoclassicalfirestamp, to see the details directly to thedeviceandseparately for each cell and to have complete and totalcontrolover allthe apiary (from one cell to ....).If you want tohelp usyou can make a subscription to our channel on YOUTUBE.
Asistencia Vial 3.0
Aplicacion que le permite acceder a los servicios SIN COSTOdeauxilio de grua, ambulancia, asistencia mecanica o informacionentiempo real del estado de rutas dentro, desde o hacia laprovinciadel Guayas. Brindado por CONORTE y CONCEGUAApplicationthat allowsyou to access services FREE Wrecker truck, ambulance,mechanicalassistance or information in real-time status of routeswithin, toor from the province of Guayas. Provided by Conorte andCONCEGUA
Bluetooth Controller 8 Lamp 2.4
Bluetooth controller 8 channel lamp for Arduino and codevisionAvrprogramming. You can connected relay modul 8 channel forelectronicdevice with a working voltage of 220v, lamp, fans, tv,etc..i amtest with arduino leonardo and serial commnunicationlibrary toconnected RX pin 10 and TX pin can use arduino unoorarduino mini etc...FEATURES:-Tutorial page-control 8 channelon/offlamp-control All channel ON-control All channel OFF-downloadfileProgram Arduino_Bluetooth_8Lamp.ino + schemmatic-downloadfileProgram CvAvr +schemmatic-downloadtutorial ebook.pdf-support Bluetooth modul HC-05,HC-06 and HC-07etcCheck to main menu update to Premium VersionWHYYOU SHOULDUPGRADE to the PREMIUM?If you upgrade to preium, then youwill notfind ads that appear in applications (remove ads).Andyou'll getthe cool features in addition to remove the ads, whichfeature keysynchronization of the lights being lit as shown inthevideo.PREMIUM FEATURES*Unlock synchronize button ofthemeans*Remove AdsDOWNLOAD FILE:Download File:-Program Codearduinoproject with8LED project with8Relay project 8 Relay EEPROM.............Update toProVersion-Program Code cvavr projectatmega16ZIP Tutorial PDF: APPS for Free version VS Pro Premium2. UploadProgram toArduino3. Setting And Connected Bluetooth toPhoneDeviceGroupDiscussions:*ConnectedArduinoPINLamp 1 connected to PinOut 2 ArduinoLamp 2 connected toPinOut 3ArduinoLamp 3 connected to PinOut 4 ArduinoLamp 4connected toPinOut 5 ArduinoLamp 5 connected to PinOut 6ArduinoLamp 6 connectedto PinOut 7 ArduinoLamp 7 connected toPinOut 8 ArduinoLamp 8connected to PinOut 9 Arduino*Serial datasending from BluetoothControll Lamp.apkdata '1'-'8' to on is lamp1-8data 'A'-'H' to offis lamp 1-8data '9' to on ALL is lampdata'I' to off ALL is lamp
Arduino Codes 2.0.5
Felipe B.
Arduino code examples.
UEES 2.0
Aplicación de la Universidad Evangélica de El SalvadorApplicationofthe Evangelical University of El Salvador
Magazeti 1.0
Tanzania Newspapers
Open as App 1.52
Turn your spreadsheet into an App makesappcreation easy: You can instantly turn existing spreadsheetsintoprofessional apps. • Calculations, lists, maps/POI,dashboards,forms • No programming skills required • Professionalapp design •Professional functionality, e.g. search, filter, sort,group,charts • Online/offline available • Data input within theapp(Cloud connection) Start now and create your first app! Takeanexisting file, e.g. an address list or an offer calculation,andturn it into a user-friendly app for your clients, co-workersandpartners. This is how it works: (1) Open the App (2) Upload spreadsheet, query file or csvfile.(3) Choose your app type: e.g. calculations (with chart),list(with map), form or dashboard. (4) Edit design and structureofyour app. (5) Create your app. The spreadsheet in thebackgroundremains connected as data source. You will receive a linkto yourapp via email after registering your email/password.Spreadsheetand app will be synchronized and are always up to you can share your apps within closed usergroupsor publicly and you can manage your apps/user groups. Getmoreinformation on
AlmApp 2.0.5
UNOFFICIAL app for students of Alma Mater Studiorum universitywhichlets you easily reach many of the university services.
Sales Representative
The application is aimed to the representative, commercialagent,promoter and similar. The application's purpose is tosimplify andfacilitate the user in customer management, and trackvisits tocustomers as well as offering a number of tools to theanalysis ofthe work. Some of the main features: - Import / Exportand pricelists management - Import / Export and customersmanagement -Ability to geo-locate the customer or to navigate it(requiresGoogle Maps and Google Navigator) - Managing customervisits -Placing an order and the order report generation in PDFformat. -Sharing of the order and customer card - Ability toenterappointments in your Google calendar. - Statistical analysisofvisits and orders (via charts) - Function Agenda for quickviewingof visits with ability to enable multiple filters and viewthestatus of these (open / closed, expired, etc. ..) - Possibilityofcustomization (language, currency, purpose of visit ...) -Abilityto add images from this visit (disputes, showrooms, etc ..)-Ability to export the visits data in XML format compatible withthelayout of different management (eg. Danea Easy Fatt) -Possibilityto make a backup of data Lingue: Italiano, Français,English,Español.
Tasbeeh Tesbih Counter 1.2
Tesbih-tasbeeh app will give you the possibility to countyourremembering of Almighty Allah. This app can specially be handyifyou don't have real Tesbih.May Allah reward you for yourDhikr.From0 to 10 000 five digit counterNoadvertisementRosarioMusulmanoKeywords: Tespih, the, Tesbih, of,Dijital Tesbih, DigitalTespih, to, Tesbihat, free, Tespihat, on,Prayer Bead, where,count, a, Bead Counter, in, Prayer Counter,Dhikr Counter, Tasbii,Tasbih, Sebha, Tasbeeh, Digital Counter,with, Simple Counter, as,Rosary, dua, dhikri, dhikr, per Lutje, si,Kujtim, Perkujtim, te,numeroj, vlera e dhiktit, numerues, i,rendesia e dhikrit,numrator, lutjet e sherimit, duave, lutjeve, tu,shkarkuar, falas,rosario digitale, islamico, un, applicazione,islamica, a,cercando, per contare, preghiere, dell’islam, da, il,mio,religione, mussulmani, mussulmano, come, gratis, islam, una,app,che, conta,penghitung dzikir, alat bantu dzikir, adabberdzikir,alat penghitung dzikir digital, alat penghitung dzikirmanual,buahtasbih,Yazılımı, Sayaç, Zikirler, Masbaha, Tesbaa,Tesbikh, Vird,Zikirmatik, Çoklu Zikirmatik, Dijital,Zikirmatik,Ücretsiz Tesbih,Reklamsız Tesbih, Zikir,Tesbih-tasbeeh app willgive you thePossibility to count your remembering of AllahAlmighty.This appcan be specially handy if you do not have realTesbih.May Allahreward you for your Dhikr.From 0 to 10,000five-digit counterNoadvertisementRosario MuslimKeywords: Tespih,tea, Tesbih, of,dijital Tesbih, Digital Tespih, to, Tesbihat, free,Tespihat, on,Prayer Bead, where, count, to, Bead Counter in, PrayerCounter,Dhikr Counter, Tasbii, Tasbih, Sebha, Tasbeeh, DigitalCounter,with, Simple Counter, as, Rosary,dua, dhikri, dhikr, forLutje,yes, Kujtim, Perkujtim, you numeroj, Vlera and dhiktit,numerues,i, and rendesia dhikrit, numrator, lutjet and sherimit,duave,lutjeve, you, shkarkuar, Falas,Digital Rosary, Islamic,anapplication, Islamic, a, looking, to count, prayer, Islam, as,on,my, religion, Muslim, Muslim, like free, islam, one, app,thatcounts,penghitung dzikir, alat bantu dzikir, adabberdzikir,penghitung dzikir digital alat, alat penghitung dzikirmanual,buahtasbih,Yazılımı, Sayaç, Zikirler, Masbaha, Tesbaa,Tesbikh, Vird,Zikirmatik, Çoklu Zikirmatik, Dijital, Zikirmatik,Ücretsiz Tesbih,Reklamsız Tesbih, Zikir,
appinventor.ai_irshadkp.Tasbee 1.6
Vibration and click sound features are added forconvenienceHelpsyou to keep count of Dikhr. This is a freeapplication without ad.Please remember me in your duasتضاف ميزاتالصوت اهتزاز، وفوقللراحة.يساعدك على الحفاظ على عدد من حلقات الذكر.هذا هو برنامجمجاني وبدون إعلان. يرجى تذكر لي في ادعية الخاص.
Secuencia 1.1.9
El juego consiste en repetir la secuencia de luces y sonido queeldispositivo genera. Esta secuencia va aumentando , desafiando atumemoria y rapidez. Este juego está basado en un clásico deladécada del 80. Se puede seleccionar la cantidad de botones entre4o 6. Posee 3 variantes de juego: Clásico: los botones estánfijosen su posición. Circular: los botones rotan por el borde delapantalla. Lineal: los botones se mueven de un lado al otro delapantalla. Tiene 2 velocidades de juego: normal y rápida. Thegameconsists of repeating the sequence of lights and sound thatthedevice generates. This sequence is increasing, challengingyourmemory and speed. This game is based on a classic of the 80s.Youcan select the number of buttons between 4 or 6. It has 3variantsof play: Classic: the buttons are fixed in position.Circular:rotate buttons around the edge of the screen. Linear:buttons movefrom side to side of the screen. Has 2 playing speeds:normal andfast.
RemoteXY: Arduino control 4.1.3
RemoteXY is easy way to make and use a mobile graphicaluserinterface for Arduino boards and other controllers. Usingtheeditor of mobile graphical interfaces, located on thesite , you can make your own unique graphicaluserinterface and load it into the controller. Using this mobileappyou will be able to connect to the controller and manage withthemthrough a graphical interface.The graphical interface supportsthefollowing elements: - Button; - Switch; - Select; - Slider;-Joystick; - RGB color; - LED; - Level; - Text print; - Otherdesignelements of the GUI.Connection between the controller andthemobile device using: - Bluetooth; - WiFi client and accesspoint; -Ethernet by IP or URL; - Internet from anywhere through theCloudServer.The source code generator have support nextcontrollers: -Arduino UNO, Arduino MEGA, Arduino Leonardo, ArduinoPro Mini,Arduino Nano, Arduino MICRO; - WeMos D1, WeMos D1 R2,WeMos D1mini; - NodeMCU V2, NodeMCU V3; - TheAirBoard;Supportedcomunication modules: - Bluetooth HC-05, HC-06 orcompatible; -Bluetooth BLE HM-10 or compatible; - WiFi ESP8266; -EthernetShield W5100;Supported IDE: - Arduino IDE; - FLProg IDE;
Urban985 1.1.46
Urban 98.5 es un multimedio en la ciudad de Pehuajo, congranprogramación en vivo, donde nuestros mas de 10 años detrayectorianos hacen ser la radio que marca la diferencia,apuntamos a unpublico general que decide la elección de un mediocon buenacompanía y buena música 98.5 esta.. En todas partesUrban98.5 is amultimedia in the city of Pehuajo, with great liveprogrammingwhere our more than 10 years of experience make us theradio thatmakes the difference, we point to a general public thatdecides thechoice of a medium with good company and 98.5 good musiciseverywhere ..
Cours Biblique Gratuit 1.0
PureLife Inc.
Bienvenue à notre application de Cours Biblique de laBiblegratuitement et sans engagement de votre part. Détailssurl'application:La Bible - Introduction.Dieu.JésusChrist?L'homme?Lesalut?Songe prophétique.Recherche de la lumière.Lavérité.La loiest implacable.Distinction entre l'âme etl'esprit.Voyageastral.Vidéos de Cours Bibliques: Cours biblique -Les sept Églisesde l'Apocalypse. Conduits par des espritsdémoniaques. Bible —Présentation de la Bible et du but de cecours.Principes etméthodes de cours bibliques; différents typesd'études bibliquessuivies sont proposés.Cette formation bibliquecomprend en plus desenseignements des activités pratiques sous laforme destages.Welcome to our application of Bible lessons Biblefree andwithout commitment on your part.Details on theapplication:TheBible - Introduction.God.Jesus Christ?Theman?Salvation?Propheticdream.Search for light.The truth.The law isrelentless.Distinctionbetween soul and spirit.Astral travel.VideoCourse Bible: BiblicalLessons - The Seven Churches of theApocalypse. Led by demonicspirits. Bible - Presentation of theBible and the purpose of thiscourse.Principles and methods of Bibleclasses; followed differenttypes of Bible studies are offered.Thisincludes training inbiblical teachings more practical activities inthe form ofinternships.
El Renuevo 2.1.0
Aplicación Iglesia ElRenuevowww.iglesiaelrenuevo.comMinisteriosHebronApplication TheBranch Churchwww.iglesiaelrenuevo.comHebronMinistries
Saint Charbel Paolo.Lawo
Paolo 23
This app includes a Daily Prayer and a 9 Day Novena toSaintcharbel.
JW Videos & Songs for Children 2.0
Lynns Notes
Of interest to Jehovah's Witnesses and their children who wantaneasy way to access the Videos and Songs from our web Follow two youngsters as they learn Biblelessonsthroughout their daily activities.
MaterApp 1.0
vitulli vito
With this App you can rotate freely in the city of Matera. Youwillbe assisted by the navigator and a voice androidiana willdescribethe beauty of the city.IMPORTANT !!! This app does not wantto bein the strongest terms an exhaustive guide and replacetheprofessional tour guides, even to get to some places and somerockchurches are strongly advised to contact the tour guides onsite.GOOD NAVIGATION.Soon will be introduced important changes tomakethe app more engaging
Barranquilla Estereo TV 4.2
No te conformes con solo escuchar la radio!!!!Do not settle forjustlistening to the radio !!!!
Slamber City 3.2
Slamber City M9 locatorWant to find your closest M9 or justseewhere all the M9's are?Premium version has no ads and chatenabled 1.1
The best RadioWeb, listen Makina music all the time... Be sure..!!
Tasbeeh (Ad Free) 3.0
Where ever you want where ever you need, its in your pocket. Aoneof a kind Digital Tasbeeh that asks you to enter your limitofrecitation and stops you, when reached. Also has a mode forquickrecitation which can be used to recite without limitations.Tasbeehstores your counts even after closing the application, andkeeps itstored unless you reset the counter.May Allah keep you therightpath and help you in all difficulties.
CarryMe 2.1
Dear baby wearing parents! You want to carry your baby with ababywrap for the first time? You are searching for thecorrect,age-appropriate wrapping techniques? Or are you alreadybabywearing experts longing for new and demanding challenges whichjazzup your baby wearing everyday life? Try our Fidella “Carry MeApp”with us, gain knowledge and have fun. Learn more aboutclassicalbaby wearing techniques and sophisticated finishes withyour babywrap or Fly Tai by the help of our point by pointinstructions.Discover the detailed video instructions for front andbackcarrying techniques with an Onbuhimo or Fusion. Babywearingbeginners as well as advanced baby wearing persons will hitpaydirt! Happy Babywearing!
El Módulo Faud
Aplicación con toda la información de la FAUD.Podésencontrar:Últimas Noticias, El Módulo, Trámites, CalendarioAcadémico,Lugares de Cursado, Correlatividades, DependenciasAcadémicas,Consultas, MapaApplication with all the informationFAUD.You canfind:Latest News, The Block, Procedures, AcademicCalendar, placesStudied, correlative, Academic Units,Consultations, Map
Capacitor value calculator
Calcula de forma rápida y simple el valor de capacitancia deloscondensadores como 104,473 ente otros totalmente gratis ysinanuncios. Calculated quickly and simply the capacitance valueofthe capacitors as 104.473 entity other completely free andwithoutads.
Arduino Stepper Motor 1.0
Control por grados vía remota de un motor depasos.Requiereprogramar el Arduino y un modulo BluetoothHC-06.Descargar Programapara el Arduinoen: of a stepper motor.It requires programming theArduino andHC-06 Bluetooth module.DownloadProgramArduino:
Ceará 1.1
Stay connected with the latest news, videos and social updatesofCeará Sporting Club. Only this app has everything a fan couldwant.Content provided on this application is available in thepublicdomain in the internet. This application is just a waytofacilitate access to all the information available on the web.Ifyou think any of this content is violating copyright policy,pleasecontact us to remove it after checking
Voeux 1.47
Messages pour les salutations d'anniversaire, meilleurs voeuxpourla nouvelle année, salutation de noël ... maintenant lesvacancesapprochent et comme chaque année nous essayons le meilleurmessageà envoyer ...C'est l'une des applications dont vous avezbesoin: unconteneur de messages pour tous les occasions!Sur le web,il yabeaucoup de phrases pour chaque occasion, nous avons eu lachargede collecter, sélectionner et mettre à votre disposition afinquevous pouvez facilement envoyer un message texte, un email, oulepartager sur les réseaux sociaux.Les catégories que voustrouverezdans l'app sont:- Saint Valentin;- Joyeaux Noel;- JoyeusesPâques;-Bonjour mon amour;- Bonne année!;- Bonne nuit mon amour;-Fin desétudes;- Anniversaire de mariage;- Je t'aime maman;- Jet'aime,monamour;- Je t'aime papa;- Joyeaux anniversaire;-Mariage;-Naissance;Ce sera un plaisir d'envoyer des salutations! !Il suffitde choisir le message que vous voulez, et envoyer pare-mail, smsou partager sur Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp.Bien sûr,vous pouvezégalement modifier les messages et lespersonnaliser!Vous pouvezégalement envoyer vos phrases. L'intérieurde l'application, voustrouverez le formulaire à remplir. Quoid'autre à ajouter?Profitez-en et restez connectés.!!ATTENTION!!Selon la versiond'Android que vous avez, quand vous partagez laphrase peut ne pasapparaître ... ne désespérez pas .... cliquez surEnvoyer et il vaouvrir la fenêtre de partage, il contient le bouton"Copier auclipboard".Si vous ne voyez pas le bouton "Copier auclipboard",téléchargez-vous l'app "Copy to clipboard" ou quelqueappproche.Bonnes fêtes de l'équipe Appsgeniet!Messages forbirthdaygreetings, best wishes for the new year, christmas greeting... nowthe holidays are approaching and like every year we try thebestmessage to send ...This is one of the applications you need:acontainer of messages for all occasions!On the web, there aremanyphrases for each occasion we have been responsible tocollect,select and make available to you so you can easily send atextmessage, an email, or share it on social networks.Thecategoriesthat you find in the app are:- Valentine'S Day;-JoyeauxChristmas;- Happy Easter;- Hello my love;- Happy New Year!;- Goodnight my love;- End of studies;- Anniversary;- I love youmom;- Ilove you, my love;- I love you dad;- Joyeaux birthday;-Marriage;-Birth;It will be a pleasure to send greetings! ! Simplyselect themessage you want, and send by e-mail, SMS or share it onFacebook,Twitter, WhatsApp.Of course, you can also change themessages andcustomize!You can also send your sentences. Theinterior of theapplication, the form to fill out. What else to add?Enjoy and staytuned.!! WATCH OUT !! Depending on the version ofAndroid that youhave when you share the sentence may not appear not despair.... click Send and it will open the share window, itcontains thebutton "Copy to clipboard" .If you do not see thebutton "Copy toclipboard", please download the app "Copy toclipboard" or somesimilar app.Happy Holidays from the Appsgenietteam!
Ham Contest | Radio Calendar 1.2
This app is using free service provided by Tom, DLNBY fromhiswebsite Ham Radio Contest Calendar which is built up of 4singleGoogle Calendars. It requires internet connection. [HOW TOUSE] HamRadio Contest Calendar calendars are seperated by 4 mode:1. CWCalendar. 2. Phone Calendar. 3. Digital Calendar. 4.MixedCalendar. The mixed one contains all those contests whichoffersseveral modes, e.g. CW and Phone. Each contest is assigned toonlyone calendar. No contest is duplicated. In the upper rightcorneryou can switch the views between agenda, month and week (1).Therealso is the calendar list (2). Click on the down-arrow next totheAgenda button to choose the calendars you need. In the upperleftcorner you find the navigation (3). Depending on the choosenviewyou can switch between days, months, weeks and so on. Click onanentry to see the link to the sponsor's website (4). Youneedanother click on 'more details' to get the clickable version ofthelink. Some of the official rules might not be in English thoughthecontest is open to all. Use Google Translate or something likethatthen. Be aware that Tom, DLNBY have no influence on the contentofall these external pages. Ham Contest is fully designed byusingMit App Inventor 2. Regards, 9W2ZOW.