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Sangiorgi Srl
Do you want to know if your Wireless Access Point is vulnerabletothe WPS protocol? Wps Wpa Tester is the app that you need!Withthis app, you can try the connection to an Wi-Fi Access PointviaWPS PIN. PINs are calculated with several algorithms throughtMACAddress and there are others PINs included in a local databaseformany Access Point. Luckily just a small part of WirelessAccessPoint are vulnerable to WPS protocol. If you will find outthatyour Access Point has WPS protocol enabled, we suggest todisableit. The purpose of the app is educational to let thecustomers knowabout vulnerability of their own Access Point. Thereare manyconnection mode with this app and you can try thebruteforce modeeither. App also discovers if an Access Point withWPS enabled isinvulnerable (WPS LOCKED). App allows users with rootpermissionsto see Wi-Fi passwords saved. Some important Notes:NOTE: you cantest the PINs with this app and you can connect, butyou cannot seethe password without root permissions. Use this apponly with yourown AP not to go against the law.
AndroDumpper Wifi ( WPS Connect ) 3.11
AndroDumpper will try to get Router Passwords and more Data(NOTonly WPS ), and will try to connect to WPS enabled WifiRoutersthat have the WPS vulnerability using some algorithms toconnect tothe Wifi. Hacking anything is forbidden in all religions- And thisapplication has been developed for totally Testing andEducationalpurposes only , im not responsible for any bad usage orhackingother Routers that you don't have the right to access***ROOT isNOT totally required**** **** Location Permission isrequired forWifi Network Scanning By Android***** The applicationhas Threemethods to connect: - Root Method : Supported all androidversionbut should be rooted. - No Root Method : supports onlyAndroid 5(Lollipop) and up. -(NEW) Online Method ( all networks ,not onlyWPS ): this new feature will try to get all kind of Routers(notonly WPS ) passwords online , so it needs at leastinternetconnection to do its job For Android 9 with WPS ( Pie ) -Im sorrythat Google has removed the support of WPS at all ( Rootand noRoot) method , both won't work anymore and no otherapplication willsuccess connect with WPS on Android 9 (Pie ) and up, dont befooled with other applications that say it can connect toWPS onAndroid 9 ( Pie ) , its all fake Thats why , i developed thenew (Online Method ) that requires at least an internet connectiontoget passwords , even if WPS is not enabled on the RouterForAndroid 5 (Lollipop) to Android 8 - If you are not rooted youcanuse the application to connect, but you cannot show passwordunlessyou are rooted. - If you are rooted will be alerted tochooseeither Root Method or No Root Method. , you can show thepasswordusing both methods For Android 4.4 and earlier: - You haveto beROOTED for both connecting and showing password - If Your arenotRooted , then you cannot use theapplication================================================ - (OnlyRootedUsers ) You can show passwords for your current savednetworks ,just go to Menu then choose ( Saved Networks) if youalready knowthe WPS PIN you can use the app to connect and get thepasswordusing your PIN Note: Please Before posting bad review ,,beinformed that this may fail with some Access Points sincetheseAccess Points may not be affected by the WPS bug, so its nottheApplication fault. Note: Trying the application on your networkorany already connected network will be useless , theapplicationwill success always with already connected or savednetwork, evenif your network is not effected by the WPS bug Note:if the routerhas only WPS Bush Button and doesn't have fixed PIN ,then this appwont work since it tries using the fixed I havecreated random PinsDictionaries Lists for BruteForce ( for peoplewho don't know whereto get or create dictionary ) can be downloadedfrom links below:100Pins: of AndroDumpper is free of charge in exchange for safelyusingsome of your device's resources (WiFi and very limitedcellulardata), and only when you are not using your device. Youmay turnthis off from the settings menu. Please see our TOS forfurtherinformation. TheAndroDumpperOfficial Blog: Official Page: me on: Twitter: GooglePlus: Im The Developer , andimpure Palestinian :)
WPSApp 1.6.45
WPSApp checks the security of your network using WPS protocol.Thisprotocol allows you to connect to a WiFi network using an8-digitpin number that usually is predefined in the router, theproblem isthat the pin of many routers from different companies isknown oris known how to calculate it. This app uses these pins totry theconnection and check if the network is vulnerable. Itimplementsseveral known algorithms for pin generation and somedefault pins.Also calculates default key for some routers, allowsyou to viewWiFi passwords stored on the device, scans the devicesconnected toyour network and analyzes the quality of the WiFichannels. Use isvery simple, when scanning networks around us, youwill seenetworks with a red cross, these are "secure" networks,they havedisabled the WPS protocol and default password is unknown.Thosethat appear with a question mark have enabled the WPSprotocol, butthe pin is unknown, in this case the applicationallows you to testthe most common. Finally, those with a green tickare most likelyvulnerable, have the WPS protocol enabled and theconnection pin isknown. It may also be that the router has WPSdisabled, but thepassword is known, in this case it also appears ingreen and can beconnected to the key. You just need to be a Rootuser to see thepasswords, to connect on Android 9/10 and for someextra function.NOTICE: Not all networks are vulnerable and that thenetworkappears as such does not guarantee 100% that it is,severalcompanies have updated firmware of their routers to correctthefault. TRY IT ON YOUR NETWORK AND IF YOU ARE VULNERABLE...REMEDYIT. Turn off WPS and change password for a strong andpersonalized.I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY MISUSE, INTRUSION INTOFOREIGNNETWORKS IS PUNISHABLE BY LAW. From Android 6 (Marshmallow)it isnecessary to grant location permissions. It is a newrequirementadded by Google in this version. More informationin: models use encryption and do not show real passwords,theyshow a long series of hexadecimal digits. Look for informationonthe internet or contact me if you want to know how to decryptthem.Pin connection does not work on LG models with Android 7(Nougat).It's a problem with LG's own software. Please understandhow theapplication works before giving an evaluation. Send anyproposal,failure or comment to, thanks.Acknowledgments:Zhao Chunsheng, Stefan Viehböck, Justin Oberdorf,Kcdtv, Patcher,Coeman76, Craig, Wifi-Libre, Lampiweb, David Jenne,AlessandroArias, Sinan Soytürk, Ehab HoOoba, drygdryg.
GWPA Finder 5.2.2
This app (formerly known as Greek WPA Finder) wasoriginallyintended for use inside Greece as it can recover defaultWPA/WPSKeys of specific router brands that are popular withinGreece thushelping you test your network security. Nowadays thereis anongoing effort to gradually support more routers around theworld.If you are not located inside Greece you can still try yourluckwith this app but don't be frustrated if it doesn't fully workinyour territory. In case you manage to connect to a networkothenthan yours, you have to inform the owner so that he/shechangespassword. Have a look at the GWPA Finder - FAQshere:
WiFi Warden
* Please note: this app is NOT made for hacking WiFi * UsingWiFiWarden, you can: ✔️ Analyze WiFi networks ✔️ See who isconnectedto your WiFi ✔️ Test your internet connection speed ✔️Connect tohotspots that others have shared ✔️ Connect to your WiFiusing WPS✔️ Calculate the WPS PINs of some routers ✔️ Createstrongpasswords ✔️ View saved WiFi passwords (requires root) ✔️Find theopen ports of a device on the network By analyzing Wi-Finetworks,you will be able to: ✔️ See all the information that canbe foundon the WiFi networks around you, including SSID, BSSID,Channelnumber, Channel bandwidth, The router manufacturer,Encryption,Security, Distance, etc. ✔️ Find a less crowded channelto increasethe signal quality of your wireless router. Do I need toroot mydevice? 🔷 To connect using WPS your phone must be rooted onAndroid9 or newer versions, but if you are using Android 5 to 8 youdo notneed to root your device. * Because of the new limitationsofAndroid 9+, your device must be rooted to connect using WPS.Pleasenote that root method does not work on some devices. 🔷 Toview WiFipasswords: You need root access on all Android versions. 🔷To getthe serial number of an access point: You need root access onallAndroid versions. 🔷 To check WPS lock: You need root access onallAndroid versions. Please Note: * Connection using WPS doesn'tworkon all routers. The reason is not WiFi Warden, it's the router!Inthese cases, please use the passphrase to connect to the Wi-Fi.*To connect with WPS, the AP must have enabled WPS. Accesspointsthat have enabled WPS are marked with the word "WPS" in red.* FromAndroid 6 (Marshmallow) it is necessary to grantlocationpermission to display Wi-Fi networks around you. Moreinformationat:*Please don't ask me to add more WPS PINs. If I find a new WPSPIN, Iwill put it in the future versions. if your router PIN isnotavailable in the app, just look for it on your product label. *Tosee the channel bandwidth, you need Android 6 (Marshmallow)orhigher version. * It's better to use root method for testingnullPIN. * Distance to the router is calculated based on afree-spacepath loss formula. This number is approximate. * In-apppurchasesare only for removing ads. The app does not sell anything.Allfeatures are available free of charge. * Connection using WPSPINwithout root access does not work on some LG and Huaweidevices.It's a problem related to LG and Huawei software, not theWiFiWarden. * Some Samsung devices may use encryption and do notshowthe real passwords. If you want to know how to decrypt them,pleaselook for the information on the internet or contact me. *Some ofthe tools of this application (Specially WPS Connection)have beendeveloped for Testing and Educational purposes. Use atyour ownrisk. The developer of this app will not accept anyresponsibility.* Before leaving comments, please make sure you knowhow the appworks.
Network Analyzer 3.7.1
Jiri Techet
Network Analyzer can help you diagnose various problems in yourwifinetwork setup, Internet connectivity, and also detect variousissueson remote servers thanks to the wide range of tools itprovides. Itis equipped with a fast wifi device discovery tool,including allthe LAN device's addresses, manufacturers and names.Further,Network Analyzer contains standard net diagnostic toolssuch asping, traceroute, port scanner, DNS lookup, and whois.Finally, itshows all neighbouring wi-fi networks together withadditionaldetails such as signal strength, encryption and routermanufacturerto help discovering the best channel for a wirelessrouter.Everything works with both IPv4 and IPv6. Wifi signalmeter: - Bothgraphical and textual representation showing networkchannels andsignal strengths - Wifi network type (WEP, WPA, WPA2)- Wifiencryption (AES, TKIP) - BSSID (router MAC address),manufacturer,WPS support - Bandwidth (Android 6 and newer only)LAN scanner: -Fast and reliable detection of all network devices -Vendor name,IP, and MAC addresses of all discovered devices -NetBIOS, mDNS(bonjour), LLMNR, and DNS name where available -Pingability test ofdiscovered devices - Detection of IPv6availability Ping &traceroute: - Round trip delay including IPaddress and hostname forevery network node - Support of both forIPv4 and IPv6 (selectable)Port scanner: - Fast, adaptive algorithmfor scanning the mostcommon ports or user specified port ranges -Detection of closed,firewalled, and open ports - Description ofthe known open portservices Whois: - Whois of domains, IPaddresses and AS numbers -Support of both for IPv4 and IPv6(selectable) DNS lookup: -Functionality similar to nslookup or dig- Support for A, AAAA, SOA,PTR, MX, CNAME, NS, TXT, SPF, SRVrecords - Support of both for IPv4and IPv6 (selectable) Networkinformation: - Default gateway,external IP (v4 and v6), DNS server- Wifi network information suchas SSID, BSSID, IP address, HTTPproxy, subnet mask , signalstrength, etc. - Cell (3G, LTE) networkinformation such as IPaddress, signal strength, network provider,MCC, MNC, etc. More -Full support of IPv6 - Detailed help -Regular updates, support page
WPS Connect 1.3.9
With this app you'll can connect to WiFi networks which haveWPSprotocol enabled. This feature was only available in version4.1.2of Android. App developed with educational purposes. I amnotresponsible for any misuse. Released under license CC BY-NC-ND4.0: WPS Connectisfocused on verifying if your router is vulnerable to a defaultPIN.Many routers that companies install own vulnerabilities inthisaspect. With this application you can check if your routerisvulnerable or not and act accordingly. Includes default PINs,aswell as algorithms such Zhao Chesung (ComputePIN) orStefanViehböck (easyboxPIN). Tested on: - LG G2 - Nexus 5 -SamsungGalaxy S3 IMPORTANT!! Prior to an assessment, understandthat itserves the application.
WPS Wifi Checker Pro 32.0
With this wps app you can check the security of Wi-Fi networksbytesting the WPS protocol and test it with wps connectfunction.What is the WPS protocol? The WPS protocol is a simple waytoestablish a connection between a device and a router byexchanginga PIN. Instead of having to know the WEP, WPA or WPA2 keythat canbe long and complicated, with the WPS protocol we will onlyhave tosend the router a PIN, which is a numerical code with only8digits. When the router receives that PIN, if it is correct,itsends the device all the data it needs to connect to thenetworkand by magic and without the need to know the key of theWIFInetwork, the device will connect. Easy truth? Well yes, veryeasy,too much, so much that it is a huge security hole because itis notthe same to have to decipher a WIFI key than an 8-digit code.Doesthis application decrypt that code? The answer is no. Althoughitwould take much less time to decipher the WEP, WPA or WPA2 keyofthe network, the reality is that most routers have a securitylayerthat prevents you, for example, from making more than onerequestevery 30 seconds, or that only It allows you 3 tries in aminuteand then you have to wait 10 minutes or more to try again. Sohowwould you guess it would take a lot. So how does theapplicationwork? Very easy. A large percentage of routers, althoughnot all,have the WPS protocol activated by default and thatlargepercentage, another large percentage has the default 8-digitPINcode that they put in the factory. Over time it has beendiscoveredthat many routers use specific algorithms to generatethat PIN codeaccording to the model and manufacturer of the routerand it hasalso been discovered that those that do not usealgorithms, manyuse the same factory PIN code also depending on themodel and themaker. Therefore we know that certain brands andcertain models ofrouters use algorithms and we also know thedefault PIN codes ofmany others that do not use algorithms. Allthat information iswhat this application uses to check if a networkwith the activatedWPS protocol is vulnerable to this attack. So canI connect to anyWIFI network with this wps app? No, it's not thatsimple. Althoughall these data of router models and manufacturersare known, overtime they realized this big problem and in the newmodels they havealready tried to solve it, for example bydeactivating the WPSprotocol. There are also people who are awareof these dangers andthey themselves are those who deactivate theprotocol or change thegeneric PIN code for their own, so thissystem would no longerwork. The reality is that today there aremany routers with the WPSprotocol enabled and the default PIN, butthey are not all, if youuse this application against a network withthe WPS protocolactivated and it does not work, it is not that theapplication doesnot work, is that the router will have the modifieddefault PIN orthat it is a modern router with more securitymeasures to avoidthis attack. Can I see the WIFI key of a networkto which I haveconnected with this wps app to share it with afriend? No but... .The Android system does not allow to see theWIFI keys unless youare a root user and you know where to look oruse specificapplications for it. This application is not designedfor rootusers, is designed for everyone and does not havethatfunctionality. However, if you have connected to avulnerablenetwork and want a friend of yours to also connect, yourfriendonly has to download this application, you will have toaccess thesaved networks menu of your application and generate a QRcode,your Friend scan that code with this application and youcanconnect to the network.  Remember that you can only usethisapplication in your networks or in which you have permissionfromits owner.
Free WiFi Passwords & Hotspots by Instabridge
The Wifi Hunt is over! We’ve all been there: you’re in a rush ornotsure which place has free wifi and you don’t want to go onascavenger hunt throughout the city every time you need toconnect!Instabridge is here to save you the hassle of asking forthe wifipassword everywhere you go. The offline map makes it theperfecttravel app. With over 4 million passwords and hotspots addedto ourdatabase, Instabridge is like a master key that can helpyouconnect when and where you want. Instabridge is aworldwidecommunity of people who share WiFi passwords. We’vecollected over4 million passwords and hotspots, and this number isgrowing everyday! It’s totally free, saves you money on data usage,and helpsothers who can’t afford wifi connect when they need to.The morepeople that add WiFi, the closer we are to making WiFi freeandaccessible for everyone! Just download the app>>Automatically connect to WiFi >> Join our communityWithmillions of secure, up-to-date WiFi hotspots, Instabridge isthesimplest way to surf the Internet for free. Instabridge'sWififinder knows which Wi-Fi networks work and automatically keepsyouoff those that don't. No setup required. It just works! Withourbeautifully integrated travel map and detailed statistics oneverynetwork in our database, you won’t ever have to worry abouthow andwhere you can connect. FEATURES • Get free Wi-FiInternetconnections in all major cities • No data limitation, nocost •Auto-connect to Wi-Fi as soon as it’s available (perfectonairports). Get free Internet automatically! • Useful stats(likespeed, popularity and data usage) on any password or hotspotin ourdatabase. • Offline maps included so you can find hotspotsevenwhen you’re roaming or low on data! The perfect appwhentravelling! • Supports WEP, WPA, WPA2 and WPA3. • Easier tousethan WPS. • Easy to use speed tests. Help us make WiFiaccessibleto everyone! When you join our community, you’re pavingthe way forthe millions of people worldwide who can’t afford WiFiat home.What others are saying about Instabridge: ""Instabridge isaSwedish company that’s invented something so simple, andsoawesome, that you’ve got to wonder what took this industrysolong!"" Android Authority “Today’s application is,simply,exceptional. It's a brilliant idea, an excellent solutionandexecuted perfectly. I'm in love.” El Android Libre ""Instabridgeisan elegant solution"" Lifehacker ""A simple interfaceallowsfriends to get access without having to type in a convolutedstringof numbers and letters from a scrap of paper."" The Economist*****Important: Note that Instabridge is not for Wi-Fi tetheringnor isit a Wi-Fi hacker tool and cannot be used for Wi-Fi hackingin anyway. Instabridge syncs wifi passwords between your owndevices andto people you have chosen to trust. ***** Questions orimprovementsuggestions? Please contact ConnectwithInstabridge Free WiFi on: Twitter @ @ Extra Resources:Help Center InstabridgeLite
AOSS lets you easily connect your Android device to yourAirStationwith secure Wi-Fi. This app easily and securely connectsyourAndroid device to a Buffalo AirStation wireless router usingWi-Fi.Follow the instructions and press the AOSS button ontheAirStation. All security (encryption) settings areconfiguredautomatically. Note: If your Android device has Wi-Ficalling (somecarrier models such as T-Mobile, Orange UK, etc.),turn it offduring AOSS setup. Android 6.0 or later requirespermission toaccess location services. Follow the instructions forthe setting.This app does not collect location data. If a devicerunningAndroid 6.0 or later displays the NO_PACKET_SEQ error,disable thedevice's mobile data and try again. Enable mobile dataafter thedevice successfully connects to the AirStation.Troubleshooting: Ifan error occurs, try the actions below. -Restart the Androiddevice. - Restart the AirStation. - Exit allother runningapplications. - Move the device closer to theAirStation and trythe setup procedure again. - Change the wirelesschannel of theAirStation. - If your AirStation is dual-band [2.4GHz (11g) and 5GHz (11a)], switch to 2.4 GHz (11g). - If other appsthat controlthe Wi-Fi connection are installed, try exiting oruninstallingthem. Examples: Wi-Fi Manager app, Wi-Fi Calling app,etc. - Ifother Wi-Fi network settings are already stored, deleteanyunnecessary settings. Tested Versions: Android 2.1 (Eclair)Android2.2 (Froyo) Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) Android 3.0 / 3.1 /3.2(Honeycomb) Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) Android 4.1 / 4.2/4.3 (Jelly Bean) Android 4.4 (KitKat) Android 5.0/5.1(Lollipop)Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) Android 7.0 / 7.1 (Nougat)Android 8.0 /8.1 (Oreo) Android 9.0 (Pie) Android 10 TestedDevices: - Nexus 5 -Nexus 5X - Nexus 6 - Nexus 6P - Nexus 7 (2013)- Nexus 9 - Pixel 3Compatible AirStations (Access Points): Any thatinclude AOSS(AirStation One-touch Secure System) Not compatiblewith theAirStations models below. - WAPM-APG300N - WAPM-AG300N -WHR-AMPGAOSS is a trademark of Buffalo Inc.
WiFi WPS Tester - No Root To Detect WiFi Risk
Infinit Group
Why me? Compare with others, we are a special one. For it doesworkon device Without Root and with Android < 5.0 (Lollipop)What isWPS? The router has a function called WPS. If its WiFi withWPSopen, we can call this wifi 'WPS WiFi'. Unlike password, WPSWiFican be accessed by using 8 digits PIN which is usually fixed.e.g.12345678. People can use PIN to connect WPS WiFi and ignoreanypassword changes. WiFi WPS Tester is a utility which helpsyoudetect the potential risk of the WiFi, which include passwordriskand WPS risk. Shipped with more than 30 PIN algorithms and50000known PINs, WiFi WPS Tester helps you detect the potentialWPSrisk. And with millions of hotspots, WiFi WPS Tester may findthepossible Password risk. We don't store your original key,neitherdo we share with other users. But if your WPS WiFi can beconnectedwithout manual inputs, it is suggesting that you shouldchange thekey to a more complicated one or turn off WPS. How touse? When youopen app,you will always see 4 colors in wifi list.Green - thewifi has been attacked by your device. Red - which mayhavepassword risk, that means you should change password rightnow.Yellow - which may have wps risk, so just turn off WPS. Black-WiFi WPS Tester suppose it is a safe wifi. You can testwithfollowing these steps. 1. Click the wifi item and enter thedetailpage. 2. In detail page, we can click on 'TRY ALL' button totryall untested pin and password. Be patient, it may cost afewminutes. 3. We can also click on one of the items in detailpage.WiFi WPS Tester will only test this and return the resultquickly.4. For PIN, we can click the Plus Sign to test your custompin. 5.If it failed to connect, an error image will appear onitem'sright. Click the image to see the detail reason. Contact usIf youhave any problems, give us feedbacks! We will try our best tohelpyou. 1. Email: 2.Facebook:
Routerkeygen Yolosec 4.1.5
Routerkeygen derivate with UPC router support.Contains alsonewerUPC UBEE generator.UPDATE: Location privilege is requiredbyAndroid 6+ in order to allow app scan for WiFis.The reason istheWiFi scan leaks user location (by WiFi MAC maps) so Androidwon'tallow Routerkeygen Yolosec to scan WiFis without yougrantinglocation privilege for the app.Please note we don't useyour GPS(feel free to verify that in our source codes) nor send anydataanywhere. The application is also Add free!Application scansallWiFi networks in the range for known vulnerabilities indefaultWiFi password. For selected vulnerable network it computesseveralpossible passwords and enables to test them all.Applicationenables to save computed passwords to a file or loadconfigurationfiles for some vulnerabilities (not related to UPC).For this appneeds access to storage. If you are interested in alightweightapplication with 0 required permissions, try our app"UPCkeygen". based on the awesome Routerkeygen Androidapplication. Fororiginal project please referto: for moreinformation.Applicationsource codes are released under GPLv3licensehere: theapplication at your own risk and responsibility. The authortakes noresponsibility for actions taken with this app or damagecaused. Itis only for educational and research purposes and toassess yourhome router security. Do not use the application toconnect tonetworks you are not authorized to, it is illegal.TheApplication isnot intended as a tool for attackers.
WiFi Analyzer (open-source)
Optimize your WiFi network using WiFi Analyzer (open-source)byexamining surrounding WiFi networks, measuring theirsignalstrength as well as identifying crowded channels. Users'privacyand security is a huge concern these days and WiFiAnalyzer(open-source) is designed to use as few permissions aspossible. Itasks for just enough to perform the analysis. Plus, itis all opensource so nothing is hidden! Most notably, thisapplication doesnot require access to internet, so you can be sureit does not sendany personal/device information to any other sourceand it does notreceive any information from other sources. WiFiAnalyzer is underactive development by volunteers. WiFi Analyzer isfree, has no-adsand does not collect any personal information. WiFiAnalyzer is nota WiFi password cracking or phishing tool. Features:- Identifynearby Access Points - Graph channels signal strength -GraphAccess Point signal strength over time - Analyze WiFi networkstorate channels - HT/VHT Detection - 40/80/160MHz (RequiresAndroidOS 6+) - Access Point view complete or compact - EstimatedDistanceto the Access Points - Export access points details - Darkor Lighttheme available - Pause/Resume scanning - Availablefilters: WiFiband, Signal strength, Security and SSID - Vendor/OUIDatabaseLookup Please visit our website for more helpfulinformation: the place to go for bug reports and codecontributions:
Master Wifi Key 2.3
Master WiFi key recovery is the best app to recover the everlostpassword of the WiFi networks that you have connected at leastonceto your device...* You need root to use this application ifyourphone is not rooted...** You need to have connected to thenetworkin the past.** This app cannot "hack" into anunknown/newnetwork.** This application will help you recover thepassword of awireless network you have connected to with yourdevice in thepast...INSTRUCTIONS:It is very simple to use, you justhave tofollow these simple steps...* First you have to install thisapp inyour android device..Now open it and click the startbutton...*Click on the recover key button you will get a list ofwificonnections with thier password...* Click on the password tocopyit...* If your device is not rooted you have to root itfirst...*If your device is already rooted you don't have to rootitagain...* You must have to connected to the network in thepastwith this device.* This is not a hacking App,This is legal andwifipassword remember application.* This app cannot hackintounknown/new network.* I cannot help you with getting root.*Thisapp can turn on your WiFi.* It does not crack the network,MasterWiFi key app only use the MAC/SSID to deduce thepassword...*Master key password recovery app simply read passwordsfrom deviceitself...NOTE:This application does not use or share anykind ofuser personal information with any third party...ThisApplicationneeds root to work...This is a very simple app with userfriendlyinterface...Thanks for using...
The all-in-one Wifi password contains the best and mostpowerfultools. It includes four functions: * List of networksavailable inyour area * Generate a web password, wpa and wpa2 foryour wifirouter * See the connections of your Wi-Fi network *Informationabout your wifi signal
WiFi Dumpper ( WPS Connect ) 2.2.1
With Application WiFi Dumpper you'll can connect to WiFinetworkswhich have WPS protocol enabled. Hacking anything isforbidden inall religions - I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY MISUSE,INTRUSION INTOFOREIGN NETWORKS IS PUNISHABLE BY LAW. WiFi Dumpperis focused onverifying if your router is vulnerable to a defaultPIN. Manyrouters that companies install own vulnerabilities in thisaspect.With this application you can check if your router isvulnerable ornot and act accordingly.WPS: How itworks?The application has two methods to connect: - Root Method:Supported all android version but should be rooted. - NoRootMethod : supports only Android 5 (Lollipop) and up. For Android5(Lollipop) and up: - If you are not rooted you can usetheapplication to connect, but you cannot show password unless youarerooted. - If you are rooted will be alerted to choose eitherRootMethod or No Root Method. , you can show the password usingbothmethods For Android 4.4 and earlier: - You have to be ROOTEDforboth connecting and showing password - If Your are not Rooted,then you cannot use the application For pin connection you needtobe ROOT user in less than Android 5.0 (Lollipop) versions.Theadvantage of being ROOT is that you can show network passwordifthe pin connection is successful we will, otherwise youwillconnect to the network but cannot show it. Each feature willbeenabled or disabled depending on the situation of each terminal.ifyou already know the WPS PIN you can use the app to connect andgetthe password using your PIN =============================***Location Permission is required for Wifi Network ScanningByAndroid*** ============================= NOTICE: Not allnetworksare vulnerable and that the network appears as such doesnotguarantee 100% that it is, several companies have updatedfirmwareof their routers to correct the fault. TRY IT ON YOURNETWORK ANDIF YOU ARE VULNERABLE... REMEDY IT. Turn off WPS andchangepassword for a strong and personalized. --> those with agreentick are most likely vulnerable, have the WPS protocol enabledandthe connection pin is known. It may also be that the router hasWPSdisabled, but the password is known, in this case it alsoappearsin green and can be connected to thekey.============================= Some Samsung models useencryptionand do not show real passwords, they show a long seriesofhexadecimal digits. -- Please understand how the applicationworksbefore giving an assessment. WARNING: Beware of copies of thisappdetected on Google Play, they can be dangerous. Send anyproposal,failure or comment to, thanks.
Free Wifi Password Scan v3.
Free Wifi Password is the best security tool to for your WifiAccesspoint because it generates very secure and powerfulpasswords. Withthis app you can get every information you wantFeatures: * ScanWiFi Networks around by you * Generate secure andlarge passwords *Want to know your IP address, then download thisapp and it givesyou every information about like local IP,external IP, router name,router company name, etc... * Test yourinternet speed with a singleclick, test download and upload speedof your internet * Check allthe devices connected to your Accesspoint
Wifi Password 2018 Generator 5.0
Wifi Password 2018 Generator is a free app that will help youtoincrease your wireless router network security generating foryourandom alphanumeric passwords. After this you just have to copyitand set it to your router. Notice this is NOT a hacking apptosteal third people wifi passwords. Why it works? because aslongerand difficult is a wifi password harder to hack with a bruteforceattack. Also contains a function to check the wpa wps orwepsecurity of your actual passwords the results could begood,regular or dangerous. If you like this app please leave acommentor a rating thank you!
Wifi Search Free Open 3.1
Find quickly and immediately all the wireless open networkswithoutpassword and free where you can connect from your smartphone. Withthis application does not you'll have to search amongthe hundredsof nearby wireless networks those to which you canconnect withoutpassword. With just a click you can see it andconnect free. Also,you can see in detail the network parameters youchoose. If,moreover, that open wireless network is yours, theapplication willallow you to generate a strong password and PIN WPSif you decideto block potential hackers attacks. The applicationwill allow you,too, see the rest of available wireless networks,with all possibleavailable data, such as the SSID, MAC, encryption(WEP, WPA, WPA2 /WPS), frequency, signal strength wifi received andthe channel onwhich you are working. It contains advertising fromotherapplications that may be of interest.
Free Wifi Password ( 2017 ) 15.0
Free Wifi Password ( 2017 ) is a security tool that helps youtogenerate a long random alpahanumeric password to provide youabetter security in your wifi network. Notice this app willNOThack, steal or retrieve to you any 3rd party wifi networkpasswordit's just a security tool to help you to incrase yoursecuritygenerating long random passwords that you have to set itmanuallyto your router or copy paste from the app. For example incase of ahacking brute force attack is most difficult to hack alongercombined numbers and characters password than a normal one.Thepuropose of this app is help you in this task. Also FreeWifiPassword 2017 contains other few features like check the macofwifi networks arround you, or the kind of security like wep,wpaand other useful information. If you find this applicationusefulplease leave a comment or rating thanks.
osmino: FREE Wi-Fi Map Lite - lightweight version of thelegendaryapp osmino Wi-Fi. This is a free Wi-Fi access around theworld -more than 20 million wifi hotspots on WiFi map. With thehelp ofthis easy WiFi-manager you can automatically join free WiFiandshare public and private WiFi networks. Automatic searchandconnection to public WiFi networks start with one tap. Noanycomplicated settings nor terms. You can check the nearestpublichotspots on our WiFi map. You get an automatic access toavailableWiFi hotspots. Without having to know any parameters andnetworksettings – osmino WiFi will do it for you. You can alsoshare thepassword to a known WiFi network and make it available tootherosmino users, just select "Share" and agree by filling checkbox.Information about public hotspots is automatically set onmap,according to the data received from users’ devices. Whenyouconnect to any public network we receive on our server thenetworklocation, name and access settings and automatically show iton themap. This is how we create the use-proven public WiFihotspots mapbased on users’ data. The more users subscribe toosmino, the moredisposable wifi hotspots appear on the map. Thereare alreadynearly 20 000 000 wifi hotspots on osmino map in morethan 50countries. More than 3 000 000 hotspots in USA Over 3 000000 wifihotspots in Korea Nearly 600 000 hotspots in Mexico andover 400000 in Brazil more than 1.5 million hotspots with passwordsinRussia about 170 thousand wifi hotspots in Ukraine 400 000hotspotson the map of Italy, 200 000 on the map of Spain, Francehas morethan 550,000 hotspots, Germany - 350 000 about 100 000wifihotspots in India more than 300 000 wifi spots in Thailand,about50 000 wifi networks in Colombia, 100 000 hotspots inIndonesia andTurkey in each, more than 550 000 wifi hotspots withpasswords onJapan map.
This application it is only a security tool to help youincreaseyour security by generating random passwords that you mustmanuallyconfigure on your Wi-Fi router. Main features: * Thealgorithmgenerates WEP, WPA, WPA2 with a high level ofauthentication. *Sort the list of networks by proximity, open, sid,mac, security,channel and frequency. * Show Wi-Fi networkinformation.
WPS WPA Wifi Test 2.0
WPS WPA Wifi Test WiFi WPS Tester is a utility which helpsyoudetect the potential risk of the WiFi, which include passwordriskand wps risk. In this application you can check if your routerisvulnerable or not. if you realize someone has security problemyoumust inform immediately. I am not responsible for the misusethatcan be given.
WiFi Magic Key-Free WiFi Connection Manager 3.9.4
Millions of wifi hotspots! By WIFI Magic Key app, you can connecttofree wifi. Just click ‘WiFi Connect’,then you can auto connectit orshare this wifi .Also Magic Key is the best wifi scanner andwifimagic key manager! Use and enjoy it.-WIFI Magic Key providemillionsof wifi hotspots& Free wifi Password -One click:freewifiscanning and connection -Personal network analyzer andsecurityguard by magic.-Share wifi password safely and fastthrough magickeyFeatures:1.Free WiFiHotspot-Free WiFi ConnectionManager providesmillions of free wifi hotspots& wifi passwordnearby, you canconnect to wifi without knowing wifipassword.2.SafeWiFiHotspot-Free WiFi Connection Manager providestrusted wifiservices. Only free wifi and wifi shared by owners canbeconnected.3.Easy and fastJust one click, connect wifi and sharewifipassword. Hotspot-Free WiFi Connection Manager will detectwifiautomatically.4.Share HotspotWIFI Magic Key has a powerfulfeatureto share :If you know the current wifi password, you canshare thepassword to other people through the shareHotspot.🏆ConnectWiFi:Scanning free WiFi hotspot around you, thewifi manager allowsyou to connect to WiFi hotspot by one click,without knowing wifipassword. Wi-Fi connection will be safety andquickly. Hotspot-FreeWiFi Connection Manager helps you get Wi-Fipassword stored on yourserver or shared by other users.🏆ShareWiFi:You can share Free WiFiwith others easy and fastShare freeWi-Fi: You can add Free Wi-Fihotspot by sharing the Wi-Fi passwordwith other users.Sharepersonal WiFi hotspot: Turn your mobilephone into a router andshare your mobile network with yourfriends.🏆WiFi security:WiFiconnection will be safety and trusted."WiFi Hotspot-WiFi Master KeyManager" can analyze the network andhelp you away from unsafe Wi-Fihotspot and ensure the safety offree WI-FI connection when you arein a unfamiliar environment .Therange of Security detection isEncrypt Detecting, ARP Detecting,DNSDetecting.Please rate us withfive stars to show us your love!Andplease feel free to contact usif you have any problem orsuggestion.We are ready to
WPS App Connect 1.3
This protocol allows you to connect to a WiFi network usingan8-digit pin number that usually is predefined in the router,theproblem is that the pin of many routers from different companiesisknown or is known how to calculate itWith this application youcanconnect to WiFi networks that have the WPS protocol enabled.Thisfeature was only available in version 4.1.2 ofAndroid.Applicationdeveloped for educational purposes. I am notresponsible for themisuse that can be given to you.Licensed underCC BY-NC-ND4.0license: isfocused on verifying if your router is vulnerable to adefault PIN.Many of the routers that the companies install,havevulnerabilities regarding the PIN that they use. Withthisapplication you will be able to check if your router isvulnerable,or not, and act accordingly.It includes default PINs forknownrouters, as well as algorithms such as Zhao Chesung(ComputePIN)and Stefan Viehböck (easyboxPIN), among others.Testedon:- LG G2-Nexus 5- Samsung Galaxy s3/s4/s5/s7- Lenovo Zuk Z2-SamsungJ5/J7-UMIDIGI Z1IMPORTANT:A list Of default pin will beaddedsoon.Before giving a rating, understand what the applicationis for
Download the best wifi password app to generate secure andrandompassword for any type of security. With this app you canselect anytype security and generate passwords. Generate securepassword andsecure your wifi network from hacking. Features: Scannetworksaround by you. Generate password for your wifi router.Select anytype of security like WEP, WPA, WPA2. Direct copy paste.This appis not for cracking or hacking any kind of password thefunction ofthis app is to generate passwords.
Free WiFi App: WiFi map, passwords, hotspots 7.06.32
Free online and offline WiFi maps with passwords, public andprivatehotspots all around the world! Works even with noInternetconnection! osmino Free WiFi App - it's 120 million freeWiFihotspots! Fast and free internet wherever you are! Free andeasyway to find WiFi passwords! Offline maps and passworddatabaseavailable immediately and for free! osmino WiFi - a managertosearch public wifi hotspots and passwords to privatenetworksaccross the world. Download offline maps of the whole worldwithWiFi passwords or download just one region you need with allWiFihotspots. It's free! There are already nearly 120 000 000wifihotspots on osmino map in more than 50 countries: More than 5000000 hotspots in USA Over 3 000 000 wifi hotspots in KoreaNearly600 000 hotspots in Mexico and over 400 000 in Brazil morethan 3million hotspots with passwords in Russia about 170 thousandwifihotspots in Ukraine 500 000 hotspots on the map of Italy, 400000on the map of Spain, France has more than 600,000 hotspots,Germany- 450 000 about 200 000 wifi hotspots in India more than 700000wifi spots in Vietnam, about 100 000 wifi networks in Poland,200000 hotspots in Indonesia and Turkey in each, more than 700000wifi hotspots with passwords on Japan map. You can checkthenearest public networks on our Wi-Fi hotspot map. It's verysimplenow to connect to WiFi - our WiFi map is always close athand. Onour WiFi map you can easily find the nearest WiFi hotspots,wifipasswords, reviews about WiFi connection and places where WiFiislocated. You can also share the wifi password to a knownnetworkand make it available to other osmino Free WiFi App users,justselect "Share". Staying connected on the go has never beeneasier!osmino WiFi App is an innovative solution to find freeWi-Fihotspots anywhere in the world. No surprise the osmino WiFiApp isan absolute success among travellers! On our WiFi map you canfindAmerican major networks WiFi full information: Xfinity wifi -over3 mln WiFi hotspots in the USA Optimum WiFI - over 600thousandWiFis in the USA Cable WiFi - over 600 thousand WiFis inthe USATWC WiFi - over 300 thousand WiFis in the USA AT&T -over 200thousand WiFis in the USA All the above listed WiFinetworksprovide free internet access with time or traffic limits.This freeinternet access is enough to check your messengers, emailor usenavigation. Information about public hotspots isautomatically seton map, according to the data received from users’devices. Whenyou share some private network password the hotspotwill beautomatically added on the map as well. So we create theuse-provenpublic Wi-Fi hotspots map based on users’ data. The moreuserssubscribe to osmino, the more disposable wifi hotspots thereare onthe map. Heading for a new place? Going abroad? Don’t want topayfor roaming? Then discover available Wi-Fi hotspots in pointofyour destination on Wi-Fi map. Enjoy your trip and free andfastinternet across the world. Warning! It's not a Wi-Fi hackerapp! Ifosmino WiFi doesn’t run on you device or there are anybugs,please, contact us at
A powerful password generator find a key for you. The app youcansearch for networks around. You can find out all open networksoftheir city. In the list of wifis you can view information suchasSID, MAC, channel, frequency, intensity. Security type:-64/128/152/160/256/504 bit WEP. - WPA 64/128/152/160/256/504bits.- WPA2 64/128/152/160/256/504 bits. Once connected you can useyourdevice to create a hotspot network. Prevent hackers fromenteringyour wireless network using this password on your router.If theuse is daily has an option to remove ads. Protect yourmobile,tablet of the hacker or cracker. It includes widget toensure quickaccess. It is optimized for Android phones and tablets.Compatiblewith Android 4.0 to 6.0.1. Enjoy this free software.
WPS WPA WiFi Tester (No Root)
Test if your router is vulnerable through WPS bruteforceattack.Find the WPA key! Features: -Pin Bruteforce (from pin topin)-Restore previous saved session -Different CalculatingAlgorithmsfor default pins -Password Recovery (ROOT ONLY)-Decrypt"wpa_supplicant" Passwords (ROOT ONLY) -Copy savedPasswords-Offline Pin Calculator And more: -No data collected Ifyour routeris vulnerable, this app will allow you to try differentdefaultpins or simply to bruteforce a WPS router. You can easilyrestoreyour password: this app shows stored password, and it candecryptthe wpa_supplicant file in which they are saved! !THIS APPIS MADETO TEST YOUR OWN ROUTER! PRIVACYPOLICY
WiFi Password 3.10.2
Millions of free wifi available, one click to connect wifi,withoutknowing wifi password! -Millions of wifi hotspots -Oneclick:freewifi connection -Personal network security guard -Sharewifipassword safely -Scan the current wifi, detect wifisecurityFeatures: 1.Free WiFi "WiFi Password " provide millions offreewifi hotspot nearby, you can connect to wifi without knowingwifipassword. 2.Safe WiFi "WiFi Password " provide trustedwifiservices. Only free wifi and wifi shared by users can be findandconnect. 3.Easy and fast Just one click, connect wifi andsharewifi password. "WiFi Password " will detect wifiautomatically.4.Security Test “WiFi Password” provide securitytest,click currentconnected wifi,you can detect current wifisecurity. Declairation:All shared WiFi password are unrevealed toinsure safety andprivacy of users. 🏆Connect WiFi: Search free WiFihotspot aroundyou,one click connect to WiFi hotspot,without knowingwifipassword.Wi-Fi connection will be safety andquickly."WiFiPassword" helps you inquire Wi-Fi password stored onour server andwifi password shared by other users. 🏆Share WiFi: Youcan shareFree WiFi with others with simple operation. Share freeWi-Fi: Youcan add Free Wi-Fi hotspot by sharing the Wi-Fi passwordwith otherusers. Share personal WiFi hotspot:Turn your mobile phoneinto arouter and share your mobile network with your friends.🏆WiFisecurity: WiFi connection will be safety and trusted.WiFiPasswordwill be unrevealed and "WiFi Password " can help you awayfromunsafe Wi-Fi hotspot and ensure the safety of connected Wi-Fiwhenyou in a unfamiliar environment . The range of Securitydetectionis Encrypt Detecting,ARP Detecting,DNS Detecting. Rate uswith fivestars to show us your love! And please feel free tocontact us ifyou have any problems or suggestion to WiFiPassword.We are readyto help. Our
WiFi Password Viewer (ROOT) 1.5
✖ WiFi Password Viewer doesn't discover the WiFi passwords! ✔WiFiPassword Viewer shows only the password of WiFi networks towhichyou have been connected! Warning: ROOT access is required.Somedevices (e.g. Samsung) encrypt WiFi passwords, so that no appcanshow them clearly. To show them, please, following theinstructionin the Welcome AlertDialog in the app orhere: collaboration. N. B.: it's impossible to make anapplication toshow WiFi passwords without requiring root, as ithas to read a filethat is in an inaccessible location withoutadministrator privileges(/data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf).WiFi Password Viewer isavailable in: 🇬🇧 English 🇮🇹 Italian AboutWiFi Password Viewer •XDA-Developers:•GadgetHacks:•TuttoAndroid:•AndroidWorld: request, report or other, please, send me an email beforeleavea negative review ( Otherwise, Iftheapplication helped you, consider to leave a positive review.Thanksfor your support.
This application allows you to create a random passwordthatprotects your wireless network.EncryptionType:64-bitWPA.64/128/152/256 bit WEP.WPA2 160/256/504 bits.Protectyournetwork to browse quietly.
Oi WiFi 4.9.6
Oi WiFi is the service for accessing Oi’s wirelessnetwork,available in airports, hotels, restaurants, cafes,stadiums,touristic attractions and in big events sponsored by Oi.Millionsof hotspots allover Brazil in a network that doesn’t stopgrowing.Who can have access? Premium Access: If you are an OiCustomer withan eligible plan* to Oi WiFi or bought a pass you willbe able toaccess the network without additional publicity.(*Eligible plans:postpaid Customers, broadband customer, OiControle customers andprepaid customers with active credits) Accesswith publicity: Ifyou are not an Oi customer or do not have one ofthe eligible plansyou will be able to connect to Oi WiFi on yourdevice withadditional publicity, while you are connected. Rememberjoining the“access with publicity” option so you can navigate. Isfree, is foreveryone. The App: The Oi WiFi app is an essential toolfor thosewho want to stay connected. Download the app and it willdo all thework. After validating your access at the first time, theapp willdetect the Oi WiFi network on the range of your smartphoneand willconnect you automatically. It is also possible to check theclosesthotspots on the map or to search for a location.Newfunctionalities and evolutions have been incorporated,turningeverything easier. And new features are coming! New look: Wewantto stimulate interaction. The power of connecting people is oneofthe missions of Oi WiFi. We believe that connection +interactionbring new possibilities. Intelligent login: Insert yourphonenumber and the app does the rest. You don’t remember yourCPF/IDnumber during your login? We send you a SMS. Forgot yourpassword?Recover it using the app. Facebook login: Associate yourFacebookaccount once and your next accesses will be done in asimple way,without having to login on the portal or remember yourpassword.P.S.: We never post anything on your timeline ;)Ongoingevaluation: We want to know your opinion to improve ourservices.You may receive a request through a notification toevaluate us.Compliments, Suggestions and Critics are always welcometo improveour product. We will also keep an eye on the Google Playreviews.#ConnectedIsBetter
Wifi Password Show 2.3.2
Congratulation! Wifi Password Show is over 5 millions download.★Note: Require ROOTED★ Need to re-connect your new device toWiFinetwork, but forgot your password? Want to share a WiFipasswordwith your friend? Use FREE Wifi Password Show to view allWifiPassword when you need them with just one click! Share withfriendsthrough SMS or Email. Yes, just that easy! FREE WifiPassword Showfeatures: ❶ Show SSID and Password; ❷ Copy WiFiPassword toClipboard (to be able to paste anywhere); ❸ Sharepassword via SMSor Email; ❹ Share password in Fullscreen mode. ❺ QRCode GeneratorWiFi Access ❻ WiFi Password Recovery Please Note: ①Only works onROOTED devices (needs super-user permissions). ② Isnot a WiFipassword cracker. NOT intended to crack WiFi networks. ③Needsprevious access to WiFi networks with your device toretrievepasswords. ④ With samsung device if it show hex code inpassword,please do follow: "I fixed the issue. This is a commonissue onSamsung phones. I opened /system/build.prop file andchanged theline ro.securestorage=true to false and rebooted. Nowyour appshows actual passwords and not hex string." Thank to JudeDahi! ✔Please understand that FREE Wifi Password Show is a free appandcontains ads to support develop cost. ✔ Why FREE Wifi PasswordShowonly works on a rooted device? Because your device storesWiFipasswords when you connect to a new WiFi network. You are notableto access the passwords and retrieve them unless youhavesuper-user permissions. Checkout here for more information onroot: ✔ If youwant theapp support your language, please help us translate fromEnglish toyour language by access the link below. Thankyou! ✔ Please contact tophuongpnitvn@gmail.comfor any issues you may have; and do give us 5stars if you like us!Thanks & enjoy!
Wi-Fi Manager for Wear OS (Android Wear) 1.0.200519
Add Wi-Fi connections and enter passwords directly on your WearOS(Android Wear) smartwatch. View WiFi connection details. UsetheWi-Fi radar to get an overview of active networks. With thefullversion you can also sign in to public Wi-Fi hotspots andusestatic IP settings for Wi-Fi connections. With this fullfeaturedWi-Fi manager you will get the most out of your AndroidWearsmartwatch's Wi-Fi capabilities. NOTE: All those featuresworkwithout your phone. So if you left your phone at home and itisconnected to the internet there, you can still connect yourwatchto a new Wi-Fi network allowing you to get notifications, useallapps on your watch, ... Features: - Scan for nearby Wi-Finetworks- WiFi radar - Connect to new networks - Enter passwordsdirectlyon your Android Wear smartwatch without your phone -Support forWPA, WEP and EAP security - View connection details:Link speed,frequency, channel, IP address, signal level - Forgetnetworkconnections - Connect to and disconnect networks - DisableWi-Fi -Card with details for active Wi-Fi connection - Card whensign inis required Full version features: - Sign in to publicWi-Fihotspots which have a captive portal. Note: At this timethisfeature only works for Android Wear 1.x and you need the WIBappinstalled: static IP settings for networks - Configurable cardsandother settings Supported smartwatches include all Wear OS(AndroidWear) smartwatches with Wi-Fi support: e.g. - SonySmartWatch 3 -Motorola Moto 360 - Fossil Q (Explorist, Marshal,Founder, Venture,Wander, ...) - Ticwatch (E, S) - Michael Kors(Bradshaw, Sophie,...) - Huawei Watch (2, Leo-BX9, Leo-DLXX, ...) -LG Watch (Urbane,Sport, R, Style, …) - ASUS ZenWatch (2, 3) - TAGHeuer ...and manymore If your watch is not listed, please check ifyour Smartwatchruns Wear OS (former Android Wear). Note: The squareLG watch andZenwatch 1 do not support WiFi and do not work withthis app
Free Wifi Password Secure 3.0.1
The most important security for Wifi access point is password ifthepassword is large and secure then it will be very difficult tohackwifi. Wifi password secure is the best security tool for yourwifirouter because it generates random, secure and largepasswords. Thisapp gives you every information about your wificonnection With thisapp you can check Who is connected to my Wifi.Get every informationabout your IP address for example: externalIP, local IP, Gateway,longitude and latitude, etc... Scan Wifinetwork list around by youand get every information on thatnetwork list Check the signalstrength of networks around by youThis app do not crack any kind ofwifi password developer will notbe responsible for any kind odmisuse of this app.
Momio 64.1
Momio ApS
Momio is a fun, safe social media for under 18-year-olds! Findnewfriends and hang out with the ones you already have! Dressyourmomio, decorate your room, chat with friends and share stuff.Playwith your cute animo, watch YouTube videos and have a laughwiththe others! Use Momio to: · Make posts and get comments! ·Styleyour momio to look amazing! · Decorate your room just the wayyoulike it! · Chat with your friends! · Take care of your cuteanimoand play games with it! · Climb levels and get prizes! · Getlotsof new friends! · Watch entertaining YouTube videos! · Getfreediamonds and surprises every day! You decide what your ownmomiolooks like! You can style your momio exactly the way you wantto.There are clothes for both boys and girls! Momio cares a lotaboutyour safety and makes sure everybody has a good time! Bulliesarenot welcome. Momio is for kids and you have to be less than18years old to use it. Momio - Always among friends! HI PARENTS!Wedo the best we can to keep our users safe on Momio, but weneedyour help! Go through our rules and safety features together,andfrequently ask your kid how it's going on Momio, just as youaskhow it is going in school. Momio is designed as a firstsocialmedia experience. It's a safe place to practice what it meansto beon social media. We don't share your child's informationwithothers, and we don't save anything that we don't have tosave.Children on Momio have usernames, so they don't have to sharetheirreal names with anyone. To ensure kids a good night’s sleep,Momiois closed at night. There are clear rules on Momio. Forexample badlanguage, bullying, hurting others' feelings or postingsomethingof a sexual nature is not allowed. If a child breaks theserules,our police officer Jack sends a message explaining what wentwrongand why it's not OK. Jack also regularly shares safety tipswiththe kids and encourages them to think how to behave wellandresponsibly on the internet. If you have any questions,ourwell-trained support team is ready to help. Read more about usandour safety at - and don't forget tocheckout our blog! We give out tips and explanations regardingchildrenand the internet. You can even sign up for a newsletter!FOLLOW US!Follow Momio on social media - we'll be so happy!Instagram: For parents:Twitter:
WYFI Connect 1.3.14
WYFI, Inc.
WYFI is the easiest AND most secure way to connect to yourfriendswifi. Step 1. - Add your network and password to WYF Connectsothat all of your Facebook friends can connect to itautomatically.Step 2. - Download your friends wifi and connect toall of theirnetworks automatically. Step 3. - Never have to type awifipassword again!By downloading and using WYFI you areindicatingthat you have read the Privacy Policy and agree to theTerms ofService posted at respectively.
WiFi Password 1.2.2
Zoomy Studio
Benifit from hundreds of thousands of Zoomy owned WiFi hotspotsinsouth east asia and other countries, our App not only includesfreeWiFi and hotspots with passwords shared by our users all aroundtheworld, but also help you to connect to Zoomy WiFi hotspotsdirectlywhich are exclusive. the availability will beautomaticallydetected,and the connection just need One Click byZoomy WiFi.Features & Advantages:★ Biggest free WiFi serviceprovider insouth east Asia★ Auto detect the Free WiFi nearby, andjust OneClick can make the connection★ Very small package size, andFast.★App Lock can lock Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, SMS,Contacts,Gallery, or any other apps you choose. With App Lock, onlyyou cansee the apps you protect. Protect your privacy is easierthanever.★ Manage the router’s connection devices and check thedeviceinfo.NoticeIf you were misled to download Zoomy WiFi(likeSave yourbattery life,against viruses, adware), please givefeedback to usand don't download our Apps. Meanwhile, it's reallyhelpful if youcould find out the trouble maker together with us.Our
ARP Guard (WiFi Security) 2.6.4
First Row
Many has heard about such things, as the session hijaking,wifikill, steal cookies, or a spoofing of network traffic. It canbe along talk about what can do the dirty dog with necessary toolsinopen networks... This application is designed for anyone whoisserious about the security of personal data and does not intendtotolerate such antics in open wi-fi networks. Base functions:•Protection from any network attacks, beginning with thearpspoofing/arp poisoning. • Three Program modes(warning,invulnerability, recovery). • Auto Off Wifi when itdetects anattack in non-root mode carried out on you (set out insettings). •Notification about attack (vibration, sound, a noticecontaininginformation on the attack). • When superuser mode isavailable toyou, making your device immune to such attacks (using astaticgateway address). There is no need of such like warning inthismode. Extra features available for unlocking: • Functionsofpermanent job, allow you to add an application to the startup,aswell as to prohibit the system to unload the program frommemory.Once the application is launched, you can no longer worryaboutpersonal information. • AD removal from the application.
Wifi Test 4.0
Hùng Minh
Connect wifi networks using WPS and Test if your wps isvulnerablefrom this algorithm (No Root) This feature was onlyavailable inversion Lollipop and Marshmallow Note: if you usersingmarshmallowyou can turn on GPS before scan wifi
WiFi Master - by 4.7.67
With a hundreds of millions of free Wi-Fi hotspots shared byourusers globally, you can connect to free Wi-Fi with WiFi Master( - LinkSure Singapore)! Find & Connect tosharedWiFi hotspots in one click. Easy and safe. THE WIFIMASTEREXPERIENCE - Cost Savings: Save data costs by connecting tofreeshared WiFi hotspots. - Easy and Fast: Connect WiFi in oneclickand enjoy Internet! - Safe and Secured: All shared passwordare notrevealed. It is encrypted to protect sharer’s privacy andsecurity.- Easy to understand in your own language: Available in19languages across 200+ countries and regions. English,Thai,BahasaIndonesia, Malay, Vietnamese, Simplified Chinese,TraditionalChinese TW,Traditional Chinese HK, Japanese, Korean,Portuguese,Spanish, Russian, Arabic,Turkish, Hindi, French,Italian,German...more languages coming soon. Disclaimer: WiFiMaster is nota hacking tool. It does not assist in unlockingpasswords of Wi-Fihotspots that are not shared by the users.Hacking is illegal. Withour growing community of over 800 millionmonthly active users(MAU) , we aim to build a trusted platform foreverybody to enjoythe Internet. So, come join the world’s largestWiFi sharingcommunity today! If you don’t find shared hotspot yet,don’t worry,give the community some time to grow. There will bemore and moreshared WiFi to help you get connected online and surfthe Internetfree! Rate us to show us your love! It means a lot tokeep usgoing! Have a question? Wanna leave a feedback orsuggestion? Sure,we’d love to hear them— tell us here or on ourFacebook page! Spread theword, and keepsharing WiFi!
Droidbug Pentesting & Forensic FREE 7.0
Droidbug Pentestingis an innovative tool developed by the teamofBugtraq. The main features of this apk, is that it has morethan200 Android and Linux tools (PRO) for pentesting andforensicsthrough its Smarthphone or tablet.As other Bugtraqprojects we arealways trying to bring the best tools in hissection. Bugtroidoffers you a big range of section for a completeethicalhacking.Some of the section you will find:- Anonimity&Investigation- Enumeration- DDOS- Remote- Vulnerabilitydetection-Pentesting- Sniffers- Brute force attack- Commnunication-ForensicsAnalysisWe have been adapted Bugtraq-2 blackwidow toARMTechnology, creating this wonderfull application forethicalhackers.In bugtraq we have working hard to get allpentesting toolsfor android. The resulta is more than 200 tools forethical hackingno matter where you are, no laptop neededAt the sametime you canfind Linux tool that have been compiled in ARM to haveti avaliblein you Android, without needed a virtual emulatorforlinux.***Android version compatible: 2.x, 3.x , 4.X, 5.Xand6.X***ROOT needed***Network Access needed (For the license)
Free Internet Wifi Connect 3.3.3
Easy way inc.
This App provides Free WiFi on the go. It makes sure that youarealways connected to Internet. We have a Free WiFi communitywithmore than 10 million people that share their internet and bydoingso they also get access to free internet all around the globe.Itgives you access to millions of open hotspots and WiFi's nearyoualong with the directions to reach to internet access point.Itensures the privacy of our community member by not showingthepasswords to the other user in community. Also this appwillconnect you to your favourite networks by giving them priorityinthe auto connect service. So, do share internet with othersandalso get access to internet shared by others and jointhecommunity.
Avast Wi-Fi Finder 2.3.1
Avast Wi-Fi Finder helps you locate fast, reliable Wi-Finetworksnear you, so you don’t have to eat into your data plan.Simply turnon the Wi-Fi Finder map to see free, public hotspotsnearby, andconnect as quickly and as easily as you would athome.Features■Millions of active hotspots■ Wi-Fi passwords providedby the Avastcommunity■ Internet speed test■ Find devices vianetwork scan■Wi-Fi Security Scan■ Offline Mode■ SmartConnectSophisticated setof Wi-Fi tools & scanners give you afull overview of the Wi-Finetwork you’re connected to:✔ Is thehotspot fast enough to watchYouTube or just checking Facebook? Runa reliable Speed Test tofind out.✔ Is someone stealing yourinternet bandwidth? FindConnected Devices network scanner providesinstant answers bylisting all devices connected to the network.✔ Isthe Wi-Fi hacked?Wi-Fi Security Scan finds potential security holesand issues onthe network.✔ Offline Mode - downloads a list ofhotspots to yourdevice and finds the best Wi-Fi even without aconnection. Perfectfor traveling abroad and saving on your mobiledata. ✔ SmartConnect - finds, tests, and connects you to the bestInternet inyour area.
WiFi HaCker Simulator 2020 - Get password PRO 3.3.3
WiFi Hacker Simulator App is a joke application that givestheimpression that you can hack a Wi-Fi network. This jokeapplicationcreates the illusion that it can hack secure wirelessnetworksprotected by WEP, AES or WPA2. It does not actually harm orbreaksin wireless networks. But it is an awesome tool to impressyourfriends and with whom you can have fun. It makes you look likeacompetent pirate and a technical genius. This is a verycharmingfarce to play on your friends. How to use it: This tool hasawireless network scanner (the wireless scanner) that can detectallwifi hotspots in the range, with good or bad signal. Thedetectedwireless networks are displayed in a list of WiFinetworkidentifiers. Select the ID of one of the wireless networksin thislist. After a simulated hacking of a generated fake passwordwillbe displayed, as if the target network has been burglarized.Seehow your friends are surprised by your hacker talent andenjoy!DISCLAIMER: Once again, as stated above, please remember thatthisapp is not a real pirate tool. Displayed passwords aregeneratedrandomly. To truly hack into networks is illegal andimmoral. Ifyou like this app, we evaluate and maybe write us a fewlines. Yourcomments will be greatly appreciated.
Free WiFi Connect Internet Connection & Speed Test 3.0
Free WiFi Connect Internet Connection & Speed Test Bestfreewifi network manager have a function free wifi analyzer managerappfor android phone. Free wifi ethernet bandwidth speed checkereasyto use freewifi connect. Free WiFi auto connect with noroot,without data or internet connection network. Be able to pick afreewifi booster connect download upload speed booster by checksignalinterference strength graph. Wifi Free Connection Everywherewithyou free wi-fi connect internet enables any android smart phonetosearch for open WiFi network wi fi the one thatautomaticallyconnect to wifi easy n fast. Free wi-fi finder appwill findhotspot wifi connectors open connect network and free autoconnectfaster, find access manage connection networks master. wifimapscanner available for free wifi wlan connect open networkmasterfree wifi anywhere, anytime, everywhere, on the go for youandeveryone forever, connect to WiFi passwords for FREEinternetaccess free zone connect free open wifi no password.SPEEDTEST& Internet Speed Booster optimizes your Internetacceleratorconnection ! Check Wifi Internet Speed Booster Test cantestingspeed for cellular, WiFi hotspots, GPRS, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G,LTE, DSLand ADSL modem with just one tap boost speed, accuratereport,tests WiFi autoconnect speed in seconds fast master versionislite. Wifi Connection FEATURE - Search WiFi connect SSID name.andshow Password for easy viewing and sharing with others -Autoswitch between different AP. - Static IP settings support. -Scanyour wireless network for access points. - Sort WiFi hotspotbyname or level. - Show the wifi signal strength in history graph.-Fast Free wireless or AP Scanner. - easy for 1 tab Turn on andturnoff WiFi Connect. - hold text for Copy WiFi Password toClipboard.- Automatically login to AP around you , including securehotspots.- Switch between saved networks when signal is not ideal.- FreeAnalyze function : , overlapping, latency.DNS resolving, WPS-Support for Android 4.0 or above devices. and Tablet support.-Wifi Booster function 1 click for Booster you signal. SpeedTestFEATURE - Discover your Download, Upload and Ping. - testsdownloadspeed (downlink). - tests upload speed (uplink). - HistoryRecordof results speed test show time ping upload download speed.-Supports MBPS/KBPS. - show IP address display. - Easily shareyourresults. - Help make finding free WiFi Hotspots with fastnetworkconnections. - Compare your different 3g, 4g, LTE cell speedtests.**Please note this Free WiFi Connect Internet Connection&Speed Test Checker app is not a wifi password hacker orWIFIBooster Signal. only tools for finder show you availablenetworksif there is any. It doesn't connection to secured network.It takescare of only open networks in your area.
WiFi Hacker : WIFI WPS WPA Hacker Prank 1.7
You can use it to trick your friends that you can hack intotheirprivate wifi network. Wifi Password Hacker is a new free wifiappwhich allows you to pretend to break the password of allthenetworks nearby and gain the access. It looks professional anditis the best app to prank your friends. Just run this app intheirhouse and select their wireless network name. Fake passwordwill bedisplayed, but they will think that you have just brokeninto theirnetwork!  you can show your friends that WifiPassword hackeris a application that help you hack password of awifi network.WiFi Password Hacker makes it look like you can hackany WiFinetwork.  Wifi password hacker prank is a brand newloosesoftware permits you to fake to break the password of allnearbywireless networks to benefit the get entry to.  Itjustpresents a fancy animations and nothing else. So it is notharmfulto the network. You can trick your friends that you can hackWEPpassword , WPA2 Password and AES password also . By way of thewifihacker 2016 simulated make idiot your buddies. Afterfancyanimations you may see the faux passwords of all hackednetworks.This application will show you all available wifi networksand willclick on it, a real like processing will start and at theend apassword will be shown. It makes you look like a proficienthackerand a technical genius. This is a very delightful prank toplay onyour friends.  This app will work like WEP passwordgeneratorand will show you some fake password of a wifi around you.WifiHacker Prank is the best way to prank your friends intothinkingyou are a technical genius and show off as if are hackerofpasswords. Wifi Prank has very good UI and you appear to be averyprofessional techie to your friends. Easy to fool and Prankyourfriends with this prank application.  WiFi password Hackerisa hacking app for fun only. Represent yourself as a Hacker andmakefun with your friends and family.  This application willshowyou all available wifi networks and will click on it, a reallikeprocessing will start and at the end a password will be shown.Thisfun app is just to impress your friends and family that youcanhack any wifi password without knowing the pre-shared wifi key.Youcan act like a genius and technical hacker infront of themusingthis awesome prank tool to crack wifi security. How to Use: -Tostart with, this hack tool shows you the list of the availablewifinetworks near you with the help of wifi scanner. - From theshowedlist, select the network that you want to hack for thefun.  -Now select the wi-fi network and our password app willsome you anyof the random numbers as a pre-shared wifi key. - Youcan tap thepassword just to create an illusion that you areconnecting to thenetwork in real. This wifi hacking is just forprank it will justshow you list of wifi networks around you andpretend to be hackingWEP, WPA2 or AES.You can use it to trick yourfriends that you canhack into their private wifi network. Thank You!!!
Wifi Password Hacker Prank 5.0
Disclaimer: Wifi Password Breaker is a simulated app for free,itcannot crack any wifi password. The simulation of passwordcrackingis just for fun. Wifi Password Hacker Prank simulates theprocessof hacking any wireless network with your phone. Just onekey tobreak the wifi and hack all the passwords. So it is a funnyappused to prank your friends and have fun. Your friend willbesurprise to see this amazing thing happen. You will lookawesomeand professional. Instruction Detect the wireless networksnearbyand then select the one you want to hack. After that thebreakinganimation and start, wait for a while and this will comeout adialog with the wifi password.