Top 49 Games Similar to Wobbly Bloxx

Tower builder 1.9
Build the highest tower of blocks.Building your constructionseemseasy, but it takes some skills, balance and best timing forbuildthe highest one.It's okay if the tower falls, you can enjoytheview of the falling blocks.How to Play● Tap to drop a block.●Stackup the blocks and construct a tower.● Monitor the balance andthedeclination of the tower.● Undo the mistake if you doit.BuildingGame features● Easy and fun to play, hard to predict theresult.●Multiple scenes, environment and weathers.● The music isawesome.●Physics-based, test your tower balance skills.●Magnificentcollapse of the tower.Please, just enjoy best ofbuilding games :)You are welcome.
Towers 3.5.3029
MetaFun Games
Towers was ranked as top 1 in New Free Games amongseveralcountries! Over 5,000,000 downloads in the GlobalBuild thehighestskyscraper which is belong to you. How to Play1. Stack uptheblocks and construct a tower2. Build the tower as tall as youcan.Don't Tap too fast!Features● Very fun and enjoyable game●Multipletowers and scenes● Rhythm music and beautiful graphics●Suitablefor players of all age● Tiny game size and run well●Physics-basedgame, challenge your balance ability● Build tower withfriends andshare the high score on Facebook Free to create theskyscraper withFriends!Like MetafunGames: MetafunGames:
Stack Bloxx: Tower Stacking 1.2.0
Super Bloxx: Tower Stacking is a simple and addictingstackinggame.Just precisely stack the moving bloxxs to build thehighesttower possible.This is an abstract game of karma as each ofyourearlier move will affect the later ones.Compete with friendsandother players on online leaderboard (powered by Google PlayGameServices)
bloxx 1.1
The bloxx is a 3D game, where you have a ball, and you need tobringit from the start to the finish, without falling. Combiningtheelements of arcade and puzzle, you have unimaginablelevels.Variouselements and obstacles are being introduced as youmove from levelto level, meaning that the complexity and level ofpuzzle solvingrequired are gradually increasing as the gameprogresses.You have 3lives, and the longer levels got checkpoints,so if you die once,don't worry! We live o̶n̶c̶e̶ three times.Features:• 30 levels,• Anendless level,• Minimalist graphics,•Realistic physics,• Intuitivecontrols,• And lots of stupid thingson every level."The best game,ever!" - Me"The worst game, ever!" -Everyone else
Wood Block Blitz Puzzle 1.1.3
LHP Studio
Wood Block Blitz Puzzle is a simple puzzle game with nocolourmatching and time limits. Fill the row or column to breaktheblocks. It is an additive block puzzle game. The more blocksyoubreak the more points you will get.You will surely love thisblockpuzzle mania game .Place the blocks in 10x10 row andcolumn.This isa classic yet innovative game!How to play WoodenBlock Puzzle 1010Plus:- Drag the blocks to move them.- Try to fitthem all in therow or column. Then the block will be cleared andyou get thescore.- Blocks can't be rotated.- Game will be over ifthere are noroom for any the shapes below the grid and you have noitem.3 ModeTo Play :+ Classic Puzzle Block 9x9 size board.+ MasterPro Dash& Rush 1010 size board.+ Deluxe Puzzle Crush 11x11sizeboard.It is a perfect time passing game and best refreshmentgamefor your brain.The block puzzle 1010 is very fun for all agesandskill levels. Wood Block Blitz Puzzle will challenge your skillsasyou try to rack up as many points as possible in four orfiveminutes. Inspired by top mathematics & logic gameslikeultimate jewel deluxe, slide puzzle, tangram puzzles,woodenhexagon or dominoes block puzzle games, entertain your knackforscience with this kind of puzzle games!We hope you like ourfree"Wooden Block Puzzle"! And we're always happy about feedback(alsocritical) on our board logic brain training game. Just sendanemail to our support address. If you ever love tic tac toe,mergedbrain games & logic puzzles, 4 in a row, dots &connectline or similar ones, you will love this game.Wooden BlockBlitzPuzzle is a must try game! Bright graphics, exciting modes,and itsfree! This game is a sure treat for any puzzle lover. Add ittoyour Android device right now and get a truly fun game for yourappcollection!
Bug Bloxx 1.2
The bugs need your help! Get them out of their boxes and placethemcleverly onto the grid.Bug Bloxx is an exceptional blockpuzzlegame which will heavily bend your brain. Do you manage toplaceevery bug in the given grid? We expand the classic blockpuzzlegenre: Place a bug on the right terrain and it willdemonstrate itspreference by changing or breaking its shape. Thiswill result ineven more tricky puzzles. You think that's easy?Prove yourself!-Solve more than 100 handcrafted puzzles!- Grab,rotate, place: Doall bugs fit in the grid?- Easy controls, rotatebugs by swiping-Every bug has its unique, brain-teasing skill- 100%free ofadvertising- Play offline- Without time limits - playanytime,everywhere and also with a limited time budget.- Soothingsoundsand unique visual effects
Opposite Bloxx 1.0.2
Opposite Bloxx is a free puzzle game which is fun to play. Keeptheflow and use your brain, logic and spatial awareness to movethecoloured bloxx around the game board and onto the goalsquares.....careful though, each time you move a coloured block anyblock ofthe same colour will move in the opposite direction! Planahead,use strategies, take advantage of the shape of the game boardtoyour advantage! Beware! Keep the flow, this free puzzle game isfunto play and highly addictive!★ Brain Boggling Bloxx★ Addictiveandsimple block game★ Free and full featured puzzle game★ Hoursofmind twisting fun★ 100 challenging levels★ Complete each levelinthe fewest moves★ Share your score with friends★ Get yourbestAchievementsLook out for updates adding lots of new andexcitingfeatures.★ ★ ★Find us onFacebook: us onTwitter:
Casual Games: Tower Blocks 5.0
Build the highest tower in the world in new tower bloxx —CasualGames: Tower Blocks! It's the best block puzzle of towergames forall family!Reach for the skies and test your tower stackskills.Stack the blocks wherever you want by simply touching thescreen.Build a block tower by touching the screen and test yourblockstack skills of balancing physics! Don't let the blocks falldownfrom the stack. Build the highest tower which is belong to youandbecome a best Tower Stacker! Block stacking goes on mobilephonesand tablets. You can play the tower blocks building game freewithno Wi-Fi or 3G internet.GAME FEATURES:🏛 Tower block stackingandtower building blocks games genre;🏛 No internet connectionrequiredto play — you can play offline;🏛 Amazing graphics andbeautifulmusic;🏛 Friendly user interface and one-touch gamecontrol;🏛 Manychallenging levels;🏛 Game for all family — forchildren andadults;HOW TO PLAY:✔ Get Casual Games: Tower Blocks forfree fromGoogle Play.✔ Tap on the screen to stack a block tower andcompletethe mission.✔ Enjoy the best block stack game and sharetofriends!FOLLOW US:VK:
Emoji vs Blocks 3.0
Emoji vs Blocks Canının bitmesini engellemek için en düşükkutularıkır.To play Slither vsEmoji vs Blocks your finger to moveleft orright on screen to move slither.Emoji vs Blocks eat balls togetlonger. Hit the blocks as many as possible to get high scoreinSlither vs Bricks.Take care for hitting balls, Emoji vs Blockswilldie if its shorter than strength of block. To make yourgameinteresting first eat balls to avoid die. See How long yousurvivein Slither vs Blocks.Amazing game for Challenge your friendsandfamily to beat your score, they will love to score high andalwaystry to beat you in Slither vs Block.Be worlds top scorerwithleaderboard in Emoji vs Blocks vs Block. Achieve asmanyachievements you can and show your talent and progress to theworldby playing addictive Emoji vs Blocks game.HOW TO PLAY- TouchyourFinger on screen and swipe to left or right to move EmojivsBlocks.- Eat the balls on the road to increase snake length.-Ablock you destroy will increase score by one.- Avoid highstrengthblock then your length otherwise Emoji vs Blocks will dieinSlither vs Blocks game.- Take every super power to get morescorein Leaderbord.Game Power- Added new Booster powers likeMagnet,Shield, 2x speed and Bomb.- Magnet pull all the ballz toEmoji vsBlocks in Balls vs Blocks Game.- Shield prevent life lossofslither from high strength block once.- Bomb break all theblocksonce in a game.- 2X Speed increase speed of Slither andalsoprevent life loss of slither from all blocks.Game Features:-Freeto play ballz vs blocks game.- Endless game play.- Smoothgamecontrol.- Challenge your friends.Share and Enjoy Playing EmojivsBlocks.Emoji lowest broke box to prevent the end of theBlocks,etc. Can.Slither vsemoj to play vs Blocks to move yourfinger leftor right on the screen to move slither.Emoji etc. Blockseat ballsto get longer. Hit the blocks as many as possible to getthe highscore in Slither vs Bricks.Take care for hitting balls,etc. BlocksEmoji will die if its shorter the strength of the block.To makeyour game interesting first eat balls to avoid die. See Howlongyou survive in Slither, etc. Blocks.Amazing game for Challengeyourfriends and family to beat your score, they will love toscorehigher and always try to beat you in Slither, etc. Block.Bworldstop scorer in the leaderboard with Emoji etc etc BlockerBlocks.Achieve as many achievements and show your talent and youcanprogress to the world by playing addictive Emoji etc.Blocksgame.HOW TO PLAY- Finger Touch on your screen and swipe leftorright to move to Emoji etc. Blocks.- Eat the balls snake ontheroad to the increased length.- block you will destroy theincreasedscores by one.- Avoid high strength block length than yourEmojiotherwise will die in Slither etc. etc. Blocks Blocks game.-Takeevery super power to get more score in Leaderbord.Game Power-Addednew Booster powers like Magnet Shield, 2x speed and Bomb.-Magnetspull all the ballz to Emoji etc. etc. Blocks Blocks in GameBalls.-Shield preventer loss of life slither from high strengthblockonce.- Bomb break all the blocks once in a game.- 2X speed oftheincreased loss of life Slither slither preventer and also fromallblocks.Game Features:- Free to play vs. ballz blocks game.-Endlessgame play.- Smooth game controller.- Challenge yourfriends.Shareand Enjoy Playing Blocks vs. Emoji.
The Blocks Quiz 2018 👾 2.1
A new challenge awaits you in this fun trivia of questionsandanswers about TV characters, series, movies, cartoons, videogamesand much more. We propose the definitive challenge where youwillhave to guess which character or what series is hidden behindthepixels of the photographs. We tried to work a retro stylepixelatedwith 8-bit cube images to increase the difficulty and youhave to"break the coconut" thinking. Are you aiming forthechallenge?Currently, blocks Quiz has multiple categories andlevelsthat you will have to overcome little by little. As you guesstheTV series, movie characters or video games that are hidden inthesepixelated cubes, you will get coins that you can redeem forusefulclues that will help you at those levels where you get stuck.It isa fun trivia and suitable for all audiences. Although we warnyou,it is not easy to overcome and you probably have to go toyourfriends to ask for help.FEATURES• More than 250 levelsthatincrease in difficulty as you overcome them.• More than 5differentcategories.• System of resolution of screens throughtracks. Youwill be able to delete a letter or solve the levelcompletely byredeeming the coins that you obtain by surpassingscreens.• Sharesystem with friends. If you have a question and youdon't haveenough coins, you can ask a friend or family to helpyou.•Developed for smartphones and tablets. This trivia is adaptedtoall screens, so you can play it from any device.• Totally freefromstart to finish.• Support and updating of levels every week.Ourgoal is to add new pixel blocks each week.• There is No needtoregister in the game. Install, open and play from anywhere intheworld.Test your knowledge of the world of cinema, music,televisionseries, cartoons and video games. As you exceed a level,thedifficulty will increase, until you reach the last level, whichhasonly been exceeded by 2 users of the entire store. Will you bethenext to get over the blocks Quiz 2018challenge?DISCLAIMER:Theimages and names employed in this gamebelong to their respectiveowners and have been used non-profit. IfDetectasen any problemsand want to remove some level, pleasecontact us from our emailaddress and we will attend in less than 48hours.
Twisted 15 Puzzle 1.01
Move blocks on a circle!. Sounds more interesting than blocks inabox? So this is a reshaped version of the classic puzzle game15Puzzle (also called Gem Puzzle, Boss Puzzle, Game ofFifteen,Mystic Square and whatever else). The goal of this slidingpuzzlegame is to shift blocks and put them in a correct order oncircles(numbered couter-clockwise and inside-out, there is adepiction ina game). To move a block just tap on it and it willslide to anadjacent free position (if there is one). 15 Puzzle is awell knownchallenging brain teaser and this twisted version has thesame gamelogic but different unique mechanics! Controls andgraphics areclean and very simple. But despite simplicity it can bequitechallenging and hard to solve! So blast your mind andchallengeyourself with this mental game!
Blocks Tower 1.0
Sumada Games
This is a very addictive and difficult game. Your goal isconstructtower of blocks to change the red light to the greenlight.Try it ,it isFREE.**************************************Features:- 20levels (NEWLEVELS COMING SOON)- basedonphysics**********************************************************Visitusat Facebook:
Color Tower Blocks
Have a break from everything - relax and build your ColorTower!Whenyou're not crushing sweets or smashing zombies, playColor Tower fora few minutes.Just tap the screen to drop thescrolling block on topthe other. The hanging parts will be lost.Improve your coordinationby dropping the block right in the middleof the previous one.See ifyou can beat your own score.Simple,colorful and fun.For anysuggestions, write me [email protected]
2048 Tetrix Blocks 1.2
2048 blocks is the best tetrix game ever! We offer you theperfectway to entertain yourselves and stimulate you brain! Are youassmart as you think? Are you sure? Well, we want to makeachallenge! Are you able to get the biggest sum whilegatheringvarious blocks? Let’s see!This game combines the classic2048 andtetrix game. This wonderful 2048 puzzle game iscreatedspecifically for you! All you need to play this game issmart mindand good reaction! Boost your brain! The 2048 Blocks GameRulesTherules of the tetrix game are as easy as a pie! Your maingoal is tomake up the largest amount by gathering blocks with 2048numbers.We will give you some 2048 cheats:- All blocks are to begatheredas in the original 2048 game. For example, the number 2 puttonumber 2 will give the number 4, 4 to 4 will give 8 and so on-Allblocks are to summed from up to down - Blocks can bemovedhorizontally - Forms of blocks can be changed - Littleexample: Ifyou have a vertical combination 4 2 8, you can place theotherblock to make two numbers “2” together and the combinationwins!So,be sure that this 2048 puzzle numbers game is the besttetrix gameever! Enjoy the perfect combination of entertainment andbrainboosting! Ready? Just download!
Escape Block King 1.3.1
You will need to move the red block to the exit. Horizontal barcanbe moved from side to side Vertical bar can be moved up anddown[Features] - Multiplayer mode: Brain match with the worldplayer ofonline - Singleplayer: 4 difficulty level: easy todifficult - Youcan get a hint if Winning at Online match - Everyday get a hint. -Supports your ranking, accomplishment, andmultiplay - Support alltablet devices Homepage: YouTube:
Tower of clumps 1.1.7
Interesting and colorful game where you need to build thehighesttower. To throw a block on a tower to touch to the screen attheright time.Compete with the world. Build the highesttower!Followus on twitter @aeradev
Physics Blast 2018.3
Zenith Games
Ready for some breaking, bouncy bricks & balls?Get intothePhysics Blast!Aim and shoot the balls into the bricks!Make suretoclear the board to stay alive!Learn how to play withincreasingdifficulties and many different block shapes!• The mostaddictivearcade game of all times!• Unique Physics &Bouncingmechanics!• Easy to learn aiming system!• Multiplepower-ups like:Extra Ball, Double Power & Brick Break!• Endlessadventure!•Global Leaderboards!• Available for mobile phones andtablets!# Theapp asks for one Android Permission. It's needed forthe ads tobuffer and load faster, so you don't have to wait forthem. Feelfree to decline that permission, if you want to :)#SupportSite:https://zenith.codesE-mail: [email protected]
Blok Puzzle 2.0
This is a very classic game. But once you play, you'llbehooked.Promise me, don't play this game at work.Tap &dropblocks in order to create and destroy full lines on the boardbothvertically and horizontally.Remember, block can be ROTATED. TrytoROTATE BLOCK when it is not fit.Easy to play and suitable forallages - kid or elderly, man or woman, boy or girl.Clear moreblocksand you'll get high scores!You can play it anytime, anywhere.Noneed of wifi or internet. No time limit.Funny music andawesomeeffects.Enjoy and Download Blok Puzzle now for FREE!
Block Breaker King 1.1.1
It is a puzzle game that anyone can enjoy easily. [Game Features]-Easy user interface and easy operation. - Many stages. -Supportsclassic mode to challenge high scores. - Supportmultiplayer tocompete with other users. - Supports languages from16 countries. -Supports leader board, achievement function. -Supports tabletdevices. - fun game, free game, no wifi, no internetHomepage:Https://
Tetrizzle 1.111
Running Pixel
What is TetrizzleTetrizzle is a fast and fun blocks puzzlegamewhere you have to put in shape set of different blocks. Filltheboard by dragging different shaped blocks into the correct placetomake a single larger shape made of single blocks. There areseveralcoloured block shapes inspired to the most known bricksgames.Ifyou think it sounds simple then think again! There’s onlyonecorrect solution for each level and any block can’tberotated.Tetrizzle is packed with thousands of FREEmind-bendingpuzzling levels of increasing difficulty that’ll keepyou busy forhours. Once you’ve tried, you’ll be hooked.Get smarterwith a dailybrain workout, try to solve the weekly impossiblepuzzle and showeveryone how smart you are.Satisfy your blocksaddition, playTetrizzle!HOW TO PLAY TETRIZZLE* Drag the blocks tomove them.* Tryto fit them all in the frame* Blocks can't berotated.* Don'tworry! No time limits!FEATURES> BLOCK PUZZLE*Smooth effect forblock puzzle game!* Play easily and quickly.*tangram likegameplay, pure fun.> HUNDREDS OF CHALLENGING LEVELS*Over 1000+puzzles are unique and full of fun and amazingchallenges!> EASYAND FUN PLAY* Easy to learn and fun to mastergameplay> NO TIMELIMIT* Enjoy game for any time, anywhere and ashort time.> NOWIFI?* You can play offline in anytime.>STUNNING GRAPHICS-Soothing sounds and nice graphics> NEW PUZZLESEVERY DAY- Everyday there is a new puzzle, and an impossible puzzleto solve everyweek, for an infinite funKEY FEATURES★ 1000+ FREEpuzzles included!★ Funny shaped blocks★ A new puzzle every day!★Weekly impossiblepuzzles! (the hardest you've ever seen)★ 10difficulty puzzle (easyto impossible)★ Rank up in the leaderboards,challenge your friendsvia Google Play Games★ 10+ achievements towinTetrizzle willentertain you with its hundreds of puzzles, thefunny shapes andthe colored blocks.E-MAIL•[email protected]• FACEBOOK•
Toys Pop Blast 1.0001
Toys Blocks Blast is a new cubes blocks pop game with uniqueandspecial game play like never before! the mission is to bringdownthe toy blocks to blast and complete the levels, with 900LEVELSand NO LIVES System like in other match 3 games, play as muchasyou want and enjoy this great cubes blast and blocks pop gamelikeyou wont imagine!when have trouble solving the blocks puzzleyouwill find many free gifts on your cubes pop journey, asyouprogress you will collect special magic chest that will giveyoucube crushing surprises such as toy hammer blast, magic toycubesstick, rainbow block crush brush and many many coins to spendinthe can also spin the toy boosts wheel and winsurprisesso when ever you get stuck remember you can always use thespecialboosts and complete the level by just solving the toyblockpuzzle.HOW TO PLAY:just tap on 2 or more nearby cubes from thesamecolor and make them blast to the quest pop.tap on 5 or more andgeta rocket pop booster.tap on 7 or more and get a quest popbomb.tapon 9 or more and get magic rainbow bottle that change cubestodifferent color.tap on 11 or more and get the ultimate magicquestpop orb that will electrify and toy blast all cubes from thesamecolor.tap on a boost to activate it!combine boosts to getsupermagic effects that will help you solve the pop puzzle innotime.the goal is to blast the cubes and solve the levelblockspuzzle, the more cubes you pop the better boosters you willgetthat will help to solve the blocks puzzle and bring down allthetoy cubes to you progress you will encounter specialcubesto pop:the snow frozen ice block that prevent you from blasttoycube.the cloud rescue cube that spread and grow to nearbyblocks.the wood craft box that will smash and blast when youpopcubes near it.the block chain cube that will contain in jailyourpet toy block and you will need to rescue them.and wholelotmore!the game is challenging, it look easy at start to helpyoulearn it but afterwards you will have to think hard andconsideryour tactics, we promise you that you will have the besttimeplaying and as you progress you will enjoy it more and more,thereis nothing better then solving the puzzle blocks and smashingallthe cubes.this will be the best game you ever played, starttheblock smash and cubes puzzle solving, you wont be sorry!
Periodic Table Quiz 2.4.8
Chemical quiz, which will allow you to quickly memorize thesymbolsof chemical elements, its groups, periods, blocks andatomicnumbers. Make sure that you are familiar with periodic tableofelements. Test yourself by comparing your score with thebestranked online and become a master of chemistry! Functionality:- 29levels of difficulty, - at every level there are 20 - 25chemicalelements, - for levels 1, 7, 13, 19, 25 select chemicalsymbolbased on the name of the chemical element, - for levels 2, 8,14,20, 26 select correct atomic number of the chemical element, -forlevels 3, 9, 15, 21 select proper group of the chemical element,-for levels 4, 10, 16, 22, 27 select proper period of thechemicalelement, - for levels 5, 11, 17, 23, 28 select proper blockof thechemical element, - for levels 6, 12, 18, 24, 29 select thename ofthe chemical element on the basis of the chemical symbol, -rankingof top players, - achievements to get. If you are preparingforchemistry tests or you simply like chemistry, chemical elementsandcombinations and you want to test your knowledge, thisapplicationis for you! ----------------------- FacebookPage: -----------------------
Block Puzzle Challenge 1.1.1
Block for the brain will test your skills and put your smarts tothetest! The goal is simple, drop blocks and create straight linestoclear the screen and keep challenging your brain as thedifficultyslowly starts to increase. The more lines you clear thehigher thescore!How To Play Our Free Block Dropping Game:• Playingthe game issimple, simply drag the blocks around with your finger• Place themusing your brain in the right places to clear as manylines as youcan as fast as possible! • You can clear the linesfrom anydirection left, right, top and even from the bottom.•There are notime limits so that you can play as long you want•This also meansyou can score as much as you want! A Fun &Challenging Game ForThe Whole FamilyThis brain challenging game isfun and familyfriendly which means that the whole family can enjoyincluding kids,teens, and adults! The best part is you don’t evenneed to connectto the internet to play. So stop waiting anddownload now to have agreat time.
Puzzle Games: Remove Red Block 13.0
We are glad to introduce to you the newest block puzzle oftheseason, remove the red block! Very interesting and addictiveblockcraft! Rules of the logic games is to remove all red blocksandkeep save the green. Some of the red blocks can not justdeletethem have to fold, they will stand on platforms that canberemoved. Even in the cube games has blue - neutral blocks, itisnot important to remove you from it or not, they performanauxiliary function.The puzzles is divided into 45 levelsofinterest, some of which will not be easy to go through towin.Passing levels, you get points for which you can buy funny hatsforthe green blocks in the future. The game will be passed whenallthe red blocks fall and one green at the same time not fall, andaslong as the blocks will not stop, the game will beconsideredpassed. Each block has its own animation, angry red,green andfear, as well, they have a voice, screaming when theblocks fall.This animation gives the game a special excitingatmosphere, thegame becomes more interesting and more fun.Downloadthis blockpuzzle mania now, it sure you will like it!Features:•Puzzle blockgames and casual games genre;• Perfectly drawn elementsandcharacters;• 45 exciting levels;• Funny hats for thecharacters;•All cubes it's funny animation;• Blocks screaming inthe fall;•Beautiful graphics and funny music;• Easy operation;• Oneof thebest of time killer games• There are no age restrictions;•Easy andfun to play;• Blocks games is absolutly free;How to play:Itisnecessary to remove blocks and save other.FollowUs:TWITTER:
Toy Block Blast 1.3
toy block blastthe game is challenging, it look easy at starttohelp you learn it but afterwards you will have the think hardandconsider your tactics, we promise you that you will have thebesttime playing and as you progress you will enjoy it more andmore,there is nothing better then solving the puzzle blocks andsmashingall the to play:just tap on 2 or more nearbycubes fromthe same color and make them blast to the quest pop.tapon 5 ormore and get a rocket pop booster.tap on 7 or more and get aquestpop bomb.tap on 9 or more and get magic rainbow bottle thatchangecubes to different color.tap on 11 or more and get theultimatemagic quest pop orb that will electrify and toy blast allcubesfrom the same want and enjoy this great block blastandpop game like you wont believe!
Desert Block Craft Exploration 1.23
Building & crafting game for boys & girls! Build andcreatein the Desert blocky craft Exploration: Building Game - FunGamefor Free! Explore Middle East - Arab areas! Build a Mosque,Oasisor Savanna. Craft items, beware of desert storm! Desertcraftblocky heads Exploration! Build under scorching sun, on hotsand.Build the Arab way! Create replica of Mecca or other saintmuslimplaces! Build, craft and explore! Explore caves in searchofdiamonds and ore. Trade with Blocky Heads! Explore theSavanna.Craft things you need! Build your own house! Usecreativity. Housebuilding game with FPP (First person perspective).Great game forboys and girls! Be creative in this blocky pocketedition game.Create structures you want, from a simple home to apyramid or acastle! Building and creating! blocky craft building -createSkyblock world or the whole city! Play with animals (camels,goatsetc.) Perfect game for teenage boys and girls orevenadults!Creative mode craft! Use blocks, voxel to create yourownpixel desert world! Adventure & exploration in mobilegame!Let’s Explore, dig and build in a voxel world, build on themove,Dig blocks, Mine resources, Craft hundreds of items.Infinite-worldblock sandbox game, give the players pretty mucheverything theywill ever want to build with, and all the tools theyshould everneed to actually get the job well done. Explore randomlygeneratedworlds and build amazing things from the simplest of homesto thegrandest of castles. Play in a creative mode withunlimitedresources or mine deep into the world in survival mode,craftingweapons and armor to fend off the dangerous mobs. Craft,create,and explore. No need to go anywhere, everything is here!This gameis brought to you by creators of Girls Craft: MineExploration andPrincess Craft! Expect quality! Deser blocky craftExploration:Building Game is a free game for teenage boys and girlsand adults!Fun Games For Free!FEATURES:Use blocks to build Explorethe sandboxworldOver 500 block textures & elementsmine andbuild!Flying increative modeDay & NightAnimals UPCOMINGFEATURES:blocky craftmodeBuilding & crafting -fastmodeMultiplayer withchat!Multiplayer coop Custom texturesVR(Virtual Reality Game)
Diamond Block Blast Pirate 1.2.5
Panda Box
diamond block blast pirateMatch 2 or more cubes of the same colortosolve puzzles and clear levels. With limited moves,yourpuzzle-solving skills will definitely be challenged.the blockgameyou have to drop and collapse colorful blocks while enjoyingtheaddictive gameplay ! Blast your way through thousands ofamazinglevels in this amazing puzzle game.◆ complete tons ofchallenginglevels and unlock new episodes!◆ play with unique gameobjectivesand dozens of entertaining obstacles!◆ spectacularboosters tosolve the level.◆ great graphics and cute characters.◆superaddictive gameplay ◆ free to Play and filled with adventure.◆funand easy game to learn, yet a rewarding challenge to master.◆over1000+ awesome levels! And more to come!◆ collect and breakcolorfulcubes.
Fruit Juicy Block Crush 1.3
fruit juicy block crushWelcome to our fruit cubes juicy game.Thisis a popular entertainment game on mobile devices today.extremelylovely and colorfulEasy to play and pleasurable game forall age.Simply Drag the blocks, and match 3 cubesFrom now on, let'senjoy asimple and addictive puzzle game! Once you start, you'llbehooked.You can play cube blast games for FREE!Tap to Blasting,keeptapping to Win the Level!Just tap to play, show your reactionspeedand eliminate skills!
Periodic Table 10.5
Please kindly RATE & SHARE this App as it is free :-)Theperiodic table is a tabular display of the chemicalelements,organised on the basis of their properties. Elements arepresentedin increasing atomic number. The main body of the table isa 18 × 7grid, with gaps included in to keep elements withsimilarproperties together, such as the halogens and the noblegases.These gaps form four distinct rectangular areas or blocks.Thef-block is not included in the main table, but rather isusuallyfloated below, as an inline f-block would make thetableimpractically wide. The periodic table accurately predictstheproperties of various elements and the relationsbetweenproperties. As a result, it provides a useful frameworkforanalyzing chemical behavior, and is widely used in chemistryandother sciences.
Animals Craft: Block World Exploration. Pet Games 1.6
Are you ready for exploration lite of block world? Meet wonderzooanimals? Wait no longer as Animals Craft lets you design,craft,mine & build in the world of pet animals!Out of a zoo - astoryabout free animalsImagine a block world, where no zoo exists.Whatwould the zoo animals do? Does any zoo animal want to become apetanimal? Of course not - that’s why the Lemur, a true animalhero,decided to build a Pet Ville - an animal city!Visit Pet Ville- thezoo animals paradise!Pet Ville is a city like no other. Youmeetalmost no human there! Get to know noble citizens like a dog,cat,tiger, horse, little pony, piggy and more! Take a walk with apuppyor kitten to know the city of Pet Ville! Visit a stable,become afriend of a little pony and ride a horse! Go shopping tothe petshop, where you can buy new clothes and dress up like aprince orprincess! Visit a fast food or restaurant, eat pizza orburger andenjoy the view from the Pig Tower! Don’t forget to seethe mine ofKing Lemur and His Royale statue - one of the greatestexamples ofcrafting & building arts of these zoo animals! A funadventurefor girls & boys - for family! A zoo story in theworld ofanimals!Design, craft & build - in the wonder animalsworld!Theblock world of Animals Craft welcomes anybody who knowswhat’sdesign, crafting & building! It’s not one of these zooanimalsgames where you’re limited to building a zoo and finding apetfriend. In Animals Craft you can mine resources, design anewbuilding in Pet Ville, and get all crafting & buildingfun!Exploration lite adventure doesn’t end in the zoo animals city-drive a car, ride a train, sail a blocky boat - explore afarmlands however you want! It’s not a typical farm city game butyoucan still feel what a farm life is all about. Amazingexperiencefor boys and girls. Craft a block animal world like neverbefore!FEATURES:Visit Pet Ville!Vast block world - explorationlitewithout limits.Crafting & building in the wonderanimalscity.Drive a car, ride a bike, train, sail on boat.Makefriendswith cute animals.In short, Animals Craft provides you withall thebest features from zoo building games, zoo animals games,citybuilding games and even more! Jump right into Pet Ville andshowyour crafting & building skills! Animal farm for kids-exploration & design! DOWNLOAD NOW and start youradventurewith pet animals! UPCOMING FEATURES:Animals CraftMultiplayer!Moreanimals to meet!More unique blocks!
Wooden Block Free 1.2
a simple but addictive puzzle gameWood Puzzle Block is aaddictivepuzzle block game. It also can train your brain, makes youmoreclever. the gameplay is easy, Drag the different blocks intoplaceto match the puzzle. Once you fill in a vertical orhorizontalline, it will disappear, freeing up space for newpieces.Easy toplay and pleasurable game for all age.Easy to learnand fun tomaster gameplay.Why choose this wood block puzzle?• Freegame andnot need WI-FI• Support leaderboard• Two game mode• Easy toplayand Improve observation
Block Puzzle Pirate Jewel 1.4
block puzzle pirate jewelThis is a classic yet innovativepuzzlegame!block puzzle pirate jewel is amazing value that’ll keepyoubusy for hours. For even more replayability, there’s also Itisincredibly intuitive and fun for all ages and skill levels.Onceyou’ve tried, you’ll be hooked and qubed!simply drag theblocks,and fill up all grids. Game interface is very friendly andsimpleto use for all users of all ages. Download our classic blocksgame- Block Puzzle and beware it‘s can cause a mania, have funandenjoy yourself!how to play• drag the blocks to move them.• trytofit them all in the row or column. Then the block will be clearandyou get the point. Game will be over if there are no room foranythe shapes below the grid.• blocks can't berotatedfeatures:•simple rules and easy control• various Blocks andcolorful graphic•smooth and delicate animation• funny soundeffects• hours of fun,exciting play• support leaderboard
Neon Block Break Puzzle 1.5.4
Neon Block Puzzle is a old style puzzle game with new neonlightingstyle - in which your aim will be to don't let the blockbuildingto go up you can break it down with a suitable blockplacing. NeonBlock Puzzle is a new hit in Classic Block puzzlegames which isthe king of all puzzle game because it's history isvery old. It’lltake you back to the childhood , Neon Block Puzzleis a full offun, addictive and suitable to everybody. You canCompete yourfriends and family through share your score on GooglePlay GameService. and invite them to beat you. Some core Featuresof NeonBlock Puzzle Game - Simple and Interesting - more then 4differentcolor for blocks design. - Endless Game which never be old- Keephighest score at top - Play / Pause game in run time - Canselectcontroller buttons placement with more 10 differnt styles -NiceGame sounds - Share your score with your friends, family,othersvia Google Play Game Service Permission Note : We aregettingInternet network state, and External Storage Writepermission toshow ads smoothly We are showing one time full screenad when gamelaunch and when Game Over, and show a banner ad duringgame play ontop of screen. If you have any question, suggestion,need helpplease we will be happy to hear you [email protected] for playing Neon Block Puzzle with UsFind us on Facebook Search keywords : ClassicBlock puzzle gameClassic Block puzzle games Puzzle game Blockpuzzle game Blockpuzzle Classic Block Break puzzle game DownloadWood Classic BlockBreak Puzzle :
Block Puzzle 1.0
Verry simple. Drag blocks and fill out space to getscore.Withsimple graphics and beautifully let's play Block Puzzle
Block Puzzle Classic 1010 1.3.2
Sushi Studio
💎 SIMPLE BUT ADDICTIVE GAME 💎Welcome to Block Puzzle Classic 1010-the hottest block puzzle game 2018. Easy to play but it canbeaddictive for any player! Download this block puzzle game andenjoythe fun then. Block Puzzle Classic 1010 is a puzzle game whereyouarrange diamonds and gems in a fixed square. You will have touseyour IQ to match logical blocks to fill a row/column ofbigsquares. Therefore, our jewel block puzzle game is not just agameof fun, it is also an intellectual challenge. ❕❕❕ Start playingthegame jewel block puzzle NOW ❕❕❕ 🔷 Touch and drag one of thethreestone blocks in the bottom row. Then, move each block totheoptional position in the square above.🔷 Arrange the stones sothatthey fill each row/column of the square🔷 Each row of thefilleditem will automatically disappear and you will be awardedpoints.As a result, you have more space for the next jigsaw puzzle🔷TheBlock Puzzle Classic 1010 puzzle game will end when the blocksareunable to be grafted into place. 💡 Helpful hints in BlockPuzzleClassic 1010 💡 In this classic block puzzle game, you willhave 4suggestions for emergencies. To use hints, you will have toeat thecoins on the big square and use that coin for the hints:💝Destroy5x5 blocks💝 Destroy a line💝 Destroy a column💝 Change randomblocks❔ What is unique about Block Puzzle Classic 1010? + Usefulhints toarrange blocks+ Unlimited time to play block jewel games+ 1Freeturn for Lucky wheel per day+ Easy to play block puzzle 2018andsuitable for all ages+ Collection of stone block isbeautiful+Puzzle game offline, you can play puzzle game any time,anywhere+Install bricks block fast and free.Let download blockpuzzle gameimmediately to stack the jewel blocks to have the mostinterestingmoments. Introduce the block classic puzzle game withfriends toplay together.Sushi Studio is working hard every day tobring thebest products to users. So, if you have any contributionto theblock arrange game or want to play more unique games, pleaselet usknow in the comment section. Do not forget to rate 5* blockbricksgame for supporting developer!
Toy Block Collapse 1.3.5
toy block collapseThis game is the best time killer, timewastergame for adult and kids.Simple rules: find and tap on atleast twocubes of the same color to clear the level, or more cubeswillcreate a power clearly. Challenge is smart resolving theseblockswith your best skill because your moves are limited and youcanstuck at level anytime. It also match 3 games kind inanyway.GameFeatures and Boosters• Colorful graphics and designs.•Amazinggameplay, tap the blocks to blast.• Hundreds of excitinglevels.•Blast all the cubes by using special boosters as hammer,truck,spray can and many more.• Fun boosters and bonuses!Don'twaitingfor collapse puzzle to download logic puzzles games whichare thebest choice for all people to enjoy training brain puzzles.
Toy Block Crush 1.5.5
Panda Box
toy block pop crushTap the toy cubes to blast! Based onclassicmatch 3 games, but easier and more fun!You only have to tapon twoor more toy cubes of the same color to have a great blast!The moretoy cubes you blast, the better booster you will create!There willbe hundreds levels of puzzle games for you to discover!Plan yourmoves strategically, take on this smashing fascinatingcubeblasting trip in toy block pop crush ! Are you ready forthechallenges?game featuresover 900 addicting puzzlelevelscollectlovable ducks and hobbyhorses to help with trickylevelsspectacularrewards and extra bonuses unlocked after levelpassed easy and funto play but challenging to fully master numerousboosters along theway to helpeye-catching graphics and cool effects
Block Hexa Puzzle 1.1.3
Digital Frog
Simple Block Puzzle Game! Combine Blocks to Fill-IntheBlank!Everyone from Kids to Adults can Enjoy!free,offline,Multiplay and ranking mode【Game Features】 - 8,000OverwhelmingStages and Ranking Mode - Random Daily Quests and DailyReward -Alleviated Stess from Playing! No Time Limit! NoRestriction! NoTickets! - Playable without Data Connection (No 4Gor Wi-Firequired)【Game Play】 - Drag the blocks and place it in theblank. -Combine proper blocks to perfectly fill in the blanks.【PrivaryPolicy】-【TermsofService】 -
Last Hope 1.1
The planet of the Triangles has been invaded by thepower-hungryCube Empire. Giant block towers have dug deep into theground tostrip the planet of all its resources. As the onlyTriangle soldierleft standing, you are the planet's last hope forsurvival. If youcan climb a block tower, avoid hazards, collectpickups, and makeit to the top, the planet might just stand achance.FRANTICGAMEPLAYYour reflexes will be tested as you blazethrough a deadlyobstacle course. Spin blocks around to move hazardsout of your wayand clear the path to the next block. Which will beequallydeadly.EMPOWERING POWERUPSTo even the odds, you'll receive asteadysupply of powerups. Restore your health, boost your speed, orget ashield. And keep climbing!DYNAMIC MUSICAn unrelenting dubstepscorekeeps you pumped and focused. The intensity changes to matchyourprogress. As you become more awesome, so does the music.WOWTHATSCORE IS HIGHIn the world of Triangles, the high scorer isking.Attack your friends' scores, or indeed the world's. Climb thetowerof blocks to climb the leaderboards.SELF-IMPROVEMENTEarn coinsasyou play and use them to purchase upgrades. Improveyourcapabilities and increase your chances of survival.YOU AGAINSTTHE(randomly generated) WORLDThe tower of blocks is created byrandomgeneration, resulting in different combinations of hazardseverytime you play. Memorization won't help you here.
Drag the Blocks! Puzzle 1.2
Drag the Blocks! Puzzle is the best puzzle game in Android!Becomeaddicted to this brain teaser game! Challenge your brain tosolvethe most complex puzzles and try to figure out the best waytomatch you pieces.Play Drag the Blocks! and combine differentpuzzleblocks and clear the platform. Each time you make a match youcleara line or column and score some points! Compete with yourfriendsand see who has the best puzzle solvingskills.Features:-Unlimitedgameplay. Start a game whenever you wantand keep playing for aslong as you can.-Block puzzles. Combineblocks to solve puzzles!-Notime limit. Only your skill determineshow far can yougo!-Excellent retro graphics. Including somebeautiful skins toget!-Amazing sounds.-Neverending fun!
Glow Block Mania 1.4
glow block maniaThis addictive glow block puzzle game willchallengeyou.Glow puzzle is incredibly intuitive and fun for allages andskill levels.Put the colorful blocks into the square areabydragging and fill up all grids. as long as you tap sidewaysorvertically and connected into a line can be eliminated andgotscores. the more glow blocks eliminated you can, the morescoresyou will get. Your score will be based on how quickly youcompletethe puzzle. Compete with others based on yourscore!features:- onceyou start, you'll be hooked and addicted.-stunning blocks, simpleUI, classic puzzle game.- super Easy butneed long-time training inmaster level.- smooth and delicateanimation and very cool effectdesign!- challenge with your circles,defeat yourself isimportant.- play this brain puzzle game for anytime, anywhere,pleasurable no wifi.Up for a challenge ? Show yourfriends howquick you are!
Brick Classic Puzzle 1.7
Tony Kenvil
Block Classic Puzzle game is a in most brick games with theshapeseach consisting of several squares, that are falling downthewell.The objective of the game is to arrange the blocks in suchaway to fill the blank space completely with the blocks. As youfillthe blank space without any gap the filled line will disappearandyou will get points.Brick Classic Puzzle is capable of singleanddouble clears. I, J, T, S, Z and L are able to clear triples,maybeclear four lines simultaneously.To play the game you touchtoscreen to rotate the falling box, slide right to move to right,slide left to move the box to the left and slide down to dropthebox fast.Slide Left - move leftSlide Right - move rightTouchtoscreen - to rotateSlide Down - drop the box fast. ★ ★ ★ FEATURES★★ ★- Classic, challenge and adventure mode.- Great graphicsandmusic- Play by button or gesture(slide left, slide right,sildedown and touch to rotate blocks).- Adventure mode withthreedifficulty level: amatuer, professional and master.- Compareyourbest core with your friend via 5 LeaderBoards.- Forecast areaofblocks.Enjoy Brick Classic Puzzle now and give us your review toitbetter.Contact us: [email protected]
Match2! Block Puzzle Smashup 1.0
Denys Spirin
Denys Spirin presents a new match 2/ brick puzzle game! Steponboardthe block craft World and reveal the secrets of the theseshinybricks. Enjoy the block wars challenge in this new match-2blockpuzzle classic game. Match2! is match-2 block puzzle game.Find amatch for colored blocks to win! How to Play Match2! BlockPuzzleMania • You can move one block only.• When you swipe theblock itchanges places with another one.• When every colored tilematchesneighbor of the same color you win. Match2! Block Mania2017FEATURES• Simple - just swipe a block and match colors.•Magnets,stones, cells changing tile colors.• Classic and timechallenge gamemodes.• 180 Classic and 80 Time challenge levels.•Google playintegration, leaderboards and achievements.• You canbuy a tip orsolution for any puzzle - just earn coins in game.• Nointrusiveads. Match2! is the Ultimate Block Legend Puzzle Gameinspired bythe 1010 classic puzzle legend game! Become the bricklegend in thissimple, fun, and highly addictive puzzler! Try itnow and for sureyou will like this Block Party as this Block ManiaDeluxe game andbrick puzzle game smashup has lots of 1010achievements! If you likecrosswords puzzles, jigsaw games, freeonline classic games such asbubble shooter or jelly crush, orsomething like that, you shouldtry this puzzle mania - Match2!Block Puzzle Smashup DownloadMatch2! Block Puzzle SmashupToday!SUPPORTIf you have any troubleswith the game please contactus at [email protected]
Treasure Blast 1.15
Tap 2 or more block of same color to blast.Blast more blockstocreate special block.Experience the variant stages and effectsofthe special blocks![Features]- Combination of thrilling Blastandbrain puzzle game- no play limit such as Heart, play as much asyoucan!- can play even without internet!- can play even inAIRPLANEmode!- game file is as low as 20M, light-weight download!-supportstablet screen- supports14languagesHomepage:
Pop Cubes Blast 1.0001
Pop Cubes Blast is a new Tap and pop the Cubes game with uniqueandspecial game play like never before! the mission is to bringdownthe toy blast and complete the levels, with 900 LEVELS and NOLIVESSystem like in other match 3 games, play as much as you wantandenjoy this great block blast and pop game like youwontbelieve!your target in the game is to blast the blocks andsolvethe level puzzle, the more blocks you pop the better boostersyouwill get that will help to to solve the puzzle and bring downallthe toy to blast.the game is challenging, it look easy at starttohelp you learn it but afterwards you will have the think hardandconsider your tactics, we promise you that you will have thebesttime playing and as you progress you will enjoy it more andmore,there is nothing better then solving the puzzle blocks andsmashingall the cubes.HOW TO PLAY:just tap on 2 or more nearbycubes fromthe same color and make them blast to the quest pop.tapon 5 ormore and get a rocket pop booster.tap on 7 or more and get aquestpop bomb.tap on 9 or more and get magic rainbow bottle thatchangecubes to different color.tap on 11 or more and get theultimatemagic quest pop orb that will electrify and toy blast allcubesfrom the same color.combine boosts to get super magic effectsthatwill help you solve the pop puzzle in no time.if you get stuckon alevel you will find many free gifts on your journey, asyouprogress you will collect magic chest that will give youcrushingsurprises such as hammer blaster, magic wand stick, rainbowcrushbrush and many many coins if you want to buy them can also spin the lucky gift wheel and win surprisessowhen ever you get stuck remember you can always use thespecialboosts and complete the level by just solving the blockpuzzle.youwill find many special elements in the game:the snowfrozen icecube that prevent you from blasting the toy cube.thecloud maniablock that spread and grow to nearby blocks.the woodencraft boxesthat will pop and crush when you tap near them.the lockchain thatwill contain in jail your toy cube.and many many more!sowhat areyou waiting for? join the party and play the best game ofyourlife, you wont be sorry!
Tap Stacks 1.0
Build your tower to the sky in this easy addictive stackinggame.With a simple tap of the finger you begin the ultimate test ofyourreflexes. Time your taps carefully. The higher your stackthefaster the blocks move. Tap your way to victory! Do you havewhatit takes to complete the rainbow? How To Play:Tap anywhere onthescreen to stack blocks vertically. The higher you stack theblocksthe more points you receive.
Slide puzzle - Block Sliding Game 1.0
Block slide puzzle is simple and addictive puzzle game for kidsandadults.Slide puzzle is made for entertainment with brainexercise,this Block sliding game work like brain game too, thereare lots ofcool effects for kids to enjoy the game, so if you arelooking fornew puzzle with some brain exercise and fun? Slidepuzzle can be agood one for you.Start with very easy levels , andcheck your IQpower with lots of complex levels.Try to solve thisand have funwith the new challenges.Benefits:-1. Increase yourmindconcentration power. 2. Improves strategic skill.3. IQ. leveltest,and also improves it.4. Improves fast decision making skills,asits based on time to move a block. How to play:-1. Slide theblockstill they are not out of moves.2. Try to save your moves asmuch aspossible.3. These moves will be your score when you clear aline.4.Your score will be multiplied by the number of lines youclear at atime.Tips to play the game:- The block with 0 number willnot move,but the other can exchange place with it, So, here youwill be onhigh planning and strategy how you are going to clearthis grid. Inhard mode there will be less moves as you go ahead,and type ofcolours will increase.So have fun with it.
Pop Cubes Blast 1.0001
Pop Cubes Blast is a new tap the cubes and pop the blocks gamewithunique and special game play like never before! the mission istobring down the toy cubes and complete the levels, with 900LEVELSand NO LIVES System like in other match 3 games, play as muchasyou want and enjoy this great block blast and pop game likeyouwont believe!your target in the game is to blast the blocksandsolve the level puzzle, the more blocks you pop the betterboostersyou will get that will help to to solve the puzzle andbring downall the toy to finish the level.the game is challenging,it lookeasy at start to help you learn it but afterwards you willhave thethink hard and consider your tactics, we promise you thatyou willhave the best time playing and as you progress you willenjoy itmore and more, there is nothing better then solving thepuzzleblocks and smashing all the cubes.HOW TO PLAY:just tap on 2or morenearby cubes from the same color and make them blast to thequestpop.tap on 5 or more and get a rocket pop booster.tap on 7 ormoreand get a quest pop bomb.tap on 9 or more and get magicrainbowbottle that change cubes to different color.tap on 11 ormore andget the ultimate magic quest pop orb that will electrifyand blastall cubes from the same color.combine boosts to get supermagiceffects that will help you solve the pop puzzle in no time.ifyouget stuck on a level you will find many free gifts on yourjourney,as you progress you will collect magic chest that will giveyoucrushing surprises such as hammer blaster, magic wandstick,rainbow crush brush and many many coins if you want to buythem onyour can also spin the lucky gift wheel andwinsurprises so when ever you get stuck remember you can alwaysusethe special boosts and complete the level by just solving will find many special elements in the game:thesnowfrozen ice cube that prevent you from blasting the toycube.thecloud mania block that spread and grow to nearby blocks.thewoodencraft boxes that will pop and crush when you tap nearthem.the lockchain that will contain in jail your toy cube.and manymany more!sowhat are you waiting for? join the party and play thebest game ofyour life, you wont be sorry!