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Strategy & Tactics: WW II 1.2.19
Relive the greatest battles of World War IIinthis grand strategy masterpiece. Take command of the Axistoconquer Europe - then command the armies of the USSR and Alliestoretake it.In Strategy & Tactics: World War II, you battle impressiveAIenemies in three campaigns with a classic turn-based battlesystemand serried ranks of historically-accurate troops. Fight yourwaythrough eighteen missions with an exсiting storylineandcharismatic characters across Europe, Asia and Africa, researchnewtechnologies to improve your troops and build industry, andleadyour armies to victory.If you manage to finish all that,there are also skirmishgames,several classic scenarios, plus hot seat and WiFi multiplayermodesto play, including between various different smartphonesandtablets. All this displayed, in a highly-detailed, powerfulbutsimple to understand interface. "• 5 full campaigns with 32 historical missions• Play multiplayer across different smartphones and tablets• Realistic global strategy with historically-accurate maps• A wide array of game modes• Juggle military, economic and scientific development• Several hardcore scenarios and a endlessly replayableskirmishmode_____________________________________FOLLOW US: @HerocraftWATCH US: US:
Empires and Allies
Join your friends, form alliances, buildyourarmy and prepare for battle.Welcome to Empires & Allies, the criticallyacclaimedmodern-military strategy game that puts the weapons oftoday’sarmies at your fingertips, in a battle for control oftheglobe.FEATURES:-DEPLOY THE WEAPONS OF MODERN WAR from tactical nukes andhellfiremissiles to orbital strikes.-BUILD IN THE WAR FACTORY and craft all-new weapons plus epicioncannons, stealth generators, air-med dronehives, andmore....-BATTLE IN ALLIANCE WARS with up to 100 other players asyouralliance fights for control of the globe.-DESIGN YOUR PERFECT ARMY from the arsenals of today’smilitarieswith battle-hardened tanks, spider drones, helicopters,andmore.-DYNAMIC BATTLEFIELDS deliver increasingly difficult scenariosthatemulate the unpredictability of warfare.- SAVE THE WORLD from the GRA, an evil terrorist organization,anddefend your territories from other playersADDITIONAL DISCLOSURES:- Use of this application is governed by the Zynga Terms ofService.These Terms are available through the License Agreementfield below,and at For specific information about how Zynga collects andusespersonal or other data, please read our privacy policyat Zynga’s Privacy Policy isalsoavailable through the Privacy Policy field below.- This game does permit a user to connect to social networks,suchas Facebook, and as such players may come into contact withotherpeople when playing this game.- Terms of Service for Social Networks you connect to in thisgamemay also apply to you.- You will be given the opportunity to participate inspecialoffers, events, and programs from Zynga Inc. anditspartners.- Must be 13+ to play.
1944 Burning Bridges 1.5.1
Duty calls: Experience an excitingstrategygameplay and master challenging military missions! Stormthebeaches of Normandy with the Allied troops or take command oftheAxis and defend the Atlantic Wall. History depends on you!TOTAL WORLD WARThis is the decisive World War II battle between the Alliedforcesand the Axis powers! Choose your path and lead your armytovictory!TURN-BASED TACTICAL WARFAREThe right war strategy is the key to the ultimate victory! Planyourattacks and conquer or destroy connecting bridges, bunkersandroadblocks, to get yourself a tactical advantage!DANGEROUS MISSIONSBecome the greatest general of all time and prove yourtacticalskills in plenty of different war campaigns! Unlock newmissions,maps and scenarios!DEADLY COMBAT UNITSTake command of special units like paratroopers andbombersquadrons! Surprise your opponents from above and conquerstrategicpoints in the enemy territory!MASSIVE WEAPON ARSENALFight with tanks, warplanes, infantry, paratroopers and muchmorepowerful combat units and weaponry! Heavy artillery,espionageballoons and flamethrowers included!VARIETY OF BATTLEFIELDSBattle your way through the enemy lines by land, by sea and intheair! Lead your soldiers into battle and crush your enemies onthehistorical battlefields!MORE FEATURES✪ FREE TO PLAY!✪ Impactful WW2 strategy setting!✪ Destructible and fixable bridges as tactical hot spots!✪ Radar technology to detect enemy forces!✪ Huge fortresses and fortified MG nests!✪ Wide range of military vehicles like trucks, transportersandsupply units!✪ Detailed game graphics and epic sounds!✪ Full tablet support!✪ Google Play game service support!✪ A very own '1944 Burning Bridges' Facebook community!You can play '1944 Burning Bridges' entirely for FREE,thoughvarious items are available via in-app purchase. If you don’twantto use in-app purchases, please deactivate them in yourdevicesettings.Thank you for playing '1944 BurningBridges'!Get in touch with HandyGamesTM:http://www.handy-games.comJoin us on Facebook: tuned on Google+: to our channel on YouTube: news on Twitter: us on Instagram:© GmbH
World Warfare 1.0.55
Commander, it's time to lead yourtroops!World Warfare is a 3D strategy game where you command land, seaandair units in World War II inspired battles. Form your own bandofbrothers and command dozens of units in real-time PvPcombat!Hundreds of simultaneous players will battle for supremacyin hugestrategic maps. Unleash the dogs of war and test your mettleon thefields of battle!FEATURES:- Build and expand your base into a formidable stronghold.- Train up to 32 different types of land, air and sea units.- Gain an edge in war by upgrading your infantry, tanks,aircraftcarriers, and much more.- Form alliances and join leagues and take onplayersworldwide.- Strategize attacks, upgrades, defenses, and buildingpriorities.LEAD YOUR TROOPS TO VICTORY!LEAD YOUR TROOPS TO VICTORY!
World Conqueror 2 1.3.2
In World Conqueror II you will be a generaltoaccomplish a lot of important campaigns during World War IIandCold War. You can fight with or against those famousgeneralsincluding Guderian, Rommel, Patton, Zhukov, Nimitz,MacArthur,Yamamoto, Montgomery and de Gaulle. It’s so impressive tosee theirunique tactics and ace forces. Patton and Rommel arewell-known fortheir panzer corps, Nimitz and Yamamoto for theiraircraft carrierfleets while Goering and MacArthur for their airforces – all ofthem are one and only. It’s your choice to be a partof the Axis orAllies in WWII, but only after that can Cold Warscenarios beunlocked. As campaigns go on, different equipments ofeach nationwould come on the stage. Germany’s Tiger Tank and theSoviets’Katyusha Rocket are two of the most powerful weapons, toname but afew.The army can use various supporting tactics includingentrenchments,radars, land forts and anti-aircraft guns for moredefenses. Thenavy may get effective marine strength throughcombination ofdestroyers, cruisers, battleships and aircraftcarriers. Airstrikes, strategic bombing, airborne forces ordevastating nuclearbombs help the air force to destroy hostiledefense lines.With more and more achievements during the war, your commanderwillgrow from a soldier to a marshal and acquire kinds ofspecialmedals which help boost the effectiveness of your troopsinturn.##Features##- Dozens of scenarios among 4 military groups[World War II]The Axis (1939.9)The Allies (1941.1)[Cold War]WTO (1947.5)NATO (1951.8)- Top 20 greatest generals join the campaigns- 57 military units available- 28 tactical instructions- 34 historical campaigns- 37 countries and over 2000 regions involved in the war- Map zooming- Auto-save- Up to 16 rank levels and 18 Medals of Honor
Battle Islands 5.1
505 Games Srl
It’s 1942, and deep in the South Pacificyourplatoon of crack troops lands on a tropical island, but canyoudefeat enemy forces and hold your ground to fightanotherday?You’ll need to act quickly in this action-packed, WW2-themedbattlestrategy game – Control air, sea, and land forces, buildyourgarrison, battle against friends and createpowerfulallegiances!* FREE DOWNLOAD FOR TABLET OR SMARTPHONE *- Control troops, jeeps, tanks, boats and warplanes over air,sea,and land as you vie for superiority deep in the SouthPacific- Build and improve your military might, and use it to raidandpillage enemy islands and capture their resources- Make sure you've a strong garrison - your enemies are itchingtoinvade!- Exciting Real-time strategy and combat game-play- Battle against friends in the fight for supremacy- Join together with others by setting up or joining anAlliance,and use real-time Chat to strategize!- Compete weekly with similarly-ranked players to be top ofyourDivision- Optimized for both tablet and smartphone- Play across devices and save your progress by linking to asocialmedia accountIT'S TIME FOR BATTLE, SOLDIER!Join our community at
World War 2: Syndicate TD 1.4.52
stereo7 games
Command allies in 25 epic World War 2battles.We have created an hardcore historic strategy based on realWW2events. Build towers and confront nazis on suchhistoricbattlefields as Soviet Union, Normandy, Pearl Harbor,Berlin,Poland.In this strategy we have carefully reproduced main campaignsofsecond World War:Battle of MoscowOperation Overlord or battle of NormandyAttack of Imperial Japan on american naval base inPearlHarborBattle of BerlinWorld War 2 takes place in alternate history of WWII whereactualhistoric events, robots and steampunk machines are mixedtogether.You will fight with nazis in Normandy and Berlin, defendUSSR andPearl Harbor, organize an escape from death camp inPoland.Fight with nazis in steampunk World War 2 Syndicate -alternatehistory game in real historic locations!
Wings Of Duty 3.5.8
Phanotek, Inc
Experience famous air battles of the WorldWar2.Wings of Duty brings realistic combat flight simulationexperienceto mobile platforms with 360 degrees detail-realisticcockpits,carrier operation, multi-player battle,arcade/historic/realisticmodes and more...Features Midway, Pearl Harbor, Guadalcanal and New Guinea map,andthe new Europe theater.Flyable aircrafts:* P-35 Seversky* P-40 Warhawk* P-39 Airacobra* P-38 Lightning* P-47 Thunderbolt* F-4U* F4F Wildcat* F6F Hellcat* SBD Dauntless* Hudson Mk-1* B-25* B-26* A5M4 Claude* Ki-43 Oscar* Ki-61 Hien* A6M2 Zero* B5N1* BF109E* BF109F* JU-87 Stuka* BF-110* Spitfire Mk-1* Hurricane Mk-1* Hampden Mk-1More aircrafts coming soon...
World at War: WW2 Strategy MMO 3.0.4
Become a general in the greatest war theworldhas ever seen! TRAIN massive armies of panzers andaircraft,go to war with thousands of REAL players, formgreatalliances, and develop your own strategic center ofoperations.Join the largest WW2 strategy MMO game in theworld!Get Ready for the Holidays with Google Play. LoginthroughoutDecember for special promos and events!FEATURES✔ Build historical WW2 panzers and aircraft belonging to AlliedandAxis powers✔ Develop your base, research new military technologies andgetinvolved in the world warfare✔ Explore the Front Map to gather resources, scout enemy generalsordefeat rebellious armies✔ Use brute force and subterfuge to defeat enemy players✔ Become part of history of the Second Great War by conqueringtheAtomic Facility✔ Choose a General to represent you on the battlefield fromPattonto Rommel✔ Call your friends to arms and forge Alliances to winthegreat war✔ Chat in real time to discuss war strategy withalliedgenerals✔ Join troops with allied generals, create massive marches andleadan army war in a World War 2 game✔ Save the day by choosing the right time to attack or retreat,towage war or make peace✔ Level up your Commander to turn him into a hardenedWW2veteran✔ Follow the call of duty in explosive daily events✔ Compete with enemy and allied generals for the top spot intheevents✔ Do your duty and place your country’s flag in theworldrankings✔ Command vehicles based on your strategies: the impenetrablearmorof the King Tiger panzer, the agility of the Spitfire ortheexplosive power of the B-17 Flying Fortres✔ Be a general among historical leaders like Eisenwhower,Patton,Rommel, Rokossovsky and Montgomery✔ Visit famous landmarks such as Stalingrad, Peenemunde,MonteCasino, Dunkirk or meet Wojtek the Bear✔ Complete hundreds of Missions to collect massive rewards✔ Use FREE Speed Ups to develop faster and trump your enemies✔ Become a VIP player and gain explosive bonuses✔ Discover countless strategies and diplomatic choices!Join a world of war and test yourself against real playersworldwidein the most addictive army game online! PLAYNOW!
The Horus Heresy: Drop Assault
Choose your side in the intense civil warthaterupted amongst the Emperor's Legions of Space Marines in the31stMillennium. As a Captain of your troops, customize your armyandengage in fierce tactical battles. Create a Chapter withyourfriends and challenge rivals around the world in LiveSkirmishcombat.The Horus Heresy: Drop Assault is the first ever video game inthewildly popular Horus Heresy setting of Warhammer 40,000.Game Features:Choose your side: will you side with the Emperor as a Loyalist,orHorus as a Traitor?Command any of four popular Horus Heresy Legions:Emperor'sChildren, Death Guard, World Eaters, or Sons of Horus,each with aunique bonusChallenge rivals around the world in Live Skirmish forawesomerewardsCustomize your base and defense amongst the visually stunningruinsof The Horus Heresy setting in the Warhammer 40,000universeFast-paced tactical combat and dynamic bonus missions ensureeachepic battle is uniqueUnlock immensely powerful troops from The Horus Heresy Eraandobliterate your foes with a variety ofearth-shatteringattacksHave any questions or feedback? We'd love to hear from you. Reachusat!Note: The Horus Heresy: Drop Assault is entirelyfree-to-play.However, some in-game items may be purchased withreal-worldcurrency. You may disable in-app purchases in yourdevice'ssettings.Note: This game requires an Internet connection.The Horus Heresy: Drop Assault @ Copyright Games WorkshopLimited2014-2015. The Horus Heresy: Drop Assault, The Horus Heresy:DropAssault logo, The Horus Heresy, The Horus Heresy Eye logo,GW,Games Workshop, Space Marine, 40K, Warhammer, Warhammer40,000,40,000, the ‘Aquila’ Double-headed Eagle logo, and allassociatedlogos, illustrations, images, names, creatures, races,vehicles,locations, weapons, characters, and the distinctivelikenessthereof, are either ® or TM, and/or © Games WorkshopLimited,variably registered around the world, and used underlicense. Allrights reserved to their respective owners.
Warship Battle Craft: Naval War Game of Crafting 1.4
Take a cube WW2 to a sea with WarshipBattleCraft - one of the new World War 2 games! Craft abattleship, builda fleet and expand your naval empire to the wholecubeworld!Command a warship of the pastRemember the WW2 games played by warring powers on a sea? Nowyoucan craft & build your own warship to join the navalwarfare!Strike an immediate blow or send a lite recon team forsomediscovery, combat and exploration. Mine resources, craftfromblocks and prepare for a warship battle! Build anunstoppablewarship, which now you can only see in a historical WW2movies!Only in Warship Battle Craft naval war game!Crafting & building on a seaWar is about resources and that’s why exploration part of ourgameshouldn’t be taken lite. Does your warship need a betterarmor?Weapon? Explore the remote island & craft fromhiddenresources. Before you enter ship vs ship battle, make sure toplanyour warship attack. Maybe it’s not a war strategy game, butstillyou shouldn’t order your naval fleet an all-out attack like insomesimple warship simulator.Naval war game like never beforeWarship Battle Craft isn’t only about crafting &building.Battleship attack is a matter of time, so when thiswarfare… Strikefirst! Start your naval war game attacking enemywarship. Battlelike this can give you thrills! Don’t let youropponent play anywar games - sink him in a ship vs ship battle andthen take the seawarfare into his own naval empire! Begin afull-scale warfare andstrike any ground target. The result of anaval war game is up toyou and your warship!Sandbox cube world in a pixel art styleYou can find many naval war games with graphics so great itwillkill your mobile device. Instead of wasting time, try ourWarshipBattle Craft with lite, pixel art style. Enjoy the sandboxcubeworld full of resource to mine. Build & craft.Explore.Survive. Expand your naval empire in one of the best gamefor boysof 2017! War game for a true men - not some fishing gameswith litecrafting & building!CORE FEATURES:» Blocky world - build a warship from blocks and expand yournavalempire!» Warship crafting & building. Mine resources and buildaship!» Endless customization. Additional armor? Gun? Craft it?» Ship vs ship battles. Engage in large combat on a sea withfullfirepower!» Ship vs ground target battles. Destroy every building on anenemyterritory!» Pixel art graphics. Cube world has never looked so cool!» No wifi required! Survival, crafting, building &explorationadventure at its best!UPCOMING FEATURES:» Multi Craft - a multiplayer mode for ship vs ship battles.» More blocks. Craft & build an even more powerful weapontoexpand your naval empire faster!» Action-packed missions. Enjoy a war story of a navy commandowhohas to take down a battleship captain armed only with a handgun.Craft his destiny!Warship Battle Craft provides you the best World War 2gamesexperience mixed with crafting and exploration adventure ofablocky cube world. What else would you expect from a candidatefora title of battle game of the year 2017? DOWNLOAD NOW and takeWW2sea battle to your mobile device FOR FREE!
Sengoku Shogi 1.1.8
It's a board game where sengoku warlordsbattlein shogi's board.Enjoy authentic real time battle with rules that motif of Shogiandeasy operation.- Game introduction and rule explanationEach piece is placed on the board (7 × 7) with a turn of 10turns,The one with more positions takes the win.The battle will start when the opponent and the positionoverlapafter installing the unit.By defeating the opponent in the battle, it will be theoccupationof the position.- What you need to become strongStep1:Win the "battle" and league upStep2:Know unit skills with "deck"Step3:Increase unit status with "Upgrade"Step4:Acquire material with "Event"Step5:Improve the unit's reality with "evolution"- Recommended for this person!Those who like warriors' warlords of history andwarringStatesThose who like board games or turn-based battleThose who like full-fledged strategic games
World at Arms
★★★★★Happy 5th Anniversary!!!★★★★★Build your army, plan your attack and deploy your forces foranall-out, modern war game that spans the entire world, fromthedeepest ocean to the skies above!Battle against the KRA, a rogue army with invasion plans foreverynation. Only you and your allies have the power and skills towipethem out in the exciting Solo Campaign mode. But you canalsochallenge your friends for fun and glory in thechallengingmultiplayer mode that truly tests your strategy.Take advantage of the rich social features to find allies anddeviseyour next cunning strike with the chat feature. Then join orcreateyour own Faction to combine forces and truly become a forceto bereckoned with! You can even make your name known on theleaderboardsby challenging rivals and skillfully stealing theirresources.FIGHT FOR FREEDOM. FIGHT FOR FREE!√ Enjoy a free world war simulation game with brilliantgraphics,stunning animations, and realistic modern military units&buildings.PROSPER & PROTECT√ Build up your base by constructing and improving facilitiesthatunlock new weapons, technology and tactics.√ Collect resources to fuel your military nation,upgradefacilities, fuse army units and complete numerousachievements toearn free bonuses.A TRUE WORLD WAR√ Engage in innovative battles across the globe and onvariousterrains including scorching deserts, urban cityscapes,oceandepths and anywhere else the war spreads.AWAKEN THE SUPER SOLDIER√ Immerse yourself in the only modern-war strategy game onthemarket that offers deep-sea exploration and battles!√ Construct the new super unit: Atlas. This immortal war robot isarelic from an ancient nation, but can be the ultimategame-changerin battle!THE FACTION FACTOR√ Form a Faction with your friends and allies to pool yourpowers,talk strategy, help each other out, and achieve levels ofpowerthat would be all but impossible alone.√ Connect with your friends via Facebook and call forreinforcementsfrom their units during battle.√ Build a Faction Base where you and your allies can buildandshared facility that you must all help to protectfrominvaders.√ Contribute units to become the invader and strike rivalFactionBases for huge rewards and ultimate bragging rights.World at Arms is perfect for armchair commanders, fans ofmilitarystrategy games, modern warfare games, tank games, submarinegamesand tycoon games, as well as anyone who loves giant robots,cunningtactics, and fighting for domination in a mobile MMO.DownloadWorld at Arms for free and enjoy probably the bestmodern-warstrategy game on the market!________________________________________________________________Visit our official site at out the new blog at't forget to follow us on social media:Facebook: app allows you to purchase virtual items within the app andmaycontain third party advertisements that may redirect you to athirdparty site.Terms of Use: Policy: License Agreement:
Battle Sea 3D - Naval Fight 2.6.1
Real Fighting
Play Battle Sea 3D - Naval Fight - one ofthegreatest ship games with ship fight and ship wars. Become atruenaval ship captain and join a sea battle of dangerousshipsfighting games and sink all the ships at sea. This isratherunusual warships fighting simulator in the sea.* Two naval ship army fighters meet in the deadly shootingsimulatorfight with lots of ships at sea* Use STRATEGY and TACTICS in the ship fight, work out schemesandmanoeuvres, different types of weapon* Win the battle of these ship sinking games and lead your shiparmyto the victory in the ship fight!The favorite sea battle game, ship fight with classic rulesandunexpected ship wars features which will redefine yourshipsfighting games experience. The sea battle will take you totheancient seas and modern warships sea military bases with ashiparmy where two naval fleets meet in the deadly ship sinkinggames.Be a brave ship captain in this sea fighting simulator,commandyour ship army and win each sea battle of these shipwars.This fantastic shooting simulator sends you to ship fightofdifferent epochs with warious warships- ANCIENT - Take part in the epic sea battle of ancientgreekfleet- MEDIEVAL - Seas full of pirates and their ship army galleonsfullof booty- MODERN - modernly equipped, almost invulnerable shipsandaircraftsThis best of ships fighting games offers 2 Modes of Playing- PLAYER vs PLAYER - play ship games online with your friends- PLAYER vs AI - try to win ship wars AI and get bonuses for eachofwarshipsThis shooting simulator offers various Achievements&BonusesGet bonuses for eliminating hostile warships. The more battlesyouwin, the more ships at sea you sink, the more you get.Be prepared for the breathtaking ship sinking games. Juststartplaying this fighting simulator, brave ship captain! Greatestseashooting simulator is waiting for you!- Ship games with Advanced ACHIEVEMENT system;- SUPER WEAPONS — total annihilation!- Military INTELLIGENCE — take a look at the enemy's side!Battle Sea 3D - Naval Fight fighting simulator key Features:- One of the greatest naval ship games with dangerousshipwars;- Chance to be a ship captain in ship sinking games;- Shooting simulator with ships fighting games;- Exciting ships fighting games in your device.Battle Sea 3D - Naval Fight is one of the most fascinatingnavalship sinking games where you can be a brave ship captain! Playthisone of the greatest ship games and destroy all the shipsatsea.
Toy Defense Fantasy - TD Strategy Game 2.2.2
Melsoft Games
Dear friends, we are happy to invite you tothefully updated Toy Defense Fantasy!Toy Defense Fantasy 2.0 will please fans of tower defence genrewithexcellent graphics, user-friendly interface andexcitingfights!Defend the castle from dragons and trolls in this fun towerdefensestrategy game! Assemble an army of defenders and fight offmonsterhordes from destroying your medieval fantasy kingdom! Clashwiththe enemy and make sure that your fortress will hold the lineinbattle against waves of orcs and goblins.Show your courage and cunning in defense! Recruit herocommanders,build warrior armies, crush enemy monsters and be betterthan yourfriends! Download Toy Defense Fantasy now and enjoythe bestamong war strategy games, with knights and dragons. Thisgame willleave you speechless!Toy Defense Fantasy Features:Medieval Fantasy Atmosphere!▶ Kingdoms & Castles - Immerse yourself in a fantasy worldwhereyour kingdom depends on you to defend the castle!▶ Epic War! - Then rush into over 96 exciting tower defenselevelsof fun strategic warfare!Defensive Strategies!▶ Tactics - Make your own TD battle plans and fight off bothgroundand air attacks in the game!▶ Build & Defend - Create turrets and build your army tocrushyour enemies at war!▶ Tactical Upgrades - Improve, fix and heal your defenses rightonthe battlefield zone! Make sure that your military isalwaysprepared, upgrade your warriors!Fantasy Armies!▶ Knights & Elves - Train your medieval kingdom’s armyofwarriors, wizards and healers! Wars don’t win themselves!▶ Turret Defenses - Build and command all manner ofarchery,ballista and Wildfire turret towers!▶ Brave Heroes - Recruit hero commanders such as the EliteArcher,Mercenary Goblin and Fire Wizard.Monster Enemies!▶ Trolls & Goblins - Destroy over 9 types of ugly,mischievousmonsters!▶ Dragons & Mercenaries - Fight legendary dragons anddangerousmercenaries in battles▶ Boss Battles - Battle evil generals at the end of everyfinalwave! Prove that they are no match for you in tactics!Powerful Spells & Skills!▶ Magic Skills - Cast mighty spells such as sendinglethalmeteorites to ensure your enemies’ doom! Don’t give anygoblin inyour zone of fire a chance!▶ Strategic Abilities - Activate powerful shields and protectyourfortress from siege! Use magic as well as tactics toyouradvantage!Weekly Tournaments!▶ Competitions - Compete against your friends to see who hasthebest TD defenses! Clash with your friends in the arena andwinwars!▶ Achievements - Get rewards for unleashing your fury onenemyarmies and show off your tactical superiority!▶ Awards - Get top prizes when you beat your friends intournamentmode! A defender with a mighty army and the best towersdeserves anaward!Love medieval military strategy games? Then download now anddiveinto the fantasy action adventure of Toy DefenseFantasy!Perfect the skills of your warriors, build defensivefortresses,devise tower defense strategies. We guarantee our gamewill leaveyou satisfied!For more fun strategy games, follow us for updates! Be also suretocheck our games for free, they will make you feel like arealcommander of toys! your hearts - be sure to check out our other towerdefensegames!
VEGA Conflict 1.113515
Stake your claim, command your fleets,andconquer the void in this deep, real-time strategy game.Bandtogether with other players in a bloody rebellion to take backthegalaxy from the evil VEGA Federation or charge headlong intobattleagainst a mysterious alien presence.REAL-TIME PvP: Real war doesn’t wait its turn - attack enemiesatwill in real-time.GAME EVENTS: Battle in weekly events for top prizes.ALLIANCES: Create or join an alliance and crush your enemies.CRAFTING: Craft powerful ship upgrades to help you defeat theVEGAFederation.CHAT: Chat in real-time with players from around the worldusingauto-translated chat.CUSTOMIZE YOUR WAR: Different targets call for differentstrategy,outfit your fleet for victory.BATTLE ANYWHERE: Conflict never ends. Continue your progressonphone, tablet, or in browser.Recommended devices:-------------------------------We recommend high-end devices for the best gameplayexperience:Galaxy S5, LG G3, HTC One M8, Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 6,Nexus 9,Sony Xperia Z, Sony Xperia Z2, Sony Xperia Z3Internet Data Use:------------------------VEGA Conflict requires a stable internet connection and isbestplayed on Wi-Fi. After initial install and updates VEGAConflictneeds to download additional game data, Wi-Fi isrecommendedRequired App Permissions:-----------------------------------IN-APP PURCHASES – So you can buy in-game currency if youchoosetoIDENTITY – So the game can offer you the option to sign in withyourGoogle/G+ accountPHOTOS/MEDIA/FILES – So the game can store game data onyourdeviceWI-FI CONNECTION INFORMATION – So the game can connect totheinternet to playDEVICE ID & CALL INFORMATION – So phone calls will notbeblocked by the gameOptional Google+/Google Play Games Permissions:-------------------------------------------------------------------If you choose to sign in with Google+/Google Play Games touseachievements and leaderboards the game requiresadditionalpermissions. The game will never use your emailcontacts.If you would prefer to play as a Guest, login with Facebook, oruseKIXEYE details then press CANCEL when prompted togivepermissions/log in with Google+/Google Play Games
Battle Boom 1.0.6
Enemies up ahead Commander!Plan out your strategy and the use of Battle Point to outstripyouropponents with your troops in the extended battlefields!Go all out BOOM with the newest RTS type mobile game! Bethecommander to your always ready for action troops and epic unitsandlead them to glory!Take control of the battle and be ready to bring on the BOOMwithover 70 different types of units. Whether it is swarmingtheopponent with infantry troops, blasting your way throughenemydefenses with tanks or surprising the enemy withexplodingrats!Do whatever it takes to be the one with the best strategy andtoemerge victorious!Battle it out and become the most feared commander andexpertstrategist.FEATURES- Global real-time strategy battle!- Enjoy the vast and panoramic battlefield and adaptyourstrategy.- Bring on the BOOM with over 70+ units and weapons atyourdisposal!- Join forces with your Legion members and battle your way tothetop of the world!- Enjoy the face melting graphics!- Limitless strategy to blow up your enemies with the use oftanksor unit-producing buildings.*Disclaimer: BOOM is not an addiction, it’s a necessity!Find more information about Battle Boom on:Facebook:>* App permission guide* Android 6.0 and up requires access permission for playingthegame.-External Storage (Read/Write)Device, photos, media, files accessThis permission is required for installing the game on theexternalstorage.This permission allows you to install games in external memoryincase of insufficient memory.We do not access your photos , media, and files.
Pacific Fleet Lite 2.08
No Ads. No In Apps. No Pay-to-Progress.Whenyou buy the full version: One Price = Full Game.Sink enemy ships to earn renown and buy upgrades andbetterships.Try the first 5 levels of both the US and Imperial Japancampaignsas well as 3 on 3 single battles with ships up to theLight CruiserClass. See if you like it, see if it runs well on yourdevice andif so, upgrade to the full featured paid version(soldseparately)."5/5 It really has too much detail and logic to be dismissedasan arcade game."- Neal Stevens,"One of six games you should have played in 2013 (butprobablydidn't)."- Owen Faraday, pockettactics.comPacific Fleet is turn based game set upon a detailedsimulationdepicting naval warfare during World War II.Features:- Stunning full 3D graphics depict the greatest war at sea- Historically based ships, aircraft, weapons and dozens ofshipupgrades- A unique blend of deep strategic planning combined withquicktactical decisions- Play as the US Pacific Fleet or Imperial Japanese Navy- 10 combat zones to battle through (90 in paid version)- Single Battle and Multiplayer Hotseat modes- Sink ships with realistic buoyancy physics, not withhit-pointbars!- Submarine warfare and carrier operations with dive bombingandtorpedo bombers- Dynamic weather, shore bombardments (paid version) andnightengagements- Target specific ship subsystems to sink or cripple theenemy- 8 playable ships (17 in paid version)- 5 playable aircraft (8 in paid version)- Random ship placement, wind, weather and night engagementsmakeeach play-through unique
Tank Battle: East Front 1.1
Tank Battle: East Front is anexhilaratingturnbased strategy game from the creators of TankBattle: 1944 andCivilWar: 1863. Use hex based tactical combat todominate foes ontheRussian front of the Second World War. Fight asthe Germans ortheSoviets in a series of ever more complex missions.The Easternfrontof World War II saw some of the most ferociousfighting, asthe RedArmy and the Wehrmacht pitted ever more powerfultanksagainst eachother. While the early years of the war sawtheSoviets struggle towithstand the German Blitzkrieg, thelaterstages saw the Red Armycounter-attack in great force.Missionsvary from straightforwardwipe out the enemy scenarios,tocapturing key objectives, toprotecting vital supply convoysandconstructing bridges to assaultthe enemy. There are a wholerangeof objectives to reflect thetactical complexity of warfare ontheEastern Front, and conqueryour enemy with over 110historicalunits.Key Features- High Definition World War Two Era Graphics.- Play as the Soviets in the 7 Mission ‘FirstStrike’learningcampaign that ends with two in-depth missions.- 6 Mission Pheonix Campaign- 78 different German units- 34 different Soviet units- Six common units; Flamethrower, HMG, Infantry,MechanizedInfantry,Mortar, Supply Dump, Truck.- Hi-definition summer and winter terrain.- Four troop classes; Raw, Average, Veteran and Elite.- Other Game Features; Detailed Combat Analysis,FlankAttacks
,Strategic Movement, indirect fire, mountinganddismounting fromvehicles.- Hours of game playPurchasable Campaigns- 8 Mission Blitzkrieg, 1941 Campaign- 8 Mission Onwards, 1942 Campaign- 8 Mission Last Throw, 1943 Campaign- 8 Mission Collapse, 1944 Campaign- 8 Mission Victory, 1945 Campaign
Stickman Battle Simulator - Shadow Warrior 1.1
Get all geared and buckled up for themosttactical battle of the year with real stickman fighter inepicbattle military simulator shadow warriors battlefield gamesandwars of stars. This real stickman shooter and star warriorwithreal time battle war simulator is ready to sweep you off yourfeetwith epic war and stick man ancient warriors battlefield. Theepicarmy battle simulator includes unique stickman shadow warriorgreekwarriors; cavalry, stickman warriors, stickman archer andskilledadvance stickman army of samurais and Spartan kings to putup thebest stickman fighting games show! This epic battlesimulatorstrategy war games has massive stickman ancient warriors,stickmanninja, stickman greek warriors and all new sort of fantasybattleanimals like a dangerous fire dragon, or a humongous rhinoSauruswith wars of star and star warrior. Deploy your greekwarriors forreal army men strike in this stick fighting free actiongame. Don’tmiss out on playing the kingdom war games in the shadowwarriorbattlefield with ultimate stickman fighting simulator anddesignthe totally accurate battle strategy war games with epicwarsimulator elements and stickman dismount like atomic bomb,doublebattle tanks, laser tanks, ancient greek warriors and cannonsinthis best tabs army battle games and stickman starwarriorgames.Be a stickman killer and star warrior in one of the thebeststickman fighting games with stickman greek warriors armysimulatorof all times and become part of the tactical wars withthis epicbattle simulator game in wars of star. Real Stickmanfightermilitary simulator will make you enter the world of stickmanarmyin battlefield defense strategy war game, where you have tolivethe life of a war lord who is to plan an ultimate kingdom warswiththe stickman killing warriors in this army men strikeshadowwarrior battlefield game. The real stickman dismount greekwarriorbattle army has to win over the clashing clan in this armybattlesimulator stickman fighting games and free action games withstarwarrior and wars of star. Studded with the best stick fightarcherteam, stickman ninja, stickman destruction and the mightymage yourtactical battle warriors can surely nail this fantasybattle withyour wits and brains in this best stickman fightinggames.Don’t miss out to plan a totally accurate battle game andDOWNLOADthis new battle simulator which is totally worth your timeand willtame your imagination at its best.Single Player mode:Choose your stickman army and plan a perfect strategy gametoupgrade and unlock further battles.Sand Box mode:Choose both the armies of stickman warriors and Devicestrategiesfor both of them In the tactical battle.Features of Ultimate Stickman Battle Simulator – EpicWarGame:• The Best free action game with Tactical Battle SimulatorOf2017.• Stickman Soldier Army With Best Trained Stickman Archers AndBraveStickman Warriors.• Sandbox Mode And Single Player Mode.• Brilliant Graphics Of The Fantasy Battle and stickmanarmygameplay.• Exciting Sound Effects And Enticing 3D Environment.
Throne Rush 5.3.0
Epic war game with more than 20milliondownloadsMore than 700 000 5-star reviewsDownload Throne Rush to reveal an amazing fantasy world andcreateyour own kingdom!Features:● Build, fortify, protect! A huge variety of buildingsandresources;● Unique mercenary — you can upgrade them untilthey’reinvincible!● Special heroes with special talents: archer, swordsman mageandmore;● Exciting quests every day — you won’t get bored!● Clash your swords with the enemies;● Epic campaigns — kill all the monsters!● Many clans and strategy alliances;● Unique card collections - get your flash royale● Themed events, heroes and artefacts;● Priceless help from your friends — fight together inroyalspirits!Brave Warlord, the Empire will be yours!Support:
Age of Warring Empire 2.5.9
⊕⊕WAR in our world, RULE in yours⊕⊕Play a game forWARRIORS, None of thatCartoon Nonsense!Stunning battle ANIMATIONS and TACTICAL combat!RPG ADVENTURE, never seen before in any STRATEGY game! =Features=√Build your EMPIRE & Conquer all foes! √ACTION packed game play and PROGRESSION like never before!√Recruit your favorite HISTORIC, LEGENDARY & FOLKLORE HEROES from ancient GREECE, ROME and PERSIA. √All skilled HEROES come with unique abilities and stunning BATTLE animations.√Craft, Upgrade and Socket LEGENDARY weaponry and armour and equip them to your HEROES.√RESEARCH techonologies & ENHANCE your troops to make your EMPIRE more POWERFUL!√Create or Join an ALLIANCE and conquer enemies together or battle in the EPIC Imperial City Alliance BATTLE to become KING!√Chat and strategize with your friends and alliance or banter in WORLD CHAT before laying waste to your enemies!ATTENTION! Age of Warring Empire is a free to play game, but some items and features can also be accessed using real money. If you do not wish to use these features, please configure your settings in your Google Play Store app and set up password protection for purchases.NOTE: A network connection is required to play. Facebook page:
Arma Mobile Ops 1.14.1
A MUST PLAY real-time military strategy game–from the creators of Arma 3 and DayZ: challenge yourstrategicskills and join up to a million Commanders in epic PvPbattlesworldwide. Got what it takes to win? Enlist NOW!“Arma Mobile Ops” is playable for free from the beginning tillthevery end, with optional in-app purchases.Features:● STRATEGIZE the best way to smash your opponents in real-timePvPmatches● COMMAND your armies: control their movement and direction, andgostealth or assault● ATTACK opponents with an effective combo of infantry, groundorair drones● TRAIN your military force, create your unbeatable base, andgathersufficient resources● POWER UP and structure your base optimally to keep it safefromenemy raids● STRIKE back fast for revenge and rank up your units toachievevictory● STRENGTHEN your force on the raid with precise bomb strikesandother types of air support● FORM ALLIANCES with friends, climb up the league ladders andrakein some sweet resources as a winning prize● EXPERIENCE different game modes: singleplayer campaign, PvPorFaction WarsNote: internet connection is required to play
Blood Tyrant 0.0.50
★★★Blood Tyrant——A MagicalStrategyGame★★★☆Battle for the Throne☆Win the battle and showcase your best tactics. Blood Tyrant isanMMO game that lets you destroy enemy empires to defendyourhonor.☆Free game: tactical multiplayer game☆A thriving alliance system allows you to join an alliance, soyoucan protect and develop your troops. All alliance memberswillconquer the world side by side. This is a wise choice! This isanRTS game, all game tactics and decisions are made in realtime.Compete with players from around the world; and do your utmosttobecome the most powerful king!☆Establish and guard your empire☆Attacking is important and so is development. In Blood Tyrant,youcan establish a vast empire, upgrade all kinds of buildings,traintroops and build traps. Will the enemy have the guts todeclare waragainst you?☆Stories and chapters☆Enchanting stories and chapters, so you will know the world andhavea sense of immersion!★★Features of Blood Tyrant★★☆Real time battles! You will fight with your enemies in a freeandmagical world!☆Faster march speed. Get to the battlefield faster andparticipatein battles!☆Speedup time! You will become the strongest faster!☆An unprecedented Grand Alliance design. An alliance can unitewithother alliances or join a Grand Alliance with alliancediplomats.Become the biggest alliance with flexible alliancetactics.☆Expand your Grand alliance area in the World and conquer thebloodybattlefield!☆There will be lots of kings in the Blood Tyrant, but there willbeonly one true king. Will that be you?
REDCON 1.3.0
Command your own battle fortress! Assemblethemightiest artillery force and bombard your foes into oblivion!Leadthe Empire State offensive against Traitor General and hisfoulrebellion.★ Build and customize your battle fortress as you wish★ Use Active Pause to freeze time and issue multipleordersinstantly★ Command vast arsenal of weapons, from individual soldierstosuperguns★ Infiltrate, Annihilate or grind your targets downthroughAttritionSet in the dystopian future in which the First World Warneverended, humanity knows only war and bombardment.You are a Strike Commander, tasked by Fuhrer of the Empire Statetospearhead an artillery offensive against Traitor General Kranz.Youmight be the one to end all wars.Customize and manage your battle fortress. Grow andupgradeyour arsenal of weapons and utility facilities, then placethem indifferent slots of your fortress layout.You are in command. Target your guns and commandyoursoldiers. Active Pause allows you to freeze time and issuemultipleorders simultaneously. Put out fires, repair damagedweapons andunleash orchestrated assaults on your opponent.Get rewards for victory. Gain new fortress layouts asyouconquer the rogue state of Krux, earn medals and perks to aidyouin battle.IN-APP PURCHASESThe free game is limited to 18 missions. If you like the game,youcan upgrade to a premium edition. There are norepeatablemicrotransactions!STRATEGY GUIDEThere is always a chance for victory! Read more on how to buildyourfortress and get most out of your deadly arsenal.
Castle Crafter
It's a live pocket game that you canbattlewith real people that you can always carry on with you.Controlyour pixel hero character in a pixel designed pelasantworldenvironments.Castle Crafter game will be your best friend in your sparetime.Fight against real people as a team or single in welldesignedcastles. Try to defend your castle or conquer enemies'castle withusing your weapons like, sword, pickaxe, bow and arrow.Moreover,you can dig tunnels, open secret gates, build bridges andladders,construct shelters and make shields by using craftedstones, rocksand dirts from real world. You can also bring yourinsidious planswith scuba diving under water.Share your tactics with your team friends during the game byusingvoice chat. The game is optimized for high performance foryourbest game play experience.There are 4 game modes in the game:First game mode is Flag Capture. Players choose a teamtothemselves. Defenders or Attackers. Regarding to the selectedteam,players prevent and stop enemies to intrude their castles andfightagainst attackers to keep their flags in safe. Otherwiseattack tothe castle and try to capture the flag. Moreover they canusecommon weapons like Catapult, ballista and fire arrows duringthegame. If blue team can take the red flag and bring it nearblueflag before the time runs out, blue team wins.Second mode is Team Deathmatch. Player choose a team first atthebeginning first. Reds or Blues. The most enemy killer team winsatthe en of the time.Third game mode is Deatchmatch. In this game mode, everyplayerfight for himself only. The most enemy killer player winsthegame.Fourth mode is World Exploration. Players explore battlefieldsandcastles offline. Players are free to play and make strategiesinthe world as long as they desired. There is no winning or losinginthis game mode. There is no any internet connection requiredinthis mode.In this war game, you are going to struggle to survive againstrealplayers for hours without any restraint. You will be witness tothebattle and survival techniques in the time of Steve'sancestorswith a different game mechanics and graphics from othercommonMinecraft games.Why are you wating for? Download and play.GAME FEATURES:- 4 different game modes: Capture The Flag, TeamDeathmatch,Deatchmatch, Offline World Explore.- Completely free- Play with real people- Voice chat- 5 different weapons- 6 different environment and castle- Simple and Plain interface- HD graphics and high performance
Sea Battle 1.2.1
Sea Battle is a board game everybodylovessince childhood but with new options! Online multiplayer!Fightagainst the players from all over the world! You have awidearsenal in your disposal: battleships, destroyers, bombers,mines,anti-aircraft defense, radars and other stuff. Place yourships ofdifferent size on the battlefield, launch the aircraft formassivebombshells and try to sink the rival ships.By combining different positioning of your ships,aircraft,anti-aircraft defense and mines you can develop your ownstrategyfor the game and leave no chances for your opponents!Sea Battle is a game with elaborate squared notebook graphicsandeffects, which make the game original and create aspecialatmosphere!Game’s special features:ONLINE FIGHTS:Fight against opponents from all over the world overtheInternet!PLAYVSANDROID:Choose the difficulty level and try to beat Android.Earnpoints!PLAY VIA BLUETOOTH:Arrange battles against your friends and colleaguesviaBluetooth.PLAY WITH YOUR FRIEND ON ONE DEVICE:You want to play with your friends on onedevice?Notaproblemanymore! Placeyourships, aircraft, mines, AAD andradarseach in his or her turn and fight!POINTS FOR VICTORIES:Earn points by winning and buy aircraft, mines, AAD and radarsandother stuff!CHOOSING AND SETTING GAME MODES:Choose the classic or advanced game mode. Change your arsenalanyway you want.GLOBAL RANKING:Become the best Sea Battle player by winning online battles!*****It’s high time to find out, who is the best at Sea Battle!*****The game is free and with no in-game purchases required!
Commander of Toy 2.2.11
Commander of Toys,––OVER 1.5 MILLION DOWNLOADS!––A huge thank you to our fans for allowing us to reach over1million downloads!Due to their support, we are announcing today★EnglishLanguage★ support and opening the gameworldwide.Commander of Toys takes you back to your childhoodandembarks on an exciting journey of adventure. The bedroom,corridor,living room and backyard have all become enemyterritories. Becomea little kid, commanding plastic soldiers towipe out the evilboss. Join us in this action-packed strategy gameWorld War Toy,and lead your toy army to victory!Key Features:★ Develop & Upgrade! Construct and upgrade differentbuildings,and expand your base.★ Recruit & Defend! Recruit toy soldiers, plan airstrikes,build vehicles, and research different technologies; Setthe mostpowerful troops to defend your base.★ Attack & Conquer! Fight against the evil toy boss inthebattlefield. Take down your opponents by placing your troopsindifferent tactical formations.★ Train & Level-Up! Choose from 3 different heroes, eachwithdifferent powers and abilities. You can also deploy themtogetherin the battlefield.★ Collect & Rank-Up! Earn dozens of honor medals to powerupyour Heroes.★ Play & Chat! Join legions, and fight with your friendsandlegion-mates. Share strategies with players around theworld.-----------------------------Suporte Facebook: visit our Email: send us message using
Tower Defense: Clash of WW2 1.110
Be a Hero at the deadliest war inhumanhistory. Now we present you the opportunity to strategize andleadto win the World War II, the global war that involved over30countries of 100 million people. USA and its allies triedtheirbest to win the war by sending various big commanders, G.S.Patton, Macarthur, and Eisenhower, Winston Churchill,JosephStalin,Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Harry S.Truman,VladimirPutin,Barrack Obama, each of whom owns specialskillsets that couldbe improved over time and becomeundefeatable.A fun and addicting strategy game is now for you to enjoy. Act asasoldier of the United States and defend the island fromGermaninvasion. Each level has different map and difficulty, whichyouneed to learn it all to provide the best scheme of defense.Chooseyour strategy wisely in either spending money on weapon oranythingelse. Only the best strategy can lead you togloriousvictory.Weapons available for USA Army include but not limited tothefollowing:• Machine guns (to attack ground units)• Rocket launcher (to attack air & water object)• Ice bunker (to slow down the enemies)• Tesla mech tower (to attack several units at one hit)• Flame tower (to attack several enemies at one hit)• Laser tower (to attach one unit, very deadly)When it is necessary, you may also call for additional helpofmissile or thunderbolt for the instant kill of rescue. And,whatmakes this game super fun is the balance of challenge you willhaveduring the play. The Germany troops consist of a combinationofland troop, air squadron, and water troop. You will lose oneheartfor each enemy troop that successfully pass through yourdefense!Strategize the game wisely to avoid that!Tips for playing:• Choose the right spot to build tower• Dig more spots to build more towers• Watch the info, each wave have different squad• Call back-up during rush situation• Buy ultimate back-up to keep you safe• Choose your hero and improve their skillsFeatures:• Real map design• Various tower options• Free 25 heart life• Gradual increase of difficulty level• Up to 3x Fast Forward Speed Up functions• Tower improvement• Excellent music & background• Game Balancing• Multiplayer mode available• Various exciting Heroes role, such as Eisenhower,WinstonChurchill, Fidel Castro, Barrack Obama etc.• New maps added frequently for more challenge seekers!Wait no more. Download and play the most entertaining strategygameof all time now! Battle with your friends and family withourfavorite multiplayer mode now! Only at Tower Defense: ClashofWW2.
Lords & Knights - Medieval Strategy MMO 6.16.1
Strategic alliances with other players,fiercecampaigns and wars as well as massive fortresses await you inLords& Knights! Trade, complete missions and discovertechnologies.Recruit armies of noble knights to protect your castleor conquerother cities.Conquer an empire and make your enemies quiverbeforeyou.Lords & Knights is a free to play medieval strategy MMO.Atfirst you take control of one castle and its knights. As timegoesby, you can expand your realm all the way to an empire withtheright strategy. Conquer the cities of your enemies and becomethemost powerful ruler of the medieval times.RAISE A POWERFUL ARMY AND LEAD IT INTO WAR!Recruit several medieval units like knights and foot soldiers.Leadthem into battle against other lords with the right strategyandtactics, or send them on lucrative missions. Among thesemissions,you will find adventures such as driving off robbers,taking partin a joust or hold a castle festival in honor of yourempire.CONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT OF YOUR CASTLES INTOMASSIVEFORTRESSESImprove your simple starting castle all the way to apowerfulfortress. You can stock up on resources for the war in yourkeep,while you are coming up with tactics and strategies fortheupcoming battles. Strengthen your armies by improving yourarmoryand researching new technologies. Improve the defense of yourrealmby erecting fortifications or improve your resourceproduction.Strategy and tactics are an important part of thecreation of yourdefense and you decide on them as the king!AN ALLIANCE SYSTEM THAT FACILITATES JOINT CONQUESTSFound an alliance or join an existing one, in order to planthestrategy and construction of your medieval empire with hundredsofother players. You can forge non aggression treaties andcreatealliances with other alliances or march into war together.You cantake on different roles within these alliances, for examplethat ofthe minister of war or of defense and exchange informationwithyour friends and other lords in the forum and the livealliancechat.PEACEFUL REALM OR WARLIKE EMPIREInteract with other lords in order to plan attacks or set upyourdefense. You can support them with armies and resources.Defendeach other throne! Should diplomacy fail, another solutionwould bea well planned war of conquest with numerous attacks onenemycities. Send out your armies and plunder the resources ofyourenemy or assault his fortifications, conquer his castle andmake ita part of your empire and expand your realm. Make sure thatyourmost hated enemy won’t remain a king for long!Show everyone that you have what it takes to be the king ofanentire realm and conquer a throne!Become a fan on Facebook: medieval strategy MMO Lords & Knights is free to playandneeds an active internet connection.Take a look at the rest of our free to play games:- Celtic Tribes – Celtic Strategy MMO- Crazy Tribes – post apocalyptic MMO
Medieval Wars:Strategy&Tactics 1.0.14
Strategists! A huge update of Medieval Warsishere!A free campaign ‘In Praise of Odin!’ consists of 9 missions,inwhich you will take part in the Vikings’ bloody wars inScandinaviaand Mainland Europe.• You will be able to capture Paris, invade England andSouthernItaly.• With the great Rollo you will found the Normandy dukedom.• In Oleg the Prophet’s campaign you will gain Kiev.For those who think that’s not enough, we have also prepared 4newhistorical scenarios.• In the bloody ‘Battle of Brávellir’ you will defeat thelegendaryHarald Wartooth, the King of Danes and Swedes.• In a huge scenario called ‘Vikings' Wars’ you will be able tokeephalf of Europe in fear and make them look to the seasinterror.• Playing as Harald Fairhair in the ‘Unification of Norway’ youwillset the Norse crown atop your head.• As Cnut the Great you will win the war against Norway andSwedenand establish power over these lands.Medieval Wars: Strategy & TacticsThe history of medieval Europe is rich in bloody wars andconflicts.The Norman invasion, the Crusades, the Hundred Years'War, theReconquista, the Wars of the Roses, the AlbigensianCrusade andendless peasant riots… A new game in the Strategy &Tacticsseries gives you an opportunity to try your strengthinconfrontations between the most ruthless conquerors. This isturnbased grand strategy historical war game. Crusaders andKings.Great medieval battles, total wars, Atilla, Napoleon andRomeempire.In Medieval Wars: Strategy & Tactics you are to lead thearmiesof England and France as well as the armies of crusaders inthreecampaigns and try to win the biggest wars and battles ofEuropeanmedieval history. Scenario maps will let you take part inRussianfeuds, stop the Saracens under the flag of Charles the Greatandlead The Hussites.After winning all the fascinating battles of Campaign andScenariomode, try Hotseat multiplayer mode.Medieval Wars: Strategy & Tactics: It’s time to marchoff!• 4 historical campaigns, with 25 missions in total• 11 independent historical scenarios• Several Skirmish mode maps• 21 types of units• Multiplayer mode Hotseat• Turn-based battles, economic and military researchThe following content is available in free version:- 3 missions of England campaign;- full viking campaign In Praise of Odin!;- One Hotseat mode map with fixed game settings;- 3 historical game scenario;The following content is available in premium version:- Complete England, Vikings, France and Crusaders campaigns with25historical missions in total;- Uploading of new campaigns available in future update;- Multiple Skirmish mode maps with various customisablegamesettings;- Uploading of new Skirmish mode maps available infutureupdate;- 11 unique game scenarios available;- Uploading of additional game scenarios available infutureupdate;- Several Hotseat multiplayer mode maps with variouscustomisablegame settings;"A sharp and elegant turn-based strategy game, Medieval Warsleavesyou with the best of medieval times and leaves out theboringbits." - hardcoredroid.com_____________________________________FOLLOW US: @HerocraftWATCH US: US: HEROCRAFT, 2013
Battleship: Legion War of Pacific Rim 1.5.1
Looking for action free Wargame? We got itallright here in Battleship: War of Pacific Rim!This is the Best 3D interactive strategy war game ofbattleshipgame. Be an admiral of navy fleets. Lead your powerfulfleetthrough warship battles against pirates and Bloody Dragon,andplayers from around the globe! Rule the worldunderanarchism.Modern Wars, Monumental Global battle, Pacific war fight and somuchmore! The BLOODY DRAGON has arrived. Decisive leader has cometo thePacific Ocean battle ground. It is the naval war oflegendarygenerals and warships. Bring your gun, let's take backthe glory.Command your fleet to battle, dawn will come.Battleship: War of Pacific Rim is an award winning realtimestrategy MMO wargame where you battle to build an NAVYempire,become kings and take control of a kingdom! If you like PVPwargameor multiplayer naval game of war, you’ll love this basebuilding,fighting wargames where you must combat to survive inthisuniverse! Put your strategic mind to test against invasionfromacross the globe in this worldwide RTS war of warshipgames.Battleship: War of Pacific Rim now and join millions of playersfromaround the world!- Game features -1. Ahead of the development of science and technology:Technology can change the form of final war, you can also changethestrength of both sides, players in the "Battleship: War ofPacificRim" can use the production and scientific research systemto buildtheir own immortal sea force and naval empire.2. Wave cloud treacherous wisdom of the showdown:Technology determines the combat effectiveness, but the contrastisnot the eternal strength. Good at the strategy of the playerscanalso use their own advantages and even vertical and horizontal,theuse of military or diplomatic means to interact with otherplayers.Use the art of command to win the enemy in this world ofwarship.The planets is always the stage of the strategist!3. Stablish Your Territory and Ready for action!You will never know how to do when you have to fight back.Yourterritory needs to accommodate a strong titans’ army and youneedto protect your clan in naval warfare with your men and yourarmy.Let’s strike back Establish your territory and updateitsconstruction, which can give you a better protection in PVP andPVEin this world of warships.4. The Whole Global Multi-Player Online (PVP)!You are not the only commander with territory! In this navalbattlegame, you need to fight with thousands of commanders topreventthem from destroying your clans. Launch your iron battleshiptodefend your territory and strike with them to rob theirresourcesand dominate their warships empire!5. Experience new warship battle storyThis fantasy game reproduces the blitz battle on ocean. Youcancreate alliance with the Royal Wolf Legion. Take advantageofbattle warship to fight with evil clash: Bloody Dragon andresistthe war of warships storm. Defense him build up the colony.You mayalso be assaulted in zombie ark event. Recruit yourlegendaryheroes to fight back.Have seen the above description, you still hold it? Come on, wearein the "Battleship: War of Pacific Rim" in the verticalandhorizontal!
Shadow Wars 1.8.1
Monsters are real.As a Shadow Master, you have the power to control them. Tosurvive,your monsters must fight the monsters of other ShadowMastersaround the world.Join the hidden battle raging across the globe. Travel tomajorcities and clash with five secret factions, capturing newmonstersand collecting rare artifacts in each vibrant location.Carefullybalance your monsters’ abilities to craft the ultimatecrew, thenunleash them on teams of opponents in a strategic game ofplanning,timing, and skill. As you level up and evolve yourmonsters, you'llface greater and deadlier foes. Join the war or bedestroyed.FEATURES:●     Collect, level up, and evolvepowerfulmonsters, each with unique skills and abilities●     Intense strategy — build a crewofmonsters, configure their skills, and plan your play●     Form alliances with players worldwide—join forces in battle and defeat rivals●     Daily and weekly live events basedonreal-world news stories — compete to collect rare monsters,crucialresources, and legendary artifacts●     Artifacts to collect and furthercustomizeyour playing experienceThe Photos/Media/Files and Storage permissions are used tostoregame data and to allow you to share your Shadow Wars monsterwithyour friends. Shadow Wars is free to play but offers some game items forpurchasewith real money.We love to hear from our players!On Twitter? Drop us a line @PikPokGames and join theconversationwith #ShadowWars!
Tilting Point
Join the army vs. army wars of SIEGE:TITANWARS® that take place on an epic scale! Conquer players fromaroundthe world in live PVP battles.Collect and upgrade remarkable cards, including legendarywarriors,devastating spells, and enormous Titans. Destroy youropponent’sTowers and siege their Castle in spectacular battles.Call uponTitans of legend and watch your enemies fall.Master your strategy and climb the ranks! With nine Tierstoconquer, you will battle legends and rise to the top inSIEGE:TITAN WARS®.FEATURES• Battle players across the global in online multiplayer battlestoclaim Victory Points• Open chests to unlock new cards, upgrade your warriorsandstrengthen your Titans• Collect and level up your collection with dozens of cards• Build the perfect deck to defeat anyone who dares meet you onthebattleground• Form a Clan to share cards and build your own SIEGE: TITANWARS®community• Watch your own replays or those from top players to analyzetheirtacticsJoin the help?Email support@siegetitanwars.comView the FAQ at network connection is required to play.While SIEGE: TITAN WARS® is completely free to play, somein-gameitems can be purchased with real money. If you don’t want tousethis feature, you can disable in-app purchases in yourdevice’ssettings.No orcs were harmed in the development of SIEGE: TITAN WARS®.
Battlepillars Multiplayer PVP
Crawl into the bug battle with thisactionpacked real time strategy game! The red caterpillar army ison theattack, so fight back with your own tactics as you commandthebattle ready green caterpillar army!Battlepillars is an RTS tug of war game where you commandheavilyarmed caterpillar soldiers to do your fighting! Armed to theteethwith flamethrowers, sticky honey, mines, machine guns andmore,send your caterpillar troops on the attack using real timestrategyand skill! Need some air support? Call in Larry the Bird todeploysome bird bombs! The woodland creatures are at your side andreadyfor battle Commander! Once the enemy base is destroyed, sendyourcaterpillar army to the next level with brand newprestigesegments!Utilize the best strategies and combinations to form thestrongestsquad to defeat your opponents. From blitzkrieg andcannoncaterpillars, to robot and ninja caterpillars, there areaninfinite number of ways to kill off the enemy army! Looking foraneven tougher challenge Commander? Perfect your strategies intheTest Zone, then take the battle online against your buddies viathemultiplayer mode! Need to prove you’re the best? TackleEndlessMode! Conquer the campaign, then continue the battle tooverthrowchaotic forces in the new Nightmare Mode!***FIVE WAYS TO GET IN THE RTS ACTION***CAMPAIGN - Conquer your way through the map and kill 50 enemybasesand 5 big boss Battlepillars poised to halt your attack!MULTIPLAYER - Take the battle online via Google Play andchallengeyour buddies in a multiplayer battles!TEST ZONE- Experiment battle tactics in the Test Zone!ENDLESS MODE - Survive for as long as possible against the attackofthe red caterpillar army!RAID MODE – Cocoon your caterpillars into Battleflies and raidtheenemy apple supply!***FEATURES***-RTS gaming keeps the action fast paced and fun while youstrategizeyour attack.-50 Levels and 5 World Themes: Garden, Jungle, Spooky,Junkyard,Robots.-Optional Gold Challenges let players challenge themselveswhileearning more apples for upgrades, power ups, and rareskins.- Over 20 unique and powerful skins to boost your army’smight,including the Shaman and Alien skins!-Wide variety of weapons and upgrades let you create yourownfighting style. Kill off enemies with cannons,grenades,flamethrowers, mines, machine guns, missiles andmore.-Plenty of caterpillar soldiers skins to choose from, allwithunique battle properties: standard, mummy, spider, robot, ninjaandmore.- Use Startfruit to get powerful new prestige segments!-Call upon woodland allies like the Wizard Turtle or Larry theBirdto aid in the fighting!Battlepillars is an awesome tug of war battle game that willhaveyou addicted to the battlefield! With tons of upgrades, weaponsandsoldiers, there are endless ways to conquer with yourcaterpillararmy! So what are you waiting for Commander? Victoryawaits you!Download today and launch your attack, your troops needyou!
Battle Arena 10.7
Battle Arena is a fun 1v1 game fullofstrategy. In this fighting game you can battle your friends onthesame phone. It's a very simple 1v1 game but it's alot offun.Unlike other games you don't need any internet, wifi toplay.Thanks to Elisha Job Ramos for creating beautifulgraphics.