Top 3 Games Similar to Pcelica Baja

Nixa Zizu 0.0.4
!!!Kada prvi put uključite igricu, morate u Whey Shopu pritisnutinaplavu kvačicu kako biste potvrdili Plavi Whey!!!Nixa Zizu je igrica napravljena prema poznatomJutjuberuNixi.YOUTUBE kanal: igrici postoje dva nivoa. U prvom nivou Nixa trči usvojojstaroj teretani i preskače stalke za infuziju i bodibilderenasteroidima. U drugom se nalazi na zgradama u Beogradu.Skupljajte tegove koje ćete koristiti da otključate nove stvariuigrici, nove nivoe i nove Super-moći.100% NEČURALKada skupite 10 kantica Whey-a pritisnite na dugme udonjemdesnom uglu i aktivirajte Super-Moć. U Whey Shop-u možetekupitinove moći pomoću tegova koje skupljate u igri.Igra je jednostavna, nema mnogo komandi i svako je može igrati.ulevom donjem uglu se nalazi dugme za skok. Kada je Nixa uvazduhupritisnite dugme još jednom za dupli skok.Uživajte u igri!Muzika:Malta - ZvezdaraAir Ljaks - Samo Whey Bajo Moj!!!Whenyou first turn on the game, you have to Shop Whey press thebluecheck mark to confirm the Blue Whey !!!Nixa Ziza the game made after the famous YouTubers Nixi.YOUTUBE Channel: the game there are two levels. In the first level Nixarunningin his old gym and skips stands for infusion andbodybuilders onsteroids. The second is on the buildings inBelgrade.Collect the weights to be used to unlock new items in thegame,new levels and new super-power.100% NEČURALWhen you gather 10 pail Whey, press the button in the lowerrightcorner and activate the super-Power. In Whey Shop you can buynewpower using weights that you collect in the game.The game is simple, there are many commands and anyone the lower left corner is a button to jump. When Nixa in theair,press the button again to double jump.Enjoy the game!Music:Malta - Novi BeogradAir ljakse - Just My Whey Bajo
Maya The Bee: Flying Challenge 1.0
Collect all the meadow flowers and plantstohelp Mrs Cassandra preparing her next lesson at the bee school !Today is a lucky day for Maya! As she was flying throughthemeadow, she ran into a field of four-leaf clovers, a rarespeciesupposed to bring good luck. She hurried home to show thisfabulousdiscovery to everyone.On her return to the hive, she met her teacher, MrsCassandra,who congratulated her for her find. And then, she had anidea: howabout focusing the next lesson on the meadow’s flowers andplants?Being very busy at the moment, she asked Maya to bring backasample of each major species to the bee school. Maya wasdelightedto help her teacher and then started looking for roses,jasmine andviolets. Let’s fly for a new adventure!Take control of Maya through the gyro function, avoidobstaclesand collect all the flowers and plants Mrs Cassandra askedyoubefore you run out of honey. Take portals to transfer tootherplaces or to fly faster.PARENTS : This app has been specifically edited for children.Itis guaranteed without any external non-adapted commercialsorpromotional offers. This game contains in-app purchases but youcanblock them through your device’s general settings.FEATURES- Discover or re-discover the universe of Maya the Bee- Simple and fun game mechanics adapted to children- Fly as long as possible and collect all needed plants- Complete additional objectives to improve your score