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Strelok. Ballistic calculator 2.4.0
Igor Borisov
Strelok is a ballistic trajectory calculator. Small, handyandaccurate. Field-proven accuracy since 2001. Supportsimperial(yards, feet, inches, etc) and metric units. MIL and MRAD -this isthe same! Input all parameters, push button "Calculate!" andyouwill have vertical and horizontal values for riflescopecorrection. Also, you can select reticle from list and seewind anddistance corrections on reticle without turning knobs. Youcan sendby e-mail the reticle image with holdovers and ballistictable. Allnew features and reticles will be added to my new paidapplicationStrelok+ Already now you can use in Strelok+ reticlescaling toyour scope magnification (if reticle is placed in secondfocalplane). Paid version have 10 rifles (with 10 cartridges each).Andmany new reticles. This free version will not be updated anymore.You ability to export rifles (with cartridges) to xml-formatfile(can be edit with usual text editor) to easy migrate toStrelok+(or iPhone). Move this file to StrelokPlus folder. OnStrelok+import this file ( to get your rifles.Supportedreticles: MilDot, NP-R2 (Nightforce), TMR (Leupold),NP-R1(Nightforce), Ballistic Mildot (Burris), XTR BallisticMildot(Burris), MLR (Nightforce), SPR (Leupold), 4D (C2.5-10x50Kahles),4D(C3-12x56 Kahles), Ballistic Plex (Burris), BDC Standart(Nikon),LR Duplex (Leupold), BDC 600 (Nikon), EBR-1 MOA(Vortex),Mil-DotBar (Millet), P4L (Schmidt&Bender), MTR-1(March), BR(Swarovski), PSO-1 (Russia), BDC Predator (Nikon),A1Optic,Ballistic (Bushnell), MP-8 Dot (IOR), Gen 2 MilDot(PremierReticles), Varmint Hunter's (Leupold), Accu-Range(Redfield),Cabelas Alaskan Guide, EBR-1 MRAD (Vortex), Dead-HoldBDC (Vortex),MP20 (Falcon), Enhanced Mildot (Falcon), Rapid Z 1000(Zeiss),Mil-DotBar 1 Mil (Millet), Smart Reticle (Simmons),NP-1RR(Nightforce), 6-dots MilDot (CenterPoint), Rapid Z 5 (Zeiss),TDS-4(Swarovski), Boone and Crockett (Leupold), BallisticReticle(Leica), Rapid Z 7 (Zeiss), 9-dots MilDot (CenterPoint) Gen2 XR(Premier Reticles) LV5 Velocity 1000 (Nightforce) MSR(MakSnipe),BDA (2.5-10x48 Docter), BDA (3-12x56 Docter), LRMOA(6.5-24x50Sightron), LRX (Nikko Stirling), SS1-4 Donut (SWFA),618-V2(Shepherd), Mil-Quad (SWFA), NP-2DD (Nightforce), Rapid Z600(Zeiss), MCZ (Delta), Ballistic CQ 5.56 (Burris), EMDR(Weaver),EBR-1 MOA s1 (6–24x50 Vortex), Mil-Scale GAP (US Optic),BRX/BRH(Swarovski), XTR Ballistic 5.56 (Burris), XTR Ballistic7.62(Burris), Rapid Z 800 (Zeiss), TMCQ MOA (Vortex), DOA600(Bushnell), Dead-Hold BDC hashes (Vortex), TMCQ MRAD (Vortex),ML16(Falcon), CMR (Hi-Lux/Leatherwood), LP20 (Falcon), K-5.56(Meopta),Ballistic Plex (2X-7X Burris), Ballistic Plex (3X-12XBurris),NP-1RR (Nightforce), SA.B.R. (Leupold), EBX (Weaver), SCB(MTCOptics), A8 Varmint (Schmidt&Bender), H-25 (Horus Vision),BDC200, Nikon, BDC 150, Nikon, BDC 05-001, Minox, LRV Duplex,Leupold,EBR-1 MRAD s1, 6x-24x Vortex, BRT, Swarovski, Range Finder,NcStar,RangeFinder, Barska, Rapid Z Varmint, Zeiss, BDC 05-001,Minox (at10x), MilDot (US Army), EBR-2B MRAD, Vortex, RF, Lynx(LX23.5-10x50), MOA-ER, Premier Reticles, HV Velocity 1000,Nightforce,BDC 05-112, Minox (at 9x), LV Velocity 600, Nightforce,TMD, BSA,Contender, BSA, Contender Mil-Dot, BSA, MV Velocity600,Nightforce, MP-8 Dot Modified, IOR, Range Finder, Osprey,ART,Holland, WBDC, Alpen, H-37, Horus Vision, TBX, Weaver, EBR-1MOA,2.5x-10x Vortex, H-70, Horus Vision, H-58, Horus Vision,MP-8Xtreme, IOR, EPB MILS, Wotac, EPB MOA, Wotac, AMD, MTCOptics,Precision Plex, Pentax, Ballistic Plex, 3.5-10x Burris,Velocity1000 UHV, Nightforce, FML-1, 3x-24x42, March, FML-1,5x-40x56,March, MSR, Schmidt&Bender, MOAR, Nightforce,Brabant-20,Falcon, EBR-1 MRAD, 2.5-10 Vortex, Rapid Reticle 22-1,PFI, 4A-300,Swarovski, Chevron, Trijicon, POSP 8x42, Russia,Firedot, Leupold,G2DMR (Bushell)
Exterior Ballistics Calculator 2.1.57
The most comprehensive, accurate, and fully customizableexteriorballistics software available on mobile devices!Validatedand inuse by professional snipers and hunters!Accuracy is basicallyonlylimited by the accuracy of user's input.This Ballisticscalculatorcomputes accurate trajectories of any type of projectile,orbullets from airguns or firearms. * Easy computation of scopeholdover, scope adjustments, Point Blank Range optimization, ...*Supports Skywatch Windoo and Weatherflow Wind Meter * PredictionofGroup size, target hit rate, and Weapon Employment Zone (WEZ)*Gyroscopic Stability Analysis for reloaders * Special featuresforField Target shooters * Database with more than 2000firearmbullets and more than 150 air gun pellets * Fullycustomizable andexportable range cards * Can use any standard (G1,G2, G5, G6, G7,G8) or custom drag functions as well as Lapua radardata * Zeroatmosphere support * Computes changes in air densityalong thebullet path * Includes Coriolis drift, gyroscopic driftand Magnuseffect * Quick adjustments for hunting applications * Cangetatmospheric data directly from device sensors * More than 160firstand second focal plane scopes and reticles supported such as:-Burris Ballistic MilDot, Ballistic Plex, Plex E1, G2B MilDot,XTRII Ballistic 5.56 Gen 3, Ballistic E1 FFP Varmint, SCR MIL, SCRMOA- Bushnell G2-DMR, DOA 600, BTR-1, BTR-MIL - EOTech 512,552,EXPS3-4 - Falcon MilDot, B20 - Firefield MilDot - Hawke 1/2MilDot,MAP 6A - Hensoldt - Horus Vision H27, H37 - Huskemaw 8 MOA-IOR/Valdada MP-8 Xtreme X1 MOA & MIL - Khales MIL 2, MIL 4,MSR- Leapers MilDot 6-dots, MilDot 9-dots - Leatherwood/Hi-Lux CMR-Leupold CMR-W 5.56 & 7.62, TMR, M-TMR, Mildot, Duplex,FineDuplex, LR Duplex, Wide Duplex, Varmint Hunters, BooneandCrockett, FireDot SPR, FireDot TMR, TMOA, Pig Plex - Lynx Plex-March MTR-1, MTR-3, MTR-4, MML - Millet Mil-Dotbar - NcSTARP4Sniper - Nightforce NP-1, NP-1RR, NP-R1, NP-R2, NP-2DD,MOAR,MIL-R, MLR, Velocity 600 - Nikko Stirling MilDot, LRX -NikonNikoplex, BDC, BDC 150, BDC 200, BDC 600, BDC Predator, MilDot-Premier MOA-ER, Gen II MilDot - Primary Arms ACSS HUD DMR.308/.223- Redfield TAC-MOA, 4-Plex - Schmidt & Bender Mildot,P4L Fine,P4L Fine MOA - Sightron MilDot, MOA-2 - Simmons Truplex -SteinerG2B Mildot, Plex S1, SCR - Swarovski 4A-I, 4W, 4W-I - SWFAMil-Quad- Trijicon ACOG Horseshoe Dot .223, ACOG Red Chevron .223,TA01NSN,TA01NSN-308, Accupoint Mildot - Vortex EBR-1 MOA, EBR-1MRAD,EBR-2B MRAD, EBR-2B MOA, EBR-2C MOA, EBR-2C MRAD, EBR-3MRAD,MilDot, VMR1 MOA, JM-1 BDC, XLR MOA, TMCQ MOA, V-Plex -WeaverGerman #4, TBX - Zeiss Rapid-Z 600, Rapid-Z 800, Rapid-Z1000,Reticle 4, 60, 63 - ... more added regularly.Based on thenumericalsolution of modified point mass trajectory equations.Themainfeatures are: - Solves modified point mass trajectoryequationswith an efficient integration method. - No simplifyingassumptionsfor best accuracy (doesn't resort to the usual flatfireassumption) - All data organized into savable profiles -Supportfor multiple ballistic coefficients at specified velocities-Atmospheric corrections: support Army Standard Metro (ASM) andICAOstandard atmosphere models - Support variable wind profilebetweenshooter and target - Includes Coriolis drift effect(Automaticlatitude and azimuth, using GPS and sensors) - IncludesSpin Drifteffect (Gyroscopic drift) - Includes Aerodynamic jumpeffect -Displays hold-over in reticle view - Computes sightclicksadjustment for changing conditions (bullet, target distance,wind,...) - Computation of customizable drop tables -Ballisticcalibration (truing): auto adjust BC or muzzle velocityfromvelocity and/or drop measurements - Possible to export resultsas.png images or .csv files
Applied Ballistics 2.2.1
State of the art ballistics solver by Bryan Litz,AppliedBallistics. Calculate accurate fire control solutions forlongrange rifle shooting. Accounts for all major and minortrajectoryvariables including the use of measured G7 BC's and eventhe optionto use custom drag curves for specific bullets. Output isavailablein several formats including single shot 'HUD' view, tableoutput,graph output, and the highly effective reticle output view,inwhich you can see a single shot or trajectory trace in thecontextof a specific scope reticle which responds tomagnificationadjustments and 'dialing on' elevation.Ballisticcalibrationfeature allows user to 'train' the software to match aspecificrifle based on observed impacts at long range.TheAppliedBallistics Mobile app is a professional tool intended fortheserious long range shooter.=== Feature List ===* AdvancedSecondaryEffect Calculations like Aerodynamic Jump, Coriolis, SpinDrift,and Inclination Angle.* Firearm/ammo/target organized intosavableprofiles* AB Connect™* Custom drag curves (i.e. rather thanusingG1 or G7, Applied Ballistics has measured and developedspecificdrags for specific bullets, no other calculator does this)for over700 Bullets. * Load atmospherics based on GPS location andnearestweather station* Load atmospherics via yourBluetooth-enabledKestrel 4000 Series, Kestrel 5000 Series, andWeatherFlow BluetoothMeter.* Reticle views that support scopemagnification levels andaccounting for what you've dialed-up onyour turret.* HUD solutionview for fast re-calculations forchanging target distances, windand lead* Doesn't need cell/internetservice to run calculations*Advanced ballistic calibration unlikeany other software availableto date (aka "truing" or "trajectoryvalidation")* Distance, lookangle, and target azimuth calculatorbuilt-in.* Zero-atmospheresupport.* Support for auto-adjustingmuzzle velocity based onpowder temperature.* Graph your bullet'sflight with drop/windgraphs. Also compare with other ammo in onegraph* Send trajectoryoutput via email* "Night" color theme if youprefer the dark-look
Lapua Ballistics 1.0.38
RightSpot Ltd
Lapua Ballistics is the ultimate 6DOF ballistics tool formobiledevices. Lapua Ballistics is the first mobile ballisticsapputilizing the 6DOF calculation model, which makes it themostaccurate ballistics app on the market. Lapua Ballisticsalwaysoffers the latest, Doppler proven Lapua cartridge and bulletdatafor you to combine with your firearm and local weatherinformation.The app also includes the option to define custombulletsmanually.Features• Utilizes 6DOF, the most accuratecalculationmethod • Always available with latest Lapua cartridge /bulletinformation• Quick and easy to change inputs like distance,windspeed and angle• Several result outputs available depending onyourneeds; numerical, reticle, table and graph views• Shareyourcalculation results with your friends Manage rifle /Cartridgedata• Create your own firearm / reticle combinations•Choosebetween metric and imperial values• Set Point Blank-rangetodifferent sight-in distances and impact windows • Defineaimingpoint to moving target• Define custom bullets (calculationsbasedon BC G1 or G7 and Siacci method)• Pre-set max 4 powdertemperature- Vo pairs to the same cartridge to correct powdertemperaturesensitivity • Sight-in-POI, Coriolis calculation •Compare up to 3Lapua cartridge/bullet performances to each other
Ballistics 3.0
Accurate and easy ballistic calculator designed for the usewithSwarovski Optik Distance Reticles or the Ballistic Turret.Coveredare individual ballistic calculation of klick-values fortheSWAROVSKI OPTIK ballistic turret respectively of aiming-pointsforthe SWAROVSKI OPTIK distance reticles. Determine yourindividualklick-values (ballistic turret) resp. correction values(distancereticles) according to - Your riflecope (including yourpersonalsettings) - Ammunition (choose from a database or entermanually) -Atmospheric conditions and - Shot-specific factors (zerorange,angle shot, type of target) Advanced Features - Calculationofballistic coefficient (BC) - Expert-mode for atmosphericconditions- Display of trajectory table (incl. windage)
Strelok Pro 4.6.3
Igor Borisov
1460 reticles database! Full reticles list you can seehere: database 1184 bullets database + 400 bullets withG7ballistic coefficients This smart ballistic calculator can useG1,G7 and... custom drag-functions! It can use Lapua radar data!Cancalculate trajectory without using ballistic coefficient!Powdertemperature considering. Supports imperial and metricunits.Supports density altitude. Can calculate spin drift,gyroscopicstability factor and vertical deflection of crosswind.Cancalculate Coriolis effect. Supports Skywatch BL (for Android4.3and newer with Bluetooth 4.0)! Supports Kestrel weather metersviabluetooth, including new 5x00 family (for Android 4.3 andnewerwith Bluetooth 4.0)! Support Kestrel DROP environmentaldataloggers (for Android 4.3 and newer with Bluetooth 4.0)!SupportsWeatherflow WEATHERmeter (for Android 4.3 and newer withBluetooth4.0)! Supports WeatherFlow WINDmeter. Trajectoryvalidation(truing) by speed or ballistic coefficient. Can measureinclineangle with phone camera Can get current weather frominternet Youcan store you data to Dropbox or Google drive for backup and syncbetween devices You can select target type from big listof targetsField-proven accuracy since 2007 Required permissions: 1.Access toGPS - for Coriolis effect calculation and internet weather2.Access to Bluetooth - to communicate with Kestrel weatherstation3. Access to Camera - for measuring slope angle with camera4.Access to internet - for Lapua drag-functions download andinternetweather 5. Access to microphone - to communicate withWeatherflowwind meter 6. Accessto storage -for write app settings and rifles. cartridges data.
Hornady 1.38
Hornady Ballistics features advanced 4DOF trajectory andballisticcalculations based on Doppler Radar measured bulletdragcoefficient inputs. Also includes BC based calculator andammolibrary
Shooting Solution 2.0.4
Josh Casey
Shooting Solution is an accurate, easy to use ballisticscalculator.It utilizes a simple main interface, but includes moreadvancedfeatures, such as table creation and graphing.Environmentalconditions, which can be updated based on GPSlocation orlatitude/longitude, are accounted for in thecalculations.Features:-Save multiple firearm profiles and customammo- Import/export savedprofiles and ammo (exports asprofiles_exported.cvs orammo_exported.csv)- Includes a built-inammo database of over 1400rounds- Generate and email a table ofcalculated shot data- Viewdrop graphs and compare ammo- Accuracyverified by comparing drop tobullet manufacturers' published data-Simple touch input for settingwind direction- Supports imperialand metric units** Tips **- Beforeusing the calculator for thefirst time, zero the default firearmprofile or create a new one-Negative drop means the bullet impactsbelow the aim point-Negative drift means the bullet impacts to theleft of the aimpoint- Create new firearm profiles from the mainmenu or byclicking the plus icon in the action bar- To use MOA inthe table,select MOA as the output units on the main screen
Atslan 3.1
Atslan is an advanced field-proven ballistic calculator appcombinedinto a sniper / long range shooter logbook. The app isspeciallydesigned for snipers and any kind of long-range shooters.Atslan appprovides the beginner and the professional shooter withability torecord his / her performance in an intuitive and easyway. The mainadvantage is that the ballistic logbook is alwayswith you in yourpocket so you never forget or lose your dataanymore.Atslan lets yourecord all your shooting and track multipleprofiles, rifles, scopesand ammo.features:• State of the artballistic calculator withsupport for: Spin-drift, Aerodynamic-Jumpand Coriolis Effect.•Basic ballistic table option.• Support for G1and G7 ballisticmodels, and multi-bcs(stepped bcs).• Bulletsdatabase.• Muzzlevelocity based temprature.• Supports imperial andmetric units,MRAD(Mil) MOA and SMOA.• Special dialogs for: winddirection,azimuth, shooting angle and more.• Coriolis based onyour gpslocation.• Optional use for phone sensors to getbarometricpressure, humidity, azimuth etc.• Cold bore shottracking - perammo.• Training performance summary.• Variety oftargets to choosefrom.• Backup/Restore options.* We are glad torelease this firstversion of our app. We will be happy to hearfrom you - please letus know if you encounter [email protected]
Norma Ballistics 2.0.6
The Norma Ballistics app includes the Ballistic Calculatoralongwith complete access to the Reloading Data and Norma's entirerangeof products in a searchable, mobile and interactiveformat.Empowering hunters and shooters to make the right choiceofammunition and calculate performance out in the woods ortheshooting range.
Ballistics Buddy 14
Bradley Boyd
Ballistics Buddy is an application designed to calculate thescope'sElevation and Windage adjustments for long range shooting.It worksby calculating the bullet trajectory relative to thescope's line ofsight, where the trajectory is influenced bygravity, theaerodynamic drag, the wind, your specific rifle setup,air density(temperature, pressure/altitude, and humidity),Gyroscopic spindrift, and the Coriolis force. The aim of thisapplication is to bequick and easy to use in the field, whilestill being able tocapture all of the significant factors whichinfluence the bullet'strajectory.
Kestrel LiNK Ballistics 1.157
The Kestrel LiNK Ballistics application is the perfect companionforyour Kestrel Elite Weather Meter (5700AL) or Kestrel 5700BallisticsWeather Meter (5700BL) with LiNK. This applicationprovides full gunprofile management as well as access to theApplied Ballisticslibrary of G1, G7 and custom drag models fortransfer to theKestrel. View solutions remotely with your Kestrelplaced in a vanemount or view solutions for multiple targets withan Elite using theMulti Target screen. The Kestrel LiNK Ballisticsapp also allows youto easily update the firmware in your LiNKenabled Kestrel meter soyou always have the latest features andimprovements. Features--------------------------------------------Single TargetEngagement - Maximize the capability of your AppliedBallisticsKestrel by allowing it to directly measure the windspeed anddirection and still easily view your shooting solution.Multi-TargetEngagement - Prior to a stage, pre-compute all of yourholds for thestage for up to 8 targets. (Elite model only). GunProfileManagement - Upload, download, and manage all of your gunprofiles.Full access to the Applied Ballistics G1, G7, and customdrag curve(Elite model only) library of bullets is available.Enabling LiveWind Capture-------------------------------------------- 1) Whilein AB mode,highlight Wind. 2) Press the top center (-) button toenter WindCapture mode 3) The label will change to "W>" toindicate thatthe Wind Capture mode is enabled. 4) The moving5-second averagefor windage and wind speed will be continuallydisplayed on thewind line. 5) The 5-second rolling average windmeasurement will becaptured in Wind Speed 1 and the highest windspeed will becaptured in Wind Speed 2. This allows you toaccurately bracket thewind speed values as well as your shootingsolution. 6) When inWind Capture mode and connected to theapplication, your windageholds will automatically update on yourAndroid device.
ZEISS Hunting 2.2.1 (118)
Carl Zeiss
ZEISS Hunting - the app for the expert hunter • Theballisticscalculator provides you all the important data, tailoredto yourZEISS riflescope and your ballistic reticle and can even beusedfor riflescopes from other brands. • The ammunitiondatabasecontains over 7,000 entries • Document your trips withpictures andvideos in the Hunting Diary • Easily record yourequipment andimportant data, such as serial numbers and invoices •Connect yourZEISS Victory RF to the app using Bluetooth • The NewsSectionkeeps you up to date with ZEISS product innovations,exclusivepromotions and featured articles • GPS location-basedatmosphericdata supports your precise shot and the 5-day weatherforecasthelps you to plan your trip. ZEISS Hunting Features indetail:Ballistics Calculator: For your precise shot! Calculatetheballistics for your long-range or angled shot. The resultsareprecisely tailored to your ZEISS Terra/Victory/Conquesttelescopicsight and your distance reticule or ASV/ASV+ ballisticturret orare available to you as a ballistics table when usingothertelescopic sights. GPS location-based atmospheric data ensuresthecorrect calculation and your on-target long-range shot. Forevenmore precision, simply calculate the ballistic coefficientsforyour ammunition. The Ballistics Calculator supports hunters,evenwhen hunting with individual manual loading. The resultsareavailable in imperial and metric units and can be displayed asatable and in reticle format, including ASV data. HuntingDiary:Document your hunting success! You can easily mark kill, shotandsighting position and other incidents on the hunting ground ontheHunting Ground map using GPS. Choose from an extensive typelistand note down the weight, gender and age. This can also be usedtocompare with the shooting plan at your hunting ground. You cansaveshots with loading and shot distance and can access this dataatall times. Photos, videos, weather information and notes aboutyourtrophies round off the entry. Weather Forecast: Plan your huntinthe best conditions! The detailed 5-day forecast will supportyouin planning your hunting trip and provide you withdetailedinformation such as wind direction, wind strength and airpressureas well as the daily moon and solar cycle. Weather warningswillensure your safety. You can easily receive location-basedweatherdata using the GPS localization; by saving the location dataofyour hunting ground, you will also have the appropriateweatherforecasts for this available at all times. ConnectedProducts:Connect your ZEISS Victory RF to the app using Bluetooth!Bysynchronizing with your ballistic profiles, your range finderwillprovide you with calculations that are finely tuned toyourballistics. It’s really easy to configure your ZEISS Victory ZFinthe app. My Products: Your equipment always at a glance!Recordyour equipment clearly in the app. This means that you haveall theimportant information, such as invoice, trader, serialnumber andmanual at hand at all times. Maps & Orientation:Navigating thewoods with maps and GPS functionality. Topographicalmaps andsatellite images together with a compass are available toassistyou on your hunt. News: For ZEISS Hunting User only The appoffersyou latest news about ZEISS product innovations,exclusivepromotions and featured articles Dashboard: Configure yourstartscreen and and organize your tools by relevance! Night Mode:ZEISSHunting adapts your display to the ambient light so that youwillnever be dazzled! Sign-up benefits: The data of registeredusers isbacked up on ZEISS servers, saved in the event of equipmentis lostand can be accessed on a variety of end devices.
Hunter Joe: Ballistics 2.5.0
Deligent LLC
Hunter Joe: Ballistics is a simple yet accurateballisticscalculator targeted at field use. It features:- Fast,accurate andproven ballistics engine- Saves multiple rifle/ammocombinations inprofiles- Support for weather download using GPSlocation and NOAAforecast- intuitive field aiming guide- Fullballistics table
Sako Ballistics Calculator 1.0
Sako Ltd
Sako Ballistics Calculator is now available on the Android. Sakohastaken all of the features and functionality from its webversion ofthe Ballistics Calculator and developed a user-friendlyinterfacefor the Android. Considered the most accurate ballisticscalculatorprogram in the industry.

With the Sako MobileBallistics Calculatoryou can

1.View product information andproduct images
2.Adjust windspeed and direction
3.Adjust outsideair temperature andpressure
4.Adjust sight height
5.Adjustsight-in range
6.Adjusttarget range
7.View flight time, drop, winddrift andvelocity
8.View graphs of the bullet point of impactandtrajectory9.Change background image
Shooter 1.8.7
Shooter is a highly accurate ballistics calculator with aclean,intuitive and polished user interface that places itself faraheadof the competition. Shooter has been used repeatedly toputshooters in top positions at shooting competitions and bypolicesnipers across the globe.* Extremely accurate, fast andprovenballistics solver created by Berger Bullet's chiefballistician andchampion shooter Bryan Litz* Save firearm and ammodata as profilesso you don't have to keep entering the same dataover and over eachtime you want a calculation* Enter and manage allyour firearm/ammodata online using your PC at at noextra charge* Online backupincluded at no extra charge* Graphicalwind dial for easy windspeed/angle input* Built-in large bulletlibrary to make it simplerto add your ammo profiles* Trajectoryand windage graphs includingthe ability to compare multiple loadsin one graph* SupportsCoriolis Effect and Spin Drift calculations;Can get your Latitudefor Coriolis Effect using GPS.*Automatic-atmosphere input usingyour GPS location and nearestweather station* Zero-atmospheresupport. This will auto-accountfor changes to your zero whenshooting in a different atmosphere*Solution HUD screen which allowsfor extremely quick and easychanging of shot distance, wind or leadspeed* Email trajectorytable output* Free Bluetooth Kestrel WeatherMeter pluginavailable* Full metric support* Includes dark theme fornightshootingFor more information and operation manual, pleasevisit
Strelok+ 4.3.4
Igor Borisov
This is paid version of ballistic calculator Strelok. 620reticles!Full reticles list see here: -ability to scale scope reticle(reticle subtensions) to scopemagnification (if reticle is placedto second focal plane). So,it's support different scope zooms andindicate currentmagnification. - Trajectory calibration ("Truing")feature. - allnew features and reticles will appear in thisversion, not in freeversion. - support of PSI pressure units andinternal barometer,humidity sensor and temperature sensor (ifexist) - abitity tochange target type and select from: Round target(you can changediameter), Old IPSC Target, IPSC Target, IPSCUniversal Target,IPSC Mini Target, IPSC A4 Target, IPSC A Target,Target number 4,Moose Target, Elk Target, Whitetail Deer Target,Aoudad (Barbarysheep) Target, Crow Target, Man Target, Wild BoarTarget, CoyoteTarget, Fox Target - ability to measure slope angleby phone camera- ability to input current altitude from internalGPS sensor -support WeatherFlow wind meter
MTC Rapier Ballistic 1.3
MTC Optics
The MTC Optics Rapier Ballistic Calculator App connects to theMTCOptics Laser rangefinder. Enter data to give bullet drop inMils,MOA, mm and inches. Can be programmed to take into accountwind andwill show fall of shot on the on-screen reticle.Where theRapierBallistic calculator differs for every other calculator isthat itcan pair with the new MTC Ballistic laser rangefinder.TheRangefinder and the app will communicate via bluetooth andrelayinformation back to the smartphone and onto the suppliedbluetoothearpiece if required.MTC Rapier Ballistic Rangefinderwillaccurately measure ranges out to one kilometre with an accuracyof1 metre, and yet is contained in a tiny package that containsablue-tooth module capable of connection to an externalsmartphone.With this feature enabled the MTC ballistic app can beused toinstantly calculate points of impacts, holdover evenwindage!MTCBALLISTIC includes RF monocular with integratedBluetoothcommunication module and ballistic app for mobiledevices.When RFmonocular connected to smart phone with thisballistic app, itautomatically transmit range and angle data to themobile device,where POA correction is instantly calculated.POAcorrection (can bechosen between MILs / Clicks / MOA ) is madeavailable to theoperator in following ways:• on rangefinder screen•on smartphonescreen• By voice (the voice command informs of thedistance to thetarget and POA correction)
Airsoft Ballistics Calculator 2.2.1
Airsoft Ballistics Calculator is a powerful tool to helpairsoftenthusiasts with adjusting and modifying their gear. Itcomes witha set of important calculators and, most important, withatrajectory plotter. Yes, you are able to plot a real trajectoryofa BB! Depending on your gun’s velocity, BB weight, shootingangle,distance to ground and even hop up, the app draws a graphthatrepresents the flight of a BB in real world. CompleteAirsoftCalculator comes in handy when planning upgrades of yourrifle –you will know how your gun would perform before buying theparts.The app allows you to choose between metric and imperialmeasuringsystems. You are also able to configure defaultcharacteristics ofyour weapons for faster calculations. Don’t missan opportunity toget the best airsoft software on the market!
X-ACT 1.1.7
Hawke Optics
Ballistics can be a complicated business at the best of times,whichis why Hawke have developed easy-to-use and deadly accuratereticleswith the added support of the patented X-ACT (BallisticReticleCalculator). X-ACT is quick and easy to navigate. Simplyinput yourballistic profile and aim points are calculated.Settings can thenbe fine-tuned for accurate real world results.Blueprint your rifleor crossbow scope and calculate aim points atvarious mags,inclination and weather conditions. Hawke X-ACT(Ballistic ReticleCalculator) is a free software program designedto complement over40 different Hawke Reticles including: The NEWcalibre specificHawke X-ACT Reticles: (.17 Mach 2, .17 HMR, .22 LRHV, .22 LR Sub,.22 WMR and .223/.308 Marksman) Mil Dot Reticles(10x ½ Mil-Dot, 20x½ Mil-Dot and Generic 10x Mil-Dot) HawkeSpecialised Reticles (SRPro, SR6 and SR12) L4 Dot Variants (LRDot, L4, L4A and 30/30)Crossbow Reticles (XB30 Pro SR, XB1 MAP,XB1 SR, XB MAP and XB SR)Hawke Multiple Aim Point Reticles (MAP6,MAP6A and MAP8) And many,many more. Plot your trajectory and findsuitable aim points Choosethe preset to match your rifle calibre:Centerfire | Rimfire |Airgun | Crossbow Arrow | Slug & SabotChoose your reticle tomatch your Hawke scope Select your exactscope with the all newHawke Scope Selection tool Calculations workin metric or imperialChange Zero Distance, Muzzle Velocity,Magnification and moreCalculate and change your BallisticCoefficient (BC) Carry out rangefinding calculations, etc.
qBal 1.3
qBal Ballistics Simulator is a full feature externalballisticscalculator software for shooter enthusiasts and hunters.qBaloffers high precision ballistics calculation, with aninterfacethat was designed from the beginning to be simple touse.Unlikesome other computer ballistic shooting programs, qBal isfocused onsimplicity. Just choose your ammo, your gun and weatherparameters,and shoot ! With qBal, ballistic simulation is reallysimple toparametrize, and all tools for result analysis and keytrajectoryfigures understanding are provided. An automatic shootparametersoptimization is realized, and gives you the zeroing rangeyou haveto set in order to get the best from your rifle andammo.qBalballistic simulator offers highest level of precisionavailable onshooting software market, by using a precise numericalequationsolving method, called 4th order Runge Kutta. Maininfluence on theprojectile, the drag effect, is modelized by theuniversally usedG1 function, which is also used by all bulletsmanufacturers andrepresented by the well known ballisticcoefficient (BC).Projectile trajectory equation also takes inaccount most importanteffects: wind and atmospheric conditions, aswell as the gyroscopicdrift.Main features :- Full externalballistics calculation,including trajectory, velocity, energy, timeof flight, wind drift,and gyroscopic drift- Setting of atmosphericconditions : wind,altitude, temperature- Ballistic chart plottingfor precise graphanalysis- Numerical ballistic table display withrange cardssharing function- Selection of projectile in a databaseof 3000+commercial bullets, including centerfire and rimfirecalibers, andairgun pellets- Extremely precise computation, basedon dragfunction and fine numerical equation resolution- Calculationofoptimal shooting settings for a given load and projectile :MaximumPoint Blank Range, Near Zero Range / Far Zero range to reachit-Units switching between US and metric systems. Projectile dropandwind drift can also be displayed as MOA (minutes of angle) orscopeclicks
Nikon SpotOn Ballistic Match 1.5.3
Spot On Ballistic Match Technology provides precise aimingpointsfor any Nikon BDC reticle riflescope and instant referenceforsighting in other Nikon riflescopes with plex, MilDot orstandardcrosshair reticles. All you need is a rifle, a Nikonriflescope anda rangefinder…SpotOn does all the work for you,showing you whatthe possibilities are before you ever fire a shot!Includessections for handloaders, atmospheric conditions, comparingloadsas well as the ability to create and email a field referencechart.
1-Shot Ballistics 1.2.8
This free application provides a suite of ballisticutilitiesdesigned to aid the shooter become more proficient withhisfirearm. The starting point is defining a firearm (rifle orpistol)and pairing it with the cartridges to be used or evaluated.Side byside comparison of up to three different cartridges issupported.Output is provided in both tabular and plot form. This isusefulwhen researching your next firearm purchase, or decidingwhichbullet for a given cartridge will provide the characteristicsyourequire.Local Altitude, Temperature, Pressure, and Humidityvaluesmay be used to provide a more precise shootingsolution.Optionally, altitude may be used to correct Temperatureand/orPressure with the Standard Atmospheric Model.ExteriorBallistictables and plots are computed for a Firearm/Cartridge pairtoprovide Velocity, Energy, and Bullet Path values versustargetdistances. A selectable mix of English and Metric outputunits aresupported. A computed ballistic table can be exported as acsv filefor import into your favorite spreadsheet program. Thisallows youto customize formatting and printing. PDF reports andplots of thecomputed results may be saved locally to your androiddevice.BulletLength and Environmental factors are used to computeBulletStability for the firearms rifling twist rate. This hasbecome moreimportant as the use of Lead-Free bullets becomes morecommon andin some states mandatory.A Target Solution reportprovides scopeadjustments and holdover, windage, and lead valuesfor distance,wind, and target motion variables.A Target Simulationview providesaiming/point-of-impact feedback for distance, wind,and targetmotion variables.Commercial Rifle Cartridge informationforFederal, Remington, and Winchester ammunition are availableforimport and pairing with a rifle profile. The data canbeselectively reduced to present just the cartridges ofinterest.Autility to compute the adjustment needed to change afirearms scopezero distance is provided.True Muzzle velocity iscomputed fromChronograph velocity.The G1 Ballistic Coefficient maybe computedfrom two velocity measurements taken at least 50 yardsapart. Thisis useful since some cartridge manufacturers providebulletvelocity information versus distance, but not theballisticcoefficient of the bullet.A utility is provided to computeopensight adjustments based on the difference between thesightingpoint, the point-of-impact, and the distance to thetarget.Feltrecoil is computed from rifle, bullet, and powderweights.
Shooting Solution Free 2.0.4
Josh Casey
Shooting Solution Free is an accurate, easy to useballisticscalculator. It utilizes a simple main interface, butincludes moreadvanced features, such as table creation andgraphing.Environmental conditions, which can be updated based onGPSlocation or latitude/longitude, are accounted for inthecalculations.Upgrade to the paid version to save multiplefirearmprofiles and custom ammo.Features:- Includes a built-inammodatabase of over 1400 rounds- Generate a table of calculatedshotdata- View drop graphs and compare ammo- Accuracy verifiedbycomparing drop to bullet manufacturers' published data-Simpletouch input for setting wind direction- Supports imperialandmetric units- Upgrade to the paid version to createmultiplefirearm profiles and save custom ammo** Tips **- Beforeusing thecalculator for the first time, zero the default firearmprofile-Negative drop means the bullet impacts below the aimpoint-Negative drift means the bullet impacts to the left of theaimpoint- Edit the firearm profile from the main menu or byclickingthe pencil icon in the action bar- To use MOA in the table,selectMOA as the output units on the main screen
Nosler Ballistics 2.0 2.1.0
Nosler Ballistics is a trajectory calculator for NoslerAmmunitionand Handloaders. Available for Android and Apple users.Thisapplication calculates trajectory, windage, velocity, energyandbullet flight time for any valid range, and can compensateforatmospheric conditions such as temperature, barometricpressure,humidity, and altitude (it can also accept density of airordensity altitude input).
On Point Ballistics (Free) 0.1.15
On Point Ballistics is the most advanced and convenientballisticsapplication available for the Android platform. FreeVersion Thisis the free version and has a slightly reduced featureset comparedto the full (Paid) version. This app is completelyfunctional asis, but does not perform some advanced ballisticscalculations suchas spin drift and Coriolis calculations. For manyranges thedifference is not noticeable but at very long ranges youwill wantthe advanced ballistics features of the paid version.Store yourFirearms and Load LibraryOn Point will keep track of yourfirearmand load libraries. No need to re-zero to the load. Justnote thepoint of impact if your groups for a given ammo from yourriflewithout dialing any elevation or wind in your scope and OnPointwill tell you what you need dial for any range and anycondition.Simple Mode to Get You StartedThe free version of OnPoint islimited to simple mode only. The ballistics solveraccuratelyaccounts for weather changes such as pressure,temperature, andhumidity changes. The Advanced mode (Available inthe paid version)can also account for the effects of spin drift,Coriolis, andpowder temperatures. Tracks Weather for your ZeroConditions**(Paid Only)On Point goes above and beyond otherballistics appsby allowing you to record the weather conditions onthe day youzeroed your load, and account for weather changes fromfrom yourzero. This means you can zero your rifle at sea level andmaintainlong range precision on even in the thin atmosphere of thehighmountains. True Muzzle Velocity Calibration It also has a tooltohelp true your muzzle velocity to your drop calculations.Byinputting observed drops at known distances On Point willcalibrateyour load to a true muzzle velocity, making certain thatthe dropit predicts is what you'll get in real world shooting.PowderTemperature Sensitivity **(Paid Only)Most powders will burnfasterwhen at higher temperatures, meaning you'll get a bit moremuzzlevelocity from you rifle when your ammo is hot compared towhencold. Just note the temperature of your ammo when you zeroyourrifle ( probably close to the outside temperature ). Thismeansthat you can zero your rifle in the mid summer heat andhaveconfidence in your shots during the freezing winter hunterseasons.Optional Weather from the Internet If you allow internetandlocation permissions On Point can use this information to lookupand input the local weather conditions. Don't like givingthesepermissions to apps on your phone? No problem, On Pointwilloperate just find without them. Just type in theconditionsmanually if you want atmospheric and Corioliscorrections. Built InProjectile LibraryOn Point comes standard witha ballistics libraryfor over 250 of the most common projectiles inuse today. Thismeans that it is very likely that you won't need tolook up anyballistics coefficients, just look up your projectile intheballistics library. NOTE: The library only lists projectilesforyour rifles caliber when editing a load. You should make sureforexample that if you're setting up a load for a .270 Winchester,youset the rifle and load caliber to 0.277. Set it to .284 caliberfora 7MM magnum, etc. etc. Hit Probability Estimation **(PaidOnly)Onefeature that On Point has that puts us ahead of theotherballistics apps on the Android market is the ability to doMonteCarlo shot dispersion. In simple terms it means we don'tjustcalculate one firing solution, but hundreds, each oneslightlydifferent based on the known variances in your shootingsetup. (Load group size, standard deviation of muzzle velocity,theuncertainty in your wind estimation, and the uncertainty inyourrange estimation). When simulating many rounds On Pointcanestimate the likelihood of a hit under the given conditions.
ZZDrag 1.0.2
The zzDrag app computes ballistic coefficients for multipledragmodels by entering critical bullet dimensions measured withamicrometer or obtained from the manufacturer. The mostappropriatedrag model for the bullet is determined by comparing theballisticcoefficient values over a range of input bulletvelocities. Thedrag model which produces the lowest standarddeviation for thecomputed ballistic coefficient is the model whichwill mostaccurately predict bullet flight trajectory. The followingdragmodels are used by zzDrag in the comparison described above:G1dragmodel - the standard drag model for bullets with a flat baseand 2caliber ogive.G5 drag model - created for moderate (low base)boattailed bullets with a 6 caliber tangent nose design.G6 dragmodel -created for flat based bullets with a 7 caliber secantnosedesign.G7 drag model - created for "Very Low Drag" boattailbullets with a 10 caliber tangent nose design.G8 drag model-created for flat base bullets with a 10 caliber secantnosedesign.The app will display the best (mean) ballisticcoefficientto be used for the bullet based on the velocity rangeover which isit is to be used. This requires the muzzle velocityand a terminalvelocity. For example, if the bullet is to used for1000 yardtarget shooting, the velocity at 1000 yards would be usedas theterminal velocity. If, on the other hand, it is to be usedforhunting deer sized game, the velocity at which the bulletfallsbelow 1000 ft-lbs of energy may be a good choice for theterminalvelocity.The zzDrag app computes the amount of dragcontributed bythe bullets nose, skin, base, and boat-tail for anyof thesupported drag models over a range of velocity values. Thecorealgorithms are those developed by Robert McCoy in his McDragBasicprogram.The bullet properties entered once are saved in aninternaldatabase for later recall. The bullet dimensions can beentered ininches, millimeters, or calibers.Bullet stability iscomputed byzzDrag using the barrel twist rate, bullet propertiesincludingplastic tip length and environmental factors if desired.Theenvironmental model used is the ICAO. The standard atmospherecanbe used to compute pressure and temperature from elevation, ortheycan be entered directly in either English or metric units.Bulletstability is shown as the "s" output in the algorithmsdeveloped byMichael Courtney and Donald Miller in their paper "AStabilityFormula for Plastic Tipped Bullets". S values less than 1are shownin red as unstable. The "s" value cutoff value for stableisselect-able as either 1.3 (bench rest), 1.5 (military), or2.0(extreme weather).All reports can be written as either a csv(commaspaced values) file for import into a spreadsheet program orsavedas a PDF (Portable Document File) for viewing on multiplehand-heldor computer platforms.
Caldwell Ballistic Chronograph 1.38
The Ballistic Chronograph app is for use with the Caldwell lineofBallistic Chronographs supporting a 3.5mm (TRRS) line-outserialport. For best performance - make sure your device is up todatewith the latest software updates provided by yourmanufacturerand/or carrier. 
 If you are unable to connect yourAndroid deviceto the chronometer follow these instructions:

 Withthe audiocable disconnected at both ends…
 1. Connect the audiocable to theAndroid device
 2. Connect the audio cable to theChronometerChrono USB Support (v. 1.24+) NOTE: Not all devicessupport USB. Totest if your device has USB support - download andrun USB HostDiagnostics by Chainfire from Google Play. A USB 2.0A-Male toB-Male Cable + a USB On-The-Go Connector is required.These cablescan be purchased through, Radio Shack, andotherretailers. When prompted to Allow the app Chronograph toaccess theUSB device - Select OK. If you do not see a prompt -check yourconnection and try again. If you are unable to connectthe device -Please ensure your device has USB support.
ATN Ballistics 1.21
The ATN Ballistics app works in conjunction with the ATNLaserBallistics Laser Range Finder Series. The LBLRF connects toyoursmart phone via Bluetooth in order to assist you in makingPoint ofImpact adjustments using a traditional day rifle scope.Thisrangefinder offers an innovative and user-friendlyapproach.Connecting the rangefinder with your phone shows youexactly by howmany clicks you need to adjust your scope turrets inorder to hitthe target.You are able to manipulate all ballisticinformation togenerate the best shooting solution for your specificDay Scope andweapons platform.-You can save 5 Ballistic Profiles soyou haveyour favorites ready when you need them.-You can selecteitherimperial or metric system of measurement.-Works with both MOAandMIL turrets.-Ability to change environmentaldata.-IntuitiveGraphical User Interface.-Ability to make absoluteand relativeclick adjustments.
Meopta Ballistic Calculator
The Meopta ballistics calculator is designed to help youdeterminehow to put your round where it needs to go, and work inconjunctionwith the Meopta ballistic hunting turret. Simply enterin thespecifics for your round, the ranges you wish to set your BHTfor,scope design and dimensions, and environmental conditions andyourreticle will now be ideally calibrated for the displayeddistances.Specific features: - calculations for up/downhillshooting -results table for more distance steps - possibility toprint outthe results table
Mission BUC 1.0.1
Hawke Optics
Mission BUC (Ballistic Utility for Crossbows), is theonlyballistics software available specifically designed anddevelopedfor users of Mission crossbows and Hawke telescopicsights.Easy touse in the field …1) Choose your reticle and launchspeed, 
2)Find the angle from your tree-stand/platform totarget, 
3)Enter the crosswind (if any), 
4) MissionBUCshows youraim-point!At a glance :* Easy data entry andsetup, 
* Simple,accurate and fast inclination angleestimation, 
* Hawke XB4x32, 3x32 1x32 and 1.5-5x32reticles, 
* Accurate WindDeflection calculation anddisplay, 
* View trajectory tableand graphs, 
* Save andLoad user files, 
* Tried, testedand approved
STC - Shotgun Ballistics
STC - Shotgun ballistics, is a set of tools result of manyyearsworking on shotgun 12 gauge ballistic research, to helphunters andskeet shooters get an idea about the use of differentType ofcartridges and chokes. There are 4 modules: -Ballisticcalculations: Speed, flight time, drop and energy; -Impactpatterns: which presents the impact patterns simulated bycartidgeand target type; - Lead: which calculates the distance tobeadvanced for a transversal moving target; - Animations:acomplement of animations and explanatory videos. Additionalmodulesare being developed. Download the application to support it,testits functionalities, any proposal to bring is welcome.
PointBlank Ballistics Ver
Mobile version of the popularPCsoftware,PointBlank Ballistics available at!Compute external ballistics, bullet trajectories, energy,timeofflight, drop etc. Save and record range data forindividualshots w/velocities on virtual targets for later viewin.Data canbe exportedto the PC software for more comprehensivetracking.Version 1.0
Ballistic shoot calculator
French and EnglishCe petit logiciel permet de calculerlatrajectoire de balles en fonction de divers paramètre;lesprincipaux sont la vitesse initiale de la balle et soncoefficientde freinage Bc (variable selon la vitesse) ; le profilducoefficient utilisé est le profil G1Le logiciel calcule envaleursmétriques ou anglaises ; les données d'entrée sontlessuivantes:-distance de tir (50 à 1000 m) ; le fusil peut êtreréglésur la distance par appui sur "Ok ZR" (Zero range)-latempératureet l'altitude qui ont une petite influence-la vitesse(m/s ouft/s)-le coefficient de freinage ( Bc)-la vitesse du vent(km/h ouMP/h)-la direction du vent (sens horaire , 3 comme 3h ,vent dedroite)L'appui sur la touche table donne le calcul théoriquedesdéviations et des corrections selon les distances , un appuianouveau efface la tableL'appui sur la touche MOA permetd'apporterdes corrections verticales et horizontales ; un clickpour 0.25MOAL'appui sur "SHOOT" déclenche un tir sur la cible ;latrajectoire est amplifiée en vertical ; le tir a desconditions"réelles" avec des variations de vitesse au départ (3%)et desvariations d'angle fonction de la vitesse initiale et de Bc ;desvariations aléatoires sont aussi données au vent (+/- 15%) ;lerésultat donne un nuage d'impact qui varie avec la distanceLacibleet d'une dimension constante de 50 cm et un appui sur lacibleefface les trajectoires et les impacts.Addition: touche SLZpourdes tirs en angle à longue distance ; le coefficient L/D estlerapport longueur sur diamètre de la balle ; ce rapport sertàcalculer le temps de chute pour des angles de tir élevés.L'effacement de l'écran se fait par appui long sur SHOOT Thissmallsoftware can calculate the trajectory of bullets dependingonvarious parameters; the main ones are the initialvelocity ofthe ball and its braking coefficient Bc (variabledepending of thespeed); the profile of the coefficient used is theG1 profileThesoftware calculates in metric or English values; theinput dataare:Shooting -distance (50-1000 m); the gun can beadjusted to thedistance by pressing "Ok ZR" (Zero range)-Thetemperature andaltitude that have a small impact-the speed (m / sor ft / s)-thebraking ratio-the wind speed (km / h or MP / h)-Thewind direction(clockwise, 3 as 3 o'clock, right wind)Pressing thebutton tablegives the theoretical calculation deviations andcorrections asdistances, pressing again clears the tablePressingthe button willbring MOA vertical and horizontal corrections; 0.25a click forMOAPressing "SHOOT" triggers a shot on target; the pathisamplified vertical; the shooting conditions "real"with startingthespeed variations (3%) and angle variations depending on theinitialspeed and Bc; random variations data are also the wind (+/-15%);the result is an impact cloud which varies with thedistanceThetarget has a constant dimension of 50 cm and pressing onthe targeterases paths and impacts.Addition: SLZ key tolong-distanceshooting angle; the ratio L / D is the ratio of lengthto diameterof the bullet; This ratio is used to calculate the falltime forhigh angles of fire. Clearing the screen is done by longpressingSHOOTAddition: Hsht key which allows to enter the firingheight(7-15000 ft) ; angle can be negative depending on the height;fixed some bugs , improvement calculation of brakinginaltitudeFrench and EnglishThis small software can calculatethetrajectory of bullets depending on various parameters; themainones are the initial velocity of the ball and itsbrakingcoefficient Bc (variable depending on the speed); theprofile ofthe coefficient used is the G1 profileThe softwarecalculates inmetric or English values; the input data are:Shooting-distance(50-1000 m); the gun can be adjusted to the distance bypressing"Ok ZR" (Zero range)-The temperature and altitude that havea smallimpact-the speed (m / s or ft / s)-the braking coefficient(Bc)-thewind speed (km / h or MP / h)-The wind direction(clockwise, 3 as 3o'clock, right wind)Pressing the button tablegives the theoreticalcalculation deviations and corrections asdistances, support hasagain clears the tablePressing the buttonwill bring MOA verticaland horizontal corrections; 0.25 a click forMOAPressing "SHOOT"triggers a shot on target; the path is amplifiedvertical; theshooting conditions "real" starting with the velocityvariations(3%) and angle changes depending on the initial speed andBc;random variations are also given wind (+/- 15%); the result isanimpact cloud which varies with the distanceThe target andaconstant dimension of 50 cm and support on the target erasespathsand impacts.Addition: SLZ key to long-distance shooting angle;theratio L / D is the ratio of length to diameter of the ball;Thisreport is used to calculate the fall time for high angles offire.Clearing the screen is done by pressing and SHOOTThissmallsoftware can calculate the trajectory of bullets DependingOnvarious parameters; the main ones are the initial velocity oftheball and Its braking coefficient Bc (DEPENDING of thevariablespeed); the profile of the coefficient used is the G1profileTheSoftware Calculates values ​​in metric or English; theinput dataare:Shooting -distance (50-1000 m); the gun can beadjusted to thedistance by pressing "Ok ZR" (Zero range)-TheTemperature andaltitude-have a small impact That-the speed (m / sor ft / s)-thebraking ratio-the wind speed (km / h or MP / h)-TheWind direction(clockwise, 3 as 3 o'clock, right wind)Pressing thebutton tableGives the theoretical calculation deviations andcorrections asdistances, dry again clears the tablePressing thebutton Will bringMOA vertical and horizontal corrections; 0.25 aclick forMOAPressing "SHOOT" triggers a shot on target; thevertical path isamplified; the shooting conditions, "real"startingwith the speedvariation (3%) and angle variations Depending On theinitial speedand Bc; random variations data are aussi the wind (+/-15%); theresult is an impact cloud qui varies with the distanceThetarget:has a constant dimension of 50 cm and pressing on the targeterasespaths and impacts.Addition: SLZ key to long-distanceshootingangle; the L / D ratio is the ratio of length to diameterof thebullet; This ratio is used to calculate the fall time forhighangles of fire. Clearing the screen is done by longpressingSHOOTAddition: Allows qui Hsht key to enter the firingheight(7-15000 ft); angle can be negative DEPENDING on the height;fixedsome bugs, improvement in calculation of braking altitude
Ballistic Energy Calc 3.0
This app calculates the muzzle energy and Taylor KO factor foraprojectile based on the mass, velocity, and diameter. Muzzleenergyis computed using the firearm industry's standard formula.Momentumis calculated using the standard formula. Taylor KO factoris acomparative measure of the knock-down power of a projectile.Theformula was developed by John Taylor, an African game hunter,tocompare the effectiveness of hunting cartridges. Support locatedattechandtopics.blogspot.comSupplied under the GNU GPL 3.0
Hawke ChairGun 1.3.7
Hawke Optics
ChairGun, from Hawke Sport Optics, is the only ballisticssoftwareavailable that is specifically designed and developed forairgunusers. Now it's available for use on your Androiddevice!Concentrating on those features that are invaluable in thefield,ChairGun Mobile has all of the features that users have cometoknow and depend upon as well as taking advantage ofAndroid'smobile platform features. Blueprint your airgun / scopecombo inorder to calculate aim points at variousmagnifications,inclination and weather conditions. At a glance : *Extensivepellet database; 0.177 to Big Bore, fully extendible andeditable *Save and Load settings and data * Wide range of currentHawkereticles * Provision for non-standard generic Mil-dot reticles*Rangefinder (bracketing) views for all included reticles *Multiplecomparison tables and graphs - instant solutions for 'whatif?'queries * Accurate Wind Deflection calculation and display*Simple, accurate and fast inclination angle estimation *CalculateOptimum Zero Range and Point Blank Range * Imperial orMetric units* Tried, tested and approved
Aardvark Ballistic Calculator 1.08
Aardvark Ballistic Calculator is very quick and easy, yet it isveryadvanced, giving a precise firing solution for extremely longrangeshooting. It starts off fast, with minimal images, forinstantloading. Icons allow you to find what you need to change ina hurry,without reading every heading. The program is precise atextremelylong range, as an example; the latitude is taken intoaccount whencalculating gravity. Advanced calculations includeSpin Drift,Vertical and Horizontal Coriolis effect. Both G1Spitzer and G7 boattail drag models are supported. If you want tohit your target withprecision at extremely long range, factorsthat have negligibleeffect at closer range, need to be calculatedand are by theapp:-Air density changes do to Temperature,Barometric Pressure andAir Humidity.-Spin drift do to bulletrotation and precession inflight.-Coriolis effect do to theearth’s rotation while the bulletis in flight. -Angle of firecorrection (the calculator simulatesthe angled flight making itmore accurate than using the rifle man’srule at steeperangles)-Multiple wind areas: at Final FiringPosition, at MidFlight, and at Target. Each wind area is calculatedindependently.Features:-A comprehensive User Manual (Help) isintegrated into theapp. The Help document teaches fundamentals andnuances ofextremely long range shooting.-Holdover and Scope Dial.Allow formixed turret aim units and reticle units.-TargetLead-Calculationfor bullet kinetic energy at target in; foot poundsandjoules.-Mach number of the bullet speed at target.-SelectionofBullet Manufacturers Ballistic Coefficient atmosphericstandardbasis; Standard Metro, and ICAO.-A variety of units issupportedboth Metric and Imperial; you can quickly and individuallyselectthe units used for each field. -Profiles forfirearm/ammunitionTheapp is designed to be disconnected (off thegrid), staying awayfrom emitting radio frequency waves. It does notuse Wi-Fi, bluetooth or the internet to connect to servers. Thishas the addedbenefit of keeping battery usage lower when youraway.Since the appdoes not rely on the free ad-supported model;there are no annoyingads, so ads do not report your usage toservers. You are also notslowed down by rendering and download ofads.
BallisticsARC 4.2.1
BallisticsARC by GeoBallistics, LLC FREE FEATURES: -Allmodesavailable for 1 custom rifle -Free integration ofWeatherFlowproducts PRO FEATURES: -Unlimited Custom Rifle Profiles-Save andExport Range Cards -Opt out of Ads -Kestrel LiNKCompatibilityPLEASE READ OUR NOTES ABOUT THE FREE VERSION!!! Inorder to addadditional rifle profiles or save/export range cards,you mustpurchase the Pro version. You can manipulate the freecustom rifleto become any caliber you like as often as you'd like,BUT if youwant to perform the tasks stated above, you must purchasethe Proversion. It's that simple. MODE FUNCTIONALITY Chart Modecreates atraditional style data chart from point A to point B. Likeallmodes, it is immediately responsive to weather updates andotherchanges. Map Mode utilizes Google Maps to build range cards,and itrange targets with GPS coordinates. This program offers theuserthe ability to plan on or off-site range cards withimmediateballistic solutions. In addition, the user is able to saveand loadthese range cards for use at their convenience. This modeoverlayscrucial external ballistic data on satellite imaging inorder todisplay a bullet's performance along it's path. It is ourhope thatthe concept of GeoBallistics will present an effective waytoeducate shooters on external ballistics as well as promoteethicaland accurate shooting. Comp Mode is similar to Chart Mode,butusers are allowed to enter a course of fire with varyingazimuthsand ranges to produce a list of line-item solutions. Thisisperfect for precision rifle comps or long 3-gun rifle stages.Thankyou for your support and please reach out to us if you haveanissue. We are very responsive and eager to fix any issuesthatarise. Hiding behind poor reviews doesn't serve anyone.
PP-Calc 1.0
PP-Calc (Pellet Path Calculator) is a small applicationthatinterpolates (and extrapolates) an airgun pellet's trajectoryfromthe minimum of user input. Essentially, it takes user inputofMuzzle Velocity, Zero Range, Scope Height together with (upto)three range/POI pairs in order to calculate the effectiveBallisticCoefficient. That done, the effective trajectory iscalculated fromwhich various graphs, tables and mil-dot reticleimages areprepared. Since the user's input data can never beaccurate enoughfor a ballistically perfect result, a fuzzy-logicalgorithm is usedto give a practical result. Webpage:,Answers andcomments.
Crono Balistic 1.8.6
ATTENTION THIS APP WORKS ONLY WITH CHRONO-BALISTIC Bt andV2PRO.This app is used to connect via Bluetooth with theballisticchronograph.Displays measurements in metric and imperialunits,speeds in mm/s and fps.Number of shoots, average shots, powerinjoules and ft/lb, maximum and minimum speed,standarddeviation.Shows shooting and graph table with thepossibility tosave in the device or send as email attachment in csvformatfile.You can reload the saved sessions, then review tablesandcharts.Page with metric and imperial converter andviceversa.Official website
Applied Ballistics Toolbox 1.2
Jacob Hess
Designed by Bryan Litz, Applied Ballistics, this collectionofutilities is especially useful for long range shooters.Manycalculations such as bullet stability, sight scale factors,densityaltitude and more are collected in this easy-to-usepackage.Regardless of what ballistic solver you use, this toolboxis avaluable tool that puts many common calculators at yourfingertips.The Applied Ballistics Auxiliary Toolbox contains thefollowinguseful utilities: Spin Doctor: Calculate the gyroscopicstabilityof your bullet based on your bullets: caliber, weight,length,velocity in your specific atmosphere. Spin Doctor answersthequestion about what bullets will be stable in yourrifle.Furthermore, Spin Doctor tells you if a particular bullet isunderstabilized, and how much the Ballistic Coefficient (BC) ofthebullet may be compromised due to marginal stability. SpinDoctorcontains a bullet library which includes bullet: length,weight,caliber, G1 and G7 BC's. In this way, the Spin Doctor appalsofunctions as a basic BC look up. The bullet/BC librarycontained inSpin Doctor contains all the live fire measured BC'sthat arepublished by Bryan Litz in: "Ballistic Performance ofRifleBullets". The Spin Doctor app works with English and metricunits.Density Altitude: The Density Altitude (DA) utilitycalculates DAbased on various combinations of environmental data.English andmetric units are supported as well as barometricpressure andaltitude vs. station pressure. This utility is usefuljust to see,for example, how much a given temperature or pressurechangeaffects your DA. Sight Scale Factor: One of the most commonreasonshooters miss targets at long range is because scope turretsdon'talways track accurately. For example, you might dial 30 MOAbutonly get 29 MOA from your scope. The Sight Scale Factor(SSF)utility allows you to calculate a scale factor to correctyourcalculated drop based on your scope error. The way it works is,youconduct a 'Tall Target Test' at 100 yards where you measureyourPoint Of Impact (POI) shift and you input your expected(dialed)POI shift. The calculator determines a SSF that you need toapplyin a ballistics program to correct for improperly trackingscopes,putting you on target at long range. The SSF utility workswithMILS and MOA, as well as meters and yards. MIL Ranging: TheMILRanging utility calculates range based on the size of a targetinyour reticle. Slope Dope: The Slope Dope utility corrects yourdropbased on angle fire based on the Improved Rifleman's Rule.Workswith English and metric units. Chrono-Correction: Thisutilitycorrects your Muzzle Velocity (MV) based on the distancefrom themuzzle to the chronograph. When you place your chronographout infront of the muzzle, the velocity you measure is actually alittlebit slower than your true MV. This utility allows you tocorrectfor that small amount of velocity decay so you know whatyour trueMV is. This utility works with both English and metricunits.
International ballistic standards 12
Teijin Aramid
Find out in this app what level of ballistic protection isrequiredaccording to all the official international standards andhowTwaron from Teijin Aramid can help reaching these high levelsofprotection. Whenever the combination of high functionality,comfortand economy is required, you will find advanced para-aramidTwaronyarns being used in sophisticated fabric constructionstailored forspecific end uses for body armor and the protection oflargerobjects such as vehicles.
Sniper 2.6.0
Pay Apps
Sniper is the best ballistic calculator for calculatingthetrajectory of the bullet (rifle or Pneumatics).Entertheparameters, click "Calculate"! and you will have verticalandhorizontal values for rifle scope correction.In addition, youcanselect reticle from list and see wind and distance correctionsforshooting. You can send an email to the reticle image withholdoversand ballistic table to your friends.
TRASOL 1.2.3
Desert Tech LLC
Stop adjusting – Start hitting.Utilize the most effectiveballisticapp ever invented. Simple, intuitive and now integratedwith smartsensors. With a tap of the icon you can calibrate densityaltitude,Coriolis, cant and slope in real-time. Fully integratedwith ournew heads-up-display it enables you to capture video,snapshots andmoving target speed tracker.Get the complicated dataout of the wayand just shoot. This app will provide you withaccurate informationas far as you can shoot. Capable of predictableimpacts beyond 1500meters.TRASOL embeds the proprietary ballisticengine developed bythe most advanced firearm company in the world,Desert Tech. Everyaspect of TRASOL was built to assist the shooterwith ease, thehighest probability of first-round hits.Newfeatures:A) Heads-UpDisplayB) Smart sensor data • Stability &spin driftcalculation• Coriolis (Automatic)• Density Altitudecalculation•Cant (Automatic)C) Moving target speed trackingD)Photo/videocapturing with image zoomHEADS-UP Display – View yourtarget andall of your ballistic data in one screen. Use simple icontools toset range and wind, let the onboard sensors calculate therest ofyour ballistic information. Allows you to track movingtarget speeddirectly on the interface. You can also record video orphoto ofyour shots to share. By using your mobile device’s built-incameraand onboard sensors, TRASOL allows users to point theirdevice attheir target and automatically generate absoluteaccuracysolutions. REFINED ACCURACY – Using ourproprietaryalgorithms; TRASOL is the most accurate ballisticcalculator on theplanet. No more need to alter manufacturers bulletdata to get yourhits. We developed new algorithms according toDoppler radar datato create the most predictive flight pathpossible.INTUITIVEINTERFACE – TRASOL was built with precision andspeed in mind, inorder to accomplish this, it had to be simple andun-cluttered. Youwill find it is very easy to use and intuitive;eliminatingunnecessary steps. • Single screen ballistics entrypoint. Thisallows shooters to easily input and verify all variablesto ensurean accurate shot.• Visual Icons allow quick recognitionand clarityof fields• Large button layout for use withgloves.ADVANCED TOOLAUTOMATIONYou want the benefit of advancedaccuracy tools, andTRASOL automatically activates these tools asneeded to simplifyactions by the user. These tools can be activatedor deactivated:•Automatic stability & spin drift calculation•Coriolis•Automatic Density Altitude calc.• Multi-wind Bands• Cant•Trackingof cold bore• Tracking of zero settingsIn live-fire testingofTRASOL’s predations the following results weredocumented:(.338LMammunition and strictly using manufacturedpublished data)Within0.1 MRAD up to 1400 yardsWithin 0.5 meters upto 1700 yardsWithin1.1 meters at 2200 yardsNOTE: Currently notcompatible with Nougat7.1
Ballistics Free 1.0.2
If you are a long range shooter, this simple, yet veryaccurateballistics calculator could be the extra tool that you aremissing.It had been tested by many shooters, during it's life asaBlackBerry app; I just dusted it off and offering it to theAndroidusers.This simple interface allows the user to enter in aset ofballistic, environmental and optical data, then allows theuser toquickly calculate the required scope adjustments to drivetacks atabout any distance. The calculator will highlight timeswhen youare exceeding the range that the projectile can beaccuratelycalculate (when the projectile is travelling slower thanthe "breakvelocity".) Not saying that the calculator will not giveyou it'sbest estimates of what the adjustments are, just that youmightneed to tweak them a bit, as the ballistic properties couldcausethe projectile to deviate a little more (or less) fromthedescribed path. Try it out, and let me know.I am addingseveralfeatures to the calculator, such as Coriolis drift,shootingfrom/to an inclined target, and various other variablesthat impactthe ballistic properties down range. Another feature Iintend toadd are ballistic graphs, which will show the projectilepath asdistance increases, but I just wanted to get something intoyourhands, to start testing with. Please look out fortheseimprovements as I implement them! I look forward to usersgivingthis application a try, and providing me feedback to whattheylike, what features they wish to see and how I can make thisone ofthe go-to tools in your long range shooting toolbox.You can'tgowrong with this app, the cost is reasonable - FREE! I amofferingthis ballistics calculator to you to kick it around therange andgive me feedback!I wish you the best in your long rangeshooting,and hope to hear from you soon!