Top 49 Games Similar to Monkey go happy 2018

Jungle Monkey Run 1.7.2
🍌 🍌 🍌 new 10 levels come on, total 100 levels now 🍌 🍌 🍌JungleMonkey Run is one of the best jungle running adventure gameingoogle play store. Monkey kong is very hungry.So he is findingfoodin the jungle.But There are many many crises in the junglelikesavage,spider,fountain,bouncing flowers,and so on. The jungleis sodanger.Please help monkey kong running out of the jungleandcollect more bananas. Jungle Monkey Run Features: -Greatphotographand lovely monkey -Simple control just running andjumping monkey-break the stone ball and wooden box -Catch treerattan to glidefurther -Fountain, bouncing flowers can make youjump higher -Thebanana leaves can let you slide freely on the water-Continuousclick on the screen can escape the shackles of thespider web -100different wonderful levels and more will come. Howto play: -tapscreen to jump the monkey. -long tap screen to letmonkey glide.-kill Or avoid the monster. -collect bananas as manyas you can.-finish all levels with 3 stars. Great!Download JungleMonkey Runnow! And enjoy this adventure game!!
Jungle Monkey Run 2 : Banana Adventure 1.3
STEM Studios
Jungle Monkey Run 2 : Banana Adventure is a free 2D Adventurerun.It is the second part of our top platformer game "JungleMonkeyRun" that crossed 1 million downloads in Google Play. Thestorybegins as a Monkey Kong was living in a jungle happily withitskids having plenty of bananas. One day an angry bird takesourmonkey Kong’s kid with a bunch of bananas and flies to thedinojungle. This game consists of 4 worlds with 24 stages thatcontainplot twists and continued by 1 special water world includinglotsof fishes and mines under water. All together Jungle Monkey Run2 :Banana Adventure, make the best game of the month.Additionally,powerups and the effects make the gameplay excitingand addictive.Our little Kong needs run into the jungle and swingthrough vinesand take bananas to reach the monkey kid. Monkey hasto take allbananas in a jungle to keep the energy level high, Thereare 80enemy animals which will try to block our little Kong' s run.Ourlittle monkey has to jump on the animals to kill them. Therewillbe a King Kong and a mammoth waiting to help our monkey'sadventuretrip. One touch gameplay makes this adventure run easy toplay evenfor kids.We have incorporated the best graphics and soundsto makethis platformer run gameplay awesome.Features1. One touchgameplaysuitable for all including kids.2. Includes Run, Jump, andSwing.3.Have 4 worlds with 24 stages [jungle, dino, ocean,fantasy].4. Have80 enemies and banana to get energy.5. Have 4background music anddifferent sounds for enemies.6. Have 3 powerupsand hearts.7. Haveperfectly designed ocean world with 20 differentfishes.8. SupportSD card installationGreat! Download now!And enjoythis junglemonkey adventure!!
Monkey Stunt Run 1.5
This is your chance to go BANANAS!Jump into this animatedadventure.Control a cheeky monkey willing do anything to get hishands on abanana! Maneuver Monkey around the jungle platform andkeep him outof harm’s way. Duck from swinging pendulums; graspbamboo branchesand vines and swing from island to island; leapover rollingboulders! Monkey performs wipeout stunts and tricksthat will blowyour mind! Keep him away from the water, or fall toyour doom--thisbeast can’t swim! Win each level to become theMonkey King. Receivebanana rewards and fuel to perform moreawesome stunts. You’ll enjoythe rich, green environment andbeautiful graphics as you leap andfly through the air!Monkey StuntRun Features:•Intuitive andAddictive•ChallengingObstacles•Directions and Hints for EngagingGameplay•HilariousAnimal Character•Amazing 3D Graphics and SoundEffects•InterestingScenarios to complete•Amazing thrill of wildMonkey jumping•SuperAwesome Monkey Model to play***Quit monkeyingaround, downloadtoday and get down to business!***AboutTap2PlayTap2Play, LLC is awholly owned subsidiary of Tapinator,Inc.Tapinator Inc. (Ticker:TAPM) develops and publishes games onmobile platforms. TheCompany’s portfolio includes over 250 mobilegaming titles that,collectively, have achieved over 350 millionplayer downloads.Tapinator is headquartered in New York. For moreinfo,
Benji Bananas 1.37
Benji Bananas
The best action adventure game on your Android! Andit'sfree!Exciting and fun physics based adventure game!Fly fromvine tovine, but watch out for dangers lurking in the jungle. Earnbananasto get upgrades, specials and power ups.Features: -Beautifulcartoon & hand drawn like graphics - Fun physics basedgameplay(swing a monkey along ropes to get forward) - Make your runthroughvarious landscapes (temple ruins, waterfalls and jungles) -Collectfruits like bananas and chilis to gain more upgrades -Unlockspecial powers such as a jetpack, chili speed boost and eagleride- Cloth your monkey differently (ninja costume, gas mask)-Different kinds of ropes (vines, snakes, burningropesetc.)Download now and experience the joy of flying along thevinesthrough various environments!If you have any issues with thegame,please contact our support at [email protected] outtheBenji Bananas website at developed by TribeFlame Ltd. and published by FingersoftLtd.
Tomb Runner - Temple Raider 1.1.3
The mega addictive Tomb Runner - Temple Raider is now outforAndroid! All your friends are playing it - can you beat theirhighscores and survive the attack of the temple creature?!You'vestolen 2 cursed relics from the temple, so put on your maskand runfor your life to escape the Evil Giant Monkey nipping atyourheels! Test your reflexes as you run down ancient temple wallsandalong sheer cliffs. Swipe to turn, jump and slide toavoidobstacles, collect coins and buy power ups, unlock newcharacters,collect masks, all relics and see how far you can run!It's justbetween you 2 - the monkey and you. FEATURES ★ Beautifulnewgraphics ★ New obstacles ★ More power-ups ★ Picturesquetempleenvironment ★ More achievements ★ Giant monkey In thenewestupdate, the brand new user interface awaits you. Thetemple-likeinterface will get you immersed like never before. Italso helpsyou to improve your run experience. 16 unique runners toobtain.Tomb runner Lara, temple raider Nathan and others, eachwithspecial powers and 2 masks. Different masks mean differentspecialpowers of your runner. Don't forget to collect relics,masks, idolsand other treasures during your run in the temple.Collectunlockable treasures - the temple is full of them. Collectand openthem to recieve 2 in-game currencies: gems and coins.Improvedcamera will allow you to fully discover the templeenvironment.Running awaits, so be prepared! 3... 2... 1... Run foryour life!
Jungle Monkey Run 2.5
STEM Studios
Jungle monkey run!!! is a simple and really adventurous rungamewith good graphics and sound effects. Our little monkey runsandescapes from its cruel circus master to reach its parents inthejungle. Help the monkey to run through jungle without be caughtbyits old master in circus. Just click the screen to make ourlittlemonkey to jump all obstacles and run to its parents injungle. Thisjungle monkey run is one of the best adventure gamewith bestgraphics and control and music. ***Features*** 1. Tap thescreen tomake monkey jump, double tap for double jump. 2. Collectall thebananas and run without being caught by angry master. 3. Runandfinish all the levels with three stars. 4. Have good relaxingmusicand sound effects. 5. Have two worlds each of having 12challengingand interesting levels ***How to play*** 1. Just tap thescreen tojump the monkey. 2. Collect bananas as many as you can,withoutbeing caught by by angry master 3. Run to the end of thelevels toreach our monkey's home .
Jungle Monkey Run 1.2.3
Jungle Monkey Run is a cool running and jumping adventuregame.Monkey Kong is a brave, agile and lovely monkey, on abeautiful dayhe went into the jungle to pick up fruits.But thejungle is full ofdanger,he needs your help !Would you like to joinhim to start theexciting adventure in jungle? 1 2 3 4 5 GO.***Howto play***1.Justtap the screen to let the monkey jump.2.Collectbananas as many asyou can,do not fall off the ground.3.Run to theend of the jungleto pass the level.***Features***1.Easy and smoothcontrol andbeautiful animation.2.24 levels and 3 scenes you canplay and morelevels will be added in future.3.Great pictures forthe jungle andlovely animation for the monkey.
Turtle Adventure World 1.2
STEM Studios
Turtle adventure world!!! A Cruel monkey had taken all the kidsofour turtle. It’s really a big adventure for our little turtletoreach that cruel monkey and rescue all his kids before it’stoolate. This adventure world has a lot of animals which willblockthe way of our turtle. Our little turtle has to defeat alltheenemies that sent by the cruel monkey and teach cruel monkeyalesson. Help this little turtle to travel through thisdangerousadventure world including under water and ocean and defeatthemonkey to rescue the turtle's kidsTurtle adventure world issimpleadventure game with best graphics and sound effect. it willoffergreat fun to all aged peoples including kids. Defeat theenemies bythrowing stones on them or by jumping on them. Enjoy thiscutelittle turtle adventure game. Everything in this adventureworldhas been carefully designed for you to have a lot of fun!Goodluck!Hope you all enjoy this adventure world. Features1. HaveFourdifferent adventure worlds.2. Have One perfectlydesignedunderwater world [Sea background].3. Have 20 levels toreach thecruel monkey.4. Have 19 different enemies in the land5.Have 20different sea fish in the underwater world.6. Have 4different Bossto defeat.7. Have dragon power up.8. Have checkpointsto save theprogress in this adventure world.9. Perfectly designedadventurelevels.10. Have different background music for eachworld.11. Havecool sound effects.12. Support SD card installation.
Banana world - Bananas island - hungry monkey 1.1.5
island inc
🍌 Help our monkey kong run out of the super adventure islandandcollect all banana in this journey game by awesome swingshot.Collect as many bananas as possible tounlock more items,getupgrades, specials and power this game, with monkeyrun,on a beautiful day he went into the jungle to pick upfruits.Butthe jungle is full of danger,he needs your help !🍌 GameFeatures:-Very cool graphics - lovely monkey games- Fun physicsbasedgameplay (swing shot a monkey banana along ropes togetforward, letbanana monkey jump)- Make your banana monkey swingshot throughvarious landscapes- Different costumes for your monkeykong- Thejourney game with various obstacles- Use one finger tocontrolmonkey banana have swing shot or monkey jump in thissuperadventure journey game🍌 How to play monkey games:Tap, longtapscreen to play.collect bananas as many as you can.Finish alllevelswith 3 stars.🍌 Download Monkey run - A highly dynamic gameenginewill provide endless fun in this neverending run.
Super Monkey Run 1.0
Super Monkey Run is a awesome platformer mostly popular onmobiledevices.Be fast, be awesome, run as fast as you can. Finishall 100levels and kill all lep and become an hero!Super Monkey canJump,run and shot in this platformer. Save your princess fromdangerousmonsters.It's completly free to play. You don't need topay anymoney to play that awesome game. It all depends on you andyourskills.Follow all levels, kill enemies: snake, turtle,lep,dangerous bird, monkey.The adventure begins in Lep World whereyouhave to follow simple levels. Then you go to another worldstofinish them.This game contains 100 well designed levels. 4Worlds:Lep World, Monkey World, Boss World and Lava World. Thestory beginin Lep World. Be carefull. Monsters can kill you andyourprincess.Super Monkey Run features:- 100 levels- awesomegraphics-nice music- Lots of enemies like leps, monkeys that canjump andrun- Avoid obstacles and enemiesDownload and play SuperMonkey Runright now.
Jungle Monkey Run - Banana Island 1.2.7
★★★ Jungle Monkey Run - Banana Island is coming now ★★★ ★★★ Manynewfeatrues Added ★★★ Jungle Monkey Run is a classic adventuregamesame with Jungle Monkey Run,but new world,new featrues,newmonstersand so on. The monkey Kong has come to this beautifulBanana islandthis time, and what will be the new challenge waitingfor it? Theferocious sharks and crabs, the octopus lurking in thewater, thesudden attack of the flying bird, felt that Kong wasreally introuble this time. If it weren't for Kong's new skills, Icould notbelieve that he could escape the island. Are you ready tomeet thechallenge with Kong? Jungle Monkey Run Features :--Jumping, sprint,gliding, and raising a variety of manipulativefun --Strainedmonsters, such as frogs, cannibals, octopus, birds,and more--Unexpected elements can make you jump higher --Exploreeverywooden case and find hidden props --Use sprints to destroyallobstacles --The use of rising allows you to avoid the dangerthatyou can't avoid --30 ordinary levels, 60 targets --8challengecards, you can get more bananas --4 abilities are promotedto helpyou accomplish more How to play: --Clicking on the screen tojump--While in the air, holding the screen can glide --After acertainperiod of gliding, the role will rise --Run a long distance,slidethe screen to the right to release the sprint --Down jumpcantrigger jumping flowers Download Play it Now!Enjoy thisadventuregame! If you have any problem? e-mail us:[email protected]
Banana Island–Bobo's Epic Tale 2.2
All you Banana Islanders out there, get ready for the mostexcitingjungle ride ever! If you loved playing Banana Island -Monkey KongRun, and Banana Island - Jungle Run game, you'll have ablast with✰ Banana Island – Bobo's Epic Tale ✰! Our monkey friendBobo is ona rescue mission, and he has to run, jump and swing onvinesthrough 5 islands to save the love of his life! Get onanever-ending run, and make our little monkey go happy!Download✰Banana Island – Bobo's Epic Tale✰ and have one hell of arunningquest through the monkey jungle island!❖ Dodge mad gorillaswithspears❖ Avoid angry baboons' boomerang attacks❖ Keep thejumpingmonkey away from piranha plants✰ Fast paced swingingadventure ✰❖One thumb tap and slide controls - Intuitive andresponsivecontrols for the best game experience❖ Run throughastonishingjungle wild environments full of surprises, secrets andtrickyobstacles ❖ Jump and swing on vines to avoid deadlyobstacles❖Crazy jungle music and funny monkey sounds❖ Morepowerups: Shield,Coins Magnet, and Double Coins❖ Explore 5 newislands:- BananaIsland- Savanna Island- Jungle Island- TempleIsland- VolcanoIsland❖ Run and collect coins to dress up monkeykong in thecraziest costumesJoin the jungle monkey running questfor the mostinsane platform gaming experience ever seen in a 2Dplatformer!Show you're a real adventurer, and dash through thejungle in thisawesome banana mania monkey game! Battle the evilgorilla kingKong, beat all his baboon minions, and go on a bananacollectingmission to be the hero of the day! ✰ Meet Bobo McMonkey✰Despicablemonkey king Kong has kidnapped Bobo's girlfriend Lilyand wants tomake her his jungle queen! Run, jump, and smash theobstacles onyour way to save the love of your life from the clawsof the evilking! But, beware! His devious baboon minions areeverywhere, andthey are fully armed and dangerous!❖ Angry baboonenemies fullyequipped with crazy jetpack rides!❖ Dangerous spikestrying to stopyou from saving your girlfriend!❖ Make monkey swingfrom vine tovine like Tarzan, and get on banana rush!Keep runninglike hell andget mega combos in this thrilling and funside-scrolling adventuregame for kids! Collect coins and buy coolstuff for our junglemonkey jumper!❖ Visit the shop and buy coolclothes and powerups❖Collect rubies, sapphires and emeralds, andsmash barrels tocomplete missions!❖ Keep your eyes wide open andcollect as manybananas as you can!✰ Bobo the Swinging Monkey ✰Go ona banana huntand join our crazy jungle party in this amazing monkeykick offjungle saga! Run and dash all across the monkey island tokill asmany angry baboons and mad gorillas! While you dash throughthejungle, swing on vines to avoid deadly obstacles andcompletelevels! Ape escape 3! Bored by old grannies, zombies, andothermonsters on their temple races? Get on a super fun monkeyjoyrideand fly like a bird through the jungle village! You will getcrazyin this endless parkour jungle adventure! This monkey game forkidsis fun for adults as well because of its challenging missions,andstunning game level designs!If you're addicted to freerunninggames, you'll instantly get hooked on this addictivebananaadventure! Banana frenzy is raging all over the world, getthismonkey jump saga and let the jungle fever get to you! Enterthejungle survival, unlock new worlds, get a cool superhero maskandbeat'em up in this jump n run quest!Run, monkey, run! Get onbananarush and enter the world of fast-paced 2D platform monkeyracingand jumping games! Download ✰Banana Island – Bobo's EpicTale✰ andget ready for the gorilla revenge! Mega monkey bananaquest iswaiting for you! Battle the flying baboons, and beat theangrygorilla king in this epic jungle monkey saga to be thebaddestmonkey in jungle! Get this fun run side-scroller arcade gameforkids and adults, and save your girl from the monkey temple!
Safari Roller Coaster Ride VR
Tulip Apps
Ready for limitless VR adventure?Experiencethe real life 3D roller coaster madness with your mobilevirtualreality headset for Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, CarlZeissVR one or any mobile virtual reality headset.FEEL THE REAL THRILL!Get on board with VR Safari Roller Coaster tour and getyouradrenaline pumping with our newest family thrill ride. Enjoycrazyloops and drops near the most ferocious predators of thewildsafari in a VR tour of crazy coaster 3D that is going to blowyourmind away! View the spectacular scenery as you ride themostimmersive 3D coaster in VR.CRAZY TWISTS AND TURNSTake to the skies in the tallest thrill ride with amazing loopsanddrops in safari crazy roller coaster tour VR. Get ready toscreamat the top of your voice as the Roller Coaster VR takes youthroughcrazy routes, sharp turns and extremely high and low pitcheson anawesome track situated in a VR safari wildlife park.THE CRAZIEST 3D RIDEHave you ever got the chance to watch your favorite wildlifeanimalsclosely? Get up-close to fascinating animals like stag,elephant,crocodile, bear, zebra, birds and Jurassic jungledinosaurs in thelongest roller coaster 3D ride of 2016. Learnabout other exoticanimal species who share our world and thosethat used to live inthe Mesozoic era of Dinosaurs in VR RollerCoaster 3D safaritour.SAFARI JUNGLE ANIMALS- Stag- Elephants- Ptero- Apatosaurus- Tiranosaurus- Brontosaurus- Crocodiles- Bear- Zebra- Eagles- Pigeons- SparrowsA VR TOUR FOR EVERYONE!Launch into the ultimate excitement of riding safari coasterwithamazing ups and downs amidst jungle animals on longestrollercoaster. This amusement ride- crazy roller coaster VR safaritouris full of fun turns and mini-dives, and is a perfect VRsimulatorapp for everyone!FREE ROLLER COASTER CRAZY RIDEIf you are looking for adventure games, amusement rides or fungamesfor free then download VR Safari Crazy Roller CoasterSimulator nowand get the best of roller coaster games in yourandroid phone forFREE.Install now for a Roller Coaster ride as you’ve neverexperiencedbefore!HOW TO PLAY- You must have Gyro sensor in your device- Put your device into VR glasses like 4DUD or GoogleCardboardGlasses- Align your device for the best view- Rotate lens for proper focus- You are free to move forward/backward and left/right byjustmoving around- Also visualize up/down view- Enjoy the full 360 degree view of the whole safari jungle parkbymoving your head around while sitting on a 3D rollercoasterVR SAFARI ROLLER COASTER VR FEATURES:- Limitless adventure in Virtual Reality- The best VR visuals with detailed jungle environment- Real roller coaster sound effects- Highly immersive VR experience- Simple controls, just look around to explore the VR world- Free roller coaster VR tourThis demo is compatible with 4DUD VR Glasses, GoogleCardboard,Durovis Dive, Vrase, Samsung Gear VR, Carl Zeiss VR one,Archos /Colorcross and other DIY Oculus Rift, HTC Vive orMicrosoftHololens etc.Please don’t forget to rate and share VR Safari Roller CoasterRideVR. If you have any queries just email us.Tulip apps is constantly working to provide the most immersiveVRtours to the VR Lovers. Please Rate & share SafariRollerCoaster Ride VR to promote us!Visit our web page at: don't collect any personal information , anynon-personalinformation collected by our partners like Google isused foranalytic and game improvements. For details checkhere
Monkey Ropes
Sequel to Icy Ropes the #1 Game on the App Store! US ,Australia,Canada and more! It’s time to monkey around, jumping fromtree totree trying to escape the jungle, where everything is out togetyou! From snappy crocodiles to hungry piranhas you’ll neverescapethe wildlife! Welcome to the world of Monkey Ropes! Broughtto youby the creators of Icy Ropes, Bouncy Bits & Fishy Bits!Collectcoins, open up secret jungly boxes, and unlock a superawesomecollection of characters! - Super Hard! - 50+ Characters toUnlock- Lots of enemies and obstacles to dodge and traverse! -Explorethe Jungle, Treetops, Lava Pits, and Mystery Caves! - Don'tpullyour buddy over the edge! - Challenge Mode! - Supports13Languages! - Unicorns PLEASE NOTE: Monkey Ropes is completelyfreeto play. However, some items can be purchased for real money.Ifyou don't want to use this feature, please disable in-apppurchasesin your devices settings. Monkey Ropes was developed byPlaySide,the developers behind Editors' Choice title "Catch TheArk", IcyRopes, Lego Batman, Batman v Superman, Spongebob : Spongeon theRun and Bouncy Bits.. Let us know what you would love to seein ournext update at :
LuckyBoy and PrettyGirl - Crystal Temple Maze 3.52
Do you love fire and water (ice) style game ? This game made foryou: Luckyboy and PrettyGirl - Crystal Temple Maze.With over 15millionusers. Luckyboy and PrettyGirl is the most popularadventure andpuzzle free game .One of best game adventure. One ofbest teamworkgame . One of best Maze game !Lucky boy and his lover(Pretty Girl -Ice girl) , who go with him, is a Puzzle andAdventure free game fortwo players. It's an addicting and very funto play with your kid oryour lover or your friend.Control and moveLucky boy and Ice girlthrough the maze in the Crystal Temple andcollect all thediamonds.This game duet bested the trials of threeother ancienttemples or wats. Now they face the most mysteriousone yet!Help Firekid and Water kid get through each level of mazequickly in thischallenge game. Use the uric acid to teleport andgather gems forbonus items. Be sure to keep Lucky boy out of thewater puddles.Youhave a long and difficult way of saving theplanet!Do not waste yourtime, and get started your journey now!Howto play :1. Avoidobstructions in light Maze .2. Just tap thebutton "Change" tochange from Pretty girl to Luckyboy 3. Collectgems many as you cankeep him more robust...4. 150 levels with manymode to play : Easymode, Normal mode , Time mode , Valentine mode, Hallowen mode ,Noel mode...
Talking Monkey 2.16
Talking Baby
Talking Monkey repeats everything you say with a funny voice.AdoptTalking Monkey as your very own baby monkey and help her growintoa super cool fully-grown virtual monkey. Customize talkingmonkeyby choose from loads of accessories to make her look like youlike!Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with talking monkey. FeaturesofTalking Monkey: ✔ Talk to Monkey and she will repeat everythingyousay with a funny voice. ✔ Play with Monkey: Try hitting her withafinger, listen to her rock out on his guitar and have herthrowcutlery at you! ✔ Interact with Monkey: Rub her belly, pokehim orhave her jump the way you want her to! ✔ Feed Monkey: collectherfavorite foods, feed her! ✔ Game with Monkey: Great numbers game-check now the IQ and your brains memory! ✔ Decorate Monkey's home:Choose the best furniture to make her house look cool! ✔Customizeyour Monkey: Choosing from combinations of eyes, skins,andaccessories! Talking Monkey is a free app, play it now for freeandhave big fun! Download Talking Monkey’s FREE and FUN app andenjoyyourself!
Nobita World Story 1.0.2
Nobita World Story is the best adventure 2D platform game. Somanyfeatures in Nobita World Story such as:* Nice animationsandgraphics* More than 120 levels and different worlds* Tonsofchallenges and monster * Attractive rewards andachievementboardThe ways to pass all the challenges in Nobita WorldStory isto jump, run and eat items to become bigger and to get gunstofight with bosses and monster.Nobita World Story - Free foryouPlay Now!
Temple Run 1.9.5
The addictive mega-hit Temple Run is now out for Android! Allyourfriends are playing it - can you beat their high scores?!You'vestolen the cursed idol from the temple, and now you have torun foryour life to escape the Evil Demon Monkeys nipping at yourheels.Test your reflexes as you race down ancient temple walls andalongsheer cliffs. Swipe to turn, jump and slide to avoidobstacles,collect coins and buy power ups, unlock new characters,and see howfar you can run! "In every treasure hunting adventuremovie there’sone scene in which the plucky hero finally gets hishands on thetreasure but then has to navigate a maze of booby trapsin order toget out alive. Temple Run is this scene and nothingelse. And it’samazing." - REVIEWS ★ "Most thrillingand funrunning game in a while, possibly ever." - ★"A fastand frenzied experience." - ★ "Very addicting…definitely avery different running game." - ★ VotedbyTouchArcade Forums as Game of the Week ★ One of TouchArcade'sBestGames of the Month ★ Over 50 MILLION players worldwide!
Benji Bananas Adventures 1.14
Benji Bananas
In Benji Bananas Adventures, everyone's favorite swingingmonkeyreturns for more action in the jungle. This game is packedfull offast action and stories from The Jungle! Join more than 35millionBenji fans who already rave about how much fun Benji Bananasis. Tothe fans of the original Benji Bananas game, BenjiBananasAdventures offers a familiar game mechanic, but a vastlydifferentexperience with over 100 new levels. Like the originalBenjiBananas game, Benji Bananas Adventures is completely free toplay,but has optional extras available for purchase.Features:-Absolutely gorgeous jungle landscapes- Jungle,Waterfalls, Hills,etc. - Simple to learn but hard to master uniqueone-buttongameplay- Feel the joy of flying through the jungle -Unlockdifferent game modes and upgrades- Animated storiesfeaturingBenji, his girl Bella, and the dangers of theforestDownload nowand experience the joy of flying along the vinesthrough variousenvironments!If you have any issues with the game,please contactour support at [email protected] out theBenji Bananaswebsite at BananasAdventures isdeveloped by Tribeflame Ltd. and published byFingersoft Ltd.
Chimpact 1: Chuck's Adventure 1.0629.1
The original Chimpact jungle adventure - now FREE!Lusciousenvironments with a variety of delightful characters makeChimpactClassic top of its class. Collect gems, medallions andbananas bychucking your chimp through stunning jungle landscapes.Use bananasto add abilities to your chimp and complete alllevelsperfectly..**** Game Features ****- Chimp chucking, gemcollecting,banana popping, medal earning fun for all!- Simple,one-touchgameplay- Four stunningly lush worlds with 12 levels each-Twocomplete game modes to beat: Gem Quest and Totem Trail-240challenge medallions to earn- Eight abilities to earn andthreechimps to unlock- Beautiful environments + cute characters-Watchyour chimp monkey about when you collect full bananastrings.****FollowChimpact**** although Chimpact 1: Chuck's Adventure is completely freetoplay, items such as bananas, chimps and level unlocks canbepurchased for real money. If you’d rather not use this feature,youcan disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.
Bunny Skater 1.5
Candy Mobile
Bunny Kim is back in his MOST ANTICIPATED adventure ever tohitAndroid! Bunny Skater is #1 exciting skateboarding game onGooglePlay.Grab the board and get ready for a kick-flippin'adventurenow. Bunny wants to become a hollywood star likeKardashian so heneeds the carrots to grow more attractive. And itis your job toguide Bunny to shred through the obstacles to collectall thecarrots. The more carrots you collect the more point youscore!Howto Play:- Tap bottom left button to accelerate- Tap bottomrightbutton to jumpGame Features:- 3 beautiful skate worlds to getlostin- 72 challenging levels and more to come- Realistic physicstoensure a familiar skateboarding experience- Multiple paths oneachlevel for extra replayability
Monkey Bobble 1.2
Join the wild adventure in the bubble Jungle! Shoot and pop allthecolored bubbles and set the cute baby monkeys free. It’s easyandvery fun to play, share the bubble popping awesomeness withfriendsand family and compete for the highest scores. Downloadtoday andexplore over 1000 thrilling levels of puzzles and fun.Play theamazing Monkey Bobble game for free, available now onGoogle Playand just perfect for your Android or Tablet device. Yourmission isto rescue all the trapped monkeys by popping all thebubbles. -Match at least 3 bubbles of the same color or more topop- Rescueall the monkeys by popping all the bubbles that trapthem.- Pop allthe bubbles with limited shots to win!- Over 100awesome junglelevels- New and cool Coconut boosts that will helpyou get ahead-Swap bubbles without limit, simply tap on the bubbleto change itscolor. Why You’ll Like It* Beautiful graphics andeffects* Explorethe exotic bubble shooting jungle and rescue thebaby monkeys * Funpuzzles and challenges
PJ Run Mask 3D 2.0
Good Beat
Pj Run Masks is waiting for you to help him in theadventuremission.You both should help the kidnapped animals.Collectcoins toget credit and use the super power of pj.Avoid the enemiesandobstacles to stay save.Download and star the adventure for pjmasksrunner shooter.
Race Mickey RoadSter Minnie 1.0
This Roadster race mickey the mouse and minnie Game is aFreeadventure Game the concept try to help minnie Driving,incollecting coins To jump from one street to another and Jungletoget all the coins you can and be careful not to fall becauseifminnie the mouse do it then will not be the new wanted this hero,Download our super racer mickey roadster challenging and becomethenew minnie hero in this adventure race party . Enjoy thefeaturesof your favorite super heroes in a single incredible game.Play ourFree Addicting Adventure Game, jungle and Surfs to reachthe finalcastle level.-------------------this mickey roadster gameis asimple with a ability you have to let micki the mouse wintorealize his dream by Driving and jumping. now Help this mousetofind his way out! and try to beat your friends or all otherplayersby running with them for the best score.what you're lookingfor!Youhave to show courage and Collect thecoins.-------------------Features :- Endless Runner with greatgraphicsand fun animations.- One on One Multiplayer Race Off-road-ThisApplication provides very high quality graphics, which willmakeyou addicted for this game.- playing of this game so easy andevensmall kid can enjoy.- 105+ Challenging Levels Survival- Freegamesfor kids , girls and boys games.Controls :-Touch thescreenanywhere to jump and Hold to Fly.-just Tap to jump and minniedoit-------------------Download this super game on your phoneandshare this with your friends and family and get themaddictedtoo.IT'S NOT "Mickey the mouse" game : This is anadventure,created by my team, that have no relation with IT. Thisis my ownapplication with a player that's too far from beinglooking likeany character from the cartoon.
Hanuman To Lanka 2.0
Hanuman To Lanka is based on Real Ramayana story where Hanumangoesto Lanka to convey the message from Rama to Sita in thisepicGame.Game has 2 Modes with 4 levels each With Epic Hindu StoryofRamayana.Mode 1: After Evil Ravana abducts Sita, RamaordersHanuman to convey the message to Sita that Rama is coming tosaveher from Evil Ravana. Hanuman realizes his infinite powerandattempts to jump over the ocean to Lanka. The 4 levelsdesignedwith Hanuman Jumping over the Indian ocean to reach site.You needto Help Hanuman jump over the ocean.Mode 2: After seeingSeethaDevi, Hanuman burns Lanka. But then realizes Sita might becaughtin fire and goes back to make sure Sita is safe. Help HanumanfindSita safe in the 4 levels.Help Hanuman Cross to Lanka and setLankaon Fire and convey Rama's Message to Sita Devi.
Angry Rooster Run - Animal Escape Subway Run 1.0
EID Mubarak. New EID Game. Eid Games for Girls. Eid Games forBoys.Super crazy running game, super surfers run as fast as youcan!Rooster run 3D is an amazing running game on subway for runner.Runalong the chaos complex traffic subway and escape from themonster.Angry Rooster Run Subway is an amazing running game forAndroid.Run along the craziest scenarios in the subway. Drag tojump orslide and to move left or right. Avoid hitting trucks, busesandsubway trains. Run around the train Rush city, subway, forestandbeach and gather all the eggs you can. Run Subway Angry RoosterRunis a fun running game. There are a lot of challenge and the nice3Denvironment. In this game the rooster run to escape from hisownerand collect the eggs. Subway Animal Escape Rooster is anaddictivesubway escape endless running game!Surfers in the subwayand beginthis exploring frenzy! Swipe to turn, jump and slide toavoidhitting obstacles, barrier and subway trains game. Swing toavoidthe cliff, drag the chicken to escape from subway beast to bethebest subway rooster run 3d runner. Slide the screen to rushinsubway, escape from inspectors. Let’s go to play this game youwillhave a run trips.The new! Angry Rooster Run Subway game ishere!Angry Rooster Run Subway is a fun 3d action-packed fightinggame.This angry rooster game is one of the best roostersfightingsimulation game with awesome angry rooster fightersimulator 3daction. This Angry Rooster Run Subway is too excitingwith full of3d action. This rooster simulation is a real pleasureand joy forthose who love playing with roosters.Survive the roosteragainstchallenging hurdles in this fun running game for kids. Ayamrunneris thrilling runner game in which you will enjoy to play theflyingrooster in real cartonic environment. Animal rooster escapefromfarm house to collect the eggs, this jumping chicken jump toavoidobstacles and also fly in air when collects the flyingbooster. Arooster is a prisoner and avail a chance to get rid offhis ownerand escape rooster hardly in this animal surf run roostergame. Nowthe big cock is running in the subway. There are differenttypes ofhurdles on the way, so survive against hurdles to hitthemotherwise rooster will die. This Gallus Domestics will flyalsowhen pick up the power up eggs on the way and collect magnettocollect more eggs. Cocorico pick up the shield to cross thehurdlesto save his life. Jogo do galo is kiddie game to enjoy. Youwillenjoy farm rooster sound when he runs fast. His wattle issosensitive so be aware of hurdles in this granja huhn rungame.Animal invasion Gallo runner is best game forentertainment.Chicken run!!! is a simple and addictive adventurousrun game withawesome gameplay.How to play: in chicken escape 3D youare to helprunning rooster pursuing by angry farmer to avoidobstacles on theway like hitting obstacles, barrier and trainssubway. Don’t forgetto collect as many eggs as you can. Help therooster get past allthe traps and wild predators on his path andguide him to hisbeloved Chicken. Attack enemies if that what ittakes tosurvive.Controls: Attack - Swipe downLeft - Swipe leftRight- SwiperightJump - Swipe upwards Angry Rooster Run Subway Features:- Newsubway scene,wonderful underground city and forest.-Thrillingmoment, death speed- A variety of role selection, avariety ofunique skills- Easy and smooth operation- Bonus stageimplemented!-New character included!- 10 characters for you tochoose and surfthe city!- 14 great skins to change the looks ofyour favoriterunner!- Amazing power-ups: coin magnet, jetpack,super jump, scoremultiplier and air-surfing boards!- Differentscenarios to run in.City, subway, forest and beach!- Trucks, busesand subway trains toavoid!- Lots of obstacle-dodging fun! -Daily gift
Christmas Santa Rush Delivery- Gift Game 1.0.5
Door to apps
Christmas Santa Rush Delivery- Gift Game: Enjoy ride of real cartonthe city highway around the fun city. It’s a beautiful dayofwinters in the fun city. People are enjoying the wintervacationswith their families and children. The crazy thing ofwinters is theChristmas Eve and snow. With the blanket of snow anddays ofwinters, people need to do some fun. Town’s people are veryexcitedand cannot wait anymore for Santa in this real christmascart game.They are waiting desperately and sharing their feelingsby tradinggifts among each other. People have placed Christmastrees on theroad sides and at door step of every house. Childrenare playingwith soft and fluffy snow in this santa cargo cartsimulator. Theyare making snow castles and snowman in this realChristmas game. Itseems everyone is really very excited for thisChristmas Eve. Aspecial car is designed for this Christmas. It ispainted in redand decorated with flowers in this Christmas racinggame. It givesa fun full shine and looks pretty amazing in thiscollect santagift delivery game. This special car will go aroundthe whole town.The Santa will ride in the car carrying a bag fullof gifts fortown’s people and children. The car is now ready tobring fun tothe people in this Santa car game. People are standingalongsidethe road to welcome Santa Claus in this real Christmasdrivinggame. The soft and soothing snow triggers the fun from theinsidein this Christmas game. The gameplay of this real Christmasdrivinggame is very easy and fun full. Players of all ages can playandenjoy this Santa cargo car game for free. What you have to dois,drive the decorated car on city streets in this santa giftclausdelivery- christmas games. The Santa Claus will distribute allthegifts. Drive the car like in other driving games. Accelerateslowlyand do not hit any other traffic in this santa deliverygiftadventure game. Be careful with children playing along theroadwayin this car driver Game. Christmas Santa rush delivery- giftgameFeatures: Realistic 3D Graphics. Realistic cityenvironment.Highest tracks to enjoy more. Different beautiful andamazinglocations. Smooth and easy adaptive controls. Realistic 3Dgamingexperience. Different extreme impossible tracks to testyourskills. If you have no WIFI, you can play christmas santarushdelivery- gift game absolutely free. So quickly downloadthisinteresting Christmas day: Santa gift time delivery game of2017offered by Door to Apps from Google Play Store on yourandroidsmart phones.
Curious Jungle George : Monkey Adventure 2.0
Discover with us the new monkey and Bananas Hero Free GameCuriousGeorge games for toddlers free Jungle : Monkey Adventure,suitablefor all ages, especially for toddlers, It's a RunningAdventurefree game where you need to cross different obstacles,overcomedangers, Along the way, Try to collect as many as possibleBananasyou find so you can unlock the World levels ahead in thegame tobeat your Friends with your favorite Hero Curious theMonkeyBananas and George the Hero.This monkey George free game is abeechbuggy games, that will make you sunk in this mysteriousJungleAdventure which is full of Monsters, Sboy, jorgecurioso,CuriousBiking Monkey, and also enemies. Collect the golden amuletsthatallow you to transfer the Curious into the Hero George, theHeroGeorge is a lot stronger comparing the Curious monkey, theHeroGeorge has the ability to shoot explosive bombs.Fly like anapesfrom vine to vine like the older apes, enjoy the beech buggyJungleAdventure, but watch out for dangers lurking in the jungle.Earnbananas and avoid obstacles of the jungle Sboy game.ThisgameCurious Biking Monkey is absolutely the best Arcade andRunningthat you are searching for, Curious and his Friend Georgegames fortoddlers free ar ready to enjoy that Fantastic World ofBananas andcrossing all levels to achieve their goals at thisJungle AdventureSboy World. ⭐⭐⭐ Curious Jungle George games fortoddlers freeAdventure Features ⭐⭐⭐⏺ Great design and amazing 2DGame for Kidswith perfect control.⏺ Jungle Adventure SboyForKids.⏺It’s the bestCurious George Games Free that you are lookingfor.⏺ 80 Level tounlock beech buggy World (jungle, Bananas, desert,lava) as you cansee in screenshots.⏺ Beech buggy, Bananas MonkeyRun, HeroAdventure Games.Are you a crazy Fan of Curious GeorgeCartons ??areyou an addictive Biking Adventure and Banana Monkeyrun Games ??What are you waiting for !! Hurry up Download it, Toenjoy thatfantastic Hero Biking in Jungle Adventure, Bananas Monkeyand theHero is still waiting for your help !!
Bunny Run 2.8
STEM Studios
Bunny run!!! is a simple and addictive adventurous run gamewithsimple controls. Our bunny and its small kids are starving inthisEaster, help the little bunny to run and collect carrots fromthefarm without being caught by the cruel farmer. Just clickthescreen to make our bunny to jump all obstacles. This bunny runisthe best adventure game for this Easter. It has the best funrungame with good graphics and music. ***Features*** 1. Tap thescreento make bunny run. 2. Collect all the carrots without beingcaughtby farmer. 3. Run and finish all the levels. 4. Have goodrelaxingmusic and sound effects. 5. Have two worlds each of having12challenging levels ***How to play*** 1. Just tap the screen tojumpthe bunny. 2. Collect carrots as many as you can, withoutbeingcaught by farmer 3. Run to the end of the levels to reachourbunny's home to celebrate Easter.
Flying Hattori 5.5
Flying Hattori is a run and fly game with features like - RunandFly like the cool hattodi cartoon - Dodge different animalsandobstacles - Storm the ljungle with crazy run speed - Equipwithdifferent powerups and score big - Complete daring missionstoboost your rank - Test your reflexes with simple one-touchcontrolsControls: Tap and hold to fly
Hanuman Adventures Evolution 6.0.5
An exciting adventures platform games! - indian games In theancientSanskrit epic Ramayana Princess Sita was kidnapped byRavana.Princes Rama Asks search for PrincessSita...which takehim to the journey to Lanka... This is adventuregames is based onIndian mythology epic Ramayan where the maincharacter is hanumanwho is after ravana , help hanuman in is hisjourney to Lanka fromindia Feature - Unique platforming challenges- Special hanumanpower - Adventure level - Unlimited lives -Indian Games - Hiddenspecial attack to defeat boss isindie game developermaking games based on indian games theme likeHanuman Return , Ramvs Ravan , Super Cricket
Penguin Run 2 1.3.6
Penguin Run 2 is one of the best ICE WORLD adventuregame.Oneday,Penguin Ruba found an ancient map in the warehouse leads to a secret world.Ruba decide to explorethesecret world.But the world is so danger and also many manymonstersin the world.So Ruba need your help.Please help Ruba runout of theworld.You shound runs and jumps across platforms and atopenemiesin themed levels.GO!GO!GO!Penguin Run 2 has many challenginglevelsto play and discover.Features:-Amazing world:ice world,greensnowworld-Beautiful graphics and control-Addictivegameplay-Challenginglevel design(more than 50 levels)-Easy,intuitive controls-Manydifferent enemiesHow to play:- Use button tojump, move and fire-Kill enemies by firing or jumping on theirheadDownload Penguin Run2 now and enjoy the game.
Monkey Racing Free 1.0
Monkey Racing is a new game from the creators of MonkeyBoxing!Thetitle is an arcade racing game featuring crazy monkeycharactersstruggling for victory riding ludicrousvehicles.Features:– 80tracks– Unlockable customizable vehicles inmore than 40 millioncombinations– 18 bosses to beat– Supportedlanguages: English,Italian, French– Single and Multiplayer mode– 89rewardingachievements to unlock– Improve your vehicle stats andmake itfaster– Use any means to win: including missiles, shockwavesandshields– Optimized for MOGA Controllers– Play it on NVIDIASHIELD!–No featured in Shield Hub.Follow us for the latestinfoand game news!•••
Jungle Monkey 2 2.5.1
Jungle Monkey 2 is a cool and amazing running adventuregame.It'seasy and more fun.The small monkey is very hungry.So he isfindingfood in the jungle.But the jungle is very large anddanger.Somemonsters are in the jungle.Your task is helping themonkey runningout of the jungle and collect more bananas.How toplay:-touchscreen to control the monkey-kill Or avoid themonster-collectbananas as many as you can-run out of thejungleJungle Monkey 2Features:Simple control just running andjumping monkeyGreatphotograph and lovely monkey27 maps and morewill be adds
👽 Ben Alien Fight: StampFire Attack 1.0
Fualdev World
Do you love ben?Are u crazy fans of bentn alien and heatFireattack?ben Super Hero boy transform to humungousaur,Omniverse,stinkfly, echo echo, Four Arms, Swampfire, ghostfreak,Big Chill,Diamondhead, blitzwolfer (benwolf), Vilgax, XLR8omnitrix, gwentennyson, Shocksquatch, kevin levin, benmummy,Heatblast, You areBen Alien humungousaur Transformspend a lot ofevil skeleton,Wariors, Grey Matter, 10(ten) Sharks and also gothrough castles,But be careful! Lots of dangers Omniverse, FourArms, Heatblast,Jetray reboot enemies, troubles, obstacles,tennyson difficulttraps, you have got watch TransformationUltamatrixTo complete theplatformer game Super ben's 10(ten) willjump and run up to speedwith superhero ben albedo on manyobstacles, fight and shootagainst fire fly ninjas, the bats,reboot, ten, humungousaur,skeletons, kevin 11, Sharks, gwentennysons toys, force omnitrixand Omniverse many other monstersomnitrix forceClimb the huge BenAlien humungouzaur Transformbridges, Rook Blonko, dr. animo,Vilgax, armodrillo, grandpa max,Charmcaster, kevin e levin,Wildmutt, stairs, avoid falling bricks,reboot find hidden blocksand levels, collect coins with ultimateway big, swim throughdangerous seasThis Jump and Run up to speed isan addictiveadventure dash game!- watch classic gwen tennysplatformer forchildren, adults and kids toys- classic retro runningup to speedadventure dash games- Easy and free to play butdifficult tomaster- Side scroller ben alien game with simplecontrols game-explore lot of challenging and addictivetransformation and landsand fight all enemies1) Amazing Ben AlienFight Game Features :* 50challening levels and ben's 10(ten)available with slowlyincreasing game difficulty* Super animatedenemies like fly fire,Sharks, Wariors...* Super monsters transformwatch like psychobos,aggregor, Heatblast, tennyson* water and seatransformed - jumping,Rath running 10 up to speed XLR8, fightingAND swimming withRipjaws!* watch ben's 10(ten) Omnivers differentaddictivetransforming2) How to play:* swimming: press Jump to swimRipjawshigher, release finger from button to go down !* clickbutton XLR8for speed running as light :D* click button hand forattack withhand fire and moving Omnivers ben 10000 super hero boy!*press Jumpto make Super Ben's jumping!* Jump: Jump Up & Jump Toten otherSide with Spidermonkeytry to open all Levels and to benumber 1 ofScore! not 10000 for super adventure transform gameENJOYPlayingBen Alien Fight Heat Attack!
Bablu Dablu Adventure 1.0
The bizarre story of living in sewers, the ultimate comedyshow,Meet the characters from popular animation help you continuewithyour mission in like bablu dablu games! Help adventure.Destroyenemies in the way. At the end of the level, defeat theenemies tounlock the next level.nows, all childs like to playadventure gameof this. follow the lines and him, he will escapefrom all monstersand will save firstly own life. Be careful aboutthe troubleswaiting for you on your way! Let's take adventure andhelp fightagainst the alien monsters even the Big Bosses. Simplegame play,nice graphic, funny monsters and sound, classicalcontroller, veryfunny and very interesting, you can help him slide,jump, fire, games ever made with heroes great gamequality,downloadnow and experience the joy of jumping the hurdlesthrough variousshadow worlds! Help best adventure. Destroy enemiesin the way. Atthe end of the level, defeat the enemies to unlockthe next levelfor bablu dablu games..Be careful about the troubleswaiting foryou on your way! Let's take adventure and help fightagainst thealien monsters even the Big Bosses with bablu dablugame. Simplegame play, nice graphic, funny monsters and sound,classicalcontroller, very funny and very interesting, you can helphimslide, jump, fire, attack.CREATIVE AND ENTERTAINMENTThe gameismade up of our cute hero's potatoes collection struggle. Do notyouwant to help me now? The best chracter is not chachabhatijanow!nows, all childs like to play adventure game of this.followthe lines and him, he will escape from all monsters and willsavefirstly own life. free games ever made with heroes greatgamequality,download now and experience the joy of jumping thehurdlesthrough various shadow worlds! best child gemes for freeever andever. please be quick and download. you will get the bestgamesfollow us. And follow for fun and exciting.
Bike Race Game: Traffic Rider Of Neon City 3.58
Welcome to the Neon city! Enjoy highly crafted city drivinggame!Chill and experience neon lights in cool futuristicenvironment!CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE RACING BIKE Each racing bike isfast andwell-polished. Choose your favorite motor bike and exploreallracing tracks and reach the top speed! Become the best neonriderin this championship. Bike racing is an endless fun for gamersofall ages! MISSION OF MOTORCYCLE GAMES Enjoy city drivingandracing! Look in the rearview mirror of your racing bike!Yourcompetitors are on your tail! Hurry up! Push your motor bike tothelimit and win the race! Watch your superbike flipping&performing other cool stunts! Find out which race track is themostdifficult and overcome it! Become unbeatable speed racer andwinthis championship! Push your superbike to the top speed, trytoavoid all the obstacles and reach the finish line firstduringthese stunning motorcycle games! As the real neon rider proveyourhighly-developed traffic racer’s skills and show off yourfirmcharacter. Your racing bike is ready for adventures! YOUR OWNBIKEFACTORY Try new feature - bike customization. It’s so fun torideon custom bike! After modifications, you can drive any kindofmotorcycle: sports bike, enduro street bike, chopper ortouringbike.
Monkey Kong 💀 Gorilla Skull - Monster Simulator 1.6.2
The great animal monkey Kong from the monkeys isle of skullsisback! The king of beasts and animals, a savage animal, isalegendary giant ape who reigns over the monkeys isle of skulls!Apowerful animal known because of his ferocity!This monstermonkeyssimulator takes place in this uncharted animal island! Amagicallocation where the animals legend tells us that those whoset outto explore the monkeys isle of skulls get killed by themonkeyKong, the giant gorilla and legendary king of the animaljungle.None of the soldiers and scientists ever returned fromtheirexpeditions to the monkeys island!Despite these monkeyslegends,the army is very interested in the animals of this monkeysislanddue to its strategical location and keep sending troops ofsoldiersto conquer the animals monkeys island. In this crazygorilla animalgame you will be playing with this legendary fearsomemonkeyfighting against soldiers chasing animals in the monkeysjungle!Protect monkey Kong from soldier attacks in a survivalanimal racearound the monkeys isle of skulls:- Choose yourfavourite gorillaanimal Kong and start fighting for your survival.Each gorillaanimal has unique features, so choose wisely betweentheseanimals!- Soldiers are your enemy. Learn how to avoid thembeforeall the animals get killed!- This addictive animal simulatorhasamazing graphics, animals and landscape: Enjoy the realism ofthisawesome monkeys animal game!- These endless animals races fullofmonkeys are very intuitive to play!- Our monkey Kong animal gameisappropriate for children and adults who love animalsandmonkeysBecome the best worldwide player of this crazy monkeyKonganimal simulator!Enjoy our animal games!By installing this appyouagree to the following privacypolicy:
Smart Monkey 1.3
Elia Design
The Smart Monkey is very hungry. So he is waiting for you todeliverhim bananas that are hanged on the ropes. But there aremanyobstacles in monkey’s way that even he, talented and veryskilled inclimbing seems to have no chance to cut the ropes andbypass theobstacles.Let's offer that poor monkey the bananas tothe full bycutting the ropes and make him happy in this Christmasdays.SmartMonkey Features: - Great photograph and lovely monkey-Simplecontrol, just cutting ropes at the right moment- Catch allthebananas to feed the monkey- Enjoyable levels for kids andadults-Good game levels to keep the mind sharp- 25 differentwonderfullevels and more will come.How to play: - Tap in the ropesto cutthem.- Tap in the Bubble to make bananas float.- To make themonkeymoves, tap in the mover red arrow.- Finish all levels with3stars.Great! Download Smart Monkey now!And enjoy thisenjoyablegame!!If you like our app please share it on social mediafacebook,twiter, instagram...
Bloons TD Battles 6.1
ninja kiwi
Play the top-rated tower defense franchise in this allnewhead-to-head strategy game! Go monkey vs monkey with otherplayersin a bloon-popping battle for victory! From the creatorsofbest-selling Bloons TD 5, this all new Battles game isspeciallydesigned for multiplayer combat, featuring 18 customhead-to-headtracks, incredible towers and upgrades, all-new attackand defenseboosts, and the ability to control bloons directly andsend themcharging past your opponent's defenses. Check out theseawesomefeatures! * Head-to-head two player Bloons TD * 27 customBattlestracks * 22 awesome monkey towers, each with 8 powerfulupgrades *Assault Mode - manage strong defenses and send bloonsdirectlyagainst your opponent * Defensive Mode - build up yourincome andoutlast your challenger with your superior defenses *Battle ArenaMode - Put your medallions on the line in a high stakesAssaultgame. Winner takes all. * Card Battles Mode - Choose theperfectdeck of tower and bloon cards to outwit and outplay youropponent *Monkey Tower Boost - supercharge your monkey towers tofast attackfor a limited time * Bloons Boost - power up your bloonsto chargeyour opponent in Assault mode * Create and join privatematches tochallenge any of your facebook friends * 16 coolachievements toclaim * Customize your bloons with decals so yourvictory has asignature stamp If you are new to Bloons tower defensegames, don'tworry - a helpful tutorial walks you through the game,andmatchmaking will help balance the opponents you face. And ifyouwant to battle against your friends, you can easily create andjoinprivate matches with anyone on your Facebook friends list.Thechoice of strategy is yours - hunker down for the long game, orgofor the quick win with a rush of fast Bloons? Jump into a gameofBloons TD Battles now! REQUIRES INTERNET CONNECTIONPERMISSIONS:Bloons TD Battles requests permission to access to readand writeto your external storage to buffer video ads. Video adshelp fundthe production of our free games, so we appreciateyourunderstanding and support. If there are ever any problems withtheamount of data stored, please contact us [email protected] and Streamers: Ninja Kiwi isactively developing,supporting, and promoting channel creators onYouTube, Twitch,Kamcord, and Mobcrush. If you are not alreadyworking with us, keepmaking videos and then tell us about yourchannel [email protected]
Chicken Run 1.1
STEM Studios
Chicken run!!! is a simple and addictive adventurous run gamewithawesome gameplay. Our chicken is starving in this farm withcruelfarmer, help the little chicken to run and collect all itseggsfrom the farm without being caught by the cruel farmer. Justclickthe screen to make our chicken to jump all obstacles. Thisfarmchicken run is the best adventure game for this season. It hasthebest fun run game with good graphics and music. ***Features***1.Tap the screen to make chicken run. 2. Collect all the eggsfromthe farm without being caught by farmer. 3. Run and finish allthelevels. 4. Have good relaxing music and sound effects. 5. Havetwoworlds each of having 12 challenging levels ***How to play***1.Just tap the screen to jump the chicken. 2. Collect eggs as manyasyou can, without being caught by farmer in the farm. 3. Run totheend of the levels to reach our chicken's home.
Banana Island – Jungle Run 2.2
★★★Keep on running!★★★ Get ★Banana Island – Jungle Run★ and helpourlittle monkey friend Bobo save his girlfriend from evil baboonking!Run and jump all the way through the island and fight angrybaboonminions to help Bobo in his jungle quest! Kick off yourshoes anddash through the jungle! ✰FEATURES✰ Thrilling parkourjungleadventure! Stunning level design! Cute cartoon characters!Crazymonkey enemies! Run, jump and swing on vines to collectcoins!✰SIMPLE TAP CONTROLS✰ Power Jump - Tap to jump, Tap &Hold foran extra long jump! Mega Glide - When in air, Tap &Hold toglide through the clouds! Super Drop - When in air, slidedown todrop faster and kill baboon enemies around you! Get readyfor anepic jungle journey with “Banana Island” – Jungle Run Game!Have ablast making our Bobo monkey happy, and get addicted tothisincredible monkey running game! While running and collectingcoins,avoiding obstacles and fighting angry enemies, make ourmonkey gohappy! Download this innovative and addictive game anddash throughjungle village full of angry monkeys! Banana frenzy israging allover the world, get this monkey jump saga and let thejungle feverget to you! Jump, smash and keep running like hell toescape themonkey village and save your girl from an evil baboon!★BananaIsland – Jungle Run★ isn't just one of many classic arcadegames!Get this fun run side-scroller game, and get ready for thegorillarevenge!
Flying super hero free survival games 1.0
Flying super hero free survival gamesBecome your favoritesuperherocharacter and beat the villains.An epic adventure iswaiting foryou. The surprise has revealed and your dream has cometrue. Thescience world laboratory was testing on a specimen. Thiscanenhance the potential and traits of normal human being to makehiminvincible. You are the subject and it is your only chancetobecome a real supreme monster hero. Now you hold that strengthandpower to fly after the experiment. Fly anywhere you want anddowhatever you want to do in this ultimate criminal fightinggame.You will also be provided with missions. Control the flight ofyourfavorite fighting hero. Collect gold coins and points inthisultimate hero mission game. You can buy armors and accessorieslikeother city iron hero: super games. The flight simulation isveryeasy for a normal person to play as in other high flyingherogames. In this addictive transformer game the controls areverysimple and easy. Explore the mysterious monster city hero towninsearch of missions. Complete missions and tasks to earn goldpointsin this super hero game. Defeat the evil enemies andwinspectacular boss battles. The superhero city has differentsecretsurprises for you. Monster villains are using superpowersfordestruction in this city of lights. The new high-tech gadgetswillhelp you fight evil villains. Use your whole power tocompletemission objectives in this air robotic flying game. Useyour superstrong body as real steel armor and your deadly iron fistknucklesas arsenal. Fly over the streets and protect poor citizens.Useyour super skilled deadly fighting style as a lethal weapon inthisincredible flying robotic game.A variety of power-ups andpickupsis also available. Use them to upgrade your powerful hero inthismodern hero game. Set the record straight, and win all thefightsof this Robot flying hero: crime fighting game. Become a realsuperhero and race against time. Climb up on the leader’s boardwithyour excellent performance.Strange Super Hero VsCriminalsFeatures:Stunning HD graphicsExplore your environment ofwholecityCollect free giftsReal destructive physicsRealsoundeffectsSimple and easy controlsUser friendlyvisualizationSmoothflight simulationRealistic 3D visualsIf you haveno wifi, you canplay flying monster city hero absolutely free inoffline mode.Soquickly download this interesting game of 2017offered by GamersPulse Inc. from Google Play Store on your androidsmart phones.
Rope Escape 1.22
Deemedya INC
Addictive high thrills escape game in the midst ofthejungle!Catapult yourself deep into the heart of the jungle anduseyour rope to swing through the trees high into the sky. Escapethechasing savages by swinging not only from the trees but fromrocksoriginally intended for you; swing high enough and usethezeppelins to swing even higher for the best in-game rewardsandpower-ups! Feel the exhilaration of “Rope Escape” as youswinghigher and faster in search of ever-greater rewards and theglobalhigh score.Use the rope wisely to escape from the savages andreachnew heights to earn more coins! Use the flying catapultedrocks toswing even faster and higher through the air, to feel therush andexcitement! Use zeppelins to swing in the high skies andbring thezeppelins down to earn achievements!Sign into “RopeEscape” throughyour Facebook account to see how your achievementsstack up againstyour friends and the rest of the world, and boastabout your featson the way to becoming a global “Rope Escape”hero!KeyFeatures:•Fast and furious continuous gameplay•Highlyaddictivegaming platform (no, really, you will get addicted)•Colorfulcharacters for using in-game•Collect power-ups in game orpurchasevia IAP•Facebook integration to challenge your friends•Wehave abanana :)
Bloons Monkey City 1.11.4
ninja kiwi
Create and customize your very own Monkey City inthisgroundbreaking blend of city building and towerdefense!UNIQUESIMULATION + STRATEGY GAMINGTake back the wildernessfrom theinvading bloon hordes and pop your way from a modestsettlement toa thriving metropolis. Attack bloon-infested territoryadjacent toyour city, win a short tower defense game, and add thecapturedterritory to your city as a space on which to build. Everytime youbuild, your city looks cooler, you increase your powerpotential intower defense play, and you open up even more rewardsandchallenges.AMAZING DEPTH AND VARIETYAll 21 of the fullyawesomizedand carefully balanced Bloons TD 5 towers are availablewithinMonkey City, with completely new unlock mechanics. More than130buildings and decorations give you endless strategies andcitydesign options. Explore the wilderness to find treasure tilesanduncover 11 powerful special items like the Banana Replicatorandthe Dark Temple Idol. Burst bloons on 55 all new tower defensemapsor test your mastery on 13 wildly challenging originalspecialmissions.REINFORCE YOUR FRIENDSConnect with Facebook andGameServices friends, then help each other win and expand. SendSupplyCrates back and forth for bonus starting cash. Visitfriends'cities to check out their strategies and their city designskills,and while you're there root out any bloon spies to win areward forboth you and your friend.SHOW OFF YOUR SKILLSBuild up thestrongestlineup of monkey towers possible and compete with otherplayers forthe best score in weekly Contested Territory events. Usethe latestin monkey science to send player vs. player bloonattacks, then seewhose defenses are the strongest and earn extrarewards forvictory.Download for free and play Bloons Monkey Citynow!Pro tip:You can move your buildings when they are not upgradingor damaged- just tap and hold then move to a free capturedtile!PleaseNote:Bloons Monkey City is free to download and play(aside frominternet, carrier, data, device, and other services forwhich theplayer is financially responsible), but some in-game itemscan bepurchased with real money. You can turn off the paymentfeature bydisabling in-app purchases in your device's settings, orreach usat [email protected] for help. City data isorganizedindividually, so if you share multiple cities on onedevice throughmultiple Game services or Facebook logins, do notethat your IAPwill only apply to the city active during purchase.
Super Aladdanh Adventure 1.0.5
Welcome to ♥ Super AladdinAdventure ♥The classicstory of the young boy Aladanh whois tricked byand Jafar evil wizard to go inside the cavethat holds agreat treasure and there is an old lamp that he needsto bring tohim. He meets the slave of the lamp and his and becomesthe mostfamous kid in town and marries the princess.If you reallylikethe story about Aladanh and magic lamp pleasedon'tmiss  ♥ Super Aladanh Adventure ♥.You will haveaninteresting experience with your favorite hero.Using your skillstokill monsters, avoiding obstacles and special killBIGBOSSFEATURES:RUN, JUMP, DOUBLE JUMP to across many obstaclesasthe Abyss, Fire...THROW Knife to kill monsters3 BIG BOSS in3beautiful worlds: Desert-Castle-Cave world.COLLECT coins tocomparescores with friends by google play gamesDISCOVER the manyworlds as"Desert World", "Castle World", "Cave World"Embarkon ♥ SuperAladanh Adventure ♥ and help him rescueprincessfrom Jafar evil wizard.Download  ♥SuperAladanh Adventure ♥ to play and share it withyourfriends.HAPPY PLAYINGPLEASE NOTE :This game is free to downloadandfree to play but some game items can be purchased for realmoney.You can disable in-app purchases in yourdevice'ssettings. This game contains advertisements.
Diversion 1.74
Monkeys! Cats! Frogs! Pigs! Dinos! and More! Plus 30 newlevels!Plus all new World 7 with the dreaded Snail Boss!Likeplatformgames? Like running games? Well, you're gonna luvDiversion: 255levels, 8 Worlds, 700+ characters - one touch!-Challenginggameplay requires timing and puzzle solving- Cheat codesforin-game prizes: gem packs, characters, levels!- Daily Bonus!Earngems and characters every day you play!- Boss battles!-700+fully-animated playable characters to unlock and collect-255Levels- 8 Unique 3D Worlds- 3rd person camera: see all theaction-Different every time you play! - Any gem or token packpurchaseremoves all in-game ads… forever!!!- Google Play GamesLeaderboardsand Achievements- Bluetooth controller support- Newways to earnfree save tokens- Tablet support★★ Hover World Previewlevel!!!Cruise around on your hover board collecting gems, or jumpoff andrun around in this free roaming world. Checkout for details! ★★Be amazed at whatyoucan do : run, jump, climb, hang, swim, zip, slide, and even fly!Asyou progress through levels you'll unlock more challenginggameplayand hazards, including: spikes, chasms, zip-lines, slides,ledges,holes, buttons, spiderbots, bouncer bombs, water, laserwalls,meteors, security drones, aliens, mutant sharks,chompers,stompers, lava, steam vents, blast vents, reversers,stoppers,portals, spike rollers, and more! 175 challenging levelswillrequire timing and puzzle solving skills to complete andunlockhundreds of playable characters including: Ninja, Alien,Rocket,Karate, Robo, 60s, Zombie, Burglar, Tiger, Egyptian and eventheFreaky Chicken and Future Banana!Will this be yournextDiversion?Note: Diversion is a graphically intensive game andahigh powered device is recommended. If you are on an olderdeviceand notice some lag during play, try switching to the LOWgraphicssetting in the options menu. If you are enjoying Diversion,makesure you check out our other games:"SnowSpin":"TeamAwesome":"CrazySnowboard": TIP: We suggest yousave yourprogress with the free 'cloud save' feature. That way ifsomethinggoes wrong during the upgrade you can restore your gameprogress.
NinJump 3.1.1
Climb ninja, climb! In this fast-paced ninja running game, yourgoalis to climb as high as you can while avoiding evilsquirrels,dive-bombing birds, enemy ninjas, throwing stars,exploding bombs& more! Effortlessly scale the side of buildingswith ninjaagility. Tap to jump from one wall to the other, slashingenemiesin your way. Hit three matching enemies in a row for abonuspower-up boost. Grab shields for protection. Watch outforobstacles & ledges. Stay alive! With over 100milliondownloads, NinJump is one of the most popular mobile gamesof alltime. Accept no substitutes!PROFESSIONAL REVIEWS"You reallyneed togive NinJump a try" ~ TouchArcade"NinJump is a game that'swellworth playing" ~ Gamezebo"There’s no reason not to give NinJumpago" ~ SlideToPlayGAME FEATURES● Amazing power-up boosts!●Ninjas,throwing stars & bombs● Various enemies &obstacles●Intuitive tap controls● Endless ninja fun>> InstallNinJumptoday. It's FREE! ______________________________NinJump isbroughtto you by Backflip Studios, makers of absurdly fun mobilegameslike Paper Toss, DragonVale, Spellfall, Army of DarknessDefense& more. Search the Google Play Store for "BackflipStudios" tosee all our games. Follow @BackflipStudios on Twitterfor gameannouncements and other updates.
Real Monkey king 1.0
Real Monkey king Run is a cool running and jumping adventuregame.Monkey king is a brave, agile and lovely monkey, on abeautiful dayhe went into the jungle to pick up fruits.But thejungle is full ofdanger,Get more powers and fly like a bird throughthe MountainView! You will get crazy entertainment in this endlessrunning andjumping game.Extremely fun filled journey. Get ready torun andjump with our monkey on a beautiful island.This super funmonkeyjoyride will take you on the floor of banana adventure whereyouwill have to eat the bananas and avoid the obstacles comes ontheway.This endless Banana Island will become your favorite ofallarcade 2d platform games for kids!collect as many bananasaspossible to make monkey filthy rich with bananasIf you areaddictedto free monkey running games, you will instantly get a jumpon thisaddictive island!Features:- 10 seconds from launching thegame toplaying it.- HQ graphics and Monkey character- more than aHundredLevel to end the game- a new runner Monkey king- OnefingercontrolsHow to Play Avoid enemies who don’t want monkey toreachthe destination that why they will try to detract thebananamission of the monkey in Monkey Island. Be careful in thisdash ofamazing yet challenging jungle, Jump and swing on vines toavoiddeadly obstacles.Enjoy the world of excitement with lil monkeyandmark the history on Monkey Island in this fun filledbananadash.Just tap the screen to let the monkey jump.Collectbananas asmany as you can,do not fall off the ground.Run to the endof thejungle to pass the level.