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Study Tips 2.1
- Do you want to develop good study habits? - Do you want tostudysmart and Save time? - How can I improve my memory forstudying? -How can I learn something quickly? - How can youmemorize thingsquickly? - How do you improve your learning? - Howcan we studyeasily? - How do you study for exams? - Do you needstudying tipsto help you get good grades on your tests, exams, SATor finals? Ifyou are in school and need tips for studying, collegestudy tips,test/exam tips or study skills tips this app can helpyou focus.Learn good study tips for college students, tips on howto studyand retain the information you need to pass your classes.It'snever too early - or too late - to develop good study habits.Thesooner you get into a good study groove, the easier everythingwillbe and the more your chances of getting good marks willimprove.Download this FREE Study Tips app, get tips on studyinghabits andlearn how to study for a test. - It is completely free,you don'thave to pay anything ever!! Here's ours top techniques,tips andtricks for getting the most out of study. ☆☆☆ Categories ofStudyTips in this App to Improve Your Learning ☆☆☆ 1- Steps toEffectiveStudy 2- Study Setting 3- Fast and Effective Study Tips 4-RememberFast and More Tips 5- Exam Preparation Tips 6- Success onthe ExamDay Tips 7- Lecture Tips 8- Reading Tips 9- Writing Tips10- TestTaking Tips 11- Learn any Languages Tips 12- Focus SkillTips 13-Stress Management Tips 14- Test Preparation Tips 15-TimeManagement Tips 16- Organization Skill Tips 17- Wellness Tips18-Reaching Out Tips 19- Life Skills Tips 20- SAT Tips and Tricks21-Tips To Ace The GRE 22- Study Quotes - Motivational QuotesForStudents 23- Math Study Tips 24- Biology Study Tips 25- Tipsforthe Lazy Student Please rate Study Tips - Learn Smarter,NotHarder! 5 stars if you find this app benefited you! Thank yousomuch - Life Hack Studio - tag: learn tips, learn tricks, testtips,exam tips, Scientific Study, Study tips ideas, studentplanner,learn skills, college planner, school planner, studyingapp, classschedule, Study Skills Guides, Fast Learning, Hack tolearn, studybetter, train your brain, study smart, effectivelearning, remembermore, learning tips and tricks, how to study,learning tips forstudents, how to learn faster and remember more,learning tips forexams, how to study effectively, how to study welland fast, how tostudy fast and effectively, Study Hacks to ImproveYour Memory,Tricks to Study Better, Faster and with Less Stress,Simple Tricksto Remember Everything You Learn
Life Hacks 1.1
Life hacks (or life hacking) refers to any tips, tricks,shortcut,skill, or novelty method that increases productivityandefficiency, in all walks of life. The term was primarily usedbycomputer experts who suffer from information overload or thosewitha playful curiosity in the ways they can accelerate theirworkflowin other ways. Want to learn some quick and easy Life Hacksthatare easy to do, low cost and saves you time? Life hacks, tipsandtricks to optimize your life are available in this small app.Itcontains Life Tips & Tricks that are easy to share and savetofavorites. Life Hacks are arranged in Categories LikeTechnology,Life Tips, Money Savers and Etc. Fun Hacks that youwould wish thatyou should have known earlier. ☆☆☆ Categories ofLife Hacks - Tips& Tricks ☆☆☆ - Technology Hacks - Food andDrinks Hacks -Health and Fitness Hacks - Money Savers Tips - LifeTips - PartyHacks - Survival Hacks - Brainy Hacks - Daily-lifeSolutions -Extras - [NEW] Protect Yourself in a Terrorist Attack -[NEW]Natural Disasters and Safety Tips - [NEW] Tips For SelfDefense -[NEW] Travel Hacks - [NEW] Study Hacks Get a sample offree "LifeHacks - Tips & Tricks" and enjoy it today! Thankyou!Disclaimer: In case if any of these Tips violated yourcopyright/IP right to remove the discrepancy. please send us ane-mail. Wewill respond this at earliest. - Life Hack Studio - TAG:LifeHacks, hack tips, life hack, life advice, help your life,Tips,Tricks, Favorites, Chapters, Navigation, Clickable Tags,lifehacking goodness, how to, easy life, lifehacks, hack it,lifehacker, wikihow, best life hacks, protect yourself, KitchenHacks,Сrazy Cool Tips, Ideas and hacks, Self-defence Tips, SimpleLifeHacks, Study Tricks, LIFE HACKS TO HELP YOU FIX, MakeupTips,SUPERB Travel Hacks, Amazing Straw Hacks and Crafts, BedroomHacks,Beauty Hacks, Beauty Tips, Beauty Tricks, Magic Tricks, HairHacks,Awesome Pranks, Clothing Life Hacks, GENIUS IDEAS TO HACKYOURLIFE, Simple Ways to, Easy ways to, Way to fix, Simple tips,SimpleTricks
Life Hacks 2019 5.0
"Life hacks 2019" is a must keep informative, androidapplicationthat provides you with daily life tips for boys andgirls, lifequotes, hidden tips and tricks, health hacks and manymore tooptimize your life. "Life Hacks 2019" contains a lot ofinformationthat helps to manage our day-to-day task and activitiesin moreefficient and effective way. Information available in thisapp areproven to be useful to many of the users. Apart from Lifehacks,the app contains a lot of FACTS about History, Science,Celebrity,Sports and more, categorized into various sections. TipsaboutMen's and Women's fashion are available in Picture which arereallyattractive. Features: ⭐ Browse through thousands (anddailyincreasing) of unique life hacks. ⭐ Quick, easy and simple touselife quotes. ⭐ Share, Copy & Like the hack you love most. ⭐Getquick look at currently trending life hacks for boys andgirls,life hacks for school, DIY hacks, health tips and so on. ⭐FACTSsection where you get to know facts and figures. ⭐ Offlinelifehacks which can be accessed without connecting to the internet.⭐Multiple categories including money saver tips, technologyhacks,solutions, life tips, genius tricks, health tips, jokes andmore.🏆We are the first Life Hacks application to provide Facts andLifehacks in singe app. Its completely free and will always be.
Life Hacks
Want to learn some quick and easy Life Hacks that are easy todo,low cost and saves you time? Then You’re in Luck.1000+ Lifehacks,tips and tricks to optimize your life are available in thissmallapp. It contains Life Tips & Tricks that are easy to shareandsave to favorites. Life Hacks are arranged in CategoriesLikeTechnology,Life Tips,Money Savers and Etc.Fun Hacks that youwouldwish that you should have known earlier. We can save moneyandtime,or just impress friends and relatives.FEATURES:- 1000+LifeHacks available offline.- Most rated app for Life Hacks.- CopytoClipboard.- Share Life Hacks card to your Friends and Family.-ADesing that would soothe you.- Mark as favorite to accessthemeasily when needed offline.-Do rate and share the app to helpoutothers in easy tasks.-Life Hacks brings you innovative ideastodiscover and share things that you never knew. Party Hacks,FoodHacks, School Hacks, Technology Hacks and much more combinedinthis one single app. We live in a world havinghiddenopportunities, which we not even think of. But if we learntorecognize and use them, our life will become easier, morecreativeand more effective! The list of tips is constantly growingand weare intelligently finding tips that we think you'll like orneed inyour day-to-day life. Life Hacks is extremely easy tonavigate andyou have the ability to quickly share idea with yourfriends.Openup to a world of infinite hacks to reduce frustrationin everydaylife tasks, realizing that these simple tips can bringup a smile,and make dull jobs interesting.
Life Hacks
Scrolla Sutra
Open up to a world of infinite hacks to reduce frustrationineveryday life tasks, realizing that these simple tips can bringupa smile, and make dull jobs interesting. The features ofthecurrent app are: 1. Save images as favorites 2.Receivenotifications of various lifehacks, both when you are onlineoroffline. 3. The app opens your favorites when not connectedtointernet. 4. Share images from both the notification andindividualcategories page. 5. Download images to gallery in abreeze.
The Best Romantic Love Messages 2.1
Romantic Love messages is a lovely application. Itcontainscollection of Special Romantic Messages – Love Messages–Sexy LoveSMS, Status, Love Quotes and Propose Messages for yourLOVE Want tosend a really Romantic message to her or him, or updateyour socialnetwork status with a romantic love message? Finding therightwords is a lot easier than it sounds. ☆☆☆ Categories ofMessages inthis Romantic Love Messages Application ☆☆☆ ♥ Romanticlovemessages ♥ Valentine Messages ♥ Cute Love Messages ♥ I LoveYouMessages ♥ Flirty Text Messages ♥ Love Messages ♥ SexyTextMessages ♥ Funny love Messages ♥ Kiss Messages ♥ GoodMorningMessages ♥ Good Nigh Messages ♥ Love Quotes ♥ Break up ♥ SadLove ♥Broken Heart ♥ Crush Quotes ♥ Flirty Tips ♥ Pick Up Lines ♥TheBest Compliments ♥ Dating Tips ☆☆☆ App Features ☆☆☆ - Cleanuserinterface design & easy to use. - Easy search fromRomanticlove messages and categories. - You can save your RomanticText asfavorites. - Swipe left / right to see the previous or nextmesage.- Unlimited sharing of your favorite custom messages tocontactsvia SMS, various sharing or messaging application. - Copytoclipboard option to edit the msgs. Get a sample of freeRomanticlove messages and enjoy it today! Thank you! Disclaimer: Incase ifany of these messages violated your copyright/ IP right toremovethe discrepancy. please send us an e-mail. We will respondthis atearliest. - Life Hack Studio - TAG: love messages,romanticmessages, pick up lines, flirty messages, I love You, TrueLoveQuotes for People in Love, Amazing Love Quotes That Will MakeYouFeel Alive Again, short love Messages, Wise Quotes on Life,Loveand Friendship, Really Cute Love Quotes & Sayings StraightFromthe Heart, Best Love Quotes To Help You Say I Love YouPerfectly,Best Inspiring Romantic Love Quotes For Her AND Him,ExtremelyRomantic Quotes You Should Say To Your Love, I Miss YouAnd MissingSomeone Quotes, Cute I Miss You Quotes for Her and Him -MissingSomeone Sayings, Sweet Love Messages, Sweet RomanticMessages forHer, love messages for boyfriend, romantic lovemessages for her,love messages for her from the heart, mosttouching love messages,deep love messages for her, sweet lovemessages to your girlfriend
Flirty Texts 2.1
☆☆☆ Flirty Texts - Special Love Messages Collection ☆☆☆ - Areyoulooking for Flirty Texts Examples and Love Messages? - Are youwantto send a sexy or clever Flirt SMS to him or her? This coolFlirtyTexts app can help! This Flirty Texts app is a collection offlirtsms, sweet sms, compliments, sweet text messages and cuteflirtytexts for him or for her. Pick from a wide selection of thebestFlirt SMS messages, and let that special someone know how youfeel!Our Flirty Texts is an app developed which contains manyflirtytips and love sms to create, maintain and fulfill your love.FlirtyTexts is an App that stores many Flirting Text Messages thatyoucan use with the one you love. They are very cute & cool. HeorShe will love these messages. We will continue adding newmessagestimely. ☆☆☆ Categories of Messages in this Flirty Texts App☆☆☆ ♥[Hot Sms] Flirty Text Messages ♥ [Hot Sms] Sexy Text Messages♥[Hot Sms] Romantic Love Messages ♥ [Hot Sms] I Miss You Messages♥[Hot Sms] Cute Love Messages ♥ [Special Tips] How To Flirt WithAGirl ♥ [Special Tips] Flirty Message Tips ♥ [Special Tips] PickUpLines ♥ [Special Tips] Dating Tips ♥ I Love You Messages ♥ TheBestCompliments For Lover ♥ Valentine Messages ♥ Kiss Messages♥Honey's Birthday Messages ♥ Sweet Love Messages ♥ HeartTouchingMessages ♥ Funny Flirty Messages ♥ Good Morning Messages ♥GoodNight Messages ♥ Love Quotes ♥ Lovely Nick Names ♥ SorryMessages ♥Break Up Quotes ♥ Sad Love ♥ Broken Heart ♥ Crush Quotes♥ FunnyLove Messages ♥ Christmas Love messages ♥ New Year LoveMessages ♥Love Poems ♥ [New Sms] Summer Love Messages ☆☆☆ AppFeatures ☆☆☆ ★Absolutely FREE with Impressive & Beautifuldesign! ★Completely Offline Database (App can be processedwithoutInternet). ♥♥♥ Ready to win over your sweetheart with lovemessagesin our app ♥♥♥ ★ Copy, Share Flirt Texts and Love Messagesto yourloved once with only one touch. ★ Various types of flirtytextssuch as beautiful hug and kiss messages,romantic quote,messages oflove, valentine messages, romantic love quotes, cutemessage,romantic massage to make you cherish and enjoy each andevery kissthat comes your way. ★ Romantic Love Messages forgirlfriend,boyfriend, husband, wife and all type of true lovemessages in oneapp. What a wonderful application! ★ Cute love poemsare motivatingand inspirational. Inspirational poems about love arethe verbalexpression of the feeling of people who are falling inlove or whohave failed in love. ★ If you want to show your love inthe mostmeaningful way, this app is a good way to express your loveandhappiness will be always around you. "Flirty Texts" is aspeciallove application. It is huge collection of romantic lovemessagesand flirty messages for your loving life Don't be mushy andstartto build your love dreams now! HOPEFULLY YOU & YOURFRIENDSALWAYS HAVE A LIFE FULFILLED WITH LOVE !! These are justbasicfeatures. We plan to have more great features adding on timelyandalso with more Flirty Texts. Flirty Texts is a nice application.Itcontains collection of compliments, sweet text message andsexyflirty messages for your LOVE. Get a sample of free flirtytextmessages and enjoy it today! Disclaimer: All messages aregatheredfrom the web. We do not express any ownership of thesemessages. Incase if any of these messages violated your copyrightto remove thediscrepancy. please send us an e-mail. We will respondat earliest.If you want to have more apps with high quality designandfeatures, you can Rate 5 stars for the app and give usgoodcomments. - Life Hack Studio - TAG: flirty texts, love texts,lovemessage, flirty messages, flirty sms, hot messages, flirt sms,sexysms, hot sms, Heart Touching text, lovely texting,RomanticMessages, Flirty Tips, Pick Up Lines, Dating Tips, Lovemessages,smart love lines, summer love
Best life hacks 2018 1.0
Life hacks, tips and tricks to optimize your life are availableinthis small app. It contains Life Tips & Tricks that are easytoshare and save to favorites. Life Hacks are arranged inCategoriesLike Technology,Life Tips,Money Savers and Etc.Fun Hacksthat youwould wish that you should have known earlier. We can savemoneyand time,or just impress friends and relatives.FEATURES:-10000+Best Life Hacks available offline.- Most rated app for LifeHacks.-Copy to Clipboard.- Share Life Hacks card to your FriendsandFamily.- A Design that would soothe you.- Mark as favoritetoaccess them easily when needed offline.-Do rate and share theappto help out others in easy tasks.-Life Hacks brings youinnovativeideas to discover and share things that you never knew.PartyHacks, Food Hacks, School Hacks, Technology Hacks and muchmorecombined in this one single app. We live in a world havinghiddenopportunities, which we not even think of. But if we learntorecognize and use them, our life will become easier, morecreativeand more effective! The list of tips is constantly growingand weare intelligently finding tips that we think you'll like orneed inyour day-to-day life. Life Hacks is extremely easy tonavigate andyou have the ability to quickly share idea with yourfriends.Openup to a world of infinite hacks to reduce frustrationin everydaylife tasks, realizing that these simple tips can bringup a smile,and make dull jobs interesting.
Life Hacks 1.3
Do you want to make your day more interesting? - BetterLifeHacks!Life Hacks are arranged in Categories Like HealthyLiving,Hair Care Tips, Child Care, Beauty Tips and Etc.Life Hacksappcontains Life Healthy Tips & Life Health Tricks that areeasyto share and save to favorites. We can save money and time,orjustimpress friends and relatives.★ HIGHLIGHTS Life HacksAPPLICATIONS★ Various categories of best life hacks available suchas HealthyLiving, Hair Care Tips, Child Care, Beauty Tips and Etc.★AmazingLife Hacks available offline.★ Most rated offline app forLifeHacks.★ Brand new and easy-to-use design★ Easily CopytoClipboard.★ Share Best Life Hacks to your Friends and Familyandspecial once.★ Mark as favorite to access best life hackseasilywhen needed offline.★ Life Hacks brings you innovative ideastodiscover that you never knew. ★ Invite friends and family touseLife Hacks App★ Life Hacks app also gives healthy life hacksinhindi.Check out all these Best Life Hacks Tips and advicetooptimize your daily life. Thousands of Better Life Hacks tomakeyour daily life very easy. Some Extra Life Hacks App Features :★Option to resume reading Life hacks from the last Hack youreadfrom options menu.★ Completely offline. No InternetConnectionafter first download. ★ Thousands of Better Life Hacksthat willhelp you make your daily life simpler.★ 100% free lifehacksapplication in hindi and english★ Beautifuluser-friendlyinterface★ Single click share the Best Life Hack.★Life Hacks Appcan be moved to SD card★ Very compact. Only 3MBdownload size★Option to share a Life Hack App to friends via SMS,Whatsapp andOther Social Apps like Facebook, Google+, WeChat, etcin a singletap.Life hacks app makes your day with interesting lifehacks tomake life simple and happy.Best Life Hacks is a dailyupdated lifetips and tricks to brighten your day!
Life Hacks for Dailly Use 1.4
Droid Copz
1000+ very useful, easy and important hacks for dailyuseCategorywise hacks.#Share a Life Hack with friends.#New LifeHacks addedregularly.#Added a Life Hack to favorite#Explainedwithpictures.For Example : #If you type in any flight numberintoGoogle you can see exactly where the plane is.#11 StressRelievingFoods -Bananas -Pasta -Almonds -Grapes -Green Tea-Oatmeal-Chocolate -Water melon -Orange Juice -Cornflakes-Tuna..#Turn theshower to cold before you get out. It closes yourpores and makesyou less likely to get acne.#Putting Vodka on yourface reduces thechances of acne breakouts by tightening yourpores.#Put oldnewspaper at the bottom of your trash bin, it willabsorb any foodjuices and make for a cleaner disposal.And many moreuseful hacks.
Crumblyy - Life Hacks, Self Improvement & Ideas 4.2.4
What are Life Hacks? Life Hacks are simple and smart tips toeaseeveryday tasks and improve lifestyle. We at Life Hacks willmakeyou learn smartest daily-life tricks from around the world tousein your everyday life. Search any life hack of your choice andwewill give you results from the best life hacking contentcreatorsof the world. Join millions of life hackers who use ourLife Hacksapplication to solve nearly every tricky situation intheir lifeand never stop learning. Get latest SUMMER HACKS,RELATIONSHIPhacks, TECHNOLOGY hacks, FOOD & DRINKS hacks,HEALTH &FITNESS hacks, HUMOR hacks, PARENTING hacks, DAILY-LIFESOLUTIONShacks, OFFICE and JOBS hacks, DIY CRAFTS , MONEY SAVERhacks, LIFEtips, LIFE quotes, MOTIVATIONAL tips, PARTY hacks,FASHION hacks,MAKEUP hacks, PHOTOGRAPHY hacks, SURVIVAL hacks,STUDY BOOSTERhacks, BRAINY hacks, TRAVEL hacks, all at one place.New: DOWNLOADthis app NOW if you want to make your everyday lifeefficient. Weare the MOST DOWNLOADED life hacks application withmore than 250Million hack views on Life Hacks. Currently thehighest rated lifehacks app with 1 Million+ downloads. SALIENTFEATURES ⭐ Brand newdesign with lots of enhanced features ⭐ 100+new life hacks everyweek ⭐ 15+ categories of life hacks available ⭐Latest life hacks,updated daily ⭐ Search life hacks of your choice⭐ Get personalizedcontent based upon your interest ⭐ Like, Bookmarkand share lifehacks in more attractive fashion ⭐ Trending lifehacks, showingmost popular hacks ⭐ Hack of the day, to spice upyour day ⭐ Saveand backup your favourite life hacks on the server,to use later ⭐Life hacks with pictures, life hacks with video andpicture withtext hacks added ⭐ Youtube videos from some of the bestlifehackers FEATURES IN DETAILS ◼ 15+ categories of lifehacksavailable: Various categories of life hacks available suchastechnology hacks , health and fitness hacks, food and drinkshacks,parenting hacks, daily-life solutions hacks, jobs hacks,officehacks, money saver hacks, relationship hacks, party hacks,survivalhacks, study boosters hacks and brainy hacks combined inone singleapp. Relationship hacks to boost your relationships,Parentinghacks to help you grow your kids, Study boosters to helpyouprepare your studies in a smart and efficient manner. ◼ Brandnewdesign with lots of enhanced features: We have revamped thedesignof Life Hacks to make it more interesting and user-friendly.◼ LifeHacks updated daily: We update life hacks everydaywithnotifications to make your day full of entertainment. ◼ Offlineaswell as Online: You may enjoy Life Hacks even if you have aweakinternet connection or no internet connection. ◼ Picture, textandvideo hacks: Life hacks are available as picture cards, textcardsas well as video cards ◼ Share on social media easily: Youmayeasily share your favourite life hack with friends and familyaswell as on social media. ◼ Like, bookmark and save: You maylike,bookmark and save as many life hacks as you want. Here's whattheworld says about Life Hacks: 🏆 The Big Pitch - One of the top10apps, 2017 🏆 BW Disrupt - An App That Let You Learn UsefulLifeHacks 🏆 The Vindicator - Life Hacks app lives up to its nameSharethis tiny packet of knowledge to your friends and family andflauntyour skills..
1000+ Life Hacks 1.9
Do you want to make your everyday life interesting? 1000+importantand must know Hacks for Day to Day life. Technology HacksFoodHacks, Health and Fitness hacks, Save money Hacks PartyHacksSurvival Hacks Brainy Hacks Category wise hacks. #Share a LifeHackwith friends. #New Life Hacks added regularly. #Added a LifeHackto favorite #Explained with pictures. For Example : #If youtype inany flight number into Google you can see exactly where theplaneis. #11 Stress Relieving Foods -Bananas -Pasta -Almonds-Grapes-Green Tea -Oatmeal -Chocolate -Water melon -OrangeJuice-Cornflakes -Tuna. . #Turn the shower to cold before you getout.It closes your pores and makes you less likely to getacne.#Putting Vodka on your face reduces the chances of acnebreakoutsby tightening your pores. #Put old newspaper at the bottomof yourtrash bin, it will absorb any food juices and make for acleanerdisposal. And many more useful hacks For More life Hacks 51InsaneEveryday Life Hacks 40+ Daily Life Hacks Daily life hacksWikipedia
Life Hacks LH1.8
Better Life Hacks -Tips and Tricks App for You! Check out thesenewLife Hacks Tips and Tricks, Tips and advice to optimize yourdailylife from this Better Life Hacks App. Thousands of BetterLifeHacks to make your daily life very easy in this App. CheckthisLife Hacks app and you will make your life better :) SomeFeaturesof the app Life Hacks: ★ Move the Life Hacks Tips andTricks inyour favorite Hack list. ★ Search for Life Hacks Tips andTricksbased on keyword. ★ Resume reading Life hacks Tips and Tricksfromthe last Hack you read from options menu. ★ Life Hack TipsandTricks App is Completely offline. No Internet required afterfirstdownload. ★ Thousands of Better Life Hacks that will help youmakeyour daily life simpler. ★ 100% free application ★Beautifuluser-friendly interface ★ Single click share the Life HackviaWhatsapp. ★ App can be moved to SD card ★ Very compact. Only3MBdownload size ★ Option to share a Life Hack to friends viaSMS,Whatsapp and Other Social Apps like Facebook, Google+, WeChat,etcin a single tap. Please take out a minute to Rate and Reviewourapp.
Special Hacked Mods for Fun Hacking 1.4.0
This is free, lightweight, it only takes a few seconds hacks torun!The cheater user interface is easy to use and has beencompletelyreshuffled from previous versions. Now you can evenchoose yourfavorite color scheme hacks! Now also supported in theapplication,and will soon introduce more cheater enhancements. Thenew look andthe outstanding new features make this app a must-havefor yoursoftware library.Same as the previous version, supportsmultiplehacks languages. This is invaluable if you like to installthesoftware outside of the default location, such as astand-alonedrive. The new version also introduced the applicationofmanagement, allowing you to check your installed applications ataset time each day.This version has a lot of fixes:-Vastimprovement in how cheater communication errors are handled-Betterhacks handling of errors- Improved manager- Improved howsettingsare preserved when doing an upgrade from a previousversion- Fixeda bug with custom scan locations, where setting scandidn't workcorrectly- Fixed a bug with cheater passwords not beingsaved-Fixed a bug with saving cheater username- Fixed somespecificissues - Fixed a bug which sometimes greyed out the'Ignore' buttonfor certain updates- Fixed a bug which sometimesshows anotification popup for 0 updates- Display options are nowsavedbetween scans and remembered after a reboot- Various otherminorhacks bug fixes.
Goal Tracker & Habit List & Workout Calendar
Do you want to change habits? Track goals? Accomplish newyear'sresolutions? Goal Tracker & Habit Calendar will help youbykeeping track of your progress. It is inspired by JerrySeinfeld’sProductivity Secret: ”Get a big wall calendar that has awhole yearon one page and hang it on a prominent wall. The nextstep is toget a big magic marker. For each day that you do yourtask, put abig mark over that day. After a few days you’ll have achain. Justkeep at it and the chain will grow longer every day.You’ll likeseeing that chain, especially when you get a few weeksunder yourbelt. Your only job next is to not break the chain. Don’tbreak thechain.” Why to use Goal Tracker & Habit List: Allfree. Noadds, no in-app purchases. Easy to use. Daily, weekly,monthly,yearly habits / goals. Schedule weekly habits / goals foranycombination of week days. Notifications. You don't forget totakeaction. Widgets (only Android 4.0 and later). Your habits /goalsare at your fingertips. Export to Dropbox, and/or localstorage(/storage/sdcard/Goal Tracker Habit Streak). You never loseyourhabits / goals. Daily auto backup to local storage. Usecalendar toselect any day in last week and restore habits / goalsif needed.Weekly progress calendar view. Log all habits / goals ononescreen. Monthly calendar view. Log all days on one screen.Dropboxbackups.Your habits / goals should be transferred to yournewdevices (depends on your settings). "Sow a thought and you reapanaction; sow an act and you reap a habit; sow a habit and you reapacharacter; sow a character and you reap a destiny." Emerson,RalphWaldo Czech translation. French translation thanks toMichaelStringham. German translation. Hebrew translation thanks toYuvalMelamed. Hungarian translation. Polish translation thanks toSzymonŁabędziewski. Portuguese translation thanks to MichaelStringham.Russian translation. Spanish translation thanks to JavierPérez.Turkish translation. If you wish to contribute to GoalTracker& Habit List translation pleasevisit Featuregraphics:License Some rights reserved byanieto2k
Wengie Beauty Creator 1.2
This app has no ad.On my channel: Simple Life Hacks, DIYS,CraftIdeas, Fun Experiments, tricks and pranks! I also do MorningandNight Time Routines, Hair Tutorials, Diet & fitness Tips,Lookbooks & Fashion Videos, Skincare Tutorials and Tips,andeverything to help you improve, motivate and simplify yourlifebecause I love to try new things and help you all make therightdecisions. "The bond that links your true family is not oneofblood, but of respect and joy in each other's life. Richard Bach"Iwant this channel to inspire you to be whoever you want to be.I'ma Chinese Australian that has a wonderful family online :)NEWVIDEOS every WEEK!! Subscribe and turn on notifications :)!!Vlogchannel: @misswenI prefertwitter@wengieFollow me on Snapchat:wengieBlog:http://www.wengie.comPlease email my management at RareGlobal forbusiness inquiries only: wengie@rare.globalSupported
Romantic Love Quotes & Love Images 2.1
Looking for Sweet Love Quotes, Crush Quotations andRomanticSayings? Want to show your feeling? Want to show someoneyou areinterested and get attention? This app is a collectionofcompliments, sweet text messages and cute flirty texts for himorfor her. Love Quotes & Saying is an App that stores manyLoveQuote that you can use with the one you love. They are verycute& cool. He or She will love these quotes. We willcontinueadding new quotes timely. You can also add backgroundImage, adjustfor quote and share this image to social network. ☆☆☆Categories ofMessages in this App ☆☆☆ ♥ Quotes About Love ♥ FunnyLove Quotes ♥Cute Love quotes ♥ Crush Quotes ♥ Cute Crush Quotes ♥Secret CrushQuotes ♥ Sad Crush quotes ♥ Romantic Quotes ♥ TruthQuotes ♥ I LikeYou Quotes ♥ Sweet I Love You Quotes ♥ I Need YouQuotes ♥ I Missyou quotes ♥ I’m Sorry Quotes ♥ I Want You Quotes ♥I Love MyHusband Quotes ♥ Thinking Of You Quotes ♥ First LoveQuotes ♥Breakup Quotes ♥ Jealousy Quotes ♥ Love Hurt Quotes ♥ TheBrokenHeart Quotes ♥ Falling In Love Quotes ♥ Cute Couple Quotes ♥SweetAnd Unique Love Quotes For Him ♥ Unique Cute Boyfriend Quotes♥Single Quotes ♥ Cute Relationship Quotes ♥ LongDistanceRelationship Quotes ♥ Loneliness Quotes ♥ My Love For YouQuotes ♥Amazing Love Quotes ♥ Perfect Love Quotes ♥ Marriage Quotes♥Heartfelt Quotes ♥ My Man Quotes ♥ Love Of My Life Quotes♥Unexpected Love Quotes ♥ Hidden Love Quotes ♥ Kiss Quotes ♥HugQuotes ♥ Heart Touching Quotes ♥ Love At First Sight Quotes♥Family Love Quotes ♥ Inspirational Love Quotes ♥ FunnyFlirtyQuotes Romantic Love Quotes and Sayings is a niceapplication. Itcontains collection of compliments, sweet, lovelyand cute quotesand sayings for your LOVE. Get a sample of free LoveQuotes andenjoy it today! Thank you! Disclaimer: In case if any ofthesequotes violated your copyright/ IP right to remove thediscrepancy.please send us an e-mail. We will respond this atearliest. - LifeHack Studio - TAG: Romantic Quotes, Quotes ofHeart, Love Quotes,True Love Quotes for People in Love, AmazingLove Quotes That WillMake You Feel Alive Again, short love quotes,Wise Quotes on Life,Love and Friendship, Really Cute Love Quotes& Sayings StraightFrom the Heart, Best Love Quotes To Help YouSay I Love YouPerfectly, Best Inspiring Romantic Love Quotes ForHer AND Him,Extremely Romantic Quotes You Should Say To Your Love,I Miss YouAnd Missing Someone Quotes, Cute I Miss You Quotes forHer and Him- Missing Someone Sayings
French Grammar in Use 2.1
This reference book explains French grammar - Grammaire françaiseina comprehensible way and is very useful for learners of Frenchas aforeign language.Easy to improve your French grammar knowledgewith48 French Grammar Lessons."French Grammar In Use" is AWESOMEforStudying French Grammar."French Grammar In Use" is for basicandadvanced learners on Android!"French Grammar In Use" ISCOMPLETELYOPTIMIZED for your android phone☆☆☆ French GrammarContents ☆☆☆1.Tenses- Overview of the Tenses- Present- PresentPerfect- Imperfect-Imparfait/Passé Composé- Past Historic-Pluperfect- Near Future-Future- Future Anterior- Irregular verbs2.Verbs- Avoir/Être-Infinitive Constructions- Participle/Gerund-Reflexive Verbs-Passive Voice- Imperative- Conditional-Subjunctive3. Nouns andArticles- Gender- Articles- Plural4.Pronouns- Personal Pronouns-Possessive Pronouns- ReflexivePronouns- Relative Pronouns-Interrogative Pronouns- DemonstrativePronouns- Indefinite Pronouns-Adverbial Pronouns "y" and "en"5.Adjectives- Masculine/feminineform of adjectives- Comparativeforms of adjectives- Placement ofadjectives6. Adverbs- Types ofAdverbs- Making adverbs formadjectives- Adjective or Adverb-Comparative forms of adverbs-Placement of adverbs7. Prepositions-Prepositions8. SentenceStructure- Declarative Sentences- Negation-Questions- Conditionalclauses- Indirect Questions- ParticipleClauses- Relative Clauses-Conditional Clauses- IndirectSpeechLearn with this easy app everyday and improve your grammarsignificantly!A perfect daily workoutfor excellent French!Have agreat day ... and enjoy learning Frenchgrammar anytime,anywhere!Team - French Grammar in Use Application -supported byLife Hack StudioTAG: French grammar, study French ,grammar, simpleFrench grammar, learn French , simple grammar,French lessons,French for beginner, Grammaire française
Life Hacks : Tips & Tricks 3.8
app warriors
Maker you life easier than ever with these helpfullifehacks!Download “New Life Hacks : Tips & Tricks”, anultimatecollection of amazing and useful household lifehacks.Youalwaysencounter these little hurdles in life that make everythingso hardfor you. You wonder why ice cream always melting on yourclothes orwhy zipper constantly unzipping itself or how to fold afitted bedsheet? Most of these problems can certainly ruin yourmood and day.But luckily we have this amazing list of handylifehacker ideasavailable on “New Life Hacks : Tips & Tricks”to solve theselittle problems.This genius lifehacker app will giveyou some greatDIY ideas. It will teach you how to do anything, likehow toquickly make your beer ice cold, food hacks, tech hacks,homehacks, travel hacks, useful beauty hacks, household hacks andmanymore helpful hacks to make your life easier!New Life Hacks :Tips& Tricks has a long list of satisfied customers. Here isthefeedback of some of them for you:• “Very helpful! Best appforlifehacks I've found”. Said, LaVon Wilson• “New Life Hacks,thesehacks are pretty cool. I don't usually download apps likethisone”. Theresa Ross• “Love it. This is the best app I ever had.Lotsof tips and tricks have funny ideas that will make you laughandwill help you with everyday problems. Plus it's free!”.Said,Dwayne M. Phillips• “It's free, it totally ok. Helpful tipsitsfree can’t complain I even got the upgrade really worth it!Idefinitely recommend this app to everyone”. JessicaSpringerKeyFeatures:• This lifehacker app is well optimized for allAndroiddevices including tabs• Simple and easy user interface •Hacksdivided into categories such as food, travel, DIY and tech•Hackstitle and short description on list page• 1000+ words detailsoneach hacks• Share any hack using social media★ Stay up to datewiththe Latest genius Lifehacks. ★This lifehacker app containsgreatarticles for tips and tricks you can use everyday which makeyourlife much more easier. New articles are available twice a week.NewLife Hacks : Tips & Tricks contains articles like:★SlowInternet? 10 Simple Tricks to Speed It Up - Internet Hacks★Here’sHow to Hack Your WiFi Password on an Android - Wifi Hacks★ 10HackTools for Productivity: Do Less. Get More Done. -ProductivityHacks★ 5 Car Rental Hacks to Land You the Best Deal -Car RentalHacks★ These 7 Airport Hacks Will Have You Breezing toYour Gate -Airport Hacks★ Amazon Echo: 5 Hacks to Make the Most ofYours -Amazon Echo Hacks★ These 7 Hobbies Will Actually Make YouSmarter -Life Hacks★ DIY Hacks: Set Your Desk Up for AwesomeProductivity -DIY Hacks★ Make Money Online: 6 Side Hustle Sitesthat Pay for WhatYou’re Already Doing - Earn Online Hacks★ 9 RealLife Hacks RichPeople Use to Manage Their Money - Money Hacks★ BestLifehacks forthe Morning: Rise, Shine, and Go Crush It - LifeHacks★ Food Hacks:7 Diet Habits You Need to Drop, Now - Diet Hacks★5 SmartphoneHacks that Help You Take Better Pictures - SmartphoneHacks★ 7Kitchen Hacks to Get Even More from Your Fridge - KitchenHacks★These 9 Ikea Hacks Are Guaranteed to Change Your Life - IkeaHacks★Everyday Hacks to Help You Keep Calm and Carry On - EverydayHacks★These 5 Social Hacks Will Help You Run the Room - SocialHacks★ TheUltimate Top 10 Worst DIY Hacks Ever - DIY Hack★Crowd-PleasingParty Snack Ideas That Keep It Simple - Party Hack★These SuitcaseHacks Help You Easily Pack It In★ These Winter HacksKeep ThoseWinter Blues Away★ How To Learn A Language In 2017Wewould love tohear from you, please leave us a review and rating tolet us knowwhat you think about this lifehacker app. We’ll use yourfeedbackto make changes and improve the app for you. Thanks!Pleasefeelfree to shoot us an email at foranytechnical details.Visit our website at
German Grammar in Use 2.1
Useful German Grammar application in Google Play!!! Itfreeapplication and useful for German learners!!!German Grammar inUseis a helpful educational app for everybody. This referencebookexplains German grammar in a comprehensible way and is veryusefulfor learners of German as a foreign language.Easy to improveyourGerman grammar knowledge with more than 60 GermanGrammarLessons."German Grammar In Use" is AWESOME for StudyingGermanGrammar."German Grammar In Use" is for basic and advancedlearnerson Android!"German Grammar In Use" IS COMPLETELY OPTIMIZEDfor yourandroid phone.☆☆☆ German Grammar Contents ☆☆☆1. Tenses-Zeitformen- Overview of the Tenses - Überblick über dieZeitformen-Present Tense - Präsens Zeitform- Present Perfect - -Simple Past -Präteritum- Past Perfect - Plusquamperfekt- Future -Zukunft-Future Perfect - Zukunft perfekt- Irregular Verbs -UnregelmäßigeVerben2. Verbs - Verben- sein/haben - Participles -Partizipien-Modal verbs - Modale Verben- Reflexive Verbs -Reflexive Verben-Separable Verbs - Trennbare Verben- Passive -Passiv- Imperative -Imperativ- Subjunctive I - Konjunktiv I-Subjunctive II -Konjunktiv II3. Nouns and Articles - Nomen undArtikel- Gender -Geschlecht- Articles - Artikel - Plurals -Plurale- Declension -Deklination- Declension of the Nominative -Deklination desNominativs- Declension of the Accusative -Deklination desAkkusativs- Declension of the Dative - Deklinationdes Dativs-Declension of the Genitive - Deklination des Genitivs4.Pronouns -Pronomen- Personal Pronouns - Persönliche Pronomen-PossessivePronouns - Possessive Pronomen- Reflexive Pronouns-Reflexivpronomina- Relative Pronouns -Relativpronomen-Interrogative Pronouns - Interrogativpronomen-DemonstrativePronouns - Demonstrativpronomen- Indefinite Pronouns-Indefinitpronomen- Declension - Deklination- NominativeDeclension- Nominative Deklination- Accusative Declension -AkkusativeDeklination- Dative Declension - Dative Declension-GenitiveDeclension - Genitive Declension5. Adjectives - Adjektive-Types -Typen- Formation - Bildung- Declension - Deklination-ComparativeForms - Komparativformen6. Declension - Deklination-Nominative -Nominativ- Accusative - Akkusativ- Dative - Dativ-Genitive -Genitiv- Genitive/Dative/Accusative - Genitiv / Dativ /Akkusativ7.Adverbs - Adverbien- Types - Typen- Location andComparative - Lageund Vergleichende8. Prepositions- Types - Typen-Cases - Fälle9.Sentence Structure - Satzstruktur- Main Clauses -Hauptklauseln-Negation - Negation- Questions - Fragen- DependentClauses -Abhängige Klauseln- Sentence with Conjunctions - SatzmitKonjunktionen- Indirect Questions - Indirekte Fragen-InfinitiveClauses - Infinitivklauseln- Participle Clauses -Partizipialsätze-Relative Clauses - Relativ Sätze- ConditionalClauses -Bedingungssätze- Indirect Speech - Indirekte RedeHave agreat day... and enjoy learning German grammar anytime,anywhere!Team -German Grammar In Use Application - supported byLife HackStudioTAG: study german, german grammar, grammar, simplegermangrammar, learn german, simple grammar, german lessions,german forbeginner, Deutsche Grammatik, Grammatikkentnisse, Deutschlernen
Stupid Life Hacks 2.0.0
Are you tired of dumb life hacks? Simply download this app andreadsome of the stupidest life hacks ever thought of. You canevencreate your own Stupid Life Hacks.
Life hacks 1.9
app warriors
Life can be so much easier if you constantly get useful lifehacksand life tricks. That is why we crafted Life Hacks DIY. It’stheultimate lifehacks app providing users with life hacks, tricksandtips for multiple aspects of life, including: technology,health,fitness, food, money, party, leisure and much more. Followourdaily life hacks and you will surely live a better andsmarterlive. Know what else don’t, educate others and try differenttrickswith Life Hacks DIY app! 💡🔲 BEAUTIFULLY CATEGORIZIEDThe greatthingabout Life Hacks DIY is that categorizes all real life hacks.Youdon’t need to browse all life hacks, just browse the bestlifehacks for the category you are interested in. Do you wanttoupgrade your tech? Or you want to improve your fitness? Followtheappropriate category from the neat and ultra-beautiful mainmenu!🔝FRESH & USEFUL CONTENTWhat makes our hacklive contentextremelyuseful is the frequency and constant updates. Expect someof thevery best life hacks tips that can’t be found on any otherapp. Youcan truly live a better and more fulfilled life byfrequently usingour live hack app. 💡 LIFE HACKS DIY – LIFEHACKS& LIFE TRICKSFEATURES: ✅ different categories of lifehackcontent✅ easy tounderstand hacks that can be implemented in reallife✅ carefullycurated tips and tricks (no content that doesn’twork)✅ sleekdesign and intuitive UI✅ lots of unique real livehacking tips✅always free✅ light andbatteryfriendly----------------------------------------------Notusingthis type of helpful app on a daily basis is a mistake onmanydifferent levels.We work really hard to discover and includeonlythe best of the best that can really help anyone to upgradetheirlife! It can really provide you with the info needed for abetterliving.Thus be sure to download the app for free andcheckfrequently what we prepared for you!
Cheesy Pick Up Lines 2.1
What is Pick-Up Line?Pick-up line or Chat-up line is aconversationopener with the intent of engaging an unfamiliar personfor romanceor dating. Overt and sometimes humorous displays ofromanticinterest, pick-up lines advertise the wit of their speakerstotheir target listeners. They are most commonly used by men whowantto pick up women.☆☆☆ Categories of Pick Up Lines ☆☆☆♥ CheesyPickUp Lines♥ Cute Pick Up Lines♥ Romantic Pick Up Lines♥ FunnyPick UpLines♥ Sweet Pick Up Lines♥ Clean Pick Up Lines♥ FlatteringPick UpLines♥ Best Pick Up Lines♥ Top Tinder Pick Up Lines♥OriginalPickup Lines♥ Bad Pick Up Lines♥ Nerdy Pick Up Lines♥ WorstPick UpLines♥ Business Pick Up Lines♥ Nerdy Computer Geek♥ Pick UpLinesfor Women♥ Math Pick Up Lines♥ Music Pick Up Lines♥ Food,FoodiePick Up Lines♥ Travel Pick Up Lines♥ Football Pick UpLines♥Wedding Pick Up Lines♥ Airport Pick Up Lines♥ Back To SchoolPickUp Lines♥ French Pick Up Lines♥ Spanish Pick Up Lines♥PortuguesePick Up Lines♥ German Pick Up Lines♥ Italian Pick UpLines♥Canadian Pick Up Lines♥ Donald Trump Pick Up Lines☆☆☆ AppFeatures☆☆☆ - Clean user interface design & easy to use.- Easysearchfrom Pick Up Lines and categories.- You can save your Pick-UpLineas favorites.- Swipe left / right to see the previous ornextline.- Unlimited sharing of your favorite custom line tocontactsvia SMS, various sharing or messaging application.- Copytoclipboard option to edit the Line.Get a sample of free PickUpLines and enjoy it today!Thank you!Disclaimer: In case if anyofthese messages violated your copyright/ IP right to removethediscrepancy. please send us an e-mail. We will respond thisatearliest.- Life Hack Studio -TAG: Pickup Lines, Pick-upLines,Pickuplines, Pick Up Line, Chat Up Line, Chatup Line,chatuplines,pick up line
Sad Love Quotes & Broken Heart Sayings with Images 2.1
A sad love quotes and Sayings collection for your heart!☆☆☆Categories of Quotes in this Sad Love Quotes App ☆☆☆ ♥ SadCrushquotes ♥ Loneliness Quotes ♥ The Broken Heart Quotes ♥ I’mSorryQuotes and more: ♥ Quotes About Love ♥ Funny Love Quotes ♥CuteLove quotes ♥ Crush Quotes ♥ Cute Crush Quotes ♥ SecretCrushQuotes ♥ Romantic Quotes ♥ Truth Quotes ♥ I Like You Quotes ♥SweetI Love You Quotes ♥ I Need You Quotes ♥ I Miss you quotes ♥ IWantYou Quotes ♥ I Love My Husband Quotes ♥ Thinking Of You Quotes♥First Love Quotes ♥ Breakup Quotes ♥ Jealousy Quotes ♥ LoveHurtQuotes ♥ Falling In Love Quotes ♥ Cute Couple Quotes ♥ SweetAndUnique Love Quotes For Him ♥ Unique Cute Boyfriend Quotes ♥SingleQuotes ♥ Cute Relationship Quotes ♥ Long DistanceRelationshipQuotes ♥ My Love For You Quotes ♥ Amazing Love Quotes ♥PerfectLove Quotes ♥ Marriage Quotes ♥ Heartfelt Quotes ♥ My ManQuotes ♥Love Of My Life Quotes ♥ Unexpected Love Quotes ♥ HiddenLoveQuotes ♥ Kiss Quotes ♥ Hug Quotes ♥ Heart Touching Quotes ♥Love AtFirst Sight Quotes ♥ Family Love Quotes ♥ Inspirational LoveQuotes♥ Funny Flirty Quotes Sad Love Quotes and Sayings is aniceapplication. Get a sample of free Sad Love Quotes and enjoyittoday! Thank you! Disclaimer: In case if any of thesequotesviolated your copyright/ IP right to remove the discrepancy.pleasesend us an e-mail. We will respond this at earliest. - LifeHackStudio - TAG: Sad Love Sayings and Quotes, sad quotes aboutpain,Love And Pain Sayings, Love And Pain Quotes, Broken HeartQuotes,Heartbroken Sayings, Heart Touching Broken Heart Quotes, sadbrokenheart Status, Best Sad Whatsapp Status, Heart BrokenWhatsappStatus, sad status english, heart touching status forwhatsapp, sadstatus about love, heart touching status lines,whatsapp statusabout love, whatsapp status broken trust
Thirty - Get Inspired Android: 1.4.2
2Minds Dev
Stop and think about what you could have done differently inyourlife in the last thirty days and what you have planned to do inthenext thirty days… Start challenging yourself to break badhabitsand build good habits with your friends.With Thirty, youwillchallenge yourself to try fun new things with your friends,breaksome bad habits, or create new good habits. The best part isthatyour friends will help you to achieve this!Thirty is asocialexperience built from the ground up with one clear goal: keepyoumotivated to achieve new things, break bad habits, or createnewhabits.In a unique social way, Thirty will help you to create30day challenges (30’s) and track the entire process on adailybasis, by: • Telling about your mood• Sharing if your day’shabitswere completed or not• Taking a photo to show your friendswhat youhave done that day• Recording a short video to show yourfriendshow your challenge was doneThirty will reward you with asharablevideo containing all your short video clips together so youget thewhole experience when the Thirty challenge is completed. Youwillknow not only the result, but the process of getting to it.Helpyour friends by following, commenting, posting videos andphotos-to achieve their dreams!Start a competition with them andsee whocan get more dreams done and earn badges for it.If you needhelp tocreate a habit, bring your friends to Thirty!If you need ahelp tocreate a habit, call your friends to thirti 30
Tayo Habit - Kids Game Package 1.2.9
8 kind of Habits are here! Play with a various of TAYO Habitgames!Free game types change WEEKLY! ★Permissions★ Contacts -Search foraccounts on your device (necessary) Phone - Read cellphone statusand id (necessary) Storage - Read the contents of sdcard(necessary)
Checky - Phone Habit Tracker 1.0.1
Checky answers a simple question: how many times a day do I checkmyphone? By giving you insight into your phone checking habit,Checkyhelps you become more aware. This awareness can help youmakechanges to your phone usage, if you feel you need to make achange!It's also fun to find out exactly how much you are usingyour phone,and to compare your stats with friends. If you like theapp, pleasetake the time to rate it! It's pretty painless, andit'll keep ourboss from making us add those annoying "please rateus" popups.Follow Checky:
Life Hacks - Tips and tricks
Monkey Taps
Life doesn't need to be hard, so to make thing's in life easierwehave found some of the greatest life hacks out there for you totryat home! These tricks and general tips for living willmakeeverything so much easier.
Daily Life Hacks 1.4
Droid Copz
Top useful and important life hacks for day to day lifeCategorywise hacks. # New Life Hacks added regularly. # Add a Hacktofavorite # Share a Life Hack with friends. For Example : # Youcanuse Google as a timer by typing "Set timer (x) minutes" intothesearch bar. # Drinking two cups of water before meals can makeyoulose an average of 4.5 more pounds within 12 weeks than ifyoudon't. # Turn the shower to cold before you get out. It closesyourpores and makes you less likely to get acne. # If you lostanAndroid phone in your house and it's on vibrate, you can find itbygoing to Google Play>Android device manager>'Ring' Andmanymore useful hacks.
Life Hacks 7.0.0
Do you need to form your way of life easier, effortlessandinteresting? We powerfully believe that learning new skillsoughtto ne'er stop. Life Hacks can assist you become a Life Hackerbyproviding you with a number of the fascinating life hacksthatassist you create your life straightforward, easy andfascinating.200+ Life hacks, tips and tricks to optimize your lifesquaremeasure accessible during this little app. It contains LifeTips& Tricks that square measure straightforward to share andsaveto favorites. Life Hacks app contains Life Healthy Tips&enjoys Life Health Tricks that is easy to share and savetofavourites. We can save money and time, or just impressyourfriends and relatives. Categories of Life Hacks:- • HealthyLivingTips • Beauty Tips • Child Care Tips • Hair Care Tips •HealthyFruits • Healthy vegetables • Men’s Health Tips • Women’sTips •Old Age Care Tips • Insect Repellents Check out of these BestLifeHacks Tips and recommendation to optimize your way of life.LifeHacks is totally free and you will relish, save, and shareasseveral hacks as you wish, for free. Features of Life Hacks:- •Youcan easy to share tips • You can add to favourite tips • Youcaneasy to copy tips • You can easy to view new life hacks •Childcare life hacks • Health and fitness life hacks • Food lifehacks •Old age care life hacks • Women care life hacks • Men carelifehacks • Beauty care life hacks Life hacks app makes your dayveryeasy and enjoyable. Life hacks to make your life is very simpleandhappy. Best Life Hacks is a daily updated life tips and trickstobrighten your day!
Life Hacks 3.0
1000+ Ultimate Life hacks, tips and tricks to optimize yourlife.Free food, save money, cool apps, hack vending machines, livelifeto the fullest!Ultimate Life Hacks brings you the mostinnovativeideas to discover and share that you never know. FunHacks you wishyou knew earlier. We can save money and time, to geta new look tofamiliar things or just impress friends andrelatives.FEATURES:-1000+ Life Hacks with DIY ideas.- Latest andUnique Life Hacks.-Copy to Clipboard.- Share in Social apps. -Material Design.- Markas favorite to access them easily whenneeded.- You can save it toyour phone, for free of course :)PartyHacks, Food Hacks, SchoolHacks, DIY ideas and much more combined inthis one single app. Weare surrounded by a huge number of hiddenopportunities, which wedo not even think of. But if we learn torecognize and use them,our life will become easier, more creativeand more effective! Thelist of tips is constantly growing and weare intelligently findingtips that we think you'll like or need inyour day-to-day life.Life Hacks is extremely easy to navigate andyou have the abilityto quickly share idea with your friends.Open upto a world ofinfinite hacks to reduce frustration in everyday lifetasks,realizing that these simple tips can bring up a smile, andmakedull jobs interesting.Do you have any new life hack? You canrateand mail us and we may publish it in our latest
American English Idioms & Phrases 2.1
A Reference Guide to American English Idioms for AmericanEnglishLearnersAs with any language, American English is full ofidioms,especially when spoken. Idioms add color and texture tolanguage bycreating images that convey meanings beyond those of theindividualwords that make them up. Idioms are culturally bound,providinginsight into the history, culture, and outlook of theirusers.Thecomplexity of idioms is what makes them so difficult fornon-nativespeakers to learn. However, this complexity is also whatcan makeidioms so interesting to study and learn; they are rarelyboring.Learning about idioms, in this case those used in theUnitedStates, provides a way to learn not only the language, but alittleabout the people who use it. Idioms can be so overused thattheybecome clichés; or they can become slang or jargon,expressionsused mainly by specific groups or professions.Idioms canbecomplimentary or insulting. They can express a wide rangeofemotions from excitement to depression, love to hate, heroismtocowardice, and anything in between. Idioms are also used toexpressa sense of time, place, or size. The range of uses foridioms iscomplex and widespread.American English Idioms is acollection ofcommon idioms updated and compiled, updating thecontent byincluding idioms that have come into use more recentlyandeliminating those that are rarely used. When available,backgroundinformation is included about the origins of theidioms.Additionally Application includes categories of commonlyusedidioms.Organization of this Application:"American EnglishIdioms"is divided into Four parts.☆ Part 1: LEARN - IdiomsandDefinitionsThe idioms are listed alphabetically. The onlyfirstwords not used to place the idioms in order are articles (a,the,some) and pronouns and possessives (someone, one). Instead,theseare placed at the end of the idiom, separated by a comma.☆Part 2:CATEGORIES - Selected Idioms by Category - Highlights someof themost commonly used idioms, grouped into categories.- Theidiomswere chosen because they are commonly used and understood bynativeEnglish speakers in the United States.- These lists are notmeantto be complete; many more idioms could be added tothesecategories. - In addition, some of the idioms below could beputinto more than one category.☆ Part 3 - 4: CONTEXT TESTS andMEANINGTESTSThere are lots of tests which we have made up to helpyouimprove your skills and knowledge.So having downloadedourapplication "American English Idioms" on your smartphone youwillbe able to find and understand necessary idioms, learn themandalso test your knowledge.The app is absolutely free and it doesnothave in-app purchases and offers.Enjoy learning AmericanEnglishwith our Application! Thank you so much!Life Hack Studio
Life Hacks 24
Penta Care
Want to learn some quick and easy life hacks that are easy todo,low cost and saves you hacks is here to help you withthesimple problems in life. Posting Life hacks daily to help yougetthrough life slightly easier than the rest,How to do things,thelifehacks,Learn life hacks, New Life hacks,InspiringHacks,BestLife hacks,Girls Hacks, The Girls how to do stuff, DIYhacks, Wantto learn some quick and easy life hacks that are easy todo, lowcost and saves you time? You’re in luck. We have collected100 ofthese practical life hacks into this one big list that iseasy todigest because they’re all images! By tweaking littlethings, itcan make your life much easier. Enjoy!how to hack,lifehacks forkids,how to hack a phone ,how to ,hacker,life hacks forgirls Lifehacks are little ways to make our lives easier. Theselow-budgettips and trick can help you organize and de-clutterspace; prolongand preserve your products; or teach you something(e.g., tie afull Windsor) that you simply did not know before.Adefinitive listof life hacks that will actually simplify andimprove your everydaylife.Life hack app (or life hacking) refers toany trick, shortcut,skill, or novelty method that increasesproductivity andefficiency, in all walks of life.A Life hack trickor shortcut thatcan be done to save time and increase the level ofefficiently.Q&A for people looking to bypass life's everydayproblems withsimple tricks.easy Life hacks are a real game changer,because youthink you have the found the easiest way to dosomething, and thenthe internet spits out another hack, easy LifeHacks is a series ofworkshops and events designed to guide andinspire young peoplewishing to work in the creative industriesLifehacks are meant tosimplify your life... Some are a little moreridiculous thanothers, but there are quite a few that areprettybrilliant.Disclaimer: Easy Life Hacks Videos are fetchedfrompublicly available videos in YouTube. Copyright for thevideosbelongs to the up loaders of respective videos or to theoriginalcreators
I Miss You Quotes & Romantic I Love You Sayings 2.1
I Miss You Quotes and Sayings is a lovely quotes application. IMissYou Quotes is a huge collection of ways to say I Miss You! ♥Are youmissing someone you love? ♥ Have you said miss you toanyone today?♥ Do you want the perfect way to tell them how muchyou miss them? ♥Did you have a painful breakup and now realize howmuch you missyour relationship? ♥ Are you away from your boyfriendor girlfriend?This app is packed with romantic missing you quotesfor him and forher! Find funny I miss you quotes, short, sad, cuteand sweet heartfilled ways to show how much you care. I Miss YouQuotes and Sayingsis also an App that stores many Love Quote thatyou can use with theone you love. They are very cute & cool.He or She will lovethese quotes. We will continue adding newquotes timely. Downloadthis app now and get over 3300 free Quotesto share with your lovedones. You can also add background Image,adjust for quote and sharethis image to social network. ☆☆☆Categories of Messages in this App☆☆☆ ♥ I Miss you quotes ♥ FunnyLove Quotes ♥ Cute Love quotes ♥Crush Quotes ♥ Cute Crush Quotes ♥Secret Crush Quotes ♥ Sad Crushquotes ♥ Romantic Quotes ♥ TruthQuotes ♥ I Like You Quotes ♥ SweetI Love You Quotes ♥ I Need YouQuotes ♥ Quotes About Love ♥ I’mSorry Quotes ♥ I Want You Quotes ♥I Love My Husband Quotes ♥Thinking Of You Quotes ♥ First LoveQuotes ♥ Breakup Quotes ♥Jealousy Quotes ♥ Love Hurt Quotes ♥ TheBroken Heart Quotes ♥Falling In Love Quotes ♥ Cute Couple Quotes ♥Sweet And Unique LoveQuotes For Him ♥ Unique Cute Boyfriend Quotes♥ Single Quotes ♥ CuteRelationship Quotes ♥ Long DistanceRelationship Quotes ♥ LonelinessQuotes ♥ My Love For You Quotes ♥Amazing Love Quotes ♥ Perfect LoveQuotes ♥ Marriage Quotes ♥Heartfelt Quotes ♥ My Man Quotes ♥ LoveOf My Life Quotes ♥Unexpected Love Quotes ♥ Hidden Love Quotes ♥Kiss Quotes ♥ HugQuotes ♥ Heart Touching Quotes ♥ Love At FirstSight Quotes ♥Family Love Quotes ♥ Inspirational Love Quotes ♥Funny FlirtyQuotes Romantic Love Quotes and Sayings is a niceapplication. Itcontains collection of compliments, sweet, lovelyand cute quotesand sayings for your LOVE. Get a sample of free LoveQuotes andenjoy it today! Thank you! Disclaimer: In case if any ofthesequotes violated your copyright/ IP right to remove thediscrepancy.please send us an e-mail. We will respond this atearliest. - LifeHack Studio - TAG: True Love Quotes for People inLove, AmazingLove Quotes That Will Make You Feel Alive Again, shortlove quotes,Wise Quotes on Life, Love and Friendship, Really CuteLove Quotes& Sayings Straight From the Heart, Best Love QuotesTo Help YouSay I Love You Perfectly, Best Inspiring Romantic LoveQuotes ForHer AND Him, Extremely Romantic Quotes You Should Say ToYour Love,I Miss You And Missing Someone Quotes, Cute I Miss YouQuotes forHer and Him - Missing Someone Sayings
Best Daily Life Hacks 1.5
Very useful and important life tricks for day to day lifeCategorywise hacks. # New Life Hacks added regularly. # Add a Hacktofavorite # Share a Life Hack with friends. # Very useful tips#More than 2000 Tricks for daily use # Tricks to make thingseasyFor Example : # Drinking two cups of water before meals canmakeyou lose an average of 4.5 more pounds within 12 weeks than ifyoudon't. # You can use Google as a timer by typing "Set timer(x)minutes" into the search bar. # If you lost an Android phoneinyour house and it's on vibrate, you can find it by going toGooglePlay>Android device manager>'Ring' # Turn the shower tocoldbefore you get out. It closes your pores and makes you lesslikelyto get acne. And many more useful hacks.
com.despdev.quitzilla 2.0.12
Overcoming addiction is extremely hard. With Sobriety Counteryoucan follow all of your bad habits and addictions and use the appashelp to analyze them and beat them. Besides the counting ofdays,it also features a sobriety clock letting you know the exacthourwhen you break the habit. Use it for overcoming drug,gambling,junk food and sugar addictions. BAD HABITS TRACKER Committo quit!Enter your bad habit or addiction in a glance. You can addtheexact day of the last time you did it, the money you spendusuallyon that bad habit or addiction and let it serve as yourstartingpoint. From then on you can get tons of interestingstatisticsabout it. The abstinence time and money saved are theleadingstatistics. REWARDS The rewards feature is actually acalculationof the money saved. For example, if you’ve spend $100 ongamblingweekly, and you haven’t gambled for a week, the those $100are yourweekly reward. Users can also manually add rewards forthemselves.This serves as great motivation to quit alcohol,cigarettes, junkfood or anything similar that costs us money and isbad for ourbody and health. MOTIVATION Sobriety Counter alsofeatures amotivation tab in which you can add your own reasons toquit youraddiction and bad habits. Simply list all of the benefitsofquitting and let them serve you as a motivation for you tocontinueyour journey of overcoming addictions. USEFUL STATISTICSThe appkeeps relevant statistics about each of your bad habits.Fromentering the day you quit and maximum abstinence period, tokeepingrecord of the money, time spent on addiction and averageabstinenceperiod, Sobriety Counter will show detailed statisticsabout yourbad habits. TROPHY ROOM For each of your successes youwill earn atrophy. These trophies are earned for the number ofhours and daysof your abstinence. The longer you are abstinent, themoreimportant the trophy. QUOTE OF THE DAY To keep you motivatedandfocused in your quest to get rid from the addictions,SobrietyCounter will display you “Quote of the Day” from variousfamousauthors. SOBRIETY COUNTER FEATURES: - easy and simpleentering ofbad habits and addictions - help in quitting alcohol,drug,caffeine, food, sugar addictions - customize your bad habits -setup date and weekly average expenses for a particular addiction-sobriety counter in hours, days and money - rewards system-motivation with reasons why to quit a certain habit -detailedstatistics about each addiction - trophies for achievements- quoteof the day for motivation and keeping focus - pin code topreventother people to enter the app - Google Drive support fordatabackup - ability to change color theme - Progress and dailyquotesnotifications Don’t ask how to quit drinking alcohol, takingdrugsor eating sugar, just download Sobriety Counter and you willhavean amazing help in overcoming your most scary addictions.Inaddition, this application can be very useful to motivate youtostick with your New Year's Resolution
4000 DIY ideas 8.8.7
3000 DIY ideas Find Best and save a handful of useful ideas withourDIY app ( do it yourself ), We have all the diy ideas to makethingsoriginal and unique almost out of nothing. so, recycle,create andsave money using our DYI ideas. Not only you'll besurprised by ourgreat diy ideas but also the detailed instructionto build thingsfrom scratch with our new , improved DIY app. It'sa real joy toyour whole family members , for we offer ideas thatsuit everymember . eventually , it'll turn out to be a fun groupactivity ! Sohurry now and upload DIY app and do it yourselfFeatures: diycostume Terrific Diy Birthday Gift Ideas Diy Tips diyChristmas diyshorts ideas crafts diy room diy home diy shorts fromjeans diyshorts from scratch diy cotton shorts diy shorts patternPhotos ofDIY Gifts For Toddler Boy diy shorts from fabric PumpkinPies andValentine Box diy summer shorts diy shorts tumblr easy diyideas forteenagers diy shorts pinterest ARTS AND CRAFTS DIYLIFEHACKS DIYHOME DECOR DIY Nifty DIY Crafts craft ideas to selldiy paper craftsdiy craft ideas for home decor craft ideas foradults simple craftideas diy sewing crafts easy diy projects tosell easy diys for kidseasy diy projects for bedroom easy diyprojects for home easy diycrafts easy diys for your room easy diywood projects easy diyprojects with household items diy woodcrafts diy crafts for homeFOOD DIY diy ideas for bedrooms diyideas for the home diy craftideas diy meaning diy projects diycrafts diy pinterest pinterestdiy crafts FASHION DIY GARDENING DIYBEAUTY AND HEALTH DIY diyschool diy gifts and crafts Pick one ofseven categories - arts& crafts, food, gardening &outdoor, fashion, lifehacks,home decor, health & beautyNotifications about newly addedimages Great app feature is thatyou can easily share diy projectsyou love most with your friendsvia Google+, Facebook, Viber andmany more.
Habit Tracker 1.5.11
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» Organize Your Life!HabitBull is the most powerfulmulti-platformcompanion to keep track of your day to day habits androutines»Fully CustomisableMeasure and track anything andeverything. Followyour own schedule and track your own goals. Getnotified wheneveryou need to do something important.» Cut BadHabits From YourLifeSimply start tracking bad habits like nailbiting, smoking ordrinking too much. Once you see the patterns,it's easier to breakthem. HabitBull keeps you accountable. Alsogreat for users ofNoFap!» Add Some Positive HabitsWant to go for anice walk everyday? Or maybe give 3 hugs every Saturday and Sunday?Join us onthis journey!» Who is it for?Whether you want to readsome more,stop smoking, start working out or even just track howmany hoursyou wasted on Facebook, this app lets you do it!»Features•  Trackmultiple habits, repeated to do's or goals, each inits owncalendar•  Streak counter and percentage successful foreachhabit•  Yes/No or Number goals•  Very flexible goals like:numberof times per day/week/month, only on certain days of the weeketc.For example: 30 push ups every Mon-Fri, go to the gym 2 timesperweek, or even every 2 days•  Inspiring quotes per category-including actual quotes from people doing it (meditation,reading,stop drinking alcohol, stop smoking cigarettes,stopprocrastination etc)•  Graphs with success percentage /streak,entered values etc•  Powerful reminders - multiple times perday,repeating within a time period, sound and vibrate optional• Homescreen / lock screen widget•  Multi-device syncing•  Cloudbackup• Motivational images•  Export to CSV•  Dark theme•  GoogleFitintegration» How it works:1. Set up a habit2. Tell HabitBullhowyou went for a day3. Watch your daily streak increaseHabits arenomore than routines which you perform subconsciously. To build one-train yourself. To break one, find another one which issimilar,yet different and nicer, and repeat it until it sticks.Toassistyou with this HabitBull lets you set reminders for each habitanddisplays them on days when you need to be successful. Thisisespecially useful if you have a to do list with repeating tasksorif you want to be reminded to do the same thing every day. Itcanalso be used as a calendar planning tool or checklist, but alsoasa very effective repeating reminder (e.g. to drink water every2hours).HabitBull does feel a little like a game in whichyoucompete with yourself. The task is to get a long streak forthehabit you are working on by covering your goals. The longerthebetter. It takes a couple of months to fully build a newroutine,so don't give up - it takes time and if you are consistentit willwork; even if it takes a few attempts.There are many thingswhichyou may want to improve. HabitBull can be used as a plannerinbuilding habits like taking your pills regularly, exercise, orkeepto a diet. It can also be used as a helper for peoplesufferingfrom memory problems. As for your vices, HabitBull can bea usefulgoal tracking tool, or a smart notebook, to assist youwhilebreaking bad habits like nail-biting, drinking alcohol andevenimproving your dating skills.It is entirely up to you, really.Butwhy not give it a try and have a convenient helper on the go?
Hindi Good Habits |अच्छी आदतें 1.19
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" Kids Good Habits in Hindi "Teach your child everyday goodhabitsthrough this vibrantly engaging digital storybook with thehelp ofaudio narration.There is a popular saying- good habits startearly.Now that your child is old is enough to go to school andstart withthe learning phase of his life, you will need to starteducatinghim about importance of good habits as well. Healthyhabits need tobe started early- the earlier your child isintroduced to them, thelesser effort he will have to make toinculcate them in his day today life. - दिन में काम से काम दो बारपौष्टिक आहार लेना चाहिए. -भोजन से पहले प्रार्थना किजिए - ज्यादानजदीक से टी.वी नही देखो,टी.वी देखते समय योग्य अंतर रखीऐ. - शौचालयजाने के बाद,बाहर से खेलके आने के बाद और खाना खाने के पहले अपने हाथअच्छी तरह धोने चाहिए. -नियमित समय के बाद अपने नाखून काटे. - घर काकार्य समय पर पूरा करो .- अपने बालों में रोजाना कंघी करो. - नियमितढंग से अपने बाल काटे . -माता पिता की घर के काम में मदद किजिए. -रोजाना शौचालय जाना चाहिए .- ज्यादा पानी नहीं फैलाओ, पानी लेने केबाद नल को अच्छी तरह बंद करो.Here is the List of Good Habits andManners for kids in Hindi- -Bad Relationship advice. - Healthyfoods habits - Table Manner -Brushing Twice a Day - Go to bed earlyand wake up early - Do notcurse others - Be Courteous - Treateveryone equally - Do not teaseor bully anyone - Do not harmanimals or birds - Please, thank youand sorry - Wash hands beforeand after meal - Exercise regularlyGood Habits In Hindi teachesyour child develop healthy habits andmanners early in life thatwill bring lifelong benefits. DownloadGood Habits For Kids InHindi.
Fabulous: Daily Motivation 3.60
▌ Winner of Google's Material Design Award for MostCharmingEngagement ▌ Nominated for Google Play’s Best App Award ▌Incubatedat Duke University Behavioral Economics Lab Fabulous isnot justyour average habit tracker! We’re a science-based app thatwillmotivate you to improve your fitness & achieve your weightlossgoals, reboot your sleep cycle, and discover mindfulness toreduceyour anxiety. You’ll learn to build a transformativemorningroutine and even pick up life-changing habits likemeditation andyoga along the way. Our ultimate goal is to instillhabits thatimprove your health. Using any random habit tracker topick up ahabit like yoga, meditation, or to serve as a reminder toworkoutnever works. This is why we’ll act as your life coach,buildingyour motivation so you can focus on developing habits thatreducemental health issues like anxiety, and improve yourdailyproductivity. Upgrade your planner for an exciting newhabittracker and achieve your health and productivity goals today.UseFabulous for motivation to build a refreshed morningroutine,exercise, improve your sleep cycle, and lose weight. Startbyinstilling these healthy living habits that will improveyourmental health and keep you on top of your goals. Like wesaid,Fabulous is not just your average habit tracker. Fabulous isyourmotivation to workout and lose weight, your morning routinejumpstart, your mindfulness app to help you relax and focus, andsomuch more. ▌TOP 6 REASONS TO USE FABULOUS ★ Have an irregularsleepcycle and want to learn how to get a good night sleep? ★Strugglingwith your fitness and don’t know how to lose weight? ★Needmotivation to build an indestructible morning routine? ★ Wanttoincrease your energy so you have focus the entire day? ★ Finditdifficult improving your productivity because ADHD? ★ Wanttoimprove your mental health through mindfulness so you can copewithanxiety? ▌INTEGRATED HEALTH SESSIONS Take your fitness&workout routine to the next level by trying our integratedexercisesessions. We’ll coach you through each of our sessions andmore! ★7-minute scientific workout to improve your fitness so youcan loseweight ★ Zen and vipassana meditation for high anxietyandmindfulness ★ Deep work and power nap sessions for productivityandfocus ★ Stretching starter pack for total flexibility ★Yogaexercises to reduce anxiety and improve your mental healthAfteryou’ve created your morning routine, you’ll begin toreceivepersonalized vocal advice from your own personal life coachbasedon your everyday habits. ▌HOW FABULOUS WORKS ★Smart-targetedhealth advice to develop an exercise routine andimprove yourfitness ★ Science-based habit tracker focused on healthandmindfulness ★ Weight loss workouts that don’t just rely oncountingcalories (based off the Atkins & HCG diet) ★ Your ownpersonal1:1 life coach for motivation to achieve your goals ★Integratedhealth sessions for meditation and relaxation, yoga,exercise andmore ★ Tools to improve your sleep cycle so you canhave a goodnight sleep ★ Expansive library to improve yourproductivity &focus, and build a successful morning routine▌GET IN TOUCH! We'realways happy to talk with you and hear howfabulous has improvedyour mental health and helped you achieve yourgoals frommeditation to weight loss, and so much more! Shoot us anemail Like us on Facebookat: Follow us on Instagram:
Loop - Habit Tracker 1.7.11
Loop helps you create and maintain good habits, allowing youtoachieve your long-term goals. Detailed graphs and statisticsshowyou how your habits improved over time. The app iscompletelyad-free and open source. Simple, beautiful and moderninterfaceLoop has a minimalistic interface that is easy to use andfollowsthe material design guidelines. Habit score In addition toshowingyour current streak, Loop has an advanced formula forcalculatingthe strength of your habits. Every repetition makes yourhabitstronger, and every missed day makes it weaker. A few misseddaysafter a long streak, however, will not completely destroyyourentire progress. Detailed graphs and statistics Clearly seehowyour habits improved over time with beautiful and detailedgraphs.Scroll back to see the complete history of your habits.Flexibleschedules Supports both daily habits and habits with morecomplexschedules, such as 3 times every week; one time every otherweek;or every other day. Reminders Create an individual reminderforeach habit, at a chosen hour of the day. Easily check, dismissorsnooze your habit directly from the notification, withoutopeningthe app. Optimized for smartwatches Reminders can be checkedordismissed directly from your Android Wear watch. Completelyad-freeand open source There are absolutely no advertisements,annoyingnotifications or intrusive permissions in this app, andthere willnever be. The complete source code is available under theGPLv3.
HabitHub - Habit tracker and Goal tracker 9.8.3
“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keepsyougoing.” - Jim Ryun. "The HabitHub" is a powerful app that canbeused to track habits, accomplish your goals and finallyrewireyourself. • Streaks HabitHub is based on Seinfeld'sproductivitysecret, which involves building long streaks of days.These streaksthat you build will motivate you to keep movingforward. • ThemesHabitHub comes with four beautiful prebuiltthemes. • CalendarsHabitHub comes with a full-featured calendarview for every habitto track and visualize your chains. • RemindersDo you keep onforgetting that habit of yours? No worries !!HabitHub comes with apowerful reminder system that will help youstay on top of all yourhabits. • Ready for Smartwatches HabitHubsends out the remindersdirectly to your smartwatch allowing you tomark the days directlyfrom the watch. • Notes Want to keep ajournal? How about keepingtrack of your daily achievements !! WithHabitHub you can add notesto any day you want and even read all thenotes sorted by the lastweek, month or even year !! • Flexiblegoals Do you wantflexibility in your habits? Do you want to gojogging just on theweekends or hit the gym 4 times every week?HabitHub comes with avery sophisticated scheduling system that cantrack any habit youcan imagine. • Category HabitHub comes with theability tocategorize habits according to various aspects of yourlife to keepyou sane and focused !! • Widgets Track your habits andgoals rightfrom the home screen with SIX beautiful widgets for FREE!! •Graphs Want to know how you have been doing withthosegoals/habits? See the big picture with the help of graphs.Gaininsights into what's working for you and what's not working.Get abreak down of all the successful and failed days by weeks,monthsor years. • Backup Automatically backup and restore your datatothe cloud with Google Drive backup. • Import Already usingotherapps ? Import your tracking data from apps like habits streakwithjust a click. How it works ? 1. Setup your habit 2. Mark thedayson calendar every time you perform the habit. 3. Soon youwillbuild a chain. 4. Don't Break the chain !! Your life isessentiallythe sum of your habits. What you repeatedly do isultimately theperson you become. Big goals are never reached by bigleaps, but bymany small steps. HabitHub help's you in taking thesesmall stepsand ultimately reaching these goals. To help you reachthese goalsHabitHub lets you set daily reminders and even provideswith graphsthat help you stay motivated along your journey. On topof thisevery morning when you wake up, HabitHub sends you nicelittlemotivational quote :) With HabitHub your task is to build alongstreak of days for the habit you are working. The longeryourstreak, the better it is !! It will take a couple of monthstobuild a solid habit, but don't give up, stay at it !! Beconsistentand it will work.
Habit Calendar : Easy Tracker for Habit Streaks. 3.0
An easy to use habit calendar for tracking multiple recurringtasks,habits or repeating events. It comes with powerfulreportingfeatures. It also doubles up as an activity log. Markingthecalendar is as easy as touching or swiping across the days. Youcanadd an extra note/comment for the day if required. Generatereportsany time to understand task trends, habit adherence,staffattendance etc. Some things you may find it useful for: 1)Trackadherence to habits (habit streaks / chains) 2) Log attendanceathome or office 3) Track if newspaper, milk etc. weredeliveredcorrectly 4) Keep log of your movie or shopping trips
Habits Academy - Success, Prosperity, Happiness. 1.8.8
The Habits Academy app is an educational, learning, and researchappto discover and build power habits to create success,prosperity,happier and better you. With daily contents of in-depthknowledgeand extensive research on developing good habits,improveconfidence, cultivate positive thinking, success andabundancemindset, you can build a life full of health, wealth,andhappiness. These habits are proven to help many successfulpeoplewith self-improvement, living in abundance, healthy, andhappy. Ifyou apply these same habits in your own life, without adoubt, youwill get things done, achieve your dream, and make yourlife richerand happier than ever before. ★ Important: How To UseThis App ForMaximum Results ★ 👉  You will receive daily updatewith one(or more) articles to help you identify and develop newgood habitor break old bad habit. 👉   Spend 1-5 minutesevery dayto read/skim the article. If the article interest you,bookmark itfor easier find later. 👉   When you have moretime in theday, you can dig deeper to do more research into thesubject tohelp you build new good habits or break old bad habits.Use yourdaily journal to make some notes as necessary. You canspend 15-30minutes on this. 👉   In the weekend, as partof yourweekly planning, use the habit tracking tool, to plan ondeveloping1-2 good habits or breaking 1-2 bad habits in the comingweeks.👉   Make this as part of your daily/weekly rituals,andyou'll be amazed at the transformation happening in your life.★Join VIP Club: If you're serious about changing your life to liveasuccessful life, living healthy, get things done, and behappier,we recommend you to join our VIP Club. Find out below allthebenefits you'll get when you Join the VIP Club. ★ ★ Why JoinOurVIP Club ★ As our VIP member, you get all these benefits:🏆 More in-depth insights and research materials on thesubjects ofhabit formation, high-performance productivity, healthylifestyle,wealth building strategies, and more (currently there are17categories covered). 🏆  Access to our VIP library withclassicbooks like "Think and Grow Rich," "Acre of Diamonds," "As AManThinketh," and a growing list of exclusive collections ofebooks,audiobooks, and courses from our publishing partner. 🏆 Accessto our exclusive VIP resources. We're constantly addingnewresources that we believe will add tremendous values to yourlife.🏆  It's just like having a personal coach and researcherthatwill constantly feed you with high-quality and usable materialstoempower you for personal growth and self-mastery. 🏆  Be apartof a community of like-minded people. 🏆  This just mightbethe opportunity you've been waiting for. 🏆  It's asmallinvestment that will deliver tremendous benefits. ★ Who ShouldJoinThe VIP Club ★ 🥇 Business: Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Employees🥇Education: Teachers and Students 🥇 Home: Parents and Children🥇Professional Coaches and Trainers 🥇 Anyone who want toimprovetheir own lives and others'. Change your habits, Change yourlife.Success, wealth, and happiness spring from the same fountainofprosperity and abundance.  ★ Download now! It's time toturnyour life around and live your dreams. ★