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Lifesum - Diet Plan, Macro Calculator & Food Diary
Diet plan, food diary, macro calculator, calorie counter&healthy recipes, all in one convenient place. Reach your goalswithfood tracker Lifesum! Keto diet, high protein or maybe vegan?We’llhelp you find a diet plan best suited to you. Need a healthtrackerto keep you going? Fear not. We’ve got an intuitive fooddiary,macro calculator & diet tips to give you a helping hand.Mealplanner & macro tracker - TOP Lifesum features: ● Dietplan& diet tips for any goal - lose weight & eat healthy●Keto, vegan, 5:2 and more diets & plans ● Calorie counter&food tracker with barcode scanner for easy logging ●Macrocalculator - see your daily macros, nutrition & calories ●Foodplanner - eat healthy food from delicious recipes for any plan●Health tracker - stay on top of your fitness & healthWEIGHTLOSS & DIET PLAN Lose weight with your personal dietplan. Takeour test to discover which food planner is the right onefor you.From keto diet to low carb and everything in between, wehave theright plan & diet tips for your weight loss goals.RECIPES& MEAL PLANNER Healthy recipes help you stick to yourplan.Stuck in a keto diet rut? Explore keto recipes to beat thesugarcravings or search keto recipes for snacks to eat. Can’tdecidewhat to eat? Check out the meal planner for ideas. CALORIECOUNTER& FOOD PLANNER Calorie counter & food trackerfunctionshelp you see your daily nutritional values at a glance.Did aworkout today? Go premium & sync Lifesum withFitBit,Runkeeper, Moves and other fitness apps. FOOD DIARY &MACROTRACKER Macros mythbusting. It’s easy with our macro tracker -makesure you reach the right type of energy composition with themacrocalculator. Simply scan barcodes for macros andnutritionalinformation, or enter manually. Discover how trackingsmall habitscan make a big difference & join millions on theirjourney to ahealthier, happier you. Download Lifesum now and gethealthiertoday! You also get daily feedback to keep you in theright mindsetand help you lose weight. Lifesum integrates withGoogle Fit and SHealth, so you can export nutrition and exercisedata from Lifesumto Google Fit and S Health, and import fitnessdata and weight andbody measurements back to Lifesum. For extendedfeatures such asspecialized diets and detailed nutritioninformation, and to syncwith fitness apps such as Moves, NokiaHealth, FitBit, Jawbone,Endomondo and Runkeeper, get the LifesumPremium membership.
Technutri - calorie counter, diet and carb tracker 4.0.10
Technutri is the perfect calorie counter and carb trackerforimproving nutrition, gain mass or lose weight! You can followadiet with other users and share your pics, recipes and diettips!Also, you can use the food diary to support your low carb andketodiet by tracking your net carb intake easily! Being healthyneverwas so easy and funny! Technutri is easy to use You caneasilytrack all your consumptions, from water to foods. Just selectyourmeal from our large database and Technutri will count thecaloriesfor you. You have also access to knowledge about food andworkouthabits. You do not even have to have internet access at themomentyou want to add a new meal! Technutri works without internetaswell! Technutri is reliable We provide you with a detailedplanabout your calorie intake and fitness plan. Theserecommendationsare based on your personal data, like age andgender, but also onyour objective! It does not matter whether youwould like to loseweight, gain mass or improve your nutrition.Technutri gives asuitable recommendation regardless which objectiveyou have. Youcan track your consumption by using the bestnutritionalinformation, count your calories and water intake usingthecounters and workout using one of our many instructionvideos.Technutri is social Technutri is not just another caloriecounterof fitness app. No, it is a community. Inspire other usersand beinspired by other users. Get involved in a chat group withpeoplewho have to same goals and exchange the best tips! Have alook atthe meals feed were users can upload pictures of theirmeals. Youcan look at the calories of the meals and take a closerlook at theingredients, when they upload another nice meal! Makefriends andsupport each other. You are definitely not alone!Technutrisupports you Do you already have a nutritionist, friend orpersonaltrainer who helps you achieving your goal? Technutri can bea greatsupplement! We can create better contact between you andthem. Theycan follow your calorie and water intake and react to it.You caneven send the nutritional data of your consumption.Technutrisupports your diet Are you following any low carb diet?Keto diet?Paleo diet? Or a high fat diet? Or a low protein diet?All of themare supported by our food diary! It controls your dailyintake,including fats, net carbs, total carbs, proteins and fibersand Itshows you when you are above the quantity allowed. Technutriiseffective Technutri already helped over 5 million people toachievetheir goals. Join them and start downloading Technutri!Technutriis free
Carb Manager: Keto Diet Tracker & Macros Counter 6.3.4
Join the Keto and low carb revolution with Carb Manager! It'sFREEto use - we don't limit the number of foods you can log. Andwetrack TRUE net carbs, subtracting sugar alcohols &fiber.Whether you’re brand new to the Ketogenic diet and justgettingstarted… ...Or you’re a seasoned Keto pro who’s tired ofusinggeneric diet apps and calorie counters that don’t fit the waythatyou eat… ....we’re excited to welcome you to the CarbManagerfamily! Carb Manager is so much more than just a macrocalculatoror carb tracker. It’s a movement. A community. Alifestyle. Ourfood tracker is the most advanced in the industry,making it easyto log each meal in seconds. You can even log mealsby taking apicture of what you ate, with our state of the artimagerecognition technology. You’ll have no trouble staying inketosiswith our macro calculator and carbohydrate counter,whichautomatically tracks your carbs, fat, and protein,with“over-limit” alerts. But even more than a carb calculator,CarbManager is your one-stop destination for living a healthy lowcarbhigh fat diet (LCHF) lifestyle. We've bundled low carbdietarticles, forums, recipes, a meal planner, intermittentfastingtracker, “lazy keto” features, premium e-book, a communitywithweekly challenges to help members lose weight together, andmuchmore. Whether you are on a Keto or Ketogenic, Paleo,Atkins,Whole30, or other low carb (LCHF) diet, Carb Manager canhelp youstay motivated and aware of your health. Following Ketofordiabetes management? You’ll love our diabetic carb counter,trustedby thousands of diabetic users to control carbs. Track bloodsugar,ketones, and net carbs. Ready to try intermittent fasting orOMAD?Try our built-in fasting app that lets you track fasting timesandeating windows & visualize the impact of fasting on yourweightgoals with our intuitive graphs. Carb Manager is trulyTHEall-in-one Keto diet app built specifically for the lowcarblifestyle. CORE FEATURES • Easy to use food diary •Ketocalculator: Track net carbs, macros, and more •Macronutrientcalculator: Track carbs, fats, & protein. •Calorie counter:Use our calorie tracker to set a calorie goal basedon your weightloss goals. • Food diary: Search 1M+ foods withmacros and carbcounts, including net carbs and sugar alcohols •Water tracker:stay hydrated! • Exercise tracker: log exercises andworkouts,including cardio and weight training • Weight tracker:measure andchart weight loss and BMI • Nutrition details: Totalcarbs, netcarbs, fat, calories, protein, glycemic load, & moreGETMOTIVATED & EDUCATED • Connect with friends to shareprogress •Join our community • Learn about Keto: Exclusive articleson Ketodiet topics. Learn about the Keto flu, drinking alcohol onKeto,intermittent fasting, OMAD, and “lazy keto”, and stay up todate onthe latest news and research. "WOW" — EXTRA FEATURES!* •Automagicfood logging: Snap a pic of your food to log itwithimage-recognition AI • Fasting app: If you’reexploringintermittent fasting or OMAD, our fasting tracker makes iteasy! •Sleep tracker: import device sleep data • Voice logging: sayit tolog it • Premium recipes • See which foods contribute the mosttoyour daily carb count * Requires Premium for unlimited accessTAKEIT TO THE NEXT LEVEL WITH PREMIUM For the ultimate carbmanagementand Keto lifestyle solution, check out Carb ManagerPremium! • KetoRecipes all access pass • Unlimited voice loggingand naturallanguage input • Diabetes tracker: Track blood glucose(bloodsugar), ketones, and insulin for each meal. Diabetic carbcounterincluded! • Carb cycling features • Recipe imports •Advancedreports: streaks, meals analysis, correlations,benchmarks,projections, and macros analysis • Keto meal planner •KetoGeniusDiet Plan • Comprehensive health tracker: Chart and setgoals for30+ nutrients and health vitals • Connect fitness devicesto tracksteps and activity.
com.prestigeworldwide.keto 7.8.3
"Thank you for this app!! It has helped me keep track of myfats,carbs & protein to help me lose 15 lbs" - Pam "Thank you.Youhave made it easier & more efficient for me to track &stayon a diet which is improving my health (lost 21 pounds in thefirstmonth & feel healthier). " - JJ How MyKeto Helps You 1.Wequickly help you learn and become an expert in the Low Carb,HighFat Ketogenic diet. 2. Our accurate and free keto macrocalculatorwill help you determine how many calories, fats, carbs(netcarbs),and protein you should be consuming daily based on yourbodyheight, weight, activity level and gender. 3. Quickly refer totheallowed/disallowed foods reference guide any time you need toseewhat you can eat in order to stay in a state of ketosis.Searchableand filterable with serving amounts per netcarb. 4.Easily findlow-carb, high fat recipes and meal prep ideas using ourrecipefeed and links. 5. Use the Calorie and Carb daily diettracker* tocompletely manage your keto diet plan for weight loss.*DailyMyKeto Calorie Diet Tracker & Carb Counter access is anIn-AppPurchase* - Add foods from the extensive FatSecret databaseorcreate your own custom presets. - Add foods seamlessly viaBarcodeScanner. - Add meals to your daily log and see acalculatedbreakdown of how many calories, carbs, fats, and proteinsyou haveremaining for the day. - Easily look at previous days tosee whatyou ate. - See your weight loss progress and macroconsumptionbreakdown over time with our Charts and Graphs section.- Syncedonline across all of your devices, never lose your data. -Fitbit& Apple HealthKit integration syncs all your weight,water,macro, and blood glucose data! What is the Ketogenic Diet?TheKetogenic diet is a fast-growing low carbohydrate, high fat(lchf)diet similar to the Paleo diet, Atkins or any other meal planthataims to limit carb intake. The main difference between aregularlow carb diet plan and a keto diet plan is the amountofcarbohydrates and proteins allowed on a daily basis. Keep inmind,the Keto diet is not a 'fad' and has been medically researchedforhundreds of years.It is one of the only low carb, highproteindiets that has significant scientific evidence backing it.WhyKeto? Compared to the western diet which consists largelyofhighly-refined carbohydrates, Ketosis, the utilization offatketones instead of glucose, can offer a lot of healthadvantages.Most people start a ketogenic diet because they want tolose weightfast and consistently. However, scientific researchsuggests thatketosis goes further than that, such as lowering yourbloodpressure, risk for heart disease, diabetes, cancer,stroke,improving skin conditions and dental health, moodstabilization,and increasing energy levels. MyKeto = A Keto DietGuide, KetoMacro Calculator & Low Carb Diet Tracker : Table ofContents:-Basics: Zero to Low-Carb, High Fat, Moderate to HighProtein –Dropping into Ketosis. -Benefits: Backed by scientificstudies, notby fad homeopathic guru practitioners. -Side-Effects:Yes, a lowcarb keto diet is not completely awesome. -Debunk Myths:Largeamounts of fat, especially saturated fat, can’t be healthy,right?Wrong, it is when eating the right macros proportion. -How toGetStarted: 5 easy steps you can do to start burning fat(ketones)today. -Allowed Food List: Zero to low carb listings withservingamounts -Not Allowed Food List: Moderate to high carblistings withserving amounts -Low Carbohydrate Recipe Free Linksand Feed -FreeKeto Macro Calculator to calculate your net carbs-Daily macrosfood tracker & keto diet log* The information inthis app isnot intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with aqualifiedhealth care professional and is not intended as medicaladvice.MyKeto encourages you to make your own health care decisionsbasedupon your research and in partnership with a qualified healthcareprofessional.
Stupid Simple Keto - Low Carb Diet Tracking App 6.1.2
Lose weight and keep it off with Stupid Simple Keto,theeasiest-to-use carb and macros counter for people on theketogenicdiet or for those looking to lose weight. Why count carbsinsteadof calories? Most people fail on low carbohydrate diets duetocheat meals that ruin their progress. Stupid Simple Keto helpsyouavoid problematic carbohydrates so that you can finallysucceed.With the right foods, you can lose weight, feel great, andremainfull all day long! The diet itself is similar to an Atkinsdiet,but based heavily on human biology. FEATURES: • Simple foodiconsfor logging your daily carbs and calories. • Track yourprogressover time and set daily goals. • Tracks all of your foodmacros,fat, protein, as well as carbs. • Take secure selfies andvisuallytrack your progress! • The barcode scanner lets you addfood in asnap. • Sync between devices for free. • Food bankconservescalories for special events. • Add custom foods. • Helpfulwarningswhen you approach your daily carb/fat/protein limit.• Changeportion sizes on the fly. • Easily review your daily foods.• Helpsyou learn new habits, eat right, and ultimately keep theweightoff. • Track your daily water intake too! Try it today, it'sfree!You have nothing to lose but the fat.
Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker
SparkPeople is your personal diet and lifestyle coach. Gethealthywith customized workouts & meal plans ; lose weight bytrackingfood & planning your diet. Rated 5 stars by thousandsof users,SparkPeople helps millions of people reach their goals;you can benext. WHY YOU SHOULD DOWNLOAD OUR APP NOW: SparkPeoplebrings youthe fitness tracking and carb counting tools, caloriecharts,exercise demos, and the detailed reporting that will helpyouachieve your goals and change your habits. The app has: TheBiggestFood Database of any Food Tracker & Diet App: Withover3,500,000 foods tracked, our easy food lookup helps you countthecalories you eat while finding a diet that’s right for you.FastDiet & Fitness Tracking: It’s easy to track your workoutsandcount the calories you burn. Track both strength and cardiowithour easy-to-use search function, including sets, reps,andweight/rep. Calculate the caloric intake of any meal withoursimple calorie calculator. Great for tracking macros andcountingcarbs! Diet Program Agnostic: 1200 calorie diet, low carbor nocarb diet, vegan diet, keto diet--it’s all the same to us.We’llhelp you reach your goals, no matter the diet you follow.Hundredsof Exercise Demonstrations: Get fit, tone up and avoidcommonexercise injuries with our short demos of popular cardio&strength exercises. All demos are performed by licensedtrainers,so you can learn the right way, every time. Food Intakeand DietCalculator: Find most foods with our barcode scanner. Getthe rightcalorie and nutritional information from our fooddatabase, &save the foods you eat to your food log. Use ourcalorie intakecalculator & nutrition calculator with a tap.Find the makeupthe common nutrients & minerals in your diet:calories, carbs,protein, fat, fiber, cholesterol, & more.Healthy Meal Planner:Set your goals and we’ll help you plan outyour meals for the week.It’ll make your new lifestyle changeeasier! Track Your WeightDaily: Keep track of your progress withour easy to use weight& BMI chart. Health, Diet & FitnessArticles: Read articlesfrom SparkPeople’s nutritionists &fitness experts to learnmore about your metabolism & how to behealthier & moremotivated. It’s like having a team ofdietitians, nutritionists,& fitness trainers on your phone!Total Integration: You canaccess your fitness & nutrition logsfrom your computer, tabletor phone. Connect Apps & Devices:Already use other apps ordevices to track your fitness, but needweight loss strategies& diet tracking? Just connect the app ordevice you use to thisapp! We offer full integration with FitBit,Jawbone UP, Google Fit,Misfit, Runkeeper, & Garmin devices.SPARKPEOPLE ISN’T A WEIGHTLOSS PROGRAM, WE’RE A COMMUNITY TheSparkPeople Calorie Counter,Food & Diet Tracker fully syncswith our site. Since 2001, has helped millions ofpeople lose weight and stayfit by offering support, education andpowerful weight loss &fitness tools. With your account, you canalso access: ★'s vast library of healthy-livingarticles, fitnessvideos, & exercise planning tools. ★, ourhealthy recipe site. You’ll find over 600,000healthy & tastyrecipes that help you reach your nutritiongoals. ★ The web’sfriendliest, most supportive healthy lifestylecommunity. Getsupport from other members who have been right whereyou are; reachyour weight loss & fitness goals while havingfun! Our #1 goalis to help you achieve your goals. Please send anyquestions,concerns, or suggestions to Startliving ahealthier life. Thanks for using our app!
Super Military Diet Plan 1.9
The Military Diet is a 3-Days plan diet that claims to may loseupto 10 pounds in a week if you follow respectively to the menuplan.These types of diet help to burn fat and lose weight fasterwithoutdoing any physical exercise or workouts. This is a lowcalories,low fat and low carb diet plan. It’s required only minimalcooking.In fact, this is one of the natural best diets weight lossor burnfat without any prescription. The diet may make you feelhungry,tired, and grumpy because it's a low-calorie plan. Pleasetake notethat its only 3 days diet plan. You may repeat the sameprocedureafter a week or 4 days after. Features includes: - Aboutthe Diet -Full Shopping list for the diet plan - Calories BreakdownFood List- Meal Plan (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) - Military DietMenu: Day 1- Military Diet Menu: Day 2 - Military Diet Menu: Day 3- FoodSubstitution List Let's start the 3 Day Military Diettoday!Important notes: The choice of following this diet must bemade atyour own risk. Please consult your doctor if needed.Sources:credited to
Best Boiled Egg Diet Plan 1.5
Introducing Best Boiled Egg Diet Plan apps! These apps containslistof benefits about Eggs consumption and the summary about theDiet.Boiled Egg Diet Plan claim to lose weight up to 24 pounds injusttwo weeks! The main ingredients in this diet are eggs. Theeggs arehealthy food which contain lots of nutrients,high-protein, goodfats, minerals and vitamins. Moreover, eggsprovide the necessaryvitamins and nutrients for your body. Thisdiet has simple rules.You must not eat junk foods or snacks suchas burgers and sweets.Limit the salt and sugar consummation andavoid alcohol. This appsprovide you 7 Days Meal Plan which aresimple, repetitive and easyreferences. New features available forusers where you can havehealthy snacks while on the diet. Consumethese snacks betweenbreakfast and lunch, or lunch and dinner.Avoid eating anythingpost-dinner. Apps Features: - About the Diet(Overview, Ways toprepare different types of boiled eggs, fruitsubstitutions forcitrus fruits) - 7 Days Repetitive Meal Plan(Breakfast, Lunch,Dinner & Best time schedule for each meal) -Food Substitutions(Alternative ingredients you can use in thisboiled egg diet) - EasyHealthy Snacks (Food List) - The benefitsof Egg (Why eggs is goodfor you?) - Apps info (Apps guides/Privacy Policy / Disclaimers/Apps Share) Important notes: ThisBoiled Egg Diet plan is very highin protein, therefore, you shouldconsult your doctor before youbegin with this type of diet. Thetwo weeks menu is very simple andrepetitive. You can also add someworkouts so you can have evenbetter results. Make sure you useonly organic eggs during the dietprocess. We wish you good luckand all the best in this dietprogram!
com.totalketodiet.ketodiet 3.0
Total Keto Diet is your go-to keto diet app for low carbrecipes& keto meals. Discover hundreds of delicious ketorecipes,calorie & macro tracker, keto diet articles, shoppinglists andmore low carb diet goodness with the Total Keto Diet app!TotalKeto Diet is brought to you by, a leadingketodiet & low carb recipe resource, with the goal to makeyourketo diet easier and more achievable. KETO DIET APP & LOWCARBRECIPE FEATURES: • Hundreds of Keto Recipes - more low carbrecipesadded soon. • Keto Calculator - get on track with your lowcarbdiet using our easy-to-use keto calculator. • Macro Tracker -trackyour calories & macros every day - being on a low carbdiet iseasier than ever! • Truly Low Carb - our macro trackerincludestotal or net carbs to make your low carb diet even easiertofollow. • Huge Food Database - hundreds of thousands of foods&tons of low carb recipes available for your keto macrotracker. •Favorites Section - so you can jump straight to the ketoand lowcarb recipes you need. • Shopping List – add ingredientsfrom ketorecipes or your own ingredients. • Beginner’s Keto DietGuide - tohelp you understand everything about the keto diet andget startedwith your keto diet immediately. WHAT IS THE KETO DIET?The ketodiet (also known as a ketogenic diet, low carb diet andLCHF diet)is a low carbohydrate, high-fat diet. Maintaining a lowcarb dietis great for weight loss. Moreover, according to anincreasingnumber of studies, a low carb diet helps reduce riskfactors fordiabetes, heart diseases, stroke, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy,and more!WHY REDUCE CARBS ON A KETO DIET? We’re beginning tounderstand thatcarbs in large quantities are more harmful thanpreviously thought,while most fats are healthy & essential (thebasis of a lowcarb diet). When you eat lots of carbs, your bloodsugar isconsistently elevated and, as a result, so is insulin.Insulin is ahormone that keeps your blood sugar in check byshuttling theglucose into cells, but when there’s a consistentlyhigh amount ofinsulin, your cells become resistant. This insulinresistance makesit easier to store fat, and chronically high levelsof insulin alsocause excessive inflammation in the body, whichcontributes toheart disease, high blood pressure and eventuallytype 2 diabetes.A keto diet can reverse these harmful effects &restoresinsulin sensitivity. THE KETO DIET IS A NUTRITIONREVOLUTION! Thenutritional landscape is changing. The keto diet(low carb diet) isgrowing in acceptance and a nutritionalrevolution is beginning. Weare starting to realize the detrimentaleffects of our relationshipwith excess sugar & carbs. The ketodiet focuses on low carbrecipes to keep your blood sugar stable,helping your body regaininsulin sensitivity and keeping your mood& energy levelsstable. When you’re on a ketogenic diet, you canexpect to: • Losebody fat • Have consistent energy levels duringthe day • Staysatiated after meals longer, with less snacking andovereatingHUNDREDS OF LOW CARB DIET & KETO RECIPES! Ketorecipes make youfeel better, live better and eat better. Each lowcarb recipe isdelicious – we know because we only share the ones welove. We’veincluded hundreds of low carb recipes for you to choosefrom. Themain goal of these low carb recipes is to: • Keep carbslow – under25g a day, ideally • Increase your protein intake – aimfor atleast 60g a day • Keep you full and satiated from deliciousmealsTHE BEGINNER'S KETO DIET GUIDE INCLUDES: • What is the KetoDiet? •Testing for Ketosis • The Truth About Fat • WhatareMacronutrients? • Long-term Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet•Day-to-Day Benefits • Entering Ketosis • Diabetes andKetoacidosis• What is the Keto Flu; why it happens and how to endit • And moreto help you with your keto diet Low carb keto dietquestions orfeedback? Visit our helpcenter:
Senza 2.8.6
You've heard about the ketogenic way of eating and you want to doitright. Let Senza show you how. Get your macros, keto-specificfoodtracking, recipes, and tips for getting started. Senza alsosupportsintermittent fasting. Visit for a moreinformation. Forbeginners: - The 5 Days to Keto guide helps youmake the transition.- Our Macro Calculator determines your optimalnet carbs, protein,and fat in grams. - Barcode scanning, 200,000food records,restaurant menus, and more than 800 keto-specificrecipes make iteasy to track everything you eat. - Getpersonalized recommendationsevery day, and share them with yourfriends. - Monitor yourelectrolyte intake: potassium, sodium,magnesium. For experienced: -Track glucose and ketones in the app.- See the insulin load offoods you eat. - Watch yourGlucose/ketone index. Therapeutic: - Wecan connect you with aketo-friendly nutritionist for live support.- An online coachingsite allows practitioners to monitor clientsremotely.
Fooducate Healthy Weight Loss & Calorie Counter
Find out what's on your food with Fooducate, the only app thatscans& grades foods based on their ingredients. Learnnutritionbasics and get recommendations for healthy alternatives!Lose weightand keep it off. Eat tasty, healthy, real food. Trackyour calories,macros, and workouts. Get motivation from the mostsupportivecommunity in the world. THE BEST NUTRITION & HEALTHTRACKER + Ameal tracker and so much more + Track your food intakeand exercise+ Track the quality of calories + Track your macros:protein, fats,carbs HUGE FOOD DATABASE + Scan over 250,000 productbarcodes + Geta personalized nutrition grade (A, B, C, or D) foreach food + Getsuggestions for healthier foods based on what youscan THE BEST DIETTIPS + Free health & diet tips fromnutrition professionals +Free weight loss tips + Motivation, love& support from thecommunity FOODUCATE TEACHES YOU TO EAT FORHEALTH! Fooducateanalyzes information found in product nutritionpanels andingredient lists. Scan to discover things manufacturersdon't wantyou to notice: - added sugars - artificial sweetenerssuch asaspartame - trans fats - high fructose corn syrup - MSG-controversial food colorings - GMO - genetical modifiedorganisms(premium feature) - additives and preservatives - andmore... THEBEST WEIGHT LOSS APP • 1st prize - US Surgeon General'sHealthy AppChallenge • Featured multiple times on the Google Playstore •Media praise: USAToday, NYTimes, Dr. Oz, Oprah, WSJ, ABC,FOX,. . .• Recommended by doctors, dietitians, fitness trainers,and yourfriends USER REVIEWS ***** “I lost 55 pounds with thisapp!" *****"Eating healthy is the easy way to lose weight. ThanksFooducate!"***** "I love love love the free health tips" ***** “Iam learningso many helpful new things about healthy eating.” *****“Makeshealthy food checking a breeze" ***** "Fooducate isundoubtedly thebest weight loss coach I ever had." PERSONALIZEFOODUCATE - age,gender,weight, height, activity level - desiredweight loss rate -carb control - health conditions (lowcholesterol, pregnancy,...) -dietary goals (non processed foods,vegetarian) - avoid MSG, HFCS,GMOs and other ingredients - Glutenfree and other allergens (Note:some personalization featuresrequire a premium account) IN-APPPURCHASES Get the most out ofFooducate with these premiumfeatures: * Pro —> Low-carb diet—> Paleo diet —> GMOwarnings —> Weekly health & diettips —> Priority support—> No ads. * Gluten & Allergies—> Gluten-free diet —>Uncover gluten and allergens in yourfood —> Choose allergenfree alternatives —> Includes gluten,milk, lactose, soy,peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, fish, and shellfish—> Prioritysupport. * Diet Kickstart —> 10 day plan to helpyou get startedwith weight loss * Pet Food —> choose thehealthiest food foryour dog and cat
Keto Recipes, Keto Meal Plan, Carb Calorie Counter 1.1.100
This weight loss app is offering you a) cooking videos forhealthyrecipes (specialized in low carb keto recipes) b)individualizedmeal plan for your (keto / low carb) diet withcalorie counterfunctionality. We know that it is hard to loseweight, so we try tomake a fast weight loss as easy as possible.Low Carb KetogenicRecipes: every day our team is producing tastylow carb cookingvideos to be the biggest & best source forhealthy / low carbrecipes in the world. The recipe videos help youto understand in afew seconds if you like this meal and how to cookit. Your KetoMeal Plan: our diet plans are based on your body(height, weight,age, gender etc.) and personal preferences to offeryou the easiestweight loss. We calculate your BMI, all about yourcalories (howmuch to eat etc.), all about your macros (how manycarbs, protein& fat) and suggest you meals that match yourpreferences. Youcan replace every meal or recipe in your meal planwith other lowcarb recipes from our database and the meal plantells you if youare still within your calorie & macro limits.Low Carb / WeightLoss Guide: it explains you everything to startinto your low carbjourney to reach your target weight. You willlearn everything thatis important in a low carb diet. BE PRO 1)More Low Carb Recipesfor you to reach your goal 2) Meal plans basedon your needs:vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and much moreallergies Costs forthe PRO version – PRO for 1 month: 9,99 € – PROfor 3 months: 21,97€ that means 6,99€ per month (30% saved) – PROfor 12 months: 47,88€ that means 3,99€ per month (60% saved) Youdon't have to be a PROmember to use our app but if you want to weare very happy towelcome you. If you want to buy PRO you can usethis only with youriTunes Account. You can pay it with your iTunesaccount. You canget pro in 3 different versions (1 month, 3 months,12 months). Youcan cancel the subscription anytime until 24 hoursbefore the endof the period of the membership, otherwise thesubscription will beautomatically renew for the same price. Whenyou cancel the PROmembership, access to the PRO features will notexpire immediately,you will have access until the end of themembership. Terms of use: If you have anyquestionsconact us (
Macros - Calorie Counter & Meal Planner 1.8.2
Macros can be used as a calorie counter and as a mealplanner.Calculate your calories and register your food diary easilyandsimply. Eat what you want! Always respecting yourcarbohydrate,protein and fat targets. Main features: -Calculateyour caloricneeds. -Calculate all your macronutrients. -Do youfollow the Ketodiet? Activate the calculation of net carbs. -Chooseyour goal,lose weight, maintain it or gain muscle mass.-Nutritionalinformation of thousands of foods. -Create your ownfood library,you can use our public library or create your ownfoods. -Copy foodbetween your meals easily and quickly. -Integratedbarcode reader.-Creation of recipes -Distribute the percentage ofcalories of yourmeals. Additional advantages of Plus mode: -Edityour caloricrequirement and macronutrients, both in percentages andgrams.-Export your diary and your meal plans to PDF, in this wayyou canprint or share all your meals. -Measure your progress ofintake ofcalories, carbohydrates, proteins and fats. -Distributethepercentage of macronutrients of your meals. -Look what foodshavemore weight of calories, macronutrients and micronutrients inyourdiary and meal plans. -Full free advertising. Personal supportforall users, write us if you have any questions or suggestions.Youcan use the contact option within the app or write All data stored by the applicationisrecorded anonymously and safely and in no case are sharedwiththird parties.Conditions:
com.angelworks.boiledeggdiet 2.2
The boiled egg diet is an easy diet to practice. The simplerecipesare not time-consuming to prepare. This is a two weeks dietwhereyou will consume 2 – 4 eggs daily. Why eggs? Eggs have allthenecessary amino acids required by our body. Eggs are a goodsourceof protein, minerals and vitamins. It contains vitamin A,vitaminD, vitamin B2, vitamin B5, vitamin B12 and vitamin E. Eggscontainfolate, phosphorus, selenium, potassium, calcium, manganese,zincand iron. The great thing is that an egg (50g) has about71calories only. Therefore, it satisfies your hunger easily butyetit is low in calorie. The recipes are prepared in a healthywayusing low fat ingredients. The recipes you will prepare inthisdiet are: 1. ROAST CHICKEN 2. STEAMED CHICKEN / STEAMEDVEGETABLES3. DRESSINGS FOR SALADS (3 TYPES) 4. BAKED FISH 5. OMELET6. BOILEDEGGS 7. SALAD 8. TUNA SALAD 9. SCRAMBLED EGGS 10. BAKEDEGGSFRITTATA 11. EGG DROP SOUP 12. POACHED EGGS 13. BAKED WHOLEEGGS14. SUNNY SIDE UP EGGS 15. GRILLED CHICKEN & VEGETABLES(NEW)16. GRILLED FISH (NEW) 17. PAN-SEARED CHICKEN BREAST (NEW)18.SHIRATAKI ORIENTAL STIR FRY (NEW) 19. CHICKEN VEGETABLE SOUP(NEW)20. EGGS SCRAMBLED WITH FRESH TOMATOES (NEW) Follow the boiledeggdiet and expect to lose 11 Kg or 24 pounds of weight in twoweeks.Eat delicious and healthy meals every day and lose weight.Try ittoday. The Boiled Egg Diet is free!
Ketogenic Diet 2.0
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The ketogenic diet (keto) is a APP that causes weight lossandprovides numerous health benefits. The keto diet is becomingatrend among people looking for weight loss. Features: ✔ What isaKeto Diet? ✔ Introducing the Ketogenic Diet Meal Planner ✔ WhatToEat on a Ketogenic Diet: Ketogenic Diet Foods List ✔SampleKetogenic Diet Menu ✔ Do You Need To Exercise on Keto Diet? ✔Easyand Delicious Keto Snacks for Ketogenic Dieters ✔PotentialKetogenic Diet Side Effects: The ketogenic diet is apopular andeffective way to lose weight and improve your overallhealth andwell-being ✔ The Keto Diet: A Low-Carb Approach To FatLoss So HowDoes It Work? ✔ How To Use Fat As Fuel ✔ How To Dine OutWithoutBlowing Your Ketogenic Diet ✔ Reasons To Consider Keto✔Supplements For Ketogenic Dieters The idea of the ketone diet istoget your body into a process called Ketosis. For beginners atwhatto expect when going on a keto diet.
Diet 2019 - lose weight and stay healthy 🥕 2.0.13
Getting rid of the extra pounds will not be a problem 😀. Withthisapplication Diet USA 2019, everyone will be able to choosetheright diet for your lifestyle in order to bring the desiredresults🍲. Each diet has characteristics by which an easy andaffordableway we know its short characterization and assess whetherit willfit us. A rich menu for each day of the week makes thedishesprepared according to specified rules are not monotonous buttastyand easy to prepare. Reminders protein in your diet will helpyoutransition between phases so that it becomes easier to loseextrapounds. NEW DIET ! Weekly Diet 📅 - week diet lasts only sevendays,and not recommended for use over an extended period of time.Thediet allows you to dump even 1.5 kg over its duration!Arestrictive diet 🥢 - a diet cycle should last exactly 14 days,andany deviations may cause the treatment will not be aseffective.Using diet can lose up to 10 pounds. Vegan diet 🥕 - lowcalorie,provides the body with much less harmful saturated fattyacids andthus reduced the risk of heart disease. Easily digestiblediet 🥒 -also called dietary digestible and involves relievingdigestivesystem both quantitatively and qualitatively. Drawsparticularattention to the number of calories supplied organism, aswell asnutrients. 1000 kcal Diet 🍴 - thanks to this diet have achance toget rid of 6-8 pounds in a month. Daily menu has only1000calories. Diet is so balanced as to provide a necessarycomponent,and so are the proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitaminsand traceelements. Everything in the right amounts and lean. A dietof 1000calories nutritionists considers being one of the safer.VolumetricDiet 🍽️ - Experts believe that the volumetric diet iseffective,safe, wholesome, and for this good for the heart.Volumetric diet(also called volume ) based on the selection of theproductsaccording to their calorific value. It is based onproductscontaining a lot of water, so you can eat more, avoidingexcesscaloric. Dunkan Diet 🥛 - is characterized by a high contentofprotein in the diet. It consists of eating protein and limitthenumber of carbohydrates and fats. The most important featureofproteins is, however, no doubt that they have the ability toweightloss, help lose quickly so unnecessary and unwanted byuskilograms. It is a specific slimming cure because it consistsofseveral phases that you have to go to be able to noticetheeffects. Be sure to consult a doctor or nutritionist to seeifthere are contraindications to the use of diets contained intheapplication Diet USA 2019.
Keto Diet app : Best Low Carb & Keto Recipes 1.5
ketogenic diet : top recipes for weight loss : Enjoy preparingthebest keto diet recipes and low carb diet dishes easily withtopketo Diet Recipes app ! ketogenic diet : top recipes forweightloss app is a result of hard work, choosing the best andbudgetfriendly keto / low carb recipes is not easy.Our goal is makeyourketo diet journey easier and more funny. WHAT IS THE KETO DIET?Aketo diet is well known for being a low carb diet, where thebodyproduces ketones in the liver to be used as energy. It’sreferredto as many different names – ketogenic diet, low carb diet,lowcarb high fat (LCHF), etc. The Keto diet is a low carbdiet,high-fat diet also known as a ketogenic diet , low carb highfat(LCHF), etc.In this diet our body produces ketones in the livertobe used as energy which makes it great for weightloss.besides,according to lot of studies, it helps control bloodsugar, increasemental focus, improve triglyceride levels andcholesterol levelsand reduce risk factors for diabetes, heartdiseases, stroke,Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, and more! WHY A KETO DIET /LOW CARB DIET?WHY REDUCE CARBS? We’re starting to understand thatcarbs in largequantities are much more harmful than previouslythought, whilemost fats are healthy and essential (the basis of alow carb diet).Low-carb diets have been controversial for decades.But times arechanging, nowadays it is proven that not only does lowcarb causeweight loss, it also leads to major improvements in mostriskfactors (cancer , cholesterol, ….) The keto diet (low-carbdiet) isbecoming very known and getting accepted and it is onlythebeginning. Excess sugar and carbs relationship detrimentaleffectsare no longer a secret. Not to mention that eating lot ofcarbscauses increase of sugar level in blood and, as a result soininsulin. Insulin is known to cause heart diseases, highbloodpressure and diabetes. WHAT TO EXCPECT FROM A KETO DIETTRACKER? •Weight loss (fat is consumed) • Stable energy levelsduring the day• Mental focus • Stay satiated after meals longer,with lesssnacking and overeating TOP LOW CARB & KETO RECIPES!We choosedthe best low carb recipes, easy to prepare and deliciousmeals thatyou will love and share .We hope that our keto recipesmake youfell better live a better lifestyle . Our app contains tensof lowcarb recipes for. The main goal of these low carb recipes isto: •Keep carbs low • Increase your protein intake • Keep you fullandsatiated from delicious meals. TOP KETO DIET RECIPES APPFEATURES:• Top keto diet recipes - more added every week. • OfflineReading- recipes are available without internet connection. •SearchSection - so you can search the keto recipes you need. •ShareRecipes - sharing with friends is caring . • More features ontheway (like a highly requested keto tracker , Low Carb Counter,ketogenic diet calculator)! When you request a keto dietrecipedetails you may notice 4 small icons bellow recipe name: the1st:keto recipes preparation time the 2nd :keto recipes cookingtimethe 3rd : keto recipes numbr of servings the 4th :ketorecipescarbs quantity per 1 serving WE ARE WORKING ON THE “ KETODIETGUIDE “: In the next update we will add a keto guide forbeginnersto our app • What is the Keto Diet? • What to eat on aketogenicdiet • Types of Keto Diets • Side Effects on a Keto Diet•Long-term Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet • DiabetesandKetoacidosis • Keto Flu • And more to get you on the path toweightloss and optimal health with the keto diet! • keto snacks •ketodesserts • ketogenic diet recipes • keto diet plan • ketogenicdietfoods. • keto meal plan • keto diet menu The Top Keto DietRecipesapp is in its early stages and will see many improvementsweekly.Please feel free to send ideas, kito recipes or Top Keto Diet Recipes app wishes youthebest with your low carb journey.
Stupid Simple Macros IIFYM Tracker 5.0
Welcome to the easiest diet you've ever tried. Eat whateveryouwant, as long as it fits with your food macro plan it's partofyour diet! Stupid Simple Macros is the most efficient way evertotrack your macro-nutrients and help you bulk up, lose weight, ordoboth at the same time! Why count macros vs what you do oneveryother diet? Counting macros is one of the easiest ways toreachyour fitness goals by simply tracking your fat, protein, andcarblevels. Stupid Simple Macros makes tracking these macrossupereasy. And best of all, you set your own macros levels, so youcaneat whatever you want as long as you reach your daily macros! Ifitfits your macros ("IIFYM") you can eat it! Or you cancustomizeyour food grid for a Whole Foods Plant Based diet (WFPB)and seewhat a different it makes in your life. FEATURES:• Easy-to-usefood icons for logging your daily macros. • Barcodescanner with anextensive 500,000 food database for quickly addingfoods. • Takedaily private before and after selfies to motivateyour progress.Share them with friends when you're ready. • Trackyour progressovertime and easily change your daily goals. • Syncbetween devicesfor free. • Food bank conserves calories for specialevents.• Create custom foods and meals that will show up on yourdailyFood Grid. • Set up warnings for when you approach yourmacroslimits • Helpful reminders for logging your daily macros.• Changeyour portion sizes on the fly. • Automatically convert tometricswith the touch of a button • Clean layout for reviewing yourdailyfoods and adding daily notes • Daily water tracker • Emailyourfood history to anyone you'd like. Try it today, it’s freetodownload! You have nothing to lose but the fat! Brought to youbythe developers of Stupid Simple Keto, the popular andeasy-to-useKeto diet tracker.
Ketogenic Diet for Beginners : Low Carb Keto Diet 1.0
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Ketogenic Diet for Beginners: Low Carb for The Keto DietAreYouTired of Feeling Out Of Shape? And looking for healthy ketodiet,low carb, or atkins diet?The ketogenic builds on thetraditionallow carb diet, and that’s what makes it one of the mosteffectivefat burning diets to come out in a long time. It helps youloseweight by killing your appetite in a good way, cutting downcarbs,shedding away a greater proportion of fat from theabdominalcavity, reduced blood sugar, and much more. It can alsohelp withreversing diabetes, reducing heart disease risks, andpreventingsome cancers.Keto diet is also well known for eating planand forlosing weight, prevent diabetes, or even maintaininghealth.Thisapp contains many keto diet recipes that will help youachieve thebody and the state of health that you want. The secretto anyreducing diet is your ability to keep doing iteveryday/consistency. Because of that we provide the ketogenicrecipesranging from snacks to meals. One of the reasons why manydietsfailed is because they are failed to fit into their ifestyleandthe guides were not simply enough to follow. If you areinterestedin the Atkins Diet recipes or Paleo diet recipes as well,then thisketo might be suitable for you as well.This Ketogenic DietforBeginners: Low Carb for The Keto Diet can help you topreparelosing weight and get slim over the small period of time,but youhave to do it consistently. This will help you to havedeliciousrecipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner (and even snacks)that arequick, easy, varied, and delicious.Features of this KetoDietprogram:- Introduction of ketogenic diet- How to start ketodietfor beginners- Weekly plan to start keto diet- Keto recipestosupport your ketogenic diet: + Ketogenic diet recipes: Forthebreakfast + Ketogenic diet recipes: For the lunch time +Ketogenicdiet recipes: For dinner + Ketogenic diet recipes: Forsnack +Ketogenic diet recipes: For desertThis is truly one amazingdietand it’s our pleasure to provide you about keto diet anexcitingand informative way. Not to mention, we also provide a tonofawesome ketogenic diet recipes to get your mouth watering andthefat burning!The ketogenic recipes that have been prepared inthisapp are pure coming from ketogenic diet ingredients. Theserecipesare not only easy to cook but taste well as well. You'll beguidedto find the ingredients and keep them on hand. If you planaheadand pre-decide your meals, following the keto diet won’tbedifficult. You have to be able to resist temptation. Be patientandyou will definitely notice positive results in no time. Also,thisdiet helps you in losing fat from the abdominal region. Insidewecollected only best of the best Ketogenic recipes for:BreakfastMain dishes, Lunch Side dishes, Desserts, Snacks,andappetizers.Why do you need keto food? Because basically it's ahighfat low carb recipes that will be applied when you're runningaKeto Diet program to burn body fat and lose weight. So thisrecipesare suitable for busy lifestyles. This recipes also useeasy-foundingredients and fewer steps (imagine you can make quickketomeals). Mostly, the recipes will only take a short amount oftimeto prepare and can be made in large batches or used to buildoutother recipes, and pre-prepped vegetables and sides.This ketodietwill help you to achieve weight loss and improve the health,thisis perfect for beginner since this provides the knowledge ofketodiet cooking basics. If you are interested in the low carbs,atkinsdiet recipes or paleo diet recipes, then this app might beperfectfor you as well since it's food is kind of similar. Theresearchshows that if you follow this diet, you will achieve weightloss,improve your blood pressure, reducing the risk for heartdisease,improve your mood, cancer, stroke, improving skin anddentalhealth, diabetes, and increasing your willpower. Download forfreetoday!
com.madgun.indiagmdietweightloss7days 4.0.2
Indian GM Diet weight loss is a 7 day only diet plan to loseweight(up to 8Kgs!) for that perfect look. GM Diet is consideredasworld's best weight loss diet program to lose weight naturally.GMDiet weight loss program consists of fruits, vegetables, dairyandgrains that you any way consume in day to day life – just thatGMdiet weight loss program organizes the quantity and type of foodtobe taken on each day giving you a balanced diet. Benefits ofGMdiet weight loss plan: - Weight loss of up to 8Kgs in just 7days.- No starving (balanced diet 5-6 times a day); Natural way toloseweight. - Cleanse and detoxify your body – feel energeticandlight. - Glowing skin. - Reduce belly fat and waist fat. IndianGMdiet weight loss app features: - Sample balanced diet plan(Indianingredients) for all seven days. - Weight loss tips - Trackandshare your progress (water intake, log weight loss progress).-Complete diet shopping list (day wise and all in one) -Availablein Hindi and English (more languages coming soon!) - Noannoyingads at all! So what are you waiting for? Look your best inthatupcoming function, party or outing by losing some weight!Justdownload the Indian GM Diet weight loss app and get fab (lightandglowing) look! Do share your experience with the GM dietweightloss program. If you have any question about Indian GM Dietweightloss app then do write to us.
Lose Weight Fast: Healthy Diet & Workouts: MevoFit 2.5
If you want to lose weight, get fit, get in shape, changeyourlifestyle or start on a low-calorie diet plan to loseweight,you'll love MevoFit. USER REVIEWS “This app is a greatfinding! Itcombines healthy food advice & works out plans sonicely.Calorie counting is lifesaving! The app helped me to changemy viewon health regime completely. Thank you” “This app is likemypersonal trainer coach which help me in physical trainingworkouts& exercise ” HOW TO GET STARTED? MevoFit uses theverifiedprinciples of calorie tracking to help you reach yourweight lossgoals. Start now: input profile details along with yourtargetweight to get your daily calorie allowance. Simply log yourfood,exercise programs & weight to succeed. Believe us there'snoeasier app which can help you to reach your weight loss goals.WHYSHOULD YOU DOWNLOAD IT? - Best free weight loss app withcaloriestracker, extreme fitness exercises, running, & gymworkoutroutines tracker, healthy recipes, workout challenges &morefor quicker weight loss at home & gym. - The tracker in theappis so fast & easy that you just need 5-7 minutes to logdaily.- Best weight loss programs/plans for men & women thatworkseffectively without any fat burners. - Keeps you motivatedbyhelping you learn how to eat wiser & provide tips so thatyoucan train better. BEST FOOD TRACKER – DIET, RECIPES,RESTAURANTGUIDE & MORE - Large food database with 5,00,000 +food itemsalready & growing continuously. You can even log foodusingyour voice, no typing required! - 1000+ healthy recipesincludingketo, low carb, paleo, high protein recipes & more. -Getaccess to Healthy Diet Plans including low carb diet mealplans,ketogenic diet plans, & more. - Want to eat out butconfusedwhat to pick? Use our restaurant guide to find healthierfoodoptions at your favorite restaurant. EXERCISE, WORKOUT PLANS&STEPS TRACKER - Automated step tracker to calculate thecaloriesyou burn by staying active throughout the day. - Trackyourdistance, pace, calories & more with advanced RunningTracker.The most accurate run tracker with the simplest userinterface. -MevoFit app syncs with MevoFit Drive, Fitbit &Google Fit tomonitor your daily step activity progress. - Log dailycardioexercises like walking, running, cycling, yoga, Zumba,swimming& more. - Easily log your sets, reps, & weightusing thestrength exercise tracker. - 50+ good workout routine& plansincluding home workout plans, 7-minute workouts,bodybuildingworkouts program, gym workouts routines & plans forwomen, abs/core workout plan & more. GET SOCIAL - Stayconnected withlike-minded individuals for right support &motivation. - Onlyapp which makes you earn & not pay. Getrewarded for eachhealth & fitness activity & use them tobuy fitnessmerchandise from Mevo Store. - Participate in physicalfitnesshealth challenges/programs to reach desired goals faster& earnreward points too. - Want to evaluate your body fitnessknowledge?How about you take a quick fitness quiz & getrewarded for eachright answer :) - A wide range of food & totalbody workouttips to help you succeed easily. RAISE A TOAST TO YOURPROGRESS -Get rewarded for your daily workout plan & progress.- Checkyour performance through graphs. - Share your daily progresswithfriends & family. Get MevoFit app for customized all inoneweight loss app including meal plans & complete workout&fitness programs with video tutorials targeted to your fitnessgymlevels.
The Keto Calculator 1.2.6
The simplest way to Calculate your macros for theketogenicdiet.Input your body parameters and get your macrosdivided bygrams of every macronutrientSet to consume 25 gramsofcarbohydrates as maximum and you can adjust your proteinintake.NEWFEATURES:Don't know your body fat? We have you coverednow you canpress "HELP ME ESTIMATE" and get visual aid to pick theimage thatreflects you the most.FEATURES:- Select the metricsystem- Visualaid to estimate body fat- Input your activity level-Select yourgoal (Lose fat, Maintain weight, Gain muscle)
High Protein Diet Sources Food 2.6
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High Protein Diet Sources Food is a free app about top proteinfoodsfruits & vegetables and high protein diets for vegetarianornon-vegetarian people of all ages. We have compiled all type ofhighprotein food sources suitable for a number of purposes suchasmuscle building or Rapid Weight Loss or bodybuilding or justfordaily breakfast or other meals. We have tried compiling allmajorcategories of Food sources and their availability in allplaces ofthe world such as: 1. Top Vegetables and Beans 2. Fruitsand Nut 3.Dairy Products 4. Meat & Poultry 5. Fishes & SeaFoods 6.Cereals and Pulses App contains the complete list of topproteinrich foods that are easily available everywhere in the worldandare completely natural. This compilation is not only suitableforweight gain and muscle building but also for your Weight lossgoalsfor vegetarians and non vegetarians. We have included all typeoffood items such as fruits vegetables meat and dairy productsthatcan help you gaining muscles really fast. You can sharetheseimages as photo in just single Tap to your FacebookWhatsApptwitter tumblr or any other social media website or App.You canalso email these pics as attachment to your friends or candownloadto your cell phone memory or memory card gallery of yourmobile.
Glycemic Index Load – net carbs keto diet tracker 3.2.2
Glycemic Index & Load Diet Assistant is an app that letsyoueasily browse, search for, and display the Glycemic Indexfordifferent foods. The application also helps in keeping abodyweight and blood glucose levels measurement logs. Additionallyyoucan access Glycemic Load and carbohydrates contents infoods.There's also a calculator of the Glycemic Load in a givenserving.Knowing these values and following a low-carb diet likeMontignac,Paleo, Atkins, low-GI and similar, helps avoid weightgain orobesity and lower the risk of diabetes, coronary heartandage-related health diseases. Do you want to eat smart? + knowgoodfood + eat smart + follow low-carb diets or keto diets +controlyour weight + prevent diseases like diabetes + fight weightgain,overweight and obesity + have the Glycemic Load, Index andcarbsdata always at hand + backup or sync with other devices Thefreefeatures of the app are: + Glycemic Index foods tables +Favoriteand recent food + search feature + Weight tracking withstatisticsand beautiful charts + Glucose tracking with statisticsandbeautiful charts + BMI calculator We keep this app free byshowingads. If you want to remove ads or utilize the otherexcitingfeatures like below, you can have them for a small fee. +GlycemicLoad list + Carbohydrates content list + Fiber content infoods andnet carbs calculator + Fiber content in foods and netcarbscalculator + Meal content calculator + Food diary to keeptrack ofyour food, glycemic load and carbs consumption + Statisticswithaverages for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly periods +Beautifulcharts of the GL and carbs consumption over time + Weighttrackingwith statistics and beautiful charts + Future additions tothe foodtracker, charting and stats + Import/export all your datato/fromcloud storage + No more ads! So, do you know what you eat?Find outnow! Install the app and use it to take control of yourhealth. GImeans Glycemic Index. It is a number associated with aparticulartype of food to indicate the food's effect on a person'sbloodglucose (blood sugar) level. The number typically rangesbetween 50and 100, where 100 represents pure glucose, an equivalentamount ofpure glucose. The Glycemic Load (GL) of food is a numberthatestimates how much the food will raise a person's bloodglucoselevel after eating it. It can be used to apply the GlycemicIndexto dieting by connecting the GI number with carbohydratescontentin a given serving. It gives an estimation on how much aservingsize of food is likely to increase blood-sugar levels. Netcarbsare total carbs minus fiber which is indigestible thus itisconsidered not to raise blood sugar levels. BMI is used toassesshealth risks and body structure but does not take inconsiderationmuscular mass so it can sometimes be inaccurate, forinstance inthe case of athletes or pregnant women. Diabetesmellitus (DM),commonly known as diabetes, is a group of metabolicdisorderscharacterized by high blood sugar levels over a prolongedperiod.Hyperglycemia (also spelled hyperglycaemia orhyperglycæmia), is acondition in which an excessive amount ofglucose circulates in theblood plasma.
Calorie, Carb & Fat Counter 2.8.5
Virtuagym Food: Helping you to live healthy and feel great. Getafree personalized nutrition plan by answering a few questionsaboutyour lifestyle and goals. We support plans for many goals:weightloss, maintaining weight, weight gain and building muscle.Eat whatyou want, but keep an eye on those calories, carbs andfats!FEATURES * Food Database Validated by Expert Nutritionists *Addyour own foods * Save meals and add them instantly next time*Nutrition tracking for several goals (e.g. weight loss &muscledevelopment) * More than a calorie counter: keep an eye onthosecarbs, proteins and fats as well * Keep track of your weight,fatpercentage and lots of other body metrics in the ProgressTracker *Integrated with Virtuagym Fitness for home & gymworkouts *Earn rewards for eating healthy WHAT MAKES VIRTUAGYMSPECIAL - Ourapps are made in cooperation with fitness clubs /gyms, personaltrainers and expert nutritionists, making Virtuagymthe mostcomprehensive solution for workouts & nutritioncoaching on themarket. We’re more than a calorie counter, it’s acompleteecosystem. - We support nutrition plans for multiple goals,such asweight loss, maintaining weight and muscle build. It’s acaloriecounter, protein counter, carb counter and fat counter inone,fully integrated with our fitness tracker app with completevirtualtrainer workouts. With these apps, you can reach your goalsfasterthan ever! - We are one of the leading apps in the HealthandFitness category and have been featured in the Health andFitnesscategory in several countries worldwide. - We are one of thefirstFood Tracker apps that use the Material Design guidelinesbyGoogle. This means the interface is very user friendlyandintuitive. VALIDATED FOOD DATABASE Our food database is linkedtoseveral official food databases. These food databases areupdatedon a regular basis. The foods on this list have beenvalidated byexpert nutritionists. FOR A VARIETY OF GOALS: - Weightloss: focuson those calories to lose weight. Combine our caloriecounter withexercising with Virtuagym Fitness and reach your goals!-Maintaining weight: find the diet plan that’s right for you.You’llget a balanced diet plan, with enough calories, carbs,proteins andfats. - Gain weight: eat, eat, eat. Find out whichfoods help youto reach your goals. - Building muscle: you’ll needprotein. Lotsof protein. Use our protein counter to see which foodsare best foryou. DIFFERENT DIET PLANS: We have diet plans formultiple goals.You can select your own diet plan (low carb, highprotein, lowcalorie, whatever you want), and we provide you withyour personaldiet plan. Virtuagym Food comes with several dietplans: - Durable- High Protein Diet - Low Carb Diet - MuscleBuilding Diet -Athlete - Cardio - After Weight Loss Diet - Custom:select your ownpercentages of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.Another good thingabout Virtuagym Food is that it can be used byvegetarians as well.You can eat whatever you want. Just keep an eyeon the nutrientsyou eat. So if you are vegetarian, you can juststick to your ownvegetarian diet plan with Food. FULLY INTEGRATEDWITH VIRTUAGYMFITNESS - One account, access to everything you need- CompleteWorkouts - 3D-animated exercises - Written exerciseinstructions -Progress tracking: over 30 values available CUSTOMERSERVICE Wantthe food database in your own language? Recommendationsfor thenext version? Let us know! Feedback is always greatlyappreciated.If you find a bug, please email us Rating1 star doesn’t help us to solve it.
Detox diet plan:Lose fat fast in 7 days 6.47.r5
Detox diet plan lose fat fast in 7 days is the best free offline7day detox diet plan to lose fat fast for weight loss info on howtoloose weight fast in 1 week and how to lose belly fat at homefastin 7 days diet plan. How to reduce belly fat-Lose belly fat inoneweek *7 days detox diet plan to lose fat fast *Healthy weightlossdiet meal plan *Lose weight in 30 days for men/women/kids*Weightloss 7 day diet meal plan *Weight loss fat burning drinksdrinkwater to lose weight *Detox water drinks recipes *Weight lossdetoxdrinks fruits and vegetables diet *7 day Juice detox cleanse*Fatburning juice detox water for weight loss *Fat burningfoods-losebelly fat at home *Healthy recipes for weight loss detoxdiet planfor indian *Fat burning drinks detox drinks recipes forweight loss*Detox diet plan lose fat fast in 7 days *Natural homeremedies forweight loss *Calorie burning meal *Exercise for weightloss mealplan offline *Low fat recipes free(low fat diet app) *7days dietfor weight loss Best Weight Loss Apps Looking for loseweight appto lose it?Lose weight fast in 7 days?No satisfied weightlossapps?Lose weight app helps lose weight fast in 7 days.Loseweightfast & reduce tummy.This lose weight app is good at dietplanweight loss apps & BMI Calculator. Detox diet plan losefatfast:lose belly fat in 7 days Looking for detox diet plan losefatfast with Low fat recipes? Detox weight loss diet plan anddetoxbody cleanse?Detox diet plan lose fat fast apps and detoxbodycleanse?Want a plan to lose weight fast in 7days?This detoxlowcalorie meal planner(low fat recipes) is for best fat burningfoodsand fat burning exercise. Heart health diet planner Tolooseweight,to loose belly fat,to ensure healthy heart, follow dietplanfor weight loss & healthy meal plan app. Weight loss appswithbmi calculator for calculating your body mass index. This isahealthy heart app and weight loss diet meal plan app whichplansyour day meal diet for lose weight in 7 days or 1 week detox.Toknow how to diet or loose weight fast in 1 week,this app isforyou. This Weight Loss Diet Plan-"Detox diet plan lose fatfast"gives a complete breakdown of the foods to eat on all the 1weekBreakfast,Lunch,Dinner,snacking,drinking water to loseweight,howto lose stomach fat fast and various stomach fat burnexercise.Health and fitness Three healthy meals and two snacks aday for atotal of 1200 calories per day,drink water to lose weightin 1week, on all the 7 day diet plan for breakfast,Lunch,Dinnerandsnacking.Healthy weight loss starts with healthyeating,drinkingwater,taking detox juice for fat burning,thats whythis healthyweight loss diet meal plan app means a lot. Benefits ofWeight LossDiet Plan- Detox diet plan:lose belly fat fast in 1 week-Weightloss up to 17 pounds in just 7 days(1 week) -Nostarving(balanceddiet). -Natural way to lose weight and belly fat.-Detox cleanseand detoxify your body.(fruits and vegetables dietjuice and plentyof water) -Reduce belly fat and waist fat.-Stomachexercise-stomach training -Use the best fat burningfoods/juice.-Calculate your BMI by use of our bmi calculator andcharts. WeightLoss Diet Plan-Detox diet plan lose belly fatfast:-Health foodtips in english -Detox diet plan lose weight fastin 1 week. -Detoxfat burning juice - 7 day diet plan -Detox drinksweightloss(fruits and vegetables diet, water weight loss) -detoxjuicediet for weight loss -Detox Body Cleanse -31 fat burning food-Bodyfat calculator -Detox weight loss tips(e.g drink water toloseweight) -Weekly meal planner to lose it. -stomach fat burnexercise-Results in just 7 days -7 days diet for weight loss-BMICalculator -Best fat burning exercise for weight loss mealplanner.-Calorie burned calculator -This healthy meal plan appisabsolutely FREE and offline.
Runtastic Balance Calorie Calculator, Food Tracker
Calorie counting has never been easier. Runtastic Balance isyourhandy food diary & calorie calculator for every day.EXPLOREALL FEATURES FOR FREE * Keep an eye on all major nutritionalvalues(carbs, fat, protein). * Check calories and macronutrientsper fooditem right in the macro tracker. * Track food with theexpansive,localized food database integrated in your food diary. *Trackcalories easily without searching the database, simply usethebarcode scanner instead. * Easily add recently tracked foodstoyour current day. * Set a weight goal and your ideal calorieandmacronutrients intake will be calculated automatically.*Activities tracked with any of your Runtastic appsautomaticallyincrease your daily calorie allowance. LOOSE WEIGHTWITH FREENUTRITION & DIET PLANS Improve your stamina, formhealthyeating habits, lose weight or build muscles, with thenutrition& diet plans. Runtastic Balance offers you a varietyofdifferent plans suiting your dietition and fitness needs.Choosefrom Energy Boost, Weight Loss, Healthy Balance, CardioKickstart,Warrior or Low Carb plans. Start your plan for freetoday! Do youhave further questions about our apps? Contact usvia
Diet to Lose 30 kg in 30 days2 1.0.2
This Application help you to Lose 30 kg in 30 days throughfollowthis diet system . after this application helped 200,000 userinmiddle east we converted to English version to helped morepeoplein the world wide . the system is divided to 4 weeks , and 28days, every day its completed the healthy food in different mealstoensure your body have needed vitamins, to don't feel thehungrythrough the diet period.
Diet and Weight Loss
The best nutrition app on Android Want to lose weight in ahealthyway? You have come to the right place. Diet and Weight Lossis acompletely innovative app made to help you reach yourobjective, beit weight lost, maintaining weight or a healthierlife. As opposedto other apps, we don't impose routines or diets,much less magicformulas to lose weight. Quite the contrary, wewould like to teachyou how easy it is to reach your expectationsand personal goals ina healthy way. • Points System Diet • BloodType Diet • PhysicalActivities • BMI Calculator • Daily Nutrition •Water IntakeRegulator • Daily Challenges • Advice and Notifications• Analysisof your Daily Progress • Body Fat Index Calculator •Search fornutritionists near you. • and many other functionsSuggestionsabout new functions are welcome. We are here to help youreach yourgoals. Want to know more?
Height Increase Diet Tips and Remedies Help 1.5
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Many people suffer with the inferiority complex because ofshortheight. Most teenage girls and boys look for the tipsandsuggestions to achieve good height. Although height of a personisbased on the genes, nutrition, physical activities etc. In thisappwe have compiled complete information on how to achievegoodheight. This app suggests you about foods, herbs, exercisesthatcan help you get a good height even in the age of 20's.Providingyour kids with good nutrition with foods rich in calciumproteinsvitamins and minerals, exposure to sun to get vitamin D,practicingoutdoor games, yoga and hanging exercises, helping themget propersleep, avoiding growth inhibitors etc can definitely helpthem inachieving good height.
Fitatu Calorie Counter and Diet
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The application will allow you to lose weight, gain weightormaintain current weight absolutely for free. Instead ofimposingstrict discipline on you, Fitatu will help you reach yourgoal inthe easiest possible way. Join millions of users for free.The freeFitatu is a simple to use calorie calculator. With Fitatuand itspaid subscriptions, being on a diet has never been so easy.-Fitatu Premium means your health under control - Fitatu Flexmeanseffective menus on your phone. See how Fitatu can help youachieveyour ideal weight. Discover the benefits of the freeapplicationand get what you have to pay for in other applicationsfor free.LOSE WEIGHT. NOT YOUR HABITS: ■ The largest base ofproducts anddishes from Great Britain modernized by nutritionists(91% ofproducts on the market, and growing by 100,000 new oneseachmonth). Only in Fitatu! ■ Base of dishes from restaurants inGreatBritain (e.g. "McDonald's", "KFC", "Subway", "Pizza Hut") ■Privatelabel products from British retail chains (e.g."Biedronka","Lidl", "Stokrotka", "Tesco"). ■ Barcode scanner ■Quick addingyour own products and recipes. LOSE WEIGHT. NOT HEALTH■ Detailedinformation about nutritional values intake (calories,proteins,fats, carbohydrates) and 35 other vitamins andingredients,including e.g. omega-3, vitamin K, vitamin B7, fibre,sodium,cholesterol. Only in Fitatu! ■ Automatic calculation ofcaloriegoals and proportions of proteins, fats and carbohydrates,or thepossibility of entering user's own calculations. ■Calculation ofthe appropriate caloric intake LOSE WEIGHT. NOT TIME■ Britishuseful measures - you do not need to check how much theproductsweigh (e.g. a spoon, a packaging, a piece, a glass, ahandful, aslice, a teaspoon). Only in Fitatu! ■ The simplest methodof addingdishes and products. Only in Fitatu LOSE WEIGHT. NOT TASTE■British dishes with recipes. Only in Fitatu! ■ Possibility to set1to 6 meals. ■ Add your favourite foods yourself LOSEWEIGHT.NOTFITNESS ■ Possibility to add your workouts from othersportsapplications such as Fitbit (also thanks to the Fitbit watch)anddata shared by Google Health with Endomondo, Runtastic FreeandNike+ Run Club applications. ■ Over 500 exercises Only inFitatu!(including the exercises by Mel B) ■ Add your own exercisesandworkouts. ■ Physical activity may optionally affect thetargetcalorie count (increase it). Only in Fitatu! LOSE WEIGHT.NOTCONTROL. ■ Body weight and size measurements. With chartsandforecasts concerning the assumed goal. Only in Fitatu! ■Summariesof calories and nutrition value for a day, week and month.■Automatic control of water consumed. Only in Fitatu! FitatuPremiumReach your nutritional goal in an easier and more pleasantway.Fitatu Premium means 8 new features that will help you inyourdaily resolutions ■ Data export ■ Individual daily goals ■Settingtime and notifications about meals ■ Summary for a specificperiodof time ■ Monitoring of the consumption of a given nutrientin agiven period Fitatu Flex Fitatu Flex is a weight lossmethodoffering you freedom. Decide how you want to lose weightthanks tothe suggestions of our nutritionists or a balancedcombination ofthe following options: ■ Recipes from Fitatu Flexnutritionists ■Your own dishes the appropriateness of which in youmay check inour application ■ Products and dishes from the Fiatudatabase
With the free Calorie Counter app by YAZIO, you can manageyourdaily food diary, track your activities and loseweightsuccessfully. Counting calories and losing weight has neverbeen soeasy! More than 6 million people have already achieved theirNewYear’s resolutions with YAZIO. Be a part of it. YAZIO is thebestdiet and weight loss app for Android – Free downloadandregistration – Personal plan to lose weight or build muscles–Calorie table with over 2 million foods – Nutrition trackerandfood diary for all meals – Tracks your calories, carbs,proteinsand fats – Create meals, add favorites or input new foods –Copydiary entries to other days easily – Built–in barcode scannerforquick searching – Tracks your sports, exercises and activities–Calorie calculator to track your burned calories – Tracksyourdaily steps walked and be more active – Documents your weightwithweight tracker – Assesses your diet and achievements –Syncsdirectly with Google Fit – Use the Wear App to take control –Greatwidget and shortcut features The advantages of YAZIO PROareundeniable – PRO is a useful extension of the free app – WithPRO,you will reach your goal twice as fast – Nutritional plans forlowcarb, high protein, etc. – Over 100 healthy and deliciousrecipes –Smart and intelligent food rating – More analysisincluding dietand body statistics – Tracks other nutrients likesugar, fiber andsalt – Recognize foods with the most carbs or fat –Shows progressover the previous 2.5 years – Tracks body fat, bloodpressure andblood sugar – Measure your breast, waist and hipcircumference –Plan your diet and sports for the next days – Nomoreadvertisements – who doesn’t love that? – Supports ourcontinuousimprovement of YAZIO You can buy PRO via in–app purchaseswithinthe app. YAZIO PRO is significantly cheaper than comparableCalorieCounter apps for diet and weight loss. If you go PRO, thepaymentwill be charged through your Google Play account duringpurchaseconfirmation. The subscription will be auto–renewed shortlybeforethe subscription period ends, maintaining the same priceandsubscription type you previously purchased, unless youunsubscribeno later than 24 hours before the subscription ends.Subscriptionscan be managed through your Google Play account afterpurchase. Itis not possible to refund a subscription or cancel asubscriptionduring the current period. The storage of your data isextremelysafe The YAZIO Calorie Counter is operated by YAZIO, aGermancompany. Since the app has been developed in Germany, it issubjectto the strict German Data Protection Act. All informationreceivedor sent through the app is encrypted at all times. All dataisstored anonymously on German servers and is not stored bythirdparties. – For further assistance go to– Getto know us better at Do you want tohelpmake the YAZIO Calorie Counter an even better nutritional&diet app? We always welcome your suggestions and feedback.
com.frack.dieta_zona_pro 4.33pro
Calculate your needs and compose your meal of the Zone Diet andthePaleo Zone in a few moments! -> Calculation of the Blocks.->More than 600 foods already entered! You can also CHANGE andADDnew foods. -> Calculation of the protein REALLYASSIMILATED(PDCAAS)*. -> Calculate your lean mass, fat mass andneedsdirectly in blocks. -> ZONE DIET PRO is Very simple anduseful.-> Configurable measurement units. -> Calculation ofcalories(kcal), proteins, carbohydrates and fats. -> Savingyourfavorite meals. -> Export and Import function of theDatabase.-> Sharing the meal function. Source of the foodsdatabase: IEO- European Institute of Oncology. The compiler of theZone Diet(Paleolithic diet, paleo diet...) is also used byCrossFitathletes. With the Zone Diet can lose weight and keepfit.-------------------------------------------------- --------Weinvite you to send us an email via the app (for suggestionsorproblems) before putting a negative rating. We will be readytoconsider any request. The Zone Diet, like all diets ingeneral,must be followed by a physician. * It is not consideredtheassociation of two incomplete protein sources but complementary.
Eat This Much - Meal Planner 1.133
Put your diet on autopilot with Eat This Much, the automaticmealplanner. Tell us your diet goals, the foods you like, yourbudget,and what your schedule looks like, and we'll automaticallygeneratea complete meal plan to meet your requirements. It's likehaving apersonal diet assistant. Features •  Generate meal plansthat meetyour calorie and macro targets in seconds •  Nutritiontargets canbe set up for weight loss, maintenance, or muscle /bodybuilding • Follow any eating style or create your own •  Choosefrom paleo,atkins/keto, vegetarian, vegan, and Mediterranean diets•  Filterout foods/recipes based on allergies and dislikes,includinggluten-free •  Set the available cooking time for eachmeal tomatch your schedule •  Take the anxiety out of picking whatto eat•  Personalize any of our recipes or add your own •  Don'tlike oursuggestions? Easily swap them out or configure the mealplanner toonly use foods you like using Recurring Foods Premiumfeatures • Automatically generate a week of meal plans at a time • Didn’tfollow the meal plans? Easily log what you did eat to trackyourintake •  Grocery lists are automatically created from yourmealplans •  Set a number of family members for each meal to makesureyou buy enough groceries •  Reduce food waste with pantrytracking•  Set custom targets for each day of the week, like morecaloriesand carbs on your workout days. Customize as much or aslittle asyou want. Normal calorie trackers force you to add foodsinto yourdiary one by one. By the end of the day, there's noguarantee thatyou'll be anywhere near your nutrition targets. Withour automaticmeal planner, there's nothing to track becauseeverything isalready entered for you. All you have to do is followthe plan. Weoffer both free accounts and premium accounts. As afree user, youcan create a single day meal plan and completelycustomize ithowever you want. Each meal can have differentpreferences, andyour nutrition targets can be whatever you like. Asa premium user,you'll have access to the weekly meal planner thatallows you toautomatically generate a week of meal plans and sendthem to youwith a grocery list via email. As you follow the plans,you cantrack what you did or didn't eat, and if you deviate fromtheplans, we make it easy to readjust your targets for the nextweekto stay on track. Try out the free account to see if our mealplansappeal to you, and upgrade to the premium meal planner whenyou'reready. Privacy policy: of use:
com.OneLife2Care.FattyLiver 2.3
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Fatty Liver Diet & Health Tips is a Free App for androidmobiledevices that provides all diet tips and help informationaboutfatty liver or hepatic steatosis. The liver is one of thelargestorgan in the body. The liver commonly repairs itself byrebuildingnew liver cells when the old ones are damaged. Whenthere’srepeated damage to the liver, permanent scarring occurs.Fattyliver, or hepatic steatosis, is a term that describes thebuildupof fat in the liver. Fatty liver has become a commonhealthproblem. Fatty liver typically has no associated symptoms butYoumay experience * fatigue * abdominal discomfort * swellinginabdomen Excess fat can cause liver inflammation. If yourliverbecomes inflamed, you may have a poor appetite, weightloss,abdominal pain, weakness, and confusion. The most commonknowncause of fatty liver is alcoholism and heavy drinking. othercommoncauses of fatty liver include: •obesity •hyperlipidemia, orhighlevels of fats in the blood •diabetes •heredity •rapid weightloss•certain medications, including aspirin, steroids etc Properdietmanagement and following recommendations may help you cope withthesituation:- •limiting or avoiding alcoholic beverages•managingyour cholesterol •losing weight •controlling your bloodsugar
Lose Belly Fat Guide 3.0
Why Lose Belly Fat? Abdominal obesity, excess stomach fat orsimplybelly fat, can be a disaster area for every individual.Abdominalobesity can hamper confidence, making a person conscious,which mayreflect on social interactions. It is a conditioncharacterized byexcessive accumulation of body fat and increasedbody weight.Scientific studies have revealed that obesity isassociated withnegative effects on health and reduced lifeexpectancy. TheNational Institute for Health and Care Excellence(NICE) recommendsthe use of body mass index (BMI) to assessoverweight and obeseindividuals. It advises the measurement ofwaist circumference tosupplement this in individuals with a BMIunder 35 kg/m2. Thefollowing classification is advised by NICE: • ABMI of 25-29.9kg/m2 is overweight. • A BMI of 30-34.9 kg/m2 isobese (Grade I). •A BMI of 35-39.9 kg/m2 is obese (Grade II). • ABMI of ≥40 kg/m2 isobese (Grade III) or morbidly obese, meaningthat weight is a realand imminent threat to health. Obesity is mostoften defined as abody mass index (BMI) above 30. High BMI isassociated withincreased risk of high blood pressure, lipiddisorders, type 2diabetes and cardiovascular disease. However, thedefinition of BMIhas several problems. It doesn’t account fordifferent body frames,and it doesn’t differentiate between muscleand fat. The termscentral or abdominal obesity, or belly fat,describe fataccumulation in the upper part of the body. Why Do WeAccumulateBelly Fat? Why do some individuals accumulate fat withintheabdominal cavity while others don’t? Age and gender clearly playarole. Men are much more likely to accumulate fat in the upperbody,whereas women often accumulate fat in the lower parts of thebody,on the hips and thighs. The best way to avoid abdominalobesity isby preventing it. More than exercise, what you eatmatters; aproper diet is a must if you want to stay away fromabdominalobesity. Follow some of these effective preventivemeasures thatwill help prevent abdominal obesity: 1. Drink lots ofwaterthroughout the day. Water is the best natural resourceavailable tothrow out waste. 2. Eat your food at your own time.Munch itthoroughly before swallowing it. 3. Limit consumption ofcarbonatedwater. Instead drink lemon water. 4. Say NO to sugaryitems. 5. Eatlots of fresh fruits and vegetables. 6. Eat smallmeals, and eatafter every 3-4 hours. 7. Avoid late night eating. 8.Include atleast 60 minutes of daily exercise in your life. 9. Get aproper8-10 hours of sleep every night. 10. Include low fatdietaryproducts like skimmed milk and low fat cheese and yoghurt.11.Control hypertension. 12. Check your cholesterol levelregularly.13. Control your weight. Physical activity is good foroverallhealth and is especially important if you’re trying to loseweight.To begin losing weight, you will need to do moderate tovigorousexercise for more than three hours per week. Vigorousactivityraises your heart rate significantly. Be sure to check withyourdoctor before you begin any vigorous exercise programs.DownloadLose Belly Fat Guide Now To your good health
GM Diet Plan For Weight loss (2018) 4.5
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Best GM Diet for WeightLoss App The GM diet or General MotorsDietis one of the most popular weight loss diet plans that help youtolose up to 7 kgs/ 14 Lbs in just 7 days. The GM diet is basedonthe consumption of low-calorie fruits and vegetables which helptodetox the body and jump-start the metabolism. Afterfollowingstrict fruits and vegetable diet for 4 days, complex carbsandproteins are gradually re-introduced into the diet so thatyourbody does not go into the fight or flight mode. You can eat asmuchof fruits and vegetables as you want while on the GM diet, sothereis no question of starving.   The GM Diet App providesadetailed breakdown of the diet that has to be followed for 7daysalong with the list of foods and specific quantities thatareallowed on all the 7 days of the diet for breakfast, lunch,dinner,and snacks. The GM Diet App also provides a samplevegetarian dietplan that you can use as a guideline while planningyour diet. TheApp also helps to track your progress and share theresults.AppHighlights1. Detail Day Wise diet2. Day Diet TrackingSystem3.Track your diet progress4. Timely Meal Notifications5.Informationabout How you feel in the day6. Easy to cook and DetailRecipe forevery meal7. Simple Substitutions - more comfortable tofollow8.Simple Workouts - To Get fast results9. Easy FeedbackSystem -clarify your doubt quickly10. BMI Calculator - How healthyare you?Why the GM Diet Works?The diet plan includes negativecalorie foodsthat help to burn caloriesProvides visible results injust 7daysThere is no limit on the intake of fruits and vegetablessothere is no question of starvingThe meals include only wholefoodsso there is no need for any preparationSimple andeasy-to-followdiet planNo harmful side-effectsGM Diet ObjectivesandCharacteristics:Diet based on low-calorie fruitsandvegetablesPromotes weight loss by detoxing the body and speedingupmetabolismComplete detoxification makes you feel lightandenergeticReduces the risk of hypertension and arthritis
Zone Diet Free 4.20
Calculate your needs and compose your meal of the Zone Diet andthePaleo Zone in a few moments! -> Calculation of the Blocks.->More than 600 foods already entered! You can also CHANGE andADDnew foods. -> Calculation of the protein REALLYASSIMILATED(PDCAAS)*. -> Calculate your lean mass, fat mass andneedsdirectly in blocks. -> ZONE DIET FREE is Very simple anduseful.-> Configurable measurement units. -> Calculation ofcalories(kcal), proteins, carbohydrates and fats. -> Savingyourfavorite meals. -> Export function of the Database.->Sharing the meal function. Source of the foods database: IEO-European Institute of Oncology. The compiler of the ZoneDiet(Paleolithic diet, paleo diet...) is also used byCrossFitathletes. With the Zone Diet can lose weight and keepfit.-------------------------------------------------- --------Weinvite you to send us an email via the app (for suggestionsorproblems) before putting a negative rating. We will be readytoconsider any request. The Zone Diet, like all diets ingeneral,must be followed by a physician. * It is not consideredtheassociation of two incomplete protein sources but complementary.
Calcolo Zona 1.9.14
Compilatore per la Dieta Zona che segue fedelmente le regolediBarrySears.HTML.IT:("...Appmoltoprecisa""Calcolo Zona offre un’interfaccia molto ben fattaedintuitiva dove poter inserire facilmente i propri datieprogressi."SALUTEMOBILE.COM("...Appmoltosemplice dautilizzare..."****************************************Sehaibisogno di ricette, scarica dal market le mie app "Ricette inZonacon Simpatia" e "Ricette inZonaVerde".********************************************************************************Ifyouare looking for the English version, search the app "DietZoneCalculator"***************************************** Compila iltuopasto in Zona, memorizzalo tra i preferiti e condividilo viamail.*Calcola la tua massa magra, la tua massa grassa e ilfabbisogno inblocchi del tuo organismo.* Tieni sotto controllo iltuo peso eregistra i tuoi progressi nel tempo.* Aggiungi i tuoialimenti aquelli già presenti; lo puoi fare attraverso valorinutrizionali oin modalità avanzata.* SEMPLICISSIMA da usare:modificadirettamente i miniblocchi e saprai in automatico laquantità dialimento da consumare per rimanere in Zona!Il databasecontienetutte le voci contenute nelle tabelle ufficiali INRAN, peruntotale di quasi 500 alimenti, suddivisi in carboidrati, proteineegrassi.PER FAVORE, prima di lasciare commenti negativi,scrivetemivia mail ( il 99,9% delle cose è risolvibile!)Compilerfor the ZoneDiet that faithfully follows the rules of BarrySears.HTML.IT:("...very preciseApp""Calculation Zone offers a very well done andintuitiveinterface where you can easily enter your detailsandprogress."SALUTEMOBILE.COM("...verysimple app to be used..."****************************************Ifyou need recipes,download the app market my "Recipes in area withSympathy" and"Recipes inGreenZone".********************************************************************************Ifyouare looking for the Inglese version, search the app "DietZoneCalculator"***************************************** Fill outyourmeal in the area, store it as a favorite and share it viae-mail.*Calculate your lean mass, fat mass and your requirements inblocksof your body.* Keep track of your weight and keeps track ofyourprogress over time.* Add Your food to those already present;youcan do it through nutritional values ​​or advanced mode.* SIMPLEtouse: change Miniblocks directly and automatically know theamountof food to consume to stay in Zone!The database contains alltheitems contained in INRAN official tables, for a total of almost500foods, be they carbohydrates, proteins and fats.PLEASE,beforeleaving negative comments, write me via e-mail (99.9% of thethingsis solvable!)
Paleo (io) The Paleo Food List 1.3.1 is the best Paleo App and Paleo Food List in theGooglePlay store. Never again will you have to wonder whether ornot afood is paleo-friendly. Simply type in the food you arecuriousabout into the search box and the app will tell you whetheror notthat food is paleo. helps thousands of peoplediscoverwhich foods are paleo every day! Have you ever seen a foodandasked yourself, “is it paleo?” Well now you can have theanswerfaster than ever before with the best “is it paleo” apparound!
 * searches over 3,000 food items toidentifywhich foods are paleo and which foods are not * Easilystick to thepaleo diet without driving yourself crazy – Paleo.iomakes thepaleo diet easy! * Brought to you by the team at UltimatePaleoGuide ------------------------------------------ MAINFEATURES
 ✓Paleo made easy! Simply search for a food and knowwhether or notit is paleo with the best paleo food list app around✓ Searchthrough over 3,000 different food items ✓ Intuitive design– greenthumbs up means its paleo, red thumbs down means its notpaleo ✓“More info” button links to the Ultimate Paleo Guide websitewherethere is tons of additional information on the paleo diet ✓“BrowseRecipes” button links to the Ultimate Paleo Guide websitewhere youwill find hundreds of delicious paleo recipes WHAT ISPALEO?Although its often called a “diet,” paleo is simply adifferent wayof looking at how you eat food. Paleo is actuallyquite simple: EatThese Foods: -Vegetables -Meats -Fruits -Nuts-Seeds Don’t EatThese Foods: -Processed Food -Sugar -Grains -Dairy-Legumes Thepaleo diet is focused on eating food that has beenaround since thePaleolithic era. That's why the paleo diet is alsoknown as thecaveman diet. Its focused on eating nutrient-dense,whole,unprocessed foods that are easy for your body todigest.------------------------------------------ Put the power ofpaleoin your pocket, and stay paleo out there! – Ultimate PaleoGuideteam
Recipes & Nutrition 3.1
Looking for a new recipe? Have a special diet or nutritionneeds?Our Recipes and Nutrition app is your solution. It is bothanamazing recipe finder and the only place where you can compareandselect over a million recipes from hundreds of web-sitesforcalorie, diet and nutrition information. We’ve preppedtheingredients. You make the cooking. Here is a step by step of howitworks: 1. You type in your search. Maybe you’ve seen anewinspiring vegetable at the grocery store; or feel like bakingveganand gluten-free cookies. Or maybe, you want to get creative inthekitchen and find a new great recipe for high protein, lowcaloriemeal. Whatever the case, we have the answer. 2. Select afilter. Wehandle all the major nutrition and calorie needs. Makeyourselection before you hit search or after you find somerecipes.It’s up to you. Here are some of our most popular filters.–Vegetarian – Vegan – High Protein – Gluten Free – Dairy Free –LowCarb – Low Fat – Recipes Between 200 and 400 Calories 3. Wedeliverthe results. Our algorithm brings up on top the highestqualityrecipes from the top web-sites such as Epicurious, Food& Wine,101 Cookbooks, Simply Recipes and many more. No need tobrowse backand forth. We’ve done the work of bringing up the bestand highestquality. 4. See and compare. We’ve made it super easy tobrowsethrough the results. All recipes have great photos and youcanquickly go through the top results and compare for nutritionandingredients. Each recipe has a full nutritional profile, so youcansee not only the calorie, protein, fat and carb content, butalsothe values and recommended daily intake for many essentialmicronutrients and minerals. That’s why we call it Recipes andNutritionapp! 5. Go shopping. Each recipe has a list of ingredientswitheasy checkboxes for convenient grocery shopping. You don’tevenneed to write down a grocery list. Just bring your phone ortabletto the store, find the recipe you want and shop for it usingourapp. The time you save on planning and shopping, you canspendmaking delicious and nutritious meals in the kitchen. Enjoy!Yoursin the kitchen, The Edamam Team
com.ketodietapp.ketodiet 2.63
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What is the Ketogenic (keto) Diet? The ketogenic (keto) diet ishighin fat, adequate in protein and low in carbohydrates. Mostpeoplefollow the keto diet in order to lose weight. However,weight lossis just one of the many benefits and the ketogenic diethas beenshown to help manage or treat several health conditions.What isKetoDiet Basic? Recipes KetoDiet includes 300 exclusiveketo recipesplus over 650 FREE recipes from our integrated ketoblog. With theoption to purchase additional recipes via in-apppurchases. All ourrecipes are keto friendly, easy to follow andare accompanied byamazing photos and detailed descriptions foreach step. All of therecipes are either paleo/primal friendly orinclude dairy-freesuggestions. Additional recipe packages can alsobe purchasedseparately. Keto Diet Guide The ketogenic dietexplained thoroughly- for complete beginners to advanced ketodieters. Discover thescience behind the ketogenic diet, find outwhat ketosis is, why itworks best, what to eat on a keto diet, andmuch more all backed upby scientific references. Free meals &articles Continuousupdates from our online KetoDiet Blog,including FREE recipes,informative articles and KetoDietcompetitions & giveaways!Shopping Basket KetoDiet includes ashopping basket to help youmanage your shopping. No need to takeyour Android with you, you canprint out your shopping listdirectly from the app! Will KetoDietwork for me? Unlike otherdiets, KetoDiet is focused on eating realfood suitable for theketogenic diet. The aim is to achieve ametabolic state known asketosis, where your body uses fat for fueland you naturally loseweight. Based on studies, the ketogenic diethas been found toperform best with real long-term weight loss andhealth benefits.We provide a complete overview of the dietincluding scientificreferences and several sources of information.About the KetoDietrecipes Keto diet recipe highlights: • Theaverage net carbscontent of KetoDiet meals is 5 grams per serving •Suggestions andnutritional facts • Optional ingredients offer moreflexibility tosuit your ketogenic diet • Serving size adjustment •Star recipesto never lose your favorite meals again! All Keto Dietrecipescontain: • No grains • No sugar • No white potatoes • Nolegumes(peanut-free options) • No additives • No unhealthy oils •Noartificial sweeteners • Dairy-free options • Reduced carb options
Military Diet 1.0
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Military Diet is a very popular diet regimen, the Diet Planhasworked for many. Here are menus for each day, a shoppinglist,exercises, and success stories with photos ...Details of allstepsof the diet:- Military Diet Menu: Day 1- Military Diet Menu:Day 2-Military Diet Menu: Day 3- How to Lose 10 Pounds in 3Days:Preparation To Lose 10 Pounds- Need Some Weight LossInspiration?Weight Loss Inspiration and read About The Success OfOthers-Military Diet Calorie Count- Fat Flush Fruit Infused WaterRecipesfor Weight Loss: Fruit Infused Water- Summers Salad Recipes-Imagegallery: Before and after diet with imagesMotivation is whatgetsyou started!The diet may make you feel hungry, tired, andgrumpybecause it's a low-calorie plan.The military diet is claimedtohelp you lose weight very quickly.
The Blood Type Diet®
Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo's Blood Type Diet® App for Android phonesandtablets lists Beneficial, Neutral, and Avoid foods for each ofthe4 blood types. It also includes Unknown for those foodsnotdetermined. Handy for grocery shopping, eating in restaurants,andmeal planning. On the go or at home, you can always be surethatyou are eating right for your type. Easy to use. Just selectyourblood type and start picking foods for your type categorized inthehandy Food List. Know your secretor status or want to learnmoreabout it? It's an option in the app. Ours is the only officialandapproved Blood Type Diet® App for the Android. It's a great waytokeep the Blood Type Diet® at your fingertips - a quick, conciseandeasy reference. Includes: Blood Type and optional SecretorStatusselection Food Lists Shopping List - choose your own orcombinefamily list for multiple blood types Email Shopping Listdirectlyfrom the app Family Food List - combine common foods formultipleblood types Information about each Blood Type Updated UserGuideFrequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Food Search Intuitive iconsforeasier identification and navigation Convenient RecipeAccess(Note: Internet connection required) Dietary SupplementInformationwith A to Z supplement link Improved the app screens,making betteruse of how they display on larger devices You can viewthescreenshots shown above for a a helpful sample of what you get.Wedo support our app and encourage you to report a problem, askaquestion - or maybe just tell us what you like (see More,thenFeedback or email The app islicenseprotected so be sure you have connectivity for successfulaccess.We appreciate your interest in Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo's BloodTypeDiet®.
Dieta Para Diabéticos 1.0
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Conozca más sobre nuestra App Dieta Para Diabéticos y los pasosquepuede seguir para controlar la diabetes y disfrutar de unabuenacalidad de vida, larga y activa.Intala la App AHORA ysientetesaludable con la mejor dieta para diabetes!Detalles de laDietapara Diabetes :1. Como Normalizar tu Glucosa2. Alimentosbuenospara la diabetes: Deliciosas Frutas Para Diabéticos Que DebesComera Diario (escuchar el audio)3. Dieta para diabéticosehipertensos4. Dietas Para Diabéticos Tipo 1: ¿QuéAlimentosConsumir?5. Dieta Para Diabéticos Tipo 2 Consejos(escuchar elaudio)6. Dieta de adelgazamiento para diabéticos7. Los3 Menús ParaToda La Semana: TIPS PARA DIABETICOS AL COMER FUERA DECASA(escuchar el audio)8. Crea un plan alimenticio saludable9.Galeríade fotos con el antes y después de personas que siguieron ladietay encontraron en ella la solución a sus problemasNo dejesqueavance tu diabetes, aplica esta Dieta Para Diabetes y aprendequéalimentos para diabetes te curarán para siempre!Learn moreaboutour App Diabetic Diet and steps you can take to controlyourdiabetes and enjoy a good quality of life, long andactive.Intalathe App NOW and feel healthy with the best dietfordiabetes!Details Diet for Diabetes:1. As Normalize yourbloodglucose2. Food good for diabetes: Diabetic delicious fruitsyoushould eat daily (listen to audio)3. Diet for diabeticsandhypertensive4. Type 1 Diabetic Diets: What Eat Foods?5. Type2Diabetic Diet Tips (listen to audio)6. slimming dietfordiabetics7. The 3 Menus for the week: TIPS FOR DIABETIC TO EATAWAYFROM HOME (listen to audio)8. Create a healthy eatingplan9.Gallery with before and after people who followed the dietandfound in it the solution to your problemsDo not let yourdiabetesprogresses, apply this Diet For Diabetes and learn whatfoods fordiabetes cure you forever!
Healthy Recipes & Calculator 5.02
You’re one click away from over 500,000 recipes from theworld’slargest healthy recipes website, All ofourrecipes have been tried and tested by home cooks just like you,andour app is designed to make it easy for you to whip upfavoriteswherever you go! Make eating delicious, nutritious meals asnap -all without breaking the bank.With our free app, youcan:Search ourrecipe database your way - Looking for a healthybreakfast dish?Need a low fat pasta dish the kids will eat? WithHealthy Recipesit’s easy to find a new recipe that fits the bill.Search by meal,cuisine, occasion, course, or prep time.Find recipesthat fit yourdietary needs - Whether your diet is gluten free, lowcarb orvegetarian, we have the recipes for you. Filter for yourdietaryneed and find tasty recipes, fast.See calories, carbs, and10 otherkey nutrients for each recipe - is asister siteto, the #1 healthy-living website in theUS.Knowing what you eat is the first step towards watching whatyoueat, so all our recipes feature detailed nutritionalinformation.We make it easy to calculate exactly what’s in whatyou're eating.Looking for low fat, low carb meals? We’ve got youcovered. Justlooking for easy recipes that are tasty and quick tomake? We havethose too. Save your favorites - Found a recipe thatyou love? Saveit to your “Favorites” list so you can come back toit. Want to seethese recipes from anywhere on the web? Create afree SparkRecipesaccount and sync your favorite recipes across allyourdevices.Integrate with our fitness tracking app - all recipesyousave to your “Favorites” list will automatically be synced toourfitness tracking app if you use it as well. Get a better ideaofwhat you eat and how healthy it is! And track the recipes youfindin this app in our free diet tracking app with a tap!ShareRecipeswith Your Friends - Our app offers seamless sharing ofyourfavorite recipes to Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or email -give ita try!Our members love our app and we think you will too.Let'scook up something delicious!
Lose weight: diet and exercises in 30 days 2.1
Do you want to lose weight in four weeks! Our Application,loseweight and exercise in 30 days for men and women consists ofahealthy diet to lose 10 kg of weight to reduce fat veryquicklywith 30 days of training How to lose weight naturally:Theapplication gives you the best and faster diet for normalperson,vegetarian, gout, and diverticulitis or for diabetes,tougher andquicker diet for weight loss with a healthy and balanceddiet ofslimming and drying foods divided into two systems Weightloss witha healthy and balanced diet of slimming and draining foodsdividedinto two modes: - lose weight journey: Regular diet programdividedby a healthy diet divided into 3 meals (breakfast, lunch,anddinner), each diet 7 days is separated diet 1500 calories -loseweight vegetarian: Vegetarian diet to burn fat very fastandbalanced calories required in the period of drying and alsoyourbody needs the number of proteins, sugars, and healthy fatsThelow-calorie programs are very varied and balanced every daywithvegetables, meat, fruits and all your body needs of vitaminstostart weight loss experience in a short time of the week. howtolose weight overnight tips as teen for desperate person if youaskway to lose weight with our 101 weight loss tips or 21-dayweightloss kickstart for affirmations and low cholesterol diet forpeoplewho feel too much Weight loss workout in a month: The weightlossexercise program consists of a full body exercise plan andisdivided into exercises for the arm, abs, legs, and buttocks.Theseexercises will help you lose excess fat in your body, Allexercisesare accompanied by animations that guide you to do theexercisesproperly. These activities do not need equipment, but youcanquickly do them in your home, anywhere, anytime Weight TrackingYoucan easily track the progress of your weight loss, the numberofcalories burned and the removal of excess weight If you followourdaily diet and workout program, you will notice asignificantchange in your body and weight characteristic : - Trackthe path oflosing weight and burning calories - Complete dietprogram andlow-calorie vegetarian plant for 30 days with dailyschedule of thepurchase list - Exercises and workout for all areasof the bodywith animation exercises