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Learn Astronomy 10.0.2
*****Get 300 apps for only $19.99 viaGoLearningBusLibrary*****WAGmob has completed 5 years and we arerunning alimited time offer via which you can access all 300quality appsvia GoLearningBus Library. GoLearningBus providers 1.School bus(K-12), 2. College Bus, 3. Professional Bus and 4.Languages buswith more than 50 languages.GoLearningBus appprovides:1. Snacksized tutorials.2. Bite sized flashcards tomemorize keyconcepts.3. Simple and easy quizzesforself-assessment.GoLearningBus brings you a simple, crispandto-the-point app for "Learn Astronomy".You have limited accesstothe content provided. For full access to the content, pleaseloginand purchase this application. This app provides a quicksummary ofessential concepts in Astronomy by following snacksizedchapters:The Galaxy and Night Sky,The Sun,HistoryofAstronomy,Telescope,The Solar System,The Moon,BranchesofAstronomy,Introduction,Planets of the SolarSystem."GoLearningBusLibrary" covers following:A) School BusGrade3-5Grade 6-8HighSchool: Grade 9-12College Entrance TestsLanguagesB)CollegeBusEngineering CollegeMedical CollegeBusinessCollegeLawCollegeLanguagesC) ProfessionalBusProfessionalProgramming,Professional Design,ProfessionalLanguages,ProfessionalSoftware and Tools.D) Language BusMore than50 languages includingGerman, French, Korean, Mandarin, Arabic,Hindi, Italian and muchmore.This app will access your personalinformation like firstname, last name, and Email id.WhyGoLearningBus apps:1) Beautifullysimple, Amazingly easy, Massiveselection of apps.2) Enjoyable,Entertaining and Exciting apps.3) Anincredible value for money.Lifetime of free updates!To understandour privacy policy pleasevisit us at or write to us at Team@WAGmob.comfor anyquery and your valuable feedback.
Deep Sky 1.0.5
Amateur Astronomy Guide. Entries for the 110 Messier objects.Theseinclude (public domain) images and some commentary. A lot oftheseobjects are visible using good binoculars and all are visibleusinga small amateur telescope. Maps of all the constellationsvisiblein the northern hemisphere with the location of all theMessierobjects marked. Links from the maps to the information pagesand toneighboring maps. Apologies to those of you down under. Hopeto getthere eventually.
Astronomy Timeline
Though man has studied the universe for thousands of years, westillknow very little about the place we live in. And as wecontinue tolearn more, we are consistently amazed, and sometimesconfused. Thisapp helps open oneself to the amazing history ofastronomy bylisting all the great events in chronologicalorder.Browse throughall the events that has made history!Note:Only the facts listed infirst section are free. To unlock allsections you must purchaseafter downloading this app.
OC Astronomy 1.6
Wise I.T.
Download the OC Astronomy App and see what this month's sky hastooffer, help keep track of the heavens with O.C. Astronomy ToolKitwith must have Android App's for your Mobile Devices. Locategreatplaces around Orange County with your Smart Phones GPS usingtheO.C. Star Spots feature. View Astronomy Photos of Stars,Planets,and Nebula, get more Astronomy News by liking O.C.Astronomy onFaceBook and get daily Astronomy news links byfollowing O.C.Astronomy on Twitter.
Star Hoppers 1.2.0
Star Hoppers integrates the Chinese and Western star chartswithinformation of astronomical events and related activitieswhiletelling the stories of constellations to you with itsaudiorecordings.With its digital star chart, you will find thatpeoplefrom the ancient Chinese and Western cultures createddifferentconstellation and asterism system due to theirdifferentassociations with the stars. The star chart has 3differentoperation modes: the Virtual Reality (VR) mode simulatesthe starfield according to the location and orientation dataobtained fromthe device to help you identify celestial objectsandconstellations; the Augmented Reality (AR) mode marks thecelestialobjects, constellations and asterisms on your camera imageinreal-time by employing the augmented reality technology; theManual(M) mode allows you to navigate the star chart at will.Tapping onany constellations, planets, the Sun, Moon or ThreeEnclosures andTwenty-eight Mansions, you can listen to the recordedstories ofthe constellations or celestial objects.Star Hoppersalsointroduces the basics of stargazing to promote the propermanner ofstargazing as well as to help the novice to identifytheconstellations.You may also select the Calendar function toreceivethe latest information of various astronomical eventsandactivities provided by the Hong Kong Space Museum. You may usetheShare function with third party apps to invite your friends tojointhe activities and share the fun of stargazing withyou!Features ofthe app:* Help users to learn and identify celestialobjects andconstellations with the realtime generated digital starchart atany locations in the world.* Display unique ancient Chinesestarchart with the complete ancient Chinese asterism systemincludingthe Three Enclosures, twenty-eight lunar mansions andmore.*Playback more than 200 bilingual audio recordings ofbasicinformation of celestial objects and asterisms in the Westernandancient Chinese cultures.* Employ augmented reality technologytolabel celestial objects and constellations on yourscreeninstantaneously when you point the camera of your mobiledevice tothe sky.* Provide the latest news on the coming Hong KongSpaceMuseum events such as astronomical films, lectures,stargazingactivities etc.* Share astronomical events andactivitiesinformation to your friends easily and invite them tojoin withyou.
PlanetDroid 6.0.1
W. Strickling
Astronomy ephemeris app for calculating high precision ephemerisandpositions of Sun, Moon and the Planets for engagedamateurastronomers and planetary observers, prefering data andfactsinstead of pretty picture-apps. Planetdroid finds rise,culminationand set times, the beginning of seasons, lunar phasesand planetaryaspects. Augmented reality (AR) view: See thepositions of planetsor comets live on a camera image and searchyour selected objectwith your phone! Since version 3.0 Planetdroidcomes with avisibility diagram. You see the elevation above thehorizon of yourselected body (white line) of the current nicht andthe elevationof the sun (dark yellow line), as well as the twilighttimes. Thehorizontal black line ist the horizon, the vertical redline yourselected time. Since version 3.3 it is possible to savelocationsoffline. The file containing the locationsissdcard/.com.strickling/location.txt. It can be edited with anytesteditor. To start the editor, simply click menu in thelocationselection form. Download elements for asteroids and cometsfrom theinternet. Supports GPS localization. Calculates (select ordeselectdifferent items in the menu): - time of rise, culmination,set, -azimut of rise and set - equatorial right ascension anddeclination- ecliptical coordinates and distance - azimut anelevation -equation of time, true local time, sidereal time -diameter,brightness, central meridian, position angle of the axis -forcomets and asteroids: motion velocity and direction -Civil,nautical and astronomic twilight - begin of the seasons,lunarphases, and lunar age - times of opposition, conjunctionandgreates elongation for planets. - time of perihelion for cometsOnsome devices without front camera Google Play Store willindicate,that Planetdroid is not compatible with your device. Thefrontcamera is needed for the augmented reality screen. If you liketoinstall Planetdroid without using augmented reality, pleaseinstallit from mywebsite: toMark Huss for his AstroLib containing the VSOP-routinesand to thetranslators Nenad Trajkovic (Serbian), Alfredo Caronia(Italian),IDris a.k.a. MANsur, Ghost-Unit (Russian), Sizhuang Liu(Chinese),M. César Rodríguez (Spanish) and Osama Al Shammari(Arabic).Required Permissions: - Hardware controls: Camera.Required for AR.May cause compatibility refusal for devices withoutfront camera.Try installation from my website! - Exact location:Forsite-specific calculations eg. rising and setting times. -InternetAccess: Online access to asteroid and comet orbitaldatabases andonline selection of an observation site. - SD cardaccess: Storingorbital elements data, settings and locationcoordinates foroffline search. More translators are welcome! If youlike this appand prefer using it in your language, contact me!Translation isvery easy. Frequent users are asked to purchase thePlanetdroiddonation version to share the Android market fees. Bugsor problemsfound? Please send error report for error loclisationand removalor send an email instead of giving bad ratings! Keywords: sun,moon, planet, planets, solar system, coordinates,position,physical ephemeris, planetoid, planetoids, asteroid,asteroids,comet, comets, ephemeris, sky, astronomy, observation,rise, set,culmination, azimuth, azimut, elevation, coordinates,position,physical ephemeris, conjunction, opposition, elongation,AugmentedReality, AR, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn,Uranus, Neptun,Pluto, Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta, droit,planetdroit,planet-droid, planetandroid, Planet droid
Astronomy Terms 8.9
✓ astronomy book✓ astronomy books free✓ astronomy dictionary✓ astronomy declination✓ astronomy encyclopedia✓ astronomy exploration✓ astronomy eclipse✓ astronomy facts✓ astronomy for kids✓ astronomy guide✓ astronomy study
Kids Science Planets Space 2.1.0
Ayaz Media
"♥♥♥ Fun Facts for Kids on Space & Planets ♥♥♥ Read somefunspace facts for kids and find out more about astronomy, theMoon,the Sun, Planets, of course our Earth and more. There are fulloffun and exciting facts about our Solar System.Children willlovethe cool, crazy, strange, funny, weird, odd, bizarre andwackyinformation Space & PlanetCool Facts on Solar System&Planet, many picture illustring article for kids from ages 4to 12years old.Easy to use app to kids to learn great informationonAstronomyTags: Kids Science facts, space fact, solar systemfacts,planets for kids, earth facts for kids, Kids Astronomy"
Astronomy - WhereIsIt 1.04
Astronomy, Setting Circle, Celestial Object LocationRecommendedbythe Royal Observatory of the United Kingdom (in2010)'s (Altitude and Azimuth) from Right AscensionandDeclinationIncludes: Star Ref's, Messier, Caldwell andBinocularObjects Catalog. Create your own Favorites catalog fromcurrentlydisplayed object.Input Dialog for Ra/Dec and FavoriteItemName.User Location: GPS or Input DialogInterested in DSC(DigitalSetting Circles)? The 3D printable gears and encoder mountsarehere:
The Night Sky™
iCandi Apps
The Night Sky™Wonder No More™From the creators of the hugely popular original Night Sky™appcomes a totally remastered experience. Just point your devicetothe sky to identify stars, planets, constellations andevensatellites! With a Breathtaking New Sky View, a new WorldTravellermode, clear and concise new Stargazing Conditions graphs,gorgeousnew 3D graphics and many more new features, prepare to seethe skyin a whole new way with all new The Night Sky!™ WonderNoMore™.“I’m very impressed with The Night Sky … it offers a delightfulandpolished user experience.” - Avery Wang (creator ofShazam)“…Pure fun to use and really hard to put down. … Exactlywhateducational apps should be all about” - iDownload Blog***** Over 15000 5 star customer reviews worldwide! –GooglePlayAll New Feature Set:• Breathtaking New Sky View: A completely redesigned new SkyViewcomes to Night Sky™ with a vivid new colorfulatmosphere,animations, and more detailed stars, satellites, andplanets thanever before, prepare to become visually immersed in theNightSky™.• 3D Earth View: Explore our planet with beautiful new 3DEarthMode. See where any satellite is at anytime, by exploring ourownglobe with the tip of your finger.• Night Sky™ Community: Engage with fellow stargazersandastronomers in the exclusive Night Sky™ Community. Shareidealstargazing locations with others and explore locations othershaveshared.• World Traveller: Explore the sky from anywhere in the worldwiththe new World Traveller mode. Fancy a trip to see what theskylooks like in another country? Then travel there instantly andviewit from the palm of your hand.• Stargazing Conditions: Explore the stargazing conditions inyourarea for the upcoming week. Beautiful new Stargazing graphsmeanwith a glance you can see the perfect time to gostargazing!Combine Stargazing Conditions with World Traveller andcheck outthe ideal time to go stargazing in a certain area you maybetravelling to, for instance that camping trip at a National Parkatthe weekend!• Absorbing New Music and Effects: All new Night Sky™ comes withanall-new absorbing sound track. Specifically composed toenhanceyour stargazing experience. Also included are new musicalsoundeffects that interact with you as you stargaze. Never beforehasthere been such a beautiful combination of sound andvisualstargazing elements.• Satellite Paths: A brand new feature, simply tap a satelliteinSky View and reveal the trajectory it will take acrossthesky!• Beautiful New Sky Information Pack: A fully searchable indepthpack of data about thousands of objects in the NightSky™.Completely redesigned and packed full of new content, prepareto beblown away with fascinating facts about our universe.• Latest Night Sky™ News: Never miss out on any events happeninginthe sky above with Night Sky™ Latest News. Learn aboutupcomingEclipses, all annual celestial events, and even stargazingeventslocal to you, right from our own Night Sky™ LatestNewseditors!
SkEye Pro 6.14e
Harshad RJ
This is the Pro version of SkEye. If you are an advanced userorwould like to support the development of SkEye, pleaseconsiderpurchasing this version. This version has:  • Support forComets. • The complete NGC, IC catalog with a powerful objectfilter  •Satellite tracking  Note that TLE data is notautomaticallyupdated. I haven't added this mainly to avoid an extrapermission:Internet access.  • All stars upto mag 10 are rendered.‣ QueriesSend an email to ‣ App Permissions  •Location:to determine accurate position of celestial objects  •Bluetooth:to suppport remote sensors ‣ LinksFeedback: GoogleGroup:!forum/skeye ‣ User this appifyou are looking for Astronomy, Sky Map, Digital SettingCircles,Star chart, Space and Planets. ‣ Thanks for all theamazingfeedback. Keeps me going!
Астрономия 0.5
Перед вами краткое и наглядноепособиепоАстрономии. В нём вы найдете информацию о нашейсолнечнойсистеме,планетах, звёздах, галактиках, туманностях, людяхсвязанныхсастрономией и многое многое другое.Here is a briefandclearguide to astronomy. In it you will find information aboutoursolarsystem, planets, stars, galaxies, nebulae, peoplerelatedtoastronomy and much more.
Астрологический планетарий 2.9.0
В приложении вы узнаете много интересного о планетах нашейсолнечнойсистемы с точки зрения астрологии: астрономические иастрологическиепараметры, мифологическое и астрологическоезначение,физиологические функции и многое другоеIn the appendix,you willlearn many interesting facts about the planets of oursolar systemfrom the viewpoint of astrology: astronomical andastrologicalparameters, mythological and astrologicalsignificance,physiological functions and more
Уникальные факты 2.0
Приложение Уникальные факты в вопросах и ответах поможетВамудивлять своих знакомых и друзей своей эрудицией, бытьвсегдаинтересным собеседником. Вы сможете найти ответ на любойвопрос изобласти науки и техники: географии и биологии, астрономиии физики,истории и экономики, политики и бизнеса. Ну а творческихлюдейзаинтересуют факты литературы и искусства (любопытные сведенияосудьбе шедевров и самих творцов). Новые знания никогда небываютлишними! В приложении есть возможность добавлять статьивизбранное, а так же отмечать как прочитанные. Привыбореопределенной категории Вам предоставляется возможностьпросмотретьвсе статьи, еще не прочитанные Вами либо просмотретькакие статьивы уже прочитали. Переход осуществляется слайдингомэкрана. Открыввыбранную статью Вы можете переходить к другимстатьям проведяпальцем по экрану влево либо вправо. The app'sunique facts in thequestions and answers will help you to surpriseyour friends andacquaintances with his erudition, to be alwaysinteresting to talkto. You can find the answer to any question fromthe field ofscience and technology: the geography and biology,astronomy,physics, history, economics, politics and business. Butcreativepeople interested in the facts of literature and art(interestinginformation about the fate of masterpieces and artiststhemselves).New knowledge is never superfluous! The application hasthe abilityto add articles to your favorites, as well as mark asread. Whenyou select a specific category you have the opportunityto view allthe articles you have not yet read or view any articlesyou havealready read. Sliding the screen transition is carried out.Openthe selected article, you can move on to other items byswipingleft or right.
Ad Astra: Astronomy app + sky guide and star atlas 1.8
An essential tool for every astronomer. The star atlas andskyguidethat makes it really easy to pick the best objects, makeyour ownobservation list and use it when you are outside. Ad Astracontainsdetailed maps of all 88 constellations, and descriptionsofthousands of objects: star clusters, planetary nebulae,galaxies,double stars and variable stars. All within reach ofamateurtelescopes and in a lot of cases, also viewable inbinoculars. Ifyou like an object, just press the + sign next to itto add to yourpersonal observation list. When you go outside atnight, use thelarge maps in the special red night vision mode tofind the objectand start observing. Ad Astra covers both thenorthern and southernskies. And supports both your Smartphone andTablet, you only haveto pay once to use Ad Astra on both devices!Ad astra is made byamateur astronomers, for amateur astronomers.And for everyone wholikes to start exploring the heavens with areliable tool. If youare fed up with fancy planetarium apps, thisis your way to godeeper. Ad Astra has been built upon openAstronomical data. Itfeatures deep sky objects up until visualmagnitude 12. What do youwant to see tonight? Start now. DisclaimerWe do our utmost todeliver you the best software and data availablein the market, butof course we cannot guarantee - nor will weaccept anyresponsibility regarding - the proper functioning oraccuracy ofboth. Data sources can change over time. You can notderive rightsfrom this information. By downloading and using AdAstra - SkyAtlas you accept these terms.
Sky Atlas 1.45
Sky Atlas is not planetarium or simulation software. It isdesignedanalog to a paper atlas for the purpose of looking up skypositionsof celestial objects. The electronic form takes advantageofzooming and selection of objects to be displayed or not--possibilities which are not available to paper. The star chartisplotted on equatorial coordinates. Current horizontalpositions,rise & set times, etc. for objects can be viewedafterselection of an object of interest. A star chart can be savedtoexternal memory card for documentation purposes, such aswebsitesor blogs.The use of Sky Atlas is believed to be simple,intuitiveand largely self-explanatory, yet requiring basicknowledge ofastronomy and familiarity with your Androidphone.AtlasObjectsOpens a list of object categories. Tap on acategory to viewavailable objects. Upon selection of an object, itsdata is shownin a message box, from which to return to selection ofanotherobject or choose to center an object on the star chart.Categorieswhich contain a large number of objects are assigned asub-menu(tap on screen's menu button) which allow to narrow down byvariouscriteria dependent on the nature of the category.*Constellations*Named Stars* Nearby Stars* Binary Stars* VariableStars*Exoplanets* All Messier objects with images* Bright deepskyobjectswith images* All Caldwell objects with images* SolarSystemPlanets* Dwarf Planets & Asteroids* Comets* MeteorShowers*Hubble Objects* Kepler Field Overlay* CelestialPolesReferencesThislist of items is not directly related to thestar chart, but toastronomical time-keeping, information andvisualizations.* Rise,set, twilight times* Day & NightVisualization* Planisphere*Rectangular view of the sun's vicinity*Earth Globe in 3D* MoonAtlas in 3D* Moon Calendar* MSL CuriosityStation* 3D planetaryphase views* Planetary Moons* Spacecrafts*Pleiades Close-up* SolarEclipses* Greek Alphabet* Glossary*Historical Timeline* ZodiacalSigns* Martian Moons* Plutonian MoonsComputingThis section is forastronomical computing, such as currentpositions of the Galileanmoons, orbit simulation, calculation ofoptical equipmentperformance and more.* Galilean Moons* OrbitSimulator* Distancesamong Stars* Speed of Light Simulation*Telescope Calculator*Binocular Calculator* CCD Imaging Calculator*Optical Formulae*JD-Date/Date-JD Converter Star Chart* Stars downto magnitude 6.4*Constellation lines* Constellation boundaries* AllMessier objects*Bright NGC/IC objects* All Caldwell objects* Sun,moon and planetsoverlay* Equatorial Grid* Equator line* Eclipticline* Associatedobject labels* Color display* Monochrome, negativedisplay*Nightview (red display)Sky Atlas is designed only forAndroidphones operating in portrait mode. If you own a tabletpleasesearch for "Sky Atlas Tablet".Galaxy Precident SCH-M828Candsimilarly small phonesnotsupported.ご購入をお考えのお客様へ、本アプリーに関するご質問は日本語でもお受けしております。お気軽にお問い合わせください。
Planet's Position 2.2.9
Tim Gaddis
Planet's Position is a program to calculate the position oftheplanets in the night sky based on a given location on Earth.SkyPosition: Individual planet's positions can be calculated foranytime between the years 1900 to 2100. Rise/Set: Calculateswhichplanets are rising or setting. Lunar Eclipses: Calculates thelunareclipses partially or fully visible. Lists the time of eventsofthe eclipse (Penumbral Start & End, Totality Start &End,etc). Lunar Occultations: Calculates the lunar occultations oftheplanets. Lists the times of start and end and the position ofthemoon. Solar Eclipses: Calculates the Solar eclipses partiallyorfully visible. Lists the time of events of the eclipse(EclipseStart & End, Totality Start & End, etc). Displayspath oftotality/greatest eclipse on Google Maps. Update Location:Updatedevice location with GPS or manual entry.
Oxford Dictionary of Astronomy 11.1.544
‘This book is rich in peculiarities for the interested observer’-The Independent The second edition of the Oxford DictionaryofAstronomy contains over 4,300 up-to-date entries coveringallaspects of astronomy. Compiled with the help of over 20expertcontributors under the editorship of renowned authorandbroadcaster Ian Ridpath, A Dictionary of Astronomycoverseverything from space exploration and the equipment involved,toastrophysics, cosmology, and the concept of time. The entrieshavebeen fully revised and updated for this edition, and newentrieshave been added to reflect the recent developments withinthe fieldof astronomy, including magnetic reconnection, Fornaxcluster,luminosity density, and Akatsuki. The dictionary alsoincludesbiographical entries on eminent astronomers, as well asworldwidecoverage of observatories and telescopes. Supplementarymaterial isincluded in the appendices, such as tables of Apollolunar landingmissions and the constellations, a table of planetarydata, andnumerous other tables and diagrams complement the entries.NEW!With the addition of a convenient Home page, a sleeker andmoreintuitive visual layout, as well as innovations in the speedofsearches you can delve right in faster and easier than ever!Alsoincludes advanced search and language tools that have becomethestaple of quality language apps from MobiSystems, Inc. SEARCHTOOLS- effortlessly find words thanks to a clear, functional,andeasy-to-use interface. Intelligent search integrates severaltoolsto match or suggest what you are looking for:  •Searchautocomplete helps find words quickly by displayingpredictions asyou type  • Keyword lookup allows you to searchwithin compoundwords and phrases  • An automatic ‘Fuzzy filter’ tocorrect wordspelling, as well as ‘Wild card’ ('*' or '?') toreplace a letteror entire parts of a word  • Camera search looks upwords in thecamera viewfinder and displays results  • Use our Voicesearch whenyou don't know how an entry is spelled  • Share worddefinitionsvia installed apps on your device  • Swipe-to-deletefunctionalityin the Recent and Favorites menus. LEARNING TOOLS -engagingfeatures that help you further enhance your vocabulary. •‘Favorites’ feature to create custom folders with lists ofwordsfrom the extensive library  • ‘Recent’ list to easilyreviewlooked-up words  • ‘Word of the day’ section to expandyourvocabulary daily  • Home screen widget provides random words ataglance  • Split screen support for Android 7 allowing you tousethe dictionary simultaneously with other apps. ***This is afullyfunctional 30-day trial version*** Get MORE by purchasing thefullversion of the Oxford Dictionary of Astronomy:  •Permanentlyunlock the complete features list  • Offline mode - lookup wordswithout an internet connection  • Premium Support – Getexpeditedsupport for any app-related issues  • Ad-free
Lunescope 🔭🌘 Moon Viewer
Udell Enterprises, Inc
🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕 Spectacular, interactive 3D simulation of the moon,rightdown to the shadows in the craters and earthshine on the darkside.Touch screen control changes date and time as seen fromyourlocation - the phase tracks your every move. Use two fingerstospin the moon itself (see the far side!) and zoom in to seelunarfeatures up close. Featured by: ★ Google Play Editor’sChoice,Stellar apps for stargazers & space explorers ★ Yahoo!News,Best Stargazing Apps ★ Appolicious, Best Moon Phase AndroidAppsLunescope has features you'll find in no other moon app,including:▶ For any date/location, instantly shows phase, crescentangle,libration, rise/set times, and nearest syzygies ▶ Zoom in foradetailed lunar map (up to 2500x magnification) with details onallsurface features ▶ Explore the moon landing sites:Apollo,Lunokhod, Surveyor, Ranger, and more! ▶ Shows supermoons,bluemoons, and black moons ▶ Displays all lunar eclipses, withfullvisualization ▶ Change phase by touchscreen or direct dateentry ▶2 finger drag rotates the 3D moon simulation ▶ LunarCalendar showsmonth’s phases at a glance ▶ Data pane givesadditional details:azimuth, altitude, distance, apogee, perigee,zenith, and more ▶Wear OS watch face shows the same imagery, plus(optionally)abbreviated data ▶ Supplies moon data and imagery viacomplicationsto other Wear OS watch faces ▶ Also includes a Wear OSTile to showmoon phase and data alongside your existing watch face▶ Choice ofimagery: High definition or Maximum realism (includesdynamicshadows of craters, mountains, etc.) ▶ Fully optimizedforChromebooks and tablets ▶ Notifications for major phasesandeclipses, also optimized for Wear OS ▶ Live wallpaper ▶Resizablehome screen widget, with optional moon info text [FormerlyMoonPhase Pro - it's more than just a phase!]
Wolfram Group
Remember the Star Trek computer? It's finallyhappening--withWolfram|Alpha. Building on 25 years of developmentled by StephenWolfram, Wolfram|Alpha has rapidly become the world'sdefinitivesource for instant expert knowledge and computation.Acrossthousands of domains--with more continuallyadded--Wolfram|Alphauses its vast collection of algorithms and datato compute answersand generate reports for you. Parts ofWolfram|Alpha are used inthe Apple Siri Assistant; this app givesyou access to the fullpower of the Wolfram|Alpha computationalknowledge engine. Domainscovered by Wolfram|Alpha include:MATHEMATICS Elementary MathNumbers Plotting Algebra MatricesCalculus Geometry TrigonometryDiscrete Math Number Theory AppliedMath Logic FunctionsDefinitions STATISTICS & DATA ANALYSISDescriptive StatisticsRegression Statistical DistributionsProbability PHYSICS MechanicsElectricity & Magnetism OpticsThermodynamics RelativityNuclear Physics Quantum Physics ParticlePhysics StatisticalPhysics Astrophysics Physical ConstantsCHEMISTRY ElementsCompounds Ions Quantities Solutions ReactionsChemicalThermodynamics Protecting Groups MATERIALS AlloysMineralsCrystallography Plastics Woods Bulk Materials ENGINEERINGAcousticsAeronautics Electric Circuits Fluid Mechanics SteamTablesPsychrometrics Refrigeration Structures ASTRONOMY StarChartsAstronomical Events Planets Moons Minor Planets CometsSpaceWeather Stars Pulsars Galaxies Star Clusters NebulaeAstrophysicsEARTH SCIENCE Geology Geochronology Geodesy EarthquakesTide DataAtmosphere Climate LIFE SCIENCES Animals & PlantsDinosaurs DNASequence Lookup SNPs Proteins Human, Mouse & FruitFly GenomesMetabolic Pathways COMPUTATIONAL SCIENCES CellularAutomataSubstitution Systems Turing Machines ComputationalComplexityAlgebraic Codes Fractals Mathematica Image ProcessingUNITS &MEASURES Conversions Comparisons Dimensional AnalysisIndustrialMeasures Batteries Bulk Materials Paint DATES & TIMESDateComputations Time Zones Calendars Holidays Geological TimeWEATHERCurrent & Historical Weather Forecasts Wind ChillHurricanesClouds Climate PLACES & GEOGRAPHY Maps ProjectionsGeodesyNavigation Distances Geomagnetism Geocoding CountriesCitiesElevation Data Oceans Lakes Rivers Islands Mountains PEOPLE&HISTORY People Genealogy Names Occupations PoliticalLeadersHistorical Events, Periods & Countries HistoricalNumerals& Money CULTURE & MEDIA Books Periodicals MoviesVideoGames Fictional Characters Mythology Television Networks&Programs Awards MUSIC Musical Notes Intervals Chords ScalesAudioWaveforms Instruments Songs WORDS & LINGUISTICS WordPropertiesDictionary Lookup Word Puzzles Anagrams LanguagesDocument LengthMorse Code Soundex Number Names SPORTS & GAMESFootballBaseball Olympics Stadiums Lotteries Card Games COLORSColor Names& Systems Color Addition Temperatures WavelengthsMONEY &FINANCE Stock Data Indices Mutual Funds FuturesMortgages PresentValue Currency Conversion Tips Bonds DerivativesValuation WagesSales Tax SOCIOECONOMIC DATA Demographics CountriesUS States USCounties Cities Economics Agriculture Energy SalariesUnemploymentCost of Living Health Care Housing Social StatisticsCrime MilitaryReligion HEALTH & MEDICINE Body MeasurementsGrowth ChartsExercise Diseases Mortality Data Medical Test DataTeeth VisionDrug Data Hospitals FOOD & NUTRITION Foods DietaryReferencesEDUCATION International Education Universities SchoolDistrictsPublic Schools Standardized Tests ORGANIZATIONS CompaniesHospitalsFoundations International Organizations TRANSPORTATIONAirportsAirlines Aircraft Flight Data Road Transport GasolinePricesBridges Tunnels Tides TECHNOLOGICAL WORLD CommunicationsSatellitesSpace Probes Photography Barcodes WEB & COMPUTERSYSTEMSWebsite Data IP Lookup Notable Computers Data TransferPortNumbering String Processing Hashing Unicode Lookup
StarLog 2.9
StarLog© allows you to log your astronomical observations inthefield, right there behind your telescope while you are lookingatthe object. You no longer need to jot down a few short scribblesondamp paper by the dim light of a red flashlight. You can justlogyour observations directly on your Android device! Yousimplyspecify which object you are looking at, which telescopeandeyepiece you are using, and a simple tap on a button brings youtoa prefilled form to log your observation. You can even addvoicerecordings! You can enter all your astronomical gear, evenfiltersand barlow lenses. To make sure you don't ruin your nightvision,StarLog© features a night vision mode that turns thewholeinterface red, including the keyboard and all pop-up windows!Youcan even turn the brightness of the app down to acomfortablelevel. You can full-text search through all yourobservations andsort them in various ways. StarLog© can export allyourobservations in the OpenAstronomyLog format (OAL 2.0), formaximumcompatibility with your other astronomical software. Supportforexporting to is built into StarLog© bydefault.Deepskylog is very popular in Europe. To make it easier todiscussyour observations with others, StarLog allows you to makeascreenshot of the observation, so that you can post it on forumsorinclude it in e-mails. If you don't see a menu button onyourdevice, long press the multitask button to open the menu. Tomakeyour transition to StarLog© as painless as possible, you canimportobservations and instruments from apps like 'Stargazing Log'and'FOViewer (full or trial)'. * Observation lists have been added*Import your own observation lists * Create, edit anddeleteobservation lists on your device * Works together with SkEyefor Goto/Push to functionality The following fields are availablein thelogging form: - Object - Date and Time - Location - Telescope-Eyepiece - Barlow lens - Filter - Magnification - Seeing -SQMvalue - Visibility - Limiting magnitude - Size -DescriptionKeywords: Astronomy log logging observations deepskyastro
Moon Widget 1.1.1
MoonWidget is a little astronomy widget that displays thecurrentphase of the moon. It also shows time formoonrise/moonsetdepending on your location. To see more information"click" on themoon.
Sky Objects 1.7.3
Is It Broken
see for list ofthenew extra beta category.Sky Objects turns your Android-powered device into a windowonthe night sky.The Plus adds the new ability to track any near earthobjectswith a NORAD Id in real time. Follow satellites, theinternationalspace station, and more!Sat Locks My take up to 1-2 minutes over cell networks!You can get predictions for Iridium Flares for the next 7days.Think shooting star like flares.Based on code Open sourced and donated by Google. by By data is courtesy of www.n2yo.comAnyone interested in helping? Fell free to email.
Abenteuer Astronomie 3.7.1
Abenteuer Astronomie ist die führende deutschsprachigeZeitschriftfür praktische Astronomie. Sie bietet Einsteigern wieversiertenAmateurastronomen Anleitung bei der eigenen Beobachtungundinspiriert zu neuen eigenen Entdeckungen. AbenteuerAstronomieverbindet Theorie und Praxis Neben ausführlichenpraktischenBeobachtungsempfehlungen und Tests von astronomischenInstrumentenbietet Abenteuer Astronomie große astronomischeWissensartikel,Schlagzeilen aus der Forschung sowie dieausführliche Vor- undNachbereitung aktueller astronomischerEreignisse. Inpraxisrelevanten Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitungen lädtAbenteuerAstronomie zum eigenen Nachmachen ein, bietet darüberhinaus mitaktuellen Surftipps, Rezensionen undVeranstaltungshinweisengleichzeitig Gelegenheit zur individuellenVertiefung desGelesenen. Die digitale Ausgabe von AbenteuerAstronomie bietetu.a. diese Features: + Kostenloses Anlesen allerverfügbarenHeftausgaben + Einfache Navigation und intuitiveBedienung +Leistungsstarke Volltextsuche + Nahtlose Verknüpfung vonHeft- undWebinhalten + Direktes Einsenden von eigenen Fotos,Zeichnungen undBeobachtungen ("Interaktiv"-Kästen) + KomfortablesMarkieren undKommentieren mit Text-, Bild- und Tonnotizen +Offline-Lesen dankvollständigem Download von Heftausgaben TestenSie AbenteuerAstronomie jetzt völlig unverbindlich durch unserekostenloseLeseproben! Adventure Astronomy is the leadingGerman-languagemagazine for practical astronomy. It offersbeginners andexperienced amateur astronomers guidance in ownobservation andinspires new own discoveries. Adventure astronomycombines theoryand practice Besides extensive practicalobservationrecommendations and testing of astronomical instrumentsoffersadventure astronomy big astronomical knowledge articles,headlinesfrom the research as well as the detailed preparation andreview ofcurrent astronomical events. In practice-orientedstep-by-stepinstructions Adventure invites you to astronomy ownimitation, alsoprovides with current surf tips, reviews, andinformation on eventsat the same time opportunity for individualdeepening of the read.The digital edition of Adventure Astronomyprovides, inter alia,these features: + Free anlesen all availableBulletin editions +Easy navigation and intuitive operation +Powerful full-text search+ Seamless linking of staples and webcontent + Direct mail fromyour own photos, drawings andobservations ("Interactive" -boxes) +Comfortable highlight andannotate with text, picture and voicememo + Offline reading thanksto full download of stitching issuesTry adventure astronomy nowwithout obligation through our freeSample!