Top 11 Apps Similar to Blaack Forest Tracker

SAFE Credit Union
With the SAFE Mobile Banking App, log intoyouraccount securely from your Android™.24/7 BANKINGCheck your account balances, view your transactionhistory,paybills, view and activate your cash-back offers, andfindyournearest branch or ATM.DEPOSIT CHECKSWith just a few clicks from your camera, you can deposit acheckfromwherever you may be.LOCATEFind the closest SAFE branch or ATM or locate fee-free CO-OPATMsandShared Branch locations. Our search map providesaddresses,phonenumbers and map info.Download our free app today and start changing thewayyoubank!To learn how we protect your privacy, please visit
Xyngular Share 2.8.54
With the Xyngular Share app, you can easily share your waytosuccesswith digital tools that create word of-mouth buzzandcomplementbelly-to-belly efforts! Connect with new contactsandinteract withyour team by sharing exclusive,corporate-approvedtools. You’ll havea vast array of marketingmaterials, videos,social assets, andmore—all right at yourfingertips! The powerful,yet beautifullysimple design, along withcompelling tools, makesgrowing yourbusiness simpler than ever.NextStep: Get yourbusiness rolling byfollowing simple step-by-stepnotifications andactions. These stepswill guide you through usingthe app andstarting your business!Contacts: Choose how to sync andmanageyour contacts. Swipe to sortthem by interest level. You canmakeconnections, add notes, or checkout the Contact Feed to seethetools you've shared and contactactions. Media: It has neverbeeneasier to share information aboutyour products and opportunityviaSMS text, email, or social media.Simply choose toolsspecificallydesigned to promote your businessand share them with acontact.You'll receive a notification whencontacts view a tool soyou knowexactly when to follow up! No dataconnection? No problem!Simplydownload content in the app beforehandfor offline playback.Feed:Keep track of everything you’ve sharedand see what yourcontactshave viewed with notifications.You caneven swipenotifications tomark them as a Reminder. News also bringsall ofthe latestannouncements and social posts from corporatestraight toyou inone convenient place! Business: Access helpfullinks to buildyourbusiness. Settings: Our simple Share Setup willhelp you uploadaprofile picture, define your 'why' in your bio, andadd otherinfothat will help contacts connect with you and learnmore aboutyourbusiness. You can also configure notifications, watchQuickTipstolearn about the app, and more.
My NYCHA 2.3.0
The My NYCHA mobile application allows public housing residentstocreate, submit, schedule, view and update maintenanceservicerequests, view alerts and outages related to theirdevelopments,view their scheduled inspections and maintain theircontactinformation via their smartphones and tablets. My NYCHAempowersresidents to create service request 24/7 and reduce theirneed tocall NYCHA’s Customer Contact Center. For technicalassistanceplease email your issue details to
Farmers Bank & Trust 15.2.5
With the Farmers Bank and Trust Company Mobile App youcansecurelyuse your smartphone to access your accountsanytime,anywhere. Ourmobile app is FREE and it allows you to bankat yourconvenience by• Viewing your balance • Viewing accountactivity •Transferringfunds • Remote Deposit Capture • Locating abranch orATM •Contacting our Customer Service • More features arecomingsoon!Security Security is our priority. Rest assured thatyourpersonalinformation is kept safe! Contact Us You can contactusat1-270-965-3106 or if youhaveanyquestions about the Farmers Bank and Trust Company MobileApporthe self-service registration process.
Pukono 1.6
Do you have hypertension or renal disease? Or do you take careofpatients with these problems? PuKono is an application thatwillmake it very easy for you to know which food is safe and whichisdangerous. How many times have you avoided eating somethingthatyou really like because you didn’t know if it had too muchsalt? Ortoo much potassium, or phosphorus? How many times have youtakenunnecessary risks by eating dangerous food without knowing?Makeyour diet varied and safe, just with a touch of your fingers,aseasy as looking at a traffic light, write down any type offoodthat you can think about and PuKono will tell you if you caneat itsafely, or better not, or if there is a way to make it saferif youwant it so much. You will also be able to consult recipesandmenus, and even send your own recipes to share them withotherusers around the world. PuKono is a free tool designedbyprestigious health and food professionals with a greatexperiencein managing patients with chronic kidney disease andhypertension.It contains an intuitive searcher with a huge databaseof food, auseful section with tips to reduce the danger of riskyfood andalso a section where you can find recipes and menuselaborated by aprofessional team, or by other users that want toshare theirspecialties. Cheer up and send us your own creation! Ifit isvalidated by a professional nurse team, everybody will be abletoprepare it and say how do they like it! You will never haveaboring diet again, or take unnecessary risks. With PuKono yourdiet(and your life also!) will be more fun and safe. tags:renal,dialysis, menu, food, hypertension,althaia
Global Stock & Reward Services 1.10.1
View your portfolio, upcoming events andcompletetransactionhistory. Sell or transfer shares and exerciseoptions.You'll needa Global Stock & Reward Services account touse theapp. Toactivateyouraccount, visit • View youremployee share plan portfolio • Manageyouremployee share plans •Track important events, both past andfutureSALES AND EXERCISES: •Sell or transfer shares • Exerciseoptions •View your transactionhistory SECURE: • Sign in securelyviafingerprint (for Android6.0+ on supported hardware) •Allcommunication is encrypted • Nofinancial data is stored onthedevice
TASC app for Android 2.34.0
Requires Universal Benefit Account access (newandupgradedparticipants only). Manage your TASC benefit accountsonthe go!The all-in-one app tracks your healthcare, parking,transitanddependent care accounts—and more! You’ll never have towonderwhatyour balance is when it’s right there at your fingertips.Paidforan eligible expense out of your pocket? Submitareimbursementrequest and attach an image for verification inlessthan a minute.Plus, manage your TASC Card witheasy-to-usefeatures: Easy sign inusing biometrics Lock atemporarily misplacedcard Request adependent card Report a cardlost or stolen Even paya serviceprovider using Picture to PayIntelligent verificationprocessBills and receipts repository forquick and easy access toall yourreceipts and bills The TASC mobileapp keeps you connectedto yourbenefit accounts anywhere,anytime—making your benefits feellikebenefits.
SmartCare for Parents 1.5.0
Parents, we know you are busy and want tosaveas much time as possible. With the SmartCare parent app, youcansign your child into and out of your child care center withyoursmartphone. No more hassling with fingerprint readers or penandpaper. Mobile technology means a quicker and more efficientsign-inand sign-out experience for you.We all know that nothing brightens your day more than a photoorvideo of your child having fun. Now you can get those photosandvideos as they happen, and even share them to your FacebookorTwitter feeds.Do you wish you could make payments on the go and not have toworryabout carrying your purse, wallet, or checkbook? Well, now youcan!Pay your tuition with a credit card or have paymentsautomaticallydebited from your checking account…all through thismobileapp.Truly a mobile solution that works for you.
Calendar Event Reminder (CER) 5.4.6
THE App for calendar reminders - never forget anappointmentanymore!Perfect for business user! Calendar EventReminder (CER)adds arepeating calendar reminder and extends thestockcalendarapplication. You can customize the duration,repetitions,sound andvibration pattern. Works with every syncedcalendar.Afteradjusting CER's settings to your liking, add acalendarreminder toyour existing calendar to see how it works!When alarm /remindergoes off the device will be turned on and apopup windowwithinformation about the event (title, time,location) isdisplayed.Alarm / reminder can be disabled by tappingDismiss orsnoozed bythe Snooze button. Watch a demoonYouTube: !!!Features:**Settings per calendar ** Repeating reminder / alarmalert forallsynced calendars (even corporate calendar)**Customizablevibration pattern / alarm sound ** Lock screenstylesliders orwheel to snooze / discard alarm ** Froyo /Gingerbread /ICS look& feel for sliders ** Text-to-Speech **Stays openafterevery/last/no reminder ** Multiple snooze buttonswithadjustablesnooze logic and layout ** Wakes up devicedisplayautomatically **Shows notifications in the notification bar**Supports LEDflashing ** Supports to flash screen during alarm**Customizableorientation ** Clean and simple ** SupportsAndroid2.1+ up to mostrecent version. ** ...and more! Incombination withthe Androidcalendar this app can be used as apersonal assistancetoautomatically notify you about upcomingbirthdays /anniversaries,when to take your medicine or other thingsof lifeyou don't wantto forget. PLEASE NOTE: - You must disableyour alarmsound withinthe stock calendar app; otherwise CERs alarmsmay besuppressed -Exclude CER from all task killer apps - TouchdownandLotusTraveler not supported! Comments, feature requestsandquestionsare welcomed. Vote for new features on the website.Youcan followme on twitter @invalidobject_ for latest info. Willingtohelptranslate this app into your favorite language? Email orgoto: Explanation of thepermissions:-android.permission.VIBRATE Control vibrator: Used forthe alarmtovibrate the phone with the desired vibrationpattern-android.permission.WAKE_LOCK Disable standby modus: Usedtomakesure that the screen isn’t turned off duringalarm-android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE Phone calls / readphonestate:This is to not interrupt active calls by the alarm andtostop thealarm when a phone call comesin.-android.permission.READ_CALENDAR Read calendar events: Thisistoget the time, title and location from the event when analarmisraised. - android.permission.WRITE_CALENDAR Modifycalendarevents:When an alarm is snoozed my app has to store a newreminderfor theevent. This is stored in the calendardatabase.-android.permission.GET_TASKS Retrieve runningapplications: Usedbythe home helper to get the Launchers which canbe associatedwiththe home key -android.permission.SET_PREFERRED_APPLICATIONSSetpreferred apps:Used by the home helper to replace the launcherforthe home key -android.permission.HARDWARE_TEST Test hardware:Usedto set thescreen brightness for flashingscreen-android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED Automaticallystartatboot: Checks for unfinished / missed reminders whenphoneisstarted - android.permission.MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGSChangeaudiosettings: Used to set a custom volume for License check: Used tocheckifthe user is using a validlicense-android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE SDCard access:Usedtoread/write settings file forim/export-android.permission.WRITE_SETTINGS Change system settings:Usedtooverwrite the display timeout
Jane & Kate 2.11.3
Jane & Kate
Features: - Browse all of our most recent arrivals andpromotions-Easy ordering and checkout with credit or debit card-Waitlistitems and purchase them when they are back in stock-Emailnotification for order fulfillment and shipping
Pepco Self-Service 4.2
KUBRA iMobile
The Pepco Self-Service app makesgettinginformation quick and easy, and it's especially handy in theeventof an outage.• Report outages and get status updates• Use interactive outage maps to check the status of outages inyourarea• Sign in to My Account• View and pay your bill• Monitor your energy use• Thermostat control for Energy Wise Rewards participants• See the latest news and updates• Report streetlight problems• Call us through a direct dial link