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Blogger (New) 3.1.9
Ercan Duman
This is a free android application for Blogers. You can post onyourblog, review or edit posts with this app. * You can managemultipleaccounts and blogs. * read your blog posts. * add labelsto yourarticles. * In addition, - Very SECURE app! - No spams! -freeapplication and will remain free Download now! Enjoy yourbloging!
네이버 블로그 - Naver Blog
Stay connected anywhere, anytime with Naver Blog. With theofficialNaver Blog app, you can check out real-time status of yourblog andthe latest updates from your neighbors. Also, you caneasilypublish posts with photos or location information. Naver Blogisjust the right way to share your stories with theworld!Highlighted Features: 1)Check out real-time status updates ofyourblog and any updated post from your neighbors 2)Viewenlargedphotos on posts. 3)Enjoy lively communication with yourneighbors.You can directly access your neighbors, read their latestupdates,and leave short messages on the board. 4)Upload posts withphotosor maps. You can save them even when you are offline! 5)Add anewblogger as your neighbor and accept anybody who wants to becomeoneof your neighbors. Thank you for using Naver apps. We willcontinueto improve our products and to provide up-to-date services.In casea problem or an error occurs while using the app, pleasefeel freeto leave your inquiry on NAVER Customer Center(, MAIL: Pleasenotethat an accurate assessment and answer to your problem may notbepossible if you do not provide us with a direct inquiry totheabove Customer Center. Please understand that leaving us afeedbackcomment on the review board, while greatly appreciated,does notsuffice as a direct inquiry.
Meetup: Find events near you 3.18.1
Get connected with local groups and events so you can meetnewpeople and try new things. Use Meetup to explore your city,buildyour career, find support, get out of your comfort zone, orpursuea passion. Download the app to discover events hosted bylocalgroups, or start a group to schedule your own events.Discoverlocal events and groups - Get matched with events based onyourinterests, from book clubs to free yoga and more - Exploregroupsand events by category, search by keyword, or see what’spopular inyour area - Save events you’re interested in and revisitthem later- Use discussions and messaging to stay in touch with thepeopleyou meet - Easily switch between locations to findgreatexperiences no matter where you are Start a group - Host yourownevents by creating a group for whatever you’re into - Watchyourcommunity grow as your group is recommended to interestedpeoplenearby - Easily personalize and schedule events on-the-fly,andmanage your group from anywhere - Keep the momentum goingbetweenevents by sharing photos and using discussions and messagingtoconnect with the people in your group Get in touch withquestionsor suggestions: In order torecommend Meetupevents that are close to you and show your distancefrom ascheduled event, we use your device's precise location (GPSandnetwork-based). 13.0
MR Apps Dev
Start Blogging And Earn Money Guide app show only Step ByStepTutorial how to earn money from online blogging. How toearningmoney online? -Very easy way to create blog and earn money.Fulloffline guide included. Blogging tutorial easy to use. How toStartEarning with your Blog Now… There are several steps to bedone, anda little sacrifice along the way, but all these would helpyoubecome the next big thing on the Internet. It’s about timeyoulearned how to start a blog and make money! Some AdvantageofBlogging tutorials and earn money online: -Very easy way tolearn-After few days you can earn money from blogging guide.-VeryEffective Tutorial for beginners. -Other Benefits includedthisapps. Some lesson: 1. Why Should You Blog? 2. What Should IBlogAbout? 3. How To Create Your Blog 4. How To Make MoneyWithAffiliate Income 5. How To Make Money With eBooks 6. How ToMakeMoney by Freelancing, Staff Writing, and Advertising 7. WhyYouMUST Build An Email List – And How To Get Started 8. How ToWriteGreat Content That Gets Shared 9. How To Grow Your Blog AndGetMore Readers 10. The Resources I Use For My Business 11. HowToBecome Irresistible And Grow Your Following 12.How to MakeMoneywith Your Blog ? 13.The Best Way to Make Money Blogging2018.14.How Do You Make Money Blogging? While there is no 100%guaranteethat you will be able to earn a full-time living byblogging, Iknow many bloggers who are and are very happy with it.Note: Somecontent collect from site. If any complain or suggestionjust mailus. Mail : 3.7.6
Make Ecosia your default browser and join a global community ofmorethan 8 million people reforesting the planet with theirsearches.Ecosia is the tree-planting browser. We use the money wemake fromsearches to fund reforestation programs and empowercommunitiesaround the world. Features Ecosia Browser is based onChromium andis as fast and secure. It gives you an intuitivebrowsing experiencewith everything you need: • Tabs • Private mode• History •Bookmarks • Downloads Planet over Profit Our goal is tobuild agreener and better world for everyone, not to maximizereturns forshareholders. That’s why we’ve made a legally bindingcommitment toensure that no profits can ever be taken out of thecompany. As partof our vision to end deforestation, we want toplant one billion newtrees by 2020. Why Trees? More than 25% ofthe world’s populationrely on forest resources for theirlivelihoods. By planting treesyou can fight climate change,restore landscapes, protect wildlifeand help people by providingnutrition, employment and education. Inthe long term this leads tohealthier, happier and more economicallystable communities. CO2Positive We are more than just CO2 neutral.Ecosia owns andoperates its own solar plant to power your searcheswith 100%renewable energy. In fact, thanks to the amazing trees weplant,each search actually removes around 1 kg of CO2 fromtheatmosphere. Privacy Forests need protecting and so doesyourprivacy. We do both: • We don’t save your searches • We don’ttrackthe websites you visits • We don’t sell your data toadvertisers •Your searches are always SSL-encrypted Transparent Weknow thattrust has to be earned. That’s why we publish all ourmonthlyfinancial reports and tree-planting receipts on our website.LearnMore Find out more about our tree-planting projects, team,andmission on our website: Follow us onourJourney to 1 Billion Trees: The EcosiaBlog: Facebook: Download the Ecosiabrowserand plant trees for free, just by searching the web. 1.48.1
💪 All in one video downloader 2️0️1️9️ Worry about yourfavoritevideos & photos in Twitter / Instagram / Tumblr/Facebook / Vkwill be deleted ⁉️ Install Timbload now to downloadthese videos& photos from Twitter / Instagram / Tumblr/Facebook / Vk toyour phone 📱❗❗❗ 💪 Feature : ⇨ 🌟 Download all videoswith thebuilt-in video sniffing browser(Reddit、Pinterest、XN2X、XVidsetc) 🎬✔️ ⇨ 🌟 Download Twitter videos 🎬 ✔️ ⇨ 🌟 Download Vk videos 🎬✔️ ⇨ 🌟Download Facebook videos 🎬 ✔️ ⇨ 🌟 Download Videos, Audio,Photosand Gifs from Tumblr 🖼️ 🎧 🎬 ✔️ ⇨ 🌟 Download all videos andphotosfrom Instagram 🖼️ 🎧 🎬 ✔️ ⇨ 🌟 Share the downloaded file 📲 ⇨ 🌟Sharethe blog post's original link 🔗 ⇨ 🌟 Review the original blogpost👁️‍🗨️ ⇨ 🌟 Manage the media file that has been downloaded ✔️ 🚫Tip:YouTube videos can not be downloaded due to legal restrictions👍Easy use : 📌 Option 1: 1.Open official Tumblr / Instagram /Twitterapplication 2.Tab the post's share button which you wanttodownload 3.Choose Timbload from the app list 4.Click thedownloadbutton once the media is loaded 📌 Option 2: You can alsocopy yourfavorite blog posts url ,and then paste to Timbload'sinput box anddownload. ⚠️ Warnning : - This application is notaTumblr/Instagram/Twitter official application - Anyunauthorizedactivity (re-uploading or downloading of content) orinfringementof intellectual property shall be the soleresponsibility of theuser
eSteem 1.6.0
eSteem is social application where you get paid forblogging,commenting and curating.eSteem features:- Access uniquearticles inany subject you are interested reading.- Engage withauthors bycommenting, discussing topics.- Voting for posts toreward authoras well as earn curation reward.- Publish yourarticles, blog postsand host them for free and earn rewards byengaging and gainfollowers.- Write articles on go, save multipledrafts of the postfor later publication.- Bookmark favoritearticles to read later.-Exchange or cash out your earnings.- Sendyour funds to any authorsor users, friends, followers, etc.- Followinteresting authors,bloggers.- Search your followers and authorsyou are following.-Get notifications to stay in touch with yourfollowers anddiscussions you are involved in.- Search forinterestingtags/categories of articles, authors.- Personalize yourprofile.-Many more features to come.Earn money online free witheSteem appwith your mobile device! Post pictures to earn money forfree,publish articles to earn money. Security:1. App never accessorhold onto user funds.2. App offer a client-side securitymodel,with private keys hosted locally and never sent to anyservers, youare responsible to backing up your passwords.3. Appoffers simple,attractive user interfaces and experiences4. Appoffers extra layerof security with pin-codeeSteem is a client forSteem platform.Moreinfo at http://esteem.wsContact
Twitly - Instagram unfollowers 1.6.5a
Mobile application of Twitly with 8 years of service and morethan1.000.000 members. Find the ones who don’t follow you onInstagramand Twitter!

 Watch Instagram Stories as anonymousDownloadInstagram Stories Gain full control over the followers andthefollow count with Twitly. Compatible with both InstagramandTwitter. You can find the ones who don't follow you andunfollowthem. You can see who unfollowed you.

 You can find yourfollowerswhom you don't follow and start following them. You canadd anunlimited number of Instagram and Twitter accounts.

 Allactionsare done securely through your device. Your accountremainsperfectly secure. Find the ones who don’t follow you nowbydownloading Twitly!
Cooking master: YouTube blogger 1.0.8
How could you get the recognition and popularity of millionsofpeople fast and easy? Of course, you need to create yourownYouTube channel! But not every YouTube blogger or streamercouldbecome successful. Subscribers don't put like for silly gamesforkids. That's why Hippo has decided to get her recognitionbytelling boys and girls exciting recipes. Today you are a chef-cook and a videobloger at the same time! You will cook food atyourown kitchen, have a lot of fun and earn money, as a realstreamer.Make your own studio just at the kitchen! Create acookingmasterpiece live! Game - simulator YouTube channel, Cookeryand afunny cook Hippo are waiting for you! Our kids games willteachtoddlers to create a unique family video. The peculiarities ofthegame YouTube channel, cook - video bloger: - Exciting gamesforkids who like cooking master - learn how to earn money as arealyoutuber - various popular recipes - Funny and pleasantmusicduring the game - learn how to make fun - interestingcharactersand funny stories - simple gameplay and educationalelements - bigstudio, a lot of game levels - Learn recipes of acooking master -subscribers will put like for every cookingmasterpiece Make yourYouTube channel the most popular among girlsand boys! Proveeverybody, that you are not just a child blogger,but a realchef-cook, who is cooking master and knows all therecipes in theworld! New exciting kids game - simulator invites youto the worldfull of happiness, fun and good mood.
Fella for Facebook 2.1.7
Fella Inc.
Fella is the best web wrapper with lots of customizationoptions,even when you have limited data or a slow connection.Features: ✔️️Many colors 🎨 ✔️️ No Ads 🚫 ✔️️ Fast and Lite App 🚀 ✔️️Clean UserInterface ✨ ✔️️ Less data usage and storage 📉 ✔️️Download andwatch your favorite videos ⬇ ✔️️ Available in 35+languages 🌍 ✔️️Play Games when you feel bored 🎮 🔹 Many Colors! 🎨 -Easily theme asyou like 🔹 Less Data Usage! 📉 - Data Saver mode tosave your data 🔹Download Videos! ⬇ - Download videos to your phoneor SD card 🔹Super Fast! 🚀 - Fella is made to work with less storageand slowspeeds 🔹 We are always there for you! 🤝🏼 - If you arefacing anyissues or have questions, please feel free to email usand we willrespond you within 2 hours. Hope you enjoy using ourapp! :) 2.1.5
Startpage BV
THE WORLD'S MOST PRIVATE WEB SEARCH APP StartPage Search givesyouconvenient mobile access to, the world's mostprivatesearch engine. It lets you search for information privatelyandanonymously, from the convenience of your smartphone orothermobile device. It's the perfect tool for iron-cladprivacyprotections, plus great search results. COMPLETE SEARCHPRIVACY ANDANONYMITY Other search engines capture your search termsand recordthe links you click on, then use tracking cookies tobuild adetailed profile of you and your interests. At StartPage,our zerodata-collection policy and full SSL encryption is yourassurancethat nobody's looking over your shoulder, no matter whatyou searchfor. We don't collect any personal information on ourusers. Wedon't store your IP address, we don't capture yourlocation, and wedon't record what you searched for. In fact, wekeep no records onyou at all. Nada. Zilch. Zero. OVERVIEW OFSTARTPAGE SEARCH PRIVACYFEATURES - All searches are encrypted usingpowerful SSLencryption. That means your service provider can't seewhat yousearch for—and neither can hackers. - Your searches arescrubbedand anonymized for privacy. - StartPage Search protects youfromphysical intrusion by deleting your searches and Web historyaftera set time delay, or the app is closed or suspended. With onetapof your Home button, your searches are gone. - StartPageSearchstrips out your search terms, so they can’t be seen by thewebsitesyou visit. - StartPage Search never uses tracking cookies,andrejects tracking cookies from websites you visit. -StartPageSearch never records your IP address, search terms, orlocation.OVERVIEW OF STARTPAGE SEARCH FEATURES - Fully integratedwebbrowser - Full web-search capability with superior resultquality -Full image search - Powerful Advanced Search capabilities- Controlover display settings and privacy features PRIVATE PROXYSURFINGFEATURE When you need extra privacy, you'll love our Proxy.Itworks by copying the web page you want to visit onto our server,soyou see it through us, not them. Because you never makecontactwith the third-party website, they can't infect you withcookies ormalware, and they can't see your IP address or otherinformation.They only see us, while you stay safe and invisiblebehind thescenes. You can use the StartPage Proxy to access anywebsite youfind through a StartPage search. Simply click the"Proxy" linkunder the search result. Note: For security reasons,the Proxyrestricts web forms and Javascript, and websites may notbeoptimized for mobile devices (since we don't even tell themyou'reon a mobile device!)
Tag You 1.6.5
Dots Game
Tag You - A tool for Boosting your videos - SEO quickly andsimplyYoutube videos with Tag You's proprietary keyword to optimizetags:- We provide optimization tags that can dramatically improveyourvideos's performance, subscriber engagement, andpromotionopportunities. - Uncover the secrets to success behindyourfavorite YouTube videos - The top tag is the key! - Discoverthebest tag that makes a video go viral and optimize your videostagto get more views! - Get more views with simple actions. - Top5line tags that are trending on YouTube,these tags weregeneratedfrom your keyword search result. Want more views, want togrow yourYoutube channel!? Get Tag You right now to optimizing Tags- ViewSEO data like meta tags on any # Tag You video to get an edgewhenoptimizing your own Youtube channel content. Tag you - Let'susshow you the higher vision with only one tap! Important note: -Donot copy all keywords of other videos - Only use keywordsrelatedto your video content - Use the related keywords in thetitle,descripton on your video.
RaidCall - Best Solution for Group Communication 3.5.144_ac057a10
RaidCall is a free, elegant and simple tool that allows youtoinstantly communicate with groups of people. More than acommunity,we are family. Let’s enjoy quality time with old friendsatRaidCall. - Send and receive messages, photos, documentsandemoticons. - Free group voice calls with up to 1,000 people.-Log-in RaidCall on your computer and mobile concurrently andstayin different groups. Chat and listen to music together. -Checkyour points, credits, levels, coins and badges at any timeandincrease them by mobile online. - Manage your groups wheneverandwherever. - Do things together, whenever you’re apart. Nevermissregular clan meet-ups or any messages. - RaidCall Secretarywill bewith you at any time and ready to solve all your problems. -Shareexperiences with the people that matter to you, wherever youare.Your feedback will be greatly appreciated. Please send usfeedbackby opening the app and tapping RaidCall Secretary under MyFriends.We're listening!
ASKIP 3.1.1
ASKIP allows you to receive anonymous messages from yourfriendsanonymously. How it works ? 1- Post your link in your Instabio orSnap and receive anonymous feedback. 2- Reply directly intotheapp.
Samirsinh Dattopadhye - Blog 23.3
This App is about Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu (Aniruddhasinh)andhis lifescience. I Samirsinh Vaidya Dattopadhye met Bapu(Dr.Aniruddha Joshi) for the first time in the year 1985, one ofthefirst things that he impressed upon me was setting my prioritiesinlife – what I want to achieve and attain in life. It was he whoputthe meaning of the term progress in its true perspective –thatwhich gives contentment (trupti) and satisfaction (samadhaan).Withthis app all of you would be able to browse through mybloganywhere on the go from your mobile phones itself, once the appisupdated with the latest information (which happensautomaticallywhile you are in the internet coverage), you have theadvantage ofreading the updates, posts, etc. in the offline modetoo i.e.without the further need of internet connection. I am surethiswill allow you to spend more time reading about Sadguru Bapuandhis lifescience and enjoy the app.
Focalmark 2.6.1
Focalmark Ltd
Our algorithm filters through thousands of hand-collectedhashtagsfor each category of photography, design or othermiscellaneoustopic, and ranks the hashtags in order of reach andauthenticity.The hashtags are continually updated and checkedthrough thealgorithm to ensure they are not update the tags toensure nothidden by Instagram (shadow-banned) and have anappropriateaudience for your image. The aim of Focalmark is totruly allow forauthentic sharing of images, and to connect togethercommunities oflike-minded people—we'd love for you to be part ofthe community.
Random Name Picker - Raffles, Decisions, Groups 3.9.7
*THE MOST POWERFUL NAME PICKING APP FOR ANDROID, 100% FREEANDAD-FREE* Great for: ★ Choosing students to call on in class★Raffles and other prize giveaways ★ Creating groups ★ Figuringoutwhat to do ★ Simplifying all of your important decisionsFeatures:- Create, rename, and maintain custom lists of names.Names can beadded, deleted, changed, or duplicated - Choose anynumber of namesat random with or without replacement from the listof yourchoosing - Tired of clicking buttons? Shake your device tochoosenames instead! - Got a tired voice? Have the app say thechosennames for you - Spice up the name choosing experience withtheapp's customizable presentation mode - Maintains achronological,clearable, and copy-able history of chosen names -Reset a list'scontent if you're choosing from it withoutreplacement - Quicklyand seamlessly import name lists from .txtfiles on your device -All of your name lists are regularly backedup in the"RandomNamePicker" folder on your device, which will stickaroundeven if you delete the app (if you're on Android 6.0+, makesure togo to the "Back up data" page from the settings to give usaccessto your device's external storage). The backed up data isformattedso that it can be easily restored with the app's importfeature.From the "Back up data" page, you can trigger a manualbackup orexport your app data via email/Google Drive/etc as a .zipfile -Auto-suggest names that you already have so you don't havetocompletely re-type them over and over again - Import namelistsinto one another to quickly add many names at once - Chosennamescan be displayed as ordered lists for organization. Chosennamelists are also copy-able for easy sharing and transferring-Simple, clean, intuitive interface which supports bothhorizontaland vertical orientation - Backported Material Design sothe UI issleek and responsive no matter how old your Android deviceisBackstory: I built the initial version of this app in less than6hours for one of my best friends who's a teacher to help himchoosestudents at random to call on in his class. If there are anybugsor additional features you would like, please let me know inyourreview! This app is open-source! Help me make it betterat:
Web Browser ( Fast & Secure Web Explorer) 2.0.1
Web Browser is a fast, secure, and smart Mobile Browser; Itdesignefor both phone and tablet, brings you an amazing Premiumwebexperience.It is based on the Android WebKit Engine.KeyFeatures:-Tabbed Internet Browsing- Incognito Mode. Private browsethe webwithout saving any browser history.- Supports Flash Player-FastStart Times- Super easy copy/paste- Homepage- Bookmarks-Customthemes- History- Small Footprint- Full-screen mode- Quicksearch:Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other default search engines- UserAgentsettings- Advanced Gesture feature- Sharing - Super-easyandintuitive ways to share mobile contents through Facebook,Twitter,Email, SMS and other social media channels.- AdvancedSettings-Uses the Native JavaScript and WebKit Engine so file sizeissmallerIt is a high-performance small-sized Internet browserbuiltfor those who don't want the cumbersome size of otherbrowser.WebBrowser with the latest security and privacy features tohelp youstay safe on the internet.
WazzapMigrator 4.0.1
Nicola Beghin
WazzapMigrator: transfer your WhatsApp history from iPhonetoAndroidJust switched from iPhone to Android? Don't worry, youcanmove your WhatsApp history (texts and images) to your brandnewAndroid phone. FEATURES- import messages and emoji- importimages,audio, video, documents, locations and contacts- works evenif youalready sold/gave away your old iPhone, just be sure to haveaniTunes backup on your PC/MacVIDEO&HOWTOhttps://www.wazzapmigrator.com your privacy? when installing take a look at theapp'spermission: it has no permission to access the internet, soyou canbe sure your data absolutely can't leave yourdeviceSUPPORT- in-appsupport line: just click the Contact icon andwe'll assist you(response: 24h max)- more info and advanced help@ Satisfied orReimbursedguarantee*** Basic computer knowledge is required toextract iPhoneWhatsApp archive, see https://www.wazzapmigrator.combefore buyingif you can't do it or just contact me for help***LEGALWhatsApp ©2018 is a registered trademark of WhatsApp Inc.,a Californiacorporation ("WhatsApp"), the owner and operator "WhatsApp Site"), the WhatsApp software, includingWhatsAppMessenger. Android is a trademark of Google Inc. TheAndroid robotis reproduced or modified from work created and sharedby Googleand used according to terms described in the CreativeCommons 3.0Attribution License.
Indiegogo 1.8.2
Discover new campaigns or keep track of yourfavorites—anytime,anywhere. Whether you’re interested in the latestwearable devices,new up-and-coming gadgets, or independent films,it’s easier thanever to explore and support your favorite Indiegogocampaigns. •Discover new campaigns through personalizedrecommendations• Followyour favorite campaigns• Explore campaignperks• Share campaignswith friendsFor Campaigners:- Get notifiedeach time you receive acontribution and comment- Manage comments-Send custom messages tocontacts and Facebook friends- Promote yourcampaign on socialnetworksIf you have any questions, feel free tocontact us at
SEO Check 1.0.13
Improve your websites SEO and get better rankings The SEOCheckallows you to quickly audit and review a website from anon-siteSEO perspective. You will get valuable insights to improveyoursearch engine optimization. Compliance with searchengineguidelines is very important for success in search enginerankings.The SEO Check analyzes all relevant criteria and givestips foroptimizing the website for a sustainable SEO success.Overview ofchecks and analysis: Meta-information: • Analysis of thepage titlefor length (in pixels), content and technically correctmarkup •Analysis of meta description length (in pixels) andcorrectspecification in HTML • Analysis of tobots.txt if Google andBingare allowed • Check for Noindex information • Check ifCanonicallink is correct • Check for hreflang links • Check whetherserverlocation, domain and language match the recognized language•Checking the domain for length and technical problems • Analysisofthe page URL by parameters, including sessions etc. • Check forthecorrect favicon in the HTML • Check for charset encoding andcheckfor inconsistencies • Check if Doctype markup is correctPagequality: • Analysis of usage and frequency of highlightedtext(<b> and <strong> tags) • Analysis of repetitionsandtoo long texts • Search for problematic frames and framesets•Textual page text analysis and content reuse of headings andtitles• Recognition of social sharing options • Check for goodimagealternative text (alt attribute) • Search for inlineCSSinformation • Analysis if there is too much ads on the page •Checkfor spelling mistakes • Identify the well optimized keywordsPageheadings: • Check for the correct length and use of the H1 tag•Check for correct heading usage, quantity and search fortextrepetitions Inbound Links: • Analysis of external links on thepage• Check the internal links for quantity, duplicate text andlinktext length External factors: • Check for occurrence on theShallaList, Adult/Safe for work classification and GoogleSafebrowsing •Check if the page is well linked from externalsources • Search forbacklinks from Wikipedia • Analysis of thedissemination of a linkin social networks Server configuration: •Search for useless HTTPheaders • Check if there is a redirect forwww. and non www. URLs •Check the loading time • Check for size ofthe HTML • Check foramount of CSS and Javascript files
StorySave 1.26.0
Liam Cottle
NEW: StorySave now supports downloading IGTV ! StorySave let'syourelive those moments again, by allowing you to save yourfriendsInstagram Stories, Posts and their Live Streams. Once youhavelogged in with your Instagram account, use the tabs at thebottomto navigate between Posts, Stories and Live Streams. Fromthere,you can see content of people that you follow on Instagram.If youwant to save a Post, Story or Live Stream of someone youdon'tfollow on Instagram, tap the search button in the toolbar tosearchInstagram users. When you save a Post, Story or Live Streamit willalso be added to your Gallery. Please make sure you haveyourfriends permission before you save their Posts, Stories orLiveStreams :) The "Instagram" name is copyright to Instagram,Inc.StorySave is in no way affiliated with, sponsored or endorsedbyInstagram, Inc.
Guess the Logo: Multiple Choice Quiz 1.5.3
Logos Box
CAN YOU GUESS THE LOGO? With Over +7,500,000 Installs, GuesstheLogo is one of the biggest trivia games on Google Play! Installandjoin the FUN! ♥ Tons of popular logos from all over the worldwiththe largest logo collection of over 1600 brands & logostosolve. You see brands every day, let’s see how many you canguess.Download GUESS THE LOGO now and let the fun begin! GUESS THELOGOoffers: A smooth experience ✔ Multiple choice options foreverylogo ✔ Starts off easy but gets harder as you progress throughthebrands ✔ High-quality graphics Hints & Clues ✔ Helpfulclues!Hints are awarded to help you figure out the answer ✔ NewDailyChallenge logo to solve every day for extra hints! Ask yourfriendsfor help, or Compete with them! ✔ Login with Facebook orGooglePlus to sync your Logo Game Quiz score and compete withyourfriends! ✔ Ask your Facebook friends for help when stuck! ✔AScoreboard where you can compare your ranking with friends. Wetakeyour reviews seriously ✔ That’s why Guess the Logo deliverstimelyupdates, with new logo packs added continuously Simple&addictive fun is waiting for you. Install now and let thefunbegin! All logos shown or represented in this game arecopyrightand/or trademark of their respective corporations. The useoflow-resolution images in this trivia app for use ofidentificationin an informational context qualifies as fair useunder copyrightlaw.
WhatsMe 2.1.1
WhatsMe app allows you to open chat with anyone on Whatsappwithoutsave his/her number on your phone, as we all know that wecan'topen chat with someone without save the number on your contactbutwith WhatsMe you can do it with easiest way just by writingthenumber of your friend or anyone you want and click open chat andaconversation with the number you wrote will appear and you cansendmessage. Also WhatsMe allows you to open conversation withyourselfand as we also know that Whatsapp doesn't allow to openchat withyourself in whatsapp but you can do it with WhatsMe.WhatsMe iseasy to use because it's not complicated , has justtextbox towrite the number and button to open the chat with thenumber youwrote.
TopShare – Top Viral Videos & Funny GIFs 1.0
DTS Group
Find the newest viral videos in one app and get the best videosandfunny GIFs. Of course, it is all FREE and selected just foryou.
Creators of TopShare update all Viral Videos & FunnyGIFscontinuously. It also allows you to share tons of ViralVideos& Funny GIFs through your own social networks likeFacebook,Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Messenger. 
Specifically,TopSharehelps users to explore in various categories of topic: •Pets andbabies: Funny videos about funny moment of babies, pets andotherlovely species could brighten up life a little bit. •Wildlife:Enjoy the dangerous and memorable moments with top videosofwildlife. Users can open up their eyes with unseen animal scenes.•Beauty tips: Everyone has their own way to make their charm.Thissection will help them shining that could surprise even themandtheir friends. • How to make: Many wasted objects lies aroundcanbe recycled and recreated in a new way to discover new featuresorother helpful uses. • Funny Videos & Funny GIFs: Discoverandenjoy the most outstanding & funny videos and GIFs in yourfreetime. All TopShare contents are owned by DTS group andprovidedfrom many reliable sources by our partners including DogLoves Baby| Best Babies | Leopard - Cheetah Channel Tv…. TOPSHAREFEATURES:Customize News feed, For You • Our Algorithm analyzes whatyoulike, and automatically recommends viral videos, trending GIFsfiton your liking. • Get the latest videos on personalized newsfeed.Life is too short so do what you like. Let Topshare findyouthousands of Viral Videos, Funny and Top Videos & Gifs,youjust need to install app and explore the world then share it.
Telegram X
Telegram LLC
An alternative Telegram client based on TDLib, with higherspeed,slicker animations and experimental features.
com.kiswe.hangtimeCubeTv 1.7.9
Kiswe Mobile
Watch videos of CUBE ENTERTAINMENT stars like Hyuna, BTOBs, CLC,andPentagon and chat with friends any time, anywhere. Watchconcertsfrom multiple angles and get closer to your favoriteCUBEENTERTAINMENT stars, only available in "CUBE-TV Hangtime!" -KeyFeatures # Multi-view! Never miss any angle Enjoy liveconcertsfrom various camera angles. Select any camera angle andwatch yourfavorite stars up close and personal! Enjoy it only inthe "CUBE-TVHangtime" App! # Watch video of your favorite star AllDay ~ Enjoyhigh quality video of your favorite CUBE ENTERTAINMENTstarsincluding BTOB, CLC, and Pentagon streaming 24 hours a day!#Private chat room Enjoy watching CUBE ENTERTAINMENT videosandconcerts while chatting with friends.
Yandex Browser (beta)
Find out first about Yandex Browser’s upcoming features bytestingthe new version of the program before its official release.Pleasenote, the beta version may be unstable and is intendedforexperienced users who are willing to report bugs and problems.Youcan send your feedback through the browser settings Your messages will help usmakeour browser better. If you already have the major release ofYandexBrowser installed, you won’t need to delete it – the betawill workin parallel. By downloading the application, You acceptthe termsof the Licenseagreement
com.groups.commonfloor 5.0.1
CommonFloor Groups is a platform to bring residents of aresidentialcomplex together and to help build a close-knit,well-managed andhappy community. This app helps you stay connectedand updated onthe go! Recently SmartGuard functionality has beenadded whichallows residents to manage check-in/check-out ofvisitors, staff andvendors using the Resident and Guard App.SmartGuard functionality: Residents approve visitor entry withoutdependency on intercom. Pre-approved hassle free entry for yourguests.  Get real timenotification of domestic helps, School Busand Daily vendors Inform Guard to pick up your parcel, incase outof home.  Trackattendance details of your staff members. 100000+residents areusing CommonFloor Groups App to:  Discuss andresolve issuesaffecting the community  Raise complaints to theapartment’smanaging committee and track complaints for quickresolution  Viewmaintenance dues and track payments  Connect andinteract withneighbours through personal messages or by forminginterest-basedsub-groups  Be on top of events happening incommunity throughnotices, event calendars, and push notifications Ask forrecommendations on maids, cooks, schools, and hospitalsin thelocality  Post free classifieds to buy, sell, or rent useditems orproperty  Respond to resident queries and complaintsManagingCommittee members of apartments use CommonFloor Groups to:Authorize legitimate owners and tenants, as members to the groupMaintain decorum in the group by moderating discussions,comments,and other content  Approve Visitors, Staff & VendorsusingSmart Guard functionality in the App CommonFloor Real Estate&Property Search App availablehere:
Tablic Masters 24.0
Tablic is simple and very interesting card game. Withcatchyinterface, clear big cards and smooth animations, TablicMasterswill make you have fun with thousands of other peoplewhilesharpening your brain at the same time. All you need to knowtoplay it is mathematical addition with numbers up to 14. Inessence,just sum the cards on the table and take them with yourcard. Butif you are able to remember past cards and think inadvance you canget it to very high level. Tablic Masters is onlineinteractivegame so you compete with other people logged in fromtheir phonesand computers. It is also available on Facebook underthe samename. You can login to Tablic with your Facebook accounteitherfrom the computer or your Android device or you can play asGuest.If you login with Facebook account, you can take over thegame fromone device to another without loosing time and points.Facebooklogin also gives you free daily chips for playing. Enjoy!
B Groups 1.4
Beng Tian Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. B Groups 明天会更好
com.olympiacos.nea 5.8.5
The CY Apps
The most complete application for Olympiacos 3000 downloads inthefirst month! More than 10000 users currently using the app!Gavroiget connected! Olympiacos News is providing news from thebestsites! Olympiacos widget is also available with news andpictures!This applications gets news from the following greatwebsites:http://www.olympiacos.orghttp://www.redplanet.grhttp://www.gavros.grhttp://www.olympiakos-nea.orghttp://olympiacos-blog.blogspot.comhttp://redwhitenews.blogspot.comhttp://www.bam.gr (filter tomatch olympiacos) (filter to matcholympiacos) (filter to matcholympiacos) (filter to matcholympiacos) on Olympiacos - Instagram/Flickr menu. if youwant to includeany new other site/instagram,flickr account/facebookplease let meknow.. Application also displaysyoutube,pictures,facebook, videosof olympiakos and fans.Application auto-syncs every 1 hour but youcan change it insettings.
Chatbooks - Print a Photo Book from your Phone 3.9.8
Affordable family photo books, straight from your phone!Printalbums pulling pictures from your Instagram, Facebook account,orphone gallery in just 5 minutes. With our easy app, youcanorganize, create and print a breathtaking photo book in minutes,onthe go. Don't let your baby, family or vacation pics getlostshould you miss a cloud backup, lose or break your phone. Withoursmart and easy editor, you can now organize all your pics andorderprints in an instant (be it an album, a photo book or cards!).Wantsomething different from a classic photo album? You can nowalsoorder affordable and personalized prints and cards to celebrateallbig moments in life. 5 reasons to love Chatbooks - Integratedapp:With our simple interface, you can easily import pictures fromyourphone’s gallery, or even your Instagram or Facebook account. -Easyand smart editor: Our special editor helps you organize yourpicsand sort out blurry, dark, and accidental photos, so you cangetstraight to the pictures you want to print. - Quality print:Enjoywell-balanced colors on premium paper with a subtle sheenandvibrant prints. Get a photobook that will not discolor. -OngoingPhoto Book Series: You can now choose to automatically printanalbum every time you publish 60 new pictures on yourInstagramaccount. - Baby and family pics are safe: We help youprotectmemories, so you will never lose those precious moments. Thefirstsmiles of your baby and dreamy vacation photos will be withyouforever, as a photo book or quality small prints to decorateyourhome. Don’t wait any longer: you can now turn your familyandvacation memories into a slick album that will look incredibleonyour coffee table. Forget the disappointing photobook you got,orcomplicated photo editor you used years ago. We bring you aneasy,affordable way to organize your pictures and give themtheattention they deserve. Chatbooks have been featuredeverywherefrom the Today Show to Oprah magazine, and we promise youwill loveyour photobook. We’re so sure that we have a 100%money-backguarantee. No hassle. No questions. No fine print. Joinover onemillion Chatbooker; it's now fast and easy to print aphotobook,with prices starting at $10. 6x6 photo books start at $10for 30pages. Add more pages for 20 cents a page, and to Hardcoveror an8x8 size for just a few dollars more. Subscribe to theSeriesoption and get free shipping too! So make your memoriestangible,and protect them from a phone crash. Start printing today- youwon’t regret it. ••• CAN WE HELP? Should you encounteranydifficulty when printing or with the product you've received,ourfriendly support team will help you from all over thecountry.Simply give us a call 1-855-424-2825.
Video Downloader for Facebook & Instagram 1.1
Smuff Apps
Easy/Quick video downloader for Facebook and Instagram appwillhelpyou to download video on the tapMulti-videodownloadingissupported; it makes downloading more convenient.Additionally,theuser-friendly and clear UI makes Facebook videodownloadeasy.Enjoy your downloaded videos offline..Features:1)Downloadvideosfrom Facebook/Instagram.2) Multi-video download.3)Downloadvideosand play offline.4) Fast download speed.5) Sharedownloadedvideoswith your friends.Steps of Facebook videodownload:1) Log inyourFacebook2) Find and click the video3)Download the videoStepsofInstagram video download:1) Log in yourInstagram2) Find andCopyURL3) Come back to our app4. Paste URL andclickDownloadbuttonDisclaimer:* This app is not affiliated withorendorsed bythe Facebook and Instagram Inc.* Any issues relatedtocopyrightswith regard to unauthorized downloads or for anymattersrelated tointellectual property rights, please contactFacebook andInstagramdirectly.
com.othaim.Iktissab 3.0.2
Are you Othaim Markets’ customer? If yes then this applicationwasdeveloped to make your shopping experience easier andprofitable.If you have Iktissab card, then you will gain an extrabalance inyour card every time you buy from Othaim markets. Knowall aboutIktissab offers and special promotions for Iktissab cardholders,also you can share them via Facebook, twitter, Google+ andemail.Check your full card details through your profile includingyourID, total points, personal information and your purchasehistory.Searching for the nearest Othaim Market Store? Go totheapplication, and here you go! Locate all the branches, and knowthenearest store to you on the map, or list and get theirfulldetails. Be the first to know about Othaim Market’s latest newsandif you have inquiries or suggestions you are most welcomedtosubmit them via Iktissab application immediately. Foryourconvenience, the application supports two languages, ArabicandEnglish. Download the application now and start saving
Mystic Messenger 1.14.3
You stumbled upon an app called "Mystic Messenger" anddownloadedit. Once you opened it up the app is connected to amystic groupchat with attractive guys. You are asked to join theirsecret partyplanning association called and the story begins... - Tell Me 1.1.4
KMD Games
Participate in the fastest way to have fun with friends, try totellyour friends which words you see on the screen and lethim/herguess. Do not think what this is! Try to keep telling newwords allthe time! Pass the words if you don't have any clue. Thiswordguessing game that you will live with your friends is nowmobile.Break down your taboos and leave old games on the side.Being ateam and helping a selected friend is very important inthiscompetition. Put the phone on your forehead and try to guessthenames with your friend's tips. Know the name before time runsout!Follow us: Web: http://www.kmdgames.netFacebook:
Tumblr, Inc.
Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, andbondover the stuff you love. Whether it’s fandoms orphilosophy,fashion or felines, Tumblr is where your interestsconnect you withyour people. EXPRESS YOURSELF — Post photos, GIFs,text, videos,live videos, audio, anything. — Make your own GIFs.Cover them instickers and text, if you like. BE YOURSELF — Lookhowever youwant. Customize your Tumblr’s colors, fonts, layout,everything. —Follow whatever topics you’re interested in. Find newones youdidn’t even know existed. CONNECT WITH YOUR PEOPLE — Joinmillionsof people in millions of communities across millions of#tags. —See something you love? Reblog it to your Tumblr and startaconversation. — Start a private conversation with your friendsinmessaging. — Or just follow, if you’re feeling shy. No bigdeal.Live streaming of sporting events on Tumblr in the UnitedStatesfeatures Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software whichwillallow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’sTVRatings. Please see formoreinformation. US users may also visit Settings in the app to optoutof Nielsen measurement.
gg is your ultimate way of getting reliable ride andtransportationin Russia, Georgia and Armenia. Request a ride with atap of buttonand the partner will pick you up within 5 minutes. Atthe end ofthe ride you can rate it and help us to improve thequality of ourservice. gg is a new solution to old problems. Have aquestion?Contact us at Find us onFacebook
Bethlehem Church-Small Groups 26.6.0
Aware3, LLC
GetConnected at Bethlehem Church inside of a Small Group.EverythingBethlehem Church-Small Groups happens inside of thisapp! You'll beable to communicate with your group, be in-the-knowon everythinggoing on in the church and community, and bechallenged andencouraged to grow in your faith through this app!
Best Hashtags Captions Insta Picsaver- Hashfun 6.25
Hashfun is the one-stop solution for every single Instagram userouthere. You are just this app away from having tons of followers&ultimate user engagement for your Instagram account. Morethan 3000+most followed, popular and trending Instagram hashtags& 2500+meaningful well-categorized captions are just a clickaway from you.Hashfun is also comes with following cool & musthave featuresfor instagram users. Key Features: 1. TRENDINGHASHTAGS * Gettoday's trending hashtags for Instagram. * Searchtrending hashtags* Create set of your favorite hashtags 2. INSTASAVER * Now you canDownload multiple Instagram Photos & Videosdirectly to yourPhone in a just single click. 3. PHOTO GRIDCROPPER * Easy tosplit/crop your pics in a grid pattern. * Cut anypicture into3*1,3*2,3*3,3*4,3*5 slices * Zoom or move your pics *Upload thefinal photo to Instagram directly * Easy to use andpowerful *Direct Save to SD card 4. INSTAGRAM DP DOWNLOADER * WithHashfunapp, it's very easy to view anyone's Instagram profilephoto withinthe Instagram app with the highest original quality.No need toleave Instagram. To do so just go to the user's profileand click onthe three-dot at top right, and select "Copy profileURL".that'seasy! 5. Must have app for every Instagram user.Everybody else isusing this app already it's your turn to be nextinstafame person. *Keywords: Insta Crop, Crop Photo, Cut forInstagram, crop forInstagram, instasaver, Instagram photodownloader * Our apps AI justworks like a magic to generate mostrelevant hashtags and meaningfulcaption for your photoautomatically. * Auto hashtag feature is thenew way to viral yourphoto to the more appropriate the audience onInstagram. Enteringtop hashtags for your Instagram post is a verytime-consuming taskbut proper hashtags are very important to getmore likes andfollowers to your post and account. * Everything thatyou need ishere, at one place to grow your Instagram personalprofile orbusiness account or page profile. Just copy and paste thenecessaryhashtags set. This app will help you to increase "likes,comments,of your photos and it will help you to get more followersin a veryeasy way. This app is not a part of Instagram. it's just ahandyextension for your Instagram and other social networkplatforms.
UGACHA! 1.3.5
Collect! Mix! Upgrade!; Random color cardsTribal war hasstarted.UREADY?Game Features◆ MIX, MIX! : Get 6-star cards!◆ RED +RED =RANDOM!◆ What's your favorite UGA! I like KURIRI.◆ Stuck?Usepotion.◆ Try “REBIRTH”, be stronger!◆ Purchased totems indiamonds?Your power will DOUBLE UP!Supports◇ Compete your friends.◇Stressfree auto-combat! – Easy play◇ No internet? – Don`t worry.Offlineworks.◇ Contact us: '111percent' on Facebook or Youtube.Thisis arandom card mixing strategy action game by 111%Low- manage-easycasual game!You can play UGA-CHA in your spare-time, or alldaylong :wink:You can play UGA-CHA on walk, subways, orinclasses.Thanks for loving 111 percent. Enjoy the battle war!
This is a choice question test application. Choose a level tobegintest. The test has 25 questions, complete it you got 100points.Each question has 4 answer to choose, it could be text orimage.Tick one radio button to set the answer for each question.You got4 points per question you choose the right answer. Nextquestionwill appear after you click Next or time is up.
Rondo - Flat Style Icon Pack 5.7
⚙️ FEATURES • 4500+ 192x192 icons • 25 different icon categories•(Premium) icon request • Unthemed icon mask • 20 wallpapers •1–2updates per month 📱 SUPPORTED LAUNCHERS NOTE: Google NowLauncherDOES NOT support icon packs! This icon pack supports a widevarietyof launchers, both OEM and custom. Easy applyfromdashboard:Action, Apex, Atom, ABC, ADW, Aviate, CM ThemeEngine,GO, Holo, Holo HD, LG (earlier than Android 7.0), Lucid, M,Mini,Next, Nougat, Nova, Smart, Solo, V, ZenUI, Zero. 💶 DONATELikedthis icon pack? All donations are appreciated and they give meworkboost :) Also, you can skip the line waiting for yourrequestedicons. 💬 SUPPORT Questions? Noticed any bugs? Send me anemail! 👥LET'S GET SOCIAL! Follow me to be always up to date withupdatesand ongoing projects! Behance: Instagram: Website: Telegram: With 💜 from 🇱🇹!
Cốc Cốc Browser 80.0.232
Cốc Cốc
Cốc Cốc is a fast, secure and user-friendly mobile web browser.Thisbrowser is designed to enhance your time on the Internetwithfascinating features like personalized content newsfeed,videodownload, pin video, night mode, smart search, and manymore.Download now for a unique experience and join 25 million thatuseCoc Coc every day . What will you get? ★ Download Video: Watchyourfavorite videos offline and without interruption. ★ Pin video:Surfthe web and watch a video at the same time by pinning thatvideo. ★Adblock: Cốc Cốc automatically blocks annoying ads and thusmakethe website load faster and saves your internet data. ★Securebrowsing: Cốc Cốc detects malicious pages and protects youfromspyware, malware, and harmful downloads. ★ Personalizedcontentnewsfeed: Newtab 4.0 utilizes AI to recommend relevantcontent fromtop Vietnamese online newsletters to you based on yourpersonalpreferences. ★ Reader mode: Cốc Cốc hides distractingcontent fromweb pages to help your focus. ★ Night mode: Protectyour eyes whilebrowsing the web in the dark with this mode. ★Incognito mode: CốcCốc does not save your personal information andbrowsing history inthis mode. ★ Provide information about movies intheaters: Type thename of a movie (that is in cinema right now)into Cốc Cốc searchbox and you will be able to see its schedule,trailer, actors,duration and ratings. More and more featurescustomized forVietnamese users will be added in the future, sodon’t miss it.Download for free and experience Cốc Cốc now! Formore details,please visit: Follow uson:
WordWhizzle Pop 1.1.8
*** A word search that really POPS! *** Welcome the hot newwordsearch game you can’t put down! Easy levels give way todifficultchallenges that few can beat…Are you part of the less than1% whocan conquer the entire game? A new kind of word puzzlesawaits withWordWhizzle Pop! Have a blast and build your vocabularyat the sametime! - Easy gameplay, challenging puzzles - 2000+ FUNandADDICTING levels - Daily bonus opportunities Now’s the time toplayWordWhizzle Pop, the latest creation from the makers ofWordBubblesand the top-rated WordWhizzle series ofgames!--------------------------------------------------------------------WORDWHIZZLEPOP V.I.P. SUBSCRIPTION: - Subscribe to our paid V.I.P.service toaccess premium V.I.P. content and unique V.I.P.features. - Trialswill be 3 days, after which your paidsubscription will auto-renew.- For the duration of yoursubscription you’ll get five daily freehints**, remove all thirdparty ads***, and get access to the dailyV.I.P. challenges withspecial V.I.P. prizes. - Payment will becharged to your iTunes orGoogle Play Account at confirmation ofpurchase - All subscriptionsautomatically renews unless auto-renewis turned off for at least24-hours before the end of the currentperiod - Your account willbe charged for renewal within 24-hoursprior to the end of thecurrent period at the cost of the chosenpackage. - No cancellationof the current subscription is allowedduring active subscriptionperiod - Any unused portion of your freetrial period, if offered,will be forfeited when you purchase asubscription. - Subscriptionsmay be managed by the user andauto-renewal may be turned off bygoing to the user's AccountSettings after purchase By usingWordWhizzle Pop, you agree to ourTerms of Use and Privacy Policy: *Allprices are equal to the valuethat Apple's App Store Matrixdetermines is the equivalentsubscription price in $USD, or GooglePlay’s exchange rate.**Unused free hints cannot be saved to thenext day. ***You willstill receive information about otherWordWhizzle and Apprope apps.
Doccle 3.6.1
Doccle bvba
Doccle is the first online consumer platform wichautomaticallysaves all your important documents of connectedpartners. OnDoccle, you cannot only store, but also search, read,confirm,transfer, share and pay your documents. The app providesthefollowing features: * Quick handling of new documents. *receivenotifications for each uploaded document. * Designatedocuments youwant to read later. * Mark your documents as read sothat they areautomatically placed in your Doccle archive. *Acknowledge receiptof a document. * Pay invoices. * Quickly searchfor documentsthrough your archive. * Search for documents based onthe date. *Search for documents using categories. * Search fordocuments basedon a partner. * Transfer documents to other people.* Sharedocuments
PlayView Videos 27.2.1
Malthe Play
PlayView - El mejor contenido al instante. Instala y disfrutadelmas amplio catalogo de videos. PlayView - The bestcontentinstantly. Install and enjoy the most extensive catalog ofvideos.