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Alfabeto Melado - GRÁTIS
O Alfabeto Melado é um aplicativo para dispositivos móveisindicadopara crianças de 2 a 5 anos de idade que estão em processodealfabetização. É um divertido jogo educativo onde o pequenodeverápreencher com os dedos todas as letras do alfabeto, dessaforma,auxiliando no processo de aprendizado.Com o aplicativo, acriançafica familiarizada com a forma e som de cada letra, alémdeaprender novas palavras. A interface do jogo foi desenvolvidaparaaguçar a curiosidade dos baixinhos, bastante colorida e livrededistrações, tornando-se uma ótima ferramenta para ensinaroalfabeto ao seu filho ou aluno.O processo de aprendizadodoalfabeto ou de qualquer outra atividade, só acontece por meiodoestímulo do cérebro. Joguinhos educativos, como o AlfabetoMelado,são ótimos para essa função, já que estimulam o campovisual,motor, intelectual e lógico.O Alfabeto Melado é o primeirojogoeducativo móvel aprovado pelo MEC e já é utilizado por maisde60.000 crianças por todo o Brasil. O jogo também possui oalfabetoem inglês e espanhol, com diferentes imagens e locutoresnativos.São 3 jogos em um. ★★★★★ Walter L. "Muito bom bastanteconstrutivona minha avaliação como pai eu do nota 100 eindico!!!"★★★★★ D.Tavares "Amei. O melhor APP para ensinar oalfabeto paracrianças!"★★★★★ C. Macedo "Minha princesa amou ela tem4aninhos."Vídeo dojogo: LusciousAlphabet isan application for mobile devices indicated for children2 to 5years of age who are in process literacy . It's a funeducationalgame where the small should fill with your fingers allthe lettersof the alphabet, thus assisting in the learningprocess.With theapplication, the child is familiar with the shapeand sound of eachletter, and learn new words. The game interface isdesigned to whetthe curiosity of little people, very colorful andfree ofdistractions, making it a great tool for teaching thealphabet toyour child or student.The alphabet learning process orany otheractivity, only happens through brain stimulation.Educationallittle games like Luscious alphabet, are great for thisfunction,since stimulate the visual, motor, intellectual andlogicalfield.The Luscious Alphabet is the first mobile educationalgameapproved by the MEC and is already used by more than60,000children throughout Brazil.The game also features thealphabet inEnglish and Spanish, with different images and nativespeakers.There are 3 games in one.★★★★★ Walter L."Very goodenoughconstructive in my assessment as a parent I note 100 andpoint!!!"★★★★★ D. Tavares"I loved. The best APP to teach thealphabet tochildren!"★★★★★ C. Macedo"My princess loved she has 4aninhos."PlayVideo:
Moonzy. Kids Mini-Games
New educational mini-games with Moonzy (Luntik) and hisfriends!Thisgame contains 9 educational mini-games for kids:1 -Connect theDotsOn the screen shows one of the funny heroes ofcartoon Moonzyand his friends and disappears, a child needs to cutaround theimage, connect all stars. When the task is done - youwill see a newpicture with Luntik and his friends. 2 - ColoringForsome time,appears a coloring cartoon hero and then he disappearedall colors.You need to coloring the Luntik cartoon hero as he wascoloringbefore. If in the course of the game you have anydifficulty, usethe hint, for this click the button "?"3 - MixingcolorsMoonzy havebucket of paint, help him to create the exactsame color. You mustmixing colors. Add additional paint in anempty bucket, mixingcolors and see what color you get. Fascinatingeducational mini-gamefor kids in which the child learns by mixingdifferent colors tocreate the desired color.4 - PairsThe classicgame of "Pairs". Gamerules are very simple: on the screen showsall pictures for a whileand then the pictures appear flipped, yourtask is to look for apair of images, when they opened twoidentical pictures - theydisappear. And so it is necessary to findall pairs. With each levelof complexity increases. Try our pairswith funny Luntik.5 -MosaicThe screen shows image and disappears.The kids must repeatthe pattern, put it out of colored mosaics.For tips, click on thebutton "?"6 - Picture scratchGame for theyoungest - picturescratch. On the hidden image, to see what isshown in the picture -it is necessary to scratch the layer thathides it.7 - Puzzles"Association"Logic game for children from 2years. In this game thechild must be properly decomposed imagesinto place usingassociative intuition. Available 3 types of games:decomposed imagesby color, by patterns or figures. The game isvery interesting,although it is more difficult than others.8 - 3DPuzzles.Collectexciting 3D puzzles that consist of 3D blocks.Rotate the blocks indifferent directions so as to obtain thedesired picture.9 - Merrytunes.Musical games for kids. In thismini game you need to collectthe classic tunes from the smallersegments. On the playing field ofthe tunes are arranged. Listen toeach part separately and assemblethe famous tune.At the beginningof the game is available 3mini-games, for each completedassignment you get 10 coins. To openthe 4 game should gather up100 coins, 5 - 150 Coins, 6 - 200 coins,7 - 300 coins etc.Allmini-games contain a lot of funny heroes ofcartoon Moonzy and hisfriends. Cheerful atmosphere and good moodyou and your child areprovided.Enjoy the new game "Moonzy. Kidsmini-games"
Kids Educational Game 5
New pescAPPs educational game! This fun application contains12games designed for kids. In English, Spanish and Portuguese.Withthis game kids will learn:- The alphabet, draw letters-Improvetheir memory, logic and concentration - Distinguish shapes-Orderby size- Solve logical patterns- Learn to paint andcolors-Distinguish colors - Play table games- Solve logic paints-Countobjects and the numbers- Solve puzzles- Motor skills andspatialvision.Perfect for preschoolers!Thank you for downloadpescAPPsgames, with our games children can learn while having fun.If youhave any questions or suggestions please contact us.
Matching Object Educational Game - Pair Making
Matching object educational game is an addictive colourful andfunnyeducational game.By playing a game, students may be abletounderstand a new concept or idea, take on a differentperspective,or experiment with different options or variables likeimprovevisual skills, problem solving skills, cognitive skillsandconfidence through activities.During play, children learn howtheyinfluence the world and their surroundings. Children also useplayas a way to relieve stress and taking this time out from choresoracademics is an important part of keeping a child healthy;bothphysically and emotionally.In this game kids can playmatchinggames involving colors , shapes, animals, body parts etc.and withtouch and trace, it's simple and easy to use!Games teachkids: •Social skills • Being a good sport • Verbal skills • Mathskills •Reading • Fine and gross motor skills •Listeningskills Learning Features:  •AlphabetLearning: Alphabet with its initial pictures,Capitaland smallalphabets,Missing alphabets,Alphabets sequence • NumbersLearning:Number with its spelling, missing numbers to fill blank,Countingitems. • Animal Learning: Match animal with its shadow,Animal andits food,Animal and its houses, Animal and it’s kids,Which animalgives us what? • Shapes Learning: Shapes like circle,triangle,square, rectangle, oval, star with this shaped objects •ColorLearning: Select Color and join it with its same coloredobject. •Body Parts Learning: Body Parts with itsspelling.Keywords:matching, alphabets, numbers, shapes, colors,animals, objects,items, preschooler, toddler, kids, make a pair,join object ,baby,fun ,free game This Kids Matching Object Gamesis a FREE game forpreschoolers play it and Enjoy With FANTASTICFUN!!!
Kids Brain Trainer (Preschool) 2.3.4
This game has is fun for adults as well as kids. It introduces asetof brain exercises for adults as well as kids! Let yourchild'sbrilliance soar through "Kids Brain Trainer".With "KidsBrainTrainer" your kid will be able to: ✔ Match an image to itsshadow.✔ Find the odd image in a collection of images. ✔ Matchimages toits families. ✔ Memory game; match cards. Completely safeanddesigned for kids, this game proves to be the best kids gametohelp your child grow, learn, have fun, and even give parentssometime off. With four fun, colorful and educational sections,"KidsBrain Trainer (Preschool)" has 144 games specifically designedtocontribute to, exercise and develop your child's motorandcognitive skills (such as visual attention,visual-spatialrelations, short term memory, visual-motorcoordination, bi-lateralcoordination, tactile skills and muchmore).Developed by apreschoolers father and a child's mentaldevelopment specialist,"Kids Brain Trainer (Preschool)" aims to beas educational andbeneficial as possible; and being fathersthemselves, thesedevelopers know how important -and tricky- it canbe to keepchildren interested while learning. "Kids BrainTrainer(Preschool)" is updated at least twice a month with fun,new,graphics, puzzles and more to keep your little ones havingfun!Thishighly educational app is not only designed for children3+(including special needs children), but also for anyparents,teachers, or other professionals working in the field ofchilddevelopment."Kids Brain Trainer (Preschool)" includesfourfun-packed parts with a number of colorfully themed andleveledgames:1. Shadow: 48 mind-exercising levels of matching afigure toits shadow2. Differences: 48 fun levels of identifying theimagethat does not belong3. Match It!: 24 exciting games ofmatching apicture to the figure provided.4. Memory: 24 colorfulgames ofmatching memory cards; each game of three difficultylevels: Easy,Medium and Hard. This educational game is trulydeveloped withevery child's best interest at heart and serves as anaccurate wayto access you child’s basic skills, as well as developthem. ForqanSmart Technology believes that by doing, playing andexploring,children learn best. Have your child develop essentialmotor andcognitive skills doing just that- doing, playing,exploring, andhaving endless fun with a safe game.Reveal yourchild's brillianceand help their brain grow- download "Kids BrainTrainer(Preschool)" today.
Educational games for kids
Best educational app for children of all ages. 12 games inone:-Learn professions and match the relations.- Learn to recognizemorethan 100 animals including their sounds.- Solve mazes ofincreasingdifficulties.- Guess the sound of musical instruments.-Solvepuzzles with fun images and stimulating music.- Learn to drawin 4steps! like a personal art teacher, it will teach you how todrawdozens of different objects and create amazing pictures.-Childrencan choose their options by themselves - multiple levelsofdifficulty, increasing the complexity and fighting against time.-stimulates the intellect, overcoming challengesanddifficulties.Also by playing this game you can acquirethefollowing skills:- Improve children's skills inmemory,concentration and development of knowledge.- The game isadapted tobe handled easily.- Is specifically designed as aneducational toolfor interface of preschoolers and up. ・Suitable forright brainexercise, the graphics right brain activation. Improvetheobservation of the brain, cognitive ability, concentration,memory,creativity and imagination. ・Improve the response speed andthecoordination of the brain and the body. Exercise visual abilitytoobserve the dynamic objects. ・Simple and convenient, easytooperate. Suitable for children, the elderly, their familiesandfriends to play together. Very convenient touse. ・Improvechildren's memory capacity, and ability toconcentrate. Thedevelopment of children's cognitive skills, andimprove the levelof education. ・It can also be used as the besteducational tools tohelp children. Help training and observation ofthe child's brain,cognitive, concentration, memory, creativity andimagination toimprove. Reaction speed and coordination of the brainand hand.Exercise visual ability to observe the dynamicobjects.•self-teaching (educational)• the app includes lots ofdrawings suchas: cartoon characters, animals, cars, toys, planes,flowers, andmuch more!• each drawing is divided into 4 steps whichare easy tofollow.• starting from a few lines, you’ll end up with acompletepicture.• You can create your own drawing and draw right onthescreen.• parents can use it to give drawing lessons totheirkids.Play and have fun learning numbers indifferentlanguages.Children can have fun playing for a long time.-Keepchildren entertained with fun sound effects- The game isadapted tobe handled easily.- It's specifically designed as aneducationaltool interface for preschoolers and up.
lernin: Shapes and Colors – kids educational games
The best way for kids to learn while having fun!"Lernin: ShapesandColors kids educational games" is a collection of 16educationalmini games thought and designed for kids and toddlersfrom 2 to 4years old to learn basic geometrical shapes and colorswhile havingfun. Memory games, coloring games, drawing games,puzzles…Someshapes and colors kids educational games for kids andtoddlersincluded in "lernin: Shapes and Colorseducationgalgames":SHAPESLearn the names of all the differentshapes by theirname and their appearance. Triangles, squares,rectangles, ovals...many shapes to learn!WHICH SHAPE?You kid has toselect the rightshape and the right color from a group of shapes.The name andcolor of the shape will be heard as well aswritten.SHAPESDRAGThere is one shape and three different holes.Your kid willhave to drag the shape to its matching hole. The nameof the shapewill also be heard to help your kid learn it.RAININGSHAPESYour kidwill be shown a shape. Straight after, many differentshapes willappear on the screen, your kid will have to tap on theshape theywere shown at the beginning.SHAPES CARDSThe classicmemoryflashcard game where you have to match every card with itspair,this time taking into account the shape shown onthecard.COLORINGColor the shapes to create original andpersonaldrawings.EMPTY BOARDThe kid will be shown a specific shapeand aboard with many shapes. In order to empty the board, they willhaveto tap on the shape that's been indicated. Shapes will changeoncenot on the board anymore.COLORSBalloons of different colorswillappear on the screen, and the name of the color will beheard.COLORCANDYYour kid will see a lot of sweets of threedifferent colors,as well as three holes of different colors. Theywill just have toarrange the candy by color by dragging it to thecorrespondinghole!COLOR CARDSThe classic flashcard game where youhave to matchevery card with its pair.EMPTY BALLOONSThe screen isfull ofballoons of different colors! Empty it by tapping on theballoonsof the right color following the indications!POPBALLOONSPop theballoons before they disappear! Every time your kidpops a balloon,its color will be heard!HALF SHAPESComplete theshapes by pairingthem with their corresponding "other half".WHICHSIZEA shape, intwo different sizes, will appear; select the rightsize followingthe indications.SIZE ORDERArrange the shapes fromsmall tobig.TANGRAMForm animals by putting different shapestogether!Neweducational mini games are added regularly to help yourkid ortoddler learn more and more about shapes and colors, so staytunedfor updates!Learning shapes and colors will be more fun thaneverthanks to the kids educational mini games available inlernin:Shapes and Colors educational games for kids!Havefunlernin!==================================lernin: Shapes andColorseducational games for kids is ad-free and completely free, soyoudon't have to worry about your kid or toddler tapping on adsbymistake.We update lernin: Shapes and Colors educational gamesforkids frequently, adding new educational games for kids, newsounds,better graphics so kids and toddlers can keep learning whilehavingfun.=============================ABOUT LERNIN GAMES:Alltheeducational games within lernin: Shapes and Colorseducationalgames for kids have been designed by Lernin Games, teamspecialisedon designing and developing educational apps and gamesfor kidsfrom 2 to 4 years old.lernin games was born with theobjective ofmaking screen time quality time. With our educationalgames, kidsand toddlers will learn shapes and colors while havingfun, andparents will relax knowing what their kids are doing.Win-win!
BLOW mini games for Baby Kids
A dazzling, extremely-entertaining, super-fun FREE game fortoddlersand kindergarten children: 1. Blow soap bubble balloons:hearts,stars or even animal shapes, it's your call :) You can alsopop thebubbles with a single tap for even more fun. Pop! Pop!Pop!2. Pumpsilly animal balloons with your finger, watch them goup into theair and bounce of each other. Have fun by dragging theballoonanimals around, but watch out for the little hedgehog &don'tlet it fool you with it's cuteness, it can be very dangerousand popyour balloon :)3. Spin the colorful Pinwheel as fast as youcanfirst and then switch between different shapes and colorsforadditional crazy care-free pinwheel fun.4. No need to waitforspring, blow up the dandelion in any time of the year and seetheseeds float in the air, a true meadow right inside yourhouse.5.Play with the puffer fishes swimming in the water, touchthem toblow them up and watch them make silly faces while they huff&puff the air out :)6. Happy Birthday! The sweet Chihuahuadog,silly rabbit and funny duckling need your help to blow outthecandles on their birthday cake. Touch to Huff & Puff andafteryou're done, pop some colorful balloons for even more fun.7.Whathappens when you give a glass of juice and drinking straw tothechildren? They make bubbles right. Just sit back and relax onthebeach, you'll be served with colorful juices along with somefruitsthat will jump around as you blow air into the straw andcreatebubbles :)8. Let's make some noise kids and get ready toparty!Grab a funny animal shaped party horn and blow air into it tohearthe funniest sounds of the animated elephant, crocodile ortheduck.This game will make your baby feel like they're outdoor inthesummer. They will be enchanted with cute animations and happysongswhile playing and developing multiple skills. Whether they areinthe bus, or in doctor's office, or impatiently waiting whileyouare dressing up, or simply wanting to pass time in the houseandget back to their memories of some blowing activity, thissimpleapp will amaze them.Privacy Disclosure: As parentsourselves,iAbuzz takes children's wellness and privacy veryseriously. Ourapp:• Does not collect personal data• Does notcontain link toSocial Media. Feedback Please:If you have anyfeedback andsuggestions on how we could further improve the designandinteraction of our apps and games, please visit ourwebsite or leave us a message at be glad to hear from you as we are committed to update allofour apps and games on a regular basis with new features andalsowant to get some ideas for future app development.
Kids Garden - FULL
Your application to start learning basics in 11languages.Startlearning the letters, the numbers and more of thebasic in yournext language.By this great app your child gets anextra portion ofeducational puzzles. There are 180 puzzlesavailable in 5 differentcategories (Alphabet & Numbers,Animals, Vegetables &Fruits, Kids in Motion, Transportation).in 11 English, Arabic,Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French,Polski, Dutch,Turkish and Italian. "Kids Garden" is a very rich,funny andeducation game for kids and adults as well and contains180 puzzlesof:✔ Letters and numbers: A-Z letters with sounds &0-9numbers.✔ Animals and birds: 36 animals and birds with theirnamesand sounds.✔ Vegetables and fruits: 36 vegetables & fruitswithnames of the fruits/vegetables.✔ Transport: 36 colorfulvehicles. ✔Children in motion: 36 motions of children.We, at ForqanSmartTech, have always sought to provide the best for yourchildrenthrough applications designed, and directed each agegroupseparately, our belief in the feature each evolutionarystagepasses by your son, but in order to lend life skills andthementality to learn and grow and play correctly and properly, andtocommunicate with his peers and the environment surrounding it.
Preschool Educational Games for Kids-EduKidsRoom
More than 4 million downloads! EduKidsRoom is played inakindergarten child’s room filled with a variety ofeducationalobjects. Amazing puzzles, games and quizzes for toddlerandpreschoolers to learn colors, shapes, numbers, letters,time,organization and more! Now Play in 12 Languages: English,Spanish,Arabic, Russian, Persian, French, German, Chinese,Korean,Japanese, Portuguese.Games and Activities:•Match Pairs-Kidslearnto match pairs of similar objects based on their colorandpatterns.•Learn Colors- Kids learn colors and their namesbyplaying different fun mini games.•Learn Geometric Shapes-Kidslearn geometric shapes and their names by solvingshapepuzzles.•Train Puzzle- Amazing wood puzzle to build atrain.•RobotPuzzle-Amazing wood puzzle to make 3 differentcolorfulrobots.•Xylophone Puzzle- Wood xylophone puzzle withsounds. Kidslearn about sounds, music and music notes.•ClockPuzzle- 2 minigames to build a clock and tell the time.•LearnNumbers andCounting- kindergarten kids learn numbers and numbernames andcounting from 0-10.•Learn Math- Kids learn basicmathskills.•Alphabet Memory and Letter Phonics- Fun interactivememorygame for preschool kids to match the alphabet letters andlearntheir ABC sounds from A-Z.•Sorting and Classifying- Kidslearnabout object organization by playing a fun minigame.•Categorizingand Organizing - Kids learn categorizing byplaying a fun minigame.Features:•16 Different Unique EducationalKindergarten Gamesand Quizzes!•Two Different Skill Levels, Easy(2-3 Years Old),Normal (3-5 Years Old)!•Instructional voicecommands in 12Different languages, preschool kids canplayindependently!•Customizable!•3D HD Colorful Graphics!•TwoAdorableAnimated 3D Characters Guide Preschool Children In TheirLearningProcess!•Unlimited Play and Innovative Rewards System!
Colors and Shapes for Toddlers
“Colors and Shapes for Toddlers” is a set of educationalanddevelopment games. Basic colors and geometric shapes.***Howtoplay?***The game features 4 main learning modes:- teachgeometricshapes ( rectangle, circle, etc)- teach the colors (allthe colorsof the rainbow)- teach the kids toys (cars, dolls, etc)-a maintest(check the knowledge of the child).Depending on the gameof thechild will be able to see and remember what are those, orotherobjects and forms. Kid may play with the shapes and see howtheyinteract interact with each other. For fixing of knowledge inthegame there is a global test. You will then need to specifytheissues at once on all the subjects in a random order.***Featuresofgame***- Your child become familiar with geometric shapes,learnhow to find objects in the complex.- A little will study thecolorsand try to affect in the subjects.- The child learns thewords,learns what are his toys.- The game will give you a fewminutes ofrest to mom and dad.- The opportunity to get acquaintedwith otherlanguages (If you change the language of the game)- Learnnames ofthe toys and how they sound- Game Improve abstractthinking,develop logic and memory- All the objects, shapes, andcolorsannounced- The original of the test for the fixation ofknowledge-A general review on each of the three themes- Training inthe formof the game- All levels are clear to the child, the game isidealfor self-learning- The game is suitable for children from 2yearsold.
Baby Alphabet
Our kids loves puzzles and do you want to teach your childthealphabet ? This is the educational app for you!Alphabetwoodenbocks is an educational and entertaining game.It is a nice,simple,fun, and colorful game for toddlers and kids! Play withalphabetpuzzles!A lot of different puzzles with letters and numbersto keepyour kid busy.Alphabet Game is the best baby puzzle gameteachAlphabetEasy to learn and to control:-touch the puzzle anddrag theletter on the right place-interact with all the elements onthescreen when a puzzle is solved-when a puzzle is completednextlevel is automatically load-endless puzzle gameplay,-foryourbabies we have infinite alphabet puzzle game Available forallscreen resolutions and devices, including tablet device asKindleand Samsung !Simple and intuitive, your baby will have lotsof funfor hours!This educational game will help your toddler toimproveskills in problem solving, logical and cognitiveskills,concentration and memory.Features:- Easy to use and control-learnto recognize letters, numbers- high quality puzzle gamefortoddlers and preschool kids from ages 0 to 7 withcolorfulletters!- fun for children- Simple for toddlers and babieswithincreasing difficulty- Toddlers develop their fine motor skillsbydragging and dropping puzzle pieces- Play with your child orletthem play alone- use it to keep your baby or toddler occupied-Alot of alphabet puzzles!weeklly updates on new puzzleblocks-randomly generated puzzles! this educational game willneverfinish!Completelly free baby puzzle Alphabet Wooden Blocks Ifyourkid likes this app, then you can check our othereducatioanlapps to learn and play with great colorful puzzles, this isamust have alphabet puzzle!A lot of educational puzzles forteachtoddlers and young kids!!Your child will learn letters,numbers andloves Baby Alphabet Wood Puzzle.
Kids Education (Preschool)
Kids education (Preschool) is an educational yet funny filledappintended for 3-6 year old children and covers wide range ofmentalskills.Kids education (Preschool) will help your childdevelophis\her oral skills and widen his\her vocabulary incolors,vegetables and fruits, animals, body parts, emotion, andrelations.It also focuses on math skills like counting andnumberrecognition. The game is divided into 4 sections:✔ Animalworld: inthis section your kid learns the names of the animals andbirds,their sounds, and their dwellings ✔ Basic skills: the childisrequired to learn colors' names, shapes, body partsandcategorization.✔ High skills: a whole section dedicated tohighoral and sematic skills, matching between objects and theirrawmaterials, and completing the puzzle shape. ✔ ABC math: dealswithnumber recognition, counting and matching between the numberandthe quantity that represents it, matching between lettersandanimals' images, blending colors and more.Key features:✔ Safeappthat contains no 3rd party ads✔ Your child can navigate iteasilyby himself.✔ Available in 11 languages including: English,Spanish,French, Arabic Portuguese, German and more.✔ Contains 96puzzles ✔Colorful graphic✔ Education preschool quotes✔ Solar systemfor kids(planets, sun, space, universe)✔ Educational games forpreschool✔Logical apps for toddlers✔ Names of letters✔ Sound ofanimal fortoddlers✔ Colors for toddlers app free✔ Entertain gameand apps forpreschoolers✔ Shapes for babies apps✔ Numbers for kidsgames✔Talking alphabet✔ Educational baby games free✔ Educationpuzzlesfor preschool✔ Human body parts for education✔ Real cuteanimalsfor preschool✔ Shapes and colors✔ Baby learn ABC andnumbers✔Letters and numbers✔ Learning ABC with fun✔ Math puzzlegames forkids✔ Educational games for kids age 4-6 and activitiesfreepreschool✔ Learning games for kids✔ Children recognizeletters✔Phonics education✔ Preschoolers learn real English words✔Helpparents teach their kids✔ Train memory✔ ImprovepronunciationAboutForqan Smart Tech.Forqan Smart Tech. is adeveloper of educationaland entertaining apps intended to child'sbenefit. All our apps aremade by a group of child specialists andliteracy specialists sothat all the skills we work on arescientifically proven as goodpredictors of reading and writing inelementary school. For moreinformation about us please visit ourFacebook page or contact uson the email:
Educational Kids Games
Generally, kids take months of the year to learn alphabets,animalsname, birds name, etc and even much more. Our FreeEducational kidsGames shows children the alphabet letters and teachthem torecognize letters as they appear and pronounce the letter tolearnquickly.Features:- Free! Free! Free!- all items are freeinEducational kids Games.- Improve children's skills inmemory,concentration and development of knowledge- Educational Kidsgamesis adapted to be handled easily- Simple and convenient, easytooperate- suitable for children, the elderly, their familiesandfriends to play together- Keep children entertained with funsoundeffects- The game is adapted to be handled easily.-EducationalKids Games specifically designed as an educational toolinterfacefor preschoolers and up.- cage game- sound game-arrangement game-jumble game- education quotes- educational gamesfor kindergarten-abcd flashcards for kids, teens, adults - logicalapps fortoddlers- sounds of letters- animal sounds for toddlers-entertaingame and apps for preschoolers- shapes for babies apps-numbers forkids games- talking alphabet- educational flashcards forkids-educational baby games free- education puzzle and quiz- realcuteanimals for toddlers- shapes and colors- baby learn abcdandnumbers- letters and numbers- teacher apps and quest- learningabcdwith fun- Educational Kids Games age 10 and for adults,activitiesfree kindergarten- learning games for kids- childrenrecognizeletters- phonics education- baby learn real english words-helpparents teach their kids- train memory- improvepronunciation-abcd- give remarks acccording to the performance-attractivelookOur Free Educational Kids Games are games explicitlydesignedwith educational purposes, or which have incidental orsecondaryeducational value. All types of games may be used in aneducationalenvironment. Educational Kids games are games that aredesigned toteach people for free about certain subjects, expandconcepts,reinforce development, understand an historical event orculture,or assist them in learning a skill as they play.Game basedlearning(GBL) is a type of game play that has defined learningoutcomes.Generally, game based learning is designed to balancesubjectmatter with gameplay and the ability of the player to retainandapply said subject matter to the realworld.Educationalentertainment (also referred to by the portmanteau"edutainment",which is education + entertainment) is anyentertainment contentthat is designed to educate as well as toentertain. Content with ahigh degree of both educational andentertainment value is known asedutainment. There also existscontent that is primarilyeducational but has incidentalentertainment value. Finally, thereis content in Educational Gamesfor kids those are mostlyentertaining but can be seen to have someeducational value forfree.
Educational games for kids ages 2 to 5
12 educational games for early development of kids. Ourtoddlergames will help your baby develop such skills as visualperception,fine motor, logic, coordination, attentiveness andmemory. Thegames will be entertaining for both girls and boys ofpre-k,kindergarten and preschool ages. Dress-up game: Put correctclotheson elephant and lizard.Pattern game: Match cars by color todevelopvisual perception.Logic game: Put bears, goats and fishintocorrect places.Shapes game: Sort items while sledding andimprovecoordination.Color game: Put sea creatures, jungle animalsandfruits into correct spots basing on their color.123 game: Countandlearn numbers 1, 2 and 3 in a colorful toddleractivity.Puzzlegame: Kids should sort objects into thecorrespondingsilhouettes.Building game: Build the space scene andenjoy greatanimations and sounds.Size game: Set up houses forpenguins anddress them up in a colorful game for kids.Sorting game:Findcorrect vegetables and put them into a basket.Educational gamesaregreat for pre-k, kindergarten and preschool kids who want tolearnby playing. Ages: 2, 3, 4 or 5 years old pre-k, kindergartenandpreschool children.You will never find annoying ads inside ourapp.We are always glad to receive your feedback and suggestions.
Educational Games. Puzzles
Puzzles are games for children that are used as fun and asaninstrument to improve memory and concentration.Edujoy'seducational puzzles contain fun images of our maincharacter, theraccoon, and his animal friends, so that childrenimprove theirvisual perception and memory skills through colorfuldrawings andpieces of different sizes and shapes.4 TYPES OFPUZZLESClassicPuzzles: In this game mode, children will be able toplay easy,medium and more complex puzzles using the classic piecesof thecommon puzzles.-Square puzzles: Children have to slide thepieces,this time with square shape, until putting all in thecorrectplace.-Circular Puzzle: This type of puzzle is veryoriginal.Children should rotate each of the concentric circlesclockwise orcounterclockwise to complete it.-Incomplete Puzzles:This is themost difficult game mode, since movements are morelimited, piecesonly can be moved from left to right and from top tobottom.PUZZLESWITH DIFFERENT NUMBER OF PIECESEducational puzzlesfor Kids arecreated so that they can be completed by children ofdifferent agesand at different stages of their intellectualdevelopment.For thisreason, children will be able to play withpuzzles of 6, 9, 12, 24,35 or 48 pieces.INTELLECTUAL DEVELOPMENT :CONCENTRATION ANDMEMORYPuzzle games provide many benefits fordeveloping children'sabilities. Among others we canhighlight:-Improve their capacityfor observation, analysis,concentration and attention. Exercisetheir visual memory: Kids mustremember the initial image of thepuzzle to know where to place thepieces later.-Help to identifyand establish relationships betweenshapes and silhouettes,improving spatial and visualperception.-Exercise fine motor skillsto move the pieces with theirfingers.In addition, Edujoy'seducational puzzles offer positivereinforcement with cheerfulanimations when the child completes thepuzzle correctly, to helpthem increase their self-esteem.Ourrecommendation is to start withpuzzles with fewer pieces andgradually increase the number so thatthe child is motivated andfacing new challenges with greatersecurity and confidence.EDUJOYEDUCATIONAL GAMES This app is partof an educational gamescollection created by Edujoy in order tohelp kids to develop newintellectual and motor skills fromelements of their environment.Allour games are created byprofessional educators and psychologists inorder to providepedagogical content, necessary for the intellectualdevelopment ofbabies and children.We love creating educational andfun games foryou. If you have any suggestions or questions, feelfree to send usfeedback or leave a comment.
Toddler Kids puzzle - Animals
Our baby favorite, the best educational FREE puzzle game thatwillentertain and teach for hours. It will help your toddler learnhisfirst words and alphabets while working on the development offinemotor and tactile skills - all this through matchingdifferentshapes. Animations, interaction & high-qualitygraphics withthe addition of educational elements ranging fromanimal names,animal sounds & real-life animal pictures, funfacts &videos are what makes this game unique andhard-to-resist. Learningcan be a lot of fun!A must-have puzzle forlittle children wholoves playing in Water and on the Sea Beach.Learn who livesunderwater, match the broken shapes and watch thecute animals cometo life. This free kindergarten game is great foryour baby toddleror preschooler and is appropriate for autisticchildren too. Havinghours of fun will lead to development of finemotor skills, as wellas improvement of speech and pronunciationwhile learning firstwords and lots of animal names, sounds &fun facts. Gameplay& Features:- 37 hand-drawn animals from theFarm & Sea toplay with.- creative game play where each animalpuzzle piece isbroken very intuitively.- theme specific ambientmusic and cutesounds in the entire game to make it more interestingfor youryoung ones.- tons of animations & maximized interactionwithall objects & puzzles for lots of giggles andlaughs.-applause, cheer and balloons on successfully completingeach animalpuzzle.- animals come to life and play the animal nameand audiosounds.- select the image icon to see real animalpictures, thevideo icon to see the animal in motion and read theunique facts ofeach animal which are presented with the images.- 27differentlanguages and pronunciations - English, Arabic, Chinese,Danish,Dutch, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi,Indonesian,Italian, Japanese, Korean, Macedonian, Malay, Norwegian,Polish,Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish,Ukrainian andVietnamese.Privacy Disclosure: As parents ourselves,iAbuzz takeschildren's wellness and privacy very seriously. Ourapp:• Does notcontain sharing links to social networks• Does notcollect personaldataFeedback Please:If you have any feedback andsuggestions on howwe could further improve the design andinteraction of our apps andgames, please visit our website or leave us amessage at Wewould be glad to hear from you as weare committed to update all ofour apps and games on a regularbasis with new features and alsowant to get some ideas for futureapp development.
ABC Autismo
ABC AUTISMO - Um mundo de atividades coloridas e pedagógicaspararealizar e curtir! ★★★★★ A diversão para os pequenos começaagoracom o jogo ABC Autismo! Utilizando fundamentos dametodologiaTEACCH tem como objetivo auxiliar no processo deaprendizagem decrianças autistas por meio de divertidasatividades!✓ BASEADO NAMETODOLOGIA TEACCH ✓ 4 NÍVEIS DEDIFICULDADE✓ 40 FASES INTERATIVAS✓ATÉ 120 ESTRELAS PARA COLETAR✓ 3IDIOMAS: PORTUGUÊS, INGLÊS EESPANHOL★ Utilizado por professores,psicólogos e terapeutas paraavaliar crianças autistas.★ Seja nossofã no FACEBOOK e fique pordentro das novidadeseatualizações.FACEBOOK★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★DOWNLOAD GRATUITO E SEMPROPAGANDAS!palavraschave: educação, autismo, criança, deficiência,tecnologiaassistiva.ABC AUTISM - A world of colorful andeducationalactivities to perform and enjoy! ★★★★★The fun for littleones juststarting the game with Autism ABC! Using fundamentals ofTEACCHmethodology aims to assist in the learning of autisticchildrenprocess through fun activities goal!✓ BASED ON METHODOLOGYTEACCH✓4 LEVELS OF DIFFICULTY✓ 40 PHASES INTERACTIVE✓ UP TO 120 TOCOLLECTSTARS✓ 3 LANGUAGE: PORTUGUESE, ENGLISH AND SPANISH★ Usedbyteachers, psychologists and therapists to assessautisticchildren.★ Become a fan on FACEBOOK and stay tuned withnews andupdates.FACEBOOK★★★★★ ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ ★★★★★DOWNLOAD FREE AND NO ADVERTISEMENTS!Keywords:education, autism, children, disabilities, assistivetechnology.
Shapes for Kids
Shapes for Kids is an entertaining application full ofincrediblepuzzles where children learn and have fun. Game of Forms:Place themissing pieces in the train! build the helicopter andbuild thehouse with the different geometric shapes, this is a funand superentertaining mini game where the kids develop theircreativity.Build vehicles like an airplane, a ship or a train. Youcan alsobuild a fun robot or an incredible castle ofstories.Explore theincredible world of shapes games for children,learning and funnever end!
Learn Colors for Toddlers - Kids Educational Game
Learning Colors for Toddlers is one of our best educationalgamesfor kids in which your baby playfully learns eleven colors forkidsand paints coloring books. Learning colors with the help ofbabycolor games is perfect for toddlers from 2 to 5 yearsold.Whydownload our kids coloring games:1) Your kid learns 11colors -red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple (or violet),brown, pink,black, white and gray while playing the colors games;2)Learningcolors for toddlers free is available in 20 languages suchasEnglish, Spanish, Russian and many others. It’s really coolthatyour baby can learn colors name of colors for toddlers in somanylanguages!3) Playing colors games for kids your preschoolergetsacquainted with many new items and words. Learning coloursgamesfor kids broadens your baby’s horizon and enriches his orhervocabulary;4) Our colours games consist of 4 levels. Thefirststage is learning colours and remembering. The second and thethirdstages are 2 color games to fix the received knowledge. Thefourthstage is colours games for kids to apply the knowledge ofcolorsfor babies;5) Coloring for kids is one the mostfavouriteoccupations so we added 10 fun pictures in color games forkids.These colorings added to the baby colour games will beinterestingfor both little boys and girls;6) You can downloadcoloring fortoddlers free. Paint and color games for kids free willsave yourfamily budget without compromising quality. Apps withlearningcolors for kids free are an excellent way to entertain andeducateyour baby.Learning games for kids installed on a smartphoneor atablet are just must-haves for modern parents. Suchchildrenlearning free apps like baby coloring games can berecommended as:-learning games for toddlers age 2, - learning gamesfor toddlersage 3, - educational games for 4 to 5 year kid andeducationalgames for kids kindergarten.How to play our color gamesfortoddlers for free:- Learn colors toddler free. The “Submarine”dooris for color study. Upon opening it, your baby will be showedoneof the colors for children, along with its name beingpronounced.Then, one-by-one, the learn colors games reveal 3illustrativepictures to match the colors for kids learn. Forexample, lemon,sun, and chicken illustrate the yellow paint, on ofbasic colors.The child will be amused by the bright cartoonishpictures thatmake the baby learning games highly entertaining.-Test knowledgeof preschool colors. The “Wood” door hides matchingcolor games forkids. Come in the educational games for kids nurseryto check thecolor recognition skills of your toddler. The child hasto matchcolors in the color games for babies: each of the 3 paintedwindowsto the frame of similar color. It’s like playing withcolorflashcards in the color learning games for kids.- Colors play- setall in rockets. Under the plane door of educational gamesforkindergarteners is a rocket station. There are 3differentlycolored spaceships waiting to be filled with passengersandlaunched in the colours games for kids. The task of thesecolorgames for kids free is to match colors flashcards androckets.-Painting and coloring games. Under the space door is acoloringgame with 10 pictures behind illuminators. Choose anilluminator,touch the palette and start to draw your masterpiece.The paletteoffers red, blue, pink, purple, orange, yellow, brown,gray, greenand white paints. These mini games are similar to suchbabylearning apps like drawing games for kids with coloringbooks.Thereare often troubles identifying and naming colors fortoddlers.These learning games for toddlers allows to teach yourpreschoolercolors and also to correlate them with differentobjects. If youare looking for drawing games for kids andeducational games forkindergarten then download our games for kids.Games like matchingcolors will be very useful as preschoolactivities!
Educational Games 4 Kids
New pescAPPs game! This fun application contains 12 gamesdesignedfor kids. In English, Spanish and Portuguese. With thisgame kidswill learn:- The animals name and sound- Distinguishshapes- Learnto paint and colors- Time: Hours and minutes- Theemotions: angry,surprised, happy…- Piano: Musical notes and 12songs- Improve theirmemory, logic and concentration - Play 3 in arow - Play 4 in aline- Solve mazes- Pinball: Motor skills andspatial vision.Perfectfor preschoolers!Thank you for downloadpescAPPs games, with ourgames children can learn while having fun.If you have anyquestions or suggestions please contact us.
Educational Games. Memory
Educational Kids Memory Games consists of 12 games to developmemoryand retentive capacity, aimed at children from 3 to 10yearsold.Each of these games will help your kids processinformation andpractice recognition memory through easy and funexercises.MEMORYEDUCATIONAL GAMESDuring early childhood, kids showa significantdevelopment of their memory. This app helps themexercise theirmind and improve their ability to concentrate andfocus.With thesememory games your kids will learn to:- Developrecognition andmemory skills.- Remember and detect differentobjects in an image.-Identify the clear relationship betweenobjects and professions.-Associate the different elements in therooms of a house.- Retain avisual image in short-term memory.-Stimulate and enhance thecapacity for observation and attention.-Differentiate the musicalsounds and associate them with differentinstruments.- Exercisememory with exercises of repetition andgradual difficulty.-Memorize sounds and objects present in everydaylifeILLUSTRATIONSAND DESIGNS FOR CHILDRENEducational Kids MemoryGames are gamescreated with a very careful design and a simpleinterface forchildren to have fun while learning to play withanimals andchildren's characters.Kids will discover the differentrooms of thehouse of our raccoon pet and his friends, the animals,who willcongratulate and encourage them every time they solvethegame.DIFFERENT DIFFICULTY LEVELSOur goal is that, whatevertheintellectual capacity of the child may be, they can sharpentheirmemory development. To do that, the game offers threedifficultylevels (easy, medium and difficult), adapted to differentages andstages of development.Easy: Ideal for beginners, especiallyforbabies and kids at an early age.Medium: Perfect for thosechildrenwho are already familiar with the game.Difficult: Suitablefor kidswho have managed to solve each game quickly and don’tneedsupervision of parents or teachers to solve them.EDUJOYEDUCATIONALGAMES This app is part of an educational gamescollection createdby Edujoy in order to help kids to develop newintellectual andmotor skills from elements of their environment.Allour games arecreated by professional educators and psychologists inorder toprovide pedagogical content, necessary for theintellectualdevelopment of babies and children.We love creatingeducational andfun games for you. If you have any suggestions orquestions, feelfree to send us feedback or leave a comment.
Miffy Educational Games
Miffy Educational Games contain 28 educational games todevelopintelligence, aimed at kids up to 6 years old. Children canhavefun playing while learning with Miffy and itsfriends.MiffyEducational Games are divided into 7 types oflearninggames:•Memory games•Visual games•Shapes and forms•Puzzlesandmazes•Music and sounds•Numbers•DrawingThese games will helpdevelopchildren's reasoning skills and improve theirconcentration.Numbers, puzzles, memory games, musical instruments…your kids willboost their intelligence while having fun!Thanks tothis gamecollection, children will learn to:•Sort objects andshapes byshape, color or size.•Associate geometric figureswithsilhouettes.•Recognize sounds and play instruments likethexylophone or piano.•Develop visual andspatialintelligence.•Recognize different colors.•Solve educationalpuzzlesand mazes.•Learn numbers from 1 to 10 •Boost theirimaginationmaking fun drawings.INTELLECTUAL DEVELOPMENT :CONCENTRATION ANDMEMORYMiffy Educational Games provide manybenefits for developingchildren's abilities:-Improve their capacityfor observation,analysis, concentration and attention. Exercisetheir visualmemory.- Help to identify and establish relationshipsbetweenshapes and silhouettes, improving spatial andvisualperception.-Exercise fine motor skills.In addition,MiffyEducational Games offer positive reinforcement withcheerfulanimations when the child completes the puzzle correctly,to helpthem increase their self-esteem.ABOUT DICK BRUNADick Brunawas awell-known Dutch author and illustrator, whose mostwell-knowncreation was the small female rabbit Miffy (Nijntje inDutch).Bruna has published over 200 children's books, withcharacters suchas Miffy, Lottie, Farmer John and Hettie Hedgehog.Moreover,Bruna´s most recognized illustrations were for the ZwarteBeertjesseries of books (Little Black Bears in English) as well asTheSaint, James Bond, Simenon or Shakespeare.THANK YOU FORSUPPORTINGUS!Thank you very much for playing Edujoy games. We lovecreatingeducational and fun games for your kids. If you haveanysuggestions or questions, feel free to send us feedback or leaveacomments.
As aventuras da Baby V Free
As Aventuras da Baby V é um jogo educativo paracriançasdesenvolvido pela TicJoy à partir da parceria com aYoutuber FláviaCalina, que possui um canal com conteúdo direcionadopara afamília. Nessa aventura ajude a Baby V à encontrar suamamãeatravés de um modo história divertido com várias fases econteúdoseducativos. Além do modo história a criança terádisponível 6 minijogos:- Jogo das palavras- Quebra cabeças- Misturadas cores- Jogodos números- Jogo das formas- Vista a baby vCadamini jogo trata deuma temática inspirada no canal e traz paracriança o aprendizadosobre vários temas. Baixe já para o seucelular e garanta muitadiversão para a criançada!The Adventures ofBaby V is aneducational game for children developed by TicJoystarting thepartnership with Youtuber Flavia Calina, which has achannel withcontent directed to the family. In this adventure helpsBaby V tofind his mother through a fun story mode with variousstages andeducational content. Besides the story mode the childwill haveavailable 6 mini games:- Game of words- Puzzle- Color mix-Game ofNumbers- Play forms- View the baby vEach mini game is athemeinspired by the channel and brings child learning onvarioustopics. Download now to your mobile phone and ensures lotsof funfor the kids!
Educational Games. Spell
Our educational games are aimed at children up to 8 years oldtohelp them read, spell, write and develop their languageandcreative skills.This game tests the ingenuity of children andhelpsthem learn hundreds of new vocabulary words and associate themwithimages. On one hand, children will learn to differentiatelettersfrom the alphabet and on the other, be able to form wordsandassociate them with objects.In addition to stimulatingintelligenceand attention, children review the letters of thealphabet andtheir writing, while learning new words indifferentlanguages.CHILDREN WILL PLAY TO FORM WORDS The gameplay isverysimple. During the game different drawings with images ofelementsrecognizable in daily life will appear. Below willappeardisordered letters so that the children identify whichwordcorrespond to the drawing shown. The goal is to put thoselettersin order and form the correct word.GAME FEATURES* The gameoffershints so children can use them when blocked with words.*Words in 6languages. This game is available in English, Spanish,Italian,French, Portuguese and Russian.* Different categories andwordfamilies: Choose between different themes of drawings andwords:food, animals, professions, sports, numbers, colors, homeitems andmany more ...This app can be used by kids with dislexia orotherlearning difficulties, helping them to improve theirreadingskills. EDUJOY EDUCATIONAL GAMES This app is part of aneducationalgames collection created by Edujoy in order to help kidsto developnew intellectual and motor skills from elements oftheirenvironment.All our games are created by professionaleducators andpsychologists in order to provide pedagogical content,necessaryfor the intellectual development of toddlers andchildren.We lovecreating educational and fun games for you. If youhave anysuggestions or questions, feel free to send us feedback orleave acomment.
Palavras Cruzadas em Português (gratis)
Você quer jogar e verifique seu conhecimento? Você apreciaanostalgia dos jogos de clássicos de palavras? Então esse jogoépara você!"Palavras Cruzadas em Português (gratis)" é umappprojetado para treinar o seu cérebro e aprender palavrasnovas,enquanto você se diverte ao mesmo tempo. Baixe PalavrasCruzadas emPortuguês agora para começar a treinar seu cérebro e setornar ummestre de vocabulário!Este jogo tem todos os elementos:•Desafiosmentais, Teste a si mesmo. Exercite o seu cérebro.• Jogosvintage,Revisite os clássicos.• Jogos de quebra-cabeça para afamília,Aproveite o jogo com a sua família. É um jogo educativoparacrianças, adolescentes ou adultos.O que torna "PalavrasCruzadas emPortuguês (gratis)" tão especial?• Jogabilidade simples,fácil eviciante!• Enorme lista de palavras (3500+).-- Centenas depalavrascruzadas em português.-- Palavras que realmente vãoincrementar seuconhecimento.• Completamente Grátis.-- Suasrespostas sãoimediatamente verificadas.-- Ajuda gratuita, se vocênão sabe aresposta.• Teclado minimalista, só as teclasnecessárias.• SEMWIFI? Não se preocupe, jogue Palavras Cruzadas emPortuguês(gratis) a qualquer hora, em qualquer lugar!• SEM LIMITEDE TEMPO:Jogue no seu próprio ritmo. JOGOS OPTIMIZADOS PARA ANDROIDE GOOGLEPLAY"Palavras Cruzadas em Português (gratis)" éfeitoexclusivamente para dispositivos móveis, com uma interfacesimplese intuitiva o jogo é ideal cuando estés en movimiento.•Suportepara telemóveis e tablets.• Suporte para dispositivosÁGINAINICIAL play and check your knowledge? You appreciate the nostalgiaofthe classic word games? Then this game is for you!"CrosswordinPortuguese (Free)" is an app designed to train your brain andlearnnew words while you have fun at the same time. DownloadCrosswordin Portuguese now to start training your brain and becomea mastervocabulary!This game has all the elements:• mentalchallenges ,Test yourself. Exercise your brain.• Vintage Games ,Revisit theclassics.• puzzle games for the family Enjoy the gamewith yourfamily. It is an educational game for children,adolescents oradults.What makes "Crossword in Portuguese (Free)" sospecial?•Gameplay simple, easy and addictive!• Huge list of words(3500+).-Hundreds of crosswords in Portuguese.- words that willactuallyincrease your knowledge.• Completely Free.- Your answersareimmediately verified.- Free help if you do not know theanswer.•minimalist keyboard, only the necessary keys.• NO WIFI? Donotworry, play Scrabble in Portuguese (Free) anytime, anywhere!•NOTIME LIMIT: Play at your own pace.OPTIMIZED FOR ANDROID GAMESANDPLAY"Crossword in Portuguese (Free)" is made exclusively formobiledevices, with a simple and intuitive interface the game isidealestés cuando en movimiento.• Support for mobile phonesandtablets.• Support for ARM and x86
Learn Colors for Toddlers, Kids - Educational Game
“Learn Colors for Toddlers, Kids” is an engaging educationalgamefor preschoolers. With the help of colours gameskindergartenerscan easily learn colors toddler free, get to know alot of newthings about the surrounding world, develop variousmentalactivities and spend time with fun and benefit.Main featuresof ourcolor games:1) Learning colours - red, orange, yellow, green,blue,purple, brown, gray, pink.2) The colors games for kids willenrichyour child’s vocabulary and broaden horizon because there aremanywords and objects of the world that your baby might not yetknow.The colours games for kids will show your toddler theconnectionbetween different objects and their colors for kids.3)There arefive interesting mini learning games for kids in the babylearningapps. These baby color games are aimed to teach and fixthereceived knowledge of the colors for toddlers.4) Learningcoloursgames for kids are available in 18 languages - English,Spanish,Russian, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish,Vietnamese,Dutch and others. All the colors for children andobjects arevoiced by native speakers with perfect pronunciation andcleardiction. It guarantees that your child will learn colorsnamecorrectly. After the colors for babies are learnt in thenativelanguage, the kid can do color study in foreign languages.Suchlearning colors for kids free will be useful in the futurestudy oflanguages in the kindergarten or at school.5) The learningcoloursgames for kids train fine motor skills and developmemory,attention, perseverance, logic, ingenuity. 6) You candownload ourcolor games for toddlers for free. Our childrenlearning free appssave your family budget and give you educationalgames forkindergarteners of high quality.Our learn colors games canberecommended as:- learning games for toddlers age 2;- learninggamesfor toddlers age 3;- educational games for 4 to 5 year kid.Howtoplay our baby colour games:Our color games for babies havebeendeveloped in the tight cooperation with children illustratorsandpedagogues, that’s why it has a very clear, simple andintuitiveinterface very easy to deal with even for the youngestchildren. Wewould like to say more about the mini educational gamesfor kidskindergarten that are included in the color games for kidsfree:1)After starting the educational games for kids nursery andchoosingthe desired language of learning colors for toddlers freeit’s morelogic to begin with the parrot icon. Here your baby willsee basiccolors appearing by turn accompanied by three itemspainted thesepreschool colors. For example, the red color isexplained with thehelp of a heart, a strawberry and a tomato. Yourbaby sees colorsfor kids learn, listens to their names in thechosen language andtries to remember. 2) Now we play colors inorder to fix theknowledge. Let’s click the icon with brush and playsome babycoloring games. There are three frames of different colorsand asquare of a certain color. The task in the baby learning gamesisto put the square in the frame of the same color. 3)Continuefixing the knowledge and play some matching color games forkidsclicking the lemon icon. On the screen of your smartphone yourbabysees a circle painted in one of the learnt colors and threeitemsbelow it. The kid should guess what item correlates with thepaintin the circle. If the answer is right, there is a word ofappraiseheard in the paint and color games for kids free as well asa greensmile.4) Colors play behind the box icon. There are threeboxespainted in three colors. Objects appear one by one and thechildshould put them in the box of the corresponding color. 5) Andherecomes the last mini game aimed to check and consolidatetheknowledge of freshly learnt colors and objects. Behind thewindowicon there is a room where all the studied items aregathered.Clicking each item the baby hears the name of the objectand itscolor.
Vogais e Figuras AEIOU Jardim
Jogo Educativo HVirtua - a e i o u - Jardim - Vogal -alfabetização- 2 anos, 3 anos...Junte-se a Turma do Nunu paraaprenderbrincando. Em pouco tempo você saberá reconhecer as formase apronúncia das vogais. Jogo Educativo em PortuguêsAs criançasmaispequenas não terão dificuldades e ainda aprenderão a manipularo"Touch" como o "clicar" e o "arrastar".PT-BR.Mais informaçõesemwww.jogoseducativos.hvirtua.comEducational game HVirtua - aeiou-Garden - Member - literacy - 2 years, 3 years ...Join the ClassofNunu to learn while playing. Before long you will recognizetheshapes and vowels. Educational game in PortugueseYoungerchildrenwill have difficulties and even learn how to manipulate the"Touch"as the "click" and "drag".EN.More
Educational Games. Word Search
Do you like Word Search? Kids will love this game!Word Searchforchildren is designed for children from 5 years old, helping themtolearn to read and write words, or improve their reading andwritinglevel.This game is a classic mental challenge for children.Findthe hidden words! 3 levels of difficulty, from very simpletochallenging. Edujoy's word search is perfect for hoursofentertainment and for training your mind.DIFFERENT LEVELSOFDIFFICULTYThis game has different levels of difficulty, whichmakesit perfect for any child to find words on the same subjectwithin acomplete chart of letters.Simple level: The grid is 5 X 5so it iseasy to find the words and solve the puzzle. In addition,the tracksystem helps the little ones continue with the game evenif theyget stuck.Middle Level: The grid in this case is 7X7. Idealforslightly older children as the difficulty beginstoincrease.Difficult level: The grid is 9X9 and the games begintoget complicated. This is a level aimed at children who havealreadyplayed word search previously.GAME FEATURES*This game iscompletelyfree* The game offers hints so children can use them whenblockedwith words.* Words in 6 languages. This game is availableinEnglish, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese and Russian.* 15wordcategories: Choose between different themes of drawings andwords:food, animals, professions, sports, numbers, and more.*Hundreds ofwords to play for hours.* 3 levels of difficulty forchildren ofdifferent ages.* Pronunciation of each letter and wordso thatchildren learn to read easily.* Helps to develop fine motorskillsand coordination by moving the letters on the board.You willneverplay the same word search! Infinite possibilities! Our systemofcreating random games makes it always a challenge for you andyourmind. Thus, your kids will never be bored and they will alwayshavea challenge.A lot of themes: food, animals, transport,home,colors, sports, etc. Are you ready to solve hundreds of funletterpuzzles?This game tests the ingenuity of children and helpsthemlearn new vocabulary and associate images with words. On onehand,children will learn to differentiate letters from the alphabetandon the other, be able to form words and relate them toobjects.Inaddition to stimulating intelligence and attention,children reviewthe letters of the alphabet and their writing, whilelearning newwords in different languages.PRONOUNCE WORDSThis gameoffers thepossibility to hear the sound of each word proposed. Inthis way,children will learn to read and spell all words in 6differentlanguages and to identify their sound. This app can beused by kidswith dislexia or other learning difficulties, helpingthem toimprove their reading skills. EDUJOY EDUCATIONAL GAMES Thisapp ispart of an educational games collection created by Edujoy inorderto help kids develop new intellectual and motor skillsfromelements of their environment.All of our games are createdbyprofessional educators and psychologists in order toprovidepedagogical content, necessary for the intellectualdevelopment ofbabies and children.We love creating educational andfun games foryou. If you have any suggestions or questions, feelfree to send usfeedback or leave a comment.
Hippo’s Mini Games
New educational family mini-games with Hippo and herfriends!Thisgame contains of 7 educational mini-games:1 - ConnecttheDots.There is Hippo or one of her friends on the screen andthenthey disappear, a player needs to repeat the shape of theimage,connect all stars. When the task is done, you will see anewpicture. 2 - Coloring.A colored cartoon character appears forsometime and then it becomes black and white. You need to colorthecartoon character as it looked before. If in the course of thegameyou have any difficulties, use the hint, click this button "?"3-Mixing colors.Hippo has a paint of some particular color, helpherto create the exactly same color. You must mix colors.Addadditional paint in an empty bucket, mix colors and look whatcoloryou get. Fascinating educational family mini-game, whereplayerlearns to create the desired color by mixing differentpaints.4 -Pairs.The classical game of "Pairs". Game rules are verysimple:There are some pictures shown for a while and then thepicturesappear not in the correct order, your task is to open twoidenticalimages. After that, they will disappear. You need to findallpairs. With each level complexity of the game increases. 5-Mosaic.There is an image shown on the screen, which disappearsamoment later. Player must repeat the pattern, collect itfromcolored mosaics. For tips, click the button "?"6 -Picturescratch.Picture Scratch is a game for all the ages. There isahidden image on the screen with one of the Hippo Peppa friends,theplayer need to scratch the layer that covers it.7 -PuzzlesAssociations.Logical family game. The player needs to putthepictures in the correct order using intuition ofassociations.There are 3 types of the game available: Put thepictures togetherdue to colors, patterns or figures. The game isvery interesting,although it is more difficult than others.8 - 3DPuzzles.Collectexciting 3D puzzles that consist of 3D blocks.Rotate the blocks indifferent directions so that to obtain thedesired picture.9 -Merry tunes.Musical games for all the ages. Inthis mini gameplayer needs to collect the classic tunes from thesmallersegments. There are different parts of the melodies locatedon thescreen. Listen to each part separately and put together afamousmelody.At the beginning of the game there are 3mini-gamesavailable, you get 10 coins for every completed task. Toopen the4th game, player should gather 100 coins, 5th - 150 Coins,6th -200 coins, 7th - 300 coins etc.All mini-games contain Hippoand herfriends. Cheerful atmosphere and good mood for youareprovided.Enjoy the new game "Hippo. Family mini-games".
Puzzles without the Internet 0.0.2
Puzzles - this entertaining developing and teaching game,whichrequires perseverance, accuracy, patience and attentiveness.Thanksto her, you can have a fun and useful family evening. And youwillnot be upset that in the end there is not one piece of thepuzzle,because here it is not possible to lose them. Cool gamesthat workwithout the Internet will allow you to see the problemfromdifferent angles, and learn how to take complexcomplexdecisions.What is interesting about the game: • Puzzleswithout theInternet;• Interesting different games;• Puzzles forgirls andboys;• 56 pieces of the puzzle;• 100 pieces of thepuzzle;• savethe game;• Background hint to the picture;• Timer oftime;•pleasant music;In our puzzle for adults it's very easy toplay. Youneed to choose one of the presented categories:architecture, food,animals, landscapes, transport and others. Ineach category thereare 8 pictures that can be collected. Your taskis to move piecesof puzzles and put them in the right place! Youcan puzzle a puzzlefor a different number of details: 56 or 100pieces. Also, in thegame settings, you can always select adifficulty level, includingor disabling the background hint to thepicture. I think everyonewill be able to choose a picture forthemselves, because the gamehas collected 80 colorful images. Andstill, you can arrangecompetitions, who will quickly assemble thepuzzle, time timer willhelp you, it will record your results anddetermine who won. Andduring the game you can always look at thepicture that you are nowcollecting, in order to understand whatplace to put a piece of thepuzzle. Also, if you need to leave,there is an opportunity to savethe game, and continue the next timefrom the moment you leftoff."Puzzles without the Internet" are thebest puzzles in theworld, for children and adults. After all, tocollect puzzles fromindividual elements is an exciting activitythat allows you tospend leisure time. Children folding differentpictures, trainmotor skills and develop spatial thinking. And foradults, pickingup puzzles helps to get away from the hassle and getready tothink.
sums Kids
Educational game for children in reviewing the sumsplaying,interacting with objects in the game.
Educational Games for Kids 2.0
Educational Games for Kids offers eight educational gamestogetherwhich is very useful for toddlers, kindergarten kids andpreschoolkids.This game is a lovely and fun way of teaching theshapes,numbers, letters, colors and sounds to the kids.It hasbeencarefully designed and developed for the preschool kids at theagesof 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.Educational Games for Kids consists of themostliked games for the boys and girls.Kids will love theseeducationalgames and will play with fun for a long time.It is easyto play.The children can play with this game whenever and wherevertheywant on their own.The entertaining sounds and visualeffectsemerging once the game is ended reward the success ofchildren andmotivate them.Now download and play for free!It hasbeen designedsuitable for both the smartphones and thetablets.Languages:English, Czech, French, German, Italian, Polish,Portuguese,Russian, Spanish, Turkish.We develop educational gamesdesigned fortoddlers, preschoolers and kids.8 educational gamesincluded in theapp are as follows:Connect the Dots GameConnect theDots Game is afun application teaching the correct sequence ofnumbers andletters to children.The points can be connected with thenumbers insequence of 1-2-3 or with the letters in sequence ofABC.When thepoints are connected in a correct manner then sometimesa cuteanimal and sometimes a snowman appears.The ocean animals,farmanimals, astronauts, rockets and clowns are some of thesurprisingobjects in the game.Animal SoundsAnimal Sounds is a funandeducational application that teaches the sounds of animalstochildren.Kids will have fun by listening to the sounds oftheirfavorite animals.The farm animals, wild nature animals,pets,birds, mammals and marine animals are waiting to be discoveredbyyour children.The game includes the sounds of lovely animalssuchas cat, dog, cow, horse, sheep, rooster, chicken, goat,turkey,bird, donkey, duck, dolphin, chick, camel, bee, monkeyandelephant.High quality and natural animal sounds areused.ColoringBookColoring Book consists of coloring pages todevelop children'screativity and enrich their imagination.Kids caneasily select thecolors they want and they can easily makecoloring.The variety ofcolors and beautiful graphics providecreative and inspiringcoloring activity.Airplane, doll, car, bee,helicopter, cow, ship,crab, train, fish, race car, dolphin, duck,goat, shark, seaturtle, turkey and donkey are the pictures to becolored.MatchingGameIn Matching Game, the children complete thegame by matchingthe same objects among those in mixed sortedones.The animals,shapes, fruits and toys are the objects whichtheir visuals are tobe matched. Memory GameIn Memory Game, kids tryto find the sameobjects by reversing the memory cards.The memorycards consist ofimages for animals, shapes, fruits and toys.PuzzleGameThe childrencomplete the picture leaving scattered puzzlepieces to their rightplaces.The puzzle themes with high visualquality such as farmanimals, ocean animals, vehicles, circuses andspaces are presentin the game.The car, race car, motorcycle, ship,airplane and trainare present in the vehicles puzzle theme.Thehorse, cow, rooster,chicken, turkey, chick and sheep are present inthe farm animalspuzzle theme.Shape PuzzleIn Shape Puzzle, thechildren bringtogether the pieces of puzzle picture and reveal thewholepicture.Shadow PuzzleIn Shadow Puzzle, the children completethegame by matching the real image of an object with itsshadowimage.There are many puzzles consisting of the vehicles,farmanimals, ocean animals, fruits and shapes in the game.
Baby Phone. Kids Game
Baby Phone is a fantastic educational game aimed at babies 6monthsand up to learn numbers, animal sounds, nusery rhymes,lullabiesand musical notes while having fun playing. Our game willconvertthe smartphone into a phone for children. A phone for babiesinsidethe real phone. Amazing. Isn't it? Your toddler will lovethedesign and sounds. This musical educational game willentertainyour babies for hours because your kid will feed isplaying withyour real smartphone.Children will enjoy the differentsounds andsongs that will be discovered in each of thescreens:Animals:Toddlers will learn the sounds of animals likesquirrels, cow,rooster, cat, dog, goat, frog or owl. There is aphone for that:the yellow phone.Numbers: Funny numbers on thescreen so that yourkids learn to count and to pronounce the numbersin English. Thephone for that is the blue.Musical Notes: Touch thephone keys andmake the musical notes sound: do, re, mi, fa, sol,la, and theirmelody. Use the red color phone for that.Baby Phonewill keep yourbaby entertained with nursery rhymes and funnycartoons to playwith.▶ MUSICAL STIMULATIONFrom childhood, themusical stimulationproduces great benefits as the sense ofhearing.This game helpsstimulate different areas in kids:- Theexpression of feelings andideas.- The development of memory.- Motorskills.- The linguisticpossibilities.Your infant will love to learnnursery rhymes andlullabies with this game. Bring your smartphoneto your kid and seehow he enjoy with the phone. The game isdesigned for children ofkindergarten age. ▶ FIND OUT MOREEDUCATIONAL GAMESEdujoy has morethan 50 games for children of allages; from kindergarten to theelderly. ▶ THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTINGUS!Thank you very much forplaying Edujoy games. We love creatingeducational and fun gamesfor you. If you have any suggestions orquestions, feel free tosend us your feedback or leave yourcomments.
Ice Cream & Smoothies - Educational Game For Kids
For more videos, subscribe to BabyBus onYouTube!►► is here! Miumiu, our littlepanda, iswaiting for you to help her! It’s so hot and there’snothing likeice cream, smoothies and juices! Let your children jointhe funwith our panda and her friends and learn while playing!MANAGE YOUROWN SHOP AND MAKE YOUR CUSTOMERS HAPPYAsk them what theywant andserve it up to your little friends, they would loveit!CREATE YOUROWN RECIPIES (DIY Recipies)Choose your favoriteshapes, fruits andflavors! There are more than 10!MangoBananaStrawberry...Funfeatures:* Cute and fun animations andsound effects* Your favoritecharacters and animals* Learneverything about ice cream andsmoothies! * Kid-friendlyinterface—————BabyBus offers games,videos and a wide variety ofother educational content for 200million fans aged 0-6 around theworld! It has produced more than150 children's eduational games,700 children's songs. andanimations of various themes spanning thearts, health, andscience. It is dedicated to cultivatingcreativity, imagination andcuriosity in children, helping themexplore the world on their own.—————Contact Information Email:ser@babybus.comWebsite:
Learning games For babies
* Babies game for 1,2,3 years old.* 10 Educational puzzles toplay& learn first words.* First 4 puzzles are FREE, othersareoffered now at a special priceGame didactic goals:- Helpcuriouskids expand their vocabulary and learn new words.- Learnaboutshapes and colors with 10 mini games.- Teach toddlers how tonameShapes, Colors, Animals and more.Playing examples:* In theColorspuzzle, your baby will learn to distinguish betweendifferentcolors such as “Red” & “Yellow”.* In the Shapespuzzle, thebaby can match cards with different shapes and learn topronouncewords such as Square and Rectangle.* In the Animalspuzzle, curiousinfants will enjoy looking at the lovely animalsillustrations andexpand their vocabulary with words like: Mouse,Monkey andFish.Features:- Easy and intuitive - even infants canplay thepuzzles.- Safe environment for children. No ads, No popups.-"Voice over" feature (can be turned off - just touch themouthbutton).- Fun animations for your little child’s enjoyment.-Special launching price offer.- includes 10 boards (mini games).
Animal Sounds
Educational game for learning animal sounds. Very fun, ad-free,andperfect for any age from one to five. It's a game that yourchildwill love, and most importantly, will teach them in afunway.Playing is so easy! With just a single tap, your child canhavefun learning all the animal sounds from home, the farmyard andeventhe jungle. Even a baby can play without the help of anadult!★BENEFITS- More than 80 animals to learn.- Available in15languages, including English (US) and English (UK).- Kids agedmorethan 5 can change the language and learn the animals inanotherlanguage.- Adorable graphics and a warm voice thataccompanies theexperience of discovering the animal sounds.-Constant updates withnew exciting features.If you have an idea tomake Animal Soundseven better, please do not hesitate to contactus! All ideas andsuggestions are welcome.Our Website:www.papumba.comEmail:info@papumba.comTry it now and get ready for asuper funeducational experience with Animal Sounds!
Learning Letters for Toddlers - Baby ABC for Kids
Fun and intuitive matching game for your baby or toddler!Play isthework of children – through play and interaction, children learnhowto talk, listen, read, and write!3 different educational gamesinone application: - match letters with right one - compose wordsofdifferent names - catch all correct letters! Many childrendon'tlearn to recognize the letters of the alphabet by name untiltheystart school. Why not give your child a jump start on readingbytrying out our simple age-appropriate games? Not only willyourchild learn to recognize each letter by name, he or she willhavefun while doing it! During children first year, babies hearspeechas a series of distinct, but meaningless words. By age 1,mostchildren begin linking words to meaning. They understand thenamesused to label familiar objects, body parts, animals, andpeople. Aschildren develop their language skills, they give uptheseassumptions and learn new words and meanings. From this pointon,children develop language skills rapidly. At the same time astheyare gaining listening and speaking skills, young childrenarelearning about reading and writing. The alphabet is thebuildingblock of literacy and so children must learn to recognizeand namethe letters, both in and out of order, and the soundsassociatedwith each letter. Learning the alphabet is an essentialpart ofearly learning about literacy. Distinguishing betweenletters andlearning their names is not all there is to 'learningthealphabet'. Knowing how alphabet letters function in writingandknowing specific letter-sound associations are crucial. Astheirlanguage skills grow, young children tell stories, identifyprintedwords such as their names, write their names on paintingsandcreations, and incorporate writing in their make-believeplay.After listening to a story, they talk about the people,feelings,places, things, and events in the book and compare them totheirown experiences. So, what can parents do to help theirchilddevelop good writing skills during the elementary years?Justdownload our application and it will teach your child: • Toknowthat print carries meaning!• To know what written languagelookslike!• To identify and name letters of the alphabet!• To knowthatletters are associated with sounds!• To know the soundsthatletters make!• To know using words can serve various purposes!•Tolearn Alphabet song! Our application provides Fun andRegularlearning: • Fun, engaging, exciting and addicting games,thatchallenges to acquire new knowledge!• Only regular learningwilllead you child to excellent results! Most children follow thesamesequence and pattern for development, but do so at theirownpace.Our application will help your child to do this easierandfaster! Because children's experiences and interactions intheearly years are critical to their brain development andoveralllearning! This app will be your family teacher to improveyourchild memory!Colorful high resolution images, funny music and alotof pleasure for your baby! This game is a small adventure foryourbaby. Let him shows to his parents how he learns numbers.Gameissuitable for Preschool and Kindergarten level.This applicationisgood for tablets and phones. Now it is only in English, nut ifyouneed more languages – contact us!Merry Christmas and HappyNewYear! Let Santa make your Kid's dreams come truePlay with yourkidsand have lots of fun and laugh together :)Thanks to everybodywhohelps us to improve our games.We always welcome yourfeedback,comments and suggestions. Don't hesitate to contact
Cartoon Jigsaw puzzle for kids
A beautiful remake of the classic jigsaw puzzle game forpreschooland kindergarten children aged 2-6 - toddlers have funwhileplaying 60 colorful cartoonish creative puzzle pictures -whilethey also learn the pronunciation of those words (names) andthusdevelop their vocabulary. A winning choice for parents andteachersalike - this game involves and engages the child in auniqueway.This free educational game will also help developimportantskills in little children:- practice hand-eyeco-ordination andimprove fine motor skills.- builds shaperecognition.- increase theability to focus and concentrate.- visualperception and visualmemory training.- develop logical thinking andspatialrecognition.Languages: 30 different languages andpronunciationsincluding English US, British English, French,German, Portuguese,Russian, Spanish. The free jigsaw puzzles foryoung children arehand-drawn by a professional cartoon artist:* 20fun animals -deer, dog, fish, giraffe, horse, monkey, mouse, sheep,spider,tiger, turtle, zebra, etc.* 20 animated fruits andvegetables -banana, cherry, cupcake, doughnut, egg, green-peas,lollipop,potato, spring-onion, tomato, etc.* 10 cute Christmasdrawings -bells, Christmas tree, reindeer, Santa Claus, snow globe,snowman,etc.* 15 transportation vehicles - car, airplane, fireengine,police car, school bus, ship, tractor, train, etc.* 10shapes.* 10school objects that children use.This free educationalapp iscreatively designed and developed, keeping small children inmind:-clean and simple user interface.- intuitive scroll and draganddrop control of the pieces.- help where they can previewthesemi-transparent picture in the background.- guidance wherethewooden board automatically tells you where to place thepuzzlepiece if you hold it for more than a few seconds.- adapt toyourchild's skill level and the size of the tablet/mobile theyareplaying, by selecting the right level of difficulty 3X2, 3X3,4X3,4X4, 5X4.- kids get appreciation after successfully completinganypuzzle and as a reward at the end of the game, they get topopanimals or fruits balloons as well.- animals and food objectscomesto life from the board puzzle and animate and make real soundsaswell.- families have specially found this toy to be helpfulforkids with autism.If you have any feedback and suggestions on howwecould further improve the design and interaction of our appsandgames, please visit our website or leave us anemailat
First words games for kids
* Educational puzzle game for 1-3 year old kids.* Toddlers enjoy10mini games and learning new words.* First 2 puzzles areFREE,others are offered at a special price.This is the second gameinour “First words” educational puzzle games for children. Thegamewas designed with experienced educators and child psychologistsinorder to help toddlers and preschool kids expand theirvocabularyand learn new words. Like all of TinyHands games, it wasdesignedto provide quality playtime for parents andkidstogether.Features:- Lots of fun animations for yourchild’senjoyment.- 10 Puzzles (mini games) in a variety of subjectstakenfrom the child’s world (first 2 are FREE)- Easy and intuitive,eveninfants can play the puzzles.- Safe environment for children.Noads, No pop ups.Playing together - kids and parents:As parents,wecan make our babies learning experience much more enjoyableandeffective by playing together with them. Asking guidingquestions,and interacting with our little ones while playingtogether, canalso have a major effect on our baby learningexperience andincrease the educational value derived from this game
Baby educational games
Best educational app for little children. 10 games inone:-Distinguish between different shapes using fun woodenpieces.-Learn professions and match the objects that relate tothem.- Learnto recognize different animals.- Solve puzzles ofincreasingdifficulty using fun and interesting animations.- Guessthe soundof musical instruments.- Solve jigsaws with fun images.-Soundanimated learning of letters and numbers.- Improve memoryskillswith exciting matching games.- Distinguish between shapesandcolors and match the colorful pieces.- Multiple levelsofdifficulty, complexity.- Play against the clock.- Colorfulimagesand fun sound effects keep your child's attention for a longtime.-Easy to use games allow your child to play alone. You canalsodevelop the following skills by playing this game:- Stimulatestheintellect by overcoming challenges and difficulties.-Improvechildren's knowledge of their environment.- Learn torecognizenumbers and the letters of the alphabet.- Keep childrenentertainedwith animal, musical instrument, vehicle sounds andother excitingsound effects.- It's specifically designed as aneducational toolfor preschoolers and up.- Activates and trains theright brain,improving the brains observation and concentrationskills,cognitive ability, memory capacity, creativity andimagination.-Improve hand-eye coordination and response speed.Exercise visualability to observe the dynamic objects.-Self-teaching(educational)- Easy to operate. Suitable for children,the elderly,their families and friends to play together. - Includeslots ofentertaining animations such as: cartoon characters,animals, cars,toys, planes, and much more!
Kids Educational Game 2 Free
This application is purpose-designed to be easy for kids to use.Itcomprises 16 GAMES to help kids learn while they have fun. Thegameincludes the following languages: English, Spanish,Italian,French, German, Portuguese.This is an application for allages.Although it is designed for children aged 4 to 7, it can alsobeplayed by all the family and is very useful for exercisingtheminds of the elderly. Thanks to the variety of games, kidswilllearn numbers, letters, their first words, colors,languages,musical notes, improve their memory, logic, solvepuzzles, learn todistinguish and associate shapes, improve theirmotor skills andspatial vision, and boost their concentration.
Aedes Game
O Aedes Game é uma iniciativa da Unasus UFMA e UFCSPA emparceriacom a Prefeitura de São Paulo para auxiliar a população nocombateao Aedes Aegypti. A criação de um jogo educativo tem ointuito deinformar as principais medidas que devemos tomar para aeliminaçãodo mosquito.O Aedes Game é um jogo educacional voltadopara apopulação em geral. O objetivo do jogador é acertar asrespostas e,assim, eliminar os focos de proliferação do mosquitoAedesAegypti.The Aedes Game is an initiative of Unasus UFMA andUFCSPAin partnership with the Municipality of São Paulo to assistthepopulation in the fight against Aedes aegypti. The creation ofaneducational game aims to inform the major steps we must taketoeliminate mosquito.The Aedes Game is an educational game aimedatthe general population. The player's goal is to hit the answersandthus eliminate breeding sites of Aedes aegypti proliferationofmosquitoes.
Baby Piano
"Kids Piano" as a real piano – educates ear to music andchild’smentality without mentioning finger fine motor skills.Morethan 20melodies from various parts of the world which you may playon 20various instruments starting from piano and up to animalsounds,bright colors – all in one application " Kids Piano – BabyGames"!There are three play modes:1. Classical – You just playpianoselecting any of 20 instruments for sounding.2. Tutorial -teachhow to play every melody.3. Karaoke –try to play melodies andthefalling notes will help You.Make first steps in musicdevelopmentalong with us!People are dedicated to music sincechildhood. Musicdevelops child’s skills; make his/her life more funandinteresting. That’s why we habituate a child to musicsincechildhood, from the first lullaby over the crib.Baby piano orbabyxylophone for Toddlers is a baby play which belongs to categoryofbaby games up to 10. Learning children games is animportantcomponent of present-day child development. Educationalgames forsmall children on mobile devices become trend in categoryof babygames
Educational Games. Baby Numbers
Baby numbers & Math contains 12 educational games tolearnnumbers and easy mathematical operations. With this gamechildrenwill learn to add and subtract in a fun way with ouranimalfriends. It is aimed at primary school children up to 8 yearsofage. Solving mathematical problems is much more entertainingwhenplaying. Your children will enjoy Baby Numbers & Math andtheirexercises to become familiar with the numbers and solve thefirstmath operations. Learning maths was never so fun! 12EDUCATIONALGAMES FOR LEARNING MATHEMATICS In this collection ofgames you willfind fun games to play with numbers, addition andsubtraction.Children will learn to: - Trace the numbers with theirfingers-Connect the dots and discover the resulting figure- Playandcomplete the domino- Count and recognize numbers from 1 to 15-Sortsequences of numbers from lowest to highest- Make fun puzzleswithnumbers- Coloring scenes following the pattern of numbersandcolors- Complete simple addition and subtractionequations-Associate mathematical operations with their resultINTELLECTUALDEVELOPMENT AND REASONING Mathematics is an essentialpart ofchildren's learning as it helps them develop reasoningandproblem-solving skills. Mathematical reasoning is linked tomentalagility and the development of intelligence. In addition,thesegames will help develop children's intellectual skills andimprovetheir concentration. EDUJOY EDUCATIONAL GAMES This app ispart ofan educational games collection created by Edujoy in orderto helpkids to develop new intellectual and motor skills fromelements oftheir environment. All our games are created byprofessionaleducators and psychologists in order to providepedagogicalcontent, necessary for the intellectual development ofbabies andchildren. We love creating educational and fun games foryou. Ifyou have any suggestions or questions, feel free to sendusfeedback or leave a comment.
TinyTap, Games by Teachers
TinyTap - #1 free educational app in 24 countries and bestlearningprogram for ages 2-8!The world’s largest collection oflearninggames, handmade by teachers, plus content from OxfordUniversityPress.• English • Math • Social Skills• Nature• Music& Art •Science• Holidays • Therapy (Speech Language Pathology,SpecialNeeds and more)-- Winner of the Verizon Powerful AnswersAward inEducation --● Play Courses and Track ProgressFeel confidentthatyour child is meeting their educational goals withTinyTap'sLearning Plan. Follow a curated curriculum ofteacher-createdgames, lending both school-like structure and thefreedom to speedahead. Track your child's progress with TinyTapInsights.● Createyour own educational gamesIf you can't find whatyou're looking for... create it yourself! On TinyTap, anyone canturn their ideasinto educational games without coding and sharethem with theworld.Share your Tiny Apps and reach millionsworldwide!● What canyou make- Educational Games- Interactivelessons - Interactivepresentations- eBooks- Tell your family story-StructuredInteractive Courses- Use TinyTap special creation tools:Questions, Puzzles, Videos, Voice Input, Text Input, Soundboardandmore...● Thanks for the love!Mashable: "For parents tired ofbeinguninvolved spectators while kids play with theirelectronicfriends”TechCrunch: "It’s hard not to fall in love withtheconcept" Creativity: "Kids can prepare to become nextgenerationapp developers"FULL SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS:– Payment willbe chargedto iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase –Subscriptionautomatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off atleast24-hours before the end of the current period– Account willbecharged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of thecurrentperiod, and identify the cost of the renewal– Subscriptionsmay bemanaged by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off bygoing tothe user's Account Settings after purchasePrivacy Policy- of Use-– Anyunusedportion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeitedwhenthe user purchases a subscription to that publication,whereapplicable50% of your subscription goes to the teachers whocreateon TinyTap! TinyTap Pro is a subscription service thatgivesunlimited access to all premium lessons and games, pluslearningdata, private storage, and an ad-free learningexperience!Subscription Terms-------------------Subscribe toTinyTap Pro for$6.99 per month or $59.99 yearly. Both plans renewautomatically.-Use your subscription with up to 5 members!- You cancancel onlineanytime – there is no cancellation fee.- Subscriptionautomaticallyrenews unless auto-renew is turned off at least24-hours before theend of the current period.- Account will becharged for renewalwithin 24-hours prior to the end of the currentperiod, andidentify the cost of the renewal.- Subscriptions may bemanaged bythe user and automatic renewal may be turned off by goingto theuser's Account Settings after purchase- Cancellation will notgointo effect until the end of the monthly billingcyclePrivacyPolicy: &Conditions:
O que é o SUPERTMATIK?O SUPERTMATIK é um jogo didático, evolutivo, capaz degerarnascrianças motivação extra para uma grande variedade deáreasdoconhecimento. Fruto da sua mecânicainovadoraextremamenteapelativa e excelência de conteúdos, osjogosSUPERTMATIK sãoconsiderados materiais pedagógicos dereferência pormilhares dealunos, professores e encarregados deeducação, um poucopor todo omundo.What issuperTmatik?The superTmatik is a didactic, evolutionary game, able togenerateinchildren extra motivation for a wide variety of areasofknowledge.Result of its extremely appealing andinnovativemechanicalexcellence of content, superTmatik games areconsiderededucationalreference materials for thousands ofstudents, teachersand parents,all over the world.
Baby Panda Learns Numbers
Show your knowledge for numbers! You will catch plenty of cutefishand even odd sea creatures! Help Kiki and his friends learnnumbersin new scenarios and join the fun! Easy to play and fun tolearn!Fun features: - Giant fish to catch and fascinating seacreatures -A super market, a farm and much more! - Traditional wayof fishcatching!Kids can be a part of BabyBus world where they areexposedto numbers! Our game makes these abstract figures easytounderstand. Their passion and curiosity for learning numberswillarise while they explore the beautiful ocean, the amazing farmorthe brand new super market! __________▶Design concepts:We focusoninspiration, not just learning.We focus oncapacity-building,rather than a single cognition.We focus onentertaining, ratherthan spoon-feeding teaching.Take the BabyBus,which is loaded witha happy childhood!___________▶ AboutBabybus:BabyBus is the firsttrusted brand in early childhoodeducational software. The mobileapplications are designed anddeveloped specifically for kids.___________▶Tips: In the searchbar, enter "BabyBus" to find all ofour products.___________Feelfree to tell us your thoughts on ourgames and services using thecontact methods listed below: E-mail:en@babybus.comWebsite: