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Ulysse Speedometer 1.9.89
ULYSSE SPEEDOMETER—the ultimate advanced GPS* tool that is notonlya high-precision GPS* Speedometer, displaying not only thecurrentspeed (analog or digital) but also packing in many otherexcitingfeatures. And don't forget - this app is number 1 in 10Bestspeedometerapps: As apart ofour Ulysse community, you’ll find its functionalityindispensable.To discover further what’s packed into our tool, Lab, we listen to our users and areconstantlyintegrating your feature requests—Ulysse is not onlybuilt by us,but also by you, our Ulyssers! How about: ★Overlays—displayimportant speed/direction/time info over your otherinstalled apps★ Trip Computer—record the current, yesterday’s,today’s, week’s,month’s journeys ★ Track recorder—trace yourjourney and export toSD and/or email** as GPX or Google Earth KMLformat ★ Multipleprofiles: for every car, bike, velo, walking,skiing ★ MusicController**—control your installed music playerdirectly ★ HUD—aHead-Up Display for your windshield ★ GPS Altimeter★ GPS Compass ★Latitude/longitude display** ★ Settings km/h, mph,knots;miles/feet, kilometers, nautical miles ★ Maximum displayedspeeds:1900 km/h / 1160 mph / 1000 knots! ★ Racingmeter—measureacceleration times: 0-100 km/h, 0-60 mph and for 1/4mile. ★Average speed indicator ★ Switchboard – menu systemproviding easysetting changes of functions – simply tap the mainspeedometer dialfor activation ★ Three shortcut pages—Application,Communication,Navigation; for a total 36 user-defined applicationshortcuts ★Speed limits’ warnings (‘Speed Edge’) – define audio andvisualspeed alarms ★ App quickstart—assign other installed appsandcalled in just two taps ★ Customizable UI colors—are 16millioncolors enough? ★ Current battery status info—charge,temperature ★Car dock support—application automatically starts andexits ondocking and undocking ★ Run the speedometer in backgroundmode—showspeed discretely in the status bar and even givesvisualnotification for speed limits*** ★ Binarytoys’ Customersupportsecond-to-none… take a look at our reviews! But don’t limitUlysseto just your automobile! Imagine accessing all thefeaturesmentioned via virtually any means of transport. Whethertravelingby van, truck, bus, motorbike, bike, horse, unicycle,Segway,plane, helicopter, foot, camel, taxi, rickshaw, skateboard,train,boat, hang-gliding or paragliding (etc.)—you will find auseful usefor Ulysse! We Love our Ulyssers – And They Love Ulysse!We arefully dedicated to our user base – with its millions ofloyalworldwide users, we are constantly building on this successtoguarantee that Ulysse remains on pole position now and inthefuture. Would you like to see Ulysse translated into yourownlanguage? Contact us today at to find outhowor join us on The app contains Ads – but an Ad-free paid (Pro)version isavailable. *Dependent on phone hardware ** Pro version***In thecase of system overloading, a small lag is possibleKnownlimitation - trip distance may have 2-3% deviation fromcar'sodometer data Look to for a new car-dock foryourphone!
Speedometer GPS
Speedometer GPS can track your speed,distance,time,location andalsocan get start time,time elapsed,avg speed,maxspeed,altitude...Features included - Save your track info. -Switch between carspeedometer and bicycle odometer. -mph,km/h,knot. - Displaysatellites status. - Speed chart. - Mapintegration, get yourlocation. - Floating speed: display speed onMap apps. ……Facebook: Ifyou havetranslation suggestions, please contactme!
com.gpsdragon.speedometertm 1.7
GPS Dragon
Features included - Switch between car speedometer andbikecyclometer. - High low speed limit alert system - HUD Mode -Switchbetween mph or km/h mode. - Imperial and Metric unitsettings. -Speed calibrate refresh button. - GPS accuracyindicator. - GPSdistance accuracy indicator. Track information -Start time. - Timeelapsed. - Distance. - Average speed. - Maxspeed. - Altitude.Tracking - Speed tracking in mph or km/h based onMPH or KM/H mode.- Distance tracking in miles or kilometers basedon MPH or KM/Hmode. - Time tracking. - Tracking location on map. -Ability toturn tracking off/on. - Longitude, latitude coordinates.Mapintegration - Satellite maps mode. - Hybrid maps mode. -Standardmaps mode. - Tracking location changes trajectory. Compass- Showsdevice real-time orientation to magnetic fields. - Abilitytoswitch between true and magnetic North. - Locationcoordinates(longitude, latitude). - Course Share - Start, endpoints,coordinates link email sending - Map screenshot emailsendingWeather - Temperature information. - Wind - Visibility-Sunrise,Sunset - High/Low Temperature. - Ability to switchbetweenCelsius and Fahrenheit. Speed Limit Don't worry aboutexceeding thespeed anymore! Set the speed limit and drive calmly,Speedometerwill warn you when you go beyond it. Moreover, theapplication willtrack your GPS coordinates and draw movementtrajectory, pointingyour current location on standard, satelite orhybrid maps. Observeyour way and control the speed only with yournew careful friendSpeedometer. Compass Photo Compass with a photocamera is aninteresting new app that determines geographicdirection and takesa photo in a way that never has been donebefore. With its lightand easy set up you can choose a direction,direct to neededposition save, share them and keep in built inlibrary.
com.guruinfomedia.gps.speedometer 14.0
Displays current speed on a digital/analog speedometer, keepstrackof your top speed and average speed. Speedometer also allowsyou toeasily switch between units of measurement (mph or km/h) foruse inyour vehicle (your cycle, your car, on a boat or on anairplane)and track your journey with live tracking on map! ●DISPLAY MODE -Switch between KM/H and MPH mode for speedmeasurement. - Analogspeedometer in portrait mode. - Landscape modeto display digitalSpeedometer in full screen. - Showing Average andMaximum Speed ofthe trip. - Switch between bike and car mode with120 km/h to 360km/h speed range. ● GPS INDICATOR - Show GPSaccuracy indicator. ●TRACKING - Keeps track of travelled distance,average speed and topspeed. - Store history of tracking data alongwith the real timedata display. - Ability to turn tracking on/off.- Time trackingwith total travelled time. - Reset history trackingdata quicklyand easily. ● MUSIC - Select multiple songs or musictrack from themusic library - Play music in background when usingSpeedometer forlive tracking ● MAP - Show current speed anddistance. - Showcurrent position on map in real time with Standard,Satellite orHybrid view. ● WEATHER - Show weather conditions forthe currentplace. - Show sunrise and sunset time. ● NOTES: -Continued use ofGPS running in the background can dramaticallydecrease batterylife. - GPS is not always accurate due to devicehardware sensorlimitations. - Data connection is required to seemap. - Make sureyou have enabled the location service for theapplication.
GPS Speedometer 8.1
GPS Speedometer & HUD app shows your journey speed indifferentunits with head up display (HUD) feature in one app. FindDistancetraveled from one point to destination point with AverageSpeed,Maximum Speed, Altitude, Compass, Weather Data and Speedchart toanalyse your journey. Note: Just press Track button torecord yourjourney otherwise it would only show speed in dial. Ifyour Bike orVehicle doesn't have a speedometer GPS Or odometer?Just mount thephone safely on your Vehicle and just go on. AppFeatures: AnalogueSpeedometer: - Speedometer GPS option for Car andBicycle option. -Speed Unit: Change between MPH, KMH or KTS -Average Speed, TimeDuration, Altitude and Maximum Speed. - Savetraveled History. -Different Speedometer Dials to choose. - Weatherinformation withVisibility, Wind Speed and Direction. - TRACKON/OFF Button inmiddle of Dial. HUD ( Head Over Display): - DigitalSpeedometerwith Large Digits. - Mirrored Mode: Just tap on screenand screenwill be mirrored. - Change your favorite color for HUD. -FullScreen option with landscape Mode. - HUD view / Normal view:Switchbetween HUD (mirrored) and normal displays DigitalSpeedometerwidget option within the app. MAP integration - Get yourtraveledpath. - Average speed, maximum speed. - Save journey inHistory andcheck it anytime. Note: all readings of GPS Speedometerare asprecise as possible they are only as accurate as yourdevice's GPSsensor and it should only be taken as approximations.Please, Youcan give feedback and we would love to listen yoursuggestions byE-mail, Facebook, Twitter or Google+. E-mail:rajkm454@gmail.comFacebook: Your use ofGPSSpeedometer is free of charge in exchange for safely using someofyour device's resources (WiFi and very limited cellular data),andonly when you are not using your device. You may turn this offfromthe settings menu. Please see our TOS for furtherinformation.
Digital GPS Speedometer Offline Trip Meter HUD 1.0.9
Digital Speedometer is a free GPS based digital head updisplay(HUD) that shows useful speed. It is very useful if you wanttoverify your vehicle speed when cycling, running, flying,sailingetc.! The display can be switched between normal viewing andHUDmode which mirrors the display for viewing as a reflection inavehicle windshield. Also displays the longitudinal andtransverseslope of the car, in degrees, the magnitude of ascent anddescentin percentages. This app is a car inclinometer instrumentformeasuring angles (in degrees) of slope andtilt.********Features********************** Current speed (chooseMPH,KMPH or KNOT) Average speed Maximum speed Show Current timeDisplaythe longitudinal and transverse slope
GPS Speedometer 1.0
GPS Speedometer is an advanced speedometer application that usesthephone's built-in GPS system to show your current, maximumandaverage speed, as well as the direction, total distance, andtimetraveled. Suitable for running, car driving, biking,orhiking.Features of GPS Speedometer: » Accurate speeddispaly»Linear compass» Current speed (MPH, KMH or KTS)»Mapintegration,get your location» Show the weather» Save yourtrackinfo» Display satellites status» Ability to stop and return togpsspeed trackingYour use of GPS Speedometer is free of chargeinexchange for safely usingsome of your device's resources.Don'tforget rating for us 5 stars to improve GPS Speedometer
oops.hudspeedometer 7.0
It is a digital speedgauge app which uses GPS system. So youwillneed an active GPS connection for the app work. You can usethisapp with bike smartphone holder and anything else, especiallyHUDwith your car. HUD means Head Up Display. It shows youtotaldistance, trip meter, max and current speed.Kilometers(km/h),miles(mph) and Nautical mile(kts,knots,kn) aresupporeted in thisapp. NOTE: Due to phone GPS limitation, It maynot work well incloudy weather or indoor places. And I don'tguarantee that itshows accurate data because of GPS errors.
Digital Gps Speedometer odometer offline-HudView 1.0.10
Digital Speedometer is a free GPS based digital head updisplay(HUD) that shows useful speed. It is very useful if you wanttoverify your vehicle speed when cycling, running, flying,sailingetc.! The display can be switched between normal viewing andHUDmode which mirrors the display for viewing as a reflection inavehicle windshield. Also displays the longitudinal andtransverseslope of the car, in degrees, the magnitude of ascent anddescentin percentages. ********Features**********************Doesn'trequire data/cell connection to work Best Speed Test MeterGPS HUDSpeedometer Show Speed in Km , Mph and in Knot Show AccurateSpeedIn Digital Speed Meter GPS Speedometer is for Cars ,Bikes,Bicycle,Trucks Average speed Maximum speed GPS Tracker GPSMap CarSpeed Meter GPS Navigation With different color background***NewFeature **** Gps Speedometer with map Beautiful Analog SpeedmeterGps Speedometer Odometer Gps Speedometer for bike
Digital Dashboard GPS Pro
This is Digital Dashboard GPS Pro version. You can try thisdemoversion: - Save your track info,Record gpx file(it will besaved in"sdcard/DigitalDashboardGPSPro/gpx/"). - Switch betweencarspeedometer and bike cyclometer. - Switch between mph or km/hmode.- Display satellites status. - Map integration,get yourlocation. ……Facebook:
R. Apps
GPS speedometer application, which uses your location datatodisplay your current speed, and your maximum speed youhavereached. You can set the unit of the speed to km/h, mph, knot,m/sor to ft/s. You can also see your distance travelled (in m, kmormi) and the GPS signal accuracy (in m, ft or yd) on the bottomofthe application. 2.2.1
Ready Square
The ideal application for all car fans. You will find themostaccurately reflected speedometers from the most popularsupercars.The graphics are made with attention to the smallestdetails andlook amazing on every type of device. In addition, theapplicationcontains authentic engine sounds (acceleration), whichmake youfeel like you were riding in a supercar. The speedometer isbasedon GPS or you can test it in simulation mode. In ourapplicationyou will find engine sounds and speedometers similar tothose incars: - Agera Koenigsegg - Audi R8 - BMW M5 - BugattiVeyron -Chevrolet Camaro - Dodge Viper - Fiat 126p - Ford Mustang -JaguarF-Type - Lamborghini Aventador - Lexus LFA - Mercedes-BenzW201 -Mercedes SLS AMG - Nissan GTR - Pagani Zonda - Porsche 911Turbo -Subaru Impreza WRX - Tesla Model S In addition, theapplicationoffers: - two MPH or km / h units can be selected, -visual andaudible alarm, which activates when the speed isexceeded, - acompass that will make traveling easier, - batterystatus (selectedspeedometer). If you have an idea for anotherspeedometer - writeus in the comment. These speedometers are onlymodeled on theoriginal and do not accurately reflect them.Automotive companies'logos are only used to inform the user ofwhich speedometer ismodeled on the model of the car.
GPS Speedometer 1.1.6
Sink Apps
Speed GPS is an advanced speedometer application that usesthephone's built-in GPS system to show your current and maximumspeed.Suitable for car driving and biking. The speed is display inbothanalog and a digital value. It acts as a normal digital andanalogSpeedometer, which you may find in any car that showingthevelocity of the vehicle in kph and mph. Its best applicationforbroken Speedometer of car or not working then download this appandenjoy your speedometer . We tries best to make all readingsasaccurate as possible, but the accuracy also depends onyourdevice's GPS sensor and should only be treated asapproximations.You can use this app as GPS Odometer with bikeSmartphone holderand anything else, especially HUD (Head UpDisplay) with your car.You can track your speed with our GPSSpeedometer App. Features: 1Easy to Use Speedometer GPS. 2 Simpleinterface and smoothfunctionalities odometer. 3 Precise speed andattractive display. 4No internet access necessary 5 Digital andAnalog speedometer. 6Simple and quick in action Speedometer 7 Thespeed can be displayedin one of three different units: (km/h),(mph) or knot 8 Speed isdisplayed both with an analog gauge and asa digital value 9 Youcan change this scale any time on the move.
GPS Speedometer : Odometer & Car Meter 1.0.10
Speedometer is a free GPS digital and analog speedometer thatshowsyour vehicle speed during cycling , driving , running, flying,sailing etc.GPS Speedometer support three different velocityunit(km/h, mph and knots ). GPS Speedometer has a tracking systemwhereyou can track your Car and current location on google map. soitswork like location tracker. Your phone is now a fullyfunctionalanalog/digital speedometer.Analog meter shows speed justlike yourcar's speedometer using a dial and a needle. Digitalspeedometerwill show current speed in digits.Speedometer GPS cantrack yourcurrent speed, maximium speed and distance also. OurDevelopertries best to make all readings as accurate as possible,but theaccuracy also depends on your device's GPS sensor and shouldonlybe treated as approximations. If your Bike or Vehicle doesn'thavea speedometer GPS Or odometer? Just download ourandroidspeedometer app and enjoy your travelling. SpeedometerFeatures ! *No internet access necessary * Analog and digitalspeedometer basedon your mobile phone's built in GPS * Show Speedin notification *Multiple profiles: for every car, bike cycle *Switch between carspeedometer and bicycle odometer * Supportsdifferent scalesincluding Kilometers per hour (km/h), miles perhour (mph) andknots speed scales * Speed ​​measurement, speedometer* Workapplications in the background * Showing Maximum Speed of thetrip
Speedometer 5.0.7
Speedometer - odometer - trip computer The application worksusingthe GPS device. The accuracy of the indication of speedanddistance, is influenced by several factors (weather,tallbuildings, etc). additional functions - Trip computer on/off -Tripduration - Running time - Idle time - Average speed - Top speed-Reset counter - Selectable unit of measurement - Clock (GPSordevice's) - GPS signal - Battery status Units of measurement:-Meters per second - Feet per second - Kilometers per hour -Milesper hour - Knots (nautical miles per hour)
Accurate Speedometer - Digital HUD GPS Speed Meter 10.94
Most accurate 100% high precise intuitive digital HUD ( headupdisplay ) speedometer app for your Car, Bike, Bus, Van,Jeep,Bicycle, unicycle, truck, Air Plane, drone, chair lift,Motorboat,e scooter, Skiing and walking or running. Measure in fivedifferentvelocity scales km/h ( Kilometer per hour ), mph ( Mileper hour ),mps ( Meter per second ), Knots ( nautical mile per hour), ft/s (Feet per second ). No matter you are driving reverse orforwardjust get most accurate speed in your desired scale based onyourdevice GPS sensor. Features : 1) GPS Speedometer, Odometer(Distance Meter ) : a ) Offline Speed measure and distancemeasureapp for your smart phone and tablet to measure your journeytrip infive different velocity scales with high precise accuracyreal timeinstant fast exact speed view. b ) Intuitive UI withPortrait andLandscape Screen Orientation and best GUI for 4different SkinPackDay/night theme. c ) Light and fast app forbetter battery powersaving optimized. d ) Get record the highestspeed of your journeytrip. e ) No matter you are in a publictransport, Metro bus ortrain, just get the exact speed. 2 ) Alarm :a ) Set warning alarmlimit for specified max speed. When speed goesbeyond limit it willstart alarm. b ) Safety tool if your vehiclespeedo has diedprevents you from speeding tickets and overspeeding. c ) Easilyswitch to any scale from km/h to mph, knots,fts, mps. 3 ) TopSpeed : a ) Record each top speed for each currentscale. b )Record and override top speed when break previous one. c) Easilytap and Reset to 0 before starting new race. 4 ) HUD View :a ) HUDview mirror the display of car windscreen reflection. b )Helps tostay eyes always on road. c ) Day time add a dark shadeplastic orglass to windshield for better display. Usage : 1 ) Bestset wherecar speedometer in mph or km/h . Just set your desired oneandavail the speed limit safety. 2 ) Get your speed in 5differentvelocity scales with instant run time top speed tracker. 3) Bestfor walking, running, riding, boating, biking, driving,flying,skiing, skating, swimming and jogging to get your instantrealspeed. 4 ) Check to know if your vehicle speedometerworksaccurate. Real time instant fast exact accurate digital HUDGPSspeedometer app for your smart phone and tablet.. Thisspeedometerapp is free and uses device GPS sensor with satellite tomonitorautomobiles or any other moving objects speed. Best free topspeedapp for your vehicle in digital meter and looks same as synctoyour car speedometer. Now your car has speed in speedometer km/h(Kilometer per hour ) and speedometer mph ( Miles per hour).Disclaimer : First make sure your smart phone GPS locationsensorhardware works good and haven't any issue withsatelliteconnection. Safety Tips: While driving place your phone inholderor any stand to make get speed View at a glance. Use Best waytoget speed with HUD display. Also set alarm speed to avoidoverspeeding. This is a free app and doesn't require anyinternetconnection.
GPS HUD Speedometer Free 3.41
Like us on Facebook! is an advancedspeedometer application that uses themobile device's built-in GPSsystem to show your current, maximum,and average speed, as well asyour direction, total distance, timetraveled, and much more. Keeptrack of your location and speedsimultaneously while driving,running, or biking with ourinnovative multi-view display.AASpeedometer Provides: ImprovedAccuracy* - A GPS-based speedometeroften exceeds the accuracy of acar speedometer. Multiple Views -Choose from five (seven for theplus version) different skinsincluding our featured Compass view.HUD Mode - Mirror the displayto see your speed reflected on yourwindshield when you place yourphone on your car's dashboard Speed& Distance Updates - Hearyour current speed and/or drivingdistance. Speed Alerts - Set up tothree alerts that will notifyyou when you go over a preset speed.Detailed Route &Statistics Summary Reports - Record yourtraveled route and speedat any given point. (Two weeks trial) UnitSystems - Displays inkilometers, miles, or nautical miles.Acceleration Test - Supportszero to sixty mph and zero to quartermile time tests. (Two weekstrial) Save Your Location - Save andfind your way back to yourcurrent location at a stop or on the go(Two weeks trial). GoogleNavigation with Speed Display - Check yourspeed while using Googlenavigation. (Two weeks trial) Import &Export Data. - Save toor load your data from an SD card. GPX andKML Track Export -Export your saved routes through e-mail. *Accuracy may depend onmobile device hardware , weather conditions,obstructions, and thevisibility of satellites. The current versionwill show ads. Pleasevisit our sponsor's ads from time to time tosupport ourdevelopment. Want more features and no ads? AASpeedometer Plus istheanswer: your comments, suggestions, or bug reports. You cancontactus at
Speed View GPS Pro
Speed View GPS can track your speed,distance,time,location andalsocan get start time,time elapsed,avg speed,maxspeed,altitude...Features included - Save your track info. - Switchbetween carspeedometer and bike cyclometer. - mph,knot and km/hmode. - Mapintegration,get your location. - 16 color styles.……Facebook: If you haveatranslation suggestions, please contactme!
Speed Meter GPS 3
Speed Meter GPS application displays current speed on aspeedometerfor use in your vehicle such as your cycle, bicycle ,car, on aboat or on an airplane.Speedometer can keeps track of yourtopspeed and average speed. You can change speed measurementuniteasily such as miles/hour (MPH) or km/hour(KMH) and alsochangefont type (Digital/Normal). This app can use like speed metercaror speed meter bicycle.Features- Full screen Analog DisplayandDigital Display.- Showing average and maximum speed.- Clientcanselect speed measurement unit such as km/h (speed meter km)ormile/h (speed meter mph).- Track your distance and top speed.
Speedometer 1.6.0
Jens Peterson
This application is a GPS-based Speedometer showing the speed ofthedevice it is installed on. The speed is displayed both withananalogue gauge and as a digital value. Your max speed andaveragespeed is also shown together with a tripmeter and anodometer. Moreadaptations of your own choice is possible, see thedetails below.Functional description: * Analogue and digitalspeedometer. *Choose from four different speedometer resolutionsfor the analoguegauge: 0-30, 0-60, 0-120 or 0-240 speed units. *The speed can bedisplayed in one of three different units:kilometers per hour(km/h), miles per hour (mph) or knots (nauticalmiles per hour). *When unit km/h is selected the speed in m/s(meter/second) is alsodisplayed. * When unit mph is selected thespeed in fps (feet persecond) is also displayed. * Max speed *Average speed * Tripmeter* Odometer * Possibility to pause themeters by a "long click" onthe screen.
GPS Odometer 2.53
GPS Tools
A simple and easy to use odometer. GPS Odometer only does onething,and does it well: measure distance traveled. Includes runinbackground capability. Ideal for almost anything thatrequiresmeasuring outdoor distance travelled such as walking,running,driving, boating, hiking, or horseback riding. * * *Important! * ** Common user mistakes:-Do not try to test theapplication bypacing around in the same small area.-Please notethat satelliteGPS uses a lot of battery power.-Satellite based GPSlocation doesnot work well indoors or near large structures. Manyapps usenetwork based location because it does work indoors, but itis notaccurate enough for use with this app. If the location iconis notsolid in your status bar, that means your PHONE can't acquireasatellite GPS fix in that area.Features:-accurate to within1percent when compared to most car odometers under normaldrivingconditions.-includes a timer-includes pause/resume foreachtrip-each trip can be started and stopped independentlyandmultiple trips can be running at the same time-includes a locktohelp prevent accidental reset/stop/start of your trip.Afterunlocked, it locks back in a few seconds, or you can lockityourself.-includes displacement readout (straight linedistancefrom your starting point)-approximates distance travelledin someGPS dead spots such as driving through a tunnel by addingtheas-a-bird flies distance to your trip.-resumes trackingafterrestart (You must enable this feature in settings)-2widgetsavailable: Simple (3 x 1) and Detail (4 x 2)-supportslandscapemodeOptions:-choose between average or currentspeed-receivenotifications at given distance intervals-customcalculator. Usesinclude taxi fare and calories burned whileexercising. Each tripcan have a different customcalculator.-receive a notification toturn off after no movement forsome time (the 2 minute option isonly recommended for testing)-keepscreen awake-lock screenorientation-2 themes: light and dark (notethat light does not workwell on older devices)-3 coordinateoptions: decimal, DMS,DM-specify widget update intervaldistanceunits include: kilometersmiles nautical miles meters feetyardsspeed units include:kilometres per hour miles per hournautical miles per hour metersper second feet per secondWhat thisapplication does NOT do:1) Doesnot record your route. Each trip hasa start location (to calculatedisplacement), a last location, and anext-to-last location. Norecord of where you go is saved other thanthat. Only distance andtime.2) No location information ever leavesyour device insatellite only GPS mode.3) No maps. Only distance.4)Will not wellif your trip is limited to a small area. For example,driving intight circles or gardening on a normal size residentialproperty.Other notes:Move to Sd card is disabled because widgetswill notwork if the application is installed on the Sd card.Theapplication is small, so please understand. Please let us knowifyou discover a bug.
radarbot pro simulator 17.0
martin edward
Radarbot Trap helps you avoid being caught in speed cameratrapssimulator. It informs the driver about his current speed,Detectionof police the maximum speed considered by the radar andthedistance speed radar with visual and audio informationsimulator.turn your android device into a speed radar camera orlaser speedcannon with full-automatic speed measuring of movingobjects Freeradar over gps Radar Trap helps you avoid being caughtin speedcamera traps Detection of police. Simulation of peoplesearchsites! Beep Scanner localization radar! The radarsimulatesscanning the area around and looking for people! When thesearch iscompleted, you see the location of all the people who arenearby onthe map! Free radar over gps This joke simulator simulatesthe workof a real scanner detector. The app behaves like a realradar. Thesearch operation of the scanner is indicated by arotatinganimation and the simulated the speed car This Free Editiondetectsfixed speed cameras. SpeedCam Detector Pro detects ALL typesFIXEDSPEED Red light camera Speeding camera detector CAMERA,MOBILESPEED CAMERA, TUNNEL SPEED CAMERA, RED LIGHT CAMERA, POLICECONTROLand BLACK SPOT Enjoy a peaceful journey while you are behindthewheel and forget about being beep fined. With this app youwillhave the most comprehensive FREE SPEED CAMERA DETECTOR *FEATURES:- Full background service. Detection of police Integrateswith anyGPS NAVIGATOR, such as Navigation. Allows users toreceivenavigation alerts and Speed Camera warnings. - Batterysaving mode.Free radar over gps You will continue to receivewarnings while thescreen is off. Beep This software has beendesigned taking intoaccount its use on British roads; its interfaceprovides allnecessary information in a clear manner Keywords:Speedcam,SpeedSpike, Gatso, Radar, Speed traps, Travel, specs, Peekspeedcameras, Speed curb, Watchman, Traffic light, DS2, Mobilespeedcamera, Speed camera detector, radar, car, driverlicence,detecteur de radar gratuit, Radar trap, détecteur de radar,radar,radarbot, détecteur de radar de vitesse
Speed Camera Detector Free
Radarbot is your ally on the road. It’s the only applicationthatcombines real-time Alerts with the best speed cameradetectionsystem using GPS. 100% legal and reliable. Drive safelyand forgetabout fines forever. With Radarbot, you’ll have the bestspeedcamera warning device, real-time traffic Alerts and anadvancedspeedometer, all in one powerful application. - SPEEDCAMERADETECTOR Have complete peace of mind at the wheel withoutriskingyour driving licence. Radarbot warns you about all kinds ofspeedcameras: - Fixed speed cameras. - Potential mobilecameras(reported by users). - Tunnel cameras. - ANPR cameras. -Trafficlight cameras. - Dangerous traffic areas. Daily updates: Weupdateour speed camera database every day so that you can benefitfromcontinuous improvements and free updates. NO SUBSCRIPTIONORREGISTRATION REQUIRED! * FEATURES: - It can be integrated withanyGPS navigator such as the Maps application, allowing youtosimultaneously receive navigation Alerts. - Battery savingmode.The application is able to work in the background. Youwillcontinue to receive notifications even with the screen turnedoff.- Choose from 4 different visualization modes. - Simpleandfunctional interface. You can see the distance to the nearestspeedcamera, it’s location, direction and speed limit all in realtime.- Voice notifications. - Warnings for the direction in whichyouare travelling. The application automatically dismissesspeedcameras in the opposite direction or outside your route. -SoundAlerts when approaching a speed camera. - Warnings whenbreakingthe speed limit. - Vibrating mode for motorists. -Completelyconfigurable warning distances and parameters. -Verification ofnotifications. The reliability of speed cameranotifications iscalculated in real time, according to theinformation reported tothe platform by all users. - REAL TIMEALERTS Radarbot is acommunity made up of 2 million drivers acrossthe world, with whomyou can share and receive voice notificationsin real time. Findout instantly what’s happening on the road andavoid unwantedsurprises. * FEATURES: - Communication platformcreated by and fordrivers. - Receive Alerts and notify abouttraffic, mobile controlsand new fixed speed cameras. - Inputthrough voice recognition: Youcan raise Alerts for other userswithout needing to use the keypad.- SPEEDOMETER Log and visualizeall speeds during your route. *FEATURES: - Real-time visualizationof: * Speed diagram. * Current,maximum and average speed. - Allowsyou to establish a speed limitand to activate a sound Alert whenyou break it. - Route savefunction. The PRO version of Radarbotincludes everything asstandard, free from advertising and in-apppurchases. You can trythe Free version of Radarbot and go PROwhenever you want, bymaking an in-app purchase. If you have anydoubts or suggestions,we’d be delighted to + Follow uson Facebook: + Visit
Digital Speedometer - GPS HUD- Simple offline 4.14.0
Speedometer - GPS is a free GPS based digital head up display(HUD)that shows speed information for your journey. Ideal ifyourvehicle speed matrix has died, and you want to verify yourvehiclespeed or you just want to know your speed when cycling,horseriding, running, flying, sailing, travelling from one locationtoanother via bus, train, subway etc.! The display can beswitchedbetween normal viewing and HUD mode which mirrors thedisplay forviewing as a reflection in a vehicle windshield (mostuseful atnight, depending on the device's brightness). You canconvert theunit from kilometers to miles and miles to kilometers.If yourvehicle matrix measuring unit are in kilometers per hour youcanview miles per hours using Speedometer - GPS app and viceversa.Speedometer - GPS can open as a floating window on top ofotherapps or your home screens. Works with external GPSreceiverswithout internet. - Displays current speed on a digitalspeedometer- Mirror view will display speed on windscreen of yourcar. HUD -Full screen digital speedometer - You can view speedinKilometer/Hour and Miles/Hour as well. - For use in the car, onaboat or on a plane! - Simple and quick in action Speedometer -Youcan enjoy use Speedometer-GPS without internet.
Speedometer GPS 1.2
Best speed measurement application.Start measuring speedwithdifferent cars.The best engine sounds are great. TheMoto isthebest sound application.Engine sounds.Car speedmeasurementapplication.Start the car and start measuring bassspeed.Starttesting speed with this application.Measure the bestspeed valueson the road.Car simulator.Car engine sounds.Test yourcar enginesounds with this application.Moto.The car'soriginalvoices.Pneumatic horns.Emergency alarm button.CarSimulator.CarKey.Best car GPS simulator.Speedometer gpsapplication.Car speedtesting application.This application has beenused 3d models greateffects.
Digital GPS Speedometer Odometer Offline HUD View 1.2.6
Speed GPS Speedometer is an advanced pedometer application thatusesthe phone's built-in GPS system to displays current speed indigital& analog meter view. Speed test meter keeps track ofyour maxand average speed while traveling. You can easily switchbetweenunits of measurement (mph or km/h) for use in your vehicle(yourcycle, your car, on a boat or on an airplane) .You can trackandsave your journey with live tracking on map. Moreover you canplaceyour phone on your car's dashboard and see the speedreflected inthe front glass using HUD View (Head Up Display). Thisis a garmingps free speedometer app ###### FEATURES #######DISPLAY MODE 1. GPSSpeed Meter Pro works in both land and portraitmode 2. Switchbetween KM/H and MPH mode for speed measurement. 3.Showing Averageand Maximum Speed of the trip. 4. AnalogSpeedometer view TRACKINGHISTORY 1. Keeps track of traveleddistance, average speed and maxspeed. 2. Store history of trackingdata along with the real timedata display. 3. Reset odometerreading or tracking data quickly andeasily. MAP VIEW 1. Showcurrent speed and distance in both land andportrait mode. 2. GPSNavigation feature allow you to show your gpsstatus, currentposition on map in real time with Standard,Satellite or Hybridview. INCLINOMETER VIEW 1. Speedo app Allow youto display thelongitudinal and transverse slope of your vehicle HUDVIEW 1. Turnon the HUD mode and lay your phone on prepared spot soyou can seethe reflection on your windshield of your vehicle. USAGE* Analogbicycle speedometer is specially design for bicycle riders.* AlsoUse GPS Speedometer in Train, Airplane, Bike, Cycle, Boat andalsofor Runner. * Speedometer app for running * By usinggpscoordinates we calculate your speed and this isaccuratespeedometer app Tested on many devices * Best gps trackingdeviceapp that allow you to find your vehicle speed * Car HeadsUpDisplay GPS Odometer App * Vehicle Tracking on Live Maps Ifyouhave any questions or comments, feel free to contact with
Kmh Counter (Speedometer) 13.17
Simply shows the current speed and counts total kilometersduringthe trip. Show max and average trip speed. Save trip historyafterclosing app (or pressing reset trip). Export tripshistoryspreadsheet to Google Drive/WhatsApp/Gmail and more. Showtotaltrip time. Pause/resume trip. * A very accurate speedometer **Keeps counting kilometers and time on background whilelisteningfor music or using other apps * * Simply view tripshistory laterand share it as an Excel file*
BikeComputer 8.5.1 Google Play
BikeComputer accompanies you on your bike ride with freelyavailableoffline maps - worldwide. Based on the maps you canalways orientateyourself, even in the wild - without dataconnection. • Load offlinemaps for your desired region directlyfrom the app • Follow yourtrip on the map and see distance, speedand all other relevant data• Plan your next trip by setting pointson the map, BikeComputercalculates the track and the distance • Noneed to login or register• Share a session on Facebook or uploadit to Strava or otherworkout managements • Show an elevationprofile for the plannedroute • Set your home on the map andexperience always the current(beeline) distance to it • Movewaypoints of a created route usingdrag'n'drop and discover newtrails or unknown roads that you'vealways wanted to try ...
Internet Speed Test - Broadband Speed Test 1.0.35
🔥Internet Speed Test - Broadband Speed Test : Free WiFi networktooland Broadband speed checker to Test My Internet Speed andDiscoverFast Internet Network Speed and WiFi Signal. 🔥Do you knowhow fastis my internet?Do you want to learn how to check internetspeed?Doyou know what is my internet speed?Do you want best toolto Check MyInternet Speed? SpeedTest(WiFi Speed Test) is powerfulBroadbandspeed checker to Test Internet Speed and Check MyInternet Speed andadsl speed test. Internet Speed Test - BroadbandSpeed Test is anbroadband speed checker and wifi speed test.SpeedTest and wifispeed test can test speed for your mobilecellular connectionsincluding WiFi hotspot, LTE, 4G, 3Gnetworks.Internet Speed Test -Test Internet Speed is good wifispeed test and network speed testtools, you can do speed check andbandwidth check.With just one tap,Internet Speed Test - BroadbandSpeed Test will test internet speedthrough thousands of serversworldwide and show accurate broadbandspeed test results within 10seconds.Internet Speed Test - BroadbandSpeed Test is the onlyspeed test that lets you test your internetconnection on bothWi-Fi and cellular networks.Internet Speed Test -Test InternetSpeed makes it easy to test your internet speed. It’seasy, fastand accurate and the test results are presented in auser-friendlyway with icons explaining what the internet speed canbe usedfor.Internet Speed Test - Broadband Speed Test: Top 3Reasons toDownload.✩ Download test and speed test network(streaming videospeed, upload speed, download speed and more).✩Wifi connection andinternet quality test for app performance.✩Connection testing forsignal and speed – use apps best suited foryour network speed andperformance. ✩✩Rate Us 5 Stars if you foundthis app useful, andthe following you can do✩✩Test speed ofDownload, Upload andPing.Check internet speed.Speed test online andbroadband speedtest.Real-time graphs show broadband connectionconsistency.Savethe past results of Internet speed testautomatically.How to checkinternet speed?Internet speed testHow tosee my internet speed?Wifispeed testTest wifi speedHow to detectinternet speed?What is myInternet speed?How to test inernetspeed?Test internet speedHow totest my Internet speed?How to testnetwork speed?network speed testTest network speedSpeedTestCheckwifi speedDetect internetspeedDetect network speedCheck networkspeedTest My SpeedTestinternet speedTest network speedTest myinternet speedDownload thefree Broadband Speed Test app for theeasiest and best way to testnetwork speed, data connection qualityand performance of all yourfavorite apps.
All tools 3.6.1
All tools is an utility app which consist of differentandindividual tools like, 1. Walkie Talkie 2. Music Group 3. CCTV4.Bar-code and QR-code reader 5. Torch 6. Compass 7. Clipboard8.Mirror 9. Speedometer 10. Leveler 11. Converter 12. MetalDetector13. Recorder 14. Stop Watch 15. Brightness 16. Temperature17.Pressure 18. Length (Height) 19. Humidity 20. Protractor 21.SoundIntensity 22. Altitude 23. Emf 24. Blank Cam 25. Heart Rate26. G -Meter 27. My Location 28. Ruler 29. Counter 30. Scribbler31. ColorDetector 32. rpm 33. Step Counter 34. Horizontal Length35.Seismometer 36. Mike 37. Magnifier 38. Battery info 39.InternetSpeed 40. Speed 41. WiFi Calls 42. Sound generator 43.Random digit44. Text to Speech 45. Motion Cam 46. Controller 47.Night Vision48. Signal Strength 49. IR Remote 50. Text Recognition51. FileTransfer 52. Check List 53. Cam Scanner 54. Timer 55.Speech toText 56. Arduino bluetooth 57. BMI 58. Screen recorder 59.Stopmotion 60. Paint 61. QR-Generator 62. Morse code 63. EMI 64.Pathtracker 65. Number count Feel free to Contact us and togiveFeedback about this app. by ATEU Team.
GPS Tools® - Find, Measure, Navigate & Explore
Have you ever got stuck on road without accurate GPS location?Haveyou ever needed all GPS based tools in one app? Get GPSTools,all-in-one GPS app which includes location tagging,speedometer,altimeter, compass directions, gps alarm, weather &forecast,distance, level meter, area finder, gps time, gpximporter/viewer,hiking maps, and more. Highly Battery optimised GPSapp Fast GPSupdate and Works offline Easy to use and well organisedNavigationapp for all your outdoor activities including hikingCustomisableGPS based tools Get exact location always even in lowsignal areaswith high accuracy Useful set of tools with addressfinder Sharelocation photo, address and coordinates to others Trackand findyour lost phone Never miss a bus or train stop again withGPS alarmduring transit Going outdoor, trekking or visiting newplaces? Donot forget to take this app While trekking you canaccessaltimeter, compass, weather, pressure and more Import GPXfiles ofyour trips. View tracks, routes, elevation and waypointsfrom GPXfiles Analyse information and statistics of your tracks androutesView graphs(charts) for variations of speed and elevation ofyourtracks Get this app for speedometer or odometer Set speed limitandget warned while over speeding Record your speed and trackyourtrips Get direction towards your destination with compassMeasureyour surface level with spirit level meter Find GlobalPositioningSystem (GPS) date time Find GPS locations and directionsNavigateand explore the world Plan your travel or activity withaccuratereal-time weather and forecast data Always be safe withreal-timeweather alerts and severe weather warnings Go trekkingwith all thetools you need in one app Align your satellite dishwith satellitenumber and signal strength Stay out of polluted areasand dirediseases with air pollution monitor Plan your travel basedon yourlocal weather and forecast report Stay dry during rainyseason withrain alerts Stay out of sunburn and melanoma with UVindex dataMeasure area of your plot, land or house with area finderFindaltitude or distance between any places quickly Save yourfavouriteplaces you want to visit or go frequently Get accuratedevicesensor data Have app on your wear and stay updated *Supportsandroid wear and instant app feature * Supports metric andimperialunits * Some features may not be available in allcountriesDownload GPS Tools and enjoy using all GPS features withminimalbattery usage! To know more about us and share yourfeedback,please visit us at GPS Tools Facebook: GPS ToolsWebsite:
Altimeter 1.2.6
Altimeter is beautifully designed and easy to useandroidapplication for measuring altitude and almost everything youwantto measure. With Altimeter you can measure everything aroundyou,whether you аre in the mountain or in the city. Altimeter isgreattool for people who love skiing, mountain biking,hiking,traveling, outdoor activities, elevation or just want tochecktheir coordinates.Features:With GPS tracker you can trackyourspeed, altitude from all your outdoor activities and then checkthepath that you traveled with high precision. GPS Tracker showsyourmaximum, minimum and average speed.GPS Tracker also showsyourmaximum, minimum and average altitude. GPS Tracker shows youtotalelevation during the track. In GPS Tracker you can checktheduration of your tracks and where they were tracked.To startgpstracker all you need to do is to hit the start button at the topofaltimeter app, when it becomes active(start button becomesactiveonly when receive signal from gps satellite). To stop thegpstraker just hit stop button at the place of start button at thetopof altimeter app.With GPS Altimeter you always can checkyouraltitude(elevation) with ease. Altitude is measured by yourGPSsensor in meters or feets. The Altimeter works great inofflinemode thanks to the GPS sensor in your device. GPSSpeedometer.Speedometer measures your speed in km/h or mph throughGPS. In asecond you can measure your speed thanks to theGPSspeedometer.Barometer tool. Measures atmospheric pressure bythesensor in your device in hPa or psi.Thermometer tool.Ambienttemperature measured by the sensors in your device inCelsius orFahrenheit degrees. The thermometer in altimeter appworks inoffline mode, so you can always check the temperaturearoundyou.Hygrometer tool. Ambient relative humidity also measuredbysensor in your device.With altimeter app you can easily checkthehumidity in your home or anywhere.-Illuminance meter tool.Amountof light on your device measured in lux or fc. In Altimeterapp youcan measure the amount of light beam from anysource.Altimeter appintegrates Google Map showing your currentlocation andcoordinates. By moving the pin around the map you cancheck thecoordinates of any location.Battery level.In altimeter appyou caneasily share your measurements with your friends, or justexportthem to save place, by tapping the export button from themenu, anytime you want.Feel free to suggest next features!
Internet Speed Meter – Test Internet Speed 1.0.1
Save your internet data with this extremely useful andpowerfulInternet speed meter . By using this you can easily monitorwhichapps are draining your internet connection and save it up.It’s abattery friendly internet speed meter which can be used tomeasureyour broadband speed. Now with the use of broadband speedcheckeryou can watch the speed on the notification panel !📶 HIGHSPEEDINETERNET CONNECTION 📲This App is perfect match for highspeedinternet connection. Use this internet speed meter and stay uptodate about your internet connection and you need nothing elseforthis. This App saves your internet data every for every daywhichcan be used to check monthly and weekly internet datausage.📶WORKING WITH BOTH Mobile Data and WiFi 📲If you connectionchangesfrequently from WiFi to mobile data or mobile data to WiFithendon’t worry it’s the best app to handle it. This app doesthebandwidth test and also the download speed test all the timeonnotification panel and stay updated every second aboutyourinternet speed. Internet speed meter Features - updateinternetspeed in real time- check internet speed in thenotification panel-monitor internet data usage for both WiFi andmobile data-bandwidth test- constant display - Total data usagesince mobilestartup- check internet speed every secondIt’s the bestapp if youconstantly need to do internet speed testGet one of thebestinternet speed test today.
Speedometer Live Wallpaper HD 1.7
Speedometer is going crazy! If the speed is running throughyourveins, you will be hooked on your new amazing SpeedometerLiveWallpaper HD! Get behind the wheel of the most expensive andthefastest automobiles with the coolest new wallpaper backgroundapp.Get the best speedometer app on the market and imagineyourselfdriving one of expensive cars. Install Car SpeedometerLiveWallpaper now and you won’t regret it! Go on the road now inyournew favorite ride where you can choose from wide collection ofthenewest, fastest and the most expensive cars! You will want moreofthese stunning cars pictures, and the best thing is –Carspeedometer LWP will feed your appetites with its enormousphotogallery of all kinds of Cars! Sport cars, racing cars, luxurycars,rally cars, old timers. Just pick your favorite kind ofcardashboard live wallpaper and imagine how you hit the road! Ifyouare addicted to speed, these wallpapers HD will stir upyourpassion with amazing car live wallpapers which will makeyourmobile phone look cool! It offers you the best animatedbackgroundpictures of racing cars, luxury cars, sport cars, oldcars... -Choose from many beautiful “Speedometer wallpapers” – moreimageswill be added each day! - Animated sparks on your screen! -Choosethe speed and density of floating objects! - Parallax 3Deffect! -HD graphics – “Speedometer themes” and “Speedometerimages”decorating your screen! - Optimized battery usage! -Compatiblewith 99% mobile devices! - If the “Car Dashboard hd livewallpaper”resets after the reboot, please move it to your phonestorage! -“Speedometer Live Backgrounds” looks beautiful on highresolutionphones and tablets! Watch speedometer go crazy! Themostinteresting vintage cars, sport cars, luxurious cars andotherpowerful automobiles are now available with this amazingbackgroundapp. Feel the gasoline running through your veins andenjoy “HDwallpapers” of cool vehicle dashboards and speedometers.Phenomenalspeedometer wallpapers will stir you up and leave youspeechless!Experience a ride in the most powerful motor vehicleswith thisamazing speedometer background images. Put those stunningHDbackground images of fantastic vintage cars! The best motorvehicleof all time will decorate your smartphone screen perfectly!Thisbest Old Car Speedometer Live Wallpaper with stunning HDbackgroundimages are so realistic, that you will get the impressionthat thecar is speeding right past you! Imagine super carsbackground livewallpapers on your own phone screen! These topluxury cars willsurely meet your expectations. Speedometer isrunning wild! Thefastest sport and racing cars themes for Androidphone or tabletdevice. Share beautiful images of motor vehicleswith your friendswho have the same passion for good and powerfulvehicles! Spoilyourself with these breathtaking live wallpapers ofcarspeedometers! You can almost hear the sound of screechingtireswhile the car goes top speed in a split second! The coolestnewbackground app! Customize your phone display with new carlivewallpaper free download! Speedometer live wallpaper 3D HD forallfast and furious drivers! Get these futuristic carsanimatedbackgrounds and enjoy 3D effects! A great speedometerbackgroundtheme for your smartphone. Select one speedometer for cardesigns -An elegant leather or wood surface, a classic display orneon look.Get Speedometer Live Wallpaper HD background images free!Go maxspeed and enjoy the phenomenal ride with 3d wallpaperslive!Speedometer installed in the car, motorcycle, plane, trainandother vehicles wallpapers HD are your new wallpaperapp!DISCLAIMER: All images used in this app are believed to beinpublic domain. If you own rights, and do not wish them toappearhere, please contact us and they will be removed.
Internet Speed Meter -SpeedPro 1.0.5
Don’t let operators trick you, or don’t let some apps drainyourinternet with our neat and extremely helpful Internet SpeedMeterPro . We have the most accurate and battery friendly internetspeedmeter and display on the market. Data can be drained and speedcanbe sacrificed if you don’t follow or measure your broadbandspeed.With our simple, yet highly functional app you can make useof thebroadband speed checker and always see the speed onthenotification panel! 📶 HOW FAST IS YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION 📶Useinternet speed meter pro and always be notified about yourinternetconnection. No need to open your browser or questionableapps.Install this great Android tool and always know how fast isyourinternet connection. On top of that the app saves yourinternetspeed data every week, day and month and you can easilyanalyze thechanges. 📶 WORKS WITH WIFI AND MOBILE DATA TOO 📲 Don’tworry if youchange your connections frequently. The bandwidth testand downloadspeed test is done and displayed all the time, nomatter if you areconnected to a wifi network or your mobileoperator’s mobileinternet. So, don’t ask for “what is my internetspeed?” Just getthe app and always be informed. 📶 Check InternetSpeed Meter ProFeatures 📲 - real time updates with the internetspeed - speed viewthe internet connection in the notification panel- always see thespeed (it’s displayed in line with the clock) -bandwidth test -battery friendly constant display - keeps internetdata speed foryour analysis and changes -free------------------------------------- Check internet speedandalways view it neatly and easily! Get one of the bestinternetspeed test and display apps for free!
Rabbit Regularity Rally (TSD) 1.21.1
Joao Procopio
The Rabbit application is a powerful ally in Regularity Rally(TSD)The rabbit may be used in several ways, among them are: -Odometerbased on GPS - Car sensor reader (Rabbit Box) Some of itsfeaturesare: - Benchmarking per km or miles - Speak the averagechanges. -Reporting after race and lap settings. - Projection inthe pilot'swindshield. (see RabbitPilot app) Moreinfo: If you think the app don't deserves5starts, please let us know why and help us to improve the apptoyou, send an e-mail to withyoursuggestions, your opinion is very important.
Ski Pursuit 4.1.8
The Ski Pursuit app is the perfect tool for all skiersandsnowboarders looking for fun and challenges. Thanks to thisuserfriendly app, you’ll be able to track and record all yourrunsduring the season, and share your stats with your friendsonFacebook and Twitter. You have always wondered what is youraverageriding speed? The Ski Pursuit app will give you a completeanalysisof your runs and a global recap of your season: maximumspeed,average speed, duration, distance, ascent, descent. For eachrun,you’ll be able to see your line on a real map of the mountain,andfurthermore, you’ll see what your exact speed is during the runbysliding the cursor with your finger! Record your best runs;connectyour app to Facebook and compete with your friends!Features: -Recording: maximum speed, average speed, duration,distance,ascent, descent - Autostop: the tracker stops recordingwhen yourspeed is lower than 1 km/h - History: list of your runs,filter bysport, filter by period - Map view: view of your run on areal map- Explore your run: view of your exact speed by sliding thecursoron the map - Share: share your stats on Facebook and Twitter-Settings: Imperial/Metric units, countdown set up, autostop setupContinued use of GPS running in the background candramaticallydecrease battery life.
Urban Biker 5.52
Sublimis App
Record your rides, runs or hikes with a single button click.It'ssuper-easy, yet powerful! Ready for more? Explore the plethoraoffeatures and settings! 🎯 Accuracy ★ Wireless sensors –supportsmany standard Bluetooth LE and ANT+ sensors. ★ Barometricaltitude🏔 – barometer sensor is used for supreme altitude accuracy.★ Powermeter 🔥 – the most accurate power and energy meter inindustry. ★Auto pausing ⏯ – can discard all pauses, like theclassic wiredcycle computer. ★ Cockpit 💺 – shows accurate distance,duration,altitude, ascent, descent, power, climb power, energy,efficacy,heart rate, cadence, vertical speed, acceleration, pace,pressure,temperature, odometer… more than 65 statistics in total!⚡Efficiency ★ Free 🆓 – full set of features, no restrictions.★Battery-saving 🔋 – enjoy day-long activities knowing thatthebattery will last. ★ Offline friendly 📴 – Internet is neededforfeatures like online maps, but is not required. ★ Profiles–quickly switch the profile e.g. from Bike to Run withoutstoppingthe recording. ★ Easy resume – resume any past ride,doesn't matterif you stopped for an hour or a day. 🛡 Security ★Bike light 🔦 –flashing bike light, turned off automatically whenput in a pocket.★ Bicycle bell 🔔 – automatic ring when braking, ormanually bytouching or shaking the device. ★ Moving sounds 📣 –great forsilent bikes that startle pedestrians. ★ Maximum privacy –recordedtracks are stored to device only, also location of yourhome,workplace, and other private places can be hidden easily.👨‍🔬Science underneath ★ AI algorithms 🤖 – machine learning androbuststatistics is utilized for data processing. ★ Numbercrunching 🔢 –more than 65 statistics computed for every ride insub-secondresolution, raw data available in CSV format. ★Physicalconsistency 📐 – maximum speed cannot possibly be smallerthanaverage speed, and metrics shouldn't spike without the cause.★Mathematical consistency 📈 – problems of decimal rounding,finiteprecision, or round-off errors are all handled very carefullyfortop-notch accuracy. ✅ Not just for sports Modern bikers oftenusemore than one means of transport throughout a day. Theapplicationcan be used to track many of your day-to-day activities,likewalking and running, car driving, and even flying.
Car Speedometer Neon Theme 1.1.5
Hot Launcher
car speedometer theme is ready for your android phone! Applyneonaudi aha car speedometer theme, and enjoy thousands of freethemesand wallpapers! car speedometer theme gives you carspeedometerlive wallpapers with velocimetro background and cochecarspeedometer home screen. car speedometer provides velocimetrococheicon pack .This beautiful car speedometer theme is speciallymadefor guys who love velocimetro and neon audi aha. carspeedometertheme is a perfect theme with HD live wallpaper andbrings you acoche experience. Make your device coche and neon audiaha withcustomized app icon pack, lock screen themes, organizedfolders,sliding screen effects, HD wallpapers and widgets. You willlovethis neon audi aha car speedometer theme to customize yourandroidhome screen. No matter you like velocimetro HD livewallpaper orneon audi aha mobile phone, you will love thisvelocimetro themewith coche decoration. Beautify your android homescreen with thiscar speedometer theme now! car speedometer theme isavailable onmost android phones.Features1、car speedometer themelock screenwith velocimetro neon audi aha HD livewallpaper.2、velocimetro neonaudi aha icon packs decorate your homescreen.3、car speedometertheme HD live wallpaper with velocimetrostyle gives you a visualexperience you've never seen before.4、carspeedometer themeprovides advanced security system and lock screenthemes. Yourandroid system will be protected, safe, secure, fastandconvenient, with less power consumption.5、velocimetro skinwithneon audi aha icon makes you feel coche.6、3D dynamic launchermakesyour android phone neon audi aha style.7、DIY HD wallpaper inthebest theme center and turns your creative ideas into uniquethemesright on your phone! car speedometer theme - How toapply?carspeedometer theme is specially designed for Launcher.Install ourlauncher first and apply it successfully. carspeedometer themedoes not support any other Launcher app. carspeedometer theme withvelocimetro coche HD live wallpaper is freenow! car speedometertheme will let you enjoy a faster and smoothermobile operatingexperience. car speedometer theme has velocimetroballoon andwallpaper, with the neon audi aha icon pack style. Afterapply carspeedometer theme successfully, you can also only changethebackground wallpaper and lock screen wallpaper while keepingthevelocimetro neon audi aha icon the same. If you do not likethiscar speedometer theme, you can also uninstall it anytime, youcanalways find your favorite themes on 3D Launcher.There arepink,red, yellow, lovely and romantic themes for cute girls; Blue,grayand black theme for business, tech and auto & vehiclefans;Colorful themes for cartoon and movie addicts; Abstract themesandlive wallpapers for art fans; Cute pets & animals foranimallovers; Football and basketball celebrities for sportsfans;Greenery themes for those who love nature; And the starrynighttheme for those who love stars. During holidays, you can findourbeautiful festive themes when it's time to celebrate. Therearealso 3D themes, live wallpapers and other fashion elementstoredefine your vision. car speedometer theme is made for launchertocustomize your mobile phone with car speedometer themelivewallpaper and neon audi aha lock menu. Anything you like can beputinto your home screen!
inetFlow - Internet speed meter and data manager 1.1
Internet speed meter free application to add speed meter onstatusbar and always track internet speed. Internet live speed instatusbar. You can change Internet speedometer position on statusbar.Internet speed meter application shows daily data usage of last30days: Mobile data usage, wifi data usage and application datausagesince bootup. Internet Speed Meter and Data Usage freeapplicationallows you to monitor data usage for last 30 days, datausage perday and track internet speed in status bar. Also You canseeinternet speed detailed report and data usage per app.Internetspeed meter application allows you to see realtime internetspeedin status bar. Change internet speed meter position on statusbar.Internet speed meter on status bar anywhere you want. It ishelpfulto track internet speed in notification bar, trackapplicationspeed, internet data usage. - internet speed meter- datausage perday- Daily data usage- Monthly data usage- Applicationsdata usage-Internet Speed Meter on status bar- Detailed InternetSpeed- Datausage monitor per day- Live Internet Speed Meter
Internet Speed Meter - Usage 1.0.4
Be aware of Your internet traffic speed with internet speedmeterdata monitoring application. Application displays realtimeinternet speed in status bar and in notification bar.Applicationis best solution if your wifi or mobile network is slowto seeinternet current speed and be hopeful that soon Your devicewillfinally load web site. Internet speed meter applicationstoresdaily mobile internet usage and daily wifi internet usage insqldatas and user can see internet traffic usage of last 30 dayswhichare represented in internet usage charts and internet usagerows.Both wifi and mobile network traffic usages are representedinseperate activities and each of them has 3 subsections(mobiledownload, mobile upload and mobile total traffic usage formobiletraffic usage and wifi download, wifi upload and wifi totaltrafficusage for wifi data usage). By default if user opens mobiletrafficusage or wifi traffic usage statistics, user can rapidly seetotaldata usage of last 30 days in charts and rows and if user wanttosee for example downloaded data usage then user has to touchonscreen and then swipe to left or click on left icon placed ontheleft of rows representation. Most mobile operators providesmobiledata plans which contains fixed mobile internet data for onemonthand user does not know how to use it and how much isdailyrecommended data usage. If you use fixed mobile data plan thenthisapplication is for you. User can set monthly internet data planandapplication will warn when user exceeds average daily usageofmobile internet data. In notifications application displayscurrentinternet speed, available mobile data (by default monthlydata planis 1024MB), today's mobile data usage and today's wifidata usage.In application there are displayed available mobile dataand dailyrecommended data usage. Internet speed meter applicationsdisplayshow many days are till next mobile plan settlement, howmuch isavailable and how much is daily recommended data usagecontrol yourdata traffic properly. By installing this applicationuser also getmobile data usage widget which informs about availabledata, nextmobile data settlement day and daily mobile usage. *Mobile dataspeed meter, WiFi data speed meter - It is not importantwhich oneyou use. Application calculates internet speed anddisplays instatus bar to be aware of current internet speed andtraffic. *Data usage monitor - Monitor your traffic data for thelast 30days. Both mobile data usage and wifi data usage statisticsareavailable. * Mobile data plan control - Set mobile dataplan(available data usage for 1 month) and application willdisplayrecommended daily mobile data usage and will warn if youexcess it.* Mobile data usage widget - Use widget to control mobileplanavailable data without opening application.
GPS HUD Speedometer Plus 3.41
Like us on Facebook! is an advancedspeedometer application that uses themobile device's built-in GPSsystem to show your current, maximum,and average speed, as well asyour direction, total distance, timetraveled, and much more. Keeptrack of your location and speedsimultaneously while driving,running, or biking with ourinnovative multi-view display.AASpeedometer Provides: ImprovedAccuracy* - A GPS-based speedometeroften exceeds the accuracy of acar speedometer. Multiple Views -Choose from five (seven for theplus version) different skinsincluding our featured Compass view.HUD Mode - Mirror the displayto see your speed reflected on yourwindshield when you place yourphone on your car's dashboard Speed& Distance Updates - Hearyour current speed and/or drivingdistance. Speed Alerts - Set up tothree alerts that will notifyyou when you go over a preset speed.Detailed Route &Statistics Summary Reports - Record yourtraveled route and speedat any given point. Unit Systems - Displaysin kilometers, miles,or nautical miles. Acceleration Test -Supports zero to sixty mphand zero to quarter mile time tests. SaveYour Location - Save andfind your way back to your current locationat a stop or on the go(plus-version only; two weeks trial for thefree version). GoogleNavigation with Speed Display - Check yourspeed while using Googlenavigation. Import & Export Data. -Save to or load your datafrom an SD card. GPX Track Export - Exportyour saved routesthrough e-mail. * Accuracy may depend on mobiledevice hardware ,weather conditions, obstructions, and thevisibility of satellites.This version does NOT show ads. We welcomeyour comments,suggestions, or bug reports. You can contact
Ulysse Speedometer Pro
ULYSSE SPEEDOMETER PRO—the ultimate advanced GPS tool that isnotonly a high-precision GPS* Speedometer, displaying not onlythecurrent speed (analog or digital) but also packing in manyotherexciting features. As a part of our Ulysse community, you’llfindits functionality indispensable. To discover further what’spackedinto our tool, Atbinarytoys Lab, we listento our users and are constantlyintegrating your featurerequests—Ulysse is not only built by us,but also by you, ourUlyssers! How about: ★ Overlays—displayimportantspeed/direction/time info over your other installed apps ★TripComputer—record the current, yesterday’s, today’s, week’s,month’sjourneys ★ Track recorder—trace your journey and export toSDand/or email as GPX or Google Earth KML format ★ Multipleprofiles:for every car, bike, velo, walking, skiing ★MusicController—control your installed music player directly ★HUD—aHead-Up Display for your windshield ★ GPS Altimeter ★ GPSCompass ★Latitude/longitude display ★ Settings km/h, mph, knots;miles/feet,kilometers, nautical miles ★ Maximum displayed speeds:1900 km/h /1160 mph / 1000 knots! ★ Racing meter—measureacceleration times:0-100 km/h, 0-60 mph and for 1/4 mile. ★ Averagespeed indicator ★Switchboard – menu system providing easy settingchanges offunctions – simply tap the main speedometer dial foractivation ★Three shortcut pages—Application, Communication,Navigation; for atotal 36 user-defined application shortcuts ★Speed limits’warnings (‘Speed Edge’) – define audio and visualspeed alarms ★App quickstart—assign other installed apps and calledin just twotaps ★ Customizable UI colors—are 16 million colorsenough? ★Current battery status info—charge, temperature ★ Cardocksupport—application automatically starts and exits on dockingandundocking ★ Run the speedometer in background mode—showspeeddiscretely in the status bar and even gives visualnotification forspeed limits** ★ Binarytoys’ Customer supportsecond-to-none… takea look at our reviews! But don’t limit Ulysseto just yourautomobile! Imagine accessing all the featuresmentioned viavirtually any means of transport. Whether traveling byvan, truck,bus, motorbike, bike, horse, unicycle, Segway, plane,helicopter,foot, camel, taxi, rickshaw, skateboard, train, boat,hang-glidingor paragliding (etc.)—you will find a useful use forUlysse! WeLove our Ulyssers – And They Love Ulysse! We are fullydedicated toour user base – with its millions of loyal worldwideusers, we areconstantly building on this success to guarantee thatUlysseremains on pole position now and in the future. Would youlike tosee Ulysse translated into your own language? Contact ustoday to find out how or join uson *Dependent onphonehardware **In the case of system overloading, a small lagispossible Known limitation - trip distance may have 2-3%deviationfrom car's odometer data Look to for a newcar-dockfor your phone!
com.jordyland.aesmap 2.7
Update AES location from time to time. Designed to detect AESspeedand traffic light camera (Malaysia) Automatic EnforcementSystemMalaysia Multiple Language support. (English, Chinese, Malay)Ableto work with GPS alone without Internet connection. AssistdriverMalaysia to override road trap. Provide flexible adjustablesettingin alert, distance and etc. Feature -always display nearestcamera.-provided with map to show AES camera, focus currentlocation-sharing current speed to whatapps, line &etc(*excludefacebook) -add in "my location" 3D google map currrentlocation.-easy swap speedometer & mylocation screen by scrollleftright. -replace AES map with latest 3D google map. -alertsoundtrigger when AES camera detected within 1km,can be adjusted to2km.-allow update latest AES from server. -allow disable alertsound.-Speedometer (accurancy speed depend on your GPS signal)Adjustablesetting -alert distance AES traffic light -alert distanceAEStraffic light -enable disable sound -sound interval (5 second to30second) -to display Fixed AES camera only or All proposedAEScamera.
GPS Speed Pro
This is GPS Speed Pro version. You can try this demoversion:\简体中文\繁體中文\Deutsch\Français\Pусский\Português\Nederlands\Italiano\Magyar\Polskie\العربيةGPSSpeed can track your speed,distance,time,location and also cangetstart time,time elapsed,avg speed,max speed,altitude...Featuresincluded - Save your track info. - Switch between analogand digitalspeedometer - Switch between mph or km/h mode. -Display satellitesstatus. - Speed chart. - Map integration,getyour location. ……Facebook:
Smart Measure Tool Kit 17.7
PC Mehanik
Smart Measure Tool Kit is a toolkit app with 23 cool measuretoolsand utilities like ruler, spirit level, distancemeter,speedometer, magnetic field meter (teslameter),seismometer,metronome and more. Toolkit list: Ruler: Ruler size canbecalibrated; Spirit level: Check surface level. Spirit level canbecalibrated; Speedometer; Distance meter: Measure distanceandheight of different objects. Distance meter can becalibrated;Protractor: Measure the slope and angle of any object.Protractorcan be calibrated; Speed gun: Measure speed of movingobjects; Unitand currency converter; Compass; Location (map);Stopwatch;Magnetic field meter (teslameter); Seismometer: Observereal timeseismometer data, based on Richter scale; Luminositymeter: Measurethe environmental luminosity (Lux); Color meter;Heart rate:Measure your heart rate with a camera and observe a realtime pulsechart; Sound meter; Pitch tuner; Metronome; Thermometer;DragRacing; Battery tester; Accelerometer. The app supports alldevicebrands (Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Huawei, Lenovo, Toshibaandothers). However, not all models have the appropriate sensorstosupport all of the measuring utilities. It is tested mostlyonSamsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Huawei, Lenovo and Toshiba. Free appwithads.
SpeedView Pro 3.3.2
Code Sector
SpeedView is an advanced speedometer application that usesthephone's built-in GPS system to show your current, maximumandaverage speed, as well as the direction, total distance, andtimetraveled. Suitable for running, car driving, biking, orhiking.•High accuracyGPS-based speedometer that is more accuratethan theone in your car.• Linear compassShows your currentdirection oftravel. A compass mode is also available.• HUDmodeMirrors thenumbers so you can place your phone on your car'sdashboard and seethe speed reflected in the front glass. You cancheck out thisvideo to see how it works:• SpeedgraphDisplays a graph chartcovering the last several minutes.•Speed warningYou can set thespeed limits for three different typesof roads so that when you gotoo fast a visual alert or sound willnotify you.• DisplayunitsSupports units such as miles, kilometers,and nautical miles.•GPX track exportEnables you to save yourcurrent track to the SDcard or email it to someone. The GPX formatis supported by GoogleEarth and many otherprograms:• BackgroundmodeYou canminimize the program and keep it running in thebackground. It willwork as usual and even notify you when youexceed the speedlimit.Please note that the accuracy of GPSmeasurements is affectedby a number of factors includingatmospheric conditions,obstructions and the visibility ofsatellites.If you have anyquestions or comments, feel free to postthem on our blog:
GPS Speed
GPS Speed can track your speed,distance,time,location and alsocanget start time,time elapsed,avg speed,maxspeed,altitude...Features included - Save your track info. - Switchbetween analogand digital speedometer - Switch between mph or km/hmode. -Display satellites status. - Speed chart. - Map integration,getyour location. - Floating speed: display speed on Map apps.……Facebook: If youhavetranslation suggestions, please contactme!
Digital Dashboard GPS
Digital Dashboard GPS can track yourspeed,distance,time,locationand also can get start time,timeelapsed,avg speed,maxspeed,altitude... Features included - Saveyour track info. -Switch between car speedometer and bicycleodometer. - mph,km/h. -Display satellites status. - Mapintegration, get your location.……Facebook: If youhavetranslation suggestions, please contactme!