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Brick Breaker Star: Space King 2.6
Introducing the best Brick Breaker game that everyone canenjoy.Enjoy various missions and addictively simple playcontrol.[Features] - Hundreds of stages and various missions - Nolimit toplay such as Heart, play as much as you can! - 5 kinds ofvariousitems and items reinforcement system - No network required -gamefile is as low as 20M, light-weight download! - supportstabletscreen - supports Google Play Leaderboards, Achievement,Multiplay- supports 14 languagesHomepage:
Bricks DEMOLITION 1.8.72
Destroy all the bricks to pass phase and enjoy thespectacularvisual effects in this clone of the famous game BricksBreak wereso popular in the 70's and 80's and that you can carry inyourpocket everywhere.There are two control modes ball: Classic,wherethe bounce angle depends on the point of impact on theracket(steeper as more far from the center) and Demolition, wherethebounce angle depends on the angle of incidence and the movementofthe racket.DEMOLITION currently consists of 800 levels but willbeadding more. To overcome them you will have various aids,althoughsometimes they can hinder you work, as can be changes inthe sizeof the racket or the speed of the balls multiplier balls,barrier,fireballs, gravity, change visibility bricks ...You alsohave alimited number of wildcards or 'jokers' to skip levels thatcan notbe able to complete.Apart from this you are just you andyourskill. Good luck!
Bricks Breaker King 1.4.9
Brick breaking game releases that anyone can easily enjoy onesimpleoperation can enjoy a variety of games You can compete withgamersaround the world multiplayer game skills. [Features] - StageMode:consists of 500 steps and supports a step-by-step difficulty.-Survival Mode: defeat coming down brick and raise the scoreremainedalive until the end The Game. - Multiplayer: You can playmen-to-menby online. - Provides a lively physics applied tonatural movement.Homepage: YouTube:
Brick Breaker Bots 1.7
ARCADE BRICK BREAKER BOTS Are you enjoy brick breaker games?thisgame for you! enjoy brick breaker bots with amazing boosterandlevel designed bring you a lot of pleasure! our brick breakerhasnew features multi-balls and fire balls and style in onegame.IMPRESSIVE BLOCKS Break the multi-colored bricks Much moreJustbreak them with one ball and pass the levels of brick breaker!MAPLEVELS breakout all the bricks to complete the level and go tonextlevel with over 250 levels complexity designed FEATURES 300+Levels Map Excellent Bricks Colors Blue, Green, Grey, Orange,Pink,Gold, Silver, Broken Brick and Black Beautiful BackgroundGalaxyand Ball Effect Fireball for auto bot breakout all BricksBricksbroken Grey need to break Twice Silver Bricks need to breakThreetimes Gold Bricks need to break Four times If you ready, letenjoybreak bricks game!
Bricks Breaker Challenge 1.0.27
The game rule is simple and easy. Just break bricks with yourball![Feature] - Easiest and simplest brick breaker game foreveryone -Tons of stages of different gimmicks and looks - 3supportive itemsthat will help your gameplay - Unlimited mode:challenge for higherscores - Bonus Game Mode: Earn resourcesfaster! - Time attackmode: Achieve the highest scores withinlimited time - Multiplay(1on 1 versus mode) supported - 16languages supported - LeaderBoard, Achievement, Friend invitationsupportedHomepage: YouTube:
Many Bricks Breaker 1.2.8
Many Bricks Breaker is a Brick Breaker game. You need to breakmanybricks. This game has 108 levels.
Brick Breaker Arcade 1.7.5
Boze Games
Welcome to Brick Breaker Arcade: re-live your youth with thisretrogame!This is an app which will remind you of the classicarcadegames of the past. Your objective is to break all thecolouredbricks on each level and battle your way through all 60uniquelevels to become a champion. Move the paddle from side toside withyour finger and bounce the ball around the screen todestroy thecoloured blocks. This game features various power uppills to helpyou in your exploits such as multi-ball (blue),power-ball(yellow), laser fire (purple), lengthen platform (green)and one toavoid that will shorten the platform (red) . You can saveyour topten scores on the local leader board and compete againstfriends.If you are logged in to Google Play your score will beuploaded tothe global leaderboard to compete against the world.
Balls Bounce:Bricks Crasher 2.46.3935
Noodle Games
Balls Bounce is the 📣TOP 1 free-to-play bouncing ball arcade gameinAndroid market. Unique mix between brick breaker and bubbleshootergames, perfect time killer to spend your leisure time.Download andplay the super addictive top bouncing ball game. Thisbrick breakerblock game is going to be a hit! HOW TO PLAY? Swipeyour finger andthrow balls, break all bricks and finish all puzzlechallenges.Boost your score by skills and concentration, time tochallenge andshoot balls with your friends now! Balls Bounce GameFeatures 🔹Endless game mode, play without internet connection,challengeyourself in this brain game 🎈 Challenge mode added: 30stagesavailable 🔹 No time limit, best casual game to kill yourfree time 🎈Stunning graphic: kick balls and swipe brick breaker 🔹More than 20color ball patterns: change your bouncy ball pattern,let’s gainmore fun! 🎈 Free to play bouncing balls game, easy toplay and freefor all ages 🔹 Global Leaderboards 🎈 Support tabletand mobileperfectly Focus on shooting balls, bounce your ballchain and brickall bricks. Balls Bounce is suitable for playerswho love bricksbreaker puzzle, searching for the best casualarcade game likebouncy balls, kick balls games and free blockbreaker games.Download for free, relax your brain in the addictedball bouncypuzzle game world! If you like casual brain game BallsBounce, visitour Google Play main page and download Balls Bounce2: BricksChallenge ! Enjoy color ball games now!
Cool Brick Breaker 1.1
AZS Software
Break thousands of bricks through lots of levels ofincreasingdifficulty with this classic retro style game!- CoolBrick Breakeris an addictive free game with great graphics andmusic thatincludes many items, bonuses and power-ups such asmultiball,expand paddle, laser and much more!- Touch the screen toreleasethe ball and move the paddle.- You can control thetrajectory ofthe ball making it bounce on different parts of thepaddle.-Prevent the ball from falling through the bottom of thescreen andremove all the bricks to pass to the next level.- Try toget thehighest score!- Press the Back or Menu button on your phoneortablet to pause the game. You can also enable a pause button intheOptions menu.GAME ITEMS AND BONUSES- Expand the paddle.- Shrinkthepaddle.- Reduce the speed of the balls.- Increase the speed oftheballs.- Give the player an extra life.- Split each ball intothreeballs (multiball).- Add to the score the number of pointsinsidethe item.- Subtract to the score the number of points insidetheitem.- Temporarily obscure the level.- Temporarily make theballsdo not bounce when destroying blocks.- Temporarily create awall ofindestructible blocks at the bottom.- Temporarily stick theballsto the paddle until the player touches and releases thescreen.-Temporarily make the paddle shoots two lasers.If you enjoyotherbrick breaking games like Breakout, Arkanoid, Brick Busting,BreakThe Bricks, Brick Breaking, Smash Brick, Brick Breaker,BlockDestruction or Brick Buster, you will love this cool game!
Brick Blast Ball 9.1
Dong Studio
Shoot the ball. Break the brick. Super simple. Instantly fun.Startwith one ball and take the endless adventure. The ball canbounceto damage many bricks and reduce their health. Collect alltheballs in your way by shooting circles that balls are in. Themoreball, the more power. Do not let brick defeat you. Break allbricksto get a pass. Prove your strength in the top ofchampions.Features: ★ Free to play ★ Endless, relaxed gameplay,perfect timekiller ★ No wifi, no problem, you can play offlineanywhere,anytime ★ Easy to play, simple rule, play by one hand,easy to aimat anywhere on screen ★ Score competition with friendsand allplayers all over the world How To Play: * Swipe your fingerdown toshoot bricks and reduce their durability to zero * Aimcarefully toget right angle * Try to break as many bricks aspossible * Shootthe white circle to increase the number of balls *You can makeinfinity ball chain. * Each round more powerful brickswill come *Just one brick fall to ground. You Die!
Infinite Brick Blast 1.4.3
Wanna relax your brain and absent-minded? Or need a game whichisreally simple and not so hard to play. Then try this one. Justaimthe target bricks and shoot them up. Best for killing time. [TIPs] - The more '+1' you get, the more balls you can shoot. - Max250balls are available, after then the power of ball will increaseby'+1' - 8 themes of bricks and balls you can enjoy. - Once theappis deleted, golds will disappear. ※ Support tabletdevicesHomepage: on Facebook!▶ Copyright 2016 CHCOAPP All RightsReserved.
Bricks Breaker Quest 1.0.57
How to play - The ball flies to wherever you touched. - Clearthestages by removing bricks on the board. - Break the bricksandnever let them hit the bottom. - Find best positions and anglestohit every brick. Feature - Free to play - Tons of stages -Varioustypes of balls - Easy to play, Simplest game system,Designed forone handheld gameplay. - Off-line (without internetconnection)gameplay supported - Multi-play supported - Tabletdevice supported- Achievement & leaderboard supportedHomepage: YouTube:
Ancient Bricks 1.4.26
Zippy Mobile
Welcome adventurer! It is time to prove your brick breakerskills.You have an opportunity to journey through an ancienttemple,collecting as many treasures as you can. You can eitherexplore thetemple's chambers through 180 beautifully handcraftedlevels orventure below into the mine where the deeper you get themoreprecious treasures you will find! Are you ready for thethischallenge? *** Game Modes *** Exploration: you can discover6different labyrinths containing 180 unique chambers. You mustbreakall bricks in a chamber to complete the level. Use the paddletocollect the falling treasurers and power-ups. Be careful,though,as not all power-ups are handy! Mine: lots of gold, crystalsandancient treasure are buried deep under the temple. You can useahuge mining machine to break even the strongest bricks butsomespecial powerful balls can also be very useful for this work.Howfar can you get? *** Main Features *** – 240 handcrafted levelsinExploration Mode – endless destruction in Mining Mode –7unlockable ball types – 4 unlockable paddle types withpowerfulabilities – more than 30 unlockable upgrades – real-timephysics –lots of power-ups, power-downs and collectable items –daily,weekly missions and ad hoc challenges – single touch andtiltcontrols – fast-paced addictive gameplay
Balls Shooter
This unique mix between brick breaker and bubble shooter gamesisthe perfect time killer!Balls Shooter is very easy to play butveryhard to reach high scores. It's popular with kids &adultsalike.==============How To Play Solitaire==============Justswipeto shoot the balls and break the bricks. When brick'sdurabilityreduce to 0, brick breaks.Try to break as many bricks aspossiblebefore they move down to the bottom. Get additional ballsand makean endless ball chain! Don't forget the angle is thekeypoint!==============Features==============- Free to play-Endlessgameplay- Can play without internet connection- Challengeyourfriends with the best highscoreHave fun playing Balls Shooter!
Balls Bricks Breaker 1.27.172
Hold the screen to aim, swipe the ball to the brick and breakallthe bricks easily! Shoot and watch the chain of balls hit,bounceand break the bricks. Think strategically and make the mostof thepower up. Beat your highscore and compare it to your friends.Catchsplit and bouncing items make balls more effective. Features:√Playing in one handed. One finger controls. √ Relax yourbrain,perfect time killer. √ Unlock new balls with special skills!√Achievements and Leaderboards.
Balls Bounce 2: Bricks Challenge 1.131.3935
Noodle Games
Balls Bounce 2: Bricks Challenge is a classic and excitingnumberbricks game. Just play Balls Bounce Bricks to relax yourbrain andget fun. You will find out that it is such a funny andchallenginggame! Swipe and launch the balls to break the bricks.Remember youmust break as many bricks as possible to get thehighest scores andpass challenging levels. Don't worry about that,we are going tobring you lots of magic items to help you to smashall bricks.Features: Free to play Simple ball control with onefinger No timelimit Play without wifi Tons of stages Tablet devicesupport Formore information: Balls Bounce Bricks is a unique mixbetween brickbreaker games, perfect time killer to spend yourleisure time.Focus on shooting balls, bounce your ball chain andbricks. BallsBounce 2 is suitable for players who love bricksbreaking game,searching for the best casual arcade game like bouncyballs, ballsgames, and free block breaker games.
Bricks Breaker Infinity - Classic Game
When was the last time you played the classic Brick BreakerInfinitygame? Wanna give it a try again To play an amazing BricksbreakerInfinity Game? This fun game takes you back to the timewhen coolgames were simple, yet addictive. So, if you are a fan ofretrogames or just in search of a simple game to keep the clockticking,get this Bricks Breaker Infinity Game and enjoy! HOW TOPLAY: Thegame is really cool and fun to play. You have to demolishbricksthrough white balls by tapping and dragging the white ballsin thedirection of bricks which you want to demolish with theballsIMPORTANT: Demolish the bricks first that are coming towardsthewhite ball (bottom of the screen) otherwise the game overs andyouhave to start all over again. FEATURES: The game offersstunningfeatures to its users. Here are these amazing features ofthe game:• The game offers you a fantastic 2D environment to play• There arecircles also present in the game with bricks. Each timeyou pick acircle it will add a new white ball to the alreadypresent whiteballs so that you can demolish more and more bricksin just one hit• You can continue to play the game and demolishingthe bricks untilany brick touches the bottom of the game (screen)• The game offersan absolutely awesome music while playing so thatyou can have thefeel of demolishing the bricks and playing thegame One of the mostimportant features the game offers is that thegame is totally freeon Google play Store. You don’t have to pay apenny to download it.So if you think yourself a gamer just acceptour challenge ofplaying the game and make your best scores everyday. We wish youBest of Luck! How to play - Fire the balls in realtime. - Changethe direction to fire the balls with a simple touch.- The ballshits and damages bricks. - When their durability becomezero, bricksare destroyed. - Find the best spot to hit the entirebricks. BricksBreaker Infinity - Classic Game Features: - BricksBreaker Infinity- Classic Game - Easy game controls - bricksbreaker forestbrick -breaker forest - brick breaker stars - brickbreaker ultimate -slide brick breaker - 打砖块 - brick breakershooter - bricks breakertreasure- Tons of stages - Unlimited modes- Mini-game modes - Useballs from the game start! - Various shapesof balls such as stars,triangles, squares, and diamonds - Offlinegameplay: Enjoy the gameeven without WiFi - bricks breaker santa -ballz ultra brick breaker- chain breaker - bricks breakerforestbrick - breaker forest -brick breaker stars - brick breakerultimate - slide brick breaker -打砖块 - bricks breaker treasure -Multiplayer supported - Achievementsand leaderboard supported -Tablet devices supported - vader - ballmaster - neowiz - governorsball - разбейкирпичи - bb tan - smashbrick - swipe brick breaker:the blast - bbtan by 111 - brickbreaker puzzle - ancient ball -brickblast:ball vs brick - breakerball - muro - brick shot - brickswitch - レンガ - 벽돌 - 砖块 - ballzultra brick breaker - кирпич - 벽돌깨기- block breaker puzzle - breakerbricks - brick breaker puzzle -Low-end devices supported
Casse Briques 2018 1.0.4
Caractéristiques:- Mode de scène: se compose de 500 étapes etprenden charge une difficulté étape-par-étape. - Survival Mode:défaitedescendre brique et augmenter le score est resté vivantjusqu'à lafin Jeu:- Multijoueur: Vous pouvez jouer leshommes-à-hommes parligne. - Fournit un physique animé appliqué aumouvementnaturel.Characteristics:- Stage Mode: consists of 500steps andsupports a step-by-step trouble.- Survival mode: defeatdown brickand raise the score remained alive until the endThu:-Multiplayer:You can play man-to-man by line.- Provides a livelyphysics appliedto natural motion.
Swipe Brick Breaker 1.3.11
Nine Games
The champion of time killer! Most addictive! simple and minimalgameplay!. Don't worry about losing ball. Just focus on breaking.Justswipe to shoot the balls. Deal damage to bricks and breakbricks.You can make endless ball chain! Enjoy ingenious turn basedarkanoidstyle game. Download for free. There is no in-apppurchase. You canplay without internet connection. [Features] -Free to play -Endless gameplay - score competition with playersfrom all over theworld [How to play] - Swipe to shoot balls tobreak the bricks. -When ball hits the brick, durability isreduced. When durabilityreduce to 0, brick breaks. - Get the greencircle to increase thenumber of balls. - When the bricks reach thebottom line, game isover. - Challenge to make yout high score!※Make addictiveminimalist game for allages.Homepage:
Brick Ball 2.0.2
Brick Blast
Brick Ball, Arkanoid Brick Breaker Wanna relax your brainandkilling time?Or need a game which is really simple and not sohardto play.Then try this one- Brick Ball: Arkanoid BrickBreakerBrickBall is a brick-breaking game with new addictivegameplay[How toplay ball brick shooter]- Stare and shoot ball tobreak thebricks.- When ball hits the brick, durability is reduced.Whendurability reduce to 0, brick breaks.- Get the green circletoincrease the number of balls.- When the bricks reach thebottomline, game is over.- Challenge to make yout highscore![Features ofSuper Brick Blast Ball]- Free to play arkanoid-Endless gameplaywith ball- Just aim the target bricks and shootthem up.- Best forkilling time.Don't worry about losing ball. Justfocus onbreaking.Just swipe to shoot the brick balls. Deal damageto bricksand break bricks.You can make endless chain ball.Thankfordownloading. Enjoy ingenious turn based brick ball breakerstylegame!
Bricks breaker (Shoot the ball) 1.3.5
Break the bricks much and more at once, you can get higherscore.Challenge hundreds of levels. You can do that. [How to play]-shoot the ball with the aim - the bricks break when the numberofbricks is 0 - the game is over when the bricks touch thefloor[Feature] - easy and simple to play - level mode supported -arcademode supported - 100 balls(one shot)mode supported -multi-playsupported - tablet supported - achievements andleaderboardsupported
Brick Breaker Retro 1.4
"Brick Breaker Retro" is a Retro game. In which the playermustsmash a wall of bricks or blocks by deflecting a bouncing ballwitha paddle. The paddle may move horizontally and is controlledwhenplayer slide on the screen. When all the bricks havebeendestroyed, the player advances to a new level. There are 50levels.In addition that includes many items, bonuses and power-upssuch asmultiball, expand paddle, laser and much more! ★ ★ ★Features ★ ★★- Great graphics and music- Split each ball into threeballs(multiball).- Expand and shrink the paddle.- Reduce andincreasethe speed of the balls.- The paddle shoots two lasers.-Create awall of indestructible blocks at the bottom.- Make thepaddleshoots two lasers.Enjoy "Brick Breaker Retro" now and give usyourfeedbacks to it better.Contack us:
Arkadroid Brick Breaker 1.0
Orange Void
Mobile implementation of the classic game style of breakingbricks.Break all the bricks to advance without dropping the ball.Testyour skills and see how far you can go! Features: - Free - Hitthebricks with the ball to score points - Use power ups thatwillchange the game and help with your goals - More than 30 stagestochoose from! - Challenge yourself in the Arcade mode. Play allthestages in sequence and see if you can defeat the Boss! -Choosebetween two types of controllers - Different difficulties,fromeasy to very hard - New stages will be added frequently -Designedfor tablets and phones App permissions: We do not haveaccess toany of your files or information. It is just a requirementfor Adsto work properly. Help us make a better game. If you findbugs orhave suggestions, please contact us atorangevoidgames@gmail.comMusic by Eric Skiff
Brick Breaker Classic 1.0.9
Brick Breaker Classic is inspired by some of the best classicarcadegames. The goal of the game is to break all the bricks ineach levelwithout dropping the ball into the abyss. Every brickyou destroygives you points. Destroying multiple bricks at a timegrants youbonus points. The more points you get, the more starsyou willreceive at the end of the level. POWERUPS Every time youbreak abrick, you have the chance to get a powerup. There are fivetypes ofpowerups. Shield: This powerup creates a shield underneathyourpaddle which saves one ball from falling down if you miss.Fire:Your ball turns into a fireball which breaks straight throughbrickswithout bouncing back. Laser: With this powerup your paddlestartsshooting laser beams that destroy bricks on collision.Lightning:Bolts of lightning randomly shoot out from your paddledestroyingthe bricks it hits. Multiple balls: Splits the ballwherever it isin the level into three balls. WHY YOU SHOULD PLAY ✓Completely FREE✓ 100 levels and more in the making ✓ 5 powerupsavailable ✓ No adsduring gameplay ✓ No waiting for lives to charge✓ Regular updates ✓Crazy & fun gameplay Play now andremember... Don't drop theball!
Brick Breaker 2018 1.0
Brick Breaker 2018 - Break the bricks, collect powerups and usethemto advance through the many levels in this classic FREE arcadegamefor all ages.Features of Brick Breaker 2018◈ Hundreds ofstages andvarious missions◈ Brick Breaker 2018◈ Two game modes◈ 7ball types◈More than 30 upgrades◈ Various Items to overcome YourStruggles◈Real-time physics◈ No network required◈ Tablet devicesupported◈Achievement & leaderboard supportedWill you be ableto make itthrough all the levels and collect each star, in thischallengingbut rewarding arcade game? Download Brick Breaker 2018now!Have fun!
Ballz Smash
This unique mix between brick breaker and bubble shooter gamesisthe perfect time killer!Ballz Smash is very easy to play butveryhard to reach high scores. It's popular with kids &adultsalike.==============How To Play Solitaire==============Justswipeto shoot the balls and break the bricks. When brick'sdurabilityreduce to 0, brick breaks.Try to break as many bricks aspossiblebefore they move down to the bottom. Get additional ballsand makean endless ball chain! Don't forget the angle is thekeypoint!==============Features==============- Free to play-Endlessgameplay- Can play without internet connection- Challengeyourfriends with the best highscoreHave fun playing Ballz Smash!
Physics Balls 1.12
Physics Balls : Bounce In Loop Machine! HOW TO PLAY? Aim atbreakingall bricks by one shoot: Swipe your finger and throwballs,Make themroll among the bricks. Hit items to make extraballs or double sizeball. Prevent the bricks to reach thecheck-line! Features: ◉Perfect physic ball bouncy engine ◉ Fullyautomatic progress save ◉Endless game mode ◉ Tablet support ◉Global Leaderboards PhysicsBalls is Suit for all age andcompletely FREE to play! Now becomethe master of the Physic Balls!contact us: Website: E-mail:curryvector@gmail.comFacebook:
Bricks Breaker Mission 1.0.43
Break all the bricks to clear the stages. Enjoy theunlimitedgameplay with tons of modes and stages. It is for freeanddownloads it now! [How to play] - Fires the ball with a touch.-Hit the bricks with balls and give damages to the bricks. -Whenthe durability reaches 0, the brick is destroyed. - When thebrickscome down to the bottom of the screen, the game is over.[Features]- Game with 15 horizontal blocks - Easy game controls -Tons ofstages - Unlimited modes - Mini-game modes - Use 50 ballsfrom thegame start! - Various shapes of balls such as stars,triangles,squares, and diamonds - Offline gameplay: Enjoy the gameevenwithout WiFi - Multiplayer supported - Achievements andleaderboardsupported - Tablet devices supported - Low-end devicessupportedHomepage: YouTube:
Brick Breaker 3.1.4
This is a brick-busting game. The bottom of the screen to movethepaddle ball from falling to the bottom of the Is a game inwhichyou need to destroy all the bricks in the map. How to playWhen youtouch the screen, the ball being fired, If you drag thescreen tothe left or right to move the paddle.
Bricks Breaker Puzzle 1.68
Just focus on breaking. Find best position to deal damage tobricksand break bricks. [How to play] - Fire a ball with a touch.-damage the bricks with the ball. - bricks are destroyed whenitsdurability decreased to 0. - Break the bricks and never letthemhit the bottom [Feature] - Free to play - Easy to play -Endlessgame play - 11 cell mode mode supported - Multi-playersupport -Tablet device supported - Low-end device supported -Achievementsand leaderboard supported - score competition withplayers from allover the worldHomepage: YouTube:
Brick Breaker: Super Breakout 2.1
Brick Breaker: Super Breakout begins with eight rows of bricks,witheach two rows a different color. The color order from thebottom upis yellow, green, orange and red. Using a single ball,the playermust knock down as many bricks as possible by using thewalls and/orthe paddle below to ricochet the ball against thebricks andeliminate them. If the player's paddle misses the ball'srebound, heor she will lose a turn. The player has three turns totry to cleartwo screens of bricks. Yellow bricks earn one pointeach, greenbricks earn three points, orange bricks earn fivepoints and thetop-level red bricks score seven points each. Thepaddle shrinks toone-half its size after the ball has brokenthrough the red row andhit the upper wall. Ball speed increases atspecific intervals:after four hits, after twelve hits, and aftermaking contact withthe orange and red rows. Super Breakout is anaddictive free gamewith great graphics and music that includesmany items, bonuses andpower-ups such as multiball, expand paddle,laser and much more! HOWTO PLAY: - Touch the screen to release theball and move the paddle(like Ping Pong game). - You can controlthe trajectory of the ballmaking it bounce on different parts ofthe paddle. - Prevent theball from falling through the bottom ofthe screen and remove allthe bricks to pass to the next level. -Try to get the highestscore! - Press the Back or Menu button onyour phone or tablet topause the game. GAME ITEMS AND BONUSES -Breakout with expand thepaddle. - Brick Buster with shrink thepaddle. - Block Destructionwith Reduce the speed of the balls. -Smash Brick with Increase thespeed of the balls. - Brick BustingGive the player an extra life. -Brick Breaking with Split eachball into three balls (multiball). -Add to the score the number ofpoints inside the item. - Subtract tothe score the number ofpoints inside the item. - Temporarilyobscure the level. -Temporarily make the balls do not bounce whendestroying blocks. -Temporarily create a wall of indestructibleblocks at the bottom. -Temporarily stick the balls to the paddleuntil the player touchesand releases the screen. - Temporarily makethe paddle shoots twolasers. If you enjoy other brick breakinggames Pong you will lovethis cool game!
Block Balls 1.6.3051
MetaFun Games
The unique mix between brick breaker and glow shooter games inBlockBalls.Use your brain to destroy all the cube bricks puzzles.Hold toaim, tap to change the balls direction, release your fingertoshoot, and break all bricks. Get more balls and try hard toscore asheight as you can!Features:• Bright glow graphics• Smoothand nicegameplay• One finger control• Realistic ball physics•Elegantlydesign• No Internet limitBring you to new wonderfulgamingexperience in Block Balls. Let's download and play it forFREE!
Brick Breaker Swipe 1.0.5
VTSky Studio
Brick Breaker Swipe puzzle game is a fun arcade game Addictiveashell you will always need one more shot,This unique bricksbreakerpuzzle game is the perfect time killer!Hold the screen toaim,swipe the ball to the brick and break all the brickseasily!Shootand watch the chain of balls hit, bounce and break thebricks.Thinkstrategically and make the most of the power up.Beatyour highscoreand compare it to your friends.Catch split andbouncing items makeballs more effective.How to play- Fire a ballwith a touch.- damagethe bricks with the ball.- bricks aredestroyed when its durabilitydecreased to 0.- Break the bricks andnever let them hit the bottom
Break Bricks 1.8
Break Bricks is #1 highly anticipated arcade game filledwithendless charm and brilliantly designed levels. With newpower-upssmartly layered onto the classic gameplay, Break Bricks ismorechallenging and engaging. Familiar to play, yet hard tomaster,Break Bricks brings fresh challenges and unanticipatedobstacles tobreakout hunter age players around the world. In thisentrancinggame of skill and spatial awareness, it is your job todestroy allthe bricks. By using the walls and the paddle below, tryyour bestto ricochet the ball against the bricks and knock downthem toextinction. Watch out the challenging bosses (temple shape,dinoshape & etc.) every 30 levels. Game Features: - Two setofconsole quality graphics (classic shores & deadly metal)-Intuitive touch controls with realistic physics - Arcade mode&Endless mode (don't run out of time) - 150+ challenging levelstocomplete
BBTAN by 111% 3.23
BBTAN!!! Swipe to throw balls and break bricks! The angle iskeypoint! This is a simple but addictive arkanoid game. How longcanyou survive on the BBTAN? BBTAN by 111% Game Features: ◆ Unlock55balls. All Unique! ◆ Easy and fun to play. ◆ Challenge score 100.◆Check 111% facebook page, get hidden ball. ◆ Using physicalgameengine. ◆ Colorful UI, Fun sound effects,Attractivecharacter.Share your screenshots online such as Facebook orInstagram. EnjoyBBTAN while you commute, on a date, in the bus orsubway, waitingat the bank and so on. Anytime, anywhere you canplay BBTNA!!"BBTAN is Simple, but Addictive." You can read a reviewof BBTANhere.
Brick Breaker Hero 1.41
The classic brick breaker game with a new twist! Your newArkanoidaddiction!Can you be the villagers' hero and break them outof themonsters' stronghold?Keep up with the bouncing ball anddeflect itwith your paddle in this classic breakout game!From thecreators ofCoin Dozer and Prize Claw 2, Brick Breaker Hero is awhole newArkanoid adventure!Monsters have come to terrorize eachkingdom inthe land, and the villagers need a hero!A hero has come,wielding apowerful shield and armed with magic spells to cast atthe monstersand their brick obstacles. Will the Hero prevail,defeating themonsters and breakout the villagers?Brick Breaker Herois thebreakout Arkanoid game you need to play!Direct the Herothrough theadventure, bouncing the ball off the shield and into thefray ofobstacles. Break and destroy each brick, much likeclassicArkanoid, until you've succeeded each level's mission!Destroyenemy minions, collect treasure, clear levels, and break outthehelpless citizens!- Classic brick breaker Arkanoidbreakoutgameplay with a modern, mobile twist!- Over 200 fun andchallenginglevels with more coming soon!- Many power-up spells yourhero cancast, containing spectacular effects and aiding your questto wineach level!- Unique kingdoms, each with their own theme anduniqueadventure!- Boss and mini-boss fights, each having a newability tochallenge your hero!- Easy to play, difficult to master:Try toachieve 3 stars on each level!- Connect with Facebook friendsandsee who can get the highest scores!- More features to come!
Brick Breaker 1.0
Inkling Arts
Familiar to play, yet hard to master !!!Let's experiencearevolutionary brick breaker game that sets a new standard offunover any other game you’ve ever played! Break your first bricktostart a revolution today!Aim of BrickBreaker is to destroybricksusing a paddle and a ball. During the game, capsules fallfrombricks and provide you with different powers fordestroyingbricks.Game Features:** Free and Fun to play** 100+challenginglevels** 3 different modes of speed** Loads of Power-upstocollect** Engaging music and sound effectsand MUCHMore...Don'tforget to share your views about the game.. for anyfurtherassistance, feel free to contact us us on Facebook : Followus on Twitter :
Balls 3.6.3189
MetaFun Games
Balls is an addictive and amazing ball puzzle collection.Multiplegameplay with balls: Classic mode, Advance mode, OccupyMode,LineUp mode, CatchCup mode etc. Simple one-touch control, easytoplay but hard to get master! A good game to kill time, playwithfamily and friends for fun! Try to get the best score in allballgames as high as you can! A challenge to test your brain andreflexin Balls. Free download to breakout all of ball games.Moregameplay coming soon! Show your ideas and suggestions
Deluxe Brick Breaker 3.3
brick breaker Deluxe is Arcade game with amazing Simple Graphicsandmore than 320 Levels The best brick breaker style BreakoutYourobjective is to break all the colors bricks on each the bestpartof it is the limit of the ball to tap paddle so the gamebecomeharder more and more all you need to do is break bricks verysimpleDestroy all the bricks to pass phase and enjoy Brick Breakeris anaddictive free game with great graphics and music thatincludesmany items, bonuses and power-ups such as Multiball,Fireball,expand paddle,+5 Moves so why you waiting for Download itand play.Features: ★ Excellent Bricks Colors ★ Impressive HDGraphics ★ 320+ Levels Map ★ Beautiful Background Galaxy and BallEffect ★ Nolimit to play such as Heart, play as much as you can! ★Bricksbroken Grey need to break Twice ★ Silver Bricks need to breakThreetimes ★ Gold Bricks need to break Four times ★ FireballforOverride all Bricks How to play Brick Breaker Deluxe : ★ bottomofthe screen has a paddle to move the ball from falling to thebottom★ hit a wall of blocks or bricks by deflecting a bouncingball witha paddle ★ Drag Paddle Left, Right to move and destroy allthebricks in the map. One of the biggest features the game offersisthat the game is super challenging When the moves get 0 orballfall to bottom line you lose. play and use the moves wisdomtoclean the board. simple demolishing the blocks bricks andplayingthe game to enjoy endless exciting to relax Warning: ThisBricksBreaker Deluxe is seriously fun and super galaxy addictive!
Bricks Breaker Plus 5.3
Just focus on breaking. Find best position to deal damage tobricksand break bricks. ★ Features ☞ Free to play ☞ Endlessgameplay ☞score competition with players from all over the world ★How toplay ☞ Swipe to shoot balls to break the bricks. ☞ When ballhitsthe brick, durability is reduced. When durability reduce to0,brick breaks. ☞ Get the green circle to increase the numberofballs. ☞ When the bricks reach the bottom line, game is over.☞Challenge to make your high score! Ads Free Version isAvailable.Download it fromhere: really appreciate your suggestions for future updates. :)★SUPPORT★ In case of any problems with the Bricks BreakerPlus,instead of giving us the negative opinion, please send us ane-mailand review briefly the problem. It will help us to solve itin thenext updates. Email :
Breakout Evolved 1.7
Breakout is a fun and modern approach to the classic brick breaker/arkanoid game. Use the ball to break the bricks, with the helpofmany different power-ups. Play through the 300 levels in themaingame, or build your own breakout levels in the integratedleveleditor. 4 other game modes are also included in breakout,alongwith in-game achievements. The online scoreboard displaysscoresfor breakout players worldwide and there are no annoyinggameinterrupting ads. Main features: - Modern take on theclassicbreakout / brick breaking games - 300 levels - Level editor,createyour own brick breaker levels - Multiple game modes - Arrayofweapons and power-ups - Achievements - Save and load your games-Online scoreboards, see how you compare against otherbreakoutplayers Enjoy breakout!
Brick Classic 1.0
ESx Studio
Brick Classic game is a in most brick games with the shapeseachconsisting of several squares, that are falling down thewell.BrickClassic is greatest and smoothest block puzzle game andIt isclassical game and very interesting with very nice graphicsdesign.
Brick Breaker Special Edition 1.5.0
Let's play brick breaker special game.Brick breaker special isoneof the best games for the Android.There are3levels(easy,normal,hard) and 300stages Have a good time withbrickbreak special version
Anodia: Unique Brick Breaker 3.1.2
Join over 5 millions of players around the world and playthroughover 150 handcrafted and unique levels in Anodia, fun andcreativetake on a classic hit.Whether you're new to brick breakers,or youloved Arkanoid, or maybe lost your heart to Breakout, Anodiaisperfect for You. Even if You have never played brickbreakersbefore Anodia is really easy to play (yet extremely hardtomaster). If You already know the classics, go on a sentimental,yetfresh, fun and unique journey to break variety of blocks:lanterns,light bulbs, ghosts, flowers, pumpkins and much, muchmore! AndIt's FREE so You don't risk anything.# MAIN FEATURES #-brickbreaker genre reinvented- beautiful high resolutiongraphics-fast-paced addictive gameplay- easy to pick up and play-bounceball and destroy blocks in over 150 handcrafted and uniquelevels-master over 20 power-ups and power-downs- gravity fieldfeaturethat will help you destroy that last remaining blocks-unlockequipment, including additional balls and paddles- competewithyour friends on leaderboards - unlock over 30 achievements-destroyblocks in campaign and quick play modes- Trevor, lovelypaddle thatwill react to everything you do, available as anoptionalequipment- superb realtime physics- retro felling that willremindyou of classic hits- touch and tilt controls- available forfree,no in-game purchases required- feels like an old arcadeclassic ina new beautiful version- variety of in-game content, iteven has arainbow in it!# USER REVIEWS #"Hands down one of the bestmobilegames around, and best Brick Breaker game there is. What ismostunique about this app is the balls' collisions, theflawlessphysics, the smoothness of game play, and the way thatpower-ups"stack." Truly amazing.""Great game! I love this game thelevelsare all different so you can't wait to see what's next.""Thebestgame of this type I've played on any platform. Been looking foragood Arkanoid clone on android for a long time. This blowsArkanoidaway!""This is by far one of the coolest, fun brick games ihaveever played...its kinda hard to put down. Controls are cleanandthe graphics and sounds rock. Thank yall for a higher standardingames."
Bricks Breaker : Puzzle Game 1.1
This Bricks breaker puzzle game, bounce brick breaker, brickbraker,classic brickbreaker, awesomemusic player, onemore bounce,crushybricks, brik breaks, briks ball, bricker breaker, brixkbreaker,breek breaker, brick breakers, crushy bricks, briksbreaker puzzleis a fun arcade game Addictive as hell you willalways need one moreshot,This unique bricks breaker puzzle game isthe perfect timekiller! Enjoy it- Take your time to aim- Shoot anddestroy thebricks - Think strategically and earn more coins todestroy morebricks- Beat your friends and compare highscores ofthe bricksbreaker puzzle game.HOW TO PLAY SWIPE BRICK BREAKER:Choose adirection , release to shoot all the bricks, and reducetheirdurability to 0, Strike the white circle bricks breaker coinsto getthe more balls. Break and destroy all the bricks. When abricktouches the bottom line, you lose.Brick Breaker ClassicGame:Perfectgame for relaxing, enjoying the free time+ One handedand One fingercontrols+ No wifi or internet required+ Very simpleand addictivegameplay+ One finger drag controls+ Free to play+Endless gameplay+Simple swipe control+ Challenge your friends withthe besthighscore+Tablet device supported+ Low-end devicesupportedswipebrickbreaker the ball with a simple touch controland destroy thebricks with the ball the bricks are destroyed whenits durabilitydecreased to 0. Earn moir coin to have more shootballs and breakthe bricks and never let them hit the bottom, ElseGAME OVER!
Brick Breaker Retro: ArkaBall 1.5
Brick Breaker Retro: ArkaBallAre you ready to the best brickbreakerever?Shoot balls to break blocks clean the board frombricks and tryto reach 3 stars andarkaBall designed with over 250levels in Retromap for maximum user experienceArcade bricksbreaker is style oldbreakout with amazing graphics of Retro andmany levelsdesigned.Brick Breaker Retro is an addictive free gamewith greatRetro graphics and musicYour goal is to destroy all ofthe bricksvery easy & simple all you need to do is brickbreaker but wehave new amazing feature you have limit paddle cantouch the ball soif the limit gets to 0 you lose.features:★Excellent Bricks Colors★Impressive HD Retro Graphics★ 250 + LevelsMap★ Beautiful ArcadeBackground and Ball Effect★ Bricks brokenGrey need to break Twice★Silver Bricks need to break Three times★Gold Bricks need to breakFour times★ Fireball for Override allBricks★Easy and fun to play,challenging to masterHow to play BrickBreaker Retro: ArkaBall-Bottom of the screen has paddle help youto move the ball fromfalling to the bottom- Drag Paddle Left,Right to move and smash forclean and destroy all the bricks andbreak them in themap.Warning:This Bricks Breaker Retro isseriously fun and superaddictive!if you like games style oldBreakout, Arkanoid, bricksbreaker, brick breaker, break bricks youwill love this game!Help usto improve the game by review/rate us★★★★★ it won’t take more thana minute Thanks for your support!
Balls vs Blocks : Bricks Breaker Throw 2.2
Balls vs Blocks : Bricks Breaker Throw Just Select adirection,throw to shoot all the bricks, and reduce theirdurability tozero(0), Strike the white circle bricks breaker coinsto get themore balls. Break & destroy all the bricks. When abricktouches the bottom line, you lose. + Shoot and destroy thebricks.+ Take your time to aim. + Beat your friends and comparehighscoresof the bricks breaker puzzle game. + Think strategically& earnmore coins to destroy more bricks. The ball with aDirective touchcontrol & destroy the brick with the ball thebricks aredestroyed when its durability decreased to zero(0) inswipebrickbreaker. Earn moir coin to have more shoot balls andbreak thebricks & never let them hit the bottom, Else. freebrickbreaker GAME OVER! How To Play ? Brick Breaker Classic Game,SwipeBrick Breaker, Bricks Breaker - Quest Game: * No wifi orinternetrequired. * Simple & addictive gameplay. * Perfect gameforrelaxing, enjoying the free time. * One finger drag controls. *Onehanded and One finger controls. * Free to play. * Simpleswipecontrol. * Challenge to your friends with the highscore. *Endlessgameplay. * Tablet device also supported. * Low-end devicealsosupported. This onemore bounce, crushy bricks, awesomemusicplayer,brik breaks, brixk breaker, breek breaker, briks ball,brickerbreaker, brick breakers, crushy bricks, briks breakerpuzzle,Bricks breaker puzzle game, bounce brick breaker, brickbraker,classic brickbreaker is a fun arcade game Addictive as hellyouwill always need one more shot,This unique bricks breakerpuzzlegame is the perfect time killer! Enjoy it!
Mobile Brick Breaker: Smash King (Retro Games) 1.0.5
The Best Mobile Brick Breaker, Balls Shooting Game! [Smash King:TheBest Mobile Brick Breaker(Retro style game)] Do you rememberretroarcade game or oldschool game? Brick Breaker game is thechampion ofthe arcade game. So we tried to develop the best mobilebrickbreaker. Smash King: Brick Breaker Classic, it reminds you toplayclassic brick breaker game. [How to Play] • Super easy toplay!Everyone can enjoy! • Swipe your fingers to shoot the ballsandbreak the bricks! That’s it! • Various types of bricks willbeincreased after each turn you shoot the balls. • Getadditionalballs and power ball! It makes you to smash the brickseasy andquickly. • Try to smash one more brick until it reaches thebottomof the screen and get high scores! • Compete for high scoresofyour friends. [Features] • THE BEST MOBILE BALL GAME TO PASS TIME•KILLING TIME GAME • SWIPE TO SHOOT BALLS TO SMASH THE BLOCKS•BRAIN TRAINING BLOCK BREAKING GAME FOR KIDS • 8-Bit GRAPHICANDSOUND(RETRO STYLE GAME) • INCREDIBLY FUN, SIMPLE AND ADDICTIVE •NOTIME LIMIT • NO LIFE LIMIT • NO WIFI? NO PROBLEM • FREE TO PLAYFORLIFE ------------------------------- • • •INSTAGRAM[Please note] -This game isfree to play, but you can choose to payreal money for some extraitems, which will charge your account. Youcan disable in-apppurchasing by adjusting your device settings.-Please buycarefully. -If you have a problem with this game, pleasecontact usat:
One More Brick 1.8.6
Rifter Games
Simple yet incredibly addictive game, the perfect time killer!Takeyour time to aim. Shoot and watch the chain of balls hit,bounceand destroy the bricks. Think strategically and make the mostofthe power-ups. Beat your highscore and compare it to yourfriends.Features: ★ Relaxed gameplay, perfect time killer. ★ Low onspace?You won't believe it, the size of the game is less than 10MB!★Ideal for playing one handed. One-thumb controls. ★ Unlocknewballs with special skills! ★ Customize your own ball in theBallsEditor! ★ No wifi or internet? Don't worry, you can playoffline! ★Google Play Achievements and Leaderboards