Top 14 Games Similar to Flappy Bee

Flappy Bee 1.0.01
Flap the bee's wings to fly... to freedom.HOW TO PLAY:--Fly by tapping to flap the bee's wings like flappy bird.--Avoid the tree stumps.--Try to get the highest score you can and collect all 6medals.
Flappy Bee 1.1
ts Software
Fly your way through the oncoming columns. Get as far asyoucan.This is easier to master than similar games.
Honey Bee
Help this little bee to collect honey in the meadow!Avoidspiders.And no, this is not "an another flappy bird clone".It'smore likely to be an another flappy bee clone :) Anyway - goodluckwith these spiders, they are catching you!
Little Flying Bee 1.0.0
it's a very simple flying bee game, but it's also a very hardgame.Do you want to challenge it ?
Flappy Bee Survival 1.0
Help the Flappy Bee to begin the adventure! Help Bee flap theirfinsand get as far as possible. Tap the screen to flap your fish’sfinsand try to avoid obstacles. it’s simple and very addictive,the mainpurpose of the game is to fly bee and have fun. Start yourquest topass the obstacles, every obstacle you pass earns you withonepoint, set your record, if you die, play again, and improveyourscore. Share us on Facebook, send us feedback so we canimprove andupdate our games properly. Play FLAPPY BEE SURVIVAL,and have fun,don’t forget to tell us about your gameexperience.HOW TO PLAY: •Fly by tapping to flap the bee wings. •Avoid the column.• Try toget the highest score.FEATURES: • HDGraphics• Wonderful Sound•Smooth Control• 100% free game with allfeatures
Angry Bee! Flapping Mad! 3
Monster Logix
Tap & flap your way to victory. Bounce on enemies. Rest ontheplatform. Break the boxes. Flap left to right based on whichsideyou tap your finger. Get a high score in this action packedtimewaster!
Buzzy Bee 2.0.0
Rave Games
Miss Flappy Bird? Try this out!, Buzzy Bee isagame made by an avid fan of Flappy Bird! It's still in veryearlystages of development so criticism is welcomed as long asitshelpful!Highly Addictive Game play--- Update 2/15/2014 ---* Updated the games centering and such for images shownonscreen* Nudged the Honey Combs slightly away from each other in ordertocater to a wider audience than just the Avid Gamer, Moretowardscasual gamers.--- Update 2/16/2014 ---* Updated the ground texture and made it scroll to the leftofthe screen to make it look better.* Successfully made the game generate random obstacles to make forabetter challenge, also nudged the honey combs away from eachotheras well as update the honey combs texture.--- Update 2/19/2014 ---* Overhauled the games graphics and tweaked the amount thatthebird goes up when tapping the screen.* Game Over screen has been redone to something much better andfitsin with the game!--- Update 2/22/2014 ---* Added a best score display at the Game Over screen, nowyouguys can see what the highest you've ever gotten is!--- Update 2/25/2014 ---* Updated the menus to something I found more suiting andaddedmedals that you can obtain by completing either 10, 20, or30pillars.--- End of Updates ------ Plans ---* Plan to Add scoreboards, If I can ever figure it out.* Plan to add a best score under your score on Game Over screensoyou can see what the highest you've ever gotten is, once Ifigureit out. - ADDED!--- End Plans ---
ZEG 1.0
Jump! Jump across 4 dangerous misticworldsfullof enemies.Find the magic boots to jump high in the air!Just TAP the screen and make up to two jumps beforetouchingtheground again.Pick up pink crystals to unlock your favouriteharacter:smile,frog, bird, cat, skull, rabbit, hat, hotdog, donat,burger,cube,flower and many others.→ Wait for the right moment→ Then tap on the screen to jump→ Don't fall off the cubes
Gnat Splat - Fly Squasher 1.1.1
TJD Software
When you're sick of Flappy Bird andalltheclones, give this game a go. Squish and swat flies likeyouneverhave beforeGnat Splat is a new and colourful way to swat and squashflapyflies.Squash as many as you can by simply tapping the screenbutwatch outfor the flapy bees, they sting and cost you alife.Tapping a "LifeBubble" will add a life and allow you tocontinue.Tapping a scoremultiplier will increase the points thateachsquish gives you.If you have Facebook and/or Twitter remember to Share andTweetasyou will have the chance to unlock a Frog to helpsquashflapyflies and a Spider Web to catch the flapy flies. Watchoutthoughas the bees can kill the frog and destroy the SpiderWeb.The game play is easy to learn and fun for people of allages.Allyou have to do is keep tapping the flies as they flytheirflapywings across the screen.The new Frenzy Mode is a high paced game mode where youmustsquashas many flapy flies as you can in 30 seconds.GNAT SPLAT FEATURES:- No In-App Purchases (Safe for Kids)- Easy game play- Fun for all ages- Classic Mode (Play until you run out of lives)- Frenzy Mode (Squash and swat as many as you can in 30seconds,Nolives, No bees)- Special exclusive unlocks for social networks. A frogforFacebookand a spider web for Twitter users.- Ad Free- Squish like you've never squished before- No Flapppy Birds or Flappyy BeesFUTURE PLANS- Fix a few minor bugs- Add a Global Leaderboard for Frenzy Mode- Add new creatures/bugs to squish (Like actual insect likebugs,notgame bugs)
Jumping Fish 1.15
Jumping Fish is now available! To play this Jumping Fish gameyoujust need to Navigate the little fish with tapping your fingeronthe screen and avoid the obstacles.Our Jumping Fish is justlikeNemo, a fish that wants to return home with his family andfriendsbut has a long way in front of him, full of obstacles, fullofenemies. To achieve your goal you need to jump and run,escapingall the dangers. Jump like a bird!This is not a fishinggame,although if you love these sea animals you will enjoy it. Thisis astrategy, action and arcade game at the same time, andit'scompletely free. Designed for all the family, both kids andadults.It's a lot of fun for everyone. If you like mobile games,thisJumping Fish game is for you.Use your rythm to tap ourJumpingFlappy Fish between the pipes! You don't want to be a bird,or abee, or a cat anymore. This Jumping Fish game is great. Makethebest score and write your name in the Hall of Fame!
Flappy Bee 1.0
Flappy Bee is the simple and funny game. Move forwardbetweenobstacles with your sweety bee and show your high score toyourfriends.It is enought that to tap screen to play.Could you do anewhighscore?
Flappy Bee 2
The game which has been loved all over the world finally we creatitin new version game as a Bee!The Flappy Bee has beautifulgraphicsand different barriers and obstacles found it front ofyou.This gamewill make you hungry !bcs the more you are playingyou can not spotit's lead you to become addictedThis playing itsthe most well-known World's wich means its bacome universal try toghathingpoints, get rewards, beat your highscore, and share itwith yourfriends!Unlock Achievements, or submit your highscore totheLeaderboard![How to play]> Tap to To help your Bee tofly.>Avoid the barriers.> Try to get at least 4 medals:Bronze,Silver, Gold (hard), Platinum (very hard).>Share yourbest scoreover social media and compete your friends.Ihope toenjoy whith itand TO ENTERTAIN if ther is any comment or additiontry to share itwhith us
Crafty Bird 1.0
Up for a challenge? See how far you can fly though this blockyworldwithout hitting one!All you need to do is tap the screen,flythrough the pipes, and beat your highscore.Try it yourself!
Monko Flappo - Monkey Riders 1.1.4
NOTICE: We use "Monko Flappo - FlappyMonkeyRiders" as the name of iOS version on App Store.No tricks, pure skills!Earn coin via pass through obstacles, reach 100 points toearngemsHighlights:====================================• Take flights with the character you like! pick up your vehicleflyinto the world you desire!• HD tablet supported• Quick play via one button randomize game settings• 2 difficulties awaiting for you to challenge:Normal,Advanced• Gain coins by earn points, buy equipments, try somefuncombinations• Compete with your families & friends bylocalleaderboards• Count down buffer while you resume from pause game• Game Center / Game Service support• Social share supportWhat are PLUS Version Offers:====================================## 8 themes,10 chracters, 40+ equipments available!## 4 difficulties: Normal, Advanced, Extreme, Impossible!## Start with triple coins and gems!## Get double coins and gems via daily reward!Fun Trailer: us if you like “Monko Flappo", the more good ratings,themore contents we will add!More games on: news from us on:Facebook: on Twitter: @MarugemonHave fun!!Marugemon Team