Top 1 Games Similar to Girls Generation Puzzle (SNSD)

Shapes Mosaic Puzzle for Kids 1.1
This game will swipe your little kids offtheirfeet - you're looking at hours of educational fun for yourchildren,both toddlers and preschoolers. This tangram puzzle gameis a wittylearning aid, as it helps your kids develop their visualmemory,logic, concentration, cognitive and fine motor skills.Speciallydesigned to be appropriate for children with disabilitiessuch asautism, these mosaic jigsaw puzzles will help your kidslearn aboutshape & color diversity and recognition.How to Play:This game has 88 boards with actual objects drawn and notjustabstract design. The design is made from a combination of 9piecesof 12 different colors. The objective is to place the piecewiththe right color and shape at the right position on the grid-select the color, then select the right piece and then touchthegrid where you want to place it. It also has a help forsmallerkids to get started - this makes the pieces which arewronglyplaced, blink and so you can select the eraser and deletethem -this also shows the right color and shape of the pieces onthe gridas a border and so its easier to know what to putwhere.Features:• Simple & intuitive child-friendly interface.• Easy touch & place game play into the gridplatform(14x12).• 15 different languages of object name text andpronunciation(English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian,Korean,Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Japanese, Ukrainian,Polish& Dutch)• 88 fascinating puzzles for boys and girls - familiarizingthemwith basic object names.• Different complexity levels that depend on number ofpieces,shapes and colour diversity.• 3 Shapes, 9 different pieces, 12 different colors.• Help option - helps the beginners or younger kids play withnostress - shows them which pieces are wrongly placed.• Wrong puzzle placement attempt notifications by blinking ofthecolor.• Eraser, helps your kid remove misplaced puzzles withnohassle.• Sweet background melodies which you can turn on/off.• Encouragement with happy smiley face after each correctlysolvedpuzzle.• Universal app (for both phones and tablets).Privacy Disclosure:As parents ourselves, iAbuzz takes children's wellness andprivacyvery seriously. Our app:• Does not contain links to social networks• Does not contain any advertising• Does not collect personal dataFeedback Please:If you have any feedback and suggestions on how we couldfurtherimprove the design and interaction of our apps and games,pleasevisit our website or leave us a [email protected] We wouldbeglad to hear from you as we are committed to update all of ourappsand games on a regular basis with new features and also want togetsome ideas for future app development.