Top 49 Games Similar to Space Dinosaur: Can You Do It?

Jurassic Dinosaur: City rampage 2.3
Dino Go
Welcome to Jurassic : Dinosaur city rampageYou will play asT-Rexwho will destroy all city in the world. Even the strongestarmycan't stop you.The Jurassic Period is reminded by cooldinosaurs:Velociraptor, Triceratops, Dimorphodon, Pteranodon,Ankylosaurus,Stegosaurus.You yourself will destroy popular citiesall around theworld such as New York, London, Tokyo. Let's breakobstruction, eatcitizens, kill policemen, destroy buildings, tanks,airplanes.Nothing can prevent you, in addition, you can callanother teammatedinosaur to help when in difficult.You can controlthe dinosaurmove around, jump, climb up and down the buildings andrampage veryfreely. No cars or citizen can escape your wildjaw.Many things foryou to discover:- Many cities to rampage, manybuildings to break.-Upgrade dinosaur's strengthen.- Play as manydinosaurs- Buy somedinosaurs that can support you.- Collect items,diamond bydestroying the buildings.- Destroy army.And many otherattractivethings for your experience. Let rampage all the cities
Hunt or be hunted! Embark on the dinosaur hunting expedition ofalifetime to kill the ultimate game in Dino Hunter:DeadlyShores.HUNT DINOSAURSJourney to a hidden, untouched Jurassicislandand kill the most ferocious animals in history. EncounterJurassicbeasts long thought extinct, from the docile stegosaurus totheterrifying T. rex.VISIT EXOTIC Jurassic LOCATIONSKill dinosaursinlush and dangerous Jurassic environments like theshipwreck-strewncoast, overgrown jungle and dinosaur boneyard!EQUIPPOWERFULWEAPONSLoad up on firepower with destructive weapons liketherocket launcher and shuriken crossbow. You’ll need apowerfularsenal and an expert shooter strategy to killthesedinosaurs!MASTER A UNIQUE SHOOTER CHALLENGE SERIESProgressthroughvaried shooter series to win rifles, shotguns and assaultrifles.Make your kills and complete them all for evengreaterrewards!EXPERIENCE AMAZING GRAPHICSDynamic shadows, hi-restexturesand realistic Jurassic models all combine to make this oneof themost beautiful dinosaur shooter games on yourmobiledevice!High-end, immersive tablet gameplay!“It’s as if GluMobilewas listening in on my mind as I imagined how good DeerHunter 2014would be with dinosaurs.” – Kotaku “… I am totally,absolutely,100% completely behind blasting dinosaurs with gunsuntil theyexplode, and happily that's exactly what Dino Hunter:Deadly Shoreswill let you do.” – AppSpy “Dino Hunter: Deadly Shoresdishes uptons of behemoth-shooting action. It’s an easy game toenjoy.” –Gamezebo “Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores is a solid shooter.Thedinosaurs in the game are very well detailed and the gameallowsyou to jump right in…” – ModojoPLEASE NOTE:- This game isfree toplay, but you can choose to pay real money for some extraitems,which will charge your Google account. You can disablein-apppurchasing by adjusting your device settings.-This game isnotintended for children.- Please buy carefully.- Advertisingappearsin this game.- This game may permit users to interact withoneanother (e.g., chat rooms, player to player chat,messaging)depending on the availability of these features. Linkingto socialnetworking sites are not intended for persons in violationof theapplicable rules of such social networking sites.- Anetworkconnection is required to play.- For information about howGlucollects and uses your data, please read our privacy If you have a problem with this game,pleaseuse the game’s “Help” feature. FOLLOW [email protected]/glumobile
Sniper Hunter Championship : Dinosaur Shooting 2.1.1
Dinosaur is a crazy dangerous and wild animal you can survive intheera of dinosaur apocalypse only if you can survive in wild.Becomehunting champion and win the war against dinosaur andmonsters.These are the last days of survival apocalypse on earth.Snipershooters are most deadly in an incredible and huge forest,whereyour mission is to stay alive and kill as many dinosaur asyou can.Dinosaur era has come. Dinosaurs among us. Sniper HunterChampion:Dinosaur Shooting is a Dinosaur game. These reptiles andtheiranimations are as real. Become an ultimate heroic dinosaurhunter,strike the dinosaurs, catch your prey! This is a warbetweendinosaur and the survival humans. Hunt and look atthephoto-realistic dinosaurs, from small to giant, from herbivorestocarnivores, in this fabulous simulation. This outstandinghigh-endshooting game of hunting in the jungle gives you thewonderfulopportunity to explore and dive into the impressive superdinoadventure. The game scene has a great dinosaur land in thewoodsfar from city Kill more dinosaur and win the championship.Bywinning the championship you can become a superhero of humankind.Once a champion always will be champion. Make sure to becarefulbecause they are the wild animals too and they fight backand enjoyfree dinosaur game. Enjoy the strange game and experiencethewildness of this free game. The survival guide is simple: hitandsmash these horror villain lizards. In this dino world quest inthetropical forest your mission is to destroy a certain amountofhunting on you prehistoric predators at every level. Ifyou'llsurvive in a fight thanks to your battle skills of theassassin,then for each completed level you'll get a new morepowerful gun inyour weaponry. In this hunter age, craft your way tothe fullweapons arsenal to have a choice of weapons and to increaseyourchances of survival. with many dino species, each has aspecificroar sound. Carnivorous: dinosaur king Tyrannosaurus (T.Rex). Inorder to build a winning Battle Arena team, you’ll need todesignthe most efficient and effective Sniper team, one that willallowyour Snipers to Enjoy Dinosaur game. You can rescue your lifeby aspeed run racing yourself from dinosaurs or attack them inthisdinosaur war. Do not stand still, fire and reload yourweapon'scharge, it isn't a dinosaur puzzle. Move, at this time yourdamagevalue from a clash with the ancient monsters willgraduallydecrease but not the hippopotamus. If you need to takerest afteractive battles on this survival arena, make a break usingpausemode, where you'll be completely invisible. Features: • SmoothGamePlay • Good high quality graphics • Different Sniper Guns
Dinosaurs Hunter Wild Jungle Animals Safari 2.5
Experience the thrill of being an actual Dinosaur Hunter andJeepDriver in the Mountains. Dinosaur Hunting Animals safari isrealthrill game if you shoot and crush Dinosaur with Jeep. The kingofall Dinosaurs as he rules the land in the prehistoric periodandhunts for prey! Enjoy the cinematic cutscenes showcasing thesavagebites, claws and sharp teeth in this Best Huntinggames.DinosaurSafari Hunting game is free, and it is the best gamewith ancientto modern weapons and Jeep driving in the beautiful 3Dreal worldwith a lot of green plants and beautiful environment.Feelrealistic world dinosaur hunter in the best hunting safarigame.Inthe game, there are several dinosaurs noises to make youfeel likereal dinosaur hunting. There are more than multiple typesofdinosaurs for hunting with numerous high-quality weapons. Youhavedifferent kind of quality weapons to use in this besthuntinggames. Feel free to use those quality weapons.The dinosaurmightsense your presence in the jungle so, take your best shot tobecomethe best huntsmen of the wild jungle. In this dinosaurhuntinggame, your main aim is to hunt down the dino as the bestjunglesnipe of 2018 but also watch out the predators as they areroamingfreely in the forest! Kill them all if needed. So, inthisadventure free game kill and apply best shots towardsthedinosaurs.Don’t hold back when dinosaurs move towards hereandthere. The situation calls you to grip your launcher tightly,takea perfect aim, test your sniper shooting skills an ideal realdinohunting expert and don’t let dinosaurs to escape. Experiencegrandsniper is shooting in the real jungle wilderness environmentas areal dino hero and win this dinosaur hunting challenge.You canusemany other ways to kill all the dinos, in the best dinosaurhuntinggame experience grenade throwing, archery shooting and intheancient mode you can kill dino with sword, shield, and bow inthisdinosaur hunter free game. Be careful, because in thisanimalssafari adventure with a mix of action and danger not onlyyou'rehunting in the forest, but also you're being hunted. It's notadino park; it's dangerous and breathtaking terrain and alushnatural environment in the tropics.If you love playinganimalshooting and dino hunting games, then dinosaur hunter free isforyou as it gives you a chance of dino hunting and huntingwildcreatures in a grand exotic forest environment and will letyoubecome the dinosaur hunting pro hero of 2018. Your trust inassaultrifle skills will come handy while your hunt. If you’relooking forbest dinosaur hunting game having cool graphics,engaging soundseffect, and awesome environment, the best dinohunting ground anddriving the red jeep and crush dinos, then thedinosaur hunter freeanimals safari game is perfect for you.Whileplaying this game, youneed to consider some things. Keep in minddinosaurs are dangersand attack you. You have to kill them as soonas possible beforethey target you. As these dinos are dangerous andmay be they willnot kill with one bullet because of their big size.You need to usemuch shot at a time. If you are a real dinosaurhunter, then goahead to pick assault rifle of your choice and starthunting. Youwould like to play this game no matter if you playedmany otherbest hunting games.Game Features:• The actual thrill ofdinosaurschases and deadly dino attack.• Amazing graphics andgreatenvironment.• Multiple thrilling levels with a differentnumber ofdinosaurs.• Amazing gameplay with tremendous attackinganimations.•Choose Dinosaur of your choice for hunting frommultiple dinosaursgame.• Easy and Smooth First person shooter gunsincluded.Downloadand play the best dinosaur hunting free game of2018.
Dinosaurs Hunter Jungle Animals Sniper Safari 1.7
Experience the thrill of being an actual Dinosaur Hunter andJeepDriver in the Mountains.Dinosaur hunting is real thrill and funifyou shoot and crush dino with Jeep. Dinosaurs like brontosaurushadruled the land in the prehistoric period thousandyearsbefore.Dinosaur Hunting Free is best game with ancient tomodernweapons and Jeep Driving in beautiful 3D real world withgreenplants.Feel Realistic world dinosaur hunter in thisdinosaursgames. In the world of dinosaur hunting gamers you canhuntdinosaurs of you own choice in safari mountains and Africadesert.Thousand years ago in world dinosaur hunting or shooting wasamajor problem in human history. In world of dinosaur shootingorhunting games this beautifully designed dinosaur huntingorshooting game.There are different dinosaurs noises in this gametomake you feel real dinosaur hunting. there are more thanmultipletypes of dinosaurs for hunting with multiple highqualityweapons.The dinosaurs might sense your presence so take yourbestshot to become the best huntsman of wild jungle! Your mainmissionin this dinosaur hunting adventure free game is to hunt downthedino as the best jungle sniper of 2018 but watch out forattackingpredators as they are roaming freely in the forest! Killthem allif needed. So don’t hold back, grip your Launcher tightly,take aperfect aim, test your sniper shooter skills as a real dinohuntingexpert and don't let them escape. Experience grand snipershootingin the real jungle wilderness environment as a real heroand winthis hunting challenge.Experience Grenade throwing,Archeryshooting and in ancient mode you can kill dino with sword,shieldand bow in this dinosaur hunter free game.If you loveplayinganimal shooting and dino hunting games then dinosaur hunterfree isfor you as it gives you a chance of dino hunting and huntingwildcreatures in grand exotic forest environment and will letyoubecome the dinosaur hunting pro hero of 2018. Your trust onassaultrifle skills will come handy while your hunt. DinosaurHunter Freegives you an amazing experience with real 3D graphics,engagingsound effect, the best dino hunting ground and driving redjeep andcrushing dinos.Keep in the mind dinosaurs are dangerous andattackyou and you have to kill them as soon as possible may be theywillnot be killed with one bullet because of their big size.if youarea real hunter they go and pick assault rifle of you choiceandstart hunting.Game Features:• Actual thrill of dino chasesanddeadly dino attack• Amazing graphics and prehistoricenvironments •Multiple thrilling levels with different number ofdinosaurs.•Awesome game play with attacking animations.• ChooseDinosaur ofyour choice for hunting from multiple dinosaurs.• Easyand SmoothFirst person shooter guns included.
Dinosaur Hunter Wild Animals 1.5
You are the survivor hero going to the forest as pre hobby butyouare caught by some dangerous and deadly dinosaurs. It's asurvivalwar between the shores and you are on MOBILE. You have tobe verycareful, because in this awesome adventure with a mix ofaction anddanger not only you are hunting in the forest, but alsoyou arebeing hunted. Enjoy the dinosaur game(dinosaurer spil) inthejungle map of the lost world with a variety of vegetation.Discoverthe dino in a beautiful nature of the age of extinctionlike inmovies or wallpapers, hunt and collect your weapons, and trytomove all levels. Experience the thrill of being an actualDinosaurHunter Get ready to play the(模擬恐龍)game for a super fight 3dgame,play this game free. You'll feel as a real fight in thiswildlyanimal dino hunting 2018 games. You are a hunter or prey inthisexciting simulated dinosaur game wreckage. Your mission inthisdino game is to finish and kill a certain amount of wildlywildanimals at every level in war girls. If you will manage tosurvivein a fight Jurassic areas to your battle skills, theneverycompleted mission for you will get more coins to buy morecoins inthis survival war. Experience the thrill of real dinosaurhunter inthe mountains Everyone knows dinosaurs are wild, deadlyanddangerous animals in this dino hunter deep african forestwarsstory. You are retired from nova army and well familiarwithweapons. In this dino hunting free games, you are only one whoisfamiliar with old and modern weapons as a retired US ArmyOfficer.Remind your modern skills to hit and shoot dinosaur. Theonly oneman is this mission for your town, that's only you. Use auniquehunting accessories with different types of Dino Grab yoursniper,assault, shot gun, pistol whatever you have, wild war inwilddinosaur kill. It's war against deadly dinosaur hunt tosurvive. Ifyou like to play real dinosaur games then you have agreat chanceto play this sniper hunter wreckage action game.Dinosaur fightinggames are liked and played in large number areaacross the world.Dinosaur(최순실) has an extra strange power due toheavy weight. Dinois a wild and bulk animal like bear simulator inthe world found inNorth American countries dinosaur games free.Dinosaur is action,casual adventure game, where you play as acrazy, angry, frenzy andstupid prehistoric dino in city. Your aimis to cause destruction,mess, wreck, demolish, ram, smasheverything interactive and alsoannoy citizens. In your mission yougain points and experience, thefaster you get them the more bonusyou recieve. Town environmentcontains a lot of obstacles such asexplosive cars, pixel fence,barrels, block lawns, streetlights,street hydrants, cube dustbinsand many other. jeux de dinosauresDinosaurier-Spiele डायनासोर खेलमुफ्त simulator dinosaurus динозаврыsimüle dinozor dinosaurshunter بازی دایناسور How to play Game: - 1• Map is available towatch your target and their movement 2 • Rightside buttons are forshoot, zoom, swap and run 3 • Left side buttonfor movement andwhole screen is intended for aiming, 4 • You canfind dinosaur inthe map and chase them to hunt. 5 • Health bar istop left to alertyou. Features of Dinosaur Hunter Wild Animals *Radar is given tofind your prey. * Multiple addictive challengingmissions. *Console quality HD graphics. * No connectivity requiredwhileplaying. * Various type of realistic pack of guns kingkong. *Fullof action and interesting game play. * Awesome 3D graphicsandprehistoric models * Attacking animations of wild animalsHopeyou'll enjoy this crazy and wonderful game for children andadultsas well.
Dinosaur Hunting 1.6
Hunting game in which you can kill different dinosaurs beforetheykill you!
Shoot Mad Diplodcus FPS 1.2
Imba Surv
Kill mad diplodocus jurassic real time 3d scene.Dino seekingrevengeafter people appeared, continue to occupy the land wheredinosaurslived lead to smaller and smaller, now angered them, havebegun tolook for opportunities to retaliate, they now occupied abordertown, people live here, gradually reduced, or even a littledinosaurhave been killed, and now you are the elite sniperappeared, andbeat them you have to complete the task. Otherwise,you might diehere, and here the dead man.Dino is a beast snipergame. the gameprovides different guns for your choice, you can nowchoose asuitable, killing them to complete the task.Gamefeatures:- Hugerealistic 3D scenes- Awesome action packed-Jurassic Park lifelikedinosaurs- Different types of arms, clanattack- Keep your chancesof hunting successDefeat prey, dominate,run, win the battle, winthe war! Is a killer!
Deadly Dino Hunter: Shooting 1.11
Deadly Dino Hunter Shores. Shooting game for free. Ahuntingsimulation game for boys! Hunt or be hunted! Carnivores DinoWorldin 3D! Shoot, use a bow, machine gun, and sniper rifle to takedownthe T-Rex or other beasts! Let’s hunt! Jurassic T-Rex is here!Takea journey to a hidden jurassic island and kill the mostferociousanimals in history! Equip powerful weapons! Use a crossbowor a bowfor silent kill! Progress through varied shooter series towinrifles, shotguns and assault rifles! 3D dinosaurs, a hugeworld,console quality graphics! Hunting simulator like neverbefore! Gluhunter! Forget about hunting deer or wolves! Dinosaursare the realchallenge for a tough guy like you! Carnivores - thedeadlydinosaur hunter! Experience amazing graphics with hi-restexturesand realistic Jurassic models! The best quality dinosaurshootergames on your mobile devices! Great free game for boys! Auniqueshooter game for free! A casual adventure game, where youhuntangry dinos! Bored with a cat simulator or dog simulatorgames?Don’t want to be a deer hunter anymore? Play ‘Deadly DinoHunter:Shooting game’. The world of hunting is here! Let’s hunt!Jungleand savanna hunting! FEATURES:3D stunning graphicsReal -likedinosaurs modelsHunting simulator experienceMulti weaponshootergame! No WiFi hunting game! UPCOMINGFEATURES:MultiplayerCo-op withfriendsSharing on FB & G+Sniperelite mode! Jurassic adventure- Silent Age modeHunt dinosaurs! Usevariety of weapons! Hunt or behunted!
Dinosaur Hunter Simulator 1.2
Imba Surv
Dinosaur Hunter Simulator is a thrilling 3D game. Explore thehugecity map with your giant 3D Dinosaur.Dinosaurs have been mad,beingwantonly destroyed buildings and harm humans. Hunt and look atthedinosaurs, from small to giant, from herbivores to carnivores,inthis fabulous simulation. This outstanding high-end shootinggamegives you the wonderful opportunity to explore and dive intotheimpressive dinosaur adventure, has a great land of the woodswithday and night versions, full of different dinosaur species. Youarea hunter or prey in this exciting dinosaur hunter game? Playandyou will find out.Your mission is to destroy a certain amountofhunting on you prehistoric predators at every level. If youwillmanage to survive in a fight thanks to your battle skills, thenforeach completed level you will get more coins to buy morepowerfulgun.Pick up guns, hunting dinosaurs, bring peace to thecity.
Jurassic Hopper: Crossy Dinosaur Shooter Game
The ultimate Dinosaur survival gameformobile.▪ Compete with friends for highest online score!▪ Dynamically created levels (never play the samethingtwice!)▪ Challenging scenarios!▪ Destructible environments!▪ Awesome roster of cool characters with unique abilities!▪ Many clever road crossing dinos!▪ Seriously Fun obstacles!▪ Tons of funny characters!▪ Share videos or photos of your best moments!Welcome to the most terrifying endless road crossing game intheworld!Super challenging, but fun for any age!*** Extreme Road Crossing ***This game packs tons of the things you've come to love aboutendlesshoppers but ups the ante x 2! Jurassic Hopper improves uponourother crossy style games with dinosaurs that will hunt you downanda fully destructible tropical park! We guarantee that this isthescariest, most fun, most challenging crossy style game in theworld!Sure there are cars, dirt road, rivers and logs, but nowthrow int-rex, velociraptors, dilophosaurus, triceratops and afullydestructible environment!*** A World of Dinos ***It's the revival of the Jurassic Era. Your find yourself trappedina park turned jungle. The rulers of this jungle are none otherthanthe terrors of the pre-historic age. Run through the electricpenof the Velociraptors! Slice through the jungle avoiding theburningacid spit of the Dilophosaurus! Hop through the park quicklytoavoid the stampeding Triceratops and the herds of Gallimimus!Canyou survive a world overrun by dinosaurs?*** Compete with Friends ***Compete with your friends online for the highest score andprovethat you are the greatest survivor of them all. Check yourscoreregularly and improve your game. Show your friends who therealhero is. Climb to the top of the online Google Play leaderboardandlet them marvel at your greatness. As you level up and improveyourroster of characters you'll become unstoppable!*** Funny Characters ***There are tons of funny characters to unlock! Each one has theirownunique ability. Throw machetes as Bob the Hunter or mow downdinoafter dino with the Mercenary's machine gun. Each time youplay yourcharacter will gain Experience Points moving you fromlevel 1 to 2to 3 and so on. Levelling up will unlock newcharacters with newabilities. Unlock all characters to completeyour survivalteam!This is a super fun, lovingly crafted game. And best of allit'stotally free!Welcome to the world's crossy-est dinosaur survival game!
Super Dragon Flying Robot Vs Wild Dinosaur Games 1.5
Get ready for Super Dragon Flying Robot Vs Wild Dinosaur Gamesinwild animal simulator with robot dinosaur games wherefuturisticrobot warrior fight for city survival and destroy wilddinosaur,flying dragon and futuristic robot enemies in robotshooting games.The mech robot transform into flying dragon anddestroy futuristicrobot and wild dinosaur. The wild dinosaur arewild hunters and areon hunting mission. The wild dinosaurs beastare accompanied withmech robots who are destroying everything inWild Dinosaur Robot VsFlying Dragon: Dinosaur game. The wilddinosaur flying robot superdragon in robot vs flying dragon battlein futuristic robottransforming games is thrilling and this grandbattle of wildanimal games will get more furious with increasinglevels in cityrampage with bigfoot dragon beast and huntingdinosaur games.SuperDragon Flying Robot Vs Wild Dinosaur Games isnew addition in wildanimal simulator games, dinosaur games androbot transforming gameswhere hunting skills will make you masterof dinosaur hunter. Thissuper dragon flying robot is for citysurvival where flying robotwarrior dragon flying high in the skywill spread wings, breathefire and kill all wild dinosaur robotwith fire balls in SuperDragon Flying Robot Vs Wild Dinosaur Games.The real flying robotsuperhero dragon robot hero is ready forbigfoot dragon robotfighting on city street and smash wild dinosaurhunting survivalcity rampage. Resist wild dinosaur attack insurvival city rampagewith special fire fighting power of monsterbeast warrior dragon.Earn the title of super robot warrior dragonby playing this actionsimulator Super Dragon Flying Robot Vs WildDinosaur Games which isbest wild animal games.Feel like a realwarrior in Super DragonFlying Robot Vs Wild Dinosaur Games in thisrobot transform androbot fighting transformation games Take thecontrol of flyingdragon beast that transforms into futuristic roboton survival cityrampage to win this robot shooting game and robotbattle in SuperDragon Flying Robot Vs Wild Dinosaur Games. Win thegrand battle inwild animal games with best hunting skills as masterof dinosaurhunter. The transform robot fights are now very commonin huntingdinosaur city but Super Dragon Flying Robot Vs WildDinosaur Gamesbrings entirely a new episode in wild animal game anddiffers thetraditional battles in all areas of concern of dinosaurshooting.Enjoy free wifi game on your device and become a robotwarriorflying dragon stopping dinosaur attack in wild animalgames.SuperDragon Flying Robot Vs Wild Dinosaur Games is totallynew world ofrobot dinosaur simulator of robot transforming gameswhere flyingdragon robot vs wild dinosaur is furious battle insurvival citywhere you command and control hunting bigfoot dinosaurrobot to bethe champion of this hunting dinosaur battle with thehelp oftransforming robot warrior robot shooting game.Features:•Realistic dinosaur animation.• Feel the heat of infinitesuperherowarrior robot• Powerful animal simulator games• Spreadwings,breathe fire, chase wild dinosaurs• Eradicate futuristicrobot withintense robot shooting• Best HD graphics and engagingsoundeffects• An amazing robot dragon beast simulator• Realhuntingexperience for the hunters• Mind blowing episodes of flyingdragonrobot warrior
Dino Hunting Free 1.0
Safari - Dino Hunter Free the best dinosaur hunting game,explorethis Jurassic rain forest and hunt down the scary dinosaursAll thedinosaurs have spread out in this rain forest! Get your gunsandstart best dinosaur shooting game in this Jurassic huntinggamewith over 20 types of prehistoric dinosaurs, hungry for thepreyand ready to attack you. Gun down the prehistoric targets withheadshots for bigger rewards and massive gun upgrades in thisbestdinosaur shooting game! Remember to watch out for the flyingDinoin best dinosaur shooting game the air by using the CameraView.Dinosaurs like brontosaurus had ruled the land in theprehistoricperiod thousand years before.Dino Hunting Free is bestdinosaurshooting game with ancient to modern weapons and FirstPersonShooter to Third Person Shooter and Jeep Driver in beautifulworldwith green plants.Feel Realistic world dinosaur hunter inthisdinosaurs games. There are different dinosaurs noises inbestdinosaur shooting game to make you feel real dinosaur huntingas.there are more than 20 types of dinosaurs for hunting andwidevariety of bloodthirsty beasts of the ancient era.Ankylosaurus,Apatosaurus, Brontosaurus, Carnotaurus,Parasaurolophus,Spinosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops,Velociraptor, T Rex,Allosaurus, Triceratops, andGiganotosaurus.hunting games dinosaurwith your best dinosaurshooting game is the survival Dinosaurshunter, jungle (rainforestanimals).So don’t hold back, grip yourLauncher tightly, take aperfect aim, test your sniper shooterskills as a real dinosaurshunter expert and don't let them escape.Experience grand snipershooting in the real jungle wildernessenvironment as a real heroand win this hunting challenge in thisbest dinosaur shootinggameExperience Grenade throwing, Archeryshooting, Bow Shooting,Mini-gun Shooting and in ancient mode youcan kill Dino with sword,shield and Bow in this Dino hunting freegame.If you love playinganimal shooting and Dino hunting gamesthen dinosaur hunter free isfor you as it gives you a chance ofDino hunting and hunting wildcreatures in grand exotic forestenvironment and will let you becomethe dinosaur hunting pro heroof 2018. Your trust on assault rifleskills will come handy whileyour hunt. Dinosaur Hunter Free givesyou an amazing experiencewith real graphics, engaging sound effect,the best Dino huntingground and driving red jeep and crushingDino.Welcome to SuperheroDino Hunting Free: frontier free shootingyou have to target themost dangerous carnivore, bloodthirstyspecies ever on the earth.So snipers! Hold your sniper rifle inyour hands be ready forthrilling adventure. Don’t be scared ofthese wild harmful beastsbecause the superhero is here to help youwith these mostdangerous, scary and creepy creatures GameFeatures:• SuperheroHulk and Flash-man, Commando and Good Dino areready to supportyou.• Actual thrill of Dino chases and deadly Dinoattack• Amazinggraphics and prehistoric environments • More than1000 thrillinglevels with different number of dinosaurs.• Awesomegame play withattacking animations.• Choose Dinosaur of your choicefor huntingfrom more than 20 dinosaurs.• Easy and Smooth Firstperson shooterguns and Jeep driving physics included.HOW TOPLAY:Right sidebuttons are for shoot, zoom, swap and runLeft sidebutton are formovement and whole screen is for aiming,In map youcan finddinosaur and chase them to hunt.Press Jeep button and getin Jeepdriving mode.
Dinosaur Hunt :Hunter 2 Bestshot 1.0
Experience the thrill of being an actual Dinosaur HunterSimulatorand Jeep Driver in the Mountains in the world of dinosaurhuntinggames.Dinosaur hunting or Dinosaur Jungle Simulator is realthrilland fun if you shoot and crush dino with Jeep. Dinosaurslikebrontosaurus had ruled the land in the prehistoric periodthousandyears before.Dinosaur Hunting Free 2 is best game withancient tomodern weapons and Jeep Driving in beautiful 3D realworld withgreen plants.Feel Realistic world dinosaurs hunter inthisdinosaurs free hunting games and take bestshot likethehuntsman.Dinosaur hunt and taking bestshot is choice of everyonebehunter 2. There are different dinosaurs noises in this game tomakeyou feel real dinosaur hunting. In dinosaur jungle simulatorthereare more than 20 types of dinosaurs for hunting by more than13high quality weapons.The dinosaurs in dinosaur junglesurvivalmight sense your presence so take your best shot to becomethe besthuntsman of wild jungle! Your main mission in this dinosaurhuntingadventure free game is to hunt down the dino as the bestjunglesniper of 2018 but watch out for attacking predators as theyareroaming freely in the forest! Kill them all if needed.Dinosaurhunt throw animal in this game.So don’t hold back, gripyourLauncher tightly, take a perfect aim, test your snipershooterskills as a real dino hunting expert and don't let themescape.Experience grand sniper shooting in the real junglewildernessenvironment as a real hero and win thishuntingchallenge.Experience Grenade throwing, Archery shooting andinancient mode you can kill dino with sword, shield and bow inthisdinosaur hunter free game.If you love playing animal shootingorthrow animal and dino hunting games then dinosaur hunter freeisfor you as it gives you a chance of dinosaur jungle survivalandhunting wild creatures in grand exotic forest environment andwilllet you become the dinosaur hunting pro hero of 2018. Yourtrust onassault rifle skills will come handy while your hunt.DinosaurHunter Free gives you an amazing experience with real 3Dgraphics,engaging sound effect, the best dino hunting ground anddriving redjeep and crushing dinos.Keep in the mind dinosaurs aredangerousand attack you and you have to kill them as soon aspossible may bethey will not be killed with one bullet because oftheir bigsize.if you are a real hunter they go and pick assaultrifle of youchoice and start hunting.Game Features of Hutner 2Bestshot:•Actual thrill of dino chases and deadly dino attack anddinosaurhunt• Amazing graphics and prehistoric environments • Morethan 100thrilling levels with different number of dinosaurs.•Awesome gameplay with attacking animations.• Choose Dinosaur ofyour choice forhunting from more than 20 dinosaurs and takebestshot.• Easy andSmooth First person shooter guns and Jeepdriving physicsincluded.HOW TO PLAY:Right side buttons are forshoot, zoom, swapand runLeft side button are for movement and wholescreen is foraiming,In map you can find dinosaur and chase them tohunt.PressJeep button and get in Jeep driving mode.
Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter HD 1.8.3
Carnivores series celebrates its 20th anniversary.Carnivores:Dinosaur Hunter is a hunting simulation that iscompletely true tolife and totally breathtaking. You land on adistant planetinhabited by dinosaurs and progress from a shywildlife observer toa stealthy and ruthless T-Rex hunter. Alldinosaurs are in full 3Dcomplete with their terrifying roars! -Select from 7 huge 3Denvironments - Choose time of day (nightvision on!) - Fill thearea with dinosaurs to your liking and skills- Equip withcamouflage, cover scent or radar - Pick a weapon andhunt or take acamera and observe - Store your prey in real-sizetrophy room - Gogreen and use tranquilizer instead of bullets - Tryto beat yourhigh score in Survive Mode - Read tips and tricks foreverydinosaur in ‘Dinopedia’ To anyone who played Carnivores onPC,guaranteed hours of nostalgia! And new hunters will see whattheyhave never seen before. PLEASE NOTE: - This game is free, butforreal money you can buy additional things, the amount forthepurchase of which will be written off from your Google account.Youcan disable purchases in the game in your device's settings. -Thegame is not intended for children. - Please be careful whenmakingpurchases. - The game contains advertising. - You need toconnectto the Internet to play. To find out how TatemGames collectsanduses your data, please read our Privacy Policyat If you have aproblemwith the game, please send your problemto:[email protected] Become a fan of CarnivoresonFacebook: Thank you for playingourgames! Stay in touch for news
Deadly Dinosaur Hunter - Liberal Attack 1.0.3
Zaws Studio
Deadly Dinosaur Hunter - Liberal AttackWelcome to newcarnivoresdinosaur hunter game 2018!Let’s play the best dinosaurhunter gamewith best Dino hunting skills to become best dinosaurhunter of2018. Dino hunter is the best dinosaur hunting game fromall otherhunting games 3D, dinosaur hunter survival games 3D andjungleanimals hunting games 2018. Be an expert Dino hunter anddiscoverthe Jurassic forest and hunt down the scary dinosaurs inthe bestDino hunting games. Get ready for Dino hunt challenge byplayingthis amazing carnivore dinosaur hunter game 2018 and startthemanhunt in the jungle for dinosaur hunting as the dinosaursarespread out in the forest. Get guns and start shooting inthisJurassic dinosaur hunting game with special types ofprehistoricdinosaurs as they hungry for the prey and ready toattack? Playthis carnivore dinosaur hunter game which is thedesigned for thelovers of dinosaur hunting games, Dino hunterchallenge, anddinosaur shooting games 3D. Get ready for the mostwanted carnivoredinosaur manhunt to become the number one Dinohunter of2018.Deadly Dinosaur Hunter - Liberal AttackLet’s embarkon anaction-packed Dino hunting adventure of 2018 with 3Djungleenvironment and wild desert where you as an expert Dinohunter willgo Jurassic forest in the manhunt of Dino hunt and otherjungleanimals. This new dinosaur hunting game is the best Dinohuntinggame of 2018 where the Huntsman shooting and snipingexpertise areto be deeply experienced. So become an expertcarnivores Dinohunter and get ready for dinosaur hunting in theforest and desertwhere you require getting Dino hunting objectivesas a bravehuntsman by playing this new dinosaur game of 2018. TheDino hunterfree game is the new jungle animal hunting game and it’sthe bestDino hunter game from all other carnivore dinosaur shootinggamesand wild hunting adventure game. Enjoy a dangerous Jurassicworldwith real ultra HD graphics by playing best manhunt dinosaurgames.This real Dino hunters game is shootout adventure forshooters wholike T REX dinosaurs and dinosaur hunting games withrealisticJurassic manhunt HD graphics.Deadly Dinosaur Hunter -LiberalAttackThe real Dino hunter a new carnivore Dino hunterJurassicadventure game involves shooting journey to the Jurassicworld andmanhunt the dinosaur in the forest. Hunt wild T REX anddifferentdinosaurs to survive in the dangerous jungle. This realshootingand wild dinosaur hunting adventure will move back totheprehistoric Jurassic world. Load weapons and hunt downthedinosaurs in Jurassic jungle. Become a real Dino hunter andenjoyreal dinosaur hunting game and wild dinosaurs huntingadventure inthe dangerous Jurassic world with carnivore dinosaurshootinggames.Deadly Dinosaur Hunter - Liberal AttackDo you want toplaydinosaur hunting games and want to become carnivore Dinohunter? Ifyes then play this real Dino hunter game which is thebest in allhunting games 2018 and Jurassic animal shooting gamesfree.Experience the thrill of being real dinosaur hunter and Jeepdriverin the jungle. This new dinosaur hunting is a real thrill andfunfor the lovers of Dino hunting games 2018 and carnivoresdinosaursgames. Dinosaur hunting free is the best game with modernweaponsand beautiful 3D environment. The dinosaurs might senseyourexistence so take your best shot to be the best huntsman of2018.The main mission of the dinosaur hunting adventure free gameis tohunt down all the dinosaurs as the best Dino hunter likeJurassicmanhunt for attacking predators as they are moving freelyin thejungle.Key Features of Deadly Dinosaur Hunter -LiberalAttackAmazing HD graphics with realisticshootinganimationsRealistic Jurassic Dino hunting3DenvironmentHigh-quality sounds and SurvivalmissionsAmazingimmersive gameplayA lot of modern weapons
Dino Robot Transformation 2.0
Dinosaurs are extinct even then you can visualize them indinosaurgames but the future is of dino robot transforming games.So getready to enter into the world of futuristic dinosaurs thatwill seta benchmark in dinosaur robot games where dinosaurs are inangerand taking the revenge from the world by destroying all thethings.Police cars are in action to control them but thesedinosaurs withability to transform into robots are out of control.It depends onyour skills in this amazing game where you as adinosaur simulatorready to demolish everything. Just play DINOROBOT TRANSFORMATION,king of dinosaur’s robot games.Game play ofthis game is attractiveand simple. Dino robot transform game hasten levels. Every levelhas different mission and target. You willfight against carenemies and other moto robots rivals. You can getrid of police carrobots by fire. You have to beat them to getaccess on next level.You can hit or kick your rivals and throwaway. The interestingpart of this game is that you can transformrobot into dino anddino into robot anytime then your entertainmentwill be doubled. Inthis robot simulation game we are also givingyou real city driveenvironment.Dino Robot Transformation Features:- Realistictransformation - Different camera view- Thrillingmissions-Stunning sounds- Outstanding HD graphics- Superlative carrobotssimulation game with dino and excellent city environmentIfyou areexcited for futuristic robot fighting and robottransformationgames then you will love futuristic robot battle inthis dinosaur’srobot game.Don't waste your time download DINO ROBOTTRANSFORMATIONand have fun.
Superhero Dinosaur Hunting: Frontier Free Shooting 1.0
Are you a fan of deadly wild dinosaur hunter? If yes then itwouldbe the best, amazing, and thrilling adventure game. WelcometoSuperhero Dinosaur Hunting: frontier free shooting you havetotarget the most dangerous carnivore, bloodthirsty species everonthe earth. So snipers! Hold your sniper rifle in your handsbeready for thrilling adventure. Don’t be scared of thesewildharmful beasts because the superhero is here to help you withthesemost dangerous, scary and creepy creatures Jurassic Jungle(Forest)of Bloodthirsty Carnivore Superhero Dinosaur Hunting:frontier freeshooting the best sniper hunting game, explore thisJurassic forestsuper wild beast and hunt down the scary dinosaurs,deadlycarnivore has spread out in this adventurous game! Get yourguns;start shooting in this Jurassic hunting game with over 15types ofprehistoric bloody species, hungry for the prey ready toattackyou. Gun down the prehistoric targets with headshots forbiggerrewards and massive gun upgrade with the special helpofsuperheroes forces. Survive in the safari wild bloody forestwithsavage dinos. dinosaurs and ammunitions We are introducing awidevariety of bloodthirsty beasts of the ancient era.Ankylosaurus,Apatosaurus, Brontosaurus, Carnotaurus,Parasaurolophus,Spinosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops,Velociraptor, T Rex,Allosaurus, Triceratops, and Giganotosaurus.These are some dinothat you have to kill with a wisely targetsniper shooting with thehelp of superheroes. Target hungry dinosaurwith your best armycommando sniper ammunition hunt is the survivalhunter,professional sniper shooter of safari jungle (forest). Youhave toupgrade your weapons, equip more dangerous weapons to zoomclearlyand target professional rifles.Your main mission in thisdinosaurhunting adventure, a thrilling game for free. Hunt down thedinowith superhero Hulk and Flashman as the best jungle targetsniperof 2018 but watch out for attacking predators as they areroamingfreely in the forest! Kill them all if needed. So don’t holdback,grip your weapons tightly, walk clearly with an eagle eye.They mayattack you so you have to be careful for survive take aperfectaim, test your sniper shooter skills as a real dino huntingexpertdon't let them escape; you have the best superhero ( HulkandFlashman ) of 2018 helping you in this adventurous game.Experiencegrand sniper shooting in the real jungle wildernessenvironment asa real hero and win this hunting challenge. GameFeatures: • Easyand Smooth First person shooter controller.•Amazing graphics andprehistoric safari deadly beast. • The actualthrill of dino chasesdeadly dino, attack shooting.• Many thrillinglevels with adifferent number of dinosaurs shooting.• Awesomegameplay withattacking animations and deadly sounds.• ModernAssault Weapons allof them are free for full shooting adventure.
US Police Ball Robot Transform VS Wild Dino Attack 2.0
Wild dinosaurs are dominant and attacking the city people.Let’stransform into US police transform robot car to start the USpolicetransform robot war in this US police robot game. Be the USpolicerobot car or impossible robot ball to destruct the cityroboticdinosaurs, unseen in wild dino attack games and robotdinosaurfighting games. Being a special US police robot withultimatepowers to transform into US police robot car or devastatingball,restrict them and their wild attack imperceptible in multirobottransformation and robot dinosaur games. Adventure USpolicetransform robot war with wild dinosaurs attacking city. Multirobottransformation including dragon ball and flying police robotcopcar vs wild dinosaurs and robotic dinos will set a bench markforthe freaks of car robot fighting games and dino robottransforminggames. This ball robot game is an electrifyingamalgamation offlying car robot games and dino games with cop carpolice chaseadd-on. Download US POLICE BALL ROBOT TRANSFORM VS WILDDINOATTACK, supreme of robot car games and dinosaur games.Playdinorobot transforming game and transform the gigantic impossiblerobotinto devastating flying police robot cop car or ball toattemptdino attack and kill the dangerous robotic dino &dinosaurs whosuddenly enter in your hometown to destruct anything.This dinosaursimulator includes transformable robot car hilariousrobot battlefor the fans of robot action games and wild dino attackgames. Asthe last hope of humanity, transform monster robot intowar car ormonster ball in this car robot game to protect earth fromroboticdino robot warrior. Perform your duty as US police ballrobot tosmash the dino robot and shoot the dinosaurs in this flyingrobotcar game to fail their killing plan, unseen before in robotgames.In this robot battle game, robot can transform into flyingrobot,fighting dino robot car and gigantic steel ball to win theiron warin the finest of dinosaur games. Enjoy the transformationfromrobot to huge air ball that can destroying the targets withsingleblow to win the transformation battle robot, an amalgam ofdinosaurfighting games and car robot fighting games. US POLICE BALLROBOTTRANSFORM VS WILD DINO ATTACK Features:- Thrilling cityrobotsbattle with wild dinosaurs.- Multi robot transformation intoflyingcop car and robot ball.- Smooth controls fortransformation,shooting and flying.- Challenging missions withprogressivefuturistic robot dino battle.- Stunning HD & 3Dgraphics andrealistic city environment.- Realistic soundeffects.So, people getpleasure with dangerous trails fusion of copcar transformation& combat robot ball to kill the dino robotrivals. Get enteredyourself in the robot battle arena and get sometricks that help touse the traps in your favour, never experiencedbefore in robot cargames and robot dinosaur games. Find your innerepic fighter tomark your victory and Futuristic car transformationrobot war ishere so, Download US POLICE BALL ROBOT TRANSFORM VSWILD DINOATTACK, the best of robot fighting games.
Tiger vs Dinosaur Adventure 3D 1.5
Wild Tiger vs dinosaur adventure is here! Enjoy theastoundingjungle animal simulator with action packed missions ofanimalfighting. Tiger simulator gameplay; fight against thesuperdinosaur and tear down the giant tyrannosaurus. Angry tigerclawstrike can hunt down dangerous wild animals in one strike.WildDino gameplay: do wild tiger hunting with your deadly sharpteeth.Powerful dinosaur can kill the jungle king – Tiger, and rulehiskingdom. Now switch the sides and play as wild lion defendingitskingship from the violent tyrannosaurus Dino. Save jungle lifefromdinosaur war against wild animals and kill them all in thisbrutaljungle chaos.In wild jungle adventure, kill aggressiveanimals andkeep hunting and dinosaurs. The face-off of beasts isawesome.Playing as t-rex dino, your end target is to challenge theclan ofangry tiger and if you are playing the wild tiger rampage,you needto go head to head versus trex dinosaur. War is on fire,defendforestry against dino attack, monstrous spinosaurus twin andtakeback your territory. Enjoy the action packed tiger attacksimulatorgame with jurassic dino hunt missions. Hunt enemy dinosauranddominate the landscape. In wild dinosaur hunting simulator,chasethe tiger in rainforest and kill wildlife super bosses ofAfricanforests. Stay alert and focused the forest tiger revenge ison andit chase & hunt them in super dino adventure game.Control thebeast in its fits of fury and help it survive bychasing,attacking, fighting and eating wildlife safari tiger.Counterattack the wild lion attack and smash the ferocious creatureunderyour heavy feet. Exhibit prehistoric dinosaur power throughfurioustiger killing and hunting. Both the animals are very angryand willnot hold back. It will attack any wild animal that comes initsway. Create strategies for tiger attack dinosaur and how tosurviveagainst dinosaur attack with higher levels than yours inorder tosurvive as jungle tiger survival is the only challenge.Make sureto rest before challenging, fighting and attacking deadlydinosaurcreatures. One Real Dino attack can kick out the jungleking, soplay smartly against the giant dinosaurs and finish it witha sharpclaw attack of angry lion. Tiger vs Dinosaur Adventure3Dfeatures:★ Real Tiger vs Dinosaur Survival Missions★ Angrydinosaurfighting game★ Real wild tiger hunting game★ Control thebeasts anddefend their angry attack★ Gain health by lion vs dinoattackfighting★ Wild animal hunting for jungle survival &dinosaurwar★ Addictive gameplay with a jungle chaos scenario★Realisticgraphics with astounding animationsThe dinosaur vs tiger3D wildadventure game is great for animal simulation gamelovers.Especially wild wild tiger & T-rex dinosaur simulator inthickAfrican forest. If you like the kings of jungle to be inyourcontrol and reek havoc, you are going to love this animal vsanimalfighting challenge simulator.Download now Tiger vsDinosaurAdventure 3D for wild animal simulation game lovers. Thefirstevery Dinosaur vs tiger; wild animal games that you will loveforsure.
Dinosaurs Run Escape 1.1.8
Do you like dinosaur games? Rushing through the dino safariinfestedjungle on safari, you will collect coins that willunlocksuper-human abilities, massive bonuses, and super-coolcharacters.Do you like dinosaur games? This high espirit run actionendlessfun game will have you on the edge of your seat. See howmany coinsyou can collect and just how far you can make it as yourun throughthis Jurassic jungle. This creative 3D mobile game isfun and fullof adventure.Cool effects, blazing extreme runningspeeds, andplenty of power-ups make Dino Safari Rush the endlessrunner tobeat.Safari Rush Features:• Fun 3d game endless runner•Amazingpower-ups and bonuses• Casual gaming with classic Jurassicjungles•Unlock cool and colorful safari running characters• 3Drunningoff-road dinosaur action adventure• A creative mobilegamingexperienceSafari Rush will have you going full-on safari,Jurassicstyle.
Dinosaur Robot 3D 1.1
Dinosaur Robot 3D is very popular among children nowadays.Themostcoolest skill of dino robot is firing weapons, like flamethrower,machine gun and missile laucher.If you also like it, todayin ourbrand new game, you will have the opportunity to assemblethreeexcellent T-rex robots.Firstly, come to assemble the centralbodypart of your mecha.We will show you every part of thedinosaur,youjust need to follow our instructions to install eachpart one byone.After this step, you need to use the same methods toassemblethe legs parts,head parts and tail parts step by step. Atlast, youcan come to fix the weapon parts of the dinosaurrobot.Afterinstallation of the robot transformer, you can show usevery skillof the dinosaur.The dinosaur has some basic skills .Your dino canalso take rapid fire and roaring laserattack!Moreover, it can alsolauching missile to take down enemiesfrom ranger distance.Everyskill of the dinosaur is very cool andgorgeous!# Dinosaur Robot 3DFeatures:- New modern UI- New fightingnotification effects-Fighting with turnbased system- 4 T-rexs tochoose- Assemble thecentral part of your dinosaur - Use the samemethods to fixlegs,heads and tail- Come to install the weaponsparts carefully -Show us the basic skills of the dinosaur - Use thedinosaurusweapon to show us its excellent skill one by one-Fightinground-robin tournament# Enemies dinosaur robotlist:-Parasaurolophus robot fights- Pterosaurus robot fights-Spinosaurusrobot fights- Brachiosaurus robot fights- T-Rex robotfights-Triceratopsrobot fights- Ankylorsaurus robot fights-Theropod robotfights- Parasaurolophus robot fights- Pterosaurusrobot fightsWhatdo you waiting for? Download Dinosaur Robot 3D nowand don't forgetto RATE GAME and LIKE our fanpage!This app poweredby andtotally free to download and play, all items arealso free to use!
Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter 1.8.3
***Dear Hunter, please note that this version of Carnivores isnolonger supported. Though, the new Carnivores HD is availableforinstallation. In order to save your progress, don't forgettoconnect the game to Google Play.*** Carnivores seriescelebratesits 20th anniversary. Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter is ahuntingsimulation that is completely true to life andtotallybreathtaking. You land on a distant planet inhabited bydinosaursand progress from a shy wildlife observer to a stealthyandruthless T-Rex hunter. All dinosaurs are in full 3D completewiththeir terrifying roars! - Select from 7 huge 3D environments-Choose time of day (night vision on!) - Fill the areawithdinosaurs to your liking and skills - Equip with camouflage,coverscent or radar - Pick a weapon and hunt or take a cameraandobserve - Store your prey in real-size trophy room - Go greenanduse tranquilizer instead of bullets - Try to beat your highscorein Survive Mode - Read tips and tricks for every dinosaurin‘Dinopedia’ To anyone who played Carnivores on PC, guaranteedhoursof nostalgia! And new hunters will see what they have neverseenbefore. PLEASE NOTE: - This game is free, but for real moneyyoucan buy additional things, the amount for the purchase ofwhichwill be written off from your Google account. You candisablepurchases in the game in your device's settings. - The gameis notintended for children. - Please be careful when makingpurchases. -The game contains advertising. - You need to connect totheInternet to play. To find out how TatemGames collects and usesyourdata, please read our Privacy Policyat If you have aproblemwith the game, please send your problemto:[email protected] Become a fan of CarnivoresonFacebook: Thank you for playingourgames! Stay in touch for news
Dinosaur Simulator 2 Dino City 1.0.1
Dinosaur Simulator 2 is action, casual adventure game, whereyouplay as a crazy, angry, frenzy and stupid prehistoric dino incity.In your mission you gain points and experience, the faster yougetthem the more bonus you recieve. Town environment contains a lotofobstacles such as explosive cars, pixel fence, barrels,blocklawns, streetlights, street hydrants, cube dustbins and manyother.Your aim is to cause destruction, mess, wreck, demolish, ram,smasheverything interactive and also annoy citizens in world. Therearemany people running for their lives and your aim is to huntthemdown.- Possibility to Demolish buildings- Stunning 3D mountainpark( hill ) graphics- Hours of fun gameplay with this greatjurassicsimulator- 35 Dinosaurs to pick ( T-rex, Carnosaurus,triceratops,Tyrannosaurus etc)- 6 levels, more to come
Jungle Dinosaurs Hunting Game - 3D 1.0.8
THM Apps
This dino hunting 2018 You don't have to be a dino hunting freeanddinosaur digger and dino hunting dig the ground in thesearchingdinosaur hunt of dinosaur bones and fossils dinosaurhunter, JungleDinosaurs Hunting Game - 3D in this hunter, dinosaurhunting gamesof the dinosaur apocalypse dinosaur hunter the dinosanddinosaurios aren't extinct so make such games to recalldinosaurhunting games, dino games are dinosaurs were created fromDNA andmake dinosaur games, and hunter further dinosaur huntingevolutionis now going hunting, Jungle Dinosaurs Hunting Game - 3Dthese dinohunting games creatures are formed in Jurassic from eggslong agolike deer hunter and are enormous hunt., carnivores arejust likeDinosaur era has come show real Jurassic games, deerhunter andDinosaurs among us are free hunting games, JungleDinosaurs HuntingGame - 3D dinosaur hunting games carnivoresreptiles and theircarnivores dinosaur animations are carnivore asreal dinosaurhunter, hunting game dino Become an ultimate bestdinosaur gamesheroic dinosaur hunter hunting games dinosaur, JungleDinosaursHunting Game - 3D strike the free hunting games dinosaurs,catchyour prey in time and enjoy free hunting games JungleDinosaursHunting Game - 3D. Jungle Dinosaurs Hunting In this hunteragehunting, your way hunting games to the full weaponsJurassicarsenal to deer hunter have a free hunting games choice ofweaponsfor carnivores and to increase your chances for carnivoresdinosaurof survival and carnivore more high powered weapons whichhelps inhunting of dinosaur hunter of different types are availablehuntinggame dino: pistol to make best dinosaur games, grenade forbestdinosaur games, machine gun for best dinosaur games, sniperriflemust use best dinosaur games, submachine gun for hunting,lightmachine gun for hunting, carbine for hunting, shotgun forhunting,flamethrower free hunting games, grenade launcher freehuntinggames, rocket launcher free hunting games. Jurassic dinohuntingThis hunting games dinosaur sim starts from the bestdinosaur gameshome base. In this dinosaur new game 2018 dino worldquest in thedinosaurs tropical forest dinosaur hunting games:dinosaur newgames your mission is to hunter and destroy a certainamazinghunter amount of hunting on dino hunting 2018 you predatorsdinohunting 2018 at every level dino hunting 2018. If you'lldinohunting free and survive T-rex in a fight with dino huntingthanksto your battle of dinosaur hunter skills of the dinosaurhuntinggames, then dinosaurios for each completed dino games levelyou'llget dinosaurs games a new more powerful dinosaur games gun inyourweaponry which helps in hunter. Jurassic dino hunting Deerdinosaurhunting games Hunter, please note that hunting gamesdinosaur thisversion of Carnivores is no the best dinosaur gameslongersupported dinosaur new game 2018. Though, the new dinosaurnew game2018 Carnivores dinosaur new game 2018 is availableforinstallation T-rex and dinosaur new game 2018. In order tosavedinosaur new game 2018 your progress, don't forget dinosaurnewgame 2018 to connect the dinosaur new game 2018 game to Playstore.Carnivores and dinosaure hunting games are just likeDinosaurHunter is a hunting simulation hunting games dinosaur thatiscompletely true the best dinosaur games to life andtotallydinosaur new game 2018 breathtaking T-rex dinosaurs. Youland on adinosaur hunting games distant planet dinosaur new gameshunter bydinosaurs and carnivores and dinosaur, carnivores newgamesprogress carnivores wildlife observer to a stealthy andJurassicwith T-rex hunting. All dinosaurs in Jurassic are in full3Dcomplete free hunting games. Game Features Jungle DinosaursHuntingGame - 3D: 1. Dangerous Jungle Environment 2. Wild Dinosaursoutthere to hunt 3. Hunting Different Dinosaurs 4. Smart andSmoothSniper Gun 6. Best Sniper Shooting Experience in jungle7.Excellent Graphics
T-Rex Dino & Angry Lion Attack 1.0
The awesome T-Rex Dino & Angry Lion Attack 3D simulation gameishere! Experience the best jungle animal simulator and fightagainstwild beasts. Play as T-Rex Dinosaur and hunt down angrywild tigerwith your deadly sharp teeth. Powerful dinosaur can killthe jungleking – Lion, and rule his kingdom. Now switch the sidesand play aswild lion defending its kingship from the violenttyrannosaurusDino. Save jungle life from dinosaur war against wildanimals andkill them all.In wild jungle fight versus theaggressive animalslike hunting lions and dinosaurs. The face-offof beasts is awesome.Playing as t-rex dino, your end target is tochallenge the angrylion and if you are playing as the wild lion,you need to go head tohead versus trex dinosaur. War is on fire,defend forestry againstdino attack, monstrous spinosaurus twin andtake back yourterritory. Enjoy the action packed lion simulatorgame with jurassicdino hunt missions. Hunt enemy dinosaur anddominate the landscape.In wild dinosaur hunting simulator, chasethe lion in rainforest andkill the super bosses of Africanforests. Stay alert and focused theangry lion roar to chase &hunt them in super dino adventuregame. Control the beast in itsfits of fury and help it survive bychasing, attacking, fightingand eating wildlife safari lion.Counter attack the wild lionattack and smash the ferocious creatureunder your heavy feet.Exhibit prehistoric dinosaur power throughlion killing andhunting. Both the animals are very angry and willnot hold back. Itwill attack any animal that comes in its way. Youcan createstrategies on how to attack dinosaur with higher levelsthan yoursin order to survive as jungle survival is the onlychallenge. Makesure to rest before challenging, fighting andattacking deadlyT-rex dinosaur creatures. One Dino attack can kickout the jungleking, so play smartly against the giant dinosaurs andfinish itwith a sharp angry lion claw attack. Gameplay FeaturesTheLion vsdinosaur 3D wild adventure game is great for animalsimulation gamelovers especially wild lion & T-rex dinosaursimulator. If youlike the kings of jungle to be in your control andreek havoc, youare going to love this animal vs animal fightingchallengesimulator.T-Rex Dino & Angry Lion Attack 3D features:★Lion vsDinosaur Survival Missions★ Angry dinosaur fighting game★Real lionhunting game★ Control the beasts using a very responsivejoystick★Gain health by lion vs dino attack fighting★ Addictivegameplaythat will keep you busy for several hours★ Realisticgraphics withastounding animationsThis is a definite download forwild animalsimulation game lovers. The first every Lion vsDinosaur; wildanimal games that you will love for sure.
Carnotaurus Hunter 1.2
Imba Surv
Carnotaurus Hunter thrilling stimulation can not get snipergameExplore a huge 3D world of dinosaurs, you crossed, here isthedinosaur hunting simulation, it is real life!High-definitionpicture quality. Using a unique hunting accessories!Unique 3Denvironment, including trees and houses, you can usedifferenttactics to defeat the dinosaur, remember to let your handsalwaysstay on the trigger of the gun, the only way youcansurvive.Feature- Huge 3D time to enjoy the real picture-Differentguns have different functions- Do not hurt protect human-Emergencyuse infrared radar targeted- Try to aim at the head, itwill bemore secureNonlinear close to reality hunting experience,allowingplayers roam through vast landscapes, tracking preydinosaur.
Dinosaur Robot Wars 5.6
Dinosaur Robot Wars is very popular among children nowadays.Themostcoolest skill of dino robot is firing weapons, like flamethrower,machine gun and missile laucher.If you also like it, todayin ourbrand new game, you will have the opportunity to assembleoneexcellent dino robot.Firstly, come to assemble the central bodypartof your mecha.We will show you every part of the dinosaur,youjustneed to follow our instructions to install each part onebyone.After this step, you need to use the same methods toassemblethe legs parts,head parts and tail parts step by step. Atlast, youcan come to fix the weapon parts of the dinosaurrobot.Afterinstallation of the robot transformer, you can show usevery skillof the dinosaur.The dinosaur has some basic skills .Your dino canalso take rapid fire and roaring laserattack!Moreover, it can alsolauching missile to take down enemiesfrom ranger distance.Everyskill of the dinosaur is very cool andgorgeous!# Dinosaur RobotWars Features:- Fighting with turnbasedsystem- Two dino to choose:T-rex robot and Triceratops robot-Assemble the central part ofyour dinosaur - Use the same methods tofix legs,heads and tail-Come to install the weapons parts carefully- Show us the basicskills of the dinosaur - Use the dinosaurísweapon to show us itsexcellent skill one by one# Dinosaur RobotsWars Update features:-New Dinosaur: Parasaurolophus robot andPterosaurus robot- Fightingwith turnbased system- Four dinos tochoose: Dino T-rex robot, DinoTriceratops robot, Dino Brachiosaurusrobot and Dino Spinosaurusrobot- Add two new dino robots: DinoBrachiosaurus robot and DinoSpinosaurus robot- New weapons: Plasmagun and laser gun on newdinosaurs robot.- Fighting round-robintournament- Various bugsfixed# Playlist dino robot:-Parasaurolophus robot fights-Pterosaurus robot fights- Spinosaurusrobot fights- Brachiosaurusrobot fights- T-Rex robot fights-Triceratopsrobot fights-Ankylorsaurus robot fights- Theropod robotfightsWhat do youwaiting for? Download Dinosaur Robot Wars now anddon't forget toRATE GAME and LIKE our fanpage!This app powered andtotally free to download and play, all items are alsofree to use!
Dinosaur Hunter Sniper Safari Animals Hunt 1.6
Thousand years ago in the world dinosaur hunting or shooting wasamajor problem in human history.In world of dinosaur shootingorhunting games this beautifully designed dinosaur huntingorshooting game.Experience the thrill of being an realDinosaurHunter in the mountains & African desert. Dinosaurhunting isreal thrill and fun for hunting gamers.Now a daysdinosaur of oldages have been finished completely for the world butdares most ofthe people have the craze to see them & to huntdino so for thepurpose of adventure of people we have the udvikledethis dinosaurhunter game with best assault rifles two shoot thedinoperfectly.There are five assault weapons for dinoassassinadventure in mountains and desert safari Africa.JurassicWorld isfamous for dino hunting so we udviklede a jurassic også inthisgame two provide a high quality dinosaur hunting game tousers.Forbetter shooting thrill! We have added different types ofassaultweapons and all of dino are free for full and real adventureofdinosaur shooting in Jurassic world. Dinosaur hunting is donewithfive types of assault rifles in beautiful safari mountainworldwith green plants and real Africa desert. Feel Real dinosaurhunterin this dinosaur game if you are crazy about dinosaurhuntinggames. If you are real hunter and like dinosaur huntinggames thenit is best hunting game for you two show your hunting orshootingskills free in two beautiful environments of JurassicMountains& Africa Safari Desert.There are different dinosaursnoises inthis game two make you feel real mountains dinosaurhunting. Thereare also multiple types of dinosaursforhunting.1-Brontosaurus2-Apatosaurus3-Parasaurolophus4-StegosaurusKeepinthe mind dinosaurs are deadly dangerous and attack you and youhavetwo shoot themselves as soon as possible. If you try two shootthemwith one bullet they will not be killed so you have twoshootthemselves to least three bullets. If you are a real hunterthey goin the mountains safari or Africa desert pick assault rifleof yourchoice and start hunting.Game Features:• Actual thrill ofdinochases and deadly dino attack and shooting• Amazing graphicsandprehistoric safari mountains and Africa desert• Manythrillinglevels with different number of dinosaurs shooting.•Awesome gameplay with attacking animations and deadly sounds.•Choose Dinosaurof your choice for hunting or shooting.• SevenAssault Weapons andall of them are free for full shootingadventure.• Easy and SmoothFirst person shooter controller.
Super Dinosaur Attack Dino Robot Battle Simulator 1.0.1
Dino attack with robot dinosaur of dinosaur games is inanimalsimulator with dinosaur simulation of robot games where youdestroyeverything with futuristic robot and robot transformation.Userobot transforming to make the dinosaur run impossible indinosaurattack. Feel like a real warrior in this robot fightingoftransformation games and present yourself as dead and bolddinosaurhunter who is well aware with all the basic andfundamentalinformation of robot game. Take the control of dinorobot which isnot different from the flying robot and contest thisrobot battleby making the grand show of your hunting skills as theskilled andmaster dino hunter. The robots fights are now verycommon in thedinosaur city but this present city attack is entirelya newepisode and differs the traditional battles in all areas ofconcernof dinosaur shooting.It is purely a game of dinosaursurvival inthe form of dinosaur sim where you have to bring on theground newkind of robot transform during dino hunting. Join thisattacksimulator to feel the powers and knacks of the animalssimulatorwhere you have dinosaur jungle before your eyes with allits mightand it is in the form of city rampage. The action andsensationlover finds totally new kind of world of dinosaursimulator oftransforming games where he confronts with the mostupdated form ofthe future transform technology with the addition ofpost modernrobotautobots.Go deep into the depths of this dinotransform gameand learn their habits in order to play better inthis robotdinobattle where there will be angry dinosaur with whichyou have todeal during your stay in this lately tuned episode oftransformgames. Your stay in this Jurassicdino will make you wellaware withthe dinosaur habits which will work as the craze boasterfor youand after having the command and control of the dinosaurrobot, youcan easily be the champion of this dinosaur battle withthe helpand aid of transforming robot.Features:Fully action packedJurassicworld.Powerful animal simulation.Realisticdinosauranimation.Natural and eye catching atmosphere.Battle is inthe formof dinosaur survival.Multi angular camera views for thefacility ofthe player.Real hunting experience for the hunters.Mindblowingepisodes of dinosaur hunting with futuristic concerns.Thetrexdinosaur with transform robot is waiting for you in animalhuntingto attack dinosaur by in dinosaur fighting as dinosaurshunter.Play action packed battle of transform city with futuristicrobotsof flying robot games in dinosaur hunting.
Dinosaur Simulator Attack - Lost Eggs 1.8
Dinosaur Simulator Attack - Lost Eggs : Live the real lifeofdinosaur & smash all of them who come in your way. Manypeopleand wild animals will run away from you and you can catch allthosescared people with the amazing Dino run attacks, chase andcrushthem. Don’t let those tiny arms defect you from collectingtheeggs! Wander around the city destructing whatever gets in yourway.You are a big Dinosaur and Your aim is to collect the eggs andhuntdown all who come in your way.You play as a crazy Dino tocollectall those eggs, and many people and other animals willcausedestruction. Each level with more and more thrill. Awesomegameplay with attacking animations. So defeat other wild animal inthisdinosaur simulator. This games is loaded with fun soundsandawesome effects will put you in new controls of thesehugecreatures. It is necessary to hunt, kill, eat the enemy as muchasyou can to become the ultimate dinosaur and complete the tasksanddestroy the city in this action-packed simulation.Beforecompleting each level you can't promote into nextlevel.DinosaurSimulator Attack is a unique game with realisticphysics andcounter attack from enemies. Your job is to cause asmuch damage aspossible and find all the lost eggs in the giventime. Do you loveplaying dinosaur games? if yes then this one isthe best. GameFeatures : Free to Play!Addictive and best ever dinosimulatorattackMultiple levels based game play.RealisticPhysics.Smooth 3Danimations and attacks.Smooth controls. FunUnlimited. Fabuloussound effects.Play in full 3D gaming environmentto complete anepic adventure! Download Dinosaur Simulator Attack -Lost Eggs andstart living as wild deadly dinosaurs. Enjoy theaction packedsimulator game.
Dino Zilla! - Dinosaur Game 1.6.2
We bring you the best free dinosaur simulator! Enjoy thisanimalgame placed in the Jurassic!Destroy everything and prepare adinoattack in this free simulator! Stop the jurassic dinosaursfromwinning this jurassic dinosaur game with our tyrannosaurus rex!Areyou willing to start this jurassic dinosaur race in ourfreedinosaur game? Play now with our with dinosaurs in thisjurassicdinosaur game for free!In our dinosaur simulator we preparethisjurassic tyrannosaurus race where you will be preparing adinoattack trying to survive in an amazing dinosaur game:- Playthisfunny jurassic dinosaur game with four different dinosaursforkids!- Prepare the dino attack in these survival jurassicdinosaurgame!- Amazing graphics of our dinosaurs for kids- Startwith thedino attack in this dinosaur game full of action!- Enjoyplayingwith these jurassic dinosaurs for kids in a cool dinosaurgame forfree!Like this dinosaur simulator? Play in our game andenjoy ourtyrannosaurus rex animals!By installing this app you agreeto thefollowing privacypolicy:
Call of Mini™ Dino Hunter 3.1.7
Dinosaurs emerge from the ancient forest after hiding fordecades.As a descendant from a great hunter family, youcontinuously honeskills towards your desired goal in order to standup to yourfather's expectation. Now it's time to prove yourself.► ►► ► ►• 21flashy weapons• 24 exciting boss fights• 5 characters withuniquespecialties• 50 distinct quests• 32 savage dinosaurs•50achievements• 50 collectable items for crafting andupgradingweapons• Choose from 50 powerful skills to customize yourcharacter
Dino Island 1.1.0
Dino Island is a totally new raising experience with smoothcontrolslovingly handcrafted for your Android phones andtablets.Welcome toDino Island and experience the peaceful, simplelife of raising yourdinosaurs from babies to epic adults andbreeding them to discoverrare dinosaurs! No hunter is allowed inthis game. Are you ready tostart this exciting adventure in DinoIsland now? Living dinosaursare waiting for you!Game Features:-Hundreds of dinosaurs with 10different properties: Fire, Ice,Rock, Air, Plant, Jewel, Machine,Deadly & Alien- Dozens ofhabitats where you can always go backto collect coins- Breeddifferent dinosaurs to raise new hybriddinosaurs- Grow magicaldelicious food for your dinosaurs- Beautifyyour islands and shoreswith 15 colorful decorations- Enjoy stunninghi-res artwork andsparkling animation- Visit friend's islands andtrade gifts to helpthem to raise dinosaurs
Dinosaur Hunter Free Wild Jungle Animals Safari 2.1
Dinosaur Hunter Free Wild Jungle Animals Safari in bestdinosaurshooting game.Experience the thrill of being an actualDinosaurHunter Free Wild Jungle Animals Safari in best dinosaurshootinggame and Jeep Driver in the Mountains in dinosaur huntinggames:dinosaur new games. Dinosaur Hunter Free Wild Jungle AnimalsSafariis real thrill and fun if you shoot and crush dino withJeep.Dinosaurs like brontosaurus had ruled the land in theprehistoricperiod thousand years before. Dinosaur Hunter Free WildJungleAnimals Safari is best dinosaur shooting game with ancienttomodern weapons and Jeep Driving in beautiful 3D real worldwithgreen plants. Feel Realistic world dinosaur hunter inthisdinosaurs games. So don’t hold back, grip your Launchertightly,take a perfect aim, test your sniper shooter skills as areal Dinohunting expert and don't let them escape in this dinosaurhuntinggames: dinosaur new games. Experience grand sniper shootingin thereal jungle wilderness environment as a real hero and winthishunting challenge. Experience Grenade throwing, Archeryshootingand in ancient mode you can kill Dino with sword, shieldand bow inthis dinosaur hunter free best dinosaur shooting game.Ifyou loveplaying animal shooting and dino hunting games thenDinosaur HunterFree Wild Jungle Animals Safari is for you as itgives you a chanceof dino hunting and hunting wild creatures ingrand exotic forestenvironment and will let you become the dinosaurhunting pro heroof 2018. Your trust on assault rifle skills willcome handy whileyour hunt. Dinosaur Hunter Free gives you anamazing experiencewith real 3D graphics, engaging sound effect, thebest dino huntingground and driving red jeep and crushingdinos.There are differentdinosaurs noises in this best dinosaurshooting game to make youfeel real dinosaur hunting. there are morethan 8 types ofdinosaurs for hunting by more than 6 high qualityweapons. Thedinosaurs might sense your presence so take your bestshot tobecome the best huntsman of wild jungle in this bestdinosaurshooting game! Your main mission in this dinosaur huntingadventurefree game is to hunt down the Dino as the best junglesniper of2018 but watch out for attacking predators as they areroamingfreely in the forest! Kill them all if needed. GameFeatures:• Bestdinosaur shooting game• Actual thrill of dino chasesand deadlydino attack• Amazing graphics and prehistoricenvironments • Morethan 100 thrilling levels with different numberof dinosaurs.•Awesome game play with attacking animations.• ChooseDinosaur ofyour choice for hunting from more than 8 dinosaurs.•Easy andSmooth First person shooter guns and Jeep drivingphysicsincluded.HOW TO PLAY:Right side buttons are for shoot, zoom,swapand runLeft side button are for movement and whole screen isforaiming,In map you can find dinosaur and chase them tohunt.PressJeep button and get in Jeep driving mode.Keep in the minddinosaursare dangerous and attack you and you have to kill them assoon aspossible may be they will not be killed with one bulletbecause oftheir big size. if you are a real hunter they go and pickassaultrifle of you choice and start hunting.Dinosaur Hunter FreeWildJungle Animals Safari in best dinosaur shooting game.
DINO WORLD Jurassic builder 2 7.39
Tap Pocket
Dino WORLD is a Jurassic dinosaur Fighting, Breeding, parkbuilderfree 2 play fun game.Welcome to Dino World. Imagine aprehistoricpark filled with dinosaurs where you can feed, raise andtrain yourJurassic dinosaurs for fighting! In this exciting world,pet thedinos and take them to battle.~ COLLECT mystifying, strong,andamusing dinosaurs from over 12 elements! Each of the dinosaurshasunique personality, unique magical powers and unique skills.~CROSSBREED your dinosaurs in the breeding lab and create anewdinosaur! ~ FARM delicious food in the food farm and FEED themtoyour dinosaurs! ~ BATTLE with your enemies and unlock new items!~SHARE your own village, full of magical dinosaurs with yourfriendsand help each other with gifts. FEATURES: - Free 2 play! -Jurassicenvironment - Park building sim game- A wide range ofexcitingdinosaurs. - The whole island is open for you!-EvolveyourDinosaurs into epic form and explore an exciting fun world!-Playwith friends using Facebook and Game Center in Socialarea!-Jurassic eggs.-Custom elemental habitats for each typeofdinosaurs. -The Decor area is filled with stylish andattractivedecorations. -Farms to grow foods for your dinosaurs.-Variousbattle stages where your dinosaurs can compete for prizes.- Acrossbreeding mechanism, which brings out surprisinglyrealisticresults! -Make your own team of Dinosaurs and take them tobattle!
Ninja Velociraptor- Dino Robot 1.2.1
Ninja Velociraptor is a ninja dinosaur belonging to theBlackUnion.In the past, after finishing intense ninja training inaForest of Roof bamboo.He has the ability to penetrate intothedarkness as an outstanding assassin.His mentor, BladeStego,excommunicated Ninja Velociraptor.Because he joined the BlackUnionwithout following his teacher's words.After darkness, nobodycannot find him anymore.Assemble the parts are scatteredTryassemblinga large and powerful robot dinosaur "NinjaVelociraptor".Afterassembling You can use a variety oftechniques.if you review andcomment new dino robot, we will make itsoon.
Jurassic Photo Editor Dinosaur 1.09
Jurassic Photo Editor Studio let's you make & edit coolPicutreswith T-Rex, Velociraptor and many more Dinosaurs. Let theyhunt youand run away from them and feel like in a adventure.Shoota Photo orselect one from gallery. Press the button in center toadd as manyDinosaurs to your pictures as you want. Save and sharewith everyoneyou like to.Make coole photos with the jurassicpredators T-Rex andRaptors exploring the world of jurassic.Havemuch fun with JurassicPhoto Maker Studio and thank you for nicefeedbacks! :)
Dinosaur Simulator: Dino World 1.3.5
Dinosaur simulator is action, casual adventure game, where youplayas a crazy, angry, frenzy and stupid prehistoric dino in city.Youraim is to cause destruction, mess, wreck, demolish, ram,smasheverything interactive and also annoy citizens. In yourmission yougain points and experience, the faster you get them themore bonusyou recieve. Town environment contains a lot of obstaclessuch asexplosive cars, pixel fence, barrels, block lawns,streetlights,street hydrants, cube dustbins and many other. -Possibility toDemolish buildings - Stunning 3D mountain park ( hill) graphics -Hours of fun gameplay with this great jurassicsimulator - 35Dinosaurs to pick ( T-rex, Carnosaurus, triceratops,Tyrannosaurusetc) - 6 levels, more to come By installing this appyou agree tothe following privacypolicy:
Jurassic Park™ Builder 4.9.0
Ludia Inc.
*** Welcome to YOUR Jurassic Park!*** Based on thegroundbreaking film franchise “Jurassic Park,” experience yourownthrilling interactive journey on the mysteriousIslaNublar! Build your Jurassic Park from A to Z, on land andoutat sea! You are the first owner of the park: grow variousdinosaurspecies once you've extracted their DNA from amberfragments. Then,transform this DNA with your friends' help. Putyour dinosaurs inyour land, aquatic or glacial park then help themdevelop to fulladult size. Depending on the diet for each species,dinosaurs willneed plants, meat, fish or seafood to grow. Make sureyou alwayshave enough food by monitoring the supply arrivals at theharbor.Finally, develop tourist activities by building roads sothatvisitors can come to your parks and explore yourbeautifulcreations.To entertain your guests and collect more funds,you willhave to be creative and decorate your parks and buildvariousattractions and buildings such as amusement centers,hotels,restaurants, and security offices. ‘Code Red’ mode allowsyou tomaximize your gains further and also prevent the dinosaursfromescaping and wreaking havoc on the island. But to access thatmode,you'll have to grow at least 5 carnivores! In order tobuildyour own aquatic park and discover new species, you will havetoreach level 10!In order to build your own glacier park anddiscovernew species, you will have to reach level 20!Along the way,you'llencounter familiar characters from the Jurassic Park moviessuchas, Dr. Ian Malcolm, or John Hammond, who will help you advanceinyour journey by giving you missions to fulfill. JurassicParkBuilder features: • 44 different dinosaur species tocollect& grow.• 43 different sea creature species to collect&grow. • 43 dinosaur species from the Glacial era todiscoverand develop, including the famous woolly Mammoth.•Livemulti-player gameplay with Facebook friends and other JurassicParkfans • Built-in social features (ability to visit, helpandgift friends). • Stunning visual & audio effects with3-Danimations. Begin your wonderful adventure andstartbuilding! By installing this application you agree totheterms of the licensed agreements.Are you a fan of JurassicParkBuilder? Like us on Facebook for daily giveaways andsupport!
Dinosaur Bone Digging Games 3.2
★ Hey brave explorers, it's time for a real bone diggingadventure!Excavate and collect ancient dinosaur bones and differenthiddenobjects – you must clean the bones and make your own dinosaurbyplaying amazing dino puzzles! ★★★★★ Download **DinosaurBoneDigging Games** and come play in our prehistoric park where youcandig up fossils and explore! ★★★★★ ★ Dig dinosaur bones gamesenableyou to learn about archaeology and dinosaurs in anentertaining andexciting way! Our dinosaur park games bring a lotof educationaland cognitive benefits! Enjoy solving puzzles madeout of bones inorder to assemble a real-life dinosaur! Once yousolve the puzzle,a dinosaur will appear, together with its name andpronunciation.You will know the names of different prehistoricanimals in notime, and finding dinosaur bones will become one ofyour favoritegames with animals or puzzle games with bonescollecting!★FEATURES:- 4 ways to collect bones and solve the puzzlewithdinosaurs:- DIGGING UP BONES – dig up holes and excavatedinosaurbones!- FISHING FOR BONES – fish out fossils from theocean!-EXPLORING THE CAVES – use a flashlight to discover the bonesin thedark caves!- CLEANING THE BONES – clean the bones usingspecialtools and then arrange the bones into a dino puzzle!- MINIGAMES –2 exciting mini games you can play in order to proceed tothe nextlevel, once your dinosaur is assembled!- Download**Dinosaur BoneDigging Games** FREE!★ Dinosaur games improvecognitive abilities,such as logical thinking, concentration andproblem solving skills.Discover dinosaur names and their images bycollecting bones thatyou unearthed, caught with a fishing rod ordiscovered in a cave!This interesting archeology game issurprisingly addictive and agreat way to pass the time. ★ This isyour chance to becomepaleontologists and explorers of theprehistoric era. We combinedarchaeologist games with educationaldinosaurs puzzles to create anamazing prehistoric world whereeveryone can enjoy themselves!★ Ourdinosaur fossil digging gamescan be played offline, without wificonnection, so don't hesitate todownload **Dinosaur Bone DiggingGames** and collect cool newvirtual pets! We have a collection ofinteresting and smart gamesfor archaeology lovers that you mustcheck out – try out differentanimal games, shape and color gamesas well as puzzles and pick yourfavorite one!★ Dig for dinosaurbones and play fishing games to pullout fossil bones using afishing rod! Train many important skills:memory, concentration,hand eye coordination to name just a few! So,grab this shapepuzzle with animals and have fun solving puzzlesalone or withfriends – creative activities to kill time and havefun!★★★★★ With**Dinosaur Bone Digging Games**, you'll discover manykindsmagnificent dinosaurs that lived in the prehistoric times!Explorethe ocean and the dark caves, dig up fossils fromthearchaeological sites – if hunting dinosaurs and learning aboutthedinosaurs is your passion, this dino shape puzzle is theperfectchoice!
Dinosaur Hunter Deadly Hunt 1.0.4
Go go, go agent! You are survivor hero going to forest to preyasyour hobby but you caught by some dangerous and deadlydinosaur.It’s a survival war between shores dino and you. You haveto bevery carefully, because in this deadly adventure with a mixofaction and danger not only you're hunting in the forest, butalsoyou're being hunted. Get ready to dinosaur games for asuperfighting 3d game, go on play store and install this game freetoplay. You would feel as a real fight in this deadly animaljunglegame of 2017. You are a hunter or prey in this excitingdinosaurhunter game. Your mission in this dino games is to finishand killa certain amount of deadly wild animals at every level. Ifyou willmanage to survive in a fight thanks to your battle skills,then foreach completed mission you will get more coins to buy morepowerfulgun. Everyone knows Carnivores dinosaur are wild, deadlyanddangerous animals in this dino hunter deep African forest. Youareretired from nova army and well familiar with weapons. In thisdinohunting free games, you are only one who is familiar with oldandmodern weapons as a retired US Army Officer. Remind yourmodernlegacy skills to hunt and shoot dinosaur. Only one man issuper forthis mission in your town, that’s only you. Grab yoursniper,assault, shot gun, pistol whatever you have, to kill wilddinosaurin forest war. It’s war against deadly dinosaur tosurviveyourself. If you like to play real dinosaur games then youhave agreat chance to play this sniper hunter action game.Dinosaurfighting games are liked and played in large number regionacrossthe world. Dinosaur has an extra strange power due to heavyweight.Jurassic dino is a wild and bulk animal in the world foundin NorthAmerican countries. This jungle sniper animal is verydangerous andwilderness for human beings. Jurassic hopper orJurassic hunter arevery fast, sharp and quick in aiming on theirtarget. Real animalshunting Africa is wonder and awesome experiencefor every hunter orpredators. HOW TO PLAY: Right side buttons arefor shoot, zoom,swap and run Left side button are for movement andwhole screen isfor aiming, You can find dinosaur in map and chasethem to hunt.Map is available to watch your target and theirmovement Health baris top left to alert you. Features:- Radar isgiven to find yourprey. - Multiple addictive challenging missions.- Console qualityHD graphics. - No connectivity required whileplaying. -Varioustype of realistic pack of guns - Full of actionand interestinggame play. - Awesome 3d graphics and prehistoricJurassic model -Attacking animations of wild animals Hope you'llenjoy this crazyand amazing game for kids and adults as well. Ifyou like this realDinosaur Hunter Deadly Hunt game, please try ourother games byclicking “More from Developer” or by visiting ourpublisher accountand don’t forget to rate and review. Give usfeedback at: FACEBOOK}}} +} Thanks foryoursupport and keep playing our games!
Spinosaurus Survival Simulator 1.0
The Spinosaurus is known as one of the most ruthlesshuntingdinosaurs. It is unclear exactly what this dinosaur ate, butit isclear he ate something. This simulator allows you to takecontrolof this ferocious Spinosaurus as he survives and thrives onthishuge Jurassic environment. Find your dinosaur mate and startyourfamily. The map is massive so take your time to explore alltheareas to find all the bosses. Run everywhere and look forthespecial items. Dinosaur simulation at its best.The goal of thegameis to defeat all 5 bosses. The 5 bosses includes Triceratops,Trex,Pteranodon, Raptor, and Dilophosaurus. The more you play, themorethe Dino grows, and the stronger she gets. Loaded with superfunsounds for great gaming excitement.Game Features:--YourSpinosaurus Strength, Stamina, and Speed increase with eachlevelyou advance-- Huge Open Jurassic World 3D Map-- The time ofday andweather is dynamic. The longer you survive, the more changesyouwill experience.
-- Fast paced and Continuous action gameplay
--Refill your energy by defeating the enemy dinos
-- Defeatall 6Dinosaur Giants
-- Survival is the key element of the game
--10Jurassic Animals, including the Tyrannosaurus Rex and RaptorPleasecome like us onFacebook:

Come and checkout our other 3D animal simulators - We know theapp is not perfect,and we welcome your constructive criticism. Oneuser mentioned aboutlasers coming from the sky. Lasers were notinvented in the time ofthe Dinosaurs. Please send your [email protected] At Wild Foot we are looking for thingswecan do to improve the app. Have Fun!
Jurassic T-Rex : Dinosaur 2.4
Experience the thrill of being an actual Tyrannosaurus - the kingofall Dinosaurs as he rules the land in the prehistoricJurassicperiod and hunts for prey! Enjoy the cinematic cutscenesshowcasing the savage bites, claws and sharp teeth in thisJurassicPark!Hunt out innocent dinosaurs and make them your prey.They cansmell you, so don't make any noises when you're out to getthem!•Actual thrill of chases• Amazing 3D graphics andprehistoricjurassic park environments • Many thrilling levels•Awesomegameplay with attacking animationsBe the ruler of all theotherdinosaurs by playing Jurassic T-Rex!
Deadly Dinosaur Hunter Revenge Fps Shooter Game 3D 1.1
Jhatka Gamers
Play Deadly Dinosaur Hunter Revenge Fps Shooter Game 3Dwithmultiple Deadly Dinosaur collection of Hunter guns and shootDeadlyDino with Hunter Shores effects of green environments.DeadlyDinosaur is a Hunter Revenge game for Fps shooters ofSurvival Gamewho loves to play Dinosaur Games and wants to becomebest huntersof Deadly Dinosaur and titled as DINO HUNTER in lovelyenvironmentsof deadly shores. You will hunt unlimited Deadly Dinowho will tryto hunt you or wants to run away to survive from youvia thisHunting Game.Dinosaur Hunter game is online and gave youtheability to compete with your player enemies with player rankingandtotal Deadly Hunt of dino. Deadly Dino shooting havemultipletargets achievements and will rewarded you after completingtheseachievements of this dino hunter game. Dinosaur Hunter is anFPSSurvival Game of dino shooting to kill dinos of multiple typewithkilling attempts of deadly dinos in Deadly Shores stunts.BecomeDinosaur Hunter in 2018 while playing Dinosaur Games ofdinohunting but Deadly Dinosaur Hunter Revenge Fps Shooter Game 3Disbest dino game of 2018. Avoids Dinosaurs Attack and becomekillerof dinosaurs by using 10 types of guns including snipers ofthreetypes which will make you able to hunt Safari Deadly Dinosaurintorivers, mountains and jungle. Hunt dinos in different deadlyshoreslike Africa, India and many others country environments.DeadlyDinosaur Hunter Revenge Fps Shooter Game 3D is only bestDinosaurHunter game in safari and jungle hunting to approach dinocityafter making you best dino hunter of Carnivores dinos. Made itCallof Safari dino hunter to Jurassic Survival Game so you caneasilyhunt dinosaur in real environments of Dinosaur Hunter who canhunt7 different types of dinos in 10 levels of hunter 3d game.Dinohunting is performed in deadly shores where dinos are tryingtohunt you in different ways. This dino hunting game is best fordinohunters in jungle of Carnivores dinos , you will use gunsandsnipers and become best sniper dino shooters of free dinogames.Perform deadly hunt in thus hunter simulator game ofchallanges.This is a dino survival game where we will hunt andtries to saveourselves from deadly dinosaurs and become bestdinokillers.Features :Dinosaur Hunter of Deadly Shores as FPSshooterin a Survival Game.Become best Dinosaur Hunter in 2018playing thisDinosaur Game.Deadly Dinosaur is an Animal Huntinggame.Become DinoKiller and survive Dinosaurs Attack.Dino Hunt is aSniper Games in2018.Hunt Safari Dinosaur and complete HunterChallenge indifferent levels.Hunt Carnivore Dinosaur in Jungle likeAnimalHunting Games.
Jurassic Dino Kids 1.0.2
CDS Games
Jurassic Fun for Kids or Adults, Look after your dino and Playloadsof mini games.DINOSAUR CHARACTERSUp to 8ControllableDinosaursBlythe - Angel - Shinny - Oscar - Buttercup -Hugo - Rex -ZacChoose to be a Dino and Explore the JurassicIslands.Look forFood - Vegetarians eat crops and Meat Eaters huntfor Fish.GIRL/BOYKID CHARACTERSChoose your custom Character lookand Enter you ownpersonal Name.Explore the Jurassic Islands, Plantcrops to feed theVegetarian Dino's and yourself.Use your powers torevive Dino'sthat are laying down out of energy.GAME FEATURESLookAfter yourEnergy/Water/Food & Health.Huge open 3D Environmenttoroam/explore. Day/Night/Sun/RainConsole Quality Visuals,Soundtrack& Sounds.MINI GAMES - Each Dino has their own set ofThemedGames.JigsawSliderMemory Game+ Loads more mini games to beaddedsoon.
Super Dinosaur Shooting Park 1.6
Experience the thrill of being an real dino shooter in themountain.Dino hunting is real thrill and fun for hunting players.Dinosaurshad ruled the land in the prehistoric safari mountainsperiodthousand years before. Dinosaurs were very big creationthousandyears before. There were different dinosaurs some of themweredeadly killers. Super dinosaur shooting provides a jungleparkenvironment to find and hunt different dino with one of thebestassault gun with him. Drive crazy jeep and enters into jungletohunt different types of dino with assault shooting gun.Thechallenge has to be completed within limited given time.Survivalin this dangerous and breathtaking environment is noteasy,inhabited by the dino with each passing level you providedwith anew potent weapon. Hunt and look at the dinosaurs from smalltogiant, from herbivores to carnivores, in this fabuloussimulation.Kill them in lush and dangerous environments like thedeadly shoresuntouched overgrown jungle and park. Super dinosaurshooting parkcontains different addictive survival, arcade andrescue mode, eachmode have sub ten levels full of action and fun.There is lot ofwild dinosaurs you have to hunt them before theyhunt you and thisis time to show your hunting skills. In the mostdeadly environmentyou have to kill specific amount of dinosaurswith in a limitedtime. You have to show your hunting skills inevery level otherwiseyou will be hunt by deadly dino. You’ll need apowerful arsenal andan expert shooter strategy to kill these dino.Shoot like a prowith machine gun & assault rifle. They are thedeadliestcreatures on earth. They can attack without warning. Watchout forattacking predators including tyrannosaurus,spinosaurus,carnotaurus, velociraptor, and pteranodon. Thisoutstandinghigh-end shooting game gives you the wonderfulopportunity toexplore and dive into the impressive dinosauradventure, has agreat land, full of different dinosaur species.Having a choice ofweapons arsenal, your chances of survivalincrease. Experience yourdriving skills by jeep driving and parkingto survive in thisaction game. Super Dinosaur Shooting ParkFeaturesAngry dino outthere to huntSmart and smooth assaultgunAmazing 3D jungle &park environmentSmooth and intuitive jeepdriving controlsStunning& High Quality 3D Graphics Thrillingand challengingMissionsEasy and fun to playInteresting Game Play
Dinosaur Hunter: Survival Game 1.8.2
Go go go! You're a hero survivor walking in anincredibleandahugeJurassic world rainforest, where your mission istostayalive.Inthis exciting dinosaur simulator game onlyonewinner,you oryourenemies - ruthless bloodthirstydinosaurs.Youdon'thave to beadinosaur digger and dig the ground inthe searchofdinosaurbonesand fossils, in this epic video game ofthedinosaurapocalypsethedinos aren't extinct. Dinosaurs werecreatedfromDNA, andfurtherdinosaur evolution is now going.Thesedinocreatures areformedfrom eggs long ago and areenormous.Dinosaurera hascome.Dinosaurs among us. These reptilesandtheiranimations are asreal.Become an ultimate heroicdinosaurhunter,strike thedinosaurs,catch your prey!Be careful,because inthisdinosaursafariadventure with a mix of action anddanger, notonlyyou'rehuntingin the forest, but also you're beinghunted.It'snot a dinozooJurassic park, it's dangerousandbreathtakingterrain, alushnatural environment in thetropics,inhabited bythelegendarydinosaurs also called dragons. Inthisadrenalinegame youhave nocar, and beasts everywhere. Thesurvivalguide issimple: hitandsmash these horror villainlizards.You're adinohunter or preyinthis exciting dinosaur huntingsafari game?Playand you'llfindout.This dinosaur sim starts from thehome base.Inthis dinoworldquest in the tropical forest your missionistodestroy acertainamount of hunting for you prehistoricpredatorsateverylevel. Ifyou'll survive in a fight thanks to yourbattleskillsoftheassassin, then for each completed level you'llgetanewmorepowerful gun in your weaponry. In this hunterage,craftyourway tothe full weapons arsenal to have a choiceofweaponsand toincreaseyour chances of survival. 15 highpoweredweaponsofdifferent typesare available: pistol, grenade,machinegun,sniperrifle,submachine gun, light machinegun,carbine,shotgun,flamethrower,grenade launcher,rocketlauncher(bazooka).Hunt andlook at thephoto-realisticdinosaurs,from smallto giant, fromherbivores tocarnivores, in thisfabuloussimulation.Thisoutstanding high-endshooting game of huntingin thejunglegivesyou the wonderfulopportunity to explore anddiveintotheimpressive super dinoadventure. The game scenehasagreatdinosaur land in the woods farfrom city withmanydinospecies,each has a specific roarsound.Carnivorous:dinosaurkingTyrannosaurus (T.Rex),Velociraptor(Raptor),Giganotosaurus,Carnotaurus,Spinosaurus.Herbivorous:Triceratops,Apatosaurus(Brontosaurus),Ankylosaurus,StegosaurusandParasaurolophus!Youcan rescue your lifeby a speedrunracingyourself from dinosaursor attack them in thisdinosaurwar.Do notstand still, fire andreload your weapon's charge,itisn'tadinosaur puzzle. Move, atthis time your damage valuefromaclashwith the ancient monsterswill gradually decrease. Ifyouneedtotake a rest after activebattles on this survivalarena,makeabreak using pause mode,where you'll becompletelyinvisible.Inthisextreme survivalsimulator there are 15levelswithincreasingdifficulty. 15weapons with increasing powertoexpandyour arsenal.Big dinosauranimals that'll have adinosaurrampageand that'llchase andattack the enemy, which islocated ontheirterritory.They canhear your noise. And they'll bequick anddeadlytoyou.Enjoy thedinosaur hunting game 3D inthegorgeousovergrownjungle map ofthe lost world with a varietyofvegetation.Discovertheinspirational beautiful location of awildnature of theageofextinction like in movies or wallpapers,huntandgatheryourweapons, and try to pass alllevels.Astonishing3Dgraphicsandamazing, immersive gameplay of thisapp areprovidingadramaticlive experience and are helping you totravelintothefantasticdinosaur world of your dream, right onyourmobiledevicescreen,including phone and tablet!
Dinosaur SIM: Urban Destroyer 1.4
THE JURASSIC ERA IS BACK WITH THIS FANTASTIC DINOSAUR SIMULATOR!TheDinosaurs are back in this action based simulator game. Asaprehistoric dinosaur rider, you find your way to the future.Theurban city is your new home now. Your Goal? Destroy everythinginin the city. As an urban destroyer, you will get rewardedfordestroying as much as possible. The bigger the object themorepoints you score in this dinosaur simulator. But watch out forthetraps set by humans. They will always try to catch you andbringyour dinosaur to the Jurassic city zoo. CAUSE TOTAL RAMPAGE TOEARNPOINTS! In Dinosaur SIM: Urban Destroyer you are going to enjoytobe a city destroyer. Many games want you to be a hero. Inthissimulator game, you are the destroyer, by making sureeverything inthe city is being destroyed. Earn points bydestruction and buybigger, better and quicker dinosaurs. WHAT ISYOUR FAVORITEDINOSAUR? Everybody has its favorite Dinosaur. InDinosaur SIM:Urban Destroyer you have a lot of options to choosefrom. TheTyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, Triceratops or aStegosaurus areamongst the options you can earn as an urbandestroyer. There areup to 8 different dino’s that you can choosefrom. Besides that youcan determine their color and make themfaster and stronger. KeyFeatures: ✔ Crush every obstacle in thisurban city dino simulator!✔ Choose from multiple real Jurassicdinosaurs! ✔ Upgrade yourdinosaur for more destroyer skills! ✔ Useall your dinosaur ridingsimulator skills! ✔ More US presidentsecurity drone SIM andanti-terrorist attack games coming soon!