Top 48 Games Similar to Real Fun Toys

Theme Park Craft 2: Build & Ride Roller Coaster 1.2
Roller coaster craft. Tycoon of the theme parks! Build &ridethe scariest roller coaster! An addictive mixture ofstrategicplanning and simulation. Build an ultimate theme park in ablockyworld! Craft items, build and get to the new level ofexploration!Want to build a Water park? Scary theme park? Mostawesomeamusement park in the world ? Design it, build, craftinterior andexterior items, build buildings using blueprints.Exploration ofthe amusement park world!Rollercoaster game where youcan designthe park and ride the train! Build, craft and createthrillingrollercoaster tracks, run your own theme park and become arealtycoon! Best game for boys and girls! Roller coasters,carousels,virtual reality rides for free! Theme Park Craft 2 -continuationof one of the best crafting & building games in thestore!Create any theme: dungeon adventure, clown or recreate anOrlandotheme park! Theme park rider for mobile! Use blocks andcraft itemsto make your park look awesome! New features! Startbuildingmedieval buildings or modern skyscrapers. Build a realisticcityand develop the best theme park around! Set the traintracks,wagons and take the scariest park ride ever! Create amini-zoo (zoocraft) with cute animals or even a unicorns (unicorncraft)! Ride apony or ride a scary rollercoaster! Set the hot dogsand pizzastands! Sell the street food, earn money and become atycoon! Bringyour girlfriend to the park! Invite friends, selltickets - make abusiness strategy! Create own adventure! Simulatorgame with alittle business strategy in a sandbox blocky world!Invite yourhigh school friends or create a spot for a perfect date(likecafeteria, little zoo or cinema). Place candy shop and petmini zoofor the youngest! Design and decorate the interiors (designcraft).Build a tiny choo-choo train tracks or massive rollercoaster- it’sa roller coaster builder like never before! Thrilling ridesonultimate coaster! Crafting & building games for free!VRrollercoaster set in a blocky world! Decorate the attractionsintheme park! Become a designer! Theme Park Craft 2! Become atycoonof the rollercoaster industry! Be a princess ofentertainmentbusiness! Build your own neverland! Let the boys andgirls craftand ride a roller coaster in one of the best theme parkgames of2017!FEATURES:🎢 Build a roller coaster track and ride it🎢Become atheme park tycoon🎢 Chat with npcs (not real people!)🎢Dating (datecraft option) - meet the love of your life🎢 Traintracks builder🎢FPS train & FPS roller coaster simulator🎢 Mountand rideanimals (horse, panda, pony, unicorn) 🎢 Make friends withotherplayers!🎢 Multiplayer (co-op) - coming soon!🎢 Over 400blocks,textures and elements🎢 Furniture - interior design simulator
Prehistoric Park Builder 1.3
Gear Games
Prehistoric Park is a free theme park building simulator thatwillshow you a whole new angle of the prehistoric life. Take upthecall of the primeval past and enter the world of crazyprehistoricrides, attractions and roller coasters! Turn a boringcaveman’slife into a wonderful never-ending holiday! Build anincredibletheme park and become an amusement tycoon of theStoneAge!_________________________________________#1 in AndroidQualityIndex's Top 10 games list of December 2012★★★★★/"...With fantastic graphics, auniqueFlintstones theme, loads of building options, and lowsystemrequirements, Prehistoric Park is definitely animpressiveapp!.."★★★★★/5 -"...The game is a neverendingjourney of creativity and fun and the items in the gameareinteresting and designed smartly..."★★★★★/"...Prehistoric Park reminds me of old classicslikeRollercoaster Tycoon. It is a great game, especially for thosewhoenjoy things being done in real-time (and there are a lot ofyouwho like that)..."_________________________________________★Youcan choose from more than 60 mind boggling attractions andrides:giant wooden swings, trampolines made from mammoth hide,giddymerry-go-rounds, stone slides, extreme roller coasters,waterrapids and even dinomotors powered by real huge Jurassicdinosaursto make all these rides run!★ Decorate your theme parkwith exotictrees, unique flowers, pagan totems and stone temples.★Build snackbars, drinking fountains, balloon stands and restroomsaround thepark to meet your customers' needs.★ Build cozy restareas andplace benches around for your visitors to feel comfortablein yourwonderful amusement park.★ Offer your guests a fruitcocktail, cookthem a great kabob and treat them with the first icecream evercreated.★ Hire workers. They will keep your fun parkrunning andtake care of visitors when you are not in the game.★Play with yourfriends and share your achievements! Compete withthem to build thebest amusement park!Build the biggest and craziestprehistorictheme park ever! The prehistoric world is waiting foryou! PLAY ITNOW FORFREE!_________________________________________LIKEUS a park building sim with fair free-to-play. It means thatyou canpay to enhance your progress but whole of the game can beplayed forfree. If you played Prehistoric Fun Park or PrehistoricTribez onjava phones this game is certainly for you! If youlikeRollerCoaster Tycoon, Theme Park or Jurassic Park series, ifyoulike The Croods and The Flintstones movies, you'll find thisgameinteresting too!Search terms:prehistoricpark,jurrasicpark,caveman,stone age,flintstones,amusementpark,citybuilder,croods,tribez,theme,schlitterbahn,sixflags,disneyland,legoland,attractions,megapolis,epcot,hersheypark,jurassicpark,dino,everland,dollywood,wildman
Theme Park Craft: Build & Ride 1.32
Roller Coaster Theme park in a blocky world. Become arollercoastermaster! Build, craft and create thrillingrollercoaster tracks, runyour own theme park and become a realtycoon! Building and craftinggame! Free game for teenage girls andboys! Rollercoasters,carousels, virtual reality rides! Build scarytracks in the rollercoaster simulator sandbox game! Create anytheme: clown or recreatean Orlando theme park! Theme park rider formobile! Use blocks andcraft items to make your park look awesome!Free building andcrafting games bring you Theme Park Craft. Createmedievalbuildings or modern skyscrapers. Creative game for creativegirls!Take your BFF and create a room for them! Another awesomegame!Building, exploration and designing. Design craft and simtycoongame! Craft for teenage girls and boys of any age! Make yourowntheme park with little unicorns (unicorn craft) or pony(ponycraft). Use pre-made elements like tracks, wagons. Set the hotdogor popcorn stands and start the theme park business!Invitefriends, sell tickets - make a business strategy! Createownadventure! Incoming Story mode! Simulator game with alittlebusiness strategy in a sandbox blocky world! Invite yourhighschool friends or create a spot for a perfect date (likecafeteria,little zoo or cinema). Place candy shop and pet mini zoofor theyoungest! Design and decorate the interiors (design craft).Build atiny choo-choo train tracks or massive rollercoaster!Building& crafting game with roller coasters! Ride a princesshorse!Sweet baby girls room decorated with funny cute kittensandstrawberries as a wallpaper. Ultra awesome pink andcolorfulfurniture. Design anything you want! Dragons and monsters!Goodgame for teens and adults as well! Cube sandbox world!Infinitedesign possibilities! Interact with animals - horse, panda,cutecats and other pets! Build simple! Craft whatever you want!PocketEdition game lets you create adventure craft game scenarios.Realchat - date guys! Talking to a real NPC (with chatbot)! Becomeacastle crafter! Crafting for girls and boys! Build yourdreamland!Features:building & crafting using blocksChat (talkto guys andgirls!)Dating (date craft) - meet the love of yourlifeExploration- sandbox world (infinite world)Girls craft mode(cutetextures)Teenage Boy craft modeTrain tracks builder Over400blocks, textures and elementsFurniture - interiordesignsimulatorFree game! Upcoming features:MultiplayerShooting(tanks,guns etc.)Car racing modeBlock world adventure mode
Baby Babsy Amusement Park 3D 16.0
Begin a new amazing adventure with Babsy the talking baby. Enterthetheme park with her and check out all the marvelousattractions.Walk Babsy around the park in order to reach thedifferentattractions. Take a ride on the bumper cars and try tohit as manyopponents and as often as possible to winthecompetition.Participate in an exciting boat race on thelittlelake. Hone your driving skills and win the race.Take a rideon abreathtaking rollercoaster and a fun.If you should feel alittlebit tired you can enjoy the view from the ferris wheel orwalk tothe magicians pavilion.The magician will entertain you bylettingastonishing surprises appear for you.If you like theme parkgames,simulator games, rollercoaster games, simulation games, fungamesor baby games in general then you will love Baby BabsyAmusementPark 3D!- - - Features: - - -✔ High quality 3D videographics✔Talking baby✔ Amusement and theme park with rollercoasteretc✔ Babygames✔ Baby run game with Babsy✔ One finger controljoystick✔ Jumpbutton to climb over some obstacles✔ The baby repeatseverythingyou say with a funny voice✔ Background music and sounds✔Games forchildren and the whole family - Games for boys and girlsand adultsof all agesBaby Babsy Amusement Park 3D is a funny andfree game!Download Baby Babsy Amusement Park 3D now and please rateit with 5stars if you like it.
Theme Park Fun Swings Ride 1.0
Heavy Gamers
Theme Park Fun Swings Ride is a fantastic day at the ThemeParkIsland and check out all the marvelous attractions. Spend yourdayoff in the amusement park.Enter the theme park island wheretheenjoyment is waiting for you in order to discover all thethrillingswings.Walk around the park in order to reach every singleplaceand fun point. Take a ride on your favorite swings likebumpercars, on the breathtaking rollercoaster, the nostalgicpiratesships or the elevator fall and many other amazingswings.What areyou waiting for? Join the fun! If you like fun gamesthis simulatoris made for you. Theme Park Fun Swings Ride is madewithrollercoaster and many other enjoyment points for amusement inthepark.Features✔ Entertaining Game✔ High quality 3D graphics✔Onefinger control joystick✔ Background music and sounds✔ Funforfamily & kids
Theme Park Slides Swings Builder: Construction Sim 1.0
Theme park slides swings builder is an unique addition in KidsFunStudio repairing, factory and building games scenarios. ThisSlideswing maker, designer and creator game is fun andentertainment forour factory games and house construction gameslovers. Littlerepairman and engineer! join the constructor crew tobuild a themepark and experience the real simulation of fixing,repairing andassembling water park slides. Little boys and girlslikes to have atour or school trip to amusement theme parks forenjoying theslides and swings there. Crazy builder and repairman! Anewconstruction company wants to build, design and decorateaplayground park in your little town. To make this happen theyneedan awesome and amazing engineer worker to assemble and fix themegawater slides. This builder and maker task is not easy you needthepark project in time to open the amusement playground for tripsandtours. Constructor! Be the part of the best constructionzonebuilding team and fix all the park. Theme park consists ofmultipleslides including wavy slide, water slide, tube slide andthe swingFerris Wheel. First fix and repair the water slide. To thebuild awater slide first you need to make the swimming pool forpartytime. After filling the swimming pool, it's time makinganddesigning water slide. Assemble the water slide part by partbyusing multiple welding tools. Paint the slide with differentcolorspaint.Constructor create structure of all slides includingwavyslide and tube slide by same assembling process. Now it's timetomake the Ferris Wheel using best engineer and constructorskills.Join all pods using modern mechanic and garage tools andequipment.Build and fix it the Ferris Wheel swing like you areworking in promechanic garage shop. Theme park slides swingsbuilder gamecontains multiple awesome mini games for more fun andcreativelearning activities. Mini games includes gathering soccerballs,using grass mower to clear the grass from garden lawn andrepairinga damaged swing just like a truck or car. Learn to uselawn grassmower and many other fun stuff in the top casual game.Now downloadthis theme park slides swings builder game and haveentertainingtime.
Water Park Craft: Waterslide Building Adventure 3D 1.9
Water slide & water park building simulator. Design andbuildthe best theme park with waterslides! Feel the uphill rushwhenyou're racing in a watery roller coaster! Build a fun park likeyoualways wanted! Now with blueprints to help you with the creationofthe craziest, most dangerous and fun water slides in thewholeworld!Have you ever wanted to own a water slide park? Becomeawater park tycoon and build a place where everyone canenjoyplaying among the world's craziest attractions!Construct waterparkgames, test them and unleash them on visitors! Your waterslideparkwill be bustling with happy clients when you'll stuff it fullofcrazy attractions. Hear the water's uphill rush on hugekamikazeslides, see people racing against themselves on theme parklikestunt tracks! The epic madness of waterslides and other gameswillblow your mind! Build your own world of fun - it's likebuilding aroller coaster park with water!Explore a beautiful islandworldwith sandy beaches and amazing tropical trees! Have a strollamongyour own creations or head out for exploration of aprocedurallygenerated world. Your waterslide park isn't all thatyou can create- you can even build a city of your own! Create aparadise landwith houses and tourist attractions and spend timethere! Waterslide building games are only the beginning of yourcrafting &building quest!Craft and use awesome water sliderides! This waterpark simulator allows you for uphill racing ondolphins, waterscooters and inflatable floating rings! Your waterpark slidingadventure has fun craftables for girls and boys!Anything you couldwant in a water theme park!Beach games where youcan craft andbuild a city, create your own waterslide park, ridedolphins onroller coaster-like water attractions? This is crazy!You couldlook for hours on the store to find another free buildinggameslike this. No need to search now - you've found the best waterparkgame right here! Create your own water slide attractions, buildawaterslide, explore a cute beach world. Download now!
Stuntman Run : Theme Park 1.2
Do you like stunts? Well, you’ll LOVE them in a rad theme park!Areyou ready to drop n’ roll?!Play as a stunting contestant inanobstacle course made for rebels and warriors! This is awipeoutgame full of theme park action and adventure run. Who willperformmaximum stunts without getting knocked out? Formidableandchallenging obstacles stand in your way; avoid pools ofwater,dodge windmills, jump over hurdles, tackle moving platforms,slideunder huge wrecking balls, and more! Run as fast as you cantofinish under minimal time.Select your favorite Hero Textureandcompete with others for victory and glory. Prove you are thesportsand stunts champion! This beautiful stunt arena isspeciallydesigned for you! Stuntman Run: Theme ParkFeatures:Interesting anddiverse 3D Characters to choose from.SmoothSwipe function tocontrol character.Numbers of exciting stuntsmissions tocomplete.Realistic 3D visual and cool soundeffects.Responsive,intuitive and Realistic Gameplay.Amazing running& jumpingAnimation.
Kids Park Repair: Amusement Playground Builder 1.0
Welcome to the world of amusement park building and repairingmania!Get ready for the time of your life, a theme park that willhave alot of fun placing rides like ferris wheels, slidey ride andmuchmore in the playing playgrounds with this sliding games. Itstime toenjoy all amusement park fun with your other friends. Butwait! Playground is all messy and dirty.. guess it needs amakeover. Butplaygrounds cannot go to salon spa which is why youwill have to getit back in shape as soon as possible. So kids,become the bestbuilder and repairer of playgrounds slidey forkids. Grab yourreparation tools and start renovating amusementwater park with yourprofessional skills. Little repair man! Startthis play groundcleaning and repairing the amusement park. Trashis all over theplace and playground needs a proper cleanup andwash. Little kidsshow some care and starts working in the playarea to make it clean.Playground wash is ground wash and salongame in which kids willlearn how to take care of parks andgrounds. Clear up the entiregarbage and rubbish and makeover theplaygrounds to complete yourduty in the slide game. Its time toshow your repair man skills allover again! Fix the slidey slideswith your all construction toolslike hammer, driller and nails.This really is a fun ride not onlywhile taking the slides andrides but also when you will berepairing them with the help oftechnicians, mechanics and plumber.Reparation mania never seems somuch fun! Repair these cartoonishslidey rides make this moreexperience more fun filled for kids.Enjoy this vacation time innew style by not only sliding throughslides but repairing andfixing them in sliding games. Download andenjoy this crazy slideyslide repair game and enjoy the bestmechanic and plumber repairingexperience
Welcome to Update 5.7.2 of the Europa-Park App!Thank you foryourratings and feedback! With your suggestions, we wereable tofixsmall bugs and further improve the app. In addition, therearethefollowing improvements:SUMMER MOODSummer is around the cornerandit’s not just nature, but also our app,that shines in itsnewsummer clothes.NEW 2018All the latest information on ournewattractions & shows, which will beopen for you fromSummer2018.We’re also looking forward to your feedback!Newideas,suggestions or criticism should always be, where we will receive your feedbackand getbackto you the quickest.
Ocean Park Hong Kong 3.3.1
Hong Kong’s premier theme park experience is now in App Store!Grabyour phone and get ready for a surprise - three newinteractivefunctions available on the upgraded Ocean Park Hong Kongapp, keyfeatures including:· Virtual Guided Tour: Enjoy locationbase videoand audio as you explore animal exhibits for a more funandin-depth visit!*· eScheduler: Pick your three favouriteattractionsand the app will help reserve the visit time for you toavoid longqueues!*· eCoupon: Access amazing discounts andprivilegesthroughout the park!*· Just a few clicks to get theshowing timeand information for various attractions and shows, youcould planyour visit in an efficient way!· Latest update with OceanPark’slatest events and offers!· Explore the park map with pins foryourquick references!· Transportation and other useful informationofOcean Park!*Some of the functionalities are only available whenyouconnect to the Wi-Fi in the ParkStay tuned for moreupdates!Download now and plan ahead to make the most of your stay!
Rollercoaster Mania 1.5.15
Noisy Duck
BUILD YOUR OWN AMUSEMENT PARK! IT'S FREE! Rollercoaster Mania -thesmash hit amusement park sim comes to Android!Build yourownamusement park with Rollercoaster Mania! Attract visitors withyourrollercoasters, feed them with your outlets, and keep themhappywith your entertainers. Can you run a successfulamusementpark?Think you can run a successful theme park? Are you abusinesstycoon?* Choose from loads of exciting roller coasters andothertheme park rides, including the classic Runaway Mine Train,and themassive Atlantis roller coaster.* Earn extra profits fromyouramusement park with shops and stalls.* Save money by feedingyourvisitors questionable ingredients. Watch out forvomit!*Personalize your theme park with our massive selectionofdecorations.* Visit your friends' parks to see how they aredoing.Help or hinder them!* Theme your park!* Keep yourvisitorsentertained with our array of costumed entertainers.Willyou be thebest? Can you be a roller coaster tycoon?
Theme Park Roller Coaster Ride 1.1
Buckle up, because you’ve got a ticket to fun! For the firsttimeever, steer a roller coaster in a thrilling theme park! Crosspathswith all kinds of wonderful scenery: seas, pools,mountains,fountains, and tunnels--all against the backdrop ofotherbreathtaking rides, like ferris wheels. Maneuver this crazymachinein the right direction to avoid obstacles at all costs; orelse…Can you make the passengers scream? Can you keep everyonesafe? Canyou park the vehicle with accuracy?Complete missions: witheverylevel, hills get steeper, speed accelerates, and the rollercoasterwill get more unstable. Speed down hills and swerve sharpcurves,all while maintaining balance. Perform cool stunts andflips; it’senough to make your stomach turn! Pick your coaster’sskin andspeed levels. Can you muster up the courage to takethechallenge?Theme Park Roller Coaster Ride Features: Intuitiveandaddictive game play! Challenging Missions! Directions andHints!Amazing 3D Graphics and Sound Effects! Interesting Scenariostocomplete!
Halloween Cat Theme Park 3D 2.0
Join Leo Catomy the cat at the Halloween theme park and checkoutall the marvelous attractions.Enter the theme park island bynightwhere the curious Cat is waiting for you in order to discoverallthe marvelous attractions.Walk the Cat around theilluminatedpumpkin park in order to reach the differentattractions. Take aride on the bumper cars, on the breathtakingrollercoaster, thenostalgic pirates ships or the elevator fall andmany othermarvelous attractions.If you should feel a little bittired you canenjoy the view from unmissable ferris wheel. What areyou waitingfor? Join the fun! If you like halloween games, scarygames, catsimulator, amusement park games, theme park games oranimal gamesin general then you will love Halloween Cat Theme Park3D! Enjoyhours of fun and laughter with Halloween Cat Theme Park3D! If youlike Halloween Cat Theme Park 3D then please rate LeoCatomy with 5stars. Thank you! - - - Features of Halloween CatTheme Park 3D: -- -✔ High quality 3D video graphics✔ One fingercontrol joystick✔Cool mini games like, match-3, air hockey, robotshooter, unblockpuzzle etc.✔ Background music and sounds✔ Fun forthe whole familywith Leo CatomyThe fun game Halloween Cat ThemePark 3D is a freeapplication. Download Halloween Cat Theme Park 3Dnow and have bigfun!
Cat Theme & Amusement Park Fun 16.0
Join Leo Catomy the cat at the theme park island and check outallthe marvelous attractions.Enter the theme park island wherethecurious Cat is waiting for you in order to discover allthemarvelous attractions.Walk the Cat around the park in ordertoreach the different attractions. Take a ride on the bumper cars,onthe breathtaking rollercoaster , the nostalgic pirates ships ortheelevator fall and many other marvelous attractions.If youshouldfeel a little bit tired you can enjoy the view fromunmissableferris wheel. What are you waiting for? Join the fun! Ifyou likecat games, cat simulator games, theme park games,rollercoastergames or amusement park games then you will love CatTheme &Amusement Park Fun. - - - Features: - - -✔ Funny Games✔Highquality 3D video graphics✔ One finger control joystick✔Backgroundmusic and sounds✔ Fun for the whole family with LeoCatomyIf yousearch for funny cat games, crazy cat games or best catgames thenCat Theme & Amusement Park Fun is the right game foryou!CatTheme & Amusement Park Fun is a free and funny game.DownloadCat Theme & Amusement Park Fun now and please rate LeoCatomywith 5 stars if you like it.
2048 Tycoon: Theme Park Mania 1.4.0
■ Amusement park tycoon game to enjoy by 2048 puzzle• New gamemixed2048 puzzle and tycoon games• We adopted the 2048 puzzlegameplaymechanic to make Tycoon games easy to operate on mobile.■Fun tocollect Various design rides and to expand theme park•Collectvarious rides of cute graphics.• Every time you moveblocks, you canget a variety of rides, attract more guests, earnmoney, andpurchase more fun rides with that money to expand yourown themepark.• The rides of various design will be updated.■Fairyland• 18kinds of play equipment were born in the fairy talebook!• Decoratea fairy tale theme park full of dreams and hopes.■Sale of AdRemoval & Package Items• Added a product thatremoves all ads inthe game.• In addition, check out the variouspackage items in thestore.[Features]• KILLING TIME GAME•INCREDIBLY FUN, SIMPLE ANDADDICTIVE• NO TIME LIMIT• NO LIFE LIMIT•NO WIFI? NO PROBLEM• FREETO PLAY FOR LIFE[Please note]1. All gamedata is lost if the app isdeleted.2. Has in-game purchases andadvertisements.3. 2048 Tycoonfor your smooth game play Thefollowing permissions arerequired.External save permission todownload the data needed forthe game[WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE,READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE]email :adgame@hotist.netThank you everyonefor your time and interest!Ifyou had fun, please spread the wordto your friends and leave areview.Your reviews help immensely withimproving the game!
Roller Coaster Simulator 2018
Roller Coaster Simulator 2016 is thelatestcrazy game of high speed and fun. Take control and start yourrealride to have fun.Ride a freaky roller coaster with realistic environment forfreewith optional in-apps. Roller Coaster Simulator games lookseasy toplay but gives you the realistic feel and experience.Thesurroundings and tracks will take you to hard breathtakingjourneywith thrilling moments to witness. Play and fall in lovewith thisaddictive roller coaster game.It’s unique and compatible with different smart phones. Enjoythereal and crazy amusement ride in simulator games. Playandexperience by yourself.Are you ready to take a crazy ride?Note: This game may contain In-app purchases and may alsocontainthird-party ads that may redirect you to a third-partysite.Thanks for your support and keep playing our games!
RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch 2.0.4
Atari, Inc.
Create, customize and rule your theme park kingdom inRollerCoasterTycoon® Touch™. "Easily the best RollerCoaster Tycoonexperiencesince RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 was released back in2004."GAMEZEBOPlay the #1 Theme Park Builder Game! Building,customizingand sharing your coolest park creations in beautiful 3Dgraphicshas never before been this fun or easy. Discover over200attractions including rides, roller coasters, restaurants,shops,decorations and more to build your dream park. Completefunmissions every day and weekly challenges to obtain rewardstoimprove your park, keep your peeps happy and make more money!Theinnovative, touch-control coaster builder allows youtoeffortlessly draw crazy and unique roller coasters.Personalizeyour park, express your creativity, pick your layout,customizecolors on all your attractions, and take pictures to sharewithyour friends. Your dream park awaits! Key Features:•ParkAttractions: Customize your dream park and delight guestsbychoosing from over 200 different rides, park decorations,paths,restaurants, shops, and more. All rides are beautifullyrenderedand animated in 3D! • Coaster Editor: Easily build crazycustomroller coasters. Customize trains, stations and tracks bysimplydrawing with one finger. Or you can directly placebeautifulpre-made coasters into your park using blueprints. •Customization:Use the powerful park editor to redesign your park atwill. Usepaths, fences and decorations to create themed sections.Change thecolor of your attractions by choosing from over 30various colors!• Park Management: Create a successful park bymaximizing peepsatisfaction level, park value and revenue. Setprices as you wishand launch marketing campaigns to bring in newguests! Trackeverything easily with the intuitive Park Managementscreen.• CardPacks: Create an amazing park by completing a widecollection of700 cards of various rarities: common, rare, epic, orlegendary!Level-up to unlock new cards, and open card packs everyday toobtain them. Complete daily missions, or visit the Card Shopto buynew cards. • Social Features: Visit your friends' parks andtradecards with them. Play with other players during seasonalevents andcoaster design challenges. COMPATIBILITYTHIS ISARESOURCE-INTENSIVE GAME FEATURING HIGH QUALITY 3D GRAPHICS.WECURRENTLY SUPPORT ANDROID PHONES AND TABLETS WITH AT LEAST1GbMEMORY, RUNNING ON ANDROID 4.4 OR LATER.Follow usonFacebook!!!!
Cat Theme & Amusement Ice Park 1.0
Join Leo Catomy the cat at the winter theme park and check outallthe marvelous attractions.Enter the theme park island wherethecurious Cat is waiting for you in order to discover allthemarvelous attractions.Walk the Cat around the snowy park inorderto reach the different attractions. Take a ride on the bumpercars,on the breathtaking rollercoaster, the nostalgic pirates’ships orthe elevator fall and many other marvelous attractions.Ifyoushould feel a little bit tired you can enjoy the viewfromunmissable ferris wheel. What are you waiting for? Join thefun! Ifyou like theme park games, simulator games, cat simulatorgames,rollercoaster games, simulation games or cat games in generalthenyou will love Cat Theme & Amusement Ice Park! - - -Features: -- -✔ High quality 3D video graphics✔ One finger controljoystick✔Cat game - cat games✔ Fun park - theme park - amusementpark✔Rollercoaster, bumper car, free fall, pirate ship, ferriswheel andmore✔ Cool mini games like, match-3, air hockey, robotshooter,unblock puzzle etc.✔ Background music and sounds✔ Fun forteenagersand adults of all ages with Leo CatomyCat Theme &Amusement IcePark is a free application. Download Cat Theme &Amusement IcePark now and please rate it with 5 stars if you likeit.
RollerCoaster Fun Park 3.44
Welcome to FunLand - the greatest amusement park and prepare forafull day of fun! Jump in the train and experienceadventurousroller coaster ride: enjoy fast speed, dangerous deathloops, steepdrops and sharp curves, beat funfair monsters, avoidburning steamand fire blasts, various obstacles and more!AWESOMEROLLERCOASTERSHop in your favorite amusement park train: Hot-Dog,RollerBlade, Bumper Car and Dragon and have fun in exciting themeparkattractions!CHALLENGING RAIL TRAILSJoin your friends and rideinadventurous funfair racing trails: ride on railroadconstructions,enjoy fast speed, dangerous death loops, steep dropsand sharpcurves, rise above the clouds and go down to the darkdungeons tobeat the monsters, avoid exploding barrels, burningsteam and fireblasts!DESIGNED FOR FAMILIESThis adventurous themepark game hasbig buttons, simple and kid-friendly game controls andit can beplayed by the whole family: tap GO button as quick as youcan todrive faster and click on the ACTION button to take anaction: turnon carousel, pop up clouds and shoot power balls at thedungeonmonster!EXCITING FUNLAND ATTRACTIONSRace in 12 challengingrollercoaster levels! Meet cute train drivers Frog, Bear and Foxwho areready to carry kids across the magic amusement park fullofexciting attractions!EDUCATIONAL VALUEThis adventurous themeparkracing game stimulates reaction, flexible thinking andcreativity,develops hand-eye coordination and self-control, it alsoimprovestask performance, problem solving and quick decisionmakingskills.ENTERTAINING GAMEEnjoy dynamic and interactive FunLandthemepark attractions, challenging levels, colorful game graphicsandcute animations, physics-based roller coaster drivingexperience,realistic voice-overs, great sound effects and excitingamusementpark style music!This is the best game for all young agekids. Sovisit the most amazing FunLand theme park and get readyforexciting roller coaster attractions with other girls andboys:enjoy fast ride, steep drops and sharp curves, run awayfromfunfair park monsters and beat anyone who passes yourway.NOTICEThis roller coaster game is completely free to play, butthegame also offers in-app purchases. CONTACT US Let us knowyouropinion about this adventurous FunLand amusement park game!Havingquestions? Need technical support? Contact usatsupport@tinylabproductions.comGet the latest games news andspecialoffers at:WEBSITE: http://www.tinylabkids.comFACEBOOK:
Theme Park Rider Online 1.2.7
※ The first, greatest network game in the universe. Go on ridesforfree with friends! ※ No more building rides and facilities!Justride and enjoy them together!※ Recommended for those whoenjoyrides and love theme parks.※ A fun game to go on rides withoutlongwaits and tiresome moving around at no cost. ★ Game Overview★ThemePark Rider Online is a game where you can enjoy variousthrillingand exciting rides for free with your friends from allaround theworld. If you are ready to leave reality and escape toafantasyland full of adventures and mysteries, explore thisfreeface-paced mobile game, “Theme Park Rider Online!” Go! Go! Go!★Game Features ★1. Popular rides such asrollercoasters,merry-go-rounds, bumper cars, gyro drops, flumerides, and manymore are all gathered here. The best free game toenjoy everythingat once.2. 5 different mysterious theme parksincluding magiccastle, ice kingdom, haunted island, the Wild West,and race towninvite all of you. 3. There are not only rides!Various attractionsare waiting for you: Giant Zone to transforminto a giant, ZeroGravity Zone to experience zero gravity in theuniverse, and DanceZone to dance with joy. Come and enjoy them! 4.Make your own cute,unique characters with more than 100 stylingitems such as a panda,Frankenstein, scream mask and hat, RC car,Optimus Prime cartransformation item, Santa costumes for limitedseason only, andmany others. 5. Anyone from those with acrophobia,the weak and theelderly who have a weak heart, short children, andto women afraidof scary things can all enjoy. No time to be bored.Have fun inDream Land with your friends! ★ Introducing Theme LandRides ★1.Magic Kingdom Attraction : Sky Adventure, Stunt Coaster,TwistRider, Magic Swing, Manic Karts(Bumper Car)2. FrozenLandAttraction : Frozen Coaster, Winter Carousel, Viking3. HorrorLandAttraction : Dynamic Ghost Train, Jet Scream, Panic Star4.WesternLand Attraction : Sand Blast, The Kraken, Hurricane Bat,MineBooster5. Racing Land Attraction : Mushroom Fly, Ferriswheel,Psyclone, Wild Drop Top
Baby Fun Park - Baby Games 3D 1.0
Enter the theme park island with Babsy the cute baby and checkoutall the marvelous attractions. If you like amusement parkgames,theme park games, simulator games, rollercoaster games,ferriswheel games or baby apps in general then you will love BabyFunPark - Baby Games 3D! Download Baby Fun Park - Baby Games 3Dnowand have a lot of fun! If you like Baby Fun Park - Baby Games3Dthen please rate it with 5 stars. Thank you!- - - Features ofBabyFun Park - Baby Games 3D: - - -✔ Rollercoaster game, bumpercargame, go cart game, ferris wheel game etc.✔ Very nice Amusementandtheme park environment✔ High quality 3D video graphics✔Amusementand theme park with rollercoaster, bumper cars, go kartraces,ferris wheel and more✔ Baby games✔ One finger controljoystick✔Background music and sounds✔ Games for children and thewholefamily - Games for boys and girls and adults of all agesBabyFunPark - Baby Games 3D is a funny and free game. Download BabyFunPark - Baby Games 3D now and you will have big fun!
Roller Coaster Simulator - Fun Train Ride 1.0.0
A brand new roller coaster ride is awaiting in theme park forrollercoaster games lovers. The uphill and down hill adventurewhere youexperience the real fear while you slide uphill and downhill onnarrow impossible roller coaster tracks in this free RollerCoasterSimulator - Train Ride simulator game. Are you ready forthrillingroller coaster rush in Roller Coaster Simulator - TrainRide? If youare looking for fun & adventure slide rush thenwelcome to theroller coaster world in Roller Coaster Simulator -Train Ride. Thereare many roller coaster games but this rollercoaster ride adventurewill give you slide rush and goosebumps. Youwill feel the world isupside down on the roller train. You shouldbe a good roller coastertrain driver because the roller driving islike driving the trainsimulator 2017. So do you have what it takesto be on uphill rushrollercoaster adventure ride. The businessroller coaster tycoon wasinterested in starting a theme park inthis city so he had investedmoney to build a roller coaster themepark in the city. For rollercoaster tycoon the roller diving ismore a money roller. Theunstoppable uphill rush of rollercoastersimulator will make you gocrazy in thrilling fun adventure inRoller Coaster Simulator - TrainRide. Roller coaster games are oneheck of fun super slide adventurefun. You will feel the superslide rush on impossible rollertrails.Roller coaster simulator isalways full of fast drivingadventure ride that is thrilling andscary. It’s like a traindriving in which you drive the rollertrain up the impossible tracksand give adventure ride to theriders on it. Train driving simulatorhas been dominating for along time but rollercoaster simulator 2017has marked its space inthe train simulator games. Drive the mostadventure Roller coastersimulator ride in your favorite theme parkagainst the best coasterdriver in the city. This Roller CoasterSimulator Train Ride takeriders on the verge of extreme adventure.The super slide is toolong way impossible track and becomesunstoppable in the uphillrush ride. In the heart of theme parkroller train is the mainsuper slide that seek the attention ofroller coaster rider fans.The scary screams of rider when riding onroller coaster gives areal feeling of adventure fun in RollerCoaster Simulator TrainRide.So what are you waiting for? Instead ofother roller coastergames download Roller Coaster Simulator - TrainRide. Therollercoaster business man tycoon is waiting for you all.It’s timeto get his money roller up in the super slide. Whiledriving theroller train on the impossible tracks, be sure of sharpturns andwhich way to make a turn. It’s like a train driver drivingtheroller train on the impossible tracks. The slide rush inRollerCoaster Simulator - Train Ride will take you on the tracksofadventure. Many tycoon games are in the industry but unlikethose,Roller Coaster Simulator - Train Ride uphill rush and sliderushwill make your heart pump really fast!Features:• Amazing3Denvironment in theme park• Challenging stages of rollercoasterride• Real life sound effects has been implemented•Challengingmissions that blow your mind away• Feel like in realamazing rollercoaster
Roller Coaster Train Simulator 1.91
Simulator of train in amusement park! Drive train like machinistona roller coaster! Railroad in theme park under yourcontrol!Transport passengers and become a roller coaster tycoon!Rollercoaster is one of the most popular attractions in the world!Onlyattentive train driver cope with speed, height and dangerousturns.Ride people on the slides, earn money and improve thetrain!Controlthe train from the driver's cab is an exciting andthrill activitywhen you ride the roller coaster! Check your nerves!The railway iswaiting!Warning! Roller Coaster Train Simulator isdesigned for funand entertainment! Real machinist cabin may lookdifferent.
Pinypon Parks
Download the new Pinypon videogame! Have fun creating yourownamusements park, get your Pinypons onto a bunch ofattractions,like for instance the roller coaster, the bumper carsand thehaunted house, and make them slide down the aquaticrides.PinyponParks include:- Wonderful graphics full of color andmovement.-Easy fun playability suitable for all. - A whole bunch ofdifferentattractions to be unblocked.- Online score rankings forthe bestplayers.
RollerCoaster Tycoon® 4 Mobile 1.13.3
Atari, Inc.
RollerCoaster Tycoon® 4 Mobile™ is a free-to-play game withanaddictive mixture of strategic planning and simulation. Basedonthe beloved RollerCoaster Tycoon® franchise, this game takesmanyof the fan-favorite features from the original PC games andbringsthem to mobile. Create and share your theme park,constructincredible roller coasters, and become the ultimateTycoon!Ourlatest update includes several awesome new features:-Multiparks -Players now have the ability to build multiple parks,and buildthose parks in different environments! - World Map - AbeautifulWorld Map mode allows players to travel between theirparks andones made by their closest friends, as well as access ourScenarioand Corporation Modes! - Scenarios - Test out your Tycoonskills inthis set of all new park-development challenges. Getexperiencepoints to win tickets and coins! - Corporation Mode -Compete withother RCT4M players to attract the most tourists toyour park! Thisnew mode allows for direct competition with otherplayers for afun, new way to prove you're the biggest Tycoon outthere! - CameraRotation - By popular request, we added the abilityto rotate yourpark map around and see it from new angles!- WaterTiles - We addeda new water tile to the game allowing you todecorate your parkwith rivers, lakes, and more!Having any problems?Any suggestions?We would love to hear from you! You can reach us atour supportcenter by going to Visit Follow us onFacebook: And onTwitter: A network connectionisrequired to play.• FREE-TO-PLAY• Intuitive RollerCoaster Editor•20pre-designed coasters• Customize your theme park withdifferentattractions, restaurants, businesses, concession stands,hotels anddecorations• Play Slots mini-games within your park•Unlock newmaterials to construct cooler, faster and tallercoasters• Growyour economy by creating the ultimate amusement park•Connect withfriends• Share roller coaster blueprints
Roller Coaster Train Simulator 3D 1.2
Simulator of train in amusement park continues! Drive trainlikemachinist on a roller coaster in 3D! Railroad in theme parkunderyour control again! Like 3d games? Give passengers newportions ofadrenaline and become a roller coaster tycoon! Continueto explore3D roller coaster - one of the most popular attractionsin theworld! Only attentive train driver cope with rush on uphilland anddangerous turns. Ride people on the 3d slides and getadrenaline!Earn money and improve theme park train!Control thetrain from thedriver's cab is an exciting and thrill activity whenyou ride theroller coaster! Check your nerves again! 3d game andrailway ofamusement park is waiting!Warning! Roller Coaster TrainSimulator 2is designed for fun and entertainment! Real machinistcabin maylook different.
Roller Coaster Train Simulator 3 1.5
Welcome to our amusement park one more time! Enjoy the rideonattractions of our theme park driving your crazy train and havefunwith Roller Coaster Train Simulator 3 – the great gift for allwholoves railway simulators!Control the wagon of your little trainasa real machinist and get ready to action! Transfer yourpassengersthrough sharp turns and strangle loops, feel theadrenaline pumpinginside your veins and face the uphill rush!Earnpoints and unlocknew attractions for your amusement park or wagonsfor your rollercoaster train!If you love thrilling games or traindrivingsimulators, you'd love the new generation game of rollercoastertrain sim series!Roller Coaster Train Simulator 3 features:-Thesequel of famous game series- New trains and rails foryourpleasure- New missions and attractionsRide over the downhillsanduphills of the theme park as the roller coaster train driverandhave fun with Roller Coaster Train Simulator 3!
Amusement park: mini games 1.0.8
We invite you and your kids to our wonderful park! Plunge intothewonderful and fascinating world of entertainment and fun withournew game for kids - "Amusement park: mini games".Here you willfindfascinating and interesting attractions that will createtheatmosphere of a real park. Imagine there is no longer a queueinwhich you need to wait, you do not need to think about what gametoplay, you do not need to pay money, and most importantly, youdonot need to wait until a real amusement park arrives in thecity.The entire children's amusement park is represented in ournewexciting game.But, before you get into the park you are waitingfora small, not very pleasant adventure. On the way with you happenanaccident, and you, as an experienced repairman, will have torepairyour car in order to continue your journey.Well, thechildren'spark itself will give you a lot of fun and positive. Hereyou cancheck your accuracy in the real dash, fish, play in theslotmachine and much more. Also you are waited by remarkable snacks-sweet cotton wool and popcorn. Hardly anyone refuses suchatreat.Playing in our amusement park, you and your baby will getalot of fun and can really enjoy the atmosphere of a realamusementpark, and sound effects and excellent design will provideanopportunity to experience the most realisticsensations.Oureducational games for children can help your child ina playful wayto develop attention and observation, fine motorskills and memory,through the game to get a lot of other necessaryskills.All youneed is free to download our games for girls and boysand go toreceive a lot of joy and positive in an interestingandentertaining park for children.Be sure to visitour and also we areat:Youtube:
Water Slide Amusement Park: Uphill Rush Adventure 1.0.19
The present water slide amusement is with zero gravity and itislike a full-fledged feast for the kids who are accustomed oftheroller coaster that they avail in the amusement park of thefinelyand well-tuned amusement park games. This game has beendevelopedby keeping in concern all the fundamental and basic needsof thekids of amusement park rides games who are in the habitofperforming different traits of their personalities at asingleplace without much bothering like the adventure slide oftheswimming pool along with spectacular and electrifying actionsofthe difficult beach stunts followed by the crazy stunts ofparkgames for kids. It is multifaceted with multidimensionalfeaturesat all levels of concerns of sliding games for kids as itattractsand repels the curiosity and craze of a large number ofkids of funpark who are with different mentalities as the action ofthis slideadventure provides an outlet to almost all of them inthis way orthe other in this theme park which is purely anunmatched additionin the park games. The extraordinary action ofthis newly evolvedepisode of theme park games is more arduous andexploratory fromthe impossible track which the player has to travelon during thecourse of action in the stereo type impossible tracksof rideadventure. To be the part of this roller coaster game isjust liketo enter in the Park Island where the kids have all whatthey wantand desire to have with an easy access and without doingsome extraeffort like realistic slide adventure, tricky water boat,mindblowing water racing, curvy and zigzagging water slide andstate tothe art water surfing. Apart from this long list of thedifferentavailabilities, this water slide simulator has much morefor thekids of summer sports games who really want to relishtheirappetite as water surfer as there are a series of uphillwaterslides which are unique in their placement with many otherwaterslides of rollercoaster games. The kids can relish themselvesfromdifferent kinds of rides in this water park which all areverytricky and full with different simulations of slide games.There ispendulum ride with zero gravity where the player can swinghimselfas he is hanging like a pendulum of water sports. Bumperboats anddrop tower of water park games are also at the choice ofthe playerand he can even go forward from these rides and can enjoythe waterride and mechanical bull of water racing games. This listends nothere as the player has train ride and swing boat which hecanselect as the future course in this water splash of waterslidegames. After undergoing the exploit and ambiances of thisgame, thekids will forget the static and boring experience whichthey usedto confront in the roller coaster and swimming pool oftraditionalwater slide games. Come and be the part of this ecstasyand availthe opportunity to adore the latest and the mostgroundbreakingsavor of water sports games.
Princess Fun Park And Games 3.0
Enter the theme park island where the beautiful princess iswaitingfor you and check out all the marvelous attractions.WalkthePrincess around the park in order to reach thedifferentattractions. Take a ride on the bumper cars and try to hitas manyopponents as often as possible to win the competition.Entertheracing circuit for an astonishing go kart race. Hone yourdrivingskills and win the races.Take a ride on abreathtakingrollercoaster or on the elevator fall and have fun.Ifyou shouldfeel a little bit tired you can enjoy the view from theferriswheel or take a ride on the tourist train.In case youbecomenostalgic, you will have the opportunity to play old fashiongameswith the arcade machines.If you like princess games, girlgames,amusement park games, theme park games, simulatorgames,rollercoaster games, ferris wheel games or princess apps ingeneralthen you will love Princess Fun Park And Games! DownloadPrincessFun Park And Games now and have a lot of fun! If you likePrincessFun Park And Games then please rate it with 5 stars. Thankyou!- -- Features of Princess Fun Park And Games: - - -✔Rollercoastergame, bumper car game, go cart game, ferris wheel gameetc.✔ Verynice Amusement and theme park environment✔ High quality3D videographics✔ One finger control joystick✔ Jump button to climboversome obstacles✔ Mini games: Joe bounce, unblock, and match-3,etc.✔Background music and sounds✔ Fun for the whole familyPrincessFunPark And Games is a free application. Download and playPrincessFun Park And Games now!
Pirate Island Amusement & Theme Park 1.0
Begin a new amazing adventure with Babsy the talking baby. Enterthepirate theme park with her and check out all themarvelousattractions and funny things to explore.Walk Babsy aroundtheisland in order to reach the different attractions. Take a rideonthe bumper cars and try to hit as many opponents and as oftenaspossible to win the competition.Take a ride on abreathtakingrollercoaster or a pirate boat trip and have fun.If youshould feela little bit tired you can enjoy the view from theferris wheel orlittle villages.If you like theme park games, pirategames,rollercoaster games, simulation games, fun games or babygames ingeneral then you will love Pirate Island Amusement Park!- --Features: - - -✔ High quality 3D video graphics✔ Babsybaby✔Amusement and theme park with rollercoaster etc✔ One fingercontroljoystick✔ Jump button to climb over some obstacles✔ FunnyGames toplay✔ Pirate island with a lot of things to explorePirateIslandAmusement Park is a funny and free game! Download PirateIslandAmusement Park now and please rate it with 5 stars if youlike it.
Baby Panda's Carnival - Christmas Amusement Park
For more videos, subscribe to BabyBus onYouTube!►► Merry Christmas! Baby Panda'sChristmasAmusement Park is coming soon, can you give a hand topanda Kikiand help him make some Christmas preparations and holdvarioustheme parties? Come on, join Baby Panda's Carnival!Jinglebells,jingle bells, Jingle all the way! Children's long-awaitedChristmasis coming! Look! Santa Claus is appearing with amazingChristmasgifts! Come and find Santa Claus, joining the carnival ofwonderfulChristmas parties! Decorate your own Christmas tree withChristmasballs, ribbon, bells, the gingerbread man and otherdecorations!Little friends, are you ready for the Christmasparty?Awesome!Christmas Amusement Park is filled with Christmasdecorations,colorful lights, other Christmas decorations and more!Baby pandaKiki and his friends are playing interesting Christmasgames here!Come and join them! Poke a mole, catch dolls, make yummyspunsugar, Ferris wheel,shatter golden eggs and manyotheramusement rides would blow your mind away. Which one do youwant tostart with? Funny Christmas Amusement Park&Carnivalgames:*New! Look for Santa Claus to get mysteriousChristmas gifts:funny dolls, toys, bow knot, Christmas greetingcard and more!*New!Decorate your own Christmas tree with bestfriends: Christmasballs, ribbon, bells, the gingerbread man andmore! *Aim at therats that run out of the ground and hit themquickly. Don't hit thebomb!*Move the rocker, aim at the Christmastoys you like, clickthe button, and grab the dolls. Bingo! You didit!*Various flavorsof popcorn: mango, blueberry, chocolate andmore! Choose yourfavorite flavor, start the machine and makepopcorn on yourown!*What's in the gold egg? Try to openit!Surprising Gifts arewaiting for you!*Help! The little duckscan't find their home! Movethe water gun around and help them gohome!*Fishing in theChristmas Amusement Park is a fun thing! Dragthe fishing rod,pointing the hook at the small fish's open mouth,and surprise!You’ll catch various cute fishes!Features of BabyPanda'sCarnival:- New Christmas decorations and strongChristmasatmosphere for kids to feel!- 9 fun carnival games tobrighten upyour day!- Enjoy the carnival of amusement park indoor.No morewaiting, no money cost. Awesome!- Design yummy snacks andfood ofvarious flavors all by yourselves!- Well-designed scenes,dynamicnursery rhymes and dreamy Christmas Amusement Park willfeast youreyes!About BabyBus—————At BabyBus, we dedicate ourselvestosparking kids' creativity, imagination and curiosity,anddesigningour products through kids' perspective to help themexplore theworld on their own. Now BabyBus has offered a widevariety ofproducts, videos and other educational content for 250million fansaged 0-8 around the world! We have produced more than150children's educational games, 700 children's songs, andanimationsof various themes spanning the arts, health, andscience.—————Contact us: ser@babybus.comVisit us:
Water Slide Downhill Park Rush 1.1.4
Join in to enjoy the fun filled world of Big splash on waterslidein the amusement park! Get in the Water park bus and ridearoundthe amusement park of the aquatic world. Be the brave diverandswimmer and take the Water slide and water splashing intheworld-famous amusement park with water racing simulation fun.Thekids are excited to ride around the amusement park and selecttheirfavorite rides to kill their adrenaline rush in watersplashing!Get into the Excited ride of the amusement park bus andstarttaking the tour of the crazy park rides. Select your favoriterideof water slide or giant downhill waterslide of Extreme waterslideor you can also ride the dinky cars in the park. Enjoy theeadventurous and dangerous waterslide fun and collect coins. Dosomediving in the water racing game and get out of water as anaquaman.Water Slide Downhill Park Rush Features:• Select yourfavoritecharacter from boy or girl.• A big swimming pool where youcan dodiving, swimming and water splashing.• Enjoy the rides ontheslides and water slide in the sliding games. • You can doboatingby using the boat present in the lake.• Enjoy the excitingandthrilling environment in the amusement park. • Roam around inthebus to see your favorite rides in the water world.• Selectyourfavorite dinky cars and drive around in the driving area. •Takewater slides in the water world and 2 giant slides fullofexhilarating fun. • Collect coins in the water racingsimulationgame.• Make highest score among the swimmers and thedivers. WaterSlide Downhill Park Rush Game Controls:• Go to thepark and sitinto the bus to enter the amusement park. • Use thecontrols of thebreak and left right movements to move around in thepark. • Go tothe water slide in the simulation water and collectcoin.• You canjump and dive in the simulation water uphill rush. •Drive thedinky cars and dodging cars in the amusement park. • Usecontrolson screen of the break, race, front back and gayer to moveanddrive the car. • Use the sitting control to sit into the bus.•Enjoy the rides in the water racing and water world.
Baby Snow Park Winter Fun 2.0
Enter the winter theme park with Babsy the baby and check outallthe marvelous attractions. Walk Babsy around the snowy parkinorder to reach the different attractions. Take a ride on thecoolbumper cars and try to hit as many opponents as often aspossibleto win the competition.Enter the racing circuit for anastonishinggo kart race. Sharpen your driving skills and win theraces.Take aride on a breathtaking rollercoaster or on thehellevator and havefun.If you should feel a little bit tired youcan enjoy the viewfrom the ferris wheel or take a ride on thetouristic train.In caseyou should become nostalgic, you will havethe opportunity to playold fashion games with the arcademachines.If you like theme parkgames, simulator games,rollercoaster games, simulation games, fungames or amusement parkgames in general then you will love BabySnow Park Winter Fun! Enjoyhours of fun, action and adventure withBaby Snow Park Winter Fun!If you like Baby Snow Park Winter Funthen please rate it with 5stars. Thank you!- - - Features of BabySnow Park Winter Fun: - - -✔Amusement and theme park withrollercoaster, bumper cars, go kartraces, ferris wheel and more✔Baby games✔ High quality 3D videographics✔ One finger controljoystick✔ Jump button to climb oversome obstacles✔ Mini games: Joebounce, unblock, and robot crossroad.✔ Background music andsounds✔ Fun for the whole familyThis fungame is a free app!Download Baby Snow Park Winter Fun now!
Real Super Hero Water Slide Uphill Amusement Park 1.0.5
Wet yourself into the thrilling slides of water slide games toshowyour buddies the fulfillment of your childish desires beingthespider hero of this waterslide game. Water is the symbol of lifesothis present waterslide rush of super hero games is itsrealsource. Join this waterslide racing of amusement park gamestocreate the atmosphere of private pool party. The presentslidesimulator requires extra cares about the obstacles ofwaterslideracing games. See super heroes who are busy in performingthe waterstunts of water slide swimming pool games. Be the waterslide heroto have the real and live taste of water racing in thesuperherowater park.This present sensational water slide breaksthetraditions of the slide games with the entry of a large varietyofthe superheroes of superhero all games with their all powersandknacks. The availability of the long list of the heroes ofthesuperhero game including flexible bat hero, tricky rope hero,boldhammer hero, pithy ant hero, solid iron hero and strongcaptainhero makes it a real adventure game. Make your choice out oftheseand be the super hero and perform different water stunts ofthewater slide game. It is on your shoulders to be either thespiderhero or the monster hero of super hero games to enjoy theaction ofwater park games. In this water park, there are varietiesofdifferent slides with a lot of thrilling and sensational curvesandbends and to be in the slide of waterslide games is your task.Thewater slide ride is full with many hurdles which are theretodisturb your progress in this water slide sliding water game.Youhave to act like a real spider hero of the superhero games astheslides are the real test of your strong natural aptitudes ofwaterslide free games. It is your right decision to be the part ofthisexpedition and this waterslide game will offer you arealisticbreak from the boredom of your artificial life. Don’t gohere andthere and come straight to become the part of thiswaterslidesimulator and enjoy the slides as a young manofteenage.Features:Natural park adventure.Realistic waterslidepool.Adventurous water slide amusement park.Sensationalslideadventure.Pure water slide adventure game.Waterslide ride intheform of waterslide race.Adventure park with slide uphill andslidedownhill.Water slides with the backup of water surfing.Getreadyfor water slide ride game to experience the uphill adventurewithAmusement park rides of the super hero games with the additionofdownhill rush and uphill park of the water slide games.
Candy's Carnival 1.0
Tah-Daaah! Our sweetheart Candy is back with her amazingamusementpark. Roller coaster, ferris wheel, merry-go-round, bumpercar,karting and many other amusement rides would blow your mindaway.Which one do you want to start with? Oh wait, you need to buyaticket first. And also deposit your valuables at the leftcounterso that you can immerse yourself in the games. Well, goodskill andpatience will contribute to gaining more precious lovinghearts,with which you can exchange for chances to play the toyclawmachine. Sounds great, huh? Let's go have some fun inthiscarnival.How to play:Open the game and release your passionforcarnival. How about starting with the roller coaster? Justchooseone from all those colorful and stylish roller coasters tokick offthe thrilling trip. That's the most exciting moment whenthe rollercoaster is downhill, you can press and hold the screen togive it awhirl. During the game, beautiful fireworks will feastyour eyesand high-speed camera will capture your expressions. Don'tforgetto check the funny screaming faces after the game. Next,let's trythe romantic ferris wheel. Tap the screen at the rightmoment tohelp tourist get on board and be careful not to let themfall intowater. Hey, look at the beautiful ferris wheel in thenight, let'sadorn it with beautiful lights and fireworks. When thecolored ballor bar reaches the bottom and aligns with the circularmark, youcan tap the screen to turn on the lights or set offfireworks. Ifyou can make more combos, you'll see an amazing ferriswheel nightshow. Come and join Candy, our little girl neverdisappoints you.Features:- 16 fun-filled games get you indulged in-Well-designedscenes feast your eyes- Enjoy toy claw game andcollect items toyour heart's content- Try to complete as manyachievements as youcan- Get Candy all dressed up as you wishAboutLibii Game:With over400 million downloads and growing, Libii iscommitted to creatinginnovative games for kids. We'll keep workingon establishing agood relationship with both parents and theirchildren and bringinga healthy, happy atmosphere for them.Visitus: us:Got anyideas?Suggestions? Need technical support? Please feel free tocontact us24/7 at WeCare@libii.comNeed You Know:This app is totallyfree todownload and play, some basic items are also free to use,but someadditional items need you to purchase and pay to unlock.Therefore,if you do not want to use these items, please turn offthe in-apppurchase in your settings. Thanks.
Amusement Theme Fun Park 3D 1.0
Amusement theme park is a simulator of the world classbestamusement parks around the world.You can enjoy the amusementparkrides and stunts right from your pocket. All the rides are freeandit has best view of all the rides. Realisticlookingenvironment.Easy to use and simple UI.So enjoy your amazingthemepark here.
Map for Minecraft DisneyPark 1.2
This one of the best theme parks for minecraft pe you can evercomeacross which is specifically created for Minecraft PocketEdition.In the map you will find lots of different mcpe attractionssuch asroller coasters and even the Cinderella fairy tale castlefor mcpe.No matter whether you have or haven’t been to a DisneyParkI highlyrecommend this map as it’s a very well built and detailedmap!Haveyou always wanted to experience the fun combination ofyourfavorite characters and sheer happiness? In this minecraft mapallthat is possible as you will be going to DisneylandMCPE –inMinecraft!No third party app needed like Blocklauncher,MCPEMasteror Pocket MCPE ManagerEverything is done in oneclick.Eachminecraft map has a title, description and screenshot soyou knowwhat to expect before downloading them into pocketedition.Here youwill be able to feel what it’s like to enter thehaunted house, sayhi to heroes and a couple of other fun things inminecraft pe.DisneyPark is in not affiliated with any professionaltheme park orcompany that owns any percentage of any of thecurrently builttheme parks.Also you can select bonus texture packfor mcpe.Look atour best mods for mcpe and minecraft pe maps in ourdeveloperprofile.This is an unofficial map for Minecraft Pe.Thisapplication is intended for educational purposes only. Thismcpemap for Minecraft is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB.TheName, Brand and the Assets are all property of Mojang AB ortheyrespectful owner. All rights reserved.
Knott's Berry Farm 7.6.1
The official, redesigned Knott's Berry Farm app! Get more outofevery day at the park with ride wait times for your favoriterides,an interactive guide map that will help you find the fastestrouteto any place in the park, easy access to your FunPix photos,acomplete listing of all the entertaining shows andevents,including show times, so you won’t miss a minute of theaction. Buytickets or store your Season Pass on your phone andreceive specialoffers and discounts only available to app users.Everything youneed to make your day at Knott's Berry Farm the bestday ever!Theapp uses your location to keep you up to date withoffers, eventsand activities relevant to your location. Continueduse of GPSrunning in the background can dramatically decreasebattery life.
Roller Coaster 3D 6.9
Timuz Games
Roller Coaster the most popular attraction in the world! Feelandlive through the excitement of riding a roller coaster. Controlthecoasters speed of the rides and be careful to slow downwhilemaking sharp turns and at intersections! Chase the adrenalinerushas you drop from the skies and make loops and whiz throughatlightning speeds. Quickly start your engine at the amusementpartand expressing your Tycoon creativity. This rollercoasteradventure ride is sure to drive you crazy and fill you withtheultimate thrill! Enter this realistic 3D simulation toexperiencethe coaster games madness in your fingertips!Rollercoasters 3Dsimulator free game is to check your skills and control.Thissimulation allows you to control the speed to keep it ontrack.Don't put your passengers lives in danger. The surroundingsandtracks will take you to hard breathtaking journey with thrilling3dgraphics. Are you ready to make some adventures drive?Thendownload "Roller Coaster 3D" now. This ride is most enjoyablethanother riding roller coaster games.Game Controls :Left Buttontomake your roller-coaster turns (Left and Right)Right Buttonforspeed controls(Top for acceleration, Down to brake)Features :Freeto play gameRealistic Physics.Smooth Game controlsComplete3DenvironmentReal simulation experienceMany coasters toupgradeLotsof fun and challenging levels.If you face any problemswhileinstallation or while playing this game, please report to us.Wewill resolve it at the earliest.Follow usonFacebook!!
Real Water Slide Superhero Amusement Park Stunts 1.0.5
Waterslide game of super hero games offers new water slidegameswhere you experience waterslide racing with true spiritofwaterslide racing games in new waterslide rush of amusementparkgames. Feel the real slide simulator of waterslide game withthesuper heroes.Make sure that during this new waterslide gameepisodeof water slide games, you are away from dangerous objects ofsuperhero games. Take new slides as water slide hero of waterslideswimming pool games. During this slide adventure of superheroWaterPark, you have water stunts with the water racing ofAdventurePark. Join this new world and go up and down as bat heroin thedownhill rush of water slide in the water park of superherogame.Act as the rope hero of slide games in this thrillingparkadventure of superhero all games.Enjoy the water surfing ashammerhero and clear all the stages of the adventure game in averycommanding manner. Leave your all aimless tasks of water parkgamesand make yourself ready for the new sensation of thewaterslidegames as ant hero and avoid all sorts of tricky crashingagainstthe hurdles during slide downhill and slide uphill in thisnewepisode of uphill adventure. During the course of action ofthiswater slide ride, you have an open opportunity to show yourinnertalents of amusement park rides with very high and dignifiedUphillPark.Be very careful to enjoy the lasting twists of waterslideamusement park and play this game as the super hero in anepicstyle. You can avail in this water slide ride game which youdesirefor in the adventure world of riding games. Come and rushinto thewater slide pool as the monster hero and avail thefuturisticpleasures by performing different slides which willsurely refreshyour childhood memories during water slide slidingwater game.Clench the grips of this waterslide race as the clawhero and enjoymany sided summer views in this waterslideride.Features:Marvelousadventure with electrifying rides.Excitingand inspiringfeatures.Paradise for adventure lovers.Place ofrefreshing thechildhood summer memories.Realistic 3d camera viewwith perfectguidelines for the player.Mind blowing episodes toboast the crazeof the player.Exciting fun simulation with a lot offun andfroliq.Full entertainment in the form of real adventure.Playthiswaterslide game of super hero games and attest the authorityofyour past strengths of water slide adventure game. Duringthiswaterslide simulator of superhero games, you can take muchmorepleasure from traditional water slide free games.
Theme Park Fun Swings Ride 2 1.0
Heavy Gamers
After Theme Park Fun Swings Ride Game Heavy Gamers offers ThemeParkFun Swings Ride 2.Buckle up, because you’ve got a ticket tofun!Ride and maneuver swings at your own speed! For the first timeever,operate and ride swings at your own choice in a thrillingthemepark! Maneuver crazy machines in the right directionentertainyourself and others. Can you make the passengers scream?Can youkeep everyone safe? Can you show your skills in this crazythemepark crafts ride?Spend a fantastic day in the Theme Park Gameandcheck out all the marvelous attractions. Have your day off intheamusement park.Theme park craft swing ride game is all aboutyourentertainment. Enter the theme park island where the enjoymentiswaiting for you in order to discover all the thrilling swings.Kidsare waiting for holiday. Spend your holiday in amusement parkwithgreat fun and joy. Walk around the park in order to reacheverysingle place and fun point. Take a ride on your favoriteswings likebumper cars, on the breathtaking rollercoaster, thenostalgicpirates ships or the elevator fall and many otheramazingswings.Don’t worry if no one is there to drop you to theamusementpark where you can have fun swing rides. Get a taxicab andreach tothe amusement park. Taxi driver is waiting for passengers,justwalk out of home and reach to Fun Park where theme park craftsandcreations are waiting for you. There is a rush of childrenandkids. Everyone is rushing to his early turn.Hurry up! Buyyourticket from ticketing counter and get a fun ride inautomatedswings.Do you like taxi games? This is a crazy taxi gameas wellwhere you are a taxi driver. Drive your crazy taxy aroundthe city.Pick passenger children and drop them on the gate ofamusementpark. Children are waiting to get back to home, drive forthosechildren and help them to reach home. Steer the wheels ofautomatedcrazy taxi with realistic steering controls.Free game forgirls andboys! Rollercoasters, spinning wheel, Cliffhanger andcarousels,virtual reality rides! Enjoy scary tracks in this rollercoastersimulator swing ride game. Theme park rider for mobile andtab!There is a scene of fun-fare and craft day at your park. Getreadyto look awesome and have fun! Spend your time with friends;hangout all the day at theme park. Intuitive and addictivegameplay!Challenging Missions!Directions and Hints!Amazing 3DGraphicsand Sound Effects!Interesting Scenarios tocomplete!EntertainingGameHigh quality 3D graphicsOne finger controljoystickBackgroundmusic and soundsFun for family & kids
Craft & Ride: Roller Coaster Builder 1.15
Manage your own amusement park! Like any other fun park, ithasdifferent attractions, and main course is the amazingrollercoaster! With our roller coaster game you can build your owntraintracks, and test it with your crazy train from the machinistpointof view!Make your own Montaña Rusa (Russian slides) – bright,wildand fast! Each level of out rollercoaster tycoon is a realpuzzle –so, test your skills and complete it all! Add sharp turns,deadloops, uphills and dowhills to your attraction! Don't be scaredofcrashes – just put your roller train back on rails and try onemoretime!If you love roller coaster simulation games, you'd lovethisapp! Earn points to unlock hints, new train activities (POVorthird-person view), new branches of railroad or new wagons!Improveyour own theme park, ride on the rollercoaster train andhave funwith our roller coaster simulator!
Skroutz - Σύγκριση Τιμών 3.5.10
Skroutz S.A.
Get the best prices and compare thousands of products withtheleading Greek Price Comparison App ( Monitorpricedrops for your favourite products!Skroutz app lets youeasilycompare products prices across 2.500+ Greek E-shops. Mainfeaturesof Skroutz Price Comparison App► Price Comparison: Searchforproducts & compare prices across thousands of online shops,soyou can always find the best deals► Product Reviews: Readthousandsof products reviews from real users► Price Alerts: Setprice alertsfor any product you want & receive an in-appnotification whenit reaches your target price.► Favorite Products:Make lists ofyour “Favourites” & get in-app alerts when theirprice oravailability changes. Also, if you are already a price comparison engine, you can Synchroniseyour“Favourites” to your account!► Product Specifications&Details: View & Compare product specs, see productsimagesetc.► Price History: Check price history of any product &buyit at the right time► Smart Product Search: Use our fastproductsearch engine with autocomplete & voice searchfeatures►Product Filtering & Sorting: Apply smart filters &sortingoptions to narrow your resultswithease--------------------------------------------------------------------------Skroutzmobileapp brings the next-generation price comparison shoppingexperienceon-the-go. Search, Compare Prices & Get the bestdeals!You canfind the best prices and monitor every price dropfrom a hugeproduct database, in categories like: - Electronics:Mobile Phones,Tablets, TVs, Laptops, Video Games, Cameras-Fashion: Clothing,Trainers, Watches, Sunglasses- Baby & Kid:Kid's Trousers, BabyCar Seats, School Supplies, LEGO- HomeAppliances: Fridges,Dishwashers, Vacuum Cleaners, WashingMachines- Sports &Fitness: Bikes, Sports Shoes, SportsJackets, Gym Bags- Beauty: FaceCreams, Perfumes, Hair Colour, EyeLinerFor your favouritebrands:Samsung, Xiaomi, Adidas, Nike,Apple, Huawei, Bosch, Philips,Sony, LG, Converse, New Balance,Frezyderm, HP, Lorelli Bertoni,Reebok, Asics, Tommy Hilfiger,Makita, Lenovo, Solgar, Vans, Dell,Korres, Einhell, Casio,Panasonic, Inart, Izzy, Morris, Vichy, Puma,Asus, Ray Ban,Apivita, Nakayama, Mayoral, TP-LINK, Under Armour,Aca, AEG,Superdry, Eleaf, Nokia, As Company.
Jurassic Dinosaur Park Craft: Dino World 1.2
Sablo Games
Have you ever believed to be the part of amusement parkforconstruction and craft work? If your answer is in Yes! Thenit’sthe right time and right game for you to download. Here youaregoing to have a feel of animal park with along withfeedingdinosaur. In this dino world you can check your ability andshowyour talent as it is going to be an adventure for you. Youcandownload it FREE at your android mobile phones and tablets andhavefun!! Player has to build Dinosaur Park with different objectsinthis African forest. All process of animal park constructionandsimulation are divided into different levels. The first levelofdinosaur zoo is that you have to drive excavator to break theoldbuildings. Buildings are highlighted in dinosaur games foryourease. Then you will find the next mission statement which willleadto the next level of wild animals park. The next mission istoclean the area with the help of bulldozer in amusement park .Itisthe time to make boundary wall in park builder as you are goingtobring a wild gorilla in it. Tower crane and trailer is givenforthis mission of dinosaur adventure safari, use them and make itinan artistic way. The next mission of dino craft is to makeentrancedoor of park. As you know that this park will be named aswildpark. You need to make fence cage for dinosaur breeding. Fencesarealready placed on truck drive that truck to construction siteandfollow the arrows to place them as you are going to enjoydinosaurfight in it. In this level of feeding dinosaur you aresupposed tobuild cage for water dinosaur. It is the time to takedeadlydinosaur in the cage. wild dinosaur is in the trailer, drivethattrailer and take it to the park. Globe cage is the need of theparkfor sea dinosaur. Make it with the material which is givenindinosaur park king. Take eggs in laboratory in park craft whichyoufound in the cage. Globe cage is made from the survival ofthedinosaur attack. Drive the trailer and take dinosaur in theglobecage. Now you have a call that your family is waiting outsideofthe park for dinosaur adventure. Bring them in the park andgivethem ride on the family van and have fun!!Machinery which youcanuse in this dinosaur parking:• Excavator• Bulldozer• TowerCrane•Trailer• Mobile Crane• Truck• Crane and truck• FamilyvanJurassicDinosaur Park Craft: Dino World Games Features:★ Playthis game andbecome a park builder ★ Realistic and awesomeenvironment ofdinosaur games★ Many hours of free fun of park craft★Smoothcontrols★ High quality sound effects for greatdrivingfeelingDownload this Jurassic Dinosaur Park Craft: DinoWorld Gamescreated by Sablo Games and spend fun worth time whileplaying it.Everything will show you a perfect mega gamer in thisjurassicdino.Do not forget to rate and give feedback for ourdinosauradventure!
3 Γρίφοι 1.49
Υπάρχουν 3 γρίφοι στους οποίους κρύβονται 3 λέξεις. Βρες τιςλέξεις,πάρε γνώσεις και πέρνα την ώρα σου ευχάριστα!✓ Τοκαταλληλότεροπαιχνίδι για να αποδείξεις τις γνώσεις σου αλλά καινα τιςδιευρύνεις!✓ Πολύ μικρό σε μέγεθος για κατέβασμα, με πάραπολλάεπίπεδα!!!✓ Ιδανικό για το λεωφορείο, το πλοίο, τοτρένο,αξιοποιώντας τον ελεύθερο χρόνο σου!✓ Μάθε λέξεις,συνώνυμα,αντώνυμα, ιστορία, μυθολογία, στίχους τραγουδιών,γεωγραφία,γαστρονομία, τεχνολογία, βιντεοπαιχνίδια, παροιμίες,αινίγματα,λογοπαίγνια, εκφράσεις, ορθογραφία και εξέλιξε τηνφαντασία σου!✓Το παιχνίδι είναι δωρεάν!✓ Παίζεται και χωρίς σύνδεσηστοδιαδίκτυο!✓ 1.770+ Επίπεδα - 5.310+ Λέξεις!✓ Ημερήσια δώρα!•7Επιπλέον κατηγορίες επιπέδων: Στίχοι, Γεωγραφία, Ιστορία-Μυθολογία, Γαστρονομία, Τεχνολογία - Βιντεοπαιχνίδια,Συνώνυμα,Αντώνυμα!• Δεν χάνεις την πρόοδο σου, το 3 Γρίφοι τηναποθηκεύειαυτόματα(Μέσω σύνδεσης στο Google Play Games).• Αν έχειςκολλήσεισε κάποιο επίπεδο και δεν θες να κουράσεις άλλο το μυαλόσου,μπορείς να πάρεις μία βοήθεια για να συνεχίσεις. • Βοήθειες:Πρώτογράμμα, Ολόκληρη τη λέξη, Ρωτήστε τους φίλους σας.• Μπορείςναπαίξεις ξανά τα περασμένα επίπεδα, οι βοήθειες σταπερασμέναεπίπεδα είναι δωρεάν.Για οποιαδήποτε πρόβλημα τηςεφαρμογής ήοτιδήποτε θέλετε να ρωτήσετε:infinitysoldz@gmail.comΑναζητήστε τοπαιχνίδι ως: 3 Γρίφοι, 3γριφοι, 3 grifoi, tris grifoiThere are 3puzzles which lie threewords. Find the words, get knowledge andpass your time pleasantly!✓The most appropriate game to prove yourknowledge but also tobroaden!✓ Very small in size for download,with too many levels !!!✓Ideal for bus, boat, train, utilizingyour free time!✓ Learn words,synonyms, antonyms, history,mythology, song lyrics, geography,gastronomy, technology, videogames, proverbs, riddles, puns,expressions, spelling and developedyour imagination!✓ Game isfree!✓ Use offline and online!✓ 1.770+levels - 5.310+ words!✓ Daygifts!• 7 levels Additionalcategories:Verses, Geography, History -Mythology, Gastronomy,Technology - Video Games, Synonyms,Antonyms!• Do not lose yourprogress, 3 puzzles savesautomatically(Through connection toGoogle Play Games).• If you getstuck at some level and you do notwant to bore another your mind,you can get a help to continue.•Aid: First letter, the entire word,ask your friends.• You can playback the past levels, helps to pastlevels is free.For any problemsor anything you want to ask:infinitysoldz@gmail.comLook for thegame as 3 puzzles, 3 puzzles, 3grifoi, tris grifoi
Κατεβάστε τώρα, εύκολα, γρήγορα και εντελώς δωρεάν, την εφαρμογήσεοποιοδήποτε κινητό σας ή tablet (Android 4 και άνω), κάνονταςscanή πληκτρολογώντας την κάρτα σας Eurobank που συμμετέχειστοΠρόγραμμα Επιστροφή & εισάγοντας -μόνο την 1ηφορά-ονοματεπώνυμο & email.Appίστευτη νέα εφαρμογή! Τώραπαίζετε σταδάχτυλα το Πρόγραμμα Επιστροφή, αποκτώντας άμεσηπρόσβαση σεπερισσότερες από 8.000 επιχειρήσεις, όπου και ανβρίσκεστε καιέχοντας ανά πάσα στιγμή εικόνα των διαθέσιμων ευρώΕπιστροφή πουμπορείτε να αξιοποιήσετε άμεσα στις αγορές σας μεΠιστωτικές &Χρεωστικές κάρτες Eurobank, που συμμετέχουν στοΠρόγραμμα. Βρείτεόλες τις απαραίτητες πληροφορίες, που από σήμεραμπορείτε να έχετεσυνεχώς μαζί σας, όπως: - Αναλυτική πρόσβαση στοιστορικό τωνσυναλλαγών για συλλογή & εξαργύρωση με επιλογές6μήνου &12μήνου που είναι διαθέσιμα για τις αγορές σας. -Ειδοποίηση για ταευρώ σας που πρόκειται να λήξουν. - Μοιραστείτε μετους φίλους σαςαποκλειστικές προσφορές του Προγράμματος, καθώς καιενδιαφέρονταάρθρα. - Τις επιχειρήσεις που βρίσκονται κοντά σας, γιαόλες τιςκαθημερινές συναλλαγές σας (super market & πρατήριακαυσίμων),από την νέα ενότητα Επιστροφή Καθημερινές Αγορές, καθώςκαι για ταΤαξίδια σας από την ενότητα Επιστροφή Ταξίδια. - ΤαπλησιέστεραΚαταστήματα ή ATM Eurobank & Nέου ΤαχυδρομικούΤαμιευτηρίου. -Την νέα ενότητα για τις online αγορές σας μεΕπιστροφή. - Tιςεπιχειρήσεις του προγράμματος Επιστροφή ανάενότητα: Εμπορικά,Hotels, Γεύσεις, Health, Αuto Μoto &Ψυχαγωγία by JKM. - Άμεσηπρόσβαση σε όλες τις εφαρμογές τηςEurobank.Η εφαρμογή ΕπιστροφήApp υποστηρίζει ΜΟΝΟ τις κάρτες πουσυμμετέχουν στο πρόγραμμαεπιβράβευσης Επιστροφή. Δεν υποστηρίζειτις κάρτες: Prepaid Visa,Yes Visa, Reward Visa & WorldMasterCard, Ηλεκτρονική Visa,Masoutis Visa, Electronet FamilyMasterCard καθώς και τις BestlineVisa, EuroLine Home, MagnaΓερμανός, Makro, Νέα Γενειά Ζηρίδης,Longchamp, Electronet, Nota,LR, Elephant Easy, Ευρωπαϊκή Πίστη,Ράδιο Κορασίδης, Oriflame καιDanos και τις PostCredit. H εφαρμογήείναι optimized για κινητάτηλέφωνα καιtabletσυσκευές.-----------------------------------------------------------Wewouldlike welcome you to Epistrofi App, an innovative applicationforyour Smartphone by Eurobank. Download the application for freeandhave access to all useful information concerning Epistrofiloyaltyprogramme: - the 8,000 plus merchants participating atEpistrofiloyalty programme - their participating percentage ofreturn onexpenditure- exclusive offers and- available euroscollected byusing your Eurobank debit and credit cards