Top 28 Games Similar to hyprSLICE

Santa Ragione s.r.l.
TOUCH ARCADE - 5/5 "Masterfully crafted" POCKET GAMER - 8/10"You'veexperienced nothing like FOTONICA" Ever wondered whatrunning at140mph feels like? FOTONICA is a first-person game aboutthe thrillof speed and traveling flawlessly through complexenvironments.One-handed controls: hold your finger down to run,release to jump,hold in mid-air to dive and land. FOTONICA issimple, but is noteasy: it follows a tradition of arcade gamesthat are easy to pickup and almost impossible to master. Amulti-layered level designacross eight different tracks, togetherwith a procedural endlessmode make for a game that is incrediblydeep. Think you can outrunyour friends? Try the split-screenversus challenges. The visualsare a treat for the nostalgic playerbut also for those hungry fornew aesthetics. Every pixel is drawnto convey the maximum sense ofspeed, an exhilarating journeythrough light and void. - 8 Levels toexplore and master. - Plus 3different endless levels to compete forhigh-scores. - Two-playersplit-screen multiplayer mode on the samedevice! - 18 Achievementsto unlock plus game stats. - Onlinerankings. - Beautiful, smooth,and unique vector-style graphics. -Electronic music by MichaelManning, Nicolò Sala, and legendarycomposer Baiyon. - 2 Difficultysettings to let you play an evenfaster version of FOTONICA. - Playin landscape or portrait mode. -No ads, no in-app purchases. -Record and share replays of your bestruns. -REVIEWS- GAMEPRO - 5/5“This one button game has a lot moremileage than you might expect"THE CREATORS PROJECT - “A veritableblack hole to lose yourself in"ARS TECHNICA - “Striking andinstantly impressive" ROCK, PAPER,SHOTGUN - “It’s a remarkablegame, and unlike anything else I’veplayed" -AWARDS- “FantasticArcade Spotlight Game 2014” “EuroGamerExpo Selection” “54thBiennale of Art in Venice Selection”
Flipping Legend
Become a Flipping Legend! Unleash the power of your fists,spellsandweapons in this pattern-based adventure. Hone yourreflexes andbeone with the environment as speed and rhythmbecomesecond-nature.Play with powerful heroes and unlock alltheirabilities and secretsto help better dispense your foes. Reachnewand faraway lands notyet discovered by fellow travelers. BeaFlipping Legend! Features -Become a master of speed and rhythm -9Characters with unique andpowerful abilities to unlock -Discoverthe treasures hidden withinmysterious chests - Turn up thevolumeon this epic soundtrack -Battle your way through new anddangerouslands Reviews 🏆 Winner -Google Play Indie Games Festival2017★★★★★ "It's flipping sweet!"—Touch Arcade ★★★★★"...Trulyexcellent" —148Apps "Amazing andaddictive. 4.5/5"—AppAdvice "Anabsolute delight of a game"—Gamezebo
Pocket Run Pool 1.0.3
The return of arcade pool from the creator of Really BadChessandFlipflop Solitaire. Pocket-Run Pool combines 8-ball poolwiththethrill of a chasing the perfect highscore. In Pocket-Run,yourgoalis to sink all the balls, but where and when you sink themiswhatmatters most! With each pocketed ball, you're awardedpointsbasedon the pocket you sunk. So sink carefully, but watchout, witheachmiss or scratch you lose a life — run out before youfinishthetable and it's game over. Compete against yourself, theworld,orthe bank in a variety of thrilling game modes! Can youmaketheperfect pocket-run? Arcade pool is back! ------WHATS INTHE“BOX”?- 🎱 Play Pocket-Run Pool's Standard, HighStakes,andInsta-Tournament modes for free! - 🏆 Asynchronously Goforgoldagainst players from around the world in Insta-Tournamentmode- 🔥Manage your risk against all manner of game conditions(likethedevious Cuewall) in High Stakes mode - 👍 Unlock Break ofTheWeek,alternate backgrounds, and remove Insta-Tournamentbuy-inswith asingle In-App-Purchase - 📊 Track stats for all fourmodes - 💙Winalternate pool cues and color schemes in High Stakesmode------AWORD FROM THE DEVELOPER I've always loved pool, and whenIgot myfirst smartphone years ago, the world of digital poolgamesopenedup to me. There are certainly a lot of options outthere,butfinding a simple and enjoyable single-player pool gamewasharderthan I expected. I found one that I enjoyed, butafterplaying itextensively I found it too easy to beat thecomputerevery time.Suddenly the problem with pool hit me — when youplayagainst acomputer in a physics simulation, you're literallyplayingagainsta god... By which I mean, either the computer isgoing easyon you(for a reason), or it's playing a perfect game andtaking allyourmoney. It dawned on me that if I wanted a good singleplayerpoolgame, I'd have to make a new kind of pool — a variantthatdoesn'tneed a computer opponent, that's built around the notionofscoringand improving, of taking risks, and of presentinguniqueandinteresting challenges. Pocket-Run Pool is the game I cameupwith,I hope you enjoy it! -zach
Pincremental 1.07.20
Become the Pinball Wizard you were destined to be! Masterthepinball machine, cash out for powerful upgrades and automation,andclimb the corporate ladder in this Pinball Incremental.Basepinball machine functionality developed and copyrighted byWillBoyd (
Bricks Breaker Pro : No Ads 2.9
Just focus on breaking. Find best position to deal damagetobricksand break bricks. ★ Features ☞ Free to play ☞Endlessgameplay ☞score competition with players from all over theworld ★How toplay ☞ Swipe to shoot balls to break the bricks. ☞When ballhitsthe brick, durability is reduced. When durabilityreduce to0,brick breaks. ☞ Get the green circle to increase thenumberofballs. ☞ When the bricks reach the bottom line, game isover.☞Challenge to make your high score!
Oculux 1.2.1
Oculux is a relaxing, minimalist and beautiful puzzlegamethatoffers hundreds of hand-crafted levels to immerseyourselfinto. Adreamy meditative soundtrack accompanies you inyourdelightfulexperience. How to play Move the orb by swipingyourfinger in thedirection you would like to move. Avoid traps andusedifferentpuzzle mechanics to collect all the diamonds in theleastamount ofmoves possible. Features ★ 200 hand-crafted puzzles★Clean andminimalist design ★ Undos and solutions available tohelpsolvepuzzles ★ Supports cloud saving and devicesynchronization★Optimized for both phones and tablets Don'thesitate to contactusif you find any issue with the game or if yousimply want tosendus your feedback, it is greatly appreciated!
ULTRAFLOW 2 is an arcade puzzle game which combines thegameplayofair hockey and mini-golf, in a chill and minimalistexperience.Noscore, no timer, the only challenge is your dexterity.Justflingthe ball to the goal! This is the official sequelofULTRAFLOW.Based on same puzzle and arcade principles with a doseoffresh newfeatures, ULTRAFLOW 2 is all about agility, dexterityandfun. -- ●180 free levels ● 180 premium HARD levels ● GooglePlayGamesAchievements --Twitter: Contact us if there's any problem.Thankyou. Help us totranslate this listing and the game (register,thensend us yourusername with the language you want tocontributeto):
Infinity Pinball 1.2
Test your skills with this blast-from-the-pastInfinityPinballMachine Pocket Game! Infinity Pinball deliversarevolutionarytwist on the pinball genre - so the fun neverends!Served up in anostalgic retro-style, these infinitelylongprocedurally-generatedpinball tables live inside a virtualPocketGame. You cancontinually play your ball up the table levelsforendless fun asyou win coins, collect unique balls and unlocknewtables. Eachinfinite pinball table has its own originaldesigntheme,soundtrack and unique bash toys! Get your ball intothesidepockets to change the bash toy and unlock a bonus stagewhereevenmore coins can be won! Watch your hearts as you only get3livesper game! Features - 5 Different Infinite Pinball Tableseachwithunique soundtracks, designs and bash toys. - 9 Uniqueballstocollect - 11 Skins for your Pocket Game!! - Supercoolsynthwavesoundtrack!!
Truth Or Dare Pro : No Ads 1.8
Truth Or Dare Pro One of the best game to play in agroupsofcouples, friends, families and lovers. Truth Or Dareisalsowell-known with Spin The Bottle name. This is the idealTruthorDare app for parties, dates, sleepovers and breaking theice.TruthOr Dare Pro contains hundreds of fun and challengingTruthandDares ranging from clean to dirty. Note: Do not try AdultModeifyou are below 18. Play the game and take a revengewithplayers,reveal their secrets, Ask them questions about theirpastor dareto do some crazy challenges. ★★ Features ★★ ✔ HundredsofTruth andDares questions ✔ Add your own clean or dirty daresintothe app! ✔Set player names - perfect for large groups andparties!✔Frequently updated with more content ✔ Play with up to 15players✔Completely free to play ✔ Keep track of who is winningwithascoreboard displayed after each round ✔ 3 different gamemodes-Kids, Teens and Adult (18+) ✔ NO ADS Share thisapp/gamewithfriends on Facebook, Instagram and on other socialapps. ★SUPPORT★In case of any problems with the Truth or Dare,instead ofgivingus the negative opinion, please send us an e-mailandreviewbriefly the problem. It will help us to solve it inthenextupdates of game. Email :
A Dark Room ® 1.18
Amir Rajan
awake. head throbbing. vision blurry. come light the fire.-Official Android release of A Dark Room (registered trademark).-No ads. - No micro transactions. - No data usage (playablewithoutwifi)). - No elevated permissions. - Made with love by indiegamedevelopers.
Idle Quest 1.6.2
Questing! It's what we love, and it's what we do. Beginbygettingquests from townsfolk. Then, scurry to thedesignatedquestinglocation with the footgear of your choice. Oncethere, slaytheneeded monsters with a flip of your sword, and returntotown.Charm the townsfolk with your magical amulet andcollectmassivepiles of gold! Use your newfound loot to craft newgear,lettingyou tackle with ease the next challenging quest... ★Fighthundredsof zany enemies such as Rioting Centaurs andDoubleParkingLawnmowers! ★ Craft hundreds of exotic items such asNameBrandSnowglobes and Vorpal Katanas! ★ Over 40 achievementstounlock! ★Compete with friends on the global leaderboards! ★Growyour statsto values greater than 10 to the power 200! ★ Fourskillstoupgrade to improve your questing powers! ★ Continueyourquestseven when the game is closed! (Note: no battery life isusedwhenthe game is closed)
Orixo Wormhole 2.4.1
The sequel to Orixo is here! Orixo Wormhole comes withanewchallenging feature: Wormholes. Similar to itspredecessor,OrixoWormhole is a relaxing, mind-bending, minimalistpuzzle gamethatoffers hundreds of hand-crafted levels to immerseyourselfinto. Abeautifully meditative soundtrack accompanies youinyourdelightful experience. How to play: Fill the grid bydraggingyourfinger over cells with a number inside of it. Thenumberrepresentsthe number of cells it will fill. It can fill inone ofthe fourcardinal directions. If a cell is already filled, itwillfill thenext available cell in the direction you chose. Duringthedrag,the cells that are going to be filled willbehighlighted.Features: - 362 hand-crafted puzzles - All levelsarefree andaccessible from the start - Hints are available to helpyoufindthe solution to some levels - Game progress issavedautomaticallyDon't hesitate to contact us if you find anyissuewith the game orif you simply want to send us your feedback,it isgreatlyappreciated.
Into the Loop Lite 1.02
Into the Loop: Jam is a minimalist physics based game in whichyourgoal is to reach the last loop using the momentum created bytheprevious loop. [Features] ✓ 20+ hand crafted Levels. ✓InfiniteMode with a never ending amount of Levels. ✓ Really free,nopurchase required to play. ✓ Engaging mechanics. ✓ Perfect forlongsessions or short ones. ✓ Constant updates. I hope you had funwithit :) If you liked the game you can follow me at:Twitter:@CreationalLabs
ULTRAFLOW is a minimalist yet complex puzzle game basedonyouragility. You have a limited number of bounces tocompleteeachlevel. No score. No timer. The only challenge isyoursmoothness.-------------------------------------------------------------●99Levels ● Completely free ● No Ads ● Google PlayGamesAchievements● Optimized for a wide range of phonesandtablets-------------------------------------------------------------ULTRAFLOWwasmade by a team of five students during six months. Ifyou wanttosupport us, don't hesitatetodonate.-------------------------------------------------------------Twitter: Website:http://ultraflow.netItchio: there's any problem.Thankyou.-------------------------------------------------------------Enjoy!
Sumotori Dreams 1.3.0
gravity sensation
The famous PC game Sumotori Dreams is now available onAndroid.Inthis 3D physics based fighting simulation you have toknockoveryour opponent or force him out of the circle to win amatch.Playagainst AI or share the screen. After the match watch upto 4guystrying to stand up to bow. Show this app to yourfriendsandenemies. Can you find the hidden parts?
Circuroid 2.4.0
Circuroid is an unique fast-paced arcade shooter where youmustdefend the circular perimeter from endless of incomingasteroids.Circuroid features an intuitive control where you canpreciselyswitch between positions of your spaceship around thecircle toshoot at the direction that you are pointing. More thandozens ofPower Ups to unlock. Each Power Up will change thebehavior of yourspaceship which brings you a whole new gameplayexperience whiledefending the perimeter. Feature List: -Fast-paced, action-packed,unique gameplay experience - Intuitiveand responsive control -Endless of challenges - Power Ups to unlock- Rank Badges to unlock- Minimalist graphics with vivid color -Stunning soundtrack -Google Play Saved Games integration - GooglePlay Games ServicesAchievements
holedown 1.0.7
grapefrukt games
Dig deep underground by shooting balls andbreakingblocks,traversing your way to the planet cores. Withlimited shotsperround and some blocks fixed firmly to thewall,thoughtfullystrategize and aim for maximum impact. Knock downasmany blocks aspossible while collecting crystals for upgradesandgetting deeperbeneath the surface. Choose your ideal upgradessuchas morestarting balls, more shots per round, or storingmorecrystals,based on your play style and overall strategy. Workyourway intothe procedurally generated planets with adelightfulspectacle ofbouncing as you get closer to the planet’score.Balance your planbetween ball bouncing patterns andunpredictable,surprisingbounces in this mesmerizing and curiousgame oozing withcharm.Immerse yourself in a world of extravagantminimalistic artwhilejamming out to an original space acidsoundtrack as you feelthesatisfaction of digging furtherunderground. Features: •Sixplanets to dig through • Originalsoundtrack of seven diverseandspace-acid themed tunes • A tightexperience with 5+ hoursofgameplay’ • Intuitive, one-handed play •Endless play mode •5achievements • 11 leaderboards • Split viewsupport • Toggleforscreen shake
Astrogon - Arcade platformer 1.802
ASTROGON is a dynamic arcade game in anintergalacticsynthwaveuniverse. Its gameplay, colors, graphics,creative modeand musicmake Astrogon a one-of-a-kind game! Easy tolearn, we havefun fromthe first seconds, but challenging to masterlike a boss!SOLO MODEA world to be conquered in several dimensions:Expressyourincredible agility! Match the wall color to stay alive,jumpfromwall to wall and obstacle to obstacle, until you find theexittoget teleported to the next level. Collect as many starsaspossibleand try to beat all the time records to become themasterof thegame. Try to conquer level after level, dimensionafterdimension,with patience, dexterity, and intelligence. EarnrareSkins andwith amazing auras and special effects: blazes,ghosts,clones,laser turbine, etc. ! THE CREATIVE MODE A parallelworld ofyours!Express your infinite creativity! Astrogon allows youtocreateyour own levels in the Creative Mode. Become the GodofAstrogon,be smart, innovative and clever, challenge allAstrogonplayers tosucceed and beat time records and collect stars.Playersfrom allover the world will access your creations and playthelevels youinvented. You will be notified of theirperformance,receive likes,comments and replays! Play amazing levelscreated byplayers aroundthe world, and browse popular, recent andfeaturedlevels. Watchreplays, comment and like your favorite levelsandreplays.
Hook 1.1
Rainbow Train
I love creating puzzle games. This one is more ofagame-likeexperience than a challenge. No menus, noachievements,just youand a puzzle. Calming sounds and music weremade byWojciechWasiak. It has 50 levels and its about hour long.Thanksforplaying and supporting me!!
BLeBRiTY 1.2.79
Game night just got blacker! BLeBRiTY is a new charadesinspiredgame from Jesse Williams and his crew! Jesse Williams andhis crewdid it again! Presenting BLeBRiTY: This charades inspiredgemboasts over 25 hilarious creative categories that are guaranteedtoturn any gathering into an epic explosion of comedy andculture!Play with friends, family and your favorite cousins overtheholidays, or when you're waiting in line or a lobby. From'80sBabies' to 'Things Bougie Black Folks Love', from 'HBCUs' to'WhiteFolks at the Cookout' to 'Celebrities Only Black Folks Know',thisgaming experience is made for us by us, and it's fun for thewholefamily! Features: - 25+ themed decks full of culture, color,andhilarity - Play with your bestie, your crew, or the wholefamilyduring the holidays - Just tilt your phone up or down to seehowmany cards you can guess before the time runs out - Record andKeepvideos of your hilarious game play for entertainment or sharingonsocial With titles, imagery, and terms we know and love,BLeBRiTYis sure to be THE GAME to turn any party all the way up!Let's Getit! Subscription pricing and terms: ‘Blebrity All Access’is anauto-renewing monthly subscription at $2.99/month, whichprovidesunlimited access to all content while you maintain anactivesubscription. Payment will be charged to your Gooe PlayAccount atconfirmation of purchase. Subscriptions automaticallyrenew unlessauto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before theend of thecurrent, monthly subscription period. Your account willbe chargedfor renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of thecurrent period,and identify the cost of the renewal. You may manageyoursubscription and turn off auto-renewal by going to yourAccountSettings after the purchase. Read more about our termsandconditions here: Terms ofservice: Privacypolicy:
Hardwood Rivals 1.4.8
Koality Game
It's time for basketball! The sequel to Basketball Time isbackandbetter than ever. Hardwood Rivals introducesrevampedshotmechanics and lets you customize your own player!FEATURES:-Customize your team name, colors, and player features -Levelupand unlock hats, uniforms and accessories with card rewards-Fivedifferent game modes - Shoot the ball with twodifferentcontrolstypes - Play in multiple basketball courtlocations - Over30 teamsto customize and compete against Have anyissues orsuggestions?I'd love to hear about your experience!Contact or follow me on Twitter at@KoalityGame.
Linelight 1.2.2
My Dog Zorro
*** Explore a whole new world for FREE! Update to play BonusWorldA!*** Linelight is an elegant, minimalist puzzle game set inauniverseof lines. Its puzzles will awake your mind as themusicflows throughyour body, gifting you a soft, relaxingeuphoria.Linelight is forplayers of any age or level ofexperience. ANYONECAN PLAY Movementis your only interaction.Whether you’ve playedhundreds of games orthis is your first,Linelight will provide youan intuitive andrewarding experience.RICH CONTENT Traversethrough 6 worlds and over200 unique puzzles,each new world loadedwith variety and depth, acurious series ofdiscoveries andsurprise. A feast awaits playerslooking for secretsand greaterchallenges. SOOTHING MUSIC Prepare tobe soothed andenergized,wrapped in a blanket of calm and focus,whisked away byasoundtrack that will open your eyes and relax yourentirebody.UNPREDICTABLE STORY You’ll make unexpected friendsalongyourjourney. You’ll learn how to cooperate andovercomeobstaclestogether. You will develop a relationship withbars oflightwithout exchanging a word. QUOTES “Finding a gamelikeLinelightfeels like a blessing.” - GameSpot “Bursting withdesignsmarts…For a chilled puzzling time, they don’t get muchbetter thanthis.”- Rock Paper Shotgun “Pure, unadulteratedgameplay.” -PolygonACCOLADES Game of the Year - Winner - Gameacon2016 RisingPixel -Winner - Bit Awards 2016 Best Style - Nominee -Bit Awards2016Best PC/Console Game - Nominee - Bit Awards 2016IndieCade @E32016 - Official Selection PAX East Indie Minibooth2016 -OfficialSelection Different Games Conference 2016 -OfficialSelectionSheep’s Meow 2016 - Official Selection IndieCade2016 -GameTasting Spotlight Selection
Equilibrium: Light Circle 1.43
Features: Calm game: Space games aren’t veryrelaxing,butEquilibrium is as calm as taking vacations on themoon.Itsuniversal rules and minimalist design will let your ideasflowandyou will think faster than a meteor! Universal odyssey:Getintoorbit to save the Earth from oblivion! You must alighttheauroraand extinguish the dark nebula to circle the planetwithlight andsolve the enigma. Then you can return home! King ofspacegames:Going from Mars to Jupiter, Equilibrium is adystopianodysseywhere you need to be bright as a comet and fast asa meteor.Youare the alien: Alien adventure mode across 200 levelsand20immersive galaxies. Once you master it, you cannotstopplaying.Return home: Usually the sci-fi stories are aboutspacemissions,Jupiter ascensions or alien attacks. Equilibrium isallaboutalight mystic shapes and create symmetries as fast as youcan!Freeto play: Equilibrium is available in every planet and is100%free!Draw minimalist lines to reflect the shapes andalightthesymmetry! Equilibrium: Light Circle is the drawing gamewhereyouneed to create a light flow by reflecting the aurora withasingleline. Fast as a comet and furious as a meteor, you willgetintoorbit – from Mars to Jupiter – until you illuminatethewholeuniverse and return home. Can you save the planet fromadarknebula? Symmetry after symmetry, Equilibrium is differentfromallthe other space games. This calm drawing game mergestheuniversaland simple features of the relaxing brain-teasers withaspaceenigma. Its minimalist design and mesmerizingsoundtrackwillconquer your attention! There is a colossal darknebulacoveringthe planet Earth and the absence of light isdestroyingtheuniverse. All you need to do is draw a light circlearoundtheplanet, illuminate the universe and return home fast! Haveyouwentto the moon? Did you visit Mars or Jupiter? Acceptthechallengeand solve the enigma! Equilibrium: Light Circle isyourchance toflow free into orbit and discover the mysteries oftheuniverse.Even astronauts will be jealous of this universalodyssey!Startdrawing as fast as a comet, create calmingsymmetriesandilluminate the aurora. Circle by circle, you need tokeep calmandalight the nebula causing this dark equinox. Bright asthemoon,each symmetry will provide more and more light totheuniverse,helping you to return home. Are you ready to thisspaceadventure?Let the enigma begin! Free of the space gamesclichés,Equilibrium:Light Circle is the fusion between a minimalistflowfree game anda space mission. On this calm game you don’t needtothink fast norhave special training to get into orbit acrossMars,Jupiter or themoon. Safe from any meteor or comet, feel freetoilluminate theaurora anywhere, anytime with anyone fromyourcircle! Based onuniversal rules, the equinox game stands outfromother space gamesthat talk about Mars, a meteor or analien.Reminiscent of the flowfree games, Equilibrium creates theperfectbalance between a moonadventure and a minimalist brainenigma.Perfect to relax, you canplay it on the bus, during yourlunchbreak or at home. Just alightthe aurora and illuminate thedarknebula! Ready to ride a comet onthe most relaxing of spacegames?When you are into orbit, youbecome the alien!
PewPew 2
The sequel to PewPew is there!Expect retro graphics, megatons of enemies, and a framerateachieved by no other game (except PewPew).There are nine game modes, and a campaign with 3 levelsofdifficulties so even the weakes... *AHEM*So even the strongest of you will have some challenge!------------------------------------------------------------And now, a list of the features:-a deep story with drama, romance, and mystery.-crops to grow and birds to throw, to keep in touchwithnature.-private information sharing with several companies, becausewe*care* about you.-targeted advertising, so that you aren't disturbed bypointlessads.Wait, that was a list of what's not included. Here we go:-9 games modes, 2 of which must be unlocked-8 unlockable ships with offensive defense (bullets shot ineverydirection when hit)-a campaign, with 3 level of difficulties and boss fights-online scores obviously, but with replays-a bunch of achievements-frames per seconds. A lot-awesome music-controller and Android set-top boxes support.
Vignettes 1.0.0
Noodlecake Studios Inc
Vignettes is a casual but unique exploration game withouttextorcharacters, where objects shapeshift as you spin themaroundtowander through a kaleidoscope of different moods andsettings.Anaccessible, colorful experience for all to enjoy,filledwithplayful interactions and hidden secrets. Drag your fingeronthescreen to rotate an object, and tap to interact. Here aresomeneatthings you can do in Vignettes: • Rescue a stray cat •Re-enactthemoon landing • Take a selfie on top of a mountain •Awakenanancient snake spirit • Travel back in time •Conductbiologicalstudies • And lots more! "Remarkably clever"-TouchArcade"Anartistic puzzle game that looks and plays amazinglywell" -SlidetoPlay No in-app purchases or ads.
Orixo 5.1.1
Orixo is a relaxing, mind-bending, minimalist puzzle gamethatoffersover 320 hand-crafted levels to immerse yourself into.Abeautifullymeditative soundtrack accompanies you inyourdelightful experience.How to play: Fill the grid by draggingyourfinger over cells with anumber inside of it. The numberrepresentsthe number of cells itwill fill. It can fill in one ofthe fourdirections (up, down, left,right). If a cell is alreadyfilled, itwill fill the next availablecell in the direction youchose.During the drag, the cells that aregoing to be filled willbehighlighted. Features: - 320 hand-craftedpuzzles - All levelsarefree and accessible from the start - Hintsare available tohelpyou find the solution to some levels - Gameprogress issavedautomatically Don't hesitate to contact us if youfind anyissuewith the game or if you simply want to send us yourfeedback,it isgreatly appreciated.
Super Balls - offline games 0.8.4
Play the brick breaker Super Balls online or offline -anytimeyouwant as no WiFi connection is required! Come and bounceonblocks!Super Balls from, Rebound, is the most addictive anduniqueofflinebrick breaker game in the world. It adds a fresh newsenseofdesign and creativity to the old classic arcade brickbreaker.Aimthe ball to break all bricks in one shot: swipe yourfingerandthrow the balls, make them roll among the bricks to smashthem,andhit items to extend your ball chain. With multiple levels,youareguaranteed endless hours of fun! 🌠 Download Super Ballsnowandbounce on blocks now!🌠 Think strategically. Aim at therightangleand try to smash as many bricks as you cant. Do you thinkyoucouldsmash them all in one shot? Prove it! If you think you arethebestplayer of arcade brick breaker games then download thisgameandlet's see what you are really capable of! 🌠Let's seewhatyou'vegot! Download today and try to reach as far can youcan!🌠Ideal forall ages! Play easily and quickly, use a simplecontrolmethod toshoot balls and smash breakable brick blocks. Withlimitedspace,shoot your balls and smash the bricks. It will becomemoreand moredifficult as you move your way up through the levels.Youwill haveto Improve your strategy skills and test your brain!🌠Putyourskills to the test! Download Super Balls today andimproveyourabilities🌠 In this offline arcade brick breaker,you'llenjoyunlimited moves and no time limits so you won't feelstressed.Itcontains smooth sounds effects, enchanting music,andamazingvisual effects. Are you bored or stressed? Relax yourbrainwiththe master of time killing on your phone! 🌠Say goodbyetoboredom!Download now and have a time-killer just a tap away🌠 HowToPlay? 🌠Aim through swiping your finger down, left or right,andthrow theballs to smash the bricks 🌠 The durability of thebrickswilldecrease after each hit 🌠 Shoot and watch the chain ofballshit,bounce and smash the bricks on the board 🌠 You mustbreakallbricks before they reach down to the bottom of the board🌠Collectitems, get extra balls and make an endless ball chain!🌠Don'tforget the angle! This is the key point of thisgame!Features:💥Perfect physics 💥Free to play 💥Challenging bosslevel💥tons ofblock types to discover 💥Infinite game play 💥Tabletsupport💥Levelup power ups 💥Offline, no WIFI needed. 🌠Say hello toendlesshoursof fun! Download Super Balls from, Rebound, now andstartbouncingon blocks today!🌠 Super Balls, is the best freeofflinebrickbreaker game.
Gravity Song 3.0.6
Glint Labs
Gravity Song is a relaxing challenging game that combinesactionandpuzzle with an awesome ambient music. By touching thescreen,youwill be able to move a ball to any direction. Usingthisability,you need to find and pass a portal to escape from aroom.We don'twant to bore you so we have added a lot of lasers,magnetsand moreinteresting things to make a challenging game. Youwillfind twolevel types and two exciting game modes: -Limitedmovements: Usephysics to plan your movements and reach theportaloprimizing yourtrajectory. - Limited time: Run! Move as fastaspossible tocomplete the level in time. If you do it wellenough,you will berewarded with gems to unlock new characters!Gamefeatures: - 90awesome physics puzzle levels. - 5 superdifficultsurvival levels.- 28 colorfull skins to unlock. - Geometrystyledlevels with brightneon colors - Relaxing piano notesplayeddepending your movements.- Take profit about the lack ofgravityand bounce around to dofewer movements. - Preview themovementtrajectory - Achievementsand cloud save with Google PlayGames. Weoffer you 90 awesomelevels. Do you have enough agility tocompletethem?