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Russian checkers - Shashki
Russian checkers, also known as Shashki, Шашки, Russian draughts,isvery popular logic game in Russia and in all formerSovietrepublics. Russian Checkers is a challenging board game thatcantrain your logic and strategic skills.The applicationcontainspowerful algorithm of game and friendly classicinterface.Challenge your strategic skills with this relaxing game.Now youcan enjoy the game of checker anywhere you may be, directlyfromyour smart phone.Features:* Online - ELO, online gamesstatistics,leaderboards, achievements, chat* One or Two player mode- testyour skills against the computer or challenge a friend*Ability tocompose own game position* Ability to save games andcontinuelater* Game openings* Statistics* Auto-save* Attractiveclassicwooden interface* Several different boards* Undo move *Advanced AIengine* SoundsGame rules:* The game is played on a 8×8board withalternating dark and light squares.* Each player startswith 12pieces on the three rows closest to their own side. The rowclosestto each player is called the "crownhead" or "kings row". Theplayerwith white pieces moves first.* Men move forward diagonallyto anadjacent unoccupied square.* If a player's piece moves intothekings row on the opposing player's side of the board, that piecetobe "crowned", becoming a "king" and gaining the ability tomoveback or forward and choose on which free square at thisdiagonal tostop.* If a man becames king it can continue a capture,it jumpsbackwards as a king. The player can choose where to landafter thecapture.* Capturing is mandatory and cannot be passed upto make anon-jumping move. When there is more than one way for aplayer tocapture, one may choose which sequence to make. Playermust makeall the captures in that chosen sequence. A captured pieceis lefton the board until all captures in a sequence have been madebutcannot be jumped again (Turkish capturing rules).* A player withnovalid move remaining loses. This is the case if the playereitherhas no pieces left or if a player's pieces are obstructedfrommaking a legal move by the pieces of the opponent. A game is adrawif neither opponent has the possibility to win the game. Thegameis considered a draw when the same position repeats itself forthethird time, with the same player having the move each time. Ifoneplayer proposes a draw and his opponent accepts the offer. Ifaplayer has three kings in the game against a single enemy kingandhis 15th move cannot capture enemy king.
Checkers 4.0.3
Hello Players,I created my Checkers app as example of goodcheckersfor me and posted it on store as free board game for you. Ihopeyou enjoy it and get a lot pleasure from playing.:)Features:-support ten different rules of checkers- seven levelsofdifficulty- two players mode- game assistant (Helper)- fivethemes(dark, light, gold, art and black)- realistic graphics-soundeffects- some help about rules- small sizeRules:- EnglishCheckersalso called American Checkers- Russian Draughts-BrazilianCheckers- International Checkers- Spanish Checkers-ItalianCheckers- Thai Checkers also called Makhos- TurkishCheckers- CzechCheckers- Pool CheckersYou can help me expand and doit better. Ifyou have some comments and suggestions then can writeit here. Iwill read your reviews and go ahead!Thank You,Alex F.
Dama - Online
Turkish Draughts (also known as Dama or Damasi) is a variantofcheckers played in Turkey. The board game does not needspecialrepresentation, as well as, for example, the backgammon,chess orcards game. Checkers is a challenging board game that cantrainyour logic and strategic skills. Challenge your strategicskillswith this relaxing game.Features:* On-line multiplayer withchat,ELO, invitations* One or Two player mode* Bluetooth* Undomove*Ability to compose own draughts position* Ability to savegames andcontinue later* Parental control* Attractive classicwoodeninterface* Auto-save* Statistics* SoundsThe game rules:* Onan 8×8board, 16 men are lined up on each side, in two rows,skipping theback row.* Men can move forward or sideways one square,capturingby means of a jump, but they cannot move backwards. When amanreaches the back row, it is promoted to a king at the end ofthemove. Kings may move any number of squares forwards, backwardsorsideways, capturing by jumping over any piece and landing onanysquare within permissible path beyond the captured piece.*Piecesare removed immediately after being jumped. If a jump ispossible,it must be done. If several ways of jumping are possible,the onethat captures the most pieces must be chosen. No differencebetweenking and man is made during capture; each counts as onepiece. Ifthere is more than one way to capture the maximallypossible numberof pieces, the player may choose which to take.* Thegame ends whena player has no legal move, either because all hispieces arecaptured or he is completely blocked. The opponent winsthe game.*Unlike other draughts variants, since enemy pieces areremovedimmediately after being jumped, as pieces are captured andremovedfrom the board, it is possible to cross the same square morethanonce in the same capturing sequence.* Within amulti-capture,turning 180 degrees between two captures is notallowed.
Dear Player,Do you remember this board game from yourchildhood?Checkers - traditional and inspiring game gives you a lotof funwith challenging computer or playing with other person onmode 2players offline. Relax with yor family or friends andplayCheckers. Share the game with children and show them thebestentertainment from your schoolyears. Are youaboard-game-enthusiast? Would you like to create or think overastrategy to win? Checkers will help you to learn andpracticelogical thinking. You can change settings and choose yourown rulesi.e. to capture backwards or to choose mandatorycapture.And what'smore, you can get this app and play forfree.Checkers is theclassic board game but in this app you can findfeatures which makethe game even more exciting. Different levels ofdifficultyLet'sstart from the easiest level and check if you candefeat thecomputer. The more experienced you are, the more likelyto win withthe expert. Take up the challenge and go through all4levels!Different rulesThere is no one and only way toplayCheckers. Everyone has various habits and usually prefers toplayexactly the same way as in the past, that is why decide onyourfavourite rules:🇺🇸 American Checkers (English Draughts) –capturingis mandatory but the pieces cannot capture backwards. TheQueendoesn't have long moves but only one step. The queen hasability tomove and capture backwards.🌍 International Checkers -capturing ismandatory and all the pieces can capture backwards.Also the queenmoves differently, it has long moves – it means thatthe queen canmove any distance diagonally if the square is notblocked.🇪🇸Spanish Checkers (Damas) – these rules are based ontheinternational but the piece cannot capture backwards;🇹🇷 orTurkishCheckers (Dama) – dark as well as light squares of the boardareused. Pieces start on the second and third rows, do notmovediagonally but forward and sideways. The way that queens movearesimilar to the chess queen.Have you found the best rules foryou?If not, choose your own rules. It's really easy, justenterSettings (upper right corner) and choose the options thatyouprefer.I wish you had a good game!Best regards,Łukasz Oktaba-author
Brazilian Dama - Online
★ Unlock the ad-free VIP app version with AppGratis code★BrazilianDamas (also known as Draughts or Checkers) is a variantof theDraughts game family played mainly in Brazil. The board gamedoesnot need special representation, as well as, for example,thebackgammon, chess or cards game. Checkers is a challengingboardgame that can train your logic and strategic skills. Challengeyourstrategic skills with this relaxing game.Features:*Onlinemultiplayer with chat, ELO, invitations* One or Two playermode*Bluetooth* Undo move* Ability to compose own draughtsposition*Ability to save games and continue later* Ability toanalyse savedgames* Parental control* Attractive classic woodeninterface*Auto-save* Statistics* SoundsThe game rules:* The playerwith thelight pieces makes the first move. * Pieces can capturebackwardand forward.* The long-range moving and capturingcapability ofkings, and the requirement that the maximum number ofmen becaptured.* Capturing is mandatory.* A piece is crowned if itstopson the far edge of the board at the end of its turn.*Crownedpieces can move freely multiple steps.* A player with novalid moveremaining loses.* A game is a draw if neither opponenthas thepossibility to win the game.* The game is considered a drawwhenthe same position repeats itself for the third with the sameplayerhaving the move each time.
Checkers Free
★ Top Developer (awarded 2013/2015) ★Checkers Free from AIFactoryprovides the best place to play Checkers on Android,supportingclassic opening play and game review. Slick polishedgraphics,multiple boards/pieces, full options and play/undo/reviewsupportmakes this the way to play Checkers on Android. Testedagainst andeasily beats all the top rival Checkers programs!Featuring: ★NEW!!! BETA Support for on-line play via Google PlayGames!★ NEW!!Reports the Checkers opening line you are using★12difficultylevels, from Beginner to Expert★ 2 player hot-seat★ 6CheckersPiece Sets and 7 Boards!★ User stats against each level★Undo &Hints★ Designed for both Tablet and Phone★ Supportsbothnon-compulsory captures (popular rules) and compulsorycaptures(official US/English rules) This free version is supportedby 3rdparty ads. Ads may use internet connectivity, andthereforesubsequent data charges may apply. Thephotos/media/filespermission is required to allow the game to savegame data toexternal storage, and is sometimes used to cacheads.Checkers (AKADraughts) is one of the world's most popular boardgames. Theearliest records of this game date back to the Egyptians3500 yearsago. In more recent times this has been most favoured bythe USAand Scotland, the two countries to provide the most Worldchampionsin this game. In England and Scotland this classic boardgame isknown as English Draughts. This implementation has beendesigned toprovide a strong engine, even if only running on amobile phone.Unlike many commercial Checkers programs, it correctlyplays thecommon 2K v K, essential for quality checkers/draughtsplay.
Italian Dama - Online
Italian Dama (also known as Draughts or Checkers) is a variantofthe Draughts game family played mainly in Italy andNorthernAfrica. The board game does not need specialrepresentation, aswell as, for example, the backgammon, chess orcards game. Checkersis a challenging board game that can train yourlogic and strategicskills. Challenge your strategic skills withthis relaxinggame.Features:* On-line multiplayer with chat, ELO,invitations*One or Two player mode* Undo move* Ability to composeown draughtsposition* Ability to save games and continue later*Parentalcontrol* Attractive classic wooden interface*Auto-save*Statistics* SoundsThe game rules:* White always movesfirst. * Menmove one square diagonally forward. Should they reachthe filefarthest from the player to which they belong, they becomekings.*Kings can move forward or back one square, again onlydiagonally.*Capturing is mandatory.* The huffing rule was removedfrom theofficial rules. * Men may only capture diagonally forward,and cancapture a maximum of three pieces in a row. * Kings move, aswellas capture, backwards; also, they are immune to men. They canonlybe captured by other kings.* A player wins when he hassucceeded incapturing all of his opponent's pieces, or if hisopponent resigns.* A draw occurs when neither player cantheoretically take anopposing piece.
Checkers Elite
*** Over 10 million downloads! ***Checkers board game(Draughts,dame, damas – various languages) is well-known ancientgame, thatstill very popular over the world for its simple rulesandaddictive gameplay, which hide deep tactics andvariability.PlayCheckers Online – a special mode where you cancompete with otherplayers. Gain new levels and ranks, climb up inleaderboards(daily, weekly and global) or play in specialTournaments withawards. Use your awards to obtain and customizedesign of yourCheckers pieces. Checkers Online mode is completelyfree. It uses«energy» which can be obtained in many ways: as dailyrewards,defeating your opponents or wining in the tournaments.Gamealsosupports offline mode where you have plenty of game modes tochoosefrom. For example, Russian, English/AmericanCheckers,International or Brazil Draughts. And we have some specialguesthere for you. It's called Random Checkers and it's completelyfunand addictive. Let the random generator decides how manypieceswill be on board, where they will stand and what rules apply.Alsoyou can disable force jump option via Settings. Game features:•Online Checkers mode with leaderboards, levels,ranks,customization and ELO-rating• User profile withdetailedstatistics, also you can change nick and upload your ownavatar•Search opponent with desired game level or play with friendsviaprivate room or ID• Online tournaments with cups and awards•Chatin online mode• 14 game types: English/AmericanDraughts,International (Checkers 10x10), Russian, American Pool,GiveawayCheckers, Diagonal, Thai, Turkish, Italian, Sparse,Self-Eaters,Brazilian, Blind and Random Checkers (10x10 randomplaced pieceswith changing movement rules).• 4 difficulty levels •Excellentgraphics • 2D and 3D perspective modes • Unlimited undofunction •Play with friend via "Hot-seat" mode• Over 100 specialdesigns forcheckers pieces & 4 board designs
Checkers Online
Checkers - a board game that does not need specialrepresentation,as well as, for example, the game of chess,backgammon or cards.Known since ancient times, it allows you tohave a great timeanywhere, anytime, for now, just phone or tabletto compete againstthe computer, a friend or random opponents. Keyfeatures: + Game aswith computer and with real people - on onephone, online or viaBluetooth. + Large selection of game modes -russian checkers,international, british and others, including thegame by theirrules, plus a giveaway. + When you play online, youcan select theflag of your country and see the name, profile photoand statisticsopponent, chat (with emoji) during the game. + Has agloballeaderboard in ELO, as well as the statistics of your games,bothonline and with your computer. + For the better to learn toplayhas an editor position, as well as the history of youronlinegaming on the moves together with the history of chat. +Largeselection of pieces, boards, and backgrounds, plus anon-intrusivevoice gameplay. + Standard features such as how tocancel moves,save the game, highlighting the possible moves,multiple difficultylevels. Unique (not yet copied) function toautomate routine andincrease usability:+ Automatic move, when oneoption.+ Repeat yoursuccessful moves by database (database iscreated and updated basedon your games won).+ Turn in one touch(enough to break fingers!)free cells, if there is one option.+Automatic selection of figure,when one option.+ As well as otherthings that distinguish the gamefrom the competition, howeverbetter try it for yourself and vote.
Russian Checkers
Traditional Russian Checkers with official rules* Improved AI*6levels of difficulty* 18 megabytes of endgame tablebases with upto5 pieces* Player and computer can offer a draw* Forced drawinthree position repetition and in other situations according totherules* All games with computer are stored automatically,it'spossible to load and view them later* Leaderboards for allplayers*Two-player mode* The game supports more than 10 languages*Severalboard skins: wood, marble and leather* Moves selection ispossibleby touching and dragging* Sounds are available and can beturnedoff* Additional useful settings: possible move highlighting,quickmove selection, disable screen dimming or deny screenauto-rotation
Checkers Online - Free Classic Board Game
Play for free the classic game of Checkers with Chipa Checkers,theonly one in the world with game modes created by Chipa Gameslikethe Chipa Crazy mode with powers, challenges with goals andonlinesystem! In addition to the classic game of Checkers!You canplayonline competing against players at your level, even experts,butyou can also play offline with the machine. So you can play eveninthe subway 🚇You can choose the level of difficulty: easy,normaland expert. In addition, there are new game modes invented byus.In Crazy Mode 🦄 you can use powers such as Destroy Chip 💀,Convertto King 👑, Block Square 🔒 and more.We also have theChallenges,tests and challenges with new rules that can be overcomeand playedoffline. A new and unique way to play Checkers in theworld.Log infrom your smartphone and discover the huge amount ofboards, rooms,chips and new game modes that wait for you. Entereach day to earnthe daily bonus 📅, you will earn extra coins, thedaily gift willgrow the more days in a row you enter. You earn morevirtual moneyand gems! 🤑💰💎The game of Checkers, also called'Draughts' inEnglish, is one of the most popular board games in theworld 🌍 Nowyou can enjoy this classic free board game on yourmobile and inEnglish! With the rules of yourchoice!Characteristics★ ChipaCheckers is a free game.★ You caninvite your friends to play, it'smuch more fun 😜!★ Each room has abet in virtual currencies largerthan the previous one ✨.★ Uniquegameplay in the world, ChipaCrazy. Use new powers against youropponents!★ Challenges.Challenges and tests with new rules createdby us!★ Unlockachievements, they are a new challenge and you willearn extracoins 💰★ The designs offer a striking, beautiful anduniqueesthetic .★ Earn coins 💰 and gems 💎 that you can use tobuycollectibles and make better virtual bets.★ Choose the boardsandchips that you like the most, we have many models and themes!★Playwith the rules of your region 🌎 (Spain, Brazil, UnitedStates,Internationals and more).★ Level up to face the best playersandenter the competitive level rooms.★ Take advantage of our sales🛍️to buy at the best prices and earn extra coins and gems.ProTips:💡We recommend you practice first with our ChipaBot 🤖 So, whenyouwant to challenge your friends you will be ready to beat them!💡Donot forget to collect your reward for daily bonus 📅💡 To findoutabout offers and news, follow us on our social networks 🐦💡 Youcanplay without connection to the challenges and against ChipaBot🤖Even in the subway 🚇!💡 If you lose in a challenge, watch a videotocontinue playing without paying 😝💡 Some challenges are foralimited time 🕗😱 Check them out a lot!💡 Customize your gamebychanging the avatar, the chips or the board.💡 Watch a video inthe'Free' section of the store to get more coins! 🤑💡 Sign infromfacebook to get free coins 💰In Chipa Games we love board gamesandvideo games, that's why we work every day so that you have inyourhands the best classic board games like the game ofChess,Checkers, Dominoes, Parcheesi, Ludo, Reversi, Othello,Backgammonand others that have made us live unforgettable moments.If youwant to know more about Chipa Games, go you enjoy our games as much as we do, andif you have anyquestions or questions do not hesitate to send usyour comments to:support@chipagames.comIf you need additional helpyoucancheck:,donot forget to follow us on social networks!Facebookpage:! ⚫️ ⚪️ 🔵 🔴
Checkers Free
*** Featured in the Google "Nexus 7: Camping" TVcommercialThebest-selling mobile checkers application of all-timeis nowavailable for Android. Checkers (also known as Draughts) hasbeenaround for centuries, but it has never looked this good inapackage this small. Take a great-looking game of checkers withyouwherever you go with Checkers Free.Intuitive touch controls makeiteasy to play checkers on your phone, just tap a piece and thentapwhere you want it to go. If you accidentally hit the wrong spot,anundo button lets you take back your move and try again.CheckersFree supports both 1 player and 2 player gameplay, so youcan playagainst friends or test your skills against a challengingcomputeropponent. Checkers Free includes a host of excitingfeatures,including: * Great graphics and awesome sound effects*Configurable player names and score tracking * OutstandingAIengine provided by renowned AI researcher Martin Fierz *Fullyconfigurable 1 player difficulty level * Undo function *Option toenable / disable forced captures * Automatic save when youexit theapp or receive a phone call Checkers Free currently playsaccordingto American Checkers / English Draughts rules. CheckersFree issupported by unobtrusive banner advertising.With millionsofdownloads across Android and iOS, Checkers Free is one of themostpopular mobile applications of all time. Download CheckersFreetoday and find out why!
Addictive Hours ahead of you!Checkers is a simple butchallengingboard game involving strategy and played by two playerson a 6x6,8x8 or 10x10 board game. Thanks to this Android version,you cantake this classic version of Checkers with you on the goOneplayerhas dark pieces, and one player has light pieces. They taketurnsmoving their pieces. Players move their pieces diagonally fromonesquare to another square. When a player jumps over theiropponent's(the other player's) piece, he takes that piece from theboard. Bydefault a potential piece will have to be taken but youcan setcustom rules and disable this rule.The player's goal is totake allthe pieces of its opponent.With this version of Checkers(alsoknown as Draughts) , you can play with a friend who sits nexttoyou or play against your phone. We have included variousoptionswhich will let you create custom rules accross differentboardgamesThe artificial intelligence embedded in the game allowsaplayer to play a very easy mode but also much harderandchallenging modes.Will you be able to beat the most difficultleveldesigned ?Checkers is a Free game which includes a lot ofexcitingfeatures, including:* Great Checkers graphics* Configurableplayernames and score tracking thanks to Scoreloop* Ability tochoosefrom a wide variety of Checkers boards* SupportsCheckersInternational Rules and US Rules* Outstanding Magma MobileAIengine* Play with Friends or against or Magma MobileArtificialIntelligence Engine* Undo function * Option to set upCheckerscustom rules* App2SD. Checkers can be moved to your SD card
Checkers 2
A premium checkers game coming to you with beautiful HDdesigns.Also known as Draughts, Checkers 2 will give you theopportunity toplay against your close friends or against yourphone. When playingagainst your phone, you will be able to measureyourself againstvarious levels of articifical intelligenceCheckersis a simple butchallenging board game involving strategy and playedby two playerson a 6x6, 8x8 or 10x10 board game. You can now haveyour Checkersgame on the go.One player has dark pieces, and oneplayer has lightpieces. They take turns moving their pieces.Players move theirpieces diagonally from one square to anothersquare. When a playerjumps over their opponent's (the otherplayer's) piece, he takesthat piece from the board. By default apotential piece will haveto be taken but you can set custom rulesand disable this rule.Theplayer's goal is to take all the pieces ofits opponent.Checkers 2is a Free game which includes a lot ofexciting features,including:* Great HD graphics* Ability to choosefrom a widevariety of Checkers boards* Supports CheckersInternational Rulesand US Rules* Advanced Magma Mobile AI engine*Undo function * SaveFeature * Option to set up Checkers customrules* Tablet Ready
Tavla is Turkish variant of Backgammon (name also may be knownasNarde, Tavli, Tawula, Takhteh in Iran). The game rules aresimilarto backgammon. Backgammon is a member of the tables family,one ofthe oldest classes of board games in the world. Tavla, chessandDamasi is the most popular board games in Turkey!Features:* 6FREEboard skins!* On-line mode with Google+ account!!!*On-linemulti-player with chat, leader boards, achievements, ELO,Invites*One or Two player mode* AI engine with 8 difficultylevels*Statistics* Undo move * Auto-save* Attractive and simpleinterface*Smooth animations* Sounds
Spanish checkers
Spanish draughts is a variant of the draughts family. It isatwo-handed game played on a board consisting of sixty-foursquares,thirty-two white and thirty-two black. There aretwenty-fourpieces: twelve white and twelve black. The board isplaced so thatthe rightmost square on both sides of the board isblack.The goal -to destroy all opponent's checkers or "lock" them(ie. e. make itimpossible to move).From features of application:-Saving games inthe database- Wide choice of boards and figures-Several levels ofdifficulty.
Chinese Checkers
Chinese Checkers (US and Canadian spelling) or Chinese chequers(UKspelling) is a strategy board game of German origin(named"Sternhalma") which can be played by two, three, four, orsixpeople, playing individually or with partners.The game is amodernand simplified variation of the American game Halma.Theobjectiveis to be first to race all of one's pieces acrossthehexagram-shaped board into "home"—the corner of the staroppositeone's starting corner—using single-step moves or moves thatjumpover other pieces. The remaining players continue the gametoestablish second-, third-, fourth-, fifth-, andlast-placefinishers.[4] The rules are simple, so even youngchildren canplay.Features:Enhanced A.I.Change the roles for eachplayer ingameVarious chess styleFast-paced or Super ChineseCheckersincluded
Checkers is practiced between two players on a square board of64houses alternately light and dark, featuring 12 pieces foreachteam.The goal in Checkers is to capture or immobilizetheopponent's pieces. The player who manages to eat all enemypieceswins the game.
Checkers 2
Checkers is a classic game played by 2 players. The goal istoeliminate all the pieces of your opponent.Board consists of64houses alternately black and white. Each team has 12pieces.Playversus Computer or challenge your friends to find who isthe bestin Checkers
Checkers by AOA Inc famous as Draughts is a board game withallcheckers variations:American checkers, Spanish checkers,turkishcheckers, ghanaian checkers...In AOA Studio we develop allour appsand games with passion. to provide you with the bestexperiencepossible.Damas and Draughts supports both 1 player and 2playergame play, so you can play checkers against friends or testyourskills against a challenging computer opponent.Damas andDraughtsfeatures:->1 player or 2 player game play- >5 levelsof thedifficulty- >Different rules to choose from:International,Spanish, English checkers and more ...- >3 gameboard types10x10 8x8 6x6.- >ability to undo wrong move->option toenable or disable forced captures- >quick responsetime->animated moves- >easy to use interface design->auto-savewhen exit or phone ringInstruction to Star play:Intuitive touchcontrols make it easy to play checkers on yourphone, just tap apiece and then tap where you want it to go. If youaccidentally hitthe wrong spot, The undo button lets you take backyour move andtry again.
Checkers Royale
Gamble your way to the top of the charts with this great new takeona classic game! Checkers Royale offers 5 unique game modes aswellas 4 difficulty levels. Earn Poker chips with every win andbuild upyour stash. Unlock and play the higher difficulty levelsfor evenbetter payouts. It is an unparalleled game playexperience! Alsoconnect to Facebook to store your statistics andprogress in thecloud. Personalize your game, earn experience withevery game, andshare your progress between all yourdevices.Features:• Realisticgameplay and graphics• Intuitivesingle player gameplay• 4difficulty options• 5 game modes:American Checkers, International,Canadian, Towers and TurkishDraught!• Facebook integration -personalize your game and saveyour progress.• Four unique themes toplay with!
Chess · Play & Learn
Play chess online with millions of players around the world!Enjoyfree unlimited games and improve your chess rating with50,000+tactics puzzles, interactive lessons and videos, and apowerfulcomputer opponent. Unlock your inner chess mastertoday!PLAY CHESSONLINE- Challenge your friends and chat withopponents- Playreal-time blitz or daily correspondence chessTACTICSPUZZLES- Solvemore than 50,000 puzzles - Adjusts to your skilllevel to help youimproveLESSONS- Thousands of videos andinteractive lessons fromtop Grandmasters- Interactive tutorialswith helpful tips andhighlightsCOMPUTER- Adjust the computer'sstrength - Analyze yourgame to learn what went wrong… AND MORE-Daily articles by topauthors and coaches like IM Jeremy Silman-Opening explorer helpsyou learn and play the right openings- Makefriends & sendmessages- 20+ gorgeous themes for boards, pieces,and backgrounds-Detailed performance stats and ratings- Activecommunity is built by chess playersand enthusiasts whoreally love chess!Team:
Dr. Chess
Dr. ChessYou can enjoy real-time online Chess all overtheworld.Chess is a two-player strategy board game played onachessboard, a checkered gameboard with 64 squares arranged inaneight-by-eight grid. It is one of the world's most populargames,played by millions of people worldwide in homes, parks,clubs,online, by correspondence, and in tournaments.Each playerbeginsthe game with 16 pieces: one king, one queen, two rooks,twoknights, two bishops, and eight pawns. Each of the six piecetypesmoves differently. Pieces are used to attack and capturetheopponent's pieces, with the objective to 'checkmate' theopponent'sking by placing it under an inescapable threat ofcapture. Inaddition to checkmate, the game can be won by thevoluntaryresignation of the opponent, which typically occurs whentoo muchmaterial is lost, or if checkmate appears unavoidable.SUDInc.
Play checkers and chess and train your brain. Playing chessonlineagainst another player or the AI is a great mental workout.Boardgames have been a part of our lives for a long time now. Theyhelpus add variety and excitement to our leisure time. Sincetheappearance of smartphones many board games, including chess,havetaken on a new life. Now it's easy to play chess with someoneelseregardless of your location (online chess).Features andsettings:★The applications display adaptively and attractively onallscreens★ Three difficulty levels: for beginners, advancedplayers,and professionals★ You can cancel a move or "take amulligan"★ Youcan ask the AI to give you a hint★ 3D chess iscurrently indevelopment
Checkers Online
Board game Checkers online is a game that is known and lovedallover the world. It is very exciting, because you can play italoneor together on the same device, and of cause this game canbemultiplayer when you invite all friends to share this game withyouonline. Checkers unites and allows you to have a good time. Itisabsolutely addictive!In game we collected various typesofcheckers:- English/USA- International- Brazilian-Russian-Malaysian- Spanish- CanadianAlso, you can adjust the rulesof thegame according to your preferences.They are:- Different sizesofthe boards (8 by 8, 10 by 10, 12 by 12);- Three levelsofdifficulty during the game on the computer;- The field of playislocated in such a way that it will be convenient for you toplayusing only one hand.The rules of the Board game Checkers areverysimple and intuitive understandable. This game will help yourelax,pass the time and of cause it undoubtedly cheers up! Andtheopportunity to play Multiplayer online with people from adistancemakes it even more exciting and interesting! Try it and youwilldefinitely like it!
Checkers Mobile
Play a captivating game of Checkers. Move your pieces diagonallytounoccupied squares. If the adjacent square has an opponent'spiece,and the next square on the diagonal is vacant, you cancapture youropponent's piece and move to the empty square. Chainyour jumps tomove faster and try denying your opponent that chance.A simple andfun game to play! Try it now!★ ★ ★ FEATURES ★ ★ ★ ✓Advanced AIopponent✓ Easy to play and simple to use✓ Designed forboth Tabletsand Phones✓ Beautiful and simple graphics★ ★ ★ TIPS ★ ★★ ✓ Youplay with the red pieces and the AI plays with the whitepieces.✓Tap on a piece to select it and then tap the square whereyou wantto place it.✓ When a piece reaches the top row it becomes aking.Kings can also be moved backwards and capture backwards.✓Theplayer without any pieces remaining or the one that cannotmovebecause he has no available moves will lose the game.★ SupportandFeedbackIf you have any technical problems please email usdirectlyat Please, don’t leave supportproblems inour comments – we don’t check those regularly and itwill takelonger to fix any issues that you might encounter. Thankyou foryour understanding!Already a fan of Checkers Mobile? Like usonFacebook or follow us on Twitter for thelatestnews: least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who hasplayedCheckers Mobile!
Chess Free
★ Top Developer (awarded 2013 / 2015) ★ Chess Free is the bestfreeChess game on Android and is currently the highest ranked (attimeof writing) from the 120+ free chess programs listed!Itsfirstclass tutor makes it great for both developing Chess Strategyandimproving your chess skills. Completely free! This is not ademo,and has no locked options. Featuring: -- 12 playlevels(Novice->Expert) This uses intelligent weakening forlowerlevels. Good for beginners.-- Casual and Pro modes. Learn onCasualand progress to Pro.-- Chess Tutor. This powerful optionshows arecommended piece to move, excellent for developing chessstrategyand avoiding simple mistakes.-- Analyse move. Performdeeperanalysis on your move.-- “Show CPU Thinking” option for level3+.Allows the user to see what the AI is considering.--Achievements,Leaderboards and Cloud save for stats! Uses yourGoogle+ account--Provides ELO Rating based on your results againstCPU in ProMode.-- Review game mode. Step through your game!--Load/Save gamefiles & PGN Export-- Designed for both Tablet andPhone,supporting Landscape mode for Tablets. -- 2 player hot-seatandonline. Play against your friends!-- Chess Stats, Timers, HintsandHandicaps-- 8 Chess Boards and 7 Chess Piece Sets-- UsesTreebeardChess engine (as used in Microsoft's MSN Chess). This hasa unique"human-like" style. This free version is supported by 3rdpartyads. Ads may use internet connectivity, and thereforesubsequentdata charges may apply. The photos/media/files permissionisrequired to allow the game to save game data to externalstorage,and is sometimes used to cache ads. Download the best ChessforAndroid now!
Checkers 2017
Checkers (also known as Draughts) has been around for centuries,butit has never looked this good in a package this small. Takeagreat-looking game of checkers with you wherever you gowithCheckers Free.✔ Checkers board game rules withinternational,English, Brazilian and Russian.✔ Checkers is a simplebutchallenging board game strategy and played by two players on a6x6,8x8 or 10x10 board game. Thanks to this Android version, youcanplay classic version of checkers.* Great graphics and awesomesoundeffects* Configurable player names and score tracking*OutstandingAI engine provided by renowned AI researcher MartinFierz* Fullyconfigurable 1 player difficulty level* Undo function*Option toenable / disable forced captures* Automatic save when youexit theapp or receive a phone callCheckers Free currently playsaccordingto American Checkers / English Draughts rules.
Chess Free
Chess is a free board game for 2 players. Playing on a squareboardwhich made of 64 smaller squares and eight squares on eachside.Player starts with sixteen pieces: eight pawns, two knights,twobishops, two rooks, one queen and one king. The goal of the gameisfor each player to try and checkmate the king of theopponent.Checkmate is a threat (check) to the opposing king. Touchthescreen, move and drop the pieces, checkmate, win!This chessgamehas powerful chess AI engine, super chess tutor, amusingchallengemode, increase your ranking and become a master ofchess.Features:-6 difficulty levels (Practice -> Expert), easierfor thebeginners, become a chess pro in this top free chess app!-Endingstages and ending challenges: the free chess board gameappprovides different unique play modes, allows you tochoosedifferent chess programs, develop your skills from 0 tochessmaster.- Chess tutor, learn chess and strategy, improve yourchessskill also help you avoid simple mistakes- Intelligenthintsanalyze every move- Update the endgame of chess everyday-Dailychallenge- Various 3D themes for free- Free chess app for kidsandadults- Design for both tablet and mobile Your like strategygameand learn chess? Download the top free chess game app now!Enjoyyour chess time.
MegaJogos - Online Card Games and Board Games
Play for free a dozen of board and card Games Online.Useyourandroid device to play online with players of the USA andallaround the world.Card Games• Spades Online• Hearts Online•Canasta- Burraco• Brazilian Canasta• Canasta STBL• ItalianBurraco•Brasilian Truco• Cacheta• Pife• Sueca - Bisca e Briscola•Mau mau -crazy 8• Poker Texas Holdem• Poker 5 cards drawBoardGames•Checkers Online• Chess Online• Dominoes• Mills* MegaJogosCard andBoard Games is a game for young people and adults. This appdoesnot use real money for placing bets or to generate financialgain.Practice and wins in our game do not mean future success inothergames involving real bets.
Chess App
Chess App is an interactive 3D board game with a powerfulengine,which is designed to suite, beginners as well as chessmasters.Everyone can work out in this game to the top level andimprovetheir chess skill by challenging the Artificial Intelligencein themode where Human vs Computer. Features:- SimpleNavigation.-Different Play Modes. Play and learn a game with yourfriends andfamily in a multiplayer mode (Home Networking) or play afun gamewith the computer. 2 player mode allows to play a game ofchess inthe same house using Wi-Fi router.- Stunning 3D graphics.Chooseskins and background for your game- 20 Different Levels toachieve.Improve your level by playing against the AI- Hints. Usesuggestedmoves. - Preferable Settings. (Brightness, music, gamelevel,sound, timer etc.)- Undo function.- Statistics. Post thescore orsimply reset it and start all over.- Analysis of the gameis doneby the strong Stockfish Chess Engine( and play the game of chess withone of the best engines onthe market.- Camera views. 5 differentviews of the chess boardhelp better to visualize the chess game. -Demo play. Twodirections classic chess game, where the computerplays computer isa learning chess app, which allows learning fromthe computermoves. It shows how to play a chess game at differentlevels.- Itis an absolutely FREE chess game.
Draughts 10x10 - Checkers
Checkers 10x10 - also known as "International checkers","Polishcheckers", "International draughts", is very popular logicgame inthe Europe and Africa. International Checkers is achallengingboard game that can train your logic and strategicskills. Now youcan enjoy the game of checker anywhere you may be,directly fromyour smart phone.Features:* Online multiplayer - ELO,chat,achievements, games history, games statistic* One or Twoplayersmode* Ability to compose own game position* Ability to savegamesand continue later* Ability to analyse played game* Abilitytodisable undo move* Statistics* Auto-save* Undo move *Attractiveclassic wooden interface and sounds* Several differentboards
Thai Checkers - Genius Puzzle - หมากฮอส
★Large Patch Update★✓ New Features : Puzzles! that will please you and increasesyourtactical skills.Puzzles can help improving your resourcefulnessandproblem solving skills.They have different difficulties tochoosefrom easy to hard in 50 challenges.Collecting stars(★) willgiveyou new crown caps and stamps.Prepare to take up the challengenow!You absolutely can't say GG EZ in this puzzles!✓ New Features : More language support includes Thai and Englishforhelping foreigner to play game enjoyably and smoothly. Thelanguagebarrier is not problem anymore.== Don’t miss these features! ==• Nice and neat graphics.• Relaxing celtic musics. The sound effects of pieces are madefromreal one.• Enjoy with the shakable board animation when you capturedmoreopenent pieces!• The best AI oppenent ever! Fast thinking with genius 6differentdifficulties.• The real Thai Checkers rule 100%. Master of ThaiCheckersconfirmed!• Two-Players mode is just like a real board. No need toswitchinghands to play.• Automatically save your game progression and recover it whenyouback.• Completely Free to Play!We are working hard on game translation, online system,piecescustomize and much more will be come here soon. Staytune!-----------------------------------------------------• Visit our official site at:หมากฮอส• Like us on Facebook:
Board Games
With BOARD GAMES you can enjoy all-time games within yourandroid,with an accurate design and playability.Currentboardsavailable:-Backgammon-Parchis-Parchis for 3-SnakesandLadders-Goose's GameMore games coming soon!!!There are manyofoptions:-Different AI levels (none tricks)-Differentvariants-Threedifferent ways to select pieces-Board zoom and autozoom-Differentplaying speeds for pieces and dice-Landscapemode-...Permissionsare used for add platforms, application doesn'tuse any personalinformation. If you prefer to doesn't have ads wehave a proversion without ads and with some more surprises.Do youwant 'BoardGames' in your language? you can contribute to translateit orcorrect current translations, it will beveryappreciated:,notifybugs, error translations, ideas...to
Master Chess
Master Chess*Features:- Chess game with nice graphic userinterface-Many levels from weak to strong AI algorithm when playversus PC-Play with time-limited or none- Game can be played withtwoplayersHope you enjoy this game.
Chess Online Battle
You really enjoy a classic chess game, but chess game vs computerisquite boring for you? Let's try to play free online chess gamevs areal player. Install Chess Online Battle on your mobile phone,whichis the best chess app for mobile devices and provides thechessonline multiplayer games.You can play chess online vs realpeoplefrom all over the globe at any time you want! It definitelysoundsgood. Do you agree? So, what do you need for that? Just makesomeeasy steps:- Download 📲 our free chess app.- Choose youropponent oraccept the challenge from another player 👤- Start thechess battle⚔You don't need to buy a real chess board to learn howto playchess. Our Chess Online Battle is a free chess app, justinstall itand play mobile chess at any time and any place.Youdon't have to bea master chess player to take part in any of chessgames provided.There are many players with different levels in ourfree chessapplication. Choose the right person according to yourskills andstart to play chess free.Chess Online Battle app has agood UX andUI design for your convenience.If you are stillconfused to playwith stranger, because you are not a chess pro,you can invite yourfriend to play online chess game. Aftercompleting the registrationform you can play free online chesswith friends.Play chess withfriends free, make a progress, learnand use new chess tactics,reach your goals, compete, get differentbonuses for yourachievements!It is widely known that chess forkids developschildren's ability to analyze, teaches how to thinkstrategically,and also chess learning helps train the memory. Youcan use ChessOnline Battle as a chess play and learn applicationfor your child.Play free online chess is a good way to teach yourchild how toavoid common chess problems during the game and how tosolve mostinterenting chess puzzles.Chess Online BattleAdvantages:- Playmobile chess online- Look for players on theInternet- Thousands ofplayers from all over the globe🌎- There aremobile chess games forplayers with different skills levels- Inviteand play chess withfriends- Communicate with other players-Perform daily quests, getbonuses🎁- Gold, Emeralds- View past chessgames with a chess tacticsanalysis- Set the time for your onlinechess game⏳- Elo rating- VIPaccount for getting more exclusiveoptions- No annoying ads ⛔ChessOnline Battle is a great way totrain your brain, enhance your chesstactics and compete withpeople from all over the world.
Real Chess
This app brings classic chess game into new dimension. Withadvanced3D graphics you can feel all beauty of interacting withvirtualchess set. Choose to play with AI or with real opponents.GameFeatures:* Advanced 3D graphics;* Online gameplay. More than1million registered users worldwide.* Matchmaking feature;*Chatwith opponents while playing online;* AI with 2400 levelsofdifficulty;* Hints for beginners - highlighting of possiblemoves;*Different themes of chess set;* 3D and 2D board variants; *Bothlandscape and portrait screen mode supported.
Mills – play for free
The Mills board game by LITE Games: play the popular game Millwithonline multiplayer options for free on Android devices. Millsis ahugely popular game throughout the world, characterized by thefactit is so easy to learn – and it’s even older than chess.Nowadaysthe game that's also well known as Nine Men's Morris, TheMillGame, or Cowboy Checkers is a national pastime in manycountries.The aim of the game is to hit as many enemy stones aspossible byforming so-called Mills (3 stones in a row). However,you can alsoblock your opponent by cleverly moving your own stonesaround,rendering them unable to make a move.If you think thatyou're amaster of strategy: try to win against the strongestplayers of theLITE Games community. 😉Features◎ Completely free andin English 🇺🇸🇬🇧◎ Unlock amazing achievements 🏆◎ Climb to the top ofthe onlinehighscore leaderboard 🔝◎ 👤 Single player and multiplayer👥◎ Can beplayed online and offline 🆚◎ Customizable rules to suityourindividual needs ☑️The mobile Mills board game is offered inhighquality localization in the following languages: English,French,Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish,Turkish,Russian, Polish, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.Mills is arealclassic travel game and offers a strategic challenge forbeginnersas well as experienced veterans.Join in and get yourself atop spotin the Mills player community best players will beproudly displayed each weekon here to find out aboutourother free Android games: http://www.lite.gamesOr give us yourAppfeedback heresupport@lite.gamesThanks for playing!
Backgammon Free
★ Top Developer (awarded 2013 / 2015) ★Backgammon Free is thebestfree Backgammon game on Android!Backgammon is a game of skillandstrategy; one of the world's classic parlour board games,playedfor recreation and gambling. Like Mahjong, Backgammon isplayed insocial groups in coffee houses and bars. Historically,variants ofthis game are believed to have originated in Egypt over3000 yearsago, from where it was adopted by the Romans and thenlatertravelled to India. It also spread to East Asia, but waslargelyreplaced by Xiangqi (Chinese chess). It is now very popularin theWest.Features:-- Strong Backgammon AI-- 5 Difficulty levels--Fullmatch play + Doubling Cube & Crawford rule options-- 4Boardsand Piece Sets-- Single Player vs Computer or local 2Player-- Hint& Stats-- Random Dice generator or Manual Diceinput-- Designedfor both Tablet and PhoneThis free version issupported by 3rdparty ads. Ads may use internet connectivity, andthereforesubsequent data charges may apply. Thephotos/media/filespermission is required to allow the game to savegame data toexternal storage, and is sometimes used to cacheads.*Does itcheat? See "CPU Strategy" page + Manual Dice option(use real-worlddice) to prove to yourself that it doesn't*
Battle Chess 3D
Battle Chess is 3D humanoid chess game, cool animation inaction,multi game mode: singe with 3 difficult levels, 2 players,playonline with stranger or friends.Batte Chess features:-Currentlyhas 5 amazing 3D humanoid chess set: Barbarian, Dwarf,Skeleton,Orcs & Spartan.- Single play with 3 difficult AIlevels- Twoplayers Mode- Play online: quick game with strangepeople or inviteyour friend to a match.
Real Chess 3D FREE
The best 3D Chess game is here! Play Chess in immersive 3Dgraphics.Challenge your friends to matches or play against the AIplayers inthe best chess game.Real Chess 3D is one of the mostrealistic andenjoyable chess games available on mobile.Customizethe look andfeel of your game by choosing the chess board,checkers, piece type,table. It's like you are actually playingchess in real because ofthe realistic 3d graphics.Tap on a pieceto choose it and then tapon the desired target position to makeyour move.FEATURES:● Playagainst the AI with 4 difficulty levels.●Play against another humanopponent.● Customize the look and feelof the board.● Relaxingmusic.So what are you waiting for? Downloadnow forFree!---------------------------Get the latest news, deals,and moreat:FACEBOOK: more aboutEivaaGames:
Free Chess
Chess King is the best free Chess game.Touch the screen, moveanddrop the pieces, checkmate, Win!Powerful Chess AI engine,superChess Tutor, amusing challenge mode, increase your rankingandbecome a Master of Chess.Features:- 6 difficultylevels(Practice-> Expert), easier for the beginners.- ChessTutor, improvingyour Chess skill.- Intelligence hints analyze everymove.- Updatethe endgame of chess everyday.- Daily challenge.-Various 3D themesfor free.- Support Tablet perfectly.- Free Chesswith MultiplayerModeDownload the best Chess game now!
Chess in your AndroidChess is a board game for two players. Itisplayed on a square board, made of 64 smaller squares, witheightsquares on each side. Each player starts with sixteen pieces:eightpawns, two knights, two bishops, two rooks, one queen and oneking.The goal of the game is for each player to try and checkmatetheking of the opponent. Checkmate is a threat ('check') totheopposing king which no move can stop. It ends the game.Duringthegame the two opponents take turns to move one of their pieces toadifferent square of the board. One player ('White') has pieces ofalight color; the other player ('Black') has pieces of a darkcolor.There are rules about how pieces move, and about takingtheopponent's pieces off the board. The player with whitepiecesalways makes the first move. Because of this, White has asmalladvantage, and wins more often than Black in tournamentgames.Chessis popular and is often played in competitions calledchesstournaments. It is enjoyed in many countries, and is anationalhobby in Russia.Features:- five different themes- sevenlevels ofdifficulty- two players mode- game assistant (Helper)-realisticgraphics- sound effects- small size
Sholo Guti 16 Beads
Sholo Guti is a Checker game like Chess played between 2players.Sholo Guti game is famous in Bangladesh , India, Pakistan,Myanmar, Saudi Arab and Nepal and other east asian regions. ThisindianBoardgame also called as bagh-bakri (tiger-goat) or baghchal-crossover game of tiger trap, Bara Tehn or barah goti game. Thisisone of the smartest strategic board game of childhood played bytwopersons Local people of indian and other asian countriespassestheir leisure game time by playing sholo guti 16 beads gameor bhagbakri game. Locals also called as desi game of 2 playersplayedwith stones. In old times, players draw the cort of thisboardgameon the ground and uses stones as pawns and player usedstones crossas pawns for tiger trap. One has to make strategic planand applyin the shologuti game 16beadsPlay sholo guti game to yourandroidmobile application.Rules of the shologuti Game 16 beadsThisgame isplayed between 2 person. Each having 16 Pawns / 16 guti.Thesepawns can move one step forward on the valid positions of thecort.If a player can cross a pawn of the other side then the playerwillachieve 1 point. In this way whoever create stategic planning&manages to achieve 16 points / 16 bit / 16 guti / 16 beadswill bethe winner. Main idea is to win 16beads game and take careof baghchal.Key Feature of top-rated Sholo guti game -** Simple UIandattractive design** Singleplayer with AI (Easy to Hard) - playwithComputer** Smooth animations** 2 player game**Counter-clockwiseturn rotation like in real game play** MultiPlayer sholo gutigame** Play totally offline** Extreme UserFriendly for bagh chal /tiger trap tricks** Bots with improvedArtificial intelligence AI**Play sholo guti offline as singleplayer strategy board game**Perfect family board games a kind ofsmart strategy boardgame**Good game for kids to learn sholo gutistrategy** Best indian boardgame and true family boardgame** Stonescrossover game** Play shologuti online multiplayer game (realtimemulti-player)Sholo guti gameis also popular as bhag bakrigame,tigers vs goats, sholo goti,goat game, 16 soldiers (sri lanka), goats and tigers or stonescrossover game. This is highly popularindian game for locals andquite popular in Bangladesh and eastasian countries. People calledthis game as bhag bakri game becausethey treated 16 bit as goatand tiger. We will soon add sholo gutionline game feature.Challenge your friends family, practice beststrategy boardgame andhave fun!Download sholo guti 16 beads gamefor your phone today andhave endless hours of fun. This is the bestsholo gutti game, dontwait more for board games download just getfree sholo guti gamenow for your android phone.Be the smart player,make your strategicplan and play sholo guti 16 beads as localcheckers as sholo gotiis a checker type game like Chess family.This is quite popular inbangladesh and india . Sholo goti game isgame for intelligentpeople as player has to make stategic planningand apply strategyto win against opponent. Game also famous astigers vs goats orgoats and tigers game, people play sholo gutigame with stonescross over like pawn in chess and apply strategictricks as chesstricksPlease don't forget to Rate and Review Shologuti multiplayerwith AI integrated, enjoy and beat opponent bycrossing over withsmart strategy tricks. Enjoy playing cards withus. Hope you likethis sholog guti version of goat games as newstrategy boardgameplaying in familyThank you for playing as newhigh rated games ofstrategy boardgame, this is top popular crossingover game ofabstract strategy. Its a mind game, enjoy and play thisstrategygame as a leisure game and its quite popular desi indianboard game
Chess Via Bluetooth
The application allows playing a chess game between twoplayers(human vs. human) via Bluetooth or in one device. Inaddition tothe basic functionality, the user can make furtheradjustments ofapp like color of the figures, layout of thechessboard, whether torotate the chessboard and whether the playerwill have help duringthe game.
Dominoes Online
Play the classic Dominoes Online for Free. Install and play withnoregistration!Find fun and competitiveness in this app:• 5 modestoplay online with real players or smart/dumb robots• Excellentgamegraphics and superior gameplay• Play and bet with virtualcoins•Lounges for all kinds of dominoes players• Join tournamentsand wintrophies• Compete in the ranking• Track your stats of thematches•Training mode with robots• Meet people from around theworld andmake friendsDownload now and start this great logicgame!Findthousands of people playing Dominoes online.DominoesOnline is acomplete app for amateurs and professionals Dominoesplayers!Install now and enjoy!
World Chess Championship
Main Features:・Online ChessDesigned for practicing real-worldchesswith world-wide opponent.・CompetitionELO rating based Ranking&Matching・Guest & Google profileYou can playanonymously.・ReviewYou can review all the game of yours and top100's・ForumAutotranslated chess forum providedFeatures: ・Play amatch against afriend on one device・Chat with onlineopponentsETC:If you want toplay off-line chess, We recommend you toplay our another product'Chess Tournament'.
Dominoes: Best Classic Dominoes Board Game
Have fun with this great classic:Dominoes!create private matches and play with your friends, tryto defeatyour opponents with strategy, reasoning and a little bitofluck..Dominoes: Best Classic Dominoes Board Game is an app forDominoesfans! With it, you can have endless fun whenever andwherever youwant. Check out its main features:- Play with bots, friends and others players: Playonlinewith your Facebook friends or challenge others playersfromanywhere in the world! If you want, you can train with ourbotstoo.- 4 different modes: Choose your favorite Dominoesmode:TurboDominoes, Draw Dominoes, Dominoes All Fives andBlockDominoes.- Matches with 2 or 4 players: Choose if you will createamatch with just two players or two teams.Other features:- 3 difficulty levels;- Customize the table and the cards from the deck;- Statistics from your matches.If you like board games like Checkers, Mahjong, BackgammonandChess, you will love Dominoes: Best Classic Dominoes BoardGame.What are you waiting for? Get the tiles and score tovictory.Download Dominoes: Best Classic Dominoes BoardGamenow!