Top 48 Games Similar to Raiden Craft 1990: FINAL FIGHT

Retro Shooting: Free Arcade Shooter Games - shmup 2.0.10
Retro Shooting is a spectacular arcade shooter game withapixel-perfect 3D retro design and everything a true Arcadegameshould have. Multiple fighter ships with variousabilities,powerful bombs/lasers, lots of tough levels andnevertheless a widerange of menacing aliens. This is a game ofskill, as you'll haveto practice fending off incoming bullets andkamikaze planes,ultimately facing off powerful bosses. Playincreasingly tougherlevels or start the Infinity Mode to prove yourshooting skills.【Main Features】 ✔ Arcade Shoot 'em up. RetroShooting features aclassic shmup gameplay, where you control aspace ship and shoot atincoming alien ships. Destroy anything thatmoves, collect weaponupgrades and defeat powerful bosses. ✔ Retrographics. The game isa feast for the eyes of retro nostalgics (andnot only), withbeautiful 3D pixel-perfect graphics that combinemodern design withclassic style. Let the space fight begin! ✔Multiple aircrafts& upgrades. Choose your aircraft frommultiple options, eachwith its own shooting style and abilities.Upgrade your weaponsusing collected coins to improve your ship'sdestruction power. ✔Powerups. When the fight gets close tooverwhelming, use adestructive bomb or the powerful laser to clearthe screen. Eachpowerup has a recharge time, so use it wiselyespecially againstbosses. ✔ Various game modes. You can play RetroShooting inRookie, Champion or Hero mode. The tougher the gamemode, the morepoints you'll receive. You can play in Arcade mode(level-by-level)or in Infinity mode. • Google Play Achievements andLeaderboardsare also available • Supported for tablets [Caution] Ifyou deletethe game, all data will be gone with it, too. Be sure tosave thegame data before deleting the game or switchingdevices.——————————————————— 【SHMUPHOLIC】 E-mail :[email protected] of service
STRIKERS 1945 World War 1.0.16
The one and only original shooting game!! The heroes of thearcadeshooters have returned!!The beloved arcade shooters of thepasthave come back in style to rekindle yoursenses!ⓒ2017.X-nauts·psikyo & KM-BOX, APXSOFT all rightsreserved.★STRIKERS1945 - World War Grand open!!★■ Game Description■The finalbattle for the world has begun!The original shooting gamethat willreign over all others!STRIKERS1945 - World War!! Dive intothebattle right now with this newest incarnation of thepastmasterpieces!■ Game Features ■▶ A collaboration of thearcadeclassics such as the Strikers series, Gunbird and Tengai!! ◀-Thebeloved game characters of the past are now back asOperators!!Select and power-up your favorite one!- Use the specialpowers ofeach Operator to immerse yourself in strategicbattles!-Manufacture and dismantle aircraft to create yourultimatefighters!▶ Countless types of missions and hundreds ofstages! ◀-Choose from normal and hard modes to suit your style!-Complete themissions for each stage!! Achieve perfect victory byearning threestars!- Utilize numerous partners and items to conquerdifficultstages!▶ A Shooting Fest of Global Proportions!! ◀- 14languagessupported! Enjoy the game with players from all over theworld!-Challenge players worldwide to conquer the globalrankings!▶Thrilling Shooting Mayhem! Unique Battle Progression! ◀-Enjoylonger battles with the new HP system!- Unleash multiplelevels ofskills to engage in spectacular thrill-packedbattles!DownloadSTRIKERS1945 - World War for free right now toexperience classicarcade shooting fantasy!Visit the Facebook pageand click ‘Like’and receive the latest news and updateinformation.[Controls]Screenslide: Move aircraftSuper Shot buttontap: Fire Super Shot usingthe gauge on the top of the screen.Bombbutton tap: Summon airsupport to temporarily block enemy attacks.*Save(READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE): Used to changetheprofile picture and to attach photos when sending messagestofriends on the Facebook & Social Network platform ondeviceswith Lollipop (OS 5.1.1) or below.Strikers 1945 – WorldWarrequires the authority as it supports OS 4.0.3andabove.────────────────Lets play withAPXSOFT!────────────────Likeus onFacebook!! and Updates
STRIKERS 1945-2 2.0.9
The legendary shooting game at arcades, STRIKERS 1945-2,revivedwith multiplayer mode!! The classic, long-run shooting gamefromthe 90s has been perfectly remade for smart phones. With itssimpleconcept and endless fun, STRIKERS 1945-2 is now available onyourmobile device to enjoy again! Play it now! ⓒX-nauts·psikyo&KM-BOX, APXSOFT all rights reserved. [Features]▶Providesinteractive multiplayer mode to compete with people fromall overthe world ▶4 people play simultaneously ▶Supported for allkinds ofdevices, from phones with low specifications to tablets▶Thecontrols are easy to learn and use, keeping the old feelingofplaying in an arcade ▶Play the game in single player mode foraclassic arcade experience ▶Includes 6 types of famousWWII(WorldWar II) combat planes for military fans ▶Available in 9languages!▶Supported for Achievements, Leaderboard! [How to play]Screenslide: moves the combat plane Touch the "super shot" button:shootsa super shot by using the accumulated gauge shown at the topof thescreen Touch the "bomb" button: blocks the enemy’s bulletsfor acertain amount of time by calling for backup. ────────────────Letsplay with APXSOFT! ──────────────── Like us onFacebook! Watch with us and Updates
STRIKERS 1999 2.0.9
1999, join the last war to save the world. The latestfighteraircraft from F-22 to F-117 stealth bombers awaits you.Don't missout on multiplay battle with players all over the worldunlike inthe arcade. We invite you to the 20th century's lastarcade game.ⓒX-nauts·psikyo & KM-BOX, APXSOFT all rightsreserved. ■Simplecontrols that don't need a tutorial. ■Variousdifficulty levels foreveryone to enjoy from beginners to advancedplayers ■Thrilling funmaximizing the arcade gaming feel! ■Supportsmultiplay battleagainst players from all over the world in a fiercebattle with upto 4 players ■5 of the latest aircrafts and a specialmilitaryaircraft for military fans. ■Supports 9 languages!■Playable onlow-end phones to high-end tablets ■Achievements andleaderboardfeature! [Controls] Screen slide: Move aircraft.Supershot buttontouch: Fire supershot using gauge collected on topof the screen.Bomb button touch: Fire a bomb to block enemy firefor some time.──────────────── Lets play with APXSOFT!──────────────── Like uson Facebook! Watchwith us Tips and Updates
Scrambler – Classic 80s Arcade Game 1.78
Push your skills to the edge with this free retro arcadegameScrambler. It’s an old-school, game room style sidescrollingshooter game where you navigate your ship through 6differentstages packed with menacing enemies, on the way to thefinal EnemyBase. Then destroy the Base to receive your mission’sstats &prepare for the next exciting level! You can playoffline: no WiFi/ no internet required – you will just miss out onRewarded Videosoffers. NEW FEATURE - Quickly save your games - foron-the-gogaming – continue whenever you want to KEY FEATURES -Classicarcade coin-op experience; graphics, sounds, gameplay –everythingis there! - Two touchscreen player control methods, plusBluetoothGamepad Controller support - Free lives at unlimited scorepoints,continues offered, local & global high score tables -GooglePlay Games: Global Leaderboards & 24 Achievements -100%playable without in-app purchases! - Technically brilliantforAndroid; 60 FPS, responsive touchscreen, small APK / load time-Top up your fuel by shooting fuel tanks! Tip: Download to alargetablet and sit back with a Bluetooth wireless gamepad! GAMEINFOPause/Quit: Use your device’s Back ButtonHi-Scores/Leaderboards:Two types: 1: Local to your device: Seen inattract/demo mode 2:Global: Google Play Games: Sign-in/view frompre-game optionsNovice Mode (Easier): Auto set ON at install, &auto turns OFFforever when you’re familiar with the controlsDifficulty “Normal:Android Mode”: Terrain Avoidance System helps tostop you crashinginto the ground Easier Stage 5 (Maze) map Nolosing lives on thefinal End Base stage Difficulty “Brutal: GamePada must!”: None ofthe above! Tip: Use a Bluetooth ControllerGamePad! PLAYER CONTROLTIPS Tip 1: Learn to quickly lift your leftthumb & then touchagain to “reset” the distance between yourthumb & ship. E.g.push your ship forward then lift + retouchbehind & above tofly near the ground, etc. Tip 2: You can veryquickly fire bothyour Lasers + Bombs by sliding your right thumb up& down overthe buttons. You don’t need to lift your thumb(& both buttonsare auto-fire). PERMISSIONS EXPLAINED Note:Since Scrambler is freeto play, it is supported by (optional) VideoAds, & helped byAnalytics. Read/modify/delete contents of SDcard / USB storage:Your SD card is only used for Video ads, whichare cached to avoiddelays/stuttering with playback. Scrambler doesNOT access anyother data. View network connections / Full networkaccess: VideoAds & Analytics need access to the internet tofunction. - Sendbugs or suggestions to [email protected] - Youare allowed (andencouraged!) to put footage of Scrambler on YouTubeor any otherwebsite ***This game is an unofficial clone of an oldoriginal gameand is not endorsed by the registered trademark andcopyrightowners.
Space Shooter: Galaxy Force 2.0
Space Shooter, STRIKER is two-dimensional fixed shooter wargame.Inthe galactic, the player controls a spaceship by moving itandfiring at descending aliens. Like a sky destroyer, the aim istodefeat space shuttle of invaders. The player defeats skyinvader,and earns points, by shooting it with the squadron . Asmore aliensare defeated, the aliens movement and the game's musicboth speedup. Defeating the aliens brings another wave that ismoredifficult, a loop which can continue without end.SpaceShooterattempt to destroy your spacecraft by firing at it whiletheyapproach the bottom of the screen. If they reach the bottom,thealien invasion is successful and the game ends. A special"mysteryship" will occasionally move across the top of the screenand awardbonus points if destroyed. Your spacecraft is partiallyprotectedby several stationary defense bunkers that are graduallydestroyedby a numerous amount of blasts from the invaders orplayerIf youare fan of classic Galaxy game, you must play SpaceShooter:Galactic Force now and become a hero protect your galacticthatyour destiny.★ ★ ★ Features ★ ★ ★- Charming sound and music,withHD graphics.- Precision controls.- Space shooter and upgradeyourweapons: wingman support, vulcan camon, energy shield ...-Invadersof 12 big boss.- Classic Galaxy game and complete 30achievement.-Classic Galaxy game with 4 spaceship with anotherpower: rocket,laser and strongest soldiers.
Samurai Aces: Tengai Episode1 1.0.3
Classic arcade shooting game! Psikyo Japan’s very firstlegend!Thefirst of the chronicles of the heroes ofTengai!Everyone's favoriteclassic arcade flying shooter game comesback on mobile for free!The game that revolutionized the 1990sFlying-STG (Shooting Game),“Samurai Aces”came back, lookingstronger and cooler than ever! Inthe brand-new remake in 2017mobile version! [Mission! Control thesix main characters right now,defeat the Evil enemy, and rescuethe General's daughter!] Quicklyavoid shells, collect variousitems, and blow up the enemy!Go on theadventure in a fantasticSengoku(Feudal) era on your fingertips! ■Game Features ■• Playwith six different types of weapons andspecial attacks that suityour tastes.• An interesting storystraight from the originalseries.• Enjoy the buff system to betterbeat the stages withdifficult levels.• Fantastic flight-shootingsensation from the skydelivered directly from your fingertips.• Getmesmerized innostalgic side-scrolling arcade game’s retrographics.• Providesnumerous stages with varying levels ofdifficulty requiringcontrol, agility, and strategy.• Supports 11languages, so you canplay anytime, anywhere.• Rank your scoreagainst other playersaround the world. Download Samurai Aces nowand come to the worldof spectacular flightshooting!Visit now and Like thepage so you canstay up to date with the latest news and excitingupdates!ⓒ2017.X-nauts·psikyo & KM-BOX, APXSOFT all rightsreserved.■ Cautions■1. Data initialization will be initialized whenreplacing mobilephone terminals or deleting their app.2. If youneed to replaceyour mobile phone handset or delete apps, pleaseensure that yousave your data in the game settings.3. The productincludes partialpaid items and game money payments. Pay attentionto the fact thatthe actual fee occurs when paying for partialpayment items andgame money.
Thunder Assault: Raiden Striker 1.6.3
Have you ever imagined that join airforce and save the world?Haveyou dreamed that you can fly between enemy spaceship’sbarragewithout being hit just like an ace pilot? Now it’s will bepossiblein Thunder Assault: Raiden Striker!Get on the NaveGalactica andShoot’em up! We provide you plenty kinds of spaceshipand lots ofdeadly BOSS to fight with. Go and see the colorfulgraphics andbeautiful pictures of planes in Thunder Assault: RaidenStriker.Find a safe way to avoid enemies’ barrage is the key tosuccess!Challenge yourself in Challenge mode. Soon you will findthat winthe deadly BOSS is so easy and you are powerful like acepilot!Shoot’em up! Try to destroy all the spaceship in front of youasfast as you can or you have to face a barrage!Let your“raidenaircraft” and Nave Galactica fly in the space of bulletsjust likefly beside life and death,feel the great sense ofaccomplishment!It’s easy to play but you need to practice much tobecome an acepilot. Just enjoy the Barrage! Thunder Assault: RaidenStriker isan exciting experience for everybody who loves classicraiden, aircombat and sci-fi story! You can upgrade your aircraftsquadronbefore challenge a new stage. Use your crystals get fromstageswisely will help you a lot. Get your unique Galactica force!Newweapon system and multiplayer mode which is coming soon willbringyou the different experiences. It’s free to download now, sowhyyou’re waiting? Come to join our Galactica force!Concisecontrol,smooth flying experience,give you the best gameexperiencein Thunder Assault: Raiden Striker. Features ★ 8 supremebeautifulbattlefields ★ 15 kinds of powerful Boss ★ 5 uniquecyberpunk“raiden aircrafts” ★ Smooth and simple control system! ★Niceoptimized, running well on old devices and only need no morethan50MB space. ★ Varied and deadly enemy aircrafts squadron ★Veryeasy to play and also can satisfy core gamers We will updateandimprove Thunder Assault: Raiden Striker constantly. youdreamedthat you can fly between alien enemy spaceship’s infinitybarragewithout being hit just like an ace airplane pilot? Now it’swill bepossible in Thunder Assault: Raiden Striker!We provide youplentykinds of spaceship and lots of deadly BOSS to fight with.Galaxy'slast hope is in your hands, take control of the lonespaceship andprotect galaxy from alien air force swarms. Your goalwill be quitechallenging as you will have to save the galaxy fromits evil alienenemies. In this space airplane shooting game, youwill be facingan increasingly large number of enemies in hazardousenvironments.As the game progresses, you will earn the right toupgrade your acespacecraft to unleash its full lethalcapacity.Twitter:[email protected]
Classic Metal War Soldier 1.1
The first game's story involved the Peregrine Falcon (PF) Squad,asmall but skilled team of soldiers serving under the RegularArmy'sspecial operations division, who fight against the army ofGeneralDonald Morden in order to prevent a massive coup d'état andthecreation of a New World Order. Later games featured charactersfromthe Sparrows Unit, which is under the control of the RegularArmy'sintelligence division.The player starts with only a simplehandgun;as the game progresses, the player may pick up new weapons.Theplayer can only use one weapon at a time. When a new weaponisfound, it replaces the previous one. Similarly, whenammunitionruns out, the player reverts to using the handgun, whichhasunlimited ammunition.
Galaxy Assault Force - Arcade shooting game/shmup 1.073
* Stylish action - arcade shooting game. SHMUP* Verticalscrollarcade style action shooting game(SHMUP)* Total 6 types offighter*10 types of drones to help players* 12 different bossesattackingplayers in various patterns* Strengthen your fighter withgold fromthe stage or purchase a drones.* Purchased drones can beselectedand installed from the [Drones] menu.!! It will update soon!!-Game save / retrieve function- Four kinds of fighter and 10kindsof drones added- More than 8 different bosses that threatentheuniverse- Achievement: Achieve achievements and earnvariousrewards!- Rank Competition: Compete with players aroundtheworld!PS. If you delete the game, you will lose the record /goodsfrom the game.       (Gameprogress save will be updated soon.)
Strikers 1945 1.0.23
The classic, long-run shooting game from the 90s has beenperfectlyremade for smart phones. With its simple concept andendless fun,1945 Original is now available on your mobile device toenjoyagain! Play it now! ⓒ2017. X-nauts·psikyo & KM-BOX,APXSOFT allrights reserved. ▶The controls are easy to learn and use▶Keepingthe old feeling of playing in an arcade ▶Includes 6 typesof famousWWII combat planes for military fans ▶Supported for allkinds ofdevices, from phones with low specifications to tablets▶SupportedGlobal service ▶Supported for Achievements, Leaderboard!▶You canplay games offline even without Internet. [How to play]Screenslide: moves the combat plane Touch the "charge shot"button:shoots a super shot by using the accumulated gauge shown atthe topof the screen Touch the "bomb" button: blocks the enemy’sbulletsfor a certain amount of time by calling for backup.
【東方】弾幕遊戯 4.6.1
【操作方法】 ・移動 画面内をスライド ・ボム 二点タッチ 【アップデート予定】 ・ステージの追加・不具合の修正不具合、要望等なにかありましたら 下記メールアドレスまでお願いします。[email protected]このアプリの画像・効果音(一部除く)はフリー素材を使用させていただいております。 [Methodof operation] ·Move the screen in the slide Bomb two-point touch[Update schedule]• Adding stage · Bug fixes Bug, if you havesomething demand etc. Tothe following e-mail address, please.------- Mail [email protected] This app images and soundeffects (except some)is I am allowed to use the free materials.
Galaxy Raiden Fighter - Squadron Galactic War 2.7
Space Cadet Raiden fighter is a simulation space shootergameclassic of history world wars took place in the sky, spacedandGalaxy. Players will use the War Plane or Aircraft to fightwithenemies invaders in Space. Use Squadron for force attack withBosslike Apache, Air Assault, spaceships... in sky of World War II1945Squadron Galactic war is a shooter game consists of eightverticalscrolling missions where the player maneuvers the Raidencraftdodging and destroying enemy robots, buildings, groundtargets, andaircraft. There are bombs and missile powerups as wellascollectable medals which add to the score. When player dies,thefighter's fragments become projectiles that damage enemies.★ Howtoplay WW2★1. Finger click on the screen to control the fighterstomove, to avoid the enemy's barrage and aircraft;2. Click thebombbutton to release the bomb to destroy all enemies (notincludingthe Boss body);3. defeated Zabing (including a variety ofair forceand ground tanks) and each level Boss body, to win;4. Thefightingprocess can eat a variety of props to help enhance thebodycapacity, but also help to improve the ACE after the clearanceofair combat evaluation.Note: After the clearance ACEcombatevaluation of the higher air, the higher the scorereceived★Striker game features ★1. The game have 9 main level with9different combat environments and 8 Boss of world war: -MongooseAction- Crusader Action- Avalanche Action- CannibalProgram-Eskimos Action- Eagle Plans- Overlord- Secret Land (AlienBoss)-Endless Mode... Maybe more coming soon2. 7 differentplanes,aircraft or squadrons for use with ascending powers:+Thunder Bolt(also known as Thunder Dragon fighters): the player hasthe firstmachine, barrage and armor in general, but a wingman inthe case ofgreat power;+ Hurricane (also known as Sky war forcefighters): awide range of barrage, armor is very strong;+ Spike(also known assorcery fighters, laser fighter): Barrage withtracking missiles,the most effective against ground tank forces;+Hawkeye (also knownas Warhawk Ninja): moving speed on the fast,give you the feelingof hawk hit the sky, the launch of the barrageis gorgeous ninjahand sword;+ King Kong (also known as DragonFighters): hidden bodyThunder Dragon fighters, this is the onlyhelicopter fighter, theuse of Apache appearance, with a shotgun andtracking missiles twoweapons;+ Titan (also known as Choi Jingfighter): the most solidfighter, with high armor, against the enemyBoss warship of theweapon;+ Wraith (also known as Ghost fighter)- 1special plane withspecial skill: here into a sci-fi with ahigh-tech machines, withthe ability to effectively enlarge themove, in order to go to thisfighter, the conditions are quite harshOh!3. 9 items to get whenplaying to increase power strike fighterof planes and squadron:+HP+ Life+ Fire Ball+ Bullet upgrade+Invincible+ Side bullet+ Supergun+ Wingman+ Track Rocket(missile)4. 3 attributes for aircraftupgrade:- Defense- Firebullet- Special weapon (bomp)5. Goodgraphic and sound6. SupportShop for buy star, bomp, life7. 10Achievements and 10LeaderboardsPlease for us some review thatsupport develop SpaceRaiden fighter: Squadron Galactic War better,thank for enjoy.Forfeedback about Bugs, Optimizations and ideas.Please Contact to usat: [email protected]
Sky Attack: Alien Shooter vs Monster Invaders 1.3.46
🐲 Sky Attack: Alien Shooter vs Monster Invaders is aneditor'schoice award winning 2D scroller shooting game with sleekgraphicsand smooth gameplay. 🌟FEATURES:🌟 ✔️ Simple to play to killtime,but very challenging to master ✔️ Suitable for both casualandhardcore shoot 'em up gamers ✔️ No internet connectionrequired!Play game offline anytime you want ✔️ Nostalgia of 2Dverticalscroller arcade shooter that dominated the 80s and 90s ✔️Collectand evolve over 100 cool monsters with unique abilites ✔️MeteorShower Raiden Challenge will test your hand-eye skills ✔️Stardustblitz trials to test your tactical formations ✔️ RaidenPhoenixStrikers Force will provide support for you in battle ✔️DanmakuHeaven Shrine will strengthen your monsters' armor ✔️ElementalAsteroid Sprites will forge your swords and shields 🐲Don't missthe most fun casual shooter game of 2018!
Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack 1.300
If you are a fan of space shooting games and like to simulateskyfire shooting, so Space shooter: Galaxy attack game is gameforyou. This is a game developed from classic arcade game genre,oldgame but with a new context, more vivid graphics, moremoderncombat scene, fiercer, more glamorous. One day, ourbeautifulgalaxy is under attack of the space terminator and thealienattack. The alien invaders beat our squad, they destroyed allofgalatica. And you are the chosen hero. Your mission is to betheguardians of the galaxy. Now, find the companion, build spaceteam,command the spaceship to protect the origin galaxy andthesurrounding asteroids. Space Shooter : Galaxy Attack game putsyouat the galaxy on fire with infinity shooting war. You will befacedan increasingly large number of enemies and deal with manystrikerbosses in space war. Are you sure you will survival thebullet hell? As the game progresses, you will earn the right toupgrade yourspaceship to bring it to full lethal capacity. FEATURE- Amazinglighting and special effects - Includes Power-ups andBosses! -Leader board global. - Lucky circle. - PVP - onlineshooting gamesHOW TO PLAY - Move spaceship - Kill space intruders -Upgrade spaceship - Change your weapons. The Galaxy's future is nowin yourhands. Get your weapons ready for infinity battle in thisshootergames
Raiden 1945 ~World War II Fighter Shooting game~ 2.1
Raiden 1945 is a retro Arcade style shooter game, It usesclassicWorld War II realistic style, highly restored World WarIIbattlefield, World War II fans will love this flying shootinggame!The game has a perfect operating feel. Thousands ofgorgeousbarrage on the battlefield, make you have a pleasantexperience inaircraft!***How to play the game***1 Click on thescreen to controlthe movement of the fighter, avoiding enemybarrage and aircraft;2Click the Bomb button to release the bomb anddestroy all enemies(not including the Boss airframe);3 Beat theenemy fighter(including aircraft and ground tanks) and the Boss;4On thebattlefield, you can eat a variety of tools, to enhanceyourfighter's ability, It still can help improve the ACEcombatrating.Note: The higher the ACE combat rating, The higher themoneyyou get.***Game features***1 Raiden 1945 has rich game levels,eachlevel has a different World War II battlefield scene.2 Alargenumber of aircraft for players to choose, each fighterhasdifferent weapon, armor, moving speed and other attributes.3Raiden1945 provides RPG game’s attribute, You can buy new aircraftandupgrade the aircraft, You can enhance the fighter's weapon,armor,moving speed and other attributes.4 The enemy aircraft andgroundtanks will drop props, energy, machine guns, bombs, increaselifeand increase the wingman etc.5 The game provides endless mode,youcan repeatedly challenge each hurdle, boss, and make money;6Thisgame has a interesting ACE combat rating system, the highertheevaluation, the higher the money feedback;You should lovethisarcade shooter game, It will bring you back to the World War II’saircraft battlefield.Weibo Link:http://weibo.aircraft.ace.cnBlogLink:
AirAttack 2 - WW2 Airplanes Shooter 1.3.0
Art In Games
Sequel of Award Winning next-gen top down air combat shooterwithstunning 3D graphics and amazing orchestral soundtrack.Enjoytheclassic atmosphere of WW2 arcade shoot 'em up (or shmup) inmodernrendering.Prepare your plane and destroy the axis of evilwithFlamethrower, Tail Gunner, Bombs, ...Show your friends no mercyinthe daily events!Features:* 22 Campaign Missions +SurvivalMission* Fully destructible 3D environment* Orchestralsoundtrackwith 30 unique tracks* Daily Events with rewards* 5PlayerAirplanes* Plane Upgrades: Flamethrower, Tail Gunner,Bombs,Lasers, Wingmen, Homing Rockets, ...* Amazing LightingandExplosion Effects* Landscape / Portrait orientation* supportforAndroid TV, S-Pen, Gamepad, Mouse, Keyboard, NVIDIA Shield* canbeplayed offlineIf you like our game, please do not forget torateit. Thanks!Graphics quality can be changed in game [Pausemenu]=> [Settings] => [Graphics quality]You can turn offeventsnotifications in Main menu => [Settings]
Space shooter : Squadron 1945
Our beautiful galaxy is under attackofinvaders. They destroyed all of squadron.You are last hero of Earth, take control of a lone spaceship,getthe force from air and strike swarms of galaxy invaders.Space shooter: Galaxy attack is a game of shoot 'em up videogamefrom 1945.In this space shooter game, you will be faced an increasinglylargenumber of enemies and deal with many epic bosses inspacewar.As the processes, your spaceship can upgrade lethal capacityorunlock mini sky force to support your spaceship and show themwhois the master of galaxy.FEATURE- Simple controls that don't need a tutorial.- More than 50 levels with various difficulty levels for everyonetoenjoy from beginners to veteran.- Conquer mini-bosses and epic bosses with dominating skills.- Thrilling fun maximizing the space shooter game feeling.- Unlock very useful mini-ship that follow you and shootthesegalaxy invaders.- Amazing graphic design for this game.CONTROL- Screen slide to move spaceship. The spaceship auto shoot.- Bomb button touch: Fire a supper bomb to destroy all enemiesandtheir cartridge.- Collect sky force items to upgrade or change your weapons.
Meteor 1.0.35
Meteor is a simple space shooting game with colorful neongraphics.Blast down all the meteor before they impact on yourspaceship.Watch out for the ufo invaders which fire at your rocket.In thisgame you most shoot down all the enemies and dodge meteorstorms inorder to survive. Shoot down as many enemies as you canand get thehighest score!
Galaxy Spiral Shooter - Danmaku Space Shooter
Are you fond of shooting games?Then enjoy this simple yetexcitingshoot'em up game. All you need is to choose one ofvariousspacecrafts, enhance it and beat off numerous invaders inthegalaxy.Galaxy Spiral Shooter is an arcade shooter game inpixelgraphics, where you can enjoy both danmaku and shooting. Therulesare simple: Avoid the bullets and shoot down the enemies.Theirfancy and various barrage would stimulate yourcompetitivespirit!Dozens of space invaders and hundreds of fancydanmaku areprepared just for you, waiting for your challenge. Jumpinto thisexciting space battle right away!【Features】● Bullet hellspaceshooter with pixelated graphics● Move your spacecraft byslidingand touching the screen and double-tap to rotate yourdirection!●Attack and destroy the drones! The boss flies away aftercertaintime!● Equip the Turbo Pack and enable a powerful turbomode!●Equip Shield and Jewels to dodge from the enemies' spaceattacks.●Supports 14 languages.● Google Play Achievements andLeaderboardsare also available.● Supported for tablets▶ Shooting isSo cool!Enjoy the variety of shooter games from SHMUP HOLIC!SpaceWarRetroShootingShooting SkyStellar ShooterThe Galaxy's future isnow inyour hands. Download Galaxy Spiral Shooter TodayItsFree!—————————————Homepage[email protected] of service
iFighter 1945 1.38
"Great options for controls, great graphics and sound, andreallywell designed intensely epic boss battles. ""Despite the two decades I’ve lived, no verticalscrollingshooter has captivated me like iFighter." - JeffEffendi, (9/10)"With its rocking original soundtrackand crispgraphics, this vertical 2D shooter has zoomed in andblasted thecompetition out of the sky." - (5-Dimple)Asthe acepilot of the airforce in WWII, your mission is to destroythesecret weapon prototypes of the evil force. Fasten your seatbeltand get ready for some non-stop action!Features:- 3difficultysettings- 5 different fighters- 4 control modes: motion,touch,joypad and relative- 8 challenging missions- original soundtracks-spectacular end-of-level bosses
Space Shooter - Galaxy Shooter - Space War Attack 1.0
If you like space shooting and survival games and like tosimulatesky shooting in for glory and duty, then Galaxy SpaceInvader isthe one you should be shooter playingAboard yourspacecraft, youwill have to get rid of a large number of enemieswhile dodgingtheir attacks.Will you be skilled enough to understandyour enemiesstrategy and attack patterns?Galaxy shooter new spaceshoot-em-upfeaturing over 100 levels, lots of power-ups, andmultiple gamemodes.It's universal, and there will never be any adsor in apppurchases.FEATURES of Galaxy Shooter:★ Over 100 IntenseLevels★Accessible to beginners, as well as hardcore shooteraddicts. ★Risk everything to rescue civilians. ★ Full voiceoverandincredible electronic soundtrack.★ Seven gorgeousscenes,Vividsound effect!★ Beautiful levels with immersive missionstocomplete. ★ Multiple extreme boss battles.★ Conquest,Hardcore,Survival, and Blockade game modes★ Rad Boss Fights★ TonsofPower-Ups★ Vibrant Neon Graphics★ Tilt and Touch Controls,pluskeyboard and controller★ Boost your final score with a hostofin-game achievements. ★ Rescue fallen opponents to win extralivesand stars. ★ Brand new weekly tournaments against otherplayers.CHARACTERISTICS of Galaxy Shooter:* The game has more than100levels that give you hours of fun for you.* 20 different typesofenemies.* Incredible lighting and special effects*Precisioncontrols* HD Graphics.* 6 different weapons.* Easy /normal / harddifficulty levels.* 20 Bosses with rich attackpatterns andtransformations.* 4 unique fighters.Gameplay Tips ofGalaxy Shooter:Look, you need a good game to keep you company onthe bus, orwhile your dinner companion is away,or when you'vealready doneenough and you need a break. This is it. This is thatgame. This isthe game you'll get to make that time awesome.Galaxyshooter: Spaceattack is a game of shoot 'em up video game from1945. One day, ourbeautiful galaxy is under attack of alieninvaders. They from spacehave been sent to destroy our galaxy. Youare last hero of galaxyand will be faced an space attack. You mustplan your battlestrategy well and upgrade your fighter ship todefeat theincreasingly advanced aliens.If you are a fan of spaceshootinggames and like to simulate sky shooting, so Galaxy attack:Spaceattack game is the one you should be shooterplaying.DownloadGalaxy Shooter & Enjoy it !!!
Retrowars: Space Shooter 1.72.1
JNR Games
Retrowars: Space Shooter is a retro spaceship arcade gamewithbosses to defeat. Taking the classic space swarm shooter stylegameto a whole new level. Aliens are invading our galaxy! Hurry ifyouare to defeat the incoming swarm! A swarm of aliens is invadingourgalaxy. You are the last remaining ship on earths spacedefense.Can you defeat the alien swarm and save the earth? How toplay:Very simply you must defeat swarm after swarm of alien bugarmies.Slide your finger to control the spaceship at the bottom ofthescreen. Moving from side to side with your finger all thewhileattempting to shoot down incoming waves of aliens. After somanywaves a bonus round or Boss will spawn to test your skill! Youmustbe prepared as each boss will test your ability to dodge andshootdown your oppoent! * Features* * Loads of levels infiniteplay! *Bonus rounds. * Boss rounds. * Easy to play with touchmovement. *Virtual Joystick. * Increasing difficulty. * Classicarcadegameplay style. * Automatic shooting. * Powerups. Pleaseevaluateand provide feedback. If you do not know what to say, saycool!.All feedback is welcomed, we would like to hear what you likeandwhat you like to change! A 5 star rating would be great! Doyouhave a problem with the game?! let us know! About [email protected] or Facebook @galaxigan. Enjoy classic arcadespacecombat. Download Retrowars: Space Shooter now! Have fun!
HAWK – Force of an Arcade Shooter. Shoot 'em up B.V.
One body is nobody! Gather your bros and kick the living heck outoftyrannical Autocrat's armadas in a series of breathtakingaerialbattles! The enemy outnumbers you, but you're never alone --theunique co-op mode allows you to join forces with either your broora new friend! Shooting never ends. With a broad range ofaircraftand upgrades to choose from, a variety of missions andchallenges,Hawk is a good ol' adrenaline overdose. There'sabsolutely no wayyou'll ever get bored! So be ready to attack.Maniac bros will helpyou choose the best guns and surprise theenemies with destructivemissiles. Keep your strongest weaponsreloaded to deliver a crucialstrike to the enemies’ fighter jets.True bullet hell where metalmelts. – Exciting campaign: more than190 levels full of enemiesand breathtaking action! – Unique co-opmultiplayer: team up withyour battle brothers to overcomechallenges or join forces withrandom players for even more fun! –Additional modes: Arcade,Team-up and Assault, each of themradically changing the gameplay!– Perfect Shoot ‘em up: Lots offighter jets, battle companions,ammunition and guns, and devices tochoose from: your personalarmory is packed with hi tech!. – Hugebosses: battle and defeatenemies that are so big they don't evenfit the screen! And wipeout swarms of their minions! Find pieces ofthe Danmaku barrage ofbullets. – Great visuals: Tired of space andlasers? Try outflying! Amazing 3d graphics will make you forgetthat this gamegenre is old school. Vertical shooters have neverbeen better. Epicsky wars are full of excitement. Choose your«phoenix» and free thecountry from invaders. The symphony of airwar and heroes' charismaare unforgettable! – Retro modernized:Played Shmup (STG) gamesbefore? Think this is retro? We prove youare wrong. This top-downshooter will make you say «wow» and revivethe best impressions ofyour scroll childhood. No matter you are afan of Strikers, Tyrian,Ace Squad, Razor or Airborn or youparticipated in battle actionsin 1945. You will become the fan ofour freedom squadron! Take yourBroforce to victory. Feel the bulletforce.
Mad Bullets 1.12.1
isTom Games
THE BEST RAIL SHOOTER ON GOOGLE PLAY!Mad Bullets, thewackiestshooter will put your reflexes and laughing muscles to anintensivetest. You can forget about boring stories, complicatedcontrols andirritating tutorials, and jump right into a mindblowing,high-speed action. Now is the time to become the hero ofthe WildWest and shoot your way up to the top of the leaderboards!Do youthink you have what it takes to face a realchallenge?Starring-Mean desperados and American ninjas- Beautifuldamsels in distress-Rusty the robot cowboy- Savage vultures, evilpiranhas and dumbchickensAn impeccable cast for a game that doesn'ttake itself evena bit seriously!Mad Bullets Features- The EASIESTshooter controlson any platform, ever!- The CRAZIEST characterssince... well,that's classified!- The MADDEST bullets in gaminghistory!-The......still not enough?Oh, I forgot to mention thatthere are 3locations, 50 levels, 4 minigames, about 200 missions,31achievements, upgradable equipments, trendy dubstep music,fullydestroyable environmental objects, all mixed in a franticendlessshooter. Presented to you!Say YES to MadBullets!Officialpage: at PlayIT2014:
Squadron 1945 1.0.4
Magma Mobile
Magma Mobile immerses you in the retro-futuristic world of anelitesquad formed by four warplanes in this epic bullet hellshootergame. Your mission is to get rid of an unknown enemy strikeforce.Since the destruction of the old general headquarters, raidskeepincreasing. "There is only one solution, to find and to destroytheBIG BOSS." Your squad must pacify 30 war zones. Betweennarrowdodging and projectiles bursts, levels come one after anotherin afrenetic pace. The enemies are many and varied, theirsuccessiveexplosions offer an epic spectacle of destruction.Squadron 1945features: • Put your nerves and your agility to thetest through 30levels • Beginner or expert, choose from fourdifficulty modes •Control the warplanes with two flying modes:normal and enhanced •Collect in-game bonuses and get out of trickysituations • Compareyour scores with other players around the world• Become a topfighter pilot by collecting all stars and unlockingallachievements Reverse the course of the war, download Squadron1945for free today!
Stellar Shooter 1.3.0
It's a masterpiece of typical Danmaku shooters with splendidcolors.This game includes the highest difficulty level for arcadeshootermania! Challenge large droves of enemy aircrafts whileavoiding themassive amounts of projectiles! Guide all type ofusers to theexciting world of shoot'em up!【Features】- Variouschallenging stagesbased on the myth(ICARUS)- Athena, Ares andPoseidon - main airfighter having different critical attacks andlaser weapons as wellas shooting colorful barrage!- Weaponupgrades available by Combocount in the play!- Easy to control& play without a tutorial-Supported for tablets▶ Shooting isSo cool !Enjoy the variety ofshooter games from SHMUP HOLIC!RetroShooting Space WarShootingSkyGalaxySpiralShooter—————————————Homepage[email protected] of service
Squadron - Bullet Hell Shooter 1.0.9
Magma Mobile
Become a Master of the Galaxy with Squadron ! Squadron is aclassicShoot'em Up. Your goal will be quite challenging as you willhaveto save the Universe from its evil enemies. Aboard yourspacecraft,you will have to get rid of a large number of enemieswhile dodgingtheir attacks. Will you be skilled enough tounderstand yourenemies strategy and attack patterns? In this"bullet hell" shootergame, you will be faced with an increasinglylarge number ofprojectiles and enemies. As the game progresses, youwill earn theright to upgrade your spacecraft to bring it to fulllethalcapacity. The game is packed with 30 breath taking levelsgivingyou hours of fun for you and your friends. The Galaxy'sfuture isnow in your hands. Download Squadron today!
Toon Shooters 2: Freelancers 2.08
Mooff Games
Toon Shooters 2 is an arcade side-scrolling shooter shmupinspiredby the golden era of 80's arcade shooters. Real time co-opplayavailable with different characters with various rolesandabilities.Smash Club is now available for all compatibledevices,if you like a good 3D brawler anywayFive years after thefall ofthe Fleet, the Toons are back in action to wreck threats oldandnew... it was a massacre, on both sides!THE GAMEThe firstcampaignlaunches with 8 playable characters, 7 custom-fit pets& 15stages of various puzzles and ridiculous bosses.Up to5PCo-Operative multiplayer available with roles for eachplayer(diagonal shots, healers, bombers...)The game has contentpatchesunder planning and you should keep an eye on the app evenafteryou've played through the initial game for newchallenges.ABOUTUSWe grew pretty much across the world and wereheavily influencedby Japanese (r-type, gradius) and American gamesin the 80s &early 90s. Our games are an expression of who weare and we hope toshare a little bit of that with you.FIND USIf youhave a problemwith a purchase you made please email us (or twitteror FB) so wecan sort it outE-Mail: [email protected]:Matthew Pablo( :http://www.mooffgames.comFacebook:
Block vs Balls: Shooting Game 1.42
Block vs Balls is addicting PvP shooting game! Fight againsttopworld players or your friends?Try to break as many ballsaspossible.Very easy to play but very hard to reach highscores!HOWTO PLAY:- Touch screen to move and kill all enemies-Collect itemsto upgrade or change your weaponsFEATURES:-Multiplayer mode- Freeto play- Endless gameplay- Simple swipecontrol- Challenge yourfriends with the best high score
Air Attack Shooting Game 2.3
Play game ParaGunner and shoot enemies,helicopters and birdsfromsky on parachute.Main features of the game are,★ Total gamesizebellow 3 Mb.★ Shoot Helicopters down from parachute.★ Shootenemiesand birds also from sky.★ Move in any direction across skytoescape from enemies shoot and bombs dropped by helicopters.
Flight Shooter - Mysterious Asteroids 2.2.6
Fly to a mysterious asteroids, where mystical monsters andfearsomebosses await you! Flight Shooter returns brandishing afull, 3Ddynamic arcade shooter. What are you waiting for? Jump intothecockpit and pilot a spaceship right now to fight your waythroughhordes of mythical creatures that block your path!【Features】 •Build your own unique spaceship! You create it, youpilot it!Hundreds of different combinations possible with partscombination• Begin your adventure on the fantastical galaxyasteroids! Assaultnumerous asteroids with various monsters andalien bosses • Unlikeany other arcade shooter games out there Avoidfully 3D renderedobstacles while conquering the skies Massive bossbarrage battlesto get you pumped up for fighting Competitive playamong yourfriends • Dynamic soundtrack full of tension and thrill •Avertical-scrolling STG with cartoon graphics————————————— - Arcade Shooter Space War - Retro Shooter GalaxyWarrior:Space Shooter Facebook :[email protected] Terms of service
Space War - 2D Pixel Retro Shooter 1.0.12
Ready for a classic Arcade shmup gameplay?Space War is theultimatespace battle game rendered with 2D pixel graphics that willhookevery retro-nostalgic into its Arcade gameplay. You control aplaneand must travel through several hostile alien planets.Useyourdexterity to fend off incoming dangers and keep shootingdowneverything that moves. Play the Arcade mode by advancing fromlevelto level, or unlock the Boss-battle mode to fight only thebossesand unlock special planes.Can you defeat all thebosses?【MainFeatures】✔ Arcade Shoot'em up. Space War features aclassic shmupArcade gameplay where you must use your spaceship todestroy hordesof enemy ships and bosses. Simply guide the ship andit will shootautomatically.✔ Multiple fighting planes. There areover 30different planes to choose from and start blasting enemies.Youbegin with your grandpa's old plane and use collected coinstounlock more powerful ones. You also unlock special planesbydefending bosses.✔ Upgrades & power-ups. During playyou'llpick up various power-ups that help you shoot faster, morepowerfulor protect you. Collect nukes to blast whole areas and usein-gamecoins to buy upgrades (i.e. for your shield, gun, bomb,magnet,...).✔ Lots of difficult levels. There are 8 differentplanets tounlock, each with multiple levels that will keep youhooked forhours. Everytime you lose your lives, you must start overandreplay those level. You must also face 8 EPIC bossbattles.✔Beautiful 2D pixel graphics. Space War featuresbeautifulpixel-perfect graphics that will bring out theretro-nostalgic inyou. It is also accompanied by an originalsoundtrack to help youimmerse in the action.● Google PlayAchievements and Leaderboardsare also available● Supported fortablets[Caution] If you deletethe game, all data will be gone withit, too. Be sure to save thegame data before deleting the game orswitching devices.☆ Shootingis So cool !Do you want a new style ofretro space shooter game?Enjoy the variety of shooting games fromSHMUPHOLIC! Pixel Space Shooter 3DShooting Sky - GalaxyAttackShooter—————————————The Galaxy's future is now in yourhands.Download Space War TodayItsFree!Facebook[email protected] of service
Lightning Duru 1.4
Lightning Duru is a classic 2D shooting game. Players willcontroltwo airships from “X War Office” to eliminate theenemiesencountered in different missions.* Very easy to control.What youneed is to practise your dodge skill!* Two player airshipswithdifferent “temper” - Lightning & Duru.* Different stylesofgame levels with their dangerous enemies.
Aero Strike 1.4.2
Finally, the sky opens! Aero Strike has arrived![What kind ofgameis Aero Strike?] ◆ Play in a Real Flight Shooting Game! -Dodge,shoot, blow it all up and feel the rush! - Grow and upgradeyourjets to become even more powerful! ◆ Build Your OwnDynamicFormation! - Use your Aircrafts, Drones, and Equipments toassemblethe optimal formation! - Complete your formation, controlitstrategically and become the top dog! ◆ Engage in 240 FunStages!All at Your Beck and Call! - Conquer all the stages andreceivevarious mission rewards! - Experience the dynamic gamemodes,carefully crafted missions, and endless challenges! ◆ CollectandGrow Your Fleet! - Fill up your personal guide book with morethana hundred fighter jets! - Evolve, remodel, and transcendyourforces to build the best fighter jets ever! ◆ Be One withYourJets! Realistic Models and Detailed Graphics! - Most modelsbasedon real jets! - Feel the wind as you soar the skies! ◆DiverseChallenge Modes Suited to Your Taste! - Enjoy diversechallengesall according to your skills! - Be the best pilot via the“RankingMatch”! Become the most agile in the “Ace Mode”! Test yourskillswith others around the world through the “Arena”!◆ Strategy+Shooting! Duke it out in the “Arena”! - Strategic cardbattles!Never before seen in any other shooting game! - Test yourskills inthe “Arena”, where strategy rules!※ This is a full-networkgame,please play in a stable network environment. ※ Check outevents onFacebookFacebook :※Thefollowing permission is required for users with Android 6.0andhigher to use the game.* Use of game will be limited ifpermissionis not granted.- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE (use of devicephoto,media, file) : Required for saving game settings andcache.-READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE (use of device photo, media, file) :Requiredfor loading game settings and cache.[CS] [email protected]ⓒJoymaxCo.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
Alien Shooter Free
🔥🔥🔥 If you are fan of spaceship shooter and survival games andliketo simulate spaceship shooter in for glory and duty, thenSpaceShooting is the one you should be shooter playing.🔥 In thisbullethell shooter game, you will be faced with an increasinglylargenumber of alien and deal with many epic bosses in space war.As thegame progresses, you will earn the right to upgrade yourspaceshipsto bring it to full lethal capacity.🔥 Your goal will bequitechallenging as you will have to save the Universe from itsevilalien.🔥 Aboard your spacecraft, you will have to get rid of alargenumber of alien while dodging their bullet hell attacks. Willyoube skilled enough to understand your alien strategy andattackpatterns?🔥 The player must also have strategy skills toequipproper upgrades and use the appropriate skills duringspecificspace missions.🔥 Start your spaceship engines and join tothisultimate galactic war game 🔥🚀 HOW TO PLAY 🚀⭐ Touch screen tomoveand kills invaders. The spaceship auto shoot.⭐ Collect gems,itemsto upgrade and buy new spaceship.⭐ Click button skills onthescreen to active🚀 FEATURES 🚀⭐ 2 modes to play: CampaignandEndless⭐ Future features: PvP⭐ More than 5 spaceshipsiscommensurate with many skills to play⭐ Conquer mini-bosses andepicbosses with dominating skills⭐ A vertical-scrolling STGwithpixelated graphics⭐ User-friendly space retro shooting gameplayedby just tapping and sliding on the screen⭐ Danmaku attacksfrommultiple bosses and various enemies⭐ You can play withoutnetworkconnection⭐ Google Play Achievements and Leaderboards arealsoavailable⭐ Other features: Daily Gifts, Achievement, Daily Taskandmore💖Alien War - Spaceship Shooter is now in your hands.DownloadAlien War - Spaceship Shooter and enjoy 💖
Dodge Blast 1.0.14
Blast your way through clusters of weird alien creatures,collectweapon upgrades and face intergalactic bosses!Dodge Blast isaclassic arcade space shooter with two button controls. Buildupyour high score with combos and by blasting enemy formations.Pickup space coins to unlock new ships and fight your way throughthisstrange and endless galaxy.- Arcade action- Unique twobuttongameplay- Weapon upgrades pew pew- Unlockable ships fordifferentplay styles- Boss battles!- Chiptune-ish soundtrack-In-apppurchase to remove those pesky ads
Bottle Shooting Expert - Sniper Shooting Games 1.7
Want to have fun, shooting the bottles? Do you want to becomeanexpert bottle shooter? Then the bottle shooting expert, whichisone of the top, best shooting games, is the one, you mustbelooking for.Try this best, top, free bottle shoot game.Bottleshooting expert is an addictive, time-management, 3d shootinggame,where you get to shoot, some amazing bottles placed atdifferentpositions and also the moving ones, by keeping the time inmind,using a sniper gun. This 3d bottle shooting game, which is oneofthe top, best shooting games, consists of 30 levels. In theinitiallevels of this shooting game, the bottles are fixed, and inthelater levels, you have to shoot, the moving bottles, making this3dsniper shooter game more challenging. Become an expertsniperbottle shooter, by shooting all the moving bottles, using asnipergun, by playing, the bottle shoot, which is one of the top,bestshooting games. Learn to use, the sniper gun effectively,andbecome the best sniper shooter in town by playing this 3dsnipershooter game, which is one of the top, best shooting games.Theamazing 3d environment, makes this sniper gun shooting game,evenmore engaging. Perform bottle archery shooting as, a bottlegunshooter or target bottle expert shooter, by playing one of thebestbottle shoot archery games or bottle hitting games. Become abottlehunter or bottle breaker, by knocking down the bottles, byplayingthis bottle blast game or bottle breaking game. This bottleshootfor kids game or bottle shoot for girls game, boasts ofsomestunning graphics and amazing gameplay with an awesome bottleshootgun. Play this bottle shoot all games or bottle shoot gamewithgun, and perform bottle shoot with levels. Perform bottleshootwith gun with this bottle knockdown game or bottle shoot appwhichis one of the best bottle shoot free games or new bottleshootgames 2017. Key features of bottle shooter 1. Stunning3denvironment with realistic bottles. 2. Shoot bottles using asnipergun in this bottle shooter game. 3. 30 levels to shootbottles. 4.Amazing sound effects with realistic bottle breakingsound. 5.Challenging and time management game. 6. Bottle crush andbottlecrash game. 7. Bottle shoot game with levels for everyone.8.Bottle gun shoot game to become a bottle shoot sniper. 9.Amazingbottle game or bottle hit game to perform bottle targetshooting.Bottle shooting expert is one of the top, best shootinggames forfree. Download this top shooting game for free, and havefun byaiming at the bottles and shooting them as, a sniper shooterwith asniper gun, all for free.
Air Fighter 1942 1.0.3
The most popular and classic shooting arcade game Air Fighter1942is coming!This Shoot 'em up (also known as shmup or STG) gameis avertical scrolling shooter game.The story happened on 1942duringthe World War II period.You are a pilot of the aircraft tocompletethe missions.There are many classic aircrafts of World WarII .Suchas Hawker Hurricane,Mitsubishi A6M Zero,LavochkinLa-5,Grumman F6FHellcat,Vought F4U Corsair ,Republic P-47Thunderbolt,MesserschmittBf 109,Focke-Wulf Fw 190,SupermarineSpitfire,North AmericanP-51.With heavy machine guns and cannons ,Who can be the best airfighter in 1942 !Come on Man ,Let's have atry!
Lightning Fighter 2
The shoot ‘em up you want! Lightning Fighter 2 combinesclassicarcade shooting games with gorgeous visual effects. Unlikeaveragescrolling shooters, Lightning Fighter 2 features dozensofrefreshing and awesome weapons, and fantastic barrage ofbulletsthat will surely satisfy hardcore "bullet hell" game fans.Flyingsuper fighters across the galaxy, break through multiplelevels todefeat the gigantic bosses and meet the ultimate victory!No oneknows why alien spaceship invaded the earth. But one thingiscertain: their power is unmatched. Lightning, the superfighterinstalled with the alien core is the only hope to save theworld.The new Lightning Fighter 2 comes with: ‧Fully upgraded HDgraphicsand gameplay. ‧Lightning fighter won't fight alone! Moresuperfighters to build in game, each with 3 powerful weapons andspecialattacks of its own. ‧Exciting combat experience againstcountlessenemies and raining bullets across 10 differentbattlegrounds fromocean to space. ‧Great gaming atmosphere withunique soundtracksfor every stage. ‧Epic encounters againstmulti-phase transformingbosses featuring old-school danmaku stylecombat with brand new,challenging bullet patterns. ‧New equipmentsystem enables you tocharge up powerful gears to strengthen yourfighters against theenemies. ‧Bronze, silver and gold rankssuitable for both beginnersand experts! Visit Us: Follow Us:
Galaxy Shooter: Space Attack - Phoenix Hawk 1.0.15
Galaxy Shooter: Space Attack - Phoenix Hawk is new shoot 'emupclassic arcade shooter located in deep and dark space. Defeattheevil sky forces! A single ship can succeed where a squadronwillfail. Ready your spacecraft and fly through the chaotic barrageofmeteorites, bullets and sky forces! Upgrade your space fighterandput an end to the evil Kraathu Empire. Why? Because only youcanrestore peace in the galaxy! Shoot 'em up! SHOOT 'EM UP ANDEVADETO SURVIVE - Galaxy Shooter: Space Attack - Phoenix Hawk Takeyourspace fighter to the battlefield armed with an arsenal ofcannonsand missiles. Taking enough ammo to bring punishment to yourenemy.Use your agility to fly through deadly enemy territory inthisexplosive 3D dark space shooter game. REACH THE STARS Flyyourspaceship through the cosmos and galactic hexagon citieswhereenemy aviators and skyrockets await. Game on! Use your skyforceand reloaded weapons to defeat the enemy since 2014! FEATURES-intensive arcade like arcade shoot 'em up gameplay - vastvarietyof levels await - extreme boss battles - play offline -upgradeyour shields, guns, missiles, lasers and magnets - stunninggamevisuals and skins - accessible to casual gamers, as wellasdie-hard shooter addicts - incredible electronic soundtrackThereare many scrolling shooters but none of them is likeGalaxyShooter: Space Attack - Phoenix Hawk . This stunning shoot‘em upgame combines the classic arcade elements with thenewpossibilities offered by current technology. The newinstallmentjust came out in a spectacular dark style.
Galaxy Shooter - rad space shooter 2.1
If you like space shooting and survival games and like tosimulatesky shooting in for glory and duty, then Galaxy SpaceInvader isthe one you should be shooter playing Aboard yourspacecraft, youwill have to get rid of a large number of enemieswhile dodgingtheir attacks. Will you be skilled enough tounderstand yourenemies strategy and attack patterns? Galaxy shooternew spaceshoot-em-up featuring over 100 levels, lots of power-ups,andmultiple game modes. It's universal, and there will never beanyads or in apppurchases.==================================================FEATURES ofGalaxy Shooter: ★ Over 100 Intense Levels ★ Accessibletobeginners, as well as hardcore shooter addicts. ★ Riskeverythingto rescue civilians. ★ Full voiceover and incredibleelectronicsoundtrack. ★ Seven gorgeous scenes,Vivid sound effect! ★Beautifullevels with immersive missions to complete. ★ Multipleextreme bossbattles. ★ Conquest, Hardcore, Survival, and Blockadegame modes ★Rad Boss Fights ★ Tons of Power-Ups ★ Vibrant NeonGraphics ★ Tiltand Touch Controls, plus keyboard and controller ★Boost your finalscore with a host of in-game achievements. ★ Rescuefallenopponents to win extra lives and stars. ★ Brand newweeklytournaments against other players. Gameplay Tips of GalaxyShooter: Look, you need a good game to keep you company on the bus,orwhile your dinner companion is away, or when you've alreadydoneenough and you need a break. This is it. This is that game.This isthe game you'll get to make that time awesome. DownloadGalaxyShooter & Enjoy it !!!
Zombie Doom FPS 1.6.99
Gamer Bear
Zombie Doom is a free FPS game Halloween themed, inspired intheclassic 3D First Person Shooters , where you shoot atzombies,mummies and aliens.A bunch of evil aliens beamed down tostart hellon Earth. Their plan: take humans as hostages and turnthem intozombies and mummies, so that they can regain control ofourplanet.Your mission? Shoot to stop the zombie tsunami!Theobjectiveof each level is simply to locate the exit room that leadsto thenext area, marked with an exit sign and/or a special kind ofdoor,while surviving all hazards on the way. The levels aresometimeslabyrinthine and feature plenty of items such asadditional ammo,health increases and other power-ups along the way,as well as theoccasional secret areas which are not immediatelyobvious as areward for players who explore more carefully. To easenavigationthrough the levels, a full screen map is available andshows theareas explored to that point.P.S. This is not an staticscreen and"point to kill" fake FPS! Real classic free FPS gameaction likethe classic 3D First Person Shooters! ==== Features====- 5different weapons- 36 levels- Rescue the hostages andprotect themfrom hell.- Zombies, Mummies and aliens. Don't let themdoom ourplanet and convert it into hell!- Classic FPS engine.-Localmultiplayer (Multiplayer via WiFi)
Bullet Hell Monday 2.1.8
A bullet hell shooter - Enjoy an authentic bullet hell shmup onyoursmartphone! - Recommended Chapter mode for danmaku beginners.-Recommended Challenge mode for danmaku expert. - Huge content:over50 stages! Upgrade your ship - Use the points you earn afterplayinga stage to level up your ship! - Take your new and upgradedship tothe challenge mode! Aim for a high score! Chapters - Bestsuited tothe introduction of bullet hell! - Starts from an easystage, so youcan gradually improve your skill! - Clear themissions set for youin each chapter! - Clearing missions opens upnew stages! - Use thepoints you get in the chapter mode to upgradeyour ship! Challenges- The challenge mode is for when you reallywant to test yourmettle! - Upgrade your ship and take on thismode! - Select fromEASY, NORMAL, HARD, and HEAVEN difficulties! -Test the limits ofyour skill! Endless - The endless mode thatlasts forever. - Howlong can you survive in the increasingdifficulty? Aim for the topslot in the rankings! - Challenge modehas online rankings! - Trygoing against your friends for the bestscore! - Rankings are sortedby stage and difficulty! - Tryperfecting your favorite stage or tryto beat all the rankings! ***Attention of purchased item refund ***Please be careful. If yourefund the full upgrade item, the relevantlevel up item willreturn to the initial level. *** FAQ *** - Can Itransfer my gamedata to my new device? No. - Can I restore mypurchases to my newdevice? Yes. You can restore your purchases withthe same GoogleAccount. Please tap the "GET" button which isdisplayed instead ofprice on the purchase screen. - Can Isynchronize my game data withother devices? No.
Invaders - Classic Retro Arcade Space Shooter 1.69
nspired by the classic 1978 arcade game. Defend the Earthagainstwave after wave of Alien Invaders from space in this intensealienshooter! Recent updates increase alien speed as you kill themandtweaks to make it more faithful to the original, but withslightlybetter graphics Compete globally or against friends usinggloballeader boards Two difficulty settings - Normal andHardConfigurable controls Any feedback for improvements isappreciated.Control your spaceship with either on screen buttons,dragging yourfinger, or using a gamepad, the invasion keeps comingand yourchallenge is to rocket up the highgscore table to save thegalaxy.Relive those early 80s memories with this classic retroalienshooter game! When arcade games were simple, fast andaddictive.Faithful to the original gameplay style Arcade gamesdon't comemore classic than this. Destructible bases, bombs blowthem apart,bullets shoot up through them for extra protection! Easytouchcontrols, buttons or drag control, also supports bluetoothgamepadsRetro Sound Effects and music Toggle for sound effects andmusicTop 10 High Scores for Normal and Hard Difficulty Classicgreenarcade style graphics Smooth scrolling starfield backgroundSupersmooth gameplay even on older phones! Shoot alien after alienafteralien, faster and faster, avoid the bombs, or shoot the bombs,hitthe saucers, clear the level, keep going, in your desperateattemptto save mankind. The alien attack keep coming wave afterwave,level after level, chase that high score, challenge yourself.Ifnot the Earth, then Galaxy depends on you, the Galaxy is atstake,save it now!
Galaxy Shooter Space Shooting 1.5
If you like space shooting and survival games and like tosimulatesky shooting in for glory and duty, then Galaxy SpaceInvader isthe one you should be shooter playing.To accomplish thistask, youmust have the courage and wisdom.In this bullet hellshooter game,you will be faced with an increasingly large number ofprojectilesand enemies. As the game progresses, you will earn theright toupgrade your spacecraft to bring it to full lethalcapacity. Pressscreen to move, destroy enemies in youradventure!Your goal will bequite challenging as you will have tosave the Universe from itsevil enemies.Aboard your spacecraft, youwill have to get rid of alarge number of enemies while dodgingtheir attacks. Will you beskilled enough to understand your enemiesstrategy and attackpatterns?In this "bullet hell" shooter game, youwill be faced withan increasingly large number of projectiles andenemies. As thegame progresses, you will earn the right to upgradeyour spacecraftto bring it to full lethal capacity.FEATURES* Thegame is packedwith 110 levels giving you hours of fun for you andyour friends.*Amazing Lighting and Special Effects* Precisioncontrols* charmingsound and music, with HD graphics .* 12 differentweapons .* 20different enemy types .* 8 Bosses with rich attackpatterns andtransformations.* 6 unique fighters waiting forunlocking, when youpassed all easy/normal/hard levels
Alien Shooter : Galaxy Shooter 1.4
Are you fan of space shooting, bullet hell games and like toblastenemies for glory? If the answer is Alien Shooter : GalaxyShooterattack will suit you best! If you like space shooting andsurvivalgames and like to simulate sky shooting in for glory andduty, thengalaxy space invader is the one you should be shooterplaying.FEATURES: ★ Beautiful levels with immersive missions tocomplete. ★Multiple extreme boss battles. ★ Upgrade your shields,guns,missiles, lasers, mega-bombs and magnets. ★ Risk everythingtorescue civilians. ★ Brand new weekly tournaments againstotherplayers. ★ Boost your final score with a host ofin-gameachievements. ★ Rescue fallen opponents to win extra livesandstars. ★ Accessible to beginners, as well as hardcoreshooteraddicts. ★ Full voiceover and incredible electronicsoundtrack. ★Seven gorgeous scenes,Vivid sound effect! DownloadGalaxy Shooter& Enjoy it !!!
Floyd's Sticker Squad 1.0.14
✩ Winner at Google Play Indie Games Festival 2018 - SãoPaulo,Brazil! Currently featured on Indie Corner ✩Shoot enemies,collectstickers and complete the album unlocking amazing adventuresinthis casual time travelling shoot em up! Featuring an awesomeTimeTravelling mechanic ⌚, where you get to replay each level withyourpast-self, making yourself stronger every time! A great gameforshoot'em up enthusiasts with epic boss fights! Earn stickerpacks,complete the albums, and unlock the most insane content inthisgreat sticker game! In this isometric game, YOU are thebullethell. Danmaku love!Features➤ 130+ Stickers to collect!➤Unlockcontent and characters by completing the album!➤ Amazingstickerpacks to open and open, including Daily Free Packs!➤Discover Rare,Epic and Legendary stickers!➤ Play with one hand,with very easyintuitive controls!➤ Earn plutonium, and unlockawesome,out-of-time Pack Bundles!➤ Rewind system where you canreplay eachlevel with your past-self! A great rewind shooterexperience!➤ 4+Epic Bosses to unlock! ☠➤ 7+ Characters to unlock➤50+ Missions tocomplete➤ 5 Worlds to master➤ Time Travel mechanicto replay everylevel! ⌚➤ Easy for beginners. Challenging for pros!➤ Play offlinefree anywhere!➤ Instant Video Replay feature lets yourelive themayhem and share with friends in social media!➤ Competewith yourscore against friends via Facebook sign-in.➤ ProceduralendlessLevels! A new level every time! Super Sonic!➤ Feels like aretroshooter!➤ Fight and shoot Epic Bosses! ☠️☠️☠️➤ Achievementsandleaderboards! 🏆➤ Twitchy hardcore time mechanics!➤ A Phoenix/Icarus type of game with a retro classic top down shootergameplay!Great STG!➤ Die, die and retry all the times you want! Dieand tryagain. Every time you retry the more powerful youare!FeedbackVisitour support page to leave your comments! We wantto make the gamebetter for you, so any notes will besuperwelcome.,German, French, Spanish, Italian andPortuguese.SocialJoin theconversation on our socialnetworks!Facebook: