Top 49 Games Similar to Another Flippin Bird PRO

Flappy Crush 2.62.1
Tarek Mongy
Tired of flying all these different flappy things between thegreenpipes? Get your revenge and crush them with the pipes instead!Thegame is simple. Tap the screen to close the pipes and crush anyofthose pesky birds trying to pass through! Earn Bone Buckseveryturn you play, and spend them in the Shop to unlock differentpipesand power-ups! Get the highest score and climb theleaderboardswhile unlocking 5 different Game Modes! Flappy Crushcan be enjoyedoffline! No Wifi or Internet connection required!WARNING: Not forthe faint hearted! Lots of pixel gore and bloodinside! (With anoption to switch off the blood to make it less gory☺)
No Seas Corrupto 2.0
Carlos Diloy
No Seas Corrupto basado en Flappy Bird ¿eres capaz de llevaranuestro político a través de las columnas delademocracia?.Controlando a nuestro político, tendremos queesquivartodas las columnas y pasar entre los huecos libres paraconseguirla mejor puntuación.Empieza a jugar ahora y consigue tumejor notapolítica.Do not Be Corrupt based Flappy Bird are you ableto carrythrough our political columns democracy?.Controlling ourpolicy, wehave to dodge all the columns and move between free holesto getthe best score.Start playing now and get your best policynote.
Flappy Fistro 1.0.1
¡Por la gloria de mi madre! ¡Ayuda a Chiquito de la Calzadaaavanzar lo más lejos posible surcando los cielos y esquivandolastuberías! ¡Ten cuidadínnn no te hagas pupita en elfistroduodenalll! Esta aplicación es un juego a la versióncondemorhaciendo homenaje a este gran personaje del mundo delhumor.¡Además con sonidos 100% fistros! ¿Qué más puedes pedirpecador?¡JARL!¡Si te ha gustado la aplicación no dudes en ponertuvaloración y algún comentario por la gloria de mi madre! ¡Sieresun magnate del petróleo y un comentario te parece pocoparaagradecer tal joya de app también aceptamos algún vuelo aMálagapara poder conocer a Chiquito en persona! ¡Cobarderr!¡HastaluegoLucasss!For the glory of my mother! Help Chiquito de laCalzada toadvance as far as possible the skies and dodging thepipes! Tencuidadínnn do not play pupita in fistro duodenalll!Thisapplication is a game to version condemor doing homage tothisgreat figure in the world of humor. In addition to 100%fistrossounds! What more can you ask sinner? JARL!If you likedtheapplication does not hesitate to put your opinion and anycommentsfor the glory of my mother! If you are an oil magnateandcommentary seems little to thank this gem app also accept aflightto Malaga to meet Chiquito in person! Cobarderr!Until thenlucasss!
Flappy Knife 2.8.4
Want a knife but can't afford it for your budget? Get skinsyoualways wanted with this app.Includes all knives from CS.Fanmadethematic game.
Belly Bird 3D 1.6.2
rm apps
Belly Bird 3D is a brand new classical arcade title. Inspired bythefamous “Flappy Bird” we developed an entirely newinterpretation ofthis great game. Immerge into a gorgeous fullyanimated 3d world andcompare your skills worldwide.
A'mollang - Motley Birds 1.05
Forget about Flappy Bird! Here is the new type of birdgame.Tap& Swipe to avoid the obstacles, then Fly!!!It's Fun,Addictive,and Hard. Everyone can play this game, but not anyone canget over300 scores.Collect the A'mollang. You can pick variouskinds ofbirds with it.Features:- Fun and Addictive Game- EasyControls: Tapand Swipe- 90% Real Bird Sounds- Collect All birdsincludingSpecial Ones- Enjoy with Your FamilyFLUKU FacebookPage: YoutubeChannel: ofUse: third party advertisements. Please see our privacypolicyfor additional information.
Rocket Snail 1.1
Am I the next successor to Flappy Bird as I'm hitting Androiduserslike a storm?Thousands of players can't be wrong!DownloadNow!STORYLINE:Rocket has just started his training as arocketeersnail. To past the test, he needs to dodge boulderobstacles thatrandomly spawn along the way to block his flight.Rocket needs youto be his best trainer!It’s not a bird, it’s not afish and it’snot wearing pants! It’s Rocket Snail!HOW TO PLAY:1.Tap the screenconstantly to maintain Rocket's flight across therocky planet. Flyhigher by tapping faster and release to divedown.2. Avoidcollision by guiding Rocket up and down to passbetween the gaps ofthe boulder obstacles.3. Collect jetpacks torecharge Rocket's fueland avoid crashing.4. Collect the shell armorto protect Rocketfrom boulder obstacles and prolong the flighttraining. It alsogives a full recharge when the fuel gets empty.5.Avoid touchingthe ground as it would end Rocket's flight traininginstantly.LET'SROCK, IT'S SNAIL TIME!
Dunk Basketball Dunk 2018 1.1.6
Bouncy Hooping Ball Fun Jumping and dunk is a uniquearcadebasketball shot slam jam game experience with the endless funanddunk thrill of dunk flappy 2018 jump ball from the rims. Taponscreen for basket shot to bounce your flappy hit basketball inairand cross the circles to get high scores. Be a jumpo andstayjumpie to have unlimited fun jumping of flappy jump ball. Ifyouare looking for bouncy bird game or you have played flappy berd?Ifyou love to fly in sir and be a master bouncy with newdunkchallenges of rotate jump? You are exactly at right placebecausethis bouncy hooping ball game brings lot of fun of dunkflappygames and hoop the thrill of bouncy basketball hit, spin,shotfree. This is the remix of these types of hopping ball shootingandflappy shoot with dunking fun, in which you have to saveyourflappy basket-ball from the challenging circles and keep yourballalive in this slam dunk game.Bouncy Hopping Ball FunJumpingFeatures- Jump ball into the rim in air carefully. - Eachbasketshot throw the rim of your ball will clear your way to goahead.-Different funny basket balls to unlock.- None stop thrill offlappyjump ball game- Leaderboards and addictive achievements toincreaseyour ball shot skills- Compete you high score with otherbasketballshooters.- Ne idea in the world of fun jumping to shootbasketballto the hoop in air.How To PlayBouncy Hopping BasketballFun Jumpingis not like other classic bird hop games. You have alivebasketball in this slam dunk basket shot game to protect it.Youhave to carefully tap on screen to move the flying directionsandspeed of your hoop in this new basket shot game. Ifyouaccidentally touch with the rope of any rim or circle, yourbouncyexperience of this fun jumping game will finish.
Flappy Guy Pro 1.0.3
This is the best FLAPPY game!Very cool music!A lot of funny andepicmoments!
BinaryBall 1.1
¿Seras capaz de superar el Reto de BinaryBall o vas a seguirjugandoal Flappy Birds o al Candy Crush? Llega a la ultimapantalla yaverigua tu Coeficiente Intelectual!!El Objetivo delJuego es tratarde limpiar la pantalla de bolas. Para ello unapulsación cambia elestado de una celda pulsada y las cuatro celdasadyacentes. Sipreviamente había una bola la ocultará y si noestaba aparecerá denuevo. Cada uno de los niveles esta pensadopara que se resuelva enun numero de pasos exacto. Si se agotan losmovimientos la pantallaempezara de nuevo y si crees que ya no esresoluble en ese numero depasos puedes volver a empezarpresionando Reset, Mucha suerte!Willyou be able to overcome thechallenge of BinaryBall or'll keepplaying Candy Flappy Birds orCrush? Get to the last screen and seeyour IQ !!The objective ofthe game is to try to clear the screen ofballs. For this purpose apulse changes the state of a cell down andthe four adjacent cells.If you previously had a ball and hide it ifhe did not appearagain. Each of the levels is thought to beresolved in a number ofprecise steps.    If themovements aredepleting the screen and start again if you think itis notsolvable in the number of steps can start over by pressingReset,Good luck!
Bell Flying Bird 1.0
Копия легендарной игры Flappy Bird Game.A copy of Flappy BirdGameof the legendary game.
Flappy Peña 2.0
Ayuda a Peña, AMLO y Carstens a llegar lo mas lejos posible essucarrera como politicos, cuidado con los obstaculos que hay enelcamino.Escoge el politico que mejor puedas manejar.Obten maspuntosque tus amigos, retalos y diviertete.Help Peña, AMLO andCarstensto get as far as possible is your political career, watchout forobstacles on the way.Choose the politician who can besthandle.Getmore points than your friends, challenge them and havefun.
Floppy Bird 1.3
Kallos Zsolt
Avoid tubes and reach new high scores while tappingthescreen.Special items:-Star: Tubes come faster-Mushroom: You growinsize and earn triple the points-Muscular Arm: You can destroythetubes-Boxing Glove: You will unexpectedly get a punched intheface, loose some teeth, be paralyzed for a moment but you willearn5 points The base of the game was made by following the:FlappyRobin tutorial in cocos2d-xThe purpose of the project for mewas tolearn cocos2d-x, but as I enjoyed the outcome, I wanted toshare itwith you too.Let me know what other features you would liketo seein the next releases.
Fire Flea .9
Inspired by famous original "Flappy Bird" and "SpaceImpact"games.Flap your wings and pass through differentobstaclesincluding moving hoops and pipes. Beware of thefire-breathingdragon and shoot it with unlimited bullets making ita classicclone of the two beautiful games. Feel the adventure andstay awayfrom the fire, battle with enemies making it acompletegame.FeaturesBeautiful Awesome GraphicsUnlockAchievementsVariouscharactersSimple Controls
Flappy Fish 1.1
Flappy Fish is a casual game where you must guide thecharacterthrough obstacles. Collect points for each obstacle youclear. Tapon the screen and avoid the seaweed!Challenge yourfriends andyourself to see how far you can make it!Tab on yourdevice to makethe fish swim. Avoid obstacles to level up, findfantastictreasures... and most importantly... beat your friendshigh score
Tap 2 Top - Tapping Game 4.4
Tap the screen and Flap the Bird make it survive throughtheobstacles as far as you can, Make high score and be the ChampionofLeaderboardSimple yet Addictive, Frustrating yet FunExperiencetheawesomeness of Tap to Top World and Have Fun PlayingTap to Topischallenging Flappy game, With some extra featuresEnjoy flappingnotjust bird but much more with Tap to Top,Tap to Top comes withsomeof its own preloaded themesFlappy Plane Theme: This theme isaboutaeroplane trying to make it through concrete jungle of allthebuildings and trying to survive from crash though day andnightswith stars and moonFlappy Jelly Fish Theme: This theme isaboutjelly fish trying to pass the reef in days with sun's help andatnight there are fish with lights to help our jellyFlappyDragonTheme: This theme is about the baby dragon trying to gothroughsnowy desert you know dragon can't resist ice so help babydragonto get through the icebergs as far as you can all daysandnightsAnd if you want more there is "Theme +" button tomakechanges add anything you want as Background, CharacterorObstacleLittle Tip: Add your face as character and your Ex'sFaceas Obstacles or vice versa ;-) you will have more fun.If youwantto add your Elements in game:WatchVideo: Steps:1.Press“Theme +” Button.2. Select Element you want to Change(Background,Character, and Obstacle).3. Chose and Crop Image for itthrough thesame app.4. Launch Game and here it is You Made aGame.Do you knowwhy Tap to Top is best Flappy game because Here youdesign your ownworld in game and can make the changes all you wantwithout CodingKnowledgeFor Designers:You Can Create Your Themesfrom DataProvided on Website Below so make and Share it on YourBlogs andWebsites so more and more Flavor user can enjoy.FormoreInformation Please visit appsWebsite( Contact Me throughEmail([email protected])
Flappy Monster 1.1.0
- Cycle through 2 different modes of gameplay as you preventtheever-spreading flappy MONSTAs from conquering the digitalworld;-Make use of either tapping or sliding motions in order toget ridof all those flappy pests;- Challenge yourself as you tryvariousdifficulty levels and watch the score go higher and higherfor eacheliminated MONSTA, depending on how much you can endure;-Use yourlocally stored Hi-Score to show off in front of yourfriends andwatch them as they get frustrated while trying tooutscore yourpersonal record;Think you'll manage to stand upagainst the flappylittle 'Monsta's in their quest for worlddomination? Well then,get ready for a world ofscreen-tapping-flappy-monster-slicingcraze, as cyberspacedomination has never been more fun!
Tap Animals 3D 1.1.1
Take Flappy Bird to the next level! Join Mr. Pig and his friendsforthis flying adventure! Beware! This game is super hard. How farcanyou go? FEATURES: - Pretty 3D Graphics! - Play as Mr. Pig forFREE!- Play as Ms. Chicken, Mr. Bird, Mr. Fish, Mr. Tofu and Ms.Cow! -Each animal has a different size and difficulty, and costsless thana cup of coffee to unlock! - Bloody deaths! - Too muchviolence? Youcan disable it! - Charity: Buy Mr. Tofu and 50% ofthis sale'sprofit will be donated to a foundation that helpsanimals! - Rankingand Achievements!- More: secrets!
Flappy Troyan 1.1.2
Небольшая шуточная игра сделанная по мотивам визуальной новеллыотАлександры Акиничевой, под названием «НевероятныеприключенияТрояна 2».Игра сделана по принципу flappy bird.Mostlycomic gamemade based on visual novel by Alexandra Akinichevoy,entitled "TheIncredible Adventures of Troyan 2."The game is made onthe basis offlappy bird.
Run Flappy Run 1.3.1
New and improved Top Rank #1 Arcade Free games . Play in realtimewith friends as you tap your way to the top of theleaderboards.Oneof the best bird run games ever! Fun for kids, teen,and adults asyou run to reach your best scores. The best top rank#1 cartoonflapper free games are here. Time is of the essence whenyou playRun Flappy Birds Run. Special game modes design especiallyfor kids(including teens). Fun time you and the whole family willlove. ❖Bewarned this floppy game is insanely addictive!❖ ✔Variousamount ofachievements to unlock and missions to play on this funplatformer.✔ Collect coins and upgrade skill for enhanced gameplay.✔ Doubletap Flapper The Bird while running then hold to try ouryourgliding skills. ✔ Our new free cute cartoon games helps timefly/running by quick. ✔ Win special prizes by destroying pipesandrunning to reaching new milestones. ✔ Unlock Challengingobstaclesmodes with no time Limit only fun!!! addictive gameplayTap yourFingers to enjoy Flapper The Bird the top rank game and lettheworld know who's the best flapper running in Run Flappy Run!❖❖HowTo Play❖❖ Tap the screen to flap your birds wings andavoidobstacles and pipes. ➤ All new graphics with new andimprovedengine ➤ EXPLORE 10 adventure arcade filled modes withmultipleobstacles with pipes ➤One Touch To Control Flapper Running!➤ PlayWith Friends! ➤ Unlock new special icons and cute colorstocustomize your character! ➤ Enjoyable Cute Background Music!➤Weekly Top Rank Reward follow us on social media! ➤ Flyrocketsthru pipes, magnets, Jet backpacks and much more!➤Challengeyourself and friends this impossible flappy game with allnewobstacles! ➤ Easy Gameplay with Floppy controls! ➤ Become topbirdrun player ever!➤ Play This Amazing Cute Animal friendlyPlatformerWith Birds On Every Device! ➤Try to Unlock lots ofachievements andspecial rewards and earn more unlockables for yourbirds! ➤ ADVANCEthrough thousands of platformer obstacles and pipesto prove yourskill! Guaranteed free from being bored ! So sign Inquick ! Havesome fun ! And also Try To Get The Highest Score AndBecome TopRank #1 On LeaderBoards !! Run Flappy Birds Run! ❖Bewarned thisfloppy game is insanely addictive!❖ ❖❖Rate us and writeusreviews!❖❖Coming Soon: Co-Op mode, More character floppycolors,Cute Decorations, Achievements, Missions, stages/platform,morebird run modes, and special costumes coming end of2015. ❖Five StarUser Reviews ❖ ★★★★★"Run Flappy Run Its very nicecool amazing loveit 2015" ★★★★★"Run Flappy Run Great game, veryexciting and I likeplay this game 2015 " ★★★★★Tap to Play the bestaction arcadeadventure Floppy Flappy Game of 2015 today!★★★★★❖❖Over 100 hoursof content in 2015!❖❖ ❖Join your Run Flappy BirdsRun Friends onFacebook & Other Social MediaPlatforms❖❤❤Twitter:❤❤❤❤Instagram:❤❤❤❤YouTube:❤❤❤❤Facebook:https:❤❤
Flappy Fish 6.0
Most popular farming game on mobiles and tablets with maxhappiness.More than 500000 players from 122 countries, all of themlike thisfish game. Let super flappy fish swimming in blue sea,practice gamecontrol use your rhythm, this game play is simple andchallenge likeflappy nyan. Use your rhythm to tap fish through herway between thepipes! Use various skins for your favorite, andwatch her crumble inmany funny ways! Help him to flutter and getas far as possible,Collect coins rich your fish. When coin isenough you can buy a newfish that you like most. If You're lookingfor a challenge game likeflappy game, this flappy game is yourbest choice. PLEASE NOTE!Flappy Fish is free to download andinstall. However, some new fishskin items can also be purchasedfor coin that you can collectwithin gaming. So maximum collectcoins when crossing pipes. Collectpumpkin that help you resurrect.Collect coins that you can new fishskins. Swim through the sea asfar as you can, make bubbles, enjoyFlappy Fish game. Features:Play hundreds of challenging and fun.Lots type of fish you canselect. Grab your scuba mask and enjoyamazing graphics.Leaderboard and Achievement. One Touch ControlEasy to play: tapscreen to make the fish swim.
Infinity Flappy Bird 1.5
Juego simple y adictivo!Toca la pantalla para subir y pasarentrelas tuberias.simple and addictive game!Touch the screen toascendand pass between the pipes.
Avoidcone 2.0.2
The simple action game, that is hard like how Flappy Bird hard.(butstill far more easier than Super Hexagon... :p)The gameplay isverysimple, just tap left and right to move the non-stoppable cartoavoid "The holy traffic cones". Since they're holy!, verypowerful!,touching them only a little means dead, and the gamewill over.Thisgame looks like an easy, for-children game, but tryit! It is alittle hard, but still challenging.Features:- 4different encourage(?) music!- Compete with friends inleaderboards (using GoogleAccount)- 14 achievements to collect-Just a little, not annoyingadvertisementHint:Listening the musicand find the beat will madeyour adventure easier.Remarks:This gameis firstly built to catch upwith the "Holy Cone" trend -- the newsymbolic in Thailand'spolitical problems. That's why we have toavoid the cones, and whythe original stage's music is the PDRC'stheme song.
Going Under 1.0.6
Going under and get highest score. This quest is pretty hard,Imean, like Flappy Bird hard.This is not your average FlappyBirdclone, it is based on original mechanics and physics.Game isnowopen sourced ongithub: and NESlike sound / music. Current high score is 343(MAN!). Flappy bird,watch out, new guy is in town (well, in waterin thiscase)!Leader-boards and achievements!Controls work inoppositedirection: - Tap on the left part of the screen to pushimp to theright - Tap on the right part of the screen to push impto theleftIt's easier to play with both thumbs!
Flappy Apple Pineapple
Shada Biral
You have an Apple. It Flapps. There is a pen. Flappy ApplePen.Youhave a Pineapple. It Flapps. There is a pen. FlappyPineapplePen.(Not really but still)!
Flappy Plane Pro 2.0
Flappy Plane : Fly as far as you can avoid world wideskyscrapersand landmarks * Fly to different countries (USA , China, Egypt ,Malaysia , England , UAE and France ) * Avoid hitting theworldwide skyscrapers ( Burj Khalifa , Shanghai Tower , EmpireStateBuilding , Petronas Towers , Eiffel Tower , Big Ben andPharaonicobelisk ) and landmarks to survive * Collect coins andscore asmuch as you go so far in your flight * Feel the differentcultureof each country * Share your best score and challenge yourfriends*Flappy Plane from free games , kids games , flappy bird ,arcade ,fun games , games 2017 and games for girls and boys FollowUs :FaceBook : Plus:
Magneball: Annoying Ball 0.5
If you did like Flappy Bird, you will love Magneball! One ofthemost fun and the hardest game of the year! You can testyourreflexes and skills by trying to break your record whichisextremely hard to do.How To Play:Just tap bottom of the screentorelease the ball from magnetic area of magnets and make theballget in other magnetic area. Make magnetic jumps as many as youcanand break your own record. As developer of the game my recordisjust 11 currently.-Easy to play, hard to score-Discover limitsofyour skills and sanity!-Music: The Builder, Kevin MacLeod
SuperFlappyBat 2.2.1
As you all know Flappy Bird is gone now. But you don't need toworryabout because The bat is here.The bat game is a Simple,Addictive,Amazing , Free and Enjoyable Arcade game! Spread yourflappy wingsand fly like a bat Features:- Beautiful Graphics andscenarios.-Four Easy Levels.- Various Background Graphics.- SimpleControls.-Well designed Game,Easy and Fun to play.- Supports alldevicesincluding tablets.- Frequent game improvements based onyourfeedback.Touch to flutter with your wings. How to Play - Tapto flapthe bat wings to fly.- Don't Collide with the Monkeys andthetrees.- Get 30 points to reach to the next level.- Complete theFourlevel.Let's play SuperFlappyBat and enjoy it. Thank you!
Flabby Bird 1.4
Objective of this game is simple just tap the screen Bird willflyand try to escape through the gaps between Pipes ,flying DucksandPlanes
Splatty Bird 1.1
First came Flappy Birds, now here comes Splatty Birds.Splat asmanybirds as you can by tapping to snap shut the pipes.Don't letbirdsfall off the bottom of the screen and watch out of thebombs!Squish the ninja bird for extra points. Splatting birds hasneverbeen so much fun.
Flappy CuteBird 1.0
*Guide these cute birds through a world full of danger.*Tapthescreen to flutter your bird and avoid obstacles.*A flappy cutebirdgame like the original bird game.*We all loved the originalFlappygame and its famous bird, but the developer deleted hisfamous andchallenging app. But No worries, we created a clonecalled Flappycute Bird. Yeah we know, it's not the original Flappygame with thewell known bird but no worries, you will also love itand we arealready working on a lot of features to make itevenbetter.Features:-Beautiful Graphics and scenarios-Variousbirds-Simple one touch control gameplay-Three game modes from easytohard
Flappy Cat 1.8.26
Jógvan Olsen
Try to get as much score you can and compare your best withyourfriends through the Google Leaderboards.
Mad Bird 1.1
Mad Bird é um jogo no estilo de Flappy Bid, porém, comumadificuldade mais reduzida e bem sangrento.Mad Bird is a gameFlappyBid style, but with a lower difficulty and pretty bloody.
Thiely - The flying bird 1.0
Senegalese atmosphere punctuated by the national mbalax ofYoussouNdour. With Sama Thièly revisit a new version of the flyingbird.Flappy Bird is back! This is a clone of this highly addictivegamethat is more enjoyable. Sama Thièly is made bySenegalesedevelopers group, which is the No. 1 news onmobile inSenegal Game Play with google, compare your results withallplayers TAGS: Flappy Bird, Clone, Jumping Bird, Zombie,Kilobolt,Thièly
Jungle Flappy Bird - Dark World
Jungle Flappy Bird Dark World – this is best 3D in 2D cloneflappyJungle bird .In this game you can play 5 different flappybirds,collect money, open new worlds, Help jungle flappy bird tofly homeand do not touch black barrier.Save little Jungle birdfromdangerous.
Birds and Monsters 9
O3 Bilişim
New Generation Flappy Game+ 10 Unique Characters+ HighQualityGraphics+ New Obstacles and Objects+ Hard Level Design+EndlessPlay+ Unlimited Fun-----Download and Join-----
Floppy Bird Seasons 1.2
On Air Inc.
The game which has been loved all over the world is now inseasonsmode!Flap the little wings of the poor birds to guide themto flythrough all kinds of obstacles, get as far as possible andcollecttheir eggs.Keep flapping, collect coins along the way,grabpower-ups and use the coins to unlock all seasons, change yourbirdskin and upgrade your power-ups.Increase the challenge levelwithyour friends by unlocking the Advanced season, where there arenoeggs or power-ups, separate score just for the advancedplayers!Thechase is on! Floppy Bird Seasons is an entertaining gamefor anyoneinto infinity running and endless games.How to Play:- Tapanywhereon the screen to fly higher, and beat your ownscore!WARNING:Floppy Bird Seasons is insanely addictive, verysimple but highdegree of difficulty and challenge, don't get angryand be carefulnot to smash your valuable mobile phone!
Don`t Touch The Woodpeckers 1.1.9
You can tap in any point of screen to jump your bird and don’ttouchthe spikes by your bird.If the bird touches a side of screen,youcan get a point and your bird will turn back to the otherside.Youcan collect the coins by playing game to buy birds anditems.Don`tTouch The Woodpeckers is one of addictive casual arcadegame.Thegame offers several fascinating modes:[Classic] - Spikeson thesides of screen are scrolling down. Your bird should goupside whileavoiding spikes.[Fly&Fall] - Fly high and falldown and don`ttouch the spikes. Bird shop is providing variousbirds to play withyou.. Item shop is providing several items toincrease yourscore.This game is also providing global ranking.
Hardest Flappy Games 1.0
Flappy Monster is the world most epic, addicting, and hardestgame!For free!Experience an epic world packed of dangers andsurprisesas you control a flappymonster in the shape of a bird! Youmustfree your way out safely without crashing intoany obstaclesthrownat you. It is simply the hardest and most addictinggameevermade!Game extremely simple, fun, and free!Fly up by tappingthescreen to swing your flappy monster’s wings as if youwereabird!Lose altitude by letting yourself plane the same way abirddoes it too!Explore different ambiances with each worldpresentedto you.Addicting with tremendous replay value!Can yourFlappyMonster make it through the hardest obstacles withoutcrashing?Howlong before it hits something and crashes? Is this epicadventuretoo much foryour bird like monster? Jump now in the mostaddictingworld to accept this freechallenge. It will be thehardestadventure of your life!Compare your bird flying skills andscorewith your friends! Challenge them to let themknow who has themostepic Flappy Monster of the game!Once again, beware it isanextremely addicting game! Although the differentlevelsarechallenging, the hardest part will be to leave thegame!Downloadnow to enter the world most epic adventure! It isfree!
Sling The Birds 1.0.9
DoVale Games
Get your vengeance! Detonate the yellow birds of Flappy Birdthatmade you so nervous in the past. Make combos and massacre themwithwell-aimed sling shots .Weak shots stuns, but with the strongones,remain only the feathers!Do not let your ammo runs out or sixbirdsfly away to not lose the game.Stone in the sling and good shotisjust what you need!
Iron Floppy Bird - Wall Flyer 1.2
Download this amazing game for endless nonstop fun. Fly yourironfloppy bird in this Wall Flyer and get the maximum scorepossible.You can easily play with a single hand and compete toachieve worlddomination. Iron Floppy Bird is our savior. This newsuper bird hasto transport Doctor Flappy to the other side of theworld in orderfor him to save the world. Do you have it in you tostopArmageddon? If so, download today and make sure to reach theotherside before it is too late.
flappy fish 2.0.0
Choose your fish and avoid as many coral walls that appear inyourpath.In future versions we will increase the number of fish,corals and different types of backgrounds ...start playing now ?
Flappy 3D 2.2
Flappy is BACK! Now more FUN and visually STUNNING than everbefore.Experience the Thrill and Excitement while you bravelynavigate YOURcharacter through deadly pipes and other obstacles…But beware -even the slightest mistake and GAME OVER - back torestart! "Tapyour way to the top" of the leaderboards and become aFlappy KING!Enjoy the Suspense, FUN and Rewards as you fly throughthebreathtaking and graphically amazing Flappy Worlds. Play andcompeteagainst countless others - just like YOU - Worldwide!Download FREEand PLAY NOW!+ SCORING & LEADERBOARD +Each pipeyou successfullynavigate gets you one point. See if you have whatit takes - Fly aslong as you can to get YOUR name and score on theHonorable GlobalLeaderboard of Flappy KINGS! Check out where YOUstand among thecurrent world leadershere: +Upgrade to the premium version to unlock theMysteriousBlue Bird and his Secret Powers!
Floppy Bird - The Return 1.0
Spot Games
Download Floppy Bird – The Return for FREE and play themostaddictive mobile game ever created! Floppy Bird is the remakeofthe classic flapping bird game. Your objective is to guidethelittle birdie between the pillars to earn scores. This is aendlessflying game which means you can play as long as you don’tdie.Thereare lots of successful arcade games on the Playstore.However, veryfew arcade games can boast the success of the endlessflying gamethat has taken the whole world by the storm. We bringyou back yourfavorite flapping bird game with Floppy Bird – TheReturn! Althoughit uses classic arcade games cartoonish graphic andcharacter. Thishopping bird is not just a kids game. Even the mostskilled gamerswill find it hard guiding the little flappy to passbetween thedeadly pillars. How far can you go in this brainchallenging gameand help our birdie hopping home? ======== FloppyBird TOPFeatures: ========• Addictive gameplay that will keep youplayingfor hours non stop!• Simple rule: tap to fly the hoppingbirdbetween the pillars. Our little flappy will die if it dropsfromthe sky or hit any part of the pillars.• Play as long as youwantfor FREE• New background design. Stop being bored with olddesign.Enjoy this new graphic and keep playing this kids game forfun!•New Powerups to help you through this brain challenging game.•NewPillars instead of steel pipes. • Newly designed birds toenticeyou to keep playing this flapping bird game. • Practicemakesperfect! You need to play several times to get the mechanicrightand have the little hopping bird moves as you want.Parents,installthis fun kids game on your device and let your kidsentertainthemselves for hours. Don’t worry. There is absolutelynoquestionable content in our app for kids of any age. As longasthey understand the rule and the gameplay, they can playthisaddictive flying game. We do advise that parents keepmonitoringtheir kids’ activity. Here are some tips to achievehigher scoreson this brain challenging game:• Find your pace. It’slikely thatyou will fail a couple of times before you get theperfect tappingrhythm. Don’t worry about achieving high scores andbeating yourfriends’ hopping bird high score. Concentrate ongetting thetapping rhythm right. • Patience patience patience. Thisgamedoesn’t get harder the longer you play. The flappy creaturekeepsflying on the same pace throughout the game. On the contrary,itshould be easier because you should have mastered the tapping.Thepillars looks erratic, but people who have mastered themovementshouldn’t feel it’s too hard. It might seem that waybecause youare getting more anxious and impatient. • Nodistraction. Thisflying game takes all your concentration and somemore. Anydistraction that breaks your focus means your birdie willfallfast. • Turn off notifications! As previously stated,anydistraction is a disaster and if you fall you have to starthoppingfrom the start. How frustrating it is! So, to keep thenotificationfrom disturbing your concentration, turn them off whenyou areplaying this flapping bird game! • Practice practicepractice.Whether you are a seasoned gamer or just a casual gamerlooking forsome easy kids game to play, no one can achieve HighScore inglobal leaderboard within a few days of playing. Keeppracticing toimprove your tapping skill. As you can see, thisflying game willhelp you focus. If you or your kids have hard timeconcentrating,you might want to try to play this flapping bird gameto improveyour focus. The downside of this flappy game is probablythat it’sso addictive you don’t want to do anything else but keepplayingand tapping to keep your hopping bird from falling! If youare afan of arcade games, you shouldn’t miss our latest FREEhoppinggame. This cute hopping bird needs your help now! Try yourtappingskill with our latest addictive flapping bird game and seehow muchfun you’ll get.
Flying Bird 1.0
Let your bird fly as long as possible through theobstacles.Theflying Bird back is better than the original Bird.Multiple Livesto increase the scores.Different level of speedsaccording to yourscore level Easy and fun to play with Highgraphics DifferentLocations This game may make you angry, butplease keep theirpatience and perseverance. You will be able to geta high score.
Flap In Time 1.1
Flap in Time is a twisted Flappy-like game for those lookingformore challenge! Master the physics behind your creature’s jumptomake them come out alive of every scored point.Every time youreacha gap and score a point, time slows down. Then, you must flapintime along with a timeline, placing jump markers whereyourcharacter should jump, in order to survive and reach the nextgap.Anew character is unlocked every 10 points. Try to beatyourfriends’ high score, and get 31 unique characters as you play!
Baby Bird 3.1
*** New amazing Baby Bird game *** Challenge yourself with 4newadventure themes: Classic, New York, Ocean and Kid Wonderland.Tapto flap bird's wing and fly or dive, download now to Play andEnjoythe adventure of Baby Bird! - Supports game center: +4leaderboards + challenges to beat friends' scores orearnachievement + find friends from FaceBook contacts + getyourturns-based games
Smashing Blocks 1.2.6
Sumada Games
This is not another clone of Flappy Bird. This is something new.Tapto flap the wings and speed up the bird. You must control speedofthe bird to fly safely between trees. Watch out the smashingtrees!!!! Good luck and try to be the best on the ranking.How toPlay:-Tap on the screen to accelerate.Visit us atFacebook:
Wing Up 1.0.3
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@Wing Up:- "Wing Up brings two taps to the Flappy Bird world" "A new and fresh arcade for fans of Flappy Bird"-by Appszoom.comWhere is the bird going? To heaven? To hisbirdmommy? Play a few rounds and you can help him fly through thewallscreated by an unknown bird God.But be careful, he is asensitivechap, just one touch and he will fall to his demise at thebottomof the ocean. Good Luck![How to Play]- Tap left to 'flap up'left,Tap right to 'flap up' right- Don't hit the blocks.- Try toget 4medals: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.