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Aptitude Test and Preparation, Tricks & Practice 5.4
'Aptitude Test and Preparation', Tricks & Practice - thebestaptitude app with solutions and short tricks to enhanceyouraptitude skills and to sharpen your brain. This 'maths tricksapp'is created with the aim of promoting aptitude that helpseveryoneto excel in their career and also crack bank exams. Thisfast mathscalculation tricks app helps to increase your aptitudeskills sothat you can overcome those issues and easilyparticipating bankexams. Through this basic maths tricks fastcalculation app you caneasily improve fast calculating skills,speed up your calculationusing 'Tips and Tricks' and increase yourconcentration skills.This maths shortcut tricks app is exclusivelydesigned for the jobaspirants and those waiting to crack technicalexam and otherentrance exams of GMAT, CAT, SAT, MAT and also bankaspirants canuse this maths tips and tricks app for banking examsetc. The mathstips and tricks app for bank exams has a wide rangesof questionsby the experts of the concern fields are provided inthis app. Inthis app, we provide the tips and short cuts to solvethe problemseasily. A collection of quantitative aptitude questionsfrequentlyasked in bank exams and placement papers. Not only thateven youcan also learn basics of mathematics, basic maths formulasand allbasic Maths tricks, aptitude and reasoning tricks tosolveefficiently using this basic mathematics apps. When you learnthesemathematical tricks using this maths shortcut tricksforcompetition app, your increased confidence and smartness helpstoshow off your skills to excel in your career. Features ofFreeAptitude App Tricks 2018: This aptitude test and preparationtrickshas- Largest & Latest career assessment question bankever 600+Questions (With Frequent Update of Questions) As Questionsarecategorized into topics, there are 35+ categories Formulae foreachtopic is provided Detailed Solution for each question helpstounderstand aptitude and logical easily. You can use workspaceinour career assessment app. No need of pen and paper. You canusethis Aptitude tricks 2018 app in offline mode (No DisturbingAds)Daily Online Test, Daily Puzzles, Daily Practice Test andDailyChallenger career assessment with live scores to increaseyourpotential gradually Daily miscellaneous Capsule with Answerstomake your mind calculative in various topics Any questions canbebookmarked in this aptitude and reasoning tricks In this appyoucan find topics wise quantitative aptitude &reasoningquestions with shortcut methods which can be very usefulin solvingquestions very quickly. This bank exam aptitude app hasMultiplechoice Questions & Answers with Solutions, Bestpreparation PDFMaterials from the most frequently asked Aptitudeand Logicalreasoning questions in exams like UPSC, IBPS CivilService AptitudeTest, All Campus placement, All job interviews andvarious bankexams app. Easy understandable content. A professionaltrainer toimprove your IQ and enrich your knowledge. Basic to hardlevelaptitude and reasoning tricks. Hints and formulae for eachtopic.User Friendly Interface. Aptitude puzzles are very importantforfresher to crack the test and all job interviews of anycompany.Completely free, Easy to share with friends via socialmediaCategories : This maths puzzle application has huge collectionofAptitude under different categories - AGE ALLIGATION ORMIXTUREAREA AVERAGE BANKERS DISCOUNT BOATS AND STREAMS CALENDARCOMPOUNDINTEREST CHAIN RULE CLOCK DECIMAL FRACTIONS H.C.F. ANDL.C.M.HEIGHT AND DISTANCE LOGARITHM NUMBERS PROBLEMS ONNUMBERSPARTNERSHIPS PERCENTAGE PERMUTATIONS AND COMBINATIONS PIPESANDCISTERN PROBABILITY PROFIT AND LOSS RACES AND GAMES RATIOANDPROPORTION SERIES - ODD MAN OUT SERIES - FIND MISSING NUMBERSIMPLEINTEREST SIMPLIFICATION SQUARE ROOT AND CUBE ROOT STOCKS ANDSHARESSURDS AND INDICES TIME AND DISTANCE TIME AND WORK TRAINSTRUEDISCOUNT VOLUME AND SURFACE AREA
Aptitude Master 📚- Competitive Exam Companion App 1.2.1
Crafty Studio
Aptitude master is an All in one app for a competitiveexampreparation app. Aptitude master helps you in preparingaptitude,logical reasoning, verbal ability and computer basics foranycompetitive exams. Aptitude Master app provides a hugecollectionof practice questions, study material, tips and tricksandspecially designed test mode for test preparations. Allthequestion provided in the aptitude master app is nicely explainedinstep-by-step to help you understand the question. Aptitude appalsooffers question with varying difficulty level which makes itidealfor any competitive exams & campus placementpreparation.Aptitude Master also has curated study material forin-depthreading and revision. The study material contains thetopicdescription, acronyms, and FAQ for a complete referenceguide.Aptitude Master app provide practice question and studymaterialfor following topics:- • Quantitative Aptitude • LogicalReasoningQuestions • Computer knowledge question • Verbal abilityquestions• English Grammar Features : ☆ 2000+ Questions AptitudeMaster apphas over 2000+ practice questions and more questions areaddedDaily. ☆ Daily practice question Aptitude master app isregularlyupdated and provides new questions every day to practiceandsharpen your aptitude skill regularly. ☆ One app for allexamsAptitude master is an all in one app for competitiveexampreparation. It provides question from aptitude, logicalreasoning,verbal ability and basic computer knowledge. ☆ Easy toUnderstandStudy Material Aptitude Master Exam preparation appprovidesformulas, tips and tricks, shortcuts for solving thequestion andsolved example for each topic. ☆ Bookmark App alsoprovide optionto bookmark important question for later revision ☆Detailedsolution for every question 📝 App provides a step-by-stepsolutionfor each and every question. ☆ Timed Test mode ⏰ Evaluateyourexam's preparation with random questions tests. Aptitude appwillhelp you to quickly revise or learn different topics likeaptitude,LR & computer. And aptitude master test mode will helpyou toevaluate yourself and plan your studies accordingly.AptitudeMaster is helpful as a preparation tool for various examslike ●Banking Exams ● Civil Services Exams ● Govt. Exams ●Campus/CompanyExams ● Other Exams Don't think twice give it a tryonce, justDownload the Aptitude Master test app now!!
Logical Reasoning Test : Practice, Tips & Tricks 2.23
Do you want to master in 'Logical Reasoning '? Here is the rightappfor you: Logical Reasoning Test: Practice, Tips & Tricks.ThisLogical Reasoning (LR) app is designed as a preparation toolfor theaspirants who want to crack the various 'competitive exams'withflying colors. Reasoning 'tips and tricks' app helps thecandidateswho want to start preparing for various competitiveexams and guidethe people to solve LR questions with reasoningtricks and tips whoeven don’t have the idea of solving logicalreasoning questions.Aptitude and Logical reasoning skills andTricks are mandatory foreveryone to be placed in reputedorganizations. So this aptitude andlogical reasoning offline appsplays an important role in primarystage of short listing thecandidates for all kinds of recruitmentsin both private and publicsectors. Through this critical reasoningapp you can easily improveyour analyzing skills, critical thinkingskills, and Logicalthinking skills in person to excel in yourpassionate career. Thisreasoning tricks for competitive exam appplays a major role in allthe competitive exams, bank exams andother entrance test ofvarious institutions because logicalreasoning reveals a person’sanalyzing ability and to make thedecision based on the givenconditions. This Logical reasoning Testpreparation tool will beuseful for various competitive exams suchas 👍 Bank exams (Bank PO,SBI PO, RBI, Bank Clerical Exams) 👍Company interview knowledgetest for campus placement of engineeringstudents. 👍 MBA, SSC 👍RRB, Railways recruitment Features: 📕 Theavailable features in ourlogical reasoning offline app, make you tobe the best in problemsolving skills. 📕 Download Logical ReasoningApp at free of cost. 📕You can access our Pocket Logical Reasoningapp in offline mode. 📕Share this app with your friends and let themget skilled inreasoning and analyzing. 📕 You can easily switchbetweencategories. 📕 Various topics are explained with answers. 📕Veryeasy User Interface. 📕 3000+ logical questions from 30+topicsThere are 6 main categories of Logical Reasoning! ✅ SolvedProblems✅ Tips and Tricks ✅ Practice ✅ Test ✅ Daily Test ✅ OnlineTest 📕You can bookmark your choice of questions. 📕 As time factoris veryimportant in all, Our app greatly helps you in timemanagement incompetitive exams by availing ✅ Free daily test ✅Online test ✅Even you can practice with timer in Test Category 📕Summary of yourperformance at the end of every test. Thisapplication has hugecollection of logical reasoning aptitudepuzzles under differentcategories such as: 1 Alphabet Reasoning 2Alphabet Series 3Alphabet Test 4 Analogy 5 Antonyms 6 ArithmeticSigns 7Arithmetical Reasoning 8 Artificial Language 9 BloodRelation 10Calendar 11 Coding And Decoding 12 Decision Making 13EssentialPart 14 Find The Odd 15 Letter And Symbol Series 16 LetterSeries17 Logical Reasoning 18 Logical Sequence Of Words 19NumberSequence 20 Number Series 21 Odd Letter Group 22 Odd Man Out23 OddNumeral 24 Odd Numeral Pair/Group 25 Odd Pair Of Words 26 OddWord27 Ranking Quiz 28 Sentence Completion 29 Sequence Of Words30Series Completion 31 Situation Reaction 32 Verbal Ability33Verification Of Truth 34 Word Formation
Aptitude and Reasoning Tricks 1.1.2
The aptitude skills are mandatory to be placed in reputedcompanies.And also the aptitude test is the primary stage of shortlisting thecandidates for all kinds of recruitments in both publicand privatesectors. Most of us peered at this aptitude sectionwithdifficulties. We provide this app to overcome yourdifficulties andto improve your aptitude skills as well as logicalreasoning skills.This app is exclusively designed for theaspirants of GMAT, CAT,SAT, MAT etc. The wide ranges of questionsare taken from theprevious year question papers by the experts ofthe concern fields.In this app, we provide the tips and short cutsto solve theproblems easily. Tags : gmat preparation, clatpreparation, gatepreparation, cat preparation, issb preparation,neet preparation,gat test preparation, nts test preparation, clatpreparation books,nts preparation, mpsc preparation, afcatpreparation, aptitudepreparation, sbi clerk english preparation,gre test prep, gre prep,gmat, math test, competition book, logicalthinking, gate syllabus,biology test, logic with answer, catsyllabus, study material, datainterpretation for cat, computergeneral knowledge, dams online testseries, logic quiz withanswers, chemistry mcqs, ugc net app,tcyonline, solved papers,testbook app, ibps, mscit demo, gktodayapp, aptitude andreasoning, computer knowledge apps, upscquestions, rs agarwalbook, tcyonline app, ctet app, mpsc study, rsaggarwal maths book,study timetable, rs aggarwal, past questions,bcs model test, rrbapp, nda books, ies general studies, tnpscbooks, onlinetyari,pariksha app, entry test mcqs, psc questions,icet model papers, lrquestions, regioning question, numericalassessment, sbi clerkonline test, logical assessment, college boardsat practice, grepractice, sat practice, sat practice test,journeyman electricianpractice test free, ged practice test free2018, ptcb practiceexam, sbi clerk practice set, numerical andverbal reasoning tests,numerical and verbal reasoning practicetests, verbal and numericalreasoning, numerical verbal reasoningtests, verbal and numericaltest, verbal reasoning and numericalreasoning, aptitude,reasoning, quantitative, quantitativereasoning, quantitativeaptitude, quantitative reasoning question,reasoning and aptitude,aptitude reasoning, reasoning app,quantitative reasoning app,aptitude test, online aptitude test,what is aptitude test,practice aptitude tests, aptitude testpreparation, aptitude testexample, english aptitude test, mathsaptitude test, aptitude testapp, types of aptitude test, aptitudetest book, how to prepare foraptitude test, aptitude test withanswers, practise aptitude tests,aptitude test in hindi, generalenglish aptitude test, bankers addain hindi, bankers adda app,bankers adda in hindi app, ssc addaapp, exam guru adda, logicquestions, logic questions with answers,logic questions andanswers, logical reasoning questions, logicalreasoning questionsand answers pdf, logical thinking questions,logical reasoningquestions and answers, simple logical questions,maths logicalreasoning questions with answers, logical reasoningquestions withsolutions, lsat logical reasoning questions, logicand reasoningquestions, logical reasoning questions and answerswith explanation,best logical reasoning questions, ssc cgl 2019,ssc 2019, ssc exam2019, ssc board question 2019, ssc board exampapers 2019, ssc cglapp, ssc cgl books, idioms and phrases for ssccgl, ssc cgl english,ssc cgl maths, ssc cgl practice set, ssc cglreasoning, ssc cglquestion bank, bank exam question, reasoningcoding decoding,reasoning definition psychology, reasoning datasufficiency,reasoning decision making, reasoning examples, elitmusreasoning,deductive reasoning, reasoning for bank, reasoninginequality,reasoning ke question, reasoning kaise sikhe, reasoningke prashnuttar, reasoning ka sawal It Is Free App.. You Can Run& ReadThis App Offline Also
IQ and Aptitude Test Practice 1.40
Call it Intelligence test, IQ test, aptitude test, orpsychometrictest, they are used in schools, admission exams, andjob interviewsto assess the ability of applicants in processinginformation. Thisfree IQ test application provides more than 100 iqtest questionswith answers. The aptitude test questions arenonverbal and arecategorized into logical, spatial, and numericaltests. If you planto take SHL or Kenexa logical or inductiveReasoning Test as partof a job interview then these test can beuseful, also for othersimilar tests like a general IQ test, MENSAtest, Logical test,Intelligence test, or DAT test. Besidespreparing for a jobapplication assessment, solving these shortpuzzles is a mentalexercise, potentially improving the inductiveand logicalreasoning, numerical and spatial abilities of the users.Hints andsolutions are provided for most of the questions. Based onyourperformance you will receive an IQ (Intelligence Quota) score.TheIQ score is calculated based on the deviation of your score totheaverage score by other users. Every standard deviation iscountedas 15 units of IQ score. Taking the IQ test and scoring isofflineand the score is given free of charge(does not requireinternetconnection). You must consider that the sample populationthat isused to calculate the IQ score in this application isprobablysmarter that the average population of the world. Hence theIQscore calculated by this app would be lower than the IQ scorethatis calculated based on the whole population of the world. Thefocusof this application is on three types of tests: 1-Logicalreasoning tests (or inductive reasoning tests): Logicaltestsappears in several categories and variations, namely:analogies,progressive series, Raven's matrix test, andclassification tests.2- Numerical tests: In the form of numberseries, number analogiesand number matrices. These are encounteredin IQ tests, and jobinterview tests for quantitative roles (, finance,banking, and software developing). 3- Spatialreasoning: In theform of two dimensional pattern matching, andpaper folding. 4-Memory test: Test your short-term memory andcompare it withaverage population 5- Unlimited practice with cubetest (threedimensional spatial ability) 6- Unlimited practice withmentalarithmetic test The following non-verbal tests are availablenow:Nonverbal Logical reasoning test: - Visual analogy (a.k.ashapeanalogy) - Progressive series (A sequence ofshapes)-Classification (Choose the odd one!) - Matrix tests (A gridofshapes) Numerical reasoning: -Numerical analogies (Find alogicalrelation between two set of numbers) - Number series (Findthe nextnumber in sequence of numbers!) - Number matrices (Find themissingnumber in a grid of numbers) - Mental arithmetic Spatialreasoningtest: - Two dimensional spatial ability (Pattern matchingandassembling) - Three dimensional spatial ability (Folding2dimensional shapes into 3 dimensional objects- Cubetest)Short-term memory test: -Memorize and recall sequence ofnumbers,letters, colors, and pictures. A comparision to averagepopulationis offered.
IndiaBIX 2.2
Aptitude Test and Interview PreparationLearn and practiceaptitudequestions and answers with explanation for your jobinterview,competitive examinations and entrance tests.Major topicscovered inIndiaBIX learning app are listed below.QuantitativeAptitude: -Arithmetic Aptitude - Data InterpretationVerbal andReasoning: -Verbal Ability - Logical Reasoning - Verbal Reasoning -NonverbalReasoningCurrent Affairs & GK: - Current Affairs -GeneralKnowledgeInterview: - HR Interview - Group Discussion -PlacementPapers - Technical InterviewEngineering: - MechanicalEngineering -Civil Engineering - ECE, EEE, CSE and more...Technical: - CProgramming - C++ - C# - Java - Database -NetworkingMedicalScience: - Microbiology - Biochemistry -Biotechnology -Biochemical EngineeringOthers:- Online Tests-Puzzles Quiz -SudokuHappy reading ! All the best folks !! 15.8
R S Aggrawal 2019 for All Exams is fully offline App.HavingQuantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning GK Speedy RailwayIBPSDescriptive Material and best GK Tips and Tricks full R SAggrawal2019 for All Exams topics covered. 1) - 🔰RRB Exam SpecialNTPC 2) -🔰RRB Exam daily Current Affairs 3) - 🔰RRB All NTPC Note's4) -🔰Something special RS Agg. 5) - 🔰 RS Agg Mathematics - 100 Sets6)- 🔰RS Agg Aptitude- 100 Sets 7) - 🔰RS Agg Reasoning- 100 Sets 8)-🔰RS Agg Reasoning- 100 Sets 9) - 🔰Lucent General knowledge-100Sets 10) - 🔰Lucent GK in English- 100 Sets 11) - 🔰LucentGeneralscience- 100 Sets 12) - 🔰 Lucent History knowledge- 100 Sets13) -🔰 Lucent Politics and economics knowledge- 100 Sets 14) -🔰LucentComputer knowledge- 100 Sets 15) - 🔰Lucent General Knowledge1- 100Sets 16) - 🔰 Lucent General Knowledge 2- 100 Sets 17) - 🔰LucentGeneral Knowledge 3- 100 Sets 18) - 🔰Lucent Politicalknowledge-100 Sets 19) - 🔰Lucent History knowledge- 100 Sets 20) -🔰LucentBiology knowledge- 100 Sets - 🔰10,000,000 + RS AggrawalPracticeSet Added Contact us on
minh095.logicalreasoning 3.3.3
In recruitment process of most of companies, logical reasoningisone of important parts which every qualify candidates havetoprepared for. So, what is logical reasoning? Logical reasoning isakind of using precondition or premises to arrive atvalidconclusions. When you have bad premises, you will getbadconclusions. However, if you have no idea about it or don’tknowhow to enhance your logical thinking skills. Don’t worry,ourLogical Reasoning application is definitely what you need.Withvarious systematic series of logical questions, lots ofusefultips and tricks, lots of practice tests from all levels whichbecarefully prepared for giving more effective and easier inbothstudying and thinking; will guide you to archive yourpassionatecareer in future. These general critical thinking testwill expandyour analyzing thinking, improve solving problemsabilities andhelp preparing yourself for competitive exams likeCAT, RRB, SSC,MBA, IBPS , CSAT, SBI, SSC, AIPMT, GMAT, SAT,MAT,etc…Additionally, this testing experience is very helpful foryourcareer tests, interviews, IQ competition or any brainchallenges infuture. Logical Reasoning’s major features: * Thereare 4 principalcategories : Logical, Verbal, Aptitude and Test(online test, dailytest, etc…). * We offer huge collection oflogical practice testswith more than 80 topics (+3200 logicalreasoning question, 760aptitude logical questions, +3200 verbalability questions). * Tipsand tricks for each categories within-app formulae list. * Theanswers are explained immediately afteryou make a choice of eachrelated question. * Getting better resultswith in-app answerutility(fifty-fifty). Can even be able to see theright answer withexplanations if you have not any idea. * You canalso bookmark yourquestions to enable quick access in future. *Many kind of testssuch as online test, daily test, etc…Particularstatistics at theend of tests will be described clearly yourperformance, therefore,totally revealing your strength andweakness. * Free for everyone.* Friendly graphical user interfaces.* You will find the darktheme toggle switch by going to Settingsand just enable dark modefeature to make it work. * No internetconnection required. Thisapp supports difference topic LogicalReasoning: + Alphabetreasoning + Alphabet series + Alphabet tests +Analogy + Antonyms +Arithmetic signs + Arithmetical reasoning +Artificial language +Blood relation + Calendar + Coding anddecoding + Decision making +Essential parts + Find the odd + Letterand symbol series + Letterseries + Logical reasoning + Logicalsequence of words  +Number sequence + Number Series + Oddletter group + Odd man out +Odd numeral + Odd numeral pair/group +Odd pair of words + Odd word+ Ranking Quiz + Sentence completion +Sequence of words + Seriescompletion + Situation reaction + Verbalability + Verification oftruth + Word formation + Brain trainingThis app supportsdifference topic Aptitude: + Ages + Area +Averages + Banker'sDiscount + Boats & Streams + Calendar +Clock + CompoundInterest + HCF/LCM + Height & Distance +Logarithms + Mixtures+ Numbers + Partnerships + Percentages +Permutations + Pipes +Probability + Profit & Loss + Races &Games + Ratio &Proportion + Simple Interest + Stocks &Shares + Time &Distance + Time & Work + Trains + TrueDiscount + Volume &Surface This app supports difference topicVerbal Ability: +Antonyms + Change of Voice + Closet Test +Complete Statement +Comprehension + Idioms & Phrases + OrderSentences + OrderingWords + Paragraph Formation + Selecting Words +Sentence Correction+ Sentence Formation + Sentence Improvement +Spellings + SpotErrors + Substitute + Synonyms + Verbal Analogies
Aptitude Reasoning Tricks 2018 1.3
Here in this app ,you can find topics of quantitative aptitude&reasoning with shortcut methods which can be very useful insolvingquestions very quickly. App will play very crucial role inthepreparation of IBPS PO,SSC, Clerk, Specialist officers, SBI PO,SBIclerk and other government jobs exams. In this app we haveprovidedNotes & MCQ with explanation. You can also find lastfive yearquestion paper for most of the exam.
Emotional Intelligence – Free Education 2.8.4
Are you into self-care and mental health? Do you want to knowmoreabout personality, empathy or body language? Then try out ourapp –Emotional Intelligence - Free Education – where you may aswellchat anonymously with strangers via your avatar in ouranonymouschat, read mind-boggling articles with topics on healthpsychology,personal care, empathy, etc. Psych yourself up andengage in a newkind of education discovery. Because whether you aregoing to anacademy or not, you can think of this app as an“academy” ofself-care, empathy, mental health and personality. Ifyou want to,say, know more about how to manipulate or psych others,you cane.g. learn how to manipulate someone or show someone withapsychological disorder the way to his/her mental health. Here isalist of benefits which this app offers you: ★ Learnaboutself-care, health psychology, body language andpsychologicaldisorder(s) in the “Learn” section ★ Test your ownpersonality inour various skill-tests ★ Find interesting articlesin our “News”section and take the road of education discovery:learn how tomanipulate, how to improve your personal care andmental health,and learn how to read body language ★ Chatanonymously via youravatar with strangers who have similarinterests as you in ouronline anonymous chat ★ Test your knowledgeand take fun quizzes inthe “Quiz” section This app provides analternative kind ofeducation discovery. To sum up, with EmotionalIntelligence you canstudy about health psychology (like on anacademy), chat withstrangers anonymously via your avatar in ouranonymous chat, readinteresting articles on personal care, bodylanguage, and variousother topics, and you may as well help someonewho has some kind ofpsychological disorder. So, install EmotionalIntelligence andpsych it out!
Reasoning 3.3.5
Reasoning app is Helpful for Railway SBI Clerk 2018,SO and evenallCompetitive Exam. 5000+ Reasoning Questions with answerarises.Reasoning Prelims 3 Sets Added. • It’s absolutely free app.• Morethan 30 topics. • 3000 and above Logical reasoning questions.•Answer with their explanations. • Very easy UI.
Reasoning & Aptitude Hindi , Reasoning Tricks 1.3
Latest Study
This app contains Notes ,Tricks & MCQ with solution in Hindiforall exam. This app is one stop solution for all yourcompetitiveexam , if you want to prepare for Reasoning &Aptitude in Hindi.App contains Notes, Tricks , MCQ with solution ,Daily Test , Speedtest & various category to speed up yourReasoning &Aptitude solving skills. Must download app , ifyour are preparingfor Govt Job exam. App is designed with the helpof expert so thatit will help you a lot. Features :- - All contentall in HindiLanguage - Reasoning Notes , MCQ , Mock Test , SpeedTest , Tricks -Aptitude Notes , MCQ , Mock Test , Speed Test ,Tricks - BeautifulDesign & User Interface - Easy to use
Number Reasoning Puzzle 1.9
Simple and addictive game version! It kindles the Curiosity toknowabout next levels. That requires ingenuity and oftenpersistence inassembling and suitable Number puzzle Game forAndroid. Takeextreme challenge for your ability.
Youth4work – Jobs, Exam Prep, yTests & Mock Test. Y4W-6.0.3
Youth4work is a complete app that allows users to showcaseandranked their skills, Get relevant opportunities as pertheirskilled profile and help them in preparation forcompetitiveexaminations. We also provide users an online learningmodel alongwith 2000+ courses prepared by top notched professionalswhich helpthem in achieving their goals successfully. We useadvance dataanalytics and have the largest and the mostcomprehensive questionbanks in all our tests (yTests, Prep) withmore than 700,000 wellresearched questions . Our goal is to helpuser in every phase ofhis/her education or career by assisting themin Preparation,Learning and in Jobs or Career Advice. Top Featuresof Youth4work:1. 500+ yTests (Skill / Talent Tests) to examine andshowcase yourtalent to the world. 2. Access mock tests for 250competitive examsin Hindi and English. 3. See how you perform onour instant Report.4. Visit our Discussion Forums to get Tips andtricks of otheraspirants. 5. Review all questions and answers. 6.Find & Applyto all latest hot jobs matching with your skillsusing the inbuiltintelligence. 7. Affordable upgrade cost forUNLIMITED ACCESS! Inthe Home Page, users can find latest forumdiscussions, trendingblogs, recommended jobs, courses, companiesand online skill andprep tests. In discussion section, users candiscuss trendingtopics on 4000+ talents (eg. Communication Skills,Aptitude, Java,Computer Programming, General Knowledge,Entrepreneurship etc). InyTest section there are 500+ talent tests;aptitude, CommunicationSkills, English Language, Core Java, CLanguage, Engineering andManagement being the most popular of them.In Prep Test Section,users can prepare for competitive examinationslike GovernmentJobs, Placement Papers, Engineering, IndianRailways, Management,Medical, State Public Service Commission,Study Abroad etc. In Jobssection users can find jobs nearby them,recommended jobs and canalso keep a track of all previously appliedjobs. Get informedcareer advice by connecting with other jobhunters. UpcomingFeatures of Youth4work App: 1. Write Blogs toshowcase yourcreativity. 2. View and learn through online coursesand prepareyourself for job interviews. 3. View your college portalandconnect with alumni and students and get great career advice.4.Check all the Company Profiles and Contact them directly forJobs.5. Psychometric Test to measure mental capabilities andbehavioralstyle and use it as a career advice to make your nextmove. Sostart preparing, assessing, improving and showcasing yourtalentsand professional achievements to the world using Youth4workas amedium. Just begin by creating your Professional Skill Profileforfree and unlock all your features of youth4work that can helpyouin each phase of your career. All the Best! Remember, yes youcan!Also visit us on
NSTSE 5 Exam 1.11
Sana Edutech
NSTSE (National Science Talent Search Exam) - Level 5 * Questionstocover entire syllabus for the respective grade * Logical&Reasoning ability tests * Take several mock exams to testtheirskills in Maths, Science * Timed Quiz as well Practice-modequiz *Instantaneous results provided with detail reports. * Fun waytolearn and prepare for Olympiad competitive exams * Q/A arepreparedwith skilled professionals and presented in an appealingGUI * Anynumber of re-tests can be taken with this application *Know yourpercentile score compared to other students of thiscategory.Guaranteed success in your NSTSE exams with oureducational apps !Any person preparing for these exams would bebenefited using thisapp. 2.0.9
Study apps
Master Your Logical Reasoning Skills Today With LogicalReasoningTest free app. Logical Reasoning Test is very helpfulapplicationcontain a giant collections of Logical Reasoning,QuantitativeAptitude and Verbal Ability questions which is asked inmanycompetitive exams. This app is specially designed for who wanttocrack bank exams and other competitive exams. With alargecollections of question which is asked in previous yearspapers,this Logical Reasoning Test Free app will help you achieveyourgoal easier. Features This application has huge collectionoflogical reasoning aptitude puzzles with following feature: • 4in1, now you can learn Logical Reasoning, QuantitativeAptitude,Verbal Ability and Riddle in only 1 app. • 100% offline,you don'tneed to download anything else to use this app. • 100%free, youdon't need to buy or unlock anything else to use this app.• Morethan 100 topics. • 5000+ Logical Reasoning, QuantitativeAptitudeand Verbal Ability questions. • Answers with detailedexplanations.• Rich question bank, the more you learn, the moreknowledge youwill have. • Friendly UI. • Ranking system help you toknow yourlevel of intelligence. • Free riddle to play with yourfriend. Whatis Logical Reasoning: Logical reasoning Test plays amajor role inall the competitive exams, bank exams and otherentrance test ofvarious institutions.Because logical reasoningreveals a person’sability to analysis and to make the decisionbased on the givenconditions.In our application, the availablefeatures make you tobe the best in problem solving skills. This appcover some of mostimportant topic of Logical Reasoning like: LetterSeries, MatchingDefinitions, Analyzing Arguments, Cause and Effect,LogicalDeduction, Artificial Language, Number Series... WhatisQuantitative Aptitude: The aptitude skills are mandatory tobeplaced in reputed companies. And also the aptitude test istheprimary stage of short listing the candidates for all kindsofrecruitments in both public and private sectors. Most of uspeeredat this aptitude section with difficulties. This app coversome ofmost important topic of Quantitative Aptitude like: Numbers,Timeand Distance, Probability, Profit and Loss, SimpleInterest,Fractions, Area and Volume... What is Verbal Ability:Verbalreasoning test is an important part of English proficiencytestincluded in verbal ability questions answers of Englishaptitudefor IBPS, SSC, SBI Bank Clerk PO, LIC IT officer, GRE,GATE, FMS,MBA Interview, CAT entrance exam, gmat online test &othercompetitive exams. This app cover some of most important topicofVerbal Ability like: Spell Check, Sentence Correction,VerbalAnalogies, Idioms and Phrases, Spotting Errors.... Our teamhopethis app will help you improve your logical skills and withthatsuccess in your career. Download the Logical Reasoning Testforfree now and start improving your logic today!
NSTSE 3 Exam 1.11
Sana Edutech
NSTSE (National Science Talent Search Exam) - Level 3 * Questionstocover entire syllabus for the respective grade * Logical&Reasoning ability tests * Take several mock exams to testtheirskills in Maths, Science * Timed Quiz as well Practice-modequiz *Instantaneous results provided with detail reports. * Fun waytolearn and prepare for Olympiad competitive exams * Q/A arepreparedwith skilled professionals and presented in an appealingGUI * Anynumber of re-tests can be taken with this application *Know yourpercentile score compared to other students of thiscategory.Guaranteed success in your NSTSE exams with oureducational apps !
Aptitude and Logical Reasoning preparation 2.8
This free app will help you enhance your Aptitude andReasoningskills and improve your General knowledge. Aptitudeproblem solvingskills are the single most important factor to getplaced in anyreputed companies and Bank exams.App is designedspecifically tomonitor the time taken to solved each questions andthere byimprove your performance in competitive exams such as:GATE/CAT/MAT/GRE/IBPS PO/SSC/RAILWAY/UPSC and all campusplacementinterviews. The primary features of the app include :1)Free andOffline(works without internet) 2)Timer for eachquestion3)Built-in Calculator and Notes 4)Extensive progresstracking whichrecords total time, average time,accuracy rate,module wiseprogress etc. 5)Questions from Aptitude, Reasoning,Verbal and GK6)Mock tests to which simulates actual exam with timer7)HR,Technical and Behavioral interview questions , answers andtips8)Formulas and Concepts of all the Aptitude, reasoning andverbaltopics. 9)Add questions to favorites for futurereference.Questions from the following topics are available in theapp: a)Aptitude topics 1)Problems on Age 2)Alligation andMixture3)Average 4)Boats and Streams 5)HCF and LCM 6)Simple andCompoundinterest 7)Numbers and Decimal Fractions 8)PermutationsandCombinations 9)Pipes and Streams 10)Profit and Loss 11)RatioandProportion 12)Time and Distance 13)Time and Work14)Percentage15)Problems and Trains b)Reasoning topics 1)BloodRelation2)Calendar and Clock 3)Coding and Decoding 4)Analogy5)Directionsense 6)Series 7)Essential Part 8)Seating Arrangement9)Statementand Argument 10)Statement and Assumptions 11)StatementandConclusions 12)Verification of Truth 13)ArithmeticReasoning14)Classification c)Verbal topics 1)Antonyms 2)Synonyms3)Idiomsand Phrases 4)Closet Test 5)Prepositions 6)ParagraphFormation7)Sentence Arrangement 8)Sentence Completion 9)Spelling10)One WordSubstitution d) GK topics 1)Awards and Honors 2)BasicGeneralKnowledge 3)Computer Awareness 4)Famous Personalities5)GeneralScience 6)History 7)Inventions 8)Sports 9)Geography10)Books andAuthors 11)Days and Dates e)Interview Tips 1)HR 2)DataStructure3)Java 4)C/C++ 5)C# 6)Python 7)PHP 8)Javascript 9)SoftwareTesting10)Networking 11)DBMS 12)OS
Aptitude & Reasoning Questions, Bank PO, SSC, IBPS 9.0
1. NO internet is required. This app contains thousands ofofflinequestions for bank po, GATE, SSC, LIC AO and other exams.2.Questions are sorted topic wise. 3. You can create your ownmocktests by choosing your own topics. 4. Online format as wellasstandard format is supported. 5. Unlike other apps this appneedsno permissions to read your SD card or SMSes. THIS APP IS100%SAFE, NO PERMISSIONS REQUIRED.
NSTSE 2 Exam 1.12
Sana Edutech
NSTSE (National Science Talent Search Exam) * Questions tocoverentire syllabus for the respective grade * Logical &Reasoningability tests * Take several mock exams to test theirskills inMaths, Science * Timed Quiz as well Practice-mode quiz*Instantaneous results provided with detail reports. * Fun waytolearn and prepare for Olympiad competitive exams * Q/A arepreparedwith skilled professionals and presented in an appealingGUI * Anynumber of re-tests can be taken with this application *Know yourpercentile score compared to other students of thiscategory.Guaranteed success in your NSTSE exams with oureducational apps !
Aptitude4all: Aptitude &Test | Geometry 2.0.5
Easy app
Aptitude , logical reasoning and puzzles are very importantforfreshers to crack the test and interview of anycompany.Regularaptitude questions update.All Campus PlacementAptitude TestsThisapplication contains variety of competitive levelaptitudequestions for different exams like Banks , Railways, SSC,MBAentrance etc.Improve your aptitude skills for campusplacementsaptitude testThis application has huge collection ofAptitudequestions under different categories:Test your aptitudeskill withonline test.Test Report along with score that will helpto improveaptitude skill.Online Test to improve your skill.Hugenumber ofquestions that will help SSC,Bank PO, Bank clerk, CATasspirants toimprove their skill.Interview puzzles to improve yourlogicalthinking.- AGE- ALLIGATION OR MIXTURE- AREA- AVERAGE- BOATSANDSTREAMS- CALENDAR- SIMPLE INTEREST- SIMPLIFICATION- TIMEANDDISTANCE- TIME AND WORK- COMPOUND INTEREST- CLOCK- HCF ANDLCM-HEIGHT AND DISTANCE- LOGARITHM- NUMBERS- PROBLEMS ONNUMBERS-PERMUTATIONS AND COMBINATIONS- PIPES AND CISTERN-PROBABILITY-PROFIT AND LOSS- RATIO AND PROPORTION- TRAINS- TRUEDISCOUNT-VOLUME AND SURFACE AREA- TRIGONOMETRY- PARTNERSHIPS-PERCENTAGE-GEOMETRY- ALGEBRA- MENSURATION-AREA-Geometry-TrigonometryThisaptitude application comes withcertain features:- Questions arecategorised into topics- Formulaefor each topic- Detailed solutionfor each question- Examples tounderstand the concept- Regularaptitude questions update.- Aptitudeapp has wide ranges ofaptitude questions- Aptitude app containsaptitude questions withanswer and solution.- Aptitude app containsinterview puzzlesuseful for those preparing for job interview.-Aptitude tricks-Aptitude test preparation- Aptitude and reasoningtricks- Interviewpreparation app- Placement app- Placement india-QuantitativeaptitudeAptitude and logical reasoning and puzzles areveryimportant for freshers to crack the aptitude test and interviewofany company.Useful for all campus placement aptitude tests
Aptitude Test and Preparation! 1.4
Learn and practice Aptitude questions and answers withexplanationfor interview, competitive examination and entrancetest. Fullysolved examples with detailed answer for job interviewin a companyor attending exams. The aptitude and logical reasoningskills aremandatory to be placed in reputed companies. Also,aptitudeinterview is the primary stage of short listing thecandidates forall kinds of recruitments for jobs in both govt andprivatesectors. This app is the best of all aptitude exam relatedapps toimprove your general aptitude and reasoning for jobs.Understandand master all concepts right from foundation Maths forkids togeneral aptitude formulas and tricks for Competitive ExamPrep likeCAT, JEE, AIPMT & GATE exam. Plus Features: • Offlineapp insmallest apps size. • Completely FREE & easy to usepocket appsoftware. • 1800+ Questions (Questions are added everynow andthen) & 30+ topics. • Practice test patterns arecategorizedinto topics. • Aptitude and logical reasoning tests asmultiplechoice questions. • Questions of varying difficulty levelsfromprevious year papers. • Answer section has notes withdetailsolution & important formulas. Many aptitude questionshere aretaken from the previous year question papers by ourexperts. Wehave provide the tips and shortcuts in answer section tosolve theproblems easily. Also with question patterns for campusinterviewaptitude test preparation for job placement at TCS, CTS,Wipro,Infosys, Accenture, Virtusa, etc. The shortcuts in this apprequireno special maths ability. If you can do ordinary arithmetic,youwill have no problem with these methods. There are nocomplicatedformulas. For each problem, app provides an explanationof themethod & a step-by-step solution. This offline app isastarting point for Quantitative Aptitude Preparation.Questionswith answer for our daily aptitude test and preparationare underbelow topics - • Time and Work • Ratio and Proportion •Time andDistance • Rate of Interest • Stocks and Shares • PipesandCisterns • Probability quiz • Profit and Loss • Ages puzzles •Areaand Volume • Average • Boats and Streams • Logarithm solving•Numerical Fractions • HCF and LCM • Mixtures test • Number system•Partnership • Percentages • Races and Games • Calendar tricks•Clock, Cubes • True Discount • Permutations • Short ProblemsonTrains This application is useful for:- - All Job Aspirantsforbank exams (Bank PO, SBI PO, RBI, Bank Clerical Exams). -Companyinterview aptitude test for campus placement of mechanical&computer engineering students. - General intelligenceinquantitative aptitude knowledge for AAO, LIC, GIC, IGNOU,gateexam. - CAT, MAT, XAT, SSC - Bank PO, IBPS, Clerk - GATE, CMAT,MBA- UPSC, CSAT, IAS - RRB, Railways recruitment - NTSE, SAT
Interview Questions and Answers 2019 2.1.17
Introducing Interview Questions and Answers applicationwithinterview tips, aptitude, logical reasoning test, verbal test,HRTips, Mathematics, Formula, Solved Problems and GeneralKnowledgeQuestions. Interview Questions and Answer app hasnumerousquestions in different areas. Interview Questions andAnswer app wehave included all test. i.e. Aptitude Test, ReasoningTest, VerbalTest, General Knowledge Quiz, HR interview questions,SoftwareDevelopment and Engineering interview questions, MBAEntrance, MBAPlacement, TCS, Wipro, Microsoft, Infosys, Amazon,Accenture,Capgemini, Cognizant, iGate Interview Questions ★★★Features ★★★ -Interview Questions and Answers is Completely offlineapplication.- Questions and Answers are broadly classified in twocategories 1)Freshers 2) Experienced for each Subject Areas. i.e.General (HR),Java, .NET, PHP, DBMS, Data Structure, Finance,Marketing,Electronics, C/C++, Networking, Software Testing,Android, Unix, AbInitio, Shipt, Scrum Master, React JS, JavaScript,Lifeguard,Salesforce Developer, Docker, Delta Video, Boeing, USPS,GreenCard, Costco, Software Engineer, Data Analyst, Angular 6,Angular7, Finance, BPO, Bank, Civil Engineering, UI Developer,MedicalAssistant, SQL, Mock Interview Questions and InterviewPreparationGuide. - Mathematics, Aptitude, Verbal and ReasoningInterviewQuestions with 40 topics. - Solved Problems forMathematics,Aptitude and Reasoning. - Formula for Mathematics,Aptitude andReasoning. - Tips and Tricks for Mathematics andReasoning forInterview Questions and Answers. - Strong Services& We doreally work on your feedback..!! - Commonly askedquestion in anyinterview. - Logical Reasoning, Verbal, Maths,Puzzles forInterview Questions. - Aptitude Screening Test. -Preparation forfirst job interview tips. - Google, Amazon, RedditInterviewPreparation Guide. - Result analysis for your Aptitude,Reasoningand Verbal test. - Best Interview Questions Guide andInterviewPreparation Guide. It's a FREE HR Interview PreparationGuide withInterview Questions and Answers and will remain FREEforever. UseInterview Questions and Answer as much as possible toexcel at yourJob Interviews. We look forward to your review &suggestionsfor Interview Questions and Answers application. We'reopen forfeedback from almost every social media & email.
Aptitude & Reasoning 2018 hindi 1.4
one of the best and effective app which is highly recommendedforthe preparation of various competitive examinations like BankPO,SBI PO, IBPS, RBI, MBA, MAT, CAT, SSC Exams, RailwayRecruitmentexams, Various Campus Recruitment Tests etc in hindi.Reasoning andaptitude are not easy nuts to crack when it comes tocompetitiveexams. Students need to be aware of the depth of thequestions thatwill be asked in the exam. This app verbal andnon-verbal reasoningapp covers reasoning and aptitude subjects tooin hindi. Features:-• In hindi • Notes • Tricks • 1300+ Questions •Segregated intotopics • Important formulas for each topic •Questions of varyingdifficulty levels • Solution in detail •User-friendly Interface •Speed test feature to increase speed •Game for easy learning
Aptitude 2019 For All Exams 1.80
Aptitude 2019 For All Exams is very helpful app for all exams AwideCollections of aptitude questions which is asked in manycompetitiveexams mainly aptitude test is designed for jobsaspirants who wantto crack bank exams and other competitive examsA large Collectionsof question which is asked in previous yearspapers Aptitude andLogical reasoning skills helps to improve IQLevels for examsAptitude and logical reasoning sections to boostknowledge ImportantKey Features 2000+Questions for Aptitude forCompetitive Exams DailyUpdated Quotes of The Day BANK EXAMS IBPSPO / CLERK, / SBI PO CLERK/ RRB PO CLERK / RBI Etc SSC / MPPSC /RAILWAYS / UPSC / CIVILSERVICES EXAMS IAS / IES / IPS GATE / CAT /MAT / XAT / GRE / CSAT /TAT CAMPUS PLACEMENTS JOBS INTERVIEWS NewFeatures : Added VedicMaths Tricks Improve User Interface Tips& Tricks Added ForVedic Maths Special Features : Questionswith four choice Correctwith Green option Incorrect Shows Redoption Answers withexplainations Formulas Search questions optionsRate App Share Appfeatures via sms email social networking sitesThese Apps hasFollowing Aptitude Topics Ages Average Boats StreamsCalendarsChallenge Clock Cubes Hcf Numbers Number Series SimpleInterestMixtures Partnership Percentage Pipes Cisterns ProbabilityGamesChallenges Ratio Proportion Time Distance Time Work TrainsPracticeTest A Practice Test B Practice Test C Aptitude andReasoning bothare play very important role for all parts ofcompetitive exams Sotry these aptitude and reasoning app toenhance knowledge Our MainMoto is To provide good study Materialfor Aptitude Reasoning GkComputer and English All Sections for allexams across all our India
Aptitude And Reasoning Tricks 4.3.2
Aptitude And Reasoning Tricks Can you multiply 362 x .5 quicklyinyour head? Could you readily calculate the square of 41? If anyofthese questions took you more than a few seconds to solve, youneedthis app. Short-Cut Math is a concise, remarkably clearcompendiumof about math short-cuts — timesaving tricks that providefaster,easier ways to add, subtract, multiply, divide ,aptitudeandreasoning. By using the simple foolproof methods in this app,youcan double or triple your calculation speed — even if youalwayshated math in school. This app is very helpful forSSC,BankPO,Railway Exam and all kinds of competative exam. How thisPocketaptitude for Jobs and exams app is differs from otheraptitude appare This application has huge collection of Aptitudeunderdifferent categories such as 1 AGE 2 ALLIGATION OR MIXTURE 3AREA 4AVERAGE 5 BANKERS DISCOUNT 6 BOATS AND STREAMS 7 CALENDAR8COMPOUND INTEREST 9 CHAIN RULE 10 CLOCK 11 DECIMAL FRACTIONS12H.C.F. AND L.C.M. 13 HEIGHT AND DISTANCE 14 LOGARITHM 16 NUMBERS17PROBLEMS ON NUMBERS 18 PARTNERSHIPS 19 PERCENTAGE 20PERMUTATIONSAND COMBINATIONS 21 PIPES AND CISTERN 22 PROBABILITY 23PROFIT ANDLOSS 24 RACES AND GAMES 25 RATIO AND PROPORTION AptitudeandLogical Reasoning both are very important for crack thecompetitiveexams. So we need both aptitude and logical reasoningskills. nonverbal reasoning test online quantitative aptitudequestions mathsshort tricks short tricks of maths logical aptitudetest aptitudeand reasoning questions reasoning tricks in hindi mathshort tricksnon verbal reasoning questions and answers reasoningquestions forbank exams test of reasoning questions and answersaptitude mathslogical aptitude questions tips for verbal reasoningtestsquantitative aptitude preparation aptitude logicalreasoningaptitude test logical reasoning aptitude reasoningQuantitativeAptitude & Logical Reasoning are most importantsections formodern exams and it is asked in almost all types ofexams rangingfrom Campus Placement to Entrance Exams, some commonexams are CAT,XAT, MAT, GRE, GMAT, SAT, NTSE and various bankexams. This"Aptitude & Logical Reasoning" app enables you toprepare formost frequently asked Aptitude and Logical Reasoningquestions inexams like CAT & CSAT. This application has inbuiltAptitudeTips and Tricks, Logical Reasoning Tips and Tricks withClear anddetailed answer and explanation for every question withDailyPractice test and live test scores. This app also have mostcommonEnglish words with their meaning in regional language forproperunderstanding of the subject. This Aptitude & LogicalReasoningapp is unique in design and educational content and havemanyfeatures: This application has collection of these Topics:1.Previous Years CAT Questions 2. CAT and CSAT Comprehensions3.Quantitative Aptitude 4. Logical Reasoning and General Reasoning5.Verbal Ability 6. Top English words 7. Random English Wordswithmeaning in regional Languages. 8. Math formula and MathtricksSubjects covered are: 1. Quantitative Aptitude: • Ages • AreaandVolume • Average • Boats and Streams • Challenge • Fractions •HCFand LCM • Interest • Mixtures • Numbers • Partnership •Percentage• Permutations • Pipes and Cisterns • Practice Test -Easy •Practice Test - Hard • Practice Test - Medium • Probability•Profit and Loss • Races and Games • Ratio and Proportion • TimeandDistance • Time and Work • Trains • Calendar • Clock 2.LogicalReasoning • Analogy Test • Blood Relations • Calendar •Clock •Codingand Decoding • Cubes • Direction Sense Test • LetterSeries •Linear Arrangement • Number Series • Practice Test I •PracticeTest II • Practice Test III • Letter and Symbol Series •EssentialPart • Artificial Language • Matching Definitions •MakingJudgments • Logical Games • Analyzing Arguments • StatementandAssumption • Course of Action • Theme Detection • Cause andEffect 1.0.4
Maths Puzzles game FREE to download - The best ever GreatAndroidBrain game for new players and children, or seasoned playerswhowant a quick game.!!! App helps to improve aptitude andlogicalreasoning ability. Solutions of puzzles often requiretherecognition of patterns and the creation of a particular kindoforder. People with a high level of inductive reasoning aptitudemaybe better at solving such puzzles than others. But puzzlesbasedupon inquiry and discovery may be solved more easily by thosewithgood deduction skills. Deductive reasoning improves withpractice.Key features: 1. Puzzles are designed as a form ofentertainment,Questions to test your skill and IQ, prepare for theJob Interview,increases your logical thinking. 2. Interesting UX,nice, simple,fun, and colorful game. 3. Classic English-languagemagazinepuzzles are for the true logic problem fanatic. 4.Continuousincrease in complexity as you progress. An educationalandentertaining game that helps you develop matching, tactile andfinemotor skills while playing different puzzles. Keep your mindsharpwith these stimulating logic problems that will exercise yourbrainmuscles — a great introduction to deductive reasoning! Enjoyarange of problems in every volume. Objective of the game is tofindpatterns hidden in the puzzle in order to arrive at thesolution.This game helps in enhancing your - - Observation skills -Logicalreasoning - Out of the box thinking - Mathematical knowledgeAppcontains following Puzzles: - Sudoku - Logical Puzzles -MissingLetters Puzzles - Number Puzzles - Playing Cards Puzzles -ClockPuzzles Play PUZZLE Game and improve skills in problemsolving,logical and cognitive skills, concentration and memory -Have fun!... and do not forget to share the game with your familyandfriends.
Reasoning Quiz Direction Sense 4.0
NO INTERNET REQUIRED. OFFLINE QUIZ ON MENTAL ABILITY,NON-VERBALREASONING AND ANALYTICAL ABILITY.1. Quiz on analyticalquestionsfor aptitude tests like Bank exams, CAT, NTSE and aptitudeexamsfor college placement.2. Non-verbal reasoning questionsonDirection Sensing.3. Useful for testing and developingmentalability and analytical reasoning ability.4. Solutions to allthequestions have been provided.5. Small download size.6.Nopermissions required that invade your privacy.
Analogies - 1(Aptitude Quiz) 2.0
NO INTERNET REQUIRED. APTITUDE QUIZ AND QUESTIONS.1. AptitudeQuizuseful for Banks, IAS, Defence, +2, Clerical, State and NTSE,CAT,College Placement.2. Non-verbal reasoning questions onAnalogies,verbal. These questions are about 300 in number. Theyhave been putinto six different apps, numbered from 1 to 4.3.Improves yourmental ability, reasoning and analytical ability.4.Solutions toall the questions have been provided.5. Size of apk isverysmall.6. No permissions required that invade your privacy.Unlikeothers, we DO NOT ask for permissions that read your contactsandSMSes.
ASVAB Practice Test 2019 Edition 1.9.5
Do you want to pass the ASVAB Exam on your first attempt? TheASVAB(Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) is a multiplechoicetest, administered by the United States MilitaryEntranceProcessing Command, used to determine qualification forenlistmentin the United States armed forces. It is often offered toAmericanhigh school students when they are in the 10th, 11th and12thgrade, though anyone eligible for enlistment may take it.ASVABPractice Test provides many training questions for people whowantto take a test and pass ASVAB Exam. Categories: 1. GeneralScience2. Arithmetic Reasoning 3. Word Knowledge 4.ParagraphComprehension 5. Mathematics Knowledge 6. ElectronicsInformation7. Auto and Shop Information 8. Mechanical Comprehension9.Assembling Objects FEATURES: - 1000+ ASVAB practice questionswithdetailed explanations - Realistic: Just like the actual test,ourpractice tests are based on the official test. -Detailedexplanations: When you make a mistake, the app tells youright awayif your answer is wrong and why. You understand andremember everywrong answer. - Personalized Challenge Bank: a testthat'sautomatically made up of your missed questions from allyourpractice tests - New questions every time: To keep you focused,werandomize questions and answers each time you start apracticetest. - No registration required - Practice reminders -Track andmonitor your progress. Analyse your performance and findout whenyou have reached test standard. Hope you enjoy our ASVABTest app.
Learn India 1.0.16
Mahesh Thorat
❝ Welcome to Learn India :- Here, you can read aptitudequestionsand answers for your interview and entrance examspreparation.❞, you can read aptitudequestions andanswers for your interview and entrance examspreparation.❯ GeneralAptitude 1500+ questions❯ Online Test 2000+questions❯ GeneralKnowledge 1000+ questions❯ Banking Exams 300+questions❯ ProgramingLanguages 700+ questions❯ Information and tipsfor teachers,students, parents and all 10+ Categories❯ Puzzles 250+puzzles❯Interview 10+ Pages❯ Games & Entertainment 10+ Category" TOTALQUESTION AND ANSWERS 7500+ QUESTIONS "And Register for's free and alwayswillbe.Help us spread the Word. Follow, like, tweet or post. Spreadtheword about Techgig.© 2017 ❤In India
Shortcut Reasoning Tricks 1.1
Aptitude is the major part of the competitive exams.Nobody canclearthem without proper practice. Here our app comestobusiness.Questions of reasoning can be solved but they taketimeand in competitive exams like SSC ,RRB or any Banking Exam timeisthe key.We provide shortcut tricks for all the chapters ofVerbaland General Reasoning.After going through this app yourquestionswill take much less time.Here in this app ,you can findtopics ofquantitative aptitude & reasoning with shortcutmethods whichcan be very useful in solving questions very quickly.
Pocket Logical Reasoning App 1.2
Sindu Rajan
Crack your Placements, CAT, UPSC, Bank & otherCompetitiveexams. Prepare on the go! A collection of 1800+ logicalaptitudequestions frequently asked in competitive examinationsandplacement papers. It is designed as a preparation tool forjobaspirants and those waiting to crack CAT, XAT, MAT, NTSE, UPSCandvarious bank exams. This app sharpens your IQ, tests youraptitudeskills and enriches your knowledge. • 1800+ Questions •Segregatedinto topics • Questions of varying difficulty levels •Solution indetail • ScratchPad • Bookmarks Categories + NumberSeries + Coding& Decoding + Blood Relations + Direction SenseTest + LinearArrangement + Circular Arrangement + Cubes + Calendar+ Clock +Letter Series + Analogy Test + Miscellaneous Common,squeeze yourgrey cells, start your preparation and breeze throughyour examsand interviews. Hope everyone finds this app useful intheirjourney to master aptitude. Happy Solving!!! Keywords:Aptitude,Entrance exam, MBA, Job Interview, Bank PO, Competitiveexams,Placement preparation Developer: Sasi Dharani Designer :YaliniKumaraguru
Pocket Aptitude 5.0
Sindu Rajan
Featured in Economic Times as India's top competitiveexamapp."Pocket Aptitude offers you the best preparation materialfromthe most frequently asked Aptitude and Logical Reasoningquestionsin exams like CAT & CSAT. ." - "PocketAptitude:Aptitude Made Easy..!!!" - Techraster"Among the Top AppsforAptitude Test Preparation for Banking Exams, SSC andotherPlacement Exams." - Technokarak.comPocket Aptitude:Acollection ofquantitative aptitude questions and word problemsfrequently askedin competitive examinations and placement papers.This app isdesigned as a preparation tool for job aspirants andthose waitingto crack bank and other entrance exams. People who areinclined toMathematics can use this app to sharpen their IQ andenrich theirknowledge. The app aids as a guide for various aptitudebasedexams.Content:• 2400+ Questions• Practice Tests• Quants andLogicalReasoning• Segregated into topics• Important formulas foreachtopic• Questions of varying difficulty levels• Solution indetail•ScratchPad• BookmarksIt includes 4 modes.* Study*Training*Challenge* QuizPocket Aptitude can help you prepare for-CampusPlacements- CAT, MAT, XAT- Bank PO, IBPS, Clerk- GATE, CMAT,MBA-UPSC, CSAT, IAS- SSC- RRB, Railways- NTSECategories:+ Ages+Area& Volume+ Average+ Boats & Streams+ Calendar+ Clock+Cubes+Fractions+ HCF & LCM+ Interest+ Logarithms+ Mixtures&Alligations+ Numbers+ Number Series+ Partnership+Percentage+Permutations+ Probability+ Profit & Loss+ Pipes& Cisterns+Races & Games+ Ratio & Proportion+ Surds& Indices+Time & Distance+ Times & Work+TrainsDeveloper : SasiDharaniDesigner : Yalini Kumaraguru 3.5
Are you appearing for competitive exams or written tests tocrackMNC interviews? Here we present the best android app to braceyouraptitude and reasoning skills. Importance of aptitude andreasoningskills are immense in today's competitive era. Bigcorporate havemade these tests mandatory in their recruitmentprocess toshortlist candidates. As we have seen most of thecandidatescouldn't clear the written rounds and missed a goldenopportunityto grab lucrative job offers. This app will help youovercome thesechallenges and prepare yourself for competitive examslike AIPMT,GMAT, CAT, SAT, MAT etc. App Highlights: - 2000+Questions acrossAptitude, Logical Reasoning , Verbal Ability andPuzzles -Aptitude, Verbal and Reasoning Formulas - Offline app -Problem andTest Section - Detailed Explanation for each Question -VideoTutorial for each section - Regular Questions Update -Aptitude andTips for Career Building - User-friendly Interface -Fast &Light weight - Best book to read for each section - ★★★Maincategories ★★★ 1. Quantitative Aptitude 2. Logical Reasoning3.Verbal Ability ★★★ Useful for Competitive Exams Like ★★★ -AllCampus Placement Aptitude Tests - UPSC / CSAT / RAS / IAS /PCSentrance exam - Bank PO / IBPS exam preparation - CLAT / IB /AEN /JEN / IES / NTSE - RRB - CAT / MAT / MBA Exam Preparation -GREMaths, English Preparation - All Job Interview Tests ★★★Topicscovered ★★★ 1. Quantitative Aptitude: - Ages - Area -Averages -Banker's Discount - Boats & Streams - Calendar -Clock -Compound Interest - HCF/LCM - Height & Distance -Logarithms -Mixtures - Numbers - Partnerships - Percentages -Permutations -Pipes - Probability - Profit & Loss - Races &Games - Ratio& Proportion - Simple Interest - Stocks &Shares - Time& Distance - Time & Work - Trains - TrueDiscount - Volume& Surface 2. Logical Reasoning - Analogies -AnalysingArguments - Artificial Language - Assumptions - Cause& Effect- Course of Action - Essential Part - Logic Games -LogicalDeduction - Logical Problems - Making Judgements - NumberSeries -Stament & Conclusion - Statement & Argument -Symbol Series- Theme Detection - Verbal Classification - VerbalReasoning 3.Verbal Ability - Antonyms - Change of Voice - ClosetTest -Complete Statement - Comprehension - Idioms & Phrases -OrderSentences - Ordering Words - Paragraph Formation - SelectingWords- Sentence Correction - Sentence Formation - SentenceImprovement -Spellings - Spot Errors - Substitute - Synonyms -Verbal Analogies4. puzzles - Logical Puzzles - Important Puzzles -Famous Puzzles -Language Puzzles - Math Puzzles - Number Puzzles -ReasoningPuzzles - interview puzzle - Acronym Puzzles
Reasoning In Hindi app contain many topics of reasoning -1)TimeRelated Test 2)Series Test 3)Direction Sense Test 4)CodingandDecoding Test 5)Spotting Out the Dissimilar 6)Relation OrAnalogyTest 7)Alphabet Test 8) Relation Sense Test 9)Sitting-ArrangementTest 10) Logic Test This app contains many simpleExamples anddefinition of the above topics . Note - This app updateregularly .
Reasoning in Telugu 1.2
The following content is the reasoning Topics & Tests. -Ranking- Directions - Blood Relations - Missing Numbers - Coding -Decoding- Ages - Analogy - OddMan Out - Calendar - Clock - Puzzles...etc.Please share your feedback , we will improve moreinformation.Thanks for your support. keywords:gk in telugu 2019,MentalAbility,Logical Reasoning,Verbal Reasoning,Maths,dsc studymaterialin telugu,appsc group 2 study material in telugu,polityintelugu,general science in telugu.
hienvinh.topik 1.3.3
You have a TOPIK exam? You don't have time to prepare for theexam?All can be easily with "TOPIK Test", you can try it at anytimeandanywhere with your smartphone. Applications is indispensableforthose taking the TOPIK exam. ✓ With a friendly interface,designedin accordance with the exam latest models, clear picture,goodsound. ✓ The tests will be updated after each exam. ✓Aftercompleting each test, you can view the results (number ofcorrectanswers, points, levels, tables answers ..) ✓ Theapplication isdesigned to target the your desire level: + Topik 1:Level 1, 2. +Topik 1: Level 3, 4, 5, 6. - TOPIK Test will help youstudy Koreanbetter everyday.
Aptitude & Reasoning Hindi 2.2
Complete app for Aptitude & Reasoning in Hindi For all typeofCompetitive Exam App provides all content in Hindi LanguagewithGood Quality Content. The Quantitative Aptitude &ReasoningHindi For Competitive Examinations is an app formathematical &reasoning questions covering the extensivesyllabi taken intoconsideration by most public competitiveexaminations held in thecountry every year. The app covers acomplete range of questions,with thoroughly worked out solutions indetail. This app isespecially designed for Hindi Speaking people.The app will alsohelp in learning the various tips and tricks ofQuantitativeAptitude & Reasoning Hindi. The apps emphasize onthe short cutmethods through which one can solve any problem beforetime. Thus,the app not only enhances your efficiency but also helpsyou tomaster the subject. In short, the apps focus on allthosescientific yet student-friendly approaches to crack allcompetitiveexams. The exercises after each chapter is well-designedand hascomplete and detailed explanation to aid the students tounderstandwhether the sums have been done correctly or not and alsoto makethe students understand how to arrive at the solution,should onebe stuck while attempting to solve a particularlydifficult sum.For the students appearing in the examinations forthe first time,the app also contains detailed solved questionpapers of the pastyear along with the unsolved ones. This is tomake sure the studentgets thoroughly acquainted with thepaper-pattern before appearingfor the examinations. For questionsrequiring illustrations, theapp consists of detailed andstep-by-step illustrations of theentire sum(s), wherever needed. Anideal app for the studentspreparing for competitive examinationssuch as Bank PO, SBI-PO, SSCCombined preliminary examination, CBI,IBPS, RBI, CPO, Railways,Campus recruitment test and other stateGovernment examinationsalong with CAT, MAT, IGNOU, Hotel Managementand IIFT. AppFeatures:- ★ Imporatnt Notes of Each Topic ★ SolvedExample , StepBy Step ★ Quality Content ★ 2500+ MCQ with Solution(Questions areadded now and then) ★ App also Provides Content inPDF Format ★Tips and Tricks of Quantitative Aptitude &Reasoning Hindi ★Challenge Mode to Test Your Preparation Level ★Crack Game Level toEarn Points ★ Speed Test to Incraese yourQuestion Solving Speed ★Daily Test with All India Rank ★ ExamTarget Question ★ Questionsare categorized into topics ★ Formulasfor each topic ★ DetailSolution for every question ★ Scratch Padfor workouts ★ can beUsed Offline ★ Contents are Regularly Updatedaccording to LatestPattern ★ Free & Can Be used anywhere ★ AllContents are inHindi
Interview prep 1.1
Interview Prep application is a collection of quantitativeaptitude,logical reasoning, verbal, technical and HR frequentlyaskedquestions in placement exams. The app is developed for thepeopleinterested in aptitude to sharpen and test their reasoningskills."Interview Prep" App contains aptitude and reasoningquestions withexplanations which are very useful tounderstand.Along with aptitudeand reasoning we also provideTechnical questions and HR interviewquestions as Interview pointof view.All basic technical questionsare provided which arerequired to have a glance as a fresher toclear technicalround.Interview questions which are frequently askedduring campusplacements are provided.These Interview and HRquestions arerequired to confidently face your job interview and tocrack thejobKey Features:>400+ Questions(updatedregularly)>Explanations are provided>Formulas foreachtopic>Technical questions for fresher’s (includes c, c++,java,dbms, se , uml, dmdw)>HR InterviewQuestions.>Gooddesign>simple user interface>aptitudequestions withexplanations.>reasoning questions.>verbalquestions.Categories included in aptitude :1. AGES2. BOATS ANDSTREAMS3.COMPOUND INTEREST4. PARTNERSHIPS5. PERCENTAGE6.PERMUTATIONS ANDCOMBINATIONS7. PIPES AND CISTERN8. PROBABILITY9.PROFIT AND LOSS10.RATIO AND PROPORTION11. SIMPLE INTEREST12. TIMEAND DISTANCE13.TIME AND WORK14. TRAINSAnd many more(updatedsoon)Categoriesincluded in verbal :1. ANALOGIES2. ANTONYMS3.ARTICLES4. IDIOMS& PHRASES5. PREPOSITIONS6. SENTENCECORRECTION7. SUBJECT-VERBAGREEMENT8. SYNONYMSAnd many more(updatedsoon)Categories includedin logical reasoning :1. BLOOD RELATIONS2.CALENDARS3. CLOCKS4.CODING & DECODING5. LETTER SERIES6. NUMBERSERIESAnd manymore(updated soon)Categories included in technicalinterviewquestions :1. C2. C++3. DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM4. DATAMININGAND DATA WAREHOUSE5. JAVA6. OBJECT ORIENTED ANALYSIS ANDDESIGN(UML)7. SOFTWARE ENGINEERINGThis is an all in one app forcampusplacements and other competitive exams.As a fresher thesetopicsare necessary to crack the job interview on your campus.
Aptitude Reasoning Tricks-Tips 1.0
App Resonance
Reasoning Tricks Shortcuts for Competitive Exams. Reasoning testisvery common and very important topic in any CompetitiveExams.Reasoning means the action of thinking something in a verylogicaland sensible manner. Reasoning Tricks.In this applicationyou canfound list of topics.Tips to Solve Inequalities ProblemsinReasoning SectionInequality Problems Made EasyCodedInequalityProblemsDirection Sense Test ConceptBlood RelationshipFormulaBloodRelationship Made SimpleBlood Relationship – SolvedExamplesSittingArrangementSYLLOGISM MADE EASYSyllogism – SolvedExamplesTo SolveSyllogism Questions with the help of Rules
Verbal and Logical Reasoning Test 1.0
General Intelligence and Reasoning Ability occupies a prime placeofimportance in most of the Competitive Exams. It is based onMultipleChoice Questions which tests your logical and thinkingability tointerpret a given question or situation and finding outthe bestanswer out of the answer choices. Considering the pattertheREASONING APP intends to make you aware about it in which youcanscore very high you understand its concepts and practice well.Inthe app you will find most frequently asked verbal andlogicalReasoning Questions for your all National and StateLevelcompetitive Exams. To help the students preparing forCompetitiveexams, the app provides Reasoning Shortcut Tricks,examples,exercises and tests with answers and explanations.Following Topicsare covered:ANALOGIESANALYZINGARGUMENTSANTONYMSARITHMETICREASONINGBLOOD RELATIONSCHANGE OFVOICECODING AND DECODINGESSENTIALPARTIDIOMS AND PHRASESLETTERSERIESLOGICAL PROBLEMSMAKINGJUDGEMENTMATCHINGDEFINITIONSNARRATIONNUMBER SERIESONE WORDSUBSTITUTIONORDERING OFWORDSSELECTING WORDSSENTENCEFORMATIONSPELLINGSPOTTINGERRORSYNONYMSTHEME DETECTIONVERBALANALOGIESVERBALCLASSIFICATIONVERBAL REASONINGAND MANY MORECHAPTERS TO
Shortcut Reasoning Tricks 1.0.3
Aptitude is the major part of the competitive exams.Nobody canclearthem without proper practice. Here our app comestobusiness.Questions of reasoning can be solved but they taketimeand in competitive exams like SSC ,RRB or any Banking Exam timeisthe key.We provide shortcut tricks for all the chapters ofVerbaland General Reasoning.After going through this app yourquestionswill take much less time.We cover shortcut for topicslike:*Probability* Squaring Techniques* Coading Decoading*Permutationsand Combinations* Solve Seating* Statement andAssumptionsand ManyMore......All the topics for following exams arecovered* SSC* RRB*Banking PO and Clerical* Job SelectionInterviewsand all otherexams having reasoning in their syllabusSoDont Waste Time Downloadand Start Learning..
Reasoning Shortcut 3.1.3
Reasoning Shortcut Aptitude is the major part of thecompetitiveexams.Nobody can clear them without proper practice.Here our appcomes to business.Questions of reasoning can be solvedbut theytake time and in competitive exams like SSC ,RRB or anyBankingExam time is the key. We provide shortcut tricks for allthechapters of Verbal and General Reasoning.After going throughthisapp your questions will take much less time. currentaffairs,business and English Language questions given in the formof asample paper, ideal if you are preparing for competitive examslikeRRB, Railways, IBPS Bank PO, clerk, CTET, CSAT, CWE, MT. Now wearealso offering free daily maths and reasoning questionswithshortcut explanation. Besides that we also add somespecialquestions in the same quiz which are helpful for those whoarepreparing for SSC CGL Tier 1 and UPSC. As GK general studiesisalso an integral part of CLAT, BBA, AAO, which means thatcoverageof all the main events of the day which make into the dailynewsare simply ideal for those exams as well and its result is adarpanof your preparation. Now we have been regularly providingEnglishquestions, covering topics like synonyms and antonyms,parajumbles, spotting errors. reasoning reasoning questionsreasoningtest reasoning test reasoning questions thinking questionslsatquestions reasoning tricks reasoning aptitude questionsreasoningshortcuts reasoning practice test reasoning problemsonlinereasoning test bank po reasoning reasoning questions andanswersreasoning ability questions reasoning books reasoningexamplesreasoning puzzles with answers reasoning test questionslsatreasoning practice test of reasoning questions practicereasoningtest reasoning test online thinking test reasoningquestions forbank exams free reasoning test reasoning for bankexams lsatreasoning practice questions reasoning online testreasoningpractice questions reasoning practice lsat reasoning bankreasoningquestions reasoning questions with answers reasoningtricks inhindi and analytical reasoning reasoning and analyticalability nonverbal reasoning tricks reasoning test free technicalreasoningtest reasoning test examples reasoning tricks aptitudequestionsreasoning ability questions for bank exams reasoningquestions andanswers for bank exams aptitude and reasoning onlinetest forreasoning analytical and reasoning questions on reasoningreasoningquestions for cat cat reasoning questions aptitudereasoning bestbook for reasoning reasoning ability questions andanswersreasoning cat reasoning sample questions SSC One app for allSSC2017 Exams preparation. Prepare for SSC CGL, CHSL , GDConstable,Stenographer, CPO exams. Prepare for SSC in Hindi Mediumhere.Topics for SSC like English Learning, Quant, Reasoning inapp.Banking Exams (IBPS, Bank PO, SBI PO & Clerk) Single placetoclear your bank exams. Daily notes, practice papers ande-booksprovided for Banking exams. We cover SBI PO, SBI Clerk,RBI,NABARD, SEBI, SIDBI and other bank exams. Bank specific topicslikeEconomy, English Tests and Banking Awareness covered. IAS(UPSCCivil Services ) 2017 Crack your IAS Pre and Mains exam withhelpfrom OnlineTyari. Targeted study capsules from leadingcoachinglike Chronicle, Vision IAS etc available. Cover yoursyllabus withguidance from experts. IAS specific topics like Ethics&Governance, Optional papers, Case studies available. ChapterwiseNotes from NCERT for History, Geography, Polity subjects. GATE,IES & PSU Study material (Mock test & E-Books)availablefor Engineering branches like Computer Science,ElectricalEngineering, Civil Engineering and Mechanical. Solvedprevious yearpapers available for GATE & IES. Other Exams -Railways RRB,insurance LIC AAO : Mock tests, MCQ questions andE-books availablefor Railways RRB and LIC AAO Exams.
com.tabexam.imo1 2.06
Sana Edutech
International Maths Olympiad (IMO) preparation package - (Level1Maths) * Chapter wise questions to cover Numbers, Shapes,Money,Time, Measurement * Logical & Reasoning ability tests *Anybodycan take EIGHT full fledged IMO mock exams * Timed Quiz aswellPractice-mode quiz * Instantaneous results provided withdetailreports. * Fun way to learn and prepare for Olympiadcompetitiveexams * Q/A are prepared with skilled professionals andpresentedin an appealing GUI * Any number of re-tests can be takenwith thisapplication * Know your percentile score compared toothers in thiscategory. ~ Aligns with SOF Olympiad Syllabus as wellotherOlympiad exams ~
SSC-CGL Practice Questions 3.5
A user friendly app for SSC-CGL, IBPS and other AptitudeExamaspirants. Features: 1. 1500+ Aptitude (Reasoning,Quantitative,English) practice questions with detailed explanations2. Usefulfor the various entrance and competitive exams conductedby SSC,IBPS (Bank-PO), Railways etc 3. Shortcut tricks areprovidedwherever applicable 4. Exam and Practice mode for asimulatedenvironment. 5. User-friendly app which enablespreparation on themove. 6. Almost all features are availablewithout internet also.7. Order of all the questions and options israndomized everytimeyou take the quiz. It keeps the quiz fresh.
LOGICAL Reasoning Master💡- Preparation & Practice 1.9
Crafty Studio
Logical Reasoning Master is an all in one app for Logicalreasoningpreparation and practice. Do you want to improve yourLogicalReasoning skills and sharpen your brain? With a wide varietyofquestions from varying difficulty level, Logical ReasoningMasterExam preparation app is the best app for improving yourlogicalreasoning skills and prepare for any exams. The LogicalReasoningMaster app has a collection of questions selected byexperts. Theapp has a large number of reasoning questions and wordproblemswith easy to understand solution for practice. ThisLogicalReasoning (LR) app is designed as a preparation tool fortheaspirants who want to crack the various 'competitive exams'withflying colours. Logical Reasoning questions are asked in almostalltypes of exams ranging from Campus Placement to EntranceExams,some common exams are CAT, XAT, MAT, GRE, GMAT, SAT, NTSEandvarious bank exams. With Logical Reasoning Master Exampreparationapp you can easily Start your preparation anytime andanywhereFeatures : ☆ 300+ Questions Logical Reasoning Master apphas over300+ questions and more questions added regularly. ☆Detailedsolution for every question 📝 Check not just the correctanswer butalso the full solution and logic for the Logicalreasoningquestions. ☆ Topic wise sorted questions Questions aredivided intothe different topic for easy navigation and for topicwisepractice. ☆ Test mode ⏰ Evaluate your logical reasoning (LR)skillwith random questions test. ☆ Questions of varyingdifficultylevels Logical Reasoning Master app has questions fromeasy to harddifficulty levels. ☆ Share and challenge question toyour friendsShare question with your friends and challenge them tosolve thequestion. ☆ User-friendly Interface The Logical ReasoningMasterapp has user-friendly design and topic wise question topractice. ☆Completely FREE Logical Reasoning Master app iscompletely freewithout in-app purchase Logical Reasoning Master -Exam preparationand practice app has huge collection of logicalreasoning questionsunder different categories such as ● NumberRanking Sequence ●Verification of Truth of the Statement ● SeatingArrangement ●Mathematical Operations ● Word Formation ● MatchingDefinitions ●Artificial Language ● Number Series ● Letter andSymbol Series ●Odd Man Out ● Statement and Conclusion ● Coding andDecoding ●Analogy ● Calendar ● Blood Relation ● And more Logicalreasoningquestions added regularly Logical Reasoning Master app isdesignedas a preparation tool for various exams like ● CAT, MAT,XAT exam ●Bank PO, IBPS, Clerk exam ● GATE, CMAT, MBA exam ● UPSC,CSAT, IASexam ● Campus Placements exam ● SSC exam ● CLAT / IB / AEN/ JEN /IES exam ● RRB, Railways exam ● NTSE exam Don't think twice,justDownload the Logical Reasoning Master app now!! Follow usonFacebook - logicalreasoning,analytical reasoning, logical reasoning test, reasoningtest,reasoning questions, logic questions, verbal reasoning,verbalreasoning test, logical thinking, logical reasoningquestions,reasoning ability, numerical reasoning test, logic test,logicquestions with answers, aptitude and reasoning, reasoningabilitytest, logic questions and answers, logical thinkingquestions,reasoning questions, LSAT logical reasoning, logicalthinking test,logical and analytical reasoning, cat preparation,cat exampreparation, cat preparation material, logical reasoningmaster,logical reasoning for cat exam, logical reasoning for NMAT,Logicalreasoning app.
Aptitude Test Preparation 4.0.9
Aptitude Test Preparation app is all set to help you prepareforvarious competitive exams like GRE, GMAT, CAT, IBPS, Bank POetc★★★ Feature List ★★★ - 1800+ Questions across Aptitude,LogicalReasoning & Verbal Ability - Aptitude, Verbal andReasoningTips & Tricks - Questions are categorized intodifficulty level> topics > sub sections - Detailed Solutionsfor eachQuestion - FREE Aptitude Preparation & Resume Reviewwithlargest question bank ever - Completely Offline (No DisturbingAds)- Regular Questions Update - Questions of increasingdifficultylevels for Aptitude, Logical Reasoning & Verbal -Aptitude andTips for Career Building - User-friendly Interface -Fast &Light weight - # 1 Aptitude App ★★★ Useful forCompetitive ExamsLike ★★★ - All Campus Placement Aptitude Tests -UPSC / CSAT / RAS/ IAS / PCS entrance exam - Bank PO / IBPS exampreparation - CLAT/ IB / AEN / JEN / IES / NTSE - RRB - CAT / MAT /MBA ExamPreparation - GRE Maths, English Preparation - All JobInterviewTests ★★★ Main categories ★★★ 1. Quantitative Aptitude 2.LogicalReasoning 3. Verbal Ability ★★★ Topics covered ★★★ 1.QuantitativeAptitude: - Ages - Area - Averages - Banker's Discount- Boats& Streams - Calendar - Clock - Compound Interest -HCF/LCM -Height & Distance - Logarithms - Mixtures - Numbers-Partnerships - Percentages - Permutations - Pipes - Probability-Profit & Loss - Races & Games - Ratio & Proportion-Simple Interest - Stocks & Shares - Time & Distance -Time& Work - Trains - True Discount - Volume & Surface2.Logical Reasoning - Analogies - Analysing Arguments -ArtificialLanguage - Assumptions - Cause & Effect - Course ofAction -Essential Part - Logic Games - Logical Deduction - LogicalProblems- Making Judgements - Number Series - Stament &Conclusion -Statement & Argument - Symbol Series - ThemeDetection - VerbalClassification - Verbal Reasoning 3. VerbalAbility - Antonyms -Change of Voice - Closet Test - CompleteStatement - Comprehension- Idioms & Phrases - Order Sentences -Ordering Words -Paragraph Formation - Selecting Words - SentenceCorrection -Sentence Formation - Sentence Improvement - Spellings -Spot Errors- Substitute - Synonyms - Verbal Analogies
SBI Clerk Exam 1.4
SBI Clerk Exam app provide most relevant Questions and PracticeforSSC CGL test exam, IBPS PO Exam, IBPS Clerk , RailwayRecruitmentBoard Exam, RBI Officer grade B , SBI PO Exam, ComputerAwarenessapp, GMAT Test exam , CMAT Test Exam, LIC AO , BankingAwarenessexam, JRE exam, IBSP Clerk exam,SSC CGL CHCL Exam 2017 ,SBISpecialist Officer Exam 2017, Post Office exam 2017, SSC Exam2017,GPSC Exam , SSC CGL Test 2017 , SBI Clerk Exam 2017 ,BankingAwareness , Computer Awareness , IBPS PO Test 2017, IBPSClerk Test2017, Railway Recruitment Board Exam 2017, LIC-AAO Exam,IT OfficerExam, Income Tax Officer Exam 2017, UPSC Exam, BSNL 2017,JEE, SSCMTS, SSC CHSL 2017, SSC MTS, GMAT Test 2017 and allothercompetitive exam etc. SBI Clerk test exam app provide uniquemathsshort cut video for learning Aptitude test and some SBI Clerktestexam old paper with answer. SBI Clerk test exam app help toprepareAptitude short cut maths formula for solve any maths mcqquestions.SBI Clerk exam app Contains different topic wiseinformationrelated as below : -> SBI Clerk Preliminary Examprovidesyllabus wise categories and lots of Questions with answerwithinsame page. -> Preliminary exam provide categories likeEnglish,Numerical Ability, Reasoning Ability and with chapterwiseQuestions with answer. -> SBI Clerk main exam providesyllabuswise unique information and lots of Questions with answerprovidegood and unique questions. -> SBI Clerk main examincludedifferent categories like General English, QuantitativeAptitude,Reasoning Ability, Banking Awareness, General Awareness,ComputerAwareness has unique chapter wise lots of Questions withanswer.-> Interview Questions provide best questions to crackandpractice SBI Clerk exam interview questions. -> Maths ShortcutVideo provide good and easy maths short cut video to learnandsolve any aptitude questions. -> Maths Formula provide basicandadvanced formula to solve aptitude maths and goodpracticequestions with answer. -> SBI Clerk Syllabus provideinformativesyllabus which category has how much weightage and whatis totalmarks and questions with time. -> Old Paper provide SBIClerkexam old paper with answer. -> Quick Quiz provideuniquequestions to do best practice for any category of SBI Clerkexam.Our Features for our Users: -> Provide offline bestpracticetest. -> Provide unique and less interpretation inbetween.-> Provide 'learning way' to focus your considerationwhere it'srequired most to assemble your score.