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2 Minutes in Space - a Free Offline Survival Game 1.6.1
Are you searching for a new crazy game that will blow yourmind(away)? You should definitely download this one! One of ourfanssaid: "It's amazingly simple. It's insanely difficult. It'stotallysatisfying". Why? Let me explain it! *** YOUR MISSION ***It's afast survival game that will throw you into a world ofendlessspace, full of dangerous objects and challenges. Yourmission issimple: just survive! *** DANGER/ TIPS AND TRICKS ***Missiles sentby invisible enemies and asteroids crushing with yourspaceshipwill kill you. Insidious nebulas will slow down thespeed.Gravitational fields will suck your spaceship in. What to do?Staycalm, improve your strategy, collect gold, EMP and SpeedBoost,upgrade your weapons and spaceships. These are your onlychances tofulfill your mission! *** HOW TO PLAY *** - Control theship withthe joystick, whole screen or left/right buttons. - Flyany of 13Spaceships (collect space gold to unlock new ones) -Choose 1 of 4Game modes: Moon, Asteroid Field, Orion Nebula orGravitationalField - Collect gold to unlock new spaceships (yep,you saw itabove) - Use shields, weapons, EMP (electromagneticfield), SpeedBoost and other power-ups to help destroy and evademissiles. -Make the missiles collide with each other to increasefinal score.- Dodge missiles and avoid asteroids and nebulas tosurvive! -Compete with others on Google Play leaderboards. Arethere stillquestions or doubts from your side? Don't hesitate!Contact us peremail: A trip to space hasnever been quiteso tempting!
Explode Asteroids 1.3.1
Embark on a journey through the space and destroy alltheasteroids!Use your spaceship blaster to destroy the asteroidsofall colors!GAME RESOURCES:* 12 Different spaceships* 12Differentboosts* Colorblind Mode
Asteroids Pack 1.7
The space is dangerous ... and beautiful. In space there is noemptyareas. In the future, when humanity will be traveling throughspace,they will encounter many types of Asteroids. Part of themwill serveas a source of rare minerals not available on the planetearth. Someof asteroids can carry an alien form of life ...such asbacteria.Check how the asteroid belt might look like and whatminerals can beextracted. This live wallpaper includes many typesof 3D asteroids.It has a dynamic camera that will take you betweenasteroids.Wallpaper has many settings that you can change. You canselect andset the appropriate background nebula.You can also settheappropriate light in the space and the aura that surroundstheasteroid. All of these elements compose a single whole.Wallpaperis drawn in real time. Good lucks on the tablets andphones. PleaseRate ! Thanks !
Asteroids 3D 1.4.1
115 Room
Are you tired of simple Space shooters? Then you came to therightplace.In this game there are different levels withdifferentasteroids and comets.Each level has a unique behavior.Crashing allaround and collect crystals to pump their weapons!Andremember, Youhave a cool spaceship but it is not immortal and itmay will break!So collect red crystals for healing and avoidcollisions!Good luck,friend!
Asteroids 3D Live Wallpaper HD 1.45
Put an asteroids belt on your device! this is a naturewallpaperwith great features: - Full 3D with OpenGL andhardwareacceleration. - The 3D generated graphics gives thewallpaper HDquality. - Several space pictures. This includegalaxies, nebulaes,constellations, real photos and artistic imagesof the universe. -Customizable effects: space stars, type of light,use ofaccelerometer, voyager or sputnik probes, size and typeofasteroids belt and more. - Images on high definition for a4Kwallpaper experience. - This space live wallpaper supportsbothportrait and landscape modes and has been tested on mostdevices. -Optional music by Kevin MacLeod( Try outthe new awesome feature "randomsettings". With this featureenabled, each time you unlock thedevice, the live wallpaperchanges. Customize your mobile homescreen with our cool wallpapersand backgrounds! Creators: DelkaGeorgieva & Antonio Ruiz
Asteroid 2.1
Marco Borchi
Drive your spaceship dodging and destroying asteroids you willfindon your way.For every asteroid destroyed you will gaindifferentscores according to their sizes.Finish the quest andupgrade theweapon… can yousurvive?Upgrades:*Quest*Shop*Upgrade*Better userinterface Havefun!!
Asteroids 2 2.0.1
Asteroids: the reborn of a classic!Asteroids is a game focusedonthe player's ability to avoid and shoot the asteroids and trytosurvive. In each level the difficulty is increased and it'sneededto be even faster to stay alive.The original Asteroids wasasuccesful game because of it's new gameplay concept andit'srepetitive cycle of asteroids destruction. If you are a fanofStranger Things, following the heroic Salvation missionoraccompanying Chris in his childhood and youth, you knowhowAsteroids seasoned and continues to be one of the most funandnostalgic games of all times.The Asteroids 2 gets a higher levelofdifficulty due to the artificial inteligence of the enemyships,which attempt to shoot the player, furthermore, each leveltheshp's precision is increased.Prepare to experience this amusingandchalenging adventure, download now Asteroids!
Asteroid Storm FREE 1.61
Enjoy Retro Arcade games? Like Battles in Space? LikeShoot'em'ups?Love Vector Graphics? Appreciate Quality SmoothGame-play? Likeseeing your name in lights? Love Asteroids? Did youalways want toget better at it? Survive wave after wave ofAsteroid-fields andAlien UFOs! Features: - Uses proprietary"Vectrox" Library forincredible smooth and crisp, anti-aliased,neon, vector graphics onyour device!! - Doesn't use normal 2Dsprites for the game-play,but vector-rendering technology. Crispquality on all devices! -Aim to beat the High-scores and gain entryinto the High-scoretable - Gain extra lives by scoring high -Artificial Intelligenceon UFOs with increasing difficulty -Context-sensitive music tomatch the action - Wrap-around space area- An arcade-machine inyour pocket! To remove ads please go here(paid version):- support please use You can alsomessagethe developer suggestions for your favourite new featuresand thesewill be considered for the next update We look forward toreadingyour comments. Enjoy!
Astrowings Blitz 2.3.0
Fly to a mysterious asteroids, where mystical monsters andfearsomebosses await you! Flight Shooter returns brandishing afull, 3Ddynamic arcade shooter. What are you waiting for? Jump intothecockpit and pilot a spaceship right now to fight your waythroughhordes of mythical creatures that block your path!【Features】 •Build your own unique spaceship! You create it, youpilot it!Hundreds of different combinations possible with partscombination• Begin your adventure on the fantastical galaxyasteroids! Assaultnumerous asteroids with various monsters andalien bosses • Unlikeany other arcade shooter games out there Avoidfully 3D renderedobstacles while conquering the skies Massive bossbarrage battlesto get you pumped up for fighting Competitive playamong yourfriends • Dynamic soundtrack full of tension and thrill •Avertical-scrolling STG with cartoon graphics————————————— Space War Galaxy WarriorFacebook E-mail :shmup.holic@gmail.comTerms of service
Asteroids 3D live wallpaper
Asteroids 3D - the only live wallpaper putting togetherunbelievablyrealistic backgrounds taken right from the Space andthemededucational resource. The Universe is not onlymagnificentlybeautiful - it's insanely interesting as well!Asteroids 3D arehere to deliver the visual and intellectual delightto you. Our appis your personal navigator through Universe, rightto the world ofstunning cosmic beauty, which is yours to control.InstallAsteroids 3D today - the Universe is closer that it seems.It's inyour hands.
Solar System Explorer 3D 2.7.8
Neil Burlock
Soar into space and explore dozens of planets, moons andasteroidson an exciting journey through our solar system. Highdefinitiongraphics and atmospheric music will make you feel likeyou arethere!Features:★ HD graphics and awesome music and soundeffects★Easy to use and intuitive controls★ Detailed informationabout theplaces you visit★ Images based on real photos taken bytelescopesor NASA spacecraft★ Ideal educational introduction forkids★ Anatmospheric experience in the vacuum of space!Easy to usecontrolsmake navigation a breeze. A simple tap will send yousoaring intothe outer reaches of deep space. Another tap willreturn you safelyhome to Earth.There’s lots to see and do. Inaddition to beautifulgraphics, Solar System Explorer also includesa great deal ofinformation about the planetary systems you’llvisit. Learning hasnever been so enjoyable!With the new free-flightoption, you cantake direct control and fly the spaceship yourselfand become thepilot. Accompanied by a rumbling engine, you’ll beswooping throughthe asteroid belt, diving through the gas giantSaturn’s rings andsurfing the upper atmosphere of planets. It’s thenext best thingto a space walk!The 3D models in this app are basedon photos takenby NASA spacecraft and ground based telescopes.Because some of themoons around the gas giants have only beenvisited once or twice,we may have partially complete images.Missing surface detail forthese objects is estimated from what canbe seen.In this solarsystem simulator you can explore the brilliantblue-green Uranus,knocked onto its side by a massive collision.Visit theproto-planet Ceres which makes up one third of the mass oftheasteroid belt. Marvel at Neptune's moon Triton which orbits intheopposite direction to Proteus. Take in the sights of theJupiter'sheavily scarred moon Callisto, its surface pockmarked bycountlessimpact craters.Places to visit in this solar systemorrery:The Sun,otherwise known as SolPlanets: Mercury, Venus,Earth, MarsGasgiant: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, NeptuneMoons: Luna,Deimos andPhobos, Callisto, Europa, Ganymede, Io, Mimas, Tethys,Enceladus,Dione, Rhea, Titan, Iapetus, Miranda, Umbriel, Ariel,Oberon,Titania, Triton, Proteus, CharonDwarf: Ceres, Vesta andPlutoAlso,catch up to NASA's Voyager spacecraft on its lonelyjourney intothe cosmosThis is the 3D simulator for pocketastronomers! Downloadthe old Solar Explorer Lite versionat
Asteroid Alert 1.29.6
This is a scientific application that simulates the solarsystemdynamics using the information provided by the NASA NEOProgram.The Near Earth objects and objects close to other planetswill bereported in real time. The advanced graphical interfaceallows youto monitor the orbits of celestial bodies as a functionof theelapsed time. X rays and protons emitted by Sun are alsonotifiedto have a complete view of the dangers from space. FEATURES● Userfriendly graphical interface ● Sky view mode ● Sensortargeting ●Spherical coordinates of selected objects ● 2Notification levelsbasing on severity or proximity to the Earth ●Notification ofobjects close to other planets ● Notification ofsolar wind events(X rays and protons) ● News regarding asteroidsand scientificprojects ● Detailed information of NEO (Size,Velocity, Distance,orbital period) ● Target links to space missions● NEOs databaseupdated every day FOR PRACTICAL REASONS ● Themaximum resolution isachieved for asteroids that are less than 0.1AU from the planets.The application photographs the situation onthe current date andsimulates events that will occur in the futureor have occurred inthe past. ● The number of asteroids plotted inthe asteroid belt isonly a fraction of the real number. ● Theasteroids not yetincluded in the NASA NEO database may not benotified. ● X rays andprotons levels are processed and savedcontinuously. The solaractivity indicated as a significant event,has been inferredthrough the Statistical analysis of about 6 monthsof datasampling. The prediction will be improved with theincreasing ofdata amount. NOTIFICATION CRITERIA: ● With theexception of thefirst notification, new notifications will begenerated only ifNEOs are approaching. The distance of the NEO tothe planet must beat least 10% lower than that reported in theprevious notification.● NEO notifications have priority over solarnotifications exceptfor powerful events. Space is our nextfrontier.
Asteroids 3D Cosmic explosion 1.2
Desolate cosmic scenery, starfield, asteroids and stardust. Acosmicflight among asteroids and asteroids explosions.tilt orswipe toswervetap asteroid to shatter asteroidtap empty space forstardustexplosion
Asteroids 1.8
minimal games
Asteroids is a minimalistic and modern approach to the classicretromasterpiece. You will control your rocket in a deep spacesurroundedby asteroids and sneaky aliens. Destroy and avoidhitting any ofthem. Collect power-ups and buy improvements. Choosebetween levelsor arcade mode. ========= "Brings back the old days""Outstanding""Yes, you did it! I absolutely love this version ofAsteroids""Congratulations it's a winner" ========= MINIMAL Sharpvector FULLHD graphics. PRECISE Excellent physics with precise andsmoothcontrols. CHALLENGING 50 levels with rapidly increasingdifficulty.Quickly learn to master your ship in deep space. TABLETSUPPORTOptimised for both tablets and phones. ========= InspiredbyAsteroids from Atari Made possible thanks to libGDX andbox2d.Music: * The Freeharmonic Orchestra - Mission to theCentre, * MoonGarden,
Asteroid Marauder Retro 1.0.3
Destroy all asteroids ...Blast all saucers ...Neutralisethesentries ...Defeat The Marauder!FEATURES+ Glorious RetroVectorGraphics+ 7 Power-ups+ Boss Fights+ 80's InspiredSoundtrack+Game-pad Support+ Multiple Control Options+ nVidiaShield Support+Fluid Arcade Action+ No In-game Ads+ Global &LocalLeader-boards+ It's Free!STORYOn returning from testing theHyperJump functionality of your prototype fighter, you discoverthatyour planet has been blown to pieces by the Marauder. Withnothingleft to live for, you decide to jump the 20 light years todestroythe Marauders home planet of Irata. Your space ship can onlyjump 1light year at a time so you will face 20 waves of asteroidstrewnspace wastes and the star forces of the marauder. However,fearnot, your prototype fighter has been designed to be upgraded soyoucan unlock and pick up power-ups. Better yet you canstringmultiple power-ups together for devastating fire power.
Astro Trouble 2.3
Want to control a Flying Saucer? If yes, you are in the rightplace.You will have your own Flying Saucer. But there is onesmallproblem. Asteroids are troubling you. High speed asteroidsaremaking close calls with your vessel. Do you have enough skillstoguide your vessel to safety? Are you ready to master the crazySLOWMOTION + SHRINK ME SUPER POWER to clear the Asteroid Menace? Doyouhave quick reflexes like the Spidey Sense of Spider Man toescapethis Asteroid Chaos? Just download the Game from Play Storeto findout. Unleash your Han Solo skills while maneuvering yourpreciouspossession - The Flying Saucer! Test your reflex as youprogressthrough the game. The asteroids speed up as you play.Thereareseveral things in this game that differentiate it fromtraditionalobstacle dodging games. They are:-1. The player has aspecial powercalled as SLOW MOTION + SHRINK ME SUPER POWER whichenables him toslow the time down to react easily. He can alsoshrink his sizedown. Shrinking his size down enables him to travelthrough smallgaps between the asteroids.2. The player is rewardedwith deservingpowerups like Extra Life and Shield as heprogresses.3. You willhave missiles to destroy the asteroid!This ismy first AndroidGame. Hope you enjoy it! Eagerly waiting for yourfeedback andsuggestions to improve this game.
Circuroid 2.3.4
Circuroid is an unique fast-paced arcade shooter where youmustdefend the circular perimeter from endless of incomingasteroids.Circuroid features an intuitive control where you canpreciselyswitch between positions of your spaceship around thecircle toshoot at the direction that you are pointing. More thandozens ofPower Ups to unlock. Each Power Up will change thebehavior of yourspaceship which brings you a whole new gameplayexperience whiledefending the perimeter. Feature List: -Fast-paced, action-packed,unique gameplay experience - Intuitiveand responsive control -Endless of challenges - Power Ups to unlock- Rank Badges to unlock- Minimalist graphics with vivid color -Stunning soundtrack -Global Leaderboards - Facebook friends’Leaderboard integration -Google Play Games Services Achievements
Bolly In Space 1.0.32
Bolly In Space is an action/arcade game. You control a littlealiennamed Bolly and you must catch the stars that appear inrandompositions, but be careful with the asteroids, if they hityou, it'sgame over!Easy Controls: Just tap the right side of yourscreen tojump to the right and the left side to jump totheleft.Features:*Asteroids that appear in random positionswithrandom speed and directions.*Stars that appear in randompositionstoo. When you cath a star you get 1 point.*Shooting Staris a rarestar that moves very fast and can get you apowerups.*HighscoreSystem*A lot of characters to buy with yourstars.*Medal System(Bronze, Silver and Gold)
Jump Planet Arcade 7.0
Jump all the planets!Fun arcade game with attractive graphicsandsimple game story. You play as a monster and you have to jumpfromone planet to another. The difficulty is that the planetisconstantly spinning and you need to choose the right momenttojump, otherwise you can not fly to another planet. Verysimpleand fun game designed for entertainment and enjoyment. Tiredofcomplicated games? Download this! Simple controls with whichtohandle even your child, press the screen to jump, that's allyouneed. Cheerful music, funny monsters, help you to have fun andtakea break from the heavy working days! Play and havefun!;)Features:- Fun arcade game;- Attractive graphics;- A simplegamestory;- A fun game;- Easy and convenient operation;- funnymusic;-Funny monsters;- An endless game mode;- Beautiful planet;- Afreegame.How to play:Tap the screen to jump. Jump from one planettoanother, collect bonuses.Do not forget about our group,buteverything is very fresh and interesting !;)VK-
Spaceship V
★ Spaceship V is very Unique, ExitingandCreative 2D arcade game, inspired by Asteroids.☆ Combine lots of weapons and parts and BUILD YOUR OWNUNIQUESPACESHIP!☆ Countless and fearful fast meteors in outer space!★ Combine various and unique parts to build yourownspaceship!☆ With your strong weapons, fire missiles thatdestroymeteors!★ A Unique, Exciting and Creative arcade game! Spaceship V!!★ Remarks:Easy Control: very easy to learn and control your spaceship inouterspace.Meteors: Destroy lots of dangerous meteors with missiles andcollectcoins.Build your own : Combine various weapons and parts to build yourownspaceship.Spaceship V is FREE to play but it may charge you money in caseofpurchasing virtual items in game.★ How to play:Imagine that you can combine various parts to build yourownspaceship. Weapon parts will fire missiles that destroymeteorsaround you. Collect unique body and weapon parts byexploring theouter space filled with meteors. As you progressthrough the game,you will be able to get more unique and strongparts tocombine.★ Help:If you had any inconvenient experiences, please feel free tocontactour customer feedbacks and supports are always welcome.
Major Rocks :Mines & Asteroids 1.2
Major Rocks: The second release from Super Good Pixel(Started byaformer Konami Art-Director), is also our first release in ourRETROARCADE line of games.This is our love letter to 80's arcadespaceshooters. We are creating our own versions of re-imaginedArcadegames for the modern age, while holding onto the classicgame-playloved by so many.We hope you can enjoy these games as muchas wedid making them.In Major Rocks you control a SGP-Spacefighterwho's sole purpose is to clear out sectors to make them safeagain.The enemy is warping in Zombie Mines that must be destroyedbeforeyou fuel rules out. In addition to mines, you have to dealwithalien intruders and stray asteroids that have enteredthesector!Don't let this angry enemy crush your clan of spaceheroes!Fight back with your space fighter and write your own herosagafrom here on out! This is more than a game of war, its a gameofsurvival!The game difficultly may be considered HARD to some,butif you keep playing you will improve as you learn what todo.Remember to not always be shooting, sometimes you just need togetto someplace safe.*Update 1.0.7: Added ability to play the gamein"EASY" mode. This mode was added for those users who weregettingcrushed by "NORMAL" mode.This game SUPPORTSGAMEPADS:*NVDIASHIELD:: "NVIDIA Corporation NVIDIA Controller v01"-(TESTED ONSHIELD)*Nyko PLAYPAD PRO:: "Broadcom Bluetooth HID"*-(NOT TESTEDYET)This version of the game is free and is supportedby ads.Youcan use the in-app purchase feature to upgrade your gameto thefull version at any time. The full version will upgrade yourgamein the following manner:-Removes Ads and Ad bar across the topofthe screen-Adds many additional levels to play, which can notbeplayed using the free version.-Adds an additional player lifeonnew game start.-You get full fuel on a level start, insteadofalmost full-Boss and Maze Boss Levels added (Skull Boss, andCastleBoss)-Score Multiplier activated (earn more points- get extralivesfaster)-Game doesn't end early (Free game has limitedlevels)-Addability to BUY and USE game boosts. (ExtraLives/Shields/AlternateFire/Extra Stars)-You support thedevelopment of more features forthis game when you buy the upgrade.If we get enough support we canwork on more levels, more modes, orjust more stuff!-Finally youallow us to make more games like thisone. (Thanks)If you like thegame please consider leaving us a goodreview. If you have problemswith the game, please consider writingus an email so we can have achance at fixing the issues you mayhave.Our Retro Arcade line isdesigned to give you fast paced actionarcade games.If you loveretro classic arcade games such as Galaxian, Galaga , SpaceInvaders , PacMan , Defender , Berzerk , Frogger ,Contra , then weare sure you will love our ARCADE SERIES of games.We hope tocontinue the line soon! With your support we can makeithappen!Please support us and other indies by downloading ourgames.Just doing that helps! :) Thanks! We hope you enjoy!
Asteroid War Free 4.1
Destroy asteroids, avoid black holes and stay alive!Eventuallybreakthe high score, or join the high score podium…Don't getfooled ifyou pass the first levels... the game becomesincreasingly morechallenging as asteroids become faster and blackholes moremassive...  FEATURES:- Tilt the device to rotate andmove the ship.-Tap anywhere on the screen to shoot missiles.- Usemicrophone toshoot voice-activated missiles.- Drag ship anywherethroughhyperspace.  Asteroid War Free is the ultimate arcade warin spacewith superior graphics, sounds and game experience!  SOMUCHMORE:Asteroid War Free is on Facebookat War Free is onYouTubeat  NOTE:This isthe FREEversion of Asteroid War. It's a totally free App, with nohiddenfeatures to purchase. Try it!Please download the fullad-freeversion to unlock the full gamepotentialat
Crumble Zone 1.08
Rebel Twins
Crumble Zone is an action-packed arcade game about a little,greenalien who works hard just to fight for his tiny planet. Thethingis to shoot down asteroids while rotating around a planet togetthe highest score possible.Crash comets! Blow upmeteoroids!Shatter and smash menacing asteroids with powerfulweapons! Use atremendous wave of explosions. Hurl missiles untilnothing remains.Save the planet for as long as you can! Earndiamonds and preciousgems to unlock special weapons! Crumble Zonefeatures: • Originaland challenging single-player mission •Multiplayer mode! •Action-packed space shooter• Vibrant artisticgraphics, optimizedfor retina display • Challenging levels but easyto learn andsimple to control • Eight special weapons to get! •Procedurallygenerated levels which are different every time! •AchievementsGetready for the Crumble Zone but watch out …it’sincrediblyaddictive!★★★PRESS QUOTES★★★ “We hit the install buttonand openedit up. 45 minutes later we realized that we shouldprobably put itdown and tell you all to go get it now.”-AndroidSPIN"Crumble Zonehas all the ingredients for a great actionarcade game. Aliens?Check. Guns? Check. Great artwork? Check."-Android Police"This isone of those fun, simple and addicting gameswhich will probablytake the gaming market by storm." -Technobb
Asteroids Animated Keyboard + Live Wallpaper 3.32
💥 Fancy Animated Theme Design 💥 Asteroids Animated Keyboard +LiveWallpaper combines unique visual effects with a greatuserexperience making the app a great addition to yourpersonalizedAndroid Phone. FREE and easy to install! 🙌 💥 AmazingCall ScreenAnimations 💥 📲 Beautiful, dynamic and stylish callerscreen themesto customize the after call screen.📲 👇 To activate thekeyboardtheme follow the instructions bellow: 👇 - InstallAsteroidsAnimated Keyboard + Live Wallpaper; - Open app; - Click"ApplyKeyboard" button. You'll be redirected to the theme managerand thetheme will be applied; - If you don't have Wave Keyboard,our appwill redirect and guide you through the installationprocess; 👇 Toactivate the live wallpaper theme follow theinstructions bellow: 👇- Install Asteroids Animated Keyboard + LiveWallpaper; - Open app;- Click "Apply Wallpaper" button. On the nextscreen you will havea “Download” followed by an “Apply” button=> the theme will beapplied; - ENJOY! 😎 😍 💥 Awesome Features 💥 -Fancy unique themesfor your keyboard & phone background; -custom keyboard &wallpaper themes; - privacy - we do notmonitor or store yourtyping activity; - optimized for battery life🔋🔋🔋 💥 Your feedbackis highly appreciated and will help us improveour ability tocreate even better themes in the future. 💥
Galaxy Siege 3 v1.1.1
Galaxy Siege 3 is a fun action game full with upgrades. You havetobuild your spaceship and go out to different missions inspace.Earn money and upgrade your spaceship abilitis.
Super Sky Force 2018 5.0
Super Air Force 2018 (Air Attack 2018)Earth's last hope is inyourhands, take control of the lone spaceship and protect Earthfromalien swarms. Your goal will be quite challenging as you willhaveto save the Universe from its evil enemies. In this spaceshootinggame, you will be facing an increasingly large number ofenemies inhazardous environments. As the game progresses, you willearn theright to upgrade your spacecraft to unleash its fulllethalcapacity.HOW TO PLAY:- Touch screen to move and kill allenemies.-Collect items to upgrade or change yourweapons.FEATURES:-Multiplayer mode- High quality images optimizedfor tablets andlarge screens.- Ability to use active skills duringthe spacebattles.- Beautiful levels with immersive missions tocomplete. -Multiple extreme boss battles. - Upgrade your guns andlasers.Let'senjoy and have a relaxing moment with Super Sky Force2017 !
Spacecraft AR
Created by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, thisstunningeducational app uses native mobile augmented reality tobringspacecraft explorers from across the solar system to whateverspaceyou’re in. Find a flat surface and view interactive 3D modelsrightin front of you, scaled to table-top size or in theirtrue-to-lifeproportions. Take pics with the spacecraft in yourfavoriteenvironments, and explore detailed info about theirfascinatingmissions. This tool is excellent for budding astronauts,teachers,and space enthusiasts. Bring NASA’s journey of explorationto lifein the classroom, home, or anywhere. Features: Interact with3Dspacecraft models of the Curiosity rover, Opportunity,InSight,SMAP, Voyager, Juno, and Cassini, the 70-Meter Deep SpaceNetworkAntenna and more. Learn about missions that explore Earth,Mars,and beyond True-to-life and adjustable size interactionIn-depthinformation about each space mission Camera functionality
Space Arena: Build a spaceship & fight 2.7.7
It's the year 4000-something. You are a rookie spaceshipdesignerwanting to prove yourself to the world. Enter SpaceshipArena, anentertainment arena of the future, where only the best ofthe bestrule! Competitive Multiplayer Online Game featuring layersof deepspace strategy and endlessly evolving game content! Thisgameallows to design and construct spaceships and starships andsendthem to arena for clash with other players in space simulatorPvPbattles. Participate in your own space program. Use spaceengineersto build battleships faster than light, аnd get big starcontrol inyour galaxy. FEATURES: - Unique, never before seengameplay onAndroid - Dozens of exciting spaceship blueprints tounlock andbuild - Masses of different modules to build with. -Beautifulspace battles to validate your designs - Beat shipsdesigned byother players to progress in ranks and leagues - Collectthe bestfleet in the arena of flotillas and win the star war. Takeyourplace as the Top #1 ship designer of SpaceArena!_____________________________________ The game supportsthefollowing languages: English, German, French, Spanish,Italian,Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese,Russian._____________________________________ WATCH US:
Annoying Asteroid 6.4
Live the life of a space-explorer as you try to make your waytoyour home planet. In this cosmic adventure, you dodge yourwaythrough killer asteroids in different asteroid belts and chargeupin many levels of Briefly Habitable Asteroids (BHAs)withincreasing difficulties. Buy cool gear with the points youcollectand be the most stylish guy space in space. You are likeSupermantrying to get back to Krypton- only, in a spacesuit!Justdon't letthe annoying asteroids touch you and you will be justfine. Astraljourneys have never been this fun!
Go Space - Space ship builder 1.1.4
Upgrade your ship to reach the farthest space! ☆SynopsisPlanetEarth, year 2XXX… Resource crisis and increasing populationled tocolonization of new worlds. You're tasked to pilot anspaceexploration ship to outer space. ☆Info The further you go, themoredonations you'll get. Upgrade your ship to reach further.Upgradeyour ship to enhance its defense, speed, sensor, etc. Youcanpurchase various ships and parts to customize your ship. Usesimpletap controls to maneuver through space. Upgrade your ship tomax toget bonus stat. Compete with players around the world inRankBoard. ■ In case you cannot view ads. This usually happenswhenthere's no ad, when you lost connection to internet, or whenyoureached daily limit. In case you can't view ads continuously,tryagain after completely rebooting this app, and avoid same placeatsame time. ■ This game saves player data in device. Deletingtheapp will terminate all save data.
Crumble Zone HD 1
Rebel Twins
Crumble Zone is an action-packed arcade game about a little,greenalien who works hard just to fight for his tiny planet. Thethingis to shoot down asteroids while rotating around a planet togetthe highest score possible.Crash comets! Blow upmeteoroids!Shatter and smash menacing asteroids with powerfulweapons! Use atremendous wave of explosions. Hurl missiles untilnothing remains.Save the planet for as long as you can! Earndiamonds and preciousgems to unlock special weapons! Crumble Zonefeatures: • Originaland challenging single-player mission •Multiplayer mode! •Action-packed space shooter• Challenging levelsbut easy to learnand simple to control • Eight special weapons toget! •Procedurally generated levels which are different every time!•Achievements• No adsGet ready for the Crumble Zone but watchout…it’s incredibly addictive!★★★PRESS QUOTES★★★ “We hit theinstallbutton and opened it up. 45 minutes later we realized thatweshould probably put it down and tell you all to go get itnow.”-AndroidSPIN"Crumble Zone has all the ingredients for agreataction arcade game. Aliens? Check. Guns? Check. Greatartwork?Check." -Android Police"This is one of those fun, simpleandaddicting games which will probably take the gaming marketbystorm." -Technobb
Lost John 2.0
Help John to survive into the insidious deepest space! Conducthimthrough an asteroids storm collecting universe's treasures!WillJohn come back home?★ Fly faster and faster through theasteroids!★A colorfull and vibrant HD graphic!★ Use your JetPack!★Tap quicklyon the screen to move yourself agilely into the space!★Increaseyour experience and buy new gadgets and power ups!Auniversal appwith optimized graphic for the newest FullHD devices.
Spaceship Games - Starship 2 4.8.7
Game of spaceships in the purest style of the classic games ofthe90s of the recreational machines. Choose the spacecraft amongthe12 available to win the space war, each ship has a specialability.These skills are energy shields, special shots, collectingskills,etc ... The levels are composed of four phases and a finalboss.Can you complete all the levels? Are you a good pilotofspacecraft? This game is optimized and takes up little space onthemobile device or tablet. Your spaceship moves to the positionofyour finger on your screen. As it occupies little space it isidealfor any mobile. Dispute this space war with your ship, shootanduse the special abilities to complete the levels. Get to bethebest spacecraft pilot. The mythical matamarcianos of arcadesalonsof a few years ago that you pilot spaceships andcosmonaves.Remember when you played the matamarcianos? Remember itplayingthis game. This game has these characteristics: - It isavailablein 22 languages: - Translated to English, French, German,Italian,Portuguese, Brazilian, Turkish, Russian, Malaysian,Japanese,Chinese, Danish, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, Indonesian,Arabic,Korean, Thai, Indian and Persian. - More than 50 levels. -Every 5boss levels final. - 12 spacecraft. - 12 special abilities.- Easycontrol. - Game that takes up little space. - Does notcontainin-app purchases - Totally free - Can play without WIFIconnection,does not require Internetconnection****************************************************************Do not forget to rate and review the Google Playtab. Errors andsuggestions send a message to arieshgs@gmail.comwith the subject"Spaceship Game" and its contents. Thanks forplaying
Sky Champ: Galaxy Space Shooter 6.2.2
Spirit Bomb
Sky Champ is made for you - true fans of classic arcadeshootinggames (also known as shoot 'em up / SHMUP / bullet hell /galaxyshooters / space shooters / STG) This retro arcade shooter ismadeby Spirit Bomb, an indie game developer that producesmanyaward-winning classic space shooters and arcade bullethellshooters. With Sky Champ: Galaxy Space Shooter, Spirit Bombhasbrought new innovations to the galaxy shooter genre bycombiningretro space shooter gameplay with monster-collecting andRPGelements. Riding an super cool monster to save the world fromevilinvaders is a remarkable experience that can't be found inusualspace shooter nor plane shooter games. Forget lifeless planesandspace-ships! You will fall in love with these cute monsterssoaringwings in the seven skies. This is probably the best offlinespaceshooter style game with monster theme you can find onsmartphone. ⭐FEATURES ⭐ ★ Single-player Adventure Mode with 100levels ★Procedurally generated endless mode. Each new flight isunique ★Fast-paced space shooter style gameplay with DynamicDifficultyBalancing ★ 100+ flying monster pets with distinctattacks tocollect ★ Monster evolution: transform monsters, unlocknewabilities and exceed level limits ★ Awesome Power-Upsincludingthunder strike missile, falcon blast, phoenix revive,lightningstrike ★ 100+ equipment to collect and upgrade ★Pick-up-and-playshooting game with simple one-handed control.Dodging bullets andshooting alien invaders have never felt so funand satisfying! ★Play the game offline and online anytime, no wifineeded! ★ Aunique combination of retro galaxy shooter gameplay anddepth ofRPG and monster collecting games. ★ Skill based, nopay-to-win,play to win! ★ Easy to play, hard to master ★ Manyshooting gamemodes to challenge your hand-eye coordination skill ★ChallengingTrials with the hardest challenges you will ever see inany galaxyspace shooter game. Spacecrafts? planes? asteroids? alieninvaders?If you think you have seen everything with space shootersand planeshooters, think again! Download Sky Champ for free andimmenseyourself in this awesome offline galaxy space shooter! Flail Brutes
Apis Games
Bool IO is a new thrilling game experience like no other. InBool.ioyou control a space ship with a string and a flail attachedto itsend. Your goal is to annihilate other space ships and havethebiggest flail io on the field. Probably the most brutal gameever!How To Play: * Swing io flail or throw it at opponents tosmashthem. * You can detach your weapon and then call it backtogravitate towards the ship and attach to the string. * Collectstardust particles and moving triangles to increase your brutioweapon. * For faster flail growth, destroy brutes io spaceshipsandpick up the star dust left after them. * Watch out forpoweredobstacles, if you touch them when your flail is detachedfrom thebrutal io ship they will destroy you. Be the most brutalspaceship,smash all the brutes and become the No.1 space commanderin BoolIO!
Random Space: Survival Simulator 1.10
You suffered a wreck in an unknown system due to spacecraftfailure.Everything you have is an emergency accommodation moduleand a heapof scrap. But by good fortune, you are an engineer andyou have aclever pair of hands. Upgrade your habitation, buildassistingrobots, collect enough resources and build a spacecraft.To comehome, you will have to visit all planets to determine yourcurrentlocation. In addition, you need to breathe, sleep and eat –rememberabout it! Design your spacecraft, save every drop of fuel,everytomato sprout and every gulp of air. Nobody knows for howlong youwill have to stay here. Follow planet movement to make aflight atthe right moment when they move closer. Build and againbuild,upgrade, get and remember about your own needs. It will be auniqueexperience for every player – the star system is generatedin anunpredictable manner, starting with visual parameters up tophysicalpeculiarities of planets. Methods to survive on everyplanet differ– required resources available, amount of luminousenergy,atmosphere availability, force of gravity, and surfacearea. Tune inthe beat of the atmosphere of unknown planets andloneliness. I hopeyou will like this story. However, it depends onyou whether thewild space will be friendly with you...
Meteor 1.0.35
Meteor is a simple space shooting game with colorful neongraphics.Blast down all the meteor before they impact on yourspaceship.Watch out for the ufo invaders which fire at your rocket.In thisgame you most shoot down all the enemies and dodge meteorstorms inorder to survive. Shoot down as many enemies as you canand get thehighest score!
Space Agency 1.9.6
Do you want to build and fly your own space rockets? Of courseyoudo! Are you a billionaire? No...that makes it tricky.Fortunately,there is a way for us non-billionaires to run our ownspaceprogramme...Space Agency! * Build rockets * Launch satellites*Create a space station * Explore the solar system This is ahighlychallenging and complex game. Only the most talentedastronautsshould attempt it. Have you got the right stuff?
วันตกไข่ : Ovulation Calculator 1.0.1
❤️ แอพวันตกไข่ : Ovulation Calculatorช่วยให้คุณคำนวณวันตกไข่ได้อย่างแม่นยำช่วยเพิ่มโอกาสในการตั้งครรภ์และมีบุตรและใช้ในการวางแผนการตั้งครรภ์❤️ เหมาะสำหรับ คู่รักที่ต้องการมีลูก❤️ เหมาะสำหรับคู่รักที่มีปัญหามีลูกยาก ❤️ คุณสมบัติ แอพวันตกไข่ :OvulationCalculator 👶 คำนวณวันตกไข่ 👶คำนวณระยะที่เหมาะแก่การตั้งครรภ์โอกาสการตั้งครรภ์สูง 👶คำนวณวันคลอด (หากตั้งครรภ์) 👶คำนวณประจำเดือนครั้งต่ไป(หากไม่ตั้งครรภ์) ❤️ ขอบคุณที่ติดตั้งใช้งาน และสนับสนุนนักพัฒนาแอพคนไทยด้วยกัน 🙏 ใช้งานแล้วประทับใจแอพพลิเคชั่น วันตกไข่ : OvulationCalculator โปรดให้ดาว ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ แนะนำติ-ชม แอพพลิเคชั่น วันตกไข่ :Ovulation Calculator ได้ที่
Asteroid Tracker 1.1.1
Asteroid Tracker is an app which helps you to search NEO (NearEarthObjects) like Asteroids, Comets, Meteoroids and SolarOrbitingSpacecrafts which are approaching towards Earth or mayhaveapproached in past.Data is fetched from NASA NeoWs API- can search Asteroids by-Date range or by NEO Reference ID.In Search By Date section youcansearch from 12th December 1899 to 31st December 2200.Settingshavepreference regarding language, date formats and units.If youlikethe app don't forget to rate it. Reviews are most welcomed.Incaseyou encounter any error, please report itonhrkadam.92@gmail.comAlso contact on above email if you neednewfeatures regarding NEO.Upcoming features - Sorting asperpreference,Push Notification for Asteroid close to Earth.
스키퍼 하트(현대정보기술) 1.02
※ skeeper 앱세서리(H/W)를 별도 구매하여야 사용할 수 있습니다. ※ 현대정보기술 ※ 롯데정보통신 성인사망원인1위 심장질환. 과도한 업무와 스트레스로 심장질환은 계속 증가하고 있습니다. 스키퍼 하트는 심장 청진을 통해서건강상태를진단, 처방 및 관리해주는 생활 속 주치의입니다. 스키퍼 하트는 의료용 전자청진기 수준으로 정확하게 심장박동,심박규칙도등을 분석하여 제공합니다. 심박규칙도는 치명적인 부정맥을 평상시에 꾸준하게 측정하고 관리할 수 있도록 돕습니다.스키퍼하트는 진단 결과에 따라 맞춤형으로 건강정보, 추천 음식, 추천 운동을 제공합니다. [주요 기능] 1.일반청진:BPM, 심박규칙도 2. 특수청진: - 심장회복도 - 카페인 민감도 - 알코올 민감도 3. 스트레스 청진 4.맞춤형추천 음식, 운동 제안 ※ skeeper 앱세서리를 구매하면 skeeper mama(임산부용)와skeeperheart(성인용) 앱을 모두 무료로 사용할 수 있습니다. [문의] 어플에 대한 더욱 자세한 사항이궁금하시면 홈페이지를 방문하거나 contact@ismartsound.com으로메일주세요.---- 개발자 연락처 : Smartsound Corporation T Seoul, Korea
Space Jet: Space ships galaxy game 2.60
An online 3D space shooter Space has never been so close!Joinaglobal online space war, face with everyone or join withyourfriends and create a team!Complete simple daily tasks and earngamecurrency by taking part in battles.20 unique battle machinesarewaiting for you in the store! Unlock and upgrade them all!Moretoenjoy:- Gamers from all over the world fighting in real time-Alarge number of maps- Daily quests- Upgrades for your space jet-Alarge collection of camouflages and decalsAttention:permanentInternet connectionrequiredFacebook:
Sky Force Adventure 4.0.1
Sky Force Adventure is an interesting game. Let's make some funwithSky Force Adventure!
Space Shooter - Galaxy Shooting - Strike War 1.0
This space shooter is an exciting addictive epic galaxy wargamewith 200+ missions, 100+ invaders and a lot ofspaceshipupgrades.Start your spaceship engines and join to thisultimategalactic war game.Galaxy Shooter is a fast-pacedtop-downperspective shoot space war game.Required skills are morethan fastreactions and memorising enemy invader attack patterns.Ifyou likespace shooting and survival games and like to simulate skyshootingin for glory and duty, then galaxy space invader is the oneyoushould be shooter playing.FEATURES:★ Beautiful levelswithimmersive missions to complete. ★ Multiple extreme bossbattles. ★Accessible to beginners, as well as hardcore shooteraddicts. ★Full voiceover and incredible electronic soundtrack.★Sevengorgeous scenes,Vivid sound effect!★ Brand new weeklytournamentsagainst other players. ★ Boost your final score with ahost ofin-game achievements. ★ Rescue fallen opponents to win extralivesand stars.★ Upgrade your shields, guns, missiles,lasers,mega-bombs and magnets. ★ Risk everything to rescuecivilians.
Pixel Starships™ 0.953
Savy Soda
Join millions of players worldwide. Build your Starship, explorethegalaxy, raise a fleet, and compete in epic Battles! From ahumbleKickstarter campaign comes Pixel Starships! Pixel Starshipsis aspaceship micromanagement game based in an 8bit massiveonlineuniverse. In Pixel Starships, you command every aspect ofyour shipfrom construction to battles in a single persistent world.KeyFeatures - ● Build Epic Starships of your own design. ● Manyraces,aliens, factions to command and conquer. ● Battle it out withotherreal players in a single massive online universe. ●Managediplomacy, recruitment, research, exploration! ● Controlship'spower and limited resources. Discover epic weapons. ● Buildanddeploy support crafts to augment your Starship. ● Crosssectionfull ship control and battles. ● Create the best strategyusingcrew tactics. ● Explore planets, discover secrets of space. ●Formalliances and battle with your friends to achieve victory!●Program situational AI commands to systems and crewallowingautomatic combats and offline play. Play the mobile spacestrategygame Today! Note - Pixel Starships is totally free to playand isdesigned for perfect balance for all players. However, therearein-app items that can be purchased for real money to help speedupprogress or offer cosmetic improvements. If you don't wantthisfeature, please disable in-app purchases in your device'ssettings.EULA: PrivacyPolicy: As per Terms ofServiceand Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age toplay ordownload Pixel Starships.
Space Race - Speed Racing Cars 3.53
Hello spaceship pilot, are you ready for an adventurous starracinggame? If yes, then hop in your favorite spacecraft, starttheengine and compete in the greatest cosmic race! This is thebestspace game with futuristic spaceships, UFO creatures, coolstarracing levels and great spacecraft driving experience. COSMICRACEGAME FEATURES: ◆ Choose your favorite spacecraft fromnumerousspaceships to fly: Lone Star, Gazer Beam, Star Killer orAquarius.◆ As an experienced spaceship pilot perform cool stuntsand flipswhile racing in the best space game! Jump throughhazardous deathloops and flaming rings of fire!◆ Get ready for anunforgettablestar racing journey through the mystical alien land.Control yourspaceship on a moving constructions, steep hills, mudmarshes,toxic liquid swamps, water lakes, fire pits and more!◆Avoidexploding boxes and bombs, watch our for gigantic volcanicstoneballs or toxic jelly balls and hide from a meteor shower!Avoidthese obstacles, otherwise it will block your way and slowyoudown. ◆ Watch out for green vortexes! They will bring UFOcreaturesnear you!◆ Explore mystical alien land, discover uniqueplants andanimals.◆ Find secret racing paths full of golden coins.Collectthem and buy new spaceships or unlock new racing worlds! ◆Enjoysmooth controls: click acceleration pedal to move forwardandarrows to keep the balance or flip the car if you getstuckupside-down.◆ Explore two engaging star racing worlds: VenusandMars and complete 24 adventurous space game levels! ◆ Enjoytherealistic, physics-based, anti-gravity spaceshipdrivingexperience.◆ This game has everything from fun anddynamicgameplay, colorful environment, beautifully animatedcharacters toappealing alien music and funny sounds that will keepyouentertained for hours!◆ This space game is created for familiesbutcan be easily played by kids too! EDUCATIONAL VALUE Playthisrocket car racing game and learn multiple skills! Stimulateyourreaction and hand-eye coordination, develop problem solving,quickdecision making and flexible thinking skills, improveself-control.NOTICEThis rocket car racing game is completely freeto play, butthe game also offers in-app purchases. ◆◆◆ ABOUT TINYLABPRODUCTIONS ◆◆◆ Tiny Lab Productions is a publisher anddeveloperof innovative, high-quality and free-to-play mobile gamesdesignedfor families. Company is famous for its leading gamesseries FunKid Racing. Search “Tiny Lab Productions” on the appstore anddiscover even more fun racing games! Learn more about TinyLabProductions and contact us at the following:WEBSITE:http://www.tinylabkids.comFACEBOOK:
Asteroid Belt Free L Wallpaper 2.21
A beautiful 3D live wallpaper featuring a planetary systemandtumbling asteroids! The planets move based on the time of day!Hasproper support for home-screen switching, and supportsbothportrait and landscape mode! Works as a Daydream on 4.2+devices!Ifyou enjoy this, get the full version for a completesettingsscreen, with lots of customization options! Modify theappearanceof the planetary system, ring color, orbit speeds,backgroundimage, and more!TO USE: Home->LongPress->Wallpapers
Sticky Space 1.3
Your spaceship broke down and left you stranded in the dangersofdeep space. Luckily you have sticky boots that let you leapbetweenasteroids and ride them in zero-gravity. Watch your step!Thisasteroid field is filled with lasers and proximity mines. Onewrongmove and you could find yourself drifting off into the endlessvoidof space.How to play?Tap to jump off one asteroid and driftthroughspace to land on the next. Avoid the laser beams andproximitymines surrounding you.Features:- 60 unique levels acrossthreegalaxies- Lasers and proximity mines make every level anexcitingnew challenge- Randomly generated endless mode-Zero-gravitysimulated physics- Space art backgrounds- Worldleaderboard- A pairof sticky bootsHave feedback or an awesome ideafor our game?Contact us at Thanks!
Two Falcons 1.0.8
Kanda Games
Lets control the two space ships with your left and right brainsandsee which side of the brain will perform better.If you are afan ofspace shooter game and also like to do multitasking, thenyou are infor a treat. The best space shooter arcade game of 2018ishere.Earth is being attacked from evil asteroids. As a commanderofspace shooting agency its your task to save the earth bydestroyingthe asteroids. You will have control over two spaceshooter falcons.The space shooter falcons will have limited fuelbut luckily, spacefalcons fuel are randomly distributed in spacefrom unknown sources.Consume those fuels to charge your bullet. Inthis space shootinggame, you will be facing an increasingly largenumber of enemies inhazardous environments. As the gameprogresses, you will youragility and multitasking ability will betested. Control the Blackand White Falcons and Destroy theasteroids and Consume the Fuel.