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Knights Fight: Medieval Arena 1.0.21
Shori Games
Take part in medieval knights duels! Hear the crowd roar as youstepinto the battleground! Listen to your heartbeat in theanticipationof combat! Feel the tension and witness as the coldsteel piercesthe armor of the unworthy! The joy of victory isavailable only tothe best warriors. Are you one of them? Thenprove it! Succeed andhave the glory you always wanted or fail andbe erased from history.Become a knight! Wear your heavy steelarmor, grab your sharpenedsword and start your way to glory!Compete with thousands of otherplayers for honor and treasures inthe most realistic, intuitive& visually stunning knight combatgame in medieval times! WITHSHIELD AND SWORD! - Take part in fastand furious sword fightingduels on the medieval Arena! - Crossyour sword with the most famousand honorable knights of thekingdom! - Attack your enemies withdeadly super hits and combos! -Become the champion of globalleaderboards and earn glory andtreasures! BE READY TO FIGHT! -Choose what you prefer most: a fastsword, a heavy crushing mace ora sharp war axe. - Unlock newvarious armors, shields and weapons. -Improve your equipment andtry out different combat tactics. - Usesuper hits and combossmartly to defeat even the strongest warriors.CHALLENGE THE BESTOF THE BEST KNIGHTS! - Fight vs other players inasynchronousmultiplayer mode - Settle arguments with friends inlocal networkreal-time fights (LAN) - Prove your honor in deadlyPvE Challenges- Take part in weekly PvP championships with amazingprizes -Complete daily tasks to earn rewards - Crush your enemieswithspectacular hits and combos - Become the invincible champion ofthemedieval knights arena - Only for the most honorable warriors:newupcoming Survival mode - ruthless survival combatBREATHTAKINGACTION! - Enjoy lifelike 3D graphics and visual effects- Fight invarious stunning locations either jousting arenas ordungeons. -Knights motion-capture animations immerse you inmedievalswordfighting battle like never before.********************Welcome to the epic knights age! Be ready tostep on the dangerouspath to glory and wealth. Battle your way tothe champions thronethrough thousands of enemies in singleplayer& multiplayermodes in this new free 3D game and become thelegend of theknights! Invite your friends and fight against them inonline arenaduels - settle arguments with them once and for all.Forget aboutbuilding castles, war games, racing and fantasy MMO.Here is thetrue hardcore fighting action in 3D. If you are lookingforrealistic medieval combat, this free game is for you. Itfeaturesmultiplayer pvp tournaments, furious knight duels for bets,deadlypve challenges and ruthless battles on the arena in anamazing andsevere medieval ages, for free. The Fight for theChampions' crownhas started! Download Knights Fight: Medieval Arenaright now forfree and don’t miss the chance to show your valor incombat. JOINTHE FAN LEAGUE OF KNIGHTS FIGHT: MEDIEVAL ARENA Visitour website: Like us on Facebookat Subscribe us on Instagramat Follow us on Twitterat Watch ourvideos:
Arcane Knight 2.2
Corvus Games
A MOUNTED COMBAT CHALLENGE!The horde has returned! They arehere,marching on our lands, plundering villages and cities, lyinginambush on roads and crossings. Even more are coming fromeverydirection. And worst of all, our armies were defeated!We aretheonly remaining hope for the realm. A small group of eliteknights,who are secretly trained in combat and magic throughoutourlives.Now it is your turn to do your duty. Put on your armor,girdon your sword, prepare your deadly spells and mount your horse.Itis your time to charge into the battlefield. Because you are oneofus. You are an Arcane Knight!A SWIPE AND SLASH ACTION!Tap,Swipeand Release. This is all it needs to swing your sword anywhereyouwant, but to deliver a lethal hit, you need to focus on theangleof your strike, the position of your enemy and themostimportantly, the timing of your attack.A FAST PACEDRUNNER!Rideyour horse through the forests, canyons and villages ofa medievalfantasy world and charge towards the various types ofenemies suchas pikeman, mage, spearman, lancer, trapper and more.Because everyenemy type has their own unique behaviour, you mustdecide rapidlywhether to do a melee attack or a ranged attack orcast a spellaccording to current situation, while trying to avoidenemy attacksand obstacles.AN ENDLESS ADVENTURE!Throughout thesenever-endingbattles, develop your character, improve your stats andequiplethal weapons, rare armors, powerful spells and purebredhorsesand become known as the most powerful Arcane Knightever.FEATURES:-Mounted combat game mechanics- Simple and intutivecontrols-Character development- Variety of Items and power-ups-Medievalthemed environment- High quality 3D graphics- LotsofachievementsPLEASE NOTE: - At least 1 GB of memoryisrequired.FOLLOW US:Facebook: :
Medieval Survival World 3D
***For unknown reason on some androiddevicethe app does not load the medieval world after installing thegame.In this case just restart your android device. The medievalsceneryshould load from now in less than 2 minutes****Get into the dark and mysterious world of the middle age. Surviveaspowerfull knight on a huge, detailed medieval map. Search forfood,tresures, items and explore further secrets in dungeonsforests andcastles. Beaware of robber knights which colud beil-disposed toyou. Get into amazing battles to earn coins in orderto buy newweapons, armor parts and medieval furniture. Be creativeand buildup your very own medieval castle domicile! Finaly you canestablishyour own knight amry.Medieval Survival Game 3D Overview:-3d open world gamevery large and complex 3d terrain filled with diffrent thingstodiscover like castles, dungeons, forests, medieval villagesandcaves.-realistic medieval scenery with a high quality 3d grafic-survival game and medieval simulator(seek for food, get in combat with enemy kngihts andcraftobjects)build mode:-establish your very own medieval domicile or build acompletecastle with wall and towers-combat game: get in epic battles againts equallyequippedknights-earn coins by combats with other knights ot crusadors-many weapons to archieve:sword, greatsword, javelin, speer, bow, and more-collect or buy other medieval items-collect resources like wood or stone to craft castle wall-ride horses to move faster-dress up and protect your knight with armor or a chain mail-3rd person RPG perspective
Gladiator Glory 4.7.1
Start a battle in the legendary arena of the ancient times!Yourteam struggle against the rival one. Find the way to knock allthemout! Be ultimate champion and a real hero of Rome! 🏆Choosetheweapon to fight: a sword, an axe, a hammer and a shield andpreparefor the war! ⚔ Defend yourself from the bloodthirstyenemies⚔ Gainmoney in battles to customize your character⚔ Work outyourstrategy ⚔ Splash the arena with the blood of the enemies ⚔Wrestleall them till the last breathAchieve the glory as ahighestmerit!Welcome to our officialcommunity Knight Warriors 1.12.2
Clown Games
Smash hit io game of web is on mobile: Knight Warriors!Useyour sword to slash other goons in three different game modes:Solo,Teams and Capture the Flag! Swing your sword with a tap of abuttonand dash into a combat like real knight warrior! Can youbecome thewinner of the battles? Slash your enemies and collectdots to getyour sword longer and stronger! Keep slashing othergoons to survivemore and show others your skills to become thechampion knight!Unlock unique skins such as curl, spike and zombto customize yourio game experience! Enjoy this popular io gamefor hours anytime youwant on mobile. Clown Games is a brand ofAlictus and is thedeveloper of popular io games available onmobile and web! Reach usand send your feedback:https://goons.io
Stickman Simulator: Battle of Warriors 1.12
War has arrived! In Stickman Simulator: Warriors Battle, it isyourduty to claim your legacy as a hero warrior: assemble yourepicstickman troops, get them ready for battle and destroy theenemystick army of and become the master of the battlefield. ★Fully 3Dstickmen ★ lots of killing and fun ★ tabs style battle ★100% freegame! --Real warriors love killing andwar!--Music:DJ0Babokon-Techno__Techno__Techno
com.generagames.gladiatorheroes 3.2.4
Genera Games
Welcome to the best fighting and strategy game, where godsandheroes clash to reach glory. Fight with valor, fight for yourbloodand glory in an epic fight. This is the first fighting&strategy game where you can play and fight against epicenemies.Play with warriors, fighters and gods such as Thor or Xena!Heroes,warriors and Gods of ancient Rome will defeat the enemy andconquerthe world. This is the ultimate gods and heroes clash. Stepintothe arena and prove you are the best fighter in this heroesclash,separating blood from glory as you prosper in the fight. Inthisaddictive fighting and strategy video game you can play withthebest gladiators, gods and heroes. Players such as Thor, god ofwar,or Xena, the warrior princess, are in the best fightingandstrategy video game on the market. Download this excitingandaddictive fighting and strategy game, and join the bestfightingwarriors in a battle with the gods! Valor and glory are atstake,and only the best fighters of the Roman Empire willachievevictory. The fight has already begun, equip yourself withthe bestweapons and defeat enemy fighters. Mortal, join the bestfightingwarriors in a gladiator battle! In Gladiator Heroes Clash,you canunlock and wield the best kinds of weapons and resources inthegame. Plan your strategy and defeat the other fighters. Go intothefight with a well-planned strategy: in Gladiator Heroes Clashyouare the game’s protagonist. Apart from just fighting in thearenawith different weapons and against a multitude of enemies, youcanalso buy and sell fighters and evolve them into the bestfightersin the Roman Empire in this incredible fighting &strategygame. Lead your fighter team to an epic fight against theempire inthe best fighting and strategy game. Build your battlestrategy anddefeat enemies from around the world. Play the onlineevent gamemode and face limitless action. Upgrade your fightingtroop withunique fighting skills and obtain all the weapons. It’sgod versusgladiator, heroes versus warriors, and tons of otherfighters inthe best strategy fighting game! Assemble a team &begin yourquest to become the Ultimate Gladiator of the RomanEmpire!Gladiator Heroes Clash - the best heroes, gods and warriorsfightergame - puts the power, intensity, and raw emotionofadrenaline-fueled visceral strategy fighting in the palm ofyourhand. PLAY GLADIATOR HEROES CLASH, the best fighting andstrategygame: Epic fighting & strategy game mode where thefightingclans will fight to dominate the empire. Organise yourfightstrategy choosing the best weapons to carry out yourattack.Incredible graphics that recreate challenging fighters andimposingcoliseums, where you will have to fight and defeat yourenemies.Enjoy multiplayer PvP events with unstoppable actionagainst otherfighters. Fight non-stop with the best strategy andturn-basedtactics video game. Face your friends, choose your bestfighter andwin the fight. You can also build powerful alliances!Build thebest city to supply, heal, and tend to your army offighters.Fights, blood, battles and strategy are mixed in thisincrediblefighting & strategy game that recreates the time ofthe greatfighters of the Roman Empire such as Thor, god of war, orXena, thewarrior princess, considered by many to be the real Godsof ancientRome. Download & Play the best fighting &strategy game onthe market and fight with gladiators, gods, heroesand legendaryfighters from around the world! DOWNLOAD it now &ENJOY thebest fighting and strategy game: Gladiator Heroes ClashGame -Fighting and Strategy game! Best Video GameEver: Gladiator Heroes Clash:Fighting& Strategy game is a free action and strategy game, butyouwill have the option to buy some items in the game in exchangeforreal money.
Kung Fu Real Fight: Free Fighting Games 1.0
Thrilling fight with opponent in an addictive game playFIGHTINGGAMEPLAY TO GET ENDLESS ENTERTAINMENTEntertainment of real ninjas!Getready for the real ninja in the ninja fight of these kungfugames2018. Learn the new fighting technique and be the champ oftheseninja kicks. With your ninja combat actions you can make thiskungfu real fight: free fighting games play among the best ninjagames.Be the ninja games and get yourself in action fighting withotherfighters. There are many kung fu games 2018 but none of themworthplaying but our ninja fight game is going to be mostaddictive withits realistic kind of actions. The actions of kungfu 2018 willbegin the best ever ninja among the kung fu styles.Realisticenvironment, natural fights and new actions in this ninjafightingarts: kung fu games makes it among the best ninjagames.USE THEMARTIAL ART TECHNIQUESAre you ready for ninja fight?The ninja gamesis going to begin with the challenging actions ofkung fu 2018. Ifyou are fighting fan and looking in kung fu games2018 then you aregoing hit the fight of ninja fights. Your movesshould be accordancewith ninja combats in this real ninja actionfights: free fightgames. The fighting features and real ninjasounds make this 3dfight game in among the best ninja gamescategory. Many like kung fukicks and be the fighting championwhile fights from other players.Ninja fight needs your mindconcentration once you are there thenyou got the all fights. Thiskung fu real ninja: ninja fight gameswith new martial techniquesand is going to be in kungfu games 2018category.YOUR OPPONENT WITHACTIONSKungfu games play! Real ninja areread for you to over youwith their ninja fight techniques. Are yougot your kung fu actionsat utmost? If yes then download now thisninja actions: 3d fightinggames and make it among the best ninjagames of 2018. Use yourintuitive moves and sharp kung fu actions tocope the ninjacombats. Being the ninja fight you should always beready for theaction fighting ventures. Kung fu games 2018 is herewith new ninjaactions and new kung fu style actions is going toblow your mindoff. Intuitive fast moves in ninja fight can make youwin over youropponents in this kung fu real fight: free fightinggames of kungfu 2018 style. Begin your ninja by choosing yourfavorite ninjaopponent. Game Features:• Adrenaline filled fights•Realistic kungfu sounds• fighting moves• Lifelike kung fu games•Detailedfighting environment• Stunning 3d graphics• Free andoffline kungfu game playHave fun playing this exciting real kung fugames:fighting games free offered by Gaming Globe. This kung fubestfighter: kung fu games is not only a free game but is alsoanoffline game. Fun is locked in the install button
WW1 Battle Simulator 1.06
The epic war has begun! In this ww1 sim, you will have to battletosave the world! You will need all your strategy and tacticstoachieve victory! .. no more trenches - just tanks n guns!remember- world war 1 is the prequel to ww2!Sounds:freesound.orgMusic_Geoplex_Drift
Bob The Robber 4 1.18
Kizi Games
Get ready for action! Bob The Robber 4 is an all newsneakingadventure puzzle, built from the ground up to work best onyourphone or tablet. Don't get caught!This time, you have to stealthetreasure under heavy guard, and then escape in time usingyourstealth skills! This all new challenge is sure to delightthefans!Exciting new location: France!The adventure continues inoneof the most beautiful cities in the world: Paris! Discoveramazingnew levels in surprising places, from luxury houses tosupermarkets.All new graphics!Bob The Robber 4 has beencompletelyrebuilt to be faster and more beautiful. Smootheranimations,prettier locations, and everything is working betterthan everbefore.This summer a whole new Bob the Robber world opens!Don'tsettle for clones, this is the only official release of BobTheRobber 4 on mobile devices!Play for free!★ KiziGamesCommunity:Facebook –– more fun games – – Life is fun!
com.gamtertainment.wild.animal.kingdom.beast.battle.simulator 2.4
Battle simulator of Animal Kingdom in Dinosaur Battle&Simulator Dinosaur Games Welcome to Exotic Animal KingdomBattle2018 having a unique game play of the wild animals fightingin abattleground of ultimate battle with dinosaur games.Animalfighting games with war strategy of animal kingdom gamesgiving anew experience of beast battle simulator games. Do you knowaboutepic battle & simulator strategy war having an accuratebattlestrategy of battle simulator in epic war? Wild animalsimulatorwith lion simulator, wolf simulator, and wild craft toattack inwar simulator games. In this wild adventure just imaginethat youare playing dinosaur simulator. And its time to save youranimalkingdom of war as it has been attacked by your enemies inexoticanimal games. Melee, Ranged, Cavalry and Dinosaur Attackarewaiting for you. Select from a variety of fighters and placethemin the battleground. Your opponents are equipped withanimalwarriors in exotic animal games. Don’t be panic. It’s theexacttime to defend your empire with your great epic warrior. UseyourAnimal war games combat skills and Fight to claim victory.Chooseyour favorite mode Single Player or sandbox and start playingwithepic battle strategy. Its upgrade feature will allow you togetmore advanced defense force. Different epic characters of beastwarsimulator i.e., Rhino, Cheetah, Gorilla, Tiger, Lion, Elephanthavedifferent amazing warfare skills. You are an epic warrioroffigting simulator and you have the ability to defeat the enemybyepic battle beast wars strategy. Enjoy the fun of epic battle&simulator games into beast battle games with wild adventureand bean epic hero of battle simulator & savanna animalkingdomsimulator in epic war simulator. Ready for Battle Simulatorin WildCraft Jungle animal knows your animal epic battle & epicwarskills because you are the best dinosaur battle in thewarsimulator into real wild adventure. You as beast battlesimulatorwars hero having savanna animal fighting games tacticalbattleskills from the last battleground of wolf games will fightbackagainst wild animals fighting. Now you as a leader of thekingdomof war will lead the futuristic battle in animal kingdombattlegames. Taking up the responsibility you will fight for thepeaceand glory of wild animal simulator & wild craft inthisultimate battle games. Set your wolf simulator, lionsimulator,Elephant, Rhino, Cheetah, and gorilla simulator withdinosaursimulator in the final battleground in real battlesimulator games.Your life is going to change with this best animalsimulator gamewith ultimate epic battle tactics into war simulatorgames. EnjoyJungle Animals Fighting of Lion, Wolf, Gorilla,Elephant, DinosaurAttack & Rhino Fight Enjoy Animal KingdomGames having wildlion & other jungle animals fighting unlikefighting simulatorhaving strike in animal fighting games. Jump intothe wild craftanimal battle and get the victory against enemies ofkingdom inbeast battle games sandbox. Experience the ultimatebattle tacticsand epic battle games in war zone in new wild animalgames anddinosaur games learn to fight against animal world in wolfgames.It's an epic war where jungle animals rule, so be ready todefendanimal army in new epic war. Set your lion simulator withepic wartactics and make an army with dinosaur simulator becauseyou theepic warrior against beast war simulator games. BeastAnimalKingdom Battle: Epic Battle Features: • Addictive Missions ofEpicWar Games! • Amazing WAR Environment to adore wild animalsimulatorwith dinosaur games! • Great 3D Graphics for warSimulator! •Realistic Explosive Sounds of Savanna Animal KingdomGame! • Smoothand Easy Controls! • Different Variety of PowerfulSoldiers! •Sandbox Mode!
Monster Legends 9.1
Social Point
Lead your Monster Legends into arena battles in this fightinggame.Breed, feed, and train Legendary and Epic monsters, then buildyourfighting force and face the ultimate challenge: real-timebattlesagainst other Monster Masters! Collect monsters, choosedifferentsets of skills and boost your strategy in action-packedbattles.Start by building a world for your monsters to live, fillit withhabitats and breed new species! If you’re a true MonsterMaster,you’ll love fighting in Team Wars and Team Battlegrounds,whereyou’ll be able to join other players in the game andwinmagnificent rewards. COLLECTION & BREEDING GAME –UNIQUEMONSTERS AWAIT 🔥 Collect over 600 monsters: New monsters areaddedto the game every week. 🔥 Breed monsters of different elementsandrarities to create cool new species. 🔥 Obtain incrediblemonstersof all types in the game’s limited-time events. RPGPROGRESSION& STRATEGY 🆙 Level up your monsters for the battlesahead andrank them up in the Monster Lab to break their limits. 🆙Boost yourmonsters’ powers with Runes and equip them with valuableRelics togain advantages in battle. 🆙 Set your monster teamscombiningattackers, tanks and control monsters. MULTIPLAYERREAL-TIME GAMES!⚔️ In Live Duels, you don’t need to own monsters tocreate yourdream team and duel against another Monster Master. ⚔️Fight PvPbattles in the Multiplayer Mode each season for trophies,rewards,and a chance to reach the Top Leagues. ⚔️ Join a team,build astrategy in the Team Chat, fight in Team Wars andTeamBattlegrounds, and obtain exclusive monsters from the TeamShop. ⚔️Challenge your teammates and friends in Friendly LiveBattles, areal-time battle mode. BUILD A MONSTER PARADISE! 🧰 Builda MonsterParadise with everything you need: A Breeding Mountain,Habitats,Temples, and more! 🧰 Unlock special buildings in theislands, likethe Library, the Ultra Breeding Tree, the Temples ofthe Guardians,and the Monster Lab. Are you skillful enough to fightfor yourchance to become the #1 Monster Master in the world? Joinyourfriends and connect with a Monster Community of over 60millionplayers: Facebook: Monster Legends is FREEtodownload and FREE to play. However, you can purchase in-gameitemswith real money. If you wish to disable this, please turn offthein-app purchases in your phone or tablet’s Settings.
Battle Simulator: Counter Stickman 1.12
The stickmen terror forces must be stopped with a tacticalstrike!You are the battle commander of the counter terroriststickman(CTS) forces. ▶TABS simulator - style gameplay ▶3Dstickmen, levelsand gun models ▶Help win the stickman war.. onterror! ▶Accuratestickman tactics Sounds:Freesound.orgMusic_cornandbeans_generic_techno
Fighting Tiger - Liberal
Jiin Feng
You are Gin, a Kung Fu fighter, and desperately want to leaveyourgang, but your gang has other ideas. You need to fight foryourgirlfriend and your life, which could end very soon if you makethewrong move. Features include: * Special fighting styles :LiberalKungfu ( Chinese boxing, Sanda, Bajiquan, Chinese sword ) oruse agun. To knock enemies down with protean attack. * Sensitiveandspecial 3D fighting control system : It's very easy to controlonyour mobile device. * Sophisticated 3D characters and largescenes!* Smooth and intense motion! You can use punching,kicking,catching, throwing, and dodge... use everything to defendyourselfin the brawl on the street! Combine these fighting skillsto createa variety of deadly attacks. * You can pick up variedweapons tostrike the enemies. * Learn Kung Fu and martial art using3Dinteractive mode. With Fighting Tiger - Liberal on yourdevice,you'll battle the evil forces of the Savage-Tiger Gang andattemptto rescue your lover, Shan. You are given many differentdefensesand attack techniques to help you fend off these attackerswho wantyou dead. Master all the techniques , so you can survive!
Stickman Sword Fighting 3D 1.07
Madhawk Games
You are a 3D stickman warrior! Fight and kill hordes ofenemystickmen in the 4 ages of stick history, so that legends willbetold about your sword killing skills. A true fighter and hisswordare as one, so we made the controls extra awesome! "Men lovepeace,Stickmen love War" Features: ◘ Fully 3D backgrounds, swordweaponsand stickmen ◘ 4 Ages: Mythical, Modern, Sci-Fi andPost-Apoc ◘Fight tons of different enemy warriors ◘ Realisticragdoll physics( enabled on fast devices only to improveperformance) ◘ Easycontrols for running and killing ◘ Upgrade yourcharacter armor andsword, gain abilities as you progress, andbecome a one man army ◘Explosions, death, blood and killing!
Epic Battle Simulator 2 1.4.40
From the creators of Epic Battle Simulator, comes EpicBattleSimulator 2, the most accurate battle simulation game ! Formyourstrategies, choose your troops and place them wisely onthebattlefield and beat every opponent ! Play against levels,customand real-time multiplayer ! You can now totally improve yourarmy,watch ragdoll effects and play multiplayer mode, created justforyou with advanced matchmaking algorithms. With theimprovedgraphics and the enhanced intelligence of the bots, you cannowexperience ultimate battle simulations ! Features: - Ragdollandphysics effects ! - Advanced army placement ! - Army upgrade uptothree levels, with awesome gear and stats improvements ! -Advancedmultiplayer ranking system for better matchmaking andcustomleader-board ! - Well-made, improved graphics to make thebattlecooler that ever ! - Smarter troops to achieve the mostaccuratebattle simulation ! - Awesome sounds and music variety !New troopsadded every week! Got a suggestion? Send us a message andmaybe thenew troop will be yours!!
Ninja Punch Boxing Warrior: Kung Fu Karate Fighter 3.0.4
Ninja Punch Boxing Warrior & Kung Fu Karate Fighter willgiveyou experience of ninja punch boxing & kung fu karatefights inHD quality in combo fighting game play. The Ninja PunchBoxingWarrior & Kung Fu Karate Fighter 3d game is designedespeciallyfor kung fu karate fighting lovers and punch boxinglovers from allaround the world. A punch boxing superstar careerchallenges willdrive you to take risky hits. Easy gameplay and fullcontrol. Usethe touch gestures on the screen, and for each gesturehave adifferent blow, your quickness and technique will make you agreatchampion. Test new striking techniques, like karate kicksandboxing punches or even gymnastic dodging and jumping artoffighting. Beat all tag rivals in this world wrestlingcompetitiongame and become universal hero of boxing fight. Someenemies mightbe stronger than they look, so train yourself a lot toprove yourstrength as a real ninja fighter. Join the battle ofrivals as aninja warrior assassin fights. Let’s try ultimate actionfightinggame Ninja Punch Boxing Warrior & Kung Fu KarateFighter. Playthe toughest of real kick fighting games against worldpro fightingchamp ever. Are you expert enough to control a giantchampions inthis ninja punch boxing & karate kick fightinggame? Control,punch, kick, super punch, super kick, flip kick andfight with allfighters cleverly and beat them badly in this realNinja PunchBoxing Warrior & Kung Fu Karate Fighter gamesbattle. Karateking offers fighting game fans an adrenaline pumpingworld ofkarate action. Advanced animation and stunning 3d graphicsbringthe real ninja punch boxing experience in your hand,whileintuitive touchscreen controls make jab, hook, and uppercutfeelnatural and fun. Use quick reflexes and special moves,unleashfierce punches and combos, beat all opponents and become thekingof karate now. Go toe-to-toe against 30+ bone crushingfightersfrom Bangkok, Thailand, china, Japanese and Singapore.Become thestrongest fighter on the earth playing Ninja Punch BoxingWarrior& Kung Fu Karate Fighter 3d action game. Exploredifferentlocations fighting for your life survival. Prove yourworth as thepowerful master ninja with ninja kung fu fighting &punchboxing 3d game. Enter the world of Japanese ninja and overcomeallyour rivals, dead or alive. Fight with different ninjaplayers& use different fighting styles including taekwondo,muay Thai,kung fu, boxing and other and enjoy real Japanese ninjaassassinfights. Beat all the opponents and prove your strength as amasterninja kung fu fighter. World dangerous ninja kung fu karate&punch boxing game is ready for ninja fighting lovers.Ninjafighting game opponents are ready for hard punch boxing andkung fukarate fighting show. Taekwondo & karate lovers willenjoy likepunch boxing game experience. Keep an eye on every moveof yourrival that is fighting with you. Quickness is basic to winthe faceto face ninja warrior punch boxing & kung fu karatefights.Play ninja punch boxing 2017: kung fu karate fighting gameandlearn how to fight face to face, block the enemy hard kicksandboxing punches is also essential part of ninja martial artlife.Ninja Punch Boxing 2017: Kung Fu Karate Fighting GameFeatures: •Authentic Actions And Realistic Punch Boxing Moves •UltimateAction Packed World Punch Boxers Fighting Game • WorldPunch BoxersIn Karate Kung Fu Fighting Game • Face Different RivalsWithDifferent Fighting Techniques • Chose And Customize Your OwnNinjaWarrior In Punch Boxing Styles • Fight Against StrongestFightersTo Become Ninja Punch Boxing Champion • Ninja Punch BoxingWarrior& Kung Fu Karate Fighter With Big Rewards • Survive InNinjaPunch Boxing & Karate Fights To Unlock Next Levels •GetPromoted By Beating Pro Boxing Fighting Legends • 3D AnimationsAndRealistic Sound Quality • Background Music & Sound EffectsWillBoost Your Energy In Ninja Karate Ring
Henry Danger Crime Warp 1.1
The Game Shakers & Henry Danger have joined forces to bringyouthe Henry Danger Crime Warp game! The Time Jerker and hisevilallies have escaped through time. Collect mad coinage as youslide,jump, dive and punch giant popcorn monsters, in this non-stopdashto stop them! • Play a REAL game from Nickelodeon's hit tvshows:GAME SHAKERS and HENRY DANGER!• Swipe your finger to jump,slide,and punch nonstop through time!• Unlock new levels as yougo!• Warpthrough 5 worlds to beat Swellview's most notorious badguys!•Power up as Kid Danger or Captain Man!• Collecting coinsandupgrading gear feels goooood! So what are you waiting for?Downloadthe Crime Warp app on your Android device today!HenryDanger CrimeWarp collects personal user data as well asnon-personal user data(including aggregated data). User datacollection is in accordancewith applicable law, such as COPPA. Userdata may be used, forexample, to respond to user requests; enableusers to takeadvantage of certain features and services;personalize content andadvertising; and manage and improveNickelodeon's services. Formore information regarding Nickelodeon’suse of personal user data,please visit the Nickelodeon GroupPrivacy Policy below. OurPrivacy Policy is in addition to anyterms, conditions or policiesagreed to between you and Google,Inc., and Nickelodeon and itsaffiliated entities are notresponsible for Google's collection oruse of your personal userdata and information. Additionally, thisApp may use “localnotifications.” Local notifications are sentdirectly from the Appto your device (you don’t need to beconnected to the Internet) andmay be used to notify you of newcontent or events within your App,among other reasons. Use of thisapp is subject to the NickelodeonEnd User License Agreement. Forusers residing in the EU, HenryDanger Crime Warp may include theuse of persistent identifiers forgame management purposes andinstallation of this app constitutesyour permission to such usageof persistent identifiers for allusers on your device.End UserLicense Agreement: End User LicenseAgreementfor this app includes arbitration for disputes – seeFAQs:
Stickman Legends: Ninja Warrior - Shadow of War 2.4.30
Stickman Legends is a free-to-play shadow fight style ofstickmanfighting games, a great combination of action, role playinggame(RPG) and player versus player (PvP). Plunge into the heroicshadowbattle, you will be brought to an epic fantasy shadow of war,haveto face against many cruel zombies, evil monsters andmightyenemies. Get ready to be the greatest shadow fighter ofStickmanLegends World and master the Dungeon of Shadow! ▶ EPICSHADOW OFWAR IN STICKMAN FIGHTING GAMES In each shadow battle,disguiseyourself as a stickman ninja warrior who is on a journeyofconquering the dark world and has to fight off the dangerousleagueof monsters. Crush the enemies, humiliate evil bosses, and bethegreatest dark knight in the ultimate fighting games to freethefantasy world from Shadow! ▶ VARIOUS STICKMAN SHADOW FIGHTTOCHOOSE Collect these kinds of shadow fighters:Lion-HeartedSwordsman, Legendary Ninja Warrior, Mighty DungeonGuardian, EliteArcher Hunter, Powerful Mage, Shadow Hunter. Allthat you have todo is training your powerful stickman ninja warriorwith martialarts and savaging all the monsters in the Shadow ofWar. ▶ TONS OFULTIMATE ITEMS & POWERFUL SKILLS Enjoycustomizing the multipleupgrades for your stickman heroes in thebest action RPG fightinggame. To fight against the most dangerousmonsters, the shadowfighter may need more powerful weapons than thestarting ones. Takeaction and burn off the darkness world! ▶ THEGLOBAL STICKMANLEGENDS RANKING Lead your elite stickman ninjawarrior to the topby battling a smart & skillful way. Defyother playerscharacters and take these amazing stickman heroes aplace at theTop 100 of Leaderboard in Arena. ▶ STUNNING DESIGN,EFFECT &GRAPHICS You will be amazed with the fascinatinggraphic &sound effects of Stickman Legends. Be a dark knight,grab the darksword and wipe out the monsters at a glance in theepic shadowfight! This is certainly an unforgettable experience,the bestchoice in the series of stickman fighting games and ninjagames.Download 'Stickman Legends' and share your moment withfriends now!Contact us on: - Mail: -Facebook Fanpage: -Official Group: -Instagram: -Twitter:
com.andromo.dev637672.app707940 1.0
- Angel Warrior Wallpapers - Angel Warrior Wallpaper - AngelWarriorWallpapers HD - Brave Angel Wallpaper - Beautiful AngelWallpaper -Set As Wallpaper - Zoom In Out - Wallpaper will notdrain yourbattery - Optimized Battery Usage - Compatible with 99%of mobilephones and devices. - No need internet connection - Youcan save orShare Get our apps now, and feel the Angel WarriorWallpapers withinyour mobile phone.
Stardust Battle: Elite 3v3 MOBA Combat Battles
✨Welcome to Stardust Battle! ✨ Fight through the leagues andunlockmodes and heroes as you face off against the deadly gangbosses!FEATURES: * MOBILE ARENA SHOOTER BATTLES: Action packedandbeautiful 3v3 battles! * AWESOME HEROES: Jack the Mecha-Bunny!🤖Mia with her deadly arrows! 🏹 Momo and his...cupcakes. 😅 *EPICSPELLS: FREEZE your enemies with Batuk! Create a GHOST withAkio!Can you dodge Jack's MISSILE ATTACK? * SO MANY MODES:Zombie-War!Essence Hunt! Last Man Standing! Classic Tower DefenceFace Off!... and more to come! * STAR ALLIANCES: Create or join aguild toplay with friends! * CUSTOMISE: Customise your heroes withamazingskins! * STORY: Play through adventure mode and beat thegangbosses! * LEAGUES: Climb the Diamond Leagues for amazing prizesandrespect! You are part of an exciting new kind of game -amultiplayer arena shooter designed specifically foryoursmartphone! Join us in battle against thousands of otherplayersfrom around the world, all in pursuit of the mysteriousanddelicious element known as "Stardust". Recruit your very ownteamfrom Stardust Battle’s roster of incredible spacecreatures,customise your look and fight for your share of theStardust! Youralliance is counting on you! ************* Pleasefollow us onsocial to keep up to date on the latest Don't forget to leave areview onthe store, we want your feedback to keep making StardustBattle abetter experience! Privacy of *************Stardust Battle usesvarious third party services to support yourgaming experience,ranging from advertising to customer support. Inorder for thesecomponents to function correctly, they requirepermission to accessexternal storage. PlayStack respects yourprivacy and will neveraccess, make use of or share your personaldata.
Gunship Strike 3D 1.0.9
Candy Mobile
Gunship Strike is the most immersive and realistic 3Dhelicopterbattle action game available on Google Play. Launch theattack onthe most dangerous terrorists now! Gunship Strike puts youin thegunner seat of the most powerful combat helicopters.Strategicallyfire your powerful machines guns and devastatingmissiles to slayhordes of enemies across the world. Guide withprecision yourcombat helicopter and demolish the enemy militarybases in theworld’s greatest combat experience! Gunship Strikecombinestactics, flying skills and the right amount of ruthless inthis #1military helicopter action game! Game Features: -Multiplehelicopters with a variety of weapons and equipment - 40+levels inBattle mode & ultimate challenging Boss mode -Realistic 3Dgraphics and stunning visual effects
com.miHoYo.bh3global 3.3.1
Super intense battles in a fast-paced 3D anime-style hack andslash!The great enemy has returned to destroy humanity! Embark onan epiccampaign to defeat this relentless foe! Join the world ofHonkaiImpact, fast-paced Action-RPG with vibrant Anime stylegraphics,smooth control and gameplay. Following your trail, I dovedeep intothe lost world to bring you home... Herrscher of Reason -Bronya'sS-rank awakened battlesuit stands ready! The bunny hastransformedinto an armed motorcycle to break her free from allrestraints andlead her right onto the path of future! ProjectBunny... Ride on![Augment Core: Void Drifter] Rising from theashes - ValkyrieRanger's Augment Core activated! The Herrscherpower inside has beenlaid to rest, and newly found friendshipshave reawakened her strongfighting spirit. I will do everything tochange this imperfect worldfor the better! [Odd Drifter] Summer isthe season of adventures.And Odd Drifter is full of awesomeadventures. Prehistoric ruins,enigmatic writings... There isdefinitely more about this islandthan meets the eye. Grandtreasures await at the journey's end: newsummer outfits forHerrscher of the Void, Swallowtail Phantasm &Stalker: PhantomIron. [Diane's Sojourn] Waking up from Herrscherform, Kiana foundherself in completely strange circumstances... Tocurb theHerrscher power inside, she embarked on a new adventurewith aheart full of regret, guilt... and hope. The moon is neveralone,for stars will always follow. The freedom she so craves forwilleventually be hers... [Arsenal Updates] Precision and order aretheonly cure for chaos and discord. The Key of Reason is here tobringjustice home. 1st Herrscher Welt Young is ascending from thedepthof the sea to give Captain a much needed helping hand.[SUPPORT]Please don't hesitate to contact the in-game customerservicecenter for any problem you encounter! You can also reach usvia ourcustomer service email: HonkaiImpact3rd Official Site: HonkaiImpact3rd FB Page:
Rival Knights 1.2.3d
***A TALE OF STRENGTH AND STEEL*** Live the fantasy: Beaknight&joust your way to victory! Compete with thousandsofotherplayers ingames of glory & adventure! This isthemostintuitive,action-packed & visually stunning knightcombatgameon touchscreens! JOUST LIKE A KNIGHT! √ Experience thethrilloffast-paced& highly addictive jousting for free √Sharpenyourwar skillswith precision timing & aim √ Battleruthlessfoes& rivalclans across 5 leagues to seize theircastles&thrones √ Embarkon an adventure across the kingdom,becomeachampion & etch yourname into history! BONE-BREAKINGACTION√Motion-capture animationsfor knights & horses immerseyouinbattle like never before in afree game √ Enjoystunning,lifelike3D graphics and dynamic cameraangles √ Compete inabreathtakingenvironment with changing weatherconditions &timeof day √Send rivals flying with real-timeragdoll physics&slow-motioneffects ARM YOURSELF FOR VICTORY √Unlock over120mounts, lances,armors, helms & more √ Upgradethem attheBlacksmith to gainan edge over opponents √ Usetemporaryboostswisely to triumph inyour adventure √ Customize yourcrest tostrikefear into yourrivals THROW DOWN THE GAUNTLET! √Challengeotherplayers inasynchronous multiplayer games √ EnterweeklyPvPmultiplayertournaments for glory… √ …and winKing-sizedrewards!Will you rideto victory, or fall in battle? Thesearetroubledtimes for you& your people. Your kingdom is indebt,the kingslain in war,no one has claimed the Champions'Thrones,& enemyclans aremassing at the kingdom's borders.Embark on anepic quest& getready to battle your way throughintense soloandmultiplayerchallenges in this free new joustinggame. Journeyfromcastle tocastle in search of adventure &action. ClaimtheChampions'Thrones with your friends. Become alegend ofjousting,grab thetournament chest & save your kingdomfrom thehands oftheawful Lord Cunnings. Forget about fantasy MMOgames,castlegames& war games. If you are looking for atruefantasyadventure,this free game is for you. Itfeaturesmassivemultiplayer online(MMO) tournaments, clans, epicknightbattles,all set in abreathtaking medieval fantasy kingdom,forfree. Thewar for theChampions' Thrones is on! G+ supportistemporarilyremoved. Itwill be back in a future update, alongwithanachievementsystem._____________________________________________Visitourofficialsite at Follow usonTwitterat or like usonFacebookat to get more infoaboutallourupcoming titles. Check out our videos andgametrailerson Discoverourblogat for theinsidescooponeverythingGameloft._____________________________________________Thisappallows you topurchase virtual items within the app andmaycontainthird-partyadvertisements that may redirect you toathird-partysite. PrivacyPolicy: TermsofUse: End UserLicenseAgreement:
Epic Battle Simulator 1.6.80
Looking for the most epic battles in your life ? Then you foundwhatyou were looking for ! You can play against provided levels orbuildyour own test battle. For the level mode: Use the goldprovided ineach level to select your troops and accurately placethem on themap. Tap "GO" to start the battle simulator against theenemy'sarmy. For the test battle simulator mode: Place both yoursand theenemy's army. Proceed to the battlefield and watch thebattle as itis simulated! It is totally up to the best strategy towin! With themost accurate placement of your army you will get thebest results!Multiple troops are available to choose from and moreto come! It istotally up to you to build your army! Fighters withswords, shields,spears, hammers, bows, cannons, guns and more arewaiting for you tochoose! Don't wait, try it now!
Stickman Counter Zombie Strike 1.09
Greetings stickman! Time for you travel to the dust locationandshoot the terrorist and zombie stickmen. This is a teamshootergame, so shoot only the enemy stickmen - red is terrorist,bluecolor is counter terrorist. Strike!!!!!!!!!! Features: ★Beautifuldust desert location ★ gun choices include shotgun, m16,ak47,Beretta, colt, mp5, machine gun ★ Select your stickman team:Red (terrorist) or Blue ( Counter terrorist) - Zombie mode comingsoon!★ Easy stick shooter controls MusicRPGDD_Ambience_Windy_Desert,sounds from
Zombie Ranch - Battle with the zombie 2.2.4
Octo Land
There has come a zombie an apocalypse! Your ranch was attackedbyzombies! Open a weapon warehouse rather and begin battle!Thestrong attack of enemies can destroy your ranch. You will beableto begin battle with the strong opponent, in an arsenal awidechoice of arms. Monsters are blood-thirsty and ruthless. Battleinthis apocalypse to the death is necessary. You can plantplantsagainst the zombie, plants the most effective against thezombie!Monsters already here! But remember also strategy: placefightingboundaries, build constructions and improve protection of afarm,workshop and you will stop a wave of these spiteful monsters!youwill Be able to keep the life in this cruel post-apocalypticworld?If yes that begin to destroy zombie right now. FREE GAMESMISSILEDEFENSE OF ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! FIGHT AGAINST MONSTERS! GAMES-BATTLE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! FIGHT AGAINST ZOMBIE BATL WITH ZOMBIETHEBATCH WITH ZOMBIE Games for people who adore battle againstthezombie! Download "Zombie Ranch" - free a game action, she hasaclear multilingual interface in Russian with elements strategy.Inprivate with crowd of zombie! The attack from air and fromtheearth – such fight waits for you for the first time! Beginzombiefight right now! "The zombie a farm" is not a usual arcade.Thisapplication is a training for mind. It is simple to dosomeshooting everyone will be able, and here to developtacticsallowing to hold on not only throughout one level, but alsoallgame, it is necessary to think over, in passing knocking outthesebrains from the zombie's head! Monsters are ready to breakthroughdefense. To kill them there will be not enough simple gun.Thezombie battle will make of you the impregnable fighter andtheexcellent strategist. OPPORTUNITIES: - Free game action, -Improveand build constructions, - Improve weapon and ammunition, -Severalmodes of conducting firing, - Battle against the zombiepowerfulweapon, - Use unique abilities, - Set of firing positions,-Powerful zombie attack FEATURES: - More than 150 levels, - 18typesof weapon, - 13 unique arms, - Huge number of the zombie.Agerestriction of a game 10+ "Zombie Ranch" Free an action anarcade,but some objects in her it is possible to buy for realmoney. Ifyou don't want to use this opportunity, then establish thepasswordin settings of Google Play.
com.payandaonline.braveronin 1.0.5
Download this role playing game now & experience samuraiswordfighting and war RPG action like never before! The BraveSamuraiRei's Revenge Start the sword-fighting adventure, theaction-packedsamurai adventure! Brave Samuray; After the war thatthe two greatclans of the Japanese Empire are fighting, thesurviving adventurermakes you a partner. Samurai needs you to takerevenge on Rei, yourdestroyed clan. Between the samurai games, drawout the graphiceffects, the script and the sword with the BraveSamurai, whichcomes to the forefront with a high action dose.Screen of revengeThe story takes place at the height of the samuraibattles in theJapanese Empire. Minamoto, one of the biggest clans,is attacked bya powerful clan Taira. As a result of this attack,all samuraiwarriors in Minamoto are killed. Except one, Rei ... Reisucceedsin getting rid of the wounded, and is on his way to revengeafterthe traces of the war left him. Because Rei's Clan wascompletelydestroyed, he had to continue on his way and had hisrevenge fromTaira Clan. Rei is on the way to revenge full ofaction-packedadventure to take on the brave Samurai sword rightaway! A newsword game experience awaits you; action, adventure,strategy, rpgand more ... Brave Ronin Samurai Warrior RPG : ✅Lovely Action RPGWith Samurai's ✅ Warriors With ExtraordinaryPowers ✅ Boost SamuraiRei Warrior ✅ Avoid Getting Trapped andExplore Amazing Places ✅Rei's Revenge Samurai RPG Story ✅ AmazingAction Samurai RPGGameplay ✅ Simple Basic Controls ✅ Motivating andBest SoundEffects ✅ Free to Play
The alliances of Good and Evil have been forged. The finalbattlebetween epic warriors and action heroes on both sides isabout tostart. Ride the crest of the Idle RPG wave with EpicSummoners!Fight against one, three or even 7 epic summoners andfighters!Prepare your warriors for the definitive seven battles inthisoffline war game! Prepare summoner heroes for the fight.Joinfriends and players from across the globe as you embark on anepicaction journey of enchantment to explore the Magic Ladder andthesecrets contained deep within. Lead your epic action wartroops-battle heroes and epic warriors- into the light and overcomeallbattle challenges that lay before you to emerge victorious inanepic war! The world's destiny is in your tactics destinywarriors!Summoners game you will be able to reunite a troop ofwarriors,battle with your favourite soldier, and get the bestexperience ofthe whole epic journey. If you like battle games, youwill loveEpic Summoners. Choose your favorite warrior hero andstart winningbattles. ENGROSSING WARRIOR ACTION RPG GAMEPLAYSummoner heroescan’t wait to fight auto-battles against the enemyon your behalf!Recruit and gain experience with every powerful wartroops and epiclegendary heroes in the rpg battle of this idlegame! Equipment andsummoner legendary heroes in a warrior troopschallenge is waitingfor you! victorious battlegrounds! Earn awesomeepic combat rewardseven when you’re offline. No need to stress whenlife calls!tactics destiny warriors! ENDLESS TACTICAL AND STRATEGICFUN Wartroops fight tactics and alliances and maneuver with yourlegendarypowerful war hero to secure victory, it's your free actionRPGdestiny! Collect, upgrade and use your equipment wisely to showoffyour strength as leader on an legendary epic adventuregame!Simple, yet effective strategy combat allows to enjoy thismagicRPG at home or on the go! Plan your characters tactics andwartroops maneuver and dominate the battlefield to defeat everywarhero and enemy warriors adventure troops! The war destiny is onthebattlefield! Live the thrills of this epic and magic war!THRILLINGEPIC ACTION BATTLE CHALLENGE TO KEEP YOU ON YOUR TOESSummon andrecruit summoner heroes and epic warriors troops, deploy,defend,fight, collect and upgrade to accomplish your free RPGchallenge!Between the Expedition Airship, Battlefield Arena, MagicLadder andWishing Pond, there’s a huge world to explore in thisidle epic wargame and new creatures to find! Your interest willnever waver withour steady stream of great fighting war! Challengeyour friends,claim victory and defeat players from all over theworld in thisfree action warrior hero action RPG! A HIGH QUALITYVISUAL ANDAUDIO FEAST Exquisite legendary heroes' aesthetics andcreaturesartwork in this free action RPG challenge adventure fulloffighting! Jaw dropping epic combat and maneuver animations inthebattlefield arena and awe inspiring action battlechallengeeffects! THROW DOWN WITH PLAYERS AND FRIENDS Step into ourpowerfulbattle warriors free challenge RPG Arena and compete withskilledplayers from all over the world! Make alliances and recruitnewsummoner heroes and magic legendary warriors troops withdifferentfighting abilities to defeat every evil enemy! Changetactics andepic action maneuver and defeat rivals to see your nameclimb therankings and beat your friends best scores! Win awesomebattlerewards on your way to claiming the ultimate victory wih armyinthis free action hero war idle game! Start now this epiccombataction adventure with best legendary tactics war hero andepicwarriors action in a fantasy adventure with different creaturesandbattlegrounds in a non-stop free RPG! Destiny is to lead yourmagicsummoner legendary heroes guild army and war troops in afreebattle adventure to the death! Contact us:Email:epicsummoners@feelingtouch.comFacebook:
com.orbitalknight.slashyknight 1.0
Embark on a great journey through wonderful lands, full ofevilmonsters to defeat and epic quests to wind up! Recruit newheroesand discover their awesome powers! Did you always dream ofsavingthe world as a Knight, Panda Samurai or Ganderp The Blue? Nowisyour chance! Slashy Knight offers you a fullRPG-exploration-runnerexperience, featuring: * addictive, dynamicgameplay - a typical"git gud" mechanic * convenient controls - youonly need one fingerto play this game, which makes it perfect insituations when theother hand is busy taking care of something else(like holding ahead of an evil goblin) * many different worlds todiscover, someof them nice and comfy, some of them scary and fullof dreadfultraps! * character progression - kill monsters andcomplete tasksto collect experience and level up! And one last tip- be carefulwhat you collect during the run!
com.lmstudios.battle.simulator.stickman.zombie 1.09
Battle Simulator Information: Two years after the stickmanzombieinfestation, the war on zombies continues. Command the troopsofthe stickmen sombrero corporation to win the battle againsttheunstopping zombie army. ★ tactical battle gameplay (TABS -style) ★3d stickman, weapons n’ zombies ★ epic battle with lots music_ParagonX9_Chaoz_Airflow
com.doodlemobilesh.archerykiller 1.2.1
Mouse Games
Step into the shoes of Assassin Archer and discover themostcompelling archery experience on Android. Armed with a bow,it’syour destiny to clean up the city and hunt down thecriminals.Sneaking into enemy compounds or simply jumping fromrooftops, youneed to hone your shooting skills and orchestrate theperfectassassination. Prepare for non-stop action in a true test ofyouraccuracy and speed of execution now! Game Features: -Ultrastunning 3D graphics and realistic animations - Dozens of bowsandarrows to play with and upgrade - Smooth combat experienceandrewarding bonus to keep you mesmerized
White Tiger Family Sim Online - Animal Simulator 2.1
Have you ever wondering how to be a real White Tiger? Livethewildlife of the white tiger in a new White Tiger Family SimOnline.Explore huge 3d. Find your partner to start a family andbreed cubsto the world. Teach them how to hunt and survive into thewild.Build beautiful home by decoration it with more than 40uniqueelements including orc. Main Features: White Tiger Family Sim-Raise A Family: - Find soulmate - Breed cubs - Teach cubs howtosurvive into the wild - Let them go when the time willcomeBeautiful home to live: - Beautiful home to raise your family-More than 40 unique decoration elements RPG style andchallengingquests: - Earn XP and coins by completing quests -Enlarge yourattack health and mana power from skill points - Unlockspecialattacks like sniper and slash Leaderboards: - Challengingotherplayers with global leaderboards Huge 3d world to explore: -SnowForest is the main location where white tigers live - Go toDesertlocation to hunt African animals - In Green Forest, you willhuntdown deer and leopards - Shiny Island will teleport you intothesummer Online Mode: - Strong bosses are waiting for you -Cooperatewith your friends to take down enemies - Chat and becomefriendsonline Download now and start raising your White TigerFamily Simtoday! So you don't miss updates and our new games followus! If you need ahelp write If you have any suggestions on howto make thisfamily simulator better - let us know! Just write us onany socialnetwork or drop a letter on email!
West Gunfighter 1.7
Candy Mobile
Are you ready to take part in the #1 exciting 3D westernadventure?Explore the open world in an Old West ofkill-or-be-killed frontieras a western cowboy now! West Gunfighteris the game where WildWest is as real as it gets. Play as a cowboyor cowgirl, you’lltackle missions, earn rewards, challenge &duel to take outbandits, and find hidden loot. Or you can just ridea horse, drinkat saloons and enjoy the land’s beauty. It’s all yourcall! GameFeatures: - Customizable cowboy characters with dozens ofclothes -Hundreds of various activities in the game - Differenthorses andweapons to help you on the journey
Special Ops: FPS PvP War-Online gun shooting games 1.96
Special Ops: FPS PvP War-Online gun shooting games Fightcriticalbattles & strike enemies in this modern online FPSarenashooter Here is for you ! If you like Online Shooter ,MultiplayerPVP , Single Player FPS and to be a snipers, so ThisMultiplayerShooting game is for you Annihilate the completion inreal-timePVP, face off against your opponents in blast mode orcheck out ourterrifying single player mode! Special Ops: FPS PvPWar-Online gunshooting games is coming at you with a brand newversion and lotsof new additions to keep the action going at ablazing pace! Withnew maps, awesome weapons and a new elitecompetition system;Special Ops: FPS PvP War-Online gun shootinggames - Multiplayerwill blow you away! Features: Intense, immersivereal-time FPSaction - Awesome tactical movement system withconsole-likeshooting experience - Different real-world guns tochoose fromAddictive multiplayer gameplay - Work together withfriends toannihilate your enemies in Team Mode - Experience theterror offighting off teammates once they’ve become the living dead- Leapover the heads of your adversaries in space mode. Variedandrealistic scenarios - Fair matches with no upgradingsystemsavailable for guns - Sniper style - Be MVP Are you a fan oftheextreme counter terrorists battles? Here is a good FPSmultiplayershooter game for you. We are ready to change everythingof freeonline pvp Android multiplayer shooters ( FPS -First PersonShooter). Perfect strike graphics and high quality optimization foreveryFPS lovers. Take the part at the battlefield of Special Ops:FPSPvP War-Online gun shooting games ! DOWNLOAD now for Free!===GameFeatures=== ★100% Action FPS Maps★ 8 maps to get Best FPSShootingExperience Ever. Ranked Game Mode to get rank and get morecoins.Custom Game Mode to create your own game with its rules foryourfriends Single Player mode to play offline against to monstersGoodMaps for Snipers ★ Login to Get Daily Free Gifts★ Login toGetDaily Free Gifts, Login to get Free Daily Quests! Login togetdaily free items. Don’t also miss the bonus EXP and Creditstime!  ★20+ Weapons, Customize Your Exclusive Weapons and Skins!★21 typesof weapons: Glock 18 , USP tactical , P228, Desert Eagle.50AE, FNFive-seveN, Dual 96G Elite Berettas,MAC10,TMP,MP5 navy,UMP,P90,Galil, FAMAS, AK47, M4A1,SG-552, AUG,M249-SAW,Scout,G3/SG-1,SG-550 commando,AWP ! Detailed Snipers for shooterswholike to be a sniper. Customize your weapon and get a uniqueskinsto be cool Multiplayer FPS player. ★Upgrade Weapon andArmorSystem★ Upgrade your weapons and armor! Claim first place atFPSBattleground Arena! Snipers for shooters who love to be Sniper★TheGameplay★ - Deathmatch: It's kill or be killed. - TeamDeathmatch:Team vs Team fight - Create your own games (create anygamemaps/rules) -Single Player - Campaign Mode -AWP Maps forshooterswho love to be sniper ★Up to 5vs5 multiplayers online PvPbattlemode, fair fight!★ Have a fun with Special Ops: FPS PvPWar-Onlinegun shooting games
Stickman Tank Battle Simulator 1.09
The final and epic war of the stickman universe has arrived - itisworld war 3 ( takes place around 120 years after ww2). Useyourtactical knowledge to be victorious in every battle in thisneweststickmen battle simulator! Features: ★ TABS battle gameplay ★Manydifferent tank types ★ accurate physics, tank and soldiers A.I.★Great 3d environment and stickmengraphics!Music_MadhouseDUDE_Mayhem Sounds_FreesoundOrg
Wars of Star: Stick Warriors 2.3
Do you love to play War games and defeat your opponents? Ifyes,then this game is exactly for you. Your favorite BattleSimulatorgame is just a click away. Let’s jump into this amazingfrontlineWAR game and start Fighting.Your war troops are ready tofight.Choose the best Stickman soldiers of your choice and placethem inthe battleground for your castle defense. Your enemies’troops areready to defeat you. They are equipped with strongwarriors. Fightwith your best combat strategies in this ultimatebattle and killyour angry rivals. It gives you a chance to rule thebattlefieldwith your epic battle tactics. Be a commando and playthis stickmanbattle with your war heroes. In its Sandbox mode,practicedifferent combat strategies and then use them in its Singleplayerand Multiplayer modes. War has begun! Let’s FIGHT toclaimvictory!Features:• Addictive Missions!• AmazingBattleEnvironment!• Great 3D Graphics!• Realistic ExplosiveSounds!•Smooth and Easy Controls!• Different Variety of EpicCharacters!
War Wings 5.6.63
Download one of the top free war games and prepare for combat!Climbinto the cockpit of your fully customisable World War IIwarplaneand get ready for take-off - your mission is about tobegin! Take tothe skies and join the battle in epic WWIIdogfights! Be an acepilot! Fly solo as a lone wolf or team up withyour squadron tocontrol the skies in intense PVP multiplayer gamesand battles. Anepic combo of airplane stunts action and anexhilarating shootinggame. Pull off gravity-defying stunts andtricks, get the enemy inyour sights and hit the trigger to shootthem down. It's life ordeath up there, and only the bravest andmost skilled pilotssurvive! War Wings lets you fly into the heatof the action inmultiplayer PVP dogfights. Play with friends andcompete againstmillions of players worldwide. Destroy enemysquadrons and climb theglobal leaderboards. Show the world thatyou own theskies!**********************************************************************""GOLDENCUBE"" AWARD FOR BEST GAME – Unity BEST NEW GAME - MobileDeveloperConference (HK) MOST INFLUENTIAL GAME - Metro Media BESTORIGINALMOBILE GAME - Mobile Developer Conference(HK)**********************************************************************FEATURES- Epic 4v4 real-time online multiplayer PvP dogfighting -Alife-like combat game experience: planes and weapons withrealisticdamage - Deck out your WWII warplane: rich customizationallowsdifferent tactics and strategies - Huge selection of WorldWar IIaircrafts to choose from: 70+ customizable models It’s timeforbattle with one of the best free games in the world! The skiesarewaiting. ──────────────── Play War Wings withfriends!──────────────── Like us onFacebook! Any questions or needsupport?
Checkers 1.64.1
Dear Player, Do you remember this board game from yourchildhood?Checkers - traditional and inspiring game gives you a lotof funwith challenging computer or playing with other person onmode 2players offline. Relax with yor family or friends andplayCheckers. Share the game with children and show them thebestentertainment from your schoolyears. Are youaboard-game-enthusiast? Would you like to create or think overastrategy to win? Checkers will help you to learn andpracticelogical thinking. You can change settings and choose yourown rulesi.e. to capture backwards or to choose mandatory capture.Andwhat's more, you can get this app and play for free. Checkersisthe classic board game but in this app you can find featureswhichmake the game even more exciting. Different levels ofdifficultyLet's start from the easiest level and check if you candefeat thecomputer. The more experienced you are, the more likelyto win withthe expert. Take up the challenge and go through all 4levels!Different rules There is no one and only way to playCheckers.Everyone has various habits and usually prefers to playexactly thesame way as in the past, that is why decide on yourfavouriterules: American Checkers (English Draughts) 🇺🇸 Capturingismandatory but the pieces cannot capture backwards. TheQueendoesn't have long moves but only one step. The queen hasability tomove and capture backwards. International Checkers 🌍Capturing ismandatory and all the pieces can capture backwards.Also the queenmoves differently, it has long moves – it means thatthe queen canmove any distance diagonally if the square is notblocked. SpanishCheckers (Damas) 🇪🇸 These rules are based on theinternational butthe piece cannot capture backwards; TurkishCheckers (Dama) 🇹🇷 Darkas well as light squares of the board areused. Pieces start on thesecond and third rows, do not movediagonally but forward andsideways. The way that queens move aresimilar to the chess queen.Have you found the best rules for you?If not, choose your ownrules. It's really easy, just enter Settings(upper right corner)and choose the options that you prefer. I wishyou had a good game!Best regards, Łukasz Oktaba - authorFacebook:
Sky Fighters 3D 1.5
Climb into the cockpit of your favorite fighter aircraft, getreadyto take-off, and soar into the skies brimming withvisceraldogfights! Fly solo as a lone wolf or command a fleet ofacrobaticaircraft to establish air superiority over thebattlefield. Performdizzying acrobatic maneuvers, get the enemy inyour sights and hitthe trigger to shoot them down. Become thesupreme lord of theskies in Sky Fighters now! Game Features: - 48+realistic missionsincluding air-to-air and air-to-surface combats -Pilot 10+authentic planes with rich weapons customization - Amazing3Dgraphics, intuitive controls and immersive gameplay
Stickman Fighting: Neon Warriors 1.10
The neon warriors fighting championship is here! Chooseyourstickman and fight! ★ pelasant visual “neon” style ★ 3D physicsandrealistic stick fighting ★ choose your stickman: neon,ninja,blocky, cool hair, glasses Stop reading this and Fight!Music:bitium-ribbon-Battle_MusicimperfectDisciple_Victoryspikel-Glass_Walls-2
Army Battle Simulator 1.2.70
Army Battle Simulator is finally live ! From the creators ofEpicBattle Simulator and Epic Battle Simulator 2 comes ArmyBattleSimulator, the most accurate military battle simulation game! Formyour strategies, choose between vehicles, soldiers andflyingmilitary troops and place them wisely on the battlefield andbeatevery opponent ! In Army Battle Simulator you can playagainstlevels, custom and real-time multiplayer ! You can totallyimproveyour army, watch ragdoll effects and play multiplayer mode,createdjust for you with advanced matchmaking algorithms. Withtheimproved graphics and the enhanced intelligence of the bots,youcan now experience ultimate battle simulations ! Features inArmyBattle Simulator: - Air and Ground units ! - Ragdoll andphysicseffects ! - Advanced army placement ! - Army upgrade up tothreelevels, with awesome gear and stats improvements ! -Advancedmultiplayer ranking system for better matchmaking andcustomleader-board ! - Well-made, improved graphics to make thebattlecooler that ever ! - Smarter troops to achieve the mostaccuratebattle simulation ! - Awesome sounds and music variety !New troopsadded every week! Got a suggestion? Send us a message andmaybe thenew troop will be yours!!
com.kakarod.bighunter 2.9.1
◆ Popular game that achieved 20 million downloads worldwide!​Anintense hunting game of starving tribal people! Hunt theprimevalgigantic animals! Long time ago, a bushman tribe lived inanoutback town. People were starving to death because ofcontinuousdroughts The leader of the tribe goes out for huntingevery day forliving..... Big Hunter is a dynamic physics game thathuntsgigantic primeval animals with spear, axe and boomerang.Become theworld's best hunter with a variety of weapons! Big HunterFeatures:- Easy control with addictive touch of hitting - Huntinggame basedon dynamic physics - Simple but outstanding graphicdesign -Rhythmical game sounds - An unexpected ending and animpressivestory - Compete rankings with hunters around the worldBig Huntersupports high resolution for an optimal gaming experienceon bothphones and tablets. Are you already a fan? If so then visitourwebsite, like us on Facebook for the latestnews: Last but not least, abigTHANK YOU goes out to everyone who has played Big Hunter!
Royal Revolt 2: Tower Defense RPG and War Strategy 5.2.1
Lead your Kingdom to victory with war strategy and by becomingthemost powerful King or Queen in the mmorpg world of ROYAL REVOLT2.The key to success is your offensive battle skills andconqueststrategy. Adjust them to your war strategy tactics andtroopsregularly! Create an epic tower defense which resists thetoughestclash with ease. Choose your armies, tower defense strategyandobstacles wisely for your Kingdom depends on them. Level themupand face your enemies in war arena. Raid your foes Kingdomsanddestroy their castle defense, as they try to withstandyourpowerful army of Archers, Paladins or even Werewolves andDragons.Partnered with a loyal Pet Pal and a Royal Guardian you arereadyfor any epic quest and enemy tower defenses that lie ahead ofyou!Have you always wanted to trace down the Vampire origins andraid akingdom? You can with our diverse RPG game mechanics! Questforepic loot and collect legendary items for your inventory andusethem to improve your King or Queen’s power! While you’re at it,youcan choose countless customization options and changetheappearance of your epic Hero. You can collect epic helmetsandlegendary armor. Of course, you can’t plan your warstrategywithout a mythical weapon. How about a giant tasty carrotgame? No?You can also play longer and find more powerful items likesword ordaggers...look out for Legendary, Uber or even Pro rarity!TheBlacksmith will help you to create even better items!Onceunlocked, you can forge and improve them by adding perks, suchasXP and damage boosts! With the blacksmith‘s help, melt downitemsyou don’t need and collect Pearls. Later on, thisfriendlyblacksmith can apply magical Runes to your offense anddefense.They will unlock game-changing skills and mechanicsallowing you toevolve your war strategy! As you can see, RoyalRevolt 2 TowerDefense & War Strategy offers lots of depth andstrategicoptions. Features: ⚔ Tower Defense MMORPG ⚔ Build a strongtowercastle defense that can withstand any attack. Choose yourdefensearmy, obstacles and tower defense strategy you want to buildyourpath with. Level up your Kingdom, lay out a path and yourtowerdefense. Determine the best items and spells for your King tomatchyour individual play-style. Place mighty paladins and epicbeaststo defend your castle. ⚔ Forge Alliances – Build War Strategy⚔Play together with your friends or join players from aroundtheglobe to create a powerful Alliance that can battle in thearenafor epic boosts and treasures. Donate Pals to your Allianceandunlock powerful mythical beasts for your Castle defense. Sharingiscaring! ⚔ Regular War Events ⚔ Fight in Alliance Wars,Conquests,and Ninja Events to see who really has the best tacticsand toreceive great rewards such as chests and boosts. Celebrateseasonsin Festivals! Also, additional timed events that offerspecialadvantages for your Kingdom like collector and boost events!⚔Discover your Castle Town ⚔ Forge your weapons at theBlacksmith.Visit the Granny for a chat (and epic loot). Discoverthe mysticalDungeon beneath your Castle defense and unlock powerfularmies! Getready for dungeon conquest! ⚔ And much more ⚔ Are youready to leadyour mighty Kingdom to victory? The mmorpg world ofRoyal Revolt 2Tower Defense & War Strategy awaits you! Terms ofService:Royal Revolt 2 Tower Defense & War Strategy is free todownloadand play, however, some game items can also be purchasedfor realmoney. If you don’t want to use these features, pleasedisablein-app purchases in your device settings. According to ourTerms ofService, Royal Revolt 2 Tower Defense & War Strategy isallowedfor download and play only for persons 16 years or more ofage, orwith explicit parental consent. You can read morehere: By accessing or usingaFlaregames product, you're agreeing to our Terms ofService(
Zombie Combat Simulator 1.3.0
Features: - Sandbox mode: In this mode, you can create units inanylocation and decide on their weapons, damage resistance, andHP.You can also modify the rules of the game, such as unitspawnsystem that can automatically spawn soldiers and zombies. Aswellas time limit, conditions of victory and defeat. In short, Youcanmake the gameplay a significant change by modifying the rules.Ofcourse, if you do not want to do it by yourself I also gaveyousome preset ways to play; - Third Person Shooter: You cancontrol asoldier by yourself; - Multiplayer: This game containsonline, LAN,and offline mode.
com.VS.SteelAndFlesh 2.1
Steel And Flesh - a Mixture of medieval 3D action and strategy.Youfind yourself in the middle ages, where 12 big clans arefightingamong themselves over land. You open a huge world withoceans,continents and Islands. Europe swept the uprising in theNorth,wielded by pirates. You can be an ordinary robber fightingwith thebandits and attacking the village. Or to swear to any ofthe clansand participate in large battles with strong opponents.And ofcourse you always have the opportunity to be king of his ownclan,the new land grabbing and attaching to itself more and morelords.- Global map - Continents and Islands - The 12 clans(RomanEmpire,Rus, Ottoman Empire, Golden Horde, Vikings, England,France,Germany, Poland, Empire Song, Pirates, Rebels) - Towns,castles,villages and ports - Sailing - The battle in the thirdperson - Thecavalry - Inventory - Customization and much more.
Slash of Sword - Arena and Fights 1.2
Fight on the arena, earn fame, get famous. Exciting,bloodygladiator fights are waiting for you! Fight fairly 1 on 1 ortry todefeat 10 fighters. Rest from the battles in thevillage,upgrade your skills, unlock new weapons andarmor. Features:1.Picturesque and battlesDue to well-designedanimations and effects,battles look very cool, even on mobiledevices! 2. Battleswith a few soldiers. Start yourjourney as a Gladiator againstthe same fighter as you. Win and getthe title of the best warrior,fighting 10 enemies at atime! 3. Boss battles Meet 1 on1 with the best of thebest! 4. Stunninggraphics Excellent picture, amazinglight effects, change ofweather and time conditions! 5. SmartArtificialIntelligence. The enemies will try to surround andoverwhelmyou. If you hurt them, they will try to retreat, andtheirteammates to stick up for them. 6. Open andlivingworld In addition to battles you will see the area wherethereal life is, someone is sleeping, someone has a chatwithsomebody, where traders tout their shops. Buy yourselfequipmentand ammunition, have a peaceful rest while waiting out thenight orsit by the fire and upgrade your skills.Developer - Comingsoon Irelease (PvP Fights, new locations, archers,vikings,ragdollphysics, new weapon and new animation)Thanks forplaying!
Joltz 1.0
Joltz is a super fast paced game which gets fast and fasterwithtime, match colours together to activate powers ups and seehowmany laps you can complete around different shapes. If theplayermatches green the player will receive an additional life,purplewill slow down time making it more easier to navigate pastobjects,blue will reward the player with a +1 lap and finallyyellow whichwill reverse the direction in which the player isfacing. CollectJoltz by completing laps and spend this in gamecurrency on newshapes making the game much more fun andchallenging.
com.HomeNetGames.Pirates 9.2.1
Hail to the Captain! Sail into the heart of the Caribbean in theAgeof Piracy - the time of black flags and white skulls, bluewaves andgolden opportunities. Hoist the Jolly Roger and grab thesteeringwheel to sail through battles and raids, ransoms andtreasures, tobecome the Crimson King of the Antilles! - 20 classesof ships -unlimited fleet size - control several ships in combat -bombardenemy fortresses with heavy mortars. - 5 types of ammo -cannonballs, chain balls, grapeshot, bombs, double-shot, -specialweapons: explosive barrels, burning oil, batteringrams,pre-boarding attacks - 30 ship upgrades - characterdevelopment,rising experience levels - 20 captain skills -unlocking new gamefeatures and possibilities - realistic sailingsimulation,incorporating distance and time - hundreds of islandsand dozens ofports to visit and explore day/night cycle - buildingconstructionand upgrades - multiple player held bases - unlimitednumber of seabattles and scenarios (merchant missions, smugglersmissions,convoy missions, treasure hunt, pirate attacks, escortmissions) -story-driven campaign set in a living world full ofpeople. -historical module, with more than 50 years of real historyand realevents - reputation in a dozen nations - fight with otherplayersin 2 multiplayer modes: PvP and PvE