Top 48 Games Similar to Battle for Fortnite Tower

Companion for Fortnite & Fortnite Battle Royale
This Unofficial App is a compendium of knowledge, tips, andusefultools for Fortnite and Fortnite Battle Royale players(available onPC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4)!The numberoneCompanion/Assistant/Guide App for Fortnite. Features★Features-Fortnite Battle Royale (PvP)★★Profile Search: View BattleRoyalePlayer Stats grouped by squad type and platform. FavoritePlayersfor even quicker lookups. You can also compare that stats ofanytwo Battle Royale players.★Cosmetics Viewer: View upcomingandexisting cosmetics across all categories; outfits, emotes,gliders,emojis, back blings etc!★Store Sales: Shows all the itemscurrentlyfor sale in the Battle Royale Store, with imagesandprices.★Leaderboards: Supports all squad types, platformsandseveral metrics.★Battle Royale Map: It includes an overlayofpossible chest, ammo, shopping carts and vending machinespawns.Map nodes may be tapped to view in game screenshotsoflocations.★Battle Pass Challenges Tracker and Guides:Trackerfeature that lets you track your progress with all theweeklychallenges, also has a visual guides with maps.★WeaponComparison:The stats for all the weapons in Battle Royale★Items:Images andin-depth descriptions of all Battle Royale items.★Tipsand Info:Important information and useful tips for BattleRoyaleplayers.★News: From several sources, including the FortniteSite,Forums and Youtube, as well as Battle Royal specific newsfromFortnite Insider.★Tools - Fortnite Save the World(PvE)★★DailyLlama and Mission Alerts: Get up to date informationabout currentMission Alerts and Daily Llamas on your device. Youmay alsosubscribe to receive Push Notifications for importantLlamas andRewards.★Research Reminder: Schedule a notification whenit's timeto collect your Research Points!★Player Profile andCooldowns: Getup to date information and stats for any FortniteSave the WorldPlayer Profile including Mission Alert and Stormcooldowns.★Collection Book: Keep track of the Heroes, Traps, PeopleandWeapons that you own or have booked making it easier for youtochoose Rewards. Includes a supporter features that cansummarizeyour Book state and show only the missing items.★WeaponsDatabase:View info and compare stats between all Fortniteweapons.★XPUpgrade and Retire/Reclaim Calculator, see how much XPis needed toreach a target level or how much you will gainbyReclaiming/Retiring the current level one★Ability and Perks Listislinked to applicable Heroes so you can quickly find Heroesmatchingyour desired traits★Data - Fortnite Save theWorld(PvE)★★Information on all the Hero Classes and Subclasses,alongwith all Abilities, Perks and Support/TacticalBonuses★Overview ofSupport and Tactical Bonuses as well asinstantly view thecorresponding Heroes★Information on all Traps(perrarity) includingstats and material requirements.★List of Resourcesand their usesin crafting★Information about important features andCollectionBook Rewards★The latest tips from your fellow players inthecommunity★Information about Survivors and the Survivor Squadsystemand how to optimize your Squad setup★A Monster informationbank ofall the monsters in the Fortnite World.If you ever encounteranyproblems, notice something wrong with the data or havesuggestionsfor features, please use the Feedback button in the App,we alwaysrespond and appreciate your involvement in the future oftheCompanion App. Thanks in advance from your fellow Fortnite SavetheWorld and Battle Royale players!This is an UnofficialCommunityDriven Fortnite App and has NO affiliation with EpicGames™LegalNoticeEpic Games, Inc. Epic, Epic Games, the Epic Gameslogo,Fortnite and the Fortnite logo are trademarks orregisteredtrademarks of Epic Games, Inc. in the United States ofAmerica andelsewhere. All rights reserved.
Memes Wars 3.9.9
- Open world, do what you want - It’s a multiplayer game, playwithfriends and other players around the world - More than 30cars,tanks, motorcycles, helicopters - Inventory with hundredsofobjects - Different maps - 3 modes in multiplayer:Teamfight,Dogfight, Sandbox - No limits, it’s a real sandbox game,have fun!
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 1.2.7d
Become the Amazing Spider-Man in this open-world 3D adventurefullof crime-fighting, web-slinging, and non-stop action as youfacethe web-slinger’s greatest challenge yet! New York is underthreatfrom a city-wide crime spree and only our hero Spider-Man canstopit! Standing in his way are Venom, the Green Goblin, Electroandother nefarious villains. Can Spider-Man restore order andsafetyto Manhattan?! THE OFFICIAL GAME OF THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2MOVIE• Web-sling, wall-climb and web-shoot as the fast andquick-wittedSpider-Man! • An original story expands on the highlyanticipatedMarvel film! • Go beyond the Sony movie and into thecomics withnew characters such as Black Cat and Screwball. • UnlockSpider-Mansuits such as Symbiote Spider-Man, Iron Spider andUltimate ComicsSpider-Man! • Face off against famous villains suchas Venom, theGreen Goblin, Electro, and Kraven the Hunter! •High-quality voiceacting and 3D cinematic action cutscenes bringthe movie experienceto life! CUTTING-EDGE GAME EXPERIENCE • Intensecombo-focused crimefighting! Defeat Spider-Man’s greatest enemies –from street thugsto super villains such as Electro and Venom – withcrazy acrobaticfighting styles! • Marvel at the amazinghigh-quality, fluidanimations as you swing freely through theopen-world city likenever before! • Take the fight to the sky withaction-packed aerialcombat! • Unleash devastating combos throughenhanced icon controlsfor an intense action game experience!MASSIVE ENHANCEMENTS TO THEULTIMATE PLAYGROUND • Adventure in alarger 3D open-world Manhattanwith 6 detailed districts to explore,from the bustling TimesSquare to picturesque Central Park! •Console-like 3D graphicsoffer a bigger, better, and more beautifulexperience. • Be thehero in a deep story that takes you on anexciting adventure,showcasing 6 legendary villains and a super setof side missions! •Amazing heroic social events, including battlingwaves of bossesand opponents in Mysterio’sArena!_____________________________________________ For fans ofactiongames, fighting games, comics, Marvel, and super-heromovies._____________________________________________ Visit ourofficialsite at Follow us on Twitterat or like us on Facebookat to get more info about allourupcoming titles. Check out our videos and game trailerson Discover our blogat for the inside scooponeverything Gameloft._____________________________________________This app allows you topurchase virtual items within the app andmay contain third-partyadvertisements that may redirect you to athird-party site. PrivacyPolicy : Terms of Use: End User License Agreement:
Mine fight - pixel city 2.7
MGame Maker
help Lee chan to liberate the pixel cityfrombad guys and use all the fighting techniques he learnedalso use weapons during combat is likelydefeat bad guys to earn money and buy more weapons too andupgradestamina / health- Game PLAYuse joysticks to move around and control the camera toobuttons on the right make combat easier - hold player handusingdeface buttonclimb ,jump and step up over obstacles- Weaponsin mine fight you can made your own weapon .so you can craftwhilefightingwith which you can craft your own using money ,wood , stoneandcrafting abilitywood plankpixel batcrafting Axescubic cleaverwood crowbarcubic hummermetal pipecraft shovelstone sword**featuresDrive cars using steering wheelgreat cars controlling systemdeferent cars types*** Game modeStory modeEpic fighting modeMy monster player mode*** weaponsPixel gunsCubic booms*** PlayerSkins Edit for PlayerAI ally fighting against enemies- Game STORYLee chan is a guy that need to liberate block city frombadguysto revenge from all bad things they done to his family and peopleheloveso he need to craft weapons using basic materials and hisfightingtechniques
Turtle Hero: Superheroes Open World Ninja Battle 1.5
Be a live and sprightly chum in this outlandish battle ofrescuegames and authenticate the buff of your driving aptitudes andsuperpowers by substantiating yourself a set up performer ofsuperherogames. There is extremely risky fight in thisincomprehensiblebattle of hero games in which you need to precedeyour fictionalcharacter against the evils. You have to finish yourexpeditionagainst a long list of superheroes who are now on a jointventurewith their strange powers. You must need to monitor thedifferenttraits of each and every fictional hero and spare yourselffrom therealistic physics and martial arts, they are expertin.Get-up-and-make special efforts of survival games by makingandensuring the security of your city performing the role ofthelegend of the city as was the case before this foreign invasionofopen world games.Apparently it seems an epigrammatic battlewherethe comic hero seems not in somewhat authoritative manner butit isonly a false fallacy on the part of the spectator. Beforethebombastic efficiency of the turtle hero, the superheroes aremerepuppets whose very fates are in the hands and controls ofyourpowerful hero. He had a cosmic capability of the same concernwhenhe had the same and severe battle against the gangsters,criminals,terrorists of flying games. He is well proficient in theuse ofninja, karate, punch, kick and kung Fu. In order to make theenemyfeel the brunt of his real powers, he acts like a gangsterandsnatches the cars, bikes and buses to reach hisdestinations.Inthis game, turtle hero scuffles with all the fabledsuperheroes ofhero games like hammer hero, rope hero, and claws xhero, ironhero, bat hero, captain hero and spider hero. He conteststhisconflict heroically and brings ragdoll effects to the pack okdarkforces of superhero games. It is a time for you todisguiseyourself as turtle hero and clash with superheroes ofrescue gamesin an open world battle. You must act like a realavenger againstthe bulky pack of ravishing hounds of survivalgames. Accomplishthe role of the defender of the city anddemonstrate that you areabove all these gargantuan mortals even ifthey contend against youin an assemblage. Mark the responsibilitiesof the savior of thecity of open world games fresh with the skillsyou retain atphysical and mental level and cause devastation in thelines ofyour adversaries.
Exploration Lite Craft 1.0.8
An amazing infinite blocky open world to build, craft andexplore.Exploration Craft lets you be the reality crafting god! Asa minerand adventurer, you need to build constructions out oftexturedcubes in this 3D block world. You may also need to combatagainstevil monsters in the evening using the weapons mined andcrafted inthe daylight. Explore, mine resources, craft tools andweapons,grow plants, raise you own mounts and cast magic spells.There areno limits to your creativity and imagination in this liteand proversion of the game!Game Features:- Deep tutorial and tonsof 3Delements- Procedurally generated open world sandboxenvironment-Create your own castles using blocks and otherelements- Train andraise mobs/mounts to help you fight againstmonsters
Super Spider Fight 1.0.0
Experience the ultimate spider contest. Embark on excitingjourney.You are a superhero, you have to find the angry criminal,who hasescaped from the prison. The villain has a cruel plan tokidnapyour girlfriend. Stop him! Your main mission is to catchthecriminal and save people! Call up for the police to let themtakehim away while you deal with the mightiest super villain topreventthe total destruction!Embark on exciting journeyFly overtherealistic cityClimb up the highest buildingReceive bonusesandchallenge vile villain!Explore dynamic missions and completeallthe quests!Check special quest maps and receivetips.Strategizeyour survival plan.Improve your abilities andspecial moves.
Incredible Monster City Hero 1.6
Get ready to test your brain & reflexes in a 3D stealthmutantopen world free roam incredible strange mutant monster cityheroopen world action adventure simulation game. Theeventfulenvironment of this incredible game allows you to feel likea truemonster super hero of city full of criminals,terrorists,gangsters, mafia & street thugs to fight. This freeto roamaction adventure simulation 3D open world game withthrilling level& missions truly allows you to become hero ofheroes. To defeat& kill the terrorists, gangsters &criminals use your supermutant strange monster powers & combatfighting & gunshooting skills. Kill all the villain terroriststo rescue &help people of your city & country. Unlike anyhero you do notneed any special supernatural rope to lift cars& throw them.Evil terrorists have a plan to defeat army navy,military & airforce to take over your city. Fight along withmilitary navy, army& air force to help them kill the villainterrorists to saveyour city. Be a super mutant monster strange herofor the people ofyour city as well as for the military commandoarmy soldiers. Thisgame is all about fighting, shooting, driving& challengingmissions in war of mutant super strange monsterhero against thevillain terrorists to save the city. The residentsof your citydemand peace & protection as the roads of the cityare filledwith terrorists & criminals instead of the routinetraffic& every street has a number of mafia thugs &gangsters.Army military is also trying to combat the villainterrorists withtheir modern weapons & guns like assault rifles,m4a1, snipers& machine guns but it won’t be possible withoutyour supermonster mutant hero strange powers. Join hands withmilitary navy,army & air force to defeat the terrorists withthe help oftheir aircrafts, fighter jets, sniper shooters, weapons,guns &fearless commando soldiers. Not only these but militaryarmy hastrained special sniper shooters & developed specialsteelbattle mech robots for this mission. Drive, drift, drag &racecars on the city roads full of traffic, free roam the hugecity,shoot the terrorists & complete plenty of objectives&missions to save your city from terrorists. Use variousdifferentweapons & guns to win this war. Terrorists are goingto rely onshooting so be ready to counter their attacks and shootback. Saveyour city to prove that you are the best shooter & atrue superstrange monster mutant hero in this free to play openworld freeroam game.
Super Spider Hero Rope City 1.1
With a whole city to roam around & a lot of missions tocompleteSuper Spider Hero Rope City takes action super hero gamesto a wholenew level. Super Spider Hero Rope City is an open worldfree roamsuper hero game with plenty of action filled thrillingmissions inan immersive 3D city environment. Save the day byhelping theresidents of the city & defeating the evilcriminals in thisthrilling action filled super strange spider herogame. Streetthugs, mafia gangsters & terrorists all arevillains that wantto disturb the peace of your city. As a greathero with strangemutant powers & your special rope it’s yourjob to stop themall, send them to jail & save the city. Youhave always beenpeople’s savior. You have always served your city& put the evilcriminals in jail. No matter whether thecriminal are street thugs,terrorists or mafia gangsters they allfear you. They know what youare capable of, they know how skilledyou are in fighting, combat& gun shooting. On top of that theyhave seen your super spiderstrange powers. They are well aware ofthe fact that their bloodymodern weapons & guns are no matchfor you mutant strange superpowers & that is what make themfear you. Use your specialmutant rope to pull various objects& villains & criminalstowards you. Your special rope isthe key to victory. Be the heroyou city & its residentsdeserve & save it from the evilplans & games of thevillains & criminals. As a hero it’syour duty to protect thecity & its residents so use yourstranger mutant powers todefeat the villains, street thugs, mafiagangsters &terrorists. It’s not just a duty, it’s a war againstcrimes &the evil criminals & villains, their plans &games.Roamaround the city freely in this open world free actiongame. A vastenvironment full of buildings, cars & roads toenjoy. Fly, run,fight& combat the villains & criminalsthroughout the city.Use your strong rope & spider hero strangepowers on all sortsof criminals like street thugs, mafia gangsters& terrorists tosave your city & its peace. The city roadsare always full oftraffic & pedestrians which means that youneed to be alert atall times. As a quick spider hero with strangepowers & strongrope you are responsible for their safety. Winthis war against thecriminals & villains at all cost & putan end to their evilplans & games once and for all to restorethe peace of city& secure the residents of the city. Combat thevillains &criminals & put them in jail. For the whole cityyou arealready a super spider hero with strange powers & mutantropebut winning this war will escalate your rank to a legend. Winthiswar to be a legendary spider hero!Features of this game:-Openworld 3D city environment- Fly, fight & save the city likeasuper hero- Addictive gameplay- Plenty of challengingmission-Realistic sound effects
Ultimate Rope Hero Ninja City 2.0
Set in a 3D warfare city environment Ultimate Rope Hero NinjaCityallows you to free roam & save the day as a truemirrorsuperhero fighting squad. Ultimate Rope Hero Ninja City is a3Dopen world free roam simulation action game with a lot ofthrillingmissions where you will get to use your supernaturalmutant superstrange powers to save the day, do anything you want& be thehero. With a lot of duties to perform, people torescue, enemyterrorists to defeat & buildings to climb thisvictory fightgame will keep you thrilled for hours. Be the flysuperhero of yourvery own heroic war city in this free to play openworld superherosim with strange fighter mutant ninja powers game.Every city needsa futuristic war super hero to balance &eradicate the evilspread by street crime gangsters, mafia thugs,terrorists &other criminals. Luckily your ninja city has gotyour legendsuperhero fly tactics! The ultimate superhero fightsquad is withsuper mutant fps rope hero & strange powers. Youhave beenperforming your duty & fighting crime for a long timenow whichhas earned you the title of ultimate rope hero of ninjacity. Youhave saved your hero city evolved from street crimeterrorists,enemy invaders, street gangsters & mafia vice thugsopen carenemy. Crimes might be fun & vice crisis action gamesoffighting for them & it is your duty to put an end to theirvicegames & evil plans with the help of your super mutantlegendrope ninja & supernatural strange superhero fightingpowers.You fight every battle like it’s the last fight of warriorbattle.You work together with the police & military officer toensurethat the hero city simulator stays peaceful. You never allowthecriminals & terrorists to escape. Roam around the superherorpgfighting city freely as it is an open world free roamsuperherofight squad game & save the day by helping theresidents ofyour city by chase grand enemy. You’ll have to dealwith criminalsusing sniper guns & all modern weapons includingsniper toshoot in order to eradicate the people. Shooting in thecity roadscannot be tolerated at any cost. You’ll have to fight& combatcriminals, get control of their modern weapons &guns &stop the shooting. Police & military officer needs asuperherohelp to controlling the criminals, gun shooting &keeping thecity peaceful. Work together with police & armymilitaryofficer to ensure that everyone living in your futuristicwar cityfeels safe. Use a tactical approach to battle street crime.Useyour mutant fps rope hero and strange super legend powers ofninjato climb the buildings. Use super strange hero powers &variousmodern weapons & guns to combat the criminals &terrorists.Rescue the residents of your city from varioussituations. Ninjacity needs the ultimate rope hero & only youhave the abilitiesto be one. Save your city & shine like a truesuper rope ninjacity hero!
A Girl Adrift 1.366
◆ Open World Growing Tap game: Drifting Girl!◆ A funtap-RPG-fishinggame!◆ The adventures of a Drifting Girl in theworld that has beensubmerged in water!◆ Cures insomnia in thebeautiful sound of theseaHomepage■■■■■GameIntroduction ■■■■■The survival of a girl who drifts around inaworld that was submerged in water!A new open world gamebyDAERISOFT, a popular Google Play game developer!Let’s fishandexplore in the world you have never seen before!■■■■■ GameFeatures■■■■■■ First release of a college students’ developmentteam, TeamTapas!Please expect more contents to be updated!■Communicationgame where we communicate with users to make a fungame together!-It’s true! - I could not believe it at firsteither!■ A new gamethat drifts you into tomorrow!- It’s true! - Istarted playingwithout thinking...-■ A healing game that heals yourmind withbeautiful sound effects!- Again, true! - It cured my 30years ofinsomnia.-■ A beautiful game where you can learn aboutamazing fisharound the world!- True, again! - I’ve never seen fishlike thesebefore. LOL.Fishing? RPG? A fun-filledtap-RPG-fishinggame!Infinite collection!Heal your heart with softcolors, graphicsand sounds!Every review you leave encourages us tomake a bettergame. Thank you!
Kingdom Quest Crimson Warden 3D RPG 1.22
Ready for a true Fantasy RPG with a fantastic story? CrimsonWarden,an open world fantasy RPG set in a fantastic environment.Your herois The Crimson Warden, one of the King's elite warriorsthat mustsecure people in the cursed realms until the armyarrives. Embark ona fantastic journey filled with hundreds ofenemies and try toupgrade your hero's skills & attributes tofight better. ✔ Evenif it features vast 3D worlds and dynamic andinteractive action,Crimson Warden is resource friendly, justaround 100 mb and workssmoothly on phones & tablets. Gamefeatures: ◆ True Fantasy RPGGameplay. Guide your hero throughvarious worlds completing questsand fighting countless enemies.Upgrade your hero and level up. ◆Leveling & Upgrades. You canendlessly level up your hero basedon experience points received inbattles. Use loot to upgrade yourhero's skills and improve hisstats. ◆ Hundreds of Quests. TheFantasy RPG story unfolds as youadvance in the game and there aremore than 120 quests you mustcomplete, including side quests. Trackyour progress on themini-map. ◆ Hoards of Enemies. Fight againstmore than 20 differentenemies, from the luring Mermaids to Goblin,Orcs and many more.Destroy breakable objects (crates, chests etc.)to collect gold. ◆3D Fantastic Open World. Crimson Warden has abeautiful 3Denvironment with a fantastic touch. Control the viewingangle andenjoy a dynamic & interactive world. ◆ Musics andsoundtracks.Crimson Warden is accompanied by an upbeat soundtrackthat coupledwith its 3D graphics and gameplay offers an immersiveFantasy OpenWorld RPG experience for all players. Install it now toenjoy agreat 3d fantasy role playing game experience Forsupporting,opinion and suggestion don't forget to rate and reviewthe game ✔Follow us for the latest info and game news!▶▶▶▶
Holy Craft 2.3.9
Holy Craft- The best gamewithcreativemultiplayer modes and survival modes! A game in thestyleof asandbox. You are waiting for huge opportunities inconstructionandincredible exciting adventures in the cubic world.You canbuildalmost everything that your imagination is capableof.Explore all the places on the map, gather resources, createtoolsandweapons for construction and provide full protectionfrompredatorsand monsters at night. You can hunt and plantanimals,grow farmingplants.Multiplayer for you and your friend on one Wi-FiCreate your own worlds and upload them to multiplayermodeforothers.You can turn off monsters and predators.Graphics Super HD !!!Enjoy !!!
Enjoy the fastest and most complete open sandbox that alsohasrotation and no adverts :). Create anything with 35+differentmaterials in an open environment, play around, drawdifferentdesigns that use the interactions between elements, andwatch theresult. Or just blow everything up!If you would like tojoin thecommunity, to share designs or get the betaversions: get in touch with an email for any reason, I willdefinitelyreply :).
Cube Z (Pixel Zombies) 1.0.11
Cube Z (Pixel Zombies) is a new online 3D multiplayerzombiesurvival shooter for your Android device!It is addictive,capturingand dynamic pixel survival game. To survive at the time ofzombieapocalypse, join forces with your friends in hour of need andblitzthe enemy. Keep an eye on your vitals, drink, eat and be alertfordanger in the block city! Play with friends, find food,guns,weapons to SURVIVE in the massive open world map. MainFeatures:*Multiplayer online action, play with your friends forFREE!* 3Dopen world pixel map to explore – 1.5 x 1.5 km!*Deathmatch mode –kill everyone and show them who is the boss:become the only winnerin deathmatch competition! * Evil games mode– one chance to win:grab a gun and become the last man standing! *ZOMBIES ZOMBIESZOMBIES all around!* Choose from an array of bonecrushing weaponsto rip apart any opponent and tank up with strongcars and blockytanks * Find all the clothes, gear and weapons tohelp yousurviveAnd even more:- 200+ subjects- 180 craft recipes-Charactercustomization- Farms and magic mushrooms- Day to nightchange-Сrafting, sand box - Voice chat to talk with friendsIf youlikewar, FPS or shooting games, Cube Z (Pixel Zombies) is rightchoice:try to survive among dozens of zombies in a real apocalypse!
Stellar Wanderer 10085
Stellar Wanderer is a beautiful space opera set in a vastopen-worlduniverse, the same universe as our sister game: StrikeWing: RaptorRising. Grow your skills and choose the best path thatsuits yourplay style. Become a FIGHTER, TRADER, TANK or ENGINEER,each withits own bonuses and special abilities. Follow the mainstoryline orchoose the side missions you would like to play. Minefor resourcesor be the most dangerous pirate in thegalaxy.Experience a varietyof gorgeous space sets, each withseveral interest points. Earncredits for the ship of your choiceor choose multiple ships! Tuneyour ship with more than 100 itemsthat are currently available inthe game.• 10+ hours of gameplay tocomplete the story line• Useaccelerometer or virtual joystick•Cockpit view for a more immersivefeeling or third person view forbetter observation• Fight, mine,explore, trade• Gorgeous visualswith unique atmosphere for eachspace set.Follow us for the latestinfo and game news!•••••
Simple Sandbox 1.4.9
Simple Sandbox - это строительная песочница от первого лицасхорошей физикой, основанная на манипуляции с любымиигровымиобъектами , в которой вы можете строить все что угодновместе сдрузьями, так как в игре присутствует многопользовательскийрежим!так же в игре представлено разнообразие вооружения итранспортныхсредств. Сейчас игра находится на ранней стадииразработки, поэтомумногое из задуманного еще не реализовано, нобудет исполнено взапланированных обновлениях.Simple Sandbox -Sandbox is aconstruction of the first person with a good physics,based on themanipulation of objects with any game, in which you canbuildanything you like with your friends, as the game has amultiplayermode! Also in the game is represented by a variety ofweapons andvehicles. Now the game is in the early stages ofdevelopment, somuch of the planned has not yet been implemented,but will befulfilled in the planned upgrades.
Block City Wars: Pixel Shooter with Battle Royale 7.1.4
D-Games Apps
5..4..3..2..1.. Welcome to the modern arena where fast cars,sniperduels and fun bandits war at every turn! Look sharp, shootingiseverywhere, there are almost no rules on these streets. Discoveralot of interesting missions about gangsters and cops, bangs,mafiaand police. Get ahead of other hunters for coins, weapons andammoyou can find around. Creative ways of fun and action - thatblockcity might need a little destruction to shake things up. We’vemadeeverything for fans of tough 3d battlegrounds - plasmaguns,destroyer, super rifles, a lot of armor types and manyotherexciting things, you should try out! Accomplish impossibleopsgiven by mafia bosses, where critical goals depend totally onyou!Drive awesome cars, parkour and escape from police. Bad guyorhero, adventures are waiting for you. Take your pixel gun and gotothe Block City! Welcome to third person shooter - Block CityWars:⊹ 13 great multiplayer modes: Team Deathmatch, Free PVPFight,Pixel Hunter, Tank Battles, Street Race and Infection Zombiemode.⊹ A vast megalopolis with top high skyscrapers where you arefreeto do whatever you want ⊹ More than 50 means of transport:sportscars, motor-cycles, jet packs, military helicopters andtakns. ⊹Export awesome skins to minecraft from the game. ⊹ Morethan 100weapon units – Ak47, MINIGUN, Sniper rifle, RPG, Katana andmanymore! ⊹ Full game stats and daily winners lists. ⊹ More than150000 players online a day. ⊹ A game chat for players tocommunicatewith each others. ⊹ Different gangster jobs in SingleSandbox mode.⊹ Awesome pixel graphics with dynamic light.
Sandbox Experimental 1.4.3
Sandbox Experimental - это физическая песочница от третьего лица,снебольшим открытым миром, в которой вы можете строить вместесдрузьями . Разнообразность вооружения и транспортных средств.Вигре присутствует многопользовательский режим.SandboxExperimental- a physical sandbox in the third person, with a smallopen-world,in which you can build with your friends. Diversity ofweapons andvehicles. The game features a multiplayer mode.
Cool Craft - Pocket Edition 1.0
Cool Craft - Sandbox game withCreativeandSurvival Mode is just like Minecraft is a sandboxvideogamecreated and designed by Swedish game designerMarkus"Notch"Persson, and later fully developed and publishedby"Mojang". Thecreative and building aspects of Minecraftenableplayers to buildconstructions out of textured cubes in a3Dprocedurally generatedworld. Other activities in the gameincludeexploration, resourcegathering, crafting, and combat.Multiplegameplay modes areavailable, including a survival modewhere theplayer must acquireresources to build the world andmaintainhealth, a creative modewhere players have unlimitedresources tobuild with and theability to fly, an adventure modewhere playerscan play custommaps created by other players, and aspectator modewhere playerscan fly around and clip through blocks,but cannotplace or destroyanyCubic world of endless possibilities and exciting adventures.Explore all places of the world,collect resources, buildtoolsandweapons,ensure yourself complete protection frompredatorsandmonsters.
Speed Legends - Open World Racing 2.0.1
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Speed Legends takes the mobile racing & car drivinggenreto a whole new level by adding an addictive career mode, agiganticopen world, extreme car tuning, stunning graphics and themostrealistic car physics ever on mobile.★ HUGE OPEN WORLD: Nomorebarriers everywhere! This is the game that you can finallydriveeverywhere, join the fantastic street challenges in the hugeopenworld and drive your customized car to explore astonishingplaces!You are not limited to dry asphalt here, just get a SUV andexplorethe fantastic offroad places. All you need here is yourinstincts,real driving & drifting skill and a brave desire toexplore newworlds!★ REAL DRIVING, REAL TALENT: In this world, noteverybodycan easily drive and look like an expert. You need tomaster yourskills because driving a real car is not only aboutsteering rightand left! You can actually control your car and feelthe horsepower under the hood here! These streets are not forarcadedrivers, only the skilled drivers have the ability toactuallydrive these cars and show off their extreme car driving&drifting skills to everyone! Drift on the famous streets andburnsome rubber with your super car. Speed Legends is not just aracinggame, but it is also a drifting, off road, car drivingsimulatorand an engineering game!★ UNLIMITED TUNING: You can turnany carinto a super car in this world! Buy a car at the car shopandinstall body and performance parts. Upgrade your carsacceleration,top speed and handling by installing betterturbochargers, engines,transmission systems, gearboxes and more tobuild your real racingmonster! Pick your favourite bumper, sideskirt, rim, spoiler andmany more to create your own racing style!You can paint each bodypart individually to show your uniqueimagination! The legend ishere!★ CHALLENGE THE STREETS: Racing& car driving and driftinghas never been so much fun before!Drive to the addictive streetchallenges and win them to collectmore cups and make some money!Buy your dream car and customize itin the tuning shop! Move up indriving leagues to show your racingexpertise to everyone with thebest car driving simulator of 2017.From drifting to exitingparkour challenges, Speed Legends is thebest racing and driftinggame on mobile. ★ KEY FEATURES• Huge openworld map: Cities,villages, mountains, beaches and all in one giantmap!• Fantastictuning and customization: Body kits, rims, vinyls,engines,turbochargers and more!• Countless cars: Sports cars,SUVs,Electric cars, Super cars, Drifting cars, OffroadVehicles...•Stunning 3D graphics: The most realistic driving gameever!•Realistic car physics: If you master this game, you can getadriving license or become a mechanic!• Real engine sounds:Realstudio recorded engine sounds!• Realistic drifting physics:SpeedLegends is also the best drifting game.• Addictive challenges:Onceyou join these street challenges, you will never stop untilyoubeat every one of your competitors!• Realistic cockpit view:Racingin car has never been so much fun before. • The best cardrivingsimulator: The most realistic driving and drifting physics!•Thebest car drifting game on mobile!• No need to be online:TotallyOffline Gameplay!Download the best car driving game tofulfill yourneed for speed!This is just the beginning...SpeedLegends will beupdated regularly with your suggestions. Don'tforget to leave areview with your feedback.Follow the community onFacebookat the best openworldracing & car driving game now!
The Sandbox Evolution - Craft a 2D Pixel Universe! 1.6.7
Craft a pixel paradise or destroy the world with your Godly 8bittouch in The Sandbox Evolution, the #1 pixel art worldbuildinggame. Build a world that’s custom crafted for fun, withadvancedphysics, over 170 elements and fully controllable heroes.Craft apixel dungeon, puzzle, city or anything in between - In TheSandboxEvolution, your world can be up to 10x bigger than in theoriginalSandbox game. Create a game, make pixel art, or craftworlds withambient life, traps, platforms and enemies. The universeis yoursto build in The Sandbox Evolution. There are no limits toyourcreativity and imagination! Ghostbusters return to TheSandboxEvolution! Snap up the 4 heroines, Ghosts and campaign foralimited time only! The Sandbox Evolution Features: BUILD AWORLDPIXEL BY PIXEL - Craft a pixel world from scratch, or usetemplates- Tap to drop elements, pinch to zoom & pan to scroll- Buildworlds up to 10x bigger than in the previous Sandbox gameUNLEASHELEMENTS - 170 elements can be mixed and matched for uniqueresults- Manipulate Mud, Water, Sand, Fire, Metal, Electricity,Acid, Lavaand more CREATE LIFE - Playing God starts with a tap. AddDogs,Bears, Sabertooth Tigers and more to your world - Create treesandplants to add beauty to your world - Craft a city withHouses,Castles and Igloos - Create dynamic life on your world withAIHumans BUILD YOUR CIVILIZATION - Craft wonders like theParthenonand Giza Pyramid - Diversify your civilization withcharacters fromaround the world DESTROY THE WORLD OR CREATE NEWTECHNOLOGY -Destroy it all with C4, Meteorites, Nitro, TNT or evena Nuke -Craft tech like Batteries, Crosswires, Bulbs, LEDs, Sensorsandmore PIXEL ART & 8-BIT MUSIC - Pixel art maker is simpleandfun - 8 Bit pixel art drawing with 100+ colors - Createretrochiptune songs BUILD A GAME OF YOUR OWN - Craft game elementslike4x4 pixel blocks, platforms, portals, traps and enemies -Videogame maker features controllable hero characters forinstanttesting - Shoot with Arnold, fly with Fujin and more -Create yourown game with 8bit pixel platformer levels in less thana minuteBUILD A RUNNER GAME - Runner Campaign with speedy newlevels -Create your own runner game with new extra long maps -RunnerHeroes let you double jump and hover BROWSE & SHAREONLINE -Share your worlds with other players - Search worlds bykeyword orby tags (pixel art, music, arcade, etc.) - Filter by theNewest orHottest creations - Rate your favorites and get inspired -Followyour favorite Players and Top Creators - Bookmark yourfavoritelevels to revisit them anytime - Save and Sync progressonline withFacebook or Email - Leaderboards for levels – Can yourank #1?CHALLENGE CAMPAIGNS & DAILY QUESTS - See the universegetcreated over 13 campaign levels - Explore a prehistoricworld,fighting Bears and Wolves with the Caveman - Pixel arttutorials inthe zen drawing Pixel Art Campaign - Daily Quests:Challenge thebest levels. Build your own for a chance to befeatured - Collectloot and use new power-ups like Turbo BoostNATURAL DISASTER GAMES- Disasters Campaign: A new campaign based onreal naturaldisasters - Tornado: Guide the tornado and blow theworld away(literally) - Earthquake: Shake it up with the epicentergenerator- Lightning: Shoot lightning from your fingertips - Nuke:Drop theultimate bomb JOIN OUR COMMUNITY OF 740,000 FANS! - Followus onTwitter: - Like us onFacebook: Each new Update of TheSandboxEvolution will bring even more elements, heroes andcampaigns!You’ll see… no one could ever dream a better world thanyours!Download The Sandbox Evolution and build your world today!
Water Physics Simulation 1.1.2
Do you like liquid simulations? Do you like the flow behaviorofwater? Do you like bomb explosions? If yes, then you will havemuchfun with the Physics Sandbox app. [by]Threephysics simulations in One: 1. Shipping / Raft Survival: Youcanbuild your own ship or use a pre-builted boat and try tosurvive,if you go on a raft trip with your boat now. 2. PowderGame: If oneuse the real-time sandbox, then you can play with ourbombsimulator or simulate diverse states of waterbody underdifferentinfluences in every areas of the room. Furthermore you canbuildfor example a house and let it explode later. 3. Liquidsimulator:One can watch various structures, ships, buildings, dustetc. andthey interact together in different forms, if youinsertprefabricated user-actions like a spawner... into theSimulation.Features: - this game is free! - a) sandbox, build forexamle awall and throw bombs to it (Powder Game) - b) raftsurvival(shipping mode) - c) 24 prefabricated level designs(simulationmode) - construct your own boat with 13 different singleparts of aship - 6 prefabricated levels in the section "shipping" -one canadd to a own constructed boat 4 prefabricated - furthermore:5bombs types + 5 upgrades per bomb with different explosions -4000water particles (soft bodies /powder/ dust) - watch thegeneralbehavior of fluid, e.g. pressure, flow behavior, spread intheobservation room, special effects, etc. - build and controlyourboat - create various structures like a house, a seesaw, atower... be creative And now have fun with our free physicsgameeverybody! by This game is free, but shows
LostMiner beta 1.2.5
Indie sandbox game with mining, crafting and explorationelements.It has a side-view camera, mixing 2D and 3D, with polishedpixelgraphics! You can do everything you want, in aprocedural,pixelated and fully destructible world, with plenty ofdifferentbiomes and secrets! Place and break blocks, build a house,ananimal farm, chop trees, craft new items, gather resources,battlemonsters, dig and explore the secrets of a randomunderground, tryto survive! The deeper you go, harder it gets!LostMiner is farfrom being just another crafting/2D blocky game, ithas plenty ofnew ideas, and was designed thinking specifically onmobiledevices, with easy controls and intuitive crafting system,offeringyou an addictive and great gaming experience to beplayedeverywhere! LostMiner is 100% indie, still underdevelopment(currently in beta), you can expect new features onevery update.If you want to suggest any feature, or have anyquestion, feel freeto contact me ([email protected]). Letsbuild LostMinertogether! ;) Enjoy! Game Features: - Simple Controls- PixelGraphics - Procedural World - Creative and Survival modes-Intuitive Craft System - A lot of secrets and random elements-supports MultiPlayer ( -Tutorials( -Underconstruction - free!
City Car Driving Simulator 3 1.5
City Car Driving Simulator 3 is a open world car drivinggame.Complete the missions, feel free to drive around and explorethecity. But be careful about cops on your tail!Including 5mods;-Free Roam- Survival- Trailblazer- Gateway- Pursuit (Bethecop)Features;✔︎ Simple and intuitive control✔︎ Steering:touchbutton control, or tilt✔︎ Realistic graphics✔︎ Realisticandaccurate physics✔︎ Cool cars✔︎ Traffic system✔︎ Chasingcops✔︎Customization and settings✔︎ Individual camera angles✔︎ Easytoplay
RoboCraft: Building & Survival Craft - Robot World 3.3.1
RoboCraft is a sandbox construction game with 3Dprocedurallygenerated world. *** GAME FEATURES *** • 3D Sandboxconstructiongame; • Huge world to explore; • Craft and destroyeverything; •Build your own shelter; • Go deep into the mines; •Gatherresources to survive; • Fight your enemies; • Creative modeto setyour imagination free.  Create and break apart various kindsofblocks, explore the environment, gather resources, craftweapons,build shelter and take part in combat with dangerousopponents. Thegame offers two modes – Survival and Creative. ► InSurvivalplayers have to collect resources, construct buildings,fightagainst enemies, manage hunger and explore the word to surviveandprosper. ► In Creative mode you focus on breaking new groundsofcreation by building the most elaborate structures you candreamof. RoboCraft is a game for adults and kids, it will entertainyoufor a long time and earn an unforgettable experience. Follow uson:FACEBOOK: not an official Mojang application. This game is notassociatedor connected with Minecraft Pocket Edition. Minecraft isa trademarkof Mojang and it is not endorsed by or affiliated withthe RoboCraftgame's creator or its licensors.
Space Craft: Exploration, building & crafting Lite 1.18
Explore the science fiction based world in this cosmos cubesandboxsimulator game! Exploration of the galaxy with solar systemsandwhole universe awaits for you! Space Craft places you in thecenterof cosmos and space of the future science fiction universe.As aone of the space marines grunt you land on the one of the newsolarsystem planet in order to explore it. Explore randomlygeneratedworlds, build and create amazing things from the simplestof homesto the grandest of fortresses and castles! Enjoy theinfinitepossibilities! Build your own intergalactic space stationin theplanet you land on! Find your way in this endless odyssey andmakeyour own star base. This is a cosmos sandbox game, so you candoeverything you want! Become an adventurer! No, no dragons.Justworld and your infinite creativity! Build structures step bystep,create awesome castles! Become a spaceman (astronaut) andexplorethe future sci-fi universe! Go for an odyssey andexploration inthe galaxy. This is no solar system you know - thereis no mars,mercury, venus, earth, jupiter, saturn, uranus orneptune. This isthe new solar system, similar to the one you know,however it isthousands of light years away from ours. You may seean ufo in starlandscape. There are only you and unexplored cosmoswith stars!Very quick and easy. All for free! This lite gamecontains: blockplacing, cube world, real time world generation. Inthis incredibleand totally free game you can destroy all theblocks, collectresources, survive and build beautiful buildings.This gamecontains a large number of different blocks with which youcancraft your own world! Build everything you want - spacestation,star shuttle, cosmos gate. Watch out for unexpected aliens,whoknows what kind of ufo are waiting somewhere in galaxy.Spaceodyssey in this cosmos simulator game awaits! Highresolutiontextures, very convenient and thoughtful game control,High FPS,without compromise! So plunge into the fantastic world ofSpaceCraft - with new worlds and adventures! Place blocks, movevoxels,dig and mine! Be a builder and build awesome structures, goforexploration and do your own epic space odyssey! Analyzethemeteorite you have found, don’t fall to the crater. Build aspaceshuttle and start the galactic wars with aliens as a spacemarinesgrunt! Wars never change! Go beyond your wildest dreams,make yourown base, mine castle or kingdom! Transform the surface ina 3Denvironment. Build shelter, fight, grow, the only limit isyourimagination! Great game for teens! Or event adults!Enjoy thedayand night cycle!Coming soon: MultiplayerCrafting itemsandweaponsSurvival modeStory mode (with ufo and bosses!)WeatherStatsand inventory Different worlds (hell, heaven, lair)Shopwitharmors, weapons and unique elite laser gun
PrimalCraft: Cubes Craft & Survive Game 3.3.1
PrimalCraft is an absolutely FREE sandbox game, where you canbuildyour own cube world. *** GAME FEATURES *** • 3DSandboxConstruction; • Free2play game; • RPG Elements; • CubeHouseBuilding; • Explore the World in RPJ Elements Game; •MULTIPLAYERbeta mode to CHAT with the real people online; • 40+Worlds toExplore; • Mining Craft & Destroying everything; •Build YourOwn Shelter/House/Town/World; • Go Deep into the Mines; •GatherResources to Survive; • Fight The Enemies; • GameAuto-saving.Crafting and building, exploration and surviving gamein which youcan explore an ancient city, immerse yourself in thecube earth,gather resources, raft blocks, and find food to survivein wildanimals’ world. Choose your type of the world: ► CreativeTryyourself as a builder that creates terrain and shelters.Exploreall the beauty of the world. It's the place to implementyourimagination where nothing limits your possibilities. ►SurvivalIt's the way for the brave ruthless adventurer. There are alot ofwild animals which treat you only as food, so be cautious.You canclone and spawn creatures using eggs in both modes. ***CREATIVEMODE FEATURES *** • Be creative! Set Your Imagination Free;•Endless gameplay; • Explore the blueprint worlds! • Buildandcreate awesome buildings and structures! • Compare yourblockworlds/towns/buildings with your friends. *** SURVIVALMODEFEATURES *** ⇒ A great number of different monsters. ⇒ AfterGameAwards. ⇒ Share your results with friends. *** PRIMALCRAFT IS*** ⇒Millions of players all around the world; ⇒ More than 100kinds ofweapons; ⇒ More than 35 maps and locations; ⇒Endlesspossibilities! ⇒ 3D game graphics! ⇒ Exploration of thesandboxblocky world! ⇒ City builder game! In PrimalCraftmultiplayer betamode you could play with real people online: - Gettogether in oneworld to show the most amazing buildings to eachother! - Discussin real chat game features or game quests; - Giveadvises to peopleonline how to build their shelters/houses/towns!Play PrimalCraftGame on your own map! Create different resources,mine or craft newitems and build your own shelter to survive in thenights, staythere and be safe from the block monsters: zombies,pumpkin headsand other aggressive monsters. Save your health andhunt downeatable animals: cows, horses, pigs, chickens etc. toovercome yourhunger mod. PrimalCraft Game allows you to customizeyour characterby choosing unique skin Survival Craft World!PrimalCraft is one ofthe best building simulator! Try it now withall your friends orfamily members and win by creating the bestcity! This PrimalCraftGame gives opportunity to design a dreamblock house in 3Denvironment, and build a whole cube town!Everything is possible onthis Adventure Game! This is all aboutPrimalCraft where all yourcity building dreams come true! Pleasegive us 5 stars and leaveyour reviews, we appreciate your support!Follow PrimalCraft on:TWITTER: Please join PrimalCraftGameCommunities! FORUM: not an official Mojang application. This game is notassociatedor connected with Minecraft Pocket Edition. Minecraft isa trademarkof Mojang and it is not endorsed by or affiliated withthePrimalCraft game's creator or its licensors.
MadOut2 BigCityOnline 6.7
MadOut Games
Number one mobile game with open world! Online mode - up to100players on map Real big territory 10 km2 Full open world Nicecarphysics with distroctions Differed car, over 40 types Manydifferedmission Crazy Russian cars Download and - enjoy the game,Inviteyou friends!
Offroad 4x4 Hill AA 1.0
Offroad hill climb АА is the open world 4x4 where you canperformawesome stunts, smash into interactive environment objectsandexplore the amazing offroad island. You can control your vehicletoclimb to face the challenges of unique environments.You havethefreedom to drive anywhere, do anything. - Real dynamic gamefeelingwith endless fun. - Easy controller. - Realisticacceleration. -Beautiful graphics. - Accurate physics.
Duty Driver 2 1.1
After 15 millions of downloads Duty Driver continues. In thisdemodifferent vehicles can be driven in open world.
AlienCraft 3D Survive & Craft: Block Build Edition 2.3.3
AlienCraft is a free sandbox game. Creative and building aspectsofthe AlienCraft enable players to build constructions outofdifferent cubes in a 3D procedurally generated (sandbox)world.There are a wide variety of items that players can kraftin.Explore the universe of unique animals and plants usingpickaxesand axes to survive or build shelters and houses.Gatherresourcesto be full and to create beautiful buildings on your owngiant cubeplanet.There are two game modes:* Survive:In this modeyou can findmonsters, which spawn depending on the difficulty, soplayer has tobuild shelter to stay alive at night. To stay alive,player cancrafting armor to reduce damage from enemies’attacks.Player has ahunger bar which must be filled by eating foodin-game. Weaponssuch as swords, bows and axes can be crafted tokill enemies andother animals easier.Player may gather resources,crafting tools,such as axes, pickaxes, dig soil and ores. Toolsmade of ores likeGold, Iron or Diamond can be used moreextensively. It takes longerto break these tools.* Creative:Playerin the Creative mode hasaccess to all of the resources and items inthe game. Player isalso able to fly around the game world. In theCreative mode,player doesn’t take damage, and does not starve. TheGame modeurges player to focus on creating huge buildings insidetheworld.If you find all items in the Creative mode and see theworldfrom the bird's-eye view you can change the type of the worldintoSurvive. It is also possible to change the type of thestrangeworld from Survive to Creative, if you don’t want to fightagainstcharacters and your passion is creating and building.Thereare alot of different alien characters in the game. You have tonotchand to craft a lot of things to be successful in these cubeworlds.Follow us in Social Medias:FACEBOOK:ФОРУМ:FORUM:
IRISM 1.94
ENP Games
Open World Fantasy MMORPG! Start your journey now!Enter the worldofIRIS: as a Theian, blessed by the power of god's servantAiaran,your role is to protect what's left of a long lost eraofpeace.Join other fellow Theians in Guilds, fight in engagingPvP,PvE and PvPvE battles to show others who's the real protectorofthe land.Claim what's rightfully yours while exploringthecontinent of Theia, overcoming the challenges itpresents.KeyFeatures:1. Real-time Open Field Battles!Real time PvE,PVP andPvPvE with your friends and guildmates in dedicatedgamemodes andin the Open World itself.2. Open up your wings!Upgradecolorfulwings to unleash your true power... and to show otherswhere youstand.3. Explore the Dungeons!Explore 25 differentdungeons withyour companions, including special Challenge Dungeonsto hunt forspecific goodies and adjustable difficulty to aim forthe bestrewards.4. Unique Character CustomizationCreate yourcharacter bychoosing from three different races and varioushairstyles and haircolors and then make it even more unique bydressing up withstylish costumes, weapon skins and various sets ofarmors.5. InsaneWorld BossesUnite with others to destroydevastating World Bossesand other powerful foes or struggle in epicGuild vs Guild warswhile doing so.6. Transform into'Luminous'Transform into one ofthree different gods of war andwreak havoc among yourenemies.Community SupportOfficial Forum: of Service: :
Pixel Worlds 1.3.10
Welcome to Pixel Worlds! In this massively multiplayersocialsandbox game you can create your own worlds and shape themthe wayyou want. BUILD Mine resources and create new blocks anditems toshape your worlds the way you want them to be! FARM Almostanythingcan be grown in Pixel Worlds! Building blocks, furniture,tools,weapons and even clothes. TRADE In Pixel Worlds you runtheeconomy! Trade blocks and items with other players, you decidetheprice. PLAY Explore Pixel Worlds universe alone or withfriends!New updates, content and events every month! JOIN THECOMMUNITYJoin us at the official Pixel Worlds Youtube channel,weeklystreams, Instagram, Forum, Twitter and Facebook!
Celtic Heroes - 3D MMORPG 3.2.2
Enter a huge 3D world of magic, warcraft and adventure in thistrueopen world 3D MMORPG for your mobile device! Team up withmillionsof players from across the globe in a truly stunningandunforgettable real-time fantasy MMO roleplaying actionadventure,in a massive 3D persistent, evolving world full ofchallengingquests, epic battles, heroic feats and new friendships!Become aCeltic Heroes legend, and lead your Clan to victory inthisincredible, unique and epic MMORPG gaming experience on yourmobiledevice with hundreds of thousands of hours of game-playavailable!★ Set out on a truly amazing MMO 3D RPG adventure acrossthe vastand beautiful lands of Dal Riata.. ★ Customise yourcharacter withunique features ★ Develop and master your skills tomatch your ownplay style,building new friendships with otherplayers! ★ Team uptogether and compete against rivals in real-time.Fight leagues oflegendary enemies including ruthless invaders,infernal imps andfire breathing dragons, crafted for war! ★ Chatand trade in-gameitems with other Celtic Heroes and Clan mates asyour quest on youradventures to bring order to the mythical landsof Dal Riata fromthreatening forces of darkness and chaos! Joinmillions of playersonline in an epic journey through a 3D MassiveMultiplayer OnlineRoleplaying open-world of Celtic MythologyFeatures: + FREE TOPLAY: true 3D MMORPG Celtic Heroes in real-time!+ 5 fullycustomisable character classes to play - Warrior, Mage,Druid,Ranger, Rogue. + Massive stunning 3D MMO open-worldgameplay(worldwide) + Chat and form Clans with hundreds ofthousands ofplayers from around the world in real-time! + RPG stylehundreds ofvaried and challenging quests to complete, inspired byCelticmythology + PvP Battles and Combat Duels challenging thebravest! +Earn & trade thousands of weapons, armour and items +Clashagainst other Clans with our new in-game Leader boards! +GameLanguage: English ➟ Supports Android 2.3.3 and up ➟ Gameaccessrequires mobile internet or wifi connection ➟ Touchscreendevicerequired to play Millions of gamers have already venturedinto theexpansive worlds of this massive 3D MMO Celtic Heroes themostimmersive 3D MMO on mobile. Join now for an epic open-worldtrue 3DMMORPG experience in real-time! Are you a true hero? DalRiataneeds you! ===== FREE ONLINE 3D MMO CELTIC HEROES! ===== VisitourMMORPG website for news and updates online: 3D MMO Celtic Heroes- Chat with otherplayers: Follow us onTwitter! Like us onFacebook! + us onGoogle+!
Vast Survival (Multiplayer) Open World. 1.0
VAST, is a brand new, open world, multiplayer survival gameformobile! The only goal is to survive on the battlegrounds, withthefeatures such as crafting, building, voice chat, militarybases,thick forests, rusty towns, hunting, and the much more willcome aswe update the game! New Battle Royale Mode comingsoon!Download nowfor FREE, all screenshots you see are taken fromgameplay!!If youhave ever wanted to play survival games like youwould find on thePC, now you can, on your mobile device!Vast alsorequires a gooddevice for the game to run smoothly, and iscurrently only in thealpha testing phase. ★FEATURES★- Multiplayerup to 26 players perroom!!- Next gen AAA 3D graphics- Voice chat-Craft weapons,clothes, and much more- Building your own base!-100KM open world-Military gear- First person, and third personviews- Aim downweapon sights- Cross platform, play with friends oniOS- Under 150MB, small download!- Not pay to win! - Hunting, huntdeer and manyother animals (will be fixed soon)- Funny interactionswith otherplayers- Many more features coming in weeklyupdatesUpdate: NEWBATTLE ROYALE MODE COMING SOON!This is not yourtypical zombiesurvival game, your enemies in Vast are not zombies,your enemy'sare other players, animals, weather, and sickness. Huntdeer andother animals to stay alive in the harsh world. Above all,pleaseremember that this game is still in development, you will runintoperformance issues, unfinished features, lack of content, lotsofbugs, and more. If you are not ready for the above, please waittoplay the final version. We will be working with the communitytomake this the best survival game, ever!If you have ideas,orsuggestions, please let us know, we always love tohearfeedback.Please read! Above all, remember Vast is in alpha, itisnot even in beta yet, this game WILL have, lag, crashes,unfinished features, lack of content, and everything else thatcomeswith alpha, if you are not ok with that, please wait until thebetarelease! Instead of leaving a bad review, try emailing us firstsowe can try to sort it out, or look into it!Thanks for playingVast,and most importantly have fun.
RealmCraft with Skins Export to Minecraft 3.3.1
★★★★★ FREE Sandbox game ★★★★★ Craft & Build & Destroy&Survive RealmCraft is a sandbox construction game with3Dprocedurally generated infinity world. *** GAME FEATURES *** •3DSandbox free construction game; • MULTIPLAYER beta mode toCHATwith the real people online; • Free to play; • RPG elements;•Build house; • Explore world in rpg elements game; • Huge worldtoexplore; • Main Crafting and destroying everything; • Buildyourown shelter; • Go deep into the mines; • Gather resourcestosurvive; • Fight your enemies; • Creative mode to setyourimagination free. Create and break apart various kinds ofblocks,explore the environment, gather resources, kraft weapons,buildshelter and take part in combat with dangerousopponents.RealmCraft is a game for adults and kids, it willentertain you fora long time and earn an unforgettable experience.OnlineMultiplayer beta mode for playing with your friends! InRealmCraftmultiplayer beta mode you could play with REAL peopleonline: • Gettogether in one world to show the most amazingbuildings to eachother! • Discuss in real chat game features orgame quests; • Giveadvises to people online how to build theirshelters/houses/towns!• Have fun with friends! • Get the mostamazing experience! Connectto the EPIC survival / action or explore& adventure. The gameoffers two modes – Survival and Creativesandbox. ► In Survivalmode players have to collect resources,hunting, crafting item,construct buildings, fight against enemies,manage hunger andexplore world to survive and prosper. ► InCreative mode you focuson breaking new grounds of creation bybuilding the most elaboratestructures you can dream of. ★★★★★Explore and Create ★★★★★ Build,delete, move, fly, jump and mine,craft in free sandbox game.Online Multiplayer beta mode for playingwith your friends! FollowRealmCraft on: TWITTER: RealmCraft OfficialWebsite: not an official Mojang application. This game is notassociatedor connected with Minecraft Pocket Edition. Minecraft isa trademarkof Mojang and it is not endorsed by or affiliated withtheRealmCraft game's creator or its licensors.
Planet of Cubes Survival Craft 4.5.4
Try Planet of Cubes Survival Craft in ONLINE MULTIPLAYER MODESwithSurvival Online & Creative Online Games! It is about tosurvivewith survival craft build battle or play creative worldcraft gameswith crafting and building in multiplayer online orsingle playeroffline. This is a new updated pocket edition formobile devices.Take your chance to battle, survive, build and blockcraft togetherwith your friends, girls, boys, kids or anyone elsearound theworld totally for free. ***ONLINE MULTIPLAYER MODES***SURVIVALONLINE MULTIPLAYER GAMES: Start survival world exploration!Miningblocks, tons of multi crafting recipes for blocks, items,food,seeds, and potions are available for you! Easy and hardsurvivebattle! Do everything to survive!Fun survival craft online:unitewith friends and build a survival ark, base, or kingdom,battlemobs and players. Create your strongest royalesurvivalteam.Organize minigames: pvp, survival arena, battle,wars,deathmatch, hunger games – all of these surviving minigamesyou canorganize with your survival team, or alone! Have fun andshow it onyoutube. Lots of pets, animals, hostile mobs! Tame, feed,breed andkill!Girl or boy? Customize your hero by using awesomeskins andarmor, then show off on the game arena. CREATIVEMULTIPLAYER ONLINEGAMES:Crafting and building! Build craft yourblock dreams: house,village, world or explore creative realms builtby your friends,help them to finish building!Fun exploration! It’sfun to explorecool buildings, block worlds and realms built byothers. Even morefun to build from zero and show your ownbuildings. ***OFFLINECREATIVE & SURVIVAL GAMES*** Play offlinesingle player gameswithout need of wi-fi for free. Surviving,crafting, building,killing, hunting, hunger games are stillavailable for your alonesurvive adventure.Friendly worldwide gamecommunity with cool boys,girls and kids are waiting for you! Joinus!YOUTUBE: CubesSurvival Multiplayer Games is not an official Mojang app.These mmoonline multiplayer free games is not associated orconnected withMojang AB and its Minecraft - Pocket Edition (MCPE).Minecraft peis a trademark of Mojang AB and it is not endorsed byor affiliatedwith the creator of Minecraft or its licensers.
Last Hope TD - Zombie Tower Defense Games Offline 3.51
Tower Defense vs Zombies: Join the ongoing war, in an openworld,against the zombie horde, scavenging raiders and otherthreatsroaming the wasteland! Choose between the best and mostpowerfulheroes in the world all with unique epic gear and skills!With thewide variety of weapons you can create your own perfectstrategy.Enjoy a visually stunning tower defense game in full 3D!AwesomeFeatures - Over 145 levels which will challenge yourstrategy. Findthe reason behind the zombie invasion, take out theraider leaderscavenging the land or fight in the arena for coinsand glory! - 10Special Heroes to choose between, the preciousPrincess, mightyBarbarian, mysterious Scout, gun crazy Mechanic,support Soldier,Mechwarrior, experimenting Scientist or therighteous Sheriff. - 12Different turrets for your tower defense,each with a uniqueresearch tree to make them even more powerful!Pierce the zombieswith arrows from an Arrow Turret, blow them topieces with a MortarBombs or electrify them with a Tesla Coil. -50+ types of enemiesto encounter while exploring the wasteland. Ifthat's not enough,go up against 5 Boss monsters that are scatteredacross the mapwaiting to rush you! - Mighty Hero skills and Epicgod skills,destroy the undead with one heavenly strike or shake thezombies bymoving the earth. - Monster Tome, useful for finding yourenemiesweaknesses! - Many hours of tower defense gameplay includingingameAchievements with rewards and also unique rewards forcompletinglevels and different challenges. - Three differentdifficultysettings: Normal, Hard & Nightmare! Challengeyourself and earnextra coins and XP by doing so! Good Luck! -Endless mode, Time toshow the world who is the greatest and has thestrongest hero.-Works offline. No internet connection is requiredto play.Experience the best Tower Defense, better than anythingyou’ve seenbefore! Download this fun free game now and get readyfor someintense battlefields and epic boss battles!
Incredible Monster vs Super Spiderhero City Battle 1.6
Are you a fan of Super Hero Adventure games? If yes than getreadyto play the best city avenger superheroes simulation game of2017.Welcome to the futuristic city of superheroes and becomeasuperhero of New York by stealth killing and performothersuperhero tasks. Spider vs Monster hero exciting action gameof asuperhero’s adventure that lets you fight criminals,gangsters,mafia lords, stop invasion and rescue hostages. All thesetask isperformed only by super heroic powers which is given to youin thisgame. Become a real super hero fighter and save your citywhich isfull of crimes and other bad activities. Enjoy the spideradventureand use all the spider boy special powers to become theepic warheroes in final battles. Defeat other super hero villainwho hasbecome the super villains of city and made friendship withworlddestroyers. Superheroes are turning against each other andthistime incredible monster has decided to take a final revengefromsuper spider heroes in this heroic battle. Big Monster hasjoinedthe gangsters, jail criminals and mafia of the crime cityanddestroying peace. They have been controlled by strange superpowersand they have forgotten they were used to be the universedefenderand were super mutant hero of this city. Get ready to playthislast battle between incredible strange mutant monster city heroandflying spider superheroes in this open world actionsimulationgame. This free to roam action adventure simulation 3Dopen worldgame comes with thrilling levels and critical missionsallows youto crush monster and defeat evil defenders. Becomeincredibleshooter and to kill terrorists, gangsters, super villainsandspider hero use your super mutant strange powers &combatfighting & gun shooting skills.In this game, you canselectyour own super hero and also customize your superhero. If youwantto play with monster incredible superhero than you can selecthim.All the super powers of incredible monster super hero is activeandyou can fight with flying spider hero and its gang members. Itsalldepends on you that whom you want to fight with. Its alsoopenworld free roaming action game. This is the most flexibleandcustomizable action and adventure simulation 3d game of 2017.Ifyou want to feel the amazing spider boy adventure in spiderworld?than select the super spider flying hero and enjoy thesuperheroaction game. Download now and play this amazing monstersuperherocity battle game and enjoy the simulation of incrediblemonsterhero. Roam freely in superhero open world and performbeautifulanimated actions of incredible bulk in this monster citybattle.
Helicopter Simulator 2017 1.8
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Take flight and be on the lookout for people in need of helpinrescue helicopters in a huge open world environment readytoexplore; with over 16 km² of area to explore and fly aroundin!Explore the world and take part in unique missions to unlockrescuecopters and more to become the best helicopter rescue pilotin oneof the best helicopter simulator games. !! HelicopterSimulator2017 contains 20 free levels !! Select your copter from aaircrafthangar full of rescue helicopters, police, military andmore! Grabhold the flight stick in a military copter like theApache or MiMil-8, state of the art police interceptor helicopters,rescue andresponse choppers, and more. Become a firefighter, rescuepeoplefrom burning cars and buildings with the helicopter totransportwater and extinguish fires. Move heavy important objectswith superpowerful electromagnets. Transport special cargo usingthe"Skylift" helicopter. Intercept dangerous criminals inhijackedtanks and take them down in Apache helicopter armedwithheat-seeking rockets to stop them causing danger. Explore thewholeopen world environment to locate one of 20 mission markers, orflyfor as long as you want and find hidden collectibles. The choiceisyours in one of the best open world helicopter flyingsimulatorgames! Use the game's helpful mini-map to assist you withmissionsspots, expand by tapping on it. Explore the huge open worldcountryenvironment discover new locations and points of interest.Exampleof missions: - Search and rescue: use your copter to rescuepeoplein dangerous weather - Firefighter: collect water andextinguishthe car crash fires. - Cargo Drop: grab special cargocontainerswith powerful electromagnets - Pursue escaping criminalcars -Airlift trapped cattle to safety - Use searchlight at nighttorescue broken down vehicles - Collect oxygen tanks fromriskyplaces - Training your helicopter skills with flying courses -Gothrough all the checkpoints as fast as possible - Escort V.I.P'stotheir secret destinations - Fire rockets to take outdangerouscriminals in tanks - Landing on a moving cargo shipsFeatures : -Huge open world, filled with exciting new places todiscover -Realistic helicopter flying simulation - Realistic flightphysics -High quality choppers - Dynamic camera angles - Easy toplay flyingcontrols, use touch and tilt controls! You can adjustthe qualitybutton to play without lag.
School of Chaos Online MMORPG
Teachers are eaten by zombies! There are no rules in thischaoticschool! FIGHT for RESPECT in this Online Multiplayer Schoolgame.Make friends! Train hard! Gear up! It's the survival ofthefittest! Introduction: This is the beginning of a very funandexciting MMORPG journey. The journey starts off at a schoolthathas become chaotic. The teachers are gone. Probably eatenbyzombies... Now the kids are free to do what they please!Soundslike fun? But wait... There are consequences that come withnothaving any authorities around. Bullies used to back off whenateacher walks by. What happens now? What would you do in suchaschool? It seems that we're back to the basics where it comesdownto the survival of the fittest! Features: • Play with thousandsofonline gamers • Quest Maker - allowing you to make your ownquestsfor others to play • 3D Open world sandbox environment allowsyouto free roam an entire school • Fully customize your characterwithover 5 billion different possibilities • Real-time marketthatenables true economy • Over 30 different fighting moves tocrushyour enemies with in real-time • Loads of weapons and armorsto aidyou along your journey • Upgrade your equipment to make themmorepowerful • Meet friends, or enemies • Create or join a clan towagewars • Buy houses, furniture, then throw a house party withfriends• Buy pets and train them to fight for you • Craft rareitems ofvarious types • Actively under development which means thisgamewill evolve greatly to meet your MMORPG desires TROUBLE? ** Ifthegame is SLOW or FREEZES at the start, please reboot your devicetofree up more memory to play the game. Any problems please leaveadetailed description in the developer support below so we cangetback to you. Thanks! **
Open Shark Hunting 1.1
Do you want to experience, the joy of hunting sharks in openwaters?Then open world shark hunting is the ideal 3d hunting gameto doso.Open world shark hunting is an addictive, adventurousandexciting game with stunning 3d graphics, specially designedforpeople, looking for some real adventure.The story of the game isasdescribed below,One day, three friends were looking forsomeadventure. That is when they got the idea to travel on the seaintheir boat. As they were travelling on the sea, at aparticularpoint, they found themselves surrounded byhungrysharks.Unfortunately, two of the friends were eaten bythesesharks. One of the friends somehow manages to escape and wantstoavenge the death of his friends. He then rushes to collect,theweapons, to hunt down the hungry sharks.This is when the opensharkhunting game begins,This 3d hunting game consists of 20levelswherein, you will be provided with different weapons to hunt,thehungry sharks.The weapons provided in this 3d shooting game areagun, bow and arrow, and spear. Use, these weapons to besteffect,to hunt, the hungry sharks in this 3d shooting game.Thereare threetypes of sharks in this game Mako shark, Tiger shark andHammerheadshark. Each of these sharks exhibits differentbehaviours.The Makosharks are blue in color and are not of theattacking type. Theyjust move in water and jump, so that you loseyour focus whiletrying to hunt them.The Tiger sharks are black incolor. Thesesharks instantly jump on to your boat and swallow you,as and whenyou reach near to them.The Hammerhead sharks are yellowin color.These sharks disturb the movement of your boat, so thatyou falloff the boat and then it attacks and kills you in water.Inthishunting game, you also have, the map for navigation along thesea,to hunt down, the hungry sharks. In each level, kill thesharks, asa shark hunter and collect the coins and diamonds, sothat you canmake purchases like unlocking the weapons, upgradingthe boat andextending the gameplay time, in this 3d adventureshootinggame.Experience, the thrill of travelling on a boat in thesea, asa shark hunter, by playing this 3d adventure shark huntinggame. Asthe game goes, be ready to face more challenges in this 3dsharkhunting game. Beware of hungry sharks in the sea, who arewaitingfor their prey, in this 3d adventure shark huntinggame.Become askilled hunter, by hunting, as many sharks as possiblein this 3dshooting game. Enjoy different graphics like the fogview,rainfall, night view etc., as a shark hunter, by playing this3dhunting game.Beware of the challenges as the game progresses,inthis gun game and sniper game, or bow hunting game and hungrysharkgame, which is one of the best shooting games and shark gamesfree,or bow and arrow games.Become a sniper shooter and shootthesharks, by playing this hungry shark game and bow hunting game,orhunting shark game and shark game for free, which is one of thetopgun games and sniper games, or shooter games and sharkeatinggames.Have fun using weapons like the sniper gun, bow andarrow,and spear, in this bow hunting game and shark attack huntinggame,or new hungry shark game free, which is one of the best sharkgamesand shark eating games, or shark games free and real sharkhuntinggames.Stay alert and do not fall prey to the hungry sharks,in oneof the best shark games free and shark eating games, orsharkfishing games and whale hunt games.Get this hungry sharkgamedownload, one of the best hungry shark games free downloadandanimal sniper hunting games, or sniper shooting games 3d, forfree.Open world shark hunting is the best 3d adventure shootinggame.Download this top 3d shooting game and have fun by huntingdown thehungry sharks in the sea, and become a skilled hunter.
Offroad Truck Driver Simulator 1.00
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Ready to feel the might off a huge offroad monster truck, getrightinto the driver's seat and play the latest open world drivingsimgame that is Offroad Truck Driver Simulator!Explore theforestisland paradise in your choice of off-road 4x4 vehicle,interactwith other driver's who are also driving around the openworldenvironment. Choose from some crazy 4x4 trucks and pull offsomeserious air time, drift, and perform amazing stunts!Withrealistic4x4 driving simulated, you can fully experience the truepleasureof the drive when getting in a cool offroad monster truck.You canalso get to experience real time car damage physics, so youcan seeevery bump and scrape with every hit your big truck can takeinthis new driving game.When you're out exploring theislandparadise, be careful when exploring the high mountain peaksandcrossing the narrow rope bridges. One wrong move and you willwreckyour truck and return to camp! Don't worry though, you canswitchout to another sweet 4x4 truck at any time during gameplaymakingthe gameplay easy and more enjoyable for you.Buckle yourseat-belt,put pedal to the metal and go wild offroad in the latestdrivingsim game, Offroad Truck Driver Simulator!
Momend Ltd.
Racer UNDERGROUND offers an experience of high adrenaline,excitingand entertaining racing game to you.Nothing is missing inthisgame; chasing criminals, escaping from police and reachingthetarget, racing to finish ahead of competitors, achieving thebesttime and much more..Racing and getting scores unlocks supersportcars. You can buy and modify new cars with creditsyouget.Modifications:-Engine-Nitro-Turbo-Brakediscs-Tires-Suspension-Vehicleweight and armorOther features otherracing games do nothave:-Roaming freely in a single map withOpenWorld design-Realengine sounds-Jumping over truckramps-Escaping from traps droppedby police helicoptersTips:-Toproceed to next level you mustcomplete the tasks given-Ease offthe gas pedal while entering thebend turns-You can use handbrakeduring bend turns for drifting
Extreme Bike Driving 3D
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Motorbike racing games have never beenthisextreme! Race around unlocking new fast bikes and causingbikemayhem throughout the cities in this massive open world freebikedriving simulator!Extreme Motorbike Driving 3D is one of the best bike gamesforAndroid!Drive at high speeds through the city on your motorcycle racingpastpolice cars, taxi's and traffic as you unlock new fast bikeswithunique designs!Looking for a motorbike stunt game? Perform insane bike stuntsasyou jump over vehicles, pull wheelies, flips and wreckhavocthroughout the city! ..or just smash into other cars inmotorcyclecrashes and watch as you body flies across the road! Showus yourskills as you pull off some awesome motorbike stunts in oneof thebest free bike games available!This realistic motorbike driving simulator brings you closer totheexperience than ever before with super fast bikes as youburnrubber on the streets whilst doing motorbike stunts!This game is a sandbox free bike simulator game with tonsofpossibilities! Bike race around the cities, perform stunts orcausechaos for the city police! This is the most extreme bestmotorbikegame you'll ever experience!Open world motorcycle driving has never been more extreme withtonsof new long open roads to drive on with this driving sandboxgame!Race through busy cities full of traffic filled withambulances,ice cream vans, police cars, taxis, sports cars and morespeedingpast them at eye watering high speeds in this highperformance bikesimulator!Features:- Huge open world bike simulator filled with wide open roadsandtraffic to play with- Available to play on Android TV- Unlock new fast motorbikes as you play- Fun and realistic motorbike driving game physics- High quality vehicles through the cities- Multiple dynamic camera angles- Hundreds of AI cars throughout the cities- Easy to play motorbike driving controls- One of the best motorbike games available!
Strong Dude Simulator 1.3.1
Strong Dude Simulator - is a sandboxwithoutany tasks or plot. You are free to do whatever you want.Just havefun! Explore the city, look for money, buy weapons,arrange anapocalypse for the inhabitants! Or just walk in the park,enjoyingthe types of flowers.
Take Off Flight Simulator 1.0.42
Fly more than 20 airplanes in an open world or try out more than40exciting and varied missions – from airfreighting todramaticrescue operations! You can also establish your own airlineand flyto cities such as New York, London, Sydney and 18otherdestinations. Fly the most popular models of planes, such asjumbojets, seaplanes and a military jet with realistically designed3Dcockpits. Experience challenging weather conditions and try tolandyour plane safely with an engine failure! “This is definitelyoneof the best flight simulator games we have seen in a long timeonthe mobile platform.” –“Take Off – TheFlightSimulator soars into the top 3 flight simulators for iOS.”–“Take Off – The Flight Simulator offers huge scopeand,above all, fun. I highly recommend this mobile game to all fansofsimulations.” –“Overall, Take Off – The FlightSimulatoris a fun experience all-in-all. One of the best flyinggames oniOS.” – • Fly 24 airplanes with realistic 3Dcockpits• Explore and enjoy the beautiful open world of Hawaii in afreeflight mode• 50 exciting missions available – from sightseeingtorescue operations• Fly to 21 famous airports around theworld•Start your own airline and expand your fleet• Customize yourplaneswith different paint jobs and upgrade your fleet forbetterperformance and handling• Master difficult challenges likebadweather landings or engine failures