Top 2 Games Similar to Cloud Runner

Cloud Slicer 2.0
Welcome to Cloud Slicer, where theobjectiveisto slice as many clouds as possible! But don't slice themoon oryouwill lose all your lives! After the game, users are abletoseetheir score and ranking. Everyone can play, but from 19thJan2015until 28 of February 2015, the top scorers ofspecificflightsdeparting from China, Hong Kong, Japan, SingaporeandIndonesiawill have a chance to win an upgrade to Business Classontheir AirFrance flight.Good Luck!
Gold Runner 1.19
This is a classic arcade puzzle, likeasanother maze run games and one from them, which break brainsofmillions!The goal is to pass all labyrinths, collecting all the goldandavoid encounters with the guards. After collecting all thegold,the player must travel to the top of the screen to reach thenextlevel.Available 150 levels.Control is possible by using virtual buttons or keyboard(arrowsmovement, "c" - to destroy a brick on the right, "z" - todestroy abrick at the left).Position and sizes of buttons can be changed in settings.P.S. If you find bugs please email me.