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Lovely Rainbow Cake Cooking 1.0.9
This cooking game is about to change the vision you had aboutthewhole process of cooking because you are going to bake themostdelicious cake you’ve ever tasted and also the most appetizingone.Challenge your chef skills playing this game and not only, trytoembrace your artistic abilities too because you’ll need them inthefinal phase to complete the aspect of your rainbow cake.Firstyou’ll have to go straight to the kitchen to begin the processofbaking following the main steps to accomplish this recipe.Grabthree bowls and separate the eggs, the yolk from the eggwhitebecause you’ll need them in different stages. Mix thevanillaextract with the yolks and some sugar then add the egg whitewithsome salt, some confectioner sugar, flour and corn starch. Mixthemwell until the composition get smooth. Split the dough indifferentbowls to be able to use the food coloring for each one andcreatethe rainbow’s colors from it. Bake the layers them preparethemplacing them one in top of another with a layer of creambetween.Now that the baking part is basically done you have to dealwiththe decorations. Choose a plate where you’ll place your cakeandmake sure it’s a representing one, then decide if you want toput aglaze or not. Be focused on details because they make the cakehavepersonality and uniqueness. Be creative and try new aspects tomakethis masterpiece mouth-watering. Discover your inner chef andseehow much fun you can have cooking and decorating.Check outthesecool features of the game:- Easy control of the game- Learnstep bystep how to bake a colorful cake- Put a new tasty recipe onyourcooked list- Free to play- Yummy details and savory cake tobake-Entertaining music and great graphics- Develop or improveyourbaker skills
Dessert Chain: Café Waitress & Restaurant Chef 0.8.27
Cook and serve tasty desserts and drinks from all over the worldinthese FREE and addictive time management cooking games as adessertwaiter!I am sure you have always dreamed of having a chic,popularcafe and food business where everyone goes not only becauseof thedelicious breakfast and dessert but also to cheer up theirmood! Aplace where everyone can enjoy a great customer service inafriendly environment... Make this dream of yours become trueandstart with Hazel the adventure of turning the old cafe intothegreatest cafe-bakery ever! Hazel has just bought an oldcake-bakingbreakfast business. She wants to become a successfulrestaurantbakery waiter-chef and hired you as a dessert waitress.Help her tosettle down and start cooking, baking and serving food,breakfast,popular dessert with caramel and coffee in thesetime-managementcooking chef games and become the best cafewaitress!Enjoy creatingand baking the customer favorite's cakefollowing the owner'sdelicious dessert restaurant recipes andbecome the most famouswaitress and coffee maker serving drinks,cupcakes and a widevariety of tasty and yummy cakes! Try the blackforest cake andexperience the most wonderful taste ever! Meet everydeliciouscaramel cake you have ever imagined in thesetime-management bakingand cooking games and become a greatwaitress! As a coffee shopbreakfast restaurant waiter you will beworking hand in hand withHazel as a kitchen chef trying toestablish a profitablecake-baking and popular business in our cafeand dessert cookingand waitress games full of delicious food andyummy surprises!Become the best cake chef baking all types ofdesserts and recipesand have loads of fun with different types ofkitchen appliancesthat these cooking chef games have!Enjoy dealingwith differenttype of customers in a drinks & food maker caferestaurantbusiness, gain waitress experience points and remember:Happycustomers means bigger tips to the cafe waitress and owner'scashregister in these time management restaurant waiter cookinggames!Do not forget to claim your rewards after each level: Add newitemsto shorten your kitchen cooking time or add new selling itemstoincrease your revenue in our cafe bakery waiterfood-makergame!Upgrade your delicious coffee shop desserts andbreakfastrecipes and restaurant decoration at the end of everylevel inthese amazing time management cooking and waitress gamesthat youwon't regret to play! Start serving drinks and baking yourfavoriteyummy dessert with caramel and breakfast and help our cuteownerHazel to develop and upgrade her cake-coffee shop and makehappiercustomers in this popular cafe waitress game as a cutecafewaitress! Turn the old coffee & cake-coffee shop intoasuccessful and popular restaurant business!By installing thisappyou agree to the following privacypolicy:
Cooking chocolate cake 1.0.9
Bring your cake cooking skills to life with this great cookinggame.Here you can really make a great cake by mixing theingredients,preparing the chocolate, baking the cake along withadding yummyicing. Once the cake is finished you can add the finalfinishingtouches with beautiful eatable accessories. So let yourbakingskills run wild and cook up a storm with this cake game.Features:*Choose your pan before mixing ingredients together.* Cutyourchocolate up and add it to your mixture ready for baking.*Bake youcake in the oven and watch it so it doesn’t burn.* Prepareyouricing and chocolate ready to place on the cake. * Complete youcakebefore adding the final finishing touches ready for eating.
Cooking chocolate cupcakes 1.0.0
Put your baking skills to the test in this fun chocolatecupcakescooking game. This cake game lets you bake cupcakes fromscratchusing delicious ingredients, such as chocolate and peanutbutter.You'll cook everything from start to finish and when you'redoneyou'll have enough cupcakes to share with your friends. Thisrecipemakes 12 cupcakes.Features:● Carefully measure and mix all oftheingredients that will go into your chocolate cupcakes.● You'llgetto use kitchen appliances, such as the mixer and the oven,justlike a professional baker.● You'll get to make every part ofthecupcakes including the cupcake and frosting.● When they aredonebaking, get ready to enjoy your freshly baked, deliciousdessertwith a glass of milk.
Gingerbread House Cake Maker! DIY Cooking Game 1.0
shafay Labs
Make amazing customized gingerbread house cakes made withcrispginger biscuit and the ginger nuts! Get in the holiday spiritwithyour DIY cooking projects this winter! As Christmas isapproachingnear everyone is interested in making their own recipes!Lay awinding path of sweets & candies along with some chocolatewood& mint green trees along with blobs of icing for snowyeffect.Use some candy canes along with gingerbread man for someadded fun.Wait don’t forget the roof you can use amazing collectionog gummyjelly candies & butter cream lollipops to decorate it.Make themost delicious and edible gingerbread house cake using oneof thebiggest collection of delicious and mouth-watering foods! Bethebest chef of your little kitchen with this amazing Christmascakeshaped in gingerbread house. Be the master dessert chefforChristmas and build your candy house from thefairytale!Gingerbread House cake Menu:Traditional Gingerbread housewithgingerbread cookie trees2 Story Gingerbread house Cake withCandycanesGingerbread Castle with Strawberry SantaAnd so muchmore.GamePlay & features:Super Christmas Food fun withbiggestcollection of edible Gingerbread houses.Cook deliciousediblegingerbread house cakes using tons of realistic cooking tools&molds.Learn DIY cooking & designing your favoritegingerbreadhouse.Tons of toppings and add-ons including sprinkles,fruitschocolate bars & so much more.
Ice Cream Doll Cake Maker 2017 1.0
Let’s begin the new summer fun of ice cream cakes. Make and bakeicecream doll cakes, ice cream princess cakes and ice creambirthdaycakes and give a delicious treat to your girl, boy andneighborhoodkid friends.Ice cream doll cake maker 2017 is a newaddition in thecategory of 2017 food making games and it’s aguarantee that youwill surely love this game as well. You won’tresist the best tasteof ice cream cakes along with additionaltoppings of doll cakes,princess cakes and birthday cakes.Thesetoppings are optional butoverall this custom cake maker is one ofthe very best jewels youcan ever play and experience the real foodcooking skills.You as aproud owner should also understand theextreme cooking skills whichyou will learn along the way managingyour ice cream cake parlor. Solet’s start the adventure as amaster chef of cake cooking and getindulge in the real cooking andfood world.Features Ice Cream DollCake Maker 2017 • Delicious IceCream Game• Ice Cream Stand Owner •Flavors and Toppings to ChooseFrom• Kids Baking Game• Doll CakeMaker• Yummy Ice Cream Doll Maker• Freezing Ice Cream
Edible Doll Cupcake Maker! Bake Cupcakes with Chef 1.0
You might had a lot of fun making your favorite doll cake&princess cake but here comes another addition to littleprincesscooking games here you can try something new & more funbymaking mini cupcakes with little dolls in your doll cakekitchen.Welcome to the sweet doll cake bakery! Here we can makevarioustypes of doll cupcakes. Everyone loves delicious cupcakes&it’s a lot of fun making one with your favorite dollcharacter.Don’t forget to wrap your doll cupcakes in a fancy ribbonand yourfavorite cup. Show your cooking creativity by designing thebestdoll cupcakes with your favorite dolls using the best fairydollsdress up. Use various ingredients to cook lots ofamazingcombinations of frock frosting followed by your favoriteedibledoll character made with sweet chocolate and mouth-wateringsugarrecipe & show your master dessert chef skills! Do youwantthese amazing doll cupcakes? Ok, come bake cupcakes with dollsontop & let’s start it right away!Doll Cupcake Game Play&Features:An amazing edible doll cupcake princess cookinggame.Makethe most eye catching design of edible doll cupcake.Giveyour dollcupcakes the best fairy dolls dress up with sweetdesignerfrosting.Bake cupcakes with tons of realistic cookingtools.Tons ofdoll dresses hair & makeup designs to create thebest dolldress up combo.Express your creativity and create the bestbakerycreation in this doll cupcake maker game.
Lunch Box Maker - Donuts Shop YUMMY TO THE TUMMY 1.0.2
FROS studios
Hey kids ! Are you ready play another lunchbox series fromFROSstudios . Let us take you to the kids kitchen where you canenjoycooking games for kids . In this little kid game you willlearncooking a cooking mama , you will make to make donut whichisfavorite princess food .This holiday game for kids is a freegamesfor kids which is holiday kids games in there vacationsfromschools . There are two portions of this game Kids donut makerInthe first part of you have to make the doughnut for princessinyour baking salon ,she is waiting for you in the schoolfollowingsteps are required in this desserts makerfood ingredientsmixingdonuts cutting frying donutsdonuts decoration You candecorate youfood as per your wish , there are multiple options forfooddecoration kids lunchbox for school Now pack your lunch food ,putall these yummy donuts in your lunchbox which is your schoollunch. Now pick up lunch and move back to school , you can enjoythis inlunchtime where all other fellows have there meal boxes . Sowhatare you waiting for , enjoy this cooking game for kids.Features:-Free making game for kids- Best donuts making game-VeryInteractive and intuitive controls & graphics to playthegame.- Cook donuts for your lunch box.- Making lunch box foodwhichis your favorite.- Make best fast food and share it withyourfriends.
Chocolate Birthday Cake Factory - Dessert Making 1.16
Hey little pastry bakers chef! Welcome to cooks illustrated gameofgirls bakers café where its time to become confectionery bakersofword yummy desserts specialist with best job ever of icedesertcook for special bravissima occasions in your own cakebakersfactory to have best cooks illustrated. You have to bakecakes forbakey chef blitz & decorate crazy birthday cake andword yummydesserts with sweet food of pasteles bakery and have todo cakedelivery to the customers on time in this factory ofconfectionerybakers. So get ready to do best job ever, tie bakeychef blitzapron, grab your cookery hat and open your sweet foodchef book toadd new crazy birthday cake making & ice desertrecipe in thisconfectionery bakers and delice desserts to havebakery chef blitz.You have to made word yummy desserts fabrikationsfor bravissimadays with sweet orange pasteles in this confectionerybakers andcake bakery filling your cooking books with a lot ofcupcakedessert and cake orange recipes. What to wait for? Letsstart thiswaffle making cone dessert game in confectionery bakers,cook &serve the delicious baker’s shop recipes on cookingtemperaturenow!Get ready to experience the most amazing cooksillustrateddeliciously tasty cake fabrikations games of cakeweddings factorywith this cupcake delice desserts of this year andit becomes morefabulous when sweet orange dishes are just like thecustomer wantsfor the special day. Just like any app for cakeweddings factory,you have to do crazy birthday cake making. Youhave made yummiouschocolate cake fabrikations in many birthdaygames but this time,you have to think out of the box… make bakecakes customized crazybirthday cake game from your sweet food chefbook for yourcustomers fill your cooking books in real virtualfactory of makinggames. Be the best sugary chef the way you washaving bakey chefblitz with this dessert makers so bake cakes,decorate it andcreate unique sweet orange cake with cone ice desertin cookingbooks of waffle making game. This chocolate bake cakesand icedesert making party salon starts with the sweet foodpasteles cakegame fabrikations selection. The perfect dessertmakers app forcake weddings factory with adding all ingredients offood book inthis cake game. Collect all recipes sweet orangepastelesingredients like flour, milk, eggs, fresh cream and hotchocolatecake fabrikations flavor with a lot of sugar carefully mixthemtogether for baking best cone dessert for your cooking books.It isan important step before baking the chocolate bake cakes anddelicedesserts. If you are salt factory chef and want to becomesugarychef and love sweet food kitchen fever cake game making andlovedecorating sweet orange dishes, you will always pay attentiontoevery detail in the crazy cake fabrikations cook process. Onceyouhave mixed all the ingredients, now put your cake mixture intheoven, adjust the temperature and press the button.Smellsgood?Isn’t it?... but wait! Fun isn’t over yet… this birthday cakegameand real factory simulator provides you hundreds ofdifferentdecoration combinations of chocolate bake cakes and wordyummydesserts to create your favourite cake fabrikationsorangedesserts! Choose from a huge range of chocolate cakes anddelicedesserts decorations such as frosting caps, frosting colors,icingpatterns of word yummy desserts flavors, all kinds ofcandies,fruits with icing flowers,etc. So bake cakes, decorate witha lotof ice desert toppings in sweetest pasteles making ofcupcakedessert and deliver these cone ice cupcake dessert chocolatecaketo its destination!All sugary chefs! Download this dessertmakerscake delivery games & start cooking!
Cake Maker 1.0.5
We are glad to launch our top of the line in the bakingcategorygame “The Cake Maker”. This game is among one of the topgames inthe Application market and its category makes it the bestin top 10baking games in the app store.There is a new cooking andbakinggame in town, we call it the baking of the most delicious,loved,amazing, colourful Cakes in the culinary world. People enjoytheseevery day and love it to bits. We introduce you our newcookinggame but WAIT!! There is a twist, this is not a typicalCookinggame rather it’s a cooking game for Cakes .Yes!! You hearditright! This is our new application called as The CakeMaker.Justopen our application and top your sizzling, deliciousCake withspecial toppings including flavored creams, whippedcream,chocolate chips and caramels. Indulge yourself in unlimitedfun andour colourful application to bake best and yummy Cake foryourselfand share it with your friends. As a delighted holder of aCookingBakery Application, your task is to make the best andmostcolorful, yummy, amazing and sizzling Cake for your customersandviewers. Your job is to bake the most amazing and unique Cakeindifferent shapes and sizes Get our infinite garnishing andflavoursand pick the best one that suits your taste andimagination. Choosefrom a variety of Cakes designs and transforminto somethinglively, lovable and amazing.Pop a bowl, Take theingredients, whipit off, play with it, garnish it, put sometoppings, and yes thechocolate one, the coffee one OHH!! You canuse the strawberry too,shake it and toss it and make it into anamazing Cakes design.Thebest part is that you can share yourhappiness with your friendstoo!!This exciting new app The CakeMaker gives you so manyamazing, exciting and your favouriteflavours to play with. Withthis baking game for Cake, you canchoose from a vast variety oftoppings, once baked you can alsogarnish it further.OurApplication the Cooking Maker gives you anendless variety oftoppings to choose from!! After your Cakes arebaked, garnished andready, you can share your exciting moments withyour friends, andyou can claim your creative, designing, garnishingand bakingskills.The game is so simple, intuitive and easy to learnbecauseof which your little girl and your boy and kids will havelots ofamusement and fun with this exciting game and they can playit forhours long!How to Play:- Very Interactive and intuitivecontrols toplay the game.- Choose from your favourite flavours fromour giventoppings- Mix the ingredients you like and preheat theoven- Placethe Cake in oven, bake it to the crests and garnish itas per yourliking- Bake the best Cake and enjoy!This app comes withthefollowing sizzling, amazing, thrilling and exclusive Features:-TheCake Maker, the ultimate bakery game!- Make the best Cake andbethe best baker!- Easy to use controls to choose fromtoppings,dough, flavours and bake!- Variety of toppingsincludingchocolates, coffee, creams and nuts- Combinations ofhundreds ofCake flavours and toppings- Get a chance to eat yourCake and shareit with your friends!- Allows you to be aprofessional baker!Theapplication can leash tons of creativecombination to match withyour endless and limitless artistic skillsand creativity. Once youare done with your baking and topping youcan always share thefinal Cake with friends on FacebookSo KeepRocking with this newcooking games: The Cake Maker and download itnow to stop waiting,Start baking Cake and start styling with yourartistic andmarvellous creations and be the best Cake maker andbaker in theworld!Give your friends the best Cake in the mostamazing style tomake them feel like superstars, celebrities andKINGS and QUEENS!!
Princess Cosmetics Box Cake Maker! Cooking Game 1.1
After the success of princess makeup cake maker we proudly presentanew addition to our cake making series “Princess cosmetics boxcakemaker game” Bake the creamiest and eye catching cakes in theshapeof your favorite cosmetics box. Create your own deliciouscakes withthe biggest collection of makeup box accessories. Thecakes you makelook not only beautiful, but taste out of the world.Make Yourfavorite makeup box cake with chocolates, candies,vanilla & somany mouth-watering flavors. Everyone likesprincess makeup box withdifferent makeup items like mascara,lipsticks, eye liners, nailpolish and so much more. Now make yourfavorite cosmetic box cakedesign in your mobile device and impresseveryone. Here comes tomost delicious and eye catching cake makerfun cooking game. Makethe cosmetic box cake design you like amonga huge collection ofdesigns. Lets go! Cosmetic Box Cake Game Play& Features:Realtime cooking process including real ingredientsfor cakemaking.Amazing creative cakes designing cooking game.Tonsofrealistic tools and moulds to create amazing shapes of yourfavoritemakeup accessories.Tons of toppings and add-ons to makeyour cakeout of the world.Be the cake master of your littlekitchen andimpress everyone with your master dessert chef skills.
Baby Shower Cake 1.0.3
bweb media
Cook your very own cake for your best friend's baby shower. Thisisan unforgettable treat for a baby shower.
Princess Bed Cake Maker Game! Doll cakes Cooking 1.0
After the success of doll cake maker game we proudly present anewaddition to our doll cake game series, doll bed cake maker.Bake& design a tasty cake featuring you favorite doll among ahugecollection of dolls. Turn the ordinary cake into a delicious&mouth-watering cake bed and decorate it with yourfavoritecustomized doll character on top of it. Learn the step bysteprecipe by making cake sponge first & then bake a princessdollbed cake with it, learn baking black forest cake, strawberrycakeas princess bed and be the mini chef with this fun cookinggame.It’s a perfect select for all the chef kids who are intomakingdesigner wedding cakes & doll cakes! Learn the artofdecorating DIY doll cake with biggest collection of yummyicings& princess doll characters.Doll Bed Cake Menu:Blackforest CakeBed with DollDecadent Strawberry Doll Bed CakePrincessSarahRainbow Cake BedWedding Bed CakeGame Play & Features:Superfunwith improved version of doll cakes to doll bed cakes.Createallkinds of bed cakes from scratch & decorate them with thedollcharacter of your choice.Tons of toppings, frostings&add-ons.Design the best bed doll cake for any weddingorparty.Unleash your inner master dessert chef by downloadingthisamazing cake maker game and learn how to cook creative DIYtreatsin your kitchen.
Cooking rainbow cupcakes 1.0.1
Become your own bakery and make your own cupcakes in thisexcitingcooking game. You’ll go through all of the steps frombaking toserving your creations in this cake game. When you’reready tocook, just take out the ingredients you need, mixeverything, bake,and you’ll have delicious cupcakes in notime!Features:● Take outall of the ingredients you'll needincluding milk, eggs, flouretc.● Separate the egg whites from therest of the eggs intobowls.● Mix all of the ingredients in the foodprocessor.● Add thefood coloring and then put the cupcakes into theoven.● After thecupcakes are baked, mix the frosting, and you'reready to decoratethem.● Choose different cooking items to decoryour deliciouscupcakes!
Rainbow Doll Cake bakery Game - DIY Cooking Kids 1.0
shafay Labs
Doll cake is the new craze hitting over everywhere and inspiringthelittle chef girls! How about trying something new with dollcakethis time. Yes! Its time to try something out of the box!Let’s giveyour doll cake a rainbow makeover & design a tastycakefeaturing your favorite fashion doll. Make DIY doll cakesusingrainbow slices, bake them and stack on top of each other toshape upas the perfect doll cake base. Once ready, Wrap thedelicious dollcake with fancy rainbow ribbons & top it withamazing rainbowpatterns. Show your creativity & cooking skillsby makingamazing rainbow combinations with tons of rainbow coloredcreams andtoppers. The fun doesn’t stop here. Choose your favoritefashiondoll character & change its clothes and hair to matchwith thecake toppings & give her the best rainbow makeoverever byshowing your designer skills. Decorate and serve yourrainbow dollcake in the rainbow cake bakery showcase. Sell thesedoll cakes asparty cakes for anyone's birthday cake mania.GamePlay &Features:Learn making DIY rainbow doll cakes in this funfood makinggame.Perfect doll cake maker game with chefcreativity.Tons ofrealistic cooking tools to play for making yoursavory princesscakes.Biggest collection of rainbow toppers creamsand dollcharacters.Enjoy the birthday cake mania by downloadingthisgripping and out of the box rainbow cake maker game with atheme ofdoll cake and decorate your doll cake bakery show casewith thebiggest collection.
Wedding Party Cake Factory 1.0.2
After success of Cake Factory- Dessert Maker, Kids Fun Studio isallhere with another chocolate factory & ice cream cake makergame.Wedding Party Cake Factory The real world factorysimulationsetting. A perfect dessert cake games for all littlesugarchefs!All little girls dream of a wedding day withbreath-takingelegant wedding cake, and with our new factorysimulation and newcreamy cakes bake game for girls you can makewedding cake in yourown cooking cake game. A new cake chef bakeryfactory game whereyou enjoy cake decoration inside our fantasticsweet shopbakery.Now make girls best occasions chocolaty creamycakes in thischocolate factory. Brides for their big day need bestdecoratedcake ever. So get along with factory workers &makeirresistibly yummy cakes in this ice cream cake maker &dessertchef games. Start your baking story in this best weddingcake salon& make yummy desserts for your loyal customers! Solittle sugarchef… are you ready for this baking contest & crazycookingchallenge? Get in the factory kitchen and starts cookinglike aprofessional cook to bake adorable muffins & weddingpartycreamy chocolate cakes. Cake factory is a virtual cookingsimulatorgame for kids. This crazy food mania game is the realtimeexperience of cooking cakes in the factory for party occasionsandweddings.Hurry up! Customers are coming to your cake factoryshopto pickup their orders. Choose the customers favorite cake,forbaking the cake first bake the plain cake by with the mixerofeggs, butter, flour, baking powder and flavor. Makedifferentlayers, cook the cake in the oven. Now add differenttopping andcream lawyers with automate machines. Make chocolate,vanilla, andmango and other cakes. In the end decorate the cakewith weddingday decorations & sprinkles. This chocolate factorymakes bestchef cakes. Here we go! Sweet dessert is ready to bedelivered tothe customers. With so many wedding cakes, wonder tocreate youwon’t ever go out of business with this management game.Weddingparty Cake factory is the best bakery shop in the town. Kidsuseyour master chef skills to provide the best cakes in the city.Thiscooking mania game is crazy fun and adventure.Cake factory isthebest bakery shop in the town. Kids use your master chef skillstoprovide the best cakes in the city. This cooking mania gameiscrazy fun and adventure.Now download this chocolate factory&cooking cake games & have fun!
Cake Maker Story -Cooking Game 1.0.3
Everyone especially girls and kids love the cake, but can youmakeit by yourself? With the free fun game--cake maker story, youcandefinitely make many kinds of cakes such as cupcakes, weddingcake,and baby cake by yourself; you can also add some decoration toyourcake and make it very beautiful, and sell them in your bakery.
Cook Flower Garden Cupcakes 1.0.1
bweb media
Test out your cooking skills by making your own cupcakerecipe.You'll get to cook like a real baker by mixing up all oftheingredients, baking your cupcakes, and decorating them withcutedesigns. Flower garden cupcakes have a fun and unique designthatis sure to impress everyone. When you're finished bakinganddecorating your cupcakes, enjoy them yourself or share themwithyour friends!Features:Mix all of the ingredients that gointomaking these special cupcakes, including flour, milk, butter,andeggs.Follow the steps carefully to ensure that everything getsdonein the right order in and that you don’t forget to add any oftheimportant ingredients.You’ll make the batter and the frostingfromscratch to ensure that your flower garden cupcakes tastelikefreshly baked, homemade cupcakes.Decorate the cupcakes as fastasyou can so that there are some ready for everyone before thepartystarts.
Magic Fairy Cupcakes! Glow In The Dark Cupcake 1.5
Welcome to the magic fairy cooking kitchen! The chef here camefromthe rare fairy world kitchen and here for some lucky kids whowantto learn glow in the dark fairy cupcakes from another world.Thechef is delighted to teach kids an out of the world fairycupcakerecipe that will glow in the dark to amuse everyone. Thechef isusing real cooking tools and glow in the night powder tocreatemagic fairy cupcakes with amazing fairy characters. Bakesomecharming & glowing magical cupcakes and decorate them attheglowing party table, switch off the lights and WOW the sightofthese these amazing glow in the dark fairy cupcakes amazes allthekids . We love these delicious cupcakes with rainbow fairythemesand want you to try these colorful & trendy doll cupcakeswithfairy theme as the master dessert of your party thisseason.FairyDoll Cupcake Game Menu:Magic Fairy Cupcakes with Glowin the darklightsGlittery Rainbow doll cupcakesEnchanted princessfairycupcakesTooth fairy muffinsAnd so much moreLearn to bakecupcakeswith this amazing cooking game and present your glow in thedarkcupcakes at any party as the master dessert. Have fun intheenchanted kitchen of the magical cooking country!!
Wedding Doll Cake Maker! Cooking Bridal Cakes 1.0.1
Kids Fun Plus
The latest wedding cake cooking game from Kids Fun Plus ishere!Create your dream bridal rose wedding cakes & Bride dollcakesfor the newly wed couples this wedding season and impresseveryoneat the wedding event. Since the wedding season is here andeveryoneis looking for new ideas this season. Try something newwith cakemaker game & make your cake stand out with amazingbridalcolors, wedding decorations, trimming plates, flowers and somuchmore. With this bride cake game you can make unlimitedcollectionof wedding cakes and bride doll cakes in your mobiledevice. Beatyour wedding dessert cooking fever & grab yourcooking tools tocook the most delicious wedding cake & bridaldoll cake withamazing frosting.Wedding Cake Menu:Bridal Doll CakeWedding RoseCakes Nothing tastes better than a delicious weddingcake duringmarriage so Bake the best wedding cake for the bride andgroom thiswedding season and make your marriage rock cookingwedding cakeswith our chef.
Bakery Shop Business 2: Store Manager Cashier Game 1.0.1
Bakery shop business 2 is the new addition to the SmileStonesStudio production. After the success of Bakery shop businessgamewe introduce you this new experience of cooking, baking,sellingand managing store cash. This new free baker food game willbringyou a lot of new recipes, dishes and dessert. Now you can bakeandcook cupcake, cake, donut and cookies in baker store and managethesupply chain to cashier counter processes. Play this bakeryshopbusiness 2 and enjoy real simulation of cooking cakes,cupcakes,donuts and cookies. Little chef and cook! Work for themost popularbakery shop in your town to perform the duty ofcooking, makingsweet cuisine, serving clients and manage the cashregister.Managing a baker shop kitchen and cashier register is achallengingtask you need to complete food orders and bake stuff inkitchen indash with hard work fever. No worries! Little boys andgirls jointhe world class chef in the restaurant kitchen andstart's makingcarnival fair food. First prepare birthday cake,wedding cake andanniversary cake for customers. To bake andcustomize a cake firstprepare plain cake dough from perfect mixtureof ingredient andperfect baking in oven. Decorate, design and bakecake with awesometopping of cream like vanilla, chocolate andstrawberry. A creamytopping is important for cake decorate solittle crazy cook choosethe toppings with amazing foodie sense.Bakedonuts for policeofficer and other daily customers to deal withbreakfast hunger.Customers like to eat donut in lunch and breakfastwith coffee.Cook, bake and serve donut to hungry customer waitingfor theirmeal to serve. Top up the donuts as per customer orderwith icecream, sprinkles and delicious filling of caramelandchocolate.Cook cookies and cupcakes for daily client!Everyonelikes cupcake and muffin specially when they are baked inspecialway. Bakery shop business empire let you be the businesstycoon inthe town. Make special biscuits and cookies like chocolatechipsand coconut butter cookies. Bake and makeup cookies andbiscuits toserve in dash to foodie fever. After cooking, baking allthe bakeryshop dessert stuff, now manage the store to serve thecustomers.Sell wedding and birthday cakes receive cash money andmanage themoney in the cashier counter. Customers are in hurry!Supermarketmanager work like pro cashier and give change from cashregister indash. There multiple mini games in this as well likeballoonspopping game, coffee maker and kitchen mess cleanup. Nowdownloadthis bakery shop business 2 game and have awesome fun time.
Cooking cream cake birthday 2.0.2
Bring your inner chef to life with this great cake game.Thiscooking game allows you to cook a fabulous birthday cake bymixingthe ingredients, preparing the pan, cooking the cake alongwithcompleting the icing. No-one has ever tasted something so goodwiththis fantastic cooking cake game.Features:* Gather and mixtheingredients together ready for your eggs. * Break your eggs andaddthem to your mixture. * Prepare the pan ready before pouringyourmixture in. * Turn the oven on and monitor the cake as it cookssoit doesn’t burn. * Add the cream icing before placing thecandleson top ready for blowing out.
Bake Chocolate Caramel Candy Bars 1.0.2
bweb media
Do you want to bake your very own candy without a mess? Well hereisyour chance. With a step by step teaching you how to create yourowncandy bar. Just follow these steps and I assure you will haveadelightful Chocolate Candy Bar.Features• Place items on thetable,which you will be using. • Prepare all the ingredients and bereadyfor baking your wonderful cake.• Place the mixture on thebakingpan.• Put the mixture in the oven wait till it’s cooked.• Mixallthe remaining ingredients on the heat.• Put all the cakeandchocolate icing together.• Slice up the cake and enjoyyourdelicious cake.
Baking black forest cake 2.0.0
Bake a delicious and mouth-watering Black Forest Cake thateveryonewill love! It is a stunning and decadent cake but it’sfairlysimple to make. There is no cake quite so impressive as thiscake.Have some fun while learning a new cake recipe. If you are oneofthose who want to discover how to bake a black forest,enjoyplaying this cooking game! Features* Mix all the ingredientsin abowl.* Bake the chocolate cake mixture in the oven.* Yourchocolatecake sponge is ready for some toppings.* Choose yourdelicioustopping in a wide variety of flavors.* Be artistic anddesign yourtasty Black forest cake, as you like.* Your tasty Blackforest cakeis ready to serve.
Cooking Pancakes 1.0.2
bweb media
Have you ever tried cooking candies and thinking of puttinganamazing delicious flavors to it? Stick to the recipe andpreparethe next yummy candies that you have been dreaming to have.Testyour skills in cooking and captivate your family or friendsthatwould melt anyone’s mouth.FeaturesGather all the materialsandingredients required.Pick your delicious flavor, choosethreeitems.Cook in separate pots and stir.Choose three differentdesiredmolders.Pour in melted mixture and wait until itsolidify.Flip it,transfer to the box then garnish.
Sweet Cake Shop - Kids Cooking & Bakery 1.6.3181
Kiwi Go
Haven’t you ever wanted to open a cake shop, but dare not easilytryit? Have you ever want to make your own cake, but weren’t surehow?Now, we have a big cake shop for you. In here, you haveallprofessional bakeware to try different recipes, and adecoratedcake shop for selling your sweet cakes. Create any cakesyou wantto try. Run your cake business and to be a caketycoon!Features:*Choose from a variety of ingredients* Followinstructions and bakedelicious cakes * Serve customers with cakesthey want * Sell asmany cakes as you can to enlarge thebusinessHave fun to cook yummycakes. Share sweet cakes with yourfamily and friends.
Cooking Rainbow Birthday Cake 4.0
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Bring some color into your life with this rainbow birthdaycakecooking game. Cook your rainbow cake by mixing theingredients,adding the food coloring, cooking your cakes in theoven along withdecorating them with yummy sweets. So much color tobe found uponeating, why not surprise your guests at your nextbirthday partyand bake a rainbow birthday cake! FeaturesMix youringredients andseparate it into a different pans. Add differentcolors to yourcakes and place them in the oven for cooking. Layeryour coloredcakes on top of each other and cover with yummy icing.Decorate itwith pretty butterflies and spots that really make itstand out.Cut into your cake and see the lovely rainbow colorsbefore eatingit all up.
Apple cinnamon cake cooking game 1.0.1
Baking your own apple cinnamon cake is easy with this excitingcakegame. You'll get to enjoy mixing spices and ingredients justlikeyou would in your own real life kitchen. Cook up a spicedapplecinnamon cake in just minutes with this fun cooking game. Whenyourcake is baked, decorate it to add lovely toppings just likeaprofessional baker would and then enjoy!Features:* Start bycuttingthen dicing the apples you need to bake your cake.* Mix thespicesthat you'll use to make your cake taste delicious.* Add theotheringredients such as sugar, butter, eggs, milk and oil andthenblend everything together.* Once the cake batter is ready, mixitwith the apples and put your cake in the oven.* Now it's timetodecorate it with icing, fruits, and meringue and enjoy!
Olivia cooking strawberry cake 1.0.5
Help Olivia create a strawberry masterpiece with thisfabulouscooking game! Prepare and mix all your ingredients togetherbeforecooking your cake. Prepare your cake ready and decorate itinto astunning strawberry house. Finish off your cook by adding thefinalfinishing touches. Cooking a cake has never been so muchfun!Features* Cut your strawberries into small pieces beforeblendingthem with the sugar. * Mix all your ingredients together tocreateyour yummy cake. * Ice and decorate your yummy cake so itlookslike a strawberry house. * Add the final finishing touches toyourcake before it’s ready to serve
Chocolate Wedding Cake Maker Factory 1.3
The only cake making factory of the city has stopped working.Peopleare demanding wonderful wedding cakes for their weddingparty butthere is no wedding cake maker chef in the city. Let’shave your ownwedding cake making factory and bakery shop. Dash toyour factorykitchen in cooking cake mania and bake a cake. Cookingwedding cakeis not as tough as it is said to be. Be a hero factoryworker andapply your decoration ideas in the real world cakemaking factorysimulator. Usually kids love cake baking gamesbecause it’s a crazyfun adventure to bake a cake and the mostfavorite part isdecorating tasty chocolate cakes. Use your bestdecoration skillslike a chef master to decorate great chocolatecake for bridalwedding party. Make yourself ready for the greatcooking contest ofchampions boys and girls.This is not only achocolate cake makergame but a great wedding cake shop too. Makethe day of bride andgroom with delicious dessert and yummy weddingcake. Be a chefmaster of wedding cake maker kitchen and makeawesome vanilla andchocolate cakes. Come on our little weddingparty cake maker chef,it’s time to satisfy your cooking mania inthe great chocolate cakemaking factory and bakery shop.Let’s startcooking deliciouschocolate cake for the wedding party. Cakefactory is ready for thefactory worker with its sound machineryand tools. Add allingredients in a large container such as, egg,milk, butter, flour,sugar, salt, vanilla and chocolate etc. andmix them well with theelectrical beater. After mixing, send it tothe factory’s kitchenwhere heavy ovens will bake several cakessimultaneously in no time.Your chocolate cake is ready in butstill it needs some working onit.Let’s decorate it in thechocolate factory by applying freshcream on it. Fresh fruits, dryfruits and many kinds of sprinklesare available for cakedecoration. It’s up to you how to makechocolate cake yummy bydecorating it. Be an expert designer anddecorate the deliciousfood dessert in the appetizing way anddeliver it to thesupermarket, bakery shop or wedding party.Try thereal worldwedding cake maker simulator dessert maker game and forfree. Enjoyplaying chocolate cake making factory game for girls andhave fun!
Cake Shop: Bakery Chef Story 3.1
** Exciting news for all baking games lovers and aspiringcookingchefs – with ❤ Cake Shop: Bakery Chef Story ❤ you can nowopen yourmobile cake bakery and travel the world while making anddecoratingdelicious vanilla, chocolate or strawberry cakes for yourloyalcustomers! Add awesome colorful bows, hearts, sprinkles orfruitpieces on top of your marvelous cakes and have fun cookingandserving yummy desserts!** Incredible cake shop game features:*❤*60different cake making levels that get more challenging as youmakeprogress!*❤* Lots of unlockable decorative elements! Bakecakes,decorate like a top cake chef and earn coins to upgrade yourmobilekitchen!*❤* Different interesting customers – from schoolkidstograndmas, everyone loves your stunning cake desserts! Make heartorstar shaped cakes of different colors and decorate them asorderedto get more coins and pass levels! *❤* Kitchen repair games:likein a real cake shop, something may go wrong with your cakebakingtools! Fix a broken oven, mend cracked bowls and make sureyoualways have all baking ingredients that you need! *❤* Proveyouhave what it takes to become a cake making professional!***Yourmobile restaurant is about to open! In this cake shop game,you'rethe proud owner of a bakery and you must make your cakerestaurantfamous by bringing many customers to make and serve cakesfor, andmake sure you satisfy their cake baking and decoratingwishes!You'll feel like a true chef while playing cake shop gamesbecauseof realistic cooking ingredients and baking process!*** Yourbakeryrestaurant is slowly filling with lovers of delicious cakesfromall over the world and you must make & decorate cakes forallof them – but, be careful, this is a time management game andyourclients might get angry and leave if you're too slow!*** Joinourdessert kingdom full of delicious cakes and bake sweet cakesinyour bakery all day long! Be the top cake chef in yourmobilekitchen, travel the country and bake and serve cakes tonewcustomers that come to your cake decorating shop!*** You'llfindall colorful cake designs, shapes and decorations in ❤ CakeShop:Bakery Chef Story ❤! All free cake baking and cake restaurantgamesare fun to play, but our top chef baking story is definitelythecutest!*** The real cooking party starts in ourcookingacademy!You'll become the top dessert maker, famous for yourcakemaking and restaurant management skills! With our bakingsimulator,you'll learn how to make cakes and decorate them!***What's morefun than cake baking and cooking games for girls?Customer servicecooking games, of course! Prove you're the quickestcake baker inthe history of cake shop games and complete alllevels!*** Manageyour restaurant bakery like a top cake chef! Inyour own bakeryshop, baking cakes is a delight and cake decorationis an art!***Design cakes like a pro! Cooking and baking games thattake placein a virtual cake bakery allow you to be creative andmakedifferent designs and decoration! Baker games are a perfect waytoexercise your mind and have a great time!*** Look at all thetastybaking ingredients in your mobile kitchen! If you love bakeryshopgames and baking games for free, this innovative cakebakingrestaurant game will become your favorite bakery game!***Downloadour latest cake maker games ❤ Cake Shop: Bakery Chef Story❤ andsee why free restaurant games and cake shop games are sopopular!
DIY Princess Doll Cake Maker 1.0.1
After success of Baby Shower cake maker game Vision GamingstudioProudly presents DIY Princess doll cake maker game, a newadditionto its cake making games.Wow, You just opened the firstPrincessdoll cake shop. As the cake shop owner you need to bakesatisfyingdoll cakes for the customers. Make a super delicious&glamorous doll cake in this #1 Free virtual bakery game. Cook&Design doll cakes & perform real time doll cake icing ofyourdreams with amazing patterns & themes of the famousprincesscharacters. Impress everyone with fun valentine daydecorations.Cook up cakes with gripping and eye catching designs,bake &decorate these amazing creations with icing for customersanddecorate your princess doll cake shop with amazing creations.Makemany kinds of doll cakes including mermaid cake, tinkercake,frozen princess cake & fairy cake. Give your doll cakeacustomized price, enter the price on tag and place it on thebakeryshelf. Sell your cakes as fast as you can. Everyone will lovetheprincess castle cake & princess cake decoration. Bake,create& start icing your unique creations with fabulous designsanddoll cake decorations. Learn how to make doll princess cakewiththis real life applicable doll cake recipe & createuniqueprincess doll cake ideas. Present it as a baby shower cake inthiscake shop kids cooking game and enjoy this unforgettablenerdytreat. Download this princess cake making game today learn theartof DIY cooking & cake baking in real time.
Baking Red Velvet Cake 1.0.1
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Bake an enjoyable and delicious Red Velvet cake that everyonewilladore! It is a fabulous cake but it’s fairly simple to bake.Havesome fun while learning a new cake recipe. There is no cakequiteso impressive as this cake. If you are one of those who wanttodiscover how to bake a red velvet cake, enjoy playing thisbakinggame! Features• Mix all the ingredients in a bowl.• Bake theredvelvet cake mixture in the oven.• Your cake sponge is readyforsome toppings.• Choose your delicious topping in a wide varietyofflavors.• Be artistic and design your tasty red velvet cake, asyoulike.• Your tasty red velvet cake is ready to impress.
Cooking colorful cake 2.0.3
Become a fantastic chef and bake the best cake you’ve ever donewiththis cooking game. Here you can collect the ingredients inthekitchen, prepare the mixture, add the colors, and bake yourcake.Once it’s baked you can then decorate it with beautifulfinishingtouches. Baking your cake has never been this easy withthis cakegame. Features* Collect all the ingredients ready to bakeyourcolorful cake. * Prepare the ingredients and mix them all inamixing bowl. * Add the colors to each separate bowl mixturetocreate the rainbow colors. * Pour your mixture into eachindividualcooking pan before cooking them in an oven. * Prepareyour coffeein your cookery.* Add the icing and decorate it as muchas you wantto create a fabulous colorful cake.
Cake: Kids Food Making Game 1.0
Who is ready to get cooking? Time to get busy in the bakery!Bakingcakes and putting on some sweet decorations. How manydifferentcakes can you make?Baking a cake at home is one of thetruepleasures of life. It can be fun and relaxing all at the sametimewith the bonus of getting a yummy dessert at the end oftheprocess. Take that entertainment along with you with this app.Youare in charge of deciding what type of cake you want to make.Youget to find the right ingredients to get the perfect tastingcake.Finally, you get a chance to play around with decorating yourcakein a wild or sophisticated manner. Are you a cake makermaster?Let’s find out!How to Play:• Pick your favorite flavor ofcake•Bake the cake• Decorate your cake with varied decorations•Come upwith as many unique combinations as you can• Dessert isserved!Thetime is now to challenge your friends to see who can comeup withthe most elaborate cakes. Create fun challenges for yourselfas youwork your way towards baking perfection in this cooking app.Canyour bakery come out ontop?________________________CookingEntertainment is a studiodedicated to provide quality food gamesto everyone who enjoy theart of cooking. Our vision is to extendthe entertainment value ofcooking from real life to your mobiledevices in the States andacross the globe
Cake Shop - Kids Cooking 2.1.3181
Wow, your cake shop has opened! As a cake shop owner, do youknowhow to cook satisfactory cakes for customers? No worries. Comewithme to learn how to cook delicious cakes!Features:※ Manage yourowncake shop※ Mix all delicious ingredients together ※ Learn tocookdelicate cakes step by step ※ Serve your customers withspecialshapes and flavors of cakes※ Varieties of toppings todecorate yourcake※ Clean your cake shop and tidy up dolls on theshelf※ JoinEating Competition and win the prize Endless fun in thecake shopis waiting for you to find. Share your cooking secret withyourfriends and family. Download and play this game for free!
Doll Cake Maker 1.0.3
Welcome to the top Doll cake maker kids baking game of 2017 Doyouwant to make something special? Create yummy and special dollmakercake in your kitchen. Start an amazing royal cooking sessionrightnow. It’s time to make ideal princess cake an any event.Afterthisgame experience you can make your own cooking dashmaniarestaurant. Cook fever ice cream cake and brownies to makehappyyour customers. Select the supreme ingredients and mix up themallingredients of royal recipe of doll cake. You can easily do itinwhatever shape you like cook in the kitchen and ornament in anywayas you wish.After playing this game you will be able tomakeawesome birthday cake, royal princess cake and stunning dollcake.Now its best way to make someone birthday special and thisdollcake will make most memorable moment in your life. Add somefinaltouch to your good-looking princess cake and create yourcakerecipe amazing with special design of doll. You can becomeaprofessional baker and use your skills for baking. Garnish themasa real chef would do. Features of Doll Cake Maker: - Verityoftoppings- Excellent and high quality graphics - Easycontrol-Entertaining background sound- Excellent graphics - Improveyourcooking skills- Design doll shaped cakeWear your chef hat andstartcooking or baking with stunning doll cake maker. Don’t be boreinyour free time. Download this doll cake maker and make yourtimeentertaining.
Wedding Cake Maker Factory 1.2
Cooking Club
Little kids, boys and girls! Welcome to the Wedding CakeMakerFactory where you are going to learn how to make a cake inthemaster chef’s kitchen. Wedding cake maker factory is the bestcakemaking bakery shop in your town where you serve your customerwitha variety of wonderful wedding cakes to overcome yourcookingmania. Cooking cake is not as much tough as it is said tobe,especially for a star chef like you. So get ready to satisfyyourcooking and baking mania and let’s start cooking wedding cakesinthe wedding cake factory’s kitchen. This ice cream cake makergameallows you to make a large variety of tasty and wonderfulweddingcakes in the master chef’s bakery and chocolate cakefactory. Cakedecorating is also a part of this cooking game forkids.Make theday of bride and groom with your excellent cooking andbaking gamefor girls. experience the real world cake maker factorysimulatorand make awesome cakes of different flavors for thewedding partysuch as mango, strawberry, vanilla and chocolate cake.Like anexpert wedding party cake maker and bakery shop ownermakedelicious and tasty chocolate cake and ice cream cake or theflavoryou like. All wedding planner and organizers of the city areyourvaluable customers so take extra care of their demands andmaketheir wedding part cake on time. Your delicious dessert willmakethe day and give extra charm to the wedding party. Cakefactorywill not only give you extra profit but the realhappiness.Cookingcontest of champion chef in the kitchen is move onand you are thehero factory owner of the city so defeat your rivalsin the kitchenlike a master chef and an expert cooking master.Let’s start youcooking mania and first of all mix all ingredientssuch as flour,eggs, milk and butter and make batter than add it tothe moulds forbaking yummy dessert. Put it in cake maker factory’soven and setits temperature. Expert kitchen chef knows how much itneeds tocook. Make layers of cake and cream and start with thecakedecoration. Take care of colors while cake decorating,usebuntings, gumballs, chocolate chips and sprinkles in decorationofcake. Cake decorating is the most lovely and adorable part ofthewhole cake making process for kids and girls. enjoy cakedecoratingin the bakery chef’s kitchen.All of our little kidsplayers arecooking masters and expert dessert maker, so cake makingis not abig job for them especially for those who really lovecooking gamesfor kids. so play this amazing factory simulator andhave fun.
Rainbow Ice Cream Sandwiches
Rainbow ice cream sandwiches maker is fun for kids who are tiredofmaking traditional ice cream summer frozen food. Enjoy cookingicecream and gelato with this out of the box frozen dessertrecipeusing seven rainbow colors, violet, indigo, blue, green,yellow,orange & red for your ice cream sandwiches. Cook yourfavoriteice cream sandwiches today in summer snack lover carnival,yes weare going to make ice cream sandwiches with rainbow icecreamlayers. Enjoy the most delicious frosty ice cream sandwicheswithso many colors.Make creamy sweet ice cream sandwicheswithdifferent flavors of rainbow colored ice cream and candyusingcookies and waffles of amazing shapes and please yourselfwithscrumptious ice cream sandwiches in this Party Desserts Makergame.Enjoy cooking ice cream sandwiches on festival snack standIcecream sandwiches cart with rainbow colors in this ice creamcookinggame. Create your own ice cream sandwiches with lots ofexcitingshapes & ice cream flavors by learning this cookingprocess& ice cream sandwich recipe applicable in real life.GamePlay& Features:The process of cooking ice cream sandwiches isbothcreativity and fun. Collect all the ingredients like milk,flour,sugar to make fresh frozen ice cream liquid of your choice.Mixrainbow colored flavors and blend the ice cream liquid to giveit anice color, freeze the liquid ice cream in a freezer.Now makedoughfor the ice cream sandwich, choose a mold and put the icecreamsandwich dough in it. Bake it in oven to make your sweetcookie forthe ice cream sandwich. Learn the ice cream bakinglessons forbiscuits in this whole process. Once done place thescoop of yourice creams on the cookie biscuits and sandwich themwith rainbowice cream layers to make this delicious & colorfulsweet treat.You can make delicious ice cream towers with rainbowcolors foreach layer to delight yourself. You can make endlesscombinationswith rainbow colors for your ice cream sandwich. Tonsof toppingsare available so choose some yummy sprinkles and candiesas anaddition and decorate your ice cream sandwiches and candy tomakeit taste more delicious.Enjoy the summer snack lover carnivalwithtons of colorful ice cream sandwiches in this summer kitchenmastercooking game.
DIY Rainbow Donut Maker Salon 1.0.2
Kids Fun Plus
After the success of macaron cookies maker & Rainbow CakemakerKids Fun Plus presents DIY Rainbow Donuts Maker Salon, anewaddition to donut maker games.Welcome to my little donut shopsalonand enjoy colorful sweet donut cake with rainbow colors.Makedelicious rainbow colored donut cake with lots of colors inthisfun donuts mania cooking game. Learn the process of makingrainbowdonut cakes from scratch in this rainbow colored sweet donutcakemaker game. Cook up some colorful & yummy doughnuts like abestdonut chef who will surprise everyone with colorful donuts.Createround and delicious donuts with seven colors of rainbow andmakevariety of combinations for each creation. Game Play&Features:First mix all the ingredients for the donutdoughincluding flour, butter, milk, sugar. Use your professionalbakingtools to mix all the ingredients together until the dough isreallysmooth and put small portions of dough in seven differentcups. Nowadd seven rainbow colors in each cup and mix themtogether. Placethe dough in a piping bag and pour small portions inthe donut moldusing different color combinations. Now be a donuthero and servethe hot delicious donuts with rainbow colors. Tons oftoppings andsprinkles are available to make your donut cake moredelicious.Download this rainbow colored sweet donut cake maker gamefor freeand serve colorful doughnuts to your friends.
Birthday Cake Maker Factory – Dessert Party 1.0
Cooking Club
Welcome to the sweet birthday cake maker factory simulationgamewhere you’ll learn birthday cake cooking tips and tricks. Beanexpert cake baker chef and make handmade happy birthday cakesinthe real cake maker factory’s kitchen. After cooking cake, useyourdecoration ideas in the bakery shop for cake decorating. Kidslovebirthday party games to satisfy their cake mania. Yourcookingfever can be satisfied in one of the best birthday games,byvariety of flavors available in cake making factory such asvanillaand chocolate cake, rainbow cake etc. City’s best partyplanner andorganizer is biggest customer of your cake shop so hirebestbirthday cake maker chef in your cake factory and bakery shoptobake a cake.Little kids, girls and boys love to celebratetheirbirthday party and want to make it memorable for them bygivinghappy birthday gift to one another. Kids love birthday cakewithname on it and also make handmade birthday cards for theirfamilyand friends. Happy birthday wishes are important for everyoneas itshows the love and care for one another. All birthdaydecorationremains incomplete without happy birthday songs. Littleprincesslike to bake a cake for their friends and family on thebirthdayanniversary, and wants to show them her talent. So birthdaypartygirl! Don’t be sad as this most addictive of all baking cakegames,is giving you a chance to bake yummy birthday cake for yourhappybirthday bash.Here’s the recipe of your birthday party cake.Be acrazy chef and kitchen master and collect all ingredients inacontainer and mix them well for cooking cake. Then put thebatterin the mould and heat it for cake baking in the cakemakerfactory’s kitchen. Now move to the real task and that is themostlove able task for little kids, boys and girls as little princeandprincess love cake decoration. So let’s start delicious andyummycake decoration of little princess’s birthday cake. Birthdaycakedecorating is started with applying cream on the bread andthenmaking flowers of the fresh cream. You can use colorfulbuntings,sprinkles, fresh and dry fruits for cake decoration in thecakebakery shop.At the end pack your birthday party cake and sendit tosale it on the delivery truck to the birthday party plannerandorganizer. And here your delicious dessert maker journeyendsup.Birthday cake maker factory games for kids are popular inthekids as they love to use their creative decoration ideas onthebirthday cakes in real world factory simulator. These kinds ofcakefactory games develop learning habits and sharp theircookingskills in the fun activities.
Bake Cupcakes 3.0.1
bweb media
Cook up a treat for any birthday with this great cooking game!Bakeyour very own cupcakes like a true baker and watch as they cometolife right in front of you. You can make your delicious treatsfromscratch before decorating them just the way you want them tobe! Sotake on the best cooking game today and show off your skillsin thekitchen! Features: + Up to 23 cooking levels !+ Use all yourdevicecapabilities to make the recipe+ Decorate your cupcakes withlotsof sugary treats to make them extra tasty.
Princess Castle Wedding Cake Maker 1.1
Princess is going to get married. She wants castle wedding cakeforher big day. There is only one wedding cake maker shop in thetownand this is close due to some reason. Royal princess ismuchworried about her wedding cake. It is a great opportunity toopenyour own wedding cake maker shop and become the most famousweddingcake maker in the town. Dash to your kitchen in cooking cakemaniaand bake a cake. Cooking cake is not tough job, as kids willenjoybaking cake in their own kitchen. Be hero factory worker andgive arealistic look to your decorating ideas in this cake makingfactorysimulator. Princess castle wedding cake maker game for kidsis fullof fun and cooking adventure. Kids usually love baking cakebut thebest and favorite part is chocolate cake decoration withbeautifulsprinkles. Allow your inner crazy chef to come outside anduse yourbest decoration skills to bake a yummy chocolate cake tomakeprincess’s big day more special for her. This is not onlyPrincesscastle wedding cake maker game for kids but in thisfactorykitchen, you can also bake chocolate cake, party cake,birthdaycake for kids and girls. Cooking is the beloved habit ofgirls;girls will surely love baking chocolate cake in cake bakingshop.C’mon kids it is time to satisfy your cooking mania bybakingdelicious chocolate cake to make the day of bride and groom.Bebest cake maker chef and bake yummy vanilla, chocolatesandstrawberry cake for beautiful couple. This cake making gameforkids is one of the best cake-making factory and bakery shop.Kids!It is time to start cooking delicious wedding party cake inyourown kitchen. Cake baking kitchen is ready you will find allbakingand cooking items for example; flour, eggs, baking soda,milk,sugar, salt, all types of flavor, as well as all sprinklesanddecorating accessories. Put all ingredients in large containerandmix them with electric beater. After mixing all ingredients,bakethem in the oven. You can bake several cakes simultaneously innotime. Wedding party cake is ready to decorate. This is time toshowyour master chef skills. Kids love to play decorating gamesanddecoration of cake is the best part of this cake maker gameforkids. Decorate chocolate cake with beautiful anddelicioussprinkles and fruits. Be an expert cake designer anddecorate theyummy food dessert in the appetizing way. Your weddingcastle cakeis ready to deliver. Load it on the big delivery van. Atthe end,join the beautiful couple in cake cutting ceremony.Download andplay our other chocolate cake making games for kids andgirls.
Cooking Chocolate Eclair Cake 1.0.0
bweb media
If you love chocolate, try making this wonderful chocolateeclaircake recipe. In this fun cooking game, you'll feel like arealbaker as you bake a cake, heat chocolate on the stove, anddecorateyour own dessert. You'll do everything just like you wouldin yourown kitchen, including opening ingredients, mixing, baking,andputting it all together. Once it's ready to eat, enjoythisdelicious sweet treat!Features:You'll get to bake, makechocolatesyrup, and decorate your very own dessert.Enjoy mixingtogether thetasty ingredients that go into chocolate eclairs,including eggs,flour, chocolate syrup, vanilla pudding, andbutter.Make yourdessert look pretty and ready to eat by decoratingit.Unlock theevery part of the recipe by completing cake baking,makingchocolate syrup, and decorating.
Cooking strawberry short cake 2.0.12
Do you love cooking and just love eating scrumptious cake? Wellifthat is a yes then you will just love this strawberry shortcakecooking game. Here you will be able to choose all the utensilsandingredients ready to make your cake, and then mix all theproperingredients together to make your cake mixture. Once yourcakemixture is done you can then pour it into a cake tin beforecookingit in your very own oven. Once cooked you can then decorateit withicing and strawberries until it looks like a greatmasterpiece thatis yummy to eat. So if you love cooking and youlove cake then whynot try your hand at this strawberry short cakecooking game today!Features: • CHOOSE your ingredients and utensilsfrom off the shelfready for you to start cooking. • MIX youringredients together tocreate your cake mix for baking. • POUR yourcake mix into the caketin and place in the microwave oven ready forcooking. • TURN youroven on and watch as your cake becomes goldenbrown. • RINSE yourstrawberries under the water in the sink andallow to dry. • PULLthe stem from the strawberries and slice intosmall piece. • SLICEyour cake in half and ice the bottom layer withyummy icing. •PLACE the strawberries on the bottom cake layer andplace the toplayer on top of the strawberries. • ICE the top layerof the cakewith icing, add more strawberries, and place more icingandstrawberries on top. • ENJOY eating all your strawberry shortcakebefore anyone else has any.
Princess Castle Cake Cooking 3.0.10
Ever wanted to be a part of royalty? Well now you can withthisPrincess Castle Cake decorating game. Here you can have plentyoffun with decorating your very own princess castle cake. Letyourimagination run wild as you choose your own cake color, towertops,front door design, cake layer lines, window types, grass andvineicing design, as well as decorations and accessories. Watch asyourprincess castle cake transforms in front of you as you mixandmatch the different decorations until your have abeautifullysculptured castle that is fit for any king or queen withthis funPrincess Castle Cake decorating game.Features: • CHOOSEyour cakecolour to match in with your theme. • ADD tower tops tomake yourprincess castle cake look realistic.• CHANGE the frontdoor tomatch with your tower tops.• LINE the castle cake layerswithdecorative walls so small people won’t fall off. • MATCHthewindows with your door to create a fabulous look. • WATCH asvinesand grass grow across the castle walls for a fun look. • ADDthefinal finishing touches by decorating with fruit, flags, andotheraccessories.
Candy Cake Maker 4.0.1
bweb media
Candy cake anyone? We all love cake, but we don't like the messthatit makes, why not get all the fun of making the cake with outhavingto clean afterward. In Candy Cake Maker you'll first have tomakethe dough, by adding all the ingredients in the right orderlike ina real recipe. Drag and drop all of them on the pot tocook.Remember to keep stirring that mixture, you don't want yourdough toburn. Next you'll need to pour it into a cake pan Tocreate theundercover first mix dark and white chocolate in a bowl,put it inthe microwave and melt it so that it'll go sweet and lushover yourcake. Candy Cake Maker lets you decorate the cake byadding the darkand white chocolate undercover with a vanillabutter and milk icingon top! Now you are ready to invite all yourfriends, wait... you'llhave to set up balloons for your party!Let's eat! We don't evenhave to fight over who gets to do thedishes!
Cosmetic Box Cake factory – Makeup bakery 1.0
After the success of Ice Cream Parlor cooking fun, Mineralwaterfactory, and poultry breeding factory here is another uniqueideaof Cosmetic Box Cake factory - Makeup bakery for little girlstoenjoy makeup of their own choice. Make your favorite makeupboxcake with chocolates, candies, vanilla & so manymouth-wateringflavors. Everyone likes princess makeup box withdifferent makeupitems like mascara, lipsticks, eyeliners, nailpolish and so muchmore. Now make your favorite cosmetic box cakedesign in yourmobile device and impress everyone. Here comes tomost deliciousand eye-catching cake maker fun cooking game. Makethe cosmetic boxcake design you like among a huge collection ofdesigns.This makeupcake factory game contains store management andbakery bakingscenarios. Little boys and girls, the baker tycoon isyours! Sellmost yummy, delicious and tasty cupcake in the town.Open up themost exclusive food franchise of baking and cookingcarnivaldessert. Be the part of top restaurant cooking crew andserve manyclients. Little boys, and girls you can bake and makechocolatecake, strawberry muffin and vanilla cupcake in this foodiegame.That's not why you customize cakes in multiple shapeslikeheart-shaped cake, round chocolate cake, and square vanillacake.Fondant is a thick sugary dough that is often used forcakedecorating. You can color it and shape it into all sortsofdesigns, so it is perfect for making edible makeup.Little girlsandkids can purchase pre-dyed fondant or dye fondant to be almostanycolor, but you should take some time to plan out what colorsyouwill need. For example, if you want to make a lipstick foryourcake, then you might need some red or pink fondant. If you wanttomake an eyeshadow palette, then you might want some green,purple,or blue fondant.Jot down the makeup items you want to makeand whatcolors you think you will need to make them. Since mostmakeup iscased in black plastic, black fondant is essential formakingedible makeup and to dye fondant, you will need to usefood-safedye. Little kids and girls can purchase all kinds ofdifferent dyecolors for cake decorating in craft stores.When Girls,you areready, put on a pair of food-safe vinyl gloves and breakyourfondant into pieces. Then, add dye to the fondant usingatoothpick. Stick a clean toothpick into the dye and then stickitinto the fondant to transfer the dye, add some dye to thefondant,and begin mixing it with your gloved hands. Knead the doughtodistribute the color evenly. Keep kneading until the colorlooksuniform. kids and little girls a must try game is ready foryou tosatisfy your makeover passion in a cosmetic cake cookingadventure.
Ice Cream Cones Cookies 1.0.9
bweb media
Cook ice cream cone cookies like a real baker with thiscookinggame! With this baking game you can mix your ingredients tomakeyour cookies and icing, cut your cookies out into ice creamshapesbefore decorating them with yummy sweet icing and frosting.Eatthem all up and make them again with this bakinggameFeaturesMixyour ingredients together to create your cookie mix.Add your icingingredients to a separate bowl and mix thoroughly tomake yummyicing. Cut out your cookies into ice cream cones beforebaking themnicely. Decorate your ice cream cookies until they’resweet to eat.Eat all your yummy cookies before making anotherbatch.