Top 49 Games Similar to BalaBala Jump

Stevo's Mad Run 1
Dream Random
Journey through Stevo’s crazy world of nuggets and trollswhiledodging crazy obstacles and his relentless dog Missy! He’snotalone though as he’s got his daughters Kaci & Leah asplayablecharacters and his best friend Nigel too! Stevo’s Mad Runis basedon the life of London based influencer, Stevo The Mad Man.Withover 300K followers on Facebook and Instagram, Stevo refers tohisloyal followers as ‘Spartans’ #Spartan4Life
com.Bullinzadu.EzrealMirror2 2.6
● Various champions Play Ezreal, Leblanc, Lucian, Kenenn,Vayne,Ahri, Yasuo and More champions will be added in the future. ●A.IBattle Increase your strength and try out the A.I! Check theitemsin A.I, Armed with items that you can counter Test your limitswitha godly control! ● PVP Real-time battles with people all overtheworld! It will be updated soon! ● Item and skill upgradeUpgradeyour skills and items with the rewards you've gained inbattle, andyou'll be reborn as a stronger champion! ●Notice-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------EzMirror Match 2 is a fan madegame.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you delete this app, data will be delete.
Police Pursuit 1.1.0
Kwalee Ltd
The cops are on your tail! Show off your driving skills byavoidingand outsmarting them! Tap to go left and right, make theenemiescrash into each other to build your combo and increase yourscore!But make sure you don’t get too damaged, or you’ll end upwasted!Police Pursuit Features: • Simple and satisfying gameplay! •Beatyour high score! • Increasingly frantic pace! • Tons ofcrazyvehicles to unlock!
Go Fish: Jurassic Pond 1.1.3
Kwalee Ltd
Cast your line, reach the depths and catch as many pre-historicfishas you can on your way up! Upgrade your hook, net andbigMammoth-hunting muscles to go deeper, make rare finds and catchallnew species! It's Go Fish, re-imagined in the age ofmegaladons,meteoric collisions and poor personal hygiene. Perfectfor newplayers and Go Fish experts alike! Go Fish: Jurassic Pondfeatures:- Simple and addictive gameplay: Tap, cast down and catchas manyfish as you can! - Your competent caveman/woman willcontinue toearn money for you when you’re away! - A whole new troveofpre-historic critters to catch and collect! - Bongo drums Canyoudiscover the mysteries that exist in the ocean before time?GoFish!
Swipe Brick Breaker 1.3.4
Monthly 23
The champion of time killer! Most addictive! simple and minimalgameplay!. Don't worry about losing ball. Just focus on breaking.Justswipe to shoot the balls. Deal damage to bricks and breakbricks.You can make endless ball chain! Enjoy ingenious turn basedarkanoidstyle game. Download for free. There is no in-apppurchase. You canplay without internet connection. [Features] -Free to play -Endless gameplay - score competition with playersfrom all over theworld [How to play] - Swipe to shoot balls tobreak the bricks. -When ball hits the brick, durability isreduced. When durabilityreduce to 0, brick breaks. - Get the greencircle to increase thenumber of balls. - When the bricks reach thebottom line, game isover. - Challenge to make yout high score!Monthly23 is independentone man developer who release game everymonth. Make addictiveminimalist game for all ages. Visit ourfacebook page.
Ball Jump Game 1.5
🎈🎱⚽🏀⚾🎾🏈🏐🏉... WhichEver the Ball, Jump now!
Rocky Climb 1.0.9
Accept the challenge and conquer the truest of nature'swonders!Simple and addictive game! Just hop in and climb thehighestmountains and the steepest peaks! -GAME FEATURES- -Endlessfun withprocedurally generated levels -Plenty of customizationoptions tomake the character your own -Clean art style for a simpleandenjoyable experience -Intuitive controls focus to be fun andengageyou -Leaderboards to compete with strangers across the globe-SmartSharing will capture your triumphant highscore momentFeedback isnot only welcome but appreciated!
Brick puzzle master : Ball Vader2 1.3.52
ENP Games
On the night the darkness takes over the city, the war withVaderbegins! The first journey to become the master ofwall-breaking!Ball Vader 2! The endless attacks of Vader that fillsthe nightskies! Defeat Vader and become the true master ofwall-breaking.[How to play] - Fire a ball with touch and destroythe brick (angleis life!) - When hit, the inner strength of thebricks is reduced.- bricks are destroyed when its durabilitdecreased to 0 - Gameover when the bricks touch the ground - Getthe highest score ofyour own! [Features] - Free to play - Easy toplay - Differentstages - Endless game play - Tablet device support- Low-end devicesupport - Offline games that do not require Wi-Fi
Cooking with Nasreen 1.9
Get ready to Cook with Nasreen in her kitchen by playing thisnewfun filled cooking game. Nasreen will guide you how to cookpropermeals and to make customers happy. Grab the opportunity ofbecomingan amazing chef of town. Find out funny activities ofNasreen byplaying this latest restaurant game. Show your bestcooking skillsand impress nasreen with your abilities. This game isfilled withamazing cooking challenges where you can cook meals fromall overthe world. Customers are hungry and waiting for food,gather yourequipment’s and give people the experience of bestdining with yourspecial cooking skills and joy of cooking withNasreen. This gamehas amazing and challenging levels where you haveto prepare foodin limited time. Nasreen will help you in preparingdeliciousIndian food in western world. Take orders of customers andquicklystart making best dishes and do fast cooking in giventime. Cook with Nasreen Features • Exciting Cooking game withNasreen •Best Food serving & Restaurant serving games 2010 •ManyChallenging levels to play • Utilize coins to upgrade yourkitchenitems • Amazing HD graphics • Funny Sound effects ofNasreenDISCLAIMER: All video and sounds credits belong to RahimPardesiand is only used for the promotion of the game Cooking withNasreenmade in Collaboration of The Game Storm Studios & RahimPardesiOfficial
Geometry Dash 2.111
RobTop Games
Jump and fly your way through danger in this rhythm-basedactionplatformer!Prepare for a near impossible challenge in theworld ofGeometry Dash. Push your skills to the limit as you jump,fly andflip your way through dangerous passages and spikyobstacles.Simpleone touch game play with lots of levels that willkeep youentertained for hours!Game Features• Rhythm-basedActionPlatforming!• Lots of levels with unique soundtracks!• Buildandshare your own levels using the level editor!• Unlock new iconsandcolors to customize your character!• Fly rockets, flip gravityandmuch more!• Use practice mode to sharpen your skills!• Lotsofachievements and rewards!• No in-app purchases!• Challengeyourselfwith the near impossible!Contact: [email protected]
Flippy Race 1.3
Compete in a massive high speed water race. Move left and righttoavoid obstacles and collect coins. Spin the jetski in the air foramassive speed boost. Avoid the obstacles and use ramps forthatsweet air-time. Complete lots of challenging missions to unlocknewjet-skis and boats. Are you ready for the ultimateracingexperience? 1.1.5
X Games Tube
The rule of this io game is very easy, just drag your beetle andhitother enemy off the stage!👍 👍Cheers👍 After hardworking,Beetles.iois now compatible with LG K series & Moto E series!We areworking hard to bring 3D game to much more devicebrands.🌟FEATURES of this io game 🌟: * Free to play, play itanywhereanytime * Suitable for all ages * Simple rules but alittledifficult to clear the level, you'll find the addiction. *Now tryto challenge and share it with your friends! *Chooseyourbeetle/bumper’s skin *Relax and enjoy You'll surely love thisiogame once you get how it works! 📧E-MAIL📧•[email protected] contact us at [email protected] ifyou encounter anyissue on a certain device brand. It's appreciatedto to much more device brands. 🌟Enjoy🌟 Be the beston thestage and win in this io!
Hexsnake io 1.1.5
Hex Snake is a new exciting and challenging IO game withsmoothcontrols. Are you ready to conquer the largest land now? Inthisnew addictive game, grow your territory by enclosing the landwithyour long trail. The ultimate aim is to conquer the biggestkingdomin Hex Snake. How to Play? -- Control the motion viavirtualcontrol lever when your finger touches the screen. --Conquer andexpand your base by surrounding adjacent land. --Eliminate youropponents by hitting their trails. -- Stay cautious!Avoid beinghit by your competitors too! -- Always remember to guardyour ownterritory. Game Features: -- Simple & smooth controls--Different and cool skins for your choice. Choose yourfavouriteone! -- Different play modules Download Hex Snake io nowand startconquering! Enjoy!
West World - Crazy Gun 1.5.2
Crazy Gun is the most lively addictive shooting game! This gamewilllet you think ahead before you make any shoot while playing.In thewestern town where Jack is located, a shooting competitionis aboutto take place. Jack is training hard to get the bonus ofthe event.Let us help him to let him be the hero of thiscompetition! How toplay: The goal of this addictive shooting gameis to tap the screento shoot and break all the given bottles. But,keep in mind that youshould be very precise in this endless gamebecause the wheel keepsturning faster and you only have specificnumber ammunition and youshould break all bottles before with thegiven ammunition or youwill lose. Not only that! There are alsomany challenges that youcan take to improve your skills. Soundseasy? But, would you be ableto score the highest possible score inthis addictive shooter gamewithout mistakes? Why choose to playCrazy Gun on your Androidsmartphone or tablet instead of othershooter games? ✓ We made some2D Cool and smooth high-qualitygraphics to give you the bestexperience while playing the greatestshooting game ever! You willenjoy it! ✓ With our realisticgraphics, you will have the feelingof shooting from a real gun andnot playing Crazy Gun. ✓ We careabout you and that's why we madeour shooting game very easy toplay, so all that you have to do isto tap the screen to make ashoot. Super easy! ✓ Our shooting gameis FREE and it will stay Freefor life, so there are No hidden feesor annual subscription toenjoy playing it! ✓ Make sure tocontinuously shoot the randomlyappearing treasure chests to havethe opportunity of obtaining somenew powerful weapons. ✓ Endless!Yes! our game is endless and youcan enjoy playing as much as youwant because the only one who canstop you is you. ✓ Enjoy playingeven without having a 3G, 4G orWi-Fi internet connection. ✓ CrazyGun is a free game and it can beplayed by Adults and Teens. Yourwhole family can play it and theywill enjoy playing it for hoursnonstop! Don’t forget to competethem on the leaderboard. What areyou waiting for? Download CrazyGun and enjoy the most addictiveshooter game ever!
Ocean War 1.22
Higgs Games
Ocean war is a very interesting casual online game, with morethan100 million people playing around the world! Here we arepresentingthe special visual effects with a variety of fish on themysteriousseabed. The game is also super easy to get on with! Useyour theturret to kill all kinds of fish to get more golds! Forgeyourturret and make them more powerful! Get ready to challengetheultimate BOSS with your friends! Highlights: (1) This is aFreegame and super easy to get on with! You can experience themagicalsea world in only 10 seconds! (2) More than 50 mysteriousmarinecreatures are waiting for you to explore. (3) Enjoy thegenerousrewards! Here we are present you the unlimited free goldsanddiamonds! (4) We have initiate forging system of turrets.Upgradeto a 10,000 times turret and enjoy the game! (5) We haveinitiateocean BOSS copy system! You can challenge the powerfuldeep-seamonsters with your friends. (6) You can share yourmagicalexperience of exploring the seabed with your friends onFacebook.(7) The game supports multiple languages including EnglishandMalay and Vietnamese. Join us on Facebook page: Ocean WarSupport:[email protected] Thank you guys for playing OceanWar!
Bricks Breaker Legend 2.3.9
IEC Corp
Bricks Breaker Legend is a brand new ball shooter game. Your taskisto fire the ball and break as many bricks as possible. Thisgame’sgameplay, effects and sound will give you the mostsatisfying andrelaxing moments in the day. ▶How to play: ✴ Keepand adjust theball, fire it in a touch and break as many bricks aspossible.. ✴Hit the bricks and reduce its number until it breaks.✴ Break allthe bricks to clear the stages and get to the nextlevel. ✴ Break asmany bricks as possible in a shoot to collect 3stars. ▶KEY FEATURE: ✴ 3 modes available: Classic, Level and 100balls. ✴ Tons oflevels ✴ Various types of balls ✴ Super fun andattractive sound. ✴Wonderful and satisfying graphics ✴ Continuousupdate of gamecontent and unique features Play our now and enjoythe satisfyingfeeling of aiming the ball, choosing the best angle,shoot and breakas many bricks as possible. ▶IEC Corporation: -Like us onFacebook: -Supportemail: [email protected] - For businessinquiries:[email protected]
Panda NES - NES Emulator 1.0.6
Panda NES Emulator, take you back to 90s! Features -Suppporttouchscreen, gamepad, keyboard - Customizable keys -Fastest NESengine - Highly simple UI, play immediately
Pinball Deluxe: Reloaded
Made Of Bits
Cool retro pinball game with customizable tables. A flippin'goodtime. Discover powerballs. Collect mods. Test your pinballskillson eight different tables: - Explore the galaxy in "SpaceFrontier"- Over 50 levels of brick breaking in "Brix" - Play inreversegravity in the Mirror House at the "Carnival" - Be a sheriffin"Wild West" and run the bandits out of town - Dive to the bottomofthe sea in "Treasure Hunter" - See how many runs you can scorein"Fastball" - Reconfigure the layout of "The Apparatus" - Gooldschool, really old, with "Bagaball" Go for the high scorewithPinball Deluxe: Reloaded and relive the good old days ofthearcade. Explore the unique play style on each table. Will youbeable to unlock all the mini-games and beat the wizardmodes?Collect mods to customize the table to your skills to scorebig.PD:R will reward your quick reflexes with plenty of action andalsotrophies for your exploits with the silver ball. Things toloveabout Pinball Deluxe: - WOW graphics - Award winning tabledesign -Precise physics - Collectible mods for table customization-Mini-games on the matrix display - Unique play style on eachtable- Powerballs - Online multiplayer mode - Fun challengesandachievements
Spinny Gun 1.92
Shoot as many targets as you can in this new addictive game!Provethe world you are a true shooter by gunning down all thebosses!Game Features: • Endless challenge! • More than 50 guns tocollect!• Play every day to get free rewards! • Compete against theworldto establish the highest score!
MADOBU - Be the Dark Lord 1.1.50
Learn magics and fight war! ◆ Simple speed-tapping mini-game ◆Tryvarious magic skills ◆ Mix magics to get stronger, coolereffectsBe the darkest and strongest! Game Features ◆ Train variousmagicskills : simple tap! ◆ Strategy game : mix different magics◆Destroy enemy troops : test yourself out there! ◆ Defeatdifferentstages and bosses ◆ Check out leaderboard
Retro NES - NES Emulator 3.0.3
* A NES game file (ROM file) is necessary to play a game. *Copyyour own NES game files to SD card or Internal Memory.(e.g./sdcard/NES/) * Please search games again after copy new NESgamefiles. Features: * Support NES file (.nes, .zip). * Supportandroid4.0+ (suitable for android 8.0+). * Save state and loadstate. *Quick save: Double tap to quick-save (right half ofscreen). *Quick load: Double tap to quick-load (left half ofscreen). *Customize Control Buttons (Edit & resize). * Turbobuttons& A+B button. * PAL (Europe) / NTSC (USA, Japan) videomodes. *Support up to 4 Players. * Support Rewind (Your characterwillnever die when this feature is enabled).
Zombie High School 5.87
Play real-time mobile game with others up to 8 players at thesametime. Huh? What happens to Zombie High School students? Aren’ttheysupposed to be just studying, dating and partying like othersintheir ages? I came for the best private high school, butzombies?What are zombies doing here? From the rumor I heard, thisis not arandom accident that zombies are everywhere in the school.It ISall planned by someone. You have to be one of the studentstoinvestigate the situation with all the risk. Find out the secretofZombie high school, and take the school back. Obviously, itwon’tgo easy. You have to get rid of zombies chasing after you.Youmight have to fight back to get through. If you think youarecapable, you are welcome to enter Zombie High School.▶InfectionMode (2~8 players) One of the players is turned into azombie.Others should run away to survive. Locate secret paths andplace tohide. The longer you survive, the bigger the reward youwill get!▶Attack on Zombie (4 players Co-op) Play through the storyto findout the secret of Zombie High School. Choose your weapon,andovercome the wave of dangerous zombies! Fight as a team! Stickwithyour friends! Teamwork is the only way to survive! ▶Cops&Robbers (2~8 Team-play) Get your strategy ready for 4 on 4versusmode. Break all the switches as a Human Team, or Catch themall asZombie Team. Humans can be escaped anytime. So, keep youreyesopen, and always stay alert. ▶Community Channel Play with up to100players in the same server! Chatting? Hanging Out?Playingmini-games? We prepared a safe place you can take a rest inpeace.Experience high school life before zombies appear. ENTERZOMBIEHIGH SCHOOL NOW! We are happy to assist you if you have anyproblemwhile playing the game Please describe the issue andAndroidversion. ---------------------- Required Permission InfoPhoneNumber – Check validation of game account Prevent fromwatching ADrepeatedly Mic – Record voice Required to recordgame-play forcommunity share Phone status and ID Prevent fromwatching ADrepeatedly Storage – Check contents in SD card Requiredto accessNaver Café from in-game ---------------------- OfficialNaver Cafe Official KakaoStory OfficialFacebook [email protected] ---- Developer Address Gwanak-gu,Seoul,Republic of Korea ---- Developer Contact 02-877-2626
Slots: Hot Vegas Slot Machines Casino & Free Games 1.186
Play HOT LAS VEGAS SLOT MACHINES FREE! Try OVER 35+ FREESlotMachines unlocked NOW with Hot Las Vegas Slots Casino! Updatedwith2 new slots free with bonus games every month! Play Hot VegasFreeSlot machines without wifi - online or offline - and try to wintheJackpot! It’s like a HOT Vegas Casino in an android game app!Wantthe best free slot games with bonus features and free coins?PlayHOT VEGAS Free Slot Games without wifi today! This freeslotmachines casino is intended for adult audiences and does notofferreal money gambling or any opportunities to win real moneyorprizes. Success within this slot games app does not implyfuturesuccess at real money gambling. Questions/Problems? E-mail usat:[email protected]
Super Raiden 2
rao weixiao
Classic pole of the aircraft game,the single fighter isdifficultthan the two fighter,more to the back of the enemy bulletsLikerain, And our action and ultra-slow, so it is difficult tohide,the general dead full of fire that frame is difficult to play...
Smash 1.54
Smash your way through. 1.6.1
The most addictive game! Enter the arena and face the other holesina fierce battle. Eat everything in sight with your black holeandexpand it to eat more! Show them who is the biggest hole intown!LOCAL COUCH MULTIPLAYER FEATURE Want to compete directly withyourfriends? Follow these four simple tasks: - Step 1: Open the"LocalMultiplayer" menu on the right and create a room - Step 2:Make yourfriends join* - Step 3: ??? - Step 4: Enjoy the battle!*Bluetoothrequired. They need to be close enough to play.
Reaction Trainer 1.0.1
Train your reaction speed with this Reaction Trainer app andimproveyour highscore! Share your best scores with your friendsonfacebook.
Jet Ski Craft: Crafting, Stunts & Bikini Bottom 3D
What a’bout a boat? Do you love water theme parks and speed?Feelthe tide in the best jetski games 3D of 2018! Become the mostbravejetski racer and perform extreme stunts! You can alsoenjoycrafting & building mode to prepare more impressingstunts.Play the best jet ski games for girls and boys – PLAY JetSki CraftFOR FREE! Find treasure island! Enjoy the most epic blockyworldever made! Ride a water jet ski wherever you want and docrazyjetski stunts. Play awesome minigames and find a treasure ofyourdreams! Avoid running onto other motorboats, surfing orwaterskiing people! OR NOT! You’re a crazy jetski racer so enjoyyourpowerboat! Boring days gone! Play the best jetski games forgirlsand boys and find out why bad days are gone! Build a city orwatertheme park if you can! Jet Ski Craft is an addictive gamewithcrafting & building a whole new worlds! Build a house orawhole beach resort and perform extreme jetskey stunts wholedaylong! Not another jet ski racing game! Exploration of an openworldand stunts! Enjoy your powerboat or jetpack water fun! Usecrafting& building mode to free your imagination. Build epicstages forstunts, enjoy city building or go on an adventure andfind everytreasure island on the sandbox open world! Leave peoplespeechlessor talking! Tom – jetski enthusiast is you huge fan! Keepcalm andenjoy pure jetski action – boring days are gonepermanently! JetSki Craft is the most exciting combination ofstunts games, jet skigames and classic crafting & building inthe water theme park!Brand new boat game! You’re a true jetskiracer with own waterjetskey who challenges every riptide and evensuper crew! Racingpowerboat is not your task! Extreme jet skistunts and travellingto treasure island, adventure and waterjetting around – that’s thebest jet ski action you can dreama’bout! Jet Ski Craft features:🏖️Crafting & building stages forstunts! 🏖️Free worldexploration! “Extreme jet ski water park!🏖️Discover every treasureisland! 🏖️Date another jetski racer!Boring jetskey days are gone!Discover one of the best boat gamesfor girls and boys of 2018!Crazy jetski stunts, crafting &building, tens of islands,beautiful beach resort and surfing in oneawesome boat game. Don’tbother and go on an adventure now! Play JetSki Craft FOR FREE –one of the best jetski games 3D of 2018!
Ever wanted to play boring video game where absolutely nothingbadcan happen to the main character? Well then, definitely DO NOTplay8-BIT WATERSLIDE!You take control of a screaming coward, TIPLERashe hurtles along this awesome pixel slide.It's pure, wholesomefunfor the whole family!Still not convinced you need thisgame?--Double fart jumps-- Yep, that's right! This game isn't justgenrebustingly original, it's also super highbrowandintellectual."There's just something to it's brand of crazythatmakes everything work" -148Apps"If you love retro graphics andhavea big sense of humor, then 8-BIT WATERSLIDE is the perfectlittlegem for you!" - AppAdvise"8-BIT WATERSLIDE seems likesomething thecharacters from Mike Judge's Idiocracy might watch onTV." - TouchArcade"Playing convulsed with laughter can beconsidered a goodgaming experience" - sspai
Time Jump 0.27.0
* Tap to jump over the clock hands. * Tap and hold to slowdownthetime. * Collect various jumpers. * Jump as many clockhandsaspossible.
Ghost Pop! 2.1
Pop those ghosts! The ultimate popping challenge! Blast ghostswithyour flashlight along a haunted twisty road. Simpleone-tapcontrols, defeat spooky creatures, switch the color of yourbeam,unlock super awesome characters, and even earn coins whilstyousleep! - Super challenging! - Tons of characters and flashlightstounlock! - Lots of enemies and big bosses to defeat! - Upgradeyourdamage, battery life, critical hits and more! - Explore theforest,unlock chests, even collect gold fairies! PLEASE NOTE: GhostPop!is completely free to play. However, some items can bepurchasedfor real money. If you don't want to use this feature,pleasedisable in-app purchases in your devices settings. Ghost Pop!wasdeveloped by PlaySide, the developers behind Editors' Choicetitle"Catch The Ark", Drift It, Monkey Ropes, Icy Ropes and more.Let usknow what you would love to see in our next update
Retro Shooting 2.1.8
Do you want a new style of arcade shooter game? With anexcitingshooting style and retro + modern pixelated graphics,RetroShooting is a mobile shooting game that has caught theattention ofshooters around the world! 【Features】 • Arcade Shoot'em up • Avertical-scrolling STG with pixelated graphics • Danmakuattacksfrom multiple bosses and various enemies • Multipleaircrafts &upgrades • Compete with shooters around the world in"InfiniteMode"! • User-friendly space retro shooting game played byjusttapping and sliding on the screen Be sure to save the gamedatabefore deleting the game or switching devices.———————————————————【SHMUPHOLIC】 Galaxy Warrior Astro Wings SeriesFacebook E-mail :[email protected] of service
Stack Jump 1.4.8
How high can you climb? Jump to stack blocks and build thebiggesttower imaginable! Improve your highscore in endless mode,completethe 36 challenges and unlock all 20 characters!
BBTAN by 111%
BBTAN!!! Swipe to throw balls and break bricks! The angle iskeypoint! This is a simple but addictive arkanoid game. How longcanyou survive on the BBTAN? BBTAN by 111% Game Features: ◆ Unlock55balls. All Unique! ◆ Easy and fun to play. ◆ Challenge score 100.◆Check 111% facebook page, get hidden ball. ◆ Using physicalgameengine. ◆ Colorful UI, Fun sound effects,Attractivecharacter.Share your screenshots online such as Facebook orInstagram. EnjoyBBTAN while you commute, on a date, in the bus orsubway, waitingat the bank and so on. Anytime, anywhere you canplay BBTNA!!"BBTAN is Simple, but Addictive." You can read a reviewof BBTANhere.
Drill Master 1.1.4
Kwalee Ltd
Tap to start your drill and drag to move from left toright,collecting treasure as you go. The more gems, jewelsand...boomboxes (?) you collect, the more you can upgrade andunlock newdrills! Become a true Drill Master and grow yourcollection of finetrinkets and even finer drills! Drill Masterfeatures: - Simple andsatisfying dirt-drilling, gem-collectinggameplay! - Discover arange of cool and mysterious treasures! -Upgrade your drill, orunlock more, to go further and collect moretreasure! - Let yourdrill go to work while you're away, and collectmore money!
Retro N64 - N64 Emulator 3.0.3
* A N64 game file (ROM file) is necessary to play a game. *Copyyour own N64 game files to SD card or Internal Memory.(e.g./sdcard/N64/) * Please refresh games again after copy new N64gamefiles. Features: * Support N64 game file (.n64, z64, v64,.zip,.7zip) * Support android 5.0+ (suitable for android 8.0+). *Savestate and load state. * Auto save. * Auto Screenorientation(Settings - Display - Screen orientation - Auto). * AllControls:Analog & Dpad & L+R+Z Button (Profiles - SelectProfiles -Touchscreen profile - Everything: All Controls) * ResizeControlButtons (Settings - Touchscreen - Button scale). * EditControlButtons (Profiles - Touchscreen - Copy - Rename - Edit).Important:* To fix graphiccal glitches, try changing the videoplugin(Profiles - Select Profiles - Emulation profile). * To fixlag, trychanging the video setting (Settings - Display -Renderedresolution). * For unplayable ROMs, try unzipping the ROMfirst ortrying a different version of the ROM. * For touchscreencontrolissues, try changing the button scale. This app is based ontheOpen Source project Mupen64+, which is licensed by GNUGPLv3.Update for Android 8.0+
Boredwalk 2.3.0
SquareTwo Inc
Boredwalk: Your pocket-sized arcade. It's pretty simple: 1.PlayGames - We have many fun and addictive games to play, fromclassicsto modern hits. New games are added all the time! 2. WinTickets -Score more, win more Tickets. Find the games with theJackpots --hit them and win even more Tickets! 3. Get Real Stuff -Redeem yourTickets for brand new items. We have millions to choosefrom andshipping is 100% free!
Ancient Bricks 1.4.20
Zippy Mobile
Welcome adventurer! It is time to prove your brick breakerskills.You have an opportunity to journey through an ancienttemple,collecting as many treasures as you can. You can eitherexplore thetemple's chambers through 180 beautifully handcraftedlevels orventure below into the mine where the deeper you get themoreprecious treasures you will find! Are you ready for thethischallenge? *** Game Modes *** Exploration: you can discover6different labyrinths containing 180 unique chambers. You mustbreakall bricks in a chamber to complete the level. Use the paddletocollect the falling treasurers and power-ups. Be careful,though,as not all power-ups are handy! Mine: lots of gold, crystalsandancient treasure are buried deep under the temple. You can useahuge mining machine to break even the strongest bricks butsomespecial powerful balls can also be very useful for this work.Howfar can you get? *** Main Features *** – 240 handcrafted levelsinExploration Mode – endless destruction in Mining Mode –7unlockable ball types – 4 unlockable paddle types withpowerfulabilities – more than 30 unlockable upgrades – real-timephysics –lots of power-ups, power-downs and collectable items –daily,weekly missions and ad hoc challenges – single touch andtiltcontrols – fast-paced addictive gameplay
Fluffy Fall: Fly Fast to Dodge the Danger! 1.2.26
WHAT (games)
Dash headlong into an astonishingly fun (and incredibly cute)3Dendless-run adventure! Take on level after level as you flyyourcuddly Fluffy through danger with just a finger. Dodge ablaze,snake around ice, go rolling past lasers and escape othercrazyhazards that block your way. The road is full of pitfalls, butit’ssure to pull you in. Features: • Amazing 3D animationmeetsaccessible gameplay that’s popular with kids, but still hasenoughfast arcade action to give anyone a rush. • Dodgescreen-blurringice blocks, escape flames and blaze past loads ofother dangersthat can harm your adorable Fluffy. • Collect Gold tounlock morethan 60 cool Fluffies and find the cute little puff thatsuits youthe best. The perfect game for rolling out to kids (yetstill superaddicting to adults) who enjoy the popular endless-rungameplaystyle and fastaction!_____________________________________________ Visit Follow us on:Facebook: This appallows youto purchase virtual items within the app and maycontainthird-party advertisements that may redirect you to athird-partysite. End-User License Agreement: Terms of Use:
Slav Tiles - HardBass Gopnik Edition 1.2.3
ARE YOU A REAL GOPNIK OR AMERIKANSKI SPI? THE CHERNOBYL REACTORISGOING CRITICAL NOW! If you ever wanted to know how it is tobeslav, just play this game suka and rush B. After you learn howtobe a true slav by playing this game, gopniks won't stop you onthestreet anymore asking what are you wearing because you willhavetracksuit. What music to listen in your blyatmobil - HARD BASSIfyou want to infiltrate pindostan - make TRI POLOSKI tatoo. Enjoyitwhile squatting with friends outside local shashlik place.Thisgame is brought to you by the power of the mayonez. Staycheekibreeki.
Fish & Trip 1.7.7
Bloop Games
You’re not alone in the ocean! Gather some colorful friends&try to survive in this dangerous world. Grow your group offish,collect eggs & discover new species including thefamouscatfish! Features: • Move your school of fish with one touch•Enjoy an original music & colorful graphics • Discover&hook more than 80 species • Complete dozens of missions •Beware ofsharks!
Plane Hit! 1.96
Exciting adventure of avoiding missiles! Easy-to-learncontrols,rich visual effects and addictive gameplay mechanics. Cometo playPlane Hit!
Pocket Mine 3 5.12.1
Roofdog Games
Get on a mining adventure in this sequel to the sequel oftheaddictive hit game! Tap blocks to dig deep and explore allthelocations of this exciting world! Trigger stunning chainreactions,craft and equip powerful gear, get formidable cards,unlocktreasure chests, collect and trade rare artifacts… There’s somuchto do! Features: * Explore dozens and dozens of gorgeouslocationswith their unique monsters and artifacts * Customize yourcharacterwith powerful gear * Build your deck of cards to reach newdiggingdepths * Trade with friends to complete artifact collections*Enjoy frequent updates and events with fresh content Stayconnectedto everything Pocket Mine 3: Facebook OfficialPage: Please use the in-gamesupportfeature to report any issue and give us feedback. Let'sgetdigging!
Snake VS. Colors 1.7.0
You’re a slithery sssnake in an endless color road, and thecolorsare out to get you. If you love color games, you’ll getinstantlyhooked to this one. Slither and slide your way down thecolor roadthrough deadly color obstacles. Drag your finger left orright toavoid them, in this slithery color game. You can only touchcolorsthat are the same color as you. Look out! As you make yourway downthe color road, colors change sssuper fast, and you need tothinklike a snake and be quick to keep up. Sssslither away, yousnake,and enjoy this challenging snake vs. color game! Please beadvised:this game contains flashing lights. ABOUT US Crazy Labs isa casualgames brand, under which TabTale develops and publishes funandaddictive games. Crazy Labs partners with independentdevelopmentstudios across the globe to create engaging mobilecontent foraudiences of all ages. Likeus: Watchus: Visit us: us:@CrazyLabsGames GooglePlus: CONTACT US Let us knowwhatyou think! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contactus24/7 at [email protected] PRIVACY: The app is free toplaybut certain in-game items may require payment. The appincludes: -advertising for TabTale and some third parties thatredirect usersto our sites, apps or third-party sites - socialnetworks links toconnect with others while playing - the option toaccept pushnotifications to inform of exciting news (e.g. updates)- anage-gate to prevent access to some features to protectchildren(e.g. restrict behavioral advertising or informationsharing). Yourprivacy matters. The app may enable data collectionfor limitedpurposes (e.g. respond to support queries; enable,analyze andimprove the app’s features and services; personalizecontentincluding targeted ads and analyse those ads). For moreinformationrefer to our Privacy Policy: that referred thirdparties are subject to their own policies.By downloading, updatingor using the app you consent to thiscollection and use of deviceinformation and your data for addisplay and reporting purposes, andto our Terms of Use:
Roll the ball through a 3D world to reach the goal!Carefullymaneuver through stages, or meet your doom! Swipe yourfinger andtilt the stage and roll the ball. Be careful not to tilttoo much!Game over if the ball falls!
Go Fish! 1.3.0
Kwalee Ltd
Cast your line, reach the depths and catch as many fish as youcanon your way up! Upgrade your gear to catch more fish and todivedeeper, make rare finds and discover new species! GoFish!features: - Simple and addictive gameplay: Tap, cast down andcatchas many fish as you can! - Upgrade your net to grab more fishandto reach deeper depths! - The old fisherman will continue toearnmoney for you when you’re away! Can you discover the mysteriesthatlie in the ocean? Go Fish!
Road Rampage: Racing & Shooting to Revenge 3.0
USER COMMENT: - "OMG!, like I was in a real race, so excited".-"Amazing cars, I love it".🐷 - "The background music is awesome!5stars⭐️". - "Too fast, fast, fast and fast thank you for helpingmereduce stress". - "The asphalt roads are creative and beautiful,Iam looking for the road to revenge". - "Unleash Your Adrenalinebyroad rage" ✔️ DRIVE BY YOUR HEART Let's join extremely excitingandadventurous racing with Road Rampage: Racing & Shooting inCarGames Free. ✔️ FREE TO SELECT THE FASTEST AND MOST POWERFUL OFYOURDESIRED RACE CAR Stock your garage with the real-world carsyou’vealways wanted, from top manufacturers such more. Then trickthemout with the hottest customization system on mobile: • 50+exoticcars to collect and upgrade. • 10 unique & powerful UAVs.•Game-changing vehicle transformations to rain destruction onyourrivals: Nitro, Rep boost, Taion, Magnetic Field,... • More gearandgadgets and riot... Select your fastest vehicle and mostpowerfulweapon to clear all the barriers on the street, fight withthe mostfierce and cruel wanted man. Race like lights and fightforsurvival. Never back down as you race anyone crazy enough totakeyou on, leave them gaped, and increase your rep. You can fightanddeeply enjoy the fire and high-speed racing adventure roads,thecars are well-designed and equipped with full of weapons. ✔️ACONSOLE EXPERIENCE ON YOUR HAND The Game uses thehigh-techphysical effects which brings a surreal feel to your touchand moveat the fingertips. ✔️ BECOME A LEGEND OF ROADRAMPAGEExpertise yourspeed, show the ingenuity in avoiding, destroying theobstacles,fight and kill the Boss and become a Legend of theStreet. Shoot,shoot, shoot! Join efforts with your friends toovercome the commonfoe. ✔️ AND MORE Please note that Road Rampageis free to downloadand play, however, some game items can also bepurchased for realmoney. If you don't want to use this feature,please disable in-apppurchases. You can play Road Rampage offlinebut a networkconnection is required for in-app purchases and LeaguePromotion.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Followus on Facebook to get info about upcoming Road Rampagechanges:Facebook: Thank youvery much!
pl.neatware.solarblast 1.17.8
Defend sun from incoming enemies! Rotate shield and fight foryourlife! Discover and master each level with perfect score!Insanecombos, huuuge waves of enemies, great visuals and design foryouto enjoy :) Each layer of the sun is one life so watch out! Ifyouhave feedback, please email us at [email protected]
Crashy Cats 1.066
Crash your way through rooms, making a mess and destroyingpricelesscollectibles and expensive electronics.Crashy Cats is acat rampagerunner where you run, jump, bounce and fly your waythrough endlesslevels, knocking over as much stuff as possible!***IMPORTANT NOTICETO PARENTSThis game may contain:- The abilityto purchase optionalcontent using real money. You can disablein-app purchases in thesettings menu of your device.- Links toexternal social networkingsites intended for users over the age of13.