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Pet Puppy Love: Girls Craft 1.13
Puppies, cute little pixel doggies in a girls craft world!Build,create, craft! For girls! The best dog games for girls!Building& crafting. Use blocks to build. Create a house fordogs,construct a whole dog city! Hug fluffy dogs! Doggie is themainanimal in this game. From Shepherds, Border Collie tolittlechihuahua. All of them want to be your friends! Build themashelter, a dog hotel or just play with the puppies! Build apetshop or dog spa! Exploration of the infinite sandbox world!Pocketedition of a famous crafting game! The best build, craft gameforgirls! It’s not another dog virtual pet simulator or aTalkingpuppy app. A serious game for dog lovers! Creative game forteenagegirls and boys! Let the adventure begin! Cool game aboutdogs -simple Doggy dog world! Not everybody wants a Dragon pet-everybody love cute dogs! Great game for teens! So get yourwolfspack and let the adventure begin! Cute candy girls world withtheprincess of all puppies! Just dogs! Man’s best friends! Useblocksto build, explore the infinite world of Pet Puppy Love Craft:GirlsGame. Creative game for boys and girls free! Craft andexplore!Dog’s adventure game! Magic puppy in a girls craftworld!Exploration of a sandbox world! ! Mine & explore! Thiscreativegame for teenage girls (Pocket Edition) contains a largenumber ofdifferent cute glitter blocks (pink, yellow, colorful)with whichyou can craft your own teenage girls cube world! Use themto builda SPA, Beauty Salon for dogs or anything you want. It’s acitybuilding game! Plant flowers it the garden, bake cakes. Topgamefor Top Girl! Upcoming features: Multiplayer CraftingitemsBuilding craft mode Survival Exploration mode Cube blockycraftWorld Craft Story Cute Story mode Interested in otherbuilding& crafting free games? See our other games for teenagegirlsand boys! Creative game for boys and girls Explore the worldwithcute puppy Build, create and have fun with cute dogs!
Talking Puppy 1.51
Talking Baby
Talking Puppy repeats everything you say with a funny voice.Enjoyhours of fun and laughter with Talking puppy. TalkingPuppyFeatures: - Talk to puppy and he will repeat everything yousaywith a funny voice. - Threw Frisbee to puppy quickly. - Feedpuppyhis favorite foods, play with him. - Look at puppy dancing. -Playmini games with puppy to collect coins. - Puppy is the monsterofcircus. - Poke talking puppy's head, arm or feet. - Have funwithtalking puppy on the playground and make sure he gets somesleep. -Decorate puppy's home and collect furniture. - Customizepuppy bychoose from accessories. Join puppy world! Start happy timewithyour Talking Puppy!
My Dog My Style 1.8.6
pascal inc.
Let's coordinate your own puppy!When you go to the Park,YachtHarbor, and Flower garden, you can see many types of puppiesandkittens.When you take care the puppy in your friend's house,youcant get some coins as the allowance!*Have fun with dressinguptogether with your puppy! You can select your favorite clothesandcoordinate your puppy. If you get along, you will be able toenjoywith more cute dress.*Let's play with puppy in your favoriteroom!You can customize your room and play with your puppyanytime.*Let'splay mini games!You can now play "Balance Game","Slalom", and"Puddle Hop"! *Let's find puppy friends in thepark!!You can meetspecial puppy friends in the Park, Yacht Harbor,and Flower garden.The number you can see them is 36 in all! *Youcan buy thefollowing puppies and kittens:・Labrador Retriever・ShibaInu・ToyPoodle・Shih Tzu・Chihuahua・Beagle・Corgi・German Shepherd・Fourtypesof cats * Play with your puppy! Touch the screen and yourpuppywill come to you. Use your finger to pet your puppy and makehim orher happy and more active. * Various way to enjoy You canfeed andplay ball with your puppy anywhere and anytime. Also, youcancustomize the room, and dress up your puppy. *Grow flowers inthegarden!You can grow the flowers in the garden.If you take carethemproperly, a lots of flowers will bloom. Also, your gardenwillchange gradually.* Rest your puppy on the bedIf your puppylookstired, try to rest your puppy on the bed.Their sleeping faceiscute too!
My Talking Puppy 1.2.3
Talking Baby
My Talking Puppy is furry and cute, take care of him! Keep yourowncute baby puppy at home to make you relax and moreimportantly,happy! Take good care of your virtual pet, name him andmake himpart of your daily life. Feeding pet, play with him andbecomefriends with your wonderful puppy. Decorate puppy’s own homewithfurniture and accessories. FEATURES: - Play mini-games:Popular2048 game, Piano game and Music matching game! Earn goldcoins andhave fun! - Nurture your own Puppy: Play games with him,feed himhis favorite foods, and tuck him into bed. - Talking withPuppy:Talk to puppy and he still repeats everything you say.Touch,stroke and tickle him, and watch how he responds. - Customizethehome of the puppy: including changing the wallpaper,flooring,etc., so that the puppy has a favorite home. - Take thepuppyoutdoors: play with the puppy in the grass, let the dog findtheFrisbee. Join puppy world! Start happy time with your Puppy!
Hi! Puppies♪ 1.2.58
************************************************************Don'tyou think puppies are furry and cute? Have you been wanting tokeepa cute puppy at home just to make you relax, to be needed andmoreimportantly, happy? I think we all need a break from thepressureand stress we've been going through every day. So what canwe do tohelp you? Come and check out this cute puppy on your phone.Isn'tit better for most of you to keep a virtual puppy so you'refreefrom all the hassles in the real world, like walking your puppyat7am in the morning. (you cannot say no to this cutie,becausehe/she will keep licking your face until you get up!) Tocreatesuch an amazing game, we've put so much love, energy andefforts.We can't love it more, so I am sure you will love it too.In hipuppy, you can: ★ choose your favorite breed ★ customize yourpuppyhouse, and dress up your puppy for a beauty contest! ★ playallkinds of games with your puppies ★ visit other houses inthecommunity and make "puppy" friends ..... There is a secretaboutyour puppy, guess what? the puppy is a treasure hunter! Allthehidden fortune will be digged out by this little one, who willmakeyourich.**************************************************************
Puppy & kitty salon 1.0.14
Nothing says you love your pet then giving them a good makeovertomake them feel better in the puppy and kitty salon. Not onlywillyou select your very own pet to love, but you will clean themup,feed and water them, as well as accessorize them with a brandnewand adoring outfit. Making your puppy or kitty feel lovedandwanted has never been this easy with this free caring game! Sogetcaring today! Features: • Select your cute pet between a kittenora puppy. • Clean up the mess that your naughty pet has made intheoffice. • Wash, rinse, dry, and brush your pet to make themniceand clean. • Brush your pet’s teeth and cut their nails sotheycan’t scratch. • Feed and water your pet before giving themlots ofattention. • Accessorize your pet with a brand new outfitandheadpiece to make them look great.
Beagle Puppy Day Care 1.0.1
Chic World
As a pet owner or lover you might know that sometimes there aresomeproblems you could come across, that is why this experiencemightmake you familiar with some issues. This animal game is allaboutthe little dogs and their own mood. The Beagle race is aprettyexpensive one and also you could say they need a specialtreatmentand for sure a lot of your attention. You are about tooffer somefor a little puppy who needs an immediate interventionbecause ofhis condition. You will need patience and a big sum oflove forthese fluffy creatures. For the beginning, you are advisedto gostraight to the nursing part that involves the examinationand theverdict. And it seems like this little dog has apowerfulstomachache that needs to go away. Do whatever it takes tokeep thebowels clean and protected. The belly actually needs yourattentionbecause there could be a possible infection in there ifyou don'thandle the situation as you should. Use the medicaldevices andmake all the bacteria disappear. What is coming next isthedressing up part and that is more than fun because you willtryfunky looks and weird combinations with cool accessories. Nowyouare done and the Beagle puppy is ready to thank you for yourwork.But not only that your good intentions will be rewarded,becauseafter all you had fun while you were playing this doggame.As youcan see this game prepared plenty of friendly featuresand youcould take a quick look at them right here if you want to:-Coolprocedure to execute- Taking care of a cute little animal- Usewhatit takes to make the pain go away- Variety of tools andprocessesto accomplish- Free and easy to play- Joyful music and aprettyinteresting interface- New abilities to gain during theprocess-Understand the importance of a good hygiene- Become a vetfor thedogs all over the world
Kitty and Puppy Friendship 1.0.2
The debate between cats and dogs is now ancient and even iftheyfight sometimes is only because they love each other so much.Inthis animal game you are proving that they can be best friendsandhave a wonderful time together if you are taking care of them.Toaccomplish that you will need all your attention anddevotion,because this particular game will offer an amazingopportunity tolearn the proper way a kitty and a puppy should betreated. Put allyour talent together and try to find a way to givethis friendshipa chance to be pampered. First you need to preparethem the food soonce they are full you could make them lookamazing. Follow thesteps and try to offer attention to each animalin part. There aretwo different plates you have to make. The kittyneeds her specialprepared food and so as the puppy. Get the snacksdone then servethe animals. You have a major role in theircondition so make sureyou are giving them the best you can. Nowcomes the part where youhelp them get their hair done. Check thehairstyle you think thatwill suit them and perform it. Wash theirhair and arrange therebel strands because in order to have a nicecurly or braided hairyou have to prepare it first. Use the sameprocedure for the catand the dog too. Have fun and help these twoto strength theirfriendship with a beautiful and relaxing day thatyou are going toprovide for them.Features of the game arehighlighted in thissection and you can check them below:- Free toplay- See how aproper food for specific animals is done- Entertainyourself withcheerful background song and great graphics - Cutekitty and puppyto take care of - Perfect control of the game-Develop hairtreatment skills- Many processes to accomplish-Multitude ofhairstyles to proceed and cool braided strands
Puppy & kitty pet doctor 1.0.0
Give pets the best care by cleaning them up and taking care oftheirinjuries in this fun pet game. You'll be responsible fornursingthem back to health so that they're happy again. After youchoose toplay the kitty game or the puppy game, don't let theanimalparasites and germs get away from you. Treat the cats anddogs withall of the medicines and loving care that they need tohealquickly.Features:* Choose from a cat or dog to take care of ortakecare of both.* You'll get to use all of the tools inside ofyourmedical kit and the hospital supplies to care for the pets.*Removethe dirt and debris stuck in their fur so that you can treatthemfor any medical problems.* Make sure to check inside of theirbodiesto take care of any problems the pet might have that aremaking themsick.* Wash them to make sure that their nice and cleanwhen theirdone at your pet hospital.
Labrador Puppy Day Care 1.1.4
Chic World
You have to be aware of the gravity of this puppy’s conditionandyou need to start right away his treatment so the recoverycouldbegin just in time. Join this animal game to discover yourinnerskills when it comes to handle an injured puppy that requiresaserious attention because of his damage and if you want to makehimhappy you are going to offer him a special treatment once withthenursing. Perform the medical steps accurately and don’t miss anyofthem because each one has an important role for this labradorandhe is getting well once you’ve made those. Take a look on thetoolsyou’ll be using while you reach the part of his body thatneeds tobe treated. Clean the harm area, apply the skin antiseptic,bandagehis broken paw, handle his red eyes and in the end injectsomevitamins for power. The bath phase implies a funny part whereyouand the puppy are playing with a whale to entertain thislittleguy. Wash his fur and then use the dryer to arrange it. Add asprayto confer a shiny look, but try to keep that messy lovableaspecttoo. Have fun and practice your skills while you are tryingto bethe best when it comes to take care of a little labradorwithreally bad issues. Keep looking for him and make sure you useallthose tools you’ve got for this kind of problem. There aremanyfeatures this game offers like: - The opportunity to take careof acute pet - Develop nursing skills and understand themedicalprocedure needed - Spoil a labrador puppy with a foamingbath -Learn how to take an appropriate care of a dog and practicefor thereal life - Free and easy to play - Cheerful backgroundmusic andcool graphics - Variety of tools and different stages toaccomplishthe process
PS Vita Pets: Puppy Parlour 1.0
OPEN YOUR OWN PUPPY PARLORScruffy mutts are lining up to chilloutat the best pet parlor in town… yours! Shampoo, brush andlookafter every mucky pup that comes through the door andplayfun-filled games to keep your customers’ tails wagging.PLAYFOURGREAT PUPPY GAMES• Dream Chase – Race to collect goldenbones.•Bubble Pop – Burst the falling bubbles.• Snack Balance –Keep thatdog treat steady.• Tug Toy – Pull the tug toy free towin.MAKE YOURPARLOUR THE BEST• Earn puppy dollars from happycustomers.• Upgradeyour parlor with cool stuff.• Dress your pets inawesome costumes.•Get ready for PlayStation®Vita Pets on the PSVita System bycollecting exclusive giftable costumes for the fullgame!EULA:©2014SonyComputer Entertainment Europe. “PlayStation” is aregisteredtrademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Developedby LucidGames Ltd.
Cute Baby Puppy Care 2.1.0
Your mommy dog is pregnant with a cute little puppies. You havetocare for the mommy dog so she is happy when her new puppiescomesoutFeed the mommy puppy all the food she likes. Then care forherby petting her and brushing her really good.After the babypuppiesare born you must care for them by cleaning them andwrapping themup.Help the mommy puppy care for the baby puppies andthen dressall of the puppies up in clothes for fun!
My Cute Puppy 1.0.6
Wonder Days
I have a cute little dog, I’d like to dress up adorably, heycomewith me to give it a bath, to be a perfect pet.
Weather Puppy - Forecast, Radar & Pet Dog Pictures 2.2
Smile every time you check the weather! The puppy changes basedonthe local weather conditions. Partnered with dog rescuesheltersaround the world. Features - Over 700 puppies organizedinto 18themes (Pugs, Labradors, German Shepherds, Outdoorsy,Glamour,Halloween, Fall Colors, Holiday Pups, Puppy Love, DetroitDogRescue, Dogs Trust, Spring Pups, Waterskiing Westies, SummerDogs,Yoga Dogs, Winter Puppies, & Cats & Dogs, FrenchBulldogs)- Share the puppy forecast with friends on social media -Localweather forecasts for locations around the world - 10 dayweatherforecast - Hourly weather forecasts for each of the next 24hours -Projected rain / precipitation - Live Animated Radar -Today's highand low temperatures, feels like temperature, humidity,wind speed,wind chill, sunrise, sunset, heat index, moonphase,barometricpressure, UV index, dew point and more - GPS featurecanauto-locate your city's local weather forecast - Weatherforecastsprovided by weather experts at Weather Underground (partof theWeather Channel) The weather has never beencuter!---------------------------------------------------- All pawsondeck for the most fun weather ever! Bring fido in your pocketwithyou no matter where you go with our cute pup weather app. Nomatterif you call them pups, puppies, pooches, perritos, canines,bowwow,fidos, lapdogs, or doggies they will keep you smiling whenpairedwith the local weather conditions. Dog breeds you can findarefrench bulldogs (frenchies), german shepherds,dachshunds,rottweilers, pugs, chihuahuas, shiba inus (doge),goldenretrievers, pitbulls, labradors, yorkshire terriers, greatdanes,poodles, corgis, beagles, westies, boston terriers, basenjis,jackrussell terriers and more! Your heart will be full of puppyloveand you'll bark for joy every time you check the forecast!You'lllove all of their paws and will never want to take a dogvacay awayfrom them. Your inner dog will bark out of its box andwag its tailwhen it gets its paws on this chewy, oh so chewy petapp. If youlike pets, this is a smart app for you. You'll neverhave to buydog food, hire Cesar Millan for dog training, or go tothe banfieldpet vet! Just say hello weather forecast! The authenticweatherforecast is provided by Weather Underground (part of theWeatherChannel) mixed with the NOAA forecast and is so detaileditincludes: humidity, current moonphase, today's high andlowtemperatures, feels like temperature, live radar, wind speed,windchill, sunrise, sunset, barometric pressure, UV index, dewpoint,heat index, projected rain / precipitation and more! You’llbecovered no matter what the forecast is!
Husky Puppy Spa Salon 1.0.7
This little puppy needs a special treatment and because you havetotake care of him you’ll bath him and then you’ll have to dresshim.Join this animal game and prepare yourself for a challengethatrequires to embrace your artistic skills and also your patiencetolook after a baby husky. First you need to make the necessarytasksthat demands his medical condition, once they areaccomplished, itshouldn't be other thing that could stop you fromnursing thisfluffy dog. You are responsible for the happiness ofthis littlehusky and because of that in this dog game you are goingto givethis puppy a spa session followed by special recommendation.Cuthis nails, put him into the bath and wet his fur so you’ll beableto apply the shampoo and the soap. Clean his ears from thebacteriathat you find out here then dry his fur, brush it and makeit shinewith that spray you’ve got. Now the only thing you shoulddo is tochoose his outfit. You know a fancy puppy has a sparklingstyle anda different aspect because of the amount of accessorieshe’swearing. So all you have to do is to combine jewelry and colorstoadopt a specific look. Gain experience as an animal designerandhave fun while you are taking care of this adorable thing.Makesureyou take a look at these awesome features this game shows:-Theoccasion to watch after a lovely animal- Take a bath and makehimcomfy - Learn step by step the whole process - Improveyourdesigner skills- Choose an innovative look for a littlehusky-Figure out how to take care in an appropriate way- Free andeasy toplay- Cheerful music and great graphics
Cute Puppy Games for Girls 8.7.6
Everyone loves to have pets in the house so we are very happythatwe can make other people happy. You need to take care of myhomeand my animals respectively. Think you can help? Let's see.Forstarters must try to make the little dog a bath, to apply alayerof soap after which we will spread over the entire face. Thenyoumust get him out of the tub and pat it and then everythingwasdrying his hair to cool and not to feel better. You have todressedand then cut all his nails. Still need to get him out andgive himsome food because she should not be hungry and we want toget sick.You have to dress appropriately for the weather outside sowe willgive him a hat, we will put a dog clothing on him and wewill put apair of shoes for dogs. It seems that everyone got homeand endedour work here. Please try other games for girls in thiscategory totest your skills and competencies required forthesegames.Instructions: Use your fingers to play
Puppy Love - My Dream Pet 1.7.0
~~> Fall in love with your brand new dream pet — themostadorable puppy ever! ~~> Dress up and care for yourpuppy!Style, pet, feed her and so much more!~~> Enjoy tonsofinteractive and playful 3D activities in Puppy Land! Ahhh,there’snothing quite as sweet as puppy love… especially when yourpuppy isthe most adorable and cuddly puppy in all of Puppy Land!Rumor hasit she's totally in love with you too! Your new puppyneeds lots oflove and attention to help her flourish and grow up!Care for yournew love and make her the happiest pup in Puppy Land!*Customizeyour dream puppy - exactly as you like!* Choose from tonsofdelicious snacks to feed your hungry puppy!* Bathe your puppy'tillshe's sparkling and clean!* Treat your injured puppy withspecialvet tools!* Play sweet and fun-filled games with youradorabledream pet!* Dress up your puppy in a variety of stylishoutfits andcute accessories!* Race with your puppy! How fast canyour puppyrun?! * Photo booth fun! Take a picture with your newdream pet!*Enjoy adorable and interactive 3D animations!ABOUT CocoPlayCocoPlay is China-based developer of creative and unique appsfor kidsand the whole family. Founded in 2013, Coco Play providesrich 3Dsimulation-based games for the whole family. Coco Play isasubsidiary of TabTale, a leading, global creator ofinnovativegames, interactive books and educational apps.Visitus: Likeus: us:@TabTaleWatchus: US Let us know whatyouthink! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contact us24/7at [email protected] PARENTS The app is free to playbutcertain in-game items may require payment. You may restrictin-apppurchases by disabling them on this device. The app mayincludeadvertising for TabTale and certain third parties whichwillredirect users to our sites, apps or third-party sites.Yourprivacymatters. The app may enable collection of limited user databyTabTale or its carefully selected providers (e.g. ad networksandanalytics) for limited purposes described in our PrivacyPolicy(e.g. respond to support queries; enable, analyze and improvetheapp’s features and services; serve contextual ads and measuretheirperformance). The app includes certain features onlyaccessiblebehind an age-gate to protect children (e.g. restrictbehavioralads; social networks links to connect with others whileplaying;option to accept push notifications to inform of excitingnews e.g.updates). For more information (notably on the providers),pleaseread our Privacy Policy:, updating or using the app you consent (inyourpersonal capacity and for other users of your device) tothiscollection and use of limited device information for ad displayandreporting purposes, and to our Terms ofUse:
Puppy Dog Salon Games 1.1
Aw, look at that adorable pet puppy! It's so cute, how coulditpossibly get any cuter? By giving it a makeover, that's how!Playwith your own pet puppy makeover spa with Puppy Dog Salon, acutedress up and makeup game just for kids! Choose a brand newpuppypet and bring them into your spa for an extra specialbeautytreatment.Once your puppy is clean and its fur has beentrimmed,you have one goal to complete: dress them up in somethingcute!Choose from heaps of different accessories to adorn your petwith:sunglasses, hats, dresses, shoes, shirts, sweaters,jackets,beanies and much more! Don't forget to pick a fun toy forpuppy toplay with. They look even more cute when they'replaying!Features:-Run your own cute puppy spa, complete with dressup room!- Adorablepet puppy makeovers to play with.- Dress pets infunny and awesomeclothes.- Many cute accessories to choose from.Howto Play:- Usethe touch screen to choose a puppy to care for in yourspa.- Givethe puppy a makeover from heat to furry toe.- Choosedifferentoutfits to dress puppy in.- Give them a toy and play withyour petall day long!--FOR MORE INFORMATION--Like us on Facebookat Twitter our web pagetofind more games!
Puppy Pet Daycare 23.0
Puppy Pet Day Care is all about dress up and pet care games.Cutelittle puppy are injured. Take care of them. Clean them to killallbacteria. Tons of activities with all puppies. Chooseyourfavourite puppy from the unique puppies with their differentskintones. Puppy daycare is very famous game. Features: =>AmazingWash games of pets. => Care activities of puppies. =>Cutedress up for little pets.
Caring for puppy salon 2.0.5
Give you pet puppy some tender, love and care by taking him tothesalon. At the salon, you can give your pup a wash, heal hiswounds,feed him and give him a complete dog care makeover. Turn hisbadday into a fantastic day with a little extra love andaffection.Your pup will love it! Features * Give your puppy a washto makehim feel nice and clean. * Heal his wounds and clip hisnails toease his pain. * Feed your puppy yummy food and a drink tomake himfull. * Accessorize and give him a puppy makeover to makehim feelgreat.
Cute Puppy Dog Racing Sim 2017 1.2
Hey ever wondered if your puppy dog is fast enough to competewithother dogs, lets find out with our highly skilled andcompetitivecute dog racing. Cute Puppy Dog Racing is a racesimulation gamewhere you will have to make the dog run faster andat the end ofevery race you will win points which will help you tounlock newfastest dog to win this amazing dog racing challenge.Join theworld of unusual racing! If you love pony horse racing likederby,you should love the dog racing too! These mounts are waitingforrace – and it’s not ordinary horses, it is dogs! Race forsupremacyand reach the finishing line beat other dogs; and becomechampionin dog racing simulator. It is easy, thrilling and highlyaddictivegame! It game has visual 3D graphics, amazing dogs ,realisticphysics and breathtaking racing animation. Install now(Free) andenjoy your hours of time with it fun game-play. Features* Cute dogracing tracks, these tracks are specially designed fordog race *Attractive 3D environment, where people watch this ongoing dograce. * Interactive GUI, one of the best * Latest AI, DogsAI isone of best against which you have to compete. * Cute andSmartdogs
Puppy Rose Live Wallpaper 2
Daksh Apps
This is cute puppy dog live wallpaper for your android phonescreen.Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live WallpapersScroll downthe list, find out the Puppy Rose Live Wallpaper andsetup it.choose how fast or slow you want your live wallpaper torun. we lovecreating apps, and want to keep them free forever.Thanks downloadfor this free live wallpaper. please check my otherfree livewallpaper. We have implemented a number of adsettings,ad-supported: startapp. Interstitial Ads,Banner,NativeAds, Thankyou for your understanding and support, I hope you willlike it,thank you. We also offer more wallpaper for free, welcometodownload, if you have any comments, please e-mail me, thanksandenjoy!
Puppy Doctor 1.04
Calling all future Veterinary doctors! We’ve got a lot of sickandinjured puppies to treat. We need to get them fixedupstraightaway! Become a vet doctor today, diagnose, treat andcarefor these cute little dogs. Each of the puppies havespecificinjuries and need your help straightaway. Its up to you tolocateany boo boos and help them get better. Use theStethoscope,Otoscope, X-Ray machine and many other real lifeveterinary toolsto diagnose what's wrong with each little doggy.Once you'vetreated all the different injuries for one puppy, makesure youperform all the standard check-ups before moving on to yournextpup! What are you waiting for, start treating these puppiestoday!Features: - Diagnose puppies using depicted real worldveterinaryequipment. - Each tool monitors or treats a specificinjury. -Funny animal character reactions and voiceovers. - Medicalchartchecklist to review diagnosis and task completion. - 8differentdog breeds with unique injuries. - 12 medical tools infull game. -Different custom plaster and bandages to apply to yourpuppies.About Bluebear:
 With over 60 million downloads, Bluebearis one ofthe top developers on the App Store. We pride ourselves onbeing acreator of innovative premium games that kids and parentslove. Ourgoal is to make games that help stimulate the imaginationandcreative learning process. Visit formoreinformation.Join our FacebookPage:
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Puppy Life - Secret Pet Party 1.0.2
Ever wondered what happens when you leave your puppy homealone?Does your puppy throw a secret disco party? Does she dress upinthe most stylish outfits or ride her skateboard around thehouse?Find out what really goes on when you’re not home! Discoveryourpuppy’s secret life - and get ready to party! Features:>Choosefrom 12 adorable & fluffy pet puppies! > Throw asecretparty with your puppy - choose your favorite party music& showoff your dance moves! Shhh... it’s a secret! > Singand chatwith your pet puppy - she’ll repeat what you say!> Dressup yourpuppy in the most adorable outfits & doggy accessories.>Feed your puppy yummy snacks like steak, ice cream,&drumsticks! > Care for your pet puppy when she’s sick. Takeherto the doctor’s clinic!> Bathe your puppy - give your pet awarmbubble bath! > Win tons of awesome toys & furnituretodecorate your puppy’s room! ABOUT Coco PlayCoco Play isChina-baseddeveloper of creative and unique apps for kids. Foundedin 2013,Coco Play provides rich 3D simulation-based games for thewholefamily. Coco Play is a subsidiary of TabTale, a leadingglobalcreator and publisher of innovative games, interactive booksandeducational apps.Visit us: Likeus: us:@TabTaleWatchus: US Let us know whatyouthink! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contact us24/7at [email protected] PARENTS The app is free to playbutcertain in-game items may require payment. You may restrictin-apppurchases by disabling them on this device. The app mayincludeadvertising for TabTale and certain third parties whichwillredirect users to our sites, apps or third-party sites.Yourprivacymatters. The app may enable collection of limited user databyTabTale or its carefully selected providers (e.g. ad networksandanalytics) for limited purposes described in our PrivacyPolicy(e.g. respond to support queries; enable, analyze and improvetheapp’s features and services; serve contextual ads and measuretheirperformance). The app includes certain features onlyaccessiblebehind an age-gate to protect children (e.g. restrictbehavioralads; social networks links to connect with others whileplaying;option to accept push notifications to inform of excitingnews e.g.updates). For more information (notably on the providers),pleaseread our Privacy Policy:, updating or using the app you consent (inyourpersonal capacity and for other users of your device) tothiscollection and use of limited device information for ad displayandreporting purposes, and to our Terms ofUse:
3D Cute puppy theme&Lovely dog wallpaper 2.1.13
Please shake your phone hard! This is a 3D Cute puppytheme&cutedog livewallpaper (3D animation effects) which canfollowing. Thisis a live wallpaper & 3D theme with newtechnology, anout-of-the-box design. When you shake your phone,The cute puppywill pick up the frisbee quickly When you slide thescreen, The cutepuppy will quickly run to you, facing yourexcitement called Whenyou drag the icon, there will be cute puppyfollow the icon torunning. What you can enjoy with the 3D Cutepuppy theme&cutedog livewallpaper (3D animation effects)?✿Apply 3D Cute puppytheme&cute dog livewallpaper (3D animationeffects) on yourscreen, enjoy the more effect. ✿3D Cute Puppy livewallpaper and 3Dtheme will use cool miraculous 3D dynamic effectto personalize yourphone. ✿Apply 3D Cute Puppy live wallpaper and3D theme you will getsplendid lovely cool dreamy gorgeous 3D dogeffects on your phone.✿These live wallpaper and 3D theme will makeyour phone more dreamyand gorgeous because puppy is on your phonenow! ✿When you applythis live wallpaper and 3D theme on yourphone, you can feel thecute and lovely of it! Come and see thepuppy cute with dreamy! ✿Thecute puppy and lovely dog is waitingfor you! Just download andenjoy the lovely of the 3D Cute Puppy.✿Wanna have the puppy isrunning on your phone?The cute puppy willquickly run to you, facingyour excitement called. And then pleaseshake the phone and checkthe transformation effect. The cute puppywill pick up the frisbeequickly! Features of 3D Cute puppytheme&cute dog livewallpaper(3D animation effects): ❤We wishyou could enjoy this splendiddreamy live wallpaper and 3D theme onyour phone. ❤Our theme suitsdifferent resolutions and screen sizesof cool miraculous phone. Allthe theme elements will be a coolmiraculous presentation of alovely screen. ❤It customizes mobilephone with splendid dreamy 3Dhigh technology. ❤3d cute dog livewallpaper and 3D theme is forfree for you to enjoy lovely livewallpaper and 3D themeimmediately. A magic live wallpaper and 3Dtheme: ✪Using it you canfeel the amazing lovely, as if the puppyappeared in front of you.✪It will change cool miraculous splendiddreamy gestures, sometimescool miraculous running, sometimessplendid dreamy following, makingyou feel lovely. ✪It has a coolmiraculous style, splendid dreamy'spuppy and gives you a sense ofdream. If you love 3D Cute Puppytheme & live wallpaper, pleaseget this splendid dreamy livewallpaper and 3D theme now. With thecool miraculous background,your phone will look more attractive.It is battery power saving andsplendid dreamy cool miraculous livewallpaper and 3D theme. What’smore for you in downloading thesplendid dreamy 3D Cute puppytheme&cute dog livewallpaper (3Danimation effects)? Install the3D Cute Puppy live wallpaper (3DPuppy) to apply keyboard themesthat are cool miraculous, lovelyand splendid dreamy. Give yourphone a complete makeover! ThemeCenter: various free themes, likethe popular and luxury coolmiraculous theme, a list of cool 3D,neon theme and lovely audiothemes. Wallpaper Center: offering HDwallpapers of differentstyles and Grand Robot Battle live wallpaperand 3D themes.Thousands of HD wallpapers will be updated daily foryour choice.DIY theme center: you can share your own coolmiraculous splendiddreamy theme with your friends for fun. Morecool miraculousweather show effects, providing a pleasant interfaceof weatherforecasts. Before installing 3D Cute Puppy live wallpaper& 3Dtheme (3D Puppy) , you have to first install our launcher.Thingsto expect in 3D Launcher: The latest live wallpaper and 3Dthemes,along with a large variety of golden themes, VR themes,cartoonthemes, with customized recommendations based on yourpreferences.With over a thousand themes and thousands ofwallpapers, you'rebound to find something you like! Don't wait,come install it now!
Talking Husky Dog 2.09
Talking Baby
Talking Husky Dog repeats everything you say with a funnyvoice.Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with Talking Husky Dog . Heisespecially fun for children of all ages. Play with Husky Dog :-Talk to Husky Dog and he will repeat everything you say withafunny voice. - Threw Frisbee to me quickly!. - really sweet. -lookat my dancing. - have a sleep. - I’m the monster of circus. -Pokehis head, Arm or feet. This is a free app, download and enjoyit
Cute Little Puppies Wallpapers 1.0
Cute Little Puppies Wallpapers...This is an amazing collectionofcute Puppy Wallpapers, hand picked and resized for your phonesandtablets.If you enjoy Puppy then this wallpaper gallery app isforyou and you won't miss it! U’ll definitely love to have thisapp.Set your favorite wallpapers as your home screen backgroundandlockscreen. All the pics are of HD quality. Share it withyourfriends. Enjoy the App and please rate us. Feedback iswelcome.APPfeatures• → Set a selected image as Wallpaper.• → Sharewith otherusers.• → This app doesn't require internet connection(Only forshare or updates)• → All screens sizescompatible.Disclaimer - Alllogos/images/names are copyright oftheir perspective owners. Thisimage is not endorsed by any of theperspective owners, and theimages are used simply for aestheticpurposes. This application isan unofficial fan based application.Nocopyright infringement isintended, and any request to remove one ofthe images/logos/nameswill be honored.
My Talking Dog – Virtual Pet
Hey animal games lovers, here comes the cutest puppy ever:MyTalking Dog – Virtual Pet. Download this talking dog app andplaymini games or dog dress up with the funny dog. Check out alltheother options and soon this little guy will be yourfavoritetalking pet! If you cannot have a real pet, virtual petsare theright choice for you and talking dog Charlie is ready toplay! Thisgame is a combination of dress up games and talking gamesinaddition to the puppy being a virtual pet. Charlie is a cutepuppywhich will grow on you in no time. Due to its simplicity, thegamebelongs to games for kids. Yet, the mini games within thiscoolgame make it a perfect fit for teens and even adults. If youliketalking cat and other talking animals, you will definitelylovethis game! Various dress up features place the game among gamesforgirls and games for boys; but that is not all! In additiontodressing up the dog, you can change Charlie's furniture aswell.What is more, you have to feed him, bathe him, take him tothebathroom, and play with him. In order to hear the dog talk, youcansay something and Charlie will repeat it in a funny voice. Dogsandpuppies are lots of fun to play with and if you download MyTalkingDog – Virtual Pet you will have your own cute puppy to pet!GAMEFEATURES: - Talk to Charlie and he will repeat everything yousayin a funny voice - All the play makes the puppy hungry so makesureyou feed him - This funny dog loves getting dirty so you havetomake sure you bathe him as well - Play dress up games withthepuppy. Choose your favorite outfit and other dog accessoriesandmatch the furniture to the new look - Listen to the dog playthepiano - Play catch with Charlie or listen to the dog barking -Ifhe drinks a lot, Charlie will need to use the bathroom -TuckCharlie in bed after a long play day - Advance through levelsandget fun gifts - Play mini games with Charlie NOTE: You can playthegame and collect points in order to move up the levels. Onceyou'vemoved several levels up, you will get fun gifts to help youin thegame. Finally, all the rooms have energy levels that need tobecharged after some time by playing with the dog and taking careofhim. Fun games for kids and virtual pets will definitely makeyourday. Not only does this game entertain but it also influenceskids'creativity as it contains dress up games. Also, it encouragesthepractice of hand-eye coordination with many mini games itoffers.Playing virtual animal games has never been more fun sodownloadthis cool game and enjoy! Mini Games FLAPPY PUPPY Make yourpuppyrun and get as much food as you can while trying to stay aliveforas long as you can. Fly your puppy as a bird! FOOD DROPMoveCharlie around to get as much good food as possible. Make sureheeats only what is edible because a rotten one = game over.PUPPYVS. KITTY! Tap the screen so that the larger one jumps overthesmaller one. If they crash, you lose! PUPPY VS. SPIKES Keepyourpuppy moving on the screen, but make sure he does not touchthespikes. If he does, or falls too low, the game ends. Dog gamesandtalking animals are lots of fun, especially when you play themwithsuch a funny dog as Charlie is. This cute puppy will make youfallin love with virtual animal games in no time at all. Play dressupgames, mini games, and so much more in this cool game for boysandgirls. Get My Talking Dog – Virtual Pet and join Charlie onhisadventure! This game is an intellectual property ofDigitalEagle.Privacy Policy: of Service:'s Guide:
Pet Run - Puppy Dog Game 1.4.1
Ace Viral
Pet Run is the best free running game where you can meet younewbest friend and go for a run! Choose your pet pal and dash yourwaythrough the city and park for fun running adventures! ★ Who LettheDogs Out? You Did! ★ Play as your favorite pet and choose fromcutepuppy, kitten and rabbit animal breeds! Help Lucky thelabrador,Ginger the cat and their friends to rush through the citystreetsand park paths! Take your cute pup for a walk and train yourpuppyby playing with them in the city and park. Dog walking? Thisis dogrunning! ★ Explore the City and Park! ★ Run, slide and leapyourway across the city, suburbs, park and forest! Dash forward asfastas you can, dodge obstacles and collect coins! Swipe pasttrees,slide under funky city birds and jump over logs, brokenfirehydrants and even swimming baby ducks! Take a trip down a funparkslide to reach mega heights! The city is your dog show, andtheobstacles are your agility course! Game Features: ★ ColorfulHDgraphics! ★ Run across the city or through the park! ★ Choosetorun with a puppy, kitten or rabbit! ★ Dodge obstacles andcollectcoins! ★ Use awesome power ups! ★ Activate rainbow mode! ★Collectcoins to upgrade and earn boosters! ★ Come back every dayfor newrewards! ★ Beat your friends high score! ★ Stay tuned formorecontent and pets! What You Get With Pet Run: ★ Run across 4coollocations. ★ Many obstacles to jump over and avoid. ★Choosebetween 8 cute pets. ★ Use 6 power ups and boosters. ★ Windailyprizes and rewards. About AceViral We love fun games atAceViral!It is our mission to create quality fun games for boys andgirls ofall ages. You can find our mobile games by searching for“AceViral”on the Google Play Store or keep updated with our latestgames onour website. Like Us onFacebook: Follow Us onTwitter:@PetRunGame Send Us Your Feedback! We really value yourfeedback asit helps us to improve our games and make them even morefun foreveryone. If you have a moment, please rate and review ourapp. Wewould love to hear your comments and suggestions. Need Help?Talkto Us! You can contact us any time to share your commentsorquestions. If you need support or have a problem with any ofourgames then please get in touch with us at [email protected] Pet Run is free to play but contains in app purchasesanditems which can be bought for real money. You can disable inapppurchases on your device within your device settings.Bydownloading Pet Run you agree to the AceViral Privacy PolicyandTerms of Service which you can find within the app.
Puppies! Kitties and Dogs Race 1.6.0
The eternal battle of puppies and kitties continues in thisfunnygame! Dogs and cats love and hate each other at the sametime:Sometimes they play together but they also like to fight andharmeach other... Be inside of different kitties and train how toavoidand escape from dog attacks: Try to win on a survival raceagainstpuppy dogs!!- Take control of your favourite kitty characterto tryto defeat the puppies!- The goal is to survive as long as youcanin an endless race against every dog on your way.- Chooseanamazing kitty to start this exciting game. Each kitten hasuniquefeatures, so choose wisely!- Survive to this animal race in afarm!- Easy mobile controls for these kitties against puppiesraces.-These addictive races are very intuitive to play! You justneed totap on your screen to speed up or brake!- Share the highestscoresof this animal game with your friends on Facebook!-Appropriate forchildren and adults who love kitties and puppiesgames.Race withyour cute kitty and win against all odds! Are youready?
Puppies Live Wallpaper 20.0
Everyone loves cute puppies! From golden retriever puppies,yorkiepuppies, husky puppies, beagle puppies, pitbull puppies,Labradorpuppies to Maltese puppies and beyond, we all have ourfavoritebreed of puppy. The most beautiful wallpapers and puppypicturesare created especially for all dog lovers! Download“Puppies LiveWallpaper” and let the amazing puppy photos appear onyour screen.The puppy free live wallpaper is perfect backgroundimage for yourscreen. Choose magnificent images of “cute puppies”playing aroundand set it as free wallpaper. Follow the installationinstructions:Home ➤ Menu ➤Wallpapers ➤ Live Wallpapers • Includesdifferentanimated wallpapers. • Tap once to preview and hold to setthebackground. • Set as wallpaper - horizontal orientation isfullysupported. • Optimized battery usage, supported sleep mode.•Completely free wallpaper for your screen. There are a lotofdifferent types of puppies. Download ♥Puppies Live Wallpaper♥andget familiar with lovely small puppies and teacup puppies. Meetthepomeranian puppies, bulldog puppies, cocker spaniel puppies,shihtzu puppies, english bulldog puppies, chihuahuapuppies,labradoodle puppies, boston terrier puppies and many morewiththese awesome “pictures of puppies”. With these “puppypictures”you will have the best wallpapers for your phone. Download♥PuppiesLive Wallpaper♥ and see funny puppy pictures of pugpuppies,British bulldog puppies, great Dane puppies, havanesepuppies,French bulldog puppies and dachshund puppies. Set puppywallpaperand enjoy! Choose your favorite puppies pictures andprovideyourself magnificent “live wallpaper”. Beautify your mobilephonewith awesome puppies wallpaper for free! Get these HDWallpapersand puppies images completely free of charge. Amazingpics ofpuppies offers you the best 3D wallpaper for your phonescreen.Wait no more, download ♥Puppies Live Wallpaper♥ and enjoycutepuppy pictures and dog pictures on your screen. Best wallpapersarea click away from you. Here are some cute puppiespictures!Surprise your children with these awesome free wallpapers.Download♥Puppies Live Wallpaper♥ and have fun together. If you wantto takeyour cute puppy with you everywhere, download these imagesofpuppies and beautify your screen with these cutewallpaperscompletely free of charge. So, get pictures of dogs assoon aspossible and enjoy. These cute puppy images will make youfeelhappy whenever you look at your screen. Set akitapuppies,dalmatian puppies or morkie puppies for your little girlsor corgipuppies, doberman puppies and schnauzer puppies for yourlittleboys. Choose your favorite “puppy wallpaper” and set it asmobilewallpaper. Download ♥Puppies Live Wallpaper♥ and enjoy thishighresolution pictures on your screen. Get new HD wallpapers foryourmobile.
Puppy Dog Pattern Lock Screen 3.8
If you are a dog lover you would definitely love theapplication"Puppy Pattern Screen Lock". The all new latest cutepuppy dogpattern lock screen is here to give your phone a ravishinglook.You can refresh the look of your phone by downloading thisfree ofcost application that is puppy dog pattern locker. You justhave toswipe up on the dots in the previously set pattern and yourphonewill give you access to the content of your phone. It is aneasyand secure way to protect your phone data App Flow: When youopen"Puppy Pattern lock screen" app. In Settings, you will seeenableor disable lock screen checkbox. When you check enable forthefirst time your are moved to next screen where you can setthepattern as per your desire. Your Pattern must cover at least4dots. When you swipe over the dots, they glow to give youafascinating look and shows you that you swiped over thesespecificdots. Then after tapping on Continue, the application willask youto draw the previously set pattern again for confirmationand toavoid any sort of ambiguity. In case you draw a differentpatternthis time, dots will turn black and you will have to drawthe samepattern again. Then, when you draw correct pattern, the"Confirm"option will turn vivid and you can tap it now. Aftertapping overit you have successfully set your puppy pattern lockscreen. Toexperience a coherent usage, you are advised to disablethe defaultphone lock. For this, you can tap on the "DisableDefault Lock"Option from the Settings of the application "puppyPattern lockscreen." It will move you to security lock screensettings of yourdevice. From there you can disable the defaultlock. By doing thisyou will just have to enter a single pattern ofpuppy screen lockto get access of your device. Else wise, you willhave to unlockmultiple locks. First, the pattern of puppy lockscreen and thenthe default lock of your device. You can also changethe backgroundof the lock screen. You are provided with severalbeautiful andmesmerizing cute puppy wallpapers in the applicationother than thedefault background. FEATURES: ~ Enable/Disable theapplication fromthe settings. ~ Change wallpapers from settings ~Date and Timedisplayed on Lock Screen ~ FREE for everyone. ~ Finestsecuritylock screen ~ No privacy assault How to set Lock ~ Enableyourpuppy pattern screen lock from setting screen ~ Set the patternandremember it How to unlock ~ Draw your pattern correctly toUnlock ~If you draw wrong pattern, those dots turn red. You canappreciateus and suggest us if there are any improvements that canbe made topuppy pattern locker. You can also tell us via emailabout anyissues that you are facing while using the application. Wewillhelp you in any way possible. Please give your preciousfeedback sothat we make improvement and provide you a useful toolwith awesomeeffects. Your suggestions and feedback will be highlyappreciated!Thanks and Enjoy puppy pattern lock screen
Talking Dog 2.0
If you can say you love dogs, then get ready to becomeaddicted,because this top game will become your favourite one! Herewe havethe cutest pet who is very friendly and sweet. This popularpuppylives on a farm and he learned how to dance, which is a prettybigaccomplishment, don’t you think? He will sweep you off yourfeetwhen you see him play the drums and the guitar! The little onealsoowns a home gym, but he needs your help to collect coins andunlockthe other rooms! You will do that by watching videos andplayingthe most amazing mini games! Download Talking Dog game appfor freeon your smartphone and have a lot of fun with your newvirtual pet,take care of him and the two of you will becomeinseparable!Playthis cool talking game and adopt a virtual dog thatwill become apart of your everyday life. Check out his amazinghouse – theliving room, the gorgeous bedroom, but there are alsothe gym andthe bathroom as well as a wonderful playground! He lovesto sleepin his bed but he is also very fond of games! That is whyhe has abeautiful playground where the two of you can have fun byjumpingon an awesome trampoline or playing with the ball. And getreadyfor incredible mini games! Play Jumpy Dog and hop onendlessplatforms together. You will love Pizza Defense where youshouldprotect a delicious meal from the enemies! Destroy theannoyinginsects, but try not to hit friends because they will notharm you.Do your best to defend this fabulous pizza, and get coins!In DogSmash you will hit your pet as soon as you see him get out ofthepit, so be quick and concentrate! The latest addictive gamewillcheck your reflexes, and entertain you at the same time, sochoosethe mode and start playing! The last one is Dog Jump, alovelyjumping game where you can tap the platform that you wantyourfavourite animal to hop on. Have fun! You can tickle and slapthedog to see his reactions, you will also see him fart - withthistop pet game everything is more fun! There is a bathroom wherethepuppy can take a bath, brush his teeth and wipe with the towel.Youcan take care of your little animal and take him to the gymtoexercise on a treadmill where he can run or walk. It is yourchoicebut make sure you keep your pet fit! How to play Talking Dogapp:Play mini games and watch videos to collect coins Talk to thedogand he will repeat your words Tickle and slap the dog forfunTake the dog to the gym Have fun with him on the playgroundandmake sure he gets some sleepThe cute puppy is very chatty, sotalkto your dog and he will listen carefully, because later hecanrepeat your words. Tap the aquarium in the living room to seethefish come out, or touch the drawer to see a cute chick! Makesureyour sweet friends sleeps, because that is how he gets hisenergy –and you get more coins! And do not worry - the rooster willwakehim up whenever you want. This dog care adventure is perfectboysand girls of all ages, everyone needs a buddy that is smartandfunny like the best talking dog! Share the latest puppygameapplication with your friends and show them how they can alsogettheir favourite new friend. Do not wait a minute longer,downloadthe popular talking game free, install it on yoursmartphone andbegin the coolest virtual pet care adventure!
My Puppy Friend - Cute Pet Dog Care Games 1.1
If you are a pet lover, these cute puppies would definitelymeltyour heart!Your love and care could make the little ones'lifedifferent! Take them home and feed them with delicious food.Orgive them a shower to wash off the dirt. A stylish makeuppairingwith a chic outfit will help the pets stand out in the show,whichwould award you with a lot of decorations and take thepuppies'home up a notch! Parkour, seek out the bones…many funactivitiesare ready to blow your mind!Features:- 6 cute puppiesthat meltyour heartLife gets a whole lot more interesting if youtake theselittle cuties home. - Collet loving hearts to open theShow whereyou may get decorationsEach time you complete a minigame, oneheart would be awarded to you. With 3 hearts, you can jointhe Showand win the decorations.- Earn coins and exchange them forniceitemsTake the challenges with your pets to earn as many coinsasyou can and exchange them for food, outfits and other nicethings.-Fun-filled mini games work well with the amazing scenesHavefunwith your doggies in such gorgeous scenes andwonderfulactivities.About Libii Game:With over 600 milliondownloads andgrowing, Libii is committed to creating innovativegames for kids.We'll keep working on establishing a goodrelationship with bothparents and their children and bringing ahealthy, happy atmospherefor them.Visit us: us: Got anyideas?Suggestions? Need technical support? Please feel free tocontact us24/7 at [email protected] You Know:This app is totallyfree todownload and play, some basic items are also free to use,but someadditional items need you to purchase and pay to unlock.Therefore,if you do not want to use these items, please turn offthe in-apppurchase in your settings. Thanks.
Pink Cute Puppy Theme 1.1.6
Install the puppy dog theme to make your phone special!The puppydogtheme is a free exclusive Android theme, which offersmultiplefeatures.The puppy dog theme comes with puppy dogwallpapers, cutelock screen themes, sweet app icons, pet effectsand many more.♥cute lock screen: Protect your app’s privacy simplyby draggingthem to the “Hide App” icon on the top right of yourhome screen.♥sweet app icons: Decorate your app icons and folderswith cooldesigns♥ puppy dog user-interface: Add more style toyouruser-interface with our 3D weather widget and 3D Clock♥ThemeCenter: Discover our endless collection of free themes! Thecoolskull theme will make battery charging look mysterious. Wealsohave cartoon themes to give you a warm feeling each time youlookat your screen. And if that’s not enough, we also have othercooldesigns, such as 3D, animals, neon, tech and many more thataretotally free!♥ Wallpaper Center: Our wallpaper collectionhasvarious styles of HD and cute live wallpapers. We alsoupdatethousands of wallpapers to our collection on a daily basis,so youcould always find something that you’ll like every day. Youcaneven use our lovely, cute and sweet designs to create your ownDIYwallpaper in our sweet theme center.♥ Full support for portraitandlandscape screen orientation♥ Install the puppy dog theme toapplykeyboard themes that are lovely, cute, sweet and pet. Giveyourphone a complete makeover!The puppy dog theme is supportedonvarious Android smartphone models, including Samsung S7Edge,Huawei Mate 9 and many more.3D Themes and Live Wallpapers:Makeyourphone look cool with the puppy dog theme, which has over10different types of special effects!Enjoy a new operatingexperiencewith puppy dog live wallpapers, along with sweet touchgestures andpet animated effects, which will truly show the beautyof puppydog. Experience cutting edge mobile app technology atyourfingertip, be amazed by snowflakes or raindrops descending fromthetop of your screen with one simple tap. To apply the puppydogtheme, please download our Launcher app first.Features ofOurLauncher App:❤ Enjoy an unforgettable experience with ourfreekeyboard themes. We have cool keyboard themes for the boys andcutekeyboard themes for the girls. And for everyone else? We haveanendless collection of themes, so you are bound to findsomethingyou’ll like here!❤ Theme Center: Various categories offree HD andLive wallpapers for you to choose from❤ DIY Themes:Create your ownDIY theme! Share sweet puppy dog themes, cutewallpapers and appicons with your friends, give them asurprise!Install the freepuppy dog theme now to make your phonelovely and colorful!
Puppy Salon - Pet Daycare 10.2.2
Puppy salon is usually about how to take pet day care. 
cutextrahair your Pretty pet. 
Its puppy games for girls and kids.Takecare your little puppy injured and high fever.

all most kidslikepuppy games, Its one of best puppy games and dog caregames,download now, FREE!*Features*Best dog care games forkids.

Chooseyour favourite puppy and take care them. 
Pretty PetSalonGames
.Cutest Pet daycare Wash .
Get ready for walk so dressupyour cutest puppy.
Puppy Patrol Crossy Kart 2.2
Our Crossy Puppy Patrol has a new mission on the road. They needafast paw to help them win this race! Run, collect coinsandpower-ups, avoid the traffic and be the best patrol racer ontheroads! Swipe up to jump, left or right to dodge, and down tocrawlor (dive if in the air). The vehicles have different speeds.Watchout for the many types of vehicles like police, regular cars,cabsand trucks. The barriers are easier to dodge but stay alert.Thepuppies are hungry, collect cookies to feed them. PuppyPatrolCrossy Kart now is the best free 3D running game! If youlikecrossy, running and racing games then you will love this coolgame!Join this adventure now. Show that you can control thefastestspaws in the world. Join many people who have alreadydownloaded andare having a great time. Best Features: ★ 13different puppies ★ 4different environments ★ High quality 3Dgraphics ★ Fun to play ★Lightweight ★ Top scores ★ Free to play ★Suited for kids or notDownload Puppy Patrol Crossy Kart for FREE,Today!
Puppies Live Wallpaper 2.1
❤Puppies Live Wallpaper❤ welcomes you to the world of thesweetestand cuddliest animals, completely free! Everyone lovescutepuppies! From golden retriever puppies, yorkie puppies,huskypuppies, beagle puppies, pitbull puppies, Labrador puppiestoMaltese puppies and beyond, we all have our favorite breedofpuppy. The most beautiful wallpapers and puppy pictures arecreatedespecially for all dog lovers! Download “Puppies LiveWallpaper”and let the amazing puppy photos appear on your screen.The puppyfree live wallpaper is perfect background image for yourscreen.Keyfeatures:- 10 HD photos of beautiful puppies- fullysupportshorizontal orientation and looks great on both mobilephones andtablet devices and supports screen switching- real smooth3Danimations (based on OpenGL, compatible with 99% mobilephonedevices)- app will sleep when your phone is inactive, so thislivewallpaper will not drain your batteryWelcome to the land ofcutepuppies! Corgi puppies, doberman puppies, and schnauzer puppiesarewaiting for a dog lover like you! Beautify your phone screenandyour life with this collection of “puppy pictures” and enjoyinamazing feelings of joy and peacefulness which only dogs canbringus! ❤Puppies Live Wallpaper❤ and get familiar with lovelysmallpuppies and teacup puppies. Meet the pomeranian puppies,bulldogpuppies, cocker spaniel puppies, shih tzu puppies, englishbulldogpuppies, chihuahua puppies, labradoodle puppies, bostonterrierpuppies and many more with these awesome “pictures ofpuppies”.Hereare some cute puppies pictures of adorable puppies.Surprise yourchildren with these awesome free wallpapers and freescreen savers.Download Puppies Live Wallpaper and have funtogether. If you wantto take your cute puppy with you everywhere,download these imagesof puppies and beautify your screen with thesecute wallpaperscompletely free of charge. This free app is aperfect gift for yourkids. Cute puppies will make them extremelyhappy. Set akitapuppies, dalmatian puppies or morkie puppies foryour little girlsor corgi puppies, doberman puppies and schnauzerpuppies for yourlittle boys or grils.Dogs are able to provide loveand affectionthat is often more sincere and deeper than human andthat is why welike to keep them as pets. Most of us get very gentlearoundpuppies, just like around babies. Apply one of cutewallpapers 3dand fill yourself with positive emotions! Thesepuppies pictureswill bring you inspiration and put a smile on yourface every timeyou unlock your phone screen. If you have kids, theywill beespecially thrilled about this lwp app. Children are knownto loveanimals, and looking at animal pictures and reading fairytalesfeaturing various animals. Their favorite pets are usuallycats anddogs and they especially enjoy playing with little puppiesorkittens. This puppies lock screen has been tested on latestdevicessuch as Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S7 andSamsungGalaxy Tab 4, Nexus 7, Huawei Y6 and Sony Xperia Z5. Pleasecontactus if your device is not supported.To develop more freegreat livewallpapers, we have implemented some ads in settings.Advertisementcan support our develop more free LWP.Check out ouraccount formore free screensavers.
Puppy Wallpapers 1.0
In this application, a very beautiful wallpaper withcutepuppies.Puppies were always very cute creatures, and remaintoday.These amazing little puppies are always very nice andfunny.Wallpaper with the puppies for the people who love theselittlecreatures and are ready to look at them always.Wallpaper withapuppy work fine without an internet connection, you need onlyonetime download this app and enjoy the view of puppieseveryday!Wallpaper with the puppies have a lot of bright, colorfulandunforgettable wallpaper with pups, which please you every dayandyou will enjoy these moments and the image of the puppies!
Cute Fluffy Puppy Live Wallpaper 4.8.4
Bored of your default static wallpapers? Want to make yourawesomephone, old or new, even prettier? Get ready to stand outwith thisfree new hd and customizable animated themes! It hasmovingsparkling stars as well! Cute Fluffy Puppy Live Wallpaper istheperfect dynamic theme creator for all android phonesowners(suitable for both girls and boys!). It can turn yourregularboring backgrounds into beautiful dynamic wallpapers withadorablefuzzy dogs! It also has parallax (3D/4D) effects, emojis,frames(golden, wood, red hearts, bows, emojis, roses, flowers,Christmastree tinsel and balls, or snowflakes, ice and snow) andmagic touch(beautiful animations with colorful particles and soundswhen youtouch the screen). You can also add one of many beautifulanalogclocks to your home screen! Gold clock, butterfliesclock,Vintage/retro clock, wood clock or even a transparent clock!Youcan also add your name, the name of the one you love or anyothercustom text and quotes you want to the screen! Choose betweenlotsof fonts, text colors, patterns (roses, hearts, rain drops,stars,stones, etc.), sizes, positions and have fun customizing whatyouwrite! How do I enable it? - This is very easy. Run the appandjust press the "Customize" button and on the next pagescrollthrough the 6 customizing options (background, movingelements,analog clocks, your name, emoji, magic touch and don'tforget toreview our app at the last step! -After you are done withtheediting, just press the button from the bottom of the screen(theone with the check mark) and then tap on the "Save" button inorderto save your changes. - Once you are directed to the mainscreen,just press "Set wallpaper" and then confirm it from thephonesscreen for setting wallpapers. - Or if the above doesn't workyoucan also try to do this: Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers->Live Wallpapers -> Select "Cute Fluffy Puppy LiveWallpaper"What can it do? - You can change the background image ofthewallpaper or you can even add your own images! - You can addframes(golden, wood, red hearts, bows, emojis, roses, flowers,Christmastree tinsel and balls, or snowflakes, ice and snow) - Youcan alsochange the colors of the stars that shine all over yourscreen. -You can add emojis from you keyboard and watch them movingacrossthe screen. - You can add an analog clock to your screen. -It has3D/4D (parallax) and magic touch effects (colorful particlesandsounds). - Fully optimized app to run on almost all androiddevicesand to keep the image original. - It's new, free and hd. -CuteFluffy Puppy Live Wallpaper is suited for everyone and free touse.- Cute Fluffy Puppy Live Wallpaper is a live wallpaper editor,witha large collection of ways to customize your phone. DownloadCuteFluffy Puppy Live Wallpaper now and convert your wallpaper toacool dynamic one! After applying Cute Fluffy Puppy LiveWallpaperyour home page wallpaper will change with the desiredbackground.This app is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S9, J2, J7,J1, J5, J2prime, J7 prime, OPPO A37f, OPPO A33f, Vivo Y21L, OPPOA1601 F1s,Vivo Y51L, Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime and Grand Neo, VivoY53 1606,Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite, Xiaomi Redmi 3S, Xiaomi RedmiNote 4,LYF LS-5016 Wind 7, Samsung Galaxy Core Prime, SamsungGalaxy Grand2, Huawei LUA-U22 Y3II, Lenovo A6000, Huawei P8 Lite,iZoom 1201,LG K10, Lava A97, Gionee P5W Pioneer P5W, MotorolaMotoG3, HTCDesire, Vivo , Sony Xperia and many many others! Thephone mock-upused for some of the store listing is found on thesite"".
Cute Pocket Cat And Puppy 3D
You can post any ideas on ourpage: or place 5starreview with "have an idea" topic From the creators of CutePocketCat 3D and Cute Pocket Puppy 3D. Would you like to have apuppy inyour smartphone or tablet ? Let me bring to your attentionthe gameCute Pocket Cat And Puppy 3D. You don't have to choosebetween akitten or a puppy because you can get a few pets at onetime inthis game. In Cute Pocket Cat And Puppy you can get a sweetpuppyor a kitty, that you should name and feed; you should playwith himand take care of him. If you do not pay enough attention toyourpet, he will not run away but he will be very sad. Once youpickyour cat or puppy you will get his controls. Besides you canplaymini-games, take a part in competitions, OnLine chat or fightinOnLine Arena in Rock, Paper, Scissors mini game. You willmeetother players' kittens and puppies In OnLine town. You canchatwith them and run together. Once you get tired, you can comebackhome whenever you want. Visit Fashion Shop to give your kittenorpuppy a special look. Buy beds for you cat or puppy, cat orpuppytoys, cat or puppy clothes, puppy or cat hats or changewallpapersin the house. Your pet will be very happy if you buysomething forhim. The puppy will grow as you spend time in thegame. A cute,fluffy and adorable puppy or kitten is waiting foryour attentionand affection in this cute game. Look through ourother cat orpuppy games Hope you will like this cute kitten andpuppy in thisbaby cat simulator and dog simulator Enjoy your timewith CutePocket Cat And Puppy 3D Smiles for emotions - Emojiprovided freeby ***DON'T DELETE GAME OR YOURPETS AND GEMSAND OTHER DATA WILL BE LOST*** ***THIS GAME CONTAINSINTERSTITIALADS***
Puppy Training 1.0
Gato Apps
Our APP help you understand and build a routine to help withyourpuppy's potty training at home.Features:✔ The best Tips toHelpTrain Your Puppy✔ How to Find an Amazing Vet for Dogs YouLove✔Keeping Your Puppy Safe at Home✔ How to Socialize Your Puppy✔PuppySeparation Anxiety: What is the difference betweenseparationanxiety and normal canine behavior?✔ Fun, CognitiveTraining GamesFor Dogs✔ How to Stop a Dog From Barking✔ How tostart walking apuppy✔ Puppy Nipping and Biting✔ How to teach yourpuppy the sitcommand✔ The secret to teaching your puppy to 'stay'✔How to ToiletTrain Your Puppy in 3 DaysFor successful PuppyTraining practicethe following basic training steps with your puppyevery day.Including the most important lessons puppies shouldlearn.
Dog Puppies Run! 1.3.0
Dogs are the best cute baby animal partners to do exercisewith:They like to spend time with you and have plenty of excessenergyto burn! The best way to train your puppy dog is going for arunwith him! Teach him the way out and help him to learn how toavoidall the obstacles that could appear in a normal day: Beextremelycareful with the traffic! Teach him how to dodge everyvehicle yourpuppy finds... Cars are the biggest danger for puppies!- Run withyour puppy dog and train him in an exciting race full ofobstacles-When you start running the time will be counted: You haveto befast to reach the checkpoints on time in this pet game-Incrediblerealistic graphics that will immerse you in this puppydogs games-Dodge all the cars you find on your way and make yourpuppy becomeyour best exercise partner in these races!- Intuitivemobilecontrol for all skill levels: You just need to tap on thescreen toaccelerate or slow down your puppy- There is few time leftin thisexciting race: The main goal of this dogs game is to makeyour petacquire the necessary running skills as fast as possible-Thesepuppies games are appropriate for children and adults-Compatiblewith every mobile deviceStart running with one of yourpuppies inthis amazing races full of obstacles!Enjoy our pet gameand shareyour highest scores with your friends onFacebook!Twitter:@LabCaveFacebook:
Find a Dog - Hidden Object 1.1.4
Fox Art Games
The application - «Find a Dog» popular game in the style of"Hiddenobjects". Everyone loves puppy, and who does not love smalldogsdoes not simply recognized that he loves them! This applicationisentirely devoted to the small dogs! In this game Hiddenobjects,you are invited to find the puppy in the picture and clickon hismuzzle. Like anything complex, but if you can find themquickly?Check your care and get all the small dogs and get allawards! Ofcourse, some puppies can be found very quickly, and somehidden, soyou will have to seriously try to find small dogs. Funfor thewhole family! Play with your children, with friends, withparents... Simple operation, just need to find a puppy and click onitwith your finger. Search dogs can be at home, in the country,whiletraveling to study or work in meters or other transport. Lookforpuppy in various parts of the world: in the courtyards ofthehouses and in the squares of capital cities of Europe. Intheluxurious interior, or in the ordinary cottage. And all this inthenew game in the genre «Hidden Objects»: «Find a Dog»Theapplication is completely free and contains no embeddedpurchases!With each update small dogs becoming more and more. :)Keep forupdates! OfficialCommunityVKontakte:
Puppy Wallpaper 1.0
Hand picked selection of Puppy Wallpapers, We've selected someofthe cutest puppies you can find and added them to this greatpuppywallpaper and resized to give you the perfect images foryourphones and tablets. Set your favourite cute puppy wallpapersasyour home screen background and smile every time you look atyourdevice. All the pics are of HD quality. Feedback is alwayswelcomethis is our first release of many if you like it.We hope youenjoythe App and please rate us.Disclaimer - All logos/images/namesarecopyright of their perspective owners. This image is notendorsedby any of the perspective owners, and the images are usedsimplyfor aesthetic purposes. This application is an unofficial fanbasedapplication.No copyright infringement is intended, and anyrequestto remove one of the images/logos/names will be honoured.
Little Live Pets
Welcome to the Little Live Pets Pet Shop!Adoptyour own virtual pet – feed, clean, play and accessorize yourpetmouse, turtle, bird, puppy and more. Adopt them from the petshopand care for them - just like a real pet! Play mini-games tolevelup, earn coins and unlock surprises!Features:- Choose the virtual pets that you would like to adopt in thepetshop: all new Splashberry the Frog, Chatter the Mouse, DigitheGaming Turtle, Poppin’ Polly the Bird, Purrcilla the Kitten,SweetBeat the Puppy and Luvey Duck.- Keep your pet happy by feeding, cleaning and playingwiththem.- Play mini-games to level up and earn coins: Puppy Dash,MouseHurdles, Puppy Jumble, Tweet Along, Turtle Turbo, Cheese QuestandCleverkeet Augmented Reality.- Create your own Sweet Talking Kitten sound recordings withtheSweet Repeat game.- Use your coins to buy food, toys, accessories, habitatsandcleaning materials from the Store.- Unlock new items as you play along and progress throughthelevels.Have fun with these caring activities:- Feed your pet – let your pet enjoy a sumptuous feast ofdeliciousapples, pears, carrots, bananas and even artichokes!- Clean your pet – grab the soap, sponge, brush, towel andshowerhead to wash your pet.- Play and have fun – throw a ball and play with your pet to keepithappy.- Dress up! Keep your pet cool with cute hats, ties, collarsandmany other accessories.- Interact with your pet - tap your pet anywhere and you will seeitmove, feel, react and sound like a real pet!Play the fun mini-games and earn cool rewards for you andyourpet! Guide Snuggles the puppy over the jumps and cones in theagilitycourse and run as fast as you can to win loads ofpoints.Hop along to the new Frog Hop game! Race Splashberry againstherfrog friends – jump over the logs and catch the flies to getspeedypower-ups, and don’t get stuck in the mud!- Race with other mice, jump over hurdles and catch thecheesepower-ups to emerge as the champion of the MouseHurdlesmini-game.- Tweet in the same tune as our Tweet Talking Bird in theTweetAlong mini-game.- Help the Sweet Talking Puppy find the delicious disheshe’sdreaming about in Puppy Jumble.- Dive and dodge the obstacles and reach the finish linebeforetimer stops in the Turtle Turbo mini-game.- Roll the Lil’ Mouse through the maze of pipes. Navigatebridges,spinning wheels and other obstacles to reach the cheese andgiveyour pet a tasty treat in the Cheese Quest mini-game!- Experience the fun as Cleverkeet comes to life in theCleverkeetAugmented Reality Game! Feed him and see him fly. Sing,dance andplay with him. Dress him up with cute and coolaccessories.Have fun taking care of your Little Live Pets!Privacy Policy:
Kitty and Puppy Theme 1.1.4
We are very excited to present our latest release: puppylaunchersweet theme! DOWNLOAD puppy launcher theme and enjoy yourfavoritesweet style and cute color.puppy (icon packs) (theme) havesweetbackgrounds, puppy app icons, sweet fashion wallpapers andcutedigital effect. This puppy launcher (icon packs) theme isspeciallydesigned for sweet people who love cute theme.Download andapplypuppy theme for free and stylize your Android phone. puppy canbeused for different IM apps, like Instagram, Messenger,BeeTalk,Facebook Lite and so on. puppy theme runs fast with thoseapps onyour phones.puppy is also compatible with different brandsofphones like Samsung (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung GalaxyS6Edge, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy J7, Samsung GalaxyNote7),Huawei (Huawei P9, Huawei P8, Huawei Mate 9, Huawei Mate 8,HuaweiHonor 8), Sony (Sony Xperia Z5, Sony Xperia Z4, Sony XperiaZ3,Sony Xperia XZ) and HTC (HTC 10, HTC One A9, HTC One X9, HTCDesire10 Pro). puppy launcher theme is designed to let you enjoysweetfeeling, a faster and smoother mobile and cuteoperatingexperience.★How to apply puppy launcher theme?Note: Thisthemesupports our launcher (icon packs) only.1) Download puppytheme,tap the INSTALL button.2) Download our launcher (icon packs)fromGoogle Play Store. If you already have it installed, please taptheAPPLY button directly.★Why our launcher?【Different launcher(iconpacks) themes】Cool and colorful themes are provided. Finddifferenttheme categories, including tech, skull, puppy, cool,crystal(krystal), cute, golden, sweet, pink, skull, neon, shiny andmanymore. 【Customized Wallpapers】 We offer you wallpapers ofcutestyle, so you could enjoy a full experience of your chosensweettheme. More cute, skull, dark, puppy, pink, neon styles willbeavailable in the future.【Personalized Locker】 We offer asmartlocker to protect your phone and personalized sweet cutelockscreen per your preference, making your phone look amazingeverytime you flip it on.【DIY Themes】 Create your own DIY themes!Sharecute puppy themes, sweet wallpapers and app icons withyourfriends. Give them a surprise!【Animated Effect】Make yourphoneunique with all sorts of cool sweet animated effects.
Cute Puppy Wallpapers 3.3
Are you ready to get cool free images in HD? If you are,cutepuppies will show you the collection of beautiful wallpapersfreefor your phone! This app brings the best background images youcanget for your phone. Make your home screen different withthecoolest puppy pictures ever! Features of Cute Puppy Wallpapersapp:* Crop and set as wallpapers * Add to favorites * Savewallpapers *See as slideshow * Share on social networks Puppybackgrounds aresimply irresistible as you will see once you checkout our gallery.Having the beautiful wallpapers free is just likehaving Picasso’spainting on your living room wall, so download thiscute app now!It is high time you forgot about all the outdated appsand startusing some popular background images instead. Do notacceptanything less but puppy wallpaper, because you deserve thebestwallpapers. Take a look, pick and choose! These cute puppieswillwarm your heart! Make sure you are connected to the internet ifyouwant to save your favourite dog wallpaper. As soon as youdownloadfree images, they will be saved on your phone. We wouldreallyappreciate if you rate the app – thank you in advance! If youshallhave any questions, comments or suggestions, please do nothesitateto contact us at [email protected]
Shiba Inu Simulator 3D 1.1.0
What a pretty little puppy! It’s Shiba Inu dog and todayyou’regoing to play not with it, but for it! Try this perfect ShibaInuSimulator 3D game made for all the doggy’s lovers! Start yourgamebeing a little puppy, turn into an adult dog and create yourowndog story family – that’s really easy! BECOME CUTE LITTLEPUPPYTRYING TO SURVIVE • Doggo world is amazing, especially whenyou arekeen on these funny creatures, so try to learn theirbehavior fromthis game; • Cute little Shiba Inu dog is the bestfriend for allwho loves such breeds as Labrador, Corgi, GermanShepherd, Terrier,Bulldog, Pug, Chihuahua, Rottweiler, Dalmatianand others! •Challenge yourself and just survive in this worldfilled with suchdangers as large aggressive dogs and unfriendlypeople! CHECK THISAWESOME CHANCE TO MAKE YOUR FAMILY • Just findyour “other half” –the world is so big and who knows, where is it?Show it yourfantastic dog hotel and wait for little puppies! •Protect yourlittle shelter from city and house predators – even theother dogcan harm your Shiba Inu puppies! • Don’t forget to checkyourindicators sometimes, if you wanna be safe and sound –it’simportant for your survival! JUST ENJOY THE ATMOSPHERE OFDOGGY’SLIFE • Everything looks so interesting around, so explore itjustroaming about and searching for some tasty food; • The controlsareeasy – just tap the screen and use little joystick to moveandcommunicate with the other animals; • Don’t lose thisfantasticopportunity to breed, mate, make friends, create your ownfamilyand have interesting battles! Check the lifestyle of ShibaInudealing with this Shiba Inu Simulator 3D game and just enjoyit!Privacypolicy: