Top 49 Games Similar to K.O. King

Prizefighters 2.6.2
Koality Game
Prizefighters is the latest and greatest free arcade boxing gametohit the Play Store featuring an in-depth career,real-timemultiplayer, player progression and customization, andfast actiongameplay with intuitive fight controls. Named as one ofTOUCHARCADE'S BEST GAMES OF 2017 - "Working your way up the ranksandbuffing out your custom boxer is incredibly fun and thecoremechanics are so good" FEATURES • Fight other players inreal-timeonline PVP and climb up the rankings • Level up and earncoins tounlock new skills and stat upgrades • Customize yourappearance,ring, and even opponents • Progress through an in-depthCareer modeand become the greatest champion • Compete for highscores inArcade and Endless modes • Play the way you like withmultiplecontrol options including gamepad support • Take yourfighter onany device with Cloud Saves • Share replays of your bestfightswith the online community • Completely free to play!
Punch Hero 1.3.8
Hit ‘em where it hurts!The ultimate boxing game on mobile!Comeswingyour fists in this all-immersive mobile boxing game. Honeyour jabs,hooks and uppercuts at the Training Center whileaccumulatingspecial skills and power moves in the Skill Store.Presented inhilarious 3D, Punch Hero is addictive as it ischallenging. Withmultiple modes of gameplay and customizableoptions, Punch Herooffers hours of endless boxing action! • • •FEATURES • • ••ADRENALINE PUMPING BOXING ACTION •Deliver swiftjabs, hooks,uppercuts and serve brutal knockout punches as youfight youropponent. • CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION •Give yourself agnarly beard ormaybe some cool shades as you dress your characterin the CostumeShop with items that enhance performance. • INTENSESKILL BUILDINGIN THREE DIFFERENT MODES! •Fight with newchallengers in ArcadeMode, Amateur Mode and Pro Mode as you levelup and hone your jabs,hooks and uppercuts. • ADD YOUR OWN FACE! •Throw your friend (orenemy) into the ring by creating your ownchallenger in ChallengerRegistry. Place their picture in the frameand fight them in thevirtual ring. • GAMECENTER ACHIEVEMENTS •Playin Graveyard Mode asyour go 1 on 1 with all players or yourfriends through Gamecenter.• • • NEWS & EVENTS • • • Websitehttp://www.gamevil.comFacebook YouTube*There may be additional costs whentrying to obtain certain items.*Requires Android 7.0 or earlierversionTerms ofService:
Real Boxing – Fighting Game 2.4.2
Real Boxing is very popular fighting game & boxing simulatoronGoogle Play, with jaw-dropping graphics, a full-blown careerforyour boxer, robust KO multiplayer and intuitive controls. Getyourboxing gloves on and box like there’s no tomorrow! The championofthe fighting games is here: --- TOUCH ARCADE – "It’s calledRealBoxing for a very good reason, and it lives up to itsnameimpeccably well." 4.5/5 IGN – “Real Boxing is anUnrealEngine-powered beauty.“ 148 APPS – "Real Boxing offers aconsolequality boxing app experience." 4.5/5 --- Time to box &KOothers in this boxing app! Vivid Games, the studio behindwellknown online fighting games on mobile, puts on the boxingglovesand presents the original KO boxing simulator that won theheartsof punching games fans worldwide! Enter the ring and let’sboxtogether! KNOCKOUT GAMEPLAY IN THE ULTIMATE FIGHTING GAMEFightusing a variety of punches and combos in a knockout boxingappgame. Box to up your fight game and tip the odds in favor ofyourboxer with power-ups. Feel every jab, hook and KO uppercutthanksto the most intuitive controls in multiplayer fighting gamesonmobile. They may be coming from kung fu or UFC roots, butyou’vegot the boxing gloves: whatever other opponents’ fight gamesare,you’ll always box like a boxeo boss, like Rocky.COMPREHENSIVECAREER IN THE TRUE BOXING SIMULATOR This fight game isa challenge:knock out over 30 unique boxers with their own adaptiveboxingstyles in a full-blown career mode to become a true boxeochampion,the best boxer in the world! Welcome to the true fightinggame onAndroid. REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYER Become a boxeo challenger andenjoyhundreds of hours of a fighting game fun in the feature-packedRealBoxing multiplayer mode. Knock out rivals from around the worldorplay with friends to settle this once and for all: who will betheone to deliver the final knockout? And who will be the one tothrowaway the boxing gloves and walk away covered in shame? YOURREALBOXER, READY TO BOX The fight night is coming, so getready:customize your own boxer with dozens of unlockablehairstyles,tattoos, and gear. Train in a variety of boxeomini-games as yourfight game gets better and better. In thisfighting game you’llface off against challengers as tough as RockyBalboa! BEFORE YOUKNOCKOUT: TRAIN & BOX IN A VARIETY OFMINI-GAMES Put on yourboxing gloves and get to the gym: boost yourspeed, strength andstamina enrolling in the training modeconsisting of fun punchinggames (speed bag, heavy bag) and jumpinga skipping rope. WEEKLYTOURNAMENTS Feel the adrenaline rush inWeekly Tournaments,featuring prizes like unique powerful boxinggloves or more newepic gear to box in. EXHILARATING BONUS MODES Putyour boxing tothe test and fight boxeo bosses in Real Boxing’sArcade Mode, ortake on the Underground Tournament to unlock brandnew gear foryour boxer! AMAZING GRAPHICS & SOUND As you box,immerseyourself in adrenaline pumping world of UnrealEngine-poweredgraphics and realistic motion-captured animations.ENGAGING SOCIALFEATURES Win amazing boxeo prizes with Daily Rewardsthe DailySpin. Also, how is your fight game? Check before the bigfightnight begins! Compare scores & challenge friends. OVER50MILLION PUNCHING PLAYERS AROUND THE GLOBE! Check more VividGames’online fighting games: Do you like Rocky Balboa? Search forRealBoxing 2 ROCKY. A fan of Manny Pacquiao? Search for RealBoxingManny Pacquiao. Real Boxing is a trademark of Vivid Games.UnrealEngine is a product of Epic Games and is licensed. UFC isaregistered trademark of UFC and is not affiliated nor featuredinthe game. Rocky is available in our other fighting game.Bydownloading the game you accept our End User LicenseAgreement,Terms of Service and PrivacyPolicy:
MMA Fighting Manager: Mixed Martial Art Superstars 1.2.7
Final Punch
Let’s Jump into the mma fighting arena octagon cage and takestanceagainst the superstars of world MMA championship. Feel therealexcitement and spirit to win the battle of great and realisticMMAfights. MMA Fighting Manager & Mixed Martial Art Superstarsprogame offers freestyle fighting to fans an adrenaline pumpingworldof kick fighting & boxing action. The real boxingexperience inyour hand, make jab, hook, and uppercut feel naturaland fun. Gotoe-to-toe against 30+ bone crushing boxers fromBangkok, LasVegas, London, Montreal and Washington. Use quickreflexes andclever moves, unleash ferocious punches and combos,defeat allrivals and become the king of boxing ring. In MMAFighting Manager& Mixed Martial Art Superstars game, you canselect a legendarymartial art battle fighter all over the world andstep into thecage of mma fighting. Try your finest hits to defeatyour martialart combat opponents. Use all your mma games skillslike punching,kicking, blocking and super kicks to get youropponents down in thering. Performs special and really strikingmartial arts. Fight withthe other incredible mma heroes with theirown different upsets andskills. This Mixed martial art trainer gamewill teaches you avariety of Karate, Jui Jitsu, Muay Thai,Wrestling, Judo, Boxing,Aikido and other MMA art forms that willgive you a wide range ofskills and a wide-range fighting lessons.Amazing variants of quickmoves can be realistic in a variety ofsituations in a fight, thisgame introduces you to these positionsand allows you to learncorrect practice & technique. Mixedmartial art trainer is afighting sport that needs a competitor tohave a variety of skillsthat can include grappling, kicking,punching, and defense. In MMAFighting Manager & Mixed MartialArt Superstars game. Earnpoints for each wining against opponent,fight against powerfulrivals and level up your martial art &karate fighting skillsto get top level ranking. Prove your skillsas the powerful kingfighter against kung fu karate rivals. Yourrivals use diversefighting styles including taekwondo, muay thai,kung fu, boxing andother, show your top level fighting skills toovercome all ofopponents with the power of kung fu karate tigerclaw style. PlayMMA Fighting Manager & Mixed Martial ArtSuperstars game andlearn how to fight face to face, unarmed, withyour punches andkicks how to use yourself with amazing skill toblock the enemykicks and punches is also essential part of martialarts. Let’sbecome the world extreme MMA kick fighter like battleagainst KungFu Fighters & wrestling super stars in this actionpacked game.Fight against powerful fighting rivals, win over themand earnpoints to unlock new ranks of your progression. Upgradeyour power,speed, and accuracy with new strikes and fighting stylesgettingpoints for each winning match. Quickness is key to win thehand tohand fight. Ultimate MMA Fighting Manager & MixedMartial ArtSuperstars is an exciting fighting action game, it istheadventures 3d fighting game to enjoy MMA martial art fightingtiger& world kung fu king game-play, fighting animations,special 3deffects, thrilling sounds and real fighting styles. MMAFightingManager: Mixed Martial Art Superstars Game Features: •FaceToughestMartial Art Fighters and Become World Champion •Level UpByDefeating Mma Legendry Fighters in World Tournament•Unlimitedfreestyle Kung Fu & Karate Fighting Challenges •WinMMAFighting Matches & Get Rewarded Points to UnlockNextTournament •Mixed Martial Art Tournaments with Big winningRewards•Background Music & Sound Effects Will Increase YourEnergy inTag Team Karate Ring Boxing Arena 1.5
Clown Games Boxing Arena brings the brutal punches of box ringintoio game universe! Step onto the ring to knock out allchampions withyour fierce punches!Try to survive in the boxingring as much as youcan by punching faces and making combos toknock out others. Unlocknew characters with various skills to getyour boxing io gameexperience varied!Beat others in the marvelousfighting club Boxing Arena with your championfighter!Are you readyto join other io game fighters in this boxingclub?Clown Games is abrand of Alictus and is the developer ofpopular io games availableon mobile and web! Reach us andsendyourfeedback:https://facepunch.io
Kabaddi Game knockout League Tag Team Raiders 2018 1.4
Kabaddi Game knockout League Tag Team Raiders 2018Some raidersmightbe stronger than they look, so train yourself a lot to proveyourstrength as a real kabaddi athlete. Kabaddi Game knockoutLeague TagTeam Raiders 2018 Star Champion 3D & real kickfighting willgive you access to all superstar punch boxers &tag team fightsin all events of world kabaddi game with HD qualitygame play.Experience every raid, tackle and block in theexhilarating world ofKabaddi with the Pro Kabaddi game. Its samelike as India’s hottestsports league is back with a bang for afifth season. And it’sbigger, better and bolder this time. Come,join the adventure. Thegame is designed as Kabaddi fighting WorldCup 2017 schedule andKabaddi adventures world cup 2017. You canunderstand and know allKabaddi world cup schedule and Next KabaddiSchedule and make yourchances to win a bid against Cup Winner. Asyou all know who isKabaddi winner team so try to know where theupcoming Kabaddi matchand their schedule to be known in 2018. Thiskabaddi fighting gamefeatures all your favorite real moves as wellas combos and finishermoves. Hit the taps and swipes at the righttime to execute thesespecial moves and inflict maximum attack onthe opponents. Become animmortal name in the world of kabaddifighting. Let's be ready tostart your tag team kabaddi pakistan vsindia world cup for theupcoming fighting events of 2018. Defeatall the world class tagteam champions with face to face fights& move quickly in thering like legend kabaddi champion anddodge your contestant withyour quick left, right sudden strongkick attacks. So get ready andstart real super star kabaddifighting match tournament with thisKabaddi Game knockout LeagueTag Team Raiders 2018 game. Freestylering & cage fighting gamelovers will enjoy & find it moreinteresting punch boxing 3dgame. Participate like bull raider inarcade mode and combat thegreats of kabaddi over all rounds in onedestroyer battle. Inknockout mode each match is more difficult thanthe next and thestakes are higher than before. Win every match orface a shamefulknockout in this war of the kabaddi legends. Thelatest realkabaddi knockout 2018 & pro league raiders fightinggame isdesigned especially for kabaddi lovers to watch & playyourfavorite hero any time. Become universal champion ofwrestlingafter beating all tag team champion wrestlers in theworld. Testnew striking techniques, like karate kicks and boxingpunches oreven gymnastic dodging and jumping art of fighting.Excite thecrowd with your real wrestling fight style, improve yourfightingskills and be the best wrestler in the world. Like fightingandboxing games you can’t ignore wrestling games. Punch BoxinglikeSuperstar Wrestling and Champions game is road to worldChampions.It is free to play best combat sport game with multiplewrestlers,game modes and customization. Become a pro wrestlerchampion inthis world wrestling and entertainment fightingsimulator game. Getready to rule them all with wrestling season ofsuperstar.Now it’stime to participate in the world kabaddichampionship, defeat allyour opponents and win the knockoutchampionship, world bestchampions are in your way to playing worldkabaddi tournament.Kabaddi knockout 2018 & pro league athletesclash will give youaccess to all superstar raiders in all events ofworld kabaddichampionship in HD quality game play. Kabaddi Gameknockout LeagueTag Team Raiders 2018Game Features• All real timegameplay• Bestfighting techniques• Time limit matches• 3d stadium•Heavy weightplayers
MMA Fighting Revolution: Mixed Martial Art Manager 1.9.3
Let’s become the world extreme MMA kick fighter like battleagainstKung Fu Fighters & wrestling super stars in this actionpackedgame. MMA Fighting Revolution: Mixed Martial Art Manager progameoffers freestyle fighting to fans an adrenaline pumping worldofkick fighting & boxing action. The real boxing experienceinyour hand, make jab, hook, and uppercut feel natural and fun.Gotoe-to-toe against 30+ bone crushing boxers from Bangkok,LasVegas, London, Montreal and Washington. Use quick reflexesandclever moves, unleash ferocious punches and combos, defeatallrivals and become the king of boxing ring. Mixed martial arts isafighting sport that needs a competitor to have a variety ofskillsthat can include grappling, kicking, punching, and defense.ThisMixed martial arts game will teaches you a variety of Karate,JuiJitsu, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Judo, Boxing, Aikido and otherMMAarts forms that will give you a wide range of skills andawide-range fighting lessons. Amazing variants of quick moves canberealistic in a variety of situations in a fight, thisgameintroduces you to these positions and allows you to learncorrectpractice & technique. In mma fighting revolution: mixedmartialart manager game. Earn points for each wining againstopponent,fight against powerful rivals and level up your martialarts &karate fighting skills to get top level ranking. Proveyour skillsas the powerful king fighter against kung fu karaterivals. Yourrivals use diverse fighting styles including taekwondo,muay thai,kung fu, boxing and other, show your top level fightingskills toovercome all of opponents with the power of kung fu karatetigerclaw style. Fight against powerful fighting rivals, win overthemand earn points to unlock new ranks of your progression.Upgradeyour power, speed, and accuracy with new strikes andfightingstyles getting points for each winning match. Quickness iskey towin the hand to hand fight. Play mma fighting revolution:mixedmartial art manager game and learn how to fight face toface,unarmed, with your punches and kicks how to use yourselfwithamazing skill to block the enemy kicks and punches isalsoessential part of martial arts.Ultimate mma fightingrevolution:mixed martial art manager is an exciting fighting actiongame, itis the adventures 3d fighting game to enjoy MMA martialartsfighting tiger & world kung fu king game-play,fightinganimations, special 3d effects, thrilling sounds and realfightingstyles. In mma fighting revolution: mixed martial artmanager game,you can select a legendary martial art battle fighterall over theworld and step into the cage of mma fighting. Try yourfinest hitsto defeat your martial art combat opponents. Use allyour mma gamesskills like punching, kicking, blocking and superkicks to get youropponents down in the ring. Performs special andreally strikingmartial arts. Fight with the other remarkable mmaheroes with theirown different upsets and skills. MMA FightingRevolution: MixedMartial Art Manager Game Features: • Level Up ByDefeating MmaLegendry Fighters in World Tournament• Unlimited KungFu &Karate Fighting Challenges• Fight Against Toughest MartialArtsFighters and Become World Champion• Mixed Martial ArtsTournamentswith Big Rewards• Win MMA Fighting Matches & GetRewardedPoints to Unlock Next Tournament • Background Music &SoundEffects Will Increase Your Energy in Tag Team Karate Ring
Beach Wrestling Revolution 2018: World Champions 1.5
Final Punch
Beach wrestling revolution 2018: world champions fighting gameonthe beach. The fighters are both great warriors in ring butfirsttime wrestling competition held on seaside Miami Beach. Youhavedifferent strikes to defeat your opponent. Be careful and hithardto win world beach wrestling revolution 2018. Welcome the worldofbeach wrestling championship together. Many beachwrestlingfighters are joining this world fighting event of 2018.Youcomplete your dreams come true to winning the beach wrestling.Setout the trip where you have to face your enemies to succeedyourgoals. Punch in all enemies, kick out all other wrestlingfighters.Flash into the Miami Beach and become the master of worldwrestlingchampion. Refined animation and stunning 3d graphics bringthe realwrestling karate experience in your hand, whileintuitivetouchscreen controls make jab, hook, and uppercut feelnatural andfun. Go toe-to-toe against 30+ bone crushing fightersfrom Bangkok,Thailand, china, japan, and Singapore. Use quickreflexes andspecial moves, unleash fierce punches and combos, beatallopponents and become the king of kung fu karate championnow.Deadlybeach fighting 3d game is one of the best and advancesurlybrilliance 3d combat wrestling fight game of this 2018 era.Lethalbeach fights has magnificence graphics than any othercombat,martial art or karate fighting combo, beach wrestlinggame,originates with best visual and sound effects. Combatfightingaction pack with different 3d character with differentfightingstyles like karate, mortal combat, boxing, martial arts andmanymore. The wrestling stars game offers you to explore the newcombotechnique utilized the in the ring. Join the beach wrestlingfightsto discover and invent the real challenging &unbreakablefighting skills and use them in the real worldwrestling. Thedifferent real super heroes’ characters are addedform thedifferent action movies to double the fun of this one onone fight.Knock out the opponents before the times outs and givethe perfectcrush to the opponent beach fighters. The super starsfighting gameis an ultimate addition to beach fighting games 2018due to itsultra-high quality graphics and stunning beachfightinganimations.Beach fighting revolution is a beach wrestlingfighter’sgame and we are inviting you to the ultimate wrestlingsportscompetition, world to come together at the annual beachwrestlingchampionship and show their strength and talents. Its timeyou canshow yourself among the rivals of your kind in the seasidebeachfighting revolution. In this sand fighting game, you can playatamazing new exciting places around the Miami city. All matchesareheld at different places with extreme climate and environments.Theworld of beach fighter wrestling is now revolutionary and hascomewith many different characters with many different super starsandwrestling skills. Play beach wrestling revolution 2018:worldchampions fighting 3d game & start the toughest beachwrestlingfights. Try different fighting styles including taekwondo,MauyThai, kung fu, boxing and other and enjoy being a real usstreetfighter assassin. Fight against rivals and defeat them usingakarate & kung fu tricks to earn points or survive inthefighting ground as long as you can. Survive in the fightsagainstpowerful wrestling opponents, achieve the top and kill themwithkicks & punches like ninja fighters.Beach wrestlingrevolution2018: world champion’s game features:• Select andCustomize YourOwn Wrestling Warrior in Ninja Styles• Multiple NewSuper StarWrestling Champions Added In the Game• Multiple Comboswith AdvanceNew Fighting Techniques.• Use Punch & Kicks SuddenAttack toDefeat Your Opponent Fighter• Fight against StrongestCriminalFighters and Become World Street Karate Champion• BeachKung Fu& Karate Seaside Battle with Big Rewards• Get TheMaximumPowers And Skills By Knocking Out All The Best Fighters.
Girls Wrestling Legends 2017: Super Women on FIRE 1.2
Final Punch
It is a wrestling revolution fighting game specially designedforfreestyle wrestling & boxing fighting lovers. First timeaunique 3d girls wrestling stars action game that will startaportable fighting revolution in your device. GirlsWrestlingLegends 2017 offers multi fighting experience to fans inthissingle game of wrestling & boxing action. Woman starswrestlingfights & real punch kick boxing is the most realisticfightingsimulation game. A wrestling super stars career challengeswilldrive you to take risky shots in the ring. Upgrade yourwrestlerstrength to enjoy the professional wrestling experiencewithunlimited fun. Knockout increase the power, intensity,andexcitement of royal wrestling fighting. Win the battle ofultimateunreal death match in world champion’s tournament. Fightusing avariety of revolutionary tricks such as pins to gain, jointlocks,close fighting, throws and take downs. Use differentfightingtechniques like Muay Thai, Kung Fu, Mix Martial Arts,Karate,Taekwondo and support a wrestling superstar position againstyourwrestling ring rivals. Girls Wrestling Legends 2017: Superwomen onFIRE game features: • Level mode to fight with 30+ girlswrestlerswith fighting techniques like boxing, muay thai, kung fu,mixmartial arts, karate and taekwondo.• Knockout mode to fight with8super stars wonder woman to be a wrestling champions.•DifferentGrappling tricks like clinch fighting, throws andtakedowns, jointlocks, pins.• 3d animations and realistic qualitysound to givefeel like a live wrestling match.• Ultimate actionpacked wrestlersin professional cage death matches• face differentwrestling &boxing rivals with different fighting techniques•Realistic actionsand genuine punch kick boxing movesJust InstallGirls WrestlingLegends 2017: Super women on FIRE Game now Free andenjoy hours offun gameplay.
Parkour Karate Fighting PRO: Kung Fu Shadow Master 1.2.1
Final Punch
Let’s become the world strongest kung fu karate master tofightingagainst ninja kung fu fighters gang in this action packedgame.Parkour karate fighting pro & kung fu shadow master offersrealfighting game fans an adrenaline pumping world of karateaction.Advanced animation and stunning 3d graphics bring the realkarateexperience to your hand, while intuitive touchscreen controlsmakejab, hook, and uppercut feel natural and fun. Go toe-to-toeagainst30+ bone crushing fighters from Bangkok, Thailand, china,japan,and Singapore. Use quick reflexes and special moves, unleashfiercepunches and combos, beat all opponents and become the kingofkarate now. In Parkour karate fighting pro & kung fushadowmaster game is a martial art champion’s hero that is profighter inkung fu fighting styles. Earn points for each winingagainstopponent, fight against powerful rivals and level up yourParkourkarate fighting skills to get top level ranking. Prove yourskillsas the powerful master ninja against kung fu fighters. Yourrivalsuse diverse fighting styles including taekwondo, muay Thai,kungfu, boxing and other, show your top level fighting skillstoovercome all of opponents with the power of Parkour Kung fukaratetiger claw style. Play the toughest of real kick fightinggameagainst world pro fighting champ ever. Fight againstpowerfulrivals, win over them and earn points to unlock new ranksof yourprogression. Let’s become the world greatest karate kickfighterlike battle against ninja kung fu fighters gang in thisactionpacked game. Upgrade your power, speed, and accuracy withnewstrikes and fighting styles getting points for each winningmatch.Ultimate Parkour karate kung fu fighting champion is anexcitingarcade fighting action game, it is the adventures arcadegame toenjoy Parkour karate fighting pro & kung fu shadowmastergame-play, fighting animations, special 3d effects,thrillingsounds and real fighting styles. Are you expert enough tocontrol agiant champions in this kick fighting match 2018. Control,punch,kick, super punch, super kick, flip kick and fight withallopponent fighters cleverly and defeat them badly in thisrealParkour kung fu master fighting games battle. Parkourkaratefighting pro & kung fu shadow master game 3d is readyforkarate professionals. Opponents are ready for hard punch andkickshow.Play Parkour karate fighting pro & kung fu shadowmastergame and learn how to fight hand to hand, unarmed, withyourpunches and kicks how to use yourself with amazing skill toblockthe enemy kicks and punches is also essential part of martialarts.Parkour karate lovers will enjoy like rocky 3d gameexperience. InParkour Kung fu master there are lot of blockagetechniques todefend yourself from enemy attack. Keep an eye onevery move ofyour enemy that is fighting with you. Use punches andkicks withaccuracy and quickly. Take timely decision, attack onenemy withpunches and kicks on proper time and block enemy attackusingaccuracy and speed in your actions. Use enemy poweragainsthimself. In the sense of real self-defense & combatgame.Fighting logical action is strong, you are presented a visualandsensory double enjoyment. Continued passion and blood at thesametime. Trophies are for winners of karate champions. Maintaintheranking for karate master champion in this real Parkourkaratefighter game. Quickness is key to win the hand to handfight.Parkour Karate Fighting PRO: Kung Fu Shadow Master GameFeatures: •Battle against toughest fighters and become world Karatechampion•Win Karate matches & get rewarded points to unlocknexttournament• Select and modify your own Parkour Karate masterinKung fu Tiger styles• Unlimited different Parkour fightingModeChallenges• Parkour Kung Fu king Karate tournaments withbigrewards• Get promoted by defeating kung fu king masterfightingtournament
Kabaddi Fighting 2018: Pro League Raiders Knockout 2.2
Kabaddi Knockout 2018 & pro league raiders fightinggamefeatures all your favorite real moves as well as combosandfinisher moves. Hit the taps and swipes at the right timetoexecute these special moves and inflict maximum attack ontheopponents. Stand up your wins, climb up the leaderboard andfinishall levels to become an immortal name in the world ofkabaddifighting. Participate like bull raider in arcade mode andcombatthe greats of kabaddi over all rounds in one destroyerbattle. Inknockout mode each match is more difficult than the nextand thestakes are higher than before. Win every match or face ashamefulknockout in this war of the kabaddi legends. The latestrealkabaddi knockout 2018 & pro league raiders fighting gameisdesigned especially for kabaddi lovers to watch & playyourfavorite hero any time. Now it’s time to participate in theworldkabaddi championship, defeat all your opponents and wintheknockout championship, world best champions are in your waytoplaying world kabaddi tournament. Kabaddi knockout 2018 &proleague athletes clash will give you access to all superstarraidersin all events of world kabaddi championship in HD qualitygameplay. Some raiders might be stronger than they look, sotrainyourself a lot to prove your strength as a real kabaddiathlete.Kabaddi Knockout 2018: PRO League Raiders Fighting GameFeatures: •Superstars & ultimate Kabaddi champion’s tournamentandKnockout modes• Battle against heavy weight kabaddi champions•Face50 world bull raiders in professional kabaddi matches •3Danimations and realistic quality sound• Authentic actionsandrealistic Kabaddi movesLet’s Be Social WithUS: you love Kabaddi Gametheninstall that free game, select your favorite player andbechampions of kabaddi.
Wrestling Fight Revolution 18 3.2
Beat all tag team champion wrestlers in this worldwrestlingcompetition game and become universal champion ofwrestlingfederation. Some wrestlers might be stronger than theylook, sotrain yourself a lot to prove your strength as a realwrestlingathlete. Test new striking techniques, like karate kicksand boxingpunches or even gymnastic dodging and jumping art offighting.Excite the crowd with your wrestling fight style, improveyourfighting skills and be the best wrestler in the world.Participatein the world wrestling championship fighting contest,defeat allyour opponents and win the summer wrestling championshipbelt,world best champions in your way playing as wrestlingrevolutiongreat fighting sport game for all heavy weight fightinglovers.Gameis especially designed for wrestle mania fightinglovers. Game hastwo free modes. A wrestling superstar careerchallenges will driveyou to take risky shots in the ring. Upgradeyour wrestler to enjoythe professional experience with no limits oftime. Knockout modeputs the power, intensity, and excitement ofroyal wrestlingfighting in your device. Win the battle of ultimatefantasy matchin universal champion’s competition. Fight using avariety ofrevolution facing type techniques such as close fighting,jointlocks, pins to gain, throws and take downs, use differentfightingtechniques like Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Mix martial arts MMA,Karate,taekwondo and uphold a wrestling superstar position againstyourwrestling ring opponents. Become universal champion ofwrestlingafter beating all tag team champion wrestlers in theworld. Testnew striking techniques, like karate kicks and boxingpunches oreven gymnastic dodging and jumping art of fighting.Excite thecrowd with your real wrestling fight style, improve yourfightingskills and be the best wrestler in the world. Participatein theworld wrestling championship fighting contest, defeat allyouropponents and win the summer slam champion’s belt, worldbestchampions in your way playing wrestling revolution 2017greatfighting sport game for all heavy weight fightinglovers.WrestlingFight Revolution 17 Game Features: Multiple maleand femalewrestlers.Different fighting styles including Taekwondo,karate,Kung Fu & Boxing.Super & Ultimate wrestlingknockoutmode.Authentic actions and realistic wrestling movesCareerMode tofight with world wrestlers3D animations and realisticqualitysoundAwesome sounds and realistic scene in this gameincludingring, timer, bell and clock, makes you feel that as youarewatching real wrestling live stream just in theworld-wrestlingmatches.
Boxing - Fighting Clash 0.92
★★★ Boxing Fighting Clash ★★★ is a brand new Sport Game thatbringsnew joy to all players who like dynamicfightinggames._____________________________________________Weproudlypresent our new versatile gameplay with more tactics andways tobeat your opponent. The game is very versatile and eachplayer canfind his own play style.Each Punch has its own purpose,they aredifferent on speed, stamina cost, damage and knockoutpotential.Collect points with jabs and counter your opponent withbigcombos.Use all your skills like punching, dodging, blocking,COMBOSand super punches to get your opponents down on the ground.Do notrush, don't risk cuts, protect yourself and wait for therightmoment to use your Momentum to KO everyone inyourway!___________________________________★ Ground BreakingControlswith Combo System that will fill your mobile gamingexperience!★Realistic Action-packed gameplay with different boxingstyles likeBrawler, Freestyle,, Old School and many others ,dodging, rage,cuts, knockouts, technical knockouts.★ 40+ Look aLike Characterslike (Mohammad Ali, Vladimir and Vitaly Klitschko,Mike Tyson,Tyson Fury, Sugar Ray, Foreman, Rocky and many moreBoxingLegends.) with different strengths and weak points★ EachFighterhas his own setup of special abilities that makes themunique andchange their way of fighting. They variate from defensivetoaggressive type of abilities.★ Realistic Sounds, GraphicsandAnimations★ Gripping Boxing atmosphere, experience the sensationofBOXING in a big arena!★ Big Character customization★ Librarywithover 100 moves that you can setup for your fighters★ Storewithfighters, clothing, abilities, boosts andmuchmore_____________________________________________________★BigCareer with your own or purchased fighters★ QuickFights★Tournaments★Challenges_______________________________________Website VERY MUCH!For all yoursupport, feedback, suggestions, ideas andcriticism.We are workingfulltime on new content and updates for thegame.Your support helpsand means a lot for us!
Kickboxing SbS 15
Kickboxing techniques. * PUNCH TECHNIQUES: 1. Jab 2. Cross 3.Hook4. Uppercut 5. Bolo Punch 6. Spin Back Fist 7. Overhand 8.SupermanPunch * KICK TECHNIQUES: 1. Front Push Kick 2. Front SnapKick 3.Side Kick 4. Roundhouse Kick 5. Shin Kick 6. Cresent Kick 7.AxeKick 8. Back Kick 9. Hook Kick 10 Spinning Hook Kick 11. FootSweep* DEFENSE TECHNIQUES. * COMBINATIONS * COUNTER ATTACKS andmore ...
Punch Boxing 3D 1.1.1
Champions aren't born, they are made! Punch Boxing is the world's#1combat sports game available on Android.Punch Boxing offersfightinggame fans an adrenaline pumping world of boxing action.Polishedanimation and stunning 3D graphics bring the real boxingexperienceto your hand, while intuitive touchscreen controls makejab, hook,and uppercut feel natural and fun. Go toe-to-toe against30+ bonecrushing boxers from Bangkok, Las Vegas, London, MontrealandWashington. Use quick reflexes and special moves, unleashfiercepunches and combos, beat all opponents and become the kingof boxingnow!Game Features:- Console quality realistic fightingexperience-120+ uniforms and equipment for you to choose- Level upin gyms andprove your skills
Muay Thai Punch Boxing: Knockout Fighting 2018 Pro 1.2.1
Get ready & wait for bell ringing, crowd is shouting &Thaipunch boxing lovers from around the world are waiting foryourfight against world boxing champions. Let’s become pro Thaiboxerto enjoy the world best muay Thai punch boxing knockoutfighting 3dgame, while playing real 3d boxing match on your mobiledevice isan amazing fun. Experience the real fighting simulationgame andenhance your kick fighting skills. Punch boxing super starfans towatch & play your favorite hero any time. Upgradeyou’refighting expertise with power full & strong punches infreeboxing fight game. It is an action & adventure sports gamesodo not hesitate to face your opponents. Become universalchampionof punch boxing after beating all muay Thai champion punchboxersin the ring. Ultimate world muay Thai heroes take partinadventures challenging role in this addictive punch boxing&kick fighting game. Use different fighting techniques likekung fu,muay thai, mix martial arts, karate, taekwondo and supporta boxingsuperstar position against your boxing ring rivals. Promuay Thaipunch boxing & knockout fighting 2018 3d fighting gameoffersmulti fighting experience to fans in this single game ofmultistars punch boxing action. Game is especially designed forpunchboxing lovers. A punch boxing super stars career challengeswilldrive your muay Thai to take risky shots in the ring. Apunchboxing superstar career challenges will drive you to takeriskyshots in the ring. Easy gameplay and full control. Now it’stime toparticipate in the world punch boxing championshipfightingcontest, defeat all your opponents and win theuniversalchampionship, world best champions are in your way toplaying punchboxing tournament. Beat all champion punch boxers inthis realpunch boxing competition game and become universal muayThaichampion of punch boxing fight club.Muay Thai punch boxing2018& knockout fighting pro 3d is the most realisticfightingsimulation game. Punch boxing champion’s combines withactionfights & real experience of muay Thai punch boxingsimulationin one single 3d game. Upgrade your punch boxer strengthto enjoythe professional Thai punch boxing experience withunlimited fun.Knockout will increase the power, intensity, andexcitement ofroyal muay Thai punch boxing fighting. Win the battleof ultimateincredible match in world champion’s tournament. Somepunch boxersmight be stronger than they look, so train yourself asaprofessional punch boxer to prove your strength as real muayThaipunch boxing champion. Fight using a variety ofrevolutionarytricks such as pins to gain, joint locks, closefighting, throwsand take downs. The world muay Thai punch boxing& knockoutfighting 2018 pro 3d game is developed especially formuay Thaipunch boxing fighting fans from all over the world. MuayThai PunchBoxing: Knockout Fighting 2018 Pro 3D Game Features: •Facedifferent punch boxing & kick boxing rivals with profightingtechniques• Ultimate world action packed muay thai punchboxinggame• Fanatical heavy weight champions fight against yourmuay thaipunch boxer• World professional punch boxers infightingtournament• Superstars muay thai punch boxingchampion’stournament• Real rivals engagements and punch & kickboxingmotions• 3d animations and realistic quality sound heat yourblood
Boxing KO-Fighting Warrior
2016’s most popular action combat game–“BoxingKO-fightingwarrior”!Most wonderful furious wrestle game withclassic kung fucombat come extreme crime simulator actionadventure!Putyour gloves on and step inside the arena because it’stime for thebig fight of the night! The“Boxing KO-fightingwarrior”are readyfor a big fighting show! get ready for somehard-to-beat funtime.Can you win this epic combat?Find outnow!Don’t let theunderworld gangster rule the streets.Enjoy thisfun addictive gamewith a true fighter legend against mafiaunderworld boss!“BoxingKO-fighting warrior”Game Strategy:Pull-offawesome martial artfighting styles such as “Boxing”, “Karate”, “TaeKwon Do”, “Sumo”,“Drunken Fist”, “Muay Thai”, and much more with asimple tap of abutton. Victory is at your fingertips!So play thisgame andpractice Boxing&fighting techniques in real life tobecome aperfect warrior like fighting warrior .Quickness is key towin thehand to hand fight. Play game and learn how to fight hand tohand,unarmed, with your punches and kicks how to use youselfamazingskill .Block the enemy kicks and punches is also essentialpart ofmartial arts. In KungFu there are lot of blockage techniquestodefend yourself from enemy attack. Keep an eye on every moveofyour enemy that is fighting with you. Use punches and kickswithaccuracy and quickly. Take timely decision, attack on enemywithpunches and kicks on proper time and block enemy attackusingaccuracy and speed in your actions. Use enemy poweragainsthimself.In the sense of real combat game. Fighting coherentactionis strong, you are presented a visual and sensorydoubleenjoyment.Continued passion and blood at the sametime.“BoxingKO-fighting warrior”Game Features:-Great old-school artandanimations!-Random combo skills and unique ragesystem!-Upgradingyour skills comes with furious changes!-Unlimitedfighting, striveto be the fight hero!-Powerful enemies to struggleagainst-Easy andsmooth controlsSmooth hit fighting actionFast anddynamic gameplayEasy sliding and touching screen bring aboutcontinuously coolstriking!Experience fighting in a relaxing casualgame!【 Battle onthe fingertips】We abandoned the inhuman virtualbuttons, andcreated a unique tap-and-slide control mode (we have apatent forthis), all the moves will be performed with yourfingertips, andgive you a refreshing experience just like playingthe arcadefighting game. All skills have no cool down time, whenperformedproperly, you can protagonist achieve unlimitedcombos!【Extremelygorgeous graphics】The most gorgeous 2D graphics,based on thousandsof beautiful original artworks. The mostsophisticated battleeffects and move presentation, perfectlyrestored the fightingstyle , give you the finest ko fightingexperience!It's the actioncasual game in new concept.Start thetoughest fight ever! Kill orbe killed! Try “Boxing KO-fightingwarrior” right now!Recorded inthe history of the classic arcadegame, Compared with otherfighting games,Kung Fu Fighting has beendesigned to be played withmore easily .use your fists fighting in aboxing match to be a heroand achieve a knockout (ko). Prove you'rethe best master offighting.“Boxing KO-fighting warrior”Plot:Theworld is dark bulliesfrom the parliament attack. As PrincessKingdom, organized a groupof rebels to resist the dark boards, butwith little success. Asone of the admirers of the princessprotagonist T also joined therebel groups, for their own loved one,devote all their strength,as they slowly getting up smoothly whenthe princess was captureddark sense, in order to his belovedpeople, to drive away thedarkness of the world, need to embark on astrong protagonist Troad must grow faster! To save his belovedprincess, which is theroad, and not so well, you also need yourbrave efforts! In the endit is to defeat the darkness to greet thelight, shadow or sink,dull! On the way, to you to decide!
Sumotori Drunken Wrestle 2.0
This is a funny sumo ragdoll fighting game called sumotoridrunkenwrestlers.Different from the traditional sumo match, youcouldcrash your opponent as a raging bull in our game, orprovokeopponent with your hands like a bounder, also you couldtakeadvantage of your heavy weight, jump to make the floortremble,sothat the opponent will fall down caused of unstable.Yes,you couldignore any rules here,the only rule is to make youropponent falldown. There are various of scenes waiting for yourviewing,andvarious of paper robots waiting for your mastery.Thereare twomodes in sumotori drunken wrestle,robot mode and twoplayersmodeFeatures : - Great Physics in gameplay- Play againstsmart AIopponents- 2 Players in one screen- Various matchfields-customized avatars- Endless ModeTaking influence fromToribash,Sumotori Dreams, Gang Beasts,Drunken Wrestlers, NekoFight, KarateFace Kicker and others, Face Puncher is aphysics-based fightinggame where no two matches are ever the same.
Kabaddi Fighting 2018 : Wrestling League Knockout 1.1
Are you looking free and real kabaddi wrestling games? ThendownloadReal kabaddi knockout fighting game 2018 which is the prokabaddiwrestling game of 2018. Kabaddi Fighting 2018: WrestlingLeagueKnockout game features all your favourite real moves as wellascombos and finisher moves. Hit the taps and swipes at the righttimeto execute these special moves and inflict a maximum attack ontheopponents. Stand up your wins, climb up the leaderboard andfinishall levels to become an immortal name in the world ofkabaddifighting. Hit the taps and swipes at the right time toexecute thesespecial moves and inflict a maximum attack on theopponents. Standup your wins, climb up the leaderboard and finishall levels tobecome an immortal name in the world of kabaddifighting.Participate like bull raider in arcade mode and combatthe greats ofkabaddi over all rounds in one destroyer battle. Inthe knockoutmode, each match is more difficult than the next andthe stakes arehigher than before. Win every match or face ashameful knockout inthis war of the kabaddi legends. Participatelike bull raider inarcade mode and combat the greats of kabaddiover all rounds in onedestroyer battle. In the knockout mode, eachmatch is more difficultthan the next and the stakes are higherthan before. Win every matchor face a shameful knockout in thiswar of the kabaddi legends. Thelatest real Kabaddi Fighting 2018:Wrestling League Knockout game isdesigned especially for kabaddilovers to watch & play yourfavourite hero any time. Nowit’s time to participate in theworld kabaddi championship, defeatall your opponents and win theknockout championship, world bestchampions are on your way toplaying world kabaddi tournament.Kabaddi Fighting 2018: WrestlingLeague Knockout athletes clashwill give you access to all superstarraiders in all events ofworld kabaddi championship. The latest realKabaddi Fighting 2018:Wrestling League Knockout fighting game isdesigned especially forkabaddi lovers to watch & play yourfavourite hero any time.Get ready to knock out your rivals in thisnew tag tournament matchof the world cup kabaddi and knock-outchampionship. Show your realkick in this pro wrestling kabaddi gamein this superheroes monsterfight. Be a pro kabaddi player of theworld.Combat the greats punchand moves of kabaddi all rounds in onedestroyer battle. In theknockout mode, each match is more difficultthan the next and therisks are higher to lose the match. Win everymatch or face aknockout battle war of the kabaddi legends. Realkabaddi games of2017 are designed especially for kabaddi lovers towatch liveupdates & play your favourite hero any time. Someriders mightbe stronger than they look, so train yourself a lot toprove yourstrength as a real kabaddi athlete. Kabaddi Game KnockoutLeagueTag Team 2018 Star Champion 3D & real kick fighting willgiveyou access to all superstar punch boxers & tag team fightsinall events of world kabaddi game. Experience every raid, tackleandblock in the exhilarating world of Kabaddi with the ProKabaddigame. Wrestling League fighting game features all yourfavouritereal moves as well as combos and finisher moves. Usespecial moveslike hit, punch & kick the opponent kabaddi playerat the righttime to win this hard battle to become an immortal namein theworld of kabaddi fighting.Features of Kabaddi Fighting2018:Wrestling League Knockout: • Superstars & ultimateKabaddichampion’s tournament and Knockout modes• Battleagainstheavyweight kabaddi champions• Face 50 world bull raidersinprofessional kabaddi matches • 3D animations andrealisticquality sound• Authentic actions and realistic Kabaddimoves
Muay Thai 2 - Fighting Clash 1.01
★★★ Muay Thai Fighting Clash ★★★ is a brand new Sport Gamethatbrings new joy to all players who like dynamicfightinggames._______________________________________________Choosefromover 35 legendary fighters all over the world and step intothering.Try your best to beat your opponents. Use all your skillslikepunching, kicking, blocking and super kicks to get youropponentsdown on the ground.Do not rush, don't risk cuts, protectyourselfand wait for the right moment to use your rage to slameveryone inyour way!________________________________________★Splited MuayThai and Kickboxing career playable with anycharacter.★Multiplayer with your own customisable Fighter★ QuickFights★Tournaments★ Missions★ Challenges★ 35+ Look a LikeCharacters like( Tong Po, Van Damm, Rico Verhoeven, GiorgioPetrosian, BuakawBanchamek, Petr Aerts, Samy Shilt and many moreMuay Thai andKickboxing Legends.) with different strenghts andweakpoints★Realistic Sounds, Graphics and Animations★ Action-packedgameplaywith different styles of combat like , Muay Thai, Box,Kickbox, andmany others , dodging, rage, cuts, knockouts, technicalknockouts.★Gripping Kickboxing atmosphere, experience the sensationof MuayThai in a big arena!★ Big Character customization★ Librarywithover 65+ moves that you can setup for your fighters★ Storewithfighters, clothing, abilites, boosts and much more★ Intuitivetouchcontrols_________________________________________Website VERY MUCH!For all yoursupport, feedback, suggestions, ideas andcriticism.We are workingfulltime on new content and updates for thegame.Your support helpsand means a lot for us!All Problems youencounter, please contactus over email and not in the commentsthank you.
Fighting Tiger - Liberal 2.6.0
Jiin Feng
You are Gin, a Kung Fu fighter, and desperately want to leaveyourgang, but your gang has other ideas. You need to fight foryourgirlfriend and your life, which could end very soon if you makethewrong move. Features include: * Special fighting styles :LiberalKungfu ( Chinese boxing, Sanda, Bajiquan, Chinese sword ) oruse agun. To knock enemies down with protean attack. * Sensitiveandspecial 3D fighting control system : It's very easy to controlonyour mobile device. * Sophisticated 3D characters and largescenes!* Smooth and intense motion! You can use punching,kicking,catching, throwing, and dodge... use everything to defendyourselfin the brawl on the street! Combine these fighting skillsto createa variety of deadly attacks. * You can pick up variedweapons tostrike the enemies. * Learn Kung Fu and martial art using3Dinteractive mode. With Fighting Tiger - Liberal on yourdevice,you'll battle the evil forces of the Savage-Tiger Gang andattemptto rescue your lover, Shan. You are given many differentdefensesand attack techniques to help you fend off these attackerswho wantyou dead. Master all the techniques , so you can survive!
Boxing 4U 17
A full reference for boxing lover. * Punches: - Jab - Cross - Hook-Upper cut ... * Defence: - Block - Ducking - Sway - Rotate-Footwork ... * Demonstrate by pictures and videos. * Explanationoftechniques. * And more ...
Pocket Boxing Legends 2.21
Lace up your gloves and do battle with a colorful cast ofhulkingopponents, each with a unique fighting style. Dodge, duck,andpunch your way to victory in a rousing romp of old-timeyarcadeboxing action! Take on Jersey Joe, Moose McGee, Super Ivan,MeanBean, Kimber Slash, Palooka Pete, Rasta King, and more!Playinautomatically rotated landscape or portrait mode withoptionalorientation lock. "Retro Mode" offsets a stylizedpresentation withpixel art.Pocket Boxing features multiple gameplaymodes:"Training"- go toe to toe with a defenseless heavy bag. Learnbasic playcontrol, defensive techniques and punches."AmateurCircuit" - fightpast three brawlers for a shot at going pro."Roadto the Title" -battle your way up the ranks to seize thechampionship belt."TitleDefense" - battle new and returning boxers,to cement your statusas a living legend."Time Challenge" - rematchunlocked boxers toimprove your statistics, notch upopponent-specific achievements,or practice against specificopponents.Attack with jabs, crosses,hooks, uppercuts, and bodyblows. Your left jab is your fastestpunch. Your right hand hitsharder. Fill your power meter andunleash powerful uppercuts andhooks. Keep your guard up to protectyour face from jabs. Dodge orduck big punches, then unleash brutalcombinations while youropponent is off balance.Video help isavailable as part of the"attract mode" by staying on the splashscreen.Touch the top-rightcorner of the screen in-game to pause.
Tower Boxing 1.0.4
OMG - This is out of control!10 dudes with insanely hardpunchesdecided to knock down a skyscraper.WAIT! You're not going tohelpthem, are you? :O- Choose your favorite character- Tap leftorright to tear down the tower walls- Dodge obstacles likebalconiesand company signsThis Just In:Boxing champ 'WreckingBallboa'crushed the Goggle office's floor.---FEATURES---++ ColorfulRetroGraphics++ Sweeping Chiptune Soundtrack++ Game ServicesLeaderboard& Achievements++ Unlockables
Street Kungfu Fight 1.3
👊 Street Fury Fightis a simple addictive fighting game keepsyouplaying it! Can you act like a kungfu man to slash and punchyourenemy. There are different characters is this street battle.👊👊👊Features of Street Kungfu Fight:👊👊👊 🔥 Experience 2D streetkungfugraphics that give an urban feel. 🔥 More enemies fightercharacters🔥 Smooth game play and easy controler 🔥 Smooth andintense motion.🔥 10 Strong Boss and 20 tricksy enemies 🔥 You canplay withoutnetworking,Incredible realistic movements! 🔥 Completelyfree! 👊 Howto play game Street Kungfu Fight: Use left tap formovement. Useright buttons for kicks and punches. Multiple combosto defeat yourenemy, martial arts, karate, kick boxing, kungfufight,combinations of kicks, punch, air strikes, multiple kicks,infinitypunch knockouts air strikes and many more to discover.Become thegreat little king of street kungfu on this awesome kungfustreetnow ! 👊 Street battle would have been so much fun. This gameisjust fiction. Play kungfu fight on your mobile when you trytofight your enemy. kungfu street is the best free games in thegenreof street kungfu. You have to beat all of them to becomemaster ofthis battle. Fight for your glory, fight for your dignity,fightfor clan. 👊 If you like street kungfu, you can not missthefantastic game of free fight. All in street battle. You canrecallyour childhood memories of arcade game. We hope you onceagain tohave a great time with kungfu fighting ! !
Muay Thai Fighting 1.1.6
Real Fighting
Start a career of a professional Muay Thai boxer, defeat allyourrivals and become a champion in Muay Thai techniques. MuayThaiFighting is a true wrestling revolution in kickboxing andfightinggames. Powerful muay thai combos will help you to win thisrealboxing championship. CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTER Choose a boxer youlikeand start a real boxing fighting, unlock new fighters andthaifighting games arenas USE YOUR MUAY THAI TECHNIQUES Usedifferentmuay thai combos, punch boxing,kicks and strikes, knockyouropponents down BECOME A WRESTLING REVOLUTION CHAMPION Winthefight, win the tournament, watch your rating CHOOSE A MODELearneverything you need in the punch boxing workout gym, or startatournament and test your skills real boxing Ultimate 3D realboxingMuay Thai Fighting experience with muay thai boxingsimulation,start a kickboxing fight against glorious opponents andwin thiswrestling revolution combat!
MMA Fighting Clash 1.18
★★★ MMA Fighting Clash ★★★ is a brand new Sport Game thatbringsnewjoy to all players who like dynamic fighting games. Foeallthosewho where wondering how Kickbox would do Against MuayThaicheckthis link with BRAND NEW FightingClashGAME! AndroidGameplayNet short tutorial can befoundhere: 50legendary fighters, all over the world and step intothecage. Tryyour best to beat your opponents. Use all yourskillslikepunching, kicking, blocking and super kicks and takedownstogetyour opponents down on the ground. Do not rush, don'triskcuts,protect yourself and wait for the right moment to useyourrage toslam everyone in yourway!________________________________________★ Career indifferentweight classes with any created or purchasedfighter ★Multiplayerwith your own customizable Fighter ★ QuickFights ★Tournaments ★Missions ★ Challenges ★ 60+ Look a LikeCharacters like(RondaRousey, Fedor and Alexander Emilianenko,Connor McGregor, JoseAldo,Kimbo Slice, Bruce Lee and many moreMMA Legends.) withdifferentstrenghts and weakpoints ★ RealisticSounds, Graphics andAnimations★ Action-packed gameplay withdifferent styles of combatlike BJJ,Muay Thai, Box, Kickbox, Samboand many others , dodging,rage,cuts, knockouts, technicalknockouts. ★ GrippingKickboxingatmosphere, experience thesensation of MMA in a bigarena! ★ BigCharacter customization ★Libary with over 100 movesthat you cansetup for your fighters ★Store with fighters, clothing,abilites,boosts and much more ★Intuitive touchcontrols_________________________________________Website YOU VERY MUCH! For allyoursupport, feedback, suggestions,ideas and criticism. We areworkingfulltime on new content andupdates for the game.Yoursupport helpsand means a lot for us! AllProblems you encounter,please contactus over email and not in thecomments thank you.
Superheroes League - Fighting games 1.2.4
This is the best fighting game in android, it's loaded withaction,are you willing to fight for justice in thissuperhero/villainfighting game? In this survival game you will bethe savior of theworld fight with all your skills.Prepare for adeadly fight! leaveyour enemy KO with special combos, learn how topunch and kick towin the league.Story mode.Fight, unlock andcollect superheroes:Create the Superhero League and fight chapterby chapter,delivering justice against evil villains who will try toknock youout, use different punch and kick combos to conquer theuniverse,regain health and energy so you can use the final comboand endchampion of Superheroes League.Quick fight.Fight in 1vs1battleagainst villains or random heroes, we recommend training hardforthis fighting mode. Which style do you prefer? each superherohasdifferent Muay Thai skills, mma fighting, boxing and wrestling,sochoose well which fight mode is best for your superhero.Fightinmultiplayer mode.In multiplayer mode you can fight withfriendsthrough a local server, so you can fight 1vs1. (not inonlinemultiplayer mode).Features:- You'll see your realsuperheroes!-Collect more than 76 superheroes and fight to thedeath.-Unbelievable combos. Don't let anyone block you, use thebestkeys!- Quick Fight Mode, you'll fight face-to-face in ArcadeMode -A multitude of superhero game modes.- Fight in differentscenariosFight with superheroes to win!- Enjoy free gaming from anydevicewith the save system - Never lose!- Vibrate with your freemusicand exciting HD sound.Deal justice and fight with superheroesor ifyou are a dark soul and want to conquer the universe, choosetofight villains, give punches boxing or mma to beat thesuperheroeswho want to prevent you, fight to be a legend, fightswithvillains.If you're a villain, enjoy fighting for evil,destroysuperheroes and conquer the universe, these fights getcomplicatedin this superhero game. Who said free fighting gameswereeasy?Significant:The content of this superheroes game iscreativityof Superheroes League - Fighting games, the companyAltivasoft andours characters from Altiva universe, it has nothingto do withcomic bookmarks.You can not fight online or multiplayermode, it isonly possible to fight in multiplayer is with localserver.It's afree game, it doesn't pay but you can buy upgrades andsuperheroesinside.They are not real or known superheroes, they aredesignedonly for the Superheroes League - Fighting games andreiterate thatthey are fictional characters.
Fighting Trainer
Critical Bit
Get stronger and learn MMA like a UFC Pro! This exercise tool hasaprofessional demonstration of real MMA fighting moves foryourdaily training and to help you defend yourself. You can alsouse itfor shadow boxing exercise. What it does: Fighting Trainer isahow-to app. You can see how to perform the much usedfightingtechniques. Use it as a reference - though we advise you tobemindful of your surroundings and careful with your body. Learnhowyou could perform some of the most powerful techniquescorrectly.Study the movements to better understand them. The appprovides avast amount of techniques that you can see in 3D. Rotatearound it,and re-position the angle to see in perfect detail howthetechniques are performed. We recorded the moves with aprofessionalMartial Artist. This results in perfect animations. Usetheintuitive controls to slow time, replay that one part that youfinddifficult. Play the animation at half speed to capture everydetailof the technique. How it can help you: It helps youunderstand howto move your body to perform fighting techniques.Rotate the modelto not miss any detail, as you would with a video.To become abetter fighter, you need to understand the techniques.Features• 80+ mixed martial arts punches, kicks, combinations,blocks andtakedowns • 10+ World class moves and combinations,includingSuperman Punch • High quality, realistic and professionalfighteranimations • Watch the MMA moves from every angle • Slowmotionoption to watch every move in detail • Add moves to yourfavoritesfor easy access • All moves are available offline Become abetterkickboxer! All moves are motion-captured by aprofessionalkickboxing trainer with the help of 4 different worldchampions inmartial arts.
Cubic Boxing 3D 1.5
This is fully physics based 3D funny boxing game. All you have toisclick one button and try to punch your opponent's head! Youcanpunch your opponents with your strong arms at the same time,youneed stay on ground for defend on your head! In this funny gamethemain purpose is hit your enemies head and defend your headfrompunches. - Customize your players. You can unlock many formswithyour earned golds or via watching videos. - Play against withafriend or try to your skills vs Hard CPU. Click one button,punchand make some score!
Championat 4.4.23
— Leading Russian digital sports publication "Championat" is thenewofficial app — Every day, more than 500 news about football,hockey,tennis, basketball, boxing, motorsports and other - popularsports.— Interviews with athletes and experts, articles, critiquesmatches.— Comment on news and interesting matches of theirfavorite teams ina mobile application. — Ability to select yourfavorite team andfollow its progress in your personal feed. —Ability to choose thetop athletes and follow their news in apersonal tape. — Completestatistics for football, hockeytournaments. — Text translationmatches.
World Tag Team Wrestling Revolution Championship 2.2
Do you like fighting games then check that Wrestling game. Worldtagteam wrestling revolution championship is the first of his kindgamewhere you select your team and compete with the best teams oftheworld.Become universal champion of wrestling after beating alltagteam champion wrestlers in the world. Ultimate world tagteamwrestling champions & kick fighting heroes take partinadventures challenging role in this addictive wrestling &kickfighting game. Beat all tag team champion wrestlers inthisultimate world wrestling competition game and become universaltagteam champion of wrestling fight federation. The world tagteamstars wrestling revolution 2017 pro & real kick fighting3dgame is planned especially for tag team wrestling fightingloversand kick fighting lovers from all over the world wrestlingsuperstar fans to watch & play your favorite hero any time. Itis anaction & adventure sports game so do not hesitate to faceyourchallengers.Become universal champion of wrestling afterbeatingall tag team champion wrestlers in the world. Test newstrikingtechniques, like karate kicks and boxing punches or evengymnasticdodging and jumping art of fighting. Excite the crowd withyourreal wrestling fight style, improve your fighting skills and bethebest wrestler in the world. Participate in the worldwrestlingchampionship fighting contest, defeat all your opponentsand winthe summer slam champion’s belt, world best champions inyour wayplaying wrestling revolution 2017 great fighting sport gamefor allheavy weight fighting lovers.World Tag Team WrestlingRevolutionChampionship Game FeaturesMultiple malewrestlers.Differentfighting styles including Taekwondo, karate,Kung Fu &Boxing.Super & Ultimate wrestling knockoutmode.Authenticactions and realistic wrestling movesCareer Mode tofight withworld wrestlers3D animations and realistic qualitysoundAwesomesounds and realistic scene in this game including ring,timer, belland clock, makes you feel that as you are watching realwrestlinglive stream just in the world-wrestling matches
Kids Wrestling Game: Mayhem wrestler fighting 3d 1.0.3
Welcome to the youth wrestling game, be boxer super stars ofworldtag team tournament. Play this kids wrestler game which isfreegames 2018. Play this wrestling manager game with boxer star.Let’srumble like pro wrestling champion. Be steady in legendaryarenawith ring battle arena heavyweight junior super star wrestler.Soget enter into royal rumble with wrestle jump. Win all ofyourwrestling match in rumble boxing in battle arena. Get enteredintothe revolution of wrestling rising stars with real wrestlingheavyweight champion. Today’s games with wrestler buddy sumo fightfortitle of boxing belt. Guess the wrestler and theirwrestlingmanager to join sport and takedowns super junior with Prowrestlingtechnique.Legends storm studios present action game forkids withreal wrestling match, Fight like the pile driverLet'sdopro-wrestling wrestling game free,FeatureAction maniagamesFightinggames for boysGames for free 2018Really real wrestlinggamesImpactwrestling with smack and take downAngry Baby with bosstag teamgames
King Of KO: Street Fighting
HsGame Inc.
“King Of KO: Street Fighting”endless boxing action a new styleARPGis coming!is a is an cool and offline action fighting game.2017’smost popular action game. combinesboxing,karate,kungfu,wrestling,latest arcade games totally free!Inthisfighting game,you will be a Boxing champion,but yourgirlfriend(LIN) was hijacked by the gang, in order to save you andsacrifice.You vowed to kill all the BOSS, revenge for thegirlfriendLIN!Simple one-touch controls No complicated buttoncombinations:all the power is in your finger!Smooth fighting actionPerformendless combinations of moves and perfect your own bestcombo - youwon’t be able to put it down! Endless combo,Diversecharacterssimple side-scrolling interface andeasy-to-learncontrols, as well as a wide range of skills you canmix fordevastating combos. Copious activities with richrewardsChallenging adventures and exciting daily missions - plentyofstuff for you to enjoy as you level up including freediamonds,equipment and more! "King Of KO: Street Fighting"Features:-Simpleone-touch controls.-Smooth, easy, addictive &intuitivegameplay.-Smooth fighting action. -Different upgradeway.-cool anddifferent skills for each role.Come and download "KingOf KO:Street Fighting" experience the unprecedented streetfightingexperience! Face different enemies! Beat them and take alltheirterritory, revenge for (Lin)! This game is for all like 2Dactionfighting players friends prepared, because we believe thatthearcade game soul will never disappear!【CONTACT US】Anyproblemsencountered in the game, please feel free to contactus.CustomerService E-mail: [email protected]:
Extreme Ninja Fighting 1.0.0
Ultimate 2016
------------ Extreme Ninja Fighting -----------Fightagainstdifferent opponents in a jumpy world platformerusingpunches,kicks,throwing knifes ,dashes and execute specialmoves ofeach character . Enjoy the game which takes up only 6mb ofyourstorage !![ Watch gameplay video at given youtube link to knowmore]The game is in alpha stages and is subject to changes.Gameplayinstructions :- Up button for jump- Side arrows forleft/rightmovement- X for normal attack- Y for knife throw- B forsuperdashSpecial Attacks :- R + X [Special Attack 1]- R + Y[SpecialAttack 2]- L + X [Special Attack 3]- L + Y [Special Attack4][Gameonly uses one interstitial ad at the start ]
Real kabaddi kabaddi knockout fighting game 2018 1.0
!! Kabaddi kabaddi kabaddi!!Get ready to knock out your rivalsinthis new tournament of the world cup kabaddi andknock-outchampionship. Show your real kick in this pro wrestlingkabaddigame. Your opponent wrestlers have some special moves andtricks sobe careful among the world best wrestling superstar’schampions.Areyou looking free and real kabaddi wrestling games?Then downloadReal kabaddi kabaddi knockout fighting game 2018 whichis the prokabaddi wrestling game of 2018.Are you searched allnational andinternational kabaddi games? Then play this new kabaddiandroidapps 2017 for you which is the best kabaddi game to get best11expert coaching training tips. Play this Kabaddi best game to beabetting champion with your dream coach. Do some exerciseandtraining to be an expert heavyweight kabaddi champion in thebestpro kabaddi games ever in the world get your access tokabaddifinal match? In this kabaddi fighting game win your finalmatch infantasy league of kabaddi. Real kabaddi kabaddi knockoutfightinggame 2018 is feature with all your real favorite moves aswell ascombos. Hit the taps on your android mobile and swipes toexecutethe special moves to knockout your opponent to frame yourname assultan king in the arena of dangal in this 3d kabaddigame.Downloadthis hot star HD wrestling game get highlights andinformationabout international kabaddi star of India and Pakistannationaljuniors’ player to learn original kabaddi rules to winworldtournament cup in your final official tournament match Wearyourjersey uniform and fight with your opponent rivals and winthetitle of pro kabaddi player. Its same like as India’shottestsports league is coming back and it’s bigger, better thistime.Come, join the adventure of world best wrestler ringfighterCombatthe greats punch and moves of kabaddi all rounds inone destroyerbattle. In knockout mode each match is more difficultthan the nextand the risks are higher to lose the match. Win everymatch or faceknockout battle war of the kabaddi legends. Realkabaddi games of2017 is designed especially for kabaddi lovers towatch liveupdates & play your favorite hero any time. Now it’stime toparticipate as vivo fighter in the world kabaddichampionship,defeat all your opponents and win the knockoutchampionship, worldbest champions are in your way to playing worldbest kabadditournament. Play the final match between Pakistan andIndia kabadditeam. Kabaddi knockout pro league 2018 rivals clashwill give youaccess to all superstar raiders in all events of worldkabaddichampionship in HD quality game play. Some raiders mightbestronger than they look, so train yourself a lot to proveyourstrength as a real kabaddi athlete to be become great hero foryournation.Feature of Real kabaddi kabaddi knockout fighting game2018•Battle against heavy weight kabaddi champions Authenticactions andrealistic Kabaddi moves• Three modes levels, tournamentandKnockout modes with easy,medium,hard modes• 3D animations withrealkabaddi fighting ring and realistic hd quality sound
Ninja Warrior Karate Fighting: Kung Fu Tiger 2017 1.4
Let’s try ultimate action fighting game Ninja WarriorKarateFighting: Kung Fu Tiger 2017, Join the battle of rivals as aninjawarrior assassin fights. Enter the world of Japanese ninjawarriorkarate fighting and defeat all your rivals dead or alive.Beat theSamurai fighters & all the opponents and prove yourvalue as aNinja warrior Kung Fu Fighter. Fight with different ninjaplayers& use different fighting styles including Taekwondo,Muay Thai,Kung Fu, Boxing and other and enjoy real Japanese ninjaassassinfights. Prove your fighting skills as the powerful MasterNinjawarrior with Ninja Kung Fu karate fighting actions.PlayNinjaWarrior Karate Fighting: Kung Fu Tiger 2017 3D game &Start thetoughest ninja assassin fight. Try different fightingstylesincluding Taekwondo, Mauy Thai, Kung Fu, Boxing and other andenjoybeing a real Japanese assassin. Check contest and survivalmode –fight against enemies and kill them to earn points or surviveonthe ring as long as you can. Survive in the ring ofdangerousfights against powerful karate opponents, achieve the topand killthe Ninja Samurai fighters. Fight against ninja warriorsandsurvive in the ring as long as you can. Upgrade your punchboxingpower, speed and kick fighting accuracy to unlock newfightingstyles after getting more points for each kills. Becomethestrongest fighter in the world to playing Ninja warrior KungFuFighting karate action game. Earn maximum points for eachkilledenemy ninja, fight against powerful rivals and level up yourpunchboxing skills to the top.Play the toughest of real kickfightinggames against world pro fighting champ ever. Are you expertenoughto control a giant champions in this kick fighting match2017.Control, punch, kick, super punch, super kick, flip kick andfightwith all opponent fighters cleverly and defeat them badly inthisreal kung Fu fighting games battle. Karate king offersfightinggame fans an adrenaline pumping world of Karate action.Polishedanimation and stunning 3d graphics bring the real Karateexperienceto your hand, while intuitive touchscreen controls makejab, hook,and uppercut feel natural and fun. Go toe-to-toe against30+ bonecrushing fighters from Bangkok, Thailand, china, japan,andSingapore. Use quick reflexes and special moves, unleashfiercepunches and combos, beat all opponents and become the kingofKarate now.World dangerous ninja karate & Korean martialartgame is ready for taekwondo Ninja warrior karateprofessionals& lovers. Fighting opponents are ready for hardpunch boxingand flying kick show. Taekwondo & karate loverswill enjoy likekick boxing game experience. Trophies are forwinners of ninjawarrior karate kung Fu champions. Maintain theworld ranking forninja kung Fu karate champion in this real samuraitaekwondofighter game. Quickness is basic to win the face to faceninjawarrior fights. Play ninja karate action game and learn howtofight face to face, Block the enemy hard kicks and boxingpunchesis also essential part of ninja martial arts. Keep an eye oneverymove of your rival that is fighting with you. Ninja WarriorKarateFighting: Kung Fu Tiger 2017 Game Features: • Chose andcustomizeyour own Ninja warrior in superhero styles• Get promotedbydefeating fighter tournament legends hero• Play Mode &KnockoutMode Challenges• Fight against strongest fighters andbecome worldninja karate champion• Ninja Kung Fu & Karatetournaments withbig rewards• Win Ninja karate matches & getrewarded points tounlock next tournament • Background music &sound effects willboost your energy in ninja karate ring
Boxing Trainer 1.0
No matter your age, gender or fitness level, everyone can learnhowto box! Renowned boxing instructor Michael The Boxer will guideyouthrough all the fundamentals of boxing includingpunches,stretching and hand wrapping. All the main punches areincluded –left and right jabs, left and right hooks, left andrightuppercuts, and doubles and triples. Once you’ve learned thebasics,you'll be ready to start your boxing workouts of varyingintensity,with your own music library and with ongoing motivationby Michaelthe Boxer in his signature no nonsense style. Features: •Full-sizephotos of over 50 stretches to get you warmed up • 13exclusivevideos of Michael teaching you the main punches • Customboxingworkouts from 1-12 rounds • Play your own music from youriTuneslibrary • Varying intensity levels: Low, Medium, or High •Over 100different audio punch combinations • Over 20differentinspirational audio quotes About Michael the Boxer MichaeltheBoxer (aka Michael Onello) is a former amateur boxer,professionalboxing trainer and motivational speaker with 20-yearsexperience.Michael was selected twice for the training camp ofWorldHeavyweight champion Lennox Lewis. Michael has a boxing recordof28-2 and has written and published two books on the sportofboxing. Now he brings his knowledge to you.
The King of Kung Fu Fighting 2.0
The King of Kung Fu Fighting , this is the sequel of “KungFuFighting” from the developer at Acuspunsa! Superb scenes,stunningfighting combos and gorgeous special skills, The King ofKung FuFighting is the most thrilling and exciting fighting gameMostimportantly, The King of Kung Fu Fighting has unique PVP(PlayervsPlayer) Fighting Mode,you can invite your friends playtogether,and beat them in this game! In the king of kung fufighting, youcan enjoy all the disciplines of street Kung FuFighting, competeagainst Fighters of kung fu, mma, karate,wrestling, ninja, boxingand other types of martial arts. revealyour inner fighter in thisPVP 2D Kung Fu Fighting game. Play withmultiple fighters &challenge your friends in the 2-Playersmode. Defeat all the KungFu fighters in 1-Player Fighting mood,unlock new Kung Fu fighters.Prove yourself is the king of Kung FuFighting! The King of Kung FuFighting game can recall yourchildhood memories of arcade game !Recorded in the history of theclassic arcade game, Compared withother fighting games,The King ofKung Fu Fighting has been designedto be played with more easily .Come on, Be the king of Kung FuFighters, Dare you challenge it?
Fighting King 2: Kungfu Legend
“Fighting King 2: Kungfu Legend” is the sequel of ourpreviousfighting kungfu game “Fighting King: Kungfu Clash”. Itperfectlycombines arcade games and RPG, making players enjoy usingmartialarts like Kickboxing and Taekwondo. Everyone who love Karatehemust learn kickboxing. Kungfu also a great art for selfdefense.People who love to torn others face just with one powerfulpunchthey should learn boxing to become a perfect boxer. You canlearnall these techniques and style of fighting from this gamegainedgreater skill in the ancient art of kungfu. Play game andobservecarefully how kicks and weapons and punches are being use injudohand to hand fight and then practice physically.Gamesfightingstyle biased tough, strong sense of combat, you show a truespiritof martial arts, so you have a different martial artsjourney. Youcan act as jet Li enjoy awesome martial art fightingstyles such as“Kickboxing”, “Karate”, “Tae Kwon Do”, “Sumo”,“Drunken Fist”,“Muay Thai”, and so on with a simple tap of a buttonin this kungfugame. Victory is at your fingertips! So play thisgame and practiceKungfu techniques in real life to become a perfectwarrior likeknights and assassin. Quickness is key to win the handto handfight. Play game and learn how to fight hand to hand,unarmed, withyour punches and kicks how to use youself amazingskill .Block theenemy kicks and punches is also essential part ofmartial arts. InKungFu there are lot of blockage techniques todefend yourself fromenemy attack. Keep an eye on every move of yourenemy that isfighting with you. Use punches and kicks with accuracyand quickly.Take timely decision, attack on enemy with punches andkicks onproper time and block enemy attack using accuracy and speedin youractions. Use enemy power against himself.In the sense ofrealcombat game. Fighting coherent action is strong, you arepresenteda visual and sensory double enjoyment.Continued passionand bloodat the same time."Fighting King:Kungfu Clash "so that youhave aprofound sense of belonging to the nation, and you will feela morepassionate fighting experience!Features of “Fighting King 2:KungfuLegend”:- It helps you to learn kinds of martial arts suchaskickboxing. - Adrenaline-fueled combat RPG with animmersive,intriguing storyline.- Feel epic combat sequences andrender inastonishingly lifelike effect by an all-new animationsystem.-Become a perfect kickboxer in this bloody fighting game.-Veryaddictive free game of acting as Jet Li.- Classic featuresfamousof bloody fighting arcade games.- Game modes are availableforthousands of hours of enjoyment even when playingalone.Now,Download “Fighting King 2: Kungfu Legend” for free andenter thiskungfu game and Punch to kill all enemy! Defeat thousandsofenemies with powerful attacks in amazing, non-stop, 2-Daction.Unlimited combos, and consistent force effect bring you asense ofenjoyment in this epic action adventure! Enjoy being arealkickboxer and start your journey of jet Li fighting lifeinFighting King 2: Kungfu Legend!【contact us】Any problemsencounteredin the game, please feel free to contact us.CustomerServiceE-mail: [email protected]:
Thai Box Fighting Tiger 3D 1.3.0
Trigger Team
Welcome to the cruel world of Thai box! Would you dare to stepintothe ring and face the skilled fighters aiming to thechampion’sbelt? Let the biggest fighting contest begin!Beat all theopponentsand prove your worth as a Thai box pro fighter playingamazing ThaiBox Fighting Tiger 3D game! Face different enemiesusing differentfighting styles including Taekwondo, Karate Do, KungFu, Boxing andother and overcome all of them with the power of MuayThai!Surviveon the ring leaving your opponent no chance to stayalive! Earnpoints for each killed enemy, fight against powerfulrivals and uplevel your boxing skills to the top level!Improve yourfightingskills and be the best Thai boxer in the known world! Earnpointsand unlock new levels of your progression! Upgrade yourpower,speed, and accuracy or unlock new strikes, kicks, punches andevennew fighting styles getting points for each winning.Checkcontestand survival mode – fight against enemies and kill them toearnpoints or survive on the ring as long as you can! Becomethestrongest fighter on the earth playing Thai Box Fighting Tiger3Daction game!Try Thai Box Fighting Tiger 3D – ultimate actiongamefor everyone!Thai Box Fighting Tiger 3D features:Ultimateactionfighting game in Muay Thai styleVarious strikes, kicks,punches andeven fighting styles to tryPowerful enemies – beat themone afterone!Contest and survival mode – beat and kill your enemiesto earnpoints or survive on the ring as long as you canBe a realmaster ofillegal underground box fights, win the tournament andhave funwith Thai Box Fighting Tiger 3D!Privacypolicy:
ROCKY™ 1.444
Step into the ring with your favorite epic characters from theROCKYfilm franchise, including Rocky Balboa, Apollo Creed, ClubberLang,and Ivan Drago! Challenge real players worldwide as you fightyourway to the top!THE ROCKY FRANCHISE:*Rocky vs. Apollo**Rockyvs.Clubber**Rocky vs. Drago**Rocky vs. Tommy Gunn**Rocky vs.MasonDixon*Experience the legendary rivalries in the mostuniquefree-to-play fighting game on your mobile device!BUILD THEULTIMATEFIGHTER ROSTER:Unlock new boxers as you build up your gymandaccumulate rewards! With 37 fighters across 4 tiers,thepossibilities are limitless. COLLECT THESTRONGESTFIGHTERS:Collect, rank up, and manage your team offearsome boxers!Discover rare 4-Star boxers with maximum statpotential. Theultimate prize: 4-Star movie characters includingRocky, Apollo,Clubber, Drago, Gunn, and Dixon!FIGHT AND CHALLENGEREALPLAYERS:All fights are player-vs-player! Protect your fighters’Winto Loss record as you battle opponents across the globe.Receive& send Challenges and, if your boxer loses,seekrevenge!KNOCKOUT GAMEPLAY:This isn’t just anotherboxingsimulator!Awesome Time-Tap Fight mechanics, fiveTrainingMinigames, and Perks that are unique to each boxer. Jab,cross,hook, and uppercut your way to victory!TRAINING WITH MICK:Fightsgetting too tough? Hit the gym and Train to boost your statswithlegendary trainer Mickey Goldmill! Mick will help you boostyourfighters’ Strength, Endurance, Dexterity, Intelligence,andTechnique. And, he’ll shout tips from the sidelines to helpyoucrush your opponents! AWESOME REWARDS:Fighter Packs, VictoryPacks,and Resource Packs reward you every step of the way! Unlockrewardchests that you’ve won in the ring and you may even find a4-Starboxer. Your fighters are ready! Are you ready?AboutTapinatorTapinator (Ticker: TAPM) develops and publishes gamesonleading mobile platforms. The Company’s portfolio includes over300mobile gaming titles that, collectively, have achieved over450million player downloads. Tapinator is headquartered in NewYork.For more info, visit
Real Boxing Manny Pacquiao 1.1.0
The box match ring bells! The greatest mobile boxing simulatorisproud to introduce the true ko punch: the 8-time worldboxingchampion, boxer Manny Pacquiao! The fight night is about tobegin –put on your boxing gloves and head for the ultimatepunch-out &ko, boxer! Win this box match to become a boxingchampion too!Excellent multiplayer boxing simulator with anexcellent boxer –get your fists for fighting ready, the fight nightis here. Stepinto a boxing fight in the best boxer game and serve adevastatingbox match ko! At last the players can become thelegendary boxerand punch out like a boss of the multiplayer boxinggames &boxing simulator world with Real Boxing Manny Pacquiaofistfighting game! It’s one of the few boxer games thatofficiallyallows you to knock out others as the Pacman. BOX MATCHBEGINS,PUNCH OUT & KO IS COMING The boxing champion is ready,hisfists for fighting are warmed up for the fight night. Theboxingsimulator game is about to begin, boxers. MannyPacquiao’spunch-out tournaments bring boxers & excitement intothe ring –show everyone who is the best in weekly tournaments andwin uniqueboxer games rewards including boxing gloves or even theultimatesecret boxers prize prepared by boxer Manny himself! It’snot justabout winning a box match in a boxing simulator, so trainhard toknock out others!Not only you can play as Manny and wear hisboxinggloves but you can also wear more of his custom-made boxergearprepared especially for this fighting game, too! ENJOYAMULTIPLAYER BOXING FIGHT, BOXER Are you ready to become thenextboxing champion? To knock out your rivals in a multiplayerboxingfight? Punch out with other boxers in multiplayer boxing andclimbup the rankings to prove who’s the best boxer in theworld!TAKE ONTHE BOXING GLOVES & TOUGH BOXER KO CHALLENGESMannyPacquiao’schallenge room will make your fists for fighting sweat –beat 17challenges, gain rewards, and face the man himself on thevirtualpunch-out ring to win Manny’s skin!CUSTOMIZE YOURBOXERCustomizeyour boxer to stand out in the crowd and knock outyour opponentswith style! This box game holds a lot of stuff tounlock, so besure to punch out all of it from the vault! The fistsfor fightingmust look groovy!TRAIN YOUR WAY TO THE TOP OF BOXGAMESTrain in thegym to upgrade your boxers stats for the box matchtime – stay onyour feet and prepare yourself to fight! A variety ofperks andpower ups will boost your boxer and help you stand againstyouropponents!TONS OF BONUSES TO UNLOCKHow many of your friendsareplaying box games? Who is the true multiplayer boxing champion?Whodid you knock out? Connect via Google Play to collectachievementsand see all of the boxers among your friends!RETROARCADE MODE Tryyour box game skills in arcade mode – punch-outcyber shock willtest your endurance and Miami Beach will bring youback to theside-scrolling past of fist fighting games!Hop into oneof the bestfist fighting games on Google Playnow!Support: [email protected] the game you accept our EndUser License Agreement,Terms of Service and PrivacyPolicy:
Street Fighting2:K.O Fighters 1.0.1
“KO Fighters”is a classic street fighting games. combinesboxing,karate,kungfu, wrestling,latest arcade games totallyfree!endlessboxing action a new style ARPG is coming!The trueheroes are bornin the street fighting, feel the power and strengthin your hands,wielding a real fighting machine.It's your time to bethe master ofkungfu fighters for FREE! Choose your favoritecharacter andcompete in street fights, do not let them reach youropponent toavoid a KO.Come swing your fists in this all-immersivemobileboxing game.simple side-scrolling interface andeasy-to-learncontrols, as well as a wide range of skills you canmix fordevastating combos. An unprecedented brave combatexperience!Fighton the street! Face varies of enemies! Defeat themand take alltheir territories!Use quick reflexes and special moves,unleashfierce punches and combos, beat all opponents and become thekingof boxing now!Features:- Cool special skills!- Wonderfulstory-Skills upgrades- Multiple levels and scenarios-Entertainingphysics engine- Unique rage combo system!- Realisticfightingsound!- Easy sliding and touching screen bring aboutcontinuouslycool striking!- Experience fighting in a relaxingcasual game!
Street Fighting 4 1.0.2
Street Fighting King of Fury Fighters is a classic freearcadefighting game.Street Fighting King of Fury Fighters bringstheoriginal fighting experience.Fun and addictive beat'em'up gamewithrealistic physics and hardcore gameplay. With simple controlsyoucan perform amazing stunts and blows to defeatyouropponents.Street Fighting King of Fury Fighters can recallyourchildhood memories of arcade fighting games!Free smooth andfastmodern fighting action,High quality and gorgeous realistic2Dboxing fighting scenes.Incredible 2D graphics!Be the king ofthedark street!having fun.
Once Upon a Tower 13
Pomelo Games
Ever wanted to escape somewhere else? Ever felt like youweretrapped in a high tower? Ever found yourself waiting forthevaliant knight to save you? Wait no more! Cause he isn't coming--No, really, he isn't. He was literally eaten by thatguardiandragon over there. But fear no more, you have all you needto setyourself free. The brave knight left behind his war hammer,I'msure you can put it to good use, right? You can beat theenemies.You can escape the dragon. YOU CAN DO THIS! Now let theadventurebegin, once upon a tower.
Head Boxing ( D&D Dream ) 1.2.0
D&D Dream
Spectacular comic boxing game with fighting elements! Athrillingcontest of characters with full of personality! Be carefulsinceyou may have your bones broken. Realistic movements andactionsowing to the motion capture technology! Revolutionarymobilefighting game – head boxing! Download it now! 1. Charactersusingvarious attacking and special skills 2. Diverse costume beyondyourimagination 3. 7 mystical modes (arcade, championship,survival,death mode, and league, 2Players, Multiplay) 4. Twoplayers canplay together 5. Pet breeding system 6. Upgrade thesystem. 7. 100achievements and daily achievements 8. Rich sound ofprofessionalvoice actors 9. Comic and diverse facial expressions10. Bonefracture system.
Max Muay Thai 1.0.3
Max Muay Thai - The Most Exciting Fighting Sport in the World