Top 49 Games Similar to Ninja Cat Jump

Neko Sushi 1.24
-The most cutest sushi in the world! -Game is's justnoteasy!-A wasabi cat fairy will help you every 15 turn!-Meow MeowI'ma cute Neko Sushi Meow Meow~
Cat Bakery 1.09
- Just jump on time!- Stack the breads as high as you can!-Solveyour challenge and collect all the cute kittens!- Decorateyour catwith various accessories!- Meow Meow~
Grumpy Cat's Worst Game Ever 1.5.6
Grumpy Cat’s 1st official mobile game is here! It'stheWORST-GAME-YOU-WILL-EVER-PLAY.Features:* Play awful minigamesstarring: Grumpy Cat * Share Grumpy Cat memes * Get highscores andchallenge your friends* Groovy chiptune music by Maxo
Cat Evolution Clicker 4.7
The evolution of cats begins!Merge a couple of simple cats togetnew species! Cat clicker game from creators of Cats Go!Turntwocats into new super cat with just one click! Extraordinarycatsevolve - just click on the same kittens to merge them!Help catopenevolution – unlock different kinds of felines to gather thefullcat collection!Space cat, orange cat, space kitty, pandacat,cat-meme, space kitten, alien cat, sushi cat, stalker cat,flyingcat, fishy cat, street cat, and other monster cats arewaiting!Dragand drop one similar cat to another, so that theyevolve andupgrade, and bring more money to different boosters ofyourgameplay! Watch the cat evolution and sent cat into space withourgame!
Cute Cat Merge & Collect: Lost Relic Hunt Game 1.15
Explore the world of cats, seek for treasures, merge cats andhavefun! Travel around the planet, find all cats and kittens, andhavefun! Centuries ago last descendants of ancient civilization ofcatscome to these shores from the forsaken cat island! Nownewgeneration of cute cats are ready to search treasures and landsoftheir ancestors! This forsaken world is full of differentsecrets!Digout all chests and boxes to find treasures and new kindsofcats! Start from the small cat island, and seek for cat lostundereach stone! If you love animal evolution games, cute cat gamesandexploration games, you must check this app! Help little kittenstoexplore the uncharted lands filled with ruins of catsempire,castles, ancient temples, spooky lawn, beach shore, andotherplaces to visit! Start with just a couple of cats and enlargeyourarmy of kittens to the dozens and hundreds! Meet new funnykittywith each new treasure chest and recoger gold! The whole worldoflost animals is waiting! Love cat memes? Digout all chestsandrelease all little kittens right now! Find the noble castle oftheemperor of Catkind or cat queen! The cat wizard had used hismagicalchemy skills to hide kitty cats on this planet! Explorethisbright world, find the hidden cat and have fun! Collecting catsisnot an easy task as it seems! Play different built-in gamestounlock chests faster and gather each box kitty! Do your bestandseek for the fragments of map to explore new islands andcontinentsat this World of Cats! Find and gather all lost cats –usual catslike a street cat, or a noble cat like Sphynx and Korat;or magiccats like flying cat, orange cat, alien cat, mini cat, cutycat,cat-meme, queen cat, stalker cat, even panda cat! Point to catandenjoy the cat hunting with our magic pets game!Each new kittycatwill bring you a part of map to the land of predecessors! Feellikea real hidden kittens hunter - dig out treasure chests and seekforother parts of treasure map! Play mini-games - connect thedots,catch fireflies or gather pairs of cards, or trap the cat toopeneven more chests and sweet cat species! Just point a cat animaltostart playing its mini-game! Kitty cat clicker game for allcatslove fans!If you like combination games, you’d love this app!Enjoythis combination of sweet cat evolution game, merge game, andfunnycat clicker game right now! Cat search is fun!New cute catarrived– it’s a Rainbow Cat, bright and beautiful!Cute Cat Merge&Collect: Lost Relic Hunt Game features- New Cat Merging Gamefromauthors of Cats GO - Dozens of funny cats and kittens tounlock-Different mini-games and quests- Unusual cat hunting game
Nyan Cat: Lost In Space 10.1.6
isTom Games
Play the Android version of the popular Nyan Cat game which hasbeendownloaded more than 25 million times from the differentapplicationstores!** The most popular and most appreciated NyanCatgame!WARNING! The Nyan Cat game and music are seriouslyaddictive!Play with Nyan Cat only at your own risk!In Lost InSpace, you cando all these pure awesomeness:Play with the mostcelebrated flyingcat in human history. Drink milk, eat ice-cream,collect coins, buygorgeous boosts, fly like a superhero (sorry...supercat), jump ontoplatforms made of cake, avoid angry dogs, anddiscover the infinitespace. And that's not all, you can choosefrom multiple game modes,where you can play with Nyan Cat's evilfoe Tac Nayn, learn to flyon different planets with Nyan Wings orvisit parallel universes. Ifyou're tired, you can even train andfeed your own Nyanagotchi. Oh,and last but not least: you canenjoy the wonderful Nyan-song asmany times as you want! All thisfunky stuff can't be missed. Or...Wait! Did I mentioned that wepay for you to play?Features forHumans:- tasty COLLECTABLES(energy drinks, donuts and more)- crazyPOWERUPS (rockets, bubblesand more)- freaky POWERDOWNS (dynamites,flashlights and more)-evil ENEMIES (dogs, UFOs and more)-leaderboards & ACHIEVEMENTS(Google Play Games)- stunning boostITEMS (score miltiplier, shieldand more)- 5 GAME MODES, includingNyan Wings- NYAN EDITOR!-NYANAGOTCHI room: keep your Nyan happy toearn gifts! The happierhe is the quicker you get your prize.- GameDays - an opportunityto get a lot of coins for FREE - we pay foryou to play!- differentbackground THEMES (Halloween, Xmas andmore)- different forms ofNYAN CAT (Supernyan, Zombienyan, andmore)- TAC NAYN- twitter andfacebook integration- nyan nyan nyannyan NYAN nyan (nyan, nyan andmore)Features for Nyans:nyan nyannyan nyan POWERUPS nyan nyan nyanACHIEVEMENTS nyan nyan SUPERNYANnyan ONLINE HIGH SCORES nyan nyanRETINA DISPLAY nyan nyan nyanUNIVERSAL APP nyan BEAUTIFUL PIXELART nyan nyannyanFacebook: Nyan Catfan page:
Space Cat Evolution: Kitty collecting in galaxy 2.0.6
All your favorite cute kittens from Cats GO — now in space!Theevolution continues - now brave cats flying on spaceshipandconquer the galaxy! It’s time for the first space kitten tomasterand inhabit a new galactic planet! Each normal cat became thespacecat in space! Merge cats to help cat evolution and allow CatsGOkittens to adapt to the unknown galactic world! Enjoy spacegamesand sweet catz! It is time that the kittens left Earth to dospaceexploration and find another cat-world. During cosmic flyingontheir spaceship, cats discover a new planet for life. Topopulateit and make cat-ish, you need the world evolution! Makespacemonster cats and magic pets a lot! Start sweetest furryspaceexploration games! Explore absolutely new evolution world madeonlyfor kittys! Galaxy space monsters are waiting!Wanna see newalienkitten adventure? Combine kittens from Cats GO is easy - justdragone to the other in one move! Each alien kitty is funenough!Evolution of cats in another galactic conditions cansurprise you!You never know what kind of monster cats will be theresult. Enjoyyour cat adventure and discover new areas of thecosmic planet tomake your kittens live freely!Collecting cat isfun! Find the catsof different kinds and species – from realcreatures like sphynx,cornish rex, Korat or burmese cat to thefantasy sushi cat, donutcat, space kitty, poptart cat, panda cat,flying cat, suschi cat,orange cat, spacecat, hidden cat, streetcat, mini space cat,stalker cat, galaxy chat, suchi cat, alien catand many more! Enjoythis space clicker game about cats right now!Doyou like cat gamesand space games, but the usual ones are boring?Cat clicker inanother galaxy conditions is waiting! Favorite pets -kitty andkittens from Cats GO in a new uncharted galactic world!Help themto evolve and collect the largest cat collection ofcosmiccats!Space Cat Evolution: Kitty collecting in galaxy -features:-control the evolution on another planet- New spaceadventures fromcreators of Cats GO!- sweet space theme cat costumesand species-explore a new world for fancy cats
Nom Cat 153
*** The endless arcade game featuring famous internet celebritycatssuch as Garfield, Grumpy Cat®, Nyan Cat® and Keyboard Cat®***Designed with beautiful and adorable pixel art, Nom Cathasintuitive one-touch controls, making it easy to play, butstillposes quite a challenge. Tap and hold to open the mouths ofbothcats to feed them with endless waves of fish. The more fishyoueat, the higher your score. But, watch out! You have tostayfocused to avoid the flying bombs. You don't want the cute catstoexplode, do you? Unlock some of the cutest cat charactersbycollecting as many goldfish as you can! Features: * Easy toplayand challenging! * Retro music and retro visuals* Endlessarcadegameplay* Play Nom Slots to collect more goldfishPlay as oneofinternet's most famous cats like Garfield, Grumpy Cat®, NyanCat®,Keyboard Cat®, Nala Cat, Venus Two Faced Cat, Oskar The BlindCat,Luna The Fashion Kitty, Cooper Photographer Cat, Garfi TheAngryCat and many more!
Cat Toys I: Games for Cats 4.0
Do you love your baby cat? Enjoy, a joyful fun time with yourpet.Eye-catching graphics and animations, amazing soundeffectsspecifically designed and developed to get your cat'sattention.With Cat Toys I your baby pet will play and enjoy tappingyourdevice screen for hours with you or without you.Features:•Gamesdesigned and developed to get your baby cat's attention•ColorfulHD graphics• Easy and Fun to Play (You and your cat)•Amazing SoundFX.• 6 Games with 44 variations for your cat (LadybugSmasher,Laser Pointer, Fly Smasher, Butterfly Smasher, Chase theMouse andCatFishing). New colored mouse, butterfly and laser beam.Newgraphics and special effects added to the catfishing game.• Two(2)players mode: play the same game with your cat or controlthemovement of the laser beam, fish, bug, etc.
Breed cats using magic skills: Evolve And Create 4.5
Make cat with magic! Evolution of cats from two kittens! Be aWizardcat - shaman control the evolution of cats! Make magic cat!Makeyour cat, mix kittens with magic alchemy skills! Choose whichkittento take for making a new super cat! Watch recipes ofevolution inMagical Books! Feel like a Cat Wizard - merge catswith the help ofspells and witchcraft!Play magic cards whenkittens are magicallyevolve! Result of the evolution of the twocats you surprise! Makeamazing and unique cats with evolution!Collect crystals and coinsto buy different cages for the kittensand wizards cats! Collect allkittens from the magic book! Unlockall hidden cats! Merge cats,perform the cat evolution and enjoygame for real cat person!Wizardcat mix cats with help of spellsand sorcery! Full the world of catswith your magic pets! Checkusual and unusual cat breeds like Sphynxand Korat, or strangemagical pets like panda cat, orange cat or aflying cat forexample! Collecting cat is fun! Feel like a real catbreeder, mixkitty cats from famous Cats GO game, and have fun!
Pet Runner - Cat Rush 1.0.7
Pet runner cat rush gamePet runner is an exciting freeendlessrunning game for girls and boys of all ages. Choose yourloved petand dash your way through the city and park for funrunningadventures!Take your loved pet: cat, dog or panda on afunadventure through the park, city and forest. Run, slide andleapyour way across the city road or subway scenes, careful thecomingbus or trains. Dash forward as fast as you can, dodgeobstacle andcollect coins! Take a trip down a fun park slide toreach megaheights! More pet characters to choose: cat, rabbit,petty dog andloved panda. experience differ animal role, feelingthe best petrunner game. run in the subway, city or beach scene,get the highscores in the ranks with the world player. more propsto help youget more performance, magnet, multiplier, jetpack, andsupersneakers.Pet Runner Cat Rush Features:.Pet run game.Differpetrole, cat, rabbit, petty dog and panda.Colorful HDgraphics!.Runacross the city, subway or beach.Choose to run with apuppy, kittenor rabbit.Dodge obstacles and collect coins!.Useawesome powerups.Collect coins to upgrade .Come back every day fornewrewards.Beat world players with high scores in theranking.Manyobstacles to jump over and avoidIt is the best petrunning game forall ages, welcome to download it, run, slide, jump,roll and dodgetrains with your loved cat game.
Cat Run 1.0.17598
Now be quick! As a swift kitty, you’ll need to escape thedogschasing you and dash through the challenging obstaclecourse.During the game, you can collect coins and destroy obstaclesforadditional points in order to become the best runner amongyourfriends.The quick pastime game for every cat lover!This game isnotsuitable for gamers with slow reactions! As a cute cat, yourunalong an endless corridor, dodging dogs and obstacles by jumpingorducking at the right moment. Attention: the dogs can appearfromanywhere and make your life miserable! But as an agile cat,that’sno problem for you, right?Sprint through the course, boltaroundobstacles and avoid the dogs!On your way along the longcorridor,there are lots of coins to be found. Collect them to getmorepoints and to increase your score! Special obstacles can alsobedestroyed to help you on your way to beating the high score.Hangon in there and soon you’ll be the best runner!A fast-paced3Drunner in the style of CatHotel and DogHotelThe detailedandrealistic graphics of the successful animal hotel series makethisrunner a casual game with a difference! Thanks to manymovementoptions and the three lanes, the difficulty increasesuntilultimately real skill is needed.★ Be a fast kitty and masterthecourse★ Ditch all the dogs coming after you★ Collect coinsanddestroy obstacles for more points★ Get even more breeds and playasa cute Siamese cat★ Beat your friends’ high scores and becomethebest runnerBe quick, prove your skills and RUN!Visit usonFacebook:
Find a Cat 5.0
Everyone loves cats, and who does not love does notsimplyrecognized that he loves them! This application is entirelydevotedto the cats! You are invited to find the cat in the pictureandclick on his muzzle. Like anything complex, but if you canfindthem quickly? Check your care and get all the cats! Theapplicationis completely free and contains no embedded purchases!With eachupdate cats becoming more and more. :) Stay with us! OurgroupVKontakte:
Cute Pocket Cat And Puppy 3D
You can post any ideas on ourpage: place 5starreview with "have an idea" topicFrom the creators of CutePocketCat 3D and Cute Pocket Puppy 3D.Would you like to have apuppy inyour smartphone or tablet ? Let me bring to your attentionthe gameCute Pocket Cat And Puppy 3D. You don't have to choosebetween akitten or a puppy because you can get a few pets at onetime inthis game.In Cute Pocket Cat And Puppy you can get a sweetpuppy ora kitty, that you should name and feed; you should playwith himand take care of him. If you do not pay enough attention toyourpet, he will not run away but he will be very sad.Once youpickyour cat or puppy you will get his controls.Besides you canplaymini-games, take a part in competitions, OnLine chat or fightinOnLine Arena in Rock, Paper, Scissors mini game. You willmeetother players' kittens and puppies In OnLine town. You canchatwith them and run together. Once you get tired, you can comebackhome whenever you want.Visit Fashion Shop to give your kittenorpuppy a special look. Buy beds for you cat or puppy, cat orpuppytoys, cat or puppy clothes, puppy or cat hats or changewallpapersin the house. Your pet will be very happy if you buysomething forhim.The puppy will grow as you spend time in thegame.A cute,fluffy and adorable puppy or kitten is waiting for yourattentionand affection in this cute game.Look through our other cator puppygamesHope you will like this cute kitten and puppy in thisbaby catsimulator and dog simulatorEnjoy your time with Cute PocketCat AndPuppy 3DSmiles for emotions - Emoji provided freeby***DON'T DELETE GAME OR YOUR PETS AND GEMSANDOTHER DATA WILL BE LOST******THIS GAME CONTAINS INTERSTITIALADS***
Cute Pocket Cat 3D - Part 2
Emoji provided free by http://emojione.comYou can post any ideasonour page: 5 starreview with "have an idea" topicWould you like to havea kitten inyour smartphone or tablet ? Let me bring to yourattention the gameCute Pocket Cat 3D – Part 2. It’s a sequel ofour previous game CutePocket Cat 3D. Now the game has become morebeautiful, morecomfortable and more interesting.In Cute Pocket Cat3D – Part 2 youcan get a sweet kitten, which you should name andfeed; You can nameit as you want, mine is - lily. You should playwith him and takecare of him. If you do not pay enough attentionto your pet, he willnot run away but he will be very sad.Thekitten will not sit in oneplace, he will be constantly in motion,like a real one. This kittenwill run after a toy, which youthrow.Besides you can playmini-games, take a part in competitionsor fight in OnLine Arena inRock, Paper, Scissors mini game. Visita "cat shop" to buy beds foryou cat, cat toys, cat clothes, cathats or change wallpapers in thehouse.You can play and chat withother cute kittens (cats) in OnLinePark and if you will be tiredyou can go to your home at anytime.The kitten will grow as youspend time in the game.A cute,fluffy and adorable kitten iswaiting for your attention andaffection in this cute game.Lookthrough our other cats games andbeware of grumpy catHope you willlike this cute kitten in this babycat simulatorEnjoy your timewith Cute Pocket Cat 3D - Part 2***THISGAME CONTAINS BANNER ADSAND INTERSTITIAL ADS***
Make Cat Magic 2 - Kitty games in new world 1.25
Collect all lost kittens on the mysterious planet, gatherallscattered chests hidden in the distant corners ofthisland!Forsaken tribes of cats and kitties dwelled on thisplaneteons ago. Now, the space expedition of cats find the cradleofcat’s civilization and started the exploration searching forlittlekittens hidden here and there!If you love Cats GO and otherpocketcats simulators, you should check this app! Seek for catsheld inchests and boxes, and merge them into the new species! Findallcute kittens and unravel secrets of this dark place! Restoreyourmagic power, repair your spaceship and return the rule ofthecatkind to this place!Evolve to survive – each new kind ofcatswould bring you a small amount of energy! Collect coins tounlockall new cat breeds - from Egyptian Mau or Korat Cat tothefantastic creatures like flying cat, or lynx cat!Release, mergeandbreed cats, gather tribes, start the conquest of a new world!
Mouse on the Screen for a Cat 12.0
TAMI apps
Free Android cat game for cats and people who like the mouse. Inthegame "Mouse on the screen for a cat" you are waiting forrealisticmouse movement, realistic sounds and scratching.In thisgame you canplay the role of cat, which prompt hunter looks forand catches themouse. Also, you can play in amazing runner. Whereyou play mouserole, which is run away from the cat. Runner contain3 levels ofdifficulty. After complete of all 3 levels you get thebonuscontent.You can't have a mouse at home, or you do not want,try tohave the mouse in your smartphone. She will never ask foodand willnot damage your furniture. Even the battery will drainverycarefully.For anybody not a secret that the mouse is on thescreenfor the cat and humans may interest your pet and make itslife morefun. If the cat with nothing to do, give your pet todrive the mouseon the screen of the mobile.This app will beespecially interestingto the little kittens and cats-teenagers,but also playful Maturecats too. Your pet will be play with mousein about 15-20 minutes.Ifyour cat is not interested in the mouseon the screen, then tell usin the comments about his characterandhabits.--------------------Now we are on Facebook andVK!Facebook:
Cat Run 28
Features:* Run different stages with the goal. This is notanendless game.* Unique running game. Each time you clear alevel,the cat runs faster. Try at a faster speed.* Stage where twocatsrun together.* Double jump.* Super cute cat and kittenrunners.*Dog as enemy.* Totally free.How to play:* Swipe left orright tomove left or right.* Swipe up to jump.* Swipe up whilejumping todo a double jump.* Swipe down to separate cats (stage2only)Stagesand characters will be added in the updates.
Cat Leo Run - Talking Cat Leo vs. Dog 9.8
Run, dodge, jump, and slide into an incredible pet adventure.LeoCatomy is a brave and spiteful cat that as the habit ofgettinghimself in trouble. Your task will be to make him escapefrom theangry dog.Rush through crowded cities, small villages, overbigbridges and gather all the coins you can. While running,avoidhitting trucks, cars, buses or any other object that couldeitherslow you down or stop you. Collect all the fun power ups togetfurther and to give the tireless dog the slip.Forget thesubwaystations, temple and jungles - the world run of Cat Leo Runawaityou! Cat Leo Run is one of the 841 best free 3D running games!Ifyou love running games, cat games, funny games or catsimulatorgames then you will love the free and cool Cat Subway Rungame. Tryit out and download Cat Leo Run now!How to play Cat LeoRun :-Drag/swipe to jump or slide/sub down to move down andswipeleft/right to move left or right- The power ups areactivatedautomatically when you get them- Buy new characters andupgradepower ups with the collected coins- Try to dash so fast thatyoucan smash the sonic wall ;-)Features:- 9 Lovely cats to choose-for example cat Lea or Leo well known from Talking Cat Leo orCatTheme Park- 2 run play mode: levels and infinite- Cartoonlikeenvironment with Leo Catomy- Amazing power-ups: coinmagnet,rocket, super go kart, jetpack, etc.- Trucks, cars and busestoavoid!- Lots of obstacles to dodge or sub- Dancing Girl andthedespicable Tom the thief who will steal your collected coins-Coolmusic- Quality from Wonderful GamesagSpecial power- ups:-Therocket will make you fly at top speed over the obstacles andgiveyou the opportunity to collect a lot of coins.- The Go kartwillmakes you faster which will require all of your dodgingabilitiesto not crush against something. If you hit something withthe kartyou will only lose the vehicle but still keep running. -The superspring sneaker gives you the ability to make mega jumpsand escapedangerous situations for some seconds. You can buystronger sportcars and replace the go-kart with the collected goldcoins.If youlike Cat Leo Run: Leo Cat vs Dog, please rate it with 5stars onthe store and invite your friends on facebook or googleplus tojoin the race.If you search for funny cat games for girls,crazycat games for boys or best cat games for kids then Cat SubwayRun -Subway Fun is the right game for you! Download it now and havealot of fun!This funny app with Leo Catomy has been createdbyWonderful Gamesag.
Find a cat 2. Free! 1.2.1
Our game has become better!Everyone loves cats, and who doesnotlove does not simply recognized that he loves them!Thisapplication is entirely devoted to the cats! You are invitedtofind the cat in the picture and click on his muzzle. Likeanythingcomplex, but if you can find them quickly? Check yourattention andget all the cats! The application is completely freeand containsno embedded purchases! With each update cats becomingmore andmore. :) -New graphics-New design-New levels-NewachievementsStaywith us!
Find a Cat - Hidden Objects 1.1.1
Fox Art Games
The app - «Find Cat» a series of popular games in the genreofHidden object.Imagine, one day your pet ran away, and lookingforcat. You have to go through many levels and collect a largenumberof awards, and most importantly to find of your cat!Are youreadyto walk on the snow-covered streets of modern cities, andsultryareas metropolis, to walk along the river, to visit thevillagehouse, sit in the park after a busy day, visit the lawn nearan oldhouse, to be in the center of New Year's festival, feel theuniqueatmosphere of a holiday? Yes, and who would have thought thattheloss of a cat can turn into such adventures!Forward, on thesearchfor a cat!Do not worry if you just can not find your cat,there arehints in the game. But Also for the fastest, mostresourceful andattentive in the game there are rewards! And allthis in the newgame in the genre of «Hidden object» : «Find Cat» -Simpleoperation, just need to find a kitten and click on it withyourfinger. - For everybody who are not indifferent to the cutefurseals! - You will find many levels in HD quality! - Theapplicationis free and does not include any in-app purchase andadvertising!With each update of little kittens will become more andmore.:)Stay tuned!We are looking forward to your ratings andcomments!We are happy to work on a game, when we know that it islike theplayers!Official Community Vkontakte:
Simon's Cat - Crunch Time 1.19.1
Simon’s Cat in Crunch Time! - Connect treats withSimon'sCatPublished by Strawdog.The devilish crows have swipedSimon’sCat’s favourite Tasty Treats and only YOU can help himfindthem!Join Simon’s Cat, Maisy, Chloe and Jazz, and a castofdetermined kitties on a colourful adventure through somepawsomenew places where Treats are just waiting to be eaten.Beready tocollect Tasty Treats, fight off big baddies and befriend ahost ofanimal critters in this FREE puzzle game with addedCATitude!Simpleand addictive puzzle gameplay! Connect the samecoloured Treats tomake a delicious chain!Play your way through theneighbourhood insix different game modes and hundreds ofchallenginglevels!Challenge your friends! Can you beat your friendspurrfecthigh score?Can you beat the villains? Use your Treats andspecialboosters to fight off Sir Royston the Pug, Mr Potts,hungryhedgehogs and even a treat crazed vacuum cleaner!Play withSimon’sCat featuring brand new animationsSimon's Cat is theinternet’smost mischievous cat and has become a global phenomenon.Star ofover 60 films, which have been watched over 870 milliontimes, andwinner of several major industry awards, Simon's Cat hascapturedthe hearts of a worldwide audience.We are working hard toupdatethe game with new levels that are purrfectly crafted and willleaveyou feline great!
Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector 1.11.0
"Playing Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector is as easy as one,two...andthat's it!Step 1: Place playthings and snacks in youryard.Step 2:Wait for cats to visit!Attract cats with food and thenwatch themromp with your toys! More than 40 varieties of cats—whiteandblack, tabby and calico—might stop by. Rare cats are rumoredtoroam the neighborhood too, but you'll need particular itemstoentice those elusive felines. Each visitor is logged inyourCatbook. Become a master kitty collector and fill it up!Youcaneven make albums of your cat photos, or save them to yourdeviceand use them as wallpaper!""[Suggested For]Android OS 4.0orhigher[Compatible With]Android OS 2.3 or higherIf you've foundabug or have other concerns, please contact our technicalsupportteam.[OfficialWebsite][TechnicalSupport][email protected] wish to respond to yourinquiry. If you're using an e-mail spamfilter, please disable itbefore you contact us, or [email protected] to yourlist of allowed addresses."
Cute Cat And Puppy World
***INTERNET CONNECTION IS REQUIRED***Follow usonFacebook: VK: the creatorsofCute Pocket Cat and Puppy 3D and other Cute Pocketsimulatorseries.Would you like to have a cat or a dog on yoursmartphone ortablet ? Let us bring to your attention the game CuteCat And PuppyWorld. You don't have to choose between a kitten or adog becauseyou can get both in this game.In Cute Cat And PuppyWorld you canget a sweet puppy or a kitty, that you should name;you should playwith them and take care of them. If you do not payenough attentionto your pets, they will be very sad.Add friends andsee when theyare online to join them.Realtime online multiplayer -Face newplayers from around the world and play with friends orallies inthis cat simulator and dog simulator game.Use battle modein OnLinemultiplayer game to show your fighting skills.Create clansandfight against other online players in Clan Wars.Leaderboardsrankthe best players by points. Try to get top 10 of theweek!Moreover,you can do quests, take a part in competitions,OnLine chat orfight. You will meet other players' kittens andpuppies In OnLinetown. You can chat with them and playtogether.Visit Fashion Shopto give your kitten or puppy a speciallook. Buy collars for youcat or puppy, toys, costumes, hats, wings,trails, socks. Your petswill be very happy if you buy something forthem. Visit Barbershopto change your pet's skin.A cute, fluffy andadorable puppy orkitten is waiting for your attention and affectionin this cutegame.Adopt cute pets in this free animal simulator!Lookthrough ourother animal games.If you have any suggestions or ideas- pleasecontact us:[email protected] foremotionsand icons - Emoji provided free by***THIS GAMECONTAINS BANNER ADS AND INTERSTITIALADS***Please note, that we arenot affiliated with any other animalsimulators created by otherdevelopers.
Simon's Cat Dash 1.7.2
Good Catch
Simon’s Cat is dreaming of a date with his love interest Chloe,buthe needs butterflies to impress her. Set out on an adventure&explore this endless runner game as Simon's Cat & Friendschasedown the butterflies!Endless Runner Games- Dash through thegarden,explore the house & the whole neighborhood! Time yourjumpsright to max your score.- Look out for the Hedgehogs &Mice,who have laid some traps for you.- Outrun the dogs, Oscar& SirRoyston, to complete the bonus stages & win bigrewards. - Showyour friends who’s the big cat! Run & dash yourway up theleader-boards. Who will run for the longest time?ExploreLike NeverBefore!- Beautifully hand crafted areas bring the Simon’sCatuniverse to life.- Unlock new areas & characters bycompletingexciting missions.Cat Games- Fill your Cat collection!Unlock over25 exclusive Cats in crazy costumes - Collect Buddieslike the BabyBird, and hilarious trails like the Rainbow to followyour Cat asyou run!- Play as Kitten & Chloe, everyone'sfavorite felinefriends. * Simon's Cat is the internet’s mostmischievous cat andhas become a global phenomenon. * Star of over60 films, which havebeen watched over 870 million times, and winnerof several majorindustry awards, Simon's Cat has captured thehearts of a worldwideaudience. * If you're not already a fan ofSimon's Cat, you will besoon!FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK Simon'sCat game is free to downloadand play, but contains 3rd partyadvertising and some in game itemscan also be purchased for realmoney. This game is not affiliatedwith Crunch Time. © 2017 Simon’sCat Ltd. All rights reserved.
Cat Tower - Idle RPG 1.0.14
TAP TAP & UPGRADE.Collect best items and fight!!!How far canyoureach?▶ Customize CAT & PET▶ Stress free play : whenever/wherever▶ Defeat boss. Huge rewards!!▶ Find your ownmasterytreeServices▶ Rank on leaderboard.▶ No internetconnectionrequired!▶ Save your play on cloudEnjoy! Thank you!/
Field of Cats 2.4.3
PeaPark LLC
Sow seeds here and cats will grow! Don’t forget to water thesoil.Do it gently. Do it peacefully. Raise them with tender loveandcare!As you raise your cats, new friends may occasionally cometovisit!Feed them and make them your best friends! You’ll getalovely gift,too!------------------Appdescription------------------- This is anidling cat breeding(“farming”) app Buy seeds in the shop and plantthem in the soil...this will cause cats to sprout up. The cats growby themselves evenif you leave the game running.- Don’t forget towater the soilevery so often! If the soil dries out, the cats willstopgrowing. If new friends show up, they’ll leave if they findthesoil dried out, too. So make sure to care for it and waterit!-Cats you “pick” in the fields can be raised in your roomIf youpicka cat in the fields, it will appear in your room!Give them lotsoffood to give birth to kittens!
Hellopet - Cute cats, dogs and other unique pets 3.2.15
Interactive pets at your fingertips!☆★☆Cute! Fun! Social!☆★☆Doyoulove animals but can’t adopt your own?Do you want afriendlycompanion by your side?Or do you just love adorableanimals?ThenHellopet’s for you! Using screen overlay technology,you can havecats, dogs and more cute animals running around yourhome screen.Or visit My Room to create a fun home for yourpets!Unlock newpets, items, and rooms by collecting or buyingcookies! Collecthearts by clearing the I'm Hungry! Mini game! Shareyour creationsin Pet Chat, visit friends’ rooms and leave messagesin theirGuestbook. Your pet will keep you updated on missed texts,thetime, your battery level and much more!♥ADOPT♥- When youdownloadHellopet, choose your first cat or dog for free- Now youcan adoptpets by participating in our newly added Daily Check-inand PetChance Event- Also you can adopt pets by using cookies,purchasingcookies in the Cookie Store, etc.*Visit Pet Park to seepetsavailable for adoption! (New pets currently underdevelopment)Ragdoll, Chick, Flying Squirrel, Munchkin, Welsh Corgi,Shiba Inu,Red Monkey, Siberian Husky, Scarlet Macaw, Chihuahua,Orange Tabby,Dachshund, Fat Cat, Chameleon, Maltese, Russian Blue,GoldenRetriever, Siamese, Tubby HamZzi, Scottish Fold, BostonTerrier,and Turkish Angora. (Pets available as of 08/17)♥COMMUNITY-PETCHAT♥- Share funny moments with your pets- Ask questionsaboutHellopet to friends- Pet Chat Gallery mode lets you see thebestPet Chat snaps- Find new friends- Share fan art pictures,links,and your favourite Pet Chat posts ♥The Mini Game - I'mHungry!♥-The I’m Hungry! Game is a challenging puzzle where usersfeed petsby clearing a level- Score points for matching 4 or moreof thesame snack- Clear levels and receive hearts- A Wild petappears onplayers’ home screen if they clear 5 levels♥MY ROOM♥-Decorate MyRoom with a variety of items that your pets can interactwith(wallpaper, flooring, furniture, pet supplies, and more witheachupdate!)- Feed and use to toys to play with pets- Take apicture,save, and share your decorated My Room♥COLLECT HEARTS♥-Heartsappear above your pets’ heads as you play, feed, and tap yourpet-Get hearts when you decorate My Room, interactive withfriends-Collect a certain amount of hearts to get gifts like roomitems,toys, cookies, etc.♥HOMESCREEN♥- Take pets out from My Room,andthey freely run, talk, and play on your screen- Interact withpetsby using Voice Commands and tap ‘!’ speech bubbles whentheyappear- Pets’ responses change with your daily mobile habits-Petsgive up to date weather, time, and battery alerts♥SOCIAL♥-Send‘Hello’ messages to Hellopet friends and your pet willbrieflyvisit their home screen- Send a pet’s picture with a shortmessageto friends without Hellopet through almost anymessenger.**Join theHellopet community on Facebook, Twitter andInstagram for events& more***FB:*TW:@hellopet_global*Insta:@hellopet_global♥Hellopet PermissionsInformation♥Below are thepermissions which are necessary in orderto operate the Hellopetapp. Users can use Hellopet withoutenabling optionalpermissions.•Storage(Required): Download updatefiles, saved images,My Room screenshots, and save Pet Chat photos•Microphone(Optional):Enables voice commands for yourpets•Contacts(Optional): Enablesvoice commands to make calls andwrite SMS messages•SMS, Phone,Contacts(Optional): Enables pets tonotify users when they have amissed call or unread message •DeviceID(Optional): Enables app torecognize ads opened from offerwallsand give rewards♥Managingpermissions♥Android versions 6.0 andlater: Settings> ApplicationManager> Hellopet> AppPermissions> Allow accessAndroidversions prior to 6.0: Will berequired to update to version 6.0 toaccess the permissions menu
Cat Bird 2
Join the journey and open your inner meow!Featuring:* More than40challenging levels.* 3 Epic bosses to challenge.* AchievementsandLeaderboards to compete with others.* Stylish and stunningpixelart graphics.* Test your skills in Time Trial mode.*BeautifulSoundtrack* Show off your abilities with ReplayKit(Android5.0+)
Cat Condo 1.0.2
Zepni Ltd.
Build your own cat condo and populate them with cute furryfelinefriends!Start with a small kitty. Then combine, mix and matchyourkittens to upgrade them to majestic cats.Discover and unlockmanytypes of cats. Complete achievements and gain rewards. Watchyourcondo grow to a big tower which is filled with toys allover.Becomea master kitty collector. Let’s find all the kawaiineko!
KleptoCats 4.10
KleptoCats are cute. But they have a dark side. They can'tstopstealing!!! But then again...your room is kinda empty. WhataCAT-astrophe. I guess your furry friend's frisky paws may beaperfect match to fill your room. Send your cat away to gatheritemsto fill your room with amazing treasures. PAW-some!!!You neverknowwhat KleptoCats will bring back next.
Cats are Liquid ScriptedBreak (1.6.7)
- Play through 90 levels!- Find out what happened to thecat.-Challenging physics based gameplay.- Beautiful andcolourfulminimalistic world.- Only 8 ads in the entire game and noin apppurchases!Cats are Liquid is a 2D platformer about a cat withtheability to transform into liquid.The game has 90 levels, thatarespread across 9 different worlds. It has a minimalisticbutcolorful style. Along the way the game introduces newmechanics,like flying and summoning bombs to break down walls.Thestory isabout a cat whose owner locked her in a set of rooms.Shedesperately wants to get out, but the rooms just keepcontinuing.Along the way the cat meets a new "friend" and gains newabilities.The story is told through small in game text pieces.Thelatest newsabout the game can be found on the @lastquarterdevTwitterfeed.#CatsAreLiquid on Twitter
Purrfect Spirits 1.1.3
A flash of white light, and whoosh! Turns out you're now aghost!You don't know how to pass on, so you'll just pass the timeinstead— with the adorable little cats who visit your house eachday! ■Game Summary This fun, adorable title will have you: ・Feedingthecats who drop by your home ・Buying scratchers, towers, andotheritems to keep your kitties entertained ・Redecorating your roomwitha host of colorful, unique designs ・Enticing a variety of RareCatsto come visit (spawn rates vary by item!)・Achieving goals inorderto unlock cute manga-style cutscenes (both the main storyandmini-stories!) ・Learning more about your feline friends andthephantoms who care for them・Game data cannot be transferredbetweendevices.
KleptoCats 2 1.1
Cute cats… Am I right?!?OK OK. There's more to KleptoCats thanjusthilarious, a-MEOW-zingly kawaii, blow-your mind cute cats…theyhave a dark side too. They can't stop stealing!!! Watch astheysteal random, but funny… kinda useful, but not really… items,fromeverywhere in the galaxy. Let these furry friends and theirfriskypaws fill your house with the strangest oddities and themostmagnificent treasures. How do they accomplish this incredulousfeatof mystifying thievery?! Well… you'll just have to play thegame tofind out. ;-)KleptoCats 2, the sequel to the viralphenomenon,KleptoCats, brings back all your favorite feline friendsalong withsome fresh new kitties. It's 2x more cute, 2x more fun,2x moremysterious...and, yep you guessed it, 1337x purePAW-someness! OMGjust go tap "Install" right now!!! KleptoCats arewaiting foryou!“You've got be KITTEN me!” - super fanNo madam (orsir), wenever joke about cats! This game is PURRR-fect for kids,moms,mom’s moms, senioritas and cool dudes alike. Download it todayandlet us know what you think on Facebookat or [email protected] know what KleptoCats will bring back next.
Catchu - Cat Collector 1.3.5
Immerse yourself in a world full of cute cats! How to PlayCatchu:•SImply attract cats to your room with food and toys!• Everycat isunique! Watch how they interact with different toys!• Somecatsdamage toys faster than others. Make sure your toys are ingreatcondition for the cats by fixing them when they’re broken!•Don’tforget to refill the food when it runs out!Features:• Taketheirpictures and view them in the gallery. Share your cat picswithfriends! •Keep track of all the cats you’ve encountered intheAlbum. • After each visit, cats will leave behind a gift for youtopurchase even more exciting toys! • Bond with cats over time!Youmight learn about their mysterious pasts...• Catchu is freetoplay!• Many more exciting features are coming... • more catsandtoys • expansions • cloud storage
2048 Kitty Cat Island v1.5.9
Connect the same image to catch as many fish as possible.Youcanexpand the cat island with caught fish.Build a paradise ofcutecats with 2048 puzzles!▼ catch fish- Stir in the seahorizontally /vertically to assemble the same kind of fish.- Catchfish are usedfor island expansion, building construction, catadoption.- If youcatch the largest creature(2048, 4096, 8192...),you can move tothe next island.▼ Cat adoption- Adopt 50 unique catspecies in eachisland!- Listen to the cats happily in Paradise youmade with 2048puzzles.▼ Island Expansion- Use fish or pearls towiden the islandand build the building.- There are 7 buildings ineach island.♥ Inorder to provide in-game advertisement and savescreen shot, thefollowing rights are required.-READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE -WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE♥ Contact us andreport bugFacebook : :[email protected]
Castle Cats: Epic Story Quests 2.1
“The unique IDLE CAT COLLECTING RPG on App Store. CollectHEROICCATS and battle against the EVIL PUGOMANCER!!”Join millionsofplayers around the world and find out why this is the ultimateCATCOLLECTING game!Nominated for Indie Prize 2017AND2018!!FEATURES:1. Idle and Action systemSet your heroes tobattlewhile you’re away. When returning, collect rewards, upgradeyourheroes and collect new epic cats. You can also join thebattleswhenever you want and help your heroes out!2.CollectingStrategyCastle Cats has over 150+ heroes with a widerange ofabilities. Summon your CATS, EVOLVE and UNLOCK new TRAITS,SKILLSand OUTFITS. Collect FAMOUS CELEBRITY CATS like: ColeandMarmalade, Hosico, Monty, Nala, Waffles and manymore!3.Customizable Guild LeaderCollect over 100 different itemsfor yourleader and customize to your own liking.4. EventDrivenGameFrequent EVENT updates. Everything from SUPERHERO,CELEBRITY,HOLIDAY, SUMMER and WINTER event.5. Intriguing StoryCastle Catshas a very special and unique storyline where you canfollow thecats and defeat the EVIL PUGOMANCER. Every event consistsof 15STORY DRIVEN quests with hilarious and pun-driven content.Whatareyou waiting for?? Download MEOW!FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA![Catpunsincluded!]Facebook: Mage:’T LIKE CATS? Jointhe darkside! LOVE FEEDBACK!Don’thesitate to write to us at [email protected]…What areyoulooking for?! Oh right! Last but not least:PrivacyPolicy: ofServiceand EULA:
Cat Stickers Free 1.1.25
This app includes a lot of cat stickers. You could send them toSNSand other message services. New stickers are available fromGACHA,a capsule toy.If you do not have "Fame Stickers Free" yet,get ithereat
The Battle Cats 7.2.0
★★★ Weirdly Cute Cats rampage across the world! ★★★Command yourCatswith simple controls in a battle through space and time! Noneed toregister to develop your own Cat Army! BATTLE WITH ALLTHECATS!!=Super Simple Battle System=Just tap on the Cat you wanttofight for you! Fire the Cat Cannon to blast baddies gettingtooclose to your base! Overcome weird enemies with the right Catsquadand take down the enemy base!=Super Simple LevelingSystem=Clearstages to get XP and items to level up the Cats! Whatwill theyevolve to at level 10? Can you unlock their TrueForm?=Super SimpleFun!=Collect glorious treasures while you takeover the world!Recruit dozens of rare and exotic Cats(?) and createthe ultimatefeline army!!Hundreds of stages across three Story Modeadventuresand the Legend challenges.Perfect for Casual Play! Funfor allages, anyone (and their cat too!) can enjoy the "BattleCats"!Whattype of Cats will YOU battle with today? Bring on theweirdly cuteBattle Cat army!***************************** "TheBattle Cats"requires a network connection for reliable access togameplayfeatures.* Downloading or updating "The Battle Cats"requires astable network connection to prevent errors.Anotification of alarge download will appear before installation.Ifyou are not in alocation with strong Wi-Fi, please uncheck the"Update over Wi-Fionly (Android)" option or turn “Use CellularData" on before youbegin downloading. An unstable connectionenvironment duringdownload and/or updates may result ininstallation issues. * Therewill be regular updates for "The BattleCats" with new and improvedfeatures. However, some older devicesmay not be able to supportthese changes.Please be aware of thisbefore you update. If thereare any problems, please feel free tocontact our tech [email protected]****************************Beforeyoustart playing, please read the "Terms of Use" carefully.Bydownloading and playing "The Battle Cats", you agree totheseTerms.TermsofUse
Cookie Cats 1.35.2
Tactile Games
The neighborhood cats are hungry for cookies, and only YOU canhelpthem! Join Belle, Ziggy, Smokey, Rita, Berry and countlessotheradorable kitties in a journey through pawsome new places,wherecookies are just waiting to be eaten. Be ready to connectcolorfulcookies, fight off the big baddies, and befriend newmeow-siciansin this FREE puzzle game that is the cat'spajamas!FEATURES• Simpleand addictive puzzle gameplay! Connectcookies of the same color tomake a delicious chain!• Play your waythrough the neighborhood insix different game modes and hundreds ofchallenging levels!•Challenge your friends! Can you beat yourfriends purrfect highscore?• Lots of cute kittens that will singadorable songs for you!Befriend new characters and customize yourband.• Can you beat thevillains? Use your cookies to fight offBuster the Drooly Dog,Bobby the Birthday Bear, Ivy the CarnivorousPlant and manyothers.We are working hard to update the game withnew levels thatwe are pawsitively sure will leave you feline great!Already playedand enjoyed the game? Stay tuned for updates and takea mewment toleave us a review :)You can also find YOUAND CAT YOU LATER!
Kitty Journey 1.32
The cutest little ball of fur is keen to start its bigjourneyaround the world! Daring little cutie uh? Easily distracted,itwill surely find itself in scawery situations. This youngkittenshouldn't be traveling all alone, right? Join Kitty throughitspawsome adventure and explore the world around you! With itshelpand your clever moves, match colorful yarn blocks and solvetrickypuzzles to unlock new destinations on your journey. Along theway,you’ll have a lot of fun discovering the world as you’ve neverseenbefore. Crunching cookies, crushing candy or destroyingdiamonds?Nah. Instead of that well-worn stuff, you'll spendpurrciousmeowments with your Kitty and play with powerful boosters.You'lleven get to meet Kitty's furry friends who can’t wait totravel theworld with both of you! The more friends you bring onthis journey,the more fun it becomes! Why not invite yours to cometoo? WithFacebook Connect, all your favorite people can puzzleoutmeowntains of challenging levels with their kitties whileeasilysaving their purrgress. Are you ready to set off on a journeyofdiscovery? It's easy! Just Download the game for free! You’lllovethe impressive features▪ As a devoted cat lover, you'll fallforKitty Journey’s fluffy cats▪ The many levels to conquerwillsatisfy your passion for brain games▪ You’ll overcomeengagingpuzzles by matching two or more adjacent yarn blocks▪Boosters andPower-ups are waiting for you to unlock them and helpyou succeed▪Exploring stunning spots will amaze you▪ A collectionof lovelysouvenir postcards, the purrfect way to capture meowmentsfrom yourgame journey Take your experience to a higher level▪ Playwith yourfriends and compete with them to earn the title of world’sbest catlover!▪ Watch for exclusive events in the game and moreexcitingfeatures to come soon!▪ Last but not least: Kitty Journeyis FREETO PLAY! There are many meowvellous happenings on thehorizon!We’re not kitten you!Play Kitty Journey right meow! Join uson oursocial channels for inside news and connect with cat loversfromall overtheworld.!❤
CatHotel - Hotel for cute cats 2.0.19255
Manage your very own cattery: Mrs. Miller has to go on anurgentbusiness trip and the Smith family are looking foraccommodationfor their house cat while they're on vacation.Yourcattery is thepurrfect place for them! Care for the kitties, feedthem and playwith them until their owners come to pick them upagain.Thefeatures at a glance★ Manage your own cat hotel★ Developyourcattery from a small hotel into a 5-star luxury accommodationforthe little sweeties★ From the trusting Maine Coon to thegracefulBurma – care for and feed six different breeds of cats★Decorateand design your cat hotel with individual objects★ Playwith yourcats using the cat teaser toy, motivate them with thelaser pointergame or groom their fur with different brushes★ Watchhow the catsplay together, chase each other and sleep peacefully intheirbasketsTake on exciting challenges every day!Every cat isdifferent– the cuddly British Shorthair tomcat loves being petted,whileMaggy, the curious ragdoll, finds the laser pointer game greatfun.You can take care of six different cat breeds in total.Find outthelikes of each individual cat and take loving care of yourfelinefriends.Check the health of the cats at check-in. Then yourkittyguests need to be cared for, petted and fed. And that's whenyourday really starts!It's never boring in the playroom Therearevarious items waiting for you in the playroom: you can usethelaser pointer to chase the cats around the playroom – breakingavase or two along the way!You need a good memory and nervesofsteel for the cat memory game, because if you don't memorizeallthe items correctly, a glass might get knocked over!And do youknowthe cat teaser? Your hotel guests will love it and it'll keepthemfit too.Long-lasting fun thanks to increasing difficultyIf youtakeloving care of the cats, your cattery will soon become toosmall.Expand the rooms with cat trees, baskets and more littertrays soyou can take in more guests.But your furry friends will getmoreand more demanding. They'll need more attention andtheirindividual needs will increase. But the more successful youare,the more stars your hotel will get and the more decorationswill beavailable. And then you’ll be able to care for moredifferentcats.So quickly, download CatHotel and open your very owncattery!Support If you have questions or problems related to theapp orin-app purchases, please feel free to contact us via ourfacebookpage
Cat Simulator - and friends 🐾 2.3.41
Play as your favorite cat or dog in this wild adventure!AllnewBeach level!Hundreds of fun interactions in great environmentsforhours of solid good fun.Check out the accessories - hats,helmets,moustaches, glasses and loads more then take a photo andshare iton Facebook or Twitter with your friends.Realistic and easyto playcat game!See if you can get the highest score or unlock alltheachievements.If you love to play cat game then this is the gameforyou!CATS & DOGS:With over 20 pets to choose from there's noendto the fun!Free to unlock.COLLECT FRIENDS15 animals friendshiddenin the game - can you find and collect themall?LOCATIONS:FarmLevel : Lets help drive a tractor? Go on queststo help the crowsand help the horses escape!Playground: Want to flyon a kite, eatice cream or go on the swings?Schools out! PlayDominos, Ride on askateboard, play in the gym.Home: Dads playinggolf - lets play tooand steal the ball. Whats cooking in thekitchen? Interact with thefamily - If you're nice maybe they'llfeed you in this fun catsimulator.Garden: Chase ducks, help withthe planting, make friendswith the dogs in the garden or maybe thesquirrels in thewild?Beach: Jetski? set off some fireworks, play ina band, digsand with a dozer, build a sand castle and more!DRESSUP:Allaccessories, places and pets can be unlocked for free, sodiveright in to play with Porky Pig, Billy the goat, Shadow thedog,Sammy the tomcat cat or any of the many pets in yourcatsimulator.GAME:Use the joypad to move around and swipe thescreento get a 360 degree view of your pet.Knock stuffaround.Prepare forcatlateral damage in the cat simulator in theirwild, funlives.New: play in HD or SD quality mode.Click on thedoggy in thebottom left of the screen to load.Time Trial modeadded!Extra catgames levels added all the time.What do they get upto in theirsecret time?Neko Tastic!!Super fun Cat Simulator!Awesomesuper funcat games!
Bubbu – My Virtual Pet 1.50
Meet Bubbu, your new virtual pet. He is a cute, emotionalandadorable cat who loves to eat tasty food, take selfies,visitfriends and dancing. Have fun at Bubbu’s home and find outothersecrets about your pet’s life. He will surprise you forsure!Explore Bubbu's colorful world with many adventurousactivities! •Bubbu is waiting for you to be fed, dressed, cuddledand bathed.This lovely cat needs your love and attention every day,so takegood care of him from morning to midnight. In one word, makesureyour kitty is always happy and smiling, but never hungry,sleepy,sick or bored.• Take Bubbu to the funky showroom and dresshim upstylishly. Also don’t forget to make a dream house for yourlovelypet. Customize and decorate it with an awesome collectionoffurniture to make kitty’s home beautiful, warm and cozy.• Over30fun mini-games will provide you with food or with coins tobuyitems for your virtual cat. Have fun playing Catcher, CatConnect,Find the Cat, 2048, Paint the Cat, Jump, Pop Balloons,CheeseBuilder, Fish Ninja, Cat Sings, Nightmare, Jumping Cat,Diver,Stick Ninja, etc. Challenge your friends and follow theirhighscores through global leaderboard.• Sometimes Bubbu needsdoctor'shelp, because he keeps making stunts, jumping on the sofaorplaying mini-games too often. Take Bubbu to the cat's hospitalandheal him with cool tools. Cure his toothache, fever, hurt tailorbroken bones. Let the doctor fun begin!• Spin the wheel offortuneevery day, complete daily challenges and explore friends'houses toget some extra rewards. Finishing achievements gives youfreediamonds to buy something special for your pet!• Bubbu'slandoffers you tons of activities. Customize Bubbu’s house intoalovely cat villa. You can grow organic food in the garden andmilka cow everyday as a real farmer. Pimp your cool car and getreadyfor a hill ride. Take a walk to the seaside and fish or godiving.You can go to the city or even travel into space by rockettodefend your planet against alien invasion. Play footballandbasketball, pass across sea rocks or climb up the tree. Trytochange between day and night and enjoy listening to the soundsofmother nature.If you have ever wanted your own cat, this game isaperfect choice for you. So, come on, what is keeping you?AdoptBubbu and make him the happiest virtual cat ever! Note: Allitemsare available for different prices in virtual currencies, butthegame also contains items which can be purchased for real money.
The Bad Cat Runner 1.0
The Bad Cat Runner is an Endless talking cat runner game. A dayfullof joy. Everyone is in good mood. But wait a minute! What thehellis that? Fueled by a burning desire for vengeance, theCartoonistkidnaps Taco talking cat! Bouncing from one rooftop toanother,Shero talking cat hunts down the Cartoonist to save hisson Tacotalking cat.Bad Cat Runner is a crudely funny,action-packedanimated motion picture destined to become a cultmovie classic.
Calico cat Stickers Free 1.0.20
This app includes a lot of free stickers.You could send them toSNSand other message services.New stickers are available fromGACHA, acapsule toy.This was created by "pochi".If you do not have"FameStickers Free" yet, get it hereat
My Kitty Meow Love - Cute Fluffy Cat Friend 1.0.2
Hi Kids,Lets play My Kitty Meow Love - Cute Fluffy Cat Friend!Dressup, take care and love your fluffy meow cat friend, and havefuntogether!--> Dress up, Care & Bathe Your Kitty MeowFriend -When Meow Cat Get Tired, Put Her to Bed!--> CelebrateMeowKitty's First Birthday!--> Take Care for Adorable MeowKitty, SheNeeds Your Love!--> Tons of Outfits & Loads ofFun!-->Give Pregnant Mommy Cat A Nice Checkup!--> Lets Learnhow to takeFluffy Care of Your Meow Kitty Cute Friend - Don’t Letthe HerCry!Are you ready to show your best Meow Kitty Catcareskills?FEATURES:• Choose your favorite kitty from 4 cutekittiesand give them fluffy care• Bath meow kitty 'till she issparklingand clean• Dress up your fluffy cute kitty in a variety ofoutfitsand accessories• Treat your sick new meow kitty with specialtools•Drag the band-aid to cover the fluffy kitty scratches•KidsFriendly Caring Tools• Snapshots of your cute characters canbesaved in your photo album• Funny SoundsTeam is continuouslyworkingfor improvements of this game, please feel free to send usyourfeedbacks and suggestions thanks.
Battle Cats Rangers 1.4.2
The Battle Cats' spin off game 'Battle Cats Rangers' isnowavailable!!Weirdly cute cats are here to stay!!Make yourfavoriteteam and move forward!◎Easy control◎・ Tap, tap with fingerand thehero cat will zap, zap the enemies!・ The Battle Cat teamwillauto-attack the enemies! ◎RPG aspect◎・ Power up your battlecatheroes - level up and train skills!・ Collect more battle catstomix and match your best battle cat team! ◎Unlimited loops forthejoyride◎・ Prestige to collect keys and enhance the battle cathero!・ Get mysterious treasure after prestige! ・ Solve the enigmaandcombine battle cat teammates to wear special buff! ・ Summonspiritto power boost the battle cats!Sick and tired ofheavygames?Refresh yourself with the Battle Cats Rangers!Let'sBattleCats Rangers!
Super Cat Bros 1.0.13
Six cats are the new Jump'n'Fur stars! Reunite Alex the Cat withhissiblings and explore a mysterious island. Control 24 paws withjust2 thumbs tapping the left or right side of the screen. You'llbesurprised how easy it is to climb, swim, jump and run. Justdon'tforget to bring the right cat for the job! Super Cat Bros istailormade for the touch screen. It has never been so easy andsatisfyingto play platformers on your phone. Download now to openthe kittydoor for the Super Cat Bros and meow away a boringday.One of thecutest tales about cats on Google Play. + six catswith uniqueabilities+ simple yet rewarding controls+ more than 50fun levels toenjoy+ cute pixel visuals+ lots of hidden secrets+achievements andleaderboards