Top 2 Games Similar to KILL HOUSE - PRE ALPHA

Wizard's Wheel: ReRolled 2.4.0
UPDATE: Graphical overhaul, major re-balancing,newfeatures,content, and more! Try Wizard's Wheel - ReRolled forfree!Thedimension needs the help of one wizard - YOU! Collectyourheroes,form your party, adventure and grow in power until youcanreclaimthe dimension from the forces of evil! * IncrementalandIdle RPG,with optional idle auto-battle game play. *Retro-RPGgraphics andstyle. * Gain experience, gold and loot whileyou'reidle. *Incremental, with a Prestige (Time Warp!) System. *Formyour ownparty from over 50 collectible heroes, from KnightstoWolves toZombies to Dragons! * Loads of Loot to find and equip!Canyou findall of the Legendary items? * Build and upgradebuildingswithinyour own town. * Alternate time-lines create a greatvarietyingame play. Come challenge dungeons and bosses inanold-school,retro RPG!
Immortal Rogue 3.9.6
Kyle Barrett
"A thrilling, fast-paced, difficult hack &slashroguelike."4.5/5 - TouchArcade "An action roguelike that youhaveto playright now" 4.5/5 - Pocket Gamer Immortal Rogue is a hackandslashroguelike hybrid where you play as an eternal vampire.Youwake upevery 100 years to feed, and who you choose tohuntdirectlyimpacts the future. Different timelines offerdifferentenemies todefeat and unique items to discover. You canfightsamurai with arocket fist from a long lost civilization, ortakeout cyborgs withan enchanted katana. The combat is brutal,anddefeat hasconsequences. But you can never truly die. The worldgoeson withboth your allies, and your enemies, awaiting yourreturn.KeyFeatures: -A dynamically generated world based onyournarrativechoices. -Challenging, skill-based combatwithmobile-friendlycontrols. -Over 70 unique enemies todiscover-Colorful,retro-styled pixel art. -30+ Vampiric abilitiesto unlock-30+Unique weapons to master -Secret bosses to discover.-Hundredsofpotential characters to hunt down or turn intoallies-Massivereplayability with scores of possible timelines thatoffertheirown distinct characters, challenges, and rewards.