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Fishing Knots
MP Fish
"Fishing Knots" - is a program for your mobile device, showinghowto tie knots. Among the many knots fisherman should select andusethe right one. In each case - his own. How the knot weakensthefishing line? Which knots to use for thin fishing lines, andwhich- for thick? Which knots can be knit on multifilament fishingline?The encyclopedia contains different type of knots for: bindingoftwo fishing lines; tying leads; attach large and smallhooks,baits, lures, swivels; connection fishing lines and thebindingcord; tie a boat and etc.; For each knot, tying methodsisdescribed in detail. Also description of each knotcontainsstep-by-step guide "How to tie" with illustrations.Describes indetail the properties of knots. The estimation of thestrengthreduction for each knot. For each knot providesrecommendations fortypes of fishing lines. The application can alsowork without theInternet, all the nodes are loaded duringinstallation. Selectedknots are simple and clear three-dimensionalscheme - this is theapp "Fishing knots". Here are a few reasons toinstall into yourdevice "Fishing Knots": ✔ The maximum number ofknotes used byfishermen; ✔ Graphics extensively tested forintelligibility; ✔ Theapplication can run without an Internetconnection; ✔ Easy to useinterface - this is not a website pagewith a bunch of uselessinformation at the edges; ✔ Knots areclearly defined bycategories; ✔ Each record contain relative knotstrength - thebreaking strength of a knotted rope in proportion tothe breakingstrength of the rope without the knot; ✔ It is alwaysbeingupdated, refined and increasing.
Fishing Knots 18.0
perished apps
Fishing Knots is a personal pocket helper tool, that explains howtobind the most important fishing knots. It helps you attachingyourflies, hooks, sviwels and other baits. No matter what kindoffishing you are doing, FishingKnots contains tutorials of themostimportant knots. FishingKnots is optimized for both tabletandsmartphone usage.
Wild Fishing 4.1.0
🐟 🐟 A variety of vivid fish, amazing realistic 3D effect! If youarea big fan of wild fishing, what are you waiting for? Let's setsailnow! Know nothing about fishing? Don’t worry, wild fishing issimpleto operate, and you can enjoy the pleasure of fishing bygentlysliding your fingers! Game Features: ◆ More deep-sea fishwaitingfor you to collect: A total of 121 species of deep-seafishes aredistributed in the 11 most famous fishing grounds in theworld. Thefish in each fishing ground is divided into severallevels. If thestar of fish is higher, it would be more difficultto catch fish. Itseems that these fishes are jumping around infront of you. Theywill splash water side to side when you clickthem with yourfingers. ◆ Professional fishing tools: As aprofessional fishingexpert, of course a professional fishing toolis essential: hooks,fishing rods, reels, baits, fishing lines,feeds, etc. all of themare essential; if you want to catch thebiggest fish in thisfishery, you need better tools, as many as 92fishing tools areavailable for you to choose from. Of course, thebest tools are allbehind. If you want to get it, you can quicklyfish and earn coins.Every tool can be made stronger and get moreattributes throughsmelting . ◆ Powerful fishing props: In additionto some necessarytools, we have added a number of powerful itemsthat will make iteasier for you to catch big fish, such as timecapsules, experiencecapsules, gold coin capsules, strengthincreasing, reel speedincreasing, and more. How to deal withcatching fish: There are 3ways to deal with the catching fish:Sell, sell the fish directly toget the gold coins and experiencevalue immediately; release, if youdo not want this fish, you canrelease it immediately, won't get thegold coin but can get moreExperience value; into the fish tank, ifthe size of these fishdoes not sell well, you can temporarily putthe fish in your fishtank, use the feed to help the fish grow, andsell it when it isbig enough. You can get a huge amount of goldcoins and experiencevalues; Enjoy fishing in the wild and see thereal perfect fishing,give you the same fishing experience inreality! Play the ultimate3D fishing game for FREE! Download WildFishing and show yourfishing mania skills in this fishing adventuregame. Come andexperience it now!
Fishing Knots 1.1
Fishing Knots How to Tie Fishing Hook - Fishing has become oneofthe sports that are increasingly popular both from young toold.For those who have just tried the hobby of fishing means toknow inadvance the basics of fishing line from the way of hook, thetypeof string to choose a good fishing hook. As for how to baithookfishing branched fishing also become a skill that must bepossessedby anglers. For that continue reading this article to findout howto tie the correct branched fishing hook. In fishingequipmentthere are many things that can not be separated from onetoanother. In fact, many parts are integrated into one and mustbeselected with the best quality to use. Like for example on howtotie the fishing line hook forked strings, hook to how to fastenthefishing hook. This application will guide you to betterunderstandhow to Bind Fishing Hooks are correct, easy and strongand inallotment for various types of fish based on their habitatssuch asriver fish and sea. Good luck
Fishing forecast 5.9
"Fishing forecast" is a program that will keep you informedaboutweather forecast and optimal weather conditions forfishing.Functionality and features of the program: - Detailedweather andfishing forecast for 5 days - Forecast biting for morethan 50species of fish - Ability to select one of the threeweatherservices - Map with the ability to label and record theroute -Graphs of changes in weather characteristics - Geomagneticactivitydata - RSS feed with news about fishing and hunting -Lunarcalendar with the ability to take notes - Useful literatureaboutfishing
Fishing Points: GPS, Tides & Fishing Forecast
Fishing Points app enables you to save and find yourfavouritefishing locations, trotlines and trolling paths. Enjoy thebestsatellite view from Google Maps or use offline mode withnauticalcharts for boating. Suitable for every angler on open seas,lakesor rivers. Prepare for fishing trip and find the best fishingtimesusing solunar data, tide prediction and weather forecast.Create afishing log and save the details of every catch (photos,weight,length). Weather, solunar and tide information areaddedautomatically. NAVIGATION - Save fishing locations,hotspots,waypoints - Record trolling paths and trotlines - Findsavedlocations with GPS navigation system - Online mode with GoogleMaps- Offline mode with nautical charts (United States - NOAA)-Compass - Measure distances FORECAST - Daily fish activityforecast- Feeding times (major and minor times) MARINE FORECAST -Hourlywaves forecast (waves, swell, wind waves) - Sea temperature(SST) -Sea currents WEATHER & TIDES - Current weatherconditions andhourly forecast - Wind forecast - Severe weatheralerts - Tideprediction charts SOLUNAR DATA - Sunrise and sunsettimes - Sunpositions - Moonrise and moonset times - Moon positions- Moonphases FISHING LOG - Save catches and create fishing log -Sharecatch photos SHARE - Import kmz or gpx files from gps devicesorother apps - Share your locations with friends
Ninja Fishing 2.0.7
The #1 fishing hit game is now available on Android! Join over16MILLION Ninja Fishing players for FREE! ★ Featured by GoogleasStaff Picks! ★ ★ "Higher than Angry Birds! An instantlyaddictivegame." - WIRED ★ "A perfect example of what I love aboutmobilegames." - IGN ★ "It’s insanely-addicting." - Gamepro ★ "TakesthatFruit Ninja concept and then profoundly expands on it." -GamezeboOtoro, a fitness challenged ninja, might not be the bestfighter,but he sure has mad skills when it comes to fishing! Castyour hookas deep as possible into the ocean, then use the tiltcontrols toreel back as many fish as you can. Finally, use thekatana-poweredtouch technology to slice the scaly fish right out ofthe sky formaximum gold profit (watch out for the Dynamites). ★NINJA FISHINGFEATURES ------------------------------------------- ✔Superaddictive FISH & SLASH gameplay! ✔ Master both tilt &touchcontrols to perfection. ✔ Over *130* fish species to collect.✔Earn GOLD to buy lots of super upgrades like katanas,boats,fishing guides & more. ✔ Collect over 80 RARE TREASURES!✔Construct cool buildings in the NINJA VILLAGE ✔ Go fishing in6ISLANDS (+ more coming soon) ✔ Hunt rare Elemental DRAGONS! ✔FindTREASURE CHESTS with goodies. ✔ Super-sharp HD graphics.✔Achievements & Leaderboards for Google Play! We're workingonmore free updates, please support us and tell all yourfriendsabout Ninja Fishing! Like us on Facebook to get a sneak peekof thenext updates: Follow us onTwitter:
Useful Fishing Knots
Neptuns Apps
Useful Fishing Knots is a quick reference for a number ofmostpopular fishing knots. There are different ways of tyingfishinglines together, making a loop or attaching hooks, weights,swivels,floats, lures, flies and other baits. Having variety ofdifferentknots in your arsenal and knowing when to use them willhelp you tobe a more successful angler. Fishing knots arecategorized by typeand each knot has a description and step by stepinstructions withpictures and guide on how to tie it. Knot picturesare storedoffline and no internet connection is required forapplication towork.
Fishing 1.1.9
Children's fishing, it is - fishing for kids, with the task tobeperformed. The children's fishing, baby - can play alone orwiththeir parents. Fishing for kids - this is an educational game -forthe little ones, fun fishing together with funny bears,fisherslike every child. Game "Children's fishing" bring your childtounderstand about catching fish and a good mood. To succeedandcatch a fish for the children, you need a good work out. Thegamehas two modes of passage, both bear the father and the smallbear.Rules of the game: fishing for kids - bear need to catch fishandcatch on his line as many different beauties! It willalsopermanently prevent you from other fish and all kinds ofdebrisfloating in the water, catch the wrong points are subtracted.Youcan add to the game competitive time playing alone with achildrace. Who gets the most points in fishing for kids and willpass tothe next level? Educational games for children - it is, andthebright and colorful, and educational game - just like kids, itwillbe interesting for older children. Together with them, you canevencome up with the names of each fish, try to determine theirtype(bass, barracuda, sea horse, elephant, sawfish, fish needle).Andwe can remember some cartoon and name each fish bluecornflowers,and every red - Petushki. And to compete: who catchmore Vasilkov,and who - more Petushki. Together with your child canbe repeatednot only the color and size, but also the numbers. Atthe top ofthe playing field shows the number of points scoredplayer.Catching fish, you can immediately ask the child how manypoints hehas earned and how much was just his points. Cheerfularithmeticwill like everything: boys and girls, and especiallytheir parents.It turns out, a children's fishing - teaches count!Though, fishing- it is, to a greater extent, a game for boys,girls, too, it willbe interesting to play it. After the fish arebeautiful, bright,colorful. A fishermen characters - cute and kind.In addition, insome versions of "Fishing Frenzy" you can select theprotagonist -it can be a girl or pandochka kitty. Fishing for kids- also aneducational game for the youngest, fun fishing togetherwith funnybears, fishers like every child. Parents need only choosewhichfun, children's games, download to your tablet, whichimmediatelybecomes no longer the parent and child. But it does notmatter ifthe correct choice of the parents, that is selectedexclusively -developing and training games. "Fishing for Kids" -one of manyeducational games for children, which can be offered toyour child.Play together with your kids in a good game for thechildren,develop, and teach them. Learn by playing with educationalgames.Teach "Fishing for Kids"? This game: - Develops coordination,-Develops an eye estimation, - Teaches kids to distinguishbetweensizes (big fish, little fish, average) - It helps toconsolidateknowledge about flowers, colors and shades. Games forkids: -Training (which is important for the parents); - Colorful(which isimportant for children); - Simple (for the kids) andcomplex (forolder children); Visit us at: Site:
Fishing Spots - Local Fishing Maps & Forecast
Fishing Spots app - The ultimate fishing guide! With hundredsofthousands of users, this app is the fastest and easiest way tofinda fishing spot near you! 100% FREE to use with no hiddencharges.Main Features • Explore fishing maps that show locations,photosand catch details. • Find the best times to fish with ourfishingforecast. • Create your personal logbook and capture thedetails ofevery trip. • Connect with anglers in your area, shareyour catcheswith other anglers or keep it private. We leave that upto you! GPSFishing Maps • Discover new fishing spots and where fishare beingcaught. • Save fishing hotspots and way points aslocations and logGPS coordinates, photos and descriptions. •Advanced map filteringby catches, fishing spots, reports, photos,buoys and streamgauges. • Search millions of bodies of water suchas; lakes,rivers, oceans, streams and ponds. Fishing Forecast •7-day marine& land weather with hourly forecasts. • Watertemperature,precipitation, humidity and barometric pressure •Real-Time NOAAMarine Buoy & USGS Inland station monitoring withwind, wave,tide and water level flow rates. • Global tide data andpredictioncharts with high tides and low tides Solunar Forecast •Find thebest times to fish based on the "Solunar Theory" with majorandminor activity times. • Sun & moon forecast whichincludesunrise, sunset, moon positions and astronomical phases. •Hourlycharts to predict the best fishing times. Personal Logbook •Createa fishing log and capture all the details of every catch. •45+logbook attributes that can be tagged to a single catch.•Automatically tag a catch with weather conditions,watertemperature, sun & moon phases & more. • You havecompletecontrol over your privacy settings. Choose to share yourfishingexperiences or keep it private. Connect with other Anglers•Connect with anglers both locally or around the globe. • Findotheranglers through discovery & fishing searches • Sharefishingphotos, reports, and engage in conversation with otheranglers. •Get fishing tips, tricks and more from the Fishing Spotscommunity.Social News Feed • We offer multiple news feedsincluding; Global,Local and Following. • The "Global" news feedincludes posts fromall anglers on the platform • The "Local" newsfeed can becustomized to a radius of 10-500 miles around you. •The"Following" news feed can be tailored by following specificfishspecies, anglers and bodies of water. Virtual Tackle Box•Personalized tackle box to track your commonly used baits andlures• Add your custom tackle with description and photo • Quicklytag alogged catch with the bait you used Fishing Groups • Create orjoinfishing groups with other anglers who share the samefishinginterests. Perfect for fishing clubs, organizations or yourclosestfishing buddies. • Interested in bass, fly, or saltwaterfishing?We have a group for you! Fish Species • We have over 33,000fishspecies in our database incl. all variations of bass,trout,walleye, carp, pike, catfish, etc. • Track and follow anytype offish in any body of water from your local lake to the ocean.•Interested in catching Mahi, Tuna or Sailfish on your nextbigfishing trip? Just follow those fish species to getlocalknowledge, fishing tips and tricks. Go fish and get hookedwith thelargest fishing community in the industry! Fishing Spots ispoweredby the FishAngler platform.
Fishing Break 4.1.0
Roofdog Games
Time for a Fishing Break! Get on your boat and go on a fishingtripall around the world. Catch big rare fish, upgrade your gear,andbuild your collection! Try it and get hooked :) Features: Simpletoplay yet offers a nice challenge Leaderboards for each fishtocompete against your friends and the world Achievements basedondubious puns 22 fishing spots in 8 gorgeous worlds Hundredsofdifferent fish (including sharks, wait until you see it!) Over200special elemental fish (light, dark, grass, electric, fireandice!) Hours of relaxing fishing fun Please share the game withyourfriends and rate it in the store! Please get in touch with usifyou experience any issue through the “Support” feature intheoptions menu or at the following email: Youcanalso send us bad fish puns and we'll probably addachievementsbased on them :p
Fish|Hunt FL 3.4.1
The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission ispleasedto announce the release of a new, cutting edge Android appthatwill empower anglers and hunters during their outdoor fishingandhunting activities in Florida. The new app is user friendly,andallows visitors to purchase their fishing or huntinglicensesonline, access regulations, pull up a copy of the user'scurrentlicenses, and use geo-locating tools to maximize acustomerísrecreational experience. Upon free download, users maypurchase anddownload licenses and permits directly from theirsmartphone,determine sunrise and sunset time based on GPS location,accessNOAA seas and weather information, and more! The Florida FWChasbeen a national agency leader in providing customers andvisitorswith the most robust technologies and systems to increaseawarenessand conservation amongst the natural resources community,openingup channels to customers to promote Floridaís outdoors andpreservethe sport of fishing and hunting. Go Outdoors!
FishAngler - Fishing Maps, Forecast & Logbook App
Download the #1 FREE Fishing App for anglers. With FishAngleryouget instant access to fishing hot spots, nearby catchesandreal-time fishing forecast. FishAngler is always 100% FREE touse,with no hidden charges or subscription fees! Main Features:•Explore GPS maps with millions of data points. • Find thebesttimes to catch fish with our robust Fishing Forecast. • Log&track your catches with over 45 catch attributes includingrealtime weather conditions. • Connect with other Anglers, getfishingtips, track & share your catches. • Best of all, theFishAnglerapp is 100% FREE with no hidden charges or additionalfees. GPSFishing Maps • Explore fishing maps that show locations,fishspecies & detailed catch information. • Access fishingspots,fishing reports, photos, marine buoys and more. • SaveGPScoordinates as waypoints with the ability to add photosanddescriptions. • Search millions of bodies of water such aslakes,rivers, oceans, streams and ponds. Fishing Forecast • Findthe besttimes to fish with hourly fishing forecasts. • Real time7-daymarine forecasts with wind, wave, tide and water temperatures.•NOAA Marine Buoy & USGS Inland station monitoring withfullyautomated tide tables, charts, predictions and river flowrates. •Know when the fish are active & ready to bite based ontheSolunar fishing forecast. Fishing Logbook • Track &organizeyour fishing trips & catches with over 45 catchattributes. •Automatically log a catch with date, time, weatherconditions,water temps, sun & moon phases & more. • Keeptrack of themost commonly used bait, lures, flies and hooks. •Complete controlover your privacy settings. You can share yourcatches or keep themprivate! Connect with Anglers • Share yourcatches and connect withanglers like you. • Get tips & tricks,join conversations andget local fishing intel. • Discover anglersbased on geographiclocation and the types of fish species beingcaught. • Find anglersbased on fishing technique or interests (flyfishing, bass,saltwater etc.) Social News Feed • Multiple newsfeeds including‘global’, ‘local ‘and ‘following’. • Easily filteryour feeds tosee the activity that is most important to you! •Filter activityby anglers, fish species and bodies of water. • Onlyinterested inseeing fishing spots or catches near you? You can setyour fishingregion from 10-500 miles from your specific location.Fishing Clubs& Groups • Create or join fishing groups withother anglers whoshare the same fishing interests. • Organize localfishing trips,keep track of anglers and show off your catches. •Perfect forfishing clubs, organizations or your closest fishingfriends. FishSpecies • We have over 33,000 fish species in ourdatabase incl.all variations of bass, trout, walleye, carp, catfishetc. • Trackand follow any type of fish in any body of water fromyour locallake to the ocean. • Interested in catching Mahi, Tuna orWahoo onan upcoming fishing trip? Just follow those fish species togetlocal knowledge and fishing intel. Tackle Box • Personalizedtacklebox to track your commonly used baits and fishing lures. •Add yourcustom tackle with description and photo. • Quickly tag aloggedcatch with the bait you used. Business Pages • Connectyourbusiness, brand or organization on the world's most robustfishingplatform all for FREE! • Add your description, website,socialprofiles, location and business hours. • List your servicesand getdiscovered by a global community of anglers. Get out and gofishwith the FishAngler app! Join us in building the largestfishingcommunity in the industry. Questions, comments orsuggestions,please send us a note at
Fishing Diary 1.2.0
Catch most lively fishes in the sea, with a wide choice offishingtackle. A dear diary is there to keep your daily fishingrecord.Start an exciting fishing trip now! # 9 cannons withdifferentpower and speed. # Throw a bomb to catch all fishes in thearea.#Drop a piece of bread to bait all small fishes together.#Strike anelectric shock to stun all fishes in the area.# Catch asmanyfishes as possible to power up your cannon into a laserfirer.#Mermaids know where the sunken treasure is. Catch them tofindout.# Bullhead sharks bring luck. Catch them to see how.#Fishesmigrate in lines and crowds every once in a while. Don't missoutthe chance for a good haul.# Reward shells every levelingup.#Hidden items in bonus stage.# Auto online/offline coinregeneratewhen you are lack of coins.Intuitive game rules:# Tapscreen tocatch fishes# Drag and drop anitemGoodluck!==========================Droidhen is the namebehindDefender, Defender II, Dinosaur War, Miracle City, BasketballShot,DH Texas Poker, Gun of Glory, Shoot the Apple and many othertoppopular games. Droidhen is also marked as top developerbygoogle.==========================
Make your fishing and hunting extremely effective with forecastfromFishing & Hunting Solunar Time! Based on the SolunarTablestheory application will help you to determine as preciselyaspossible the feeding of all types of fish and wildlife.Depending onthe position of the moon and its phases and theposition of the sunyou will have the information about best timefor fishing orhunting. Use Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time toplan your tripsto fishing or hunting in order to maximize yourchances of success!Save your favorite places using Fishing &Hunting Solunar Timefor easy access to Solunar Forecasts in thisplaces. FEATURES: ✓Location: Auto GPS or Manual Entry ✓ Savefavorite locations forfuture reference ✓ Major & Minor Feeding/ Activity Periods ✓Day Rating ✓ Moon Rise / Moon Set Times ✓Sunrise / Sunset Times ✓Day / Month Views ✓ Current Weather and5-Day Forecast ✓ Calendarfor checking solunar data in advance ✓Moon phases ✓ ***NEW*** Tidescharts Note: All application featuresavaliable in PRO version. Feelfree to buy PRO version using in apppurchase.
org.vinczu.ultimatefishingknots 9.4
✔ 58 knots in five categories ✔ Easy-to-follow instructions ✔Tabletsupport ✔ Favorites support ✔ Eagle eye mode ✔ Two differentthemes:Black and Light ✔ Removable Ads ✔ 5 supported languages:English,Hungarian, Italian, German and Spanish Happened in summerof 2011. Iwas fishing and I had to tie a knot, which I used a verylong timeago. Ok, no panic, “there is an app for that”, so I’vechecked theAndroid market, but I was quite disappointed, as Icould not findsuch app, which would gave step-by-step,easy-to-follow instructionswith good photos. So I’ve made thisapp. That’s it. This applicationillustrates how to make the mostpopular fishing knots, categorizedin 4 chapters: line, hook, miscand boating knots. Step-by-stepinstructions help anyone to masterthose. Line knots • Tying loops:Simple loop, Bight, 3-turn loop •Stop knots: Multi-wrap stop knot,Figure of eight stop knot, Unistop knot • Dropper loops andleaders: Butterfly loop, Dropperloop, Surgeon’s knot, Alpin, Linfit• Joining leader to loop:Joining loops 1-2, Quick joining to loop •Line to line: Albright,Blood and Fishermans knot Hook knots • Spadeend hooks: Domhof,Needle knot, Snelling • Knotless knot • Eyedhooks: Crawford,Herkules, Trilene, Fisherman's knot 1-2, Lefty'sknot • Fly or/andeyed hooks: Duncan, Mörrum, Orvis • Drop shot knot• Palomar knot •WF knot Misc knots • Knots for swivels and snaplocks: Clinch,Hangman’s knot, Sling knot • Not-a-knot • Arbourknots • Rapalaknot • Universal knots: Rebeck, Kentauri, Pitzen Seaknots • 3xDropper loops, Thumb knot, Marshall knot, Knot fortrolling, Spiderknot, Bimini twist Boating knots • Bowline, Anchorknot, Slidingknot, Double hitch, Cleat knot and Clovehitch This app is free,butAd supported. This application was made based on series ofarticleson site with the permission of the site ownersand theauthor of the content, Róbert Balogh. Translation was madebyRóbert, also. If app crashes, please update you GooglePlayServices:
BassForecast 3.3.3-prod
BassForecast is the hottest Bass fishing forecast app. In ourProAngler catch rate study, 68% more Bass were caught per hourthanthe average during top 20% BassForecast Rated days and awhopping305% more during top 10% rated days. Designed exclusivelyfor avidBass Anglers and powered by AccuWeather, BassForecastanalyzes manyvariables proven to affect Bass feeding behavior toproduce aBassForecast Rating (BFR) from 1 (very tough conditions)to 10(excellent conditions), for each day over the next 10 days…foranylocation in the United States. Knowing the feeding mood of thefishhelps you in 2 big ways: #1 – Our rating system helps you plan10days in advance to be fishing during the highest rated days,whichincreases your odds. #2 – Our new Tips section helps youfigure outbass catching patterns faster…even on low rated, toughdays. Howmany times have you left the lake wondering what you couldhavedone differently? BassForecast Tips offers Location,Presentationand Bait Tips dynamically adjusted to each day’sconditions, ratingand season. Most importantly, BassForecastautomatically updatesits Ratings and Tips based on changing weatherforecasts &conditions. Just enter your desired fishinglocations andBassForecast does all the work for you. To develop itsproprietaryBassForecast Rating system, BassForecast researchedtemperaturetransfer reports from water engineers and bass feedingbehaviorresearch reports from fishery biologists. The systemanalyzes pastactual and future forecast temperatures applying theTemperatureTime Lag Effect© because water temps LAG air temps. Italso adjustsfor seasonal hours of daylight, wind speed &direction, moonphases, peak feeding periods, sky conditions,rain….and atmosphericfrontal conditions since Bass feed moreactively during a rapidlyfalling barometer and less activelyfollowing a rapidly risingbarometer. Everything you need to planthe most effective Bassfishing trip are in this app! Premium Usershave access to: • 10Day’s in advance BassForecast Ratings so youcan pick the best days(and times) to Bass fish • 10 Days in advanceTips to give you newideas on Location, Presentation and Baits soyou can figure out howto catch bass more consistently. • PushNotifications of “Good” and“Epic” days to Bass fish 10 days inadvance
 • Track up to 10favorite fishing destinationssimultaneously so you can compare andchoose your destination basedon live data • View AccuWeather 10Day Forecast details in-appincluding temperature, barometricpressure, wind speed &direction, % chance of rain, andexpected rainfall amount • AccessGPS Specific Complete Solunarcoverage including sunrise/sunset,moonrise/moonset, moonoverhead/underfoot & major/minor feedingtimes • Quickly view10 days of past weather information to planyour fishing strategyso you can see how your locations have beenaffected by rainfallamounts and wind direction to help locate Bass• View 12-monthCalendar function for planning future trips aroundlong range newand full moon phases • Store catch data, location,rating,pictures, dates and conditions in the Catch Log, which canbeshared or kept private • Monitor approaching fronts andstormswhile on the water with in-app access link to live localRadarTerms of Use:
Fishing for kids and babies 1.3
Looking for memory training game for your kid? Baby Fishing isjustsomething your kids will love to play! Baby Fishing for kids isalearning teaser game that will help your child to train memoryandability to concentrate, encourage perseverance. Baby Fishingisdesigned for children of all ages, by selecting the levelofcomplexity you can easily simplify or complicate the game foryourkid. How to play Baby Fishing: In the upper right-hand corneris anicon of the fish you need to scoop. Select this fish amongothersand click on that fish - a scoop-net will catch it! If youhavemismatched a fish - no worries, the fish will release bubblessoyou may try again until succeed and scooped fish will produceafunny sound :) - Easy to play - Build cognitive skills -Trainmemory - Concentration skills test - Beautiful fishpictures,exciting music and lots of fun Kids love playing memorygamesonline. Baby Fishing makes it easy for kids to improvetheirshort-term memory and speed recognition skills. Baby Fishingforkids is a good choice of fun educational game that will helpyourchild to discover the fishing world and train memory. If youlikethis game, please take a moment to rate it and share it toyourfriends, thank you! Your votes encourage us to develop morefreegames for kids!
Feeder fishing 2.2
Here are collected articles that teach modern feeder fishing.Youwill learn the bottom gear: rods, reels, learn about thebottomrigs, how to properly (effectively) use them and much, muchmore.
Fishing Knots Pro
MP Fish
"Fishing Knots" - is a program for your mobile device, showinghowto tie knots. Among the many knots fisherman should select andusethe right one. In each case - his own. How the knot weakensthefishing line? Which knots to use for thin fishing lines, andwhich- for thick? Which knots can be knit on multifilament fishingline?The encyclopedia contains different type of knots for: bindingoftwo fishing lines; tying leads; attach large and smallhooks,baits, lures, swivels; connection fishing lines and thebindingcord; tie a boat and etc.; For each knot, tying methodsisdescribed in detail. Also description of each knotcontainsstep-by-step guide "How to tie" with illustrations.Describes indetail the properties of knots. The estimation of thestrengthreduction for each knot. For each knot providesrecommendations fortypes of fishing lines. The application can alsowork without theInternet, all the nodes are loaded duringinstallation. Selectedknots are simple and clear three-dimensionalscheme - this is theapp "Fishing knots". Here are a few reasons toinstall into yourdevice "Fishing Knots": ✔ The maximum number ofknotes used byfishermen; ✔ Graphics extensively tested forintelligibility; ✔ Theapplication can run without an Internetconnection; ✔ Easy to useinterface - this is not a website pagewith a bunch of uselessinformation at the edges; ✔ Knots areclearly defined bycategories; ✔ Each record contain relative knotstrength - thebreaking strength of a knotted rope in proportion tothe breakingstrength of the rope without the knot; ✔ It is alwaysbeingupdated, refined and increasing.
Salt Strong Fishing 1.1.2
Helping fishermen catch more fish in less time
Desert Island Fishing 1.03
"Lost at sea, nothing to do but fish! Jump in to auniverseoverflowing with surprises and addictive re-playability inthenewest game from Springloaded, winner of a Google best of2016Indie games award!· Fun, simple, one-touch arcade fishcatching,inspired by the greatest fishing games of all time!·Hundreds offish to find, all with their own unique entertainingdescriptions.·7 Islands (plus more if you figure out how to findthem). Each onehas their own inhabitant who has a rich backstory toexplore!·Upgrade your gear and power up your heroes to make fishingforthose boss fish a walk in the park!· (Coming soon) Link upwithyour friends and play daily challenges together against therest ofthe world!· Dive deeper into the Pixona Universe! Meetfishingheroes from our other games, ,Campaign Clicker and TheLastVikings."
Fish Trap 1.0
For those of you who have a hobby of catching fish, maybeusingafish trap to be one of its own attraction besides commonwayssuchas fishing or jarring spread. Catching fish using trapsisalsocommonly used since hundreds of years ago.If used to makemorefishtrap utilizing materials from nature such asbamboo,rattan,coconut leaves, palm leaves and other naturalmaterials. Inthisday and age, to make fish traps can also use avariety ofmaterialsused or household waste.In principle, this trapis similarto atraditional fish trap. That is trapping the fish toenter thetrapand the fish can not go out anymore. Make fishingtraps fromusedmaterials or household waste can also serve to catchsmall andbigfish.
CPW Fishing 1.0.7
Ready to start fishing in Colorado? The official fishing appofColorado Parks and Wildlife can help you discover newfishinglocations, learn new skills and journal your fishingexperiences.Fishing Atlas Discover and search over 1,300 fishingdestinationsacross Colorado and save your favorite locations forfutureadventures — including in “offline mode!” View locationpopularity,ease of access, fish species present, stream gauges andmore.Search locations by species, ease of access, popularity,handicapaccessibility, family friendly opportunities, rustic flyfishingand ice fishing. Journal Record your days on the water,journalyour catches — even place your catch locations on the map.Shareyour journal entries with family and friends, or keep yourfavoritelocations a secret. Track your progress and earn badges byspendingmore time on the water. You can even become an official CPWMasterAngler. Learn Keep it legal — review the latest Coloradofishingregulations before getting out on the water or in offlinemode inthe backcountry. Not sure what fish you caught? Use thefishidentification guide to learn about Colorado’s many fishspecies.Access the latest fishing conditions report and stockingreport.
My Fishing Mate Pro Australia 1.8
My Mate Apps
My Fishing Mate Pro is the essential app for recreationalfishing,anywhere in Australia. It has all of the size, bag, andboatlimits, open and closed seasons, and any other applicable rulesforeach species of fish and invertebrate, both freshwaterandsaltwater. With listings and images for over 650 species, youcanbe sure to identify that fish you have just caught! There isalsodetailed additional information for many species includingsizerange, description, distribution, habitat, life cycle, diet,sportand eating qualities, and most importantly - fishing tips andrigs!Every state is included - NSW, ACT, VIC, QLD, SA, WA, TAS andNT.Every species that has any fishing regulations is here,(nearly)all with photos, so you can be confident that you arefishingwithin the state's laws. You can directly search for a fishfromthe scroll list, or swipe from fish to fish to quickly findwhatyou've just caught. The app is designed with a crisp andcleaninterface to maximise screen real estate so that you can readiteasily in outdoor conditions, and all of the info is availableevenin offline mode, so you can use it anywhere where the fishare!Happy fishing!The app is in continuous development, withmorecontent and features being added on a regular releaseschedule.Check out the Facebook page for the latest news on what'sinstore:
Fish Maine 6.0.4
Simplified Fishing Rule Book for Maine This App is not anofficialrule book it is an easier to use version of the officialrule book.Just like the official rule book If the lake you arefishing is notlisted it falls under general law, and the rules forthe countythat it is in.Should you have any questions please referto theofficial rule book. Although we have made every effort forall theinformation in the app to be accurate. It is possible thatmistakeswere made. User takes all responsibility for the use andlegalramifications of using this application.This Applicationcontainsads. This is how we can make it available free.
Neptuns Apps
Useful Fishing Knots Pro is a quick reference for a number ofmostpopular fishing knots. There are different ways of tyingfishinglines together, making a loop or attaching hooks, weights,swivels,floats, lures, flies and other baits. Having variety ofdifferentknots in your arsenal and knowing when to use them willhelp you tobe a more successful angler. Fishing knots arecategorized by typeand each knot has a description and step by stepinstructions withpictures and guide on how to tie it. Knot picturesare storedoffline and no internet connection is required forapplication towork. This is full version and does not have anyadvertisements.
Gulf State Fishing Regulations 1.02
Provides a search-able list of Saltwater Fish for the States oftheGulf of Mexico. You can view illustrations of thefish,regulations, and fish identification data for FL, TX, LA,MS,AL.Great for the novice or experienced fishermen.Provides:-Fishidentification information.- Size Limits- Bag Limits-StateRecords- Habitat informationThis application DOES NOTrequireinternet access so you can use it on your boat even whenservice isnot available. All the information is contained withintheapplication.Beautiful illustrations by renown illustratorDuaneRaver, Jr. make it easy to identify that fish you justcaught.Fastand easy access to regulation information.
com.halieuticom.fishfriender 1.12.5
Discover the best weather conditions to fish, the new tackles,andother anglers... without ever disclosing your fishing spot! Keepanhistory of all your catches and the associated weather data,shareand converse with your friends about your catches andequipment toknow what works best ! FISHING LOG Complete yourfishing log with «quick catch » feature, allowing you to save apicture of a fishwith its geolocation in 3 taps, so you get backfishing as fast aspossible. The app gets all data in thebackground: the weather,moon phase, tides, etc… TACKLE BOX Save allyour equipment in yourdigital tackle box, so you can select themquickly and associatethem to your catches, to know which equipment(lure / rod / reel,etc...) works best in different situationANALYSIS Go back throughyour past catches to better understand thefishes you’re lookingfor, so you’ll be prepared for your next trip! SOCIAL Share yourexperiences (you can keep the place private) andbe aware of yourfriends catches ! Registration on FishFriender isfree. The appworks offline, and will sync all datas with youraccount when network is available. GPS data areonly usedwhen you save a catch. If you have any trouble, pleasecontact usfrom the contact section in the app, or
PA Streams - Fishing in Pennsylvania map 1.0
This app was created to aide fisherman in Pennsylvanialookingfornew places to fish or for those in a unfamiliar location.Themaphighlights waterways that contain trout, distinguishedbytheirdesignation according to the Pennsylvania Fish andBoatCommission.Displaying class-a, wilderness, stocked waterways,andspecialregulation streams. Provides up to date stockinginformationandlive stream flow information. You can get directionsby pressingalocation on the screen and then taping the red marker.Feel freetoemail me with suggestions. This is the first release andhopetoimprove performance of the map and search. I also plan toaddmorelayer options in the future.
NZ Fishing Rules 3.2.1
Get recreational fish species information on the go with theNZFishing Rules App. The application helps you toidentifyrecreational fish species common in your area throughimages, thendisplays relevant information such as the minimum legalsize,maximum daily limits and area bag limits. Short videosembeddedwithin the application show how to release undersize fishcorrectlyand also how to measure/determine the sex of crayfish.Localnotices will give you updates on any temporary closures inthearea.
Fishing Clash: Catching Fish Game. Bass Hunting 3D 1.0.76
13M+ anglers already played Fishing Clash ! Join them! Themostpopular hobby now in your pocket! Start catching fish speciesinFishing Clash - free fishing simulator and new 3D game fromTenSquare Games, the producer of Let's Fish app. High time togofishing! Face other players in real-time PvP! -Be faster andbetter- catch more valuable fish species -Beat your opponents andwinexclusive rewards -Get social and interact with other anglersEnjoyvivid 3D graphics! -Visit great animated realisticfisheries(Florida Coast, Guntersville, Amazon River, Loch Ness,GreatBarrier Reef, Mekong River and many more) - Discover hundredsof 3Dfish species - Feel the power of professional fishing gearDon'tmiss time-limited events - Enjoy new content and in-gameeventsevery week - Take part in championships - Compete withotherplayers in leaderboards Pick the right fishing gear and getyourfishing career rolling - Collect and upgrade lures to reachhigherlevels - Unlock new fisheries and get access to new fishspeciesand quests - Choose your gear wisely to increase the weightof fish- Get buffs to be faster and more accurate Fishing in atruly worldsport style! Join the most popular sport in the worldwith FishingClash - a free fishing game available for mobiledevices! Take partin sport events and fishing tournaments, competewith your friendsto hunt down your next catch and reel your bigfish in! Enjoy afishing adventure in the America’s greatestoutdoors and visitstunning fishing locations through gripping andaddictive gameplay– catch the fishing fever this season with theultimate, mostrealistic fishing simulator app. Free fishing allyear round Summerfishing? Winter fishing? In our free onlinesimulation game you canvisit nearest river, freshwater lake, sea,or ocean for qualitysport fishing whenever you want to. Whetherit’s the fishingoff-season or you’re warming up for your nexttournament, play ourfishing game - for free! With realistic 3Dgraphics, fisherieslocated in the heart of nature, you will feellike you are on anactual fishing trip, standing on the fishingdock, holding yourfishing rod - and fighting with your big fish!Win the strugglewith a shark or bass and get the title of a fishingmaster in thefishing championship! Fishing rocks! For free! Go onan adventure -compete - win! Fishing Clash is a fishing gamedesigned for thosewho like fishing adventures, action games,simulation games,competition and outdoors! Practice, take part inthe fishingchampionships and tournaments, score points and become afish gamechamp. Breathtaking Locations Travel to realistic,beautifullyanimated locations in nature across i.e. The NorthAmerica. Startwith Florida and move on to the biggest Alabama’slake -Guntersville Lake. Your next stop will be Kenai River, themostpopular sport fishing destination in Alaska, particularly knownforits salmon and rainbow trout. Will you be able to beat theworldrecord for king salmon? How many species of fish will youcatch? Inthis 3D fishing simulator game you can catch variousspecies offish like catfish, bass, crappie, sunfish, trout, salmon,barracudaor even a shark and whale! Aim for the rare boss fish andrememberthat each specie has its own style so make sure you’reready topull! Designed with fishing enthusiasts in mind FishingClash is amobile fishing simulator of the highest quality. It isacombination of a fishing simulator, outdoor app and sportsgame.Online game for free - choose between sport fishing, bassfishing,fly fishing, ice fishing and any other form of catching abig fish.DOWNLOAD NOW and prepare for one of the most realisticexperiencein fishing games genre!
NE Fish & Wildlife Guide 5.29.16 Domain 165
The Official Fishing, Hunting & Wildlife Guide for NebraskaGameand Parks Commission is FREE to download!Gain access tousefulinformation in the palm of your hand. This innovativeoutdoorguide, powered by Pocket Ranger® technology, brings theoutdoors toyour fingertips and helps you plan the perfectbackcountryadventure. You will be able to locate Nebraska’s manyfishing,hunting and wilderness sites and gain immediate accesstoon-the-spot species profiles, rules and regulations, andimportantpermits and licensing details. Advanced GPS technologyenhances anytrek through the woods, allowing you to record trailsand usewaypoints and photo waypoints to mark traps and keep trackofwildlife sightings. With the app’s “Nearest Me” feature,uncoverwhich wildlife resource management areas or public fishingareasare closest to you, so you can embark on your adventure rightaway.With the NE Fishing, Hunting & Wildlife Guide in yourpocket,you’ll be able to spend more time hunting, fishing andwildlifeviewing and less time trying to recall details from memory.PocketRanger® provides plenty of other standard features andadvanced GPStechnology to maximize any backcountry excursion:•Places to huntand fish• Species profiles• Rules and regulations•License andpermit information• Safety communication tool• AdvancedGPS mappingfeatures• Cache map tiles for offline use• Recordtracks, distanceand time• Mark waypoints and photo waypoints•Recall, post or sharesaved data • Friend Finder feature that allowsusers to keep trackof friends and family along the way.• Built-incompass to helpusers navigate.• Trophy Case, a community of anglersand hunters!•Real-time calendar of events• News and advisories •Potentiallylife-saving Alert feature that supplies users’ GPScoordinates todesignated contacts in case of an emergency.•SECURITY ASSURANCE:THE POCKET RANGER® PLATFORM DOES NOT AND CANNOTMINE FOR PERSONALINFORMATION, PHOTOS OR CONTACTS. With essentialfishing, huntingand wildlife viewing information at yourfingertips, prepare toexperience Nebraska’s great outdoors likenever before. Like us onFacebook: on• The enhanced features onthe app aredesigned to function in areas with little to no mobilereception;however, some of the features require mobile datareception inorder to function properly.• Obviously, if you chooseto call, textor email through the application, you understand thatyou areresponsible to your service provider for any charges thatmay applyto communications sent from your device. POCKET RANGERDOES NOTHAVE ACCESS TO OR CONTROL OF THESE COMMUNICATIONS.•Continued useof GPS running in the background can dramaticallydecrease batterylife.
Fish Defense 1.0.5
Everybody knows that every person like fishing, but sorry...becausein this game you will not able to catch fish.You have tocontrolfish and save=) But we can swear - it is AWESOME. Just tryand tellus what do you think about it.Rules are simple andcontrols areperfect:I. pick your favourite fish to do you own.II.Transferfish-card at screen to drop selected fish to the startedplace.III.Create your own fish-army, improve skills.IV. Extendfree slots tosend more fish.V. Have fun!FEATURES:- simple andattractivegameplay.- 3D sound effects- intuitive controls- specialmermaidquest- beautiful graphic design.Remember: we do our best toimprovethis game and make it better from time to time. We will beveryhappy for your feedback and regards!
iFiske - Easier fishing! 4.12.2
Are you an angler? Want to fish in Sweden? Don't know where tobuythe fishing license? Then use the app from iFiske! With the appyoucan search for and read about hundreds of fishing areas inSweden.You can buy the permit online and get your personal fishinglicensedigitally directly delivered to the app. In Sweden it ismandatoryby law to have a valid fishing license in most waters.Recreationalfishing in Sweden is subject the laws of the Swedishfisherieslegislation and its associated regulations, and violationmay leadto public prosecution. With iFiskes app, you can findfishing areasby searching by name or looking at our map . The apphelps you tobuy your own fishing permit using your phone. For allthe areaslisted in the iFiske app, you can look at pictures fromthe area,read descriptions of the lake / river, review the fishingrules,see the presence of fish species, and much more! In otherworkds,this is the perfect tool to plan your fishing trip toSweden. Inaddition to buying permits and searching for fishingareas, you canalso manage your purchased fishing licenses andreview the rulesthat apply. The app content is available offline,eg when you haveno mobile coverage, which comes handy if you arefishing in aremote area. The app also contains detaileddescriptions of themost common freshwater fishes in Sweden, andarticles about commonsport fishing methods. For iFiske affiliatedorganizations thereare in-app features for inspections of fishingpermits and lists ofall fishing licenses sold. Checks of permitscan easily be done byscanning a QR code, or by entering the uniquefishing card number.These features are only available to logged-inusers that areconnected to an organization that sells fishinglicenses viaiFiske. NOTE: If you are missing YOUR favorite fishingarea in theapp, please do not give the app a bad rating justbecause of that.We CAN only sell fishing licenses for thoseorganisations thatjoined the iFiske service.
Angler Guide - دليل الصياد 1.0
App specially designed for anglers, which includes a range oftoolsrelated to the fishing activities along rivers, lakes, damsandshores, in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egyptcountries.Features: - Map with over than 5100 fishing spots -Tackle shopsmap - Save and track fishing locations - Find savedlocations withGPS navigation system - Measure road and directdistances - Dailyfish activity forecast - Feeding times (major andminor times) -Current weather conditions and hourly forecast - Tidepredictioncharts - Sunrise and sunset times - Sun positions -Moonrise andmoonset times - Moon positions - Moon phases - Fishingknots TIFNIT
Lake Erie GPS Fishing Charts 3.1.2
Flytomap is a valid and interesting alternative, Featured ontheDeck Featured on Geomedia Worldwide Marine and OutdoorMapsavailable when connected, thanks to viewer.flytomap.comWorldwideSatellite images overlay on charts Worldwide Terrainfeaturesoverlay on charts, thanks to Open Street Map, OpenCycleMap,Earth,topo maps by ESRI Now with NOAA raster chartsseamlesswith continuous updates from the official Government serverNowwith ActiveCaptain - Worldwide boaters community * 200.000+Captains Use to Explore: √ Latitudes and Longitudes to go toyourfavorite places √ Search your Favorite points directly √Zoom,Rotate and Pan fast just by a finger touch √ Geocompass √Navigateand see your GPS position on the map √ Heading VectorTowards thedirection movement √ Distance Measurement Tool to easilycalculatethe distance from one location to another √ Insertthetarget/destination and see in real time your speed, distanceandbearing √ background mode - Flytomap works in background aswell,you can swap with another app and receive/make calls send smswhilepanning and zooming. √ Unlimited Tracks share via email,visible onGoogle, Flytomap Viewer, KMZ format - Store your trackwithout theneed of cellular data or mobile signal √ KMZ KML from /to GPXConverter √ Optimized battery usage √ ActiveCaptain • Viewandcontribute to the best boaters community available in the world•Continuous update of all info (including reviews from thedeck)about : • Marinas • Anchorages • Hazards • Local Knowledge √And somuch more to come - It’s the only app you will ever need!Ourcharts are installed on: GARMIN NAVICO LOWRANCE B&GNORTHSTAREAGLE SIMRAD Follow us: ▶Twitter @flytomap ▶Web▶Web App ▶ Thecartography of Lake Erie is included inthis application Flytomapis committed to constant improvement, thisApp is developed withthe help of professional boaters to get thebest experience on thesea, we listen to our users andsystematically add the mostrequested features. Thank you for thefeedback! Additional infoabout Flytomap products FLYTOMAP LAKEMAPS: We offer high qualitylake maps with detailed information andimportant featurescompressed to assure the larger coverage in USAregion. Lake mapscontain most important DNR lakes with detailed‘Depth Contours,Boat Ramps, Fishing spots etc. Also includesTrails, Roads andRailways information. WATER MAPS (Marine): Watermap navigator isthe new ‘Marine Navigator for all mobile devicescontains embeddedElectronic Nautical Charts (ENC) from NOAAcompressed to a largecoverage.You can now download the applicationand transform yourPhone in a chart plotter with best NOAA, ENC S57cartography; whichincludes Anchoring areas, Fishingareas,restriction areas,obstructions, rocks, Buoys, Beacons,Lights, Depth contours withValues display on map, Spot Soundingsand more. The only marineapp’s available in the market with suchhuge information. Everyeffort is made to be as accurate as possiblewhen presentinginformation for every destination. TRAVEL MAPS:These Maps treatyou mostly with information of both Marine andterraincorrespondingly. These are the most preferable Maps totravelespecially for fascinating recreational voyages, map focusthe bestBeach spots along the Coast line, Major ports, Sailing,Fishing,Picnic areas, Parks, Hiking, Biking, Clubs,restaurants,FamousHotels, Museums, Shopping areas, and much more.Introducing guidein map navigator for easy references, you can useit without anyActive Internet connection! “We work to delight yourmoments” !Enjoy great Journeys!KeyWords:marine,boat,sail,chart,gps,navigate,map,nautical,noaa,sea,fish,angler,lake,canoe,cruise,motion,conversion,kml,gpx,kmz,poi,contour,lowrance,fishing,spot,depth
Carpigate - GPS App for Angler 2.5.1
FKT42 GmbH
Carp anglers commonly use expensive handheld GPS deviceswhilefishing on big lakes to save promising spots in the water,allowingthem to find spots quickly again while carp fishing. Now,theCarpigate GPS app for your iPhone makes GPS easily accessibleandaffordable for carp fishing. Especially designed for fishing,thisGPS app allows you to save and locate GPS position pointsandcoordinates of your fishing hot spots via the GPS functionalityofyour iPhone. This app easily navigates you back to yoursavedhotspot, allowing you to lay your bait in the exact locationof aprevious bite. When you are nearby your saved spot, youarenotified by vibration or tone alarm. This app ist also fittingwellfor all anglers who want to be right on the spot when casting.Ifyou have leaded your swim for example with a marker rod, clipyourline and count as normal with the help of distance sticksyournumber of rod lengths. Afterwards go into position, tap onthebutton for entering your rod lengths and turn your smartphoneinthe casting direction. From these informations the GPScoordinatesof your spot will be calculated which you can save then.When youcast next time, the direction and the number of rod lengthsisshown in the app. Also if you have to cast from anotherposition,always the right direction and number of rod lengths iscalculatedbased on your actual position. If you also save your campvia GPS,this app can navigate you back to camp at night, during badweatheror when visibility is low on big lakes without the need toset up alight on shore. You can save an unlimited number ofwaterscontaining an unlimited number of spots. Use significantnames foryour spots and add optional annotations for example "worksbest inautumn." So after years, you will still know if this spotwas theplateau, the sloping edge or the bed of mussels. From nowon, youcan copy all saved data of your spot with one tap and sendit toyour friends via SMS, E-Mail or Whatsapp. Therefore, you caneasilyshare your feeding grounds and alternate feedingresponsibilitieswith your fellow and be confident that they will beable to findthe exact locations. If you investigated your watersvia GoogleEarth or Google Maps, you can now save interesting areaswith alonger tap on the map or by entering the coordinatesmanually. Onceon the water, you can easily locate these areas for amore detailedlook. Save an unlimited number of pictures to yourspots, forexample special caught fish, the casting direction, ormaybe tohighlight an overhanging bush. Of course, this app isuseful forall boat anglers too. Finally found the location ofpikes, zandersor perches while spin fishing or trolling? Use thisapp to save thehot spot and you will not have to start at thebeginning next time.Especially interesting for predator andtrolling anglers, you canrecord complete trolling routes. Likewise,you can also createroutes out of your already saved spots andnavigate back to them.If you drift away from your recorded route,you will be notified byan alarm tone.
Pro Knot Fishing + Rope Knots 2.0
John Sherry
100+ Knots! Pro-Knot is the most trusted and the bestsellingprinted knot reference in the world.102 knots are BOTHanimated andillustrated! The Pro-Knot App makes learning to tieknots easy andfun! Each of 52 fishing knots (MOST FISHING KNOTS ofany appanywhere), 2 emergency fish hook removal techniques and 50ropeknots has its own animation video, a picture of the finishedknot,step by step illustrations and instructions, and a descriptionofthe knot’s use. - 50 essential Rope Knots - 52 best FishingKnots(most fishing knots of any App in any store!) - Animations andStepby Step illustrations. - Movable to SD cardThe 52 BestFISHINGKNOTS include:Terminal Tackle Connections (28):- Arbor Knot- BajaKnot- Berkley Braid Knot- Centauri Knot- Davy Knot- Drop ShotRig -Egg Loop - Eye Crosser Knot (Knot Wars winner)- Fish-N-FoolKnot(Knot Wars winner) - Harvey Dry Fly Knot- Improved ClinchKnot-Jansik Special- Knotless Knot - NanoFil Knot- Non Slip MonoLoop -Offshore Swivel Knot - Orvis Knot - Palomar Knot - PitzenKnot-Rapala Knot - Riffle Hitch- San Diego Jam Knot - SnellKnottraditional version - Snell Knot Uni Knot version - TrileneKnot -Turl Knot- Uni Knot - World's Fair Knot Line to Line Knots(11): -Albright Special - Blood Knot - Bristol Knot (aka No NameKnot)-Double Uni Knot - J Knot - Nail Knot - Seaguar Knot(Fluorocarbonknot) - Slim Beauty (Exclusive - awesome leader knot)- Surgeon’sKnot - Willis Knot (Leadcore)- Yucatan Knot Loop Knots(9): -Bimini Twist - Dropper Loop - Homer Rhode Loop Knot- KingSling-Non-Slip Mono Loop- Perfection Loop- Rapala Knot - SpiderHitch-Surgeon’s End Loop Plus: Bobber Stopper Knot, Knot Tyer ToolNailKnot, two Tenkara Knots and two Strike Indicator Knots andtwoEmergency Fish Hook Removal Techniques! The 50 Essential ROPEKNOTSinclude: Hitches (27) (rope to object knots): - Anchor Bend-Blake's Hitch - Buntline Hitch - Cleat Hitch - Clove Hitch-Constrictor Knot - Cow Hitch- Distal Hitch - Girth Hitch -HalfHitch (and Two Half Hitches) - Klemheist - Marl- Mooring Hitch-Munter Hitch - Pile Hitch - Prusik Hitch- Rolling Bend -RollingHitch - Schwabisch Hitch- Slipped Knot- Slipped Buntline-TautlineHitch - Tautline to Rope- Transom Knot- Timber Hitch -Trucker’sHitch - Valdotain Tresse Knot Bends (13) (rope to ropeknots): -Backup Knot - Better Bow Knot - Common Whipping- CarrickBend -Double Fisherman’s - Double Overhand Stopper- Heaving LineKnot -Monkey's Fist- Sheepshank - Sheet Bend (doubled version too)-Square Knot (Reef Knot) - Water Knot - Zeppelin BendLoopKnots(10): - Bowline - Bowline on a Bight - Butterfly Knot -FigureEight Follow Through - Honda Knot - Prusik Knot - Slip Knot-Slipped Buntline- Slippery Eight Loop - Yosemite BowlineSummaryofFeatures: - 102 knots – 52 Fishing Knots and 50 Rope Knots, andtwofish hook removal techniques. - Illustrations from the bestsellingknot reference in the world (800,000+ knot books sold) -Knotslisted and searchable alphabetically by name and by category-Overview page gives explanation of knot and finishedknotillustration - Step-by-Step screens give separate illustrationsanddirections for each step - Swipe the images to move forward orbackthrough the steps- Animation movies of all knots - Favoritespagelets you save your own list of favorite knots - KnotTerminologypage explains rope and knot terms - Created by one ofthe mosttrusted and respected knot reference publisher in theworld. Feelfree to email us your comments, suggestions andrequests( We love to hear from you!
Utah Hunting and Fishing 1.0.7
NIC Inc.
Utah Hunting and Fishing is the official application of theUtahDivision of Wildlife Resources (DWR). Utah DWR is themobileresource for wildlife events, licenses, permits, informationandcommunication with the Utah DWR for outdoor enthusiasts.Features:License download - now you can have licenses on your phonefor youand your family! Hunt unit boundaries - show the huntboundary ofthe unit that matches your permit. Event feed - choosewhich typeevents you'd like to see. Shooting hours - pick a dateand displaythe legal shooting hours. Fish identifier - helps toidentify fishspecies found in Utah Upland Game identifier - helpsto determineupland game species in Utah Waterfowl identifier -helps todetermine those waterfowl species that have specialhuntregulations Report a poacher - number and online form toreportsuspicious activities Links to draw information - look upyourpoints and eligibility Walk-In Access finder - helps locatewalk inaccess properties More features to come!
Fishing Calendar Pro 1.3.0
Fishing Calendar is an advanced Solunar prediction calendarthatshows you the best fishing times for any location at anytime.Every angler knows that the best bite times are when the fisharefeeding, typically at dusk and dawn. But there are other factorstoconsider. With the help of a Fishing Calendar you willincreaseyour catch! Some of the features: - Prediction of the bestfishingtimes - Infinite prediction calendar - Day and month viewoffishing efficiency - Moonrise, moonset and moon overhead times-Moon Phase - Sunrise and sunrise times - Minor and major periods-Worldwide calendar for any location - Imperial and metric units
NM Fish & Wildlife Guide 5.29.301 Domain 421
The FREE Official New Mexico Outdoor Pocket Ranger® GuideforFishing, Hunting & Wildlife was created in acollaborativeeffort between the New Mexico Department of Game andFish (NMDGF)and ParksByNature Network, LLC at no cost to the state.Gain accessto useful information in the palm of your hand. Thisinnovativeoutdoor guide, powered by Pocket Ranger® technology,brings thewilderness to your fingertips and helps you plan theperfectadventure in the great outdoors. You will be able to locateNewMexico's fishing and wilderness sites and gain immediate accesstorules and regulations, important permits and licensing detailsandyou can even report your harvest within the app. Inaddition,advanced GPS technology enhances your trips, allowing youto recordtrails, use waypoints and photo waypoints, and keep trackof yourfavorite spots. The Official New Mexico Outdoor PocketRanger Guidein your pocket, you’ll be able to spend more timefishing andhunting and less time trying to recall details frommemory. PocketRanger® provides plenty of other standard featuresand advanced GPStechnology to maximize any outdoor excursion:•Places to fish andhunt •Rules and regulations •License and permitinformation•Advanced GPS mapping features •Record tracks - distanceand time•Mark waypoints and photo waypoints •Recall, post or sharesaveddata •Accuracy and distance indicator •Built-in compass tohelpusers navigate •News and advisories With essential fishingandhunting information at your fingertips, prepare to experienceNewMexico’s backcountry like never before. Like us Follow us
Fishing Knots Real 3D 3.6
Game 82 Studio
This app shows fully ANIMATED 3D fishing knots. Fishing KnotsReal3D is an app that assist you in fishing. If you forgot someknotsor never knew them, it’s not a problem anymore, thanks to thehelpof this app, you can make those knots easily. The appautomaticallyshows you the knot. You can enlarge, reduce, stop, oreven rewindto watch it again, with real 3D effect. The colour ofthebackground or the line can be changed, if you not see eithercolourwell. This is a perfect application for every angler. Justhave todownload it once and then it can be used offline,anytime,anywhere, whenever you need it. For the present it’s onlyavailablein English and Hungarian, but further languages willbeforthcoming. Fishing Knots: Leader's Simple Knot Uni KnotDeafFishing Knot Saltwater Knot Clinch Knot Rebeck DoubleFisherman'sKnot Leader Dropper Loop Blood Knot Alpine ButterflyPerfectionLoop Half Blood Knot Albright Special Clinch Blood KnotCove KnotLindeman Knot Nail Knot Palomar Not a Knot Rapala UpdateKnots:Arbor Knot Non Slip Mono Loop Knot
OK Fishing & Hunting Guide 5.29.23 Domain 362
The FREE Official Oklahoma Fishing, Hunting & WildlifePocketRanger® Guide was created in a collaborative effort betweentheOklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation andParksByNatureNetwork™. Gain access to useful information in thepalm of yourhand. This innovative outdoor guide, powered by PocketRanger®technology, brings the wilderness to your fingertips andhelps youplan the perfect adventure in the great outdoors. You willbe ableto gain immediate access to on-the-spot species and arearules andregulations and important permits and licensing details.PocketRanger® provides plenty of features to maximize anyoutdoorexcursion: • Rules and regulations • License and permitinformation• Purchase a license• Check your harvested game throughthe E-checkSystem• Real-time calendar of events • News andadvisories Withessential fishing and wildlife viewing informationat yourfingertips, prepare to experience Oklahoma’s backcountrylike neverbefore. Like us on Facebook: us onTwitter: •The enhancedfeatures on the appare designed to function in areas with little tono mobilereception; however, some of the features require mobiledatareception in order to function properly. •Continued use ofGPSrunning in the background can dramatically decrease batterylife.
Ice Fishing Derby Premium 1.29
Pishtech LLC
The ad-free, in-app purchase free version of Ice FishingDerby:It'sa five day fishing derby with a twist. The forecast forthe firstday is pretty nice, but it's going to get much, muchcolder as thedays go by. Start each day at the bait shop to get thetackle youneed. Catch bluegills, crappie, perch, walleyes andnorthern pike.At the end of each day you'll collect cash at theweigh-in for thefish you've caught. Be sure to earn enough to payfor a portableshelter and heater or you're not likely to survive.Start with somebasic gear and catch some panfish, then work yourway up tocatching the bigger fish. Once you have the necessitiesyou mightget yourself a sonar flasher or even an underwater camerasystem soyou can see what's happening under the ice. Your goal issimple:Survive the tournament, and earn as much money as possible.Otherfishermen may offer you some interesting trades out on thelake,but be careful what deals you accept!The Premium versionisad-free, and doesn't require in-app purchases to access thebestequipment in the bait shop!
Bass Fishing Techniques & Tips & bass fishing lure 2.4
bass fishing can be, and has proven to be, one of the mostrewardingand exhilarating pastimes that any adventure lover canpartake in.Anyone can enjoy the excitement and passion that isinvolved intrying to entice bass into hitting your bait, and mostof us lovethe fact that bass fishing is also quite an affordablehobby tohave. There are many tricks when it comes to bassfishingTechniques. start learn this few bass fishing Techniques,and BassFishing tips and be patient. If you can do that thensuccess willfollow. and you can use these Bass Fishing tips tocatch largemouthor smallmouth bass! To make it easy for you tofollow we have makeAn excellent collection of Bass fishing tips,Bass FishingTechniques, and some Bass fishing tricks , and much,much more! toCatch more bass with these Bass Fishing tips This appContains : *Bass Fishing Tips * Tips and techniques How to CatchBass * TipsFor Catching Big Smallmouth Bass * learn Fishing Knots *IceFishing Tips * TIPS FOR CATCHING LARGEMOUTH BASS * WinterBassFishing tips * BASS FISHING LURES much more!
FLW Tournament Bass Fishing 3.2.0
Get the latest FLW news and video, watch live tournamentcoverage,and find up to date tournament fishing schedules, results,andstandings. You can also watch episodes of the FLW TV show, andfindstats and personal info on your favorite professional anglers.Stayconnected to FLW while enjoying the outdoors. Free Features:-Latest FLW news and video coverage - Bass fishing tips andvideosfrom pro anglers - Register for FLW bass fishing tournaments- Livevideo and weigh-in data for FLW fishing tournaments -On-the-watercoverage for FLW Tour events
Tap Tap Fish - AbyssRium 1.15.0
Tap Tap Fish - AbyssRium is a game that helps relax yournerve.Level up your Stone, create your own fish and make theAquariumbelongs to you! A beautiful ocean world waiting for you toexplore!How to play? Level up the stone by tapping. Build Coral todoublethe vitality. Use vitality to create your fish. Features:1.SimpleControl---- create coral and fish with just a simple tap2.Amazinggraphics---you can view every fish in 3D dimension in HD3.Lovelybackground music---- The voice of the whale & the soundofwater droplets all guide you to a beautiful musical world.4.VR(Virtual Reality) Support----Use Cardboard to enjoy yourabyssaquarium in VR mode. You can watch little fish swimmingoverheadand right before your eyes—in 3D Follow and contact us Ifyou haveany suggestions or errors to report, We will do our best to respond toyourvaluable opinions. PrivacyPolicy: TOSPrivacy: AdChoice:
3DCARP 10.6
3DCARP is a fishing simulator for the serious Angler. Including13lakes and 4 rivers. Focusing mainly on Carp fishing(Common,Mirror, Leather and Koi) but also including Wells Catfish,Pike,Muskie, Tiger Muskie, Zander, Walleye, Perch, Bass, Chub,Orfe(normal and golden), Rudd (normal and golden), Ide, Tench(normaland golden), Bream, Roach, Goldfish, Golden Carp, SiameseCarp,Mekon Catfish, Sturgeon, Mahseer and Tarpon. Go fishing with 2rodsfrom pegs or go stalking anywhere with a single float rod. Fishinthe day or at night, in spring, summer, autumn or winter. Fishfromthe bank or from a boat. Bait up with a catapult, a throwingstick,a spod, and a bait boat (equipped with underwater cameraandsonar). Use many different customisable rigs and choosefromhundreds of baits. Take photos of your catches and wintrophies.3DCARP – the most detailed Carp Fishing simulator.