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Space Shooter: Galaxy Force 2.0
Space Shooter, STRIKER is two-dimensional fixed shooter wargame.Inthe galactic, the player controls a spaceship by moving itandfiring at descending aliens. Like a sky destroyer, the aim istodefeat space shuttle of invaders. The player defeats skyinvader,and earns points, by shooting it with the squadron . Asmore aliensare defeated, the aliens movement and the game's musicboth speedup. Defeating the aliens brings another wave that ismoredifficult, a loop which can continue without end.SpaceShooterattempt to destroy your spacecraft by firing at it whiletheyapproach the bottom of the screen. If they reach the bottom,thealien invasion is successful and the game ends. A special"mysteryship" will occasionally move across the top of the screenand awardbonus points if destroyed. Your spacecraft is partiallyprotectedby several stationary defense bunkers that are graduallydestroyedby a numerous amount of blasts from the invaders orplayerIf youare fan of classic Galaxy game, you must play SpaceShooter:Galactic Force now and become a hero protect your galacticthatyour destiny.★ ★ ★ Features ★ ★ ★- Charming sound and music,withHD graphics.- Precision controls.- Space shooter and upgradeyourweapons: wingman support, vulcan camon, energy shield ...-Invadersof 12 big boss.- Classic Galaxy game and complete 30achievement.-Classic Galaxy game with 4 spaceship with anotherpower: rocket,laser and strongest soldiers.
Space X: Sky Wars of Air Force 3.0
Space X: Galaxy War – Shooting never felt so good!Space X:GalaxyWar is not your usual arcade games - It is the essence of theretroarcade shoot’em ups. From the very first moment, you willbeimmersed in its vivid graphic and superb gameplaymechanics,especially the intense air combats.SHOOT 'EM UP AND EVADETOSURVIVE - Reload your aircraft cannon and surprise the enemieswitha destructive missile.Use your skills and agility to flythroughthe deadly enemy territory, defeat all the aliens and rescueyoursquad. Are you ready to kill all the space intruders andprotectthe sky? - Become the greatest Captain of the Galaxynow!UNIQUEFEATURES►CLASSIC SHOOTER GAME: Top-down perspective, oldschoolgraphic, and superb gameplay mechanics.►UNIQUE AIRCRAFT:Assembleand test with different aircrafts and form your ownairforce►VARIOUS CANNON EFFECTS: Upgrade your attack speed, movespeedwith guns, missiles, jets, lasers, mega-bombs,andmagnets...►CHALLENGING PvP: Become a fighter inweeklytournaments!►HD GRAPHICS: Beautiful maps levels withimmersivemissions to complete.► ADDITIONAL MODES: Easy, Normal,Heroic.Accessible to beginners, as well as hardcoreshooteraddicts.►EXTREME BOSSES: Defeat powerful BOSSES, giganticenemyaircraft to claim hidden rewards.►HALL OF FAME: Boost yourfinalscore with a host of in-game achievements.If you are a fan oftheAlien Shooter genre, you should not miss this title!WelcometoSpace X: Galaxy War.
Deep Space Battle VR 2.0.1
The ultimate VR space shooter, Deep Space Battle Cardboard VR isnowbetter than ever and 100% free. Become earth’s mightiest herointhis fast-paced virtual reality shooter game made exclusivelyforGoogle Cardboard VR. In this action-packed dogfight battlegame, useyour wits and your weapons as a lone space pilotdefending againstthe invasion of the Shadow Fleet. Experienceimmersive virtualreality flight through a colorful galacticlandscape while blastingenemy ships. FEATURING:* VR FIRST *Thisspace shooter is designedexclusively for Cardboard VR to offer themost immersive virtualreality experience. *100% FREE *We heardyou, no more In AppPurchases! All Ships, All Levels - absolutelyfree. * NO CONTROLLERREQUIRED *Once you get an enemy in yoursights, your ship willauto-fire. It couldn’t be easier to blastyour enemies away. *ACTION PACKED *The best dogfight battle spaceshooter available forCardboard VR. Experience the best quality VRscreen shatteringeffects that will blow you away. * CUSTOMIZE YOURRIDE *Choose from6 sleek ship designs, each with their own uniquereticle and statsso you can optimize for your play style.
Space Force: Alien war 3.6.2
BSoft Studio
To be a hero, download this Space Force: Alien war game to shootthealien enemies.If you are a fan of space shooting games and liketosimulate galaxy shooting, so Space Force: Alien war game is gameforyou.One day, our beautiful galaxy is under attack of spaceintrudersand the alien shooters. They destroyed all of squadron.You are lasthero of galaxy and will be faced an alien shooter.Your goal will bequite challenging as you will have to save thegalaxy from its alienenemies.Space Force: Alien war game puts youat the forefront of abattle with space intruders. You will takecontrol of the spaceshipand protect galaxy from alien swarms. Inthis "Space Force: Alienwar" game, you will be faced anincreasingly large number of enemiesand deal with many epic bossesin space war.As the game progresses,you will earn the right toupgrade your spaceship to bring it tofull lethal capacity.FEATURE- Amazing lighting and special effects-Includes Power-upsand Bosses!- Leader board global.- Lucky box.HOWTO PLAY- Movespaceship - Kill space intruders- Upgrade spaceship-Change yourweapons.The Space Force: Alien war is now in your hands.Get yourweapons ready for epic battles.Please email us if yourdevice isnot supported, we will try our best to support it.If youlove SpaceForce: Alien war game, please give 5 stars to encouragedevelopers.
Galaxy Shooter - Space Attack 3.1
Galaxy shooter: Space attack is a game of shoot 'em up videogamefrom 1945. One day, our beautiful galaxy is under attack ofalieninvaders. They from space have been sent to destroy ourgalaxy. Youare last hero of galaxy and will be faced an spaceattack. You mustplan your battle strategy well and upgrade yourfighter ship todefeat the increasingly advanced aliens.If you are afan of spaceshooting games and like to simulate sky shooting, soGalaxy attack:Space attack game is the one you should be shooterplaying.
Space Shooter : Galaxy Attack 1.231
If you are a fan of space shooting games and like to simulateskyshooting, so Space shooter: Galaxy attack game is game foryou.Oneday, our beautiful galaxy is under attack of space intrudersandthe alien shooters. They destroyed all of squadron. You arelasthero of galaxy and will be faced an alien shooter. Your goalwillbe quite challenging as you will have to save the galaxy fromitsalien enemies.Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack game puts you attheforefront of a battle with space intruders. You will takecontrolof the lone spaceship and protect galaxy from alien swarms.In thisspace game, you will be faced an increasingly large numberofenemies and deal with many epic bosses in space war.As thegameprogresses, you will earn the right to upgrade your spaceshiptobring it to full lethal capacity. FEATURE- Amazing lightingandspecial effects- Includes Power-ups and Bosses!- Leaderboardglobal.- Lucky circle.HOW TO PLAY- Move spaceship - Killspaceintruders- Upgrade spaceship- Change your weapons.TheGalaxy'sfuture is now in your hands. Get your weapons ready forepicbattles. Space Shooter 1.0.8
Apis Games
Cosmo IO is a massive outer-space battle for domination! Competeinthe galaxy shooter for a place in the top!How To Play- Foreachdestroyed enemy ship your fleet grows with space 1 ship.-Eachspace io ship fires a bullet, the more ships in your fleetthebigger the fire power.- However, with each added space one shiptoyour fleet, your flying squad becomes more slower.- When inperiland can't throw an enemy off your back, you can detach someshipsfrom your fleet and sprint away. Features* Split & Dash:youcan split ships from your fleet and dash to get away fromaninconvenient spacewar io enemy.* Auto-Fire Feat: manage thespaceshooting yourself or fire away as soon as the bulletsreload.*Left/Right Controllers: no matter your preference inshooters iocontrollers we have you covered.* Fixed/Flexible: wewent evenfurther to provide you with full flexibility in how youcontrolyour galaxy space shooter.A good strategy in cosmo io is totry toattack your enemies from behind when they are not expectingit.This makes it tough for them to respond quick enough to defeatyou.Generally, who shoots first tends to win in an even battle.Usethat to your advantage!You have at your disposal countlesstacticsto control a galaxy attack fleet of destruction that willhelp youstay alive and annihilate enemy fleets. Be smart, bold butcarefuland become the No. 1 space arena Commander in!
Galaxy Raiden Fighter - Squadron Galactic War 2.7
Space Cadet Raiden fighter is a simulation space shootergameclassic of history world wars took place in the sky, spacedandGalaxy. Players will use the War Plane or Aircraft to fightwithenemies invaders in Space. Use Squadron for force attack withBosslike Apache, Air Assault, spaceships... in sky of World War II1945Squadron Galactic war is a shooter game consists of eightverticalscrolling missions where the player maneuvers the Raidencraftdodging and destroying enemy robots, buildings, groundtargets, andaircraft. There are bombs and missile powerups as wellascollectable medals which add to the score. When player dies,thefighter's fragments become projectiles that damage enemies.★ Howtoplay WW2★1. Finger click on the screen to control the fighterstomove, to avoid the enemy's barrage and aircraft;2. Click thebombbutton to release the bomb to destroy all enemies (notincludingthe Boss body);3. defeated Zabing (including a variety ofair forceand ground tanks) and each level Boss body, to win;4. Thefightingprocess can eat a variety of props to help enhance thebodycapacity, but also help to improve the ACE after the clearanceofair combat evaluation.Note: After the clearance ACEcombatevaluation of the higher air, the higher the scorereceived★Striker game features ★1. The game have 9 main level with9different combat environments and 8 Boss of world war: -MongooseAction- Crusader Action- Avalanche Action- CannibalProgram-Eskimos Action- Eagle Plans- Overlord- Secret Land (AlienBoss)-Endless Mode... Maybe more coming soon2. 7 differentplanes,aircraft or squadrons for use with ascending powers:+Thunder Bolt(also known as Thunder Dragon fighters): the player hasthe firstmachine, barrage and armor in general, but a wingman inthe case ofgreat power;+ Hurricane (also known as Sky war forcefighters): awide range of barrage, armor is very strong;+ Spike(also known assorcery fighters, laser fighter): Barrage withtracking missiles,the most effective against ground tank forces;+Hawkeye (also knownas Warhawk Ninja): moving speed on the fast,give you the feelingof hawk hit the sky, the launch of the barrageis gorgeous ninjahand sword;+ King Kong (also known as DragonFighters): hidden bodyThunder Dragon fighters, this is the onlyhelicopter fighter, theuse of Apache appearance, with a shotgun andtracking missiles twoweapons;+ Titan (also known as Choi Jingfighter): the most solidfighter, with high armor, against the enemyBoss warship of theweapon;+ Wraith (also known as Ghost fighter)- 1special plane withspecial skill: here into a sci-fi with ahigh-tech machines, withthe ability to effectively enlarge themove, in order to go to thisfighter, the conditions are quite harshOh!3. 9 items to get whenplaying to increase power strike fighterof planes and squadron:+HP+ Life+ Fire Ball+ Bullet upgrade+Invincible+ Side bullet+ Supergun+ Wingman+ Track Rocket(missile)4. 3 attributes for aircraftupgrade:- Defense- Firebullet- Special weapon (bomp)5. Goodgraphic and sound6. SupportShop for buy star, bomp, life7. 10Achievements and 10LeaderboardsPlease for us some review thatsupport develop SpaceRaiden fighter: Squadron Galactic War better,thank for enjoy.Forfeedback about Bugs, Optimizations and ideas.Please Contact to usat:
Radiant Free 3.19.7
Cut through hundreds of creeps to face giant monsters inuniquebossfights. Collect special weapons and power-ups, upgradeyourship and save your homeworld!Take your stand against thealienhorde in a pure arcade space shooter. Relive theclassicsrevamped!UPGRADE TO FULL VERSIONPlease note that this is afeaturelimited free version. You can upgrade to the full versionusing anin-app purchase or download the full version from thePlayStore:★ 3 Episodes with 100+ Levels★ 10+ Boss-Fights★6Upgradeable Weapons★ 12 Special Power-Ups★ 3 DifficultyOptions★Global On-Line Hiscores★ Signature Sound by Kubatko★Support forHID game controllers (MOGA, Shield, Nyko,etc.)REVIEWS"From thedeliberately pixelated graphics to the tinnysound effects, thereis something profoundly artistic about its mixof knowingaesthetics and stubborn lack of compromise."- PocketGamer- BronzeAward"A few gameplay elements make this the modern versionof aretro shooter as it takes many leaps and bounds away fromtheminimalistic gameplay of the arcade hit."-
Meteor 1.0.35
Meteor is a simple space shooting game with colorful neongraphics.Blast down all the meteor before they impact on yourspaceship.Watch out for the ufo invaders which fire at your rocket.In thisgame you most shoot down all the enemies and dodge meteorstorms inorder to survive. Shoot down as many enemies as you canand get thehighest score!
Bullet Hell Monday 2.1.6
A bullet hell shooter- Enjoy an authentic bullet hell shmup onyoursmartphone!- Recommended Chapter mode for danmakubeginners.-Recommended Challenge mode for danmaku expert.- Hugecontent: over50 stages!Upgrade your ship- Use the points you earnafter playinga stage to level up your ship!- Take your new andupgraded ship tothe challenge mode! Aim for a high score!Chapters-Best suited tothe introduction of bullet hell!- Starts from an easystage, so youcan gradually improve your skill!- Clear the missionsset for youin each chapter!- Clearing missions opens up newstages!- Use thepoints you get in the chapter mode to upgrade yourship!Challenges-The challenge mode is for when you really want totest yourmettle!- Upgrade your ship and take on this mode!- SelectfromEASY, NORMAL, HARD, and HEAVEN difficulties!- Test the limitsofyour skill!Endless- The endless mode that lasts forever.- Howlongcan you survive in the increasing difficulty?Aim for the topslotin the rankings!- Challenge mode has online rankings!- Trygoingagainst your friends for the best score!- Rankings are sortedbystage and difficulty!- Try perfecting your favorite stage or trytobeat all the rankings!*** Attention of purchased itemrefund***Please be careful. If you refund the full upgrade item,therelevant level up item will return to the initial level.
✈ Captain Galaxy Sky Force War 2.4
G2 Studio
Captain Galaxy: Sky Force War is a visually stunning andhighlychallenging old school galaxy shooter. Players will bejoining inCaptain's sky force (squadron) on a cross-planets journeyto fightagainst Earth’s imminent invaders . With a massivecollection ofspace crafts, players will spend countless hoursbattling throughthe galaxy.INTERESTING AND CHALLENGING GAMEPLAY ★Try to eliminateall enemies space ships and complete challengingmissions with yourspace squadron.★ Unlock all space crafts usinggold or gems.uniqueassistance:- Rocket- mini battleships-InvulnerabilityA MYRIAD OFSPACE BATTLE SHIP: There is a myriad ofSpace Battleship andaircraft in Captain Galaxy: Sky Force War.Collect all of them foryour space adventure. If you are a fan ofthe Space shootingclassics, you’ll have a blast with CaptainGalaxy.FEATURES: ★Collecting 10s of ultimate space battleships andaircraft each withtheir own unique battle style★ Using swipes andtouch to controlthe spacecraft, avoid and dodge magma bullets, anddestroy enemies.Try to be the best pilot in the universe.★ Take on100s of missionsin this space fighting game, quest your way througha thrillingstory-line.★ Collect items and new weapons to progressthrough theharder parts of the game★ Use protective shield,spacecraftreinforcements, and destructive bomb wisely to deal withthebosses. It’s a lethal galaxy war, so be careful. Upgradeyoursquadron to survive, you’ll need it.★ Login daily forvaluablegifts★ Addictive gameplay★ Free spins on the Fortune wheelfor evenmore gold and other gifts★ Online reward: the longer youstay toplay with us, the more rewards you’re going to get★ Tons ofdailymissions for you to earn free gems★ Use your achievements tobragto your friends★ Share your most memorable moments – snapascreenshot★ Stunning graphics, amazing sound effects – themostrealistic battle of the galaxy★ Coordinate strategic battleswithtons of different combinations of space battleships featuresandskills.★ Transform your space ship through upgrades with booststoeach spacecraft’s battle capabilities.★ Conquer and join thegalaxyfights with Captain Galaxy: Sky Force War right now!KEEP INTOUCH★Facebook:★Twitter:★YouTube:
TIME LOCKER - Shooter 1.7.2
sotaro otsuka
"If you stop, Time stops"TimeLocker! Ultra fun arcade game.Thespeed of time in the game is controlled by the speed ofyourfinger. Play with lots of different characters all withdifferentabilities, and see how long you can survive in a worldwith lots ofdifferent types of animals that all move differently!-5STAR in"Touch Arcade"- Grand prize in "Indie Stream Award 2016"
Galaxy Strike Force: Squadron (Galaxy Shooter) 10.1
9Fox Studio
Air fighter jet shooting combat games on mobile devices are nowthemajority of young love. Images of space fighter pilot gamesaredesigned in a unique style. With the combined power ofspaceshipshooting game classic resistance technology the latestsmartphones.Experience aerial shot extreme air force fighter planegames andrules with new interactive play high.Galaxy Strike Forcein 2017the latest engine added a gorgeous graphics. Squadron strikeforcecontroller super intuitive touch screen and powerful upgradesystemwill make you fascinated. Can sit fired fleet spaceshipbattlegames free for hours.The battle space agencies and many warstakeplace weekly with new levels while you're fighting with galaxywarbattle space games free. Best fighter games air battlescurrentlyattracting more people to actively play with collectionsfighters... The same series of victories will make both regularplayers andprofessional players must waiting while you areupgrading your shipand give customs more deeply into thebattlefield on space galaxyfighter games.Highlight of Air CombatSky Fighter: - Do you immersein the vivid images with the leveltasks to complete?- Many of thecommanders fight extreme with thelegendary strategy game engine-Upgrade shields, guns, missiles,bullets lasers, super bombs ...ingalaxy on fire alliances- Manyfierce battle scenes in air jetfighter- Improve your scores withshooting plane- Beautifulgraphics- Hundreds of a jet plane shootinggames screen is updatedcontinuously- Especially when the networklost power, you can stillhave fun with the spaceship battleoffline- All free Are you readyfor the fight of his life with airforce jet fighter free games2017 - legendary game best fleet todayyet? Quickly downloadfighter plane shooting games to mobile phoneanti-aircraft toexplore the adventurous performances, yet beautifulgraphics!
Retro Shooting 2018 1.8.1
Retro Shooting is a spectacular space shooter game withapixel-perfect 3D retro design and everything a true Arcadegameshould have. Multiple fighter ships with variousabilities,powerful bombs/lasers, lots of tough levels andnevertheless a widerange of menacing aliens.This is a game ofskill, as you'll have topractice fending off incoming bullets andkamikaze planes,ultimately facing off powerful bosses. Playincreasingly tougherlevels or start the Infinity Mode to prove yourshootingskills.【Main Features】✔ Arcade Shoot'em up. Retro Shootingfeaturesa classic shmup gameplay, where you control a space shipand shootat incoming alien ships. Destroy anything that moves,collectweapon upgrades and defeat powerful bosses.✔ Retro graphics.Thegame is a feast for the eyes of retro nostalgics (and notonly),with beautiful 3D pixel-perfect graphics that combine moderndesignwith classic style. Let the space fight begin!✔ Multipleaircrafts& upgrades. Choose your aircraft from multipleoptions, eachwith its own shooting style and abilities. Upgradeyour weaponsusing collected coins to improve your ship'sdestruction power.✔Powerups. When the fight gets close tooverwhelming, use adestructive bomb or the powerful laser to clearthe screen. Eachpowerup has a recharge time, so use it wiselyespecially againstbosses.✔ Various game modes. You can play RetroShooting in Rookie,Champion or Hero mode. The tougher the gamemode, the more pointsyou'll receive. You can play in Arcade mode(level-by-level) or inInfinity mode.♣ A vertical-scrolling galaxyspace shooter with 3Dpixelated graphics♣ Google Play Achievementsand Leaderboards arealso available♣ Supported for tablets[Caution]If you delete thegame, all data will be gone with it, too. Be sureto save the gamedata before deleting the game or switchingdevices.☆ Shooting is Socool !Do you want a new style of retrospace shooter game? Enjoythe variety of shooting games fromSHMUPHOLIC! 2D Pixel Retro ShooterShooting Sky - GalaxyAttackShooter—————————————Facebook ofservice's future is now in yourhands. Download Retro Shooting TodayIts Free!
Galaxy Spiral Shooter - Danmaku Space Shooter
Are you fond of shooting games?Then enjoy this simple yetexcitingshoot'em up game. All you need is to choose one ofvariousspacecrafts, enhance it and beat off numerous invaders inthegalaxy.Galaxy Spiral Shooter is an arcade shooter game inpixelgraphics, where you can enjoy both danmaku and shooting. Therulesare simple: Avoid the bullets and shoot down the enemies.Theirfancy and various barrage would stimulate yourcompetitivespirit!Dozens of space invaders and hundreds of fancydanmaku areprepared just for you, waiting for your challenge. Jumpinto thisexciting space battle right away!【Features】● Bullet hellspaceshooter with pixelated graphics● Move your spacecraft byslidingand touching the screen and double-tap to rotate yourdirection!●Attack and destroy the drones! The boss flies away aftercertaintime!● Equip the Turbo Pack and enable a powerful turbomode!●Equip Shield and Jewels to dodge from the enemies' spaceattacks.●Supports 14 languages.● Google Play Achievements andLeaderboardsare also available.● Supported for tablets▶ Shooting isSo cool!Enjoy the variety of shooter games from SHMUP HOLIC!SpaceWarRetroShootingShooting SkyStellar ShooterThe Galaxy's future isnow inyour hands. Download Galaxy Spiral Shooter TodayItsFree!—————————————Homepage of service
Dodge Blast 1.0.14
Blast your way through clusters of weird alien creatures,collectweapon upgrades and face intergalactic bosses!Dodge Blast isaclassic arcade space shooter with two button controls. Buildupyour high score with combos and by blasting enemy formations.Pickup space coins to unlock new ships and fight your way throughthisstrange and endless galaxy.- Arcade action- Unique twobuttongameplay- Weapon upgrades pew pew- Unlockable ships fordifferentplay styles- Boss battles!- Chiptune-ish soundtrack-In-apppurchase to remove those pesky ads
One More Brick 1.6.2
Rifter Games
Addictive as hell you will always need one more shot! Thisuniquemix between brick breaker and bubble shooter games is theperfecttime killer!Take your time to aim. Shoot and watch the chainofballs hit, bounce and destroy the bricks. Think strategicallyandmake the most of the power-ups. Beat your highscore and compareitto your friends.Features:★ Relaxed gameplay, perfect timekiller.★Low on space? You won't believe it, the size of the game islessthan 10MB!★ Ideal for playing one handed. One fingercontrols.★Unlock new balls with special skills!★ Customize your ownball inthe Balls Editor!★ No wifi or internet? Don't worry, you canplayoffline!★ Google Play Achievements and Leaderboards
STRIKERS 1945 World War 1.0.16
The one and only original shooting game!! The heroes of thearcadeshooters have returned!!The beloved arcade shooters of thepasthave come back in style to rekindle yoursenses!ⓒ2017.X-nauts·psikyo & KM-BOX, APXSOFT all rightsreserved.★STRIKERS1945 - World War Grand open!!★■ Game Description■The finalbattle for the world has begun!The original shooting gamethat willreign over all others!STRIKERS1945 - World War!! Dive intothebattle right now with this newest incarnation of thepastmasterpieces!■ Game Features ■▶ A collaboration of thearcadeclassics such as the Strikers series, Gunbird and Tengai!! ◀-Thebeloved game characters of the past are now back asOperators!!Select and power-up your favorite one!- Use the specialpowers ofeach Operator to immerse yourself in strategicbattles!-Manufacture and dismantle aircraft to create yourultimatefighters!▶ Countless types of missions and hundreds ofstages! ◀-Choose from normal and hard modes to suit your style!-Complete themissions for each stage!! Achieve perfect victory byearning threestars!- Utilize numerous partners and items to conquerdifficultstages!▶ A Shooting Fest of Global Proportions!! ◀- 14languagessupported! Enjoy the game with players from all over theworld!-Challenge players worldwide to conquer the globalrankings!▶Thrilling Shooting Mayhem! Unique Battle Progression! ◀-Enjoylonger battles with the new HP system!- Unleash multiplelevels ofskills to engage in spectacular thrill-packedbattles!DownloadSTRIKERS1945 - World War for free right now toexperience classicarcade shooting fantasy!Visit the Facebook pageand click ‘Like’and receive the latest news and updateinformation.[Controls]Screenslide: Move aircraftSuper Shot buttontap: Fire Super Shot usingthe gauge on the top of the screen.Bombbutton tap: Summon airsupport to temporarily block enemy attacks.*Save(READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE): Used to changetheprofile picture and to attach photos when sending messagestofriends on the Facebook & Social Network platform ondeviceswith Lollipop (OS 5.1.1) or below.Strikers 1945 – WorldWarrequires the authority as it supports OS 4.0.3andabove.────────────────Lets play withAPXSOFT!────────────────Likeus onFacebook!! and Updates
Scrambler – Classic 80s Arcade Game 1.60
Push your skills to the edge with this free retro arcadegameScrambler. It’s an old-school side scrolling shooter game whereyounavigate your ship through 6 different stages packed withmenacingenemies, on the way to the final Enemy Base. Then destroythe Baseto receive your mission’s stats & prepare for the nextexcitinglevel!NEW FEATURE- Quickly save your games - for on-the-gogaming –continue whenever you want toKEY FEATURES- Classic arcadecoin-opexperience; graphics, sounds, gameplay – everything isthere!- Twotouchscreen player control methods, plus BluetoothGamepadController support- Free lives at unlimited score points,continuesoffered, local & global high score tables- Google PlayGames:Global Leaderboards & 24 Achievements- 100% playablewithoutin-app purchases!- Technically brilliant for Android; 60FPS,responsive touchscreen, small APK / load time- Top up your fuelbyshooting fuel tanks!The 5-star reviews say it all; pleasedownloadnow and see why :-)Tip: Download to a large tablet and sitbackwith a Bluetooth wireless gamepad!GAME INFOPause/Quit:Useyourdevice’s Back ButtonHi-Scores/Leaderboards: Two types:1: Localtoyour device: Seen in attract/demo mode2: Global: Google PlayGames:Sign-in/view from pre-game optionsNovice Mode (Easier):Autoset ONat install, & auto turns OFF forever when you’re familiarwiththe controlsDifficulty “Normal: Android Mode”:TerrainAvoidanceSystem helps to stop you crashing into the groundEasierStage 5(Maze) mapNo losing lives on the final End BasestageDifficulty“Brutal: GamePad a must!”:None of the above!Tip: Usea BluetoothController GamePad!PLAYER CONTROL TIPSTip 1: Learn toquickly liftyour left thumb & then touch again to “reset” thedistancebetween your thumb & ship. E.g. push your ship forwardthenlift + retouch behind & above to fly near the ground,etc.Tip2: You can very quickly fire both your Lasers + Bombs byslidingyour right thumb up & down over the buttons. You don’tneed tolift your thumb (& both buttons areauto-fire).PERMISSIONSEXPLAINEDNote: Since Scrambler is free toplay, it is supported by(optional) Video Ads, & helped byAnalytics.Read/modify/deletecontents of SD card / USB storage:YourSD card is only used forVideo ads, which are cached to avoiddelays/stuttering withplayback. Scrambler does NOT access any otherdata.View networkconnections / Full network access:Video Ads &Analytics needaccess to the internet to function.- Send bugs orsuggestions You are allowed (andencouraged!) to putfootage of Scrambler on YouTube or any otherwebsite***This game isan unofficial clone of an old original gameand is not endorsed bythe registered trademark and copyrightowners.
Bubble Shooter Express 2.8
Looking for the most addictive games? We are happy to oblige.Tryout this awesome space bubble shooter game and enjoy the mostfuncosmic adventure. Your goal is to clear the board from allthecolored bubbles and move on to the next level. This greatspaceexpress ball game is now available for FREE on Google Play sodon’twaste any more time, download today and have a blast shootingandpopping bubbles in space. - Make combinations of 3 or morebubblesof the same color to crush and win points. - See whichbubble coloryou are going to get next so you can plan ahead yourmoves andcreate big space explosions. It’s important to form astrategyaccording to the different bubbles layout in each level. -Bubbleswap option is totally free- use it wisely! All you have todo istap on the bubble to change its color. - Boost yourgamingexperience with great power-ups: the bomb and the fireballwilltake out surrounding bubbles and cut through a safe pass. Earnanduse these boosters to hit and smash the bubbles and advancethroughthe intergalactic map. Reach high scores and try to earn 3stars onevery level. Explore thousands of galactic levels filledwith funchallenges and puzzles to train the brain and work on yourmatchingskills. Bubble shooter express game will take you to anincrediblejourney across space, where you can aim, match and popbubbles inother planets and beat all the astral challenges.
Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter 5.41
Earth's last hope is in your hands, take control of thelonespaceship and protect Earth from alien swarms. Your goal willbequite challenging as you will have to save the Universe fromitsevil enemies. In this space shooting game, you will be facinganincreasingly large number of enemies in hazardous environments.Asthe game progresses, you will earn the right to upgradeyourspacecraft to unleash its full lethal capacity.HOW TO PLAY:*Touchscreen to move and kill all enemies.* Collect items to upgradeorchange your weapons.FEATURES:* Multiplayer mode: 1 vs 1, 1 vs3*High quality images optimized for tablets and largescreens.*Ability to use active skills during the space battles.*The game ispacked with 100 levels on various difficulties.*Beautiful levelswith immersive missions to complete. * Multipleextreme bossbattles. * Upgrade your guns and lasers.Enjoy classicspace combat- powered up. Download Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooternow!Follow uson Facebook:
Galaxiga - Space Shooter 1.43
JNR Games
Galaxiga is our take of classic spaceship arcade games withbossesto defeat. Taking the invaders style galaxy shooter game to awholenew level. With cool looking aliens like the old classicarcadegame.Keeping that old school feel. Arcade games are a blastandthis is a simple and fun game to play. It will entertain you!Coolmusic and twists you will enjoy hours of fun.A trip to the 70sandearly 80s Arcades. No doubt you will remember all thedifferentshooters and this is a modernized version of the oldscoolclassics.* Features** Different bosses.* Bonus rounds.* Easytoplay.* Touch movement.* Virtual Joystick.* Increasingdifficulty.*Classic gameplay.* Automatic shooting.* Powerups.Pleaseevaluateand provide feedback if you like or hate it. If you do notknowwhat to say say cool! Or say crap! if you don't like it.Anyfeedback is welcomed, we would like to hear what you like andwhatyou like to change! A 5 star rating would be great!Do you haveaproblem with the game?! let us know! About twitterat@jnrgamesAndroid or Facebook @galaxigan.Have fun!
HAWK – Force of an Arcade Shooter. Shoot 'em up! B.V.
One body is nobody! Gather your bros andkickthe living heck out of tyrannical Autocrat's armadas in aseries ofbreathtaking aerial battles! The enemy outnumbers you, butyou'renever alone -- the unique co-op mode allows you to joinforces witheither your bro or a new friend! Shooting neverends.With a broad range of aircraft and upgrades to choose from,avariety of missions and challenges, Hawk is a good ol'adrenalineoverdose. There's absolutely no way you'll ever getbored! So beready to attack.Maniac bros will help you choose the best guns and surprisetheenemies with destructive missiles. Keep your strongestweaponsreloaded to deliver a crucial strike to the enemies’ fighterjets.True bullet hell where metal melts.– Exciting campaign: more than 190 levels full of enemiesandbreathtaking action!– Unique co-op multiplayer: team up with your battlebrothersto overcome challenges or join forces with random playersfor evenmore fun!– Additional modes: Arcade, Team-up and Assault, each ofthemradically changing the gameplay!– Perfect Shoot ‘em up: Lots of fighter jets,battlecompanions, ammunition and guns, and devices to choose from:yourpersonal armory is packed with hi tech!.– Huge bosses: battle and defeat enemies that are so bigtheydon't even fit the screen! And wipe out swarms of theirminions!Find pieces of the Danmaku barrage of bullets.– Great visuals: Tired of space and lasers? Try outflying!Amazing 3d graphics will make you forget that this gamegenre isold school. Vertical shooters have never been better. Epicsky warsare full of excitement. Choose your «phoenix» and free thecountryfrom invaders. The symphony of air war and heroes' charismaareunforgettable!– Retro modernized: Played Shmup (STG) games before?Thinkthis is retro? We prove you are wrong. This top-down shooterwillmake you say «wow» and revive the best impressions of yourscrollchildhood. No matter you are a fan of Strikers, Tyrian, AceSquad,Razor or Airborn or you participated in battle actions in1945. Youwill become the fan of our freedom squadron!Take your Broforce to victory. Feel the bullet force.
Retro Grid 0.1
Retro Grid is a fast paced retro space shooter inspired from80'sarcade games.It’s an endless arcade game with nostalgicgraphicstyle and modern gameplay.Shoot the invaders, avoid gettinghit andtravel as far as you can.Master the one-touch controls andfightyour way through enemies deep in thegalaxy.Features:Simplecontrols, easy to playEndlessgameplayRetrographicsSpaceshipsPower-ups & BoostsHigh Scores&Achievements
Samurai Aces: Tengai Episode1 1.0.3
Classic arcade shooting game! Psikyo Japan’s very firstlegend!Thefirst of the chronicles of the heroes ofTengai!Everyone's favoriteclassic arcade flying shooter game comesback on mobile for free!The game that revolutionized the 1990sFlying-STG (Shooting Game),“Samurai Aces”came back, lookingstronger and cooler than ever! Inthe brand-new remake in 2017mobile version! [Mission! Control thesix main characters right now,defeat the Evil enemy, and rescuethe General's daughter!] Quicklyavoid shells, collect variousitems, and blow up the enemy!Go on theadventure in a fantasticSengoku(Feudal) era on your fingertips! ■Game Features ■• Playwith six different types of weapons andspecial attacks that suityour tastes.• An interesting storystraight from the originalseries.• Enjoy the buff system to betterbeat the stages withdifficult levels.• Fantastic flight-shootingsensation from the skydelivered directly from your fingertips.• Getmesmerized innostalgic side-scrolling arcade game’s retrographics.• Providesnumerous stages with varying levels ofdifficulty requiringcontrol, agility, and strategy.• Supports 11languages, so you canplay anytime, anywhere.• Rank your scoreagainst other playersaround the world. Download Samurai Aces nowand come to the worldof spectacular flightshooting!Visit now and Like thepage so you canstay up to date with the latest news and excitingupdates!ⓒ2017.X-nauts·psikyo & KM-BOX, APXSOFT all rightsreserved.■ Cautions■1. Data initialization will be initialized whenreplacing mobilephone terminals or deleting their app.2. If youneed to replaceyour mobile phone handset or delete apps, pleaseensure that yousave your data in the game settings.3. The productincludes partialpaid items and game money payments. Pay attentionto the fact thatthe actual fee occurs when paying for partialpayment items andgame money.
Galaxy Space Shooter 1.1
Shooter Pro
Galaxy shooter 2 invaders HD is a fast-paced top-downperspectiveshoot space war game.Required skills are more than fastreactionsand memorising enemy invader attack patterns.This spaceshooter isan exciting addictive epic galaxy war game with 120+missions, 100+invaders and a lot of spaceship upgrades.The playermust also havestrategy skills to equip proper upgrades and use theappropriateskills during specific space missions over 16 starsystems to guardthe galaxies.Start your spaceship engines and jointo this ultimategalactic war game.Features:High quality imagesoptimised fortablets and large screensGalaxy shooter Invaders HD isa sequenceto space invadersDifferent alien races, guardians,hundreds ofinvaders to fight againstAbility to use active skillsduring thespace battlesFully customizable spaceships with hundredsofupgradesExciting boss fights100+ missions in unlockablegalaxieswith multiple difficulty levelsGameplay Tips:If you ran outof LY,you can finish accomplished missions again to get more.Rerunning amission on Hard difficulty increases the LY gain.Equipped specialmodules can be used as active skills once withintheir cooldowninterval. Equipped upgrades are passively modify yourshipproperties. If you find a mission too hard, finish anothermissionfirst! You may also change difficulty setting to Easy forthatspecific mission.Different enemies may requiredifferentstrategies. Although a weapon with great amount of damagecan beefficient against large and strong enemies, weapons withsmallerdamage but fast rate of fire could be better against smallerfoes.
STRIKERS 1945-2 2.0.3
The legendary shooting game at arcades, STRIKERS 1945-2,revivedwith multiplayer mode!! The classic, long-run shooting gamefromthe 90s has been perfectly remade for smart phones. With itssimpleconcept and endless fun, STRIKERS 1945-2 is now available onyourmobile device to enjoy again! Play it now!ⓒX-nauts·psikyo&KM-BOX, APXSOFT all rights reserved.[Features]▶Providesinteractivemultiplayer mode to compete with people from all overthe world▶4people play simultaneously▶Supported for all kinds ofdevices, fromphones with low specifications to tablets▶The controlsare easy tolearn and use, keeping the old feeling of playing in anarcade▶Playthe game in single player mode for a classic arcadeexperience▶Includes 6 types of famous WWII(World War II) combatplanes formilitary fans ▶Available in 9 languages!▶SupportedforAchievements, Leaderboard![How to play]Screen slide: movesthecombat planeTouch the "super shot" button: shoots a super shotbyusing the accumulated gauge shown at the top of the screenTouchthe"bomb" button: blocks the enemy’s bullets for a certain amountoftime by calling for backup.────────────────Lets playwithAPXSOFT!────────────────Like usonFacebook! and Updates
Airforce X - Shooting Squads 1.4.6
Get Ready for Airforce X - Real hottest aircraft shooting game2018is now coming! - "Airforce X - Real Space Shooter Wars" -spacewars and galaxy strike in the future!The world is hanging on athinthread! Our lovely Earth is under attack of mysterious alienspaceinstruders. Enormous Bosses and evil enemies are threatingourpeace. We have no choice but to stand up and fight thisrelentlesswarfare.Hurry up, galaxy warriors! The safety of ordinaryhumanbeings all depends on you. Get on your stunning jet, travelthroughthe bullet hell & join fierce galaxy war. Let's knockout allthe alien invaders and save the world!AirforceX is a cooladventure- aircraft shooting game with diverse missions tocomplete. Gettingbored with familiar classic shooting games?Airforce X brings you awhole new shooting experience with a broadrange of fighter planesand upgrades to select.Various maps,numerous characters,breathtaking battles and you'll surely neverget bored! Aircraftwar is full of excitement! Squadron attacks,rocket army or figherpilots make this space shooter game highlyaddictive.BEST GAMEFEATURES- Unique characters with plenty ofstrength points: damemain, dame sub, hp, attack speed, skill...-Customize and upgradeairplane at your disposal.- Various mode withattractive gameplayand thrilling flight lines.- Deadly alien Bossesand enemies.- 13achievements with hundreds of challenging sky forcemission.- GreatHD graphics and lively shooting effects.- Giantitems collectionsuch as shield, health, ammunation... to choosefrom.- Rewardsgiveaway based on playing time.HOW TO PLAY EASILY-Touch screen tomove the fighter jet up, down, right and left-Upgrade the aircraftwith coin, bullet, rocket, and plane types.-Choose co-opmultiplayer mode to join the battles with yoursquadron. (Soon inthe future) but now, it's developingReady for theepic warfare?Join our sky force. Fly to the galaxy now! Faceenemies &kill'em all! Get your device hot with our endlessshootinggames!New information about game or any tips to play,sales, combowill be updated in:👉 Website:👉Fanpage:
Galaxy Shooter Classic 1.4
If you like space shooting and survival games and like tosimulatesky shooting in for glory and duty, then galaxy spaceinvader isthe one you should be shooter playing.In this bullet hellshootergame, you will be faced with an increasingly large numberofprojectiles and enemies. As the game progresses, you will earntheright to upgrade your spacecraft to bring it to fulllethalcapacity. Press screen to move, destroy enemies inyouradventure!Galaxy Shooter is a fast-paced top-down perspectiveshootspace war game.FEATURES of Galaxy Shooter:★ Boost your finalscorewith a host of in-game achievements. ★ Rescue fallen opponentstowin extra lives and stars. ★ Accessible to beginners, as wellashardcore shooter addicts. ★ Risk everything to rescue civilians.★Full voiceover and incredible electronic soundtrack.★Sevengorgeous scenes,Vivid sound effect!★ Beautiful levelswithimmersive missions to complete. ★ Multiple extreme bossbattles. ★Upgrade your shields, guns, missiles, lasers, mega-bombsandmagnets. ★ Brand new weekly tournaments against otherplayers.Gameplay Tips of Galaxy Shooter :If you ran out of LY, youcanfinish accomplished missions again to get more. Rerunning amissionon Hard difficulty increases the LY gain. Different enemiesmayrequire different strategies. Although a weapon with greatamountof damage can be efficient against large and strongenemies,weapons with smaller damage but fast rate of fire could bebetteragainst smaller foes. If you find a mission too hard,finishanother mission first! You may also change difficulty settingtoEasy for that specific mission.Start your spaceship enginesandjoin to this ultimate galactic war game.Download GalaxyShooter& Enjoy it !!!
Lost Bubble - Bubble Shooter 2.62
Peak Games
Get ready for the most exciting Bubble Shooter of alltime!Everything you love about bubble shooter games and much more!🍬🍬Just Like a Candy! 🍬🍬 Crush the evil forces and save the worldfromthe dark mist together with the good witch Light Sentinel! Getridof Pandora's Boxes in the levels by popping bubbles, but keepinmind that your moves are limited and you must not hitPandora'sBox. Play this addictive bubble shooter game to test yourpuzzlesolving skills. It’s fun and simple to play, but it will taketimeand skill to become a bubble pop master! 😎 💜 Unlock newepisodes,and embark on amazing journeys in mysterious lands. Playnow toenter a world full of mysteries, magic and adventures and ofcoursedifficult obstacles set by the witches of the Dark World.Popbubbles and help Light Sentinel defeat the Witches of theDarkWorld! 🎉 Fun Guaranteed! 🎉----------------------------------------Key Features: ★ More than1600 levels with unique layout andchallenges 🎁 🎁 ★ Simple andaddictive gameplay! ★ 20+ UnlockableMagic Orbs to help you duringyour adventure ★ Compete with yourfriends and help each other withadditional lives and coins ★Constant free updates with newfeatures, new levels in mysteriouslocations ★ Pop bubbles 🎈🎈 anddiscover more worlds and magic thanyou have ever imagined in abubble shooter game★ No ads tointerrupt you whileplaying---------------------------------------- Follow us insocialnetworks to get the latest updates and win specialprizes!Allrights reserved by Peak Games. PeakGames
Lightning Fighter 2
The shoot ‘em up you want!Lightning Fighter 2 combinesclassicarcade shooting games with gorgeous visual effects. Unlikeaveragescrolling shooters, Lightning Fighter 2 features dozensofrefreshing and awesome weapons, and fantastic barrage ofbulletsthat will surely satisfy hardcore "bullet hell" game fans.Flyingsuper fighters across the galaxy, break through multiplelevels todefeat the gigantic bosses and meet the ultimatevictory!No oneknows why alien spaceship invaded the earth. But onething iscertain: their power is unmatched. Lightning, the superfighterinstalled with the alien core is the only hope to savetheworld.The new Lightning Fighter 2 comes with:‧Fully upgradedHDgraphics and gameplay.‧Lightning fighter won't fight alone!Moresuper fighters to build in game, each with 3 powerful weaponsandspecial attacks of its own.‧Exciting combat experienceagainstcountless enemies and raining bullets across 10differentbattlegrounds from ocean to space.‧Great gaming atmospherewithunique soundtracks for every stage.‧Epic encountersagainstmulti-phase transforming bosses featuring old-school danmakustylecombat with brand new, challenging bullet patterns.‧Newequipmentsystem enables you to charge up powerful gears tostrengthen yourfighters against the enemies.‧Bronze, silver andgold rankssuitable for both beginners and experts! Us:
Thunder Assault: Raiden Striker V 1.5.6
Have you ever imagined that join airforce and save the world?Haveyou dreamed that you can fly between enemy spaceship’sbarragewithout being hit just like an ace pilot?Now it’s will bepossiblein Thunder Assault: Raiden Striker!Get on the NaveGalactica andShoot’em up! We provide you plenty kinds of spaceshipand lots ofdeadly BOSS to fight with. Go and see the colorfulgraphics andbeautiful pictures of planes in Thunder Assault:RaidenStriker.Find a safe way to avoid enemies’ barrage is the keytosuccess!Challenge yourself in Challenge mode. Soon you willfindthat win the deadly BOSS is so easy and you are powerful likeacepilot! Shoot’em up! Try to destroy all the spaceship in frontofyou as fast as you can or you have to face a barrage!Letyour“raiden aircraft” and Nave Galactica fly in the space ofbulletsjust like fly beside life and death,feel the great senseofaccomplishment!It’s easy to play but you need to practice muchtobecome an ace pilot. Just enjoy the Barrage! ThunderAssault:Raiden Striker is an exciting experience for everybody wholovesclassic raiden, air combat and sci-fi story!You can upgradeyouraircraft squadron before challenge a new stage. Use yourcrystalsget from stages wisely will help you a lot. Get youruniqueGalactica force!New weapon system and multiplayer mode whichiscoming soon will bring you the different experiences. It’s freetodownload now, so why you’re waiting? Come to join ourGalacticaforce!Concise control,smooth flying experience,give youthe bestgame experience in Thunder Assault: Raiden Striker.Features★ 8supreme beautiful battlefields★ 15 kinds of powerful Boss★ 5uniquecyberpunk “raiden aircrafts”★ Smooth and simple controlsystem!★Nice optimized, running well on old devices and only needno morethan 50MB space.★ Varied and deadly enemy aircraftssquadron★ Veryeasy to play and also can satisfy core gamersWe willupdate andimprove Thunder Assault: RaidenStrikerconstantlyTwitter:
Mad Bullets 1.12.0
isTom Games
THE BEST RAIL SHOOTER ON GOOGLE PLAY!Mad Bullets, thewackiestshooter will put your reflexes and laughing muscles to anintensivetest. You can forget about boring stories, complicatedcontrols andirritating tutorials, and jump right into a mindblowing,high-speed action. Now is the time to become the hero ofthe WildWest and shoot your way up to the top of the leaderboards!Do youthink you have what it takes to face a realchallenge?Starring-Mean desperados and American ninjas- Beautifuldamsels in distress-Rusty the robot cowboy- Savage vultures, evilpiranhas and dumbchickensAn impeccable cast for a game that doesn'ttake itself evena bit seriously!Mad Bullets Features- The EASIESTshooter controlson any platform, ever!- The CRAZIEST characterssince... well,that's classified!- The MADDEST bullets in gaminghistory!-The......still not enough?Oh, I forgot to mention thatthere are 3locations, 50 levels, 4 minigames, about 200 missions,31achievements, upgradable equipments, trendy dubstep music,fullydestroyable environmental objects, all mixed in a franticendlessshooter. Presented to you!Say YES to MadBullets!Officialpage: at PlayIT2014:
Shoot Bubble Extreme 3.4
Pop bubbles and beat all the challenges in this incrediblybrilliantand addictive bubble shooter game! Join the fun andexperience hoursof pure entertainment. It’s simply impossible tostop playing thisawesome game so all you have to do is pop and popuntil you drop.There’s no time limit, so play at your own pace,relax and have ablast playing the game. How to play? - Form agroup of 3 or morebubbles of the same color to pop the combinationand clear theboard. - Win levels and advance along the bubble map.- You have alimited number of shots to clear a level so use themwisely and planyour moves ahead. - Use less shots to complete alevel and try toearn 3 stars on every level. Remember: morescores-->more stars!-Thousands of great puzzle levels toexplore. You can be sure thatthis is EXTREMELY fun andaddictive!!!Game features:- Easy and fungame mode for all ages toplay and enjoy. - Share your scores withfriends and see who is thebubble shooting champion!All rights ofBubble Shooter™ are owned byIlyon Dynamics Ltd.
Balls Shooter
This unique mix between brick breaker and bubble shooter gamesisthe perfect time killer!Balls Shooter is very easy to play butveryhard to reach high scores. It's popular with kids &adultsalike.==============How To Play Solitaire==============Justswipeto shoot the balls and break the bricks. When brick'sdurabilityreduce to 0, brick breaks.Try to break as many bricks aspossiblebefore they move down to the bottom. Get additional ballsand makean endless ball chain! Don't forget the angle is thekeypoint!==============Features==============- Free to play-Endlessgameplay- Can play without internet connection- Challengeyourfriends with the best highscoreHave fun playing Balls Shooter!
Magnetic Ball Shooter 1.0
Don’t miss out this fun magnetic bubble shooter puzzle game! Areyouready to start the action? This incredible magnetic ballshooter issimple and easy to learn, perfect for both adults andkids to enjoy!Magnetic Ball Shooter is simply a magnet for alleyes! Train yourbrain with this magnetic puzzle as you blast themagnet balls onlineor offline - anytime! Compete against friendsand family and see whocan reach the highest score and get 3 starson every level. Earncoins while you play and use them to get coolboosters.Hurry up andjoin the magnetic ball puzzle mania, but becareful - once you startpopping bubbles you just can’t stop! FUNFEATURES: ★ 1000 + Excitinglevels, with more added all the time. ★New elements and greatprizes.★ Brand new effects and sounds. ★Shoot and pop the magneticballs! ★ Collect awesome daily rewards.★Clear obstacles and beatthe challenges. ★ Download for free andplay the exciting ballshooter game★ Pop 7 bubbles in a row tounlock the fireball.★ Drop10+ bubbles at once to get a bomb.★ Playanytime and anywhere, noWiFi connection is required! Playing ourgame is easy, just followthese instructions: Drag your finger tomove the laser aim and liftit to shoot the magnet bubbles. Youhave to match at least 3 bubblesof the same color or more to popthe group and win points. Aim andshoot bubbles to win levels.Remember: the fewer shots you use tocomplete a level, the higherscore you’ll get and the chance to earn3 stars on every level. Sowarm up your fingers and start working onthose matching skills.Overcome all the different challenges andshoot all the magnetballs! What are you waiting for? Get it now andstart popping. Workyour way through all the different challengesand puzzles, solvethe brain teasers and win levels!All rights ofBubble Shooter™ areowned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.
Zombie Doom FPS
Gamer Bear
Zombie Doom is a free FPS gameHalloweenthemed, inspired in the classic 3D First Person Shooters ,whereyou shoot at zombies, mummies and aliens.A bunch of evil aliens beamed down to start hell on Earth.Theirplan: take humans as hostages and turn them into zombiesandmummies, so that they can regain control of our planet.Your mission? Shoot to stop the zombie tsunami!The objective of each level is simply to locate the exit roomthatleads to the next area, marked with an exit sign and/or aspecialkind of door, while surviving all hazards on the way. Thelevelsare sometimes labyrinthine and feature plenty of items suchasadditional ammo, health increases and other power-ups alongtheway, as well as the occasional secret areas which arenotimmediately obvious as a reward for players who exploremorecarefully. To ease navigation through the levels, a full screenmapis available and shows the areas explored to that point.P.S. This is not an static screen and "point to kill" fake FPS!Realclassic free FPS game action like the classic 3D FirstPersonShooters!==== Features ====- 5 different weapons- 36 levels- Rescue the hostages and protect them from hell.- Zombies, Mummies and aliens. Don't let them doom our planetandconvert it into hell!- Classic FPS engine.- Local multiplayer (Multiplayer via WiFi)
Alien Shooter Free
🔥🔥🔥 If you are fan of spaceship shooter and survival games andliketo simulate spaceship shooter in for glory and duty, thenSpaceShooting is the one you should be shooter playing.🔥 In thisbullethell shooter game, you will be faced with an increasinglylargenumber of alien and deal with many epic bosses in space war.As thegame progresses, you will earn the right to upgrade yourspaceshipsto bring it to full lethal capacity.🔥 Your goal will bequitechallenging as you will have to save the Universe from itsevilalien.🔥 Aboard your spacecraft, you will have to get rid of alargenumber of alien while dodging their bullet hell attacks. Willyoube skilled enough to understand your alien strategy andattackpatterns?🔥 The player must also have strategy skills toequipproper upgrades and use the appropriate skills duringspecificspace missions.🔥 Start your spaceship engines and join tothisultimate galactic war game 🔥🚀 HOW TO PLAY 🚀⭐ Touch screen tomoveand kills invaders. The spaceship auto shoot.⭐ Collect gems,itemsto upgrade and buy new spaceship.⭐ Click button skills onthescreen to active🚀 FEATURES 🚀⭐ 2 modes to play: CampaignandEndless⭐ Future features: PvP⭐ More than 5 spaceshipsiscommensurate with many skills to play⭐ Conquer mini-bosses andepicbosses with dominating skills⭐ A vertical-scrolling STGwithpixelated graphics⭐ User-friendly space retro shooting gameplayedby just tapping and sliding on the screen⭐ Danmaku attacksfrommultiple bosses and various enemies⭐ You can play withoutnetworkconnection⭐ Google Play Achievements and Leaderboards arealsoavailable⭐ Other features: Daily Gifts, Achievement, Daily Taskandmore💖Alien War - Spaceship Shooter is now in your hands.DownloadAlien War - Spaceship Shooter and enjoy 💖
Classic Metal War Soldier 1.1
The first game's story involved the Peregrine Falcon (PF) Squad,asmall but skilled team of soldiers serving under the RegularArmy'sspecial operations division, who fight against the army ofGeneralDonald Morden in order to prevent a massive coup d'état andthecreation of a New World Order. Later games featured charactersfromthe Sparrows Unit, which is under the control of the RegularArmy'sintelligence division.The player starts with only a simplehandgun;as the game progresses, the player may pick up new weapons.Theplayer can only use one weapon at a time. When a new weaponisfound, it replaces the previous one. Similarly, whenammunitionruns out, the player reverts to using the handgun, whichhasunlimited ammunition.
Sniper Gun Shooting - Best 3D Shooter Games 1.4
Thinking of shooting a target? Want to become a sniper? Want toplaya target shooting game? Then sniper gun range shooter is oneof thebest 3d gun games and sniper games, to do so.Sniper gunrangeshooter is a target shooting game, where you get to aim andshootthe targets, on a board, in different positions, using asnipergun.This sniper target shooting game consists of 40 levelsand isone of the best 3d sniper range games and sniper targetgames.Aimand shoot, the targets in different positions in thissniper bestgame, which is one of the top sniper shooting games andlong rangesniper games for kids, or aiming games with gun andfiring games.Hitthe targets and clear each of the levels in thisgun target game,which is one of the best gun games for kids andsniper games free,or long range sniper games for kids and snipershooting games3d.Become a sharp shooter, by playing this bestaiming game, whichis one of the top gun games for kids and snipershooting rangegames, or sniper games for girls and gun targetshooting games.Havefun, shooting targets using a sniper gun, byplaying one of the bestlong range shooting games and aiming gungames, or 3d shooting gamesfree for kids and gun aiminggames.Sharpen your shooting skills, byshooting the moving targets,in one of the top target range shootinggames and aiming shootinggames, or target shooting games for kidsand sniper target shootinggames.Expect more challenges in thehigher levels of this gunshooting app, which is one of the best gunrange shooting games andfree gun target games, or gun games forboys and gun shooting games3d.Score maximum points and become anexpert sniper shooter, byplaying one of the top gun games forchildren and gun shooting newgames, or gun shooting easy games andrange shooter games.It istime to get one of the best gun shootinggames download and gunshooting level games, or range shooter gamesand board shootinggames, on android, for free.Key Features1.Addictive gameplay andamazing graphics.2. Shoot the targets indifferent positions.3.Plenty of levels to play.4. Top gun game andsniper game.5. One ofthe best shooting games and gun gamesfree.Sniper gun range shooteris one of the best sniper shootinggames and long range snipergames for kids, or free target shootinggames and gun games forkids. Download this top sniper shooting 3dgame and gun shoot game,or sniper shooting game and sniper newgame. Get this range shootgame and shooting board game, or targetshooting game 3d and sniperrange shooting game, on android.
Squadron 1945 1.0.2
Magma Mobile
Magma Mobile immerses you in the retro-futuristic world of anelitesquad formed by four warplanes in this epic bullet hellshootergame.Your mission is to get rid of an unknown enemy strikeforce.Since the destruction of the old general headquarters, raidskeepincreasing."There is only one solution, to find and to destroytheBIG BOSS."Your squad must pacify 30 war zones. Betweennarrowdodging and projectiles bursts, levels come one after anotherin afrenetic pace. The enemies are many and varied, theirsuccessiveexplosions offer an epic spectacle ofdestruction.Squadron 1945features:• Put your nerves and youragility to the test through 30levels• Beginner or expert, choosefrom four difficulty modes•Control the warplanes with two flyingmodes: normal and enhanced•Collect in-game bonuses and get out oftricky situations• Compareyour scores with other players around theworld• Become a topfighter pilot by collecting all stars andunlocking allachievementsReverse the course of the war, downloadSquadron 1945for free today!
Strikers 1945 1.0.20
The classic, long-run shooting game from the 90s has beenperfectlyremade for smart phones. With its simple concept andendless fun,1945 Original is now available on your mobile device toenjoyagain! Play it now!ⓒ2017. X-nauts·psikyo & KM-BOX, APXSOFTallrights reserved.▶The controls are easy to learn and use▶Keepingthe old feeling of playing in an arcade▶Includes 6 types offamousWWII combat planes for military fans ▶Supported for all kindsofdevices, from phones with low specifications totablets▶SupportedGlobal service▶Supported for Achievements,Laderboard!▶You can playgames offline even without Internet.[How toplay]Screen slide:moves the combat planeTouch the "charge shot"button: shoots asuper shot by using the accumulated gauge shown atthe top of thescreenTouch the "bomb" button: blocks the enemy’sbullets for acertain amount of time by calling for backup.
Bubble Shooter 2 3.1
Bubble Shooter ™ 2 is an addictive bubble popping game withhundredsof puzzle levels and fun challenges. Play for free todayand jointhe balloon crushing fun! Shoot and pop colorful bubbledrops inthis relaxing board game and work your way through allthebubble-packed puzzles and brain teasers. Complete levels andwincoins! This fun bubble shooter ™ game is easy just to pick upandplay, perfect for the whole family to play and enjoy. Starttheadventure now, hit and blast the balls and discover themostclassic and amazing puzzle game! The struggle to pop allthebubbles continues! Conquer challenging levels with powerfulboostsin this thrilling bubble pop adventure and experience hoursofbubble matching, popping and blasting fun! Bubble Shooter ™2puzzle game is definitely on the list of things you would takewithyou to a deserted island!If you used to love going to thearcadeand playing fun bubble shooter ™ retro games, get ready totakeyour passion to the next level! Try out the best vintage gameandput your strategy skills to the test. Get it now for free andplayeverywhere, anywhere and as much as you want. Nointernetconnection is needed. IN BUBBLE SHOOTER ™ 2 YOU’LL GET TO:*Challenge yourself with hundreds of puzzle levels andbrainteasers.* Practice your strategy and color matching skills. *Makecombinations of 3 or more identically colored balloons toburst. *Match and pop bubbles and clear the board. * Unlockpowerful boostsand power-ups and use them to explode bubbles. *Exercise yourbrain and your fingers, aim and smash the balls andwin coins.*Explore hundreds of addictive levels filled with cooleffects anddesigns. * Play anytime and anywhere you want, no wifineeded!Charge up with awesome boosters that will help you blastthroughthe levels:🔥 Pop 7 bubbles in a row to get a FIREBALL thatwillburn up bubbles on the way.💣 Drop 10 bubbles or more to getabubble BOMB will take out surrounding bubbles.Make sure tosaveyour boosts until you need them! FUN FEATURES - Hundreds ofamazingpuzzle levels with new challenges.- The favorite arcade gamein abrand-new mobile version. - Action-packed gameplay. Simple tolearnand super fun! - Plenty of amazing brain teasers, powerfulboosts,and free gifts. - Fun bubble game for the whole family toplay andenjoy. - Free to play and totally addictive. PLAY THE BESTPUZZLEGAMEBubble Shooter ™ 2 is a relaxing, fun bubble popping gamethatwill keep you entertained for hours and even days. Heads Up:thelonger you play, the more addicted you’ll get! TIP: Try to clearalevel with fewer moves to get a higher score. Each new level hasadifferent target you need to reach, so plan your movescarefullyand fire away. You can restart any level without having towait forlives, as they are unlimited! Join the fun adventure today.Showyour skills, blast the bubbles, solve all the puzzles andwinawesome boosts that will reward you with high scores andcoins!Bubble Shooter ™ 2 is a super fun and addictive bubbleshooter ™game you won’t stop playing! Even if you get stuck on adesertedisland the best way to pass the time is to play thisawesome bubbleshooter ™ game!Liked the game? We would love to getyour feedback!Let us know what we can add to make your gameplayeven moreenjoyable and earn your 5-star review. All rights ofBubble Shooter™ are owned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.
Bottle Shooting Expert - Sniper Shooting Games 1.6
Want to have fun, shooting the bottles? Do you want to becomeanexpert bottle shooter? Then the bottle shooting expert, whichisone of the top, best shooting games, is the one, you mustbelooking for.Try this best, top, free bottle shootgame.Bottleshooting expert is an addictive, time-management, 3dshooting game,where you get to shoot, some amazing bottles placedat differentpositions and also the moving ones, by keeping the timein mind,using a sniper gun.This 3d bottle shooting game, which isone ofthe top, best shooting games, consists of 30 levels. In theinitiallevels of this shooting game, the bottles are fixed, and inthelater levels, you have to shoot, the moving bottles, making this3dsniper shooter game more challenging.Become an expert sniperbottleshooter, by shooting all the moving bottles, using a snipergun, byplaying, the bottle shoot, which is one of the top, bestshootinggames.Learn to use, the sniper gun effectively, and becomethe bestsniper shooter in town by playing this 3d sniper shootergame,which is one of the top, best shooting games. The amazing3denvironment, makes this sniper gun shooting game, evenmoreengaging.Perform bottle archery shooting as, a bottle gunshooteror target bottle expert shooter, by playing one of the bestbottleshoot archery games or bottle hitting games. Become a bottlehunteror bottle breaker, by knocking down the bottles, by playingthisbottle blast game or bottle breaking game.This bottle shootforkids game or bottle shoot for girls game, boasts of somestunninggraphics and amazing gameplay with an awesome bottle shootgun.Play this bottle shoot all games or bottle shoot game with gun,andperform bottle shoot with levels.Perform bottle shoot with gunwiththis bottle knockdown game or bottle shoot app which is one ofthebest bottle shoot free games or new bottle shoot games2017.Keyfeatures of bottle shooter1. Stunning 3d environment withrealisticbottles.2. Shoot bottles using a sniper gun in this bottleshootergame.3. 30 levels to shoot bottles.4. Amazing sound effectswithrealistic bottle breaking sound.5. Challenging and timemanagementgame.6. Bottle crush and bottle crash game.7. Bottleshoot gamewith levels for everyone.8. Bottle gun shoot game tobecome abottle shoot sniper.9. Amazing bottle game or bottle hitgame toperform bottle target shooting.Bottle shooting expert is oneof thetop, best shooting games for free. Download this top shootinggamefor free, and have fun by aiming at the bottles and shootingthemas, a sniper shooter with a sniper gun, all for free.
Shooting Sky 2.2.0
Fly to a mysterious asteroids, where mystical monsters andfearsomebosses await you!Shooting Sky returns brandishing a full,3Ddynamic galaxy shooter. What are you waiting for? Jump intothecockpit and pilot a spaceship right now to fight your waythroughhordes of mythical creatures that block yourpath!【Features】● Buildyour own unique spaceship! You create it, youpilot it!Hundreds ofdifferent combinations possible with partscombination● Begin youradventure on the fantastical galaxyasteroids!Assault numerousasteroids with various monsters and alienbosses● Unlike any otherarcade shooter games out thereAvoid fully3D rendered obstacleswhile conquering the skiesMassive boss barragebattles to get youpumped up for fightingCompetitive play among yourfriends● Dynamicsoundtrack full of tension and thrill● Avertical-scrolling STGwith cartoon graphics● Supports 12languages.● Google PlayAchievements and Leaderboards are alsoavailable.● Supported fortablets▶ Shooting is So cool !Enjoy thevariety of shooting gamesfrom SHMUP HOLIC!Retro ShootingSpaceWarStellarShooter—————————————Homepage of service
Strike Galaxy Attack: Alien Space Chicken Shooter 4.8.8
Strike Galaxy Attack: Alien Space Chicken Shooter is thebestshooting games - The best arcade game of 2017 and promisingtocreate a major earthquake on Google Play. You can play it onallsmartphone and tablet. In immense space, there are alwaysbrutalforces with plots to invade Earth: May be aliens or animalsthat isas intelligent as human… They can attack our beautifulearthanytime!Strike Galaxy Attack: Alien Space Chicken Shooterbring youa epic war against chicken invader squadron. They’re asmodernfighter - the powerful army arm with advanced technology andthestrongest weapons.You’re last hopeful of Earth, your missioniscontrol Legendary Fighter and join the epic battle to protectEarthfrom the invaders. In the battle, you can change fighterandupgrade power of your fighters by collect items, booster todestroyall enemy. Please control your fighter cleverly and smartlyandbring the peace for Earth.If you want to win, you’re must beanexperienced player of the top down air combat shooter games,FPSgames and you also have strategy , don’t waste your life andgetthe failure that was not worth it. Play game withhighconcentration to become a Hero who be true leader ofEarth.*********FEATURED*********- Log in Facebook to updateleaderboadwith your friends.- The attractive mission system .- Manymode toplay : Campaign, Endless, Raidboss- Great graphics, Amazingsoundsand music.- Many levels with different difficulties,differentchallenges.- Various enemy : chicken fighters, chickenarmy, Bigbosses.- Many boosters, many items to collect and upgrade. - Theattractive daily mission, achievements. - Many free coinsandbooster with lucky wheel .Don’t wait. download StrikeGalaxyAttack: Alien Space Chicken Shooter rightNOW!!!******************Contact***************Visit our Officialsite at:http://www.onegame.mobiFollow us on Facebookat: Policy: Action Game: AdventureGame: ArcadeGame: PuzzleGame: StrategyGame: RacingGame: SportGame: RPGGame:
Toon Shooters 2: Freelancers 2.08
Mooff Games
Toon Shooters 2 is an arcade side-scrolling shooter shmupinspiredby the golden era of 80's arcade shooters. Real time co-opplayavailable with different characters with various rolesandabilities.Smash Club is now available for all compatibledevices,if you like a good 3D brawler anywayFive years after thefall ofthe Fleet, the Toons are back in action to wreck threats oldandnew... it was a massacre, on both sides!THE GAMEThe firstcampaignlaunches with 8 playable characters, 7 custom-fit pets& 15stages of various puzzles and ridiculous bosses.Up to5PCo-Operative multiplayer available with roles for eachplayer(diagonal shots, healers, bombers...)The game has contentpatchesunder planning and you should keep an eye on the app evenafteryou've played through the initial game for newchallenges.ABOUTUSWe grew pretty much across the world and wereheavily influencedby Japanese (r-type, gradius) and American gamesin the 80s &early 90s. Our games are an expression of who weare and we hope toshare a little bit of that with you.FIND USIf youhave a problemwith a purchase you made please email us (or twitteror FB) so wecan sort it outE-Mail: info@mooffgames.comComposer:Matthew Pablo( :http://www.mooffgames.comFacebook: