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Bounce News: Football, Latest News, Low Data App 1.4.1
Bounce News is a data lite Nigerian News App which deliversbreakingBBNaija, Politics, Current News and more to your mobilephone. Catchup with your favourite BBNaija Housemate, NigerianMovies, Politicsand Entertainment News and share on social mediawhile saving yourdata.Amazing Unique Features;High-speed newsupdates: Feeding fromits multiple sources in Nigeria andinternationally, the Bounce NewsApp constantly updates you withthe most recent stories bringing youup to speed as events andupdates happen.Personalize and controlyour news to suit yourinterests: Unlike the regular news app whichprovides you with abarrage of news across different areas ofinterests, the BounceNews app allows you select only things you areinterested in,providing you with optimal information to yourmaximumsatisfaction.Guarantee of news from trusted and reliablesources:Unlike apps which source from both verified andunverifiedwebsites, the Bounce News app only provides the best Newsupdatesfrom multiple domains with the high authority, and othersourceswith a good reputation. Saves you the embarrassment ofprovidingfalse info during conversations.Save your favorite pagesto readoffline: To better conserve your data for moments ofnetworkinconsistencies, Bounce allows users save stories so theycan readoffline. This feature is particularly useful on trips andlongjourneys to areas of lower network coverage.Socialmediaintegration for better sharing: Why enjoy the fun of a goodreadalone? The Bounce News App allows users share interestingstorieswith friends on social media and messaging apps likeFacebook,Twitter and Whatsapp.Other Sleek features include:UserFriendlyInterface: the Bounce news App is easy to use and has itsfonts,colours and design crafted for the simplest navigation andmostvisually friendly experience.Light memory consumption: Theappconsumes less than 8mb on Android and can function well evenunderpatchy network conditions.How to use the Bounce NewsApp:1.Download2. Sign up3. Select your interest4. EnjoyHere is whyyoushould download the Bounce News App now:1. To control andbettermonitor the kind of news you receive.2. To treat yourself toonlythe highest quality News updates andfeeds from reliablesources3.To better acquaint yourself with this revolutionarytechnologywhichlearns about your needs and keeps you one step aheadofthepack.Downloading the Bounce News App is the best way tostayinformedand improve your interest.See permissionshere: terms and conditionshere: Us on:Facebook- - @bouncenewsng
Bounce Classic Game
Bounce Classic is a fan-made remake of the Bounce game. If you areafan of the classic bounce game, Bounce Classic is game foryou.Bounce classic game will bring you back old memories.Enjoy11levels, collect all rings and beware of dangerous thorns. Stayintouch with your friends and beat their scores. Most popularBouncegame - now on your Android devices!Move your smartphone tothe sideand the ball will move in this direction.Touch on thedisplay andthe ball jump.- Amazing sound and effects.- Originallevels mostpopular.- Play every where and every time- Easycontrol.Mostpopular mobile classic game: Bounce Classic - now onyour Androiddevices!
Bounce Driver & Partner
BOUNCE DRIVER – Everything you need to fast-track your businessinone app.Why Bounce?GET PAID BETTERBounce offers six differentwaysto earn compensation. The company pays out almost 90% of basefarerevenues to Partners. GET PAID FOREVER AND EVEN WHEN YOU ARENOTDRIVINGYou do not need to be a driver to be a BouncePartner.Bounce allows you to build a network that will pay youroyaltieseven when you are not driving.When you personally referdrivers whodrive and customers who ride, you will get paid on theserides. Inaddition, when your indirectly referred drivers drive, andthecustomers they refer ride, you can get paid on these ridesaswell.Keep a tab on your growing network and income streamsthroughthe app.EARN OWNERSHIPBounce gives you the opportunity toearnstock options so you can share in the company’s success. Youcanearn them on enrolling as a Partner and on rides given and takenbyyou or your network of referred customers and drivers. Theapphelps you keep tab of your stock options too.ENHANCEDSAFETYBounceintroduces a first-of-its-kind panic button designed toalertfriends and family to keep a tab on you if you get into anykind oftrouble when on a ride. ONE APP, MANY FUNCTIONSResponding toridecalls, tracking demand or keeping tabs on your referrals,royaltiesand bonuses is really easy with the Bounce driver app. Ithas manyfunctions and is easy to use. Download the app now.
Drops - Largest HD Wallpaper Gallery/Search Engine
Tired of shifting through multiple wallpaper apps? PresentingDrops,the largest wallpaper search engine. The go-to reserve forall yourneeds.Want a cool wallpaper to replace your currentone?Tired of thestandard, limited wallpaper collection offered byyour device?Wantto regularly switch between great wallpapers forfresh experienceson your device?Looking to impress through aneloquent taste inwallpaper?Seeking to reduce the time you spendbrowsing wallpapersvia different sources? Require an efficientrepository of yourfavourite prospective wallpaper images?Need asimple, succinctsolution to all of your wallpaper woes?Look nomore! Drops is YOURideal solution. Your wallpaper is the firstthing a close friend,family member or colleague notices about yourdevice. Your choice inwallpaper often provides strong insightsinto your personality,whether or not intended. A good wallpapercan greatly affect yourfirst impression. That said, wallpapers arean excellent way toexpress yourself. With Drops, we can help youmake that happen!Themost extensive collection of wallpapersavailable on the Play Store,Drops has a wallpaper for everybody,whatever the occasion.Utilising specialised software, this appmakes easy the dauntingtask of choosing your wallpaper,conveniently organising thousandsof quality images intoassimilated collections. Drops presents aneffective alternative toscouring the Play Store or the internet foryour preferred type andstyle of wallpaper.Fret not over theinability to find an image youneed any longer. Drops is your onestop shop for every wallpapertheme you will ever desire!Choose FromOver 17k WallpapersDropsboasts a huge aggregation of wallpaperscollected from varied,multiple sources for an extensive, nonexhaustive compilation ofquality wallpapers, all verified by ourcommunity. Everything fromA to Z, from Angels to Science, Dropsallows you to access themall. Browsing Made EasyDrops associateskeywords with every imageand systematically arranges them intocollections by theme. Allowsfor a simple, effective, hassle-freesearch for your idealwallpaper. Simply select a collection or entera keyword in thesearch bar to view a plethora of relevant imagescatering to yourparticular demand.Simplified Storage for YourFavouriteWallpapersNo longer do you have to go through the timeconsumingpain of individually seeking out and downloadingprospectivewallpaper options and having to mentally retain when youdownloadedit to find it in your gallery. Merely tap on a heartoption at thecorner of a wallpaper you like and easily come back toit later inthe Favourites tab. Data And Speed FriendlyDrops bydefault(Customisable in settings) loads images at the optimumresolutionto save data and boost browsing speed, sparing you thefrustrationof waiting for images to buffer. Download wallpapers inHD only ifappealing. User-Friendly and CustomizableDesigned foryour benefit,Drops provides a range of customisable features foryou to tweak asper your preference. As an aesthetics based service,it’s nosurprise that Drops allows you to choose from several UIthemes.Choose the number of wallpaper columns you desire, storagelocationfor your downloaded wallpapers and enable animations, allas peryour need. Efficient, succinct and simple, Drops isguaranteed toserve all your wallpaper needs, whatever your Androiddevice. Allfor free.
FilePursuit 1.1.3
FilePursuit provides a very powerful file indexing andsearchservice allowing you to find a file among millions of fileslocatedon web servers. Our database is updated daily by our robotsthatcrawl through free access internet resources.It's a filesearchengine where links are given by people all over the globe. It provides high-quality file search among the enormousnumberof files available on the web. This file search engine savestimein two ways: by eliminating the need to find file manually, andbyperforming searches at high speeds. Without this, you would havetolook at sites one by one and pore over the contents ofeachcarefully – a tedious prospect. It automatically comparesyourcriteria to billions of Web pages and gives you results inafraction of a second. You can perform dozens of searches inthecourse of a few minutes, altering the criteria as you narrowdownresults.It scans the entire Web and keep comprehensive data onfileon every page we catalog. Because it contains so much dataonfiles, it helps you find obscure sites about which you wouldnototherwise know. Search results are more likely to give you toomuchinformation rather than too little.Using FilePursuit is assimpleas using other search engines. Just type the your query inthe textbox and click enter or the search button. You will bepresentedwith a list of file search results relevant toyourquery.FilePursuit hosts no content, we provide only accesstoalready available files in a same way other search enginesdo.Themain goal of File Pursuit is to provide users with auser-friendlyinterface that will make searches easier withlightening speed Wedo our best to establish a new standard forsites and lead thewhole community of netizens into a new era.
Video Watermark 2017
Video Watermark 2017 is the easy and quick solution to add yourowntext, logo and watermark to your images and videos. VideoWatermark2017 is a very useful app for professional who uploadvideo toInstagram, business and personal use.FOR HELP AND SUPPORTPleasecontact me via email (see below)UNIQUE FEATURE✔ Takingpictures andvideos with camera✔ cropping your images without losingresolution✔Upload your own logo to the photos and Videos (nosizerestrictions)✔ Supports .jpg, .png and .gif files inphotos.✔Supports MP4 and major format in Videos✔ Add Multiple logostoImages/Videos✔ Rotate, crop your logo or text 360º✔Changetransparency of your added text and logo✔ Choose differentfonts✔Easy sharing to Instagram, Whats App, Facebook etc.✔ Idealforadding logo, Watermark and text to your images and Videos. ADDTEXTTO PHOTOS / VIDEOSCan easily add text to photos/videos, changefontcolor, change font weight and choose free fonts. You canalsochange the transparency of the text. CROP, ROTATE ANDRESIZEPHOTOSEasily Crop and resize photos in a wide verity ofsizes: 1:1,3:4, 3:2 and 16:9 also rotate and resize photosaccording to yourrequirement.HELP PEOPLE TO CONNECT WITHYOUEveryone is using socialnetworks. Billions of pictures andvideos are transfer across theweb. Every professional wants no-bodycan theft this own createdcontent for example if you are a creatorthis will help you protectyour Videos/Images by addingwatermark.HOW TO ADD WATERMARK INVIDEO1. Select a Video fromgallery to be edit.2. Choose a Logo orWatermark.3. Add text toVideo.4. Choose mode of Converting(Slow/Fast).5. Save it to Galleryor Share it.Feel free to contactus:
WireGoggles displays a real-time wireframe outline of whatyourcamera is pointing at. Choose from 20 color schemes or createyourown, and save and share pictures. You can record and playbackvideos with audio, and export them as WebM files. You canalsoapply the effects to your existing pictures.WireGoggles is nowopensource! See ifyou encounter any problems.
PDF Utils (Merge/Reorder/Split/Extract/Watermark)
An Ad Free version of the app is now available forpurchase!!!Alightweight PDF utility dedicated for Mobile. It isvery easy touse and provides multiple ways for modifying andcreatingPDFsApplication provides below options• Merge PDF or Imagesinto asingle PDF• Reorder PDF pages in any order• Rotate PDPpages•Remove any PDF page and recreate the PDF• Split PDF intomultiplePDFs• Extract images from PDF• Add Text or Image watermarksto PDF•Encrypt or Lock PDF• Remove write protection from PDFApplicationalso supports reading from Google Drive and MicrosoftOneDrive.Long clicking on the PDF page would allow you to deletethe page.Currently merge option only allows selecting multiple PDFsandImages from a single folder.Please provide constructivefeedback!If you do have any suggestions for the app, please reachout on theemail listed. If you like the App, please purchase the Adfreeversion to support the Developer!Tags: PDF Utils, PDF Tools,PDFUtility, PDF Reorder, PDF Delete Pages, PDF Split, PDF Merge,PDFwatermark, Extract PDF Images, PDF Reordering, PDF Merging,PDFoffline tools, PDF Lite, PDF Splitting, PDF move pages, PDFImageWatermark, Remove write protection, Encrypt PDF, Lock PDF, PDFtextwatermark, Multiple Images into a single PDF, PDFs andImagestogether in a single PDF, Images to PDF Converter, PDF Lock.Imageto PDF tools
AsciiCam generates ASCII images in real time from whateveryourcamera is pointing at. Choose from black and white, primarycolors,or full colors, take pictures, and share them as images orHTML.You can also create ASCII versions of pictures in yourgallery, andoptionally have ASCII versions automatically generatedevery timeyou take a picture with the standard camera app.AsciiCamiscompletely free and open source.
Bounce is the best casual game for android under 10mb.Indiegamersproudly presents Bounce,a new android game.Bounce androidgame is acreative physics game.Battle your friends for thehighscore in thisphysics based jumpy or bounce game.Bounce game isan addictingphysics game.Bounce casual game requires split seconddecision.Thisphysics game comes with 3 different game mode based onphysicselement.Bounce is a free game and has exciting physicselements inthis physics game.Jump left or right in this classicbouncegame.Tap to jump in this physics game.Use boosters to jumphigherin this physics online game to jump to the top oftheleaderboard.a new addicting physics game with creativephysicselements.a classic game with 4 in 1 game mod.Bounce yourjumpy blueball in the addicting physics can playanytime,anywhereand any place.this jumping game has uniquegameplay.Bounce iscreative and has endless hour of gameplay.Thisaddicting game hassimple yet stylish game on android.This has anever ending gameplayalong with an addicting game mode.KeyFeatures:# Creative / Uniquephysics based game.# Bounce game has anew leadersboard.# Newamesome game modes# Immensive experience withelegant and beautifulUser interface.# Addicting game mode withregular updates.# Bounceandroid game is a new kind of offlinegame.# Addicting bounce gamewith different puzzles to challengeyour brain.# Best 4 in 1 gameto play while you travel.This casualgame features the most modernyet classical interface.The gameplayof this casual game is simplyelegant.This game is easy to learn,challenging to master!You candownload for your kids or girlfriendsor old parents.Raise yourfinger ,simply tap , tap & tap thescreen, feel the funny webring to you.Bounce is a all free game.You can play it withoutwifi.Its real offline game within 12mb.Thisgame is a good puzzlegame with amazing game mode.The goal is toclear your mind, removethe stress from your daily life.If you arelooking for a stressrelief or relaxing game type.enjoy thebounce!Try our game and i amsure you will not regreatit.Keywords:Bounce,Bounce game,bounceandroid game,creative androidgame,free game,physics game,casualball game,creative physicsgame,addicting game.Follow us on ourfacebookpage:-
StartPage Private Search
THE WORLD'S MOST PRIVATE WEB SEARCH APPStartPage Search givesyouconvenient mobile access to, the world's mostprivatesearch engine. It lets you search for information privatelyandanonymously, from the convenience of your smartphone orothermobile device. It's the perfect tool for iron-cladprivacyprotections, plus great search results.COMPLETE SEARCHPRIVACY ANDANONYMITYOther search engines capture your search termsand recordthe links you click on, then use tracking cookies tobuild adetailed profile of you and your interests. At StartPage,our zerodata-collection policy and full SSL encryption is yourassurancethat nobody's looking over your shoulder, no matter whatyou searchfor. We don't collect any personal information on ourusers. Wedon't store your IP address, we don't capture yourlocation, and wedon't record what you searched for. In fact, wekeep no records onyou at all. Nada. Zilch. Zero. OVERVIEW OFSTARTPAGE SEARCH PRIVACYFEATURES- All searches are encrypted usingpowerful SSL encryption.That means your service provider can't seewhat you search for—andneither can hackers.- Your searches arescrubbed and anonymized forprivacy.- StartPage Search protects youfrom physical intrusion bydeleting your searches and Web historyafter a set time delay, orthe app is closed or suspended. With onetap of your Home button,your searches are gone.- StartPage Searchstrips out your searchterms, so they can’t be seen by the websitesyou visit.- StartPageSearch never uses tracking cookies, andrejects tracking cookiesfrom websites you visit.- StartPage Searchnever records your IPaddress, search terms, or location.OVERVIEW OFSTARTPAGE SEARCHFEATURES- Fully integrated web browser- Fullweb-search capabilitywith superior result quality- Full imagesearch- Powerful AdvancedSearch capabilities- Control over displaysettings and privacyfeaturesPRIVATE PROXY SURFING FEATUREWhen youneed extra privacy,you'll love our Proxy. It works by copying theweb page you want tovisit onto our server, so you see it throughus, not them. Becauseyou never make contact with the third-partywebsite, they can'tinfect you with cookies or malware, and theycan't see your IPaddress or other information. They only see us,while you stay safeand invisible behind the scenes.You can use theStartPage Proxy toaccess any website you find through a StartPagesearch. Simplyclick the "Proxy" link under the search result.Note:For securityreasons, the Proxy restricts web forms and Javascript,and websitesmay not be optimized for mobile devices (since we don'teven tellthem you're on a mobile device!)
Microsoft Bing Search
Bing is more than simple search. Get answers to yourquestionsfaster and easier. Find what you love, from live sportupdates,trending music, and recipes, to nearby deals, movie times,and gasprices. Explore your world with 360 search powered byaugmentedreality in the Near Me–Camera Search tab. You can searchby image,voice, photos, or barcodes, and connect to results andapps youtrust. Bing is the only search engine that Rewards you foryourcuriosity. Get points when you search, and redeem them forgiftcards at Amazon, Starbucks, and more! See information in awholenew way with Bing. Search differently.Voice search can bringyouweb results or identify what song is playing. Snap a picturetofind similar photos. Save money when you use the barcode scannertocompare prices. Get things done with Bing.Find when new moviesareshowing and get tickets, and know what films are availableandtrending on your favorite streaming services. Explorerestaurantsand book a table, and discover offers, discounts, andcoupons atshops near you. * Some features are not available in allcountries.We want to hear from you! Join our beta community toprovidefeedback and help us make Bing the best search engineever.
Find The Difference
Spot the difference (Find The Difference) is a puzzle andcasualgame that will allow you to relax and to get pleasure fromfindingobjects on a beautiful images!What is and isn't in our supernewapp:Briefly:1) More levels than other games (will be morethan1000, now 900+, not 300)2) No timer3) Tips/Hints and skipslevels4)HD and qHD photos5) 10 differences in each picture6)Optimized forphones and tablets7) Cool zoom functionality8) Saveand resuminglevels9) Informing about new levels10) Music andsounds11)Different themes of the background photosFull:1) Timer isoptional- play, think and search as you like, no racing with atime!2) Not100 or even 300, but 1000+ interest levels will wait foryou. Nomore needed to go often to the apps store to download a newversionof Find differences - there are enough levels for a longtime inour Spot The Difference 2017 game! Stay tuned - new levelswill beconstantly added and will be available to download for freerightfrom the game. Just click Play button and built-in downloaderwillget new levels from our server.3) Renewable hints and skipslevelswill help you if you get stuck in this colorful worldofdifferences.4) You are free to choose between of using HD orqHDphotos in game (HD photo requires more internet traffic but hasabetter quality).5) On each picture you will find not 5, not 7,but10 differences! 6) All the differences and the hidden objectsareoptimized for a normal game - you don't have to find a smallpointor a small block of pixels, independently mobile phone ortablet isused.7) Zoom of the image will allow you to find all thehiddendifferences on your device regardless of how you have avision andwhether you wear glasses. Now the search is a pleasure!8)Jump overand finish complex levels later.9) Be online with accessto theInternet and you will be sent news about the new levels -yourphone will play some ringtone and add a text notification inthedevice system bar.10) Enable or disable music and sounds.11)Largevariety of the backgrounds themes: landscapes, nature,cars,buildings and even beautiful girls can be met by you ontheexpanses of searching for differences. We tried to select foryouthe most beautiful, cool and live photos.Welcome to thediverse,interesting and colorful world of find differences.Did youknowsuch kind of a free games are often calls as Spot thedifference orSpot it or What's different.How to play: just find adifference andtap it on any image.Discover what's the differencebetween twophotos which only seems identical but there are tendifferences tofind!Some sites and apps offer ready-made recipes forquicklyfinding differences, but much more fun to find everythingyourself.Stay like a king of the differences - conquer all thelevels!Allthe levels in the game is free and will give a lot of joyto bothchildren and adults.Don't forget to switch on a wifi ormobile dataon your device for access to the entire levelsdatabase.The battleof your mind and vision against our artist'sskills begins! But wehope that after such an acquaintance ourartist will become for youas a good friend.Put our "Spot differentgame" on the 'shelf' whereyou store your favorite and useful appsand your collection willbecome more complete.Download Spot theDifference and share it witheveryone! “Find the differences games”are excellent for playing ina pair – play these “spot it games”with your friend andrelatives.Our Find Differences game is alreadyloved by bothchildren and adults, both girls and boys, both men andwomen.Getready for a best photo hunt of your life and join to ourteam oflovers of "Find the differences" and puzzle games!Allpictures andphotos for levels taken with the personal permission ofthe authorof the image or with a suitable license.All images weremakeup inphoto editor and have differeces with original photos.
Image Search
This is simple application, that searches images withkeyword,browses and saves.Using the Google Image Searchengine.Searchoption that nearly equals to Browser isavailable.Search resultdepends on search engine.The displayed imagemay have beenprotected by :Juanpaulo
ShotOn for Oppo: Add Shot on tag to Gallery Photo
◇ Add “Shot On (Device Name with Logo) and Shot By (Name) Tags”onyour pre-captured gallery photos from your Oppo handset withthisfree application.ShotOn for Oppo: Gallery Photo provides youthefunctionality to customize,✎ Shot On Tag✎ Shot By Tag✎ CustomBrandLogoThis customizability options make ShotOn for Oppo a rareapp inthe market.👉 It’s Spectacular Features,✔ Manually add Shot OnTagsto your Gallery Photos.✔ Picture Quality Integrity.✔ WideVarietyof Brand/Company Logos.✔ Editable Shot On Text & Shot ByText.✔Adjustable Position for Shot on Signature.✔ CustomizableTextSize.✔ Stunning Font Formats.✔ Live Preview Before Adding ShotonTag.Shot on functionalities that was previously available forfewOppo phones is now available for all. Just select your handsetfromthe list or add with (+) option if you are unable to findcorrectone.➺ Let’s see how you can use this app,⌚ Shot On TagManytimesyou may have came across tags like “Shot on (Brand Name)”overphotos shared online. This feature was limited to certainbrandsand handsets before. Now with this app add your custom Shoton tagby selecting your brand and phone model.✍ UsedFor:Branding,Marketing, Showing off New Phone⌚ Shot By TagNow addyour own namewith Shot by tag before share your photographs onlinei.e. “Shot By(Your Name)”.✍ Used For:Building Online Authority,Photographers,Freelancers⌚ Custom Brand LogoGot a custom brandlogo? Simply addit from the app and start marking all your galleryphotos with yourcustomized watermark logo.✍ Used For:Advertising,DigitalWatermarking, Outreaching Customers➺ How to use Shot on forOppo?1)Switch Toggle to ON2) Select the appropriate Brand Logo fromtheapp or from the Gallery.3) Select your Device or add a new onebypressing (+).4) Add your name in Shot By Signature Tag.5)SelectAppropriate Font Format and Text Size.6) Live Preview beforeaddingShot on tag7) Select Photos From Gallery to add Shot ontag.That’sit! All your photos will be tagged right away.⌚ Why thisapp?✌ AllFeatures Unlocked (FREE)✌ Add Shot on tags directly toyourpre-captured gallery photos✌ Tuneable ShotOn Stamp TagPosition✌Functionality to add your custom stamp✨ Tying all thefeaturealtogether gives you a complete set of package in asoleapplication, that too for free!. Download this application nowandmarkup all your pre-captured photographs.
Google Play Console
Access your Google Play Console data from your Androiddevice.Review your app's performance statistics and financial data.Benotified about your app's status and publishing changes. Readandreply to user reviews on the go.
Search Duplicate File (SDF)
The duplicate/dupe/cache/obsolete files occupy a lot ofstoragespace, slow down the file search speed and prevent youfromdownloading more music, photo, video or apps, it's difficulttodistinguish them one by one.With Search Duplicate File, anAndroidsmart utility app, you can locate and removetheseduplicate/dupe/cache/obsolete files easily and accurately! Itcanfree up a lot of storage space on your Android device!ThefirstAndroid (Only Android) app used to search for duplicatefiles,since 2011, the fastest and most powerfulduplicate/cache/obsoletefiles remover!Keep upgrading and more andmorepowerful!>>> Features(since 2011):★ Major★SupportSUB-FOLDER, select any directory.Support LOCK-FOLDER,protect yourimportant files (Paid version only).Support SD CARD andOTG USBstorages.Support MOUNT POINTS, find the TRUEduplicates.SupportSMART-SELECTOR, distinguish original andduplicatesaccurately.Support BIG GIF (Pause/Resume GIF).SpecifyFILE TYPE orFILE EXTENSION.Specify FILE SIZE.PREVIEW the searchresults (image,audio, video, app).EXCLUDE the search results.RENAMEthe searchresults.FILTER the search results (image, audio, video,document,app, keyword regex wildcard, selections).SAVE and RESTOREthesearch results.Batch delete files from MULTIPLEfolders.Batchcreate files SHA/CRC32/MD5.Search SIMILARIMAGES.Search SIMILARAPP.Search SIMILAR FILE NAME.SearchCAMOUFLAGEDIMAGE/AUDIO/VIDEO/APK (Media filecache/thumbnail).Supersearch(File name/type/size/time)...More andmore features arecoming, based on a POWERFUL SEARCH ENGINE!!!★ UserExperience ★●Long-tap menu/item to display translation(Google/Microsofttranslate app needed).● Support switchinglanguages, yourtranslation is really, thankyou!● Remind you with notificationafter search is finished.● Thesearch results are grouped.●Batchselect|deselect|expand|collapse|delete|exclude files orgroups.★Advanced ★● Generate file fingerprint list.● Save thesearch resultto file /sdcard/duplicates.txt, please create the filefirstly.●Long tap filename, filepath or MD5 on details view, copyto systemclipboard.● Support wildcard characters "*" at Settings -General -Custom include field.>>>Howto:>>>KnownIssues:● Searching for large amount files may cause crash-OutOfMemoryError, to avoid this crash, please specify file sizeinSettings - General.● Unable to delete files on Android 4.4Kitkatexternal SD card because of Google's Policy.● InGallery|MediaPlayer apps, media files still there, or alldisappeared. 1. Deletehidden file /sdcard/.nomedia. 2. Clear MediaStorage data. Settings- Apps - All - Media Storage - Clear data. 3.Reboot your deviceand wait for a while.>>> SpecialThanks:МихаилЯкимовEugene Sazonov (Russian)Darrell SnedekerAdamGlassBrianNelsonTed MoyerJim CramerLindy GGrzegorz Lasek淡空醉花lovlysermaDarrylTrimmingHakan-D (French)АлексейГнездиловOmranAldhanhanihhh2016Isreal MathewZityi (Hungarian)عمارسالم (amar0876)(Arabic)meysam.6335 (Persian)ALEK-SH(Ukrainian)Fatih Fırıncı(Turkish)
PicFinder - Image Search
Images and search the web for relevant content so you caneasilyfind a photo search tool application. Different image sizes,asimilar picture, match the wide variety of colors and you canfindpictures or images. This application uses the Google imagesearchengine. Photo and image search function: ★Searchfilters    * Safe Search (***)    *Picture Time     * Picture Size    *Photo Mode     * Photo color    *Image Aspect Ratio     * ImageFile Format ★ Viewand photo and image download website ★ Photo Viewmode:   * Finding similar photos    * Findphotos ofdifferent sizes    * Image site browser open  * Image Download    * Photo sharing sitelinks * ImageShareAt the end of the images used in thisapplication, the cacheis automatically deleted. This application isan easy to use Googleimage search engine that helps you searchtool. Photo searchresults will vary depending on the search engineGoogle Images. Ifthat search and found this app in the search siteswill not beblocked. Found some of the images are protected bycopyright law.(***) Safety that appear in search results filteredby offensivecontent, please reportdown.*English-> Please help if you are translated into the nationallanguage,please mail.
Google AdSense
The Google AdSense app provides an easy way to view key datafromyour AdSense and AdMob accounts. It allows you to accessreportingfeatures anywhere, directly from your mobile device. Theappprovides you with an account overview, as well as accesstodetailed performance reports on all key metrics. Availablereportsinclude: top ad units, channels, sites, countries and more.Theaccount earnings report is also accessible via aresizablewidget.Please note: YouTube revenue is not available inthisapp.Permissions Notice • Contacts: Needed to access yourAdSenseaccount.
Photo Image Download All Files
Core• Search for images with keyword image search service•Powerfulimage grabber: Search and batch download for all imageswithwebsite,Scan depth multilayer• Twitter multi imagesdownloadInput•Web browser URL to share button to open Photo ImageDownloaderstart download task• Support input http web page URL •Supportinput image keyword• Support input twitter user URL• SupportParsemenu to quickly inputConfig task start• Config image file sizeminlimit• Config image pixel min height width• Config WebImagesscanning depth.web crawler can scan multiple web pages•Config taskdownload max connectionsDownloading• keyword Image titleauto saveas a file name• web html title auto save folder name•Support weblogin download The original high-quality mass picturefile• Webcrawler automatically scans the associated all picture•Use ofmulti-connect, multi-threaded download the fastest• Does notlimitthe number of images to download• When the remaining diskspace isnot enough, automatically stop the downloading taskImageslist•While downloading the preview image list• Associated imagelist bywebpage sort order• Multi-select the images you want to bulksave•Multi-page display thumbnails and sizeHistory task• Supportdeletepictures feature• Android other gallery feature• View imagesfileSave folder path• Task URL to open the Web browser• Supporttask tore-download• Context menu to remove previous search ImagesViewer•Zooming capabilities with multitouch• See a description oftheimage• Link to see the website where was published• Downloadofimages• Share images• Set current images as wallpapers• Giffileanimation display• Delete image fileDescription• This is abulkimage downloader software app application. Best speedgrabbercrawler download save all multi picture image from url,fromawebsite,from webpage,from keyword image search,from google.FreeBatch Image Downloader or picture downloader or photodownloader orsearch downloader
Thumbnail, Cover, Posts & Channel Art Maker
"Thumbnail, Cover, Posts & Channel Art Maker" allows youtocreate amazing designs without any graphic design skills.Noweveryone can become a professional designer deliveringimpressiveresults with this powerful graphic design tool! Wheneveryou feelinspired, you can always create awesome designs with ourextensiveartwork and easy to use tools, Irresistible YoutubeThumbnails,Channel Arts, crafting jaw dropping posters, flyers,cards,invitations, social media graphics, banners and muchmore.WithThumbnail Maker, turn Your Ideas into Stunning Artworks.Not onlycan you create Thumbnails for youtube, you can also create-Channel Art for Youtube- Ad Pages for Facebook- Cover forFacebook-Posts for Instagram- Cover for Youtube - Cover forTwitter- Coverfor Linkedin- Cover for Twitch- Flyers in A4 Size (72DPI)- DeviceWallpaper Portrait- Desktop Wallpaper- Logo- Cover forGoogle Plus-Art for Tumbler Graphic- Art for Pinterest Pin-Presentation-Infographic- Posts for Facebook- Thumbnail forYoutube- Post forTwitter- BannersA highly customizable thumbnailmaker app to designartwork for YouTube right at your fingertips.-Design aneye-catching thumbnails for YouTube that boostsviewership- Make itimpossible for your audience to scroll past yourthumbnail withouthaving a click and a look.- Piece together athumbnail design in notime.- Play withTextures/Fonts/Colors/Photos- You can edit andsave your designs asmany times as you like. Every time you createa new design, such asa YouTube thumbnail, it will appear in the“My Designs” section.WhyChoose "Thumbnail, Cover, Posts &Channel Art Maker"?- RichResources : Function-focused resourcesmake it simple to createcollages, social media graphics, posters,cards, banners and muchmore with this Thumbnail Maker App.-Powerful Tools : Thumbnailmaker provides powerful design andediting tools which enables youto achieve high-quality resultsquickly and without any hassles orheadaches.- Easy to Use :"Thumbnail, Cover, Posts & Channel ArtMaker" is all aboutmaking design amazingly simple for anyone. Withonly a few clicks,anyone can create professional artworks, evenwithout anyexperience. Are you a youtuber? Download Thumbnail Makernow forFree and enjoy creating channel arts, banners and thumbnailswithina few minutes. "Thumbnail, Cover, Posts & Channel ArtMaker" isall about making design amazingly simple for anyone.TryNow!!Disclaimer:"Thumbnail, Cover, Posts & Channel ArtMaker"is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, orspecificallyapproved by YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin,Twitch, Google.All references to "YouTube, Facebook, Twitter,Linkedin, Twitch,Google" are solely for the purpose of identifyingthe app forpotential users. No trademark infringement is intended,Neither arethese companies/entities responsible for this app.
R6 Plus
Application designed for Rainbow Six Siege players.Theapplicationhas the following functions:* No login required*Classification*Rainbow Six Siege leaderboards* Search for RainbowSix Siegeplayers* Comparison between players (With image share toWhatsapp,Messenger, Telegram...)* Informationaboutplayers     -Ranking     -Level     -Season     -List of past and currentaliases     - A lotmore* Bookmark and saveprofiles* Soon new features.* Now SupportsPC, XBOX and PS4!All ofthe app information was provided throughthe website www.r6db.comand without it this application would notbe possible. Thanks tor6db crew.
PicSay - Photo Editor
The fun award winning photo editor. Color-correct your picturesandadd word balloons, titles, graphics, and effects likedistortion.All in a fun, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface.Thisis the freeLite edition, buy PicSay Pro and get a host of extratools, specialeffects, styles, stickers, and much more.Edit andquickly shareusing WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or any otherservice you haveinstalled on your device.
Photo Recovery Deleted Photos & Restore Images
Have you ever lost any photos of your family or friends ? Haveyoufound yourself been in trouble to find best photo recovery apptorescue lost images ? Don't worry at all, Photo RecoveryDeletedPhotos & Restore Images is free data recovery app foryou!Photorecovery deleted images app attempts to recover alldeleted photos,hidden photos, pictures and undelete images on yourandroid phone.Restore photos is best data recovery app which workwith sd card orstorage media in android. The deleted photo recoverydisplay imagesthat it finds and allows you to recover all ofthem.Recover deletedphotos is completely to download which workswell for picture andfile recovery. Undeleted photo can help yourecover deleted photosfrom sd cards, memory cards...Mini photorecovery is easy to userecovery tool app. It's specialized forrecovery deleted photos,pictures and images. Photo recovery toolcan quickly and safelyrecover lost/deleted photos in android phone.The professionalphoto recovery app can recover lost photos fromlost, damaged inseconds!Lost your Photos ? Trust #1 Photo recoveryapp on Playstore. Important benefits of the photo recovery app aredescribedbelow to help you recover your deleted photos.Keyfeatures:- Scaninternal and external memory quickly- Restoredeleted photos- Bestdata recovery app- Recover photos from memorycards, all internal& external media- Quickly recovers lost ordeleted photos file-Supports lost or deleted photo recovery of morethan 50+ file type-Recover photos lost due to format or corrupt ofstorage media-Reinstates deleted pictures- Recover photos fromAndroid phone-Picture Recovery after accidental deletion of thephoto- Restoreaccidentally deleted pictures- Fast, Reliable, Bestquality- Noneed to root the phone- It's freeLet's download PhotoRecoveryDeleted Photos now with free android recycle bin features.Recoverydeleted photos will automatic scan and display all yournewlydeleted data images, allowing you to undelete picturesandinstantly restore images to your android phone. You can keepyourpersonal photos safe!App recovery photo is simple but moreuseful.Just open Photo recovery deleted photos app and scan recyclebin,choose deleted photo to retores and click undelete - itwillinstantly reappear on your device gallery. We will updatefunctionto backup all deleted photo, pictures, videos, documentfiles andmore on future!If you have problem or any questiosn, feelfree tocontact us !
Find The Differences 4
Find Differences part 4 is The New edition of the classic andandfavorite puzzle game of many people Find Difference or spottheDifference.The fourth Part of the favorite game of intelligenceandthe power of observation game find the differences betweentwopictures and also game five differences between the imagesincludesgames common in the world of intelligence and rely on yourpowersof observation and your concentration to extract the grouplostbetween two images .. a fun and entertaining game to spend withhergood timesyou will find the five differences between theimagesbefore the time allotted for each stage, can you discover thefivedifferences between the two pictures ?? If you are a fan ofgeneralintelligence and it is the most popular game in the worldofgeneral Intelligence, concentration so try to discover thefivedifferences between the two pictures and solve all thepuzzlesfound in the game five differences between the picturesthegameknown as Find the difference also it's called Difference game ,orSpot the difference where you have to find five differencesbetween2 pictures. If you was stuck, don't worry we have add manyhelptools in gameYou gonna love this game if you like games likefindthe difference and hidden objects features✓beautifuldesign compatible with all devices✓ help daily when youopen thegame✓ earn gold on every stage✓ the means to help many✓save stagesand the storage level has reached✓ multiple stagesdifficult.Testyour intelligence and discover the five differencesin the game allof the general thinking and intelligence
Pro Search
Now get access to world top 4 trafficengine.Google, Youtube, Wikipedia and Facebook. Type once andgetaccess(search result) to all top engine.Now save your timeandphone memory.This 4 apps are of 126mb which is now availablein1.2mb.
Nature Photo Frames Dual
If you like to see yourself and your loved one together inthesurroundings of spectacular nature and its beauty? Thesefantasyframes are ideal for you to decorate your memories and makethemunforgettable. Using this app you can make photos morebeautiful bydecorating them with fantastic free nature photo frame,effects,text and stickers☀_ How to Use _☀1. Select your favoriteframe fromnumerous nature photo frames available in thisapplication.2.Choose photo from your photo gallery or take a selfieright awayusing your device’s camera.3. Change the size, positionor angle ofyour photo using your fingers.4. Add one of the variouseffects toyour photos.5. Share your new nature photo frames withyour lovedones on any social media like facebook, instagram, whatsapp andmore.6. Save your photos in the stunning nature frames inyourdevice’s memory card.7. User friendly and easy to use interfaceforyour convenience.☀_ Key Features _☀✿ Select photo from GalleryorCamera.✿ A full-featured photo editor included.✿ Simpletouchgestures to rotate, resize✿ Beautiful design, both phonesandtablets.✿ Multiple stylish nature photo frames for anypicture.✿Selected beautiful nature frames.✿ Nice and colorfulstickers.✿ 50+amazing magical effects to apply on photo.✿ Add textwith differentfonts and resize text. ✿ Simple and powerful userinterface helpsyou to get job done much quicker.✿ Save your imageto SD card.✿Share your creations via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr,email, andother social networks.If you like nature photo framesdual, do notforget to leave your feedback.The publisher has licenseforcommercial use of all the images. For more details contactthepublisher.
Image Downloader All - Search
All Image Downloader is Powerful image grabber software thatcanhelp you download all the pictures from website. Features are:•Search for images with google image search service• Supportgoogleassociation batch download picture• image grabber: Search andbulkbatch download for all images with website,ScandepthmultilayerInput• Web browser URL to share button to open AllImageDownloader start download task• Support input URL • Supportinputgoogle image keyword• Support Parse menu to quicklyinputConfigtask start• Config image file size min limit• Configimage pixelmin height width• Config Web Images scanning depth•Config Googleimage safe search• Config Google regional domain•Config taskdownload max connectionsDownloading• Google Image titleauto saveas a file name• Web crawler automatically scans theassociated allpicture• Does not limit the number of images todownload• Whiledownloading the preview image list• Associated imagelist bywebpage sort orderHistory task• Support delete picturesfeature•Favorites feature• Task URL to open the Web browser•Support taskto re-download• Context menu to remove previous search•Partial offline mode : loading of old search if there is nonetworkImagesViewer• Zooming capabilities with multitouch• See adescription ofthe image• Link to see the website where waspublished• Download ofimages• Share images• Set current images aswallpapersDescription•All Image Downloader is Powerful imagegrabber software that canhelp you bulk download all the picturesfrom webpages, just byentering its URL address. This makes itflexible enough to be usedin a multitude of ways, as downloadingall the photos from awebpage that displays wallpapers.• Theapplication allows you todownload all the images from webpages thatyou are interested into,thus relieving you from the time-consumingprocess of manuallysaving each one. Using the picture browser, youcan go to thewebsite you want to be processed and download all thepictures orfiles you want. • Each download session can beprogrammed to matchyour preferences. For instance, you can downloadonly pictures orfiles that meet your size and pixel requirements,whilst ignoringthose that do not match these parameters.Version20160905 android6.0 crash, google advanced search20160710download> 1000 filescrash20160605 Ad crash20160522 Out of memorycrash20160511 Android6.0 Crash20160504 Google Pictures downloadfailed. Download taskscan not quit. Delete temporary files.Download successrate.20151119 fix crash.Browse the pictures do notshow theBug20150911 fix task start crash Black screen thennothing20150908picture view zoom optimization
Plagiarism Checker
Plagiarisma.Net plagiarism detection software screens yourpapersfor plagiarism with 5 search engines - Google, Yahoo,Babylon,Google Scholar and Google Books.This duplicate contentchecker is amust-have app for students, teachers, writers orbloggers.Scan youressay, article, term paper or dissertation with asingle tap ofyour smartphone. Turnitin and Copyscape freealternative.FEATURES:+Does not require registration;+ Built-in fileexplorer;+ ConvertsTXT, HTML, PDF, XLS, DOC, DOCX, ODT, ODS, ODP,FB2, EPUB;+ Saveresults to HTML, PDF, EPUB;+ Google Voice support;+Install to SDCard.If you need any further assistance, pleasevisit for technical support, commentsandfeedback.
Google Goggles 1.9.4
Search by taking a picture: point your mobile phone camera atapainting, a famous landmark, a barcode or QR code, a product, orapopular image. If Goggles finds it in its database, it willprovideyou with useful information.Goggles can read text inEnglish,French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, andTurkish,and translate it into other languages.Goggles also works asabarcode / QR code scanner.Features:- Scan barcodes using Gogglestoget product information- Scan QR codes using Goggles toextractinformation- Recognize famous landmarks- Translate by takingapicture of foreign language text- Add Contacts by scanningbusinesscards or QR codes- Scan text using Optical CharacterRecognition(OCR)- Recognize paintings, books, DVDs, CDs, and justabout any 2Dimage- Solve Sudoku puzzles- Find similar products
CamFind - Visual Search Engine
Search the physical world. Camfind, the world's firstsuccessfulmobile visual search engine, allows you to search foranything fromyour mobile phone just by taking a picture. CamFindhas alreadygained much success on iOS with over 3 milliondownloads.Forgetabout typing queries into your browser to getinformation, insteaduse CamFind to take a picture andlearn!FEATURES* Internet SearchResults* Related/Similar Images*Price Comparisons and OnlineShopping* Related Places and AddressFinder* Film Poster/DVDRecognition* Instant sharing to Facebook,Twitter, Email, andTextADDITIONAL FUNCTIONS* Ability to upload andsave images to orfrom Camera Roll* QR and Barcode Scanner* LanguageTranslator*Voice Search* Text Search* VoiceOver compatible* Andmuchmore…Download CamFind now to experience a mobile search likeneverbefore.COVERAGE* TechCrunch* VentureBeat* 9to5Mac* CNET* BBC*Cultof Mac* Life Hack* Life Hacker* iPhone Life Magazine*Examiner*Metro* And many more…ABOUT COMPANYCamFind Inc. is aLosAngeles-based tech company that specializes in imagerecognitionand mobile visual search. Its mission is to deliver themostsuperior mobile visual search solution to people around theworld,and to become the global leader in image recognition andmobilevisual search.
Duplicate File Finder-Remover
As our usage of mobile grows, the unnecessary duplicate photoandpicture, video and audio files grows in device randomly,ideallyevery folder of the phone. The duplicatepictures/photos/audiooccupy the lots of phone memory and alsoreduce the operating speedof phone. Manually it is difficult tofind and remove them.Here isthe Duplicate Image Finder or you canalso call it as DuplicatePhotos Remover or Duplicate Media Removerfor you which can scanthrough your entire phone and finds theduplicate image, picture,photo, audio songs and all other typesfiles for you. You can makejudgement yourself if you want to deleteby selectingthem.Duplicate File Finder or Remover is unique in thiscategorybecause it helps to find and delete all type of duplicatefiles,audio file along with video and images/photo in differenttabs.Duplicate File Finder helps you to cleanup your phone so youcancall it as Duplicate file cleaner.Why is Duplicate File Finder-Remover is amazingly helpful?● Simple User InterfaceThe apphasvery simple intuitive UI which will help to understandappfunctionality for find or search same duplicate filesImages,Pictures, Videos, Songs, Audio and all other types of filesanddelete them.● SD card supportSearch entire phone includingexternalSD Card for duplicate photo, images, pictures, audio, songsand allother types of files very quickly and you can delete.● Scanfolderselection and file typeYou can include or exclude your phonefolderto allow application scan for duplicate or same filescanning. Alsoin Settings you can specify what file types you wantto include orexclude for duplicate scanning.● Side by SidecomparisonApp showsphotos and videos side by side in grid formatwith file detail totake quick decision which files to delete. ●Songs PayingThe audiosongs can be played within duplicate searchresult.● DuplicateGroupingAll duplicate files like songs, video,photo or any filesare all grouped together to allow user take quickdecision and canbe deleted or removed all in once.● Smart selectionfor deleteApphas amazing feature which allows user to select allfile, selectall but last or select all but latest. It helps user tonot gothough selection process ● Auto scan for duplicate fileandnotificationYou do not need to start and scan for duplicate.Appscans your phone at certain frequency you allowed in AppSettingsand shows notification if there is any duplicate filesfound.●Language SupportApp is translated in all major languageslikeSpanish, French, German, Japanese, Arabic, Portuguese and manymoreto make it very easy to use for our truly global userbase.Pleaseprovide your valuable feedback/comments on theapplication reviewsection to make application better for you. Theapp will not removethe duplicate files from SD card if your phonerunning Android 4.2and Android 4.4 because of the google's policy
Video Collage Maker
Selected as Best App of 2014 byGoogle!Select photos to create a beautiful short video collage (gridofphotos).Video or Photo Save either photo collage orvideocollageEasy to use. Fast and IntuitiveCustomization:Sound tracksSlideshow stylesCollage Layouts 100+ predefined or create your own.Stickers 100+ stickers. Use image search toimportmore.Text 55+ different fontsBackgroundsFilters enhance your photosPhoto or Video save high resolution HD photos to yourphone’sgallery, or hi-res MP4 videosMany photo sources Camera pictures, social networks,orsearch the web for pics.Share video collages you create with others.Modify re-edit the collage any time.More information:* No private data is collected - see privacy policy andtermsbelow* Free with ads.Some of the pictures appearing on this page are licensedunderCreative Common Attribution license, see “Credits”screen.
People Search by PeopleLooker
Search People. It’s easy! Do a comprehensive people search withourthorough find people app. Find your friend, neighbor or crush inasimple and intuitive app. Try searching a friend,relative,neighbor or even yourself! It’s super quick and fun!WithPeopleLooker, you can find people by name, email, phone numberandmore. Best of all, you’ll be shocked by some of the thingsyou’llfind.USEFUL FOR TONS OF DIFFERENT SITUATIONS Since thepeoplesearch is so relevant and easy, perform a background checkinmultiple situations. Meeting an online date? Search themonPeopleLooker. Know someone who seems suspicious? Search themonPeopleLooker. Looking for an old classmate? Search themonPeopleLooker. Use the ultimate background check and find peopleappto get the information you need!GREAT AMOUNT OF DATA INCLUDEDINEVERY PEOPLE SEARCHSo much to see! Our people searchfeatureuncovers more data compared to any other background checkapp:•Age• Address History• Relatives• Email Addresses• PhoneNumbers•Criminal & Traffic records (available with upgrade)•Photos(available with upgrade)• Social Networks & Websites(availablewith upgrade)• Career (available with upgrade)•Education(available with upgrade)• AND MUCH MORE! WHY PEOPLELOOKER?Becauseit is one of the best and most comprehensive ways to do apeoplesearch and find people. But to be more specific here are thebestreasons for using PeopleLooker:• Easy &Affordable:PeopleLooker is the affordable way to learn more aboutpeople.•Tons of Records. One Report: The quick & easy way tofindcontact info, personal details and much more.•Confidentialsearching! We will not notify the people you aresearching.PEOPLESEARCH BY PEOPLELOOKER FEATURES:• People Search andFind People•Email Address Search• Phone number lookup• PropertySearch• ReportMonitoring• Search your contacts People search andfind people youare interested in. Do a background check or use theapp as a sexoffender locator. It is also one of the most precisephone numberlookup apps! Lookup people with ease!The FREE App comeswithUNLIMITED person, email and property searches. You’ll get a lotofdata for free, and then to see EVEN MORE, you can pick from anyofour affordable subscriptions starting at JUST $7.16/month. Doyouever get calls from unknown numbers? Wondering the name of whoyourloved one might be texting? Want to know who owns an emailaddress?Interested in the value of a house? People Search byPeopleLookertells you all that and more!For premium content,PeopleLooker hasmultiple subscription options to choose fromstarting as low as$7.16 per month (billed annually) $8.99 and$17.99 per month, and$37.99 per 3 months. Disclaimer: While we areconstantly updatingand refining our database and service, we do notrepresent orwarrant that the results provided will be 100% accurateand up todate. PeopleLooker is a database of publicly availablesources ofinformation aggregated for your convenience. PeopleLookerdoes notprovide private investigator services and this informationshouldnot be used for employment, tenant screening, or any FCRArelatedpurposes. PeopleLooker does not make any representation orwarrantyas to the character or the integrity of the person,business, orentity that is the subject of any search inquiryprocessed throughour service. None of the above-featured companieseither sponsor,endorse, or are in anyway affiliated withPeopleLooker.View ourpermitted uses: Terms &Conditions:
Quigle - Google Feud + Quiz
The purpose of Quigle is to try to pick the top searchsuggestionbased on the beginning of a search. Suggestions arepulled directlyfrom Google in real-time. Find out what people inyour country aresearching for by playing one of the two game modes:Feud andQuiz!Is it bad to eat ...How old do you have to be to...Why areAmericans so ...These are just a few of the searches thatwill comeyour way in Quigle. You'd be surprised with thesuggestions thatcome up!Features:- Fun and original game play- Feud& Quiz gamemodes- Heads Up, Survival or Normal game types inQuiz mode- Searchsuggestions directly from Google- Suggestionsfiltered for yourcountry!- Up-to-date searches and suggestions-Over 500+ totalsearches with more added every day!- Google Playleaderboards &achievements- Easily remove ads for a low price-Tablet support-Completely free!
Face Swap
Search & transport yourself into fun & inspirationalscenesusing Microsoft Face Swap app. Free, no ads, just faceswap.Justtake a selfie, choose a scene from your camera roll or the web,andswipe through your results. It’s so easy with the power ofsearchand the intelligent face morph tech. Use Face Swap photoeditor totweak & tune face stickers, face warp or apply blendfilter.Featured by, TechCrunch, Forbes, DailyMail, NDTVand manyothers:- “Packs some powerful face recognition technology.”– "Part image search engine, and part photoeditingtoolkit" – “Swapping is about to getmoresophisticated" – "Works automatically, anddoesn'trequire any Photoshop skills" – “Both fun, andsomethingof a technical marvel” – betanews.comThere is alwayssomething newto swap face into. We frequently update ourcategories, and the webnever stands still. - See yourself with anew hairstyle - Try ondifferent fashions - Pop yourself intotrending scenes - Search fortrending faces to swap- Swap multiplefaces on a group photo- Putyour friend’s face onto some funnypictures- You can swap facesinto any picture.- Add fun faceeffects, filters and face tuneimages you share- Swap face intocartoons, famous posters, andanimalsChoose a picture: - Pick anyphoto with faces from yourcamera roll - Search for photo from webright inside the face swapapp - Choose a scene from one of our funcategoriesChoose a face toswap: - Take a great selfie using ourspecial camera with face swaplive hints and instructions - Pick aphoto from your camera roll -Face search from the web In order toswap face app usessophisticated face swap camera engine: - Matchskin tone (or anytone...Try a stone statue!) - Automatically findfaces in imagesand place your swap- Match lighting conditions -Match head turnsand tilts - Process and place multiple faces in asingle scene -Easy and super fast face changer Once you startsearching and facemorphing, you won't want to stop.New featuresrecently added:-Upload images from camera roll or gallery to photoswap- Face cloneto all faces in a photo- Save photos on deviceand/or share iteasily on social platforms like Microsoft Skype,Snapchat,Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp andTwitter.-Enhanced photo editor functions to tune faces and blendfilter -New Gif create experience shows face swap live experience-Newphoto collage, picture in picture, and photo boothsharetemplatesMicrosoft Face Swap app is a Microsoft Garageproject. TheMicrosoft Garage turns fresh ideas into real projects.Learn moreabout The Garage at:
Friend Search For WhatsApp
'Friend Search Tool' is Best & Simple Application ToGenerateRandom Contacts Phone And Find Friends on Whatsapp App-Fast andEasy way to generate random phone contats.- Deletegeneratedcontacts from App- You Can Show 'How To Use it' inApp"Tutorial"Please Rate App 5stars!:)----------------------------------------------***Disclaimer/LegalNotice ***Developer of this application is notresponsible for anyillegal use of this application.Users have totake precautions whilesending messages to strangers found usingthis Application.
AdWords Express
AdWords Express helps you reach new customers on Google. Createyourad in less than 15 minutes, and only pay when potentialcustomersclick your ad to visit your website or give you a call.Stayconnected to how your ad is doing -- all from your mobiledevice.-See how many calls, clicks and views your ad is getting-Edit yourad text or adjust your budget anytime- Get notified withimportantmessages in your account- Have questions? Call us at1-855-235-8904(US) or 1-877-503-0842 (Canada) for free setuphelpThe app is freeto download, but you’re required to enterbilling information to payfor your ads. Please note that this appis for AdWords Express. Ifyou already use AdWords, download theAdWords app( instead.
Google My Maps
Google My Maps is your way to keep track of the places thatmatterto you. Easily make custom maps to remember your favoriteplaces,explore new cities, or plan great vacations. MAKE THE MAPYOUR OWNPersonalize your custom maps and take them with youanywhere.Search for new places to save to the map or drop a pinright whereyou're standing. SHARE YOUR WORLD Need a way to showyour friendsaround town? Make a map of your favorite places andbecome avirtual tour guide. You can even collaborate and make greatmapstogether. ALL YOUR MAPS WHERE YOU NEED THEM Start making a maponthe web and keep editing it in the app - or make a new map onthego. ____ Need help? Visit ____•For the Google Maps app, go here: • Tofixproblems with Google Maps data, please use Google MapMaker( or report a problem(
Voice Search
Voice Search makes it faster and easier than ever to searchapps,web search, or image search for the content you want.Join over2.5million people who have already downloaded voice search. Itreallyis the fastest way to search.Key Benefits+ Searching withyourvoice is incredibly fast+ Easier and faster searches thantyping+Web search your favorite sites+ Smart searches inside yourapps+Quick image searchKey Features+ Simple to use+ Accuratevoicerecognition+ The fastest way to search
New Indian Mehndi Henna Design
This App Provides custom Image Search For simple mehndidesignimage(s) in following genre: 1: Turkey mehndi designs2:Elegantmehndi designs3: Arabic mehendi designs4: Indian mehndidesigns5:Pakistani mehndi designs6: Bridal mehndi designs (mehndidesignsfor wedding)7: Body mehndi designs8: Beautiful mehndidesigns9:Feet mehndi designs10: Finger mehndi designs11:Indo-Arabic mehndidesigns12: Trending mehndi design ( Latest mehndidesigns )13:Tribal mehndi design14: Rajasthani mehndi designandlets you browserespective designer. these are simple mehandidesigns which areeasy to implement Other then that We let you shareand downloaddesigns. mehendi is also known as henna ( or heena )
Text on Photo
In 10 seconds you can add texts on your photos!How?>Simplyupload a photo or take a new photo> Type any words tomatch thephoto> Select any font color or style you like If youare anactive social networking player, this app will be of greathelp foryou.Add texts on photos will definitely entice people topay moreattention to your photos.It helps you to express yourselfin agorgeous way. Sometimes a photo with one or two stylish wordsmustbe worth 100 simple words.So just post a photo with colorfulandstylish texts to match your feeling, your car, your dress ortheweather...Some Awesome Features:+ You can upload one photo fromthealbum or instantly take a new photo+ As many as 66 font colorsareavailable + As many as More Than 200 font styles are available +Asmany as More Than 40 new and special font styles areavailable+Multiple share ways: Email, Facebook, Twitter, InstagramEtc.
image search for google
you want to image search? Then Use "image search on mobile"appthebest of Image Search App !Image searching app is bestefficiencywhich we are proud of.CAUTION! Image upload, please usethe defaultgallery.Otherwise, you can fly an error.This app is forpracticaluse of searching image.we support five ways to image from my/your smartphone.2. search image in thewebsiteand press url for image search.3. search image withsearchingwords.4. search image with taking directly from camera. 5.Searchby sharing directly from Android GalleryAlso referencethevideo.All these best motions are supported with googlesearchingengine.It is latest image searching concluder made forthat you canuse very easy way in mobile environment.This app isusuable inthese situations.1. you have image but you don't know whoit have image but you don't know what kind it is.3. Whatifsomeone use my/your image and curious about it.4. when youtookpictures and searching image.5. when you use specific keywordtosearch image.6. image that you have and it is suspiciousaboutit.7. when you want to find similar image.8. when you want tofindimage with the others.From most of image searching app, thisappwill develop more better and to be best in mobileenvironment.giveus different kinds of opinions~ and it will behelpful to make morebetter app. we will convergence your opinionswhich makes this appdevelop more best in the future. the king ofimage search app! Highuntil image search app. This app is moredeveloped. yours imagesearch on mobile