Top 47 Games Similar to Magnetized

AndWobble 2.8.18
AndWobble makes your screen alive by adding 3D wobbling effectstoany images.Choose any image from your phone gallery orcapturephoto using camera. Define wobbling areas and shake yourdevice tosee them bounce. Play with the effects by tapping,dragging orpinching on the wobble area.Set you favorite images aslivewallpaper and have fun every time you look on your phone ortablet.For limited time live wallpaper is completely free to use,you canchange it however you like without any problems.Use Shareoptionfrom menu to publish your creations inside AndWobble Libraryor tosend them by email. Images uploaded to public library can bysharedby link, you can send it in regular text message.If you usedoldAndWobble app then make sure to register your email accountinsidecredit balance screen (on the old app version) and then usethesame email in this app to transfer your credits.
LockScreen 3.0
Touch the shortcut to lock your device. (Quicky lockyourphone)NOTE: “This app uses the Device Administratorpermission.”only for lock your phone screen task**To uninstall theapp, pleasego to the setting page and click the "Remove deviceadministrator"button**Have a bug happen on Android 6.0.1 Samsungdevices. Whenyou lock and unlock, it requires password to unlock-Will find afix soon
Direction to UnLock - Wave to Unlock 1.0
Direction Lock Screen – Lock Screen By Direction is theapplicationthat show screenlock uses your finger to swipe to thephone screento turn the lockscreen the Protect the power button onyourphone.with Direction Lock Screen – Lock Screen By Direction.Justslide your finger on the screen of your phone to turn thescreenlock. This is called multi-touch recognition mode on thesettingsscreen to prevent your screen transition.With the DirectionLockScreen – Lock Screen By Direction. You can set a passwordbyswiping your gestures with your finger on the screen to setapassword, something you have not done with the appbefore.Direction Lock Screen – Lock Screen By Direction will allowyou toset different passwords in different directions so that noone canknow the password you have installed.Also with the DirectionLockScreen – Lock Screen By Direction you can set a backuppasswordwith numbers unless you forget your current password so youcanreset the password you set earlier. Key features available intheDirection Lock Screen – Lock Screen By DirectionSecurepasswordsettings quickly+ Install backup password+ Easily changethe lockscreen wallpaper+ Change background coloreasilyUser-friendlyinterface, easy to useDirection Lock Screen –Lock Screen ByDirection is a free and easy-to-use application. Whento use theapp if you issue any errors, please reply to me. Set andenjoy!Ifyou like the Direction Lock Screen – Lock Screen ByDirection app,do not forget about the five star rating ★★★★★ orreview. Thank youvery much
KinScreen 🥇 Most advanced screen control 5.2.3
Is your screen turning off while you're reading? Want to turnyourscreen on without the power button? Want better batterylife?KinScreen automatically keeps your screen on while you'reusingyour phone, but turns it off more quickly when you aren't tosavepower. This makes it extremely convenient for you whileimprovingbattery life. No more touching the screen to stop it fromtimingout! Features • Turn screen on with a wave • Turn screen offwith ashort timeout when in pocket or face down • Keep screen onjust byholding device • Keep screen on while using certain apps •Keepscreen on while charging • Keep screen on while on a call •Keepscreen on indefinitely with a widget, QuickSettings toggle,ornotification • Set a separate timeout for the lock screen • Setamaximum time to keep the screen on • Works in the dark • No ads+many more... The settings are highly customizable to yourtaste.KinScreen is constantly being improved. Over the years ithasevolved to meet the needs of many user requests! Once youinstallKinScreen and see the benefits, you will immediately noticeitmissing on a new device! Customer service is a top priorityatTEQTIC. If you experience an issue, please use the contactmenuoption inside the app or email [email protected] beforeleaving anegative review! We usually reply to all emails within 48hours,and often much quicker. How It Works: • Motion - The displayiskept on by small movements detected from you just holdingthedevice. When motion is not detected, the screen will timeoutquickly to save battery. Motion is ignored when the deviceisresting flat so that the screen can time-out on a moving surface.•Proximity - The screen will time out quickly when theproximitysensor is covered so that you don't have to manually turnit offbefore placing the device in your pocket. The screen may alsobekept on by waving over the proximity sensor. You may also turnthescreen on by waving over or uncovering the proximity sensor.Savethe wear and tear on your power button! • Tilt angle - Thescreenis kept on by tilting the device above a chosen angle fromflat. •While in call - Use this option if you like your display toremainon while the phone is on a table in a call. The display willstillturn off when you place the phone to your ear. • Batteryfriendly!The service is designed to be as efficient as possible. Ituseslittle CPU and RAM, and sensor use is highly optimized. • Startitonce and forget it! It will not interfere with any other appsthatalready keep the screen on. • Watch what it does in real-time!Thestatus bar icon changes based on if KinScreen is keeping thescreenon, timing out, or turning it off. Inside the app, thecoloredstatuses at the top give you even more insight into whatKinScreenis doing. A green status is keeping the screen on, a redstatus isturning the screen off, and a yellow status would bekeeping thescreen on but there is another rule preventing it. •Motiondetection calibration: After installing, please set thedevice on avery stable surface, tap calibrate and wait 10 secondsforKinScreen to automatically fine tune the motion sensitivityforyour device. Beta testing program: Would you like to receivemorefrequent Beta updates? You can opt in and out at thislink: Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian - Stefan AlidiniPolish - CiupkuFrench - Younes El Karama Russian - SergeiGatitulin Portuguese -Adalberto Fontenele Hungarian - AndrasRomanian - Andras Czech -Michal Hamsik Italian - Francesco PelloneLithuanian - AndriusDrumstas Spanish - Víctor Zamanillo RuizPlease [email protected] if you would like to translateKinScreen intoyour language!
OS 11 Locker - Keypad Lock Screen (Phone 8 Style)
Love the design of iOS 11 but love your Android device more? Nowyoucan have the best of both worlds with our Phone 8 lockscreen–updated for iOS11!With a flawless iOS 11 lock screenwallpaper,notifications, Control Center, keypad locker and musiccontrols,you’ll be able to get that same great Phone 8 design onyourAndroiddevice.---------------------------------------------------iOS11SCREENLOCKER–HIGHLIGHTS---------------------------------------------------★Phone8 Lock Screen NotificationIf you receive a new messageornotification, the iOS 11 lockscreen will display it for you!Getall the important notifications delivered straight to yourlockscreen – even select from a few styles!★ Control CenterControlyourDevice with only ONE Panel with the New iOS 11 Style.★MusicControlsControl your music directly from your lockscreen usingouriOS 11 style music controls for a convenient, seamlessmusicexperience.★ Intruder SelfieProtect your Device fromSnoopers.★Touch IDUse your Fingerprint to Unlock your iOS LockScreen.★Keypad LockscreenKeep your Android device safe and securewith thekeypad lock feature on our iOS 11 lock screen wallpaper.Chooseyour passcode the same way you choose your pin and you’llbeprompted to enter it each time you unlock your phone.★ iOSLockScreen WallpaperExperience all the same great design featuresfromiOS 11 on your Android device. With our lock screenwallpaper,you’ll never know the difference! If you want tocustomize yourwallpaper, you can select an image from your galleryand use it asa background picture!Also you can change the messagethat you wantto see in your lock screen and stop seeing the “Slideto Unlock“classic message!You can also choose the On Screen Timeoutinseconds.==================================================================================GETTHEiOS 11 LOCKSCREEN ON YOUR ANDROID DEVICE – DOWNLOADFREETODAY!==================================================================================
COCOIN - All benefit from Lock-screen 2.2.71
Do you want to make your Smartphone more productive? JustdownloadCOCOIN and enjoy your ‘Smart’ life! COCOIN is aLock-screencontents platform. Enjoy interesting contents and latestnews onyour Lock screen! And also you can earn free coins andcouponsdirectly. Here are the ways to use COCOIN: - Swipe Right tounlockas usual! - Swipe Left to read up more about the content onyourscreen and participate Ads to get coins! - Swipe Up to meetmorecontents! Participate the campaigns in the ‘Coin Direct’ andearncoins rapidly. Get free coupons instantly in the ‘Gift Box’.Useyour coins like cash in ‘Store’. You can recharge yourprepaidbalance, change with Paypal credit, and even purchase Googleplaygift card with the coins. ▣ Now available in Mexico COCOIN isnowavailable in Mexico. But we will release it in Colombia,Chile,Argentina and all Latin countries soon!
Drawers 1.0.3
dave k
Organize your apps in drawers along the side of your screen
Durga Mata Temple Doors Lock 2.0
APPz Trends
Durga Mata Temple Doors Lock Screen for your mobile homeScreen.Option to set lock screen or live wallpaper. Touch to doorstounlock lock screen.Virtual Durga Mata Temple with animationeffectby touch Puja Items and also option decorate temple,decoratedtemple background option to save or set lock screenbackground orshare.* 10+ different types of Lock screen Durga Matabackground*10+ Different types of Durga Mata live wallpaper's withDepamAnimation* 15 Designer Durga Temple Door Themes for Lockscreen*Doors opening animation for lock screen opens.* Durga MataThemePhoto frames option set lock theme , LWP & Send it.*DurgaColoring Pages & Durga Matha Theme Decoration withStickers andadd text.* Temple Bell Sound for Lock opening door.*Durga PugaMantras, Aarti, Chalisa, 108 Names for Prayer DurgaDevi.This AppEspecially Designer for Indian Hindu Devotes.
Phone Usage Time 1.1.4
Please watch the teach video to know how to use it.If you toooftenuse mobile phones, the screen light may hurt your eyes.Pleaseconcern yourself ! Protect your eyes.How to know the totaltime ofphone screen on? This application can help you record yourphoneusage time. Each application usage time also will berecorded.Youcan add a status bar to quick see APP usage time &quick launchAPP.You can use the calendar mode to view the totaltime you useevery day. 【New Notification Bar function】(Seescreenshot picture3)You can see the usage time from notificationbar.And quick launchAPP from the notification bar.Important Note:1. Some device needenable the "usage statistics permission", Pleaseenable it.2.Please add "System Notification Bar" to check ourservice stillrunning. (Add notification bar could prevent servicebe killed. Andit is also a useful tool for quick launch APPs.)3.Please don'tclean data in the system APP Info Page. (If clear data,recordeddata will gone. If you really want clean data, you needre-open APPagain for some device.)Start to download it right now?Let you knowmore about your phone usage situation.【PS】 Please likeus onFacebook. Give us the power oflove.
Lock screen pattern photo 1.3.6
Lock screen photo, lock screen pattern with photos Love photolockscreen, lock screen by pattern Lock screen very high securityThislock screen app has a beautiful lock screen with manyphotosPersonalize your lock screen Create lock patterns to lockyourphone ★ Create pattern for lock screen ★ Fast, simple, smooth,easyto use and very beautiful ★ Create image for button fromyourgallery ★ Create a separate image for each lock button, setphotoson button in heart (for example: your wife, your husband,yourflowers, your pets..) ★ You can add photos of relatives forthelock screen button in heart ★ Set your photos into buttons ★ Alotof beautiful wallpapers ★ Photo Lock Screen also allows tousewallpaper from Your gallery ★ Security: easy to setpatternpassword to protect your phone ★ Support your languages ★Supportalmost phones and tablet devices ★ Consume less memory andbatteryHow to use: Open application: 1. Activate lock: + TickEnable lockscreen + Create pattern (password) + Confirm pattern 2.changewallpaper + Click change wallpaper + Choonse wallpaperavailble orin gallery + Crop wallpaper and save 3. change photo +Click Changephoto + Choose button to change + Choose image fromgallery + Crop,edit image and save 4. change password + ClickChange password +Draw old password + Draw old pattern + Confirmpattern If you loveLock Screen Photo please write review toencourage developers
Stay Alive! Keep screen awake
IMPORTANT: Fix app detection for Android 6 and 7 users. See inappinformation in about box for more details.Make your devicescreenStay Alive! when you need it.Most options are FREE anddonatoroptions are cheaper than simillar app on the store!Downloadour newapp Auto Exec! Easy Tasker! Stay Alive! donators get 10%rebate onAuto Exec! Easy Tasker.Keep your screen on when yourdevice isrunning your GPS application, favorite remote control,playing amovie or slideshow, etc... Perfect to keep your screen onwithoutdimming for application development. Your screen will nevergo backto sleep until you want it to...Choose when you want yourdevice toStay Alive!:FREE OPTIONS!• NEW: Full Android 5, 6 & 7support•On except if one of the applications you selected is inforeground•Only when you have power• Even if you are running onbatteries•When one of the applications you selected is inforeground• Can beautomatically disabled when you connect to yourcar or desktopdocking station• Prevent or allow Stay Alive! to dimyour screenwhen active• Protect your battery with minimum batterylevel autopause option• Easily pause Stay Alive! when not neededfrom thenotification zone. No need for a widget!• NO annoying ADS!•HOLOlight and dark themes!DONATORS OPTIONS!• NEW: Black screenfloatingclock• Display a black screen to prevent screen lock andsavebattery on AMOLED screens. Just touch the screen to wake up.•Autostart on boot• Hide top bar icon (Android 4.1+)• Automaticallykeepscreen on when plugged even if configured to stay on forspecificapps when unplugged• Keep screen on even when locked•Automaticallypause SA! with proximity sensor• Change configcolors!Easy poweroperation mode changes with the notificationicons! It will showyou which power mode you are using and allow youto quickly changebetween modes. You can also quickly activate theStay Alive forspecific application mode!Stay Alive! willautomatically disableitself then you manually turn off your device.It won't keep yourscreen on if your device wakes up when itreceives anotification.Stay Alive! will not change your displaytimeout valueor brightness settings. It will prevent your devicefrom going tosleep based on your needs. We made this application AdFree.Please, support this initiative by donating using the menuoptionin the application.Please use our email address for supportorfeature requests, as comments on Play Store don't allow metogather enough information or contact you.Privacy Policy: Wetakeyour privacy seriously. All permissions are needed for theapplocal operations and no information is used orexchanged.ContactUs:SupportForum:[email protected]:GET_TASKS- Needed to getforeground app name to keepalive.PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS - Needed toget foreground app name tokeep alive on lollipop.READ_PHONE_STATE- Needed to disable StayAlive! if the device is off.WAKE_LOCK -Needed to keep the deviceAlive!WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Needed towrite the userconfiguration.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Needed to readthe userconfiguration.BILLING - Needed for thedonationoption!RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - Needed to auto start StayAlive! onbootWRITE_SETTINGS - Needed to be compatible with XIAOMIdevices.Do not use XIAOMI compatibility with other devices it isnotneeded.Tags: Screen Alive, Screen Awake, Galaxy Dim,Brightness,Timeout
God Door Lock Screen 1.3
And Roid Apps
Secure your mobile screen with God Door Lock Screen. A unique waytolock your mobile screen.God Door lock screen will open uponclicking home button or mobile navigation button.How itworks.:Itsa God door lock screen where on waking up your mobilescreen, youjust need to tap the handle of your door to unlock themobilescreen and get darshan of different hindu gods. AppFeatures:1.Keep " Lock Enable " on "ON" to use the app. 2. You cankeep Soundand vibrate on "ON" or "OFF" status as per your likes. 3.You canselect different hindu God and Goddess as background of lockscreenfrom with in the app.3. The look screen will display youTime, Dateand Battery indication on the screen.You can easilybypass the appby pressing the home button.Hindu Indian god like,Ganpati Ganesh,Mahadev, Shiv Shankar, Radhe Krishna, Laxmi Mata andmuch more.
Lock screen pattern 1.5
Creates lock patterns for use with Android's built-in patternlock(lock screen by pattern) Features: - This app helpgeneratesecurity patterns. - Simple, Beautiful - A lot ofbeautifulwallpapers available - Can create patterns with any length-Support customize wallpaper - Multi languages - Variableminimumand maximum path length How to use "lock screen": 1. select"enablelock screen" (line 1). 2. create pattern. 3. confirmpattern.
Lock screen water 2.1.2
Lock screen droplets waterSlide to unlockLock by passcodelockscreenvery goodAnimations of water droplets naturally, verylivelyThe bestlock screen application, to help you protect yourprivacy, preventothers trying to access your phone illegally.Thislock screen apphas a beautiful lock screen with many waterdroplets.** Features:-Slide to Unlock- Enter Pascode to Unlock-Show missed call, sms, ..on lock screen- Show state of mobile asnetwork, wifi, battery .. onlock screen- Set password withnumbers- High security, preventaccessing your phone withoutpassword- User can change background oflock screen- Multiplewallpaper to choose, you can choose your ownwallpaper from gallerytoo.- Consume less memory and battery,simpleand clean design
Cat Lick Screen Live Wallpaper 2.0
Pawel Gazdik
Cat Lick Screen Video WallpaperThe best video live wallpaperwithcat which licks your screen.Cat licking screen is a livewallpaperin which a cute cat (kitten) licks your mobile screen!Showit toyour family, friends and specially children to make themhappy. CatLicking Screen live wallpaper is a free app, downloadnow!This is areal video wallpaper with sound and scrolling.Makeyour Androidhome screen comes alive!Download Cat Lick Screen VideoWallpaper tostylize your device's home screen and make it uniqueand modern.Youwill get stunning “ Cat Lick Screen Video LiveWallpaper PRO” withhigh resolution.Enjoy high quality animatedwallpaperOur wallpaperstake full advantage of OpenGL with minimalbattery drain, andsupport both home screen scrolling andlandscape/portraitmodes!Check out our account for more beautifulfree videobackgrounds !We would appreciate if you rate ourwallpaper.
keypad lock screen 2.1
Lock screen droplets water Animations of water dropletsnaturallyLock screen by passcode The best lock screen keypad Thisapp iseasy to use and very beautiful Very simple and nice,multiplebeautiful wallpaper * Features: - Lock screen dropletswater, verynice and lively - Enter Passcode to Unlock - Setpassword withnumbers - Show state of mobile as network, wi-fi,battery .. - Highsecurity, prevent accessing your phone withoutpassword - User canchange background of lock screen - Multiplewallpaper to choose,you can choose your own wallpaper from gallerytoo. - Consume lessmemory and battery,simple and clean design
Screen Off and Lock 1.17.4
**Please consider the donate version (with more functions!) ifyoulike this app or support my apps development.Thanks!****Touninstall the app, please go to the setting page andclick the"Remove device administrator" button**With over 2 millionof usersand over 30 languages support, Screen Off and Lock is theNo.1screen off application in Google Play Store.Screen Off andLockallows you to switch off your devices from:1. Launchershortcut2.Launcher widget 1x1 - 4x4, resizable in Android 4.0+(Alsoavailable in lock screen for Android 4.2+) (Donateversion)3.Notification4. Floating button over all apps! (Double tapto useit) (Donate version)5. Search button (if your device hasit)Otherfeatures:1. Screen off animation (including the most famousOld TVstyle)2. Screen lock/unlock sound effect3. ScreenoffvibrationNotes:For those who cannot see the screen offanimationeven the app is reinstalled, please follow theproceduresbelow:Android 4.x: Go to "Setting > Developer options>Transition animation", and then select 1x for thisoption.Android2.x, Make sure you selected the option "Allanimations" under"Settings > Display > Animation".This appuses the DeviceAdministrator permission.
Android Sensors 1.1
LP Ellis
Monitor and record all your device's sensors from asinglescreen.Sensors include:* GPS (latitude, longitude, speed,accuracy,available satellites, connected satellites)* Accelerometer(x, yand z axis)* Gyroscope (x, y and z axis)* Compass (azimuth)*Soundlevel (dB)* Light meter (lux)* Magnetometer (x, y and z axis)*CPUusage (system user, iow, irq)* Humidity* Pressure (hPa)*Memoryusage* Battery temperature, current and level* Stepcounter*Network usage and strength* Proximity meterSensorLab canrecorddata from all the above sensors in the background for sharing(in.csv format) or playback within the app.
Color Flash Launcher - Call Screen, Themes 1.1.4
Color Flash Launcher - lead your colorful life withamazingwallpapers, color phone themes, call screen themes anddynamic callflash. Decorate your phone with color phone themes,call screenchanger, call flash, wallpapers and emojis. Colorfulwallpapers,amazing call screen changer (customize your callerscreen displayand caller screen style) and beautiful color phonethemes(including call themes) will give your home screen a uniquelook.Our launcher will also help to organize your apps, rearrangethehome screen and make your phone more effective! Adorablecallerscreen has awesome caller screen style and dynamic callerscreendisplay. 💕 Top Features ✔️Cool wallpapers – different kindsof HDwallpapers, live wallpapers and 3D wallpapers can be found inColorFlash Launcher easily, no matter what kind of colorphonewallpapers you like. ✔️Hot themes for android free – themostuseful color phone theme will be provided, which make yourhomescreen organized and beautiful. There are many color phonethemesand call screen themes in Color Flash Launcher to choosefrom,include amazing 3D transition effects, and call screenslide.✔️Call screen theme - make your call screen stylish. Usingcallscreen changer stylish different call themes. The incomingcallwill be colorful and amazing with call screen themes. TheColorFlash Launcher will change your caller screen display withuniquecaller screen themes. Call screen changer will provideawesome callscreen themes and make your phone special for you!✔️Emoji -thousands of cute emoji stickers are here. ✔️Transitioneffect:Pick a coolest 3D transition effect to match with yourthemes andHD backgrounds. Privacy protection: -App lock: lock theapp toprotect privacy -Hide app: hide the app on the home screenSystemoptimization: -Junk cleaner: remove junk files easily-Batterysaver: save the battery in low battery status -Boost+:deeply boostthe phone -Boost: one tap to boost the phone-Notification cleaner:organize notifications can remove unwantedones -CPU cooler: cooldown the CPU Tools and plug-ins: -Widgets:quick entrance of thelauncher and system widget -Weather: preciseweather forecast inthe near future -Flashlight: easily to turn onthe flashlight inthe dark -Notification toolbar: easy access to thetools -Searchbar with google search engine Home screen management:-Unreadmessage: get the number of unread messages -Screen manager:quicklyalign icons -Smart folder: apps with similar functions willbearranged in the same folder -Desktop setting: adjust the iconstyleand font style -Menu: quick access to the commonfeaturesEntertainment -Online games: 20+ H5 games Download andenjoy yournew and colorful wallpapers, color phone themes, and callscreenchanger with Color Flash Launcher. Eye-catching caller screenwithunique caller screen style and caller screen display will letyourphone be the special one for you! Color phone call screenhasdifferent kinds of call flash, decorate your color phonecallscreen with these funny, adorable and cool call flash. Notice:Thefunction of search in this app uses Google as search engine.Thislauncher app will change your default home screen and you cancleardefault in your phone settings. Contactus:[email protected]
S8-Note 8-S9 Rounded Corners 1.1.6
Rounded Corners Screen is simple app have settings which allowyouadjusting the corners radius easy same with LG G6, SamsungGalaxyS8, Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy Note9..."Thisapp uses Accessibility services." It is necessary and usedto keepmy app always running.
Lock screen photo - Anime 1.2.6
smart tool
lock screen photo with pattern or lock screen patternwithphotoslock screen photo with anime imageslock screen photowithanime hd wallpaperset photos on buttons (for example: yourwife,your husband, your pets..)Anime lock screen is the best app tolockyour android screen with Cool anime wallpapers, If you one ofanimelovers this application for you, every time you open yourphone youwill see a beautiful anime wallpapers and in the same timeyou saveyour privacy with this lock screen app, Anime lock screenallow youto set a pattern to protect your phone.Feature:- Createpattern forlock screen- Fast, simple, smooth, easy to use and verybeautiful-Easy to customize your lock screen- Very smooth andbeatiful- Setpasscode to protect your privacy.- Change backgroundof lockscreen- Set your photos into buttons- Pattern password- Lockyourphone avoid unintentional access- Cool themes.- Anime LockScreen-Anime wallpapers.- Anime girld backgrounds.- Animebackgrounds HD-Select from a wide range of inbuilt backgrounds-Allows to usewallpaper from Your gallery
Round Corners 2.5
Yogesh Dama
Rounded Corner adds smooth rounded corners to your screen, likethecorners in new Samsung (S8) and new LG flagship (G6).Pimpyourscreen with round screen corners, the primary purpose of theRoundcorners app is to round the corners of your display regardlessofthe device you’re using.Its rounded UI like LG G6 roundcorners,you’ll be able to modify the degree to which the app willround thecorners of your screen.Round up the squared corners with40superimpose curvy designs for your screens 4corners.(allowsspecifying which corners to enable or disable)RoundCorners doesn’trequire root and works on all devices runningAndroid 4.0 Ice CreamSandwich and newer iterations of Google’soperatingsystemFurthermore, the Round Corners even allows you tosetspecific looks for individual apps so you can opt to minimizeoreven turn off its effect entirely when launching certain apps,andhighlight it when using others. Naturally, it’s fair to saythatRound Corners produces the best effect with round edges ofscreenfor all apps on devices.The Round Corners is lightweight appandshouldn’t leave a significant battery footprint. In fact, youmayeven save some battery life if you use Round Corners on adevicewith an AMOLED display panel that doesn’t light up blackpixels,though any potential savings probably won’t be large enoughfor youto notice a difference in everyday use.Permissions• Nointernetaccess require.• System overlay - used for draw overapps•Accessibility Service - used for app specific settings for4corners. TranslationsAlso you can help with translationshere you want to try first the freeversion,please install the lite version ofapphere:
OS9 Lock Screen 2.1
OS9 Lock Screen is one of the best professional keypad lockscreenapplication with keyboard. With this Keypad screen lock youcan notonly Slide to unlock your screen lock,but alsoSetpassword/passcode/pin to enhance your phone security. Youcanpersonalize your lock screen: you can change background oflockscreen with many wallpapers in app or photos in yourcollection,you can change color of date/time texts. You can changetext "SlideTo Unlock", example: "I Love You", "Honey" , "My Love",... ★★★Features: - Simulate the best OS9 Lock screen with Parallaxeffect;- Show Unread SMS and Missed Call counter on screen locker-Multiple HD Wallpaper to choose, you can choose your ownwallpaperfrom gallery too. - Set PIN to enhance screen locksecurity, blockHOME/MENU/BACK key,no one can access your phonewithout correctpassword. - Slide To Unlock - Consume less memoryandbattery,simple and clean design. - It is easy to use - Itisbeautiful - Let you set password - Change background of lockscreenwith many beautiful wallpapers - Change text "slide tounlock" -Change color of date/time - Support over 50 languages -Supportphone, tablet devices ★★★ How to Use: 1. Open the appsettings, andtick the Enable Screen check box to enable it. 2.Create passwordand confirm this password 3. Click the DisableSystem Lock in caseyou use the system lock. 4. Click the SetWallpaper to switch todifferent beautiful backgrounds.
I Remember 1.7.14
Did you remember that you forgot to make to-do list? Now, trytomanage through I Remember my ideas and things on the lock screen.Iwill always remind you to do it so you can't forget even ifyouwant to forget it!When you are walking the road and suddenlyanidea comes up,When you want to keep your promise to yourimportantfriend,When you make a list before going to a store,Whenyou arecreating a bucket list,Try to use me as a notepad,vocabulary,scheduler, to-do list, checklist and more!Notes, plans,goals,reminders, etc.I will help you with pretty wallpaperandeasy-to-use features!What features do I support?○ Main screenㆍEasytask management (swipe to done / remove) ㆍ View list of tasksbydate ㆍ Categories the task with colors ㆍ Set the due dateandDisplay remaining period ㆍ Various quotes○ Lock screen ㆍ Easytasksmanagement (swipe to done / remove) ㆍ Security lock(PIN /pattern)ㆍ Preview of push notifications ㆍ Quick Launcher ㆍ Variousandbeautiful wallpaper ** To use the lock screen feature, pleasesetthe I Remember - menu - lockscreen settings - lock type.**Pleasedo not hesitate to contact us if you have any bugs orimprovements.** Banner ads are included at the bottom of lockscreento providefull functionality for a lifetime free. I always rememberthatbetter features are available for free! ** Anyone who can helpwiththe translation your language, please contact us.----Permissions*READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Get user image forwallpaper*WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Save newly set wallpaper*READ_PHONE_STATE- Unlock screen when receiving a call*DISABLE_KEYGUARD - Controlthe default lock screen*SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW - Show app lock screen
Screen On 1.2.25
Dieter Thiess
Screen On App and widget to keep the screen on. Features: -Keepdisplay bright or dim display - Set timer to end automatically-Automatically start when charging - Automatically startwhenconnected to computer - Automatically disable on low batterylevel- Automatically start when headphones attached -Automaticallystart on bluetooth connection - Flashlight widgetWidget includedto quickly enable or disable. No Ads. - Availablelanguages: --English -- German -- Svenska (by Göran Helsingborg) --Portuguese(by Marco Silva) -- Turkish (Zeyneddin DİLEN) ideas?issues? Writeme an e-mail: [email protected]
Smart Rotate: Screen Rotation Control 2.8.24
Smart Rotate is a screen rotation control app that will giveyoufull control of your screen. You can easily rotate and lockyourscreen orientation via the buttons on notification panel orthewidget. You can also set up smart rotation events.Modesofrotation:•Forced(locked) ModeIn this mode you can lock yourscreento any orientation regardless of the current running app. Itisgreat but it may cause some apps not todisplayproperly.•Normal(unlocked) ModeIn this mode your screenorientationwill be restricted by the current running app. The appcan rotatethe screen only if the running app allows it, otherwiseit stays asit is.Per App RotationLock your screen to anyorientation when aspecific app launched. The screen will rotate tothe previousorientation when you go back to home screen unless yourotate itmanually or interrupted by another auto-rotatefeature.HeadsetLockyour screen to any orientation when headset isplugged in. Thescreen will return back to the previous orientationwhen headset isplugged out unless you rotate it manually orinterrupted by anotherauto-rotate feature.On PowerLock your screento any orientationwhen your device is plugged in. When the deviceis removed fromcharger it will return back to the previousorientation unless yourotate it manually or interrupted by anotherauto-rotatefeature.PricingTo configure more than 2 apps with PerApp Rotationfeature, you will need to upgrade to premium version.If youupgrade to premium version, you won't see the ads in the appinaddition to unlock this limitation. All other features arefreewithout a limit.This app uses Accessibility services. Thisisnecessary to get notified when an application is launched.Thisinformation is only being used for "Per App Rotation" feature.Ifthe launched app is a configured application in Per Appsettings,the app rotates the screen.
Screener - Better Screenshots 2.5.4
Screener lets you stick screenshots into device frames andaddbackgrounds and effects in a snap. Promote your app, wallpaperorsimply your homescreen - easier than ever before, without theneedof any PC software. Features• More than 100 handcrafteddeviceframes, and more to come!• Smartwatch frames• Download newdeviceframes as they become available, no update needed.•MaterialDesign• Glare and shadow effects• Custom background colors• Customwallpaper background• Blurred background• Live rendering•Easilysave and share your screensBecome SocialShare your resultswith theCommunity: onGoogle+: onTwitter: device frames / mockupsarelicensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0InternationalLicense. That means that you can use images createdwith Screenerwherever and however you like, for commercial andnon-commercialpurposes. However, we don’t permit modification ofthe deviceframes themselves. This does not apply to the backgroundand yourscreenshot.You need help or have problems? [email protected] -we're happy to help!Screener lets you stickscreenshots into deviceframes and add backgrounds and effects in asnap. Promote your app,wallpaper or simply your home screen -easier than ever before,without the need of any PC software.Features • More than 100handcrafted device frames, and more tocome!• SmartWatch frames•Download new device frames As They becomeavailable, No updateneeded.• Material Design• glare and shadoweffects• Custombackground colors• Custom wallpaper background•Blurred background•Live rendering• Easily save and share yourscreens Become SocialShare your results with thecommunity: code onGoogle+: Code onTwitter: device frames / mockupsarelicensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0InternationalLicense. That bedeutet, dass you can use imagescreated withscreener wherever and HOWEVER you like, for commercialandnon-commercial purposes. HOWEVER, we do not permit modificationofthe device frames Themselves. This does not apply to thebackgroundand your screenshot.You need help or have [email protected] - we're happy to help!
Zip Lock Screen Prank 1.9.4
Zip lock screen is a fun and free application forentertainmentpurposes.Zipper Lock Screen is a stylized lock screenapplication.A funny photo zip displays on your lock screen whileyour phone islocked and you can unzip the image to unlock yourphone. It comeswith cute HD wallpapers and beautifulbackgrounds.You can use theapplication to lock your phone screen.Slider lock screen is veryeasy to use. All you have to: drag theslider down and the phonescreen is unlocked. Inside of theapplication you will findbeautiful backgrounds in highdefinition.Zip lock screen is atotally free application for yoursmart phone.Features:✔ Full HDgraphics.✔ 4 Beautiful themes.✔Customized wallpaper changer forlock screen.✔ Can be set as ascreen locker.✔ Awesome soundeffects.✔ Zipper Lock Screen is one ofthe best Lock screen app inplay store.✔ Zipper Lock Screen Works aseven offline also.✔ ZipLock Screen is free for you to download.ThisZip lock screen isdesigned for entertainment purposes only.
Lock screen 1.2.3
lock screen lock screen photo with PIN, bubbles, love, circlelockscreen stylelock screen password with photo in buttonEasy touse,fast, simple, and very beautifulfeatures of lock screenpassword :-we provide multiple lock screen style: + photo keypadlock screen +lock screen password + bubble lock screen + love lockscreen +circle lock screen + classical lock screen- change imageforbutton- you can set lock screen for Samsung galaxy S8 style-it's aperfect lock screen on Play store.- support "Slide to unlock"onyour lock screen- Set lock pattern with your favouritephotos,images from gallery- Create a separate image for each lockbutton,set your photos into buttons- Set custom background,theme,wallpaper for your lockscreen - Set pattern photo/avatar withyourown photo (your lover, your baby, friends, etc…) - you cancustomshape button by heart, star, diamond, apple, circle, etc...-Cropor re-size the photo you choose to have included.- Personalizeyourlock screen- create widget home screen for easy settings-createlive wallpaper HD- set pattern lock screen to enhance thesecuritylock of your phone.- show battery health on screen lock-consumeless battery- can change color and fonts of time, date-multiple HDWallpaper beautiful- dynamic wallpaper from ourrepository- manybeautiful girls to set wallpaper- display real timeclock anddate.- change background with wallpapers- support over50languages- custom background from gallery.- optimized batteryusageand battery saver- work well on phone, tablet device- OS styletoSlide to unlock- Lock screen sliderhow to use:1. open the app,andtick the "Enable Lockscreen" check box to enable it.2. clicktheLockscreen Wallpaper to switch to differentbeautifulbackgrounds.3. For lock screen style: choose love, PIN,circle,bubbles lock screen as you want4. you can change buttonpictures.You can place your photo (baby, friends, parents,lover,etc...)please email us if your device is not supported, wewill tryour best to support it.
Keypad lock screen 3.0
kunkun apps
Keypad lock screenThe best lock screenLock screen bypassword'Lockscreen keypad' lock screen like IOS opetationsystemSlide tounlock, iphone lock screen. very beautifulMutiple HDwallpaper★Features:- Simulate the best iPhone6/iOS8 Lock screenwithbeautiful effect.- Show unread sms and missed call counteronscreen locker.- Show state of mobile as network, wifi, battery..-Multiple wallpaper to choose, you can choose your ownwallpaperfrom gallery too.- Set passcode to enhance screen locksecurity,disable HOME/MENU/BACK key,no one can access your phonewithoutcorrect password.- Slide To Unlock, enter keypad tounlock.-Consume less memory and battery,simple and clean design.-SimulateiOS keyboard password.- Change text "slide to unlock" .-Changecolor of date/time.
Private Screenshots 1.11.7
IntroSome apps detect when you're making screenshots on yourdevice.They also notifies person, which you're chatting with,about thefact that you made screenshot. Now you can makescreenshotscompletely privately. How it ensures privacy?All filessaved intoprivate app's directory. App doesn't broadcast anymessage about newscreenshot. Any other app can't accessscreenshots directly. Onlyyou can browse them, share or delete.Howit works?App launches'presentation' mode on your device andcaptures whole screen'scontent. It displays screenshot button, sojust press it and appwill save current display's frame asscreenshot.How to use?● PressSTART button● Grant permissions toallow capturing content ofdisplay● Press screenshot button inorder to make screenshot● Pressand hold screenshot button in orderto return back to app● PressSTOP button in order to exit from'presentation' modeWhat else?●Everyone can vote for new featuresdirectly through app. Find menuitem 'New features' and choose theone you need first of all.● App'sshortcut for buttons Start/Stopavailable instantly from Home screenfor users of Android 7.1 andhigher. Other users may add thisshortcut via app's menu.
Lock screen photo 2.1.1
Lock screen photo. Love photo lock screen. Lock screen patternwithphotos. This lock screen app has a beautiful lock screen withmanyphotos. This application protects your phone withpattern(password). Create lock patterns to lock your phone ★Createpattern for lock screen ★ Fast, simple, smooth, easy to useandvery beautiful ★ Create a separate image for each lock button.veryinteresting ★ You can add photos of relatives for the lockscreenbutton ★ Personalize your lock screen ★ Set your photosintobuttons ★ Change color and size of date/time ★ A lot ofbeautifulwallpapers ★ Photo Lock Screen also allows to usewallpaper fromYour gallery ★ Select from a wide range of inbuiltbackgrounds ★Allows to use wallpaper from Your gallery ★ Add yourname our yourlove sentence to lock screen ★ Change color and sizeof yoursentence ★ Disable HOME/MENU/BACK button in PatternLockscreen, itmeans that no one can access your phone without rightpassword orpasscode (very security) ★ Security: easy to set patternpasswordto protect your phone ★ Support your languages ★ Supportalmostphones and tablet devices ★ Consume less memory and battery
Dog Licks Screen LWP HD 1.3
Super funny dog licks screen live wallpaper!Cute pug dog arelickingyour home screen now! That is cool!This is the best doglicks screenlive wallpaper! HD pro version!You will love this cutelivewallpaper! It is so cute! So funny!You can set this pug dog asyourlive wallpaper for free!This app is safely and it will notconsumeyour battery!Please rate for this app and share it withyourfriends!Thank you!Features:- Best free Dog Licks ScreenLiveWallpaper for your Android phone!- Full support for landscapemodeand home - screen switching!- Amazing Full HD graphics; RealHDvideo wallpaper!- Motion of flashes and lights keeps changingwithtime.- Optimized Battery Usage- Compatible with 99% mobilephonedevices.- The app will sleep when your phone is inactive, sothislive wallpaper will not drain your battery.How to use:Home->Menu -> Wallpaper -> Live Wallpaper - DoglicksscreenInstructions for use:Open Dog licks screen LiveWallpaper app, click on the " Continue " button, select "Dog licksscreen" fromthe list, and set the phone wallpaper . This is thebest free livewallpaper for your Android cell phone.Note:To developmore freegreat live wallpapers, we have implemented some adsinsettings.Advertisement can support us to develop more freegreatlive wallpapers.This live wallpaper has been tested onlatestdevices such as Samsung Galaxy S3 / S4 / S5 / S6 Edge /S7,Nexus 7,HTC One M8, LG G3 G4 G5 and Sony Xperia Z series and someAndroidTablets. Please contact us if your device is notsupported.If yourwallpaper resets to default after reboot, you willneed put the appon phone instead of SD card.This is a free appabout Android livewallpaper. It makes your android phone's screenmore beautiful.It'snot a screen locker ( Lock Screen ) or alauncher. Wish you love itand support us! Let's go and downloadit!You can share this freeapp to your friends by use Twitter,Facebook, LINE, Google+, QQ,Wechat and so on!You can also give ussome suggestions by Email tous or rate this app and leave commentson Play Store.We need yoursupport to help us to develop moreamazing free live wallpapers foryou! Thank you very much!
No Screen Off 1.16
Allows to suspend the automatic screen off.Then, reactivate itwiththe previously memorized delay.Click on the widget totogglebetween the two modes.Changing of the screen off delayremains thesame :Parameters/Display/Screen timeoutTo get access tothepreference screen, double tap on the application icon or thewidgetwithin 2 seconds.For automation, pass "com.k2.set/on"or"com.k2.set/off" in data field (-d parameters for am commandforex.) to change the state.Access required :MODIFY SYSTEM SETTINGSTochange the screen timeout (goal of the application!)Thisapplication doesn't require Internet or Telephony access, sokeepcool !
photo lock screen 1.46
lock screenlock screen passwordphoto keypad lock screenphotolockscreen is a very beautiful application. It protect yourphone.Someapplications do not perform the origin of the HOMEbutton, BACK,RECENT while this application can do that.We supportmany types oflock screen:- Lock screen pattern- Lock screenpassword- Lockscreen keypad- Lock screen slider- Lock screen likeIphoneYou canpersonalize your lock screen: you can changebackground of lockscreen with many wallpapers in app or photos inyour collection,you can add your favourite images into keypadbutton (for example:your love, your children, your cats, yourdogs..), you can changecolor and size of date/time texts; you canadd your names or youridiom on your lock screen, and you also canchange size and colorof that text.To summary, there are manyfeatures:- It is easy touse- It is beautiful- It has keypad likeiphone- Let you setpassword- Protect your phone, nobody can accessyour phone withoutpassword- Change background of lock screen withmany beautifulwallpapers- Add your photos into buttons- Changecolor and size ofdate/time- Add your name our your love sentence tolock screen-Change color and size of your sentence- Supportrotate/cut yourimages to adapt into keypad button- Support over 40languages-Support phone, tablet devicesHow to use:1. select"activate lock"2.type your password3. how to change background:choose "changewallpaper"4. how to add photo to button: choose"change photo,color"5. how to change passcode: choose "changepasscode"If youlove our photo lock screen please write review toencouragedevelopers
Lock screen pattern 1.5
Lock screen patternThe best lock screenThis lock screen is verysafeand high securitySimple, easy to use, highsecurityBeautifulwallpapersThis lock screen pattern is very nice,fast, simple,lowercapacity and very easy to use.Create lockpatterns to protect yourphone.Here are some of the key functions ofthe application.★ Thisapp help generate security patterns.★ A lotof beautiful wallpapersto choose ★ This lock screen allows to usewallpaper from Yourgallery★ Lockscreen, You Can create patternswith any length★Display real time clock and date in lock screen.★Custom HDbackground wallpaper .★ Disable HOME/MENU/BACK key inLockscreen,so no one can access your phone without rightpassword.★Fast, simple, smooth, high security and easy to usePleaseemail usif your device is not supported,we will try our best tosupport it.
Black Panther T'Challa Lock Screen & HD wallpapers 3.0.0
"black panther Wallpaper" For all fans of Occult or Weird -Amazingblack panther Pictures Graphics 3D IllustrationsFreeDownload!black panther black panther lock screen with HDwallpapersfor black panther black panther loverssimple to use.andwith lastblack pantherblack panther black panther new star blackpantherfire heart black pantherblack panther Yinlock screen blackpantherblack panther turtle pictures , black panther wallpaperHD-T'Challa / Black Panther Look Screen , T'Challa / Black Panther,T'Challa / Black Panther wallpapers, Look Screen of T'Challa/Black Panther- nakia Look Screen, Raphael , nakia wallpapers,LookScreen of nakia, nakia wallpapers.- Look Screen Of okoye,okoyeLook Screen, okoye, okoye wallpapers, wallpapers of okoye .-LookScreen Of Erik Killmonger ,Erik Killmonger wallpaper,ErikKillmonger , Erik Killmonger wallpapers , Look Screen ofErikKillmonger- black panther Look ScreenErik Killmongerwallpaperslook screenIn our app:-T'Challa / Black PantherLookScreen-T'Challa / Black Panther Look Screen wallpapers-T'Challa/Black Panther wallpapers wallpapers-T'Challa / BlackPantherwallpapers-Look Screen wallpapers of T'Challa / BlackPanther-LookScreen wallpapers of T'Challa / Black Panther-wallpapers ofT'Challa / Black Panther-wallpapers of T'Challa /Black Panther -T'Challa / Black Panther Look Screen- T'Challa /Black Panther LookScreen- black panther T'Challa / Black PantherLook Screen- blackpanther T'Challa / Black Panther LookScreen-T'Challa / BlackPanther fan art-T'Challa / Black Panther fanart-T'Challa / BlackPanther concept art-T'Challa / Black Pantherconcept artThis is awonderful Lock Screen for black panther blackpanther 10 Free fansFeatures:- Simulate the best phone Lockscreenwith Parallaxeffect.- Show Unread SMS and Missed Call counter onscreen locker.-Multiple FCB HD Wallpaper to choose.- Set PIN toenhance screenlock security, block HOME/MENU/BACK key,no one canaccess yourphone without correct password.- Slide To Unlock.-Consume lessmemory and battery,simple and clean design.- It is easyto use- Itis beautiful- It has keypad passcode-it has keyboard -Let you setpassword easy an quickly- Change background of lockscreen withmany beautiful HD wallpapers of black panther.- Changetext "slideto unlock"- Change color of date/time- Support over 50languageslike Arabic English french Espagnol German....- Supportphone,tablet devices-great free app with rarely photos of blackpantherblack panther. Erik Killmonger wallpapers look screenblackpanthermovie 4K wallpapersblack panther civil war HD photos blackpanther2018 black panther black panther W'Kabi Ulysses Klaue /KlawRamonda Zuri shuri M'Baku N'Jobu King T'Chaka ayo wallpaperslookscreen keyboardErik Killmonger wallpapers look screenHow toUse:1.Open the app settings, and tick the Enable Screen check boxtoenable it.2. Create password and confirm this password3. ClicktheDisable System Lock in case you use the system lock.4. ClicktheSet theme Wallpaper to switch to different awesome wallpapersofblack panther.5. surf all teh other possibilities exist intheappyou like also?Harley Quinn Look Screen HD--Messi Look ScreenHD2018--Green HD Arrow Wallpaper--Mickey Look Screen FreeHD--blackpanther Look Screen--Vegeta Look Screen Art--Ash GreninjaLookScreen--Bumblebee Look Screen--Sailor Moon Wallpaper--HomerLookScreen--Goku Wallpaper HD Art--Michael Jackson LookScreenFree--Optimus Prime Look Screen--Jack Sparrow LookScreen--SethRollins Look Screen wwe--Paul Walker Look ScreenFree--CristianoRonaldo Look Screen Full HD--Neymar Look Screen HD17/18
HD Phone 7 i call screen OS10 1.3
Get Free HD Phone 7 i call screen OS10 Same as OS9 and OS10stylenow in your phone. Download Free app now and get icallscreencalling features same as phone 6s and phone 7s. SuperFeatures ForCalling Screen 1. OS 9 and OS 10 Style i Call Screen inyour phone.2. Replace phone 6 and phone 7 callscreen with your oldstylecaller screen dialer. 3. Full Screen Caller ID with T9 Dialer.4.Best HD Graphics like OS 10 and OS 9. 5. Select backgroud ofyourchoice for caller screen. 6. iContact Book Dialer Style. andmuchmore! HD Phone 7 i call screen OS10 is very easy tocustomizecallscreen style and theme. application UI is very easyand userfriendly. Best i callscreen changer themes ever in 2017.You cancustomize your icallscreen with easy few steps. Settings : -youcan select show and hide incoming i callscreen or outgoingicallscreen. - Swipe Call answer and decline buttons. -Internationnumber format show in caller screen. - Press Back buttonto exitfrom icall screen Dialer. - Show Full screen call or not. -iCallscreen animation while showing caller id. Change Background :- Youcan select background for incoming call and outgoing call - Oryoucan also select background from gallery or Photos. Call Blocker: -if you are bother from someone add his number in block listtoblock all incoming calling Custom Ringtone : - Selectdifferentringtone for OS9 & OS10 Caller Screen Dialer. DialerFeatures :- Advance T9 Seach with Speed Dial option. - Easy tomanage allcontacts and recent calls. - Add or remove icontact fromcontactbook. - Add or Edit Favourite Contacts. What are you waitingfor?get this cool and best HD Phone 7 i call screen OS10 andDialer2017 on your smart phones your all friends will go crazy seePhone7 callscreen in you android. and if you like this coolicallscreenapp suggest this to your other friends.
Lock screen pattern 1.33.3375.81
Lock screenLock screen patternThe best lock screenapplicationThebest lock screen application, to help you protectyour privacy,prevent others invade your phone illegallySomeapplications do notperform the origin of the HOME button, BACK,RECENT while thisapplication can do that.Some applications do notprotect yourprivacy when just a phone call to your phone, yourphone willautomatically open to allow strangers intrusion ...andthisapplication will do all that too.We support many types oflockscreen:- Lock screen pattern- Lock screen password- Lockscreenpassword framework of- Lock screen slider- Lock screen likeIphone-You can change wallpaper- Many different types ofbackgrounds tochoose from, these wallpapers are exquisite design,beautiful.-Also you can select your favorite wallpaper, it could besomeoneyou love, your love, your child ...- The application isreallysimple and easy to use, you just select function allows key,thenenter password so that your device is protected.We always trytobring you the greatest convenience.Thank you for usingtheapplication.More information, contact [email protected]
lockscreen passcode 2.3.1
kunkun apps
Lock screen protect your phone Lock screen by passcode Lockscreenby keypad This Lock screen is very simple, beautiful andusefulMutiple beautiful wallpaper The best lock screen application,tohelp you protect your privacy, prevent others trying to accessyourphone illegally. - Lock screen by passcode - This 'lockscreenpasscode' Very nice, simple and useful - Create passcode tolockmobile - A lot of beautiful wallpapers to choose in lock screen-Many different types of backgrounds to choose from,thesewallpapers are exquisite design, beautiful. - Consume lessmemoryand battery,simple and clean design - Also you can selectyourfavorite wallpaper, it could be someone you love, your love,yourchild ... - Show state of mobile as network, wifi, battery ..inscreen lock - This 'Lock screen passcode' is really simple andeasyto use, you just select function allows key, then enterpassword sothat your device is protected.
Pattern lock screen 1.3.156
Pattern lock screen & wallpaper is a great app for allmobilephones, smart phones. It can secure your phone withpasswords,pattern lock, ...For best personal protection, you candownload theLock screen app to your phone and set how you want tounlock thepicture. You can use passwords such as squares,triangles, letters,etc. Alternatively, you can use numbers aspasswords for yourmobile phone.Pattern lock screen is beautifullydesigned,innovative to avoid the boredom of normal screenunlocking. It hasmany nice pattern lock screen for you to choosefrom.lock screenapp is easy to use, with simple actions that youhave access toyour device.It is the best Pattern lock screen,ensuring personalprivacy on your phone. Prevent others fromaccessing your phonewithout your permission. It fits all Androiddevices and specialFree Screen Lock application* Features:- Optionto unlock phonescreen with pattern lock, number, ...- Highsecurity, securepersonal privacy, prevent access to your phonewithout thepassword.- Beautiful pattern lock screen &wallpaper- Manybeautiful pattern lock, change the template lock asyou like-Simple, easy to use- Set pattern lock- Unlock screenquickly- Goodsecurity on all Android devices- Free screen lockapplication-Consumes less memory and phone batteryPattern lockscreen isconsidered to be the best lock application for Androidphones suchas Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, Nokia, Oppo, ...Pattern lockscreen is afree application for everyone. Share with your friendsandrelatives so they can use the best phone lock applicationandexperience the great features of this app.
Screenshot Assistant 1.0.6
Capture screenshot by holding the Home button.Features:•Cropscreenshot to the desired size• Save screenshot to thedevice•Share screenshot with your friendsMake sure batteryoptimization isdisabled for Screenshot Assistant:Huawei:• From theHome screennavigate to Settings• Open Advanced Settings• OpenBattery Manager•Open Protected apps• Activate the app protectionfor ScreenshotAssistant by pressing on the switch from the rightsideHow toconfigure the app:• From the Home screen navigate toSettings•Select Apps• Press Settings icon in the upper rightcorner• SelectAssist & voice input• Press Assist app and selectScreenshotAssistant
lock screen passcode 2.9.1
lock screen passcode 'love lock screen' is the best keypadlockscreen like iPhone to set password/passcode/pin for yourlockscreen. we create solutions for lock screen: - lock screenpattern- photo keypad lock screen - lock screen slider - zipper(zipo)lock screen - passcode lock screen - iphone lock screen - os9lockscreen features of love lock screen: - create widget homescreenfor easy settings - create live wallpaper HD - set pin orpasswordvia keypad lock screen to enhance the security lock of yourphone.- require 4 digits for lockscreen password - show batteryhealth onscreen lock - consume less battery - can change color andfonts oftime, date - multiple HD Wallpaper beautiful - dynamicwallpaperfrom our repository - many beautiful girls to setwallpaper -display real time clock and date. - change backgroundwithwallpapers - support over 50 languages - custom backgroundfromgallery. - optimized battery usage and battery saver - workwell onphone, tablet device please email us if your device isnotsupported, we will try our best to support it. if you lovethisphoto love locker application, please give 5 stars toencouragedevelopers.
lock screen keypad 1.8.2
Lock screen - water dropletLock screen - soap bubblesLock screenbypasswordLock screen by keypadThe best lock screenEnter pin codetounlock screenPasscode lock screen protects your phoneLock screenbypassword, keypadYou create password for lock screenThis isbestlock screen to personalize your lock screen with water dropletsandbubbles effectsMain features:- Support keypad like iphone withmanywater drople- Set password with numbers- High security,preventaccessing your phone without password- User can changebackground-Work well on phone, tablet devices- Multiple OS9 HDWallpaperbeautiful and all background OS 7 and wallpaper OS 8 -Require 4digits for lockscreen password- Display real time clockand date-Show missed call, sms .. on lock screen- Show state ofmobile asnetwork, wifi, battery .. on lock screen- Support over60languagesWe support many types of lock screen:- Lockscreenpassword- Lock screen keypad- Lock screen slider- Lock screenlikeIphone
anime lock screen 3.0.1
Anime Lock Screen is an extremely Secure Screen Locker viaPINpasscode or password to enhance the security of your phone.'AnimeLock Screen' is the best keypad lock screen like iPhone lockscreento set password/passcode/pin for your lock screen. we createsomany lock screen: - lock screen pattern - lock screen photo-passcode lock screen - os9 lock screen - kpop lock screenfeaturesof love lock screen: - create widget home screen for easysettings- create live wallpaper HD - set pin or password via keypadlockscreen to enhance the security lock of your phone. - require4digits for lockscreen password - show battery health on screenlock- consume less battery - can change color and fonts of time,date -multiple HD Wallpaper beautiful - dynamic wallpaper fromourrepository - many beautiful anime girls to set wallpaper -displayreal time clock and date. - change background withwallpapers -support over 50 languages - custom background fromgallery. -optimized battery usage and battery saver - work well onphone,tablet device If you enjoy our theme don't forget to rate theappby 5 stars and leave a comment. Thank you very much!! Enjoy!!!
Double Tap 1.6.9
TTH Studios
DOUBLE TAPSave your hard power key, you only double tap homescreento turn off screen. Especially, we can double tap power icononAlways On Display to turn on screen without draining battery.Ifyour device does not have Always On Display, you cancoverproximity sensor to turn on screen.FEATURES * Double Taphomescreen to turn off screen. * Cover proximity sensor to turnonscreen (if not support Always On Display). * Double Tap powericonon Always On Display to turn on screen. * Provide a lockscreenshortcut on home screen.LIMITATION * You need adminpermission tolock screen it makes you cannot uninstall this appfrom homescreen. Please open the app and click uninstall to do it.* Fordevices support fingerprint you will not be able to usefingerprintafter double tap to lock screen, this is a securityproblem from MOS. We provided a solution for it we shorten screentimeout andshow digital clock before lock and you can usefingerprintnormally. * We need to activate app in Accessibility todetect youtap home screen and help app save battery.PRIVACYPOLICYYourprivacy is very important to us, we understand thisproblem and weensure this application not collect any userinformation to sharethird party. Below are detail permissions weused in theapplication.* BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN Request admin devicepermission tosupport lock screen.* BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE Useaccessibilityservice to detect you are double-tapping homescreen*WRITE_SETTINGS Reduce screen timeout and show digital clocksupportunlock by fingerprint after screen lock* WAKE_LOCK Turn onscreen*BILLING Support purchase in app* INSTALL_SHORTCUT Createlockscreen shortcut on home screenFEEDBACKIf you have any problemwhileusing the application, please give us some comments we willcheckand update as soon as possible.Email: [email protected]
love lock screen 1.5.6
lock screen pattern photo lock screen pattern photo love lockscreenby pattern with photo in heart lock screen very highsecurity, niceand smooth. Fast, simple, easy to use and verybeautiful The bestlock screen application, to help you protectyour privacy, preventothers invade your phone illegally This lockscreen photo havefeatures: lock screen, Create image for buttonfrom your gallery,and turn off screen by shortcut Create lockpatterns to lock yourphone ★ Create pattern for lock screen ★Fast, simple, smooth, easyto use and very beautiful ★ Create aseparate image for each lockbutton. very interesting ★ You can addphotos of relatives for thelock screen button ★ Personalize yourlock screen ★ Set your photosinto buttons ★ Change color and sizeof date/time ★ A lot ofbeautiful wallpapers ★ Photo Lock Screenalso allows to usewallpaper from Your gallery ★ Select from a widerange of inbuiltbackgrounds ★ Allows to use wallpaper from Yourgallery ★ Add yourname our your love sentence to lock screen ★Change color and sizeof your sentence ★ Disable HOME/MENU/BACKbutton in PatternLockscreen, it means that no one can access yourphone without rightpassword or passcode (very security) ★Security: easy to set patternpassword to protect your phone ★Support your languages ★ Supportalmost phones and tablet devices ★Consume less memory and batteryCreate a separate image for eachlock button. very interesting. ★Personalize your lock screen ★ Youcan add photos of relatives forthe lock screen button Turn offscreen by shortcut ★ Create shortcutor icon for screen off andlock ★ useful when power button deranged,hard to press or if youwant protect power button ★ note: you mustactivate system adminPermission In my application, I usepermission:android.permission.BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN. I useBIND_DEVICE_ADMINpermission for feature: Turn off screen.