Top 45 Games Similar to Kill The Monsters!

Bloody Monsters
★ Bloody Monsters - Extremely Fun Shooting Game by RVAppStudios★Shoot the bloody monsters & survive the carnage, inthisextremely fun arcade shooter game with a bouncy twist.BloodyMonsters provides hours of entertainment as you master theart of ashooter in this fun shooting game. The monsters areeverywhere andyour job is to "Shoot The Bloody Monsters"! You havelimitedbullets but they bounce all over the place. Unlike othershootinggames your bullet can kill multiple monsters in one shot.Thebullets are super powerful and keep killing till theystopbouncing, so try to use as few bullets as possible for ahigherscore. Simply aim & fire and hope the bullets bounce yourway.•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Key Features:☆ KillDifferentKinds Of Monsters ☆ Experience The Sensation Of FiringBulletsWildly☆ Multiple Powerful Guns & Weapons ☆ 200 Levels OfFun(More Levels Coming Soon)☆ Awesome Blood & Gore Animations☆Realistic & FunBloodSounds•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Over 2300 Review& 4.7Star RatedReview Highlights "It's the game you're playingwhen youtell someone "hang on, one more level", & next thingyou know 2hours have flown by!""This game is awesome.""Best game Ihave everplayed.""Extremely challenging zombie shooting game,absolutelyloved the physic ofthegame"*************************************************************Thegameincludes multiple different monsters and provides variouspowers tohelp kill the monsters. While the bouncy bullet isextremelypowerful, at times you'll need to use some of the morepowerful guns& weapons. Each gun has specific properties thatwill help youbeat the level. Save your ammunition & specialpowers till youend when you might need them the most. BloodyMonsters, is a superaddicting strategy shooting game that willkeep you entertained forhours. If you love physics game and loveblood & gore; and arein the mood for some serious gun shootingfun then this game is foryou. Tip: Be sure to assassinate all themonsters with a cleanheadshot for bonus points & fun. Why PlayBloody Monsters? Ifyou're into sniper shooting games, where youare the shooter lookingto kill, then Bloody Monsters is theabsolutely best 'take a breakgame' for hard core gamers. WithBloody Monsters you get to play ashooter game in a more relaxedmode, since one bullet can killmultiple monsters and bounce allover the place! Bloody Monsters isa relaxed fun physics game, yetit still has that awesome blood& gore feeling when shootingthose bloody monsters. BloodyMonsters is an extremely fun shootinggame. Download BloodyMonstersToday!************************************************************************BloodyMonstersoffers tablet optimized UI and game play. Download andplay this funshooting game on any Android optimized tablet andenjoy HD graphicsand sounds.Note To Users: Thank you for yoursupport & reviewstill now! Be sure to keep telling yourfriends about BloodyMonsters.
Spore 3D - Savage Predators Battle
Under the scorching sun a new civilization found its origin.SporeMonsters survived on this deadly empty ground andevolved.Organicsis too weak for this sizzling and exterminatingarea. The solutionwas found in symbiosis with the technologies ofextinct humanity.Technological transformation of monsters’ claws,limbs and bodieshappened. These transformations of monster speciesallowed to adaptto the unfriendly environment. But this rapidevolution badlyaffected the minds of creatures, causing rampage,madness and rage.Now these creatures are even more insatiable,fierce and hungry.Found in the deep ocean abysses, spore monsterswere geneticallymodified by scientists in cell labs and now theysurvived theircreators. They are much stronger, angrier and moreflexiblemonsters then there were. But they continue evolvingturning intohigh tech monsters.
Take part in a fierce clash for theterritory,becoming one of the terrible monsters. Destroy yourenemies, absorbtheir genetic code (DNA) and evolve in order todominate monsterswho dare to challenge you. Become a monstercrafterand decide byyourself how your new monster will look like. Feed andgrow yourown fighting monster. Don’t make monsters starve!Enjoyunlimitedevolution and transformation but take care!Many morefuriouscreatures set their heart on this territory. Giant sandworms whoare ready to absorb and devour anyone who dare to comeclose enoughto its abyssal jaw. Gigantic crab who does not takepart in thiswar, but who constantly observe the fight of itssmallergenetically similar species. Start as a tiny nasty woodlouselooking creature that can hardly survive several seconds inthisunsafe environment. Run away if you see another moving objectslikemonsters, deadly spiky balls, worm holes, devour DNA of otherwildmonsters and just collect DNA scattered over the territory.Theonly way how you can survive is to constantly evolve, acquirenewskins, improve parameters of the insect and constantly changethetactic against other insatiable monsters. Depending onthemonster’s evolution stage it can become a tiny weak but veryfastmonster or, in contrast become a furious, mighty anddangerousmonster easily devouring other inhabitants of this tinyuniverse,showing its power in clashes. It is completely yourdecision onwhich skins and parameters to spend the DNA collected inthebattles and which evolution path to choose.
My Singing Monsters
Welcome to My Singing Monsters! Raise a monster pet, then feedyourmusical monster to help them grow. Take care of a collection offunmonster characters in this free musical sim game!Create anislandfull of singing monsters, then watch your song evolve as youbreedand upgrade happy monster pets. Design and build uniquedecorationsto make your world look just the way you want, thenshare yourcreation with friends! You’ll love exploring thewonderful fantasyland of My Singing Monsters!Download My SingingMonsters today —Happy Monstering!FEATURES:• Collect and level upover 100 cute andfunny monsters — dragons are so last year….•Customize your islandswith cool decorations and catchy music• Enjoyawesome graphics andcharacter animation• Play with friends aroundthe world• Discovernew updates and events year-round________PLEASENOTE! My SingingMonsters is completely free to play, however somegame items canalso be purchased for real money. If you don't wantto use thisfeature, please disable in-app purchases in yourdevice's settings.My Singing Monsters requires an internetconnection to play (3G orWiFi).HELP & SUPPORT: Get ahold of theMonster-Handlers byvisiting orcontacting us in game bygoing to Options > Support.
Little Monsters
Welcome home, Little Monsters. This is for us. All of us.LittleMonsters is a place for all fans of Lady Gaga to gather,create,and to inspire. Share your passion and creativity in acommunityfull of art, acceptance, monsters, and Gaga. Remember tobe brave,be kind, be respectful and most importantly... beyourself!
Alone Dog Vs Monsters
Story starts in forest world where you have to fight withforestmonsters like monkeys and spiders vs your Dog.This Game smartandclassic adventure is for all Kids: and the best way to spendtimewhen you are in you home or wait pakdam pakdai or forsomething.Nowstart getting some energy and some friends to get into the forest.Invite your Friends to help you in this adventure its not easy youneed help.Rescue your dog in this adventure it s bigBravery.Yourtask in this game is to control Dog, hits enemies,avoid traps,spiders, cats crash bad enemies and others and beatingall monstersand teach them a lesson.also there are lots of hiddenbonus itemsand diamonds.This game bring back lots memories of oldcity arcadegames with many adventures world of this gamecontainswell-designed levels, various enemies ,monsters ,bosses,easygameplay, nice graphics and fun musics and sounds.
Spore 2 - Evolution of Sand Beasts
Spore Monsters are coming back and they evolved! Now thesecreaturesare even more insatiable, fierce and hungry. No one knowswhere didthey come from. Are they aliens, climbed out of the deepoceanabysses, or were genetically created by scientists in celllabs?Anyway, this time there are much more angry monsters than itused tobe. More different species and evolutionary forms.
This bayis toosmall for this amount of creatures! Take part in a fierceclash forthe territory, becoming one of the terrible deep seamonsters.Destroy your enemies, absorb their genetic code (DNA) andevolve inorder to truly dominate those players who dare tochallenge you.Become a monstercrafter and decide by yourself howyour new monsterwill look like. Feed and grow your own fightingmonster. Don’t makemonsters starve! Use genetic code collected inclashes of monstersand create a new organism. But remember, inthis dangerous universethere is no space for herbivore species ofmonsters. Onlycarnivorous predators can survive and evolve. Thisplace is for meateaters only.
*The strategy is simple:*- Attackthe weak and fleefrom the more mighty and angry monsters or hidesomewhere and stayinvisible until they pass or get distracted byanother victim.-Improve your armor, claws and thorns to survive inthis dangerousand evil world- Help your horrifying spikes growinto powerful clawsand demonstrate your strength in the groupbattles- Enjoy the viewof the remains of your enemies andatmospheric game music
Mightymonsters and fierce creaturesconstantly lead a permanent clash ofmonsters against each otherfor the territory, food and survival. Godeeper into it and learnmore! Conduct a microtrip in this amazingworld of fightingpredator creatures. You can not only try to playsurvival game andhide in the sandy field but also become bestfriends with otherspore monsters. Anyway, it is one of the reallyrelaxing andaddicting games. 
*Features:*- 3 new unique evolutionsof mightymonsters.- Plenty of new objects on the map- Specialquest- Newevolutionary tree and store
Since last time this baybecome areally busy place, where now not only one kind of monstersisdwelling. Now many more furious creatures set their heart onthisterritory. Giant sand worms who are ready to absorb anddevouranyone who dare to come close enough to its abyssal jaw.Giganticcrab who does not take part in this war, but who constantlyobservethe fight of its smaller genetically similar species. Startas atiny nasty wood louse looking creature that can hardlysurviveseveral seconds in this unsafe environment. Run away if youseeanother moving objects like monsters, deadly spiky balls,wormholes, devour DNA of other wild monsters and just collectDNAscattered over the territory. Try to find your ark of survival.Theonly way how you can survive is to constantly evolve, acquirenewskins, improve parameters of the insect and constantly changethetactic against other insatiable monsters. 
There are threemainevolution stages available but each of them has hundredsofconfiguration allowing to make your creature truly unique! JusteatDNA all four seasons long and evolve! The tactics availableforplayers vary tremendously! Depending on the monster’sevolutionstage it can become a tiny weak but very fast monster or,incontrast become a furious, mighty and dangerous monstereasilydevouring other inhabitants of this tiny universe, showingitspower in clashes. It is completely your decision on which skinsandparameters to spend the DNA collected in the battles andwhichevolution path to choose. Choose and evolve wisely!

Bulu Monster
Bulu Monster - a monster collecting game in AndroidMonsters arethemain theme of the exciting new app from Sigma Game. BuluMonsterallows the user to become a monster trainer on Bulu Island.SigmaGame believes this app will stand out from all of the othermonstergames on the market as Bulu Monster puts the user fully incontrol.In this role playing adventure game, the user mustdiscover,capture, fight and train one of the 150 monsters. BuluMonster alsoallows the user to engage with friends and with othertrainersonline, enabling them to challenge their friends and otherplayersof the game.Bulu Monster was some eighteen months in themaking;Sigma Game has ensured that the app is of the quality thatuserswill have come to expect. The high quality animation,adventurousstoryline, and the ability to challenge both friends andotherusers online adds to the exhilarating, high energy feel ofthisgame.Bulu Monster leads the user on a unique adventure that isnotavailable on other monster games. As well as enabling the usertocapture monsters, the user can train them, too, and this iswhatmakes Bulu Monster different to the other games that can befoundout there. Bulu Monster can be played both online andoffline,allowing the user to play the game even without Internetaccess,making the game more versatile than most.For ease of play,BuluMonster has a one-hand touch control so no joystick isrequired,and it allows the user to be able to create the rightbalancebetween control and game playing. Another feature of BuluMonsteris the online shop. The shop allows users of Bulu Monster toaccessspecial purchase items and discounts as well as readingfeedbackfrom on other users and engaging with other competitors ontheonline forum.The app is free to download and has recently beenmadeavailable via App World; it has been designed for theiOSplatform.Main Features:Bulu Monster is full of colourful,carefullyanimated monsters. The monsters come in different shapesand sizes,and have been designed to be visually appealing toeveryone whoplays the game. The colourful monsters included in thisgame aresure to keep everyone involved and engaged right until theend. Thegame also includes:- A fun and appealing story line thatallows theuser to save their monster friend, Rania, as one of thequests- 14different fantasy maps to explore- Challenge more than 50NPCmonster trainers- Train a monster team- Friend code system toallowthe user to invite their friends to lay the game along withthem,increasing the competitiveness and fun of Bulu Island.-Collectmore than 150 different monstersFor a taster of what toexpect fromthe app, visit Gamealwaysappreciates feedback and queries from its customers. If youhave aquery or feedback about our game then please contact or find us on social mediaat: or become a fanat: any third-party products, services, names, or otherinformation,by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, developer,supplier orotherwise, does not constitute nor imply endorsement,affiliation,or sponsorship. All characters, names, titles,likeness, and othercontent used or depicted in this product (eventhose based on realproducts)are entirely fictional. Alltrademarks, service marks,product, service, or other namesmentioned herein, are the propertyof their respective owners, andno claim is made to any such mark,product, service or othername.-----------------------
SMASH Monsters - City Rampage
Welcome, Agent, to the world of SMASH!BEHOLD! Your laboratory,whereyou will be spawning and evolving GIANT MUTANT MONSTERS whoobeyyour every command (as long as that command is“SMASH!”).OBSERVE!Your shiny futuristic CITY! Build its defenses,vaporize intruders,and make money to fund your benevolent research(i.e. build biggerand more powerful monsters)!LOOK AT! Anapocalyptic world full ofBOSSES TO SMASH in CAMPAIGN MODE andRIVALS TO CRUSH in PLAYERVERSUS PLAYER COMBAT!Conquer the worldalone, or create a FACTION offriends for the sheer love ofcrushing stuff! Get out there, and letthe DESTRUCTIONBEGIN!FEATURES● Lead your monster army to victory ina massivelymultiplayer PvP world!● Tons of monsters to collect,level-up, andevolve, plus tons of power-ups, special abilities, andmore!● Buildand fortify your city with impenetrable defenses tofend off rivalSMASH agents!● Defeat powerful SMASH bosses as youconquer theworld in Campaign mode.● Chat and strategize with otherplayers inreal-time, and form Factions with your friends!
Superhero Armor
Superhero Armor is a new superhero game about robot wars withthemain characters are the superheroes coming out of cartooncomicssuch as fly superheroes. Choose your favorite superhero forstreetfights battle. Each superhero will have unique powers andweapons,choose your favorite superhero and join the battles. Youwill beinterested in using powerful weapons to fight off injustice,gainjustice rescue the city and become the champion in therobotfighting.The aggression of the enemy such as robot monsters,robotcars and their defenders with equally powerful weapons createatough and challenging robot war. The battle between superheroesandmonsters seems never to end. Fight for justice and rescuethecities that are occupied by aliens. Become a warrior use swordandgun with supernatural ultra powers to defeat all themonsters.Areyou ready to reincarnate and become superheroes, robotwarriors andbecome legendary bots?Features of Superhero Armor:-Enjoy thesuperhero action game, exciting hack & slash actionRPG withextreme skill. You will be free to choose your favoritesuperhero.-Attractive graphics with strong street fight style,diverse andattractive scenes- Classic role-playing game withsuperheroes, eachsuper hero has unique skills and powerfulweapons.- Enemies aremonsters have different types diverse skillsand create excitementand drama through each game screen from robotblade, bots car togiant stone man.- Complete missions to earnbonuses, gems anddiamonds.- Each superhero has unique skills andpowerfulweapons.Play Superhero Armor to become a true superhero andproveyour strength. Completely free to play and installed, you willbereally excited and immersed in this new action game herostreetfight style extremely attractive. Are you still hesitate?Fightmonsters, fight off injustice, gain justice, rescue the cityandbecome the rangers in the Superhero Armor robot fighting.
Monster Craft
Create your own monsters with robots and zombies. Fight and killinthe monster craft.When the monsters have the IQ and thedevelopmentof technology, they found that the combination with themachinewill make itself very powerful, so monsters began tocrazyself-torture and never tired. The war the crazy monster iscoming,but you are just a larva! There no much time for you.★ avariety ofmonsters together, will create a different monster.★ youneed touse less days to complete all the fighting arena, become thekingof monsters.★ You can get gold coins in the hunting mode, useditto create your own monsters.★ When you fail, it must beyourcombination unreasonable!Create your own monsters with robotsandzombies.Play Monster Craft.
My Singing Monsters: Official Guide
Calling all Singing Monsters fans! My Singing Monsters:OfficialGuide is the comprehensive companion to My Singing Monstersand MySinging Monsters: Dawn of Fire. Join the ranks oftheMonster-Handlers and learn the secrets of the Monster World, allinone handy, easy-to-use place.Ever wondered how to breed a Ghazt?Orhow many Coins an adult Furcorn produces on Space Island? Howabouthow to wake up the Wublins? This is the app for you -downloadtoday! Features: • An interactive guide for EVERY knownspecies ofSinging Monster• BREEDING combinations for SpecialMonsters…officially revealed for the first time!• Checklist andFAVORITEtoggles for the Monster pages you use the most• Craftingrecipesfor COLLECTIBLE items in the world of Dawn of Fire• Andmore! HappyMonstering! ______PLEASE support the Monster-Handlers byrating thegame after you update! Come sing with us. Join the MySingingMonsters community:Facebook( & SUPPORT: Get a hold ofthe Monster-Handlers by orcontacting us in the app by goingto Options > Support.
My Singing Monsters DawnOfFire
Think you know your Singing Monsters? Think again! Travel backintime to when monsters first erupted into song and witnesstheglorious Dawn of Fire. Experience catchy tunes, gorgeousgraphicsand intuitive gameplay in this exciting prequel to the hitmobilesensation My Singing Monsters.FEATURES:Each monster has itsownvoice!As you unlock each lovable character, their uniquemusicalstylings will be added to the song to build upon thesymphonycreating richer sounds. Some monsters are vocal virtuosos,whileothers play splendorous instruments. Until you hatch it, it'sasurprise! Breed and grow your monster musicians!Want to growyourSinging Monster collection? That's simple - breed Monsterswithdifferent elements together to create new ones! Level them upbyrewarding them stuff they like and nurture your veryownone-of-a-kind orchestra. Craft a multitude of unique items!Buildimpressive structures, collect resources, and master theintricatenew crafting system! Learn the recipes for anything yourMonstersmight ask of you, and put up wacky decorations to add thatpersonaltouch! Discover new lands and catchy tunes!Expand yourhorizonsbeyond the Continent and explore the diverse and wondrousOuterIslands. Each has its own infectious melody, as performed byyourSinging Monster maestros! Who knows how many there aretodiscover?Get ready to bask in the golden age of monster music inMySinging Monsters: Dawn of Fire. Happy monstering!***STAY***PLEASENOTE!My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire is free-to-play, howeversome gameitems can also be purchased for real money. If you don'twant to usethis feature, please disable in-app purchases in yourdevice'ssettings. A network connection (3G or WiFi) is required toplay MySinging Monsters: Dawn of Fire.This game may include:-Direct linksto social networking websites intended for playersover the age of13.- Direct links to the internet that can takeplayers away fromthe game with the potential to browse to any webpage- Advertisingof Big Blue Bubble products and products fromthird partiesHELP& SUPPORT: or contact us ingame by going toOptions > Support.
Cannon Master
Monsters are invading us from the sky. Create missiles todefeatmonsters. ◉ Upgrade the main cannonWhen you defeat monsters,youearn gold. Upgrade the main cannon and missiles with the gold.◉Add sub cannons. Build sub cannons that help with the attack.Subcannons attack enemies in the sky automatically. Each subcannonhas its own characteristics. Try to make good use oftheirfeatures◉ Collect items. If you kill monsters, items aresometimesgiven. Touch the item to obtain it. Items help you havespecialabilities throughout the game. Also, if the itemscollectedaccumulate, their effects could be levelled up! ◉ Create apowerfuloption cannon. Monsters leave option cannon when they die.Optioncannon are provided in the upgrade menu, option cannoncategory.Same option cannons can be integrated to level up to astrongeroption cannon. As the level increases, attack power isincreasedand with some luck, you can have some special abilities.Activelyuse the option cannon’s strength.◉ Defeat boss monsterswithin thetime limit. Boss monsters appear during the game. Bossmonstershave high stamina, so they are not easy to defeat. But ifdefeated,a large sum of gold and items are given. ◉ Defeat boss inboss raidmode. When boss monsters are defeated, the boss raid modeisactivated. When the boss is defeated continuously, the level oftheboss raid mode increases, and the amount of gold earnedalsoincreases!◉ Try out the overheat mode. Overheat modeisautomatically activated when a certain number of monstersarekilled. In overheat, a large number of enemies appear, butmymissile becomes even more powerful! Kill many monsters withastrong missile.◉ Activate overheat with pure crystals. Whenpurecrystals are used, overheat 5x mode is activated. Savingcrystalsfor use in dangerous situations is one strategy!
Good Knight: Princess Rescue
Some Funny Monsters Took Your Princess and Lock Her Up InACastle.You Need To Find 8 Keys, Defeat The Monsters And RescueThePrincess!Good Luck!* FEATURES:- Two Melee Weapons, RocksandSword!- Entertaining Story- Kids game with no real violence-Funnylooking 3D Monsters- Cute environment- Bright Colors-SmoothControls
Splot Monster
Splot Monster is an application that tests your reflexes.1. Asyouadvance notice the mockery of monsters so do not let that makefunof you.2. Notaras a life bar in the upper left; As timeprogressesthe bar decreases and the only way to increase it iscrushingmonsters.3. Each monster throws several types of bubbles tobecrushed.Do not miss out! Will serve to buy powers if youfindyourself in a bad situation.4. Lastly is the best Splot Masterofall and beat your record and the record of your friends.!!!Enjoyit !!!
Infinite Monsters
Infinite Monsters is the #1 action game available in GooglePlaywhich takes Android gaming to new heights with gorgeous visualsandendless adrenaline fueled battles.In a world filled withmonsterswhere everything else is ruined and polluted by radiation,you haveto wipe out the infinite monsters by travelling around theexoticworld shores locations, battling zombies, demons, dinolikemonsters and more! The game is instantly playable and simpletocontrol while the difficulty of the game becomes more and morehardas you level up. Now pick up the weapons and shoot themonsterswith nothing to lose!How to Play:- Tap bottom left key tomove andtap bottom right to fire- By default you have a basicpistol andunlimited amount of ammo with low lethality. Kill thosemonstersand earn your cash for new weapons and ammo.- You also haveaspecial skill to protect yourself initially. Buy more new skillsinthe shop to enhance your ability.Game Features:-Charminghand-drawn hunter characters and monsters- Equip yourselfwith 14different weapons and 7 different special skills- Crispgraphicsand Immersive CD quality audio
Secret Kingdom Defenders: Heroes vs. Monsters
A young monk is making a fateful journey westward, but he can'tdoit alone! Along the way, he'll encounter deadly monsters,friendlypigs, flying dragon knights, and greatest of all, amischievousMonkey King determined to test the monk's strength ofwill...Aclassic Chinese tale comes to life in this fresh take ontheclassic hero defense game. Choose your defenders, arm themwithpowerful gear, and use their unique abilities to banish theforcesof evil!Features:*Fast-Paced Strategy*Flex your fingers andgetready to dominate the battlefield as you lead a team of Heroesinreal-time combat!Swipe to send your team forward, pull themback,or collect items as you position them for the best use oftheirultimate abilities!*Fantastic Gameplay*Recruit Heroes, Gods,andVillains! Defeat Bosses and gain them as your allies! Trainyourteam and outfit them with ancient weapons, magical rings,andspirit animal companions!*Epic Storyline*Travel across a hugeworldmap, battling dozens of different enemies with unique andtrickyabilities, before facing off against the EvilEternal!*MultiplayerCombat*Take the fight online for bonus loot!Craft your perfectdefense before going on the attack to conquerrivals and climb therankings to the Heaven of Heroes!Contactushere!
Ready, Set, Monsters! - The Powerpuff Girls
Punch, kick and smash an endless army of monsters with thePowerpuffGirls in Ready, Set, Monsters!PPG TO THE RESCUEChooseBlossom,Bubbles or Buttercup to pummel a horde of monstrousbaddies. Usetheir unique strengths to see if you can beat yourhighscore!SUPERFAST ACTIONSimple tap controls make it easy to jumprightinto the action, but the fast-paced fights and varied enemyattackswill challenge both your reaction time and yourbattlestrategies.UNLEASH THE POWERUpgrade the Powerpuff Girls'abilitiesto make them faster, stronger and tougher. Unlock specialauraattacks themed to each girl, and you'll really dish outthedamage!COLLECT FRIENDLY MONSTERSNot every monster on MonsterIslandis evil! Find friendly monsters who can help you withextraattacks, healing powers, passive bonuses and more!HelpBlossom,Bubbles and Buttercup take on a whole mess of monstrousfoes in thelightning-quick battles of READY,SET,MONSTERS!********************This game is available inthefollowing languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish,Portuguese,Russian, Turkish, Korean and Japanese.If you're havingany problemswith this app, feel free to contact Tell us about the issuesyou'rerunning into as well as what device and OS versionyou'reusing.********************IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS:This appmaycontain ads that feature other products, services, shows oroffersfrom Cartoon Network and our partners.PRIVACY INFORMATION:Yourprivacy is important to us at Cartoon Network, a division ofTurnerBroadcasting System, Inc. This game collects and usesinformationas described in Cartoon Network’s Privacy Policy linkedbelow. Thisinformation may be used, for example, to respond to userrequests;enable users to take advantage of certain features andservices;personalize content; serve advertising; performnetworkcommunications; manage and improve our products andservices; andperform other internal operations of Cartoon Networkweb sites oronline services. Our privacy practices are guided bydata privacylaws in the United States. For users residing in the EUor othercountries outside the U.S., please note that this app mayusepersistent identifiers for game management purposes. Bydownloadingthis application, you accept our Privacy Policy and EndUserLicense Agreement, and you give permission for such uses forallusers of your device. The Privacy Policy and End UserLicenseAgreement are in addition to any terms, conditions orpoliciesimposed by your wireless carrier and Google, Inc. CartoonNetworkand its affiliates are not responsible for any collection,use, ordisclosure of your personal information by Google or yourwirelesscarrier.Terms ofUse:
Invasion of Monsters
Invasion of Monster is a classic game that protects the babyfromscare of monsters. To prevent and destroy the monsters withthehigher power and diabolical, you must build a soliddefensiveposture, buy as many powerful guns as possible andinstalled in atechnical position conducive to destroy them.Withprogressivelydifficult levels, each one have many different kind ofmonsters,powerful and strong malignancy increasing theattractiveness andthe calculated disposition strategy to win.Alongwith that, theInvasion of Monster has excellent graphics interface,rich soundbrings excitement to the game .Download 100% free.
Tiny Monsters
★★★Join MILLIONS of fans playing one of the top rated FREE gamesonAndroid! WEEKLY updates with new monsters!★★★Play Tiny MonstersforFREE to hatch, raise, and breed mysteriouselementalcreatures!AWESOMEFREEFEATURES!---------------------------------------------------★CollectTONS of rare and adorable monsters!★ Feed and care for yourmonstersuntil they EVOLVE!★ Breed RARE hybrid monsters.★ Enjoybeautifulhi-res artwork and JAW-DROPPING animation.★ COMPLETE yourmagicalmonster collection!★ Become a Tiny Monsters fan on FacebookandTwitter to get all the latest news about weekly FREEgameupdates!Like Tiny Monsters onFacebook: TinyMonsters onTwitter: NOTE: Aninternetconnection is required to play this game!Terms ofUse: If you arehaving anyissues or problems with Tiny Monsters please submit aticket at
Impossible Run Micro Monster
Now it's time to escape from the monsters! Wild and evilmonsterswant to eat you. Brand new monster game will fascinate youwith itsimpressive graphics and easy gameplay. In order to escapefrom theevil monsters, all you need to do is direct our hero to theleft orthe right by touching the screen. But watch out the walls !try notto crush the walls as well. Earn the points and try to gethighscores and have fun ! You will absolutely love "MicroMonsterImpossible Run"
Monsters HD Wallpapers
Monsters HD WallpapersMonsters HD Wallpapers by DragonWalls isabundle of 60 amazing Monsters HD wallpapers for anyAndroiddevice!With our app you can:- Set full HD Monsterswallpapers!-Save Monsters pictures to your device!- Take yourupdate everymonth!Interesting facts about Monsters:A monster is anycreature,usually found in legends or horror fiction, that is oftenhideousand may produce fear or physical harm by its appearanceand/or itsactions. The word "monster" derives from Latin monstrum,anaberrant occurrence, usually biological, that was taken as asignthat something was wrong within the natural order.Classicmonstersspawn from legends and fictional stories. Well knownmonstersinclude Dracula, Frankenstein's creation, Wolf-man, TheMummy, TheInvisible Man and zombies, to name a few.Unequal doublemonstersconsist of two partsone usually well formed and the othersmall,vestigial, or abnormal that seems like a parasite upon themorenormal partner. The parasite often shows the same typesofmonstrosities which in single monsters have been attributedtodelayed development. Rarely the parasite is included withintheabdominal cavity of the larger partner as a foetusinfoetu.Monsters have been regarded by primitive peoples asofsupernatural origin. Human monsters have been attributedtointercourse between women and the devil or between men andanimals.Many mythical beings such as races of dwarfs and giants,cyclopswith a single eye, sirens, mermaids, races of men with asinglemedian leg were probably suggested by actual observations ofhumanmonsters. The scientific study of monsters began withWilliamHarvey (1651) who attributed them to deviations from thenormalcourse of embryonic development. The present systemofclassification of monsters was introduced by IsidoreGeoffroySaint-Hilaire whose great work on anomalies (Paris,1832-1837)remains a valuable source of information.Monsters are astaple offantasy fiction, horror fiction or science fiction (wherethemonsters are often extraterrestrial in nature). There is alsoaburgeoning subgenre of erotic fiction involving monsters,monstererotica.Monsters are commonly encountered in fantasyorrole-playing games and video games as enemies for players tofightagainst. They may include aliens, legendarycreatures,extra-dimensional entities or mutated versions ofregularanimals.Especially in role-playing games, "monster" is acatch-allterm for hostile characters that are fought by the player.Sentientfictional races are usually not referred to as monsters. Atothertimes, the term can carry a neutral connotation, where it isusedto refer to fictional creatures that resemble real-worldanimals.Characters in games may refer to all animals as "monsters".
Monsters of Fruitland - Fun Platform Adventure
Darkness has Risen and Monsters have Arrived . A hungryWolfSurvives in a Dark Forest of magical fruits.Wolf Running inForestof Fruits dominated by Cute Monsters is in search of Bananato helphis hungry tummy.Control the Wolf, Experience Retro stylehardcoregame play in modern art.A platformer awesomeness in aclassicway.Enjoy Classic Style Hardcore Platform Game, MonsterofFruitland. This is a Solo Developed Game a Part of IndieGameCommunity,“retryForever Games”.No chotu, patlu or motu northeplumber, play as a wolf, one who is hungry for Banana.NoCoins,Candy or Gems, collect Fruits and enjoy thechallenges.PlayPlatform based runner game (Side Scrolling), collectBananas to winthe course.Jump out to run far away from the chaoticmonsters.Collect special fruits by tacking multiple challenginggamesituations.Take down mischievous monsters in theremarkablejourney.Eat the fruits or Wolf will get out of Energy andDie. YouCan Stamp or Shoot Fire Ball to Kill Monsters, Fire Balltake moreEnergy so keep Eye on Health Bar before Using MaximumFireball.AllYou need is to keep eating Fruits and get Energy Tofight againstMonsters while enjoying the Beautiful Journey.CollectThree Bananasand Win the Level but You Need to Complete all threeObjectives ofeach level to get all three Stars.Enjoy the Game, GoRun, Jump andShoot. FEATURES :* Game features Mummy, Zombie and aBat asruthless enemies. * Wolf posses Jump, Double Jump andFireballs todefend and attack.* Double Jump to ease out thedifficult jump.*Firballs to Kill the monsters in a swift.*Uplifting and happyaudio track* Funny sound effects in a cartoonstyle.* RewardingVideos to retry with Extra Life.Warnings:* Zombiesdo not give upeasy, they jump back to win the clash. * Mummy willkill you togreet a maniac laugh. * Bat loves her teasing laughterfollowed bythe death bite.* Collect Three Bananas or end upfighting cruelmonsters.* Challenging game time for hardcore fans ofplatformergames.* Teasing laughter by monsters will challenge yourgamerpride.Easy to learn, difficult to master. "Monsters ofFruitland"is Simple but Challenging platformer game form HardcoreAction& Adventure Games collection. Try a free game andchallengeyour skills. Difficult and challenging game which willmake youlaugh while your journey towards Banana.인디게임
Monsters Catalog
This is a complete catalog of monsters for Summoners War gamefromCom2uS.With this application you can see all data of allmonstersin the game. This data includes Stats at the maximum level,skills,awaken form, fusion materials, suggested runes and more.Youcanmark your favorite monsters.You can mark all monsters thatyouhave.You can mark your monsters that are used in arena.Youcansearch for more information about a particular monster in themostused websites for summoners war players.You can search monstersbytheir names.You can filter the monsters by stars, attribute,awakenor not.You can order the monster by name, HP, attack, defenseorspeed.And all of this packed with a nice and friendlyuserinterface. Sweet :)tags: Summoners War Guide, Summoners WarMonsterGuide
Monsters Everywhere
MONSTER FACTORY PRESENTS: MONSTERS EVERYWHERE! See thehilariouscharacters of Monster Factory come to life in this funandengrossing casual game that mashes up hotel management andaninternational mystery story.THE CHALLENGEEver want to take overaderelict hotel and build it back to greatness? Even if it’s ahotelfull of monsters? Even if it’s threatened by a jealous rival?Whereyour only allies are a shady businessman, a dim butenthusiasticbellhop and an erstwhile detective team? Well, ofcourse you do.And Monsters Everywhere is just the game for you.BUILD, FURNISH,FEED, REPEAT!The once-glorious Kingston Arms hotelhas fallen onhard times. Looks like you’re the only one who canbuild it back toits former glory! It requires cunning, guile andgrit… Well,actually no, it just requires you to build rooms,furnish them incool themes, host scores of monster guests and keepup with roomservice and house-keeping demands. But, you get thepicture.THEMYSTERY OF THE MISSING MYTHICAL MONSTERS There’s more tobeing agreat hotelier than just building, furnishing andfeeding!Sometimes there’s mystery afoot! Luckily for you there’sadetective’s office just down the street – you’ll have to sendhimtravelling the globe on a worldwide clue hunt to solve themysteryand save your hotel!VILLIANS, SURE WE’VE GOT VILLIANS!Bewaretheevil Mr Creeps. He’s got bad vibes, worse hair, and a meanstreak amile wide. Oh, and he’ll covet your newly-restoredhotelmasterpiece. But don’t worry, we KNOW you’ve got what it takestocombat his nefarious plot (we hope).MONSTER SELFIES Tiredofhumdrum, monsterless selfies. Well, we’ve got you covered. Youcanuse the in-game Monster Cam to take pics with yourfavouritemonsters! Show them the town. Help them travel around.Snap somegreat shots. Maybe even post on Instagram… justsayin’.PLEASE NOTE:Monsters Everywhere is free to play, but someextra game items canbe purchased for real money. You can disablein-app purchases inyour device's settings.A network connection isrequired to play.
Connect The Monsters
Your objective is to connect the different coloured monsterstoframe complete connection of the right color monster. CONNECTTHEMONSTERS gives a unimaginable measure of enjoyable toanyindividual who adores creative challengers and excitingriddlegames.
Monsters GO
Here comes the new Monsters GO theme! With Monsters GO wallpaperandbest icons, it will make your phone more attractive.If youinstallMonsters GO theme, what you can enjoy:-Beautiful wallpaperwithcreative icons;-Funny weather design which makes yourscreeninteresting;-Plenty of sliding effects for your screen;-Helpmanageyour file and classify your icons.Personalise your phone withthistheme, you will like it!
Sago Mini Monsters
Create your own colorful monster! Make your monster happywithpaint, food, and decorations. When you’re finished, snap aphoto toshare with mom and dad. Make as many monsters as you like.Eachmonster is unique. Sago Mini Monsters is acarefully-craftedactivity which fosters feelings of pride,ownership, and nurturing.Part of the award-winning suite of SagoMini apps, the app is sureto get your little one laughing.Features•Swap eyes, horns, andmouths• Color your monster• Feed them a tastysnack• Brush thosebig teeth• Decorate your monster• Snap a photo tosave and share•Perfect for 2-4 year olds.• No in-app purchases orthird-partyadvertising, so you and your child can playwithoutinterruptions!Sago Mini is an award-winning company devotedtoplay. We make apps and toys for preschoolers worldwide. Toysthatseed imagination and grow wonder. We bring thoughtful designtolife. For kids. For parents. For giggles.
Sticky Monsters
Do you like monsters? How about sticky monsters? How aboutstickymonsters that you fling through a world of platforms whileavoidingghosts, liches, vampires and many more obstacles through60+levels. Then you'll love our gravity based game where you"fling"sticky monster Malyn from platform to platform, collectkeys, andcomplete levels. But there's an additional challenge - youonlyhave an allotted number of flings or time to complete eachlevel.Game modes include Normal, Timed, and Perfect. StickyMonsters issimple to play, yet challenging to master. Enjoy it freefrombeginning to end. • 60+ Levels • Casual but addictive gameplayforgamers of all types and ages • Gravity based puzzles similartoAngry Birds • Dozens of enemies and obstacles • Beautiful artstyle• Achievements • Easy to pick up and play a single level whentimeis short, or multiple levels when you want to just game forawhile• If you like Angry Birds, you’ll love this game!
I will fight monsters for you
ANIMATED, INTERACTIVE AND TACTILE version of the book "I willfightmonsters for you", written by Santi Balmes and illustratedbyLyona.This story is dedicated to you, child or not, that has,atsome times been afraid of monsters. Its dedicated to you,thatwants to investigate, that likes to be spoken to about feelingsandthat enjoys to be let to think.• Fully narrated in each languagebyprofessional actors• 30 beautifully presented pages• Read to MeorRead it Myself modes• Features a beautiful musical score andlotsof amazing sound effects• Language Support for English, SpanishandCatalan★ Follow us:
"Old School" Monsters Database
This is the "Old School" Monsters Databaseapp.It has 2 indexes, is searchable, can be filtered to onlyshowrelevant results and is as easy to use as we could make it. Itisdesigned to be compatible with the 1st and 2nd editionAD&D,OSRIC, Adventures dark and deep, and pretty much any other"OldSchool" game system you like with minimal modifications.The point of the project is to collect as many "Monsters" as wecaninto an android app, make them searchable by level,climate,habitat, so if a GM wants a level 3 to 5 monster, thatlives inshallow fresh water, in a temperate climate, he can, in acouple ofclicks, get a list to choose from, and hopefully find justtheright challenge for what he is working on. Once you havethemonster you want, you will have clickable links to alltheimportant stuff associated with that monster.This app is designed for Android tablets, it will function fine onaphone, especially a larger one, but it looks best on atablet.This is an app that is a book that is a database - as monstersareadded they will be pushed to all users as an update, likewiseiferrors are found they can be fixed very quickly. I built itbecauseI wanted it. I would like to share it with you in the hopethat wecan make it better.When you are the gamemaster you have enough to do withoutleafingthrough several books trying to look up stats for aparticularmonster, then look up the spells or spell like abilitiesit has,the monsters it associates with, how many xp's it is worth,whatlevel encounter it is - etc.Some of you probably use our "Old School RPG Tables" And "OldSchoolSpells" free apps for android, and if you don't, and youplayAD&D 1st edition or similar check them out.I hope that some of you will have some great monsters that youhavecreated that you will want to see in the app. Maybe some oldschoolartwork that you will allow us to use. Anyone whose stuff isusedwill get a direct hyperlink to their home page from every itemusedso that if someone says "Wow - that pic is cool!" theycaninstantly click to your home page to see the rest of your stuff.Ofcourse if you wish to remain anonymous - we will respectthatalso.
Gumble Monster
Gumble Monsters invaded the planet Earth!Let's fight withGumbleMonsters and save the Earth!Be a hero!!★ Hit GumbleMonstersRub thescreen as fast as you canGet jelly and items to getmore powerDon'tbe cheated by their adorable appearancesBlow outstress!!★ UniqueCharactersMonsters similar to the things inEarthThey are soooadorable, look like Egg, Brocoli, Hamburger andso onSee them inyour own 'Gumble Monster Album'Simple ControlGamefor EveryoneLet'sfight with Gumble Monsters!!
Static Hero
With Static Hero, start a unique and exciting adventureslayingmonsters, becoming stronger and stronger with each wave.Fightacross multiple worlds where each has its own monsters.Customizeyour hero’s stats to experience a unique gameplay. StaticHero is agame of timing.★ Game features ★- Endless waves ofmonsters-Customize your hero’s stats- Different worlds with a widevarietyof monsters- Unlock special upgrades for your hero-Difficultyincreases with each wave- Ascend to become more powerful★Incomingfeatures ★- Daily quests- Skins for your hero- Huge bosses-Moreworlds and monsters- More skills- Cloud save- Any awesome ideayouhave!★ Support ★Are you having problems? Send an
Incredible Monster Prison: Superhero Escape
Being a super power hero, are you ready for the super prisonactionto escape from the prison of incredible monster hero. Youhave theextreme unique power to transform into gigantic epicsuperhero todemolish every thing. Monster superhero policemen areunaware aboutit, use this unique transformation at the right timeto get escapedall the superheroes. This monster escape game withepic war isspecially designed for survival lovers and incrediblemonster herofans. Play and prepare yourself for terrific superheroprison war.You’re in the jail of incredible superhero monster,prisoner in thecity monster jail along with other jail criminalsfor life time.Let’s play this monster police car simulator, makeescape plans forprison break in this fast-paced monster lock upgame. Evaluate yoursurvival and fighting abilities to react in adangerous environmentin this prison escape game. Amaze yourselfwith this super prisonaction escape journey. Get a chance to playwith your newcompanion, incredible hero. An ultimate crazyadventure full ofwith survival stealth monster action and leads youtowards gettingfreedom from the prison successfully. Perform thisoverwhelminghero escape mission safely. Get pleasure with aremarkable giganticmonster escape, voyage and appreciate thepremium of criminalgames. This shooting monsters hero prison escapeis the ultimatesurvival venture full of fighting, shooting andaction, unseen inmonster escape games and superhero jail games.You’re not born tospend a captive life. So download INCREDIBLEMONSTER PRISON:SUPERHERO ESCAPE, which has completely organizedaktion packed withthe criminal police attack.Let’s jump into theprison battle arenato break the prison walls and safe yourself frombondage. You’re asuperhero with incredibles skills and captured bybulk police army,military and special forces for a long time.Incredible Monstersuperhero policemen and cop monsters as securityguards arewatching you outside dark prison. Now you’ll need to makea secretstratagem of break prison or super escape by defeatingallpolicemen in this police shooting game. You’re along withotherjail gangsters and criminals placed in a high security inthesurveillance of prison guard. Transform yourself into anincrediblesuperhero with prodigious muscle power. Start fightingagainst thepolicemen, well trained army troops and defeat them withyourastounding fighting skills. Try to escape from the jail. Armyforceand police monsters will try to catch you through monsterpolicecars and monster police helicopters but run fast for yourlife.They will also attack on you through guns. Fight with themwithkicks, punches or shoot them using heavy ammunition.Rememberyou’re fighting with police forces to safe your life. So,hit hardwith your heavy hands on the opponents head or face tofinish them.Engage yourself in this ferocious city battle, withescape crimefrom the cop. Incredible Monster Prison: SuperheroEscapeFeatures:• 10 challenging levels with thrilling missions•Realisticsound effects• Marvelous 3D & HD graphics with prisonescapeenvironment• Sneak, jump, attack, defend, fight and showactionhero stunts• Complete delicacy for the fans of games withaddictivegame play• Smooth on-screen controls and effects ofincroyable herofighting gamesGet ready to take part in incrediblehero battle andstrike hard, to counter the army attacks becauseyour successdepends upon your fighting skills and special powersofdestruction. So, folks what are you looking for? Fight and showoffyour city hero skills and prove the world that nobody candefeatyou. Let’s do experience and amaze yourself with a monsterprisonescape games. Aim, shoot and kill to break out the securityprisonin a stealth super action simulator. Download nowINCREDIBLEMONSTER PRISON: SUPERHERO ESCAPE, essence incrediblemonster cityhero.
Monsters Vs Lee
This is a arcade game which gets interesting as the gameprogresseswith various kind of monsters and zombies whom we have tokill tokeep on moving forward.
Presto Pop
Book your tickets for the digital journey with the endearingDots& Monsters where speed is the king. You can bet onbeingsurprised with the twists and turns while on the road. It’sfun,it’s simple and it’s loved by all.Never before has Dots&Monsters been so fun together. All you have to do is keepitpoppin. From the developers in India comes Presto Pop whereyouhave to match the ditto dots to see them go crazy. And ifpoppingthem was not enough, you are also armed with powers that canflipthe tide in your favor in an instance. No two games are everthesame as it keeps on constantly evolving, presenting you auniquemix every time in this circus of hoopla. It’s not chess soforgetthe strategy, just go crazy with the tapping and poppin inthecircus of dots & monsters. Connect & compete withyourfriends over Facebook & Twitter. With the amazing replayvalue,as you go along, the game keeps on unlocking new stuff anditemsfor you without overloading your IQ. Stuff changes even tilltheend. And the icing on the cake is the melodious music, which wecanbet would keep you humming all day long.Highlights of thegame:•Novel game mechanics bringing together never before seenthemes ofDots & Monsters.• Skill based gameplay. If you areskilledenough, you can never get game over. • Unlockables thatwouldcontinue adding a new dimension to the game at every turn.•Uniquepowers that are seamlessly integrated in the gameplay. •Competeand share with your friends in this socially adeptgame.•Minimalistic Art Design which is intuitive and easy on theeye.Thisgame can be downloaded over the air, no Wi-Fi is needed toplay!Forany feedback or support requirement please
Smash Monsters
Simple, easy and enjoyable monster game!Only with yourforefinger,you are a monster hunter already!*Simple gamecontrolsYou can playwith both hands or just one hand.The Gamefunctions with tapping orswiping.It’s easy and convenient game toenjoy*DifferentMonstersMeet your monsters to hunt, and they lookcharming.But youdon't have to feel sorry for killing because theyare the undead.*Collecting various arms Gun, sword, wand, hammer,and mace, inaddition, distinctive items such as Kitty’s, andDoggy's gauntlet,Frozen Tuna, etc. Hunt the monsters with varietyof weapons andeffects.Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendaryitems with thebest faculty!Make your best weapon through collectingandenchanting items.*Limitless stagesGet much more points andgethigher level with EXPs!Challenge to difficult and limitlessstagesand get treasures, you can be the most powerful monsterhunter*Feelfree to playThis game doesn’t require any money. If youmove yourforefinger fast. The hunter for saving our world from theundeadmonsters!It's you.Download our game now[Please note] 1. Thisgamedata will be initialized when the application is removed orthedevice is replaced. 2. This application includes sub functionofthe game money payment. (Please be aware of game money purchase,itwill be charged.) 3. Withdrawal of digital goods purchase inthegame can be available or restricted in accordance withConsumerProtection Act in Electronic Commerce etc.Support:Do youneed ourhelp?Contact:
Super Hero Stunts Vs Incredible Mutant Monsters
★★★Merry Christmas 2017 ★★★ & ★★★Happy New Year2018★★★SantaClaus is in town and he will be bringing some gifts forKids andlots of fighting Skills to rescue Kids from Monsters.Playas yourChristmas Super Hero and Rescue Children from Monsters whotries todestroy them.Surprise your little ones by this beautiful911 Rescueexperience.Welcome to North Pole Command ! Here at theNorth PoleGame Department, our Crazy Developers are always lookingfor waysto Make Christmas Crazy and Great , their new creation isthisSuper Hero Vs Incredible Monsters - The 911 RescueBattleSurvivalIsland: Evolve – Survivor building home is one of thebest classicadventure games on Android app ever, where you’ll findyourself ona desert land absolutely lost, and try to survive thereeach day.You regain full consciousness on the shore of the islandand fromnow on, your prime purpose is to make up evolved tactics,surviveand battle in mmo or fps no matter what and at any cost.KillMUTANTMONSTERS who scare Kids (“SMASH THEM!”)..It is better toexploreeach new corner of the land and look for Kids in order toprotectthem from wild Monsters.★★Game Features★★ThrillingandchallengingSave Kids to collect Xmas gifts rewards points.Showyourskills and shake off the Kidnappers.Cool Winter themewithsnow.Xmas adventure game is launched in winter seasonforChristmas. Fun for kids, adults, even your baby!Perfect gameofChristmas holidaysSanta role play game★★OtherFeatures★★Addictivegame playSmooth & intuitive controlsDifferent action packedmissions with loads of thrill3DgraphicsEngaging background musicwith sound effectsFun & Easyto play ControlsColorful &smooth graphicsFace the unknowndangers and fear! ! !★★KeyFeatures★★ Kill Different Kinds OfMonsters Experience TheSensation Of Awesome Powers MultiplePowerful Attacks 20 Levels OfFun (More Levels Coming Soon) AwesomeDeath & Gore AnimationsRealistic & Fun Blood Sounds★★How toPlay★★Simple JoystickControls3 Different Types of AttackIn AirGameplay★★What is good inthis Game 2018?★★You can download thisenormous simulatorGame.Become a Owner of useful and Entertaininggame free ofCost.Hunt wild Monsters via one click only and becomeone of thebest Santa.High-class 3D graphics and art★★PrivacyPolicy★★We don'tcollect any personal information , any non-personalinformationcollected by our partners like Google is used foranalytic and gameimprovements. For details checkhere★★Thisfree game is an intellectualproperty of GameCraftPro – copyright2017. ★★
Kill It With Ice
Monsters are bombarding your city! The walls can take theseeminglyinfinite number of fireballs headed your way, but themonstersserve a far more real threat!Tap on Monsters to freeze themwiththe power of Ice Magic before they arrive at your city walls!Seehow many you can dispatch!
Laser Cannon
Monsters invaded earth planet!Let's protect your homeland andkillall the monster using your super laser cannon gun!Using yourfingerto aim and shoot monsters, your weapon have a special abilitywhenit collisions with metals,it will rebound and chancedirection.Aimto other game objects like hanging boxes, stalactites,chains,explosion barrel ... to kill monster from impossibleshoot'sangle.Your gun also can be upgrade, and you can shoot tomove giantstone ball.Kill all monsters and keep the peace in yourplanet!*Laser Cannon game Features:- Easy for everyone- 30 levelsto play-Puzzle shooting game- Special ability laser gun- Bouncedsystem-Beauty graphics- Amazing sounds and musicsPlease checkUpdateeveryday. What are you waiting on this version? I willpublish newversion Laser Cannon 1, Laser Cannon 2, Laser Cannon 3includingmore game modules. Don't forget rate 5 stars for thisgame. Thankyou and hope you have fun times with Laser Cannon game.DownloadLaser Cannon game free and play now!This app powered byht83.comand totally free to download and play, all items are alsofree touse!
Monsters & Generators for D&D
Have the monsters of Dungeons and Dragons always readyandgenerateencounters on the fly! This app is built aroundD&D5e.-Encounter generator: with an easy setup, youcangenerateencounters based on level, numbers andcurrentenvironment.-Monsters detail: a complete, editable monstersheetwith all theinformations you need- Monster creator: addcustommonsters to yourlibrary with this tool, which offersbasiccalculations based onability values, cr and size.This is thefirstversion, and morefeatures are in development including:generatorsfor treasure,terrain, npc, weather, plot hooks; journeygeneratorand communityfeatures.
Dadi vs Monsters (DvM)
Proudly made with ♥ in India!============The highlyanticipatedsequel to Dadi vs Jellies (awarded NASSCOM GamingForum’s Game ofthe Year 2014).============Dadi is back! – Fightingmonsters andsaving her grandkids.When the world needs a new hero,we turn tothe one grandmother who can scold our parents and getaway with it,all the while setting things right – now that’s asuperpower! Theevil monsters have invaded Dadi's territory, andhave kidnapped 10of her grandchildren. Dadi must fight through 75stages to savethem all before they're turned into monstersthemselves. And shewill have to go through the likes of Ramesh,Raju, Jitender andother oddly-named quirky beasts.But she has help!Introducing...-The Shatru Gun – Shoot monsters with Dadi’shome-made gun. - TheFrying Pan – Why cook ‘em when you can smash‘em? - Dadi's Dentures– Bite off monsters with these deadlydentures. Take that,cavities! - Rechargeable Battery – Shock andparalyze enemies rightin their tracks! - The Cylinder of Death –Blast monsters intopieces. Who doesn’t like explosions! - Dadi’sSneeze – UnleashDadi's inner beast with this "nosey" power up.Gesundheit!CompleteStages to earn coins and upgrade your gun,power-ups and wall evenfurther, so Dadi can defeat these monstersonce and for all!Butwait, there’s more!* Connect via G+ and be apart of daily andweekly leaderboards on DvM* Unlock awesomeachievements* Connectvia Facebook - Send gifts to friends andInvite them* And don’tforget to send your friends a steaming cup ofchai – believe us –it will come in handy
Merged Monster!Hexa Puzzle
Merge little Monsters to let them grow into a bigger one.Limitedspace and random monsters make it challenging and fun. Useyourskills to level up and enjoy brain training exercise now. ==HOW TOPLAY ==* Rotate and drag the MONSTERS to move onto the GRID.*Placethree or more MONSTERS of the same next to each otherhorizontally,vertically, or both.* Merge them into a bigger MONSTERandeliminate the blocks.* Get the final bomb to have a bigblast==FEATURES ==* Delightful music effect * Endless challenges *Lovelymonsters * Suitable for all ages and anyonePlay at anytime,anywhere, no WIFI needed.
Combine Helper Monster Warlord
An App that helps you to know how to combine successfully togeteasy your monsters on Monster Warlord game.Gives informationaboutATK and DEF increase.Gives information about which monstersarenecessary combine to get an specific monster.NOW YOU CANCOMBINEPLUS AND REGULAR MONSTERS!!