Top 49 Games Similar to Fly Bird

The Catapult 1.1.5
In the game "The Catapult" you must help the stickman defendhiscastle 🏰 from the siege weapons of the enemy. Use the catapulttothrow stones 🏹 at the opponents and break their militarymechanismsand siege towers. The game has a simple intuitive control🎮. Tap onthe screen and pull to charge the catapult and select thetensionforce. Release to launch the projectile into the enemy. Foreachstruck enemy you will earn coins which help you to buyupgradesshells, for example a bomb 💣. We are waiting for yourwishes andcomments on the game. Have a good game! 😜
Flippy Hills 1.1.71
Woof Games
Flippy Hills is an original arcade game with cool physics thatwillgive you plenty of thrills and spills, epic wins, fails andtricksin two modes of your choice:CAMPAIGNAn adventure over dozensoflevels, starting from the easiest right up to the mosthardcoredifficult.ARCADEEndless assault courses to compete withyourfriends and gain records.- Original game mechanics based ongenuinephysics—these chickens get smashed up like real ones!- We’vemade abunch of hardcore levels for players who love extremedifficulty.Don’t be a chicken—see what you can achieve!- Differentchickens ofyour choice: assess how they look when they’ve flownright into aconcrete wall at unbelievable speed!- Record replayswithout extraapps and share hilarious fails and amazingplaythroughs!- Smartoptimization system that determines yourdevice’s capabilities andadapts the graphics for best performance
Tiny Rails 2.6.2
Manage your train company from modest engine tomulti-carmasterpiece in this immersive, world-spanning game fromTiny TitanStudios. Deliver passengers and cargo across the world,whileupgrading and customizing your train cars to become theultimaterailroad tycoon! Features: • Gorgeous retro pixel art andrelaxingmusic • Travel across the world and explore new sightsandmonuments • Collect coins with your train running inthebackground, even when you’re not playing! • Outfit your trainwithfood, entertainment or comfort cars to increase passengerhappinessand keep business booming! All aboard the biggest TinyTitan gameyet! PLEASE NOTE: Tiny Rails is free to download andplay, howeversome items in the game may be purchased for realmoney. If you donot want to use this feature, please disable it orset up passwordprotection for purchases in the settings of yourGoogle Play Storeapp. Also, according to our Terms of Service, youmust be at least13 years of age to play or download Tiny Rails.Tiny Rails can beplayed offline, but please note that an activeinternet connectionis required to update the train shop. Support:Are you havingproblems? Visit or contactus in game bynavigating to Settings > Support PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofService: Like us onFacebook! Follow us onTwitter! (edited)
Flip 1.03
Jump from platform to platform and do as many flips as youcan!Justtap and hold the screen to charge and flip-jump withyourcharacter. Try not to fall down!Collect gems to unlocknewcharacters.What's your best score?
Super Hero Arena Battle 1.0
Viking Studio
Super Hero Arena Battle Game play:Gameplay of this this robotgameis pretty simple, you will fight against other Robots in anarenawhere other angry robots are ready to kill you as fast as theycan,So be ready to kill them first. Let’s began party.Super HeroArenaBattle Features:• Amazing HD, 3D Graphics • FuturisticgameEnvironment• Realistic Sound Effects• 5 mostchallenginglevels.Super Hero Arena Battle is the best Robo vs Robogames onPlay Store. Download and choose your superhero robot to getintothe fight game action. You can do real time fighting anytimeatanytime and anywhere. The game is completely free toplay.We’llappreciate for your feedback & rating :)
Roller Coaster 1.0
How long can you ride the Roller Coaster?Just touch the screentomove the ball left and right and try to avoid the blackobstaclesand crush the targets! Hit the targets in the middle toget aperfect hit bonus!
Stairs 1.1
Would YOU be brave enough to climb?Try to pass each stair inthiscrazy endless journey. Dodge spikes, collect rubies and makeinsaneperfect combos!Started from the bottom now we're here!
Bricks Breaker Plus 1.7
Just focus on breaking. Find best position to deal damage tobricksand break bricks. ★ Features ☞ Free to play ☞ Endlessgameplay ☞score competition with players from all over the world ★How toplay ☞ Swipe to shoot balls to break the bricks. ☞ When ballhitsthe brick, durability is reduced. When durability reduce to0,brick breaks. ☞ Get the green circle to increase the numberofballs. ☞ When the bricks reach the bottom line, game is over.☞Challenge to make your high score! Ads Free Version isAvailable.Download it fromhere: really appreciate your suggestions for future updates. :)★SUPPORT★ In case of any problems with the Bricks BreakerPlus,instead of giving us the negative opinion, please send us ane-mailand review briefly the problem. It will help us to solve itin thenext updates. Email : [email protected]
Fit 1.1.0
Fit shapes by tapping at the right time!◉ Make shapes biggerandcollect characters.◉ Experience the beautiful gameworld.◉Challenge the world best score!
Jumpy Tree - Arcade Hopper 1.0.3
There’s no Jack, just you and the hungry beast – atowering,man-eating Beanstalk ready to devour anyone who attemptsto climbit.Collect dozens of characters as you equip yourself forthedeath-defying move up the hungry tree. Whether you are aNinja,Panda, Zombie or other game character, survival depends onhowswiftly you can hop, jump, fall, dodge, leap – whatever it takes–to avoid being eaten. Climb as high as you can as fast asyoucan.FEATURES- Simple and intuitive controls: just tap or swipe.-Avast selection of characters to unlock.- Battle yourfriends’scores with Google play.
Steps 1.0
Roll your cube on the path and tap at the right time to passtheobstacles without falling or being destroyed!
Herobots - Build to Battle 29.39.1
UNIQUE ASSEMBLY SYSTEM: Thousands of different shapes,differentmaterials parts. Ninja, Pharaoh,Spartan, boxer, SunWukong, Panda,demons, etc. and so on. Coupled with personalizedcoloring, you caneasily create the world's only robot!UNIQUE ACTIONGAME: From thecore of the action game, the "attack" and "dodge"play to thelimit, concentrate on the players to create a trueaction game! Atthe same time, we optimize the operation isextremely simple andeasy to use: only click and swiping screen twooperations!ANYTIMETO CHALLENGE THE GLOBAL PLAYERS:Not only toenhance their globalrankings, but also to win the opponent'splayers parts, money,chips, crystal and experience blocks. Theseare all to strengthentheir robots most useful items, the more thebetter!EXTREMELY RICHSYSTEM AND GAMEPLAY:A variety of differentweapons, with theirdifferent combos rhythm, dodge time, Chargeattack and super kill,fighting is a completely differentexperience, you can according totheir own preferences and thecharacteristics of BOSS, select theappropriate weaponsEXTREMELYRICH GAME CONTENT:More than 300different levels, there are a lot ofcopies, activities, tasks,etc.,so that the game is very resistantto play, fighting is alwaysfull of freshness!GUILD WAR IS FULL OFSTRATEGIC:All membersthrough donation, together to develop theirown super giant ofGuild! Select the player, select opponents, areasonable attack,etc., so that the battle is full ofstrategicFacebookdiscussgroup
The Ascent 1.0.45
Jump, dodge and reach the top in this platform game!Prepare foranew challenge where you must reach the top. Show your skillandyour reflexes by avoiding obstacles and using differentpowers.Only two controls, it seems easy... Will it reallybe?Features:-Use different powers to get to the top!- Many uniquelevels withsongs by amazing artists!- Many characters to unlock,includingYouTubers!- Many achievements to discover!- 100% free. NoDLCs!Forany issues please contact: [email protected]
Dash Ball 1.0
Granada Game
Dash ball !Dashball is an addictive timing game.So easy,verysimple, nice for you to spend free time.How to play ?Tab thescreenand start playing.You can play this game in one click peramotion.Throw the ball to middle of circle.You shouldfollowcircle's numbers. 1 -> 2 -> 3..Finally, try to arrivefinalpoint to level up.You can change theme which theme youwant.Shareyour level to yourfriends.AppStore:
IronBlaster : Online Tank Battle 1.6.1
SRPP Games
★ ★ Upgrade your tank to Maus in 10 minutes ★★A new way ofcreatingspecial games in SR++ gamesWe are introducing MULTIPLAYERONLINETANK ACTION GAMEwith Simple & Easy control !Use onefinger tocontrol a tank.Auto-targeting with just one click.Upgradeunits bydefeating scattered supply trucks and turrets.If you getcaught inthe back, you can be critical hit!Watch your back!Goodluck, sir.
DETERMINATION is a bullet dodging shooter that was first createdin48 hours. It has since evolved into something greater. Features:-5 exciting game modes based on heart colors. Red Soul, BlueSoul,Green Soul, Purple/Pink Soul, and Yellow Soul moderespectively -minimal and fast - Keeps score making competitionwith friends easyand fun - no microtransactions - completely free -FINAL BOSS?! *DETERMINATION is a fan-made project, please enjoy.
Apocalypse Runner Free 1.0.3
Apocalypse Runner Free Version. In the game you are fleeing fromtheimpending huge wave. You have to use every opportunity to notbecomea victim. Run along the rocky platforms, overcome obstacles,collectbonuses, earn points and compare them with the points ofotherplayers. - Atmospheric setting - Addictive gameplay - Simplecontrol- Built-in online-record table
Tunnel Rush 1.14
Deer Cat
Are your reflexes up to the challenge of Tunnel Rush? Raceatbreak-neck speeds through an ever-changing tunnel packed withallkinds of obstacles. How far can you go? Can you handle the pace?
Cannon Hero 2.3
Join Rocket Boy as he saves the world from evil forces!Tap andholdto target the evil trooper, then release to shoot.Aim at theeviltrooper's head to score more and get rewards!Shoot threeheadshotsin a row to enter Fever Mode!Enter the FEVER MODE and gofor theULTRA KILL!!!Be careful though, ONE WRONG AIM; YOU DIE.Don'tfret,you can unlock fearless heroes along the way! Are you still upforthis mission?Cannon Hero is the newest addictive game byOrangenoseStudio— the team behind the #1 game Hardest Game Ever 2!
Stickman War Machine 1.1.0
Become an awesome destroyer of robots. Help stickman save aworld.Simulator of war machine. Old games are rocks. Fight withdangerousenemy in stickman mech warriors MAIN FEATURES:• Battlewith warmachine against 50 levels• Playable offline• Small downloadsize•Smart AI to fight against Game is completely FREE!!!
Fit In The Hole 1.1
You are a cube on a journey through the walls.Find the gap inthewall, roll over the terrain and try to fit inside.Don't get hitbythe wall!Try your best and let's see how many walls youcanpass!HOW TO PLAY◉ Tap left side of the screen to roll left.◉Tapright side of the screen to roll right.◉ Hold left or right sidetokeep rolling. 1.8.2
iGene is a game in which you try to escape a maze along withotheronline users. Who will be the first to escapeit?[Gamefeatures]>real-time competition game>Select yourowncharacter with one and only skillset>Compare your timewithpeople around the world>Avoid different obstacles and findoneway>Level up systemPlease email your inquiries
Long Golden Hair Princess Dress up game 1.1
Dress up the charming long golden hair Princess. Here she isallabout the ball gowns, she must be getting ready for a royalball!Her very long, very magical golden hair looks amazing. Shewants tolook like the charming, beautiful Rapunzel! Mix and matchtops andbottoms to create a Princess gown and add accessories todress herup for wherever she is going today!
Dark Side 1.10
Face your dark side. Release all your force. Destroy all therebel.Let us show them the true might of the Empire. This is justfans tofans game and totally free.
Lets Go Tayo 1.0
Adam Game
"Let's get tayo" is a game driving a tayo bus to completethemission by collecting coins and passing theavailableobstacles.Collect tayo coins and earn coin bonuses to opennewavenues with more real and challenging missions andobstacles.Ateach level or place there are different obstacles withincreasingmileage each level.How to play the game "let's get tayo"is veryeasy, players are only required to control the tayo bus bypressingthe available button.The available direction keys areforward,backward, up and down. Take control of tayo buses tocollect coinsand also keep the balance of the bus from rolling overtheavailable obstacles."Let's get tayo" is a game tayo driving abusto complete the mission by collecting coins and passingtheavailable obstacles.Tayo collect coins and earn coin bonusestoopen new avenues with more real and challenging missionsandobstacles.At each level or place there are different obstacleseachlevel with increasing mileage.How to play the game "let's gettayo"is very easy, players are only required to control the bustayoavailable by pressing the button.The keys are availabledirectionforward, backward, up and down. Take control of tayo busestocollect coins and Also keep the balance of the bus fromrollingover the available obstacles.
Meteor 1.0.35
Meteor is a simple space shooting game with colorful neongraphics.Blast down all the meteor before they impact on yourspaceship.Watch out for the ufo invaders which fire at your rocket.In thisgame you most shoot down all the enemies and dodge meteorstorms inorder to survive. Shoot down as many enemies as you canand get thehighest score!
Unicorn Dash Fly Pegasus 3D HD
Help the Rainbow unicorn and pegasus toescapefrom the panther and run away over the jungle.You can use magical powers like magnet to help him to collectmorecoins, Shoes to make him jump higher and wings to fly overtheforest. help him to return to his home in unicorns island andhelphim in his evolution to a Pegasus and return to his princessinpony land.This is a Unicorn run game and simulation forallage.Game features:- Endless pegasus fly and unicorn dash horse game.- Riding throught a fantasy and magical junglerunenvironment.- Collect as many coins as you can to get more powers andmorefun.How to Play:- Swipe to move left or right.- Swipe up to jump and down to roll.- Single tap to throw spine.Like us on facebook:
Medical ID (Free): In Case of Emergency
Medical ID allows you to create medical profiles that areaccessiblefrom the lock screen. In case of emergency, this profileenablesquick access to vital information such as your allergies,bloodtype, medical contacts, etc. that are essential to attendingfirstresponders, medics or medical staff having to take action.This isthe free version of the app. Upgrading to the premiumversion willgive you access to more features. Please note theupgrade isrequired only once in your lifetime! Terms ofuse: Privacypolicy: Please contact us byemailif you have any questions, or file an issueat: You can also help to translateorimprove the translation of the app. If you are interested,pleasehave a look at:
Bengali Calendar (India) 3.2.09
The Bong Calendar - A Complete Bangla Calendar for yourAndroiddevice. The Calendar : Bong Calendar is just like thetraditionalBengali Calendar . Only thing , it runs in androiddevice and youcan keep it in your pocket! It keeps you updatedabout theimportant days in Bangla and the Bengali Date. Please note, youmay have seen different Bengali Date for the same GregorianDate indifferent news papers. It is because , in West Bengal wehave twoschools of Panjika Makers. One of them follow the oldmethod (about1500 years old!) the 'Surya Siddhanta' and the othersfollow the'Drik Siddhanta' or 'Bishuddha Siddhanta' method. Forlunar day /or tithi timings , Bishuddha Siddhanta gives youaccurate timing.We cover them both. Widgets : We have home screenwidgets thatshhows current Bengali date. Two of them shows the timeas well.And if you are residing outside of India , it shows you thecurrenttime in India for your location as well. Before you set it ,itwill ask for a preference , and select the 'Panjika' youfollow.**Please note that the widget showing time might not workproperlyif you have a built in or third party task killer app.Pleaseexclude Bong Calendar from your task killer app if thewidgets arenot working properly We hope you will find this appuseful and ifyou do , please share your review / ratings / scope ofimprovementareas / ideas . It is our continuous effort to makethisapplication better with time. For any assistance , please writetous . You can reach us at [email protected] . Our team willbehappy to help you out. Keep using Bong Calendar! With Regards,TeamOutscar
ID Photo application 1.93
You can easily create ID photo data from photographs taken withasmartphone. It is also possible to save individual photo data.Makedata that matches 4x6 size (101.6mm x 152.4mm) of print sizeofgeneral photograph. The size of the ID photo can be specifiedfromthe following options. ·H 25×W 25 mm (1x1 inch) ·H 35×W 25 mm(1inch) ·H 50×W 35 mm (2 inch) ·H 45×W 35 mm ·H 48×W 33 mm ·H 45×W45mm ·H 51×W 51 mm (2x2 inch) By entering numbers you canspecifyother sizes. The size of the finished print is 4x6 size(101.6mm x152.4mm) by default, but you can change it.
AZ Rock 5.1
AZ Rock Radio located in Cobians Plaza - Santurce Puerto Rico
Ninja Driver
Ninja Van
Global NV Driver Application
2048 Bricks 1.1
The legend is back! Play the famous hit «2048» in totallynewaddictive way! Drop bricks down and merge similar numbers toget2048 and higher tiles. What’s your hightscore?
Assamese Calendar 2.1.04
Assamese Calendar is an utility application designed inAssameseLanguage . It helps you with your daily needs andrequirements. Itis now easier to track Assamese date and year withOutscar AssameseCalendar App. It Includes the important socialevents , days tocelebrate rituals etc. Assamese Calendar comes withbuilt inwidgets . They widgets are beautiful and fits perfectly inyourhome screen. One of the widgets contains a clock that showscurrenttime. Please note , the clock widget may not show timeproperly ifyou use task cleaner / memory booster or other Apps ofsamecategory. For best results put Assamese Calendar in the ignorelistfor such applications. Please install Assamese Calendar inyourdevice and let us know about any bugs / issues that you mayface.We will be happy to address your needs. Regards, Team Outscar
SayHi Translate 4.2.15
Instantly speak another language, for free, with SayHi TranslateonAndroid! Have a conversation in two languages and hear yourvoicetranslated instantly. Featured App by: NBC Today Show,Lifehacker,Gizmodo, TUAW,TechCrunch******************************************** + With SayHiTranslateyou can translate to and from the following languages:Arabic,Bosnian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese Simplified,ChineseTraditional, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English,Estonian,Fijan, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, HaitianCreole,Hebrew, Hindi, Hmong Daw, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian,Japanese,Swahili, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malagasy, Malay,Maltese,Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian,Serbian,Slovak, Slovenian, Somoan, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil, Thai,Tongon,Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese, Welsh + Thefollowinglanguages have dialect support: Arabic: Algeria, Bahrain,Egypt,Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar,SaudiArabia, Tunisia, UAE, Yemen English: Australia, Canada, India,NewZealand, South Africa, UK, USA French: Canada, FranceItalian:Italy, Switzerland Mandarin: China, Taiwan Portuguese:Brazil,Portugal Spanish: Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, CostaRica,Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras,Mexico,Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Spain,Uruguay,USA, Venezuela + Beautiful: We gave SayHi a simple, modernlook. +New navigation: Tap the menu button to access settings andmore. +Languages at your fingertips: Quickly change languages,choose maleor female voices (where available), and speed up or slowdown therate of speech + Hold to type: Hold the mic button toquickly bringup a keyboard. + Copy & share: Tap and hold on atranslation tocopy or share your conversations easily via email,SMS, Facebook,or Twitter. + Localized in many languages +Accessible: AndroidTalkback is supported, and improved navigationfor accessiblity. +Perfect if you want to learn a new language,travel to a foreigncountry, or chat with people who don't speakyour language. +Internet connection required to use app, microphonepermissions arerequired for voice translations, push notificationpermissions arerequired for helping you discover new languageswhile traveling andreceiving the latest updates from the SayHiteam. + Privacy policyand terms of use:
Compass 3.24
A Compass is an instrument used for navigationandorientation. Main advantages of our Compass app: - Showsdevicereal-time orientation to North - Ability to switchbetweenGeographic Pole and Magnetic Pole - Beautiful and modernmaterialdesign style - Use of GPS or Network location for bestaccuracy -Show Location coordinates (longitude, latitude). - Showlocationaddress - Magnetic fields signal indicator 
Cracky Words 1.9.7
Core I Soft
Cracky Words is a tough and funny game. Target is to findgolds,badges and surprise rewards by finding the words appropriateto thesubject from the letters. You can test your vocabularydatabasewith Cracky Words. This game will be indispensable foranyone wholoves word games! Cracky Words offers you the opportunityto find1200 puzzles and thousands of hidden words. As you progressthroughthe game, you can compete with the golds you collect withyourfriends on the points table, you can also carry yourself up inthesequence with the diamonds you have won with your friends onlineorwith random players. You can discover hidden achievements inthegame and earn bonuses in the game with your achievement scores.Youcan also take advantage of hints at places where you can’tfindwords. Cracky Words is constantly being developed. In thefollowingdays, we will continue to add new sections in line withrequestsfrom you. You can either remove the ads or buy additionaltipsusing in-app purchases. Cracky Words offers online compilationwithyour friends and is completely FREE. No unnecessary permissionisrequired. Have fun everybody!
Lipikaar Kannada Keyboard 6.0.7
Now you can send emails, post Facebook updates and send messagesonWhatsapp in Kannada using the Lipikaar Kannada Keyboard.How totypein Kannada(ಕನ್ನಡ) with Lipikaar:Rule 1:Repeatedly type theclosestsounding key till you see the correct Kannada scriptcharacter. s =ಸ ss = ಶ sss = ಷ krr = ಕ್ರ krrr = ಕೃRule 2:Join twocharacters bytyping x between them. txt = ತ್ತ rxt = ರ್ತ rkxt =ರಕ್ತRule 3:Type zto add a special symbol of the script. z = ಂ zz =ಃ zzz = ಼ zzzz =ಽFor more details: memorizingkey positions. Simple and intuitive typing in Kannadausing regularEnglish (QWERTY) keyboard.- No fluency in English isrequired.Lipikaar encourages users to think in their language.
Clever — Game with Prizes 3.0.8
Meet the online quiz game, Clever! How does it work? It'ssimple.Answer questions — Earn money. Invite friends — Earn extralives.We guarantee you'll love it! Play every day! Weekday gamesare at 1pm and 8 pm Moscow time and 8 pm on the weekends.
The Legend of Janosik 2.10
- game based on real historical character Juraj Jánošík- 3languages(English, Slovak, Polish)- 3 game modes (story mode with16 levels,infinite runner mode and survival mode)- character'sskillsupgrading- beautiful Slovak music-achievements -leaderboardsNo king, knight, warrior or saint.The most belovedhero of Slovak history was actually – a thief. Hisname was JurajJanosik and his real story is heavily blurred bydozens of legends,myths and beliefs.❤ Follow us!❤FB:
Vir Robot Boy Game 2.2
Vir Robot GameThe Real Vir Robot Boy Vir is a humanoid robotwithsuper abilities. Adventure with quick thinking anddiversecapabilities of robots, along with his closest friendslikeChulbul, pet donkeys, Imli, Gintu, magical genie. He is acreationof Dr. Prem Sahay and he lives with himthe main antagonistis drmad maxDisclaimeris non Official gameis 100% FanmadeSupportDeveloperRate & Comment
Juliano Aran
Mais de 100 Canais de TV do brasil, filmes e seriessempreatualizados!Over 100 Brazil's TV channels, movies and seriesup todate!
Anadolu Agency 1.8.0
Anadolu Agency's application for smart devices such as phonesandtablets has been providing news, analysis, info-graphics,imagesand videos from all corners of the world to its readers. TheAA appbrings all the latest news related to Turkey, world,economy,sports, health, science and technology to your smartdevices. Keyfeatures include: • Stay updated with latest breakingnews. • Savestories and read them later offline. • Share news onsocial mediaplatforms. • Read news at a glance embedded withimages, videos andinfo-graphics. • Follow the news in Turkish,English, Arabic,French, Russian, Farsi, Bosnian, Albanian,Macedonian, Sorani andKurmanci
Spread Signs 2.0.2
World’s largest sign language dictionary with over 200 000signs!Learn American, Czech, British, Estonian, French, German,Austrian,Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish,Portuguese,Brazilian, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, andTurkish signlanguage.
Backing Track Play Music 3.3
Backing Tracks Play Music is a Music Player with thousandsofBacking Tracks for you to accompany with your musicalinstrument!Musical accompaniment options for guitar, bass, drumsand singersfor you to train at home, play with friends or even doshows!Choose from the different music styles: Rock, Jazz, Blues,Dance,Reggae, Latin, National, Soul, Hip Hop, Metal, Country andmanyothers! Every day new backing tracks are added to makeyourrepertoire always up to date! Download free, play and good fun!
Split 1.3.3
Hamdi's Tech
Draw vertical and horizontal lines to split the balls intosmallerspaces. Once the balls are contained, you get to move on tothenext level.
Beelinguapp: Learn a New Language with Audio Books 2.292
Learn Spanish, English, German, Portuguese, Korean, French,Hindi,Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Arabic, Italian and Japanese byreadingtext side by side! Language learning is fun and freewithBeelinguapp! Learn a new language with Beelinguapp, the appthatlets you read and listen to stories in different languages sidebyside. Read text and hear audio in the language you arelearning,and read the same text in your language to use as areference.Learn at your own pace with this fun and free languagelearningapp. If you are familiar with language learning audiobooks, youwill love Beelinguapp’s innovative method to learn a newlanguage.Ditch the flashcards and pick what languages you want tolearn byreading your favorite children’s stories, short stories,novels andmore side by side. From Spanish to German and more,Beelinguappteaches you through fun and familiar text. Beelinguappis fun andeasy to use for anyone that wants to learn a newlanguage. Use yournative language as a guide and start learningtoday! BeelinguappFeatures: Language Learning Made Easy • Learn anew language byreading different stories in a language of yourchoosing!  •Beelinguapp gives you the option to read the storyin YOUR languageto reference what a word or phrase means. AudioBook Reader •Spanish, German, French and more languages on easy tolisten audiobooks. • Audio book in any language can be listened toeven if yourphone is sleeping. • Learn languages by following thereader of theaudio book with a karaoke style animation to knowexactly what theyare saying. • Spanish audio books combinedwith English,French audio books combined with German – the choiceand whatlanguage audio book you want to read is yours! GreatStories inDifferent Languages • Side by side readings of yourfavorite fairytale stories, novels and more. • Learn languages atyour own paceand choose only the stories you want to read. •Languages, genreand learning level can be sorted make learninglanguages easy.Learn Different Languages including: • English • German •Spanish • Portuguese • French • Hindi • Korean • Russian• Chinese• Arabic • Italian • Japanese • Turkish Learn newlanguages byreading different stories side by side withBeelinguapp! Nomemorization and no flashcards needed. Learnlanguages at your ownpace by reading your favorite stories onBeelinguapp! DownloadBeelinguapp now and start learning languagesfor free!
Tamil Dictionary neutron
Tamil <> English Dictionary offline and free. You cansearchboth English and Tamil words. You can search words directlyfrom"Internet Browser" or other Applications by using Sharingoption.In the sharing option you will find "Tamil Dictionary" andchoosing"Tamil Dictionary" will open the dictionary with the sharedword soyou need not type. Exiting from the dictionary will returnyou to"Internet Browser" or other Applications again. This is notonly aDictionary but also a learning tool. You can use thisdictionarywhen you have no Internet connection. MCQ (MultipleChoiceQuestion) option is available. There is autosuggestion so youneednot type full words. You also can use Speech to text feature.Youcan add words to the study plan and remove words from thestudyplan. When you start typing, you will see some words startingwiththe letters you typed. The dictionary searches in a databaseforthe matching words. This can slow down typing in smallhandsets.Therefore in settings there is an option to turn that off.So lowprofile mobile handsets can turn off Auto search to typequickly.You will see a Dictionary icon on the notification bar tostart theapp quickly. On sharing text you will find the TamilDictionary.This will be helpful to find out the meaning of anyword. Featuresof the Dictionary: • Tamil To English • English ToTamil • Nointernet connection required • Search From Web • Searchby Sharing• Auto Suggestion • Pronounce & Voice Search •Antonyms(Opposite words) • Synonyms • Backup and Restore • History&Study Plan • Word Game • Share Words • Copy Words
Mathrubhumi Calendar 2018 1.0
You can use this app to view Mathrubhumi Calendar in your phoneortab. You can see 'Muhurthangal','Rahu/Gulika/Yamandaka','Visheshadivasangal' and'Nakshathrabhalangal'. Mathrubhumicalendar App with Malayalamdate,Tamil date, Saka calendardate,Hijri (Hijra) date, Govt.holidays , Holiday information, fullmoon/Amavasi and otherastrological details.Also you can seedistrict wise current daysevent and you can set reminder for yourevents.