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Shelter Free Craft: Mine Block
Help Steve survive after apocalypse. You will have to survive onanisland among the monsters and zombies. You need to build a houseof4x4 blocks, and learn how to use the crafting system. Tosurvive,you need to build a shelter, because at night all themonstersbegin to hunt you.Free Craft offers you the opportunity tobuildanything from blocks and the resources that you cangather,exploring the world.For the construction from blocks tocollectwood and stone, of which you can create your first things,andweapons. For a more rapid extraction of resources use: pickaxe,axeand shovel.Free Craft includes all needed for a comfortablegamemodes: - Mods for mcpe - Weapon mods - Animal mods - Food modsIngame you will find the best generation of maps, which includesallthe biomes.Highlights:✓ Farming and Cooking✓ Red, Gold,BlackSmith✓ Weapon-Armor system.✓ Inventory system.✓ BasicShelter✓Vanilla Item Pipes✓ Eat system.✓ Crafting system.
FreeCraft, survival a creative 1.1
Unlimited free world gives you big opportunity to createsomething.The world is stony and relentless, but gives youmanypossibilities, how to change it. Exploration of the worldtakessome time, but you will learn something about survival inthewilderness. Crafted materials can be used to creation ofnewthings. But first you have to find them adn craft them. Buildnewhouses and buildings, which are limited only by yourimagination.That is how to be a city builder and founder of a newcommunity.Game is based on cubes and you´ll become a block builder3D. Thanksto that, creation and construction will be easy and youcan buildnew things very quickly. But it is conditional to quantityofresources. If you are out of it, then go and free crafteverythingyou need in the outside world. Choose betweenexploration, survivaland building. As you can see, even it´s a minigame, gives you manychances to expres yourself.✔ Build uniqueworld✔ Explore mysteries✔Try your survival skills✔ Games for kidsand adults
Fair Craft 1.3.4
Fair Craft - it is an unforgettableadventureona mysterious island. In this game, in the style of 3Dsandboxyou canmuch more! Completely free game will bring youunlimitedfunonly.Here you will feel the freedom for your creativity. You candreamtothe max! You are not limited to, there are no limits!If you like extreme sports and you're not looking for easyways-then play in the survival mode. Here you get a lot ofusefulskillsfor survival and a lot of adrenaline!If you want to do all what you want without restrictions-morelikely to create a world in creative mode!And be sure - saved every world that you have created, and youcangoback whenever you wish!Invite your friends to the game in multiplayer mode -toplaytogether more fun!Have a good game!- Free- Without the purchased content- Nice gameplay- For all ages- Easy operation
Exploration Craft Survival
Enjoy a cube world on your smartphone!Explore infinite worldofunlimited possibilities. Your main objective is to survive!Gatherresources on the map to build house. Decorate your home withitemsof the interior of a large inventory collection. The plantandbreed animals. Beautiful bright graphics and beautiful worldiswaiting for you. Explore the secrets ancient city - gamehasseveral predefined locations that you should investigate. Nightofyour enemy - beware of the zombie behind.Minimumrequirements:CPU:Dual core 1.2 GHzMemory: 1 GB
Merry Craft: Gold Edition 9.1.4
Merry Craft: Gold Edition - this isthebestgame in the style of 3D sandbox! Millions of playersaroundtheworld fell in love with this game, and you will love ittoo!Now,you can much more! Completely free game will bringyouunlimitedfun only.Here you will feel the freedom for your creativity. You candreamtothe max! You are not limited to, there are no limits!If you like extreme sports and you're not looking for easyways-then play in the survival mode. Here you get a lot ofusefulskillsfor survival and a lot of adrenaline!If you want to do all what you want without restrictions-morelikely to create a world in creative mode!And be sure - saved every world that you have created, and youcangoback whenever you wish!Invite your friends to the game in multiplayer mode -toplaytogether more fun!Have a good game!- Free- Without the purchased content- Nice gameplay- For all ages- Easy operation
Ark Craft : Survival Evolved ...2
Fight and try stay alive! In a new best world craft game. Surviveinthe pixel and a cubic world. Collect wood, metal and other oresforcrafting armor and weapons. Build perfect building ofblocks.Explore the mine, collect resources, create tools andweapons thatprovide full protection from predators and bandits.Game includes:survival forest, siberia and survival Games worldgenerations. ArkCraft - Survival Evolved combines popular 3d craftgames andsandbox exploration gameplay. Explore multiple biomes fromdesertwastelands to arctic mountain ranges. Construct own sheltertoprotect of zombies and other predators.Features of thegame:-Biomes - Open World - Multicraft - Hunting - Block craft-Cookingfood
Guide for Terraria 1.0
Do you really like to playTerraria?Thisapplication is useful for gamers of any level -heretechniques,tips, cheats for the game Terraria Play, allcollectedin ourHaidee. Useful Tips Terraria Multiplayer were thebest of allthosethat are present in the global network. HydePGTerrariaMultiplayer 2 solves the problem of users of the game,withthemhave to cope with both amateur and experienced gamertowinTerraria World Map. Get real pleasure from it, becauseModsForTerraria guide for free. This guide is for TerrariaOtherworldgame- the best unofficial guide Tmodloader Terraria tips,fullpassageof the game, strategies, and much, much more! WithmanualTerrariaWorld will be available absolutely all oftherecommendations fromthe best gamers of the game TerrariaSteam,they will not have tolook in the global Internet. You willlearnhow to play TerrariaBuilder, absolutely all the tips on thegame.This guide for thegame Terraria Workshop will help you togetunlimited enjoyment. Ifyou are a fan of the famous gameTerrariaFree Full Game, thisguide is to your liking! Because ofyour lovefor Terraria Free Ourexperts have picked up importantinformationand made a guide forTerraria Maps For Android for allfans.Reference Terraria Mods ForAndroid game includes tips andtricks ofthe game Terraria Editor,guide, walkthrough. Featuresinstructionsfor Terraria InventoryEditor game: today you cancollect orbs anduse the ability tocollect more gold rings. TerrariaServers on thegame manual isintended to help gamers the ability toplay thisexciting gameTerraria Mod For Minecraft Pe. This guideTerrariaMultiplayerServers required only for fun and to simplifythefashion game.Terraria Maps Download - is a fun toy for tabletsonAndroid, inwhich the players will see a good story,entertaininggameplay.Levels in Terraria Free Craft Mod heldpossibly onmotorcycles andin cars, you will fly, run, jump and muchmore. Withthe game GamesLike Terraria go to the alluring worldCheats ForTerraria. InTerraria Multiplayer Online game you will beglad tolandscapes andmysterious island. The aim of the gameTerraria Mapswill bedestruction of enemies, unlock their secrets.Travel by car,aswell as motorcycles, walkers, airplanes anddragons. Enliststheaid in Terraria Download and use them to solve avarietyofpuzzles. Terraria Game 4 will delight excellentadventuresinTerraria 3, amusing characters and powerful enemies,Terraria1.3Guide will allow you to cope with them and effectivelypassalllevels of the game Terraria Maps for Android devices.Youarecarried away by the colorful game Terraria on Android,inwhichcase it is simply a universal step by step guide for you.Noneedto search for information about Terraria Download Androidintheglobal network, we have picked the best recommendations ofthelungthrough the game, and the best cheats for Terraria Mods.ThisguideTerraria Game - This is an unofficial application createdbyfansof the game for other players, it gives information onthepassageof the game Terraria All Things. Hyde Terraria Ghetto-anunofficial app includes a collection of tips, tricks,forthispopular game options a successful passing game! This isacompletestep by step guide to Terraria in Russian and itcoverseverythingyou need to know to become a great player TerrariaWiki!In theappendix there is information where to download thegameTerrariaFull version, how to install the game Terraria World,havedetailedstatistics, as well as the history of the origin ofthegameTerraria Steam. In other words, download ourgamesTerrariaWorkshop manual and all will be able to see foryourself.Manygamers do not consider it right to read the guide. Wethinkthatthis is a mistake, for the simple reason that theguideTerrariaBuilder game only improve professional player tricksandstartplaying Terraria Free Full Game makes a true professional.Asfortoys Terra
Build Craft Exploration
Build your dream home with BuildCraft! Use all your skillshunterand miner for mining and construction resources to findrefuge.Turn imagination and build the best house in the Cube World!Thereare over 100 different items in your inventory to buildseparaterooms including a living room, bedroom, toilet, bathroom, aprivategarden, a house for animals. Also in the game there areseveralready-built houses with which it is easy to start buildingyour ownvillage. Good luck and fun!
Fancy Craft Exploration 2 2.4.7
Fancy Craft Exploration - IT'S FREE!!!!!Fancy Craft is a new open world sandbox game, which is free.Let your fantasy and immagination do there job and work onyourownvirtual world!Yes you will need to survive between monsters andotherlivingcreatures, but you can survive.This game is inspired by other Crafting games and has gotafancydesign.Features:You can move the banner to a place, where itdoesntdisturbsyou!!!> New Fancy design> You can construct and mining resources, craft itemsfromrawmaterials, farming and more> Single player> Multiplayer for you and your friend on the same WiFi> Many monsters and animals
Nights at Cube Pizzeria 3D – 4
Cube nightmare continues! Another chapter of Nights at CubePizzeria3D scary game awaits!Welcome to the Cube nightmare onceagain!You’re the night guard, and your duty is to watch on camerasandprevent occasional accidents like obstruction of theventilationsystems. But you should fight for your life instead!Survive being apizzeria night security guard and escape from yournightmare! Theseseven nights are going to be the worst nights inyour life!Face yournightmare with Nights at Cube Pizzeria 3D – 4!Beware of angry robotbears, tigers, chickens, bunnies and foxesand even worse creatureshiding in the shadows! These robots weremade to help in CubePizzeria, but during the night ancient evilawakening inside theirbodies, and they become unpredictable andstarts chasing you! Whoelse could be in this nightmare mines? TryNights at Cube Pizzeria3D – 4 game – meet cube bear robots andother creatures, and escapefrom them to survive!Watch the movementof robot animals and open orclose the doors to stop their movement- or switch on the light notto let cube bears, foxes and bunniesattack you! Use the flashlightto protect yourself from the attack!Tssssss! Can you hear it?Something is moving inside walls!Quickly, look onto this monitor!Yes, we have some problem into theventilation system! You shouldsolve it before robot bear couldcreep to you from vents!Spend sevennights at pizzeria full ofscary cube monsters - chicken, fox,bunny, bear robots and evermore! Use a very limited amount ofelectricity per night to protectyourself from robots’ attack! Stayin your security office, watchcube creatures with cameras and tryto survive! When you run out ofpower for the night - all camerasand light are off and cube robotsare able to move! Beware of cubebear robots walking in thepizzeria! Escape from your nightmare!Face cube robots with Nightsat Cube Pizzeria 3D – 4!Finish yourwork safe after seven scary andhorrible nights with Nights at CubePizzeria 3D – 4!Nights at CubePizzeria 3D – 4 features:New game –even scarier!All best featuresfrom previous partsUnusual 3denvironmentNew Cube Pizzerialocations to exploreVentilation systemsfilled with monsters too –you should turn in on and off to protectyour lifeEnjoy theatmosphere of pixel horror with Nights at CubePizzeria 3D – 4!Don’t let cube robot monsters get close to yoursecurity office!Spend seven nights at Cube Pizzeria and stay alive!
Cube Seas: Pirate Fight 3D
Start new pirate adventure in our cube series and become thescourgeof the seas! Feel like a real pirate sailing overseas,attack, takeover, plunder or sink cargo ships! Conquer the sevenseas with CubeSeas: Pirate Fight 3D! Start thrilling piratebattles on the highsea! Stuff blocky ship’s stores with goldplundering ships toupgrade your weapons or even by a new pirateship! Are you ready fora big naval fight? Embark on an epic pirateadventure to rule thehigh seas with Cube Seas: Pirate Fight3D!Ahoy, Captain! Commandyour fleet of pirate ships! Lead yourcube army of blockheads towealth! Use your tactics, navigation andshooting skills to takeover and plunder ships! Fierce fights,dangerous battles, powerfulweapons and even more in this piratesimulator in 3D! Navigate cubeship, aim right to the target andprove your worth as a pirateship’s captain! Capture enemy's ships,but make sure you are alsodefending your own one! Make yourblockhead army the real scourge ofthe seas! Upgrade your blockypirate ship, weapons and crew with avarious equipment andammunition to defeat the enemy! Sail the highseas attack, takeover, plunder and sink ships with Cube Seas:Pirate Fight 3D game!Plan your strategy attacking enemy’s cargoships to obtain gold andweapons! Attack first to prove your worthas a real pirate shipcaptain!Cube Seas: Pirate Fight 3D features:-Great 3D piratesimulator in cute blocky environments – it’s allmade of cubes!-Command your fleet of pirate ships - sail overseas,attack, takeover, plunder and sink cargo ships- Lead the army ofblockheadpirates and participate in epic naval battles- Upgradeyour blockypirate ship by powerful weapon and navigation system tobecome thereal scourge of the seas- Show your shooting and strategyskills asa real ship captainRule the sea playing Cube Seas: PirateFight 3D!Show your power over the oceans and seas through battlesandstrategy! Recruit a fearsome crew of blockhead pirate captainsandstart a real war! Awe the high seas plundering an attackingcubecargo ships, stealing good and winning epic naval battles!Sinkeach blocky ship to show your power! Use powerful weapons,commandhuge fleet of cube pirate ships and become the mostpowerfulcaptain all over the sea with Cube Seas: Pirate Fight3D!Yoo-hoo!Become a fan onFacebook:
Adventure Craft - Exploration
Experience an incredible adventure in an exciting game! Explorecubeworld of secrets and mysteries. Go to the medieval city touncoverthe mystery of the dragon that killed the entire populationof thevillage. Visit the mysterious forest and find the soul gemto killthe most important magical king of trees. Visit the giantroom andfind all the secrets of his life. Also in the game isavailable twogame modes - Survival and creative.
Crafting and Building GAME 1.1
Net Income CZ
★★★ Crafting and Building ★★★Welcome in this free 3D cube world! Create weaponsandtools,collect resources, explore the mines, defend yourselffromenemiesand predators! Build your own house for yourprotectionbefore themand storage provisions. Download this CraftingandBuilding game forfree to your mobile devices and enjoy easyandintuitive control.Enjoy also completely new graphictextures,which give this game awhole new dimension. It is a classicfirstperson RPG, where youhave prepared surroundings withgorgeousmodels.Crafting is also a part of this survival craft. Collectalltheresources and create different weapons, mining tools,torchesandother stuffs, which you will surely use afterwards.Takeadvantageof all opportunities and become a master ofthisworld!★ Whole new textures!★ Many mining items!★ Different weapons!★ Various enemies!★ Interesting mobs!★ Improve yourself!★ Make remarkable buildings!★ Craft powerful armor and weapons!★ Survice as long as you can!★ First person combat system!★★★ How To Play ★★★★ Explore the world★ Fight with enemies★ Hunt animals★ Build without limits★ Use the resources★ Try out everything
Cool Craft 1.0
Cool Craft - Sandbox game withCreativeandSurvival Mode!Cubic world of endless possibilities and exciting adventures.Explore all places of the world,collect resources, buildtoolsandweapons,ensure yourself complete protection frompredatorsandmonsters.
Mine Girls craft: exploration 1
Mine Girls craft: exploration -Build&design you girls dream home. Feel like a princess. Playon thebestfree games for teenage girls. Fashion and design simgame. Gameforgirls and boys. Create and build the house of yourdreamsusingvoxel cube and blocks. Craft, mine and design forgirls.dreamhouse interior design with blocks and cubes,Creativeexplorationlite mode. This is epic pocket edition game.Createdecorationkitchen, living room, bathroom. Build and designgardenwith treesand park, flowers, pools. Sweet girls craftexplorationlitedesign. Design interior build city with spa, petshop, nailsalon,make-up and beauty salon. Play teenage girls(pocket ed)oncreative mode with unlimited resources or mine deepthe cubegirlsworld. Prince and princess build & craft, makeacutefashionable furniture. Cute sim game. Design a kids, babyroomwithtoys & dolls. Build and craft house for your petonworld«Pocket mine: craft & explore». Great creative modeandstorymode. Craft your own dream King’s castle and princesspalace.Fortop girl and design salon or pet shop. Crafting game forgirlsandboys! Build your city sim craft & explore! Girlscraftmineforever. Story mode best home simulator game. Freeadventuregamewith story its not another MCPE mod.FEATURES:Saving and loading voxel worldSandbox worldCreative modeSurvival modeZombiesStory modeStats and inventoryAnimalsGhosts3D interior modelsCute and colourful texturesColoring book and sketch bookHouse planner modeExtension exterior design (gardens, parks, flowers, pools)COMING SOON:Multiplayer / Singleplayer exploration modeGirls craft modeBoys craft modeBlocky craft modePixel texture packEnigma adventure modeBuild craft exploration extension pack (extra furniture+customhouse)Princess craft extension pack (Sweet and curecastleinteriordesign)
Survival: Island Build Craft
Feel like a block head castaway on pixel island! Survival inthewilderness is the main task! Build shelter, craft itemsandsurvive! Build your own cube ship or raft, build a camp,preparefireplace and palisade! Craft & build fortress! FeellikeRobinson Crusoe! Monsters come in the night so be prepared!Huntwild animals to eat, defend your camp! Use blocks whilebuildingyour fortress! Free survival crafting game based in a cubeworldwith Caribbean islands, ships and paradise environment!Survive atthe World’s end! Exploration of the island is the onlyway tosurvive! Build,craft & explore! Island survival craftsimulatorin a cube world! Swim, hunt and explore! Sail anddiscoverunexplored lands! The only limit is your creativityandimagination! Crafting game & survival simulator takentoanother level! Play one of the best free robots survival gamesforteenage boys & girls! Create an Adventure! No dungeonsanddragons! Just you, a treasure island and your survival skills!Thislite pocket block craft game for boys and girls, inspired bythepopular cube & voxel based pocket edition creative games,letsyou craft & build your caribbean blocky world! Survive onthelost island made of pixels and cubes. Make this place your home-build a shelter! Craft & build a perfect cube castawaystory!Exploration world craft is here! Play in a creative modewithunlimited resources or mine deep into the cube world. Craft,andexplore! Enjoy tropical island views - cube ocean, pixelanimalsand jungle! Perfect games for teens! Exploration ofrandomlygenerated cube robots terrains, build and create amazing&perfect things from the simplest of shelters to the grandestofcube fortresses, castles and mine to the earth core! Becomeanadventurer! Become a master survival expert. Dive into thewater,swim, sail and be a pirate! Beware of hungry sharks! Thisgame willnot bring you only joy and relax! This game for boys andgirls willget you addicted! Pirates, tropical islands and survivalworldcraft mode. Cube robots world and your infinite creativity!Thislite game for boys and girls contains: block placing, cubeworld,real time world craft generation. Building and survival!Craft& Explore the cube world - build a maze! In thisincredible andtotally free game you can destroy all the blocks,collectresources, survive and build cube/pixel buildings. Thispocketedition game (PE) contains a large number of different blockswithwhich you can craft your own cube block head Robinson world!Craft& explore! So plunge into the fantastic world of with newcubepixel worlds and adventures! Place blocks / cubes move voxels,digand mine to find the dead man’s chest with treasure! Go beyondyourwildest dreams, make your own cube robinson robots island,castleor city! Transform the surface in a 3D environment! Buildshelter,fight, battle and use blocks to create whatever yourcreativitybrings! The only limit is your imagination! Start a cubeworldcraft! Explore, mine resources, craft tools and weapons. Maketrapsand grow plants! Tailor clothes and hunt animals! First of all-try to survive!COMING SOON:Multiplayer(multicraft)CraftingitemsBuilding craft modeSurvival explorationmodeCube BlockCraftWorld Craft StorySkyblock free modeStory modeInterested inother crafting free games? See our other games!1.Survive on adesert island2. Build a shelter and explore the island3. Defendyour camp! Enemies come in the night!
Boys Craft - Creative Game
Game for teenage Boys & Real men! Become a superhero!Building& crafting. Exploration of the sandbox world! Creativegame forteens and adults! Build, mine, create! Sim game -buildersimulator! Discover the pixel world full of animals (cat,dog,panda). Sim crafting games for teenage boys! Build city&construct buildings using blocks! Design the cube world!Createhouses, decorate them with furniture. Become an engineer.Cityconstructor game - pocket edition. Let the adventurebegin!Crafting for top girls and boys! Story mode - pocketedition.Create a castle, build a zoo or a SPA. Build a racing trackandrace others with square super car! Racing! Use your pixel gunstoshoot the zombies and become a hero! Everything is possible inBoysCraft: Creative Game! Crafting simulator game - Use differentskins( ) to dress-up! Become an ultimate miner and explorer! Fighttheenemies, take care of little pets (you can pet the animals!).Chatwith friends! Pixel world full of monsters, zombies andghosts!Play creative mode or create a horror craft story! Craftyour owndream King’s Castle. Use crafting table to get uniqueitems: elitesword and armor! Craft a custom gun or a new engine foryour racingcar! This game lets you build ANYTHING! Square infiniteworld!Explore it! Use editor for skins to customize your outfit.Shootinggame - the new way! Life simulator of a blocky boy. Freesimcrafting game for teenage boys and girls from Building andCraftingAdventure Games Studio! Escape the prison, or solve thepuzzles! -Create a scary maze! Play with your friends! Designersimulator atits best! Free adventure game with story of a superstarhousedesigner! It’s not another mod! Prepare the plans, get theitemsand build! Level up and build some more! Impress yourgirlfriend orboyfriend with your new colorful fashionist design!Talk to the NPCgirls and get a beautiful girlfriend! Dating craft -in a boysworld! Free games from Building And Crafting GamesStudio!exploration of the cube world! Pixel strike! Become aconstructoror explorer! Build & construct or decorate anddesign! Youchoose! My adventure & mine exploration!FEATURES:Great gamefor teenagers!Building using blocksInfinitesandbox worldAnimals& petsNPCs (girls craft)CreativemodePre-generated world withbuildingsCrafting &toolboxSuperhero boys craft modeRotatingand savingCustomwallpapers, carpets and furnitureExterior design -gardens, pools,flowers, parksHouse planner modeUPCOMINGFEATURES:MultiplayerExploration ModeBlocky craft ModeGirls craftModePrince craftextension pack (Castle Interior Design)Build CraftExplorationextension pack (custom houses + extra furniture)EnigmaadventuremodePixel texture pack
CrafThings - Pocket Edition 1.0.9
CrafThing is the new Survival adventure foryouand your friends!Dive into the big world of survival and show what you haveonit.Play alone or with your friends.Two different modes are available to you; Easy and HardBreed animals or go on adventure adventureGo hunting or fishingYou have to satisfy your hunger and your thirst as well.Fight with monsters and fight the material you needBe creative but careful.You can build and create everything. Build a village or how aboutawhole city? You can run a farm with chickens, cows, sheep andpigs.Or build an idyllic house on the edge of the lake andexperiencedifferent funny adventures every day.Explore the Huge World and be the boss on your island!You can play with your friends over Lan and go onadventurestogether.There are different animals and dangerous mobs who want tokillyou.You must try to survive.Be the first to find accommodation and look for food.You can decide everything yourself, there is no goal. The goaliseverything your imagination allows you to do.The game CrafThing is a constantly developing open sourceprojectwhich is subject to the LGPLv3 license. Before using thecode, youmust read the entire license and agree to it.
Story craft : Island Survival
Awesome Story Craft world unleashes your imagination. Youcouldcreate your own unique world of blocks, create castles andcities.For persons who likes battles game allows create weapon andarmor.Explore mine, find resources, reconquer lands from monsters.Craftrecipe easy - join blocks and get items. - New world -Voxelgarden- Creative and building modes. - Items, weapons, shovelsandpicks craftin
Craft Ahead 3D
Exploring the places where no man has gone before, Phil istrapped.He will get out of this trouble. On the way he will comeacross alot of traps that are not so easy to pass. Lava, lasers,movingplatforms - this is a small part of what awaits him inhisadventure.
Train Craft Sim: Build & Drive
X Construction lite of a train tracks! Build, craft andexplore.Create your own railway system! Building & craftinggame forteenage boys and girls! With trains! Exploration &trainsimulator in sandbox world. Use blocks to build a huge traintrackssystem then ride a train to test it! Create and build atrainstation or a tunnel through the mountains! Rail builder gamefree!Train simulator in blocky sandbox world! Boys craft! Buildandconstruct bridge, city, tunnels or even underground metro! It’snottrain mod for it's a full free game! Great game for teensandadults! Pocket edition of crafting games! Exploration. Buildatrain station and design and decorate the interior! Make yourownadventure - train racing? Maybe an indian railway? Anythingyouwant! Be a train conductor, train operator or bridgeconstructor!Train operator simulator game (train sim). Euro trainsuper fast orretro choo-choo? Locomotive or a super moderncarriage? Connecttracks, build and explore! Endless possibilities!Train simulator2017 is the latest cutting edge train simulator thatwill allow youto become the best train driver ever! Crafting games,buildinggames and trains! For the first time! Indian trainsimulator orTGV! Be a conductor, railway constructor or trackytrain driver!FPS simulator! Sim & city train simulator! Get onboard! Tinypocket trains right on your mobile! Pixel choo-choo! Youcan buildmany railway tracks and start train racing! Game forteens! Travelwith commuters! Check the tickets and build thewholeinfrastructure from London undergound to New York or Tokyosubway!No subway surfing! Just you and the infinite sandbox blockyworld!Building & crafting! Indian train simulator! Be creative- freeBuilding & crafting games! Train with locomotives!Mining,building and being awesome! Exploration - the new way! Inthis gameyou can drill the tunnel through the mountain or build abridge!First FPS Train simulator not TRAIN MOD! Craft and create!Storymode of a pocket edition crafting game! For real boys! Besthobbygame! UPCOMING FEATURES:Multiplayer Train racingSnow,sandstorm,rainAnimals and petsCars and traffic!Brazilian mode!
My Horse Racing: Girls Craft
My horse heaven & girls craft game for teenage boys andgirls!Ride a horse, take care of it! Build your own racing track!Own ahorse! Ride Pony or a blocky mustang! Care for your horsebygrooming, feeding and treating it. Build a bond together in awiderange of interactive 3D activities. Have a virtual pet: Horse!Havefun and run horse run! Building, mining (miner game)andExploration! Sim girls craft game for teenage girls withanimals!Be a princess with horse! Become a supermodel girl owning awholestud farm! Running game for teenage girls, building gameforteenage boys! All in one app! Creative app for creativeteenagegirls and boys! Build a horse heaven. World of horsesneedsexploration! Have a horse quest, have a virtual pet! Greatgame forteens and adults! Have fun at horse derby! Build own Zoo!Take careof animals! Serious game for serious girls! This blocky /crossygame gives you opportunity to take care of virtual pet,makefriends, build and explore. Use pixel blocks to craft andbuildyour own horse world! Feel like in girls craft . Design homeorwhole world! Build a palace or whole city (city buildinggame).Candy craft game with lots of sugar! Great game for teenagegirls!Free horse simulator in a blocky world! Mine, explore andcraft!Adventure game with cute animals! So take your girlfriendorboyfriend on a horse ride with “My Horse Racing:GirlsCraft”FEATURES:3D interior models Sandbox world ofcubesRotatingand savingCustom wallpapers for girls, carpets andfurnituremodExterior design home - gardens, pools, flowers, parksHouseplannerCute pink and colorful texturesColoring book andsketchbookCOMING SOON:Multiplayer Exploration ModeBlock Craft3DModeGirls Craft ModePrincess Craft extension pack (CuteCastleInterior Design)My Own Horse - Story ModeBuild CraftExplorationextension pack (custom houses + extra furniture)EnigmaadventuremodePixel texture packSEE OUR OTHER GAMES like coloringbook orarchery games for boys and girls!Ride a horse of any kind!Buildand create anything!Make friends with horses and ponies!
Pony Design Sim Craft
Friendship, rainbow and ponies! Check out the new pony town!Chatwith little horses (chat mode available)! Make friends withthem!Protect the pony ville from evil moon nightmare ponies! Rideapixel unicorn and pony! Sparkle! Play a pony game from morningtotwilight! Make friends with animals, build, exploreandcreate.Girls craft - Creative game for teens! Great pocketeditionstory mode sim with good ponies and evil ponies! Ponyprincess mustbe protected! pony celebration party is on! This isthe land ofpony! Explore it! Pony craft! Create your own pony andname it Cocoor Angela! Pony games free! Blocky world with cutesweet animals -little horses!! A great color game for teens andeven parents oradults! Great game for boys and girls! Building& crafting thefashion world! Play the free game with yourfriends or high schoolcrush! Build a sim spa or nail salon or maybepet shop and have funwith friends! Play from morning ‘til twilight!Make friends withcute animals - cute cats/ponies and puppies! Buildanything usingblocks. Build a cube blocky world! Lite Exploration,building &crafting. Pocket edition of pony girls craft - a freecool game forgirls! Become a fairy, build a castle or a palace! Useyourcreativity! Take your pony to hairdresser salon or a shoppingmall!Tycoon type game! Build a glam doll house and decorate itwithcolorful furniture and wallpapers! Design and fashion cutegamesfrom the best girls sim games developer! Girlscraft! Createaunicorn and pony academy! Rainbow, sparkles and colorfulblocks!The little horse awaits you! Pony simulator (sim game)forfree!Extreme makeover! pony edition! Oh my! pony world needs tobediscovered! Explore the colorful open world of Pony Craft. Playtheworld’s most popular pony life simulation game! Build a cityorexplore the magic forest. Girls craft the new story! Fantasygamefor teens! You can have a boyfriend, build a house and haveafamily! Build Rainbow or a magic tree! Have a boyfriend,constructa house in this building simulator game! Top game for topgirl!Lite game - pocket edition! Pony games free! Boys and girlscraft.Build a whole town! Join your favorite princess ponies&unicorns in the most prestigious fashion & academy around!Ohmy! Pony can be your friend! Collect them, play with them.Protectthe pony ville from the evil moon nightmares or bake astrawberrycake and enjoy creative mode! Create your cute story withponiesand a sweet cube world! Building and crafting for girls!Upcomingfeatures:MultiplayerCrafting itemsBuilding craftmodeSurvivalexploration modeCube blocky craftWorld CraftStorySkyblock freemodeCute Story mode (pony Quest!)Design and builda pony town!Chatwith other ponies!Explore the cute world!
Candy craft: Sugar Princess 3
Hi, my little girl! Play cute creativefashionexploration craft game for girls in a cute pink world! Feellike aprincess in a sweet world! Build a cute house and construct acandycastle. Make your own High School story! Be a Top Girl!Craft,exploration and build! Adorable princess needs a castle!Build one!Feel like a princess and live in a castle made of pinkfabulouselements! Play in a creative mode with unlimited resourcesor minedeep into the cube girls world. Build a princess home withcubes.Design pink interior, building and design kitchen - startcookingand baking! Building a whole city with a SPA salon, NailSalon, PetShop, Make-up & Beauty salon or a sweet shop withcandies inthis games for girls will not be hard anymore! Cuteanimals allaround you: cute rainbow pony, sweet little cow,puppies, kittens -all for you! A serious pocket game for seriousgirls who love to beadorable princesses! You can destroy all theblocks, collectresources, survive and build beautiful & perfectcubebuildings. This creative simulator game for teenage girls(PocketEdition) contains a large number of different cute glitterblocks(pink, yellow, colorful) with which you can craft your ownteenagegirls cube world! You can plant flowers in the garden, bakecakes,building a house for your pet, pony, unicorn and friends orevenbuild your own palace in this building games for girls!Soon updates:Multiplayer : be vet and save cute animalsStory mode : be a top model of schoolSurvival mode : build all what you wantCandy vs. ZombiesCreative mod.Baking and cookingFollow our updates: preparing to release a game aboutpixelmonscraft!If you love craft this game for you, my little princess :)
Pixel Craft : Story mod ...1
Green Craft : Multi World is a new amazing sandbox in style tobreakand build.Something incredible happens and you now alone inthevoxel world. This world is full of monsters and wild animals.Nowyou need try stay alive. Green Craft - interesting sandboxstylesimulator and you need all of your knowledges tosurvive.discoverthe world with 3d pixel multicraft survival onisland and pixel gunmod's. You can not only explore planet butalso explore waterworld.You woke up on island and must surviveafterapocalypse.building shelter and houses will help you protectagainstmonsters attack. Craft weapons and armors. Break and buildand givefreedom of imagination Features of the game: - 3D pixelworld-Dangerous predators and hunting - Biome 3D- Crafting
5 Nights at Cube School 3D
Cube Pizzeria goes to school!Welcome to the new chapter ofCubenightmare! You’re the night guard at the school, and your dutyisto watch on cameras and prevent occasional accidents orillegalintruders. But the famous Cube Pizzeria has opened a branchin theschool dining room, and now you should fight for your life!Survivebeing a school night security guard and escape from yournightmare!These five nights are going to be the worst nights inyourlife!Join the nightmare with 5 Nights at Cube School 3D! Bewareofcrazed robot bears, tigers, chickens, bunnies and foxes hidinginthe shadows! These robots were made to help in school diningroom,but during the night something wicked had happened, and theybecomeunpredictable and starts chasing you! Try 5 Nights at CubeSchool3D game – watch cameras, meet cube bear robots, and escapefromthem to survive!Watch the movement of robot animals and openorclose the doors to stop their movement - or switch on the lightnotto let cube bears, foxes and bunnies attack you! Use theflashlightto protect yourself from the attack! When you run out ofpower forthe night - all cameras and light are off and cube robotsare ableto move!Spend five nights at school dining room full ofscary cubemonsters - chicken, fox, bunny, bear robots and evermore! Use avery limited amount of electricity per night to protectyourselffrom robots’ attack! Stay in your security office, watchcubecreatures with cameras and try to survive! This school becomethebranch of the Hell itself, and you should survive at thiscubeinferno! Beware of cube bear robots walking in the pizzeria!Escapefrom your nightmare! Face cube robots with 5 Nights at CubeSchool3D!Enjoy the atmosphere of pixel horror with 5 Nights atCubeSchool 3D 3! Don’t let cube robot monsters get close toyoursecurity office! Spend five nights at Cube Pizzeria andstayalive!5 Nights at Cube School 3D features:New scary game withnewlocationsAll best features – and even more new!Unusual3denvironment – school this time!New tactics and puzzlesFinishyourwork safe after five scary and horrible nights with 5 NightsatCube School 3D!
Minorcraft - Lonely Island 1.1.1
SarlO Studio
A new game in the series: Minorcraft -giveplayers updated sandbox in "create and build" style. The newcraftsystem of game resources, armor, items, single player mode isaClassic and Survival.Create whatever you want with the new system of craft itemsfromblocks, ores, and other resources that you can find in thevastnessof the game world. The crafting system simple and adaptedformobile devices.Features Unlike other series:- Completely new system for creating objects.- New blocks and items in the game in a medieval style.- Many variation of armor and weapons for your player.- Bed for sleep, day/night cycle, weather, player inventoryandstats.- And that's not all!This is cool and simple sandbox indie craft game, you canbuildanything you can image, the only limit is your imagination:)This is absolutely FREE to DOWNLOAD!Build your original big worldThis is an original Minorcraft Open Source Project OpenSourcedistributed as LGPLv3 license. The license and the sourcecode canbe found on the website. Before using any part of theprojectMinorcraft You must fully read the license (attached to thesourcecode).