Top 49 Apps Similar to Create Your Own Unicorn

Unicorn Family Simulator 1.02
Dream to ride a magic horse? With our survival simulator you canbean animal. What about riding a magic unicorn and live in themagicworld?! Ride across lovely landscapes. Run to a village anddointeresting tasks. Feed your horse, explore the magic worldandfight for survival in the unicorn simulator.This magichorsesurvival simulator has a lot of interesting places. Easycontrolsallow you to ride your animal across all locations. Readhow toride your unicorn in the simulator and find friends.FeaturesofUnicorn Family Simulator:- Magic creatures- Unicorn levelup-Survival mode- Realistic animal battles- Animalbehavioursimulator- Magic creatures- Unicorn herds- Horse ridecontrolsFeelhow to be a unicorn. Complete unicorn survivalmissions. Ride ananimal across beautiful lands and look for magicdragons. Find ananimal mate and breed a new unicorn. Level­ up yourhorse toimprove animal survival skills.Explore magic places.Support yourmagic unicorn health, survival in the game is hard. So,we havewarned you. Fight with every animal you meet or ride at atopspeed. Your magic horse will have fun in the animalsurvivalsimulator. Farm levels in the simulator to opensurvivalskills.Many magic animal species are waiting for your horsein thesimulator.Unicorn Family Simulator has natural sounds foreveryanimal. Deep into horse survival. Ride your horse and listento themagic sounds of forest, farm and river.Animal survival gamesarecool! Behave and think like an animal. Try our UnicornFamilySimulator, choose your horse and run across the magic world.
Cute Unicorn wallpapers 1.1
Getting bored with the Same old Background phoneWallpaper?Changeyour phone background style with these cool NewKawaii Unicornwallpapers for your mobile phone Big collection ofKawaii UnicornWallpapers to enhance your daily chat experience!CuteKawaiiUnicorn wallpapers A new wallpapers app with beautifulpictures ofkawaii unicorn!..... Kawaii Unicorn wallpapers cutebackground hasa lot of wonderful collection , If you are one ofthose who lovesthe fantasy world of these amazing cute unicornimages wallpapers,well look no more, here is where you get a ton ofstuff justrelated to that. ✪ TOP Features Cute Kawaii Unicornwallpapers :InCute Kawaii Unicorn wallpapers you will have: ->UnicornWallpapers in HD -> New pictures and backgroundsaddedautomatically.-> Includes almost every awesome Kawaiithereis.-> Regular Update with new pictures-> The imagescaneasily be saved to your phone /tablet. Check the CuteKawaiiUnicorn wallpapers collection time after time because it willgetupdated.❤ Wallpapers kawaii unicorn ❤ Wallpapers kawaiicuteunicorn❤ Pony unicorn Wallpapers > > > Disclaimer Noneofthe images are hosted on the app. All logos/images/namesarecopyrights of their perspective owners. These images arenotendorsed by any of the perspective owners, and the images areusedsimply for aesthetic purposes. No copyright infringementisintended, and any request to remove one of theimages/logos/nameswill behonored.----------------------------------Please don´tforget toRate and Post Comments. Thanks!!!
Flying Unicorn Simulator Free 2
GT Race Games
Control a Flying Unicorn and master your unicorn riding skillsandbecome the unstoppable flying unicorn.Start the game fromunicornnest and flap your unicorn wings through the sky tofly.Discoverexciting islands and mountains. Fly in submarine,explore a hugeunderwater terrain. Blaze fire to raptors, smashvillage houses,create ultimate rampage, enjoy being a flyingunicorn!In this freeto play game, you can do whatever youwant!Flying Unicorn SimulatorFree is made for all fans of unicorngames, flying dragon games,Simulation games and Dinosaurgames.Flying Unicorn Simulator FreeGAME FEATURES:✔ RealisticMountains & Islands✔ Incredibleflying unicorn model✔ Stunning3D HD Graphics✔ Realistic unicornanimations✔ Joystick simulatorcontrols✔ Easy and Free to use✔ NoWiFi? No Problem.✔ OfflinePlayInstall! Play! And become a FlyingUnicorn forDestruction!!Enjoy ツ
Majestic Unicorn Live Wallpaper 4.6.6
Bored of your default static wallpapers? Want to make yourawesomephone, old or new, even prettier with magical majesticunicorns?Get ready to stand out with this free new hd andcustomizableanimated themes! It has moving colorful stars as well!MajesticUnicorn Live Wallpaper is the perfect dynamic theme creatorfor allandroid phones owners (suitable for both girls and boys!).It canturn your regular boring backgrounds into beautifuldynamicwallpapers of pink, purple and green pretty unicorns! Italso hasparallax (3D/4D) effects, emojis, frames and magic touch(beautifulanimations with shiny particles and sounds when you touchthescreen). It can also be applied to you lock screen! You canalsoadd one of many beautiful analog clocks to your home screen!Goldclock, butterflies clock, Vintage/retro clock, wood clock oreven atransparent clock! You can also add your name, the name ofthe oneyou love or any other custom text and quotes you want tothescreen! Choose between lots of fonts, text colors, patterns(roses,hearts, rain drops, stars, stones, etc.), sizes, positionsand havefun customizing what you write! How do I enable it? - Thisis veryeasy. Run the app and just press the "Customize" button andon thenext page scroll through the 6 customizing options(background,moving elements, analog clocks, your name, emoji, magictouch anddon't forget to review our app at the last step! -Afteryou aredone with the editing, just press the button from the bottomof thescreen (the one with the check mark) and then tap on the"Save"button in order to save your changes. - Once you are directedtothe main screen, just press "Set wallpaper" and then confirmitfrom the phones screen for setting wallpapers. - Or if theabovedoesn't work you can also try to do this: Home -> Menu->Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers -> Select "MajesticUnicornLive Wallpaper" What can it do? - You can change thebackgroundimage of the wallpaper or you can even add your ownimages! - Youcan also change the colors of the stars that fall allover yourscreen. - You can add emojis from you keyboard and watchthemmoving across the screen. - You can add an analog clock toyourscreen. - It has 3D/4D (parallax) and magic touch effects(colorfulparticles and sounds). - Fully optimized app to run onalmost allandroid devices and to keep the image original. - It'snew, freeand hd. - Majestic Unicorn Live Wallpaper is suited foreveryoneand free to use. - Majestic Unicorn Live Wallpaper is alivewallpaper editor, with a large collection of ways to customizeyourphone. Download Majestic Unicorn Live Wallpaper now andconvertyour wallpaper to a cool dynamic one! After applyingMajesticUnicorn Live Wallpaper your home page wallpaper will changewiththe desired background. This app is compatible with SamsungGalaxyS9, J2, J7, J1, J5, J2 prime, J7 prime, OPPO A37f, OPPO A33f,VivoY21L, OPPO A1601 F1s, Vivo Y51L, Samsung Galaxy Grand PrimeandGrand Neo, Vivo Y53 1606, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite, XiaomiRedmi3S, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, LYF LS-5016 Wind 7, Samsung GalaxyCorePrime, Samsung Galaxy Grand 2, Huawei LUA-U22 Y3II, LenovoA6000,Huawei P8 Lite, iZoom 1201, LG K10, Lava A97, Gionee P5WPioneerP5W, Motorola MotoG3, HTC Desire, Vivo , Sony Xperia andmany manyothers! You can check our other fun apps and free livewallpapers:1. Rose live wallpaper 2. Live wallpapers for girls 3.SpringPetals Live Wallpaper And many others The phone mock-up usedforsome of the store listing is found on thesite"".
Unicorn Coloring Book 1.14
Welcome to the fantastic world of magic unicorns - UnicornColoringBook! 🦄💖 * Unicorn Coloring Book is a cool coloring bookfor kidsand adults. * Unicorn Coloring Book is the best coloringbook foreveryone who love unicorns. * Unicorn Coloring Book has30+beautiful unicorn coloring pages for everybody who want torelaxand have fun! The most amazing unicorns are waiting foryou!Creative and color a wonderful unicorn with Unicorn ColoringBook!Color magic ruff, horn, body of unicorns. Unicorn ColoringBookperfect for kids and adults imagination! Try Unicorn ColoringBookcollection for absolutely FREE: * cartoon unicorn inUnicornColoring Book * realistic unicorn in Unicorn Coloring Book*unicorn with rainbow in Unicorn Coloring Book * anime styleunicornin Unicorn Coloring Book * kawaii style unicorn in UnicornColoringBook * dreaming unicorn in Unicorn Coloring Book * hipsterunicornin Unicorn Coloring Book * romantic unicorn in UnicornColoringBook * unicorns with rider-girl in Unicorn Coloring BookUnicornColoring Book is very easy to use: * download game UnicornColoringBook from Google Play * open and select a coloring page ofUnicornColoring Book * color unicorn with 3 built-in palettes *zoom in,zoom out for coloring small details of unicorn * selectanother onepicture in Unicorn Coloring Book * сolor and recolor asmany timeas you want * create your own color combinations in thisawesomecoloring game * all colouring unicorn is saving in galleryofUnicorn Coloring Book * share your coloring Unicorn withyourfriends and family in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsAppandother social networks Unicorn Coloring Book is the game forthewhole family: adults can use it for relax and anti-stresscoloring,kids for fun coloring unicorn game. It is a free and funbook forall ages. Everyone can select perfect unicorn for him andcolor itas he want. Also you can use Unicorn Coloring Book fordrawingunicorn on the paper: Unicorn Coloring Book includes drawingforbeginners and experts. This coloring game works offline! NoWi-fineeded to relax and enjoy on the best coloring book.UnicornColoring Book is absolutely free: - no paid content -noregistration - no coins - all for FREE! Enjoy unicorns andcoloringgame with Unicorn Coloring Book! We are waiting for yourcommentsand suggestions for our Unicorn Coloring Book. Believe inUnicorns!😉🦄💖
My Little Unicorn 🦄 Magic Horse 1.1.1
The best way you could understand a horse caretaker andtheresponsibilities you are confronting with during the process istoget in this unicorn game and learn on your own skin theproperactivities that need to be done in order to have a happyandhealthy horse. And exactly how you could accomplish that?It'ssimple, you just have to follow the game's challenges and makesureeach one of them is fulfilled so your money and experiencepointswill raise. Yes, you heard that right, you are able to earnsomecoins in this game to buy anything you might like to add foryourlittle unicorn. There are also some icons that will show youtheactual health condition and the good state of his mind.Hishappiness is in your hands and the first thing you are going todowhile you are playing with this unicorn is to clean his stablefromthe dirt that accumulated during the time. Once his home isallcleaned up his turn comes too and you must use all those toolstogive him a real pamper. Because you care of him you'll takehimnext to the farrier to care his hooves and you will go throughawhole process to chance them, pay attention. You even haveaharvest game where you need to collect in a bucket apples andwaterto be able to provide a good healthy meal. Next you have tounlockthe upcoming level and if you would like to decorate hishome,dress him up with nice accessories, take him to the doctor forafull control, offering him a facial spa treatment and also amakeup. There are also interactive games integrated and as you canseethe complexity of the game will make you wanna play it as muchaspossible. And for that we would want to reward you with somedailyprizes like the gifts boxes and the spin wheel where you canspinyour luck. Besides those you have some funny mini games andanexciting horse race where you could win more money. Your goal istoearn experience as a unicorn caretaker and to have fun tryingtofulfill the needs of this cute animal. This pony game iseverythingyou wished for and even more, the features are exorbitantand theway graphics managed to combine with the thematic isamazing.
Unicorn Dress Up - Girls Games 1.0.8
Unicorns are magical horses with a horn on their head. In thisgameyou can create a huge number of outfits from over 180 items for8pet unicorns. Categories of items in the game: capes,headbands,hoofs, horns, manes & tails of varioius shapes andcolors, mane& tail decorations, necklaces, skirts, bodystickers and evenwings! 7 backgrounds with rainbows, meadows andmagical forests.All of that is completely free, no in-apppurchases! A real feastfor all horse and animal lovers! We havemore dressup/makeovergames for girls about pets and animals: "Pony& Girl Dress Up","Cat Dress Up", and "Dog Puppy Dress Up. Todownload them and playcompletely free, without any in-apppurchases, tap the "More byGames For Girls" link.
Unicorn Food - Rainbow Glitter Food & Fashion 1.0.3
Hungry? Why eat boring normal food when you can eat colorfulandtrendy UNICORN food?! Help Ashley, the queen of all thingsunicorn,live her life with unicorn-colored glasses! Make deliciousunicornfood including cakes and ice cream, dress up in glitteryrainbowoutfits, and enjoy the unicorn lifestyle with Ashley and theotherunicorn girls!Ashley is a supercool teen - she’s one ofthoseawesome girls who likes to live like a glitter unicorn! Shecoversherself in head-to-toe sparkly rainbow garb, styles her hairlike aunicorn, and eats delicious rainbow colored unicorn-themedfood -she especially loves to bake rainbow cakes! Not to mentionheradorable unicorn nails! Help her enjoy her colorful unicornworldwith her unicorn-loving friends to thefullest!Features:>Bakecolorful and delicious unicorn cakes withAshley and the girls!Which of these cakes is your favorite: ClassicUnicorn or DrippingRainbow?>Dress Ashley up in the prettiestglittery unicornoutfits! Give her that rainbow style that makes herpop!>Makeheavenly colorful unicorn drinks with Ashley - hotchocolate isyummy, but unicorn hot chocolate is OUT OF THISWORLD!>StyleAshley and her friends’ hair like a unicorn! Don’tforget thoseglittery rainbow accessories - the girls will lovethem!>Mmm…unicorn bagels! Breakfast has never been sodelightful.>GiveAshley a beautiful, colorful unicorn makeover!Bring out her innerunicorn goddess!>Play a fun unicorn foodthemed Match-3minigame!>YUM - you thought the cakes were good?Try the unicornice cream! Make it yourself for you, Ashley and thegirls!>Nounicorn look is complete without rainbow unicorn nails.Add funpatterns and stickers!>Upload photos of your unicorn foodtoUnigram, and get likes, likes, and more likes!>Win lots offuncontests and get trophies!ABOUT TabTaleA Google Play TopDeveloper,recognized for its commitment to launching high-qualityandinnovative apps on Android. With over 1.5 billion downloadsandgrowing, TabTale has established itself as the creatorofpioneering virtual adventures that kids and parents love.TabTale’sapps spark children’s imaginations and inspire them tothinkcreatively, while having fun! Search “TabTale” on Google Playanddiscover more incredible apps.Visitus: us:@TabtaleWatchus: US Let us know whatyouthink! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contact us24/7at: [email protected] FOR PARENTSThe app is free to playbutcertain in-game items may require payment. You may restrictin-apppurchases by disabling them on this device. The app mayincludeadvertising for TabTale and certain third parties whichwillredirect users to our sites, apps or third-party sites.Yourprivacymatters. The app may enable collection of limited user databyTabTale or its carefully selected providers (e.g. ad networksandanalytics) for limited purposes described in our PrivacyPolicy(e.g. respond to support queries; enable, analyze and improvetheapp’s features and services; serve contextual ads and measuretheirperformance). For more information (notably on theproviders),please read our Privacy Policy: By downloading, updating orusing the app you consent (in yourpersonal capacity and for otherusers of your device) to thiscollection and use of limited deviceinformation for ad display andreporting purposes and you accept ourTerms of Use:
UNICORN - Color by Number Pixel Art Game
Creating modern masterpieces of digital art is simpler thanever!Enjoy the art of true color by number with UNICORN adultcoloringbook. This color by number app will definitely make yourtime fly!Just shelter from the stress of life and complete avariety ofunique anti-stress artworks. Relief your stress togetherwithfriends and family members. It’s so fun and so easy to coloryoudon’t even have to be good at art! Simply follow the numbersinsquares. A special color palette suggests what color iswhatnumber. Key Features: · Perfectly develops children finemotorskills · Paint easily any image and watch Time Lapse video attheend · Share with friends on Instagram or Facebook!·Family-friendly content: coloring anti-stress pictures suitsforboth adults & kids · Perfect relaxing way to become themasterof your own mind Be careful not to get too addicted and let’sfillthe pixels in! Unicorn color by number.
Unicorn Evolution - Fairy Tale Horse Game 1.0.9
Tapps Games
The Evolution series just got a fabulous touch! Claimed byourbeloved players, unicorns are here to stay... and to mutate...alot! If having a giant horn in the middle of the headwasn’talready enough, the most majestic of all creatures are aboutto getthe Evolution treatment we all know and love. Check itout!How toplay? Easy! Combine unicorns to evolve them and discovertheir mostcurious, exotic and bizarre forms!FEATURES🦄 Pantheon: anew placefor supreme beings to look down on us mortals and laugh atourmisery🦄 Impostors: watch out for impostors trying to stealtheunicorns’ spotlightHOW TO PLAY🦄 Drag and drop similar unicornstocreate new mysterious creatures🦄 Use unicorn eggs to buynewcreatures and make even more money🦄 Alternatively, fiercely tapaunicorn to make eggs popHIGHLIGHTS🦄 Different stages andmanyunicorn species to discover🦄 A mind-blowing story yet untold🦄Theunexpected mix of alpaca-like evolution and incrementalclickergames🦄 Doodle-like illustrations🦄 Various possible endings:findyour destiny🦄 No unicorns were harmed in the making of thisgame,only developersCome to the mythical side of the Evolutionseriesgames! Unicorns await!Evolution NEVER ends. Check out some oftheother games in the series: Fox Evolution - out what the fox says at last!Rabbit Evolution- - Rabbits can surprise you!Pleasenote!This game is free to play, but it contains items that canbepurchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned inthedescription may also have to be purchased for real money.
Unicorn Girl Craft Exploration: Games For Girls 1.10
Building & crafting girl game with unicorns! Use yourmagicalpowers of imagination to build your own house, castle, oreven acity! Crafting & building games for girls to play. Ablockyworld of creativity, sweetness and fun!Girl games, dress upandmake up, aren't the only fun things to do on yoursmartphone!Become a princess in your own world and explorebeautiful lands ofmagic and creativity. Mine and craft blocks tobuild your owncastle to have a place to come back from hours of funwith unicorngirl games.A Building & crafting girl game - robotunicorn,little sparky ponies, rainbow, fairy and magic forest!Magic, fairytale, world exploration. craft, mine & build! Ridethe pixelunicorn - have it as your cute pet! Be a top girl! Freegame forgirls with cute animals! Build a cube world with colorfultextures& patterns. Design, fashion and creative game! Be abeautyqueen! Make friends with cute animals, build anything usingcubes.Game for teenage girl! Build a cube world! Exploration,Building& crafting. Pocket edition of Unicorn Craft - free gameforgirls! Become a fairy, build a castle or palace! Useyourcreativity! Creative game for kids in the world full ofunicorns!No silly princess girl games! Use your imagination andplay freegame for girls! Great robots style game! Candy craft world- aperfect free game for girls. This game is brought to youbycreators of Princess Craft & Girls Craft - experts in gamesforteenage girls! Plunge into the world of creation, building,cuteanimals and pets! Be like princess! Be a Princess! Build a Spa,PetShop, Beauty Salon. A game where you can have a boyfriend, buildahouse and have a family! Build a rainbow or a magic tree! Haveanelf boyfriend in this building simulator game! Build a wholecity!Join your favorite princess ponies & unicorns in themostprestigious fashion & academy around! Oh my! Pony can beyourfriend! Collect them, play with them! Make your own cute storyandquests! Top game for Top Girl! My little unicorn, pony andme!Build and explore the sandbox world! Use block, craft, exploreandhave fun! Best games for girls & kids! Fairy tale cometrue!Explore the girl’s cube world! Build a SPA, Beauty Salon,HairSalon Pet Shop! In this incredible and totally free game forgirls(dedicated and designed for girls and women!) you can destroyallthe blocks, collect resources, survive and build beautiful&perfect Buildings. This creative game for teenage girls(PocketEdition) contains a large number of different cute glitterblocks(pink, yellow, colorful) with which you can craft your ownteenagegirls cube world! You can plant flowers in the garden, bakecakes,build a house for your pet, pony, unicorn and friends or evenbuildyour own palace in this building games for girls! Be likeaprincess or a queen! Upcomingfeatures:MultiplayerCraftingitemsBuilding craft modeSurvivalexploration modeCube blockycraftWorld Craft StorySkyblock freemodeStory mode Interested inother Building & crafting freegames like Girls Craft? See ourother games!Make a unicorn yourfriend!Build anything youwant!Explore the infinite cute world
Robot Unicorn Attack 2 1.8.5
“Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is happiness. It is hope. It is always.Itis yours. 9.5/10” -Destructoid“A worthy successor to the titlethatfirst spread joy and laughter throughout a deadland.”-Kotaku"Everything that made the original game so much fun isstillthere and untainted. This is absolutely how a sequel to agameshould be done." -148Apps“Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is awonderfulfollow-up and a textbook example of how sequels should bedone.4.5/5” -Modojo"The graphics are mesmerizingly gorgeous, withallkinds of wild, trippy stuff happening in the background... Italladds up to a truly brilliant game that’s incredibly fun even ifyoudon’t want to pay a cent." -Slide To PlayGet your hands onthelatest, greatest, most epic installment of the Robot UnicornAttackseries to date, available for FREE!Brought to you by PikPokandAdult Swim Games, makers of "Monsters Ate MyCondo!!"FEATURES:-Choose between Team Rainbow or Team Inferno andcompete on a uniquelevel every day for prizes- Race through 2worlds at war, one ofRainbows and Harmony and one of Ice andWonder- Build and customizeyour very own unicorn, selecting fromdifferent bodies, manes,wings, horns, trails and more- Unlock andarm yourself with 12different boost abilities, including "RainbowSavior" and "Gallow'sGallop"- Achieve both personal and communitygoals, updated daily-Battle mighty giants and dash through theirdangerous Solar Beams-Journey through such cosmic spectacles asSpace Whales, LeviathanSeahorses, Ice Owls and more- Both worldschange to new anddifferent layouts every single day- Personalizeyour quest (andsupport the artists) by purchasing new backgroundsongs for $.99apiece, including Erasure's "Always"- Full Tabletsupport for both7 and 10 inch tablets!- Oh, also? You can fly now.Yeah. Yeah,man.Follow Us:Facebook- Website- Terms of Use for thisappincludes arbitration for disputes –see
Unicorn Wallpapers 1.4
Beautiful "Unicorn Wallpaper" HD Cover your phone with trueGirlycuteness with this adorable collection of free MobileBackgroundsfor Girls. Amazing Fantasy Unicorn Background GraphicsArt 3DIllustrations. Free Download this excellent collection ofCuteCartoon “Unicorn Pictures” Specially designed for Kids Theunicornis a legendary animal that has been described sinceantiquity as abeast with a large, pointed, spiraling Hornprojecting from itsforehead. The Flying Unicorn was depicted inancient seals of theIndus Valley Civilization and was mentioned bythe ancient Greeksin accounts of natural history by variouswriters, includingCtesias, Strabo, Pliny the Younger, and Aelian.The Bible alsodescribes an animals, the re'em, which sometranslations haveerroneously rendered with the word unicorn.Perhaps the mostwondrous of all mystical creatures, the Unicorn isa Symbol ofmagic, miracles, purity, innocence and enchantment.Thismagical andenchanting animal appears to only a rare few and has theability tobestow miracles and Wisdom to those who are pure of heartandvirtuous in their deeds. Nice Features OF "UnicornWallpaper"Application- Full support for landscape mode.- Compatiblewith 99%of mobile phones and devices.- Optimized battery usage!-Fullysupports horizontal orientation- Add to favorites- You cansave orShare to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr,Flickr,Stumble, Instagram Or Line with your Good Friends or wholefamily.Top Apps 2018 and APK!- High Quality Real "UnicornWallpapers" ForAndroid Smartphone And Tablet. Funny Background" caneasily fillyou with adorable feelings of love and happiness.
🦄Graceful Unicorn Live Wallpaper 1.1.2
This glimmer live wallpaper will show you a etherealalabasterunicorn play happily among the balmy flowers. The etherealunicornbathed in the moon glimmer effulgence, the fireflies areflyingaround the alabaster unicorn, the whole picture looks sogracefulin the moon effulgence. If you love the visionary hornedcreature -unicorn, hope you will love this Ethereal Unicorn LiveWallpaper!This alabaster Ethereal Unicorn Live Wallpaper is specialdesignedfor the unicorn lovers or Pegasus lovers! Download theEtherealUnicorn Live Wallpaper to own the alabaster unicorn, balmyflowers,moon effulgence, graceful butterflies, flying fireflieswallpaperon your screen!A winged unicorn is afictionalsupernatural visionary horse with wingslike mythologyPegasus and the horn of a unicorn. Amythology pegasusdoes not have a horn but it has wings around ofapplause for thepegasus. The difference between a unicorn and avisionary pegasusis quite clear a unicorn has ahorn which usually storestheir magically powers while agraceful pegasus can only fly withits gorgeous wings. VisionaryPegasus works for others where as aunicorn can never be controlledby a human. The narwhal orrhinoceros is a major source for legendsabout the visionary spiralhorned unicorn. Visionary unicorn withspiral horn on its foreheadwas often believed to have magicalpowers, including the ability toheal diseases and neutralizepoisons. The spiral horn of visionaryunicorns were seen as havingsimilar powers and were highly valuedin Medieval Europe. The oryxand the eland are two species ofantelope that also contributed tothe development of thesesupernatural vibrant unicornmythology.Today, the graceful unicornis a decidedly more magical,supernatural gentle creature, likerainbow jumpy unicorn, runningaround on rainbows and inspiringmillions in many mythologyfairy tales.🦄Ethereal Unicorn LiveWallpaper include:-3D supreme HDwallpaper-Exclusive moon glimmerlight animation-With etherealalabaster unicorn bathed in theglimmer as background-Astonishing HDgraphics-3D movingeffect-Flying fireflies-Gesture effectTouch thescreen, gracefulbutterfly will spread out on the screen!🍀 Keyfeature of theApp:*Compatible with 99% phones device*Very small,will not affectsystem performance*Battery save functionThe freealabaster EtherealUnicorn Live Wallpaper app will sleep when yourphone is inactive,so this live wallpaper will not drain yourbattery.⭐Notice:TheEthereal Unicorn Live Wallpaper is onlyavailable for phones withour launcher installed. If you don't haveour launcher, don'tworry, the app will redirect and guide youthrough the installationprocess.If you download the EtherealUnicorn Live Wallpaper, youcan enjoy:❤️More stylish livewallpapersWe are a creative team, andalways make great efforts tocreate more extraordinary livewallpapers for you. If you likegraceful unicorn or Pegasus, thenyou can get more astonishing livewallpapers about unicorns andPegasus. We have made: SeraphicUnicorn Wallpaper, UnicornLive Wallpaper, Mythology PegasusWallpaper and many more in thenear future.❤️More varietythemes/wallpapersYou can go to our themecenter to look for moredifferent kinds of themes here, you canfind all sorts of themecategories, including anime, black, 3D,skull, pink, red, purple,love, white, blue, green, music, dragon,gold, cartoon, panda, girl,stars, people, football, wolf,graffiti, live, car, neon, cat, lion,joker, sports, tech, and hasa large variety of HD Backgrounds/LiveWallpapers/Themes updatedevery day! You can find what you wanthere!If you like the EtherealUnicorn Live Wallpaper, please supportus by rating it and leavinga comment.If you have any ideas orsuggestions, contact us byemail: [email protected], we are sohappy to receive your valuableadvice. Your satisfaction is the bestpayback for us!
Unicorn Food - Sweet Rainbow Cupcake Desserts 1.2
Like cupcake? Why eat boring normal cupcake food when you caneatcolorful and trendy UNICORN cupcake? Now it’s the time. Withournewest Unicorn Food - Rainbow Cupcake Desserts out. You couldhavethe very skill to make the most fashionable unicorn cupcakerightnow. Let’s start. First, add all the ingredients to makethecupcake batter. Flour, vanilla extract, water, etc. Do notmissone. Then, choose the rainbow color you like, so many colorstochoose from to make your rainbow cupcake. Bake your cupcakewiththe cute unicorn oven. It is the very special one in the worldandyou will use it to bake your cupcake. How wonderful. Decorateyourrainbow cupcake with so many unicorn decoration. Colorful,fashionand yummy. It’s time to show your talent now. Show off yourfashionunicorn rainbow cupcakes to the friends and family. It willbeamazing to shock them with this trendy food. You will be themostpopular girl/boy with this fashion unicorn food. Let’s downloaditright now.
Unicorn Food - Sweet Rainbow Cake Desserts Bakery 1.6
Unicorn food is so popular around the world. Looking at thesparklycolors and yummy food. I can not help trying. Today, youhave thechance. “Unicorn Rainbow Cake” is now ready to make. Withso manyglittery decorations, your unicorn cake would be the bestone.Let’s try it today. First, let’s make the rainbow cakefromscratch. Add all the ingredients: sugar, water, flour,eggs,vanilla extract etc to the bowl. Mix all the ingredientstogether.Pick as many food coloring as you like to add to the mixedbatter.You can make so many colors together. Combine your cakemixturecolors as you like. Then Bake your cake. Make sure it isOK.Decorate the rainbow cake with so many unicorn decorations.Rainbowcream, candy, toppers etc. You are the best designer. Itwill beamazing and the most popular eats. Come on now., You are themostfashionable chef. Let's start right now.
Unicorn Photo Stickers: Cute Photo Editor for Girl 1.4
Adorable and unique stickers for pictures are ready foryourselfies! Download the latest 📸”Unicorn Photo Stickers: CutePhotoEditor For Girl”🦄 photo editing app! Apply the unicorn filtertoyour pictures with the new unicorn photo stickers editor.Enjoyusing the sophisticated image editing tool and photo editoreveryday! With the selfie camera stickers app for girls, you cancreatecute photo montage easily. Take one of your pictures anddecorateit with the girl photo stickers to beautify your images forfree!Go crazy when using unicorn horse and unicorn cupcakes onyourphotos. Pick a cute “pony photo”, take a picture with theinstantsweet camera editor and enjoy looking at your new memories!Grabthe sticker photo editor and photo studio camera and spendlesstime editing pics! Become the prettiest girl thanks to theponyeditor full of pink unicorn photo stickers! Use theuniqueopportunity to improve your photos with the new “picturemodifier”.Get the 📸Unicorn Photo Stickers: Cute Photo Editor ForGirl🦄 tocreate your own unicorn photo montages with the bestunicornsimulator! Give your photos a beautiful makeover by usingtheunicorn girl photo effects and stickers! ↓Features↓ 🎀Stickerdesign image photo edit! 🎀 Amazing unicorn photo filter! 🎀Take aphoto or upload one from your gallery! 🎀 Beauty selfie camerawithphoto editor! 🎀 Free pics stickers and effects for yourselfies! 🎀Turn your photos into unicorn pictures! 🎀 Cute photoeditor withsticker in effects! 🎀 Latest photo editor unicorn! 🎀Save the phototo your device! 🎀 Cute stickers for girls! Thewonderful picturedecorator will make wonders for your photos!Install the 📸UnicornPhoto Stickers: Cute Photo Editor For Girl🦄 andtransform yourimages into works of art in a fun and easy way withthe cutesticker camera! If you are looking for a real unicornsticker photoeditor, search no more because the finest sweet cameraeffect andphoto studio app download is in front of you! Have funwith yourfriends and family members by editing your photos with theponyphoto editor. Invite all of your dear friends and beautifyyourmemories with the fun cute stickers and photo studio collage.Putstamps for pictures and cute love stickers for photos onyourpictures for free. The free photo app with stickers hasaneasy-to-navigate, user-friendly interface. Enter the photostudioand try out the photo editing software for fashionable girls.Edityour pictures like a professional and start creatingincrediblephoto montages! The 📸Unicorn Photo Stickers: Cute PhotoEditor ForGirl🦄 has been designed for cute girls who like unicornwallpapers,unicorn backgrounds, and unicorn photo frames. Make yourphotosglamorous with the unicorn theme girl stickers. Explorethecollection of photo stickers free and add them to yourselfies.Create stunning photo manipulation with the photo montageapp andunicorn “stickers for girls”! Peep into the sticker appforpictures and find your favorite pony photo. Enjoy the photoeditingexperience with one of the best pictures of unicorn! Thebest photosticker app will refresh your pictures and give them anew fancyglow. The photo edit funny enables you to add some selfiefiltersand try out some realistic “sticker unicorn”. If you arefond ofunicorn wallpapers cute, the 📸Unicorn Photo Stickers: CutePhotoEditor For Girl🦄 will become your new favorite photostickercamera. The photo editing software for fashionable girls iswaitingfor you!
Unicorn coloring book for kids 1.5.1
2bros games introduces painting and drawing for kids onAndroid.Start drawing kids coloring pages now! Enjoy the picturesofunicorns, horses, ponies and other fairy tale creatures.Coloringbook for toddlers help your children to relax and feelbetter. Yourtoddler doesn’t need internet connection to startdoodling andpainting the coloring pages for kids. What is thecoloring gamesabout?
- Kids coloring book contains over 50 coloringpages forgirls.
- Create your own color combinations in the drawinggame forchildren.
- Unicorn painting and doodling for girls isdesignedalso for toddlers and babies. 
- Coloring book for kids hassimplecontrols! Tap to paint and pinch to zoom on the coloringpages
-Doodle their own drawings by using one of the awesometools.
-Share your creations with family and friends of Facebook,Instagramand on other social apps.
- Relaxing kid’s music andsounds.
- Allof the unicorn coloring pages are for free. - Awesomefamily gameand for lovers of horses.- Children’s friendlyenvironment.
Eachpicture in the kids coloring game has beencarefully chosen soevery girl would like to paint it. Discoverwonderful world ofmagic full of mandalas, unicorns, horses andlittle ponies. And noworries, Cinderella will take care of your kidthroughout the game,so let’s draw something now!- Coloring booksfor kids anywhere youwant.
Coloring game for girls is a free appand it does not requireany internet connection. Have fun onholiday, in the garden orduring a long hours flight. Let your kidbe creative and relaxed.-Learn English as you play
.Englishlearning for kids is anothersmall advantage of the app. Coloringbook for kids is in theEnglish language. Tap on a color or a toolin the game and theywill be pronounced in English. Your child isable to learn colorsin english while they are having fun. - SupportandCompatibility
.We're continuously improving the littleponydrawing, doodling and painting game so that all Android devicesrunthe game. Let us help to improve the game by leaving anhonestreview on googleplay, we read and care about everysinglefeedback.
The little pony game for girls is a free app forallages. If you like the very best games for children, girlsandtoddlers follow on:
Graceful Alicorn Keyboard Theme 10001004
The Graceful Alicorn Keyboard Theme is a dreamy purplekeyboard,which is specially designed for unicorn lovers.The Greekmythologykeyboard with sparkling lucid dew keypad, visionary purplePegasusas background, it will make your phone screen look elegantanddreamy.The visionary unicorn keyboard is a free app withthehighlights of gesture typing, slide typing, emoji prediction,smartauto-correction, voice input, 100+ languages, thousands ofvariousfree keyboard themes for you to choose, all are with noadds.Withthe custom Graceful Alicorn Keyboard Theme, you can typemorestylish, smooth and smart, the sweltering boring typing lifewillbe more interesting, delight and have fun. You will love tocontactyour friends and family at anytime. Enjoy the typing lifefrom nowon!🦄 Download and apply the Graceful Alicorn KeyboardTheme, youcan enjoy:- 3D supreme HD wallpaper- Exclusive lightanimation-With ethereal Alicorn roam in the brook asbackground/wallpaper-Custom sparkling transparent crystal dew frontkeypad characters-Astonishing HD graphics- Interesting customkeypad tone / keytone🎵-Different types of expressive emojis, funnystickers and emotions-More free Greek mythology creature keyboardthemes/wallpapers⭐Notice:The Graceful Alicorn Keyboard Theme isonly available withour keyboard installed android phones.It iscompatible with 99%android phones device.❤️ Install instructions:1.Download and applythe Graceful Alicorn Keyboard Theme2. If youdon't have ourkeyboard, the legendary creature keyboard willredirect and guideyou through the installation process. If youalready have ourkeyboard installed, you can skip this step.3. Openthe GracefulAlicorn Keyboard Theme app.4. Click "Apply" button, andtheethereal unicorn keyboard theme will beapplied. 5.Congratulations, you have installed and activatedthe GracefulAlicorn Keyboard Theme.🍀 Highlights of the GracefulAlicornKeyboard Theme:- More Personalized ThemesThe Greekmythologykeyboard center offers a vast collection of free customkeyboardthemes! Including anime, black, 3D, skull, love ,wolf ,neonandmore! All keyboard themes are free without ads, all areexquisitefont styles and lyric keyboard!- Sliding Typing/ GestureTypingTotype a word by swiping, simply touch the first letter andglideyour finger over the letters.- SmartPrediction&AutoCompleteThe cloud prediction feature offersword/phrasesuggestions based on your typing habits.- EmojiPredictionEmojiprediction feature offers precise prediction ofemojis. Just type aword and the clear lucid dew keyboard willauto-suggest emojis foryou.- Voice Typing / Voice InputLong pressthe space bar toactivate! It will be more convenient for you typehappily!-Auto-correctionYou don’t have to worry type a wrong wordanymore,crystal dew keyboard(typewriter) will correct it from nowon.-ClipboardIt will be so convenient for you to fetch your copyandpaste texts at the first time.- Adjustable KeyboardYou can setthetransparent dreamy purple keyboard's height easily to suityourneeds. - Interesting Emojis&GifsA vast selections ofemojis& GIFs is pre-installed in the dreamyunicornkeyboard(typewriter) theme to add fun to yourchats! -Multilingual TypingSuperlative fantastic legendarycreaturekeyboard with custom clear crystal dew front keypadcharacterssupports over 120 languages!If you like the beautifulGracefulAlicorn Keyboard Theme, please support us by rating it andleavinga comment.If you have any ideas or suggestions, contact usbyemail: [email protected], we are so happy to receive yourvaluableadvice. Your satisfaction is the biggest payback for us!
Unicorn Rainbow Donut - Sweet Desserts Bakery Chef 1.1
“BEST app EVER!” “My girls always love baking things” “It’s somuchdesired to make the trendy & sparkly unicorn food” OK,let’sface it. Unicorn food is so popular throughout the world.Everyoneloves donut, but how about the very trendy unicorn donut.Yes ofcourse we prefer the unicorn rainbow donut. Let’s start rightnow.- Add & mix all the ingredients,flour, eggs, water etc tothebowl. Be careful not to spill. - Plenty of food coloring tochoosefrom. Look at these beautiful and sparkly colors. I love it.Addthem to the mixture and mix them very well. - Pour therainbowmixture to the mold. Combine the colors as you like. - dragthemold to the oven. The donut is about to be ready. Hmm, i cansmellit. Yummy~ can’t wait to try. - Plenty of the unicorndecorationsto use. Wow, the rainbow frosting, unicorn sprinkles,and so manymore. It is so much fun to create what i want - Take alook at thegreat work. Wow, the best unicorn donut is ready. Take abite andsee the rainbow colors. - Hurry to take a photo to share toyourfriends and family. Invite them to play together. So muchfun,Download it today! Let’s play together.
Talking Unicorn 1.8
Bluebody Soft
Make friends with the cute talking unicorn, and the two of youwillhave a blast spending time together. Being very smart, hecanrepeat everything you say to him. Listen to your own words inafunny voice and you will be laughing so much. If you poke hisleg,he will start jumping, and when you get to know each other alittlebetter, he will show you some dance moves. So many funactivitiesare waiting for you, like playing the latest mini games,orlistening to the cool talking unicorn play the flute orthetrumpet. This being is living in an enchanted land far away andiswilling to show you the interior of his home. The living roomisfurnished according to the latest style, and little fairy isthereto keep him company. If you tap on her, she will spread themagicdust all over the place. You should help this creature fromthefairy-tales brush his teeth and have a shower. He takes a lotofcare about his hygiene, and that is why the bathroom is ofhighimportance to him. Make your children happy by downloading forfreethe newest Talking Unicorn game for them. This will be an easywayfor them to learn to count until ten.Instructions: • Talk toyournew friend, the unicorn, and he will repeat what you have said•Collect coins by playing mini games and you will open thelockedrooms• Poke his leg or slap him until he sees stars• Takeyour bestpal to the gym or have a blast together in the playground•Help theunicorn keep his hygiene and he will play some instrumentforyouAfter a long and exhausting day, your best buddy, thetoptalking unicorn, needs to get his beauty sleep. Tap on thefairyplaying a flute and the light will turn off immediately. It issocute how he snores! If you want to enter all the rooms of thishugehouse, then you should collect as many coins as you can. Thenextroom is a playground. It is a beautiful yard in front of thehouse.Check out how much fun is jumping on the trampoline. Herethetalking unicorn is playing with his favorite ball. This beingfroman enchanted land has decided that it is the right time tolosesome weight, and that is why he has a home gym. There he runsorwalks on the treadmill. If you want, you can adjust the speedforhim.How funny is that this talking unicorn farts? He issointeresting, and within the popular Talking Unicorn app, youhavegot so many awesome mini games that you can play while waitinginthe queue or lying around on the couch. For starters, there isthenewest Bugs Killer, where you should assist the masked boyinwiping out all the disgusting insects. If you are craving fortherush of adrenaline, then we are certainly recommending you thetopTiles Run, where your job will be to tap all the lit tiles asfastas you can. If you want to check what you have remembered fromyourschool days, you should definitely try the latest CowboyMathSurvive. The vicious enemies, like eagles, are trying topreventhim from accomplishing the mission of calculatingeverythingcorrectly, but you will help him, right? You will besurprised somuch when you check out the best Make Runners Safe app,since thereare two or three heroes going at the same time aftertheir mission.Also, if you like, a cute little animal from theforest would useyour help. She is trying to collect all thehazelnuts and to jumpall over to the highest grid. Play the coolClever Squirrel Jump,and try to get the highest score. A wholebarrel of fun is waitingfor you if you grab your smartphone anddownload this incredibleand mind-blowing Talking Unicorn game.
Real Robot Unicorn Horse Robot Car Transformation 1.10
Welcome to Futuristic robots and flying horse in robottransforminggames where robot car and robot horse are coming to youin robotgames in the form of robot unicorn games bundled alongrobottransformation with robot attack. This stuff is new inrobottransforming games and car robot games while we present ourbrandnew real robots in another one of our robot transformationgameswhere you take control of ur robot horse while you enjoy ourfreshoffering off robot vs robot monster games called Real RobotUnicornHorse Robot Transformation Game. It’s a brand new series inrobottransformation games. Our App comes with a different flavourofhorse robot games and robot horse games witch you experiencedinmulti robot transforming games including the ones launched inUSPolice Transform Robot genre. Its not our first in the animalrobotgames but we've been doing real robots when we presentedrobotshark, tiger robot, crocodile robot and now our entry intohorsegames and muscle car robot games ensure that we only wanttodeliver the best robot action in best robot games.Transformingrobots and mech warrior, is in these days and this newitem herecomes with a flying horse robot earlier seen in policerobot hasfeatures unique to these horse attack games. In our realrobotgames & robot action games, we added thrill of robotfightinggames usually only see in transforming robot games, whichmakesthis futuristic flying robot game with futuristic robots thebestchoice of gamers. What we produced this time is neither seeninflying horse games or flying robot games rather the robothorsegame is new to robot flying games. Come and enjoy the robotbattlegames we’ve designed just for you with robot horse. Time totakecharge of your robot warrior. Real Robot Unicorn HorseRobotTransformation Game is the latest addition to flying horsegames,horse robot games plus flying robot games, unicorn robotnever seenbefore robot unicorn games making the unicorn even moreexcitingand making this robot horse game and flying unicornsimulator themost awesome Transforming Robot around. Its robot vsrobot when youplay with futuristic robots in game levels where yourunicorn is atransform robot that is fighting against muscle carrobot with wowrobot action not seen before in any robot fightinggames or carrobot games or even robot action games. You have neverhad thisgame where animal robots are up against machines that looklikecars , the perfect ingredient of best robot games among newrobotgames. Ever since Machine Dreams Inc stepped into the era ofmultirobot transforming games and real robot games we believe ourrobothorse game coming in the form of robot unicorn is the mostexcitingamong gorilla robot, eagle robot, police robot and is upagainsttransform robot war. Real Robot Unicorn Horse RobotTransformationGame comes with a futuristic flying robot unicorn,that you havenot yet seen in any other robot transforming games,that’s deadlierthan a flying horse robot and mightier than robothorse that youare going to love animal robot games. In this genrefor robotshooting games our horse robot is set to rank high inhorse robotgames where the action matches any other unicorn robotattack newwithin robot horse games. Watch unicorn horse transformintovarious forms and provide some really nice fighting scenes thatwetried to design in a way that you guys will love to keepcomingback for more. We also added some real nice new actioneffectswhere your super hero goes through different actions likespin andstomp to surprise the enemy.So come dive into unicornactionsequences in our transforming robot games which you will findbestamong other car robot games. This app you'll only find amongstbestrobot games. Features: New Concept for robot horse games.Excitingmissions with real robot action. Detailed 3D Environment.RealisticRobot Fight with flying robot unicorn
Unicorn Wallpapers 1.3
Cute "Unicorn Wallpapers" HD Backgrounds For Smartphone AndTablet.• Funny "Cartoon Wallpaper" Images High Resolution GraphicsFantasyArt 3D Illustrations Free Download!• Pretty "KawaiiUnicornWallpapers" for Girls• Sassy Wallpaper for Real fans NiceFeaturesOF Latest Beautiful "Unicorn Wallpapers" HD WidescreenApplicationFor Android.- Full support for landscape mode.-Compatible with 99%of mobile phones and devices.- Optimized batteryusage!- Fullysupports horizontal orientation- Add to favorites- Youcan save orShare "Kawaii Wallpaper" to Facebook, Twitter, Google+,Pinterest,Tumblr, Flickr, Stumble, Instagram Or Line with your GoodFriendsor whole family. Best Mobile App 2018 and APK Free!- This isanamazing collection of "Horse Pictures" with Girly "CuteWallpaper"in High Quality.
Unicorn Runner 3D - Horse Run 1.2.21
Unicorn Racing 3D is our most popular girls magical UnicornRunnerGame - perfect for all Unicorn Game lovers to come and play!Takeyour cute little girls Unicorn Horse on an adventure down afunslide but don’t forget to JUMP, DASH, GALLOP and SLIDE underandover lots of obstacles and avoid cute animals in this popularboyand girls game. This amazingly fun Horse & Unicorn girlsgameis designed for families with controls simple enough to beplayedby boys and girls of all ages to join in on this endlessfunrunning game. Unicorn Runner Unicorn Game Features: ⭐️ UnlockTheMagical Robot Pony Unicorn Character ⭐️ Play as 8 DifferentHorsesand Unicorns in Cool & Cute Colours ⭐️ Collect Coins andGetGems to Upgrade ⭐️ Open Prizes for Exclusive Rewards ⭐️SmashThrough Obstacles With The Rainbow Shield ⭐️ Collect &UpgradeLoads of Awesome Powerups! ⭐️ Chase The Rainbow for a CoinBoost ⭐️FREE Updates, New Girls Characters Added Regularly ⭐️AmazingGraphics Unicorn Runner for Girls is our most addictiverunninggame yet! Do you love Unicorns and Ponies!? Choose from 8 ofthecutest and most magical Horse, Unicorns or Ponies as yougallop,dash and slide past obstacles in order to collect coins andreachthe high score! Take your Unicorns on a magical fairy talejourneythrough the forest and city, where obstacles, coins andexcitingboosts are waiting for you! Don’t forget to jump and dashso thatyou can collect as many coins as possible! Coins areawesome, andin Unicorn Runner 3D, you can unlock up to 8 of thecoolest andmost magical Horse, Pony and Unicorn friends to gallopwith! Willyou be able to unlock them all?! Collect enough coins andyou caneven watch the girls magical rainbow drop from the skywithHUNDREDS OF COINS to give you a boost! Once you have collectedsomecoins, take a trip to the amazing Horse Unicorn Game Runner3Dshop, where you can spend your coins to upgrade your powerups,boosts and Unicorns! These magical upgrades will make sure thatyoucan reach the highscores! Don’t forget to come back andcompletethe daily challenges every day! These will give youexcitingrewards such as extra coins and even the MEGA GIFT BOX, allforFREE! Unicorn Runner 3D has been carefully designed for boys,girlsand families to have ultimate fun! Please rate us forfutureimprovements and updates to this Unicorn Game! Invite yourfriendsto play the cute, magical, addictive games designed forGirls &Boys of all ages created by Green Tea Games andchallenge them tobeat your highest score! Visit our official Follow us on Or like us on to get more info about all ourupcomingtitles.
Magic Horse 🦄 Unicorn Caring Beauty Makeover 1.3.0
The unicorn is a mystical horse living in a fairy tale kingdomwherethe tooth fairy princess take care of him. Not only does shefeedthe magic horse, but also make sure the unicorn is themostbeautiful creature among the rest of the species. She likestoprepare the unicorn for every special occasion in the Beautysalonof the magic horse and unicorn caring and makeover!Helptheprincess to clean the stables and the unicorn house. Learn howtotake care of your own magic horse! Everything should be cleanandcomfortable for the unicorn to feel comfortable and relaxedbeforehaving a horse caring and makeover session. If you havealwaysdream of having your own unicorn and be in charge of itshorsecaring, this is your chance to practice in this caring andbeautymakeover salon! Get ready to live this fairy tale adventureforgirls with the lovely tooth fairy princess that will takeyouthrough the different levels of this amazing game for kids!Groomthe horse mane and brush his hair. Take care of the horse tailandprepare the horse for the magical carriage washing andcleaninghim! Let's make a horse beauty makeover like never before!Learnthe secrets of the unicorn beauty and makeover thanks totheprincess of this fairy tale kingdom! Some of the horses liketoplay outside so they will be dirty and messy when they visityou.Have all your horse caring tools ready to recover themysticalpower of this awesome animals! Features of this beautysalon forthe magic horse and the unicorn families:- Horse makeover:changethe look of your favorite animals in this amazing game forgirls!-Makeover educational game for kids that love magic horsesandunicorns!- Change the hair and mane of your favorite horsewhileyou have fun dressing up the animals of this fantasy land!-Amazing fairytale graphics!- Take pictures of your dressupcreations and share them with friends and family!Prepareyourfavorite horse to take the carriage of the beautiful princessandhave hours of fun in this awesome horse caring game for girls!Comeand discover all the different levels full of horses, beautyandmakeover secrets! What are you waiting for? These magic horsesandunicorns are waiting for you in this fantasy land! Play nowandhave fun!Twitter:
Unicorn Dream Theme 1.1.5
Have you ever dreamed of unicorn ? Rainbow unicorn theme hasdreamunicorn live wallpaper and cartoon pink icon pack for you.Cartoonunicorn theme is so cute walking across rainbow bridge.Pinkcartoon theme with rainbow unicorn from fairy story to fulfillyourunicorn dream. Little unicorn walks into your dream and takeyou tothe beautiful wonderland with colorful rainbow and cuteunicornfriends. Get this dream unicorn theme if you like pinkcartoon andcute pony theme for android free.Features of dreamunicorn themewith cartoon icon packdream unicorn lock screen themewith rainbowunicorn live wallpaper cartoon unicorn wallpaper with3D dynamiceffect of little unicorn smilepink unicorn themes withpink iconfor all apps pink launcher themespecial designed pinklaunchericons for 99 popular apps into wonderland of love allcartoon iconssimulate cute unicorn like playing with you onscreen3D pink ponywallpaper with special pink cartoon icon pack petbackgrounddreampurple lock screen to protect android privacy safeSpecial pinkcartoon icon pack weather widget and pink search widgetfree foryou3d dynamic pink launcher to make your android wephonefairywonderlandSupport DIY live wallpaper in magic theme centerorrainbow unicorn themeYou can change as you wish any timedreamunicorn theme. New magic theme for you everyday including alltypespink owl themes free or cute kitty wallpapers samsung and s8themesfree . Cartoon unicorn theme will give you pink launcherwithlittle unicorn live wallpaper with rainbow unicorn wonderlandwhichwill melt your heart. All pink cartoon icon pack is designedwithmy pony for pink launcher. Do not haste and give a love kisstocute unicorn now. dream purple launcher theme for androidlauncherbeautiful unicorn theme is a safe launcher designed for cmLauncher.You need to install pink launcher first to apply cuteunicorn lockscreen We currently does not support any other onelauncher .cartoon unicorn wallpaper will customize android phonegirlish pinktheme cartoon pony gives new life to city of wonderlandunicorncity love special pink cartoon icon pack and pink cloudsmakes itsuper girlish theme super hot special pink cartoon iconpack andcute unicorn decoration make it unique pink theme pinkunicorntheme has pink wonderland to bring you happy smileWe haveallgirlish theme for girls and kids hope you will like ourrainbowunicorn theme as well as pink unicorn theme . We will havemorepink themes coming in future free . best q&a for pinkunicornlauncher theme dream pink style launcher with 3d toucheffect onetap to sort apps within smart groups app drawer one tapto boostspeed and save battery within safe launcher swipe left toreadlocal daily news and hot headline trends DIY live wallpaper andDIYpet keyboard theme in pink theme center enable cute unicornlockscreen and pink applock to protect privacy light weightlauncherever with 3D stunning pink glitter effectexplore more toget 3Dpink cloud and pink unicorn love for android phone Rememberwesupport DIY live wallpaper theme in unicorn theme center .Nomatter you love pink kitty or pink owl , or you fall in lovewithpink pony , you will love this purple unicorn theme like indream.
US Police Transform Car Robot Unicorn Horse Game 1.0.6
Prepare yourself for highly engaging US Police Transform RobotCarUnicorn Horse Game featuring robot unicorn or horse robot fromalsomiami police robot cop car of police car games which hastocomplete city rescue duty from real robot transforming gamesindisturbed crime city. Enjoy real robot transformation games orrealrobot police horse games also futuristic robot transformationgamesbased play mode as iron robot or robot hero along unicornhorserobot having muscle car robot simulator ideal to defeatfuturerobot or robot hero also flying robot having flyingunicornsimulator or cop car robot simulator also robot horsesimulator ofrobot animal games causing disturbance in futuristicrobot cartransformation games robot wars. US Police Transform RobotCarUnicorn Horse Game lets you fight in futuristic robot battleofpolice horse games as mech robot of best action games oreminentcop car robot form robot car games also rainbow horse gamesknownfor futuristic robot transforming or US police robot transformofpolice car games skills also multi robot transformation orrealrobot car transformation abilities having destructivebattlesimulator of animal robot games or police car simulator ofpolicecar games and war machine of robot unicorn games or monsterrobotalong muscle car robot weapons from cop car robot shootinggames toaccomplish miami police car robot missions with unicornattack ofpolice car games in highly disturbed crime city.US PoliceTransformRobot Car Unicorn Horse Game lets you engage in thrillingcityrescue duty with unicorn attack or super robot attack alongbattletanks robot attack in futuristic city robot wars atprominentpositions of grand city as miami police robot cop car ofpolice cargames or horse robot also robot unicorn possessingexceptional USpolice robot transform of police car games orfuturistic robottransforming along real robot car transformation ormulti robottransformation abilities of robot hero or iron robotfrom robotunicorn games along future robot know for super robotattack to winbattle city robot wars. Are you fan of playingastonishing warrobot games or real muscle car robot transformationgames then youwill become fan of this transforming robots actiongame. Play inreal robot transformation game to win miami policesuper robot carrescue missions of wild horse games utilizing robothorse simulatorof robot animal games or cop car robot simulatoralso flyingunicorn simulator of animal robot games used by unicornhorse robotfrom unicorn attack games. Win the ultimate robot battleoftransforming robots action game & wild horse robotfightinggames against future robot of spider robot games or robotheroalong flying robot having flying unicorn simulator fromlittlerobot games loaded with monster robot or war machine ofrobotunicorn games along flying kill machine weapons to police carrobotmissions in robot battle arena of urban wars.US PoliceTransformRobot Car Unicorn Horse Game provides you amazing actionpackedfuturistic robot war machines battle where you as robotunicorn orhorse robot from also miami police robot cop car ofpolice cargames has to kill evil robots future robot or robot heroalsoflying robot having flying unicorn simulator or cop carrobotsimulator also robot horse simulator of robot animal gameortransforming robot games. In this real robot transformationgamebattle for glory as horse robot or unicorn horse robothavingdeadly unicorn attack along wild horse robot of spider robotgamesand fulfill flying kill machine city rescue missions infuturisticcity robot wars.Features:- Amazing designed 3D HDGraphics ofrainbow horse robot game. - High quality futuristicrobot sounds& effects of multi robot action games.-Innovatively designedrescue missions from princess horse game.-Customized mech robotcontrols for movements in grand city fromrobot battle games.-Highly addictive horse robot games based playmode.
Pony Unicorn Theme 1.0.2
Create your own unique mobile theme, starting with the PonyUnicornTheme!Customizable home screen, 3D weather, transitioneffects, andpretty much anything can be made possible!Download thePony UnicornTheme to stylize your phone!It's packed with thehottest trendingthemes and wallpapers, whether it's abstract, pets,tech, cartoon,romantic, nature, sports, cars, festivals, landscapesor space, aslong as you can think of, you'll be able to find ithere!Use theDIY theme to design your own mobile theme!Let yourimagination gowild, the DIY theme is here to help you make yourcreativity cometo life!Design your own unique theme, become yourowndesigner!Download the Pony Unicorn Theme theme now, there isalwayssomething right for you!
Rainbow Unicorn Keyboard theme 10001007
Want to have pink unicorn keyboard with dream unicornkeyboardtheme? Get this pink unicorn keyboard from rainbow forestfor yourmagic cartoon keyboard free. Pink unicorn keyboard hascartoon ponykeyboard and cartoon pony keyboard wallpaper. Thisunicorn keyboardis desined for whoever love dress up pony and fairyunicron dream .Cute unicorn keyboard theme will make your androidkeyboard so cuteand so pink . ❤ This is fairy unicorn keyboardtheme for whoeverlove fairy story. ❤ Pink keyboard pad design –fairy dream forestwith pink candy keyboard of fairy pony ❤ cloudprediction keyboardcolorful rainbow and pink fairy dream effect ❤rainbow unicornwallpaper dream unicorn with flying wings for littlepony ❤ Unicornkeyboard will work perfectly for samsung new s8 phoneand vivo 11and more new android phone free. Pink unicorn keyboardcan help youtext with magic rainbow forest effect. magic cartoonpony keyboardfunctions voice input and ai keyboard smart predictionto be fasterpink unicorn keyboard theme with pink candy design Pinkunicornkeyboard has colorful rainbow emoji keyboard for androidkeyboard.Get a dream unicorn theme with rainbow dream for yourandroid .Apply magic forest keyboard now to use magic emoji to sendmessagesto friends. pink unicorn keyboard with color rainbow textwithcolor magic emoji keyboard and fairy unicorn wallpaper pinkcandykeyboard of rainbow pony background color magic keyboard togetluminous input feeling fairy effect Long tap to getmagiciankeyboard with pink pony keypad swift fairy unicorn keyboardto useinput languages voice input text faster than ever with funSupportDIY emoji keyboard in pink rose theme center to get pinkkittykeyboard and mermaid keyboard with pink owl live wallpaper. Wealsosupport miracle magic themes for children who love little ponyandfairy stories . pink unicorn keyboard to get cartoon keyboardfreeRequire panda keyboard to apply this unicorn theme . It doesnotsupport other first keyboard . Main keyboard support pinkemojikeyboard input . You can send emoji to chat on pink whatsapporsend unicorn emoticon to me friends live .The pink unicorn isfromthe fairy dream . You will the beautiful unicorn walk above theskyin the cloud with beautiful rainbow. It is like fariy dreamsoromantic so real that you will love the rainbow unicorn .pinkunicorn keyboard theme with lovely rainbow pony ❤magicmiraclekeyboard of rainbow forests to diy keyboard as you want❤free emojichat with pink color emoji keyboard ❤personalized expertcustomthemes everyday free ❤smart Prediction to get smart textingandfree emojis free ❤automatic correction to get smart input andfastkeyboard ❤Multilingual Typing to support your locallanguage❤gesture input to tap faster and one tap to send emoji tochat❤install main keyboard instead of boring system keyboard ❤followsteps to enable keyboard and choose your input language❤choose thepink unicorn keyboard of rainbow forest and apply Nowyou can usemagic rainbow keyboard theme with cartoon rainbowunicorn themefree !
Unicorn Valentine Sky Rider 3D
Unicorn Valentine Sky Rider 3DValentine’s Day is almost there!Don’tyou have a Valentine? Just go running with a unicorn, muchmoreawesome! This Unicorn Valentine Sky Rider, is an endlessrunner gamewith a lot of pink and valentine hearts! Run and catchas muchValentine Hearts if you can! Run in the pink, romantic,kawaii andpassionate galaxy environment. What do you want, writinga loveletter or playing a unicorn runner game? Dash, jump and runover thepink riding track on Valentine’s Day Features of UnicornValentineSky Rider 3D:❤ Endless Valentine Unicorn runner!❤ Love isin the airon Valentine’s Day❤ Valentine Dash runner with aunicorn, howawesome!❤ Collect all the valentine hearts❤ A romanticenvironmentwith a lovely unicornUnicorn Valentine Sky Rider 3D isa game fromTop Girl games and one of the virtual unicorn riding 3dgames of2016. We publish many different easy to play girl gamesapps. Wehope you will enjoy our Unicorn Valentine Sky Rider 3Dgame and wehope you give us the love by liking our Facebook pageor follow uson twitter or Instagram. So we can keep you up to dateon our horsesand unicorns games.★ Facebook-★ Twitter-★ Instagram-
Ultimate Unicorn Dash 3D 1.2
Prance through a provincial field of rainbows and bliss inUltimateUnicorn Dash 3D! Who said unicorns don’t exist? It’s timeto saddleup on a colorful steed. This mythical beast is perfect forfans offantasy, adventure, and the Medieval Ages. Take your unicornon ahorse racing adventure! Gallop through urban prairies,forests,woods; towns and villages filled with colorfulanimations!Encounter daring obstacles like sharp hurdles to jumpover, andmoving land to leap across. Play as a unicorn jockey andtake partin different racing missions. Become a Unicorn DerbyChampion!Defeat each level to conquer more thrilling challenges.Employmaster moves with your unicorn. Activate booster to speedup.Practice makes perfect! Straying off course will cost youtime.Stay on track and wipe out your competition at the finishingline!Ultimate Unicorn Dash 3D Features:•Awesome and authentichorsederby racing experience•Smooth Controls, like tilt andswipefunctions•Different exciting racing missions•Amazing racingmodes•Realistic 3D visual and cool sound effects•Amazing Selectionofcool unicorn characters•Responsive and Realistic GameplayAboutTap2PlayTap2Play, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary ofTapinator,Inc.Tapinator (Ticker: TAPM) develops and publishes gameson mobileplatforms. The Company’s portfolio includes over 300mobile gamingtitles that, collectively, have achieved over 400million playerdownloads. Tapinator is headquartered in New York.For more info,visit
unicorn dash epic run 1.0
Help cute and little pony unicorn run through the forest,volcanoand desert to return to his home in unicorns island and helphim inhis evolution to a Pegasus and return to his princess inponyland.Help Unicorn pet to avoid different enemies and obstaclesbyjumping over them and also collect some coins to buynewworlds.Help my cute and little pony unicorn run through thisforestto return to his home in unicorns island and help him inhisevolution to a Pegasus and return to his princess in ponyland.Howto Play:- Tap the screen to let baby unicorn jump and fly.-Runaway and escape over the rainbow to the end of the magicalforest.-help rainbow dash to jump over enemies and obstaclesFEATURES:*Beautiful picture and animation of unicorn and junglewhere you canride.* endless worlds* unicorn games* blue fluffy andWhite RobotUnicorn Dash can be played with your familly by boys andgirls.* 4unique Worlds Forest,Volcano and desert.* blue fluffy andWhiteRobot Unicorn Dash epic run can be played with your familly byboysand girls.* unicorn attackhelp the little pony unicorn bymakingher jumping over enemies and collect coins to buy newworlds.Wehope you enjoy unicorn dash epic run.have fun!
Unicorn Live Wallpaper 1.13
♥Unicorn Live Wallpaper♥ is the most beautiful wallpaper foryourphone screen! Unicorns are popular all around the worldwithchildren of all ages. Close your eyes and imagine abeautifulunicorn. If you love unicorns download “Unicorn LiveWallpaper” andset these adorable pictures as free wallpaper orscreen saver.Check out this live mythical unicorn wallpaper. Soreal you thinkyou were in a fantasy with these legendary creaturesof the forest.Get this awesome free app and enjoy in popularbackground images!Follow the installation instructions: Home ➤ Menu➤Wallpapers ➤Live Wallpapers• Includes different animatedwallpapers.• Very easyto use just tap once to preview thebackground image and hold toset the background.• Set as wallpaperor as screen saver,horizontal orientation is fully supported.• HDwallpaperscompatible with 99% mobile devices.• Optimized batteryusage,supported sleep mode.• Completely free wallpaper for yourscreen. •Wonderful 3D wallpaper is just a click away fromyou.Unicorns havelong enchanted humankind with the symbolism oftheir grace,finesse, and unconquerable nature. This app contains“pictures ofunicorns” of every imaginable type. If you are boredwith your oldbackground image, try new ♥Unicorn Live Wallpaper♥.This awesomefree app is for everyone’s taste. Just imagine amagical unicorn onyour screen. Images of unicorns are waiting foryou! Your cutewallpaper will keep you gay and jolly. Download♥Unicorn LiveWallpaper♥ and provide yourself a huge amount ofhappiness. Unicornimages are a click away from you. Set theseanimated backgroundsand screen savers and enjoy your new livewallpapers free ofcharge!The unicorn is a legendary creature like ahorse, but with aslender, usually spiral, horn growing out of itsforehead. Thepopular image of the unicorn is that of a white horsedifferingonly in the horn. Set awesome picture of white unicorn andhavefun. Download “unicorn pictures” and beautify your screenwiththese cute wallpapers completely free of charge. The Unicornwiththe long white horn is beautiful and wild. He gallops acrossthegreen forest freely. So, get “unicorn wallpaper” as soonaspossible and enjoy. These lovely wallpapers will make youfeelhappy whenever you look at your screen. Download ♥UnicornLiveWallpaper♥ and enjoy.Here are some interesting pictures ofrealunicorn. You can have a beautiful background image decoratingyourscreen. This free app is a perfect gift for your kids. Cutecartoonunicorn wallpapers will make them extremely happy. If yourlittlegirls like pink fluffy unicorns set these adorable unicornpics aswallpapers and make them happy. They will be amazed whenthey seeyour Android™ phone screen covered with their favoritecharacter.Choose black unicorn wallpaper and set it as mobilewallpaper orscreen saver. Try awesome 3D wallpaper now and havefun! Download♥Unicorn Live Wallpaper♥ and enjoy this highresolution pictures onyour screen. Best wallpapers and free screensavers are a clickaway from you. Get these HD wallpapers completelyfree of chargeand provide perfect “live wallpaper” for your newSamsung Galaxymobile.*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.*Thisapp is notaffiliated with or endorsed by Samsung.
Little Pony Unicorn 1.0.13
Please, rate ★★★★★ stars!This is a game for girls. The littleponyhas gone through a storm of colors and now she can changehisappeareance in al the colors of the Rainbow. During the stormshewas afraid, but we all know that after the clouds comestheRainbow, and the sun came to the unicorn's face because now sheissmiling. We heard that the little pony belongs to a princessfairythat lives into a magic castle in the sky, but can still beyourpony friend, because the princess fairy lets her play with kidsandother people.You can be a fashion stylist, and change the colorofpony 's hair, of the wing, ponytail, of the clogs.You canchoosefrom many different colors, such blue,black,red,pink,green,yellow.We added a black pony , and a violet pony.The little unicorn, is agirl and wants to be a model, and for thatneeds your help.You candress up the little horse with manydifferent jewelry, necklaces ingold, sivler, also tiara.We thinkthat this girl pony, considerherself a princess or a queen.You canbe a fashion hairstylist. Inthe future you will be able to wash thepony using a soap, a showerwith warm water, a towel, and someperfume. Probably we will addmore accessories.If you enjoyed thisgame, check out our accountGamesBox.
Horse Unicorn Decoration Salon 1.0.1
This unicorn is big like a horse and very beautiful, it comesfroman echanted lost world of fairies, it's said that it used tobelongto a princess fairy, but now it can be yours if you want.Youdon'thave to clean it, just decorate it for now, but if you wantthis tobe a cleaning game also, please tell us in the commentsbelow, orsend us an e-mail.If you enjoy this type of games, youcame to theright place, because our account "GamesBox" has manyapps withdecorations for: little pony, unicorns with wings and alsojust ahorse to wash. Have fun!
Tooth Fairy Horse - Caring Pony Beauty Adventure 2.3.7
Meet our cute Tooth Fairy Princess in a new 2017 awesomerainbowhorse game! If you like caring games for girls with levelsandhorse farm games then this is the princess horse game foryou!Tooth Fairy Princess trust the magical caring of herunicorns,horses and the pony family to a complete horse farm withall youcan think of: From simple farming levels to all kinds offunriding, horse breeding, horse dash, horse park, rainbow hairsalon,pony beauty adventure or any other wild farm excitingchallenges!While you play on the rainbow beauty salon of the farmin thesegirl games for free, you will discover a sort of ponybeauty salonand hair salon for horses in a stable in which you canexplore morethan just a cute horse braiding hair activity... Youwill have thechance to visit a horseland with all kinds of fairyprincessunicorns, horses for kids, ponies and all kinds of fairytaleanimals, which a girl like you will find very interesting.Visitthis horse haven and enjoy this farm game like neverbefore!Jointhe ponies and horses in the Tooth Fairy magical kingdomand take atrip to the horse magical rainbow hair salon and spa,where you cantry the new pony horse grooming and makeover, hairstyler, hairdos,horse dress up, pony dress up, dress up games forgirls, dressupfairy, dressup the rainbow magic unicorn and give thepony aspecial braided hairstyle combined with its dress design.Enjoytaking care of their little pony tail too!Join the ToothFairyhorse braiding academy to learn all about caring horse,braidinghair and braiding hairstyles, how to ride them and how tolove andgive them the best attention in the world.Start this fairyand ponyadventure in the fairy farm cleaning the pony horse stable.In thisstable, all kind of horses as the mare or the stallion, andeventhe wild horse get ready for their adventures. Live the magicofthe horse riding and dressage and become an equestrian in thisponyadventure! Observe your horse evolution from thebeginning!Preparethe mane of the horse as a professionalhairdresser! Clean and combthe mane hair style. Mane caring isessential for a girl unicorn asit represents the perfect breedingand grooming when the caringanimals are taking a horse carriage!Try with mane braiding ordifferent hair cuts! Become an innovativehairstyle changer inthese hairstyle games for girls! There are manyhairstyles in thismane beauty salon! Use some perfume anddecoration on your ponybaby too! Continue now with the hooves. Theyneed to be healthy andstrong to run all over the kingdom. Thehorseshoes are vital forthe unicorn evolution. Remove the old onesand brush the hoof.Replace the horseshoe with a new one. Now it istime to applydecorations in this pony creator of dress up ponies.Show your bestpony look to take the Tooth fairy carriage! Changeyour dressingand saddle as you prefer and start living unicorn andpony horseadventures!Features of this Tooth Fairy horse beautyadventure andspa games for girls:- Stable games: works smooth ondifferentdevices. Enjoy this unircorn horse game!- One of the bestcaringgames for kids.- Complete riding horse games with all you canthinkof!- These horses breeding games are easy for kids of anyage!- Oneof the best free horse caring games all around the world!-Completethe horse training and finish all the quests in this ponybeautyadventure!- Enjoy the painting and drawing arts with us!Startdrawing cartoons in the drawing books free you will find inthebeauty salon!The ultimate horse rider will love this horseandrainbow Tooth fairy unicorn care app because of its gameplayandall the great rainbow features!
Live Wallpaper Unicorn
Wallpaper Art
We like to surround ourselves with mystical magic, to be exactanawesome unicorn. Since unicorns are so hard to be spotted inreallife, we decided that unicorn wallpapers live are thebestsolution. Get now our Live Wallpaper Unicorn. We know that youneedunicorn wallpapers free for your Android in your life, so wecameout with a diversity of amazing colored unicorn you canchoosefrom. So, download Live Wallpaper Unicorn and enjoy thelivewallpaper and enjoy the sparkling screen. After you havethiswallpaper you can always say that you have your own unicorn.Thisamazing Live Wallpaper can completely change the way you useandinteract with your phone! Our latest Live Wallpaper, LiveWallpaperUnicorn, lets you customize your background withawesomepersonalization features! ★ With our new Live Wallpaper, youget: •A library of free Live Wallpapers! You can download freeLiveWallpapers from the app's menu! Once you download a design, youcanreapply it at any time! • Customize your background withdifferentfun elements and colors! • Choose the interactive effects!Pick theway in which your colour changing Live Wallpaper reactswhen youtouch the screen! • HD graphics and a fantastic design! ★We'vecreated one of the best free Live Wallpapers just for you! TryLiveWallpaper Unicorn today! ! ★ How to install this superLiveWallpaper ★ • Download Live Wallpaper Unicorn and wait for theappto install; • Open the app and begin personalizing yourawesomeLive Wallpaper; • Select "Set Active Theme" and theinstallation iscomplete! • Enjoy one of our most amazing LiveWallpaper apps, LiveWallpaper Unicorn! ★ Get more free LiveWallpapers lik LiveWallpaper Unicorn!★ Visit our developer page formore amazing LiveWallpapers HD to personalize your Android phone ortablet! Do youlike this epic Live Wallpaper? Then please rate andreview it! EndUser Licence Agreement Read to find out theconditions fordownloading, installing, using and accessing featuresof this app - Privacy Policy We do not storepersonalinformation. See what data we analyze and how it is used-
Clan of Unicorn 1.0
Unicorns : the fantasy creatures we all love. Your asked for it,sohere it is. I don't think we've received more requests than wehavefor a Unicorn game. Indeed, you will find it similar to theotherclan games, but we tried to include some new monster enemies.InClan of Unicorn, you have the opportunity to control your veryownhorned horse. Many people have requested this app. Race fastacrossthe vast landscape while surviving against other fantasycreatureslike the Cerberus, Giant Horses, the Flying Monster, the 3TailedWolf, giant Venus fly traps, and Dinosaurs. It is partadventureand part animal simulation. This Unicorn simulator willtake you onan epic journey as you build your clan, use your magic,build yourbrood, defend against enemies that attack, and ultimatelydefeatall the Super Bosses. Huge open world style game.TopGameFeatures:**Customize your Unicorn color**Massive 3D OpenWorldMap**4 Magic Spells - Invincibility, Lightning Bolt, Healing,andFireball**Flying Monsters, Venus Fly Traps, Giant Horses,GiantWolves, Dinosaurs**Dynamic weather including snow andrainstorms**Caves, Mountains, and Rivers**6 Giant bosses **4EnemyWarrior Clans to defeat**4 Ultra BossesHINT : Call yourfamilymembers to help you when you are near other enemies.Thestorybegins by you finding all the members of your clan. Along theway,you will discover magic spell books that allow you to unlockthespecial magical spells including: Healing Potion,Fireball,Lightning Bolt, and Invincibility. Earn adventure pointsby huntingand doing various tasks to upgrade and purchase magic.Upgrade yourpowers to have stronger magical ability, become morepowerful, andhave stronger defense.This is animal simulation likeyou have neverseen it. Your favorite fantasy elements combined withrealisticanimal simulation.Evolved is a series of games we createdat WildFoot. We would really love to hear from you. Be sure andstop byour Facebook page: Stay tuned for our new Epic Quest series soon tobereleased.

Be sure and check out our other 3D animal simulators.Weunderstand that the game is by no means perfect and we welcomeyourconstructive criticism. Please email your suggestions. Goodluck!
Unicorn Diary (with password) 5.6
🦄 Unicorn Diary (with password) is a beautiful designedapplicationperfect for those who wants to remember about memories!Use thisdiary and put down all your thoughts or even future plansandfollow them as the time passes. Make it your trustworthy friendwhonever judges you and who's always there for you. 🦄 Either youwantto keep your secret away from prying eyes, maybe a secretlovestory, or you just want to record your life's emotions astimepasses, you now have a friend that listens to you. Set apasswordto make sure that your thoughts are safe! Make it a habittoquickly write one or more mini-notes during your day. Setareminder in your diary. Simply leave a few words about yourworkoutsession, what happened at school or in the office duringyour dayin weekends. Use this diary app to make your own personaljournalof daily events, appointments, secrets and feelings. You canuse italso as a diet journal, dream journal, travel diary or towrite anautobiograpy. 🦄 In Unicorn Diary (with lock and password)you canalso draw something in your note. Choose the width andtransparencyof the brush! 🦄 If you are bored... talk with anotherUnicorn Diaryusers. Check our Message Board and send them youropinion or funnythought. You can chat with users from all theworld! 🦄 Do you wantto return to the app easily? Use our unicornwidget! You will seean unicorn icon on your device screen everytime when you live theapp from the Time Line screen. ★ Features ★💎Two beautiful views:calendar and time line – choose your favourite💎 Diary with a lock- set your password (PIN code) and keep yoursecrets private! Youcan change it in the settings 💎 Add a recoverymail in case youforget your password! 💎 Widget - see the Unicornicon on yourdevice screen 💎 Easy navigation between your diaryentries 💎Create, modify, delete entries in a very simple andintuitive way 💎Add pictures functionality 💎 Many stickers – watchads to get morestickers! 💎 Many emotions - describe yor mood byemojis (you cancompare your mood in the calendar or in the timeline – greencircle – good mood, red – bad mood, yellow – normal,blue – noinformation) 💎 Message Board - talk with other UnicornDiary users(chat) 💎 Wallpapers - download beautiful wallpaper withunicorns 💎Edit your old entries, in case you forgot to notesomethingimportant! 💎 Share your memories with friends (byFacebook, Gmailor Messenger) 💎 Drawings - add a drawing or pictureto your note tomake it more memorable 💎 Reminder – set a reminderto remember toadding notes regularly 💎 Import notes option 💎 Exportnotes option💎 Choose calendar first day of week (Sunday or Monday)💎 Music (youcan turn off animations and music in the settings) 💎Click Ads Freebuton to get rid of ads. 💎 Choose a language:English, German,Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean!Application issuitable for kids, especially for girls. ★Enjoy yourlife andcreate amazing stories! ★ If you have any problems, please-contact us: [email protected] designed by Freepik from Flaticon
Unicorn Cartoon Theme 1.1.9
We are very excited to present our latest release: unicornlaunchercartoon theme! DOWNLOAD unicorn launcher theme and enjoyyourfavorite cartoon style and pink color.unicorn (icon packs)(theme)have cartoon backgrounds, unicorn app icons, cartoonfashionwallpapers and pink digital effect. This unicorn launcher(iconpacks) theme is specially designed for cartoon people who lovepinktheme.Download and apply unicorn theme for free and stylizeyourAndroid phone. unicorn can be used for different IM apps,likeInstagram, Messenger, BeeTalk, Facebook Lite and so on.unicorntheme runs fast with those apps on your phones.unicorn isalsocompatible with different brands of phones like Samsung(SamsungGalaxy S7 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S5,SamsungGalaxy J7, Samsung Galaxy Note7), Huawei (Huawei P9, HuaweiP8,Huawei Mate 9, Huawei Mate 8, Huawei Honor 8), Sony (SonyXperiaZ5, Sony Xperia Z4, Sony Xperia Z3, Sony Xperia XZ) and HTC(HTC10, HTC One A9, HTC One X9, HTC Desire 10 Pro). unicornlaunchertheme is designed to let you enjoy cartoon feeling, afaster andsmoother mobile and pink operating experience.★How toapply unicornlauncher theme?Note: This theme supports our launcher(icon packs)only.1) Download unicorn theme, tap the INSTALLbutton.2) Downloadour launcher (icon packs) from Google Play Store.If you alreadyhave it installed, please tap the APPLY buttondirectly.★Why ourlauncher?【Different launcher (icon packs)themes】Cool and colorfulthemes are provided. Find different themecategories, includingtech, skull, unicorn, cool, crystal (krystal),pink, golden,cartoon, pink, skull, neon, shiny and many more.【CustomizedWallpapers】 We offer you wallpapers of pink style, soyou couldenjoy a full experience of your chosen cartoon theme. Morepink,skull, dark, puppy, pink, neon styles will be available inthefuture.【Personalized Locker】 We offer a smart locker toprotectyour phone and personalized cartoon pink lock screen peryourpreference, making your phone look amazing every time you flipiton.【DIY Themes】 Create your own DIY themes! Share pinkunicornthemes, cartoon wallpapers and app icons with your friends.Givethem a surprise!【Animated Effect】Make your phone unique withallsorts of cool cartoon animated effects.
Cuteness Unicorn Keyboard Theme 10001014
This is a Cuteness Multi color Unicorn Pink Magical HuedrainbowUnicorn Keyboard theme for you who like Unicorn fantasy andCutemagic with Cuteness Unicorn rainbow graphics. Also HuedCutenessMulti color Unicorn Pink Dream Magical Unicorn Typewritehas itsunique sound effect.Every time you type, you hear the soundof HuedCuteness Unicorn Unicorn Love. we Like Cartoons, we loveUnicornthey represents Colorful Unicorn. No matter you like PinkFantasyMagical Cuteness Hued Multicolor Unicorn White HorsesTypewriterlive wallpaper or Cute Unicorn theme, you will like thisCutenessRainbow unicorn Pink Multi color Magical Typewriter foryourandroid screen . Get a Cuteness Pink Cuteness Magical HuedUnicornTypewrite for your android on Hued Cuteness Pink MulticolorMagicalUnicorn Typewrite wallpaper. Download and apply PinkMagicalUnicorn Typewrite for free and stylize your OnePlus 3TAndroidphone. Whether your phone is a Samsung galaxy S plus,Huawei, Miwhite Horse Theme is designed to let you enjoy a fasterandsmoother mobile operating experience.How to Apply thisCutenessPink Multi color Magical Hued rainbow Unicorn Typewritertheme?Note: Panda Keyboard MUST be installed1) Download thisCutenessPink Magic Hued rainbow Unicorn, tap the INSTALL button.2)Download"Panda Keyboard" from Google Play Store. If you alreadyhave "PandaKeyboard" installed, please tap on the APPLY button. 3)After"Panda Keyboard" is installed and applied, the HuedCutenessRainbow unicorn Keyboard will be automatically installed onyourphone. Features:Theme style: Hued Pink Magical StylistUnicornTypewriter use Cuteness Unicorn keyboard background and thatmadethe entire Cute look keyboard looks like a pink theme withCutenessPink Magical Unicorn Typewriter style. Also Pink MagicalHuedUnicorn Typewriter theme keyboard has its unique soundeffect.Everytime you type, you hear the sound of party songs inaddition, HuedCuteness Pink Magical Unicorn Typewriter keyboard hasa Hued PinkMagical Unicorn Typewriter wallpaper and a lights icon.HuedCuteness Pink Magical Unicorn Typewriter keyboard has auniquesound and fonts.Theme Center: Find all sorts of themecategories,including tech, basic, cool, crystal, golden, pink,Monsoon Fun andmany more. You can find all the themes you love inthe PandaKeyboard theme center.Animated themes: Make you phoneunique withall sorts of cool animated effects.Touch tone themes:Personalizethe touch tone of your keyboard with different themes.Become apianist while typing with our Piano theme or go retro withour CutePug Grassland Keyboard theme's typewriter tone. There areloadsmore supported themes waiting for you toexplore.Customizablefonts: Each theme comes with its matching fontstyle, so you couldenjoy a fuller experience of your chosen theme.More font styleswill be available in the future, rest assured thatyou will findthe font style you love.Function keys: Panda Keyboardallows you topersonalize your function keys using different themes.Large emojiselection: When you feel that words are not enough toexpress yourfeelings, try sending an emoji! A large selection ofemoji ispre-installed on Panda Keyboard for you to add more fun toyourchats!tags: Pink, Magical, Unicorn, Cute, Cartoon, Sky,Cuteness,Hued, Cartoon, magic, Dream, fantasy, cuteness, whiteHorse.Rainbow unicorn, Colorful Unicorn, Rainbow, sky, PinkTheme,OnePlus 3T. OnePlus, Samsung galaxy S plus, Samsung,Colors,Cuteness, Hued Unicorn, Multicolor, Multi color
Unicorn Fantasy Run 3D
An endless unicorn run game for unicornlovers!Start your journey in a fantasy world by running on arainbowpath.Choose your favorite unicorn and run in a fantasymagicalland.Run ,jump , collect hearts and collect amazing powerups inyour way.Upgrade different powers ups to double thefun.Features-Endless fun in an endless unicorn run game.-Beautiful magical world at the horizon of rainbow.-ride the unicorn rainbow like a fairy tale.-virtual unicorn in 3DDo you love unicorns? Try this free game and start your journey inamagical fantasy world like a fairy tale.
Kawaii Unicorn wallpapers 🦄 Cute background 1.4
Getting bored with the Same old Background phone Wallpaper?Changeyour phone background style with these cool New KawaiiUnicornwallpapers for your phone. Big collection of Kawaii CuteUnicornWallpapers to enhance your daily phone background! CuteKawaiiUnicorn wallpapers A new wallpapers app with beautifulpictures ofkawaii and Cute unicorn! Kawaii and Cute Unicornwallpapers , cutebackground has a lot of wonderful collection , Ifyou are one ofthose who loves the fantasy world of these amazingcute unicornimages wallpapers, well look no more, here is where youget a tonof stuff just related to that. ✪ TOP Features Cute KawaiiUnicornwallpapers : In Cute Kawaii Unicorn wallpaper you will have:->Unicorn Wallpaper in HD -> New pictures and backgroundsaddedautomatically. -> Includes almost every awesome Kawaiithere is.-> Regular Update with new pictures -> The imagescan easilybe saved to your phone /tablet. Check the Cute KawaiiUnicornwallpapers collection time after time because it will getupdated.🦄 Wallpapers kawaii unicorn 🦄 Wallpapers kawaii cuteunicorn 🦄 Ponyunicorn Wallpapers > > > Disclaimer >> > None ofthe images are hosted on the app. Alllogos/images/names arecopyrights of their perspective owners. Theseimages are notendorsed by any of the perspective owners, and theimages are usedsimply for aesthetic purposes. No copyrightinfringement isintended, and any request to remove one of theimages/logos/nameswill be honored.---------------------------------- Please don´tforget to Rate andPost Comments. Thanks!!!
My Little Unicorn Runner 3D 2 1.1.43
My Little Unicorn Runner 3D part 2 This is THE sequel of thepopularMy Little Unicorn Runner 3D with more than 3 milliondownloads! Thisone is for all unicorn lovers! This time you needto run over arainbow in this unicorn dash with a differentunicorn! Are you donewith running in the galaxy? Try running on arainbow in this fantasymagical land! Run, Dash and jump over allobstacles of the rainbow areal fairytale. Features of My LittleUnicorn Runner 3D 2 :★ Endlessunicorn runner game for endless fun★Fantasy and magical environmentat a rainbow★ Riding a unicornrainbow dash like a fairytale★Collect as many hearts as you can!★A kawaii virtual unicorn runnerin 3D! ★ Do you love unicorns? Trythis out!My Little Unicorn Runner3D 2 : is a game from Top Girlgames and one of the virtual unicornracing 3d games. We publishmany different easy to play girl gamesapps. We hope you will enjoyour My Little Unicorn Runner 3D 2 gameand we hope you give us thelove by liking our Facebook page orfollow us on twitter orInstagram. So we can keep you up to date onour horses and unicornsgames.
Unicorn Poop - Sweet Trendy Desserts Food Maker 1.1
Like Unicorn Food? It is the most popular food right now. Andthebest and crazy unicorn food is right here - Unicorn Poop.Curiousabout it? Let’s start to make it right now.- Add & Mixall theingredients together. Do not miss one of them.- Split thebatterinto several parts.- Add your favorite food coloring.Red?Green,?yellow? Purple etc. mix them well.- Combine all thecoloredfood together and the most fantastic step - use your fingerto makeit shaped as poop. OMG. you are making poop, the unicornpoop rightnow.- Put your poop into the oven to bake. Be patient towait for awhile.- Wow, it’s ready right now, totally fresh from theoven.-Decorate your poop with so many unicorn decorations. It willbe somuch fun to combine all the unicorn decorations together.-Wannatake a bite? OMG, how does it taste like? Go to find itouryourself.The most trendy and crazy games right here. Do notmissit.
Cute Unicorn Wallpapers 1.1.0
Ready for some magic? We have prepared a set of cuteunicornwallpapers and backgrounds. Let rainbows and sunshine intoyourlife with unicorn wallpapers cute. Pick the best wallpaperunicornfor your device and fill your device with softness. Thereisnothing better than wallpapers and backgrounds of unicorns totakeyou into the magical land of your imagination. Get readyforcuteness overload with cute unicorns wallpaper. Embark on amagicaljourney with unicorn wallpaper that will melt your heart.Ready toturn your phone into an enchanting device full of cuteunicornwallpapers? In this collection of extraordinary unicornwallpapersand backgrounds you will find what you were looking for.Choose acute unicorns wallpaper and enter the land of rainbows,soft cloudsand sunshine. Your unicorn wallpaper will be there dayand night toremind you that magic exists! So download now wallpaperof unicornsand rainbows and enjoy the magic! Features: - Photogallery full ofwallpapers and backgrounds of unicorns! - Put photosin “Favorites”to have them at your hand! - Check out some of ourotherinteresting wallpapers free! - Tap on the button on the lowerrighton your cute unicorns wallpaper and set it! - Downloadtheseunicorn wallpapers cute on your device and click on “save”! -Pinchand zoom your wallpaper of unicorns! *Internet connectionisrequired for this app.
Unicorn Live Wallpaper 3.6
Unicorn Live Wallpaper is the most beautiful background foryourscreen! Kids adore unicorns, and they are popular all aroundtheworld. Close your eyes and imagine a magical unicorn on yourscreen, and it will appear. Images of unicorns are waiting for you!Theylive in forest, but they will come to your fantasy, throughthislive wallpaper! Wonderful 3D wallpaper is just a click awayfromyou. Download unicorn pictures and beautify your screen withthesecute wallpapers completely free of charge. You can have yourownunicorn pet, right there, on your phone. Your new lovelywallpaperwill keep you jolly, because this app contains the mostbeautifulpictures of unicorns. Unicorn is a symbol of purity andgrace. Thehorn of the unicorn was the weapon of the faithful and ofJesus. Inthe Bible, God is said to have the strength of a unicorn.So, bepowerful like unicorns and download these lovely wallpapersthatwill make you feel happy whenever you look at your screen.Imagineyour unicorn run, along with you through the forest.DownloadUnicorn Live Wallpaper and get familiar with various typesofunicorns. You can choose between white unicorn and pinkfluffyunicorn, either way you will not be disappointed! This horsefreelive wallpaper is perfect background image for your screen. Howtoset the live wallpaper: - Long press on the screen until amenucomes out. Choose the category live wallpaper, scroll downtoUnicorn Live Wallpaper, open it and select the preferredbackgroundimage. - Choose the speed and amount of small objects onyourscreen. Main features: - You can choose from five beautifulHDbackgrounds – more unicorn images are added each day! -“Unicornbackground” themes ideal for high resolution phones andtablets! -Amazing graphics and vivid colors of this “Unicorn LiveWallpaper”will make your desktop background look incredibly cheeryandbright! Personalize your homescreen with the Unicorn LiveWallpaperand make your device more interesting. Every photo isperfect andawesome! Get this free application and enjoy in popularbackgroundimages! Take this unicorn with the long white horn, andhave anunicorn dash - be beautiful and wild! This free app is aperfectgift for your kids. Cute cartoon unicorn wallpapers willmake themextremely happy. Set awesome picture of white unicorn andhave fun.Get these HD wallpapers completely free of charge andprovide aperfect live wallpaper for your new phone or tablet! Forthose wholove fairy tales and unicorns, we have the perfect livewallpaper.Download now Unicorn Live Wallpaper and enjoy thesparkling screen.This wallpaper comes with an incredibly hugeselection of differenthigh quality fantasy unicorn themes. Manylovely, colorful unicornbackgrounds will make your device a realeye catcher if you likefantasy themes! The unicorn is the fantasycreature that representsfantasy, imagination and magic like noother animal. If you are atrue horse lover, you will fall in lovewith these amazing freewallpapers.
Cartoon Theme - Cute Unicorn 1.0.1
Cartoon Theme - Cute Unicorn is the special theme designed forgirlwith girly wallpapers & cute wallpapers! Go to downloadCartoonTheme - Cute Unicorn to make your phone a cute & girlishlook!Cartoon Theme - Cute Unicorn is packed with cute unicornwallpaper,cute girly apps icon and cute cartoon icon pack! TheCartoon Theme- Cute Unicorn is the free girl theme for free,specially designedfor Samsung, Huawei and any other brands ofAndroid mobile stylishthat giving your phone a smooth design andless butteryconsumption.Cartoon Theme - Cute Unicorn willapplyyou: ✔️High quality cute wallpapers & girlywallpapersspecially designed for girl’s phone✔️Cartoon cute iconpack andapps icon✔️Cool 3D transition effects.How to apply theCartoonTheme - Cute Unicorn ? To apply the cartoon theme forgirl,please install our Air Launcher first. Apply the Cartoon Theme-Cute Unicorn, to make your phone faster, orderly and cool&cute. The original app icons, clock and weather theme of yourphonewill be replaced by the Cartoon Theme - Cute Unicorn. Wehavedesigned many customized themes for popular apps, theseincludecamera apps, social apps, entertainment apps, useful toolsandmessenger apps. There are thousands of themes waiting for youinour launcher, namely pink theme, black theme, game theme,cartoontheme, anime themes, girly wallpaper theme and many more.All ofour beautiful themes are free and available at Google PlayStore.Download and apply Cartoon Theme - Cute Unicorn now! 🌹Whatmore youcan enjoy for Cartoon Theme - Cute Unicorn? ✨LiveWallpapers:-Different live wallpapers, including the cute livewallpapers, goldglitter live wallpapers, live wallpaper for girl….and manymore. - Choose cute & girly wallpapers to makeyour homescreen a girlish look. ✨Cartoon themes: -Cartoon themeswith girly wallpapers for girl’s phone only.- Cutegirly wallpaperswith a variety of touch gestures, so you can feelthe beauty ofCartoon Theme - Cute Unicorn at your fingertips.- More3D themesand dynamic wallpapers with fluid 3D effects, experiencetoday'scutting-edge technology.✨Other benefits: - Differentvarietyof themes, girly wallpapers, emoji & GIFs, app icons andoftenupdates.- We provide special designs during festiveperiods,whether it's Christmas, Halloween and other holidays, wewill havea theme for you and everyone, so you can feel thefestiveatmosphere that you love.- Golden theme, pink theme, blacktheme…You can choose one of your favorite color theme to expressyouremotion everyday.- Like football, basketball and other sports?Findyour favorite sports theme here, along with yourfavoritecelebrities, cartoons, and anything else.- Experiencesmooth 3D andHD themes and wallpapers regardless of what phonemodel youuse.Apply the Cartoon Theme - Cute Unicorn now, to makeyour phonefaster and organized, and make your phone a brand newgirlish look.The original app icons, clock and weather themewallpaper of yourphone will be replaced by the Cartoon Theme - CuteUnicorn.Forinquiries&suggestions, contactusat [email protected]
Caring for Unicorns 1.0.7
bweb media
The aim of the game is to help Karen to take care of theunicornsand make them happy. There are 4 levels of caring in thisgame.Each level has a target score that you must reach withintheavailable time limit to go to the next level. A bonus scenetodress up your unicorn and set it as your wallpaper is waitingforyou.Enjoy the game!